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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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~*~*~*house vibes for rosev*~*~*~

Jenn's right, Rose. From the times I've been involved in real estate transactions, the ball's in their court. There's three things they could do: accept your offer as it is, make a counteroffer, or reject your offer. I think about 80% or more of them have a counteroffer involved. I haven't seen too many reasonable offers get rejected outright.

There's nothing more to do until the ball comes back to you! ((((rosev)))) I know it's stressful! I wish I could say more that would help...just know that I've been there and I can totally empathize with how you're feeling right now.


Congrats, Jenn!!!

*blows kisses at rest of Okayers*

*tears off in Mini-Cooper down the Okay-Kvetch chunnel*
*supercalifragilisticexpialidocious house-gettin' bustie vibes for rose and sheff*

The laundry fairy! *snort* I sure wish I had one of those.

Actually, I don't trust anyone with my laundry. And I don't like having to do anyone else's.

I don't think I was meant to live with other people.

Carmella just came racing up the hall and attempted the corner into the kitchen so fast, that she skidded and hit the front door with her big tabby rump. (I love the sound of scrabbling claws on vinyl flooring, though.)

Why on earth do cats feel the need to run like a bat out of hell after taking a shit? It must be some kind of primal instinct, 'cause every cat I've ever had has done this, but what is the purpose? I don't understand.
phooey! i'm too drunk/tired to really digest the details. i'll re read them tomorrow morn. but congrats jenn, i'll house you vibes for rosey, and lurve for herverybody else....*falls down gosh durn drunk*

good fings/bad fings tues:

good fing)finishing 2 weld inspections where the instructor called me a "showoff" since my welds were so pretty.
bad fing)not being able to finish the 3rd so i can move on to tig welding

good fing) we finally got an applied math teacher for welding
bad fing) math in general

good fing) my math teacher turns out to be to be the author of my favorite f2m gendertheory book.
bad fing) he's stealth/passing, and in my excitement/gushing i made him uncomfortable by possibly unintentionally outing him.

good fing)going out drinking with two of my best friends, and their mutual friend who i kinda have a crush on.
bad fing)saying too much and butting in a bit too much re: said crush's abusive ex bf.

good fing) did i mention jenn got her job?
bad fing) i can't think of a one.

bad fing)rosey's house hasn't accepted her offer.
good thing) rosey in general. she's just such a sweet heart!

good fing) seeing tree + sixel's avis
bad fing) the laundry fairy got taken hostage before he got to my house.

good fing) having a drink after being dry for the last two months
bad fing) the hellluva hangover tha's coming with it.
Atta girl, you showoff you, GT! Show em, women really DO make better welders!

And, I'm glad to see that you're getting math training too. It sounds like such a well-rounded program! Are you getting any spatial relations training or metallurgy?

Doodle, the running like a bat outta hell...could it be a Canuck thing? Cause I've never had a cat do that. Mojo just sorta moseys out of there. He's getting quite lazy lately though! He doesn't have as much prey here as he did at the shack!

Sixela, I love your happy dance Snoopy! And your avatar is so cute!

here's some more ~*~*extraspecial house getting vibes*~*~ for rosie and sheff!

And here's another CONGRATULATIONS for Jenn!

I don't need a laundry fairy as much as I need a laundry folding fairy.

I go back to the doctor today. It sort of pisses me off because our shop is so disfunctional...

*edited and moved rant to the "work sucks" thread

CH, oh, my goodness. Thank you for posting that recipe! I made some last night, and...delish. I don't think I have to worry about whether it will last ten days in the fridge or not...I can't really see it making it through two! I've gotta stock up on the ingredients for that, I'm sure it's going to become a staple of my diet during the summer.

Okay, I'm off to read the archives!

(((huggs to okayers))))
Good Morning, Good Morning!

~*~*~*~*~*~RV and Shef house-y getting vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~

GT, yay for drink-y drink-y with friends, and positive math teacher.

Doodle! HA! Playing the cello! he he he. Alas, I've never had a cat...the dog does weird stuff, though. Last night she actually bounded up to two very friendly, but big dogs, at the dog park. She's getting used to her other furry friends. I wouldn't worry about being undie-less, it's not like you're skanky like Paris or Britney, not like you'd go flashing your cooch everywhere anyway, you have something called *class*

Tree, I'm glad you liked the recipe, it was delish!

~*~*~*~*~booby healing vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*~*~

Where's turbo at? I usually am her stalker here in the morning, she posts, then I post right after her. Glad you had a good din din.

So, I haven't found the warranty yet, but that's okay, because I still feel so responsible for being able to pay for my own car repairs, not have to worry about money, and not have to run to my parents for help. Sweetness. Boy 2 called last night and he wants to get together this weekend, which I am very much willing to do, as le ex isn't in the picture, and this kay needs some lovin'! Ha! Done done and done. Well, my phone light is beeping, indicating that I have messages, so I should go and do my job now.


sorry for the delay, turns out that quitting a job is a lot of work! I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment, and hopefully my boss put on her big girl britches today and won't be such a bitch when I meet with her later this morning. smile.gif

Okay, I gotta jet, sorry for the constant stream of mememe in the last 24 hours! I'll catch up later, I promise!
ok, i've caught up now.

~*~*~*~*~~*~*massive get that house vibes for rv and sheff~*~*~*~*~*~*~

i know it's hard not to get attached to a house. i got attached to this one before we made our offer. i think the owners of the home you're seeking are probably holding out to see if they get a higher offer from the other people they've already shown to. people can be mighty greedy when selling a home. one of the homes we looked at came down to $2K. the guy wouldn't accept our offer and firmly countered for $2K more and we simply couldn't stretch any further. i'm glad though, because we've driven past that house recently and i definitely like ours better. you guys should be ok though because you offered the asking price: most people make their first offer a little lower than the asking price, so maybe they'll take yours! i've got everything crossed for you!!!

ok, gotta get on the phone some more. i'm not "in it" today and haven't really been all week. i'm not being aggressive enough on the phone. i think i'm just tired, but i can't let anything get in my way. i need to remember that these people NEED me!

go, gt! you big show-off. that is awesome! smile.gif
CONGRATS JENN!!!! WOO HOO! I am so happy for you! I must echo everyone else, fuck your boss. She probably doesn't realize she just gave you yet another reason to be happy you're leaving that place. Ugh. What a bitch. I can't wait til you start your new gig though!!

((rose)) Girl, I feel your pain. It is so hard to wait to hear back from the sellers. We got a verbal agreement when we bought our house, but they didn't send the (binding) contract for like 4 days. We were on pins & needles. ~~~~~~~~vibes for you & sheff~~~~~~~~ Hopefully those people will recognize a good offer when they see one. I hope they hurry up. So frustrating.

GT, it sounds like your welding class is going really well! That is really exciting that your math teacher is the author of one of your fav books. Nice! How's your tooth doing?

Hi doodle, diva, poodle, minx ((minx)), kitten, slxel!, CH, and TH! Hope you all are well today.

I am decent, I suppose. Officemate is out, which is always nice. I worked at home yesterday, but ended up having to come in to the office for a few hours. Not too bad. After that I went home & seeded our lawn again. Hope it rains today, it could use a good soaking. We signed off on our taxes yesterday, we are getting a refund, thank cod. I think half will go to savings & half will go to debt repayment. Not too fun, but necessary. I told mr K we need to keep at least a little bit for something fun. A dinner out or something.
Siiiick....I am sooooooooooooo siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Kill me now. The only reason I am at school is because I have no vacation time due to Minxlette and an extended illness. That and my brother's fucking wedding wherein they decided to have the rehearsal on Thursday instead of Friday. I'm totally pissed off right now. mad.gif
~*~*~*house vibes for Rose & Sheff~*~*~* There's so much that can change things when bidding on a house- these other people's financing could fall through, all sorts of stuff. The place we have, it was on the market, then taken off the market that day because the couple was getting divoced and squabbling over stuff. It was another 6 weeks before it came back on the market. The seller's realtor knew that I was at the open house when it was on the market the first time and she persuaded the seller to accept our bid when it was back on the market, over someone else's (I don't know if they bid more or less than we did, but the realtor liked me and convinced the guy to do it.)....there's still hope. 48 hours does seem like a long time, though; I think here, you only have 24 hours. Even of the other potential buyer outbids you, you'll still have a chance to bid again. You said you bid the asking price- could you go a little higher if necessary?

((Minx)) Feel better! I've got a little sore throat, and I hope it doesn't get worse.

((((minxy)))) *hands minxy a hot mug of brewed ginger and honey* That sucks to be at work while sick...yuck. Take good care of yourself tonight - I hope minxman is being a proper nurse, since you took care of him last week!

(((((super duper house buying vibes for rosie))))) I hope this one comes through for you, and that everything unfolds as it is supposed to.

GT - that's awesome that you've got some pretty welding going on, and even cooler about your math teacher!!

Kari - WOOT! for the tax refund...yeah, we used ours to pay down the mortgage...not fun, but we're trying to get rid of the second mortgage before we start the kitchen.

Well, I just met with bitchboss again, and she seems to have re-gained her equilibrium...she was very cool, but professional, which is all I need. Of course, I can still hear her continuing the drama on the phone to other staff members, but that is not my problem.

((minx)) sorry you are feeling so cruddy. It is miserable to work like that.

Hi polly!

Jenn, I am glad your boss regained her composure. That is so immature of her.

Can someone please hit fast forward for this day? Right now it is in slo-mo.
(((minx))) here's hoping you feel better soon!

Kari, yay for the income tax refund! Sweetness! I agree about the day going slow, at least it is almost lunch, then this afternoon I think I'm doing some out of office work. Maybe.

Turbo, at least your boss is being someone mature, but hey, you only have, what 9 more working days to deal with it? YAY!

Where's Doodle at?

Bleh, I don't want to do my reports, I find them tiresome today, and I've got no mail to go through and nothing to submit. I may as well enjoy the calm before the storm I suppose. I think I'm going to go to Subway for lunch, my mother had some yesterday, and I was not in the mood to prepare food yesterday, so that leads me with a lot of fruit and some pastachio nuts today, that will not hold me for the whole day. I got pretty high last night, and sent the ex a text message, I doubt I'll hear from him again, it wasn't mean, it was about him being a decent. Ooops. Hee. I have the other lover now. That is all.


this day really is sort of dragging on. i should probably DO SOMETHiNG to make the time pass, but what i really want to do is take a nap!! i think i'll attempt cleaning the office.

((((((((minx)))))))), i wish you could take yourself home and snuggle into bed. i do hope you feel better soon!

kari, that's awesome about your tax refund! to actually recieve enough that you can put it toward debt and savings is awesome! im very jealous of anyone that actually gets money back!! i think we might actually next year thanks to the little dependent i've got growin' in my belly! tongue.gif i hope you guys get some rain for the yard. we need to seed ours again but haven't been spending enough time at home lately. and last weekend was too rainy to really get anything done, although mrfj did plant three of these, but in white: they're supposed to get up to twelve feet tall and they'll get really bushy if we keep them trimmed back for the first few years. he planted them along the rear perimeter of the house, with one just outside our living room window. there are a lot of cables and stuff back there and they'll make great camouflage but also look purty! we're starting to work on the backyard now and we've got a LOT of work cut out for us.

**ohohoh! i must interrupt this post to report that i just got a really big sale!!! woot!!! now THAT oughtta give me some motivation!! i just made almost $500! SWEET! (especially considering that it's more than i made in the last pay period and this one has just begun!**

culture, you bad girl you! i envy you and doodle for being able to smoke up. i know i'm working on a major project and that it's all for a greater purpose for my life and all that, but dang!! sobriety sucks ass! i am definitly going to look into the vaporizer thing though for when i'm able to get all smokey tokey again! good luck with boy 2! sounds like you're taking the break off with le man in stride. NEXT!! hehe

bleh on bitchbosses!!! i fart in her general direction! keep riding the wave of happiness, jenn. you'll be in that new chair before you know it, and LOVING your new job.

hi polly!!!!!

more vibes for rose and sheff *~*~*~*~*~get that house~*~*~*~*~*~

ok, so i just made some money and i'm gonna go take a bath and get ready to get on the phone again tonight. plus i'm making pork chops and need to figure out how i'm going to cook them tonight.
FJ what pertty flowers!!!! In the summer, I like making it appear as though flowers threw up on the yard. But not in a tacky way. Purple flowers everywhere!

I am so taking the break up in stride. I'll see him at the bar, we know the same people, it'll be fun. Because it's gonna be hot culture showing her great titage and cleavage off! HA! boy 2 is a play thing, a friend, but I don't have much romantic interest in him. He's a good shit though.

FJ that also rocks about your sale!!!!

I've gotten a fair bit of work accomplished, still not looking ay my reports. But got some other pressing things done. Doesn't look like I'm leaving the office this pm either, maybe this afternoon. That's all for now. My cramps are gone, sweetness. Now I just have to survive the crappy drive home. Maybe it won't be too crappy. Maybe.

Later okayers! ((((okayers))))
Shit shit shit shit shit!

I just talked with my tech guy. My journal is GONE FOREVER.

Damn it all to hell. My entire LIFE was in there. My entire NEAR-DEATH was in there, too! FUCK! Everything, all my beautiful words....two-and-a-half years of the most difficult and most life-changing journey I've ever made....GONE.


I can't even express how much that journal meant to me...
((((doodle)))) I'm so sorry!

*struts into thread with mic in hand*

Take a bottle
shake it up
Break the bubble
break it up!!!!

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love!!
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon fire me up!!
Pour your sugar on me
Oh, I can't get enough

I'm hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet yeah!!!!

Hey babes!!

Yayayayay for turbo!!! Hells yeah!!! I knew you'd blow 'em away with your awesomeness.

Those flowers are gorgeous, FJ!!

~*~*~*~home-buying vibes for RV~*~*~*~

((((minx)))) *hands minx a glass of Crown on the rocks* I swear, whiskey helps cure any viral illness.

Nothin' much going on today. I finally have a chance to fuck around at work because I finished all of my bizness this morning.

I missed good things tuesday, so I'm gonna do it today:
1. Done with spreadsheets
2. Had yummy berry smoothie for breakfast
3. Bitchin' shoulder muscles
4. Hanging out with shawnboy again tonight
5. American Idol elimination round
6. Veggie burritos for dinner

ETA - (X-post) D'OH!!! THAT'S AWFUL, DOODLE!!! How did that happen?
Oh, gosh...((((((doodlebug))))))
oh, doodle! i'm sorry girl!

((((((((Doodle))))))))) I'm so so sorry. I know this must be devastating.

Our realtor just called. He told me that the owners of the house had called to tell him that they will be receiving another offer tonight.
After this meeting they will call our realtor. Not sure what they'll have to say. I imagine they won't have an answer yet.

I have a feeling we won't get the house. I've felt sick about it all day. Terrible migraine & on the brink of tears. I just think that these other people are probably work colleagues or something & the sellers are going to chose them over us for reasons that are totally out of our control. And it's so wrong and unfair because we have done sooooooo much to be open and fair! So much! We've made a point of avoiding the mind games. If they don't see all that we've done, then I don't know what to think.

I just want to curl up & cry.
((rose)) I am so sorry. But! I don't think it means you won't get the house. If the other offer is essentially the same, they may take your offer, since they got it first. All is not lost. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

((DOODLE)) Ugh. I am so sorry for you too! That is a huge loss. sad.gif

CH, you and your guy broke up? I missed that. Sorry to hear about that. Are you ok?

FJ, those are beautiful flowers. Good work Mr FJ. We have tons and tons of yard work to do too. So much yard work. I am determined to make the yard look bitchin' though. Good work on the sale! *confetti*

Hiya Poodles! Sounds like you have a lot of good stuff happening. Shoulder muscles, berry smoothies, veggie burritos. How's Shawnboy's mom doing?

I am proud of myself people. I finally ordered some wedding pics. A year and a half after the wedding. What can I say, I'm slow.
(((rose))) do not count that house out!! you don't have any idea of the circumstances around the other people so there's no reason to think you won't get the house. so many things can happen. keep positive!!

doodle, again i'm really sorry about your journal. i don't keep journals myself (mostly because i get eye tumors when i go back and read them later) but i'm just torn up that you don't have your journals anymore. that's a lot of history. you'll get through this, though!

poodle, the berry smoothie sounds great! i have all the stuff to make one if i weren't so damn lazy... tell shawnboy we send hugs!

yeah, i can't wait for our flowers to start blooming like the ones in the pic. ours are all white and will look great with whatever color we finally decide to paint this house! shit, they'll probably even look ok with TEEAAAAALLLL!

((((((doodle)))))) I am SO sorry to hear that your journal is lost...I know exactly how that feels, when my had drive crashed in I've got iBackup to save me from such troubles again....but it takes a crash for me to learn, apparently.

Hi poodle, good to see you! And YUM, for veggie burritos!

I've got some brown rice simmering on the stove, and am gonna make a nice spinach salad and some sauteed halibut with browned butter and lemon for dinner...should be good.

I was pleasantly surprised by riding down to the computer clubhouse where I volunteer, only to remember that it was closed today, so I got to come home - YAY! Honestly, a quiet hour alone in the house is exactly what I need today. The office was crazy, there was a steady stream of mourners at my office door all day, each wanting me to share my story, and time with them, and say how sad they are that I'm leaving....which is sweet, and all, but I have SO much shit to do, I'm just a little overwhelmed.

Bitchboss is being civil, but now the President of org and the President of the Foundation are BOTH ignoring me. I passed them in the halls several time today, said hello, and they *completely* ignored me. I know they've done this to others who left our org, but I thought it might be different since I work closely with both of them. Nope...they seem incapable of acting like mature women. Gah. I think I'm very glad to be getting out.
Good evening all,

(((doodle))) still so sorry.

Kari, I am doing very well, I was the one who broke it off with him. He never had the time and I was bored, also because of the lovin' thing (so I went off and met someone else).

Jenn, yet another awesome reason that you are getting out of that place!

So, I'm nice and relaxed, cleaned my room, I just need to change the sheets, the dog was sleeping in the bed and now the sheets are furry. Futurama is on the tube, and I don't know what I'm going to eat for dinner. I still have some salad left, maybe that. I don't know.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*House Vibes For RV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

((((((((((((((((((((((Doodle)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) That is so horrible. You should have a funeral for your journal. It's like a part of you is gone.

~*~*~*~*~*~*Get better vibes for Minx*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!More YAY for Turbo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But a big BOO HISS to the asshats she is working with (but for only two more weeks! Squeeeee!)

!!!!!!!Yay for FJ and her sale!!!!!!!!!!

Kari...a year and a half? Wow, I thought I procrastinated on stuff like that smile.gif

I called the guy I've been emailing (I will call him E-man) but he wasn't home. Got a lovely email today where he cursed himself for not getting the call and a promise to try to call me back tonight. He had a nice voice on his message. I'm not overly excited, but it's a diversion. I need diversion.

Hi again all.

kel, perhaps I WILL have a funeral for the journal.

I have no choice but to let it go, 'cause it's just plain GONE. So I guess I'm going to try and see it as the final closure of my "old" life, and begin a "new" journal to represent the blank slate of my "new" life. Or something like that. Or something clever and wise that turbo would say.

Anyway, I can pick up my laptop by lunchtime tomorrow.

And yes, for cripe's sake...the lesson for ALL of us here is BACK UP YOUR FILES!!!!!!!!!! Do it now! Go! We'll all wait till you get back....


*taps toe*


Hey, FJ, have you ever seen this website? I have been mesmerized by it for the last hour! And I'm not even interested in having babies....

Orgasmic childbirth indeed! Actually, I don't think it's THAT uncommon, especially with home births and water births becoming more common, but women probably don't talk about it much. I do have a friend who will very openly reveal the fact that she had an orgasm when her daughter was born. Very cool, but yes, it does shock some otherwise progressive-thinking people when she mentions it.
Okay, E-man called and he seems supercool. I'm going to have coffee with him on Sunday. I'm flipping out a little in a good and bad way. It seems too soon, but maybe it's what I should be doing. Moving on, seeing what's out there. Dating for me will be doubly difficult because I have other issues besides being broken hearted. *sigh*
Good evening okayers!

Hey doodle, how are you doing? I think you should get high. Probably because I am super fucking high. I'm sorry to hear, you could write about this moment in your memoir!

Kel, I totally understand that you need a diversion.

Hey poodle, I didn't say hi earlier.

Le sigh. I need to have some water, then I'm going to go to bed, like listen to cool tunes and travel backwards through time.

Later okayers


Hi, peeps!

I played hookey today and just hung out at home. I watched The Interpreter, which was okay, I guess. Not terrible. Caught up on some Boston Legal and made a necklace and two bracelets. They all turned out really nicely, especially the necklace, which took me probably 4 hours. It's light and dark purple crystals with these little sprays between the centerpiece beads.

GT's a showoff! That's an awesome "insult" to get so early into your program. And cool that your math teacher is your favorite author. Small word, huh?

(((((Doodle))))) That sucks about your journal, but it doesn't mean you don't still have your memories and you didn't make your journey and learn everything that you did. Be happy for having those and move on.

((((((((RV house vibes))))))))) I don't know why those people wouldn't accept your offer outright, since it's exactly what they asked for. It seems a little backhanded to me, but I've never bought or sold a house.

Just 9 more working days, Jenn. Keep that in mind. And keep in mind all the people who aren't acting like jackasses to you right now. But I can totally see that, working in a NPO and all. I've done that more than once. But they had someone in your positon before you and they will after you and everything will be just fine, and they should realize that.

((((((((((((Kel date vibes))))))))))))

FJ, those flowers are gorgeous! Are they hydrangias, or something else? I can't wait to have my own house so I can plant all kinds of flowers like that.

(((((((((((Minx get better vibes)))))))))))))))))

Hi, Poodle, Tree, Kari, CH, and everyone else!

I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. I have a meeting with my boss in the morning, though it's not anything bad and someone else will be there to help us figure out how to end the little project I was doing. I just hate being in closed quarters with my boss. At least he'll be sitting down so I won't have to hurt my neck looking straight up (he's at least 6'6" and bulky enough to be a pro wrestler, though not as well built, not that I'm looking or even care).

My teeth are bugging me again, too. I've got a checkup in a few months, so I'll probably wait until then to complain about it. The same teeth on my left side are all achey and I always feel like I need to floss to make them feel better.

Anywhoo, time to either pick up my clothes or watch Lost with the giant.

yay again for jenn, and the other okayers, but those old bosses, and rosey's dream house sellers, culture's ex boy, kel's ex are all, say it with me, moldy whorelicks!
fuck them freaks! they get a punch in the neck.

ooch, diva, no talk about the teefs....dentists are haunting me.

fj i lurve the flowers... spring is around the corner. it was rainy here so i was listening to the dreamy babel gilberto.....sigh....

minxy gets a nice big bowl of pho to help her get mo' betta

doodle, i know how you feel. i had a journal on diary-x for 4 years. it was a journal that was my whole transition, from before the first day, all the funny sad things i found on the way, the books that influenced me, and my relationship with two of the most important women in my life. parts of me that i wanted to hold onto, lessons i wanted to learn, and people and things i wanted to honor. so many big and little things, places. people. words. ideas. so many days....

then poof.

all gone.

in one day.

it felt like something had been stolen from me or a part of my brain was lost. it's like when someone asks you a question you know you know but your brain just can't remember it, and you know you will be bugged by it until you do remember it. but you know you never will. it's been more than a year, and it still really bugs me. i keep hoping that it is out there somewhere, but it's not, and it feels awful hearing about you losing yours, even now, i have a hard time starting a new one and not abandoning it. i keep wanting to go back to my old one. back to my old home. i think that's most what it's like a kind of homelessness. things never quite seem as safe.

i am so terribly sorry doodle.


today was a strangely good day at school. all this time i have kinda been keeping to myself. not being unfriendly, but not being super social, yet in one of my classes we had to pick 2 team leaders, for a long term project. a guy who, frankly, i haven't said word one to, a guy who hangs out with all the tuff guys in class, was the first to nominate people, and the first person he nominated

huh?! i have to admit i was very flattered, i had to fight the urge to laugh out loud. he then listed a bunch of solid reasons why i was perfect. he then nominated the other girl in class, and another kid said he wanted to lead, and then we took a vote. wtf?! i was the runaway winner. i felt like sally field getting the oscar for norma rae, "you like me!!!! you really like me!!!!" /dork the other two had a run-off, and the other girl was voted the other leader. the funny thing was it was such a suprize, i'm still not sure i want to do it....there is something weird going on in the universe, i'm telling you.

ok hugs to the rest of the okayers, i'm gonna tear thru my reading blueprints work book...
Holy crapulence!
It was close there for a bit. Ya see, technically, our original offer was exactly the asking price, but when you factor in the realtor's commission, the sellers were getting 2.5% under their asking price. So the offer they got from the other party ended up being a bit higher than ours. The owners came back to us to see if we wanted to respond. And with a little negotiating, we were able to beat out the other party. Originally the sellers were going to "sleep on it" and get back to us tomorrow, but 5 minutes later they called back and said that they really really like us & they want us to have the house so they aren't going to give the other party a 2nd chance.
The house is ours!
When our realtor told us, I burst into tears. Oh my. I just can't believe it. Amazing!

I'm going to go sit in stunned silence for a while. I'll pay proper attention to you all tomorrow. smile.gif


yay! i get to be the first to say congrats, rosey!!!!

i guess we don't have to punch em in the neck... (darn)
YAY, Rose and Sheff!!!!! Wooooot!

And, ohhhhhh yeah, about the realtor's commission. But, I'm so happy for you because I get to live vicariously through your excitement...and I just love watching that whole process. You're going to have to pop over in "house of the gods" second favorite place in the Lounge!

And that's so cool, GT about your getting accepted in class! Another Wooooot! is called for. It's awesome that you've gained so much respect. I'm so proud of you.

So, things are looking up, at least a little bit.

Doodle, I'm definitely gonna back up all my files today, gotta get a bunch of cds ready. But it's definitely gonna be one of my top priorities for today! I don't keep a journal on my laptop (I'm more of a paper journal type) but it'd suck to lose all my Quicken files. ~*~more hugs for ((((doodle))))~*~

Divala, I envy your ability to make purty sparkly jewelry. I can do really good hemp jewelry, can even do some pretty complicated knots, but the um, "classier" stuff, I just have a tough time visualizing. So that's more why I'm a bead 'buyer and stasher'....

Kel, don't look at it as a *date*...look at it as coffee with a potential friend. You're in control of your destiny, not this guy. It sounds like you've both been honest with each other about the situation of you both being newly out of relationships.

Wow, I haven't read that article, doodle, but orgasmic childbirth? What a concept!

feel better ~*~*~*vibes*~*~*~ for minx, hope you feel better soon!

Jenn, that sucks that they can't be civil, but, it's true! I'd be tempted to put a huge "day countdown" on my calendar so they can't miss it...but, yeah, focus on those people who are being civil and genuine to you, and look forward to your new position coming soon!

So, I go back to work Monday. So I've got TONS to do today, I want to get the house cleaned up, get caught up on laundry, and of course, work on the sweater I've (ambitiously enough) started. And I'm filing my work comp appeal today.

I stopped at the neighborhood tavern where some guys from work hang out, got talking to one who's worked closely with me, he's a great guy, and I was talking about my arm and sort of venting, and he said something that sort of resonated with me...I was talking about how it's not fair, he's been doing this stuff for twenty years with no arm issues...and he said,

"you know, it's a physical fact of life, you don't have the same upper body strength as I do. And everything you're taking apart, has been put together by gorillas. Stuff doesn't have to be as tight as it gets tightened, but let's face it, when a gorilla's putting this stuff together, you've got to work doubly hard, having a strength disadvantage PLUS your arms are a little shorter. If I were constantly taking stuff apart that was put together by machines, I'd probably have the same trouble."

It sort of sounds sexist on the surface, but one thing working this job has done for me, is made me brutally honest about the physical differences between men and women. And I'm starting to question my ability to do this job. Not because I "can't" do it, but because I'm struggling at a disadvantage all the time. He's absolutely right. I mean, there are things women can do, leveragewise, to get a better mechanical advantage, but those levers and stuff don't fit in a refrigeration cabinet. You know, my arms are HUGE, for a woman, but I'd never be able to beat a male steamfitter, at arm wrestling. I should take a picture, I'm sort of proud of my arms, but they're also a pain in the arse because I can't fit into most women's dressy clothes, just cause of them.

I'm going to look into consolidating all my various educations and seeing if I can't muster up some sort of a degree in something, maybe engineering...does anybody know how to do that? I have almost four years of college behind me, mostly in political science and history and sociology...and that along with my apprenticeship training...I've been told that my apprenticeship is worth 2.5 years of credit, or almost an associate's degree. I dunno.

What should I do? Ugh. I'm gonna be forty next year....

CONGRATULATIONS, ROSIE AND SHEFF!!!!! WOooooooooT!!! I am SO happy for you guys - you are getting the house that *absolutely* feels right to you, and buying it from decent people, which is always a nice bonus! And Oh, the fun you shall have planning and decorating!!!

GT, you ROCK, sister!!! I think it is incredibly awesome that your classmates nominated you to lead a project...that is seriously cool - now show 'em what you've got!!!

Tree - I think its a very good thing to be honest about who we are, and what we can do...and of course you can do your job well, but yeah - we're not physically the same as men. I certainly felt that when I lived in the commune and was driving freight trucks, moving freight and luggage, and cording wood all day...I just did not have the leverage and upper body strength that the guys did...certainly I had a helluva lot *more* strength after a few months, but I never really caught up to them. BUT, they weren't as good at driving the big trucks as I was, either. wink.gif

Diva, that is awesome that you had a day at home, I love those! Somehow it feels way better than the weekend, just knowing that everyone else is at work. I'm REALLY looking forward to having a week off between jobs - AND job job I'n leaving has to pay me out for 2 weeks of vacation, so I'll still be gettin paid - WOOT!

Okay, time to get back to the grind here.

Congrats RV AND SHEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!

GT, that rawks about being picked as a team leader! And you are more then welcome to punch my previous lovers in the neck, tell them don't know what they're missing while you're at it!

Tree, just contact the university you want to go to, they should be able to help you. Who cares about age? You want to do it, then go back and do it!!!!

Diva, I would love to stay home and be lazy, I'm very jealous.

So, I went to the dog park yesterday, and puppers, who is normally very shy, was actually chasing another dog, not just for a little bit either, but running around and around and around and around. Then she was being a border collie, doing the creeping and herding and stuff. Awwwww, I was such a proud momma yesterday. I've been waiting for her to do this for so long. She's become more social! YAY! I've also now deleted the ex's number from my phone, I totally thought I'd keep him around as a friend, NOPE! I didn't even have his number memorized, so now it's gone to the cellphone number graveyard, where people we don't want to talk to go...but of course I'll tun into him sometime, we frequent the same watering hole. I'm wondering if I should be polite or just be my sexy, flrity self and ignore him. You know, have him watch me and be like, damn, I fucked up. I like option 2 better! Hee.

It's going to be a lovely 18 degrees here today, and after work, I'll take hounders to the park.

Have a good day!


Turbo- Rock.

GT- Awesome

Tree- Suck.

very fast blow by...(whoosh....!)
Good, almost afternoon everyone?

Helllllloooooooooooooooooo????? *voice echos*

Hmm, oh well, I'll talk to myself.

So, CH, how's it going?

All is well here CH, I'm almost caught up on work

Well, that's a good thing, what are your plans for tonight?

I'm going to take th hound to the park, she actually chased other dogs yesteday, for a while! It was really great.

well, CH it was nice talking to you, hope you have a great day!

hehe, ch is silly!

i'm having a rough day today. i was in, read all the archives this morning but didn't post.

i do need to say YAAAAAAAAAAAY for rv and sheff!! oh, i'm so happy for you! you're on your way to home-ownership! yippppeeeee!

ok, off to toddle about the house. i'm a little pluuurby about my finances. sure, the job seems to be going ok, but the money is inconsistent and when i opened the bank account this morning, it didn't look too hot. we're broke for a while. boooooo! i hate it when ALL the bills come out at the same time. i knew i wouldn't have a ton of money to spend and all, but i don't like opening the account and only seeing the spending money there!

ETA: but, i put some fans on craigslist about a half hour ago and already have three responses. hey, it's not much, but wow. i didn't expect the fast response.
FJ, I sorry you're having such a bad day

I think I should try to not to use the letter e. This is hard! Okay...

Today is Thursday, it is sunny with light clouds in sky. work is going, it is not busy right now. Tomorrow is Friday and that could not be similar to today. This is kind of fun. Okay, CH, must try to do work now.
CH - I think I'm getting a cold. It's the damn weather. Cold one minute then warm the next. I didn't go to school today. I'm all stuffy, chilly and tired as all hell. I'd love to be at the park with my puppies or with Mr. Pug having some fun back in the woods. *wink*

FJ - Sorry you are having a bad day. Money sucks. Mr. Pug and I get like that sometimes. I'm just waiting for our damn income tax checks to come in. Take care of yourself.

I said something bitchy in another thread. Regret that now. After going back and reading it I wonder where in the hell that came from. I'm not usually like that. *pats self on the back* Nice, Pugs, very nice. *sighs* I'm going back to bed. I feel like poop. I think Mr. Pug is getting boxed chicken pot pies for dinner. Throw them in the microwave baby. Momma is out of commission for the night.

Have a good day all.
Happy Thursday, everybody! I can't believe it's already Thursday. This week has just FLOWN by for me.

GT, you rock the casbah, sweetcakes. So glad to hear that your work is so respected in your class! And I hope that your teacher who is also the author is understanding & warms up to you. I'm sure he or she could give you a lot of great advice. (And no, you don't need to punch anybody in the neck for me just now. But I appreciate the offer! biggrin.gif )

Tree, I'm sorry that your job has been so hard on your body. I understand exactly what that man was telling you and ... well, he does have a good point. But you don't need to have a lot of strength to do other jobs in your field, right? Afterall, you seem to know a lot about welding. smile.gif Any chance you could get back into that? Would it be easier on your wrist?

Jenn, I am still pleased as punch that you got that other job! I hope the new environment will be warm & encouraging & wonderful. And hooray for paid vacations! Woo hoo!

((((((((FJ))))))))) So sorry to hear you're having a hard time, hon. Here are some ~$~$$~$$$~BIG sale vibes~$$$~$$~$~ just for you.

CH, your puppers sounds so sweet. I love border collies. smile.gif

~~~~~~ healing for Pugs & Mox & all the sickies out there ~~~~~

Latest update: We went into the realtor's office this morning & wrote up the final offer. Then the realtor took it over to the sellers' house and it has been signed!!!! WOo hoo!!! It seems that they are pleased as punch that we are getting the house & they said that we can come by whatever day we like & just walk around if we want. "Just let me know & I'll hide the key somewhere for you!" Isn't that sweet? So when my two girlyfriends are here next week, I'm going to take them by & let them check out our new pad. biggrin.gif

And since you're all so curious about what OUR HOUSE looks like (yes, OUR house!), here is the only picture of it available on the internet.

It seems that this pic was taken over the winter since the leaves are missing from the trees. In fact, if you look closely you'll see a plum tree right smack in the center of this photo. Isn't it beautiful? I never thought I'd own something so pretty. I'm about to start crying again just thinking about it. Sniff!
*catches breath*

OMG rosev, that house is GORGEOUS! I'd have been gunning for it toooo! And a plum tree! I'm visualizing jars and jars of plum conserves!

((((falljackets)))) sorry about the tough financial times this pay period. sad.gif

*waves at LMP* Hi there! smile.gif *tries desperately to resist seeking out that bitchy up, pugs!

CH, you're cute!!! I love reading your posts. Especially when you're being cute.

Rose, my deal is, I'd really like to stay working for the state. I've got some time invested, etc...and we've got two guys who are excellent welders...and let's face it....aren't really, um...I'm trying to be nice, but aren't experienced* enough to do anything BUT our welding positions are taken. I'm waiting for another few minutes to call... I got the phone number of a career counselor...perhaps if I get a degree, then in about six years or so (till my current boss retires), I can be in the running for supervisory work. Or something. I dunno. It can't hurt to see if I can get a degree. I'm thinking I may already have one coming, it's just a matter of consolidating the credits in the right way. I'll find out what it'll take.

*not that welders are necessarily stupid, you can be very bright and be a good welder. It's just that these particular guys...coincidentally, aren't geared towards mechanical/electrical/refrigeration theory.

Oh, and awesome news! One of my friends who I was talking to at the tavern last night happens to have an "in" with one of the best workers comp attorneys in the city and she called him on my behalf and he said he'd be happy to help me!!!! SQUEEEEE!
Rosie - that house is STUNNING! And the northerner in my is so jealous that the only sign of winter in that photo is the missing leaves - grass is still green, and sun shining! Of course, I wouldn't want the hot summers you have, either! smile.gif

CH, you are too sweet - I love your conversation with yourself!!

Who knew leaving your job made you so busy...sheesh, they are busting my ass around here!

2 more hours to go.
RV what a great house!!!!! I love it!

Hee, I love talking to myself, I'm a very good conversationalist. Sometimes.

Le Sigh, I got out of the office for a while this afternoon. Tomorrow I have more to do outside the office as well. It seems that once I'm almost caught up, there is more to do. Oh well, it is what it is.

Hey, turbo good to see you in here!

tree, awww thanks *blushes*

So, that is all for now. I just wanted to touch base. I only have a little while left int he day, then I am going to jam out a little early. I think I'm deserving of it. Oh, that and management is out of the office today.
Hi all! This is a very quick one!

RV, congrats on the house! It's gorgeous!

I have to go pick up my laptop, and then come home and wait for the gyno to phone me back. Yeah, I finally made the call. Because my HAIR has started falling out, and I'm finally scared! (Anything but my hair. Seriously. I'm like a guy this way.) So. Yeah. Gotta run.
Hi, peeps!

Congrats on the house, RV! It's really beautiful, with the big trees all around and very stately. I'm glad this whole mess got figured out quickly, and they went for you! It sounds like they're very reasonable people, even with the minor increase for the realtor.

And good for you, GT, for getting picked to head up a team! That's great!

((((((FJ & LMP)))))

Hi, CH, Doodle, Turbo, Tree and everyone!

Not much going on over here today, as usual. I've got the ball rolling on getting my transcripts to where they need to be so I can register for classes on time, which I'm glad to have done. I can't believe registration is already in a week and a half! I need to come up with a lot of cash within a couple months, though, at least $500, if not more, so I can pay for everything. It'd be great if they could hold off on collecting payment until after classes start, because I know I can pay in full by then because I get paid 3 times that month.

Anyway, I've also decided to take up a part-time job for the holidays helping to make truffles and confections at an upscale local chocolatier, just to get a little real experience in a professional chocolate kitchen. I should probably try to learn my way around that stuff if I'm planning on doing it at least partially as a career (even though I'm focusing more on the bar part because I'm more comfortable with that). I should probably get my application in quick before they hire someone else. I have no idea how I'm going to work 2 jobs, make truffles and crafts, and have time to sell at shows, but I've got about 7 months to figure that out.
C'est un miracle!!!

I just opened up my laptop...and my journal is here! All of it!

I am backing it up RIGHT NOW!

I just phoned the tech guy to tell him, and even HE didn't know. He said he searched for a long time, for anything even remotely similar in name, and couldn't find it.

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