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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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YAY! So glad to hear that, doodle. I was keeping my fingers crossed for ya!
Oops! sorry for the double post.
Ok, so just talked with the gyno. The good news is I don't have uterine cancer. YAY! The other good news is that I get to go off the progesterone for a couple of months - the bad news is that's so my hormones can go back to doing their "normal" thing and we can test for polycystic ovarian syndrome. And also going off the progesterone might make me gain back the weight I've lost (apparently progesterone causes weight gain in everyone except those with PCOS, which seems like a pretty good sign that's what I have, goddammit). The hair thing may be connected to my hormones, which will be tested at the same time as the PCOS test (2 months), and in any case, he says it will likely grow back. (IT BETTER!)
YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! Doodlejournal is back!!! Bustie vibes truly are amazing!!

(((((no PCOS vibes)))) AND (((((hair grow back vibes))))) If there's one thing I understand, its hair vanity - we need our fabulous tresses!

Diva, I think that's a great idea to take a part time job at a chocolatier to get more experience in a professional setting. It sounds like you have a lot lined up for yourself - you've got ambition, girl!! Just be sure to build in some time for relaxation and fun, too!

Ah, a new Ugly Betty and Grey's is on tonight!!!
oh gosh! doodle!!!! that is truly some fantastic news!! so glad your journal is back! back that thang up!!! and i totally feel you on your hair issues. i've heard that women lose a lot of hair at once right after pregnancy due to rapid hormonal changes and i sure ain't lookin' forward to that!!!

diva, that sounds so great! i am excited for you. you really sound like you're pushing forward with this. soooo awesome! now i want some really yummy chocolate.

thanks for the vibes earlier, guys. this pay period is going well (got a small sale today in fact, for a guy that REALLY needs us, so i'm feeling good about that). but my last pay period check was low again (just around $200) and it sucks when all the bills come out at one time and you're left staring at what's left of your bank account. i keep thinking that this is still a good opportunity, but days like these make me question it. still, thanks for the vibes. lordessa knows they work!!!

Doodle, that's freaking awesome! I'm so happy you found it! With regards to the health issues, a friend of mine has PCOS. It causes a few weird things and made it hard for her to get pregnant, but she is dealing fairly well with it.

RV: That house is soooooooooo beautiful and I'm so hapy for you and Scheff.

Okay, okayers...give me some good first date vibes, will ya? This guy seems nice.

FJ: The reason hair falls out after pregnancy, I heard, is that your hair stops falling out as much when pregnant. My BFF had thin hair and when she was pregnant, it got thick and luxurious. Then she had baby, and it fell out and went back to normal.

Dammit, I missed Grey's. I caught the last 5 minutes, so none of it made sense.

GT, we would expect nothing less of you than to lead the pack. The leader of the pack, vroom vroom...I loved that song.

~*~*~*~**~workers comp vibes for Tree**~*~*~*~*~

CH, be sexy and flirty and make him cry when he gets home.

Mimi LaRue
Hello Ladies of the Forum. I am new to The Lounge and was urged by Kelkello ( a very good friend of mine) to come here to introduce myself. So, HELLO! I look forward to getting to know everyone here.
Mimi!!! Welcome to the Okay lounge. Squish in on the sofa and hang out.
kel, darling, when is this first date??? ((((mucho dating vibeage)))) Nice boys are good.

Oh, tree - I hope the new attorney can get you the comp you deserve!

Kel, grey's will probably be on tomorrow night, so you can watch it then (if you're not on a date).

I just had a lovely bath, used a scrummy scrub to make my skin all soft and pretty, and I smell a little like fruit punch at the moment. I could drink a tall glass of myself over ice. Mmmm...

(((((FJ massive sales vibes)))) I hope your sales get better! Still, the ability to nap or run errands in the middle of the day is pretty sweet, as is the ability to really take care of yourself and the wee penis in your belly. tongue.gif

Well, I think I'm going to crawl into bed now, and snuggle into bed.
The "date" is on Sunday...meeting for coffee or maybe lunch. I hesitate to call it a date, but it's a boy and we're going to hang out...sounds like a date to me. I'm a bit nervous, but I feel good about it. It's just a date, but I want my first foray back "out there" to go well.
hi everybody!

it sounds like every body is getting some good vibage going.... yay! just wanted to say hi, and i get to meet mimi! hello, madam!

and i get to give squishy huggs to lmp!!!!!!

yay pugsy i love seeing you in here!!!
just reading her name makes me happy!

i was talking to the stress person today when i realized the vote count yesturday... 16 of 19 of my peers to voted for me... i could have gotten more votes if i had the sense to vote for myself (apparently i thought there was someone better out there. i'm going to go TP my house for that!
Yay! Thanks for the happy thoughts! I'm so happy to have my journal back. Now I can write that Oprah's Book Club selection of the month and make my millions after all! tongue.gif

Bustie Vibes are totally, totally amazing. Seriously, it's surprising the rest of the world hasn't caught on yet! (But I'm glad they haven't, or we'd be totally over-run!)

Hi turbo, kel, FJ, and all of youse I missed earlier today in my self-absorbed weirdnesses! And welcome, mimi!

FJ, that's what the gyno said about my hair loss, something about hormonal cycling. The funny thing is, progesterone is what you have more of when you ARE pregnant, so I don't understand why it's happening now.

I dunno. All I know is I had thick, healthy, shiny, and yes, luxurious hair until the last few weeks, and now my hair is all over the floor and the sink, and I probably won't even have to ask my hair stylist to thin it out for the summer this year.

My mom nearly screamed with laughter when she realized I'd finally phoned the gyno about my test results because of my HAIR.

kel, I'm totally not worried about the infertility part of PCOS, but I am worried about insulin resistance and the potential for type II diabetes that comes with such things. My gyno mentioned an insulin-lowering drug that he may try me on after my testing, so that's hopeful, I guess.

That's exciting about the date! YAY! ~*~*~*~*~megadatevibeage~*~*~*~*~ gyno doesn't think it's safe for me to go on the BC pill, mainly because of the kidney issue. Seriously, though....? I am honestly thinking of asking him to....perform a tubal ligation. Especially if the pill is off the table. He seems kind of surgery-happy, so I think he might do it without too much fuss. I am 38, after all. Surely by the time a woman's reached this age, any doctor would understand that her mind is made up!

ETA: crossposted with GT! Hi!!! BTW, your journal story from last night totally made me cry...I'm sorry you didn't get yours back. I almost feel guilty about getting MINE back! (ALMOST. tongue.gif)
QUOTE(girltrouble @ Apr 19 2007, 11:16 PM) *
and i get to give squishy huggs to lmp!!!!!!

yay pugsy i love seeing you in here!!!
just reading her name makes me happy!

GT -

*sniffle, sniffle* Sorry I'm getting a cold. Thanks honey. Have I told you how much I love you lately? In fact, did you send me a PM the other day, just to be sweet and check up on me? I'm an ass. I didn't respond. I just got distracted. My mom came home and she's kept me on the phone constantly. I've got less then three weeks of this semester left and I'm crunching in my classes. Going to a party Friday night and making and taking a dip and a strawberry shortcake. Mr. Pug came home a little irritated today. Things are slow at work and he's worried about getting enough hours to pay the bills ((((falljackets)))) see you aren't alone. At least you look amazing even pregnant. I'm totally crushing on your personal pick of you standing in front of the window with the sunlight coming in. Soooo hot. *blushing* Anyway, my mom is doing much better. She's just got to get used to carrying around this back pack that pumps her full of antibiotics through her pick line 24 hours a day oh yeah and an oxygen tube thingy on her nose at all times. She's grumpy and driving my dad crazy. It will be a miracle if she makes it through this hole shit without my dad ripping her pick line out in frustration to put himself out of her misery. Thanks for your kindness. I'm off to bed.

*drags feet as she walks away leaving a trail of crumbled snotty tissues*

By the way, I don't usually post in here so I'm sorry if it comes off as me just making myself at home. I'm Pugs! Nice to meet all of you Okay... busties.

*sneeze, sniffle, cough, hack, running away taking cyber cold germs with her*
It's Friday, you snotty self-absorbed beeeotches!!

I've actually heard that prenatal vitamins are GREAT for your hair.

Doodle, that's so great about your journal! And a little self-absorption is warranted, sometimes! I think age 38 is the PERFECT age for a tubal ligation! wink.gif

~*~*~*feel better vibes*~*~*~ for pugs and any other sickies...*tucks the duvet up around Pugs' chin

GT, you rawk! I'm proud of ya! It sounds like you're quite well respected!

~*~*date vibes for Kel*~*~

Welcome, Mimi!

~*~*sale vibes for FJ*~*~

I've gotta go get some printer ink. I'm going to print out the form to request transcripts from my old college, (can you believe I can't just request them online?) it sounds like I can get an instant associates degree in "construction theory" or some such thing. I'd sort of like to see if I can get some sort of bachelors degree...I did do nearly four years in a regular state university, and the five years in an apprenticeship, with the day school, plus I also took some law and real-estate classes at MATC...I dunno, it just seems like I spent ten years in some sort of higher education. I don't know where to go from here.

I should have been posting in the "inebriated" thread last night...hehe....*toddles off to clean up the destruction
Doodle, that is a bustie miracle! I'm as happy about you getting your journal back as I am about Rose getting that house. And cancer free? Woohoo! I hope the hair thing works out. PCOS sucks, but I think it's worse for women who are trying to get pregnant.

Tree, I hope the lawyer thing works out, and you can find a job that you enjoy without all the physical stress.

I think I'm in a position to look for a new job, too, which sucks because I've only been at this one 2 months and everyone is batshit crazy. The sane ones are jumping like rats from a sinking ship and I don't want to be left with th crazy ones. I'm working on my resume this weekend and going back to my staffing agency. At least I'll still have a job, miserable though I may be, while I look.

LeBoy turns 30 today- ha ha, he's old! (apologies to the over-30 busties- I'm just kidding!) Surprise party next weekend. I got the cutest Pirates of the Caribbean party kit at Costco yesterday- it comes with plates, bowls, cups, napkins, etc.

((hugs to all))
Good morning all, Busties!!! I've got no insults to offer today, I think my brain is melting with all the crap I have to do here, and the new job is emailing me all the time with questions - which is fine, as I'm making all my tech recos for the org, AND they're buying whatever I want....except for a Mac, which I will be mourning for some time, I am sure.

But the weather is gorgeous today, tomorrow its supposed to hit 70 degrees, so that's pretty exciting!

Polly, I'm sorry you're looking for a new job again...that sucks. But, like you said - better to be looking while you've got a job.

GT - You are such a ROCK STAR!!! Keep up the good work, and you show them all how welding is done!

Doodle, I am still so thrilled for you and your journal!! And I do hope the doc approves the tubal...seems like the right decision, and dodge the BC issue all together. And doodlemama's reaction to you calling your doc...priceless!!!

Mimi, welcome!!!

And LMP, you are most welcome to cuddle up on the couch with us, anytime! We love it when you stop by...and we'd love for you to join us more often!

Well, off to the trenches here this morning...
Good Morning all you cum guzzling barbies!

As per usual, I post right after Jenn! I also think I'm coming down with a leetle something. I've got a sore throat, but I refuse to get sick. I went and bought a large vat of orange juice and some soup. So, now I'm set at work. See, I also have plans with boy 2 tonight (I should probably stop calling him boy 2, given there isn't anyone else, but I think that boy 2 has stuck). I'm going over to his house and we're going to hang out, maybe do some illicit drugs. Yay.

(((pugs))) ~*~*~*~*feel better vibes for pugs~*~*~*~*~*~

Doodle, that rawks about your journal, and such, and your health, I hope that your hair issues stop soon! I'm the same way about my hair, I just don't think I'd look becoming without it.

Hey GT! Hurrah on the vote, again!

FJ ~*~*~*~paycheque vibes~*~*~*~

Polly, that is so cute! A pirates party set, I love it.

~*~*~*~*"date" vibes~*~*~*~*~* for kel. I say "date" because you don't want it referred to as that.

Mimi, welcome to the lounge! And okayland!

Tree, I'm sure you'll find what you want to do, there is so much out there!

So, it's Friday, hurray. This makes me happy, it's been a long week, or so it feels, and I have a few things pending. Why do my clients call me then hang up? Like you don't even know if I am here or not! I may answer my phone! Strange.

I took hound-y to the park, but she didn't chase other dogs, she was following another border collie around, so that was good. Then there were a lot of dogs that came at the same time, and she got a little stressed, if she deals with them one on one, then that is great, she doesn't get scared, but when 3 or 4 dogs come and say hello, she gets a little nervous. At least she is getting used to having dog nose in her butt.

Does anyone have any special plans for this weekend?
Good Morning!

Sounds like there is a lot of good news in the thread lately. yay!

CONGRATS Rose!! That is wonderful! I am so happy for you and Sheff! I know you guys are thrilled, I can't wait to see pics of the interior. The outside looks really pretty.

DOODLE!!! You got your journal back!! rolleyes.gif That's great! Yay! Sorry to hear about the doc stuff. I hope everything is ok. How long til you can find out?

Jenn, that is really exciting that you are making preparations to go to your new job. Woot!

Welcome Mimi!! Glad to have you! Pull up a chair, kick off your shoes & stay a while.

Kel, good for you on your get together! I hope you have a great time.

GT, that's so flattering that you were the first one chosen for the team!! You are tha bomb!

CH, Hiya, sister.

Polly, Pirates of the Caribbean? fun! You'd better watch those "old" comments. tongue.gif

Treehugger, I don't know anything about engineering, but I don't think it is ever a bad thing to look at going for more education. I think it is smart of you to look at your options realistically. I think it would be so hard to work in a job that has such a physical aspect, b/c aging does become a factor.

Hi FJ! Sorry to hear about your low paycheck. I know that is so frustrating, b/c you work so hard. ~~~~~~~more money vibes~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~healthy vibes for pugs~~~~~~~

Diva, I think that would be so f-ing rad if you worked in a chocolate shop. That sounds so right up your alley! And you're right, the experience would be wonderful. I skipped out on work yesterday, I needed a mental health day. My day yesterday sounds about like your day Wednesday, subbing yard work for the jewelry making.

Weekend plans....I don't have a whole lot, which I am so happy about. The biggest thing is NO CLASS!!!! I can't tell you how happy that makes me. B/c not only do I not have class this week, I don't have it any week! I am having dinner w/ a friend and her daughter tonight. Mexican. Yum. I think Mr K & I may go to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning. Also, the animal shelter is having a special adoption day & we might swing by there. We both have started pining for a second dog here lately. I don't have plans for Saturday night & Sunday yet. Might go by my mom's house.
Hi, peeps!

Congrats on getting your journal back, Doodle. And I'm glad to hear it's not cancer, but the alternative doesn't sound like much fun, either.

Wow, GT, you got voted in by a HUGE margin! You've really impressed someone there. That's so great that people are warming up to you and not giving you problems.

Tree, could you create your own degree from what you've got? In liberal arts, you could take so many credits and get a general bachelor degree, but I don't remember the exact name of it. I hope you can cobble something together after all those years of school and working in the field.

Hi, LMP! I read what you posted in the Fatass thread. You're my hero.

(((((((((Kel date vibes)))))))))

Kari, are you all done with classroom now? Are you about to graduate, or do you have to do an internship first?

Hi, Mimi, Turbo, CH, Polly, FJ, and everyone!

It's a crime to be at work today. My bosses are gone, it's gorgeous out, and I just got paid. I wanna go have fun! We had a pretty decent night last night. We went for a walk, and I was pleased to see that my ankles didn't bother as much as I would've expected them to, and made frozen pizza while we watched our TV shows. Pretty much the perfect Thursday night.

No big plans for the weekend. We're renting some movies tonight and plan to stay home since we're going to be gone all of next weekend, so we need our fill of sittin' around. We're getting The Departed and some other ones. I, as usual at this time of year, want to get a lot of stuff made for Pride so I'm not going crazy the week before. My goal is to make one large/complicated necklace and several bracelets and rings, maybe some barettes. I should really get started on some more decoupaged purses and some mosaicked stuff, since that can take awhile with the drying time involved. Anyway, yeah, I need to make stuff. I'm also thinking of baking a Granny Smith coffee cake and some coconut macaroons for our trip so we don't have to rely on gas station food and McDonald's the whole way there and back. I guess it's a 5 hour trip one way.

So I'm back again, I've caught up on my phone calls, not much paper work to do, and I even took break. I ususally get on a roll and I forget to take my breaks. Especially in the afternoon, I'm notorious for not taking my break.

Hi Diva and Kari.

I agree, it is a crime to be at work today. Although, my supervisors are here, it's just so nice outside...

Le Sigh, it is going to be nice here all weekend, tomorrow, it's supposed to maybe thunderstorm. That would rock! I love thunderstorms, it's been a while, although last time I went camping it was pretty intense. I don't really have much else to say at the moment. Soon enough I s'pose.

Hi okayers! Happy Friday! This is gonna be a quick fly-by, as life is craaaaazy lately: I have four more days to get my thesis done, AND turn in my app for an internship (that I reeeeaally want! It's at the Juvenile Court), AND organize a research forum... wish me luck! (especially with the internship! I need some of those magic bustie vibes!)

GT- congrats!!!

CH- Are you still feeling sick? If so, trying throwing some fresh, chopped ginger root in boiling water. It's magic!

Rose- that's awesome about the house!! Yes- we want more pictures!

Mimi and Pugs- welcome to the thread (good to see ya here, pugsy!)

tree- like diva said, what about cobbling your own major together? At my institution (haha-- sounds so sordid) we call it an "interdisciplinary major".

Hey PK! Once my life settles down in a week or two, wanna get together again??

Hugs to all!

Hey ya'll....been a crazy morning here. Bitchboss demanded that I have my detailed description of all my duties written out by noon today, for an emergency senior management meeting to discuss what to do with my position, which I hadn't done, since I've been writing the tech manual, which incorporates all of that, but just on a more detailed level. Whatever. I think it is funny, however, that 9 people are going to sit around and decide what to do with my position. My input was to hire 2 people, on programmer, one designer, but I'm sure in classic NPO fashion, they're just going to make the scope of the position even wider, and then wonder why they don't have any qualified candidates. Haha! And its SO not my problem!

I don't have any real plans for the weekend, aside from charting my bike route to the new job, and seeing how long it will take, since it is about 12 miles one-way....and doing a bunch of freelance, am I ever behind.

Kari - YAY for no class! When do you start your practicum?

Diva, we watched the Departed last weekend - Loved was a rare hollywood movie, where I didn't predict exactly how it was going to end. We've got Casino Royale, and A Long Engagement this weekend.

Okay, lunch....
Departed is SO one of the best movies I've seen in ages. I was duly impressed by the cast, writing, etc. TJ- turbomann will LOVE Casino Royal. As a HUGE Bond fan, I thought it was the best one since Goldfinger.
I liked the Departed also. Very good. And I agree, it has a lot of twists, it's hard to predict the outcome.

Jenn, man your boss is being really ornery! I am so happy it's not your problem anymore! tongue.gif

It is beautiful weather here too! I just went out at lunch and man was it nice. They say it's going to last all weekend. Excellent.

Diva, I am done with classroom stuff. I have 2 semesters of internship left before I graduate. After that I do have to take 12 more hrs for licensure, but I think I'm going to do those online. So not into sitting in class again. I am meeting with my practicum supervisor Tuesday to talk about the schedule. I'm going to see if I can do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4pm-8pm. That would work the best I think, if it works for them. However, it will entail me shifting my work hours here. Now I do 7:45 - 4:15. Will need to go to 7:00 - 3:30. ouch. That's early.

GOOOO Octi! You'll make it! Sounds like your plate is definitely full. ~~~~~internship vibes~~~~~~~

CH, take that break, lady. I am sure you need it.
Happy weekend you wankers!

This is a driveby because I'm supposed to be packing to go to Baltimore. Thanks for the "date" vibes. Maybe it will go well. A girl can dream...

Hope everyone is feeling good, having great plans, eating well, and generally being okay in okayland and in life.

I don't know if my friend has internet...possibly no lounge 'til Sunday. I'm feeling withdrawal already!

Oooh..went shopping last night and got a perfect black dress and two great shirts. I loves me some new clothes.

Bye all, have a great weekend!!
Oh, I forgot to say: ~~~~~many good luck date vibes for kel!!~~~~~

kari, thanks for the internship vibes! I really want this. Hey, BTW- I'm about 40-50% done with my thesis, and I'm wondering if maybe you wouldn't mind taking a look at it sometime after I'm done, to give me some feedback, as you've got your MA in soc--? It would be about 25-30 pages (double spaced) I'd send you... and there'd be no rush to read it, as I'd use your feedback before trying to get it published someplace, for which there's no hard and fast deadline (like there is for this first draft). No pressure, but let me know smile.gif
Happy Friday, you Heinous Harlots from Hades! Just got online, have only been able to skim so far!

(kari - 2 months! ARGH!)

Went to my hair stylist and got her to inspect my hair. It's just thinner in the back, no bald patches or anything. She says there are tricks we can do if I DO get bald patches, but I made her promise to shave it off if it gets too weird looking. (She upped me one and promised me a mohawk, if it comes to that!)

I just made myself a Chocolate Brown Russian and cranked up the Iron Maiden.
Where'd evwybody go?

I'm here, doodles. Are you still around?

I called in sick to work today because I ran out of *another* one of my medications and I feel like dookie. I finally got it this evening, after waiting over a week to get a new prescription. It's too bad my doc is not more accessible. It's really hard to get an appointment with her, and she was on vacation for the past couple weeks, so I was SOL because I didn't make arrangements to see another doctor. Anyway, I got my medication now, so I hope to feel better tomorrow.

Octi - Yeah! I'd love to get together again after things settle down for you. Let me know, OK?

I've been feeling so weord lately. I don't like my job anymore, but I can't think of anything bad about it. I just hate getting up and going in. When I first started, I loved it, but now all I can think about is moving back to Chicago. I know I can't afford to live in Chicago by myself, and I don't know where I would work, and I feel afraid that whatever job I get, I won't like it. I feel trapped in work. I know it's something that is *required* of an adult, but I would rather sit in a corner and rock back and forth sucking my thumb. OK - maybe not that, but I feel really burned out.

I think Banana and I are officially finished. He said we needed to get together for a talk, but he kept putting it off. Finally, we got together for coffee yesterday and he told me that he still had some of my stuff at his place that I could go and pick up anytime. He brought Luna to the coffee shop, which made me happy. I will miss her bunches and bunches. Banana didn't really say, "Hey, let's break up" or anything like that. He just said I could go get my stuff whenever.

Today I masked with my H2O+ Face Oasis enzyme moisture mask. Then I went to Wild Oats and got some stuff, like goat yogurt and granola, cereal and soy milk, spinach and garlic and mushrooms to sautee together. Yum! I also got some frozen pizza, which my roomie and I ate up right away when I got home. I am hungry again, now, though. Maybe some creamy goat yogurt will satisfy me.

I was looking at apartments in Chicago (in the Chicago Reader) and everything looks so expensive. I was looking in the neighborhoods around where my sister and Mr. PK and my other friends live. I could never afford to live there on my own. Even a studio looks out of my reach. My sister told me to look on Craig's List, so I will check that out later.

I looked at some of the archives, but I'm not caught up yet, so I will read those, and hopefully some of you are still up this evening.
'sup all you monkey-raping gutterwhores? this is such a drive-by, and i feel so lame cause i'm all behind. i've been pursuing an out-of-town boy (who last night was in town and gave me some lovely portions!). i think i've texted more in the past four days than i have in the entire 5 years i've had a cellphone. which reminds me, i need to call those bitches and tell them to add me a texting package and backdate it for this billing cycle. i'm on my way to bed, which is a crying fucking shame cause boy is still in town and wanted me to kick it tonight. but he kept me out til the wee hours this morning and i is sleeeepy. work just dragged on and on today, and then the mofo's told me they need me tomorrow, cause all the regular saturday bitches are too lazy to put their time in. hello, i had plans this weekend too?! plans that included a second and third and fourth helping of portions? it's been over a year, show some fucking mercy, yo! anyway, saturdays are notoriously slow, just clean-up from the rest of the week, so hopefully it'll go by quick. if i get out early enough, i'm going to try to hook up with the boy again before his flight leaves, cause that's the kind of slutty slutty whooore i am. if not, then i'm at least getting off early enough in the afternoon that i can head over to the piercing shop. i'm finally getting my vch done! yeah, on the day cute, interesting, funny, i like him a lot jenny boy is leaving town, good timing! but we'll have something fun to play with next time he swings by this way, and i'll have something fun to play with until he does, woot! i wanted to get my labia done at some point too, but until i start piloting a vehicle where i'm sitting on my ass and not the labia in question, namely my bike, we're going to going to aim a bit more north for now.

catch y'all later, and i promise i'll catch up with here once i've had a solid eight hours. (((((everybustie)))))

eta all of a sudden i'm starving, and i know i've got some asparagus in the fridge that would be so good right now seared up in butter with a squeeze of lemon, but we all know how stinky that shit makes the nether parts, and i'd rather not have my piercer pass out from the funk tomorrow....but damn, now i've talked myself into how good it sounds, and they're professionals, right? i dunno, what's the etiquette on how funkalicious you can be and expect you and your piercer to politely ignore it?
Hi Grrl! Congratulations on the portions!!!

What's a vch? What part is that? Sorry - I just didn't understand.

As far as asparagus goes, I didn't realize that it made things stinky down there. I knew it made weird pee, though. Huh. Maybe you should eat the asparagus, then drink a lot of water??? I don't want you to go hungry.
hey pk! tired as i am, i cannot go to sleep yet. and i thought the buses were running early enough tomorrow that i wouldn't have to drag my tired ass on a bike the whole way, but they don't start running until after i'm supposed to be there. grrr, stupid lame weekend public transport! anyway, a vch is a vertical clitoral hood piercing. from what i hear, they're fun, easy to heal, and since it's just that little flap of skin around your clit, don't hurt all that much.
i went ahead and had the asparagus, with lots of butter, and half a lemon, and some fresh dill i forgot i had in the fridge, and it was gooood. yeah, its mostly just stinky pee when you eat it, but i'm all kinds of paranoid about the funky pee smell lingering. it's bad enough that i'm going to be all sweaty from the ride over. i am taking a washcloth and a clean pair of chonies that i'll make use of before ducking into the shop though; hopefully that'll make it so everyone wins. i'm pretty damned pleased with my courteous and thoughtful gesture. happy.gif
*snnnnnnniffle, snnnnnnniffle*

Ok, I'm full blown now. Had to skip my friend's party tonight. Been taking tylenol (sp?) cold stuff. Not doing a damn thing. My massage therapist friend came over and massaged different parts of my face and skull to try to help the drainage. It worked for a few hours afterwards then I got stuffed up again so he did it a second time and I'm draining right now but already starting to get plugged again. Sure wish I was getting plugged in a different way but I don't want to get Mr. Pug sick by being to lovey!

Thanks all for the get well vibes. Think this thread is going to be one of my daily stops from now on. All my favorite peeps are in here.

Ok, it's 4 a.m. here and I should be in bed. Goodnight all!

Mornin' ya'll!!

The sunshine woke me up early today, which is okay on a Saturday, because I don't have to go to work!! It's looking to be a gorgeous day here, I think I might do a little shopping...I need some new bike shorts - the winter gear was a little too warm yesterday.

Grrrl, vch piercing...ouch! You are braver than I, and are you sure it won't bother you on your bike? *worries for grrl's bits* And YAY! for most excellent portions! WOooT!

((((PK feel better)))) I'm sorry you're in a funk about your job and feeling homesick again...I don't know what the answer is, though, unless you could live with your sister or Mr. PK for awhile if you moved back...

(((((LMP))))) feel better, my dear. *hands pugs a hot mug of brewed ginger and honey*

Well, the dog is whining at me pitifully, I guess I had better get going...
Good morning, all! Turbo, I woke up with the sun, too. Most of the time I enjoy that, but last night I couldn't get to sleep until about 4am, so waking up 3 1/2 hours later has not been so great. Bleh. Rose will need a nap later.

I've been gone for a couple of days, so I don't think I can remember to respond to everyone I wanted to.

Doodle, that is SOOOOO wonderful about your journal!!! I am absolutely thrilled for you. I even did a little dance here from the couch just for you. wink.gif

Diva, the idea of taking that job making truffles sounds so fun to me! But the schedule you're imagining for yourself sounds awfully hectic. Could you maybe shut down the jewelry making business for a bit while you learn more about your new career?

~$~$~$~ continued sales vibes for FJ ~$~$~$~

(((((PK))))))) [sprinkles Fairy Dust of Happiness in a circle all around PK]

Have fun in Baltimore, Kel!

Grrrl got some portions! Fabulous! Sorry to hear that the provider f said portions is leaving, though. Damn, that sounds annoying.

Oh geez ... what else was I going to say?!? My mind has gone blank. Poop. Oh well. BestGalPal's flight arrives in 2 hours, so I better get up & bathe. Did I mention that 2 of my girlyfriends are flying in to spend my birthday with me? I think that's just the sweetest thing EVER & I'm humbled that they're plopping down hundreds of dollars just to hang out with me for a few days. Aaaaaaaw! Anywoo, I won't be around much for the next week because I'll be far too busy enjoying GirlTime! I hope you all have a truly excellent week. Toodles!
Goof Saturday Morning, all!

Grrrl, that sucks about work, but yay about portions. And VCH peircing, best EVER! I have mine done, and I love it!

Hey Jenn, how's it going?

Doodle, hi! *waves*

Kel, hurray on new clothes, and have a great weekend!

Hey RV!

So last night I went over to boy 2's house, and got some fantastic portions. I'll save he deets for the portions thread. This morning I have a horrible sore throat, and feel like ass. I don't want to sick. I'll have to try that ginger in hot water concoction. It sounds good.

Fuck, today I don't want to talk to anyone. I just want to do my own thing today. I feel really out of it, and I'm not too sure why. Bleh.

(((okayers))) Later.

Hey culture! ((((feel better))))

I'm doing great today! Its 65 degrees and sunny, and I took turbo for a nice walk this morning, and then ran into our favorite greyhound neighbors, and went to their house for tea this morning. Lounged around for a bit at home, and then went for a long bike ride up to that beautiful Bahai Temple I posted earlier, stopped on my way home for a corndog, and then drooled over new bikes at the fancy bike shop...I just need to stay out of there. wink.gif

Oh, and I went to Whole Paycheck and got some beautiful ground lamb for lamburgers tomorrow, and some nice raw milk bleu cheese, that I adore, and doesn't make me sick.

Now, I think I'm going to go drag the pupper out of bed and take him out for another long walk - its too nice to be indoors today.

CH and have got me all curious about the vch piercings now...I think I may have to inquire in a more appropriate thread. wink.gif

And YAY for portions, all around!

Rosie - have a super-lot of fun with the girls!!
Good evening! Where is everyone?

I had some tea and my throat is feeling a bit better. I'm just blooody tired. What can I do besides rest? Not much.

Jenn, definately inquire about the vch. So much fun!

Le Sigh, so just how is everyone? Helloooooooooooooooooooo??!!!

*frowns* well, I'll check in later.


Yay for grrr's and CH's portions! Woo hoo! (i'm gettin' me some tonight-- boy gets back to town.)

rose, your friends are so sweet!

Jenn, that temple is *gorgeous*- sounds like a wonderful way to spend a spring day.

grrl---- how is your piercing and your coochielala, you brave thing?? (i've heard that vch jewelry feels lovely)

Pk-- ((((PK)))). We'll get together for a "fuck work" drink soon! Until then- happy job vibes to ya, girl. ( I want to come eat some of your culinary delights before you quit! smile.gif )

As for me-- I'm-- good? terrible? I don't know, it's been so crazy up and down. My friend--best girlfriend's mom-- is getting hospitalized Wednesday and my BGP is flying home from africa to be with her. That cancer I mentioned? It's now progressed to the next stage and we'll all sort of fucking scared even though it's still supposed to all be okay. Sheesh. Ach. (And it comes at the time of year, of course, when I'm busting my ass with a thesis paper, internship app, finals, graduation, organizing events/jobs/etc. But all that will take a backseat if they need me, in a heartbeat-- it could just have shitty consequences for me.) Magic bustie vibes for my friend and BGP please... and I could use some too if there's leftovers.

ETA: ugh, i could definitely use those vibes. i'm so anxious and stressed about all this i feel sick to my stomach, literally. sick, and also really tense and restless.
Good evening okayers!

Grrrl, did you get your CH done? You know that's funny, is that I have my CH pierced, and ya'll refer to me as CH! I actually think that's great.

(((octi))) ~~~~vibes for octi~~~~ yay for PORTIONS too!

I had a nice arm bath, and it'll be bed time soon. The last thing I need is to be sick at this time of month at the office. It gets crazy!

It rained a little bit here, not the torret the weather people where expecting. Sigh, oh well.

Pugs, how are you feeling?

where are GT and Doodle? And FJ?

Fine then, I'm just going to wish that everyone would check in. Do I need to talk to myself again?

You can talk to yourself, anytime, CH...its ever so adorable. smile.gif

We just got back from going to our favorite taqueria for dinner....I went for the heart attack special - grilled pork tacos, with bacon, caramelized onion and queso fresco. Sooooo delicious, sooooo bad for you.

((((((octi, octi's BGP and mum))))) I know its scary, octi, I've been there too many times with my own family, but keep your spirits up, knowing in your heart that she will fight and beat this cancer, and keep her thoughts focused there as well. Keep bustie vibes, positive thoughts and prayers coming....I *know* it works. My mom had a bone marrow transplant 10 years ago, and she is the only one left alive in her treatment class of 55, and many of those women became family, and I swear she survives because of her positive attitude, and all the prayers and positive thoughts she gathers around our family.

I think I shall go heat myself some bathwater....seems like a fine idea. Turbomann's going to see his buddy's play late this evening - curtain is at 11:30pm, so I'll probably be in bed before he leaves, since I want to get up early and test the bike commute downtown before traffic starts.
skate by!!!!!

i am so excited, i got a call from one of my friends,L, a tiki bar is hosting a birthday party tonite and "the crew" are going to be djing it, which means i can spin for a an hour or two. she also said that "the crew" is putting together a night at another bar. which is great. i hae been hinting for a while for us to start this. L throws these little parties where we tag-team dj, one guy plays obscure jazz and blues off his ipod, another has a laptop (hard lounge), the rest of us work off LPs: i play lounge/jazz/country/golden throats/soul, L plays lounge/ez listening/old fm+am/soundtracks, and the final guy plays disco/soul/and old school hip hop. the guy who has a laptop djs at another club on sundays and has been having other people guest for his spot and the night has been doing well, so they want to branch out! yay! i miss djing!!!!

"skate by!"



Hi everyone - GT, turbo, culture, octi, rose, pugs, PK, grrrl, and any lurkers!

Thanks for the couch dance, rose, it made me giggle!

I've spent today reading the snoozepapers, playing the guitar, playing with the furbabies, and writing - some extended journal stuff, and some dirty smut (for fun!), and (for not-so-fun) a long, gentle (but truthful) "it's not you, it's me" e-mail to a guy.

Now I am just sitting down to a late-evening, ecclectic, homemade dinner of buttered asparagus (I was inspired by grrrl's dinner last night!), fusilli alfredo, and chicken teriyaki! I think this is only the 2nd time I've actually cooked real food in a month.

OTOH, if one doesn't get up till noon, 9:30 isn't really technically "late" for dinner, no matter how ecclectic the meal.
Hey all! I'm either stuffy, runny or bone dry. When I'm stuffy I have pressure so bad in my head that it throbs. When I'm runny there is blood when I blow my nose. When I'm dry I'm fine but it doesn't last long at all. I'm breathing through my mouth so much that my lips are chapped and cracking. My face is puffy and I look like shit. Mr. Pug keeps asking me how I can be sick and still look so sexy. He's very sweet. He asked me if there was anything I wanted today and I told him tacos for dinner and Rita's Italian water ice. He made tacos for dinner then we ended up going to my mom's afterwards and we had strawberry shortcake which is even better then water ice. Even though I feel like poop he makes me feel like a princess.

Culture, how are you feeling my darling? Is your throat 100 % again after the tea? I'm sucking down peach ginger tea with honey and the steam just makes my head feel better.

GT - sounds like fun. Spin something for me girl!

Turbo - a bath sounds heavenly! Hope you light some candels to add to the mood.

(((((octinoxate's friend's mom)))))

roseviolet - spending b-day with best girlyfriends sounds like so much fun. I think I might try that this year instead of a big party. Maybe have the girls all come down and get smashed and watch a chick flick and eat junk food. Sounds like fun.

(((((goodnight okayers)))))

hola okayers! well, today was kinda craptastic. i somehow overslept my superloud alarm, so i was a half hour late to work this morning, not that it matters much on a saturday. but my co-irkers have been talkin' shit all week, asking why i don't have the new department i'm training in down pat yet (um, maybe because i'm only able to spend a couple hours a day there before having to go back to my regular area?), and i've been kinda distracted and making stupid mistakes all week. i'm dreading monday's regular meeting. all the meat we were grinding for the area i was working today came out too high fat, so the department was down for a couple of hours while they mixed batches trying to get the percentage right, which meant i was at work til almost after 6, a good three and half hours after i was supposed to be off. on top of that, i've been kind of whining about not having me time on the weekends since the kidlet started soccer (well, since i moved out really) and it would be nice to have time to myself that's not spent working, so today was supposed to be the day my mom caved on keeping her for the whole morning until after soccer so i could relax, sleep in, run some errands, or just veg if i wanted. i don't know if i can talk her into it again next weekend, nevermind that my whole kid-free morning was spent at work, which was the whole crux of the problem to begin with. so by the time i finally got out, c-monkey was chomping at the bit to "get over to mama's house", and there was no way i could keep her waiting when she'd already been waiting all day. so no vch, i didn't get shit done that i wanted to today, and i probably won't until next weekend, and even that's a big maybe. i also haven't heard from the boy all day, not so much as a text even though we'd been calling and texting all the time since he first messaged me monday night and all the way through yesterday. i texted him once this morning, once this afternoon shortly before getting off work, and i just called a bit ago, but it went straight to voicemail. he's got caller id, so i didn't bother leaving a message, not that i'd know what to say anyway. i'm not going to do anything else til he calls or messages or something, cause i don't wanna be one those clingy stalkerish bitches, but i'm kind of disappointed with him right now. i mean it's not like i was picking out china patterns or anything, but there was definitely some mutual like there, and i was kind of wanting to see where it'd go. knowing my luck, he's going to leave me hanging for a week or so until i'm good and mad, and then he's going to call and say his phone was stolen or something. but right now, yeah i'm kinda leaning toward rat bastard.

on the bright side, dinner was yummy. penne with alfredo and sauteed shrimp, mushrooms, red bell pepper, asparagus, and sugar snap peas, and fresh breadsticks with lots of butter. and the store was having a 4 for $10 sale on ben and jerry's. i took their last three pints of dublin mudslide (which i thought was gone for good and is apparently back by popular demand, but why take chances, i'm stocking up now), two pints of americone dreams (cause one of these days, steve colbert and i are going to have a million fat, happy babies), a pint of chubby hubby, a pint of marsha marsha marshmallow, and a pint of cinnamon oatmeal cookie for the kidlet. i just polished off the other half pint of dublin mudslide i started when i got home earlier, and my tummy is roiling in protest at the thought of all those other pints crowding my tiny shelf in the freezer, but it's nice to know it'll be there when i'm craving it.
Good Morning Okayers!

Hey GT, that rocks about DJ-ing.

Jenn then dinner sounds delish!

Hey doodle, sounds like you had a good day.

(((pugs))) I hope you get better soon.

grrrl, that sucks aboutnot getting yout vch done, but soon. I hope work improves soon, too.

It still hurts for me to swallow, altough it's not as bad, I need to take the dog to the park, given I spent most of yesterday sleeping. I'm still so tired, but this dog needs a walk, so I'll have a constitutional, not so much as a brisk walk. Then I need to get some food, I've got no cheese and hardly any fruit, plus I need something for lunch tomorrow. It'll be a small grocery shopping trip, but I need to do it nontheless.

I'm going to drag my ass to the park now.

I'm breathing clearly right now, not dry, stuffy or runny. Probably won't last long. I should enjoy it while it lasts I know. I'm going to go makes some tea and find something for breakfast.

grrrl - don't be so hard on yourself sweetie. this happens to everyone. we can't all be on our game all the time. when i was working i went through spurts where i'd be the top worker in the department and then i'd be the last. it's hard to focus sometimes and even when you do shit just goes to hell. it's irritating i know but just hang in there. things will turn around again before you know it. this always seemed to happen to me when i was on my period, or mr. pug and i weren't getting along, or my mom or dad were on my shit list. i just loose focus.

culture - go to the park. it will be good for you i'm sure. i'm planning on getting out in the yard a little today. although i'm sure it will irritate the shit out of this cold i have. mr. pug needs to cut the grass, weed wack and pull weeds. i asked him to pick up a few bags of mulch and i might be productive and spread that around the flowers and bushes out front. when i take my dogs to the park they are so funny. shelby will romp with all the other dogs where pinky will sit on the bench with me like a person. she doesn't understand why i bring her to play with "these muts". she's such a snob and spoiled rotten. but that is her daddy's fault right? cause i never spoil my kids oops i mean dogs. lol. i'm going to make a stew tonight with some crusty bread on the side. that's one of mr. pugs favorites and he did kinda hint that he'd like that for dinner yesterday. i'm going to load it with carrots cause i haven't had them in a while and they are one of my favorite vegetables.

Alrighty, I'm out. Going to check my myspace right quick then go eat.

Have a nice day everyone.
I went to the park, and it wasw lovely. It was exactly the thing I needed. My throat is doing much better. I then came home and cleaned, now I have to change the sheets, as they are furry. It was supposed to be done earlier this week, but I didn't exactly get around to it. Oh well.

I'll check in later.

Okay, Okayers... I haven't really caught up, but here goes *takes deep breath*

KelKell, I hope your date goes well smile.gif I'll have to read back to who E-Man is. Nice that you'll be dating a superhero, though. Perhaps his super powers will involve heightening your appreciation of dancing and massages. Be sure to take breaks and drink water wink.gif

Doodle, Duuuuuude! sad.gif R.I.P. DoodleJournal. That is horrible. *sigh* I've lost a lot of (personally) important data, and I've moved on to a degree, but I do regret losing info to the Ether. Someday in the near future, we'll have un-crashable/auto-backed-up drives, and no data will ever be lost again. We may need a Keeanu Reeves to save our species' organic asses, though. Still, I have a crashed hard drive sitting in a plastic bag, otherwise getting less and less retrievable, just because letting go is that hard.

Rosiev, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Wow! Houseownershiphood! I can't wait for that feeling, myself. Congrats-o!

(Tree) Exploring new career options... I was just there, and I'm still kinda looking for other plausable paths than carpenter. Good luck, and don't worry about the 40 thing too much. One of my favorite people pretty much re-invented herself around that time, and it was all great.

Garrrr! I set writing this aside for a few mintures, and it grew into a whole day! Now I'm not even close to read up : /
Better post this anyway.
Hi hi everybustie! Lore, and CH, and Pugs, Grrl, doodle and GT!!!

I am having a FANTASTIC morning so far! Woke up to the sunrise at 5:45, so I hopped on my bike to test out the new commute, and I LOVE it. Took me 50 minutes down there with the wind against me, and about 40 minutes home, and its about 12 miles, one way. I think this year I might just get the bikers calves of my dreams! *swoon*

Then, I took the pupper for a nice walk - its already 75 degrees here today, and chatted with all the other dog people...then went to the fruit market and natural foods store to get granola making supplies, and back home all by 9:30!

The granola is in the oven now, and smelling delicious!

Grrrl, CH is right, don't be so hard on yourself - we all have shitty weeks, and it doesn't do you any good to get down on yourself about it...we do the best we can to get through, and make the next day a better one if we can. And holy freezer of doom!! *drools over all the delicious confections in Grrrl's freezer*

GT, I hope you had a FAB night out on the down, and danced the night away!

((((CH & Pugs feel better))))

Well, I should bathe myself here, and get ready for the bustie book club brunch this afternoon!
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