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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi diva!!

Thanks for the walking invite, but I've already got my gym clothes on and I'm ready to head down there. We should definitely do some walking soon, though. I think the weather is supposed to be nice for the rest of the week.

Gah, mondays at the Y are so busy. Ah well, I had such a good workout yesterday that I want to build on it. Plus, I wanna see if Nile got the building supervisor position that he applied for. I guess they're eliminating his "fitness monitor" position, so his only option for staying there is to work as the bldg supervisor. He finds out today. I don't want him to leave!!

Okay, I'm outta here.

Hi hi! I'm trying to get through the archives - I read a lot, but not all yet. I promise to get all caught up today, as I have the day off! WOOT!

After work last night, I went out to take part in the Japanese art of Karaoke. I sang "Welcome to The Jungle" and "Rock You Like a Hurricane". It was so hilarious. I got a standing ovation for my rendition of "Welcome to The Jungle".

I have never had Peruvian food in a restaurant, but I have had Peruvian home cooking. The only thing I really remember is Papas Huancaina (I think this is the name???). It's little potatoes with some kind of creamy, chile sauce. So so good. The sauce had smashed saltine crackers in it to thicken it, I remember. I also remember the cookies that the lady made - they were so delicious, little sandwich cookies with some kind of creamy filling. The cookie parts were a type of shortbread, "made with real manteca!!" (lard). No wonder they melted in my mouth. I wonder how they would turn out if they were made with butter.

In Chicago, I was also introduced to Colombian pastries. On the northwest side, there is a Colombian bakery that sells various yummy and unusual (to us) breakfast and snacky pastries, desserts, and exotic juices, like Lulo (has a lot of calcium!), Mora (I think it's blackberry juice), and Guanabana (don't know what it is, but it's white and delicious!).

Somewhere else in Chicago, still on the north side, I had Costa Rican food. It was really good, and they made me a Guanabana smoothie.

I could talk about food forever, dudes. I miss Chicago so very much.

However, you can't beat the Mexican food you'll find in Tucson! And I'll eat pretty much any grade of Chinese food. I'm not a snob. My little town up in Northern MN has a Chinese restaurant (run by a Vietnamese family) that I love. Num num num.

Octi - I sometimes want to hook up with a girl, myself. I don't know how to go about it either, but doodle had a good idea, I think. I don't know why I'm so curious, and I don't even know what/who I am looking for, but I just want to try it.

OK - we have company now. I'll be back in a little while.
Yay! I can finally get in to post! I swear, I think I'm the only person who's NOT enjoying the pink seems to slow down my connection soooo much that I give up...I waited fifteen minutes this morning for the lounge to load before finally giving up. Blech.

GT, did you quit a day job to do the welding program? If that's gonna be undo-able with your tooth, your local tech college might have evening welding classes. When I was an apprentice I also went to night classes at my local tech college. Just to get a leg up on the rest. Perhaps check into that, if this isn't going to work out for you..I really don't want to see you quit, but your health is important too! Just know, that there ARE ways of doing it, perhaps without this program.

But, yeah, I'm TOTALLY rooting for you to find a way to stay in the program you're in...just because it sounds like you're learning soooo much!

Doodle, if you come visit Jenn, you guys have got to take a side trip up to Madison and come see me!!! Jenn, I didn't notice the prom queen ad until now...I was used to seeing the "ex boyfriend from hell" or something like that, one.

The tiny town where the shack is located, has a mexican restaurant. And, it's actually pretty good...they make fresh corn tortillas to order. And I've been told it's pretty authentic. But, who knows, here in dairyland? I've really gotta branch out my eating habits.

Gawd, the VA college shootings terrify me because I work at a if you ever hear of shootings at the university of wisconsin-madison, please send me vibes!

Speaking of work, squeeeee!! I was asked by friends of mine to take their daughter to work with ME for "take your kid to work day"! Dad's on disability and Mom works third they wanted S. to see "something different" so she's gonna spend the day with me! This is gonna be so cool! I'm gonna set her up with some copper pipe and let her solder it together so she has a keepsake. smile.gif She's ten, she should be okay with a torch, right? ???

I'm gonna post this so I don't lose what I have so far...but I'm gonna be editing the post and adding to it for a while.....

PK, I bet there is awesome mexican food in Tucson!! And I'd pay money to see you rocking out to "rock you like a hurricane!" Sounds like a great time. smile.gif

Diva and poodle, try and get out and enjoy some of this great weather! I'm sitting outside on my balcony right now....that may be the only reason I've got good enough internet right now....hehe

Yeah, CH, what kind of an idiot tries to pull a control card like THAT? I mean, is he superstitious or something? 7/7/7? What's up with that? Huh. But $100. in change is a good thing! Yay!

My cat is out here with me, fully convinced he's going to catch a bird.

((((shawnboy and family)))))

FJ, I was wondering about you...I guess this nor-easter's even affecting your weather down there, hmmm? Anyway, I'm glad to see you check in. smile.gif

more laptop *~*~*vibes*~*~* for doodlebug

Octi, doodle's got good advice. smile.gif

Okay, I'm gonna go off to enjoy some of this weather.....((((Hugs to okayers I've probably missed!))))
Hello okayers! *waves*

Doodle, I'm so excited that you got some cash, get yout laptop fixed and get some dope! That rocks. Indeed, I actually only stopped smoking for a month, then I got high, and again, and tonight I'm really high. Damn, I've missed using my vapourizer! It rocks!

Diva, I just love that you refer to it as beaming up to the mothership! So hysterical. I remember the first time I read that!

Kari, boy 2, I met him 2 weeks ago, through friends. (That night, I was working the both of them at the bar). He walked me to my car and gave me a lovely kiss goodnight, we chatted from there. Last night we went out for drinks, then went to park, where I got a little bit of lovin'. He's not the type of man I'll date, but lovin', that's different.

I wore sandals to work today! I ws so happy, and I turned my AC on. Not that it was that warm, but I just wanted to.

PK! Sweet for singing cockrock!

Poodle, you have motivated me to work out, but I'm pretty high, so it'll have to wait.

HI FJ! How's work going?

I had some bean salad for dinner, and I'm watching mythbusters right now and it's funny, I love this show! The drive home took forever, crudlies.

~~~toofy vibes for GT~~~~

~~~~laptop vibes for doodle~~~~

RV, where are you? ~~~house vibes~~~ didn't you go look at a for sale by owner house tonight???

Turbo, whatcha having for dinner today?

Well, I'm going to go browse now. Later (((okayers)))
Well, of *course* doodle and I would make and excursion up to Madison to see you, tree! Its gorgeous up there, and there's New Glarus Brewery, which is reason enough! I would expect turbomann and I will make a trip up your way this spring anyhow, so hopefully we'll meet up with you anyhow!

The VA shootings is SO scary...I sat there with tears rolling down my face reading the unfolding story. Going to school should not be an unsafe experience. I'm sad for all the kids and staff there, and all of the grieving families. ((((peace and safety for all in VA))))

Spin class kicked my ass tonight...I am very much looking forward to my bath tonight. But I do love riding home after spin - my legs are so warmed up, its like I just float home, with not a thought in my head...all thunk out.

Hi culture!! Ooooh, a little lovin' -- nice!!

Dinner tonight was my 16 bean soup that I made yesterday - I try if at all possible, *not* to cook on Monday nights...mondays are hard enough, and I get home late when I go to spin. Soup always hits the spot.

Tree, that ROCKS that you're having your friend's daughter go with you for take your daughter to work day!! My job would be ever so boring for that sort of thing, but your job would be fascinating, and open a girl's mind to consider different kinds of jobs!

I love Dancing with the Stars. I do. smile.gif Crazy Bruno, the judge, cracks my shit up. And Joey Fatone....YUMMM.

Poodle, I hope Nile gets the job! What BS to cut the fitness monitor - its such a valuable position, not only for member safety, but also in warming members up, keep them feeling good about the club, and promoting personal training services. boooooo!
Okayers, please forgive me for my self-absorption here, but I just had to give you an up-date!

We toured the cream For Sale By Owner house this evening.
Love! LoveLoveLove! And some additional love!
I think we've found our house. I'm still a bit shocked about it all, but there it is! I think this is The One! EEEEEEEE!!!!!!

More details to come later. Just had to share my excitement. biggrin.gif
I cried when we turned on the VA Tech news during our team meeting today. Everytime something like this happens, I get sick inside. Everytime I have to explain the inexplicable to my students.

I've read all the archives, I promise. I'm just very tired, so I'll be quick:

Yay for Doodle's money, Culture's lovin', Turbo's 16 bean soup, Tree's internet connection, PK's day off, Divala's fun weekend, and Octi's thesis.

Hugs and vibes for Shawnboy and all other suffering okayers, friends, and family.

GT, don't quit!

I need advice: It's only been a month since Kelman and I broke up. I don't think I'm over it by a long shot. However, a very cool guy on Bust personals has been emailing me wonderful emails. I've responded because email is fairly safe. However, he wants me to call him. I just don't know. Part of me wants to try to move on and the other part of me thinks it's unfair to try to move on when I'm not over Kelman yet. This guy is just out of relationship too. What's an okayer to do? I've been honest with him that I'm just out of a relationship. Help!

Cross post with RV: YAY!!! Put in the offer!
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY for Rosie and Sheff!!!! Put in that offer, my dear! See see see! You *know* when its the right house! Keep us posted!

Kel, I've no idea what to tell you my dear...I have little to no experience in this area, but listen to your heart. If the guy seems sweet, but you're not quite ready, then let him know that maybe in a couple weeks you'll be ready to take it to the "live" level. BUT, I do think its awesome that you're exploring your options too!

Well, its almost bathtime here for me! Yay!
hey all!!

kel, if it feels right, then do it. nothing wrong with getting to know someone. just be honest with him about your concerns. go for it! but, there is also nothing wrong with taking time for yourself if you feel you need it. do what is best for you.

i'm sleepy. this monday seems to have been shitty all around. i'm thinking something is out of alignment with the cosmos. weird shit is happening.

i hope everyone is safe where they are at.

God, that is nauseating news, isn't it, about the VA massacre? ... I don't even know what to say about it.


kel, IMHO, there is nothing wrong with two grieving people deriving comfort from one another in a situation that may or may not go further than that. But simply, remember that you ARE grieving, and if you don't feel right about pushing the boundaries of your comfort levels right now, then don't. The power of the decision is yours.

rose, congrats on finding the house! *crosses fingers*

culture, I've never used a vapourizer, but I am told I ought to try. I keep making cookies with the stuff, actually! Or I would, if my friend would phone me back...serves me right, I didn't return her last call for a few weeks! OOPS. (I was sick! And anti-social. Still, never mess up your connections, that is the lesson here.)

Ah treehugger...a trip to Madison might be what it takes for me to get those darned books to you! *balefully stares at the box in the corner, long awaiting its trip to the post office*

I would be happy to provide a decor consult, turbo! But what if I still think your walls should be orange?

diva, thanks for the apartment love! *blushes*

So the tech guy I talked with said they'd try to have my laptop by Thursday. He looked a little dubious about the possibility of retrieving the journal, especially after I explained the sequence of events that led to the Blue Screen of Death. But I strongly stressed the importance of doing so, and I even confessed to him that I cried. And also, his wife was in the Centre's first production of the Vagina Monologues ("She played the dominatrix," he said with a touch of pride).'s hoping...

Oh cod, all this talk about food....I ate WAYYYYY too much dinner. Oof. I think my belly might explode. I am probably going to go lie down very shortly...(and mess up my sleep schedule, just when I was getting it together...)

ETA: cross-posted with stargazer! *waves*
Doodle, if you came here and declared that my walls should be could I refuse?!

((((laptop healing vibes))))

Hi star! Good to see you in here! *tucks star into bed*

I had a lovely bath, just the thing for sore muscles. I think I might tuck myself into bed early too!
what up wild asses an' hot whorelicks?!

yay culture!!!! glad you had a good time with boy2. i don't know about you but i've already forgotten about ol' what's-his-head.

shpeaking of what's-his-heads, kell, i meant to tell you a while ago about my friend's path to forgetting about her ex, she would give them a "name of distain" and refuse to utter their name or talk about them unless using the name of distain. one was "ol' peg leg," and no, incase you were wondering, he did not have a peg leg, she just wanted something funny and slightly mean to take her mind off of things. but it sounds like you have something new coming your way.... take your time, chica....

starg, i have been thinking the same thing about the stars for the last two weeks.... too much weirdness....

thanks for talking about more peruvian, pk, now i have a drooling problem too!

i am so jealous of diva and poodley for hanging out over the weekend. y'all suk!

hi pretty pregger fall jackets!!! hi doodle, karianne, lore and all the other okers...

mox, i think your avi is my new fave...

rose!!!!!! yay!!!! that's awesome! i can't wait for the details!*runs excitedly in a circle before being clotheslined by a cabnet door, which. re-bruises my forehead on impact*

tree, the going to class thing is so cool, but if you give that little girl a torch she is gonna grow up to be a pyro... i swear, i can't help but whisper, "fire, i love you." everytime i strike my torch....

turbo, thank you for demanding i not quit, it was what i needed to hear. just someone laying down the law to me. you are the best evah!!!! thanks to you my headspace was way different and i had a good day at school....

as for welding, i don't want to quit the course, after all it is free, but that assumes that i have $$$ for room and board and if this tooth thing gets worse, i may not have a choice. it might come down to being able to afford one or the other, since i'm on a strict budget for this class, basically when it ends, i have 2 weeks to find a job, period. that's how tight my money is. i can't really go to a clinic because of some outstanding bills, i have been trying to pay off for my last tooth fun explosion. i swear, all my teeth trouble have been in the last 2 years.....

well i have 2 days worth of homework, and if i keep reading i won't do it. i will let you guys know how the tooth thing works out....

later, okers!

yeah, the new avie is one of my fave moxette photos...every once in a while, we just set the camera on "auto click" where it takes multiple shots in rather rapid succession, and we usually get a great candid one.

Christ- I should be working. My reason for working at home some distraction. So, of course, I BUST! smile.gif

real quick: any exercise is good. I started walking the .75 mile to moxette's school to pick her up yesterday. We both enjoyed the walk home tremendously. And, i've got moxieman running again. Let's hope it lasts!

FJ- you are ADORABLE. Have you registered for baby stuff yet? I want to see!

We are having beef fajitas for dinner. YUUUMMMM.
Mornin' everyone!

Its a gorgeous spring morning of those where its really hard to make that last turn in on my bike to go to work...I would love to just keep riding, and go on up to the Bahai Temple for some morning meditation, and gaze at all the tulips...I love going up there.

I have to say, that I am loving turbomann's new job sitch - he's happier than ever, he gets home around 6pm, and really is pitching in with the chores in the evening - without my asking! - and it just makes me so appreciate him. YAY! It also makes the thought of me working longer hours at a new job much more palatable. smile.gif

GT - you are most welcome my dear, but I HAVE to think that there is some creative way to stay in the welding program AND get your toof fixed. And if we need to take up a bustie collection, sell some good chocolates...whatever....I am IN. This welding program is not only an important opportunity - its something you're *excited* about, and we're all here to support you!
good morning! How is everyone?

All is well here, I'm even okay with the fact that it's Tuesday, and normally, I hate Tuesday's. And I have to take my car in for minor repairs. But, that's okay, because I need a new CV boot, and if you leave a CV boot for too long you need a new CV joint, and if you don't get that fixed you could end up being thrown off the highway if everything seizes up, and it could also lead to needing a new axel, so, since I'd rather be alive then dead, I'm getting it fixed today. plus, I need a new muffler, but that's on warranty, so no problem there.

Hey Jenn, my usual post right after your post! Hee. That is a gorgeous temple! The lovin' was good, it was nice to have a man who doesn't hold back, and who, in the words of the wise Diva, won't have me beamed up to the mothership! Bwaahahahahahaha.

Hey GT, ~~~healing vibes~~~ Ol' peg leg, I love it!

Yaya mox for the walk to pick up moxette, that rocks! I used to walk to university, sometimes. I take the dog out everyday though!

Kel, the first guy I hooked up with after my crazy ex also had some issues (as in an junkie ex wife who still lived in the house, because he didn't want the kids to lose contact with mom. uhhh, HELLO! She's a drug addict and the kids see this as well as the arguements, that's not healthy!), but I slept with him anyway, it was good to get over the ex, it had been a month since the ex and I broke up. You have to do what's best for you, if you make a new friend out of the deal, then sweet, if not, not a big deal right!

Doodle, vapourizer's are AWESOME! I love it, you get such a body high, and since you are smoking vapour, it's not as harsh on your lungs. At first it seems like it may not be working, but then, all of a sudden, you are high as a kite. It's a sneaker upper, that's for sure. Plus there is no waste, and you don't have to keep on relighting, it burns your dope at the perfect temp. It's some of the best $76.00 I ever spent.

Hi star! How ya doing today?

RV! I am so happy for you that you may have found the house! Let us know!!!!!!

So, it's going to be gorgeous here today, in fact I'm wearing my eight dollar flip flops today, and tonight I'll take the hound for a walk and work out. I didn't work out this weekend, but I was at the park 2 and three times each day. that is all for now. I'll check in later!

Oh wait! good things Tuesday

1. The okayers are doing good!
2. I'll have a safe car again!
3. It great outside! Spring is here!
4. My boy toy!
5. Black bean and corn salad for lunch (actually called an Aztec Salad, but it's delish!)
6. The puppy actually playing with other dogs at the park!
7. I could just keep on going on and on and on today, but that would become vomitous.


Hey, CH...could you drop the rec'p for the Aztec Salad? Sounds yummy indeed!
Hi, peeps!

RV, tell us about the house! Are the bathrooms big enough?

Kel, has it been a month already since you broke up? It doesn't seem like that long. If the guy you met on the personals is really in the same situation, he should understand if you need a little more time before you involve the phone.

Hi, PK! And Moxie! And CH! And Turbo! And GT, Star, and Doodle!

Not much to report today. I had a decent walk yesterday, although my ankles gave me problems again. I think it's just a matter of getting my body used to walking long distances again, which is really hard to do. I refuse to believe my own ankles won't carry me 2.5 lousy miles without pain. Anywhoo, I got to listen to the new Gorillaz album yesterday, and I really like it. I got home and Part One of my massive bead order was waiting for me. I made myself a really cool necklace out of 4mm black rubber cord, sterling silver wire, and a square beveled Swarovski crystal that's a little more than an inch square with an open center. It's pretty damn cool, and it's all mine. I'm not putting this one up for sale.

I forgot to mention the funniest/stupidest thing from the weekend. The place where we went for brunch on Sunday makes personalized matchbooks. That's lovely, but there's one problem: my name's Angie, not Annie. So now I have matches for Annie _______. Great.

Also, the giant told me that he finally told his ex-wife about me, now that it's been almost 2 years since he got divorced. That was a pretty big deal to me, but if I were in her position, I don't think I'd want to know. Maybe now that she's seeing someone and knows that the giant's with me, maybe she'll try to make things a little easier for him, though she doesn't have to. Fingers crossed that she moves in with the guy she's seeing and/or gets married so the giant can quit paying her so much, if not quit paying her at all.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) lots and lots and lots of beads to work with and specific projects for all of them
2) I feel a hookey day coming on tomorrow
3) I'm wearing a pretty new sparkly necklace
4) the giant got some unexpected money in the mail, enough to pay for our trip in a couple weeks. I love when things work out for him.
5) boss is gone for a little bit today so I can Bust in the morning
6) toilet in the bathroom across from me finally got fixed, but not without a whole lotta noise
7) the temp is going to be above 60 for the forseeable future

So, I got the call for my car repairs...$600.00 and some change. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh well, I can get a refund on the muffler if I can find the warranty slip, so I'll have to track that down when I get home. Here's hoping I can find it. Which I am sure I will, no biggie. It needs to be fixed. Sigh, that's money that could have stayed in my savings account.

Aztec Salad

1 1/2 cups black beans, cooked
1 cup corn, cooked
1 onion, sliced
1 large tomato, chopped
1 bell pepper, chopped
small bunch of cilantro, chopped

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and add the dressing prepared as

Aztec Dressing

Mix 1/4 cup wine vinegar, juice of one lime, 1 t. garlic powder, 1/4 t. each
of cumin, coriander, and crushed red pepper.

Later okayers!

Diva, cool for you that he announced your existence to the X. I rather think that's a momentous occasion, and I remember distinctly when Minxman finally told his X about me. I felt kinda relieved, like the last thread was cut to that relationship. Has the freaky transient been banging on your door lately?

I feel like warmed-up dogcrap. Minxlette and Minxman were both sicker than hell this weekend, and I managed to ward it off and play nursemaid until yesterday at 9AM when I felt its slow decent into my skull. And then into my chest three hours later. However, that didn't keep Minxman and I from having sicksex last night. We haven't been able to have relations for awhile due to sickness and work schedules and whatnot. It was kind of wild, actually. I felt like I was stoned or something and it has been a long, long time since I have smoked the herb.

So I am drinking craploads of tea and water, eating Kind bars and pineapple hoping to nuke this fucker from my system quickly. The water in this school is atrocious and is actually ruining my Genmaicha. Water quality has been really bothering me lately, so I have found myself buying bottled water way more frequently than I used to. Bourgeois? Nah. If they have cleaner water in frickin' Figi or France I'm on the chugalug train to Hydration. Minneapolis tap water blows. And the water in the fountain by my classroom? The shit comes out cloudy and warm and tastes like runoff from a factory farm.

Okay. I am done bitchin' about water. Now, let's talk about the x-asshat. I had to go to a parenting consultant last night to pacify him, on my fucing nickle. Yeah, this shit was stipulated in our custody agreement that disagreements could be moderated through this person, but he used it for his own personal bitching session about things out of his jurisdiction per physical custody. Fathahfuckah. It got pretty ugly in there for awhile, but I was sick and SO SICK of listening to his pathetic whining and soapboxing and impotent lectures and critiques of me. guess is that he will get a case of the morbid curiousities and check in here to see what I've written today.

Stalker Freak. wacko.gif
minxy (((nose, chest, throat)))...I LOVE sick sex, although it really only works if one is on the downgrade and one the up...which is why its a rare commodity, indeed. Me, the pre-MRG munchies have attacked me. I go carb-nuts this time o the months...yummy potato, pasta, cracker goodness. Bad tapwater is such a foreign concept to the D, water is a TOP priority, and we have some of the best tapwater in N.America.

Diva- that's great that the giant told the ex about you. Small steps, right?

CH- that salad sounds divine! Can u freeze it after? How long is it good for?

Ok, must work. must. work. righhhhtttt...

(((((minxy feel better)))))) *hangs a X-warding-off amulet around minxy's neck*

I'm sorry you're getting sick, my dear...keep drinking that tea, and load up on nyquil or something tonight to get some good rest. And I hear you on water quality. I actually have a giant Brita pitcher on my desk that I fill every morning before work, so I have a steady stream of good drinking water - I try to empty it by the end of the day - most days I succeed.

Diva, that is most excellent that the giant told the X about you - seems an appropriate time, and I do hope that his financial responsibilities to the X decrease soon.

CH - that salad sound excellent, I might make some version of that this weekend (maybe with a dash of chorizo or chicken thrown in).

Good things Tuesday:
1. ACS has called all my references
2. One of my references said that they hope to be making me a job offer very soon!!! Eeeeeeee!
3. I will have a new job soon - JOY!!!!
4. And a raise!
5. And work 2 blocks from Millenium Park
6. And in the heart of all the schmancy shopping!

*floats out of the thread, elated*
I don't see why one wouldn't be able to freeze it. I heard it was good for up to 10 days, but I don't find that very settling. That's just me.

Oh sick sex, that is fun sex... ~~~~healing vibes for minx~~~~ fucking asshat ex...want me to break his legs?

ETA: Cross posted with Turbo. *waves* I am so thrilled about your reference being checked! That is so awesome! ~~~joby job vibes~~~
well, shite...i think I'm gonna contact the Bffs and see if they wanna do mexican on the grill this weekend...just so i have someone to share it with! Moxieman eats like a 5 yr old sometimes. But, I think the rest of the grownups and the babies will love it!
mox, if you froze it, just be sure to defrost it in the fridge, or on the counter...I tend to find that micro defrosted bean dishes (where you want the beans to retain structure) get a little mushy and weird defrosted in the micro.
I've made a salad like that, only I used lime/lemon juice and olive oil, no vinegar, and didn't cook the beans. My only problem with it was when I put it in the fridge overnight, it got a whiteish wax over the top, maybe the starch and oil separating? It still tasted fine, though. I don't remember if it was covered or not. I should make that again, it's such a healthy and easy thing to bring for lunch.

Wow, Jenn, that sounds promising! Do you know if they've interviewed anyone else? I hope you get an offer within the week.

Sick sex? Um, no. I don't want someone breathing their germs all over me hot and heavy-like. I don't even like being breathed on at all. I'm very prudish and proper that way. smile.gif

Minx, I think our little transient weirdo is gone, but I'm knocking on wood because I don't want to jinx it by saying anything. It'll have been 3 weeks tomorrow since he last stopped by and I talked to him. And maybe it helps that the weather's gotten nicer, at least in the last few days. That sucks about ex-asshat putting you through the ringer again. It must be pretty easy for him when he can sit back away from the situation and criticize instead of actually being the responsible one.

CH, that sucks about your car being so much, but good on you for being so responsible about it. I hope you find your warranty slip. They've come in very handy for me more than once, and saved me probably $400 over the last several years.

Hi, Moxie!

I guess I should go walk around outside now, even if just so I won't have to walk for so long after work. Going around lakes can be tough when your ankles kill and you're halfway around the lake from your car. I think I'm going to go to the little local artist mercantile and see what's new and maybe pick up some of my very favorite chocolate. Probably will only get a piece or two, because it's just that expensive, but amazing. Puts mine to shame.

How do you write a resignation letter??

EEEeeeeeeeeeeeee! I got the job!! And a nice raise too! Time to write that letter, and face my boss, who is going to be *pissed.*

I'll report back later!
congratulations jenn!!!!!!!

as for writing the resignation letter. Hmmmm.
short and simple. keep things honest, and don't burn any bridges. I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of you!
Woo Hooooo, Jenn! Congrats! smile.gif
[flings confetti & puts on dancin' music]
How thrilling!!!!! When do you start?

~!~!~!~!~ Find that Warranty vibes for CH ~!~!~!~!~

Kel, I agree with Divala. If you need more time, Internet Guy should understand. ((((Kel))))

~~~~~~ soothing fo Divala's ankles & Minx's lungs & such

Minx, your ex spies on you on Bust? Puh-LEEZ!

Hey, Minx's Ex ... ya know what?
Know what?
GO AWAY!!!!!! She's your ex, okay? Get a life already. Sheesh. rolleyes.gif

So, the house! Yes! Well, we toured it last night. The owners were there during the tour, which was unusual. I feel that I didn't poke & prod the place as thoroughly because of that. But the owners were very nice and very happy to show us some little things about the home we hadn't noticed, which is nice. The lot is just soooooo gorgeous. Oh my goodness. The back yard is just trees and trees and more trees with some azalea bushes thrown in, too. The front garden is more manicured, but again, TONS of trees. Very little mowing involved at this place which is perfect for us! And it feel so sweet in private. It really doesn't feel like it's in the middle of town. The layout on the inside was lovely. The storage in the kitchen is perfect. And the bathrooms were the nicest we've seen yet! The vanity in both full baths were longer than in any other house we've seen, which is good for me (gotta put my contacts in somewhere, ya know). And both bathrooms have full bathtubs and windows. And we could easily see how to expand the master in the future for Sheff. So yay! The mud room/ laundry room (which is a very rare feature in thie neighborhood) is really great; there's plenty of room for 2 machines & all the usual trappings plus room to keep out bikes there if we don't want to keep them in the crawl space. Even the attic was amazing! And there's crown moldings everywhere and the public rooms & the master bedroom all have wood floors. And ... well, it's just what I wanted! And the price is extremely reasonable, too. It's a bit more than the mauve house, but our agent agrees that it's worth every single penny. So wee! Exciting!!!

As I was driving home, I realized that I don't even care whate else is on the market. And I don't care what else comes on the market this summer. There simply isn't another house on another lot that I want. This is it.

So today has just been Real Estate Overload for me. Had to get together with our realtor this morning & talk about what we want to do. And I found out that our realtor was raised as a Quaker, so that explains why I've always had such a good feeling about him (Sheff was raised in a Quaker family). smile.gif Anyway, we decided that we want to grab this place before anybody else sees it, so we'll be putting in our offer at 8:30 tonight. Fingers crossed!

Good Things Tuesday
1. My friend H says she's flying in for my birthday! She'll arrive the morning of my b-day, 3 days after BestGalPal shows up. It's going to be fabulous to have the gals together!
2. We're putting in an offer on the house tonight! Is that just the most exciting thing ever?!?!?
3. TJ got the job! Woot!!!
Yay Jenn!!

When I resigned, I just told my boss I was leaving for an employment opportunity I couldn't pass up, my last day would be "X" and then put it in writing, formal, but short, sweet, to the point, and like moxie said, don't burn any bridges.

Rose, that house sounds lovely. See, when you find The One, you just know and all that fretting over the ones over the houses that were not The One seems silly, doesn't it? Good luck!!

((hugs to all okayers))
Congrats, Jenn!!!! Wow, that was fast! This is so awesome for you!

Hmmm, resignation letter. Just focus on the positives and don't burn any bridges.

No chocolate for lunch, but I got some Chicago mix popcorn. Yum. The place that carries that specific chocolate I love doesn't carry it anymore. I always could go to the other side of town on my way home to get some, but it's a bit of a pain in the ass, but so worth it.

That's hella cool. I fully concur with Polly's version of the resignation letter. Make sure that you open up the letter with blowing a little sunshine up their asses about "how much I have learned from this company and it's leadership". And end with more sunshine, short and sweet.

Rosie, the house sounds really stinkin' great. Good luck with that one. smile.gif


Mmm...chocolate! I bought myself a Green and Black dark chocolate bar the other day. I ate a little before Minxman came over. I couldn't even move and then all of a sudden...sick sex. I always imagine Diva having sex in really hott plastic wrap to keep the precious bodily fluids away from her. Well, not often, but it DOES happen sometimes, me thinking about Diva having sex that is. wink.gif

Okay, I am going to hack away here for a few more minutes before I have to conduct my last class. I think ahm finna get a pizza tonight and crash early.
Well, I just did it. Boss was P I S S E D. She was so unprofessional in her response, its taken the wind out of my sails a bit, and my stomach hurts. I don't really get responding to this like I'm doing something to hurt the org...she said *I* was unprofessional, in only giving 2 weeks notice, that I should have told her 6 months ago that I was looking, so that she could have been recruiting. Uh, NO. I am the only position in the department that she *hasn't* fired, forgive me if I didn't feel like I had that luxury. Boooo!

So your many many congratulations here mean more than you know, and I love every single one of you who've supported me and cheered me on!

RV - go GET that beautiful house!!
What? She actually said you should have given her 6 months notice? That's b.s. 2 weeks is standard; I don't care how long you've been there, what your position is- unless you're the president of the company, 2 weeks is just fine.

Don't you feel guilty for a second, Jenn! Did you put it in writing?
So... you were supposed to give her 6 months notice so she could fire you before you had another job? That's bullshit. You did everything absolutely right and it's out of your hands if your boss isn't mature enough to deal with it like a professional. I hope she apologizes. And it's not like anyone's ever quit a job before, I'm sure they'll be just fine without you, once they find a replacement.
Just ignore your boss's negativity and be excited about your new awesome job in it's awesome location with an awesome raise!
Jenn, did you reply that SHE's unprofessional for disapearing more often than Merlin? Or that SHE's unprofessional b/c she YELLS at subordinates when she's in a pissy mood? or that SHE's unprofessional b/c she didn't value you enough to give you credit where credit is due for saving the f-ing website? No? Well, you point her to your snarky BFF...that's all I'm gonna say about that.
Fie on unprofessional bosses! I mean, really, six months? Gah.

Rosev, YAY! I'm so excited for you! Lots of big things happening in Okayland!!!

*~*~warranty finding vibes for CH~*~*

Count me OUT on sick sex...I just want to be left alone to die when I'm a cat I guess.

Jenn, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is MOST exciting news! I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy for you getting that job with the ACS, you have no idea!

*grabs jenn by the hands and dances her 'round in a merry jig*

Second of all: see everyone, how powerful bustie vibes really are??

Third of all: jenn, I'm sorry your old boss was such an asshat about it. Her response really shows how poor her personnel management skills are. Speaking as someone who has managed non-profit staff, from both the coordinator and the board positions, what she should have said is, "I'm really sorry to see you go. Is there anything we can do to convince you to stay?" And her expectations on the amount of notice you should have given? Ridiculous. Laughable, even. Two weeks notice is all any boss should expect, and to express anything different is another example of the mistaken belief that non-profit workers are slaves to be exploited. But just think of it as the final sign you need that leaving really IS the very best thing you can do! You have been a total pro right to the end, no matter what your old boss seems to think, and you can go out with your head held high.

Fourth of all: CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!!!!! WOOT!!!!
Jenn, totally a good thing you are leaving. I nkow you are happy, but you are leaving an unprofessional boss. And, so you told her that you were looking for something else, so she could dismiss you? Fuck that shit. Don't let her rain on your parade. I'll give you a spanking if you are down! In some places here in Canada, you only need to give 3 days notice! Unless it is company policy, she can take a long walk of a short pier.

So, I got the final tally for my car repairs....$572.00! I was expecting waaaaaaaaaaay more. And if I find the warranty, I get $100.00 for the muffler back. So, all in all, I have a safe, non-noisy car, for less then I thought.

The day is almost done! Sweetness! 40 more mintues to go!

An ex fling called me today, and the only reason, he wanted some lovin'! What a prat, I told him that I had a few suitors knocking on my door, so I have no time. Heh.

RV I'm still so psyched about your house!!!! I'm talking like you already have it, prophetic maybe? I think so.

so, how is everyone else today?


Jenn - BIG CONGRATS! Sorry that your boos is being crazy. There is just no call for that. Who tells a supervisor that they are job searching?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FOR TURBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh wow! turbo! i'm so happy for you!!!!! this is most excellent! and yes, do NOT let your OLD boss make you feel guilty. this is her problem, not yours. you are giving her the professional courtesy of a two week notice. you do not owe her anything more than that. it's her life-sucking that has brought you to this point in the first place!!

oh, that's so wonderful for you, girl! i'm soooo happy for you. jack is giving you a high five!

ok, so i've been sleeping and relaxing since noon after making my phone calls this morning. i've got that under-boob pain again. actually, it never really went away, it's just not been that bad. it's really giving me a time though for the past couple days. sorry i've been quiet. i have read the archs, except from thsi afternoon. i jsut don't have time to answer everyone since it's time to get back on the phone now!

love to all of yas!

except a particular asshat, who may or may not be reading. hey, assmonkey: how about a nice big glass of go fuck yourself? mmmm. hit's the spot, eh?
Thank you, thank you all for both your congratulations and outrage at my asshat boss....truly, she is one of a kind - every other manager in the building came up and gave me a big hug and congratulations, even if they are sad to see me go! And I've taken your powerful bustie love in, and also just hopped out of a shower, where I mixed sea salt with my shower gel, just to cleanse my body and soul, and get assboss' dirtyness off me! heee!

The events of this afternoon will certainly be expressed in my exit interview with HR. karma's a bitch.

((((fj boob pain disappear)))) That little jackaroo is just re-ordering all your organs about now, eh? Just think...3 more months, and jackaroo will be here with you!!

And doodle, you hit the nail right on the head there, as always - my boss' reaction is the classic example of NPO exploitation - thank you for pointing that hadn't occurred to me yet, but you are exactly right.

I just got a few super warm fuzzy emails from my new boss (along with a buncha paperwork), and I can just tell that I am going to LOVE it down there. Oh, and I ran into two of my road warrior bike friends on my ride home tonight, and they told me all the secret routes to ride downtown, so I'm going to try it out this weekend, and see how long it takes!
Thanks, ya'll! We just got back from dinner...OMG, it was So good...just one of those little family bistros where the lights are dim, and the service is superb, and you feel genuinely well-cared for and relaxed, and we had the most lovely time - just happy and excited. I had an amazing caesar salad, then handmade papardelle with a veal and pancetta bolognese and parmesan...SO fucking good. That is food sex, right there, my friends.

And the cable seems to be out this evening, so I think I shall heat up some bathwater, and continue to unwind. smile.gif
*grabs bullhorn and cheers some more for turbojenn*

Just popping in for no good reason, taking a break in between washing out my underthings in the sink. It's long overdue; I wore my last clean pair of underpants yesterday. OOPS! (Yes, I am panty-free at the moment. Just like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears! *checks for paparazzi before flashing the thread*) And who knew I had so many black camisoles? *rolls eyes*

George is sitting beside me, washing himself whilst bent in the position we call "playing the cello."
goddamn it! all i can read is congrats to jen. i have to leave so i don't get the details yet! hmph!

congrats jen, knew you'd get it! can't wait to read the details , but i guess i gotta....
Okay, I am starting to freak out, gang. I think we need some serious Bustie vibes.

RealtorMan took our offer to the owners of the house tonight. It is an extremely fair offer. We are actually offering them their asking price. Plus we are pre-approved for a mortgage (which is tons better than just being pre-qualified). We even locked in an interest rate today. So you would think the owners would pounce on this, right?
Not necessarily.
The owners said that they really really liked us and think that they would like doing business with us. BUT they spoke to some other people about the house today. So they were wondering if maybe they would have 48 hours to consider our offer.
48 hours?
Two whole days?!?!?
We're giving them absolutely everything they could possibly want! We didn't slip anything funny in there. Plus we're perfectly willing to close on the day they wanted. It looks like a win-win situation to me. But they want to wait two whole days?!?!
I'm sure they want to show the house to other people. But I'm afraid of getting wrapped up in a bidding war. And I'm a bit pissed off that we have been extraordinarily fiar and organized and pleasant and given them EVERYthing they could ask for and we STILL may not get the house.
RealtorMan didn't tell them yes or no to their request, but he reminded them that we have all of our ducks in a row and we feel that we're ready to move forward. The owners said they will call him tomorrow. Whether they will be calling to ask for more time is unknown.

I know what they say. I know they say that if you don't get a house then that just means it isn't the right house for you, blahblahfuckinblah. But gimmee a break. We are giving them everything they want. How can they say no?
(((((super bustie house getting vibes)))))

RV, it is true, that if the house is meant for you, it will be yours. As you say, you have done everything that you can do, and right now - the rest is out of your hands. Who knows what may be going through their minds, but in a little time, you shall know. I know its hard - hang in there, my dear!

"playing the cello" - I love it, doodle! I think that's turbo's favorite passtime, especially at 5am, and at full volume! blink.gif

The laundry fairy was supposed to come at our house tonight too, doodle, but obviously, we had bigger plans this evening. heh.

*waves to GT*
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