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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Ha ha! Poor confused mouse! "Cack" came into existence a few weeks ago, via a poeme that the lovely FJ wrote for me when I was feeling depressed and contemplated phoning Tom Cruise for some advice.

FJ's Infamous Cack Poeme

ETA: I see the tip of minx's vagina tattoo in one photo, I think. I wanna see the whole thing!



(My daughter is cooler than your areolas)
Hi everybody!

I had such a good time at Whiskeybake and it was so great to meet lovely friendly Busties in person! Thanks so much for letting me be included (especially to hostess Minx!) and I hope another Bustie event happens soon. And yes, the tattoos on minx and divalla were indeed fantastic.

PK - Ebay is pretty easy and cheap to use (so is Paypal), I have bought lots of stuff on it and JT and I sold a computer on it one time, too. Lurk around and look at other wedding/formal dresses so you get a sense of what keywords you want in your title so more people looking for dresses will find it and to see what most people tend to charge for shipping, etc. and for their items which also might help you decide on what to charge and stuff. Have fun at Ikea - I love going there and must force myself to limit visits.

Yesterday I went to the dentist in my hometown and yay, have NO CAVITIES. I also drove by the empty weed-filled lot that used to be where my high school stood. I hated high school but I really loved that building - old and new parts cobbled together with lots of interesting nooks and crannies - some parts were modern and some were old and spooky. It made me a little sad. The new building on the other side of town to replace it is boring and generic. Today I am taping up the kitchen in preparation for painting it vitreous green - scary name but it is a nice fairly pale sort of 50s-ish green (and a lovely kitchenaid mixer would look wonderful in my kitchen if I could afford it...). I hope the color looks as nice on the walls as it does in the can or I will be mad. And I must say, taping really really sucks.

Congratulations on your art Mouse!

(((Baby bean growing vibes for Falljackets)))

Divalla - that chocolate mousse was so yummy, I wish I had some right now. I hope you have lots of fun eating mousse and watching the Kill Bills with the boy tonight - those are two of my favorite movies ever.

**goes off whistling like Elle Driver in Kill Bill**
well i'm glad I'M not the one going crazy :P

"cack". good lord.

i have been on a really bad sleep schedule of midnight to four or five, and then sleeping two or three hours when i get home from work. it really throws me off because then when i wake up from the nap i feel lousy and don't feel like doing what i have to do for the rest of the day (which, today, is laundry, finishing up sketches for a friends' band's album cover, finishing a drawing for a friend's friend's movie poster, finishing a birthday card for my aunt (it is on sunday i hope it gets there in time aaaah) and cleaning the litter box).

i hate going to bed early but i guess i have to. tomorrow i don't work till 12 though, so that is super. maybe i will go out tonight.

About half of us are prolly slowly going senile, so you just never know, mouse! Mebbe you ARE going crazy!

Anyway, we are just creating our own Okayer language.

The new floor is looking FAB! I can't wait till it's done! Peel and stick RULZ!

And now, if I spill some CACK on my floor, it won't be so hard to clean!


Yayayay!!! Marileen is here and she's cavity-free!! I thought we might have terrified you on Sunday! "Vitreous Green" sounds like a bad Charleston Heston movie. Vitreous Green is made of....PEOPLE!!! (the color sounds great, by the way)

My day of Weight Watchers point counting has left me feeling crabby and headachey. Blah. I could really use a few slices of deep dish Chicago-style pizza with goat cheese. MMmmmm....

Minx has 2 vaginas! Minx has 2 vaginas!!! PS- I love your flowery ankle, minx. I'm just givin' ya crap. :-)

Aero-boy is watching some children's puppet show on public television. Weirdo. I guess it's better than the Home Shopping Network.

Eek! Mousie! Get some sleep dammit! I couldn't pull that off. I need at least 8 hours of sleep to function during the day.

Yayayay! Bust is working!!!

i can't believe you bitches had a whiskey bake, i was not there. poooo!

I read archives, but so much is going on, i can't keep it straight. so, a blanket (((((hugs)))) to everyone.

diva, has a lover! yay.

update w/me.

school is good, right now i am in fine dining service at the restaurant. there is a reason i work at the back of the house....

work is awesome. chef asked me if i would be interested in doing pastry too. um, yes. the food network was filming for a show on sunday at our restaurant, i might be on tv!

j is great and cute as ever. we are going on a date tonight. i have to say, i think HE is the worlds greatest husband. I don't want to come to fist-a cuffs, but i will back it up, yo.

okay, have to get ready for hot date. i will talk to y'all tomorrow!

Yay for new floors!!! Now we can have a food fight at doodle's house!!
OH MY GAWD! TALOO!!! *runs up to taloo and embraces her*

I'm so happy for you!!! You might be on TV?!! What show? What kinds of food are you making at the restaurante?
Guh...guh...guh...talooooooo-sighting! Hi taloo! When are you gonna be on TV? Which show? We need to know these things!

*throws piece of chocolate CACK at poodle, spills some on new floor*

Hi marileen! Oops, I didn't see you there!

*throws CACK at marileen*
*licks cack off floor and chucks a huge piece, hitting doodle in the bum*

Now that's not even fair, when y'all know I'm down to one pair of jeans!

*scoops cack off bum and flings it at poodle's boobies*

Take THAT, beeyatch!

*sneezes for the umpteenth time*

I still can't figure out if this is from cleaning dust or a cold. :-(
*smooshes cack splattered boobies in doodle's face*

There! That outta help yer sneezing problem, biznatch!
Umm...leave the cack on poodle's boobies.

Minxie, you....MINX!!!! Why--do you just want to stare at my cack encrusted breastesses???

Diva's man is probably feeding her chocolate mousse cack in a candlelit bedroom, and I'm sitting here watching Tommy Lee Goes to College with my cats, while aero-boy is stinking up my bathroom.

ETA-I showed our Whiskeybake 2005 photos to aero-boy and he's not surprised. He seemed somewhat disgusted, actually. :-)

ETA, again-I've editted this post far too many times within the past 5 minutes.
you all are so silly with your cack attack(ing). I love rhyming. :D

the pics were terrific. you look like you are having fun which is great. and i want the recipe for Diva's chocolate mousse cack thing.
After the way you are humping minx in that pic, you are bothering to ask why she wants to look at your bodacious bosom? Hah!

And fuck aero-boy!

Oh wait, you're not doing that.

He should go fuck himself. Hmm. Maybe that's what he does at night, while he pines away for poodley-noodley......

I have been flopped out on the sofa, reading snippets of the new BUST to my mama while she presses tiles into my floor...
Hi catsoup!

Puppy, Marileen is right on about doing a little research before you list your dress. You're more likely to lure in bidders if you have if listed at the same price or even a little below the lowest comparable price.

Also, marileen, I TOTALLY know what you mean about seeing your former highschool grounds and feeling a little sad. This weekend, I was visiting a friend in my hometown, and I took aero-boy past my old house, highschool, downtown, and Catholic grade school. It really freaked me out. The downtown looks like Disneyland, because they put all these cheesy streetlights everywhere and made the buildings look like low-budget Norman Rockwell paintings. My highschool is now an elementary school (though still prison-like), and my Catholic school looks like a bunch of rich people started sending their kids there and pouring money into the building (which is probably what happened!). The freakiest part for my was seeing the house where my family lived for 23+ years and knowing that I couldn't go inside, even though I have more emotional ownership over that house than the current owners have. I don't care who bought that property--It's my house dammit. It will always be my house. On that note, it's time for me to smoke a ciggie.
Oops! I guess I'm not double-posting! I thought it was just me in here.

Yeah, I am a good fuck. Just ask minx.

You may be right about aero-boy, doodle. He does take very long showers....
Turbomann here. Turbogal says that she has already blown my cover as an occasional lurker. I had to post because, I have to say, all of this CACK business is cracking my shit up. I don't mean to hijack anyone's vocabulary, but for years my friends have been using the term "cack" in the "throbbing manhood" sense of the term. Makes phrases like "cack splattered boobies" sound a bit different...

Poodle- totally agree with you on the that's-my-house feeling. My dad almost lost an eye building a treehouse for us kiddies when we lived in IN. We found out a few years after we moved that the house usurpers tore down the treehouse. Makes you think, hey jerks, don't you realize that's not yours to tear down?
oh poo! I missed a food fight while turboman was lurking and a postin'! *wipes cack off the monitor, and eyes minxie devilishly*

Nice. I love doing nice things twice.
*Stares back at turbojenn with cack and frosting all around her mouth*
*pulls a crotchie out, ever so gently feeds it to minxie*
Thanks for the hugs on my folks, and all. It does, indeed, suck. I was adopted when my parents were in their late 40s (and I was going on 3 years old), and so I've known all along that I'd have to deal with this before my peers, but it sucks. And not for me--I mean it sucks for them, and that hurts (I was sounding big time selfish there for a bit).

Tesao, yeah, I'll prolly want to chat about it. :-)

But thanks!

On other topics: I'm with Lurv on the crotch doctor. I have HUGE problems with this. They literally have to hold me down and I cry and it's awful. No, I've never been raped, yes, it's quite likely I was at least somewhat messed with as a toddler (pre-adoption) but I don't know and it's past, and no, sex is not a problem whatsoever.

It's being in the spotlight, stranger (one I didn't pick up over drinks, that is) putting his/her hands and other things where I want fucking control.

I hate it, and will avoid it at all costs.

Norplant was great for me because it meant five years between visits. (Yes, I was supposed to go annually, but "supposed to" and a buck-fifty would get me a cup o'joe, LOL.)

So, good luck, Lurv...last time my boy came with and held my hand and got me to focus on him instead of the doctor (or stupid posters on ceiling) and didn't laugh at me when I cried and it helped.

On being alone (said in my best Great Garbo voice): Oh, I'm *so* there, too. I'm an only child who really, really, awfully, tremendously, likes her space. I'm social, but, well, only if I can control the amount of social going on, if you get my drift.

The brown-eyed-boy is the opposite, mostly--he's fine with little space and he's very cuddly and all of that.

It took us time to work through that; he now knows that my needing my "cave" (John Gray can go to fucking Hell on his gender theory, but I like the "cave" terminology--it ain't just for boys, dammit) isn't a rejection of him, nor do I have to feel threatened by his clinginess when I'm not in a clingy mood.

I hope you can find the same, Diva. Takes time, I think, but being honest about what you need is the first thing. :-)
FJ, is there any way you and the Mr. could get something reasonably cheap in an okay-ish area, stay for a few years to build some equity, then move into a better place like you're looking for now? This seems like a lot to be taking on, especially with wanting to get pregnant at the same time and the Mr's new job. Not criticizing, just a little concerned. You're a big girl and you know what you can handle.

I was going to be so WW good today, I really was, then I got roped into going to a baby shower for a girl at work. I was just about to wander out because the head of the department was all hopping mad about something and I was sick of listening to him bitch at the legal staff about a case, then I ran into this lady who I had to ask about dress code at the Sofitel buffet, and she roped me into going to the baby shower. All I wanted was to go for a little walk and get a little air, but I couldn't rip myself away from the gravitational pull of cake and punch with sherbet in it (and a sloppy joe and a brownie and some pasta salad and some fruit salad and some chips and a rice krispie bar - but small portions of everything). The amounts were small, at least, and I did go for a short walk and got a couple shirts (one's an aqua cardigan with a low round neck and lace trimming that fits like a dream, the other's a brown tunic with lace trim, both under $20) on clearance. Quite the little adventure just for wanting to get away from the head guy going freako.

I think next weekend I'm going to lay down the law to Divagiant. We've already sort of made plans and I don't want to break them and leave him out cold, but next weekend will include more me time, plus I want to go up and see Sam for awhile. I think that since he's recently divorced, he's just comfortable with being around someone a lot, it's just hard for me not to think that he wants to be married again.

Poodle, if you aren't doing points, then what is the program like that you're doing? I don't know anything about WW other than points and core. But... nobody can be completely good all the time, and I think that WW has come to realize that. I also work on the fact that there's really not much you can put in your body that won't come out somehow in several days. It's just a matter of planning. The WW thread has a link in it somewhere to the Wendie Plan, which I think is pretty reasonable. Your body eventually gets used to less calories and more exercise and runs more efficiently on it, burning less calories. And you can't always just increase your exercise - sometimes the body needs a shock once in awhile to keep it on it's toes and burning more calories.

just a quick HI! will post more later hopefully.
Yeah, John Gray is a turd. SOOO many women I know, including myself, don't act the way he describes women to act--as high maintenance, irrational cling-ons.

Aero-boy and I have lived in this small space together since mid-June, and I don't feel deprived of alone time at all. He does his own thing enough and I do mine. When we're both in the apartment, we're not constantly engaged either. Some days we'll have only a couple brief conversations and that's it. Other days we'll stay up talking non-stop. It ends up being a good balance. We're not dating either, so there's not some weird affection factor getting in the way. I'm sure I would go crazy if I had to snuggle with someone or even pay attention to them all the time.

I'm counting points, just not "flex" points, which is the new way they do it (the flex points, that is). When I lost a lot of weight on WW a few years ago, I just had a daily point maximum (29) and if I wanted to eat something naughty, I would plan ahead of time by saving up points. I rarely ever indulged without having saved up points. I mostly saved points so I could have lotsa beers. I also walked like crazy during that time, so I ended up losing 16 lbs in 6 weeks. Anyway, I know this works and so I swear by it. I lost weight by avoiding the treats and the restaurant food. They also gave you activity points, but I didn't use them.
diva, that's part of the problem: it's not as though we're looking in the expensive part of town or anything. we're looking at average priced/sized homes for st. augustine. prices have literally increased by 70-85% in our county over the past year and a half. great for people who got in their homes a few years ago at $150K and can now sell them for $280K. we aren't setting our sights on living in some kind of mansion on a hill. we're even looking for fixeruppers and they're amazingly expensive. it's just nutty. we've got a lot of ocean and marshland in st. aug and that's where we would *really* want to be, but you can't get something like that for less than half a million.

mrfj's new job is actually our saving grace. he's doing really well there and the only real issue that causes stress to us is that he's going to be travelling a lot more than he has in the past. but i'm getting used to it and i'm ok with the time alone (sort of appropo to the present convo, eh?). plus, our income is increasing, but not enough fast enough. i wish we had a few more months to wait. we can go month to month for three more months after our lease is up in september for only $35 extra. so that might wind up being our only option unless we can luck out and find something.

and yeah, we can find something in jacksonville for a little less money but i'm not sure if that's going to help us much.
have you asked anyone about an FHA loan? That let us get much more house than we rightly should have with our shitty credit. Only like 2% down- we get a bit screwed on the fees, but this winter, we plan to refinance to a traditional mortgage. Just a thought. You're doing great! I can't wait to have another flordia vacation spot. :-)
Hi gang! Haven't had a chance to read the archives yet - don't know if I will today....need to get ready for the board meeting at 6. But I wanted to pop in and say hi anyway!!

My underwear report is bor-ring today. Black/grey striped cotton panties and my usual pink satin underwire bra.

I did actually bother to dress up a wee bit for work today, which may be a sign of lifting depression. On the other hand, I may have only done that because it's a board meeting day. (Not that any of them care, 'cause they're all radical feminists like me - or more radical, even, if such a thing is possible.)

Ok, I gotta get shit done! Will fill you in later on what happens!

((((((hugs to everyone who needs 'em))))))

*~*~*~*~* bustie vibes to everyone who needs 'em *~*~*~*~*
((FJ)) that's got to be tough. I have another friend who is house hunting. She'd put an offer on one this weekend but didn't get it and she was so bummed. It's like a roller coaster it seems. I'm sure you & she will both find something wonderful though. Houses here have really gone up a lot too. The house we are renting now is a 2 BR, about 1200 sq feet & the owner said it would most likely sell for about $225,000. It's a nice house & all, but not what I'd think 225K would get you. Sigh.....

Diva, I think your plan of having more time to yourself next weekend is a good one. I agree that since you've already made plans for this weekend & he's probably really excited about it it might be tough to cancel them. As long as you know things will change, that helps doesn't it?

My sister just called me & said that my other sister's bf just broke up with her last night. I think it's a good thing, since they are both recovering addicts & seem to have ups & downs together. I do worry about how she'll handle it though. I soooooo hope she doesn't have a drug relapse. I hope she's strong & realizes that will make her feel so much worse, not better. I'm gonna give her a call tonight.

I feel for you chicas that have such a hard time at the gyn. That sucks. Me, that's how I feel about the dentist. I'll take gyn over dentist anyday.
oh yeah: i have a mint green cotton bra and some new panties that mrfj bought me the other night, mint green thong with maroon colored trim and yellow circle print. they're cute.

i don't know if mrfj could get an fha loan. is that affected by how much $$ you make and credit score? he makes good $$ and has decent credit. i'm the one with the sucky credit. and it would help if we could add my income, but with the amount i owe for student loans, i'm upsidedown.

grrrr. stupid decisions from a bygone era biting me in my ass. i never should have gotten half the loans i took. i had a scholarship that covered 3/4 of my tuition (i was valedictorian in hs) but i didn't work in college, so i always took the full amount of the loans they offered even though i only needed about two grand a semester to pay for school. the really bad part is that i would take the extra cash and put it straight up my stupid nose. god! if only i could change the past. i would do things so differently.

hi doodle, bye doodle!

and yes, you guys are all welcome to visit us if you make it down here! we have a nice pull out sofa as long as you don't mind sharing the place with a few furbabies!
FJ- the FHA loan is quite specifically for people with shitty credit. Or low incomes. Or both. We went through a mortgage broker, so there were lots more options than just at a bank. Maybe your realtor can suggest someone?
(I get to go in and sign my contract tomorrow!!!)
that's flippin' sweet, minx! i'm happy for you and your jobbie-job! what a lucky bunch to get to have you as a teachah!
Yay for minxie!

Just got back from greeting all the board (bored) members....what a stiff bunch. smile, and make nice, yup, that's what I did - oh and hand them 150 pages of legal crap to read in their spare time.
welcome back turbojennipoo!

ok, i'm outtie. ihave been really good in the past couple of hours and i got a lot of work done. now i'll be ready for any suprise audits that i have a feeling might happen tomorrow. see, this is why i can BUST so much: it only takes a couple hours to complete a good three weeks of the important ppwk part of my job. yay!

mrfj has had a crappy day. creative left a very important advertiser out of the mag last issue and they just realized it. now mrfj has to be the one to go make nice with the client, and no one wants to take responsibility for missing the ad in the first place. (bluelines came while mrfj was in CA, so he wasn't able to check himself).

i am going to go home and make some meatballs and sketti to make him feel better. oooh, did i tell you guys that i finally got a lovely apron? i've always wanted one and finally purchased it last week. it's red and white striped with skinny celadon stripes in it. it's a bibbed one, so now that's all i wear while cooking... woot!!

and i have a half bottle of cab-sav calling my name...

i hope everyone has lovely evenings!

~~~~~~~ vibes for Doodle's board meeting ~~~~~~~~

$$$$$$$$$ house vibes for the FJs $$$$$$$$$$$$

Yay, Minx!

Oh, on the convo about single parent boys, my boy is one of them. His mom raised him and his brother alone when his dad died of cancer when he was 8. And he's very compassionate and pays attention to detail well, um, everywhere. While these guys (and girls) can turn out great, I don't envy them.

Underwear report: white grandma panties with lace trim (I don't do dark panties under khakis) and white lace bra. No big whoop. I kind of want to go shopping for some sexayer stuff soon, even if just because I'm bored with what I've got.

Well, I'm off to try to enjoy a night by myself finishing a purse and eating that Taco Bell that FJ has made me crave since yesterday. Bye!
Well, ah'm a-jest waitin' here for the board to arrive. La la la. Still haven't read the archives, for which I feel guilty, although from the little bit I've skimmed, I have to say that diva IS indeed getting a li'l soft around the edges these days. It's kind of adorable.

I phoned the store where I got my now-lost jeans...when I drove by earlier in the week, it looked like they'd closed! Eek! But they just moved. AND they're having scratch and save this week! HEE! Gonna go find me some more jeans tomorrow.

Oh, where the fuck are these women, anyway? I bought a CACK!!! Chocolate truffle checkerboard CACK. I almost hit another car driving here from the CACK store, so I guess I am still stressed. There is lots to deal with, not just my list of tasks, but crazy-ass Gaming Commission shit.

I MEECE MY OKAYERS!!!!!!! Are you going to have another wild soft porn cack party in here again tonight??
*sings loudly in the thread*

Ah'm jest sittin' here watchin' the wheels go 'round an' 'rou-ou-ou-ounnnnnnnnnnd...
Hi doodle!!!

That sucks ass that your jeans store closed! I hate that shit! I get all my jeans at Old Navy these days. Good luck on the search!

You're sounding so much better this week, doodle. I hope you feel that way! :-) It was so sweet of your mama to help you out and give you some company during your sucky time.

Boo hoo. Aero-boy broke one of my Amish Butterprint Pyrex mixing bowls. :-( Oh well, it gives me an excuse to play on ebay and go thrift store shopping this weekend.

You'll find your home soon, FJ. Just hang in there and don't be hard on yourself for having less than perfect credit. The home prices up here are insane too and your average working couple can barely afford something with 4 walls in a decent neighborhood. You're not alone! My sister cried lots when she was trying to find a normal house in a normal city. They ended up buying a 60's rambler that needed some cosmetic work. It's on the outskirts of town, but they're both really happy with their purchase.

(((Kari's sister))) She's better off not having him around. It's amazing how our significant others influence our habits and behavior. I've started and stopped smoking all because of boys. Ever since aero-boy came to town, I've been smoking waaaay too much. Ugh. Not good.

Yayayayayay for minxie's job and diva's alone-time!!!

I feel like I'm forgetting something. Hmmm...
Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin'
Don't know where I'll be to-maaa-rooow!!

Gawd, but Steve Perry was badass. Must've been the spandex constricting his balls. That would make me fierce.
That, and his huge, erm, NOSE!!

Anyway you want it
That's the way you need it
Anyway you want it

I'm watchin' Good Times. Dynomite!!!

(edited to revise lyrics :-) )
Minx, I just wanted you to know that I'm forever yours...faithfully.
Underwear update: Black boxers with little red and grey Eastern-style dragons. Tres comfortable.

Darn this message board. I'm supposed to be constantly searching the classifieds looking for my 6th paintball gun. I come home from happy hour tonight and what to I do? Review the past day or so of posts here. This is not getting me a used Emag, folks. It's not getting me packed for camping, either.

And by the way. I have a Camper van Beethoven CD, but the only song I remember is, "Take the Skinheads Bowling".
Double-post, but Jimmy Walker sang the seventh inning stretch at the Cubbies game that I went to last week. Talk about Dynomite!
Ack!!! There's a boy in the thread and I'm not wearing a bra!!!
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