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every little note i've given him is magnet'ed to his fridge.
he makes and frames crayon drawings illustrating the cuteness of my butt
lucizoe thread now wink.gif !

He walks around singing, to the tune of "The Age of Aquarius" -

This is the dawn of the age of
Putting stuff in each other's butts
Stuff in each other's butts
Eeeeeach other's buuuuutts!

Okay, I'm posting a lot of butt stuff...sorry about that
Me and my husband sing that song too, but we sing it as "The Age of Our Derrieres".

Something about the song just screams butt.
Last week, my boyfriend read an article about snoop dog. He got so mad at his "pimp for life" thing that he deleted all his (illegally downloaded) songs fromhis computer smile.gif hee hee smile.gif

He's actually been pointing sexism out to me! It's so amazing.

mmm, i love him smile.gif
I do the dishes and Mr. Pug does laundry. Sometimes when I’m in the kitchen doing dishes and he’s in the basement doing laundry he’ll sing The Vagina Song by Bloodhound Gang real loud while he’s downstairs. When I hear VAAAAGINAAAAAAA real loud from the basement I crack up. When he comes upstairs again he has this blank look on his face like he wasn’t just singing vagina real loud. When he sees me laughing he’s like, “What’s so funny?” This cracks me up even more which makes him smile and laugh too.

Sometimes it’s so hard to be mad at him because he’s such a nut and can make me laugh so easily. He uses the dogs to his advantage all the time. Shelby, my one pug, always walks around with the tip of her tongue sticking out. It’s so silly looking. We crack up about it all the time. When I’m giving him a hard time he’ll hold her up in front of his face so I’m yelling at her with her tongue sticking out. I can’t keep a straight face. This makes me so mad but yet I’m laughing my ass off.

You know he's the one when he can make you laugh whenever he wants. Very irritating but I guess it's a good thing.
lmp, that's super cute. yes, is equally adept at cute-ing it up when i don't want him to.

he's also a 'good one' because he gives good back, foot, or anything else rubs often and whenever asked.
like me, he considers Scrabble a legitimate form of foreplay

ha! love it! he sounds very sweet.

when in that after sex glow, he'll squeeze me tight, roll me over and yell "you're soo cute!"

when i wake up in the morning, crabby as hell, and he says "good morning, beautiful. i love you."

when i feel sick, he'll stay in bed with me and cuddle all day. ignoring phone calls and otherwise.

when he mumbles. [he's really shy.. but still suggests things like showering together, and gets all cute and blushes]

when he says "i love you" every time he talks to his mom on the phone.
aw cute!

ditto on the scrabble as foreplay and "i love you"s to his mom.
awwww this makes me feel all warm and mushy on the inside.
when he lets down his guard to say 'if we were closer, and my life was together, i would keep you. of course, not before you accomplish what you need.' (he lives about 800 miles from me)

when he persistently fishes for evidence that you might be into him, then finally breaks down and says 'so you might be falling for me a little bit, right?'

when you never have to call him, because he is the one making the effort to stay in touch.

when he says that he would drop everything to drive 15 hours to see you.

when you tell him that thus far, almost every man you've encountered tells you that you are difficult to read and unemotional, and he says 'i find that you wear your heart on your sleeve actually.'

i love reading the adorable stories in this thread, and i'm so excited that i finally have something to post!
he says "I'm going to fatten you up" (ie: he doesn't care if I drink or eat a ton and put on a little weight, quite the opposite - he'd like something to hold onto)

oh yeah.

zoya, we need more guys that like big girls in this world.
yep! the thing is, I'm a little girl. I love to eat, but have not ever fluctuated more than about 5 lbs in either direction. Lately though, I have noticed that my metabolism is not handling beer well. I'll put on some weight around the middle if I drink beer on a regular basis.

guess what I had last night with said guy? 3 glasses of beer. love it.
I don't have anything to say, I just didn't want the charmingly named bot at the top.
when your guy joins the lounge to say hello to your friends, despite his hectic schedule. smile.gif
oops! double post!

okay...when he drives an hour to pick you up to take you on the third date to meet his friends.
He joined the lounge? hee, that is sweet.

When you open a book he gave you to find the sweetest, most romantic and loving inscription wub.gif. It means all the more as he doesn't "do" romance.
When, after a week of being not yourself, mean, and irrational, I finally get up the nerve to talk to him, and he doesn't want apologies, all he wants is to know what he can do to help make you okay again.
i'm kinda having a nervous breakdown--one thing after another freaking me out. i called him crying, and he told me he knows that it feels like everything in my life is falling apart right now. but there's one thing i can count on--he will help me, he loves me, and we will find a way to make all of this work out.
he says 'i'm such a lucky boy to have met you' at least once a day.
When I'm embarrassed to list the number of things he has done for me in one day, let alone in the course of two and and a little bit months!
He's Orion in here =) He hangs out mostly in the crushie thread because that is where I used to, before I met him, and while I was getting to know him. We spend time together in the sex threads but haven't posted. =)))

You guys are all making me beam today!
when you say hi via IM, he responds "Hi Beautiful"
squee, ophelia!

when he gives you the key he's worn round his neck for five years, saying "this way you know I'll be coming to you".

when he announces he wants to show me off to all his friends.

when he's half asleep when i climb into bed, and he still "i love you [mornington]"
...when he is sees "laundry day" with "buy more socks" day as interchangeable terms.

...when he has an abnormally strong fondness for all kinds of processed meats and/or cheeses (this is key)

...when a few words on a forum can amplify his already omnipresent missing-of-his-girl to an insatiable and crushing level.

wait. can I even post here? huh.gif

you have a conversation with him about farts. and you're comfortable with it.

(I am so not kidding on this one, talking about fart sounds, what makes us fart, farting in bed, etc etc. ha ha!!)

ok, maybe I'm weird.
one road trip we spent an hour only communicating in fart noises, using mouths and armpits (not butts), trying to out-do each other. farting is quite the usual topic, as is shitting, but mostly about which foods might result in those activities. so glad he's cool enough that i can say no to thai food sometimes cuz it'll give me the shits.
when he cares enough about your medical being that he buys you sunglasses to make sure you stay ok; is going to take cpr; and listens to your mom about all the intimate details of your medical life.

Also, when he just out-and-out rocks. smile.gif
when he cleans the whole house and cooks dinner before you get home from school late because he knows you are stressing during the crunch week before spring break
when he's glad you disagree with him.
he thinks of a new pet name for me every time he calls.
When you want to split a 12 pack and he insists on buying the beer you like.

When he hugs your sister before she leaves to go back to school.

When he kisses his mom and tells her he loves her every time he sees her.

When he'll have an hour long conversation on how to get away from zombies if they were to ever take over the earth.

When he carries you to bed after falling asleep on the couch.

When he cries because he's afraid he has hurt you.

When the two of you can be around anyone doing anything and know you are going to have a good time because you are together.

When he drives you around all the time because you lost your license.

When he takes you to another state to see your sister, then watches you guys bitch and moan and shop all day, and never complains because he knows that you guys needed some sister time.

When he insists that you're perfect even though other people are constantly saying you're weird.

When he enjoys the fact that you are a unique, strong, independent woman.

When he tells you he loves you and you know he means it.
when he looks after you when you're feeling ill and buys you things to make you feel better, goes to pick up (and pays for) your prescriptive meds and brings you breakfast in bed

when he tells you how lovely you are and how much he appreciates you sharing your time with him with his family and friends

when he measures up your new bedroom to calculate how many bookcases you can fit it then offers to build them

when he's simply wonderful in everything he says and does
when you tell him that a close friend is sick and that you are scared, and he says "I'm on the end of a phone 24hrs if you want to talk or let loose."
when he gives you his parents' phone number because his phone is broken and he misses your voice.

when he cries when you throw up.

and yes, when he tells his mum "i love you" on the phone.
when he helps your mom with easter dinner preparations, both with manly furniture moving jobs, and less manly cooking tasks.

when he entertains your bratty little cousins outside in the cold during said family gathering.

when he says he enjoys being around your family, even though they are, honestly, crazy people.
When, snuggling in bed post lovely oral portions, his response to a compliment of technique is 'i'm glad. i like getting you off'
When he sits in the passenger seat of the car with me and snuggles, all over the county, just because it is fun.

When he offers (and does) drive me about when I'm too sick to drive.

When he cares enough to sit down and make me rest, or carry me.

When he says I should call him any time of the day or night, when I have anxiety.

When he tells me he loves the way I dress.

When he tells me he loves me for all of me, my brain, my emotions, all of me--it wouldn't matter what I looked like and it's just an added bonus that I am as stunning as I am.

When we make plans together--like traveling to Europe, making scotch eggs, and a LotR marathon.

When he starts deciding that some groomsman will have to go because I only have three bridesmaids picked out.

When he names our children in conversation.

I am so in love it's kind of sickening =).
When you're sitting at work, bored out of your skull, and he sends you a text message that says...."you are my one and only. Best friends and lovers forever and ever. xoxo"
I haven't been able to post in this topic for a while cause I didn't have a good one!

When he invites you over after work and has a grilled cheese made for you cause he anticipates you being hungry and knows you wouldn't eat the fish and chips that he had

When he talks about growing old together

When after a nice round of sex, he tells you how beautiful/hot you are and how lucky he is to have met you

When you're having a horrible few days fighting over custody of your puppy that you share w/ roommates, he not only offers you money to buy the other roommates out, but buys you flowers to cheer you up and tells you that he loves you for the first time


ophelia did i miss something. have i been gone so long that you not only found someone you love but that you are getting married as well?
He gives you a foot rub, while you eat cake b/c he wants to make your bad day better.
...when you have to post another reply in the "how do you know a guy is a good one" thread

When he sits and listens to you ramble on and on about how awful you feel and doesn't ask you to stop or interrupts you

When you question your attractiveness, and to make you fee better he sends you a text message saying goodnight to his "sexy girl"

hi Katiebelle! If you see the screenname Orion on here, he's my boyfriend. =) I love him very much, but we are not getting married. Just a little early to be even thinking those kinds of thoughts. I'm not sure why he likes to ask me to marry him so much, but he does. Probably the same reason I ask him to run away and make babies in England with me. (not that I want a baby right now, you understand.)

I actually came in here to say it's embarrassing--I want to post again after I've posted in here already...that is how superlative he is.
ok good i mean i know its been awhile but i didnt think THAT long that i have been away!!!!! I am SO happy for you though, and honestly, i do understand completely what you are talking about in terms of talking about certain stuff, it just comes with the i am really happy and in love territory and thats awesome for you:)
when he sends you articles like this:
when he's man enough to tell you he misses you

when he goes shopping for you to try and find a sold-out-like-gold-dust- bag you want

when he says he wants to spend the rest of his life together but that he won't hold you back from attaining your dreams

when he's thoughtful, considerate, caring and all-round greatest boyfriend ever

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