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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Um, FJ, you simply cannot keep slutty details to yourself, young lady! With your active social life, we almost expect the details! wink.gif

So, TJ...where are you???

We're planning a pretty quiet weekend. Some household projects perhaps, and a nice dinner with the BFFs tomorrow. I'm making pot pie, I think. Last time I can really justify not grilling until fall, so I figure why not! Now, what chocholate goodness for desert? SUggestions?

OK, I have work to do. A great big opportunity has dropped itself on my desk, and I must comply...the potential to do a project for a supurb local NPO, and its good work to support a good cause, and with a real budget. The best of all worlds!
HI hi everybustie!! Whoa, its been busy in here this morning!

*rubs minxy's shoulders* I'm sorry you had such a stressful and scary evening. ((((minxy)))

Well, I think today's interviews went well. The VP was a much tougher interviewer than the lady I met with on Tuesday, but I think I did well. He put me on the spot quite a bit, but I think I did okay...I think its harder for me to read men, though, since they're not as emotive, and...well...I don't work with any right now - so it was a much different kind of interview. BUT, he's crazy brilliant, really focuses on the mission and teamwork, and work-life balance is clearly more than lip-service there, so that's good. Then, I interviewed with the two other managers who are the same level I would be, and we'd be working very closely together, and I loved them - we had a great discussion, and they're both adopted, so I had them weeping with stories from my org, so that was good. Now its just the waiting game.

I'm sorry to just mememe and dash, but I came into the office to a bit of a mess this morning, so I gotta dash!
Ugh, minx I'm sorry about what happened, and here I was blah blah blahing about me. (((minx)))

Jenn, that is so rockin' about the interview. I really hope you get it.

I feel like ass right now. I'm getting hot and cold flashes and I have a cough, and I just want to SLEEP! Good thing I'm only at work.

((((((Minx)))))) You poor thing! I can't even imagine. When I have a kid I'm sure I'll be tempted to implant some sort of internal GPS locator in his neck so I can always always know where he is. Maybe they'll finally have something like that on the market when I get around to spawning.

TJ, what's this? "Interviews" plural? Sounds pretty serious. But that could be an excllent thing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Well, not really because I'm typing, but you know. wink.gif

~*~*~*~ finish-that-final vibes for Kari ~*~*~*~

Poods, that food sounds amazing. There's no way a sane person good resist. But don't beat yourself up about it, okay? Just get back on the horse & focus on the good things you can do now.

I hope Doodle slept well. Maybe she's still sleeping.

Lots of busy people in Okayland this weekend! Sheff & I may go to the big ol' honkin' home & garden show at the local convention center. I'd like to look at shingles & gutters & siding & all that other stuff just in case we have to buy some soon. On Sunday we're getting together with friends to watch the Formula One race & then getting together with additional friends to play poker. And if the realtor finds time we may tour a house or two as well.

Mkay. Must buy groceries.
Hi, peeps!

I can't wait for this day to be done, and I have to stay late. Feh. If only I were capable of being places on time, my life wouldn't constantly be 30 minutes behind schedule.

Jenn, that's so great that your interview went well! It sounds like you really held your own and made yourself memorable.

((((((((Minx)))))))) That must've been so scary for you. How did you finally find out she went to her friend's house? I'd be freaking out if that were my kid. I hope you can do something relaxing tonight.

Kari, so is this going to be the end of schooling for you, or at least classwork? Your dress sounds really hot. I'm going to brunch on Sunday, too. It's such a nice thing to do to end the weekend.

Poodle, don't beat yourself up about this. Nobody can, or even should, stay exactly on track at all times. It's not realistic if you live a real non-Oprah, non-personal chef, non-in-house-trainer kind of life where you don't live in a vacuum. If it were like that, nobody would ever be overweight and everyone would be perfect with their diets, but that's not how the world works. Just focus on all the other good you're doing for yourself at the gym and everywhere else. You're building some mean muscles that are going to get rid of extra calories that much faster.

Culture, that's kind of unfair that he's setting a date like that for sex. Why? Is it going to beam you both up to the mothership or something? It doesn't seem worth it to drive someone who likes you away because you won't have sex with them before a certain date that's far too far off into the future. Even prudish me got it on within the first couple weeks with the giant.

RV, do you mean the most I've paid for a bag, or the one that's worth the most? The one that's worth the most is the one in that picture, which retails for around $400-500, it's been a few years so I don't remember exactly. I paid $140. The most I've ever paid for a bag would be just over $200, and I don't remember if that's my Fendi (got it 30% off then dumped black paint on the strap a year later, though you can't really see it since the whole thing is black anyway, but I know it's there) or my Dooney & Bourke, which I don't believe was on sale. It's not one of those hokey ones they've been putting out lately, it's a nice plain rose and khaki leather one. My Prada was actually one of my cheaper bags. It's safety cone orange and I love it, plus it has the advantage that you can't not notice it and nobody can get away with stealing it. The thing I really spend money on is shoes. My most expensive pair are worth, I think, $680, but I got them for $250. They're black/red suede Manolo Blahnik 3" mules with hand embroidery, and they're gorgeous. Other than that, I've got 2 pairs of Pradas, 1 Chanel, 1 Jimmy Choo, 1 Pucci, 1 Missoni, and a pair of Fluevogs, though I don't consider them high-end. I'm quite the shoe/handbag collector. : )

That smaller house sounds nice, especially if it means less work upfront and a nice lot. It's so important to have the scenery you want around you. Giant trees don't just pop up overnight.

Hi, FJ, Moxie, PK, Octi, Lore, Grrl, and everyone I missed!

We've got a pretty good weekend planned. Poodle and I are going out tonight for her birfday for dinner, drinks and cabaret, which is always a good way to spend a Friday night. The giant and I have no plans for tomorrow at all, and Sunday we're going to brunch at a local place I've been wanting to go to but can't afford for dinner, then down to the giant's mom's so he can help her put boxes of stuff away. And that's our whole weekend. Yay! I'm hoping the weekend after that is spent doing absolutely not a damn thing because after that, we'll be with his family constantly for 2 days, and I'll be taking some hookey time from work right after that to recover. I'm not looking forward to 10 hours + of his mom in the back seat of my car.

Anyway, time for some lunch. Be back later!
OH diva, you made me laugh hysterically, beaming me up to the mothership!!!! Bwahahahahahahaha. That totally made my day. here's the thing, him and I have already had loving, but he stopped, so now I'm like, this is fucking bullshit! I think it's bye byers time. His loss.

So you know how I was hoping for a slow day, it's dreadfully slow. I've had three phone calls, this morning. Early. I'm soooooooooo bored. Still feeling craptastic.

Le Sigh.

I'm going to go fuck around some more.
Damn! Color me jealous of your bag & shoe collection diva! Those all sound so badass. Very cool.

Jenn...that sounds like a really good interview. I bet you really impressed them. I will be crossing my fingers for you! ~~~~~VIBES~~~~~~~~

Cabaret & drinks does indeed sound like a good way to spend a Friday night. Have fun diva & poodle!

(CH) sorry your day is dragging on. Ick. What time do you get off?

Mr K just emailed me, one of his younger cousins was caught with a pipe bomb! He blew it up in his backyard in a pile of manure. He probably would have gotten away w/ it, except the ding dong posted it on you tube. It's kinda funny in a way b/c his parents are the type that won't even let their kids read Harry Potter-way too sheltering. Very rich too. I bet they are having a fit right now. Apparently Feds searched the house. They said they don't think he was planning to do any harm to anyone, but still. Not smart dude. He's a sophmore in high school I think. I do feel bad for Mr K's grandmother. She lives with that family & I bet this has been really hard for her, she's 88.
Hi everyone!

turbo, congrats on an excellent interview! I really hope they offer you the job!!!

minx - ugh, that must have been scary!

LOREWOLF! Secret Agent is totally my favourite Soma FM channel!! I'm listening to it right now!

Hi also to diva, moxie, FJ, poodle, karianne, RV, grrrlyouwant, culture, octinoxate, treehugger, PK, and anyone who is lurking!

I had the most amazing dream last night...I dreamt me and "the gals" had travelled to NYC for a the 1940s! I was wearing a tweed skirt suit and chunky Cuban heels, and a hat! And carrying a proper leather suitcase, nothing like my big modern gorilla-proof wheelie one. It was all very Kate Hepburn. Sadly, I woke up as we were checking into our Manhattan hostel.
Poppin' in to say Thank You!!! to Doodle and Falljackets for the happy birthday wishes over in Kvetch! And might I say, Falljackets, you are looking very fine with that belly there!
I'm off in 45 minutes. I enjoy this working 8 - 4 thing. But then I have to content with rush hour traffic. Ickers. But oh well, it's the weekend!

I don't really have much more to add, aside from what a neat-o dream doodle. And kari, that story is f-in hilarious! Love.It.
Kari - that's crazy about the feds getting involved with Mr. K's cousin...I know I grew up in the country and all, but hell, my brother and the other boys in the neighborhood were always building crap and blowing it up in the back 40...its kids being stupid, not terrorists.

Thanks for all the interview love, I really appreciate it...I'm totally zonked this afternoon, though...that interview this morning was *intense* and wore me out, bigtime. At least its friday, and I've only got 45 minutes left.

Doodle - that is such a cool dream! I'd love to wear Kate Hepburn's wardrobe...the 40s and 50s had such iconic fashion.

CH - I think you should lay the sexxin' law down on le man, and if he can't comply, know what to do. I just don't get waiting that long. Slow is one thing, but c'mon!

RV - I hope you get to see that other house you're interested in - sounds like you have some good contenders!

I've got no real plans for the weekend, which is fine...I'm wiped out by all this interviewing energy I've spent. I've got two freelance clients backed up, so I suppose I'll have to get to that this weekend.

I wanna see diva's shoes and bags!! I seriously need to get my fanny out to mpls this year...hold me to it, ya'll!!
Happy Friday you weasel-faced arses! (I just love insult Fridays)

Damn me for not posting yesterday...lots of catching up to do.

FJ, sometimes a girl just needs to feel cute. You have to post pics of your new hair soon! ~~~~return call vibes~~~~

Diva, I make jewelry, and I understand the cost of beads. Luckily you only have to do one big purchase a year. What sort of markup do you do on your goods? And I'm planning on doing very little this weekend, so I'm with you on the not doing a damned thing.

Culture, does he have a reason for July? Or is random?

Grrrrl...decisions decisions....have you come up with one yet?

Congrats on the award, Octi!!! And you are right...creme eggs = blarg

Minx, AAARG!! That must have been terrifying! I hope you are feeling better and Minxlette is safe and sound and where she should be.

Kari, that dress sounds fantastic. You should totally rock that tonight! Have fun, chica! And a pipe bomb???? EGAD! No Harry Potter but little Johnny knows how to make a pipe bomb. Oh the irony.

RV: Here I am looking for sheets for my new bed and you are looking at shingles and gutters! I feel so behind on this house thing! I love garden shows, though.

Turbo, the interview sounds great! Did they give you an idea when you would know what's what?

I don't have a lot going on this weekend. Tonight I'm making pesto pasta with walnuts and tomatoes for a couple of friends and we might go out. Tomorrow my new bed gets delivered, so I will be doing some sleeping tomorrow! I may just live in that bed. Maybe I'll go do some cheesy karaoke tomorrow night. That's always fun. I'll sing "Stray Cat Strut."
Usually on Fridays my friends and I do Team Trivia. Kelman used to go, but he broke up with me, thus he broke up with the trivia group. I got custody of that. We aren't going to trivia tonight. However, he (not know I wasn't going) emailed me and asked if I would be upset if he and his friend from out of town went to trivia tonight. I told him we weren't going, so feel free. But I also said that I *had* been going, I would have objected on the grounds that it would make me and my friends incredibly uncomfortable, but I couldn't make him not go. I thought that was a little weird of him to ask...he knows exactly how I would feel about that. It's not a big deal in the end, but still a little disturbing.


Holy crap, Kari - literally! Who would put an explosive in a pile of manure? I hope it wasn't close to any buildings. But still, kids do that kind of shit. Not that it's right or anything, but if nobody got hurt and they learned their lesson, no need to go any further with it. I hope Mr. K's grandma is okay. That could be pretty jarring for someone her age.

Hi, Doodle and Kel!

Kel, I usually mark my jewelry up 2-3 times what I paid for materials, but more if I'm doing intricate weaving with seed beads (materials probably cost $2, but I'll go over $50 if I can on certain things because of the amount of work involved). But if the beads are really expensive and the design is simple, then maybe I'll go 50%. A lot of my stuff is going to be more expensive now since I'm using more sterling silver wire, which costs way a lot more than base metal stuff. I really don't buy cheap beads (no plastic will be found in any of my materials), so it ends up being a little more costly, but it's worth it.

I can't wait until my anvil gets delivered. Yes, an anvil. Unfortunately, it's on backorder, so it'll be awhile, but I still can't wait. I've always wanted an anvil of my very own... just like they use to drop on cartoon characters. But seriously, I won't be able to make any hammered shapes until I get it. I'm not going to put dents in any surfaces at my house, definitely not a rental.

*flops down on Okay couch*

Bllllaaaaaaaahhhhhh...I'm ready to go home now. I've already made up my mind that I'm not going to do one iota of work for the rest of the day, so why can't I just go home? Ooh! My boss is leaving!! Maybe I can sneak out of here afterall.

Amilita, I can't get over the cuteness of your avatar. It reminds me so much of baby Oscar. wittle pooper was so freakin' cute back then. He would crawl up onto my shoulder and sleep underneath my hair.

Okay, I'm gonna go back and read some posts now. I'll be back.
I have to confess that I've had "Lets Hear it for the Boy" stuck in my head all afternoon, and every once in awhile, I giggle thinking of Mr. K. smile.gif

Poodle, I hope you've left work by now! The last dregs of friday afternoon are the worst.

Kel, good for you for taking custody of trivia night, and laying down the law on that one! Kel, I also think you totally owe it to yourself and your new bed to go pick up some tasty snacks, trashy mags, and just spend the weekend snuggled up in your new you have some new bedding to go with? My bed was the first really expensive piece of furniture I ever bought, and damn, it is worth every penny!

Diva, I do hope that you will send us a photo of your anvil set-up when you get it in - I'm intrigued. Some action shots of Diva hammering metal would be awesome!

And FJ, show us your shiny new locks! A good haircut/color lifts my mood like nothing else!

Oh! Oh! I just got an email from the hiring manager at the cancer society, and she said she's hearing "raves" from everyone on my interviews this morning! In the wise words of lore, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for Turbo and her rave reviews! WOOT!
Happy Friday, you knob-squatters! smile.gif

*Bouncing around to The Secret Agent Channel* Yaay! It's really hard to picture how life was before the internet. For those of you unfamiliar with SomaFM, the website, again, is: and it's commercial-free, has several "channels" to choose from, each in various formats and bit rates so that there are mad.gif NO EXCUSES!!! mad.gif

Culture, actually, my early impression of that guy was that he was pulling some control maneuvers. I mean, in some ways, that can be kinky, and setting odd bundry rules can add a form of theatrical creativity to the sex life. It can also be used as a tool to set the pace for him to be in charge. Anyway, I don't mean to be an alarmist or somesuch.

Oh, and Congrats-o Turb-o! We know you wow'd 'em! *pictures Jenn doing a flip into the interview chair, nailing a poised landing before starting her interview*
just a quick stop in to say YAY for turbo!! that sounds VERY promising. i KNEW you'd knock em dead!!! smile.gif

i have to go clean the kitchen. my lunch dae with mrfj turned into us going and parking out at the intracoastal waterway and when i say parking, uh, i mean PARKIN'! hell yeah! if that vw's a rockin' don't come a knockin'! hehe. then i went to tarjay and bought some cute onsies that were on sale. couldn't resist! and bought mrfj some hot new trunk cut undies. i've been wanting to see him in a pair like these lately. whatever! i'm a horny pregnant chick! ;P then went to couple a's house and hung out with the male half for a while. no, i wasn't a superfreak. although he did notice that i wasn't wearing underwear with my dress. he didn't uh, take the bait!

seriously, i sound SO slutastic. but i was a well-behaved princess, i promise. except with mrfj. but he's my husband, so i guess that's allowable. hehe.

gotta go clean up before bff gets here. i think we'll order pizza tonight. yummmm!

oh, and LORE! thanks for the link. i'm gonna listen while i clean the kitchen!

No idea why it's July, I can tell you that it ain't going to be July.

Lore I'm in agreeance with you. I think it is a mild control thing, and I dated someone who was fucking nuts and controlling, so NEXT! I actually sent him a text a little while ago telling him I was bored with him, and if this is how things are then it's good bye, but I'm at that point anyway. I used to care if he didn't call, not anymore. I used to text him, I rarely do anymore. Oh and let's not forget bar boy who walked me to my car, kissed me and we had a mild make out session outside my car the night we met. And him and I talked, he'll be a good friend, but I won't date him.

Jenn, that fuckin' rocks about rave reviews, I am so excited for you!

Kel, your dinner sounds delish.

Diva I am so jealous, not only of your crafty skills, but also because you are getting an anvil! That rocks!

Poodle, don't you just love those days where you can do nothing? I went and talked to a supervisor at the office I'm currently in, and we chatted for 35 minutes before I went home. It was really great.

Speaking of cool radio, someone, ages ago, posted www. you input what kind of music you like, and it choses things that it thinks you like. It was pretty neat, and it was free.

I just finished some samosa's and they were delish. Now I"m just being lazy and doing shit fuck all. I don't know if I'm going to do anything tonight, but that could always change.

FJ here's to you getting some lovin' tonight!

Okay, CH, your post was the last mentioned samosas! I decided, dammit (I've not had very much indian food at all) that I was gonna get some to familiarize myself a I'm gonna pick up some indian food in 20 minutes. I ordered two appetizer plates, one is veggie and one is not. So I'm getting:

vegetable pakora
vegetable samosas
aloo tikki
cheese pakora
fish pakora
chicken tikka
lamb kebab
seekh kebab
chicken pakoras

Sooo...did I do okay? I guess I'll find out!!

Jenn...WOOOOT on the interview! I knew you'd knock their socks off!!

FJ, yay for still having a great time!!! You take that sex drive and ROCK IT, baby!

Diva, an anvil!!!! How very, very kewl! How big is it? I have this delusion that I "am" a jewelry maker, but really, I am a "bead buyer and stasher"....hehe

And I've got "let's hear it for the boy" stuck in my head too! In my high school days, I tried out for the dance line (hangs head in antifeminist shame) and that was the song we danced to! I learned it very, very well.

Yeah, I totally don't like cadbury creme eggs. Gag. I've never tried the caramel ones. I'm thinking they'd be too sweet too, though. I'm strictly a dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa) girl.

kelkello, if you haven't picked out some sheets, let me recommend jersey knits...they're just like a well worn-in tee shirt, so comfey! I got satin once, thinking it'd be sensual but they just pissed me off cause in terms of, uh, *sleeping*, they'd slide all over the place and you'd lose your covers! Not cool when its chilly in the room! Anyway, enjoy your luscious new bed, hopefully with new, bad energy/memory free bedding, and just enjoy being able to sink into it!

Okay, that's all I can read from my current window!
omg! lorewolf and doodle, somafm rocks! i am totally digging on it.

hi culture, hi tree! here's to a little lovin' your way tonight, too!
Hi all, I'm BACK! Yep, back. I decided to go to the gubermint likker store and get me some supplies. Now I am drinking a large Chocolate Brown Russian! (Vodka, Kahlua, chocolate milk.) YUMMY!!! But it's hitting me hard 'n' fast. I think my upper lip is numb already.

I think I'm gonna get drunk and paint my nightstand tonight.

YAY for Soma FM converts! But if I may be a bit of a pest, please make a donation if you can, even if it's a teeny-tiny one. I gave $15 USD via PayPal yesterday, and I'm unemployed! But I hate to see good indie radio go under because of moronic legislation.

I tried, but my thing with music now is...I want to be introduced to stuff, especially styles, that are totally new to my ears! (This need for newness happens when you start heading towards middle age, I swear....either that, or you completely shut off to new things, as many people seem to do, sadly.) I don't want stuff that sounds like what I already know. I think that's why I like Soma FM so much...because it's not like anything! I live in a smallish city, with only a handful of radio stations, and all of them VERY, EXTREMELY commercial and sanitized: there's one for top40/oldies/news, one for country (there used to be two), one for pop, one for rock...and that's pretty much it. There are two media companies here, and they own all the radio between them (and one of them also runs our only TV station). Oh, and there's the national CBC (our NPR, which is more talk/news/documentary) and CBC classical music (which I actually prefer to the commercial stations). To be honest, I can't even remember the last time I listened to local radio. Maybe when there was an all-candidates election call-in show, or something like that.

Jeebus, I think I AM drunk. I'd better break out that paint...

By the way, is it wrong that I get a huge un-feminist thrill every time I hear the words, "Gosh, you don't look 38"?
Hi everybody!

CH, you are the samosa devil! ...Always parading them around in here, making me want Indian food! I think I'm going to have to venture down to the Indian Market and get some good samosas there at some point soon...

Tree, I think you made a couple of excellent choices with those sampler platters!

And CH, good for you for putting your texts in for what you want. You deserve a relationship that fulfills all your desires!

Dooooodle's druuuuuunk! Heee! And she's painting furniture drunk to boot! And who wouldn't be thrilled with compliments like that, my dear - feminist or no?

Hi FJ! I LOVE that you went parkin' on mr. fj's lunch hour! So sweet!

Kel, I am totally with tree on the jersey sheets - those are our standard when the weather is cold - so snuggly - and cheap too!

Hi lore! I think I'm going to have to check out this somafm of which you're all raving!
Howdy, hot asses! Happy Friday the 13th!

HOORAY, Turbo! That's fantastic news! Do you think you'll still be able to Bust during the day at the new job?

Doodle, be careful around those paint fumes! wink.gif That likker sounds super tasty. I think I'll have to make a white russian after I post this.

Mmmmm ... samosaaaaas. Hope you enjoyed your dinner, Tree. Give us a full report. And just so you know, I completely agree with you on chocolate. The only milk chocolate that crosses my lips is made by Green & Blacks and that is only because it is a rather dark version of milk chocolate. Once ya start eating the good stuff, Hershey's & Nestle will never do.

Diva, I agree. You must post a pic of your anvil when you get it! You should also tell us how you get such amazing deals on designer bags & shoes! I think the fanciest things I own are a couple pairs of Stewart Weizman shoes that I got at the Saks outlet. I also have some Fleuvogs that are super cute, but I agree that they don't feel exactly upscale. I love that you have a bright orange purse! I realized a few years ago that a great, colorful purse can actually work as a fab neutral.

CH, I think you're doing the right thing. It would be one thing if he said that he needed to take it slow for an emotional reason or something, but just picking an arbitrary day like that sounds very odd. Don't let 'im push you around!

Lore, I will definitely check out that radio station later. Sounds super cool.

FJ, we ordered some pizza, too. I blame all the pizza talk in this thread over the last 2 days. smile.gif Here's hopin' ya get some soon, you hot hormonal momma!

Kel, let me third the t-shirt sheets. Soft and wonderful! They can be too warm for me in the summer, though, but I like the casual comfiness of them the rest of the year.

I was sooooooo busy with house stuff today, but it's been aaaaaall good, babies. Sooooo good. Let me tell ya 'bout it.
1. We got the pre-approval very easily. Yay! This means we don't have to go through the nightmare of checking international credit! Basically, we can get anything we've seen. So all of my pre-hunting research was correct. What a relief!
2. We toured the smaller blue house. And the house is sooooo cute, but Sheff had issues with the bathrooms (again). Plus, it actually had a kinda strange layout in places. So I don't think it's the house for us. But the sweetest, cutest cats on the planet live there! Oh my god, these cats kept purring & mewing & and asking to be pet. If these cats came with the house we might have to buy it anyway! But no. Cats aren't included. Crap.
3. Before touring the blue house, I was driving around and I found an amaaaaaazing house. Oh my. I think I may have found a place that will make both me and Sheff happy. It's a for-sale-by-owner house that just came on the market 2 days ago. It is on a truly gorgeous lot with enormous pines, flowering trees, azalea bushes ... I could go on. And the house itself is adorable. Plus the flier for the house shows the floorplan so we already know what to expect (and it looks really promising!). It isn't listed on the big, public MLS listing and we are going to use that to our advantage. Sadly, the owners will not be around to let us tour it this weekend, but we have an appointment for Monday night. Keep those fingers tightly crossed, kids, because I have high hopes for this place.
Hi rosie!!! ((((((massive house-getting vibes))))) That is such excellent news, about preapproval AND your new find! I can't wait to hear how you like the new house you found!

I doubt I'll be able to bust during the day at the new job - for one, I'll be on a real network, but mostly, from the job description and projects described to me....I'll be lucky to get that work-life balance they all promise is real. wink.gif I'll certainly miss ya'll, but I'll see you early morning and in the I'll still be around.

Well, as I have just hopped out of the bath, I think I'm going to snuggle into bed, read a bit, and go to sleep...I love friday nights - and yay for not waking up to an alarm tomorrow!
oh minx, how scary! (((((minx))))) i'm so glad everything turned out okay! now that i've got a kidlet of my own, i perfectly understand that "now that i know you're not dead in a ditch somewhere, i'ma kill you myself" look my mom got in her eye when i pulled stupid shit as a youngster, and i can't wait for c-monkey to have spawn of her own so i can say "see? i told you!"

fj, yay for cute pregnant belly pics! and yay for the sexxoring!

rv, it sounds like you've got some good options. whichever house you pick, and however much work you have to put into it, the important thing is that you love it.

tj, woot woot on rave interviews! it sounds like you impressed them (like i knew you would!), and like everyone else i will be biting my nails and crossing my fingers until they officially offer you the position (and i know they will because you are just too awesome for them to pass up!).

thank goodness it's friday! i put it almost 12 hours at work today because the girl who was supposed to relieve me after my 10 called in sick. and i might have to go in for her tomorrow afternoon if that shift is working (but so far all signs point to "no" *crosses fingers*). i've got a pretty laid back schedule next week, 9 to 5:30, and i'll be spending all but a couple hours of it cross-training with another rep in a new department. so yay, basically all i have to do is follow her around and take notes.
no big plans for the weekend. c-monkey has soccer in the morning, and assuming i don't get called in to work, we'll probably spend the rest of the day chilling at the bookstore.

hi diva, doodle, kel, ch, gt, poodle, pk, tree, and anybody else i might have missed!
Ok, the primer is still drying, and I can put the first coat of colour on in....30 minutes. YAY!

Yes, green.

Shut up.

I only had the one (albeit large - beer mug-sized) drink. I don't think I'm really much of a drinker. I think I'm going to have to invite my young friend over and ask her to bring the intoxicant that operates more at my speed. biggrin.gif Maybe SHE will like chocolate brown russians, though!

RV, that IS great news! I hope the house is The One!

grrrl, your wishes could be all for naught! My mom used to say, "I can't wait till you have a kid of your own." And then I decided I NEVER would! So that showed her! Heh. tongue.gif

turbo, that will be sad if you can't bust during the day, but it will be worth it, I'm sure - anyway, wouldn't it be nice to be mentally fulfilled enough at work that you don't HAVE to be online??
yeah doodle, what's that one saying? grandchildren are a parent's ultimate revenge on their children, something like that. rolleyes.gif
first of all, since your post is on top for me, grrl, let me just jones for your hair a bit...I always forget to compliment you on it cause usually my posts come too far after yours!! I have a good memory, it's just really, really SHORT.

Rosev, also, usually I post too far after you to remember what your current issue is and I just realize that you were asking a few days about taking a smaller, well-maintained house vs a larger one that needs work...I feel kinda qualified to chime in on that one! You probably remember me talking about buying a "shack" and fixing it up...the thing about house projects is you can't get away from them. If you're really into down-time and seeing your house as your retreat from the world...well, it won't be during a renovation. It will be dirty and dusty. I used to dust my coffee table and, literally ten minutes later, you could write your name in the new dust on it.

HOWEVER, let me clarify that and say that if it's large enough that you can literally just do one room at a time and have enough room to store all the stuff that normally goes into that room, elsewhere and you can close it off, it's worth the sacrifice in terms of gaining equity. I did it the hard way...the entire shack needed work and I rewired it and also wanted to insulate so I had to gut the entire house down to the studs. I wish I had a scanner and could post some of my "before" pictures. Rewiring and replumbing are very thankless, dirty, messy jobs. If the house needs mainly cosmetic stuff, new light fixtures, a coat of paint here and there, maybe some new mouldings and stuff like that, it's much more rewarding. And, like I said, as a first time home buyer, I'd focus on gaining equity.

God, minx, I'd have been so freaked out!! I hope you were able to relax last night. And, yeah, I second Rosev on the GPS locator! Gawd.

Report on Indian food: I much preferred the non-vegetarian food. Guess I'm a carnivore. The vegetarian plate was supposed to be the samosas, veggie pakora, aloo tiki, and cheese pakora. I did think my favorite thing on the veggie platter was the samosas. I couldn't stand the aloo tikki, though.

My favorite things were the fish pakora and the chicken pakora. Yum.

Doodle, what a cool dream! For some reason, when you were describing it, I had a visual flash of Helen Shaver in "desert hearts" with the oh-so-proper, genteel traveling outfit.

So, I've already gotta touch up my roots...I'm really liking the red and I'm agonna keep it. smile.gif

I got my tax refund on thursday!! SQUEEE! So I went to the tv store and got my tv, dvd and vcr player, and surround sound! eyes absolutely glazed over when I saw the back of the surround sound receiver! The bear's gonna try and help me hook it up....he was teasing me...he called me "ms. digital controls"....hehe, can't even figure out how to hook up my television system!

But I did get the tv and dvd/vcr player hooked up. Sort of. I can watch it. I dunno if I like the vcr/dvd player though...I gotta read the manual but it looks like it just records whatever channel the tv's set to. So that means if I'm gone on vacation, I gotta choose whether to tape House or to tape Greys Anatomy cause they're on different channels? I can't be reading that right, can I?

*waves to okayers*....have a great day, everybody!!!
Mornin' tree!!! I'm cursing my morning-self this morning, as I woke up at 5:30am, just like clockwork. gah. I laid in bed for 40 minutes, but there was no going back to sleep. Oh well.

Doodle, we would never make fun of you for your green habit (painting or otherwise wink.gif)! You're not painting everything the exact same green, and you know how to make it all work! And now, we know that our doodle is on the mend - she's back to home decor!! tongue.gif

Yeah, doodle, I imagine I'll go through withdrawl for a bit without BUST during the day, but I think I will love the new mental challenge, and well - being really busy so that the day flies by...I think it will be good.

I definitely want indian food now...hmmm, maybe I will make it down to the indian market today.

(((((day-off vibes for grrrrl)))) Booooo! for the potential of having to work on a Saturday!
Good morning all. *dances around thread in anticipation of new bed arriving (purportedly) between 12:15 and 2:15 EST*

Tree, I admire any woman who guts her own house. I'm about useless with home repair. I really am one of those people who thinks duct tape is an answer when something falls apart. Or, if something breaks...well, it's broken. This is why I don't buy a house of my own.

Turbo, I woke up at 6:30 today even though I was up until 1:30. I think that even if I could manage to sleep in, dog and cat would wake me anyway. My cat wakes me up on weekends by walking all over me and meowing. Both she and dog are on diets (hell, so am I), so they have a very fixed food schedule. Therefore, I'm on a very fixed "get my ass out of bed and feed the animals" schedule.

Doodle, how did the paint job turn out?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~perfect house vibes for RV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Gah. I'm tired. I'm skipping people, but it's not personal.


Morning all & happy Saturday to you!

Doodle, I think if you hadn't painted it green we'd be worried about who stole your brain. wink.gif And I agree with TJ - it's good to see you crafting again!

Kel, that's great about the bed arriving today. It will be sooo nice when you curl up on it with a good book tonight. Mmmmm ... I feel sleepy just thinking about it!

Jenn, if you take this job you will definitely be missed in here, but I know all of OkayLand really wants you to be happy. You deserve it. So if this job makes you happy, then we'll suck it up. smile.gif

Grrrl, glad to hear you'll be working some normal hours for a change!

Tree, I can't imagine having to rewire & reinsulate a house. Huge props to you for taking on such a task. I think that if I had a little on-site help from a pro, I'd be very willing to take on some remodeling & renovations myself. You know those home improvement shows that have an expert come over and help a person re-do their kitchen or bathroom? That's what I need. But without the TV crew. wink.gif

The Mauve House is the one that needs a bit of work, but mainly on the exterior. It needs a new roof, gutters, & it's got to be painted (and it's masonite, so I wouldn't trust just anybody). The inside could use some work, too, but only to make it a little closer to Dream House status. smile.gif All that outside work is rather intimidating (and pricey!) so that's kinda discourging. But honestly, my biggest problem is the lot. Because the mauve house doesn't have as many trees as 98% of the houses in this neighborhood. One of the things I adore about this particular neighborhood is all of the mature trees. And the mauve house has some, but not nearly as many as the other homes. Plus, since it's surounded by roads on 3 sides, it feels even more exposed. Granted, 2 of those roads are cul-de-sacs (one in front, one in back) so it isn't as if they get a ton of traffic, but still. You can plant trees to create more privacy, but as Diva pointed out, it takes a loooooong time for trees to grow. And they aren't free, either. Hmm.

That's why I like the house I found yesterday. The lot is not on a corner and it has tons of gorgeous trees. Very private. The asking price is 4.5% more than the mauve house, but when you consider the cost of the things that need to be done to the exterior of the mauve house to bring it up to the same level, this new house may actually be cheaper. Very interesting, non?
Good Morning Good Morning,

So, I ditched him last night. He always told me that the reason he never maintain a relationship because of his schedule, I told him last night that it wasn't his schedule that was a problem, the problem was that he did have time, but he utilized it in such a way that made a woman not feel wanted. He didn't prioritize. He has free time, it was how he used it. He could make plans with his friends but he coudn't make plans with me, and he always used the guise oh his schedule. I did this via text, because he wasn't answering his phone. I'm haven't heard from him, I doubt I will. I'd like to tell him live, but, alas, this will have to do. If he really cared about someone, then he would make the time to see them, the same way he makes the time to see his friends.A realtionship needs to grow, and you can't do this without getting together with someone. How can you get to know someone if you don't get together? I'm not too sure how I feel, because I don't feel like things are actually done yet, but I'm not really upset, as I stopped caring about his a few weeks ago.

Turob, mmmm booze, crafting and booze, even better!

Doodle, I hear what you are saying about pandora, I haven't listened in ages.

Tree, I'm glad your first Indian food experience was pretty good!

RV, I'm so happy for you!!!! That is so great

Grrrl, any idea what you are doing with your money?

Well, I've got to go and shower, because I smell rather dreadful right now. I am going to go and pick up a new phone as well, as mine is in rough shape.

Culture, that really sucks about your guy. And he couldn't even be bothered to answer the phone. One of the major downfalls in Kelman's and my relationship was his schedule. EVERYTHING was on his terms (but he had four kids living with him, so it was a *little* more understandable). It all revolved around him. And like LeMan, he never used his time wisely. He could have easily made more time for me, but just couldn't get his shit together to make it happen. And I stayed in that for 15 months. You are making the right decision for you, and luckily you are making it early before another moment of your life is frittered away waiting for some boy. ((((culture))))

RV, as much I think that mauve house is adorable, it seems to make sense to go with a slightly more expensive but definitely more ready home with a lot you love. The decisions must be exhilarating and frustrating at the same time.

The very picky sheet hunting has paid off! I get really choosy when making certain purchases, particularly those for my home. I went to every store I could think of for sheets and then I remembered this place called Ollies that buys the overstock from other stores. I found there the most gorgeous 400 thread count sheets. They are almost the color of Culture and RV's text but even more vibrant and saturated if you can imagine that. They match nothing in my home, but they look so positively juicy and feel like heaven, so I got them anyway. They make me happy just looking at them. And only $25!!! I am a converted Ollie's shopper. Next week I'm going across the Bay to IKEA and getting a duvet cover and shams...I'll find something equally juicy and delicious to go with my new sheets. Now if only the bed would get here! *stamps foot impatiently*

The ex who was talking smack about me on his blog has really gone too far. I don't read the damned thing anymore, but my friend alerted me to what he said, and it was horrible. She messaged him and told him how pathetic it is making him look. I was so grateful to her for doing that because I have to remain out of it so as not to give him ammo. He is technically her friend, and she went out on a limb for me. It's so good to have friends like her.
Kel your sheets sound amazing! I'd love purple bed sheets! I jus adore purple, it's my fave. Le man has no kids, just his work. Whatevs, not my concern anymore. My mother actually told me today that she didn't think I was ready for a relationship anyway, and I'm inclined to agree with her. I actually also called himself absored for being the way he was. His loss not mine.

I am no longer stinky, hurrah for showers. I'm going to take the puppers to park for a walk as it is going to be a wonderful day and tomorrow it is going to 18 degrees Celcius! Sweet!

I think I'm going to pick up a few DVD's today and work out later too.

How is everyone else?

the puter i'm on has a sticky letter 'y' so i'm going to boycott that letter after this sentance...

hee evereebodee! this is a fli bi!

turbo! glad to hear the interviews went great... u are awesome i'm with grrl, u got it. how could u not be the top pick?

tree, ur so amazing it scares me. that u did that much work to ur house and it looks freaking AMAZING. u are soooooo mi hero. thanks for the welding pron too! oooooo. nice weld. wink.gif

hooraa for rose... that is super good news! just think, u were stressed about this a few weeks ago, and now it's just falling into place! so happee for u!

culture, u are a smartee, know that? u weren't happee, so u looked at the problem and changed it. u deserve so much better than him.

same for u kell, i love how u are handling ur self after ur break.

ok...ima start getting all sappee cos i am so proud of all the okers, and u are all so FREAKING, SMART, FUNNEE, OUTSTANDING, AMAZING, AWESOME, AWE-INSPIRING, COOL, BAD-ASS, GREAT PEEPS!
i swear, i feel so luckee to have been blessed to have learned about u's. u all inspire me more than u know!

gotta go, i'm heading into shop to get extra practice where i don't have to share equipment, and i can focus...
Culture, you are right. It is his loss. And it sounds like you'll have no trouble finding someone to divert your attention from him. Maybe your mom is right about not being ready. It's not something that can be forced, especially after what you went through with that controlling assclown. Until you are ready, enjoy your "you" time and the time you have with the boys.
*drive by*

rosiev: three things for you, a way to help you decide which house (if either) you really want, and some pearls of real estate wisdom.

1. to help you decide, make a list of pros and cons for each house. when you have done that, give each pro and con a value (for example, something you think you MUST have, such as a fireplace, has a higher numeric value than something that is nice but not necessarily a deal breaker, such as a car port instead of a garage). add up the pros and cons to get numeric values for each house. a pro value is added, a con value is subtracted. that will give you a good, solid, sensibly based system to help you decide.

myself, every time i ever did the above.....? if it came out that one house won over another, and i found i didn't WANT that house to be the winner, i STILL came out knowing which house i really wanted. and, as others have said, what you say you want and what you wind up with may be two entirely different things. i said i HAD to have two floors and wouldn't even LOOK at ranches. well, you have been to our house. notice anything obvious about it??

2. location, location, location. can't say it often enough. you will probably move at least one more time. you will want to sell your house. i had a lovely house on st. mary's road that i sold for a LOSS, because the main highway didn't go out that far at the time. now, of course, that wouldn't be an issue. but woah, it sure was then!!!

3. if you don't like the exterior now, chances are you never will. we were lucky, we got to choose our lot. if you don't have the luxury of building the house you want on the lot you want, land will almost always win out over the house. for example, we will probably need to sell mamae's house very soon. if i were to buy it, i would tear the house down and rebuild on the same lot....which is INCREDIBLE. the land value has increased enormously. there is a lot (no pun intended! promise!) to be said for mature trees in mature yards in a neighborhood with other mature trees and yards.

what is it with men and bathrooms, anyway? mr. hotbuns was fixated on those, too. i had completely fallen in love with one house, that had THE MOST FABULOUS view of the arboretum....acres and acres and acres of gorgeous trees on hillsides. i couldn't talk him into it. because of the small master bathroom. who knew?

i adore each and every one of you in here, i do, i do!!! i'm procrastinating and need to work. sad.gif so i will have to pop back in later today or tomorrow to hug each of you properly!
Good morning all! I went to sleep at 1 AM and woke up at 9 AM....could it be that my sleep is normalizing!??

We'll wait and see before passing judgement on that one, I guess!

My little three-drawer nightstand needs a second coat of green, and then some polyurethane (because unsealed latex paint gets sticky when the weather is warm!). It will be back in the bedroom by suppertime...and a good thing, too, because all the stuff from the drawers is now spread out on the bedroom floor...including the organizer tray holding my sex toys! (Gosh, I wonder if doodlemama found that when I was in hospital...she sure never said anything, tho' I know she had to go into the nightstand for some stuff!)

Rose! Please don't buy any house that needs a new roof! Damn, people need to finish that shit before selling their houses. It will be a nightmare cost to do the roof, and if you don't do it before autumn (if you can find a roofer who's not already booked through the summer), lots of buckets and towels.

culture, ugh! You are so right, it IS his loss! Why do people bother getting into relationships if they don't want to spend time together?

Hi also turbo, treehugger, grrrl, GT, kelkello, and my beloved tesao!

My dream hat looked a little different than Helen Shaver's. It was dark grey and kind of pointy in the front, and had a feather.

Oh, I just noticed...from here, can see a cat perched VERY high up in a tree...oh dear! That probably means the skunk is back....
mornin' okayers! i got to sleep in til about seven this morning before the kidlet was up and wanting breakfast, and that was kind of nice. i could have done with a couple more hours though. last night the kidlet said she wanted to skip soccer today. she got a big lecture on how she wanted to play soccer so badly, and grammy went to a lot of trouble to sign her up an spent a lot of money for the shinguards and damned pink sparkly soccer ball at target because soccer is what she really really wanted, and she's not going to quit after two weeks. and then i looked outside and saw how overcast it was, and when i went out for a smoke a few minutes ago there was some definite sprinklage going on. *head desk* so we may not do soccer today after all. no definite word on whether i'm working today. last time i was scheduled on a weekend like this, they wanted me in at 5 pm, but they called me at noon to say "no b shift, see you monday!" i'm really hoping for a repeat of that. but it does fuck with my weekend horribly. oh well. maybe if there's no soccer, i can get my mom to drive me to the scooter dealer. that's where i've most definitely decided the $1000 is going. and i completely forgot that i have almost $400 left over from my tax return and another couple hundred from my vacation payout at work (and if you're wondering how i forget about almost another $600, i'm dangerously, stupidly laissez-faire about my cashflow. my mom's an accountant, an actual one with a degree and everything; i give her my paycheck, she tells me when bills are due, i say "pay it", and if she didn't keep track of things for me, i'd probably $20 here, $40 there myself into the poorhouse). i think i have enough for any of the schwinn models he had out on the floor there, but i wanted to ask him about one i saw in the catalogue, maybe see about financing for one of the larger cruiser models that are freeway capable.

kel, glad you got your new sheets and will soon have a bed to go with them. i love shopping for new home stuff! which reminds me, i need to pick up some new hand towels.

tree, thanks for the hair love. it's faded out pretty bad already, as reds and pinks tend to do. i think next time i'm going to go with something darker. like purple, i haven't done purple at this job yet. but first, a trim this weekend or next, and i did promise some people at work i'd do red green and white for cinco de mayo. i'm only dyeing the red part though, the green and white i'll just find a couple cans of the spray-in stuff that washes out. oh, the things i do to keep my co-workers entertained. rolleyes.gif

rv, i didn't forget about you! i just don't know what to say that i already didn't last night. it sounds like you're closer to making a decision. the mauve house is awfully cute, but if you're going to spend that much time and money fixing it up and still not have exactly what you want (trees, privacy, etc), well, that's just a big investment, and you'll wanna mnake sure the pay out's going to be worth it.

ch, yay for finally sticking it to the boy! no lovin' til july, and he didn't even bother to let you break up with him by voice if not in person? i forgot who said it, but they were right, you just dodged yourself a trip to the mothership. laugh.gif now go find some fabulous boy (or girl or whatever) that will give you portions on demand and often!

tes and gt, you sneaky bitches, i didn't you see you come in! *waves*
(((kel, doodle, GT, Grrrl)))) thanks for the words of encouragement. I'm sure I'll hear from him, and I know I'll run into him sometime, we kind of run with the same crowd of people, I ususally see him when I go out to the bar. I'm actually not feeling bad at all. As for PORTIONS! I have a few other hanging around who will be happy to know that le ex man is out of the picture. I've got fuckin needs! Hee.

Grrrl that's awesome about getting a scooter, and as for kidlet not wanting to play soccer today, she'll totally have fun if she goes. You know what else is cool, I also call my grandmother Grammy.

Doodle, there is nothing better then a neighbourhood skunk. Totally agree about people getting into relationships when they don't want to get together, I'm not a booty call, I'm not a door mat. If you want to be friends with benefits, then fine, but call it for what it is, don't dress a duck up and tell me it's a dog.

GT, I loved your post with no "y"'s, I remember one time the 3 key on my phone didn't work, so I couldn't use d,e or f in txt's, it was really hard. And amusing, and irritating.

The puppers actually played with other doggies and the dog park *emily sends licks and tail wags to all*, I'm so happy that she is finally socializing again. She only ever really played with Isabel, whom my ex has...and we don't need to go that route again.

I have the window open and I'm in the mood for shopping! I'm just waiting for my really good friend to get her internet fixed and away we go! Sweetness.

I'm actually in a really good mood, I didn't go out yesterday and am thus not tired or hung over! I haven't wasted this beautiful day.

Good Saturday Morn to you all! smile.gif

Maybe the LeMan control issues thing has merit. He's withholding a response to something that you did that threatened his control. Personally, I figured out that I have more patience than the average person in the category of putting off my own gratification for a later time. I like to get stuff that I and/or my wife likes and squirrel them away for birthdays, moversaries, anniversaries, and other reasons to celebrate. Last night, I made vodka sauce spaghetti for GoatieGirl because it was her last night of regular food before a week-long elimination diet (of only lamb, celery, iceberg lettuce, pears, water, salt and pepper sad.gif ). The thing is that she loves my vodka sauce. It's not particularly hard to make or anything, but I kinda keep from making it all the time so that it retains its 'treat' factor. In a way, that's definitely a control thing, using withholding and anticipation as a spice. It sounds like LeMan has learned to use patience as a tool, too... Anywaaaay, I'm glad you're feeling good about what you're doing.

He he heee! Good job with the bocotting the letter between 'T' and 'U', on the keboard, GrrrlTee smile.gif Quite smirk-inspiring.

As for sheets, we have a set of t-shirt-ish knit sheets that are really comfortable, but the tend to stretch at an angle. Probably 'cause they're cheap. Now they're kinda diamond-shaped, and the pillow cases twist around the pillows like a candy cane, but they're comfey wink.gif

Lurve to BUSTies, all!

woo hoo! work just called, and i don't have to come in after all! and the rain's stopped and there's a patch of blue, so soccer's on after all. man, i'm just glad to have my weekend back. now, what to do with it?
*seethes with rage*

The mattress people called to tell me that my mattress got damaged last night and they can't deliver it today. Then they tried to sell me a more expensive mattress that couldn't be delivered for a week! I told them I'd take my business elsewhere. Then they called back and offered to have one delivered Monday but I'd have to take off work to wait for the delivery. I told them again I'd take my business elsewhere. THEN the guy who sold me the mattress calls and says he has a set in the store warehouse, it's more expensive but I won't have to pay extra, plus he'd throw in a free very expensive mattress cover that I didn't buy and he would deliver it himself today. On top of his car. Apparently throwing a fit and being a bitch works, because I will have the new one within the hour. Let's hope.

*taps foot and waits for mattress*
i love unsecured wireless networks. we're at the soccer field as i type. biggrin.gif c-monkey's friend has apparently joined her soccer team, and she's having a ball. turns out her whole worry was about not getting to spend enough time with me, because i was supposed to have been working. now that i'm not, she's got the whoe rest of the day and spending the night at my house, so she's a bit more relaxed.

kel, that kinda sucks about the mattress, but i'm glad they're taking care of business. and you get a more expensive model plus goodies on top of that. here's hoping they make good on it. *crosses fingers*
Ok, the second coat of green is applied and drying! YAY!

As per usual, Curious George wanted to "help." I intervened just in the nick of time; he only has 2 green whiskers.

Iron Maiden is playing, cranked, and undoubtedly frightening the neighbours. BUT I waited till 11 AM, just because it's the weekend. C'mon, I'm a good neighbour, aren't I?

George is lying right between the speakers.

It's kind of overcast today, but the lovely pale greens of spring kind of make up for it.

kel, being a bitch really DOES work. My BFF once called the manager of the local Sears a fucking asshole over the phone (it was over some appliance repair stuff, and yeah, BFF was in the right), and now she gets whatever she wants, immediately.

BTW, I am starting to think maybe my next vehicle should be a motorbike.

ETA: Hee hee! I'm getting an evil visual of painting a stripe down Georgie's back and tossing him out for the skunk. "Oh ma dahling, *mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah,* mah haht is a beeg roaring flame, *mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah*!"

Which I would never do, of course. *ahem*
Doodle, you should definitely get a motorbike. I have no idea what you look like, but I can just see you on one anyway. Your personality is screaming for a kickass bike.

Grrrl, that's sweet that the little monkey just wanted some mom time. And yay for wireless!

I'm in a caffeine and rage induced frenzy right now. But my friend who works by the mattress place called and said she saw the guy with the mattress tied on top of his car leaving the parking lot. Here's hoping it doesn't fall off.

Caffeine Rage would be a good band name.
Yep, sometimes a VERY firm word or two, strategically applied is the best way to get what you want. Turbomann prefers to have me call the car stealership, because they'll try to charge you six ways to sunday for an oil change, or try and tell you somethings not covered by the warranty, that really is.

Go KEL! Let us know how the bed works out for you! I cannot believe the manager is putting it on his car to bring it to you, though - that's hilarious! Good work!

And YAY for c-monkey playing soccer AND for unsecured networks!

I just finished making a big pot of chicken stock, so I can make some of my 16 bean soup tomorrow...its my favorite soup of all. YUM.

I've just been lounging around for the last couple of hours, and turbomann and I are going to our fave taqueria in the 'hood for a late lunch.

I feel good today knowing that I've done all I can do to pursue this job - its out of my hands, and down to the background check and references now. YAY! I slept so good last night, knowing the pressure's off. Whew!

I dunno about the motorbike, doodle, unless you're going to keep a car gets pretty cold where you are, and I'd worry about you on those winter roads. But good work on getting the painting done!
The bed is here! And it's dreamy. I'm going to eat something and take a well-deserved NAP!
Yay for new beds, AND for getting something even better by being a bitch! biggrin.gif

turbo, you may be right about the motorbike vs. the weather. *sigh*

Ok, these are the Behr paint chips I picked up at Home Despot yesterday. I am trying to pick a colour for my table/desk, and also maybe for the hutch-type thingie in the same area. Should I go for one of these, or should I go in a different direction entirely, i.e., teal or blue? (Colour is different on everyone's monitor, but the actual chips are a little brighter/lighter than they look on my monitor.)

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