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when I come home after a long hard day at work to find he's gotten me a bouquet of my favorite flowers
(for no particular occasion). And I don't even remember telling him what my favorite flowers are, and they aren't even obvious flowers, so he didn't do that by accident, so he won like 10 points for that. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :-)
when, on a second date and walking 3 blocks to the pub, he asks you if you're going to be warm enough- would you like his jacket? Twice.

And actually seems concerned!
when he cleans up the puke that some asswipe left on my front steps on a saturday morning :-)
When you find out you're being laid off and you get to his house and he's bought a bottle of red wine he knows you like, as well as 2 kinds of ice cream because he couldn't remember which one you said you liked better.

My word, I love this man.
when you have food poisoning and he calls just to see if you are feeling better. And then, during the call, he doesn't even get grossed out by the (not-so-detailed) details.
when he makes your lunch for you everyday while you're drying your hair and sometimes tucks little notes into your sandwich that totally embarrass you infront of you coworkers...but in reality, leave you beaming for hours on end.
When he brings you roses in your favorite color for no reason at all

When he sweeps you into his arms for a spontaneous kiss in the middle of a crowded store leaving you blushing and beaming

When he sings 'you are my sunshine' as you drift off at dawn after a night of pillow talk and cuddling

When he looks like a puppy wagging its tail every time he sees you

When his eyes glitter with that 'I love you' glow before his lips can tremble
When he gets a guy he works with who's going to New Orleans to buy a high-end box of pralines for you because he knows how much you loved them when you went there on your honeymoon.
when he wants to coordinate weekend activities with you so he can play with his friends on the same day you play with your friends, leaving one day to share time with each other...he gives me my space--which i adore.
When you are having a terrible week, including finding out your little sister is pregnant and completely unprepared for motherhood, and he hugs you tight while you cry, holds your hand, listens, and validates every feeling you express.
Oh Karma, I am very sorry to hear about that. Even if it is hypothetical :-). Back to this topic, he's a good one when he stops by in the midst of both of your cramming for finals with ice cream. And when he spends the night after many hours of study, he says he's happy just to fall asleep next to you ... and means it!
When you realize that feel taller since meeting him, and it's not becaue he's short. You realize you really do stand staighter and walk taller, chin up because you are proud to be the woman he loves.
karma, don't fret. none of us is every really ready for motherhood. she'll make the right decision for herself and she'll be fine.

ok, this one is so old, but i'm reminiscing.
you know he's a good one when he goes back to the jewelry store after the two of you leave and buys the thing you didn't even know you were looking at, then slips it onto the table at brunch.
Thanks for your support, Busties. I agree - no-one is completely prepared to be a parent. But it makes me worry because she can hardly take care of herself. She has emotional problems and when she is down, she sort of shuts down and has a very hard time coping with anything. I will take this to another thread.

Back to the subject at hand, you know he is a good one when you look at him and think, "how did I ever meet someone so wonderful?"
When he stands by what he says and is supportive when you really need it; when he practices what he preaches.
when he offers to meet you at your class to buy your book for you, even when you are acting psychotic on the verge of tears/breakdown cuz everything is going wrong but still he's there to help you. and he doesn't bring it up later or point it out.
when he comes home in the middle of the day because you are freaking.out unnecessarily about spilling coffee all over your laptop and fixes it
when-- even though he's colorblind-- he makes sure to buy you orange flowers to suprise you with while you're at work-- just because you seemed kind of sad the night before, and he remembered you like the color orange.
...when its pouring down rain, and he drops me off in front of a store my the door, so I don't get soaked. Then proceeds to park the car and ends up drenched himself...
when he gets a vasectomy

That's going to be hard to beat lucizoe... :-) Congrats to you both!
oh my word. congrats to you. for myself a man with one of those things would only be a good one if he confessed to it before i started to like him, so i could forget about the whole thing. that would for sure make me cross him off my list for good.
the jewelry buying fella wanted to make a baby with me, and put a ring on my finger. and he respected me.
why did i let him go again?
oh right, i remember. never mind.
hee - guess we all have our own definitions :-)
I work at a spa, and I do laundry often. When I pull all the hot towels and blankets and sheets from the dryer and lay them on a table to fold, I will often stop for a moment and sprawl my upper body out over the warm laundry because it feels so good. It gives me a feeling of comfort and security-and above all, it automatically triggers the feeling that I'm wrapped up in the boys arms, completely blissed and surrendered. That's one reason I know he's a good one.
When you have a mild panic attack (the kind where you don't realize you're having one until your chest starts to hurt and you feel all wigged out) and he doesn't call you crazy or pressure you to explain whats going on, he just holds you, rubs your back, and tells you he loves you.

When you're dad goes off on both of you while you're obviously in the throws off a dad-induced panic attack ( no correlation to previously mentioned panic attack)and he wants to go after dad for the way he treated you becuase he "doesn't like to see people talk to you like that when you're obviously hurting."
well, i am not dating the guy anymore cause i needed to be by myself for a bit but....hes an amazing guy.

i could call (and still can) him at any hour of the day and he will be there for me to either talk to or come and hang out. such a sweet guy.
when he pops the pimple on your boob that you just cant reach


when he gets a vasectomy


A seminal gesture, to be sure.


(hee hee hee)
When he doesn't give up on you.
When he sacrifices his one morning that he would have to sleep in to travel pretty far to see you race at 8am. And he's only known you for a week. And while he's there he stands and cheers for you with your parents. And all this before you've even kissed or acknowledged an interest in each other.
You have a seizure, and he doesn't freak the fuck out. I of course was embarrased, and he just kissed me and said that he was there for me :-)
he answers his phone during his meeting because he knows you had a shitty morning and wants to make sure you're okay
not my man but a friend who's a man.
he takes my bags when he's walking any distance with me. so nice. not in a grabby kinda way, just in a "here, let me give you a hand" kinda way.
Aww! that is sweet sassygrrl! Both of my parents have epilepsy so I have a mortal fear of one day having a seizure, myself. And I've always worried about how people around me might react.

My guy is great b/c he is really appriative of the little things is life.
Because he's not a douche that brings his issues with you into the Lounge.
Aural, you sure about making that a good/bad thing? Half the threads on this board involve people bringing their personal issues into the Lounge.

You-know-who does indeed seem like a creep, though. I enjoyed reading your responses. ;)
I am the Grinch and he is all the Whos down in Whoville.

that's all i can come up with right now. he kicks that much ass. :-)
when he asks you to dance...but it's only the two of you in your apartment
When he makes you feel like porn stars have got nothing on you, and he makes love to you with his whole body, not just his penis.
When he patiently listens to you rant and rave about how terrible your day was, while he rubs your feet.
When he skips the first period of the hockey game (hello playoffs!!!) to get you a card and chocolates (from the chocolate shop not just the card shop) because you are upset about something stupid and small. And then doesn't mind talking to you about it for the entire second period while staring into your eyes instead of at the screen. He's a huge hockey fan... they lost anyways but still... pretty fantastic of him.
When he calls and apologizes for scooting away from you in the nite cuz your breath on the back of his neck was tickling him...odd i know..but sweet nonetheless since i would have done the same without thinking about it.
When he buys you a fucking car.

I'm not kidding. I'm not a sugar baby, by any means, but shit! A fucking CAR!

And all because your old one is falling apart and you're too blind to see, and he wants you and your child to be safe while driving.

A fucking car. The first new car I've ever had in my LIFE.
When he tucks you right up in to a spoon, and is affectionate all night without pushing - or even testing - your boundaries. In the morning when you reach out of bed to hit the snooze button he looks and you with a sleepy smile and pulls you right back in (friend, not sig other)

I just have to say - this is a beautiful page!
When he offers his car for you to drive your friend (who's visiting) to the airport without even being asked or really hinted. And then apologises for not offering it so you could go pick her up.
when you live in the same city but he still sends you letters in the mail on cute stationary, just because he knows you love getting stuff in the mail.
Guy: "there is NO woman alive who needs a breast implant. Unless MAYBE in the case of a masectomy. But, no woman who hasn't had an injury or a removal, EVER "needs" an implant. And even if they HAVE had an injury or a removal, they don't "need" the implant unless they want it."
When he not only shovels your walk, but shovels three little paths in the snow so your 10-pound dog can find a place to pee. (Okay, so it's June - but when my boyfriend did this, my first thought was, boy, he is about to get SOO lucky ...)
Silly I know, but when telling you that you may move soon, he told you that he would help you....and that way you wouldn't have to deal with your bitchy parents... oh, and doing a sex shopping spree for you.... :-)
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