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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Afternoon, it's me again!

I went grocry shopping and am making slow cooked turkey chilli for dinner tonight. I took the hound-y for another walk, and she's passed out under the bednow. I put the sheets on the bed, now I just have to do the same with the blankets.

Well, that's really it.


Hey everyone! How are everyone's Sundays going? Well, I see some of you have reported, but some of you are nowhere to be found! Which must mean you are having really good Sundays...or really fucked up ones!

pugs, I probably go against the naturalistic grain around here, but Claritin Sinus and Allergy (the one with the red label) always works for me when I'm miserably stuffed up with a cold or flu. (Ironically, I prefer Reactine for allergy season.)

Better living through modern science. That's my motto! tongue.gif

lorewolf! It was a pre-Beltane miracle! The journal magically appeared when I got the laptop back home, even though my tech himself searched and searched and thought it was gone forever! Nobody knows how it happened (and maybe Neo WAS looking out for me), but *I* think it was the power of Bustie Vibes!

We should bottle that shit and sell it, yo.

(And yes, I am now backing up the journal every time I alter so much as a sentence.)

Hi also grrrl, culture, and turbo!

Writing smut seems to have long-term consequences...namely: holy shamoley, did I ever have a lot of gorgeous, dirty dreams last night! cool.gif

I'm not lost. I'm merely enjoying my last bittersweet day off before going back to work tomorrow. LeSigh. Anyway, I was just with some guys from work and trying to figure out some neat stuff to show S. on "take your kid to work" day which is this coming Thursday. There's some pretty neat things you can do with refrigerants. I thoroughly want her to have the best "back to school" story to tell!

I think it's a good thing I got my tubes tied....if you watched "friends", I'd totally be a "monica mom".

Okay, I want to ask for Bustie Vibes...cause we've all seen how well it worked for doodle's journal....I'd like vibes for a service vehicle all of my I don't have to walk all over campus and I can get jobs done faster and I can carry the parts I need, oh, and, just, oh, so I can be a wonderful Reefer Queen. It really would be a Very Nice Thing.

I was told that the long range plan is to have me be the ultracold queen. Which is sort of bittersweet, because there's status and prestige in doing something so specialized....but bitter because refrigeration is what's been messing up my arm to begin with! I'm told they're working on power tools for me we shall see. I'm looking forward to seeing the peeps again, the shmoozing, the reassuring "don't worry, hun, I'll fix it for ya", thing...I do just love that. I kinda like being a knight in shining armor, when a research project is about to be lost forever and I come in and save the day....they often give me chocolate, which is a Good Thing.

*I'm still gunning to be the boss someday though....

Pugs, I've been extremely lucky this season in terms of colds and stuff, but if I have to take anything, I find that what relieves me the most is just the decongestant. If my nose gets cleared up and I can breathe, everything is fine in my world. The whole sniffly, running, kleenex, stuffed up can't breathe thing, is 90 percent of what's bad about a cold. If you ask me, anyway. Which I realize you didn't. Hehe....

CH, how was the chili? I hope it was tasty...and I read about your PORTIONS.....yummy! I'm envious!

Jenn, isn't this weather to DIE for? I just love this time of year....but BOO on that it's supposed to get cool again...but we're in spring and those cool days will become less and less. I think I'd do well in the deep south, temperature-wise...heat never bothered me but cold really does!

(((((grrl))))))I know it's been a tough week....hopefully next one is better, huh? *strokes grrrl's cheek....

*okay, ahem. Sowwy about that....

Um, no...actually, I'm not sorry..... wub.gif

Doodle, I'm still so PSYCHED you got your journal back! How cool is that????? Awesome!

*~*~*vibes for octi and friend and BGP*~*~*

I was looking at that VCH piercing...I'm not sure I've got the right anatomy though! Just looking at that Q-tip and imagining the "test" makes me wince...having a Q-tip placed THERE would cause me extreme pain....ouchie!

Yeah. I guess i got the "all about me" done early in my post, ya know?

*waves to Okayers
Howdy okayers, I'm back from the wilds of Baltimore.

~~~~~~~~~~vibes for Octi's friend's mom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~get better vibes for Pugs and CH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

RV, here's hoping you and your pals live it up and have a wonderful time on your birthday! You have so much to house!! Yay!

~~~~~~~~~~vehicle vibes for Tree~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi grrl, kari, turbo, lore, doodle, and everyone else I'm missing.

My weekend was fun. Spent time with best gal pal and went shopping at IKEA. Got a duvet cover, yay. Sunday I had my date. He has a PhD in molecular biology and is quite nice and cute, although he looked alarmingly like an old ex of mine. Take that ex's face and make it better looking and more proportionate, and that would be this guy I went out with today. It was a bit disarming at times. We had a lovely brunch and walked around Hampden, a hip little area in Baltimore. He's very smart and witty and interested in many things I'm interested in. I would see him again and I very well may, but I'm not particularly interested in starting a relationship with anyone right now. It's way too soon. My heart sometimes still feels a little like it's bleeding. I only went because I know myself well enough to know that if I wait too long to date, I'll get too comfortable and just hibernate. I want to one day meet the guy who will think I'm the bees knees, you know? I want the guy who can't wait to come home and find me there. I'm not going to find that sitting on my sofa watching cable. So I will date and try to make the most of it. It was a bit one point I felt like crying. Not because the date was going badly, but because well, he's not the one I want. I hope that one day I can say about a guy, "He's not Kelman," and have that mean something good. But right now it's not a good thing. I'm going to keep trying though. A girl has to move on and live life even when it hurts.

[Good evening okayers!

~~~~vehicle vibes for tree~~~~ The chilli was great! Spicey and helped my throat, not a lot of chewing either. so it didn't hurt too much. As for portions, I would've liked to have gotten more graphic, maybe I should.

Kel, good to hear that things went okay. Don't rush anything, if it doesn't feel right, then don't do it. In that breath, don't let what happened hold you back. Enjoy life! Meet people. I recall the first man I became amorous with after my ex. It was a part of the healing process for me. But do things when they feel right. (((kel)))

Doodle, hurray on raunchy dreams. I'm so happy that you got your journal back.

Hi Lore, sorry I didn't say high earlier.

So, I'm feeling okay, my throat started to hurt a bit, so I just had someting warm to drink. I just downloaded some new music, including the new Nine Inch Nails album and Panic at the Disco. I've also removed some programs clogging up my laptop. Took the puppers for two walks today, and went and picked up a gadget for my stereo so I can listen to my ipod via stereo. And got a steal of a deal on volume 4 of Futurama, it was only $24.00!

That is all for now.


Kel, I'm glad you had fun on your date. And, I'm also glad that you know yourself well enough to know where you are in terms of pursuing relationships. And, if eguy isn't "it" for you right now...that's okay. He may eventually think you are the "bees knees". And, if he doesn't, he doesn't.

Yeah, I've had too many beers tonight.

Anyway, (((((kel))))))

ETA: Crossposted with CH! *waves
Kel, I'm glad you had fun on the date. I think you should approach every date from now on with "He's not Kelman" so you can see the guy you date with different eyes. Oh, and don't put any high expectations on those dates to be "the one" either. That is a high expectation. But, I'm glad you had fun nonetheless.

Hello okayers! I've been lurking for the past week. Out of town for the weekend for a conference. Kinda sad that I missed the Chicago Bustie get together this month. There is always next month.

I'm off to start clearing my apartment and packing for "the move" this coming Saturday. Man, it is gonna be a tough one. I'm getting real sad just thinkin' about it. sad.gif
CH, I love deals on media. $24.00 for a season? Great price!

Star and Tree, you are right. I'm very conscious of my needs right now. I need to be out there, but I don't need to get serious. One day, but not now. I never look at a guy and wonder if he's the one. My first date with Kelman, I pretty much told him I wouldn't see him again. He was just persistent...and I then I fell for him. But I'm pretty sure I've never thought a guy was the "one." Maybe that's my problem...maybe I need to feel that. But I know for damned sure it isn't going to be happening anytime soon.

Star, moving is so hard. Even under the best of circumstances. I'm considering a move next year, and I get panicky just thinking about it and it's over a year away. Leaving a place you love is like losing a loved one. You will grieve but you will love wherever the journey takes I remembering correctly that you are going to Boston? Forgive me if I have that wrong. Let yourself grieve and take care of yourself.
*peeks head in*

hi guys! pugs, rita's water ice??? YUM. i'm from PA and it's the local treat i miss most! a mango gelato....mmmmm. send me one! and turbo.....there's a good chance i'm going to be in chicago for a wedding in june. coffee? biggrin.gif

and star, don't worry about moving! boston is a fantastic city and you're going to have so much fun.
mouse - where you located now & what part of PA were you from?

ch- might want to try some salty potato chips... or warm salt water gargles (sp?) supposed to be good for sore throat as well.

treehugger & doddle - i'm taking tylonel (sp?) head cold with a dicongestant (sp?) and it's not doing shit. I'm just blowing my nose over and over. It's all on the left side. I know it sounds crazy but I hate a stuffy nose more then anything else about being sick. I'd rather have have my head in or my ass on the toilet then have a stuffy nose. It's just annoying really.

Anyway, we did the lawn today. The black mulch that Mr. Pug bought for the flower bed looks fantastic. It's made by Dupont and it's this recycled chipped rubber stuff. I know it sounds really unattractive but I was very surprised. It looks like very dark wood chips. Supposedly it's used in children's playgrounds mostly but it looks great in my yard. The good thing is that it lasts 12 years and you don't have to keep mulching every year. We've had so much rain that the ground has been too wet to mow the lawn. Mr. Pug finally had a nice day today so he cut the grass. It was so freaking long. It took him forever. Plus it was hot here today. High 70's and I actually got a little sun on my shoulders and back. Don't usually like to get sun but I had a tank top on and it just sorta happened. It was sunnier then I thought.

Hope everyone had a good day.

Night, night!
Okay, I'm drunk. I just spent 2 hours on the phone with my favourite ex, and I am drunk at the end of it. How do those things happen? I am going to be SOOO hungover in the morning.

pugs, that Tylenol Cold stuff is crap, IMHO. Try the Claritin, if you can.

I'm drunk. I need to go burn some CDs.

Also, I dunno if it's 'cause I'm off the progesterone and also pre-menstrual and my hormones are doing a crazy dance, but multiple orgasms are definitely a go at the moment.

I can't believe I just wrote that.

(And for those of you who are wondering, discovering the multiples happened BEFORE the ex called.)

I'm so drunk.
ohmygoodness doodle. don't know what to say...
pugs... try airbourne for when you have or are getting a cold. it's a multi vitamin effervescent tabs. taste awful, but they help.
so doodle... what's the correlation between being off progesterone and pre menstrual and the multi-o's?
tee! drunk doodle is a fun doodle. i know i'm way behind everyone else on most of this, but tj, congrats on the job, rose, congrats on the house, show us pictures! kelkel, congrats on getting out there, doodle, yay for miraculous journal recovery! *vehicle vibes for tree* don't let 'em rough you up too bad when you go back tomorrow! *recovery vibes for ch and pugs*
so, i had a busy day. i was a cranky bitch this morning. like really cranky bitch. c-monkey got to bed at a decent hour and went right to sleep, but the roomie was up late and thus kept me up late, so i was not a happy camper when the kidlet woke me up at the crack of eight. we had some quiet time cuddling and reading the paper, but then she started wanting to goof off and shriek in the bathroom and bounce and jump around to the point she almost toppled my bike on her head, twice, and i was having none of that, and when she got stuff taken away, well the shrieking went louder, there were tears and bad words and much frustration on both sides. and all while trying to keep it at a decibel that wouldn't wake up the roomie, cause unlike her, i attempt to be courteous about other people's well-deserved sleep time. and that was the morning, and it was kinda sucky. the sun came out around noonish, so kidlet and i left my place, i finally had a cigarette, which relieved a huge part of the cranky in the morning thing, and we picked up some lunchables at the grocery store and headed for the park. we hung out there for a few hours, and it was really fun. i got on the swings and everything. i'm thinking c-monkey and i should make it a regular thing. oh, and i heard from the boy while we were there! he texted me, and then i called him. we only got to chat briefly because his kidlet was acting up, but it was nice to hear from him. after the park we went to see 'meet the robinsons', which was cute and kind of hokey, and all the funniest parts were definitely shown in the previews. then we went looking for jeans, cause a little hole i hadn't noticed in my rush to get to work yesterday got caught on a spoke and totally ripped my cuff out, and even what used to be "my good jeans" are now stained nearly to the shin with all the yucky turkey detritus i wade through at work. we started at target, and they had nothing. no jeans, no cute pants even, unless you wear junior sizes, in which case you have a section the length of nearly the whole store to choose clothing from, compared to the three or four shelves they grudgingly give women's sizes way back in the corner by the dressing rooms. so no pants at tarjay. i did manage to find a cute pair of khaki corduroy shorts that i might go back and get a pair of in olive if they pass the comfy for biking test, and the cutest mossimo black zipfront hoodie with raw seams that's fitted like a shirt and oh so comfy. it's light, but it's warm and ridiculously soft. i ended up going to walmart for the jeans because i knew i could walk right in, grab my usual fit and color, slap down my twenty, and be out of there in ten minutes. but i found a cute shirt there too, and on clearance. it's probably going to fall apart on me in the first wash, cause hello, it's from walmart, but for $6.99, i could give a shit.

so, that was my day, and now it's off to bed. night gt, lorewolf, pk, mouse, star, et al! (((okayers)))
hugs to all the okayers. sad.gif i miss having time to read the thread, but i know kel had fun, but only cos everybody says so. sad.gif happpy good vibes to everybody, esp. the new faces and the ones only doing fly bys. sniff.


why did you not warn me welding is so intricate? and math! i LOATHE MATH. i am such a word nerd. words are warm, funny and fuzzy, math.....math is worse than the plague, at least the plague reduced the population!.... ugh. i feel like i'm pre-med. but god i love having a torch in my hand... i know now why all the welders i met thought they were rockstars...god it can be such a high.....

*feels sympathy pains for pugsy's awful drafting class, feels guilty for going out/putting off studying and day dreams about actually having the time to read the okayers thread instead of lightly skimming. almost passes out from textbook fatigue*

*sneaks over to doodles and quietly wrestles the bottle from her drunken hand. goes to take a swig only to find...*
EMPTY?!?! *does her best yosemite sam cursing impression, then quietly sobs in the corner before falling asleep*

Hee hee! Doodle's drunk! And having orgasms!

Grrl, sorry you couldn't get your piercing the other day. I hope things are going better at work for you, and it sounds like you and the kidlet had a great time together today! Too bad your roomie kept you up late, though.

~*~*~*vibes for Octi's friend's mom~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*vibes for Octi, too~*~*~*~*

~U~L~T~R~A~C~O~L~D~vibes for tree~*~*~*~*~*~*

I'm feeling better at my job the past couple of days. So, that's good. I have finally made a plan:

Since I'm not in an apartment right now, I have talked with the friends I am staying with about staying a little longer to save up money to move back to Chicago. It is scary, but I really want to live in Chicago. I miss my friends, family, and the city. I'm getting my resume together in the next couple of days, then I'm going to hunt for jobs and apartments. Hopefully I can make the move in the next couple of months.

SO. Yayayay! But scary, too.

It will be nice when Heikki visits - he can see everyone, and we will be closer to my family in Minnesota. Heikki came down here once and he hated it.

I'm kind of hungry. Maybe it's time for some shredded oats with vanilla soy milk.
This is going to be a flyby too...I'm not used to having to be out of the house by 6:00 AM!

PK, yay on possibly moving to Chicago!

Awwww, (((((gt))))) Actually that's what I adore about welding, the fact of it being so intricate. And, what kind of math are you doing? Layout stuff? That's one thing about when I went through the apprenticeship....some of the layout stuff can get kind of complicated! Actually there isn't a whole lot about my job that isn't complicated....hehe

Yay, doodle's drunk and orgasming! I envy that, my body is about the most inorgasmic body I know of. It takes such a specific set of stimulations for me, oh, and I also have to be high...that it pretty much rules out orgasm with a partner. least I can orgasm.

grrrl, I hate clothes shopping. I realized yesterday that I only had ONE pair of shorts so I made the foray to Targhetto to get some more...(it's in walking distance)...well, after trying on like eight pairs of shorts in the womens section...."juniors" are too curvy and low-rider and sit all wrong on me, and I'm a size fourteen and that's about as big as the juniors go...but "women's" are a bit too big. I wound up in the mens department and found two pairs. I'm a 32. smile.gif I just can't wear women's clothes. I have no waistline, my hips are like one inch bigger than my waist, and my arms are too big for most women's clothes. Meh.

Gah! I gotta fly!!!

Have a good day, everybody!
*runs in*

Have a nice day today everyone! Gotta get working on homework!

*runs out*
Mornin' Ya'll!!

Wow, it was busy in here last night for a sunday! I spent the evening curled up on the couch with turbomann watching Casino Royale...*SWOON!* I may have to buy that one...and Layer Cake too, I think. Daniel Craig is just. so. hot. And Dame Judy sizzles in it too, and I adore her as well.

Grrrl....can I make a tiny request? Can you give us some paragraph breaks in your posts? Pretty please, with Ben & Jerry's on top? My eyes just can't get through long blocks of single spaced type online...I hope you understand! smile.gif

PK, it would be most awesome to have you back in Chicago, but just take your time with your decision, and see what settles out and feels best. ((((PK))))

And I missed a drunk, and satieted doodle in here too!! You are TOO cute, my dear!

Tree, I hear you on the clothes shopping, I have a larger upper bod and shoulders too, and to buy blouses I always have to go a couple sizes up, and then get tailoring if I want something to look nice. booo! And while I have curves, I need petite length, but my cyclists legs make fit challenging too. Thank cod wide leg trousers are IN again, or I'd have a *really* hard time finding clothes!

((((smooth first day back at work for tree)))))

Not much else new here, I need to cruise on some freelance stuff here this morning, before everyone gets into the office. heh.
Good Morning Good Morning!

So my throat is all swollen and red and gross. Ick. I don't want to get a cold, I'll take the ickiness of a sore throat over that. I feel like I have food stuck in it. Blech.

Doodle, your post made me a little hot. Multiples, I had some on Friday with boy 2. I can't think about that right now, or I'll be uber hot.

Tree, I feel your pain about clothes shopping, like, uhh, hello, i have ASS and muscle mass. I ain't no size 0. That's all there is. Or I'll go into a store and pick up my regular size and think, this isn't a motherfuckin' size 8. Grrr.

Hey GT! Just think of the rewards of the aftermath. Hee.

PK Hello!

Hey pugs, how are you feeling?

Jenn, the new job-y is set to start soon! YAY!

Grrrl, you are a totally rockin' mom!

Hi Mouse! *waves*

(((star))) moves are never easy, you'll get through it.

I didn't sleep so well last night, and I do feel fine aside from throat ickies. Orgasms all around! Now I want to go a have more multiples, *pouts* I don't want to be at work today. I am worried, no messages waiting for me, no new e-mail, what is going on here?

Now I am listening to Lewis Black, and he makes me laugh hysterically. You can't be in a bad mood when listening to Lewis Black. He's so funny.

Good Morning.

Monday. blink.gif

((Pugs)) sorry you are sick! yikes!

And now you too, CH? Boooo. yay for boy #2 though!

Grrl, how did your piercing go?

Pk, moves are scary, but so exciting! I am jealous. And you will be near jenn!

Star, where are you moving from & to? Are you done with school & that is why you're moving?

((OCTI, Friends & Family)) Octi, I will be hoping for the best for your friend's mom. I think what jenn said about being positive is true, a positive attitude can really work wonders. ~~vibes~~

Rose, that is so cool that your girlfriends are coming to town! FUN!

I am so tired. We did soooooo much yard work this weekend. Oye. It is looking better & better, but damn it is hard work! I got some sunburn on my shoulders, it was hot out there. I had PMS yesterday, poor Mr K. Everything he would say or ask about was followed up with "is that ok?" I hate when I get hormonal & bitchy. I told him to just ignore me & my mood. Feeling a bit better today.

It's very, very, very bright outside.

The birds are kind of loud this morning.

It's 8:00 AM. Why is my fucking newspaper not here yet?

*pops three tylenols, downs the entire contents of the water carafe, and heads back to bed*
Hi everyone!! Sorry, I've been a bad bustie.

YAYAYAYA for rose's new house!!!!!!!!! I knew the right one would come along eventually. It happened so fast!!

~*~*~*~get well vibes for all sick busties~*~*~*~

Doodle, that rawks that you got your journal back!!

Hooray for your gardening efforts, kari!! That's hard work. I don't think I'd want to do that while PMSing.

How cool is it that diva is gonna work in a bonafide chocolatier?!!! Diva, I'm totally imagining you opening your own place and having Johnny Depp as one of your regular patrons. Then he would invite you down to a party by the river and you guys would mess around on his gypsy boat.

Speaking of unbelievably hot men, I was working out on Saturday afternoon and Nile walked into the club all dressed up in a black suit with an indigo shirt and sunglasses and his hair slicked back. Oh. My. God. I practically crapped myself. He told me that he likes to dress up, but I had no idea. I guess he was going out to dinner with his sister and some friends. Anyway, I told him that I was gonna kidnap him and that his sister was gonna have to call the police. He loved it. Sigh....I was reminded of the days when I would make an evening out of getting dressed up to go out to my favorite bars. All of my friends would dress up too.

Damn. I'm really excited to go to the gym tonight so that I can hit on Nile some more. God, I can be so sleezy sometimes.

ETA- Oh, I forgot!! WELCOME MIMI!!!!

And, the Okay thread is approaching 10,000 posts!!!!!!!! We should have a party.
HI All! I actually kept up over the weekend, although I was alternately too busy to too lazy to write anything. We had a really good weekend, overall. Friday, dinner and hanging out with the BFFs, Saturday yard work, playtime at the park and ADULT evening for our wedding anniversary, sunday, lots of Mom time and the first bbq of the year. The highlight- morning, loud, portions worthy of a wedding anniversary. The lowlight- dealing with a toddler who tried to fling a poopy diaper while trying to jump off the changing table...alone (i.e. moxieman wasn't home...moxette wasn't alone). What a snapshot of life, eh?

SO, I just got this email from my SIL. She's doing her master's thesis on the connection between labor/delivery, motherhood, feminism and representation as art (she's an artist and new mom, too). Anyway, the email was a list of survey questions for new mothers she knows asking for description of our birth experiences. Birth plans, attendants, yada yada. I am almost sure that I am the only one not only who didn't have a birth plan, but had the ridiculous ordeal of inducement/c-section. I hope my response was adequate and not doomy/gloomy. Always a balance, b/c on the face of things, my birth experience was pretty horrific and doomy/gloomy...but, I got my moxette out of the deal, so how bad really?

Anyway, that was my morning. Its cloudy and stormy here in the D today. I'm hoping it doesn't start raining until after 5 pm...I really want to keep up the walking and use my feets to pick up the moxette from school.

So, I'm waiting on pins and needles for word from our office manager...she was due to give birth sometime this weekend, or today. I hadn't heard all weekend, so we're all assuming she had the c-section today (she had hoped for a vbac, but couldn't go longer than today). She's also the BFF of my brother's almost like family. I am really looking forward to meeting the new little one!
Hi mox!!

Yeah, I was feeling lazy this weekend, too.

Geesh, I don't think you should feel weird or sad about your birthing experience. I don't understand why everyone makes such a big deal out of it. I suppose that's because I haven't gone through it though. I figure, as long as the baby and mama are safe and healthy afterwards, then it's cool. All other creatures on this earth manage to squeeze out their offspring and get on with it.
poodle, i actually agree with you 100% - that was my whole attitude towards delivery anyway. The thing is, when one says "oh, I was in labor for 4 days, then had a c-section" people tend to recoil in horror. Anybody out there recoiling? Yep, thought so.

And, some women get very protective about their desired birthing experiences- to the point of becoming angry or disappointed when things don't go according to "the plan." I've personally never accepted that, b/c really, until very recently in time, the plan was to hope one didn't die in, totally natural and no medical intervention doesn't quite seem like the safest route to healthy parenting. There's a whole new type of mental control and learning how to master it that goes along with pregnancy, labor/delivery and much of a child's life is totally out of our hands, and I think many women try to embrace the parts we think we can control.
Culture - Feeling much better today. Think I might be giving this cold a run for it's money. On another note. My nipple piercings have really been sore the last few days. I don't know how to explain it but they feel dry and cracked. I don't think it's the soap I've been using. It has light moisturizers and hasn't seemed to cause any problems in the last three weeks. However, I did switch the brand of sea salt I'm using. I was using a sea salt grinder at first now I'm using a different brand of already preground sea salt. Think that might make a difference? I'm going to stop and see my piercer today to get her opinion. I'm back to wearing nursing pads because my bras just seem so rough on my poor little ladies. Or, do you think it's cause my body's fighting this cold I have and puting the piercings on the back burner? Whatever it is they are really dry and sore. Can't very well lotion them now can I. What do you suggest?

Good (soon to be) Afternoon Everyone! Got almost two of my drafting assignments done already today. I'm going to come right home from Physics and keep working. The dinning room table is a mess with my supplies and papers but who cares right? I'M WORKING FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! LOL! Alrighty I'm off. I'll check in later.
Pugs, are you rubbing the seasalt on your nips? I'm not getting the connection, I think. I'm guessing it could be your body getting sick, change in seasons, or just plain not drinking enough water. I know nothing about piercings, but if they're healed up, can't you put shea butter or something really natural and lusciously moisturizing on them?

Mox!!! Good to see you in here, doll! And Happy Anniversary - sounds like you had a good one, with all the trimmings! wink.gif We had our first grilling of the year yesterday too, and I've got some chipotle-garlic skirt steak marinating up at home for a little grilled dinner tonight, too. YUM.

Poodle, we meeeced you!! I love that you got to see Nile all dressed up, and were flirting with him - nice!! I know you said he's older than you, and all, but any thoughts to asking him out, and playing around a bit? He does sound delicious!

I would drive out to Diva's chocolate shop if JD were a customer!!

I think hungover Doodle is almost as cute as drunk doodle! hee! (((((soothing for doodle's noggin))))

Well, I'm knee deep in manual writing here. It seems like they're making the classic NPO decision about filling my position...farming as much of it out as possible to already overburdened staff, and then just getting the occasional contractor to manage website and design stuff. Good luck with that, as I don't think its really going to work. Stupid, stupid, stupid, and SO not my problem.

*peeps in*

okay, am i really caught up? no more new posts?

wow, it's been busy in here this morning. i've been trying to catch up on the archs and every time i went to reply, there was a new post to read!

so, happy monday okayers!

sounds like everyone had a decent weekend.

kel, i was thinking of you yesterday, wondering how your date went. glad to hear it was ok. i think you're completely doing the right thing by getting yourself out there. i have that hermit tendency too, so good on you for pushing yourself. any chance of going out with e-man again? while he might not be "the one", he might be pretty cool to hang with.

moxie, i know what you mean re: birth plans and all that. i have no birth plan. my goal is to deliver through the vag, but if i windup having a c-section, i'll be ok with it. i've said it before, until i got pregnant and really talked with my midwife about it, i thought c-section was my only hope. and you're right, as long as i get a precious bundle like your moxette at the end of the day, that's all i really need. i totally appreciate what you mean about the gloom and doom but really, girl, don't worry about it. people should have clear information and examples of how things just sometimes don't work out the way you hope they will. childbirth is not all flowers and fairies. sure, it might be wonderful for some (doodle's link to the orgasm births, anyone?) but it can be downright difficult and dangerous for others. and you are SO RIGHT that until recently, the goal was to NOT DIE during it! i never really thought about it that way, but so true!

speaking of, i have another appointment today with my midwife. this is when we'll set the appointment for the consult to see if i can get an epidural. yikes!

lmp, thanks for the props on my profile picture. i love it too. mrfj took it of me in our front window. hope no one was lookin'. hehe. hope you're feeling better soon. stuffy noses can be so annoying, but i'm not sure i'm with ya on the "rather have my head in or my ass on the toilet". hehe. (((lmp)))

doodle, rowr!!!

turbo, wow! biking 12 miles each way! you are a fucking rockstar!!!!! that, my friend, is dedication!!!!

poodle, niles sounds like a hottie! and i think you should treat yourself to a nice "dress up and go out night" here very soon! you always speak so fondly of those days! maybe niles would go along? just as eye candy, you know? hehe...

*waves at gt* how was djing? sounds like fun. i would love to hear you spin! i love your style of music! ecclectic yumminess!

hi to you too, grrrl! if you come home tonight and find a pregnant lady in the corner eating all your ice cream, don't make any eye contact... just back away slowly. tongue.gif

hi diva, hi kari, hi mouse. i have to run and get dressed for my doc appointment. i'll see you all later!


oh, and vibes for ~*~*~*~*~octi and bff and bffmomma~*~*~*~*~~*

more for ~*~*~*~~*star*~*~*~*~~*~

and KISSES for everyone that needs em!
Good almost afternoon. I actually had some coffee today to soothe the throat. Blech, I heard that strep throat is going around, but, alas, I have nasal drip too, and a mildly runny nose, so a cold it is. I'm not getting sick. There is no way this is going to make the best of me. No way. not with my friend back in town this weekend.

Hi Poodle, haven't seen you here in a while, how's it going?

(((doodle))) ~*~*~*~feel better vibes~*~*~*~*~ *hands doodle the vapourizer full of grade a dope*

Moxie, that rawks about you havng an adult evening!

Kari, I'm so jealous that you are able to do yard work. It's warming up here, but the ground is still slightly frozen. Soon enough, I'm in no rush to rake the lawn of dead grass, but then again, I could just plug in the tunes and go from there.

Pugs, in terms of piercings, are you getting your period soon? When I got mine done, I always got super tender boobs, and that didn't help the nipplie situation. I wouldn't use soap with moisturizer in it at all. If they are bothering you, you could always have a bath. Aside from that, I've got no idea, but seeing your piercer is also my suggestion. DO NOT put lotion on it, under any circumstances.

I have to go home at lunch, which means I have to drive all the way home from downtown, then back again. Oh well, it keeps me out of trouble, maybe. Well, I'll come back later, I've suddenly got a few things to do.

I just had a sip of diet sprite, and it totally helped my throat! YAY!

ETA: Hi FJ and Doodle!

Hi everybody! Long time no see!

I'm going to try to catch up a little with what you all have been doing but I have a message for Divala!

Diva - I'm sorry I can't meet for lunch today but I would still love to do that soon - I'm not at work right now and I can't send you an email because I only have your email address at work. I hope we can reschedule for another day this week or next week - I'll email you tomorrow!
Hi FJ, pugs, turbo, and culture!!

HOLY SHIT!! A MARILEEN SIGHTING!!! Come back, marileen!!

I'm doing well, culture! Just spending lots of time at the gym. Thanks for asking!

I don't know a lot about piercings either. I would guess that it has something to do with being sick.

FJ is a hot preggers. Pregnant women's bodies look so gorgeous sometimes.

Turbo, I'm sure it feels awesome to not have to worry about all that crap. That's so lame that people are being assholes towards you. What--do they expect you to work there forever or something?

Ha! I'm not gonna ask out Nile. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to lay out all of my cards on the table and let them make the next move. I'm pretty aggressive when it comes to flirtation. Like I said before, I don't want to get serious with someone I see on a regular basis, but I wouldn't mind having a little fun outside of the gym setting.
Oh, CH- maybe the stuff newly BF moms use...its lanolin based...Laniosh, I think? It worked wonders for my SIL, and the BFF.
A lot of drug stores sell "udder balm." That's probably the same thing that moxie's talking 'bout.
Uh, I just got an invitation to my going away party for my job...on a day I no longer work here. Nice. I'm sure it was an oversight, but damn, if it isn't just par for the course on this place. And I just got the email that they definitely aren't replacing me in the near future. jerks.
Hi, peeps!

Hi, Marileen! We'll get together some other day this week, no problem.

Jenn, that just sucks about your party, but it's kinda funny, too. I hope they'll change the date for you. It sounds like your last day can't come a minute too soon. I also don't understand how they're going to expect any quality of work done by farming out your position - you seem swamped enough as it is being fully dedicated to that stuff.

Sick peeps - get thee to the pharmacy and get some Sudafed with pseudoephadrine (the stuff behind the counter you need ID for), it'll clear you up in no time flat. The Claritin is a good idea, too. My dad told the giant to take that combination when he was sick for the better part of a month, and it's the only thing that gave him any real relief.

(((((((((Octi))))))))) You'll get through it, and so will your family.

Kel, you seem to have a really good attitude about dating. I admire that.

(((((((vibes for Tree's first day back at work)))))))

Poodle, just ask the boy out. BTW, did he get that job?

More congrats on RV's new house. When do you get to move in? BTW, I'm not going to shut down the jewelry/craft business. Last year, the holidays gave me 80% of my earnings for the year, and I can't give up the kind of money I made at that time of the year, plus I've invested about $400 in supplies so far this year that need to be used and sold. If I don't do it, I'm afraid I could get audited. I'm just planning on having an incredibly stressful and busy 3 months coming up. I'll handle it.

I hope the chocolatier accepts me to work temp for them. I haven't sent my application in yet - damn it's been ages since I had to fill one of those out - so nothing's definite yet. The place really only makes toffee, almond bark, bonbons, and truffles. They're very, very specialized, but they're the best at what they do. Those damn truffles are seriously worth the $3.50 apiece they ask.

((((((massage for GT, 'cause she sounds like she could use it after last weekend))))))

Hi, FJ, Moxie, Pugs, CH, and all!

We had a really, really nice weekend. We went out for dinner on Friday to Friday's, then got some movies. We finally watched The Departed. What a great movie, except I would have been happier with a different ending, but it was still awesome. We also watched Man of the Year and Smokin' Aces, both of which were underwhelming. MOTY was basically just a platform for Robin Williams to do his stand-up (I would have paid to see him do stand-up alone, no plot necessary), but the story was weak and the writing not so great. Smokin' Aces was full of gratuitous violence and not meaty enough for me. I should figure out how many people the giant and I saw die between SA and TD, because both were full of blood. We ran some fun errands on Saturday and I had a Panekoeken for lunch. I haven't had a Panekoeken for probably 19 years, when we used to go there all the time. Damn, I missed it, and damn, it was good. Yesterday, we just stayed home and puttered around the house. I did laundry and made an apple coffee cake, painted my nails and made a necklace. It was a very good couple of days.

Today's turning out to be a decent day, too. I found my old hair stylist, the one I've been looking for for the past 4 years! I hope he calls back soon to get me an appointment. No stylist since him has been able to get my hair quite right. Seriously, this guy is a master, I got compliments on the haircut he gave me 6 months after it was done. I don't even care what he charges, it's totally worth it.

My parents just finally got a computer at their house, and they're taking classes on how to use it. They've finally entered the 20th century! They got an Apple, not sure if it's a Mac. I'd love to teach them some stuff, but I have no idea how to use non-PCs. I haven't touched and Apple/Mac since high school.

Okay, time to get some tacos for lunch. That'd hit the spot.
Want me to leave a flaming bag of dog poo in front of their office door once you're gone?

ETA- (X-post) Hi diva!!! It sounds like you had a nice, relaxing weekend. Mmmm....I want some of that coffee cake!!

"the holidays gave me 80% of my earnings for the year" Wha? Did you mean to type 8%?
I'm eating grilled chicken and musk melon. Egads!! Holy wonderfulness!! Slap my ass and call me Judy!!

I'm still fucking sick. This blows, but at least it isn't the death cold that it was last week. I still get chills on and off, and my sinuses are completely fubar'd. Oh well.

Hey GRRRLYOUWANT, is that a cover from an Alice Donut album? It totally looks like one, and I love that band.
Poodle, hehe, what I meant is that the holidays gave me 80% of my business earnings for the year, not including my regular job. I keep them very, very separate.

Minx, I said it below, but get yourself some Sudafed with pseudoephadrine from behind the pharmacist's counter and take it with a Claritin. It should clear you right up.

((((super duper vibes for all the sick busties))) Yikes! A lot of us are being taken down by illness this week!

*hot mugs of tea all around*

Poodle, I would love it if you could fedex a bag of poo over here, and leave it on my bosses' chair!

Apparently, now, I'm going to be "treated" to lunch with my department on Wednesday...which is a lot like torture, actually. There's only one of them out of 6 that I would willingly choose to spend time with. Blech.

I just finished a really sweet freelance piece over lunch, though, for the community center I volunteer at, so that makes me happy. I told them I'd do pro-bono work for them anytime they need, and they're so sweet, I'm happy to do it.

Diva - HOORAY!! for findinig your old stylist! That is awesome!! Turbomann just doesn't understand my hair vanity, but a good haircut is worth every penny!!

Marileen!!! Come baaaaaaack! We meece you!!
Poodle, I thought the same thing about Diva's earnings...I was thinking "damn! she should be quitting her day job!"

FJ, I hope your appt goes well!

HI MARILEEN!! It's good to see you! Hope you are well.

Jenn, geez, that place sucks! It sounds like my old place of employment. We had to go out to lunch for birthdays, god it was absolute torture. Me and one other person were the only socially adept people.

So many sick okayers. sad.gif Get better!

Diva, what is Panekoeken?

*raises hand* Ooh, ooh, I know the answer kari!! Panekoeken (I've also seen it as Panukakku - those krazy Finns), is Finnish/Swedish pancakes, they're like huge crepes, a little thicker than a crepe, but same kind of cosistency. MIL used to make them all the time, and they were SO yummy! Spread with butter, and sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar. dee-lish!

Now I want to go down to the swedish 'hood near our place and go to the Swedish cafe that has the BEST swede/finn foods! Mmmm.
I think Panekoeken is some kind of scandinavian place that serves sweets like lefse and so on.

Our office does birthday lunches, but it's usually pretty fun because we purposely schedule them on days when our boss is busy. Our most recent lunch was a little crazy though, because we got in a pretty heated argument with the republican over the global warming issue.
wow, turbo! that is so par for the course. it actually made me laugh a little bit. maybe the lunch thing will be ok though. sucks to have to make nice with people that you don't really like and would never even consider hanging out with if it weren't for work. but at least it's just ONE MORE TIME!! and it's in your honor!!

diva, you confused me too... i thought you meant you had earned 80% from your jewelry and bags and wondered why the fuck you were still working an office job! hehe. thanks for clarifying.

poodle, i can understand the not wanting to ask nile out because of the close proximity thing, but you could always see if he wants to do something and make it seem purely friendly. and if he can't help himself but to touch the luciousness that is poodle, well, then that's just gravy! hehe. and thanks for the compliment, poodle. i feel sorta sexy. except that we went to the beach yesterday and i burned my belly! i wore my bikini and even though i put a little sunscreen on before we left, i didn't replinish it and now i look like a little tomato. actually, it already looks better, so i don't think i'll peel or anything. still, this shit hurts!

just got back from my doc appointment. i can't believe that i'm nearly 30wks now. eee! i have SO much to do. mrfj did put together our changing table last night while i was working and it looks really good. anyway, little heartbeat is 140 bpm, which is right on target for his age. he's super active today too, which is always cool. midwife felt his position today and showed me the outline: he's got his head down where it should be, his butt is in my left side and his feet are in my right side. that's what i've been feeling kicking me for the past few days. just quick little wabbit kicks. rolleyes.gif

hi marileen!! so how is the wedding planning coming? or wait, you haven't already gotten married have you? gosh, seems like we haven't heard from you in forever!

OH, and i also forgot to welcome MIMI!!! *courtsies in mimi's direction*

rv, i can't wait to see more pics of your house. the color in the pic you showed us is very similar to what i'd like to do here.

sorry you're still feeling poopy, minx! have a hot whiskey toddy asap! make it a double!!

pk, are you doing ok, girlie? i hope you're not getting depressed, hence the desire to change locations. i know there isn't as much keeping you there as there is in the midwest though. we love you, girl. take good care of yourself. i'm glad you have some good friends to stay with.

poop, i was gonna say something else and now i forgot!

ok, magical ladies: i have two hot leads going into the office tonight. actually they're for two different offices and the appointments are almost the same time. could i get s'more of those fabulous bustie prosperity vibes?? i sure could use them right now!! a couple of good sales would make a ton of difference!

i'm gonna go lie on the guest bed for a little while. sleeeepy.
eeeee!!! kickey, perfect little jackaroo! You be NICE to your momma, you hear? I can't wait to see wee photos of wee jackaroo!

Our office manager just had her bebe! WHOOO HOOO! A little boy, no named...will be beautiful, I'm sure. I can't wait to meet the guy! HIs big brother will be so excited!

Ok, stuck ehre late...I should prep for my meeting tomorrow, but I'm still waiting on the final agenda from the client. Argh.
Yay for co-worker's bebe!!

That's kinda cute that you burned your belly, FJ. Tomato mama.

I'm listening to that "Bitch" song and it's so hard for me to resist singing it full volume.

FUCK!! This day is taking forever!!!!

I'm a bitch
I'm a tease
I'm a goddess on my knees

If she's a goddess, then what's she doing on her knees?

I think I mentioned it before, but the other thing is that Nile is dating some woman. It doesn't sound serious though. That's part of the reason why I don't think it's a good time to ask him out. If he wants to go out, then fine, but I'm not gonna push it.

ETA- Ooh!! All we need is a few more posts and the Okay thread will reach 10,000!!!!!!!!!!
Fark, did I ever miss a lot on 3 hours!

I've had a busy afternoon here, lots to do. My new line is "you need to come into the office so we can have a chat" scares that crappers out of my clients. Which is exactly what it is supposed to do. Wankers. Don't lie to me, I'll find out! Bwahahahahahaha. Sorry, that was a bit maniacal. Good! I love it.

Jenn, make that reason 8426 why you should stay at that job. Prat's.

~*~*~*~*money making vibes for Fj~*~*~*~*~ and yay for healthy baby!

Oh poodle, I wish I had the motivation to work out, well I have been working out, but horizontally. Hee.

Y'all are eating such yummy food, and I'm *still* having a hard time eating solids. *frowns* Oh well. The carbonated bevies are helping, and I'll have some tea when I get home. My throat looks disgusting. I'll give it a few days and if it isn't better, I'll haul ass to a doctor. I'm starting to get a little more sniffl-y too. Noooooooooooo!

Well I only have 30 minutes left in the day, so I'm going!


Culture - my period is in 8 days. Maybe that's it. She said my next period they would be sore but I had one like the week I had them done so I wasn't sure if that was number 1 or if this one coming is number 1. I really don't think it's the soap. My piercer said not to use Dial soap because it's very drying. She said to use Soft Soap Antibacterial with light moisturizers because it's such sensative skin. Maybe it's just a combination of new salt, my cold, period on it's way and what not. Anyway, I'm just babying them now. Can't hurt. My piercer works Tuesday - Saturday so she wasn't in today. I'll try to stop by another day this week.

Sounds like most are having a good day today. It's beautiful out today in Delaware! I'm heading out to see my cousin. I'll stop in later.

FJ - your husband certainly knows a good photo oportunity when he sees one. What I wouldn't give to have been a fly on that window. Have you ever seen another woman and just been in true amazement. I get like that sometimes. My fiance likes it cause we usually have the same taste. I'm not trying to hit on your or anything (at least not a lot). Just, I don't think enough women compliment other women and that in general they would feel better about themselves if they were complimented more. IMO of course.

Alrighty all! I'm out!

oh my! lmp, if only you WERE hitting on me... *bats eyelashes* i do appreciate that. you're right, women are too hard on each other and don't offer up the compliments nearly as often as they perhaps want to. i do my best to tell my gfs just how gaw-juss they are, take notice of a haircut or new dress, but also just the natural lovlieness about them. in my circle, it's very common for women to show each other love (both literally and through words) but you can never hear good things about yourself too often. well, i guess you could get all big-headed and stuff and that's not very lovely, is it?

anyway, i hope your nips feel better sooon. hopefully it's just that mean old auntie flow's visit.

oh, poods, i didn't remember that part about him having a sort of girlfriend. yeah, that does change things. but something tells me that he didn't just come up to the gym in full dress for nothin'. have fun flirting. wink.gif

ok, i need to clean up the kitchen and then get on the phone!
Yay!!! I'm the 10,000th Okay poster!!!!! *tosses confetti* Where's my prize?!

Heh...I get the impression that there are a lot of good photo opportunities in the FJ household.

Yeah, he's used the phrase "a woman I'm dating" a couple times, but he also said something about how it might not last another month. Anyway, it's so fun to flirt. I just love messing with guys.
*pants, trying to keep up with thread*

*throws confetti all over the okayland sofa for 10,000 posts!!* Wheeeee!

~$~$~$~$~$~Massive SALES VIBES for FJ~$~$~$~$~$

Aww, lil jackaroo is doing so well!! I love hearing your prego news - and I can't believe you're 30 weeks already - eeeep!! SO exciting!!

So the only member of my team that I actually LIKE can't come to my farewell dept. lunch. FUCK. Oh well, I'm dragging them to the southern end of town to my fave quirky cafe, so at least I'll get a good free meal.

((((healing vibes for all the sick busties))))

Okay, time to head out to spin class!
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