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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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i like the herbal garden and scotland isle greens myself, maybe because i've never been a bright primary color person myself. even the pesto's a bit light for my taste. but how well would they work with the greens you've already got going for the room?
That's the best thing about green, grrrl, they almost all seem to work together! It helps that I have about a zillion plants.

This is the table. And here. (The yellow-orange chair will be re-covered in that aqua fabric on the table.)

My place. (Pics need updating.)

I am kind of leaning to the herbal garden and the scotland isle myself!
I'm still casting my vote for a purple top, with green trim! smile.gif I think I have to separate

Happy napping, Kel!!!!

Just got home from the taqueria, and I am *stuffed*....time to curl up on the couch, and watch some Anthony Bourdain. smile.gif
I like herbal garden, but then I saw Jenn's purple top and green trim, and I like that more.
The old Lounge is back! Hooray!!! Oh, it feels sooooo good to see all of this pink again. Joy.

Hooray for Kel's new & improved bed! Glad you spoke up for yourself, hon. Squeaky wheel gets the grease & all. wink.gif

Doodle, I totally agree with Grrrl about the colors. But of course, any one of them will work in your place.

TJ, what's this about Anthony Bourdain? What channel? I don't see it on the schedule. Help!

Good to hear you're in such a good mood today, CH. You deserve it!

GT, I loved your y-less post! And what's this about welding pron? [raises eyebrow seductively]

Tes, thank you sooooooo so much for the advice. I especially appreciate your perspective since you're familiar with the area. Oh, how I love St. Mary's Road. Such a pretty little drive. A lot of the houses in that area are going for pretty steep prices lately! But no market is quite as hot as CH & the Containment Area for Relocated Yankees. wink.gif
oh my goodness doodle, your space is so amazing! seriously, i wanna propose to you right now just so i can move in with you; the gay marriage thing is still legal in canuckland, right? laugh.gif i wish i had the time and energy and talent to be that creative with my living space. the thing is, i like the end results of really funky, unique, individualized living spaces, i just don't have the time and patience to do all that shopping around and crafting and fixing-upping. i like being able to walk into target and buy all the matching pieces at once and assemble everything with a wrench and a philip's, cause i'm just that kind of lazy. after seeing what the color will go into, i stand by my choice of the darker greens.

soccer was going well until The Incident. on one of my periodic and frequent upward glances to see how c-monkey was doing, i noticed the coach walking her off the field and having a Very Earnest sort of talk with her. the first thing i thought was that she had gotten mad and hit or kicked some other kid, which we've had issues with in the past and are very slowly breaking her out of. but he let her go and she comes running up to me crying, and when i asked what happened, one of the other parents, who i'm sure was thinking "why am i having to tell you this? when my child's on the field, i never take my eyes off little bradley blakemore III" the whole time, told me she'd gotten a ball kicked at her and it slapped her in the leg pretty hard. sure enough, c-monkey had a nice big red blotch starting high on her thigh. i let her sit in my lap for a while and tell me how awful it was and how much it hurt and she was never playing soccer again if she was going to get hurt doing it, then i told her she had to get back out there. i told her injuries happened in sports, and you don't stop doing it just because you might get hurt once in a while; hell, my bike mechanic and i are on a first-name basis and he doesn't even write out work orders for me anymore since i'm in there all the time, and i'm still riding. and the whole time she was crying that she wanted to go home just for today, and i didn't want to let her because "just for today" can just as easily turn into "i don't wanna play anymore". in the end we compromised that when the team came in for a water break, she would go back out on the field with them. but practice was just about over, no water break was forthcoming, and she kept up a steady stream of "i don't wanna"'s. finally i told her to just go give the red oversmock back to coach and we'd just go home. i am so not cool with all of this. on the one hand, i'm her mom and i want to give her comfort, cause damn, i know that shit hurts, but i know how she plays things up if she thinks it's going to get her more sympathy. she was walking off the field with coach just fine, but by the time grammy came over from the car and i'd been telling her for the last ten minutes that she was getting back out there whether she wanted to or not, she hopped over because "it hurt too much". rolleyes.gif it was so important that she get back out on the field today after she got hurt, because the last thing i want to teach her is that it's okay to give up at the first setback, or that if she whines and cries long enough, she'll get what she wants. on the other hand, i don't want to turn of those sideline jackasses who pushes their kid to keep up with things they no longer enjoy and literally has to push them out onto the field and nags at them until all the joy and fun is taken out of an activity. i'm just really disappointed with c-monkey right now, and myself-whether for pushing too hard or not pushing hard enough, i don't know.
the brief patch of blue in the sky went away soon after soccer practice, and my mom said she had other things to do today besides drive us around, so going to town on the bus or just taking a bike ride to the park here was out. c-monkey's spending the night, and she's exhausted all the movies she's got on dvd, so we went down to rent some. c-monkey got aquamarine, which i was kind of "meh" about, and then, showing remarkable good taste, picked the last unicorn as her second movie. soon's i get done typing this, we're watching tlu. i picked kingdom of heaven for my rental, cause i'm a sucker for big hollywood epics like that; that will be for after the kidlet leaves tomorrow. the rental place was also having a 3 for $25 previously viewed movie sale (like this chain always seems to do), so i got clerks 2, which i've seen and loved, freedomland, for which the previews looked good and yay, morgan freeman! and little miss sunshine, which i'm sure i'm the only bustie who hasn't seen it yet. there were a ton of other movies i wanted to buy too, but i forced myself to be good and just stick to my three.
Wow, looks like I totally forgot to finish a sentence on my last post below...and I've no idea what I was going to say. blink.gif

RV, I just watched the No Reservations: Ireland on On Demand - I don't get the travel channel, but every once in awhile, they throw us a bone, and put a Bordain up on OnDemand for everyone to watch.

YAY for pink martinis!!! It *does* feel GOOD to have our sassy lounge back!

kel, how was the inaugural nap???
Oh, Grrrl, you will adore Little Miss Sunshine. What a treat.

The inaugaral nap was great! The bed is delightful. Soji and Sylvia (dog and cat) approve and had nice naps, too. I got a little anxious and began worrying that maybe the guy sold me a bogus mattress, but it's a brand called Airsprung and I look it up online and it seems kosher. It has a ten year warranty, so it can't be too bad, huh?

I made chicken salad with pecans, celery, and dried cranberries. I ate it in pita pockets for dinner. Yum.

Hey, I don't have the pink lounge...I better fiddle around with the controls and see what's what.
YAY YAY YAY for the pink martini lounge!!! I am playing a Pink CD to celebrate! (Ok, well, it was actually pure coincidence.)

*gets up and dances*

If god is a dj
And life is a dance floor...

Thanks for the apartment love, grrrl! It's kind of my obsessive hobby. Tho' I haven't done much at all over the last five months or so (*counts on fingers* five months? really? holy shit!), due to packing up the now-defunct women's centre, and then getting so sick. So actually painting something, even a little piece of furniture, is a huge deal! tongue.gif

Marriage...yes, it's legal here, but I'm kind of a commitmentphobe. blink.gif laugh.gif tongue.gif

Hi also rose, turbo, and kel!

I have to tell you, I love turbo's suggestion, but after the lesson of the over-purpled sickroom/bedroom, I'm not sure I could look at solid unrelieved purple table/desktop every day! In fact, the nightstand I just painted used to have a dark green base and a purple top (lovingly painted by me)...even that became too much. It really is true: you CAN have too much purple in a room! I never believed it either...

Speaking of the nightstand, just waiting for the polyurethane to dry now...

kelkello, the inaugural nap was great, but have you done the inaugural masturbation yet?

Isn't April is National Masturbation Month? Or is that May?
Doodle, not yet, but soon...soon. And I'm getting completely into decorating my place. It's always been decorated, but lately I'm looking at with new eyes and saying, "What can I do?" I think the breakup has spurred my creative side. I'm actually starting to enjoy my time alone again. I didn't think it would happen, but it is. Woot!

Decorating opinion needed: I have one of those huge coffee tables that if it were on higher legs would be a dining table. I got it for three bucks at a yard sale because it the top had graffiti on it from it's former life as a frat boy drinking table. I love this table, but now I use tablecloths on it to hide the graffiti. I'm considering painting it a creamy white. It has a light finish on it already. Do I need to sand it? Do I used primer? Spray paint or brush? Doodle, you seem to know about this stuff, what do you think?

I have pink martini now, too! Very exciting.

Okay, doodle, I'll let you go with the green table....I do understand the concept of too much purple...I think I understood that suddenly at age 10, when I looked at my all-purple wardrobe, and just felt like an alien took over my brain for awhile. Cod bless turbomama for enduring the purple-clothing phase. blink.gif

Grrrl, I hope TLU will comfort c-monkey after her startling afternoon - a very good pick of movie, that one. And kel's absolutely right - you will adore Little Miss Sunshine!

I just filed my state taxes online - woot! I always procrastinate on that one - not because its hard, or takes much time, its just that I find the user interface on the site SO appalling...and I am a bit of a UI nerd, and bad design pisses me off. When I get this new job, the battle for good UI *will* be waged...holy hell, they need my help. They only got computers in the office four years ago...I was stunned, but it does explain a lot.

YAY Kel for your renewed creative energy!! That's so awesome that you're getting inspired - the lounge totally inspires me too, our decor goddess doodle is a great coach! I'll leave her to the advice giving on your table. Be sure to take piccies to share with us!

I'm still loving the new couchlette and corner seat in our living room - it was just the right change for the room.
Good evening everyone!

Shit, did I ever miss a lot! I went shopping this afternoon, and I got a newpair of jeans, I was so excited about this place, because what happens, is you do't pick the sixe the woman looks at you, tugs on what you are wearing, asks what style you like then gets the jeans for you, so you din't even see the size yourself! It was the best jeans shopping experience EVER! Then I went and got another cute pair of pants from Old Navy, on sale, and looking fantastic. And I got a new phone! It's been a spend-y afternoon. I had a really great time!

And then I heard from him. We decided to be friends, nothing more, nothing less.

Doodle, that is fantastic space! I love it! I want it! I have, in my room, unicorn border trim, because I haven't redone my room, in well, 17 years. I think it's time for a change. I'm going to do a savanna green and one wall sand coloured. At least this is the plan right now.

Grrrl when you told that story I felt like I was actually there. You are a rockin' mum! With really fucking cool hair! That sweet that you want to do purple next. I lurveth purple.

Turbo, I love green, so asking me to chose, not a good idea!

Le Sigh, I'm sleepy, I've had a busy day, and for some reason my feet are a little smelly today. I think a bath is on order and reading my book.

Later okayers!


Kel, that's good about the bed!
kel...are there any dents or scratches in the table? If so, you probably want to sand it a bit and use a wood filler on the gouges. Otherwise, just sand it quickly to rough up the surface. YES use a primer - this gives the paint something to cling to - and if the graffiti is in felt pen, seal it with polyurethane first, as it will bleed through regular might need more than one coat of primer, too. If you are using oil-based paint, use an oil-based (alkyd) primer; if you are using latex paint, use a latex (acrylic) primer. Oil-based paint is better for furniture, because latex doesn't cure as "hard," and it peels easier, and also it will become "tacky" or "sticky" during warmer weather...however, if you seal the latex finish with polyurethane, it will be aware, though, that if you are painting in a light colour, polyurethane has a yellowish tint to it, and it might not look right, especially the poly coat is a bit streaky. So basically for what you want (white), I'd recommend oil, even tho' it's a little stinkier, requires more clean-up (use mineral spirits) and takes longer to dry between coats - you'll be a lot happier with it. I paint almost everything with cheap foam brushes, which I throw away after using...but for a table, I'd recommend using a brush (foam or bristle) for the sides and a roller for the top (for a smoother finish).

(ETA: I have spray-painted end tables, and they've turned out just fine, but you still have to prime, do many thin coats, and you HAVE to do it outside - it doesn't matter how careful you are to "protect from overspray" indoors, the paint will get on something, and you won't notice till later...I speak from experience! Also, don't do it on a windy day.)

Thanks for the apartment lurve, culture!

turbo, I knew you'd understand!

I am listening to Green Day. I can't imagine what my neighbours are thinking of me these days.
Kel, this is gonna be really quick because my internet is sketchy right now...but they do make graffiti remover...check at the hardware store. We use some at work called "knock out"...and I've seen other brands at Home Despot. It's just a really, really strong cleanser. If you're interested, that is...
long day, what with soccer and being cooped up in the house and getting a break in the rain to go down and grab something for dinner. i made penne pasta with garlic alfredo sauce, and i tossed in some sliced red bell pepper and asparagus and shrimp, all of which had been sauteed in a ton of butter, cause i like my food artery cloggin' like that. roomie's been working hard on the kitchen and just returned from a home depot run; she opened the fridge and just got that dazed look on her face, you know the one i'm talkin' 'bout, so i told her i made plenty, and have at it, and she looked so damned relieved. laugh.gif. c-monkey's had her bath (with the princess bubble bath and shampoo roomie picked up for her at the dollar store "against her better feminist judgement" laugh.gif ), the space heater's on, and we're finally settling down to watch the movie. hopefully now that she's warm and clean and has a full tummy, she'll go down for bed quietly. *crosses fingers*
Doodle, thanks for the advice! This sounds like a project for summer when I out of school. I'm going to start soon on my container herb garden. I had one two years ago in lots of pots around the entrance to my apartment (downstairs of an old apartment) and I loved having herbs at my disposal for cooking. I made this feta walnut spread with fresh basil, mint, and something else I can't remember. It was a Nigella recipe. I'll have to wander off to look for it.

Grrl, sounds like a cozy night. Hey, feminist or not, I see nothing wrong feeling a little princessy every now and then. If that's pandering to the patriarchy, then fuck 'em. I like feeling pretty.

Tree, I'll have to try that stuff. Maybe if I get some of it off, it will be easier to paint.

Culture, at least he had the courtesy to actually talk to you. I hate when things are left sort hanging via text message.

Went to a wonderfully cheesy karaoke bar with a group of friends and had the best time. The night was ended with a raucous version of "Sweet Child of Mine" sung by the tiniest girl you can imagine. She was on her knees playing air guitar during the solo in the middle. It was hilarious and so much fun. I forgot how fun it is to be single and out with your friends. I think having called Kelman is really helping me to move on. I'm ready for the world lately. I'm sure I'll have my down days, but I feel more emotionally ready for them. We'll see.

Goodnight, lovely okayers.
Hi all...quick post.

I killed my laptop! Blue Screen of Death! WAAH! I'm actually very, VERY upset because the last 2.5 years worth of my journal is on there, and I only backed it up for the first year. It's like 200 pages in Word! I'm going to have to find the $$ to take the laptop in on Monday, and I sure HOPE they can save my journal - I don't care about any other files but that one. But I don't know if it can be saved. I cried buckets tonight, thinking that part of myself might be gone forever.

Please send vibes for the retrieval of my e-journal.

I just got the big behemoth of a PC up and running, and I'm not happy about that either. It's huge and ungainly, and I forgot the monitor is blurry, ugh.

I've had a crappy evening, actually. I also scratched the fresh paint in several places on my nightstand, whilst manoevering it back into the bedroom, and I just pinched the skin on the back of my hand in the bifold closet door - it fucking HURT.

Right. I'm going to bed soon.
i am SO doomed in this thread! once again, i appear to have lost a LONG post. i am going to cry. no, actually, what i am going to do is go and try to rewrite everything i had written in a WORD document, and then come back and cut and paste.

and if i am really lucky, it will be before everyone is awake and back in here with another 5 pages of archives that i will need to read.....
okies. here i am in word, attempting what appears to be the impossible in the actual okay thread itself….

kel, you ROCK, girlfriend! you are doing so great, with everything. you are working through the breakup with ex kelman, maturely and sensibly. you are taking good care of yourself, going out and having fun with friends, singing silly karaoke, making yourself yummmo chicken salad and feta spread, decorating your home, being crafty, thinking forward about having an herb garden……yayayayay!!!! for YOU!!!

and on top of all of that, standing up to the asshat at the mattress place and getting what you paid for and MORE. wooooo hooooo!

warning, rant ahead

/begin rant

why is it that when a woman stands up for herself, and asserts her rights, she is called a bitch, or a NASTY bitch? what kel did here, and she deserves kudos for it! is to be assertive and let the idiota mattress guy know that she expected what she paid for. if she wasn't going to get it, she was going to take her business elsewhere, to someone who values their commitments and takes care of their customers. this beauzeau should have offered right up front to do this for kel.

if a man does this, he is said to have an assertive personality, a great leadership quality. but a woman is a nasty bitch for doing the exact same thing. i wonder if a man would have had this problem. i mean, if they couldn't deliver what they said they could, then they were in the wrong. and in the retail business, the customer is always right. a negative impression on the part of a consumer means negative word of mouth press. now, kel might very well tell her story to her friends and the store will come off looking much better – positive press. that kel did this kicks ASS. that she HAD to do it to get what she deserved SUCKS ass.

/end rant.

sorry about that. moving right along:

grrrl you want! you are such a great mom! you were THERE watching, and supporting your kid. you were, and are, mindful of consequences and what could happen as a result of what happened. a bad mom would not have even thought of these things. you, on the other hand, are an AWESOME mom! you even know that you don't want to be one of "those parents" who are so competitive and trying to live vicariously through their children and wind up acting like spoiled brats. you rock! not only THAT, but you have cool assed LOUNGE PINK hair!! your daughter is a lucky girl!

and so is your roomie. so sweet of you to recognize the glazed look in her eyes, and to offer to share your yummy sounding pasta! you can be my roomie ANY time!

doodle, my darling! i am always dumbstruck by your gorgeous living space. you are so clever. and your house is so beautiful. it suits you. you need a nice frame, you are yourself so lovely.

*blows kiss at doodle*

re the greens: they are all pretty. if the table was going to be by itself, i would go for the herbal garden. but your space is all so open, one area flows naturally into the next. because of that, whatever color the table is will be seen with all of the other colors at the same time. for that reason, for the "bigger picture", i would go with the last color, which has a touch of blue in it. that would help it blend in and at the same time would pull the blues of the sofa cushions and the flowered fabric together with the green tones in the room. my dois reais.

culture handy, i'm glad the the boy called you. although i wouldn't have been surprised if he didn't, it is better all around that he did. he doesn't deserve to have someone like you in his life. especially with this "wait until june for the sexin up" thing. did he ever give you any sort of rationale at all for that? that was really weird.

rose violet: believe it or not, i remember when the area that you are looking in was being BUILT. (yes, virginia, i am THAT old) it is a really nice area, good resale. i know several people who bought there and sold several years later, and made a tidy profit. you really can't go wrong there. i would keep looking, though. there should be enough turn over that new houses should be coming on the market throughout the summer, as people are trying to move before the beginning of the new school year so their children won't have to change schools. stick to your guns re the lot. you won't be happy with the bare lot the mauve house is on. if the house with the nice floor plan and lovely trees isn't "IT", just keep looking. as others have said, when you see it, you will know it

tree hugger! i have been lovin on your posts recently. you are so handy with your bad self! between you and girl trouble's welding, i am just all aflutter. seriously, it is so great that you can do so many things. i am in AWE of you for rewiring a house! and ALL of that work that you did in the "shack"!!

mouse, i know you are working a lot more lately, but i've got to let you know that i meeece you! and at the same time, i just love to have you pop in and out! do a fly by whenever you can so that we know all is well with you!

hi, jenn, minha querida. i would SO kill to have a taco. a soft taco. or a chile relleno. there are a lot of ethnic restaurants here, but no mexican food. every once and a while one of the restos here will have a "special" burrito, but it isn't, not really. it is ground beef or chicken rolled up in a flour tortilla. with cheese. doesn't taste mexican at all. chile is wrong. no cilantro (although they DO have it here). no avocado. no sour cream. no "salsa bandera". sigh.

i DID make more brownies today, though. and the mention of your chicken stock may have inspired me. will need to see what veggies i have besides onions and garlic, though. i'd like to throw in a carrot or two with the chicken bones.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, i think i will have pizza for dinner. pizza and beer. how very decadent of me. smile.gif

Doods, I'm voting for the pesto, myself. I totally agree with tesao. Not to mention I've got a weakness for blue-greens. I also think it'd unify the other greens in your place better with the purples cause of the blue undertones in both. smile.gif I still think you need some punches of mango or coral here and there in your place, just a teensy bit, maybe a candle in a corner, or something.

And, *~*~*laptop recovery vibes*~*~* for you. You'd be surprised how much information a skilled computer tech can retrieve from a so-called "dead" computer. Here's to getting your journal back!

And you've inspired me to get a bunch of disks and backup my own laptop...eek!

I know I'm crossposting with Jenn cause I see here in the list of current peeps in the thread..I'm not even going to try to beat her to the punch! *waves to jenn*

Kel, good for you on getting the bed and the bedding! How was your first night? And, ooh, a herb garden sounds so lush!

Awww, tesao, thank you for the compliments! I guess I've learned quite a bit in the last fifteen years or so!

Rosev, I posted some welding porn for GT, way back several pages ago now. I'm a geek, hehe

GT, I have to clarify...the pics I've been posting of my current place are NOT pictures of the shack. I sold that and bought my new place with the profits. The shack burned me out so bad I couldn't stand to look at it anymore. But, the work DID pay off....I more than doubled its value when I sold it.

So, we got the surround sound hooked up yesterday! Yay! I've got floor shaking bass and everything. I'm almost tempted to get an action movie just so I can totally immerse myself in it! Any suggestions for non-misogynistic ones? Jurassic Park was recommended to me....

I'm disappointed in my vcr/dvd combo though. I spent an hour with their tech support, and I've discovered that unless I purchase cable, I will not be able to record anything...a bit too complicated to me, but the vcr has no tuner of its own and it can't use the televisions tuner because my television is intended to receive the end signal and doesn't have the capability to send the signal out to the vcr. So there's no provision for establishing a "channel" on the takes it off the cable box! Waaah! Maybe it's time for me to get out of the 70s and just frigging suck it up and get cable. It pisses me off though. Tech support told me that pretty much all the new vcrs are going that way...something about television broadcasters phasing out regular broadcasts and going to hdtv. Blech. I don't get it...but oh, well.

Mornin tes!!! *runs and tackles tes with a giant booby squishing hug*

Looks like I'm back to waking up with the sunrise on weekends, which is around 6am right now...which is fine by me, so long as I get myself to bed at a reasonable hour.

((((((doodle's laptop)))))) I'm SO sorry to hear about that, my dear. *reminds self to get external hard drive sometime soon*....I hope the computer gurus will be able to retrieve your data - when that happened to me in November, I was heartbroken...they DID get my data back, though there's still things I haven't re-loaded on my computer. *reminds self to "borrow" all the software I need before leaving my job*

Tes, I am most happy to inspire you in the kitchen! I'll be turning that stock into 16 bean soup this morning, with lots of smoked turkey leg in there for that smoky goodness, without all the fat of a ham hock. I'm sorry you can't get a good taco there...but then, I'm hard pressed to call *any* taco outside of chicago a GOOD taco. I've been utterly spoiled here, and with 10 tortilla factories in the city - you always get freshly made soft corn tortillas at taquerias here, with lots of fresh onion and cilantro, maybe a little roasted pineapple on there too. And knowing the tortilla delivery schedule at my local mercado is handy too - that way I get get them when they're still warm from the factory. YUM. *hands tes a spicy pork taco* I am a lucky girl, indeed.

Well, I've got to get turbo out for his walk now, as he is really giving me the hairy eyeball here. smile.gif
Good Morning okayers!

~~~laptop vibes for doodle~~~ Here's to retrieving everything! How's your hand?

Tes, thank you for your kind words! I agree 100% about what you are saying about assertiveness and how it is viewed between woman and men.

I'd like to extend that to everyone actually!

Grrrl, the dinner sounds yummy!

turbo, oh tortilla's and taco's, sooooooo jealous! I suppose that's what I get for parading samosa's around. smile.gif

Kel, I am so glad that you are doing so well, and getting to know yourself again. It's great fun, and there will be a time that you are enjoying being single that when you do meet someone, you're going to thinink, do I really want to give up this singledom?

Hey tree! How's it going?

So, I went to bed early last night, fell asleep around 9! The other boy called and told me he couldn't chat as he was going to watch a movie with his kidlet (not hard to pick up the phone, hmmmm, it was very nice of him). The dog is sprawled right across the bed right now, legs spread and up in the air, it's rather cute. I'm going to home depot today to get some paint samples, (all you crafters have motivated me!). It's going to be a lovely day here today, 18 degrees celcius. I'll be taken poochy to the park as well, because she's used to it now. If I don't take her, she get's a little upset with me.

Well, I need to breakfast, later!


Ah, the big D has a HUGE mexican population, and I know the times the local tortilla shop makes the retail packages...i can completely understand turbo's yummienss. I had lovely, cheesey, perfectly spicy enchilada's at my favorite Mexicantown resturant last week. Hmmm...maybe I'll go for tacos next week! Honestly, I've been going to the place since I was a baby...its been there FOR EVER and hasn't ever lost its quality. Same couple owns and runs the place with their (now grown) kids and (mostly grown) grandkids.

Anyway, We've had a lovely weekend. Had friends and my BIL over for dinner last night. I was a bit concerned, b/c the BIL tends to get a bit combative around our friends, but he was lonely and I took pity on him. Anyway, he totally6 opened up about his experiences the last year or so (drug rehab, mental breakdown, moving home, realizing debt...its been a f-ing aweful year for him and us as family). I mean, moxieman and I had noticed appreciable change in him the last couple months, but we didn't want to say anything and make him feel like he was under some sort of microscope. But last night...he took responsibility and accountability for everything. I cried by the end of the night, actually. I was so damed proud of him. He and I can be contentious at best sometimes, but he's as much my brother as my own brother is. And, I want him to succeed and do everything his heart desires. Now, we'll see if he can follow through. The realist in me isn't sure...but, for the first time in at least 3 years, we're hopin.
Ah, the big D has a HUGE mexican population, and I know the times the local tortilla shop makes the retail packages...i can completely understand turbo's yummienss. I had lovely, cheesey, perfectly spicy enchilada's at my favorite Mexicantown resturant last week. Hmmm...maybe I'll go for tacos next week! Honestly, I've been going to the place since I was a baby...its been there FOR EVER and hasn't ever lost its quality. Same couple owns and runs the place with their (now grown) kids and (mostly grown) grandkids.

Anyway, We've had a lovely weekend. Had friends and my BIL over for dinner last night. I was a bit concerned, b/c the BIL tends to get a bit combative around our friends, but he was lonely and I took pity on him. Anyway, he totally6 opened up about his experiences the last year or so (drug rehab, mental breakdown, moving home, realizing debt...its been a f-ing aweful year for him and us as family). I mean, moxieman and I had noticed appreciable change in him the last couple months, but we didn't want to say anything and make him feel like he was under some sort of microscope. But last night...he took responsibility and accountability for everything. I cried by the end of the night, actually. I was so damed proud of him. He and I can be contentious at best sometimes, but he's as much my brother as my own brother is. And, I want him to succeed and do everything his heart desires. Now, we'll see if he can follow through. The realist in me isn't sure...but, for the first time in at least 3 years, we're hopin.
Hey mox! Good to see you in here on a Sunday!

Yep, fresh tortillas are a thing of beauty...I went back to the mercado at 8am again this morning, just 'cause I wanted to get warm tortillas. What can I say, I'm an addict. wink.gif I've got a nice piece of flank steak marinating in a puree of chipotles in adobo, garlic and oregano to broil up for dinner for some nice tacos and a big salad.

As per usual sunday morning, I've been in the kitchen again all morning - made mango upside down cack for brekkie, made 16 bean soup, 2 kinds of salad dressing, and chopped and bagged veggies to go with our lunches this week. Now, I just need to wash the floors. They're rather grosser than usual.

Mox, that is awesome that you had a nice evening with BIL AND that you really have hope for him getting his shit together! And that's wonderful that you reached out to him to include him in your gathering, and that he's growing up enough for the evening to be enjoyable for all.

Well, time to figure out lunch here...

Hi culture!!! Glad you got a good night's sleep too!

as a californian, it's hard for me to imagine not being able to get a good taco outside of chicago, or a good taco anywhere in the midwest to begin with. when my brother first got stationed in south dakota, he went looking for mexican food right away. the "really good mexican place in town" called white rice with plain tomato paste and garnished with parsley "spanish rice". blink.gif i can't imagine being stuck somewhere where i couldn't walk around just about any corner in town, go up to a taco truck, give my standard "uno burrito suprema de asada con todo, mucho cilantro y limon, sin salsa" order, and get consistently good homemade mexican food. i know there are other border states and large mexican populations elsewhere, but you say "mexican food outside of california" and my brain just goes "huh?"

~*~*~*~laptop vibes for doodle~*~*~*~ i got a 250G external drive last month, and i've been putting off backing up my system. um, not anymore! *starts transferring files* hope they can get everything important recovered for you doodle.

kelkel, glad you went out and had a good time with your friends last night. sounds like it was a blast and just what you needed.

hola tes! thanks for the reassurance on my mommy job performance. it's nice to hear that you're doing something right every once in while. smile.gif

*waves hi to mox* ditto what jenn said. i'm crossing my fingers that your bil is changing for real this time. good luck with that, and continue supporting him, i'm sure he appreciates it.

hi culture, tree!
Hey Jenn, would you possible mind relocating to Canada, move next door to me and help me make the fab food you make? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? *smiles cutely*

Fine then, I'll just continue to talk about my samosa eating.

I got the puppers a frisbee today, and she loves it, I'm going to take her for another walk shortly, as she is giving me the eye, plus there will be loads of other puppies at the park for her to play with.

For dinner, I'm making salmon, with LOTS of garlic marinated in Olive oil and some spices. That is all for now.

I'll see y'all later.

p.s. where is everyone? it's so quiet in here!
AAaaaaaaaacK!!! The Samosa Torture Treatment!!! Culture, you are so cruel! smile.gif

We have a strong Indian/Pakistani community 3 miles from here, but parking is so hellish, I rarely get down there for my samosa fill.

I would love to live near you, culture!

I suppose good tacos can be found in alot of places...we're just lucky enough to live near a ton of good taquerias. And Rick culinary god. But, yeah, grrrl, I don't think I could live anywhere without good, authentic mexican food close by.

Time to watch The Departed now. smile.gif
Hee, Samosa Torture Treatment.

I bought some stuff to make two types of bean salad, one a black bean and corn salad, the other, a chick pea salad. I'm going to go and prepare them soon.

Took hound-y to the park and she's done for the day, she's soooooo tired, it was two long hard walks that she had today. She's got her head resting on her stuffed duck.

Turbo come here for a vacation, it has to be in the summer though, much more to do in the summer!

Sigh, the house smells like garlic, hurray for lots of garlic in the salmon. Sweetness.

So man 2 wants me to come over to his house tonight, but I think I'll forgo that tonight. I want to watch mythbusters and eat some haagen daas strawberry cheesecake ice cream. Soooooo good!

Well, I'm going to go and prep my food.

Later okayers!

Hi all, me again, just finished reading! Hi turbo, tes, tree, moxie, culture, and grrrl!

treehugger, I hope you are right about the tech guys performing file retrieval miracles! I can't believe how upset I am over the journal...

I have a faint bruise on the back of my hand, right between the two knuckles below my pinkie and ring fingers. It doesn't hurt much, and nothing like it did last night. Who knew closet doors could be so deadly?

I also fixed up the paint on the nightstand.

So I hope this all points to a successful laptop repair! God, I wish I could afford it....I am going to wind up spending the money I put aside for pot, and probably more, on the repair! Dammit. But I suppose it's a very positive sign that my priorities don't go the opposite way, right?

I do agree with tes on the "bitch" thing, although I do think my BFF was a bitch for calling the manager of Sears a fucking asshole, regardless of who was right in the situation! But BFF swells up with pride whenever I tell her she's a bitch, so it's all good. In fact, BFF's "strong personality" was probably the reason we became friends - because I met her and wanted to learn from her! (This is the same woman who "trained" her ex-husband not to leave wet towels lying carefully laying all the wet towels on his side of the bed, making it up as usual, and letting him find things that way when he got into bed. Hey, it only took once!)

B.I.T.C.H. = Being In Total Control of Herself.
*toddles in with a belly full of sushi*

Tes, you are right about the bitch thing. I got to thinking, and I had to ask myself why I would call my behavior bitchy when really it was me simply demanding decent service. In fact, I went into the store today to check that the mattress I got was actually comparable, and the poor salesguy looked terrified of me. I didn't scream or yell or use curse words yesterday, but my "assertiveness" must have scared the man. And his manager piped up, "Oh, you must be kelkello (used my full real name, of course)!" And I proudly said, "Yep, that's me." He said it like, "Oh lord, here we go."

Culture, salmon, samosas, and strawberry cheesecake ice cream, oh my! Sounds great.

Turbo, my friends and I had conversation over dinner tonight about the Americanization of ethnic food. We were eating sushi and I mentioned how in Japan they'd never eat most of the rolls they served in the restaurants here. In my town, finding good quality ethnic food of any kind is difficult. I think you need to live in a big city or near a large ethnic population to get really excellent and honest ethnic food.

Doodle~~~~~~~~~~~laptop recovery vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mox, your BIL sounds like he is trying hard. My brother is a recovering crack addict and alcoholic. He keeps trying to come clean, but he never makes it. He has never gotten to the owning up for his actions portion of the program. Your BIL is owning up to the decisions he has made in his life. That is an enormous step in the right direction. I wish my brother would do that. He still blames everyone but himself for his mistakes.

I went this afternoon to a beautiful choral concert that did an amazing requiem with our little symphony orchestra from my town. I must say how truly impressed I was. My friend is a bass in the choir, and I went for him. I expected, for this tiny town, something "not bad." What I got was "astounding." I actually had tears in my eyes at one point. Then we had sushi. Can't ask for much better than that.


kel, come on up and move to chicago - we've got every kind of ethnic food you could want! The 'hood I live in is the most diverse in the city, with 80 languages spoken here...though the biggest groups right now are mexican, afro-carribbean, and now sudanese and somali....its pretty interesting, as the residents of our ward are always changing - wherever there's war or strife in the world, we seem to gather in refugees within a year or two. It keeps things so interesting, and there's many good conversations to be had in the cafes.

And as for sushi - I love all the wacky rolls...dee-licious!

Doodle, I hope they can fix your laptop for not too much cash. Make sure you explain that you're unemployed right now, and would appreciate any assistance they can give in helping you out. (((((safe journal vibes)))))

And I LOVE your acronym for bitch....awesome.
hey okayers!!

too pooped to do alot of individual shout outs, but i have been lurking.

i move in about 2 weeks and i have alot to do. haven't been sleeping much. still mourning over my roomie. and my mom has been a bee-zatch to me. i cried so hard after getting off the phone with her yesterday. i'm tired of being tired, you know. and crying and not sleeping.

oh well, but, food did help! and liquor! *giggles* i went out for korean bbq last night. and then went out for brunch today. had an awesome bloody mary. they use real fresh spices and add garlic to it. awesome. and then made my girlfriend take us to sweet occasions where i had a browine and ice cream. it was my only meal of the day, but i was stoofed!

alrighty. happy sunday evening!!

Goddess, I do envy big city folk for having ANY choices in cultural gastronomy! Whenever I go to Vancouver, it's all Asian food for the entire visit; I miss the good stuff so much....oh, and pizza. There is NO good pizza in my town. NONE. It's all chain restaurant pizza, or just bad pizza, period. (Hence, I buy frozen and doctor it.) I miss the little Italian hole in the wall in my old neighbourhood, whose pizza I grew up on...still have to have that, too, when I go to Vancouver.

Remind me again why I live here.

Oh yes. Access to nature and clean air, and farm/orchard-fresh food, and a lack of crowding. That's it! I hate crowds especially. Does anyone else get the heebie-jeebies if you have to go into a mall when it's "holiday" season? I just can't stand being around that many people at one time! Conferences make me nuts, too; I'd always have to go back to my room for "down time." I think it was about 6 or 7 years ago at a conference in some big city that I finally realized I was a hick at heart. Or maybe it's just being an introvert. Hick or introvert? Hmmm....

(((((stargazer))))) Sorry having to deal with everything right now is so awful. I hope you will feel much better once the move is done and you have all that tension off your shoulders. (Want me to come over and punch yer ma in the neck?)

kel, just start thinking of frightening salesmen as a success! Better they should be intimidated by you than the reverse! tongue.gif

turbo, that's a good tip, I will slip something in about being unemployed when I take the laptop in. I will take it to my usual tech place (where I bought both my system and laptop), and they have been pretty good to me, even building a partition and installing Linux at my request, at one point - which most techs won't do. They never treated me like a "girl," is what I'm saying! biggrin.gif

The other one I use for B.I.T.C.H. is Broad In Total Control of Herself. Easier to use in verbal comebacks. smile.gif

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, yesterday...I also grated the knuckle of my thumb while grating cheese! Yup, a good day all around.

When I was 19, I worked in a doughnut shop. They used to make and sell cheese biscuits, and it was always my job to grate the cheese. I accidentally grated my fingers so often that the manager joked we'd have to start calling them something besides cheese biscuits! ohmy.gif So yeah, what I'm saying is, don't eat the cheese biscuits in doughnut shops....
skate by...

sorry i haven't been able to read much lately, i feel like i've been kicked around this week.

a few days ago i bruised my forehead, which, isn't something most people can do, mind you, you have to have a real talent for klutz....seems i am especially gifted...

i have been having these awful sinus/migrane like headaches and they have been getting worse, yesturday i didn't get out of the house thanks to them, and i figured out last night, it was because one of my back teeth is severely fucked up. i got some of that fake filling stuff atleast things are somewhat ok, but i freaked out last night cos i might have to leave the welding program to get my tooth fixed, basically i'm living on my savings to do this, and if i get the tooth worked on, i can't afford to take the class.... boooooo! booo for stupid tooth. i am going to talk with the people tomorrow and see where things stand.

but i'd rather talk about other mouth related items...since we are talking about exotic foods, does anyone else love peruvian food?
i found this great little place in an old wendy's resturant that is so much fun....
GT, oh no! Don't quit the welding program! I bet either the dentist, or the welding program (or both!) will be willing to work out a payment plan if you ask reeeeal nicely. And insistantly. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon! ...better enough to eat Peruvian food, yum yum! I'm not down with the guinea pig, but the creamy vegetable soups and potato dishes are delicious!

Doodle, your town sounds beautiful. Those things are important to me, too.

So... quiet, scholastic weekend working on my thesis, due in less than 2 weeks now. It's hard work, but fascinating to me! My only social events--which were good ones!-- involved hanging out with my boyfriend's momma! Yep yep, met her for the first time. She was sweet, and it was touching to see how he takes such good care of her. Like a queen. Plus, I feel like i have more insight into him now. She apparently likes me a lot-- hopefully that's still true after stumbling upon some naughty pictures today that I had put on his camera last week-- eep! They didn't have my face in them, so maybe she'll assume it's someone else (eg, that her son is a slut!) tongue.gif (Anyone else have good awkward stories about such matters?)

I've been really wanting to hook up with a woman lately. I get this urge off and on, off and on. Over the course of *years*. Still hasn't happened though... I guess I don't really know how to go about making it happen. If I had the urge to hook up with a dude, I'd know where to go, how to act, etc. But this seems like a different ballgame.

Have a great day, okayers!
happy monday, hos. well, i guess its happy. I wish I were at home. I almost took a mental health day, but it would have been 100% totally irresponsible, as our president is out, and I have no idea when our receptionist may or may not be in (she's just about due to give birth). Anyway, our great weekend continued yesterday- we played outside, we went to the mall and moxette had a god damned blast in the kid's play area, and we had another yummy dinner. And the left-over chocholate fondue. Good food always makes a weekend better, no?

GT- oh, I hope you don't have to quit the welding! At the same time, a tooth that is screwing with your overall health is no good! Argh.
Turbo, when do you expect to hear from ACS?

HI Everybody else! I'm running around crazy-lady style today. Its chilly outside, but sunny as all get out, so I'm hopin to get out early enough to walk to pick moxette up from school. SO, that means I got to work. Feh.
Mornin' ya'll!!

GT - Do *not* even think of leaving the welding program!!! Do you hear me? There will be a way to get this worked out, I am sure of it, and still keep you in the welding program. Payment plan, and begging for a Saturday emergency appointment might be a good start. The doctor's receptionists are always a good way in, just be your sweetest self, my dear!

I hear you mox, on wanting to play hookey, because its actually NICE here again today - I just want to play!

No idea when I'm going to hear from ACS, I have some more forms to fax back to them this morning. I'm hoping to hear something by the end of the week, but I'm not that concerned about it -I've done all I can to impress them, its out of my hands now. I find it much easier to wait at this point, than the anticipation between interviews. tongue.gif

GT - we've apparently got the best Peruvian join in the city in our neighborhood, and we've tried to go a couple of times, but its been on the PBS restaurant review show recently, and the lines have been out the door everytime we've tried to go...and the place only has 10 tables, so I've not been willing to wait...but I am looking forward to trying it. (((toof vibes)))

Octi, I had many an embarrassing encounter with turbomann's mama...she walked in on us doin' it a couple of times, when we had no idea she was home...and she'd also caught some digi photos of us on my iPhoto...but she was pretty funny about that stuff, didn't take it seriously or get offended, just wandered out of the room telling us later that she hopes we're enjoying ourselves...but not in a guilty way at all - she really meant it! Ah, I miss my MIL so much sometimes - she was a grand lady.

Doodle, maybe you should plan a trip to chicago sometime, and we'll go from restaurant to restaurant stuffing ourselves silly until we need to go buy new pants!! That would be fun...but I'm sure there'd be a bellyache to follow!

((((stargazer))) - Take good care of yourself, my dear, you've got great things planned for this summer, and an exciting move ahead, keep holding those things in your thoughts as well as your friend.
Good Morning babes!

Mox, I almost took a mental health day today also. The only reason I didn't is b/c tomorrow is my telecommuting day & I didn't have any of my work with me. I am thinking Wednesday may be a mental health day.

(stargazer) Sorry you are feeling cruddy. Are you feeling any better today?

Kel, you sound like you're doing a little better. Yay!! That makes me happy.

((GT)) so sorry to hear about the migraines. Ouch. I really hope you don't have to drop out of welding! Maybe something can be worked out, or maybe the tooth won't cost as much. I hope it's ok.

Doodle, all the greens you posted are beautiful. I have a weakness for those types of colors too. Blues & greens. There are just so many pretty shades.

Jenn, do you think you will find out about the job this week? I am amazed at all you accomplish on a Sunday morning!

Hi Octi, CH, & Tes!

I am still feeling a bit worn out from the weekend. It was too busy. Mr K & I ate dinner out on Friday night and saw a movie. Saturday I had class, which left me exhausted. Thank cod it was the last class, I was getting very close to losing it on my teacher. ugh. Saturday night I reeeealllly wanted to stay home and go to bed early, but a friend of Mr K's was having a birthday thing. Mr K really wanted me to go, so I obliged. We ended up drinking way too much and staying out way too late. Sunday I had a lovely ladies brunch, even though I was feeling hungover. This weekend I am making zero plans. Zero. I need some kari time!
Heey! Pinkness! smile.gif

Again, I didn't have time to catch up with posts :/ Hello all, though!

GT, I hope your head feels a lot better soon! *health vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Apparently, we don't have any quality Mexican food here in Bellingham. We didn't have in Hawaii either, though, so I don't miss the quality as much as those in-the-know. As for sushi, it was really excellent in the Ishikawa region, but Goatie and I found authentic Japanese food to be lacking in spices. The California rolls really became some of our favorites, embarrasing as it is. Also, the food handling in Japan and many other parts of the world are held to higher standards than in the U.S., even from as far back in the process as the fishing boats. You can even find raw chicken served in some Japanese restraunts, (Yuck!) which would be unthinkable here (well... I mean, yuuuck!).

Oh, and Doodle, if you paint everything in your house green, aren't you afraid the Army might bivuac in your bedroom without you noticing them? Their camoflage would hide them perfectly wink.gif
Good Moring all!

So, I ended up going out for drinkies last night with boy 2, then we went to the park, it was a a really great evening. I rolled up a ton of change yesterday I have over $100.00 in loose change now rolled, damn. That's just from dumping change into a jar every week for the past 3months I'd bet.

(((gt))) here's where the social worker in my comes out. Have you tried going to a local dental college or faculty of dentistry? I know at the University here, you can get work done on the cheap by dentistry students, which I know sounds scary, but they are supervised by Dentist who have the whole md/phd thing. I also agree with turbo, you can always try an ER. Please don't think of dropping out of welding! This is just a bump in the road.

Kari, I totally wish I could take a mental health day, take one and do some relaxing for me.

Turbo, that is great that MIL was so cool! Have you heard anything back yet? I know it is stille early for the interview, but still...

Doodle, that sucks about no good ethnic food joints around you. And that's especially shitty that the dope money put aside may have to go to computer repair.

Octi, I'm glad that you and MIL also get along!

(((star))) just because of tough times and I know you need it.

Well I've been at work for almost an hour now, and have not done much work, so I should go!



Good afternoon y'all!!

(((GT))) How sucky!! It's so shitty how much dental work costs. I've spent a lot of time and money getting my toofs taken care of.

~*~*~*~job vibes for turbo~*~*~*~

Nothin' much going on today. I'm sorta crabby because my cats woke me up at 5:00 and I'm tired. I kicked 'em out of the bedroom, but that didn't stop them from hanging out by the door and meowing non-stop to get my attention.

Weekend recap: On friday, diva and I went out for dinner and drinks. We ended up going to Nye's (best bar in America '06 according to Esquire mag) and listened to a polka band with a barking woman for a singer. She was seriously barking like a small dog. The kitsch factor was fun at first, but the polka got really annoying really fast. We went to Lee's to see The Vibro Champs, my favorite local band, and I got to see lots of old friends. Good times. Saturday night, my BFF came over and shawnboy was in town, so he came over too. We ate pizza and watched bad public access TV.

Shawnboy's mom had an aneurysm last week. I guess she's okay for now, but she's gonna need some home care. Shawnboy stayed at my place last night and we listened to old records on my Marantz. It was really nice to catch up. I haven't seen him in person since about 1995!!

(((((shawnboy's mom)))))) Poodle, let Shawn know that we're all thinking of him and his mom, and sending those powerful bustie vibes their way. Cool that you got to catch up, though!

Well, my app is making its way through HR at ACS...I finally had to cough up and allow the credit check, and divulge my salary history...I suppose I'd much rather have a new job, than be crabby about privacy. I'm itching to do something new. Where I am is nice, but I am *tired* of the subject matter, and I need new inspiration.

Barking polka singer, eh? Poodle, that sounds like it would get obnoxious quick!

*drops some good tacos in the mail to lore* Yeah, I remember when I lived in WA, and would leave the commune for the occasional weekend out in the world, that decent mexican food was scarce. I think we found one good taqueria, near where alot of the fruit workers lived in the Yakima valley.

Not much else going on here today...just work, and then spin class tonight - my first in a month. eep. I have been a lazy girl. Oh well, I've still been riding my bike to work, just avoiding the gym since its under construction for expansion, and *really* loud in there at times.
It sure is quiet in here today! What's going on?

Le sigh,

It's warmed up, the sun is out, and I want to do more shopping! But, I've spent enough funds in the last few days.

My phone hasn't stopped ringing, people leave me a message, I won't answer if you call me eight and a half thousand times! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! And my clients are coming in without appointments! Not appropriate!

~~~vibes for shawnboy~~~

Hey poodle, glad to hear you had a good weekend.

I'm hungry, and busy, so I should go now.

Later okayers!

ETA: X posted with Turbo! How's it going??? *waves*
Hi everyone! Hi culture, turbo, moxie, poodle, lorewolf, kari, octinoxate (I need a way to shorten your name, 'cos I have to look at it everytime I need to spell it!!), and GT, and any lurkers, of course!

Good news, hurrah! I almost forgot, because I was knocked out by sickness before I could get the invoice out, but I am still owed $1500 in honorariums for my tech work! I spent the morning on the phone with the person in charge of the money - I just sent the invoice, and she is going to get a cheque out to me by the end of the week. Thank goddess!

GT, honey, I really hope things work out, that you don't have to quit the program for the sake of your tooth! Ugh! You can't quit - we'll take up a collection on BUST if we have to!!!

octinoxate (octi? oxate? hmm), the way to hook up with a woman is to go to a women's bar/dance, and tell anyone who asks that you are "questioning." (Trust me on this one - unless you are a teenager, claiming "bisexuality" while you're still inexperienced with women will be like a red flag, and don't EVER claim to be "bi-curious" or you'll be shut down in seconds.) Wear something sexy and walk in like you would to any club or dance. Dance with women who ask you; ask other women to dance. You might not find the right hook-up on your first try, but you will eventually. Even the smallest towns have monthly gay dances - even my li'l redneck town! Or you can try a dance in another town, if that feels safer. There will be some kind of number you can call for the info - a hotline or a pride organization. I actually have the opposite problem - I dated women for so long, I have no idea how to actually connect with men anymore! (Decent ones, anyway - I'm not really interested in hook-ups anymore.)

turbo, Chicago is definitely on my list of places to see in this lifetime! I also want to check out the architecture, as well as the gut-busting gastronomy!

kari - YAYYYYY for the LAST CLASS!!!! *throws confetti* I'll bet you feel good about that!

lorewolf, that's just great. Thanks a lot. Now I have to go check the houseplants for snipers.

culture, I think I might take a page from your book and start rolling up the change from my change bucket! Of course, I didn't save any quarters, toonies, or loonies....they all get spent or used for parking or laundry. So I won't have anywhere close to the money you managed to scrape up. Damn. By the way, are you still off the weed, now that leman is out of the way?

Ok, now that my finances are sort of taken care of, I'm going to get ready to go out and take my laptop in. Talk later!
Ugh. It's a crime to be indoors today.

That sucks about the phone craziness, culture. I don't know why, but I just really hate phones.

Turbo, I think it's awesome that you ride your bike to work. That's not lazy at all!! I should get up earlier so that I can walk to work.

I skipped the gym on Saturday because I had to clean my bachelorette pad. I went yesterday though, and chatted with my weekend pal. Now he's some serious eye-candy, not to mention a super cool guy. He's very inspiring and supportive. If I could afford it, I'd have him be my regular trainer. Thank god my birthday week is over so that I can get back to some serious body work and healthy eating.

ETA- Hi doodle!! Yay for money!!!!!!
hey BUSTies! i'm wayyy behind in the archives because we were pretty much away from the computer all weekend and then had no intraweb connection this morning. we had a pretty heavy wind-storm yesterday, which was nice because it brought a nice breeze but apparently, it was pretty rough because our entire area lost cable and internet, and some even lost power. we heard two transformers blow last night.

i tried to catch up but i wanted to say hi before i finish. i've got to get on the phone for a while.

(((((((blanket hugs and vibes to all busties))))))))))

(((((((extra special hugs to shawnboy and momma)))))))))
Oh no! (((shawnboy & fam)) Yes poodle, if we don't see shawnboy in here, pls tell him he is in our thoughts. How sad.

Doodle, that's great about the money!! Sweet!

Jenn, sometimes you gotta decide what you want more, right? I"m with you, a new job is worth putting up with some anti-privacy BS. I have my fingers crossed for you girl!

CH, Man #2 eh? Who, pray tell, is this gentleman? $100 bucks in change is f-ing awesome.

Poodle, you & diva's friday night sounds fun! I would be crabby too if I was woken up at 5AM. sad.gif

Did you guys hear about the VA Tech shootings? Geez. What a tragedy. Very very sad.
Hi, peeps!

I just finished reading 4 pages of archives. Whew!

((((((((((Shawnboy and family))))))))))))) Aneurisms are awful. My aunt died from one a few years back.

Poodle, do you want to walk around some water after work? Like you said, it's a crime to be inside on a day like this, and I've got my walking shoes and a t-shirt with me.

CH, good on you for getting rid of that guy. I've been there, too, where he has time for everyone but you. And "too busy" isn't an excuse, when all it really is is a lack of decent planning. Better to get rid of it now than when the mothership is about to beam you guys up on 7/7/07. Feh.

RV, I can't wait to hear what you think about that for-sale-by-owner place. It sounds cute. That mauve one sounds like you wouldn't really be happy there in the long run, and with all the work it needs, well, there's a reason it's been on the market for a year.

I'm all for building your own house. My parents did that twice and couldn't be happier. They got exactly what they want in their current home, and didn't do a thing to it until a couple years ago when they added a sunken family room and remodeled the kitchen. It's gotta be a whole lot of headache while it's going on, though. It helps that several relatives on my dad's side who live close by were able to lend their expertise in the construction of it.

GT, quitting your welding program is not even an option. Does the school offer some kind of student insurance? There has got to be a way around this.

There's a person at work today wearing sandals. I'm jealous.

Kari, enjoy your Wednesday off. It sounds like you need a breather from your weekend. But yay for your class being done!

That reminds me, I have to get moving on getting my transcript from my old college so I can register for classes at the end of the month and get on with my real future, the one where I don't hate my job.

Kel, good on you for being assertive and getting even better than you asked for. I would have done the same thing in your shoes. I don't understand how some businesses can have so little integrity. If you say you're going to deliver something on a certain day, you better damn well do it or find someone else who can - no excuses.

Doodle, that's some place you've got to live in. Wow. It amazes me every time I see it.

I have no idea when I'm going to be getting my anvil. Hopefully within a month, I dunno. There's a lot of stuff I ordered that's on backorder, so I'm going to be very surprised later on.

The tiny town where my parents live now has a "Mexican" restaurant. It's so awful, it's funny. The lady at the front desk is a little old woman who can barely hear who wears Christmas sweaters, and the food is bland, bland, bland. Give me Taco Bell over that crap any day.

Hi, Tree, Star, Tes, Turbo, FJ and everyone else!

I had one hell of an excellent weekend. I haven't been barhopping like Poodle and I did on Friday for a very, very long time. I kind of miss it. There were so many interesting people to see and hear. On Saturday, we slept in until 4:00 in the afternoon (we were awake for a few hours in the afternoon, but fell back asleep), then went out for pizza and I got a bundt pan at Williams-Sonoma shaped like a really intricate rose. Yesterday, we gorged ourselves on brunch then visited the giant's mom for awhile, then came home and he put another 15 CDs on my iPod, which has been acting up lately, but a nice boy at work taught me how to reset it. It was a lovely, relaxing and fun weekend. But next weekend we vow to not do a single thing because the weekend after that will be spent in Omaha and Council Bluffs, IA. Yee-haw!
Hooray for your newfound prosperity, doodle!!! I'm having a similar day - finally remembering to harass one of my freelance clients for payment. I hope they pay up soon, so I can make a couple more wardrobe investments before I *hopefully* start the new job!

Anyone else completely sick to death of the Memoirs of an Ex Prom Queen ad above...its really starting to bother me that its the only one up there. C'mon advertisers, give us some variety!

Well doodle, if you ever wander down to chicago, you know you've got a place to stay, tour guide, and massage services are free! tongue.gif (there will of course be a decor consulation while you visit)

Honestly, poodle, riding my bike is much less about exercise for me than cutting down my commute time, and the utter tedium of walking to the El stop and waiting for a train...taking my bike is twice as fast! Now the new job...I'll mostly be giving up the biking, unless they have a shower on premises. I'm just not sure I'm hard-core enough to use the showers at Millenium Park for scares me just a wee bit.
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