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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi everyone!! I'm back from mentoring, had a scrumptious mango-avocado-pumpkin seed-lettuce salad with a lime-chile vinaigrette for dinner.

*waves to the very studious GT!* Sounds like you're learning a ton in your classes!!!

RV - glad to hear you're getting some more headway on the house process - and, how COOL that BFF is coming in for your birfday - are you still planning to see Great Big Sea? I have to admit I've been a little addicted to the concert DVD I bought. *swoons*

Doodle - you have clearly influenced BFF in her decorating sense - good work, my dear!! Of course, I never would have had the courage for the purple wall without you! And I love that your diplomas are called Dogwoods...I keep thinking of the flowering trees.

Tree - I'm glad you get another week extension, and are going to do your due diligence on the appeal! Take care of your wrists as best you can when you go back to work!

I don't think the credit check thing will be a problem. I offered to bring them in the sheet with my credit score on it that I got from Chase last week, I just don't want them poking around in my credit files without my say-so. The org I'm currently at checks credit too - its stupid. Whatever, if they want me, as I think they do, they'll hire me.


oh doodle... i am so tempted to tell your bff's dottir's date so much... *bites her lip*

tree, i'm not sure what your wrist injury is, but it might help to start wearing a wrist brace immediately, for everything but bathing. a bit back i shattered the wrist of my "gun hand" (the x-ray looked cool, you could see the impact point because the fractures and breaks all pointed to it.) i got my cast off, but my doctor insisted i wear a brace for 4 mos or so after. because my wrist was very fragile and could come apart again, and the tendons, muscles were not used to being used. occasionally my wrist acts up and the brace lets it heal again... hope that helps. as for running away to "pixburg" i'd love to. 's a very beautiful city, i just hate winter there (brutal sleet + wind chill). but i soooooo wish you were here. i love my teacher, but i don't think i've learned too much. sad.gif welding wise. i need one on one teaching, and he does demos , but it's more like shop class after school. ugh. i hope its just for the oxyacetylin welding. so i am focusing on mig welding... that's what you use mostly right? god i wish you were here. i'm sure i'd learn lots and we'd yack it up too! sigh. say hi to kitty for me!!!

hi culture, turbo kel + rose....

i was gonna say hi to everybody but i am too pooped... its only 9 and my bed is calling me....
later okers!
I've only smoked once in my life (well, cigarettes anyway... wink.gif), and it completely grossed me out and turned me off. That, and I'm allergic when other people are smoking in close proximity.

Turbo, that credit check thing weirds me out. I'd never heard of that before!

*waves to everyone*

ugh... ive got a sore throat... well, i get to make my favorite home remedy! a "dragonslayer": half mug of apple juice, dash of lemon juice, enough cayanne pepper to sting, add honey to taste, and maybe ginger, served hot! mmmmm!

grrrr! i'm trying to go to bed and lcd soundsystem is on letterman! fuck. i just wanna sleep, people!

heh...I woke up with a sore throat. Oh, well.

GT, since i started doing ultracold refrigeration, trying to squeeze my arms/hands into the little teeny cabinets (you'd think it'd be easier for a woman, smaller hands, eh?) but, anyway, I developed deQuervain's syndrome and also tennis elbow. I'm wearing a wrist brace a huge portion of the day.

That ex-ray must have really looked cool!

No, I wasn't doing MIG welding, I was doing, I think it was called SMAW welding? We just called it "stick" welding. Oh, and I have some welding porn for you....

Turbo, that salad sounds luscious!

Oh, doodle, my fellow decorating diva, imitation is the best flattery, I think! To an extent, anyway...that mosaic sounds really nice with those colors.

Kel, I'm glad you were able to get some closure. And that you're willing to keep checking in with each other and work things out like that. It sounds pretty healthy. And, YAY! for the new bed! What a way to release all that bad energy/negative memories. I think you should get some new, beautiful bedding for it, too.

OMG on dubya pics. Pretty funny...and yes, that is the worst photoshopping I've ever seen, too. But I don't think the onion really cares about actually making it look real. A little known fun fact...The Onion started out in my very own city, Madison, and Dan Savage used to be a video store clerk at the hippest video store in town! You can still get free paper copies of The Onion, in newsstands all around town.

*waves at Okayers*

I posted last night, clicked "add reply", and immediately got bumped off the internet! I'm glad to see that it posted. Anyway, here goes again.....
Ahhh...I had the sweetest morning here! I'm working from home this morning, so i can see moxette off to school. So, not only did I get a great piece of writing done (assuming environmental assessments count!), I got the most happy "my tooth is out!" baby to play with this morning. I love it!

GT, I feel your throat pain...i've got the sniffles, and its just drainy enough to be irritating, but not quite enough to justify meds. I wish the neti pot idea didn't freak me out so much...i suspect this is exactly the sitch it was meant for!

Hey, tes, how's mamae doing? I tried researching over in Kvetch, but things move soooooo fast there, that i couldn'tquite find out. ((((hugs))))

Rose- any more word on the mauve house?

Poodle- take things one step at a time, health wise, right? I wonder if there are people (with brains...not rednecky types) who smoke who are OK with it. "yes, I smoke, and I want to continue." All smokers I hear seem to echo the "I wish I could quit," but I wonder how much of that is society induced guilt? I'm not a smoker, but I find myself using the same type of line when I tell people I let moxette watch TV, or have a cookie now and then.

So, what does everyone have planned this weekend? We're having friends over for a late supper saturday...after moxette's in bed, we hope. And grown-up talk and wine and fun!

Moxie, I still can't believe how fast our wee moxette is growing - she's like her own little person now - toofs and vertically mobile and all!! Crazy.

Its snowing here again this morning. Stupid weather. Thank cod I have turbomann to drive me in when the weather is shitty...wouldn't be difficult to ride today, but when its cold AND wet, it makes my ears hurt, even when I donn my ninja mask. tongue.gif

GT!!! Glad to see you in here, my dear, sounds like the classes and homework are keeping you quite busy! Any chance for the instructor to give you a little one-on-one assistance if you ask for it?

(((((tree, GT, moxie feel betta vibes))))) I think this time of year is just so hard on our bodies, as the seasons change, and esp in the midwest where one day its winter, and the next day its summer. Very hard to adapt to.

No real plans for the weekend here, yet...if a job offer materializes tomorrow, then there will definitely be a celebration dinner at our favorite rustic italian bistro...they have the finest roast chicken and polenta with greens, you will ever have. Yum.
Good Morning!

It's Thursday, oh thank goodness. what's wierd is that I have no messages at work. None. This concerns me, what did all my clients just disappear? Oh well, less work for now. More BUSTing. Hee.

I had such a good sleep last night, although I had a dream that le man wanted me to elope! It was kind of fucked up given I have no aspirations of marriage at this time.

Turbo, I always feel like I'm stalking you, because every morning, I always post right after you. I find this amusing.

Tree, hope you feel better!

Hi GT! Hope all is going well and your sore throat gets better too.

Kel, I'm glad to see that the healing process is progressing.

Moxie, there is nothing like adut conversation. It's rather nice to have kidlets away and be able to drop the f-bomb or talk about something other than nappies.

Hey faerie, how's it going?

Where's doodle at? *waves hello anyway*

And what about grrrl, mind you she's got the wild schedule, I can say that 4:30 isn't even a thought for me.

You can stalk me if you like, CH! *gives CH a come-hither glance*

I think its just the usual crew in here first thing in the morning, is all...when I get this new fantastic job, I'm sure I'm really going to miss my busting time during work. I still have to ask them the fateful question: Mac vs PC....heh. Its a major quality of life issue for me, but I fear they are a PC office...I wouldn't turn it down if I had to work on a PC station, but it wouldn't be as nice. We shall see tomorrow morning...
Sweet, turbo you in for a chase then? I'll persue you, and you'll like it!

*grins slyly*

As for the MAC vs PC, that's cool that you even get the choice, MAC's a thing of myth where I work.
morning okayers!!!!!

((((((hugs to all sickies!)))))) i feel a little guilty like maybe i spread my germs in here, as those are the exact symptoms i've been feeling for the past few days.

turbo, there is no IF. there WILL be a job offer in your very near future. i can feel it. just like i said before: you walk the walk. they love you!

moxie, i LOVE that new pic of moxette. oh my gosh! she is sooo cute. i can't wait for toofies and first steps! oh, i might be getting too far ahead of myself, hee.

ch, you dream probably really didn't have anything to do with marriage, but probably had something to do with a kind of commitment - how is that going right now? is he giving you some more time? maybe that's what it was about... you wanting more time from him?

i wouldn't have considered myself a smoker, but i do like to have a ciggie or two when i've been drinking. i don't plan to pick that habit up again though. it's very alluring though and i can't imagine how hard it would be if i'd actually become a true smoke-every-day smoker.

ok, i need to pay attention to my calls. this pay period is not that great for me and i can only blame myself this time.

Hello Kell, Doodle, Poodle, Mouse, Minx, Mox, Culture, Raisin, Tess, Turbo, Trouble, FallJackets, Polly, Puppy, StarGazer, Rosiev, Tree, Faeire, and any lurkers! *sprays under sofa for lurkers*

So I got my Girl Card in the mail yesterday! Yaaay! It didn't quite work as planned, though. I still have to buy my own drinks, and only one person held a door open for me, but I was carrying a big toolbox at the time. Also, I can't seem to get the hang of this peeing sitting down thing. The urinal at work was really uncomfortable against my back! I don't see how you girls do it... and don't you hate walking out of a restroom not knowing that you have a urinal cake sticking out of your back pocket? Girl Newbie faux pas for sure! wink.gif Showering was more enjoyable as a licensed Girl, though, but not by much. Could just be a placebo effect coupled with a loofa.

That poster idea is really great! That's the sort of tradition that GoatieGirl and I love starting smile.gif I'll have to run it by her for when we have a kid (maybe in 2 years). Thanks, FJ!

I hope all hurtin' BUSTies start feeling better soon. That Dragonslayer drink actually sounds kinda tasty, GT! Anyway, *HealthyVibes!* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Hi, peeps!

Sorry I haven't been around for a couple days. Yesterday was full of meetings, and I've been busy making my big bead purchase for the year (seriously, I only want to do this once and only shop for stuff I run out of after that, which hopefully won't happen), and looking into a fabulous bag I'm seriously considering. It's a Marc by Marc Jacobs leather khaki/olive purse. It's big and roomy, and amazingly in my price range. And I don't have a Marc Jacobs yet.

So I did read all the archives:

I don't understand employers doing credit checks, either, unless you're looking to work in the financial industry, and even then I'm not so sure. My friend who I used to work with had his new employer (a motorcycle retailer) do a credit check. I've been meaning to ask him why, which I'll do when I talk to him next week.

I have dreams about smoking, too. It's been probably 15 months since I've had a cigarette, but I dream of smoking all the time. I used to really enjoy it, but never got that into it, it was a social thing only, and since all the bars and such are non-smoking and it's a pain to go outside to have one, it's easier to just quit if at all possible. Plus the giant would be really really pissed at me if I smoked. There's not much that'll get him riled up, but that's the one thing that's guaranteed to.

PK, you should totally move back up here! I didn't know you worked at Great Harvest and they have them in Chicago. They've got them up here, too, and we love them. They make the greatest chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies of all time. Would Heiki be able to live with you again if you moved back up here?

((((((((((( more interview vibes for Jenn, even though it's not until tomorrow, but it'll probably be done with by the time I get online tomorrow )))))))))))

Kel, that's good that you and your ex had a good conversation. We've all been telling you no, but it sounds like you did it right, like adults. I hope you can still stay in touch with his kids. They sound nice.

(((((((((worker's comp for Tree))))))))) At least you've got awhile to appeal and income isn't an issue right now.

Poodle, are you sure you're a part of the scene? Really? You seem like a poser to me and some wannabe needs to grab your hand and force you to dance at 7th St. Entry so you can officially become part of the scene.

(sorry, inside joke)

FJ, that poster idea is awesome! I like your bump, too. How much bigger do you think you're gonna get?

Hellos to Doodle, Culture, Moxie, GT, RV and everyone I can't see in the reply window!

Today's going to be a long one. My boss is at a meeting all day and no way in hell do I have enough to keep me busy even until lunch, and the lady I'd defer to is telecommuting today. I guess it'll be a day spent mostly online doing some shopping. Oh woe is me. ; )

So it looks like the giant and I get to make the trip down to his hometown in Iowa in a couple weeks. They're having a memorial service for his aunt that died around Thanksgiving, so we've got to go. Doesn't sound so bad, except his mom is riding with us, probably both ways. She wanted to split a room with us, too, but we put the kibosh on that. His mom is lovely and everything, but the giant and I need our private time, too. I can't wait to see his neighborhood where he grew up, and his school, and all kinds of other things. But I'm doing all the driving this time (my car has the least miles on it of the 3 of us and has more room in the back so nobody gets smooshed. It'll feel good to have a little control, but his mom better not be like my mom and go on about what a terrible driver I am.

FJ I thoughtI wanted more time from him, but to tell you the truth I'm getting al ittle bored with him. See, like two weeks ago, I had anotther suitor walk me to my car after the bar, and he kissed me goodnight, and it was a lovely kiss full of grabs and all the afun stuff. Nothing has materialized out of it. But let's face it, I was drunk and wanting some, and le man is being a hold out.

He is really busy with owning his own business and all, and now I am pulling away, and I've actually stopped caring to the extent I did previously. I used to get a little upset if he didn't call, now, nope. I don't text him either. I've decided that playing hard to get and being laissez-faire is the way to go.

On that happy note...

Hi diva, good to see you back!

Hi lore! How's your day going?

turbo, are you not in for a spanking? *frowns* now what am I supposed to do?

it's almost lunch and I'm getting together with a friend for lunch, so that'll be good, we have to catch up.

Work has been busy, but mostly caught up. Have to write a response to something huge, but at least they have the faith in me.

Hi all...quick post - I am waiting for the appliance guy, who said he'd be here between 10:00 and 12:00, which means he has...two minutes. Why do they always lie and keep you waiting? What am I supposed to do without a working oven, anyway? Dammit, I have frozen pizza waiting to be cooked.

Also, I forced myself to stay awake till 11 PM last night, thinking it would help re-set my internal clock....and I woke up at....2 AM. I managed to get back asleep by 5 AM, but got back up at 9 AM for the repair dude...who is nowhere to be seen! Oh look, it's noon. Grrrr. GRRRRRRRRRRRR, I say!

I am tired and cranky.

Anyway. That is my report.

turbo, what time is the interview tomorrow??

ETA: ok, he's here.
Doodle, I'm sorry the appliance guy is forcing you to wait around the house for him - I mean, even if you have no other plans to venture out, I *still* find it totally annoying to wait around for repair-folk.

My interview is at 8:15am CST tomorrow - whee! AND, I discovered last night that a suit I bought three years ago and never wore, actually FITS me again - so I have a new suit to wear to the interview - how cool is that?! I don't like it near as well as my new suit from the Loft, but that's okay, it will do just fine for the interview, and I'm meeting with a man this time, and he probably will not be judging the quality of my suit. Honestly, I find the thought of having a male boss in the mix to be pretty exciting. We have exactly three men out of 65 in my current job. Sometimes, it is just too much estrogen!

CH, you are a happenin' chica on the dating scene, and I hope you can get whatever you desire in your suitors!!

I hope diva is shopping for beautiful things on the 'net! Someday, I hope to be able to lay eyes on the fabulous shoe and bag collections of our diva!

This day is *realllllly* starting to drag.....I'm ready for my interview and to close the deal on this new job, dammit! I don't wanna do the projects laying on my desk!
Doodle, I agree on the shitiness of waiting. I think they do it entirely on purpose.

Turbo, yay on the new suit!

As for the dating, we will see where it goes.

I have not slept with the other boy, because, he's a compelete stranger! So I went and bought some new toys instead!

The day is almost done, only another 90 minutes.

I'm going to eat my angel food cack now.

Later okayers!
Hi everyone!!

Nice to see you diva!! That Iowa trip should be pretty interesting!! God, that would suck to share a room with your man and his mom. Thank god that's not gonna happen. It's sorta strange that they're having the memorial service now, considering that his aunt died so many months ago. Is it just better timing for everyone to do it now?

And you're right...I'm a total poser. I'll never reach her level of coolness.

My god!! Moxette is so freakin' cute!! That fuzzy head gets me every time.

Mox, I'm not smoking now for the most part. I always break down when I'm drinking a lot and someone I'm hanging out with has cigarettes. The only real solution is for me not to drink a lot around smokers or, sadly, not hang out with smokers at all. I haven't been drinking very much since I started exercising.

I'm totally crushing on Nile. It turns out he's from Palestine, not Pakistan. I couldn't understand him with his accent because he kept talking about both countries. Anyway, we talked pretty much the whole time I was strength-training yesterday. I know he stayed past his shift last night. Funny, funny guy. I was making fun of the way he says "getting jiggy with it." I wouldn't date the guy because 1) He's probably 15 years older than me, and 2) I see him almost every weekday. I wouldn't mind hittin' summa dat though--maybe in the locker room or steam room. laugh.gif

I'm finally doing my taxes tonight. Boooo...

~*~*~*~2nd interview vibes for turbo~*~*~*~ That rocks that your old suit fits you!!! I have a red silk dress that my mom made me and I ended up not being able to wear it because I gained weight during the time it took her to sew it. My goal is to get back down to those original measurements.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH turbo! I hear you on the estrogen-overload problem!!!! After 11 years of working ONLY with women, I am definitely ready for a little male energy in my life! It's kind of weird, but when I was in the hospital, I had a total of 7 different roommates, all of them male...and it was such a RELIEF! Even just to not feel compelled to do the chatty social female thing all the time. And the handholding. I am actually thinking seriously that I need to start applying for office work at the local construction companies or something (we are having a pre-Olympics building boom)....I am definitely keeping my eye open for those job postings!

You are so going to blow them away in the second interview!! How could they want anyone else for their job? Honestly.

culture, culture! Tell us what toys you bought!

Ok, my oven is fixed! I think I might cook a frozen pizza for lunch, just to celebrate!

Also, my apartment is very tidy and sparkling, b/c I thought the landlady would be coming with the repair guy, but she didn't. So I think I should also celebrate tidiness and sparkling-ly-ness.

Oh, and I bought a case of chocolate bars in support of the gender-bending grad, so.... *hands out Purdy's chocolate bars in the thread* (ETA: I just realized that none of you non-Western-Canadians know what Purdy's is, but it is some of THE best chocolate around, and it's been made in Vancouver for 100 years now.)

ETA: cross-posted with POODLE! POOOOOOOOOOOOODLE!!!! Hi, babe!
Yeah doodle, its the passive aggressive thing that gets me here...sooooo frustrating - just TELL me what you want, dammit! And when you're not happy with me, let me know! This job will still be mostly women in the office, but I saw 5 men when I was there on tuesday, and gosh, if that didn't feel like a wealth of boys!

*grabs a bar of doodle's excellent chocolate*

Poodle, I have to warn you about steam room/sauna can be dangerous for your health! tongue.gif Still, I definitely get the crushin' on the trainers...there is some delectable eye candy at my gym too!

Thanks for all the vibes! Just got another nice email from the lady I already interviewed with - the warm fuzzies are piling up - now I just gotta close the deal!
Hi doodle!! *grabs chocolate bar* Mmmmm...

The hormones are pretty balanced in my office. There's still more estrogen though. The passive-agressive thing isn't so much of a problem, but things tend to get a little catty around here.

I could see how the steam room would be a little dangerous. Very slippery. The sauna is just too damn hot for that sort of thing. Sigh...yeah, there's an unbefuckinglievably hot trainer that works on Saturdays. Waaaay outta my league. Nile isn't totally "hot" like that, but he still has nice biceps and pecs. Plus he's got this half-Italian look goin' on. And then there's the accent. Very sexay.
I have to agree on the working with women. While I work with some fantastic women now, the problems at work I have had, all with women. Thing is, not to sounds like a total self centre, egotistical prat, a lot of women are threatened by me. I don't know why. I'm not trying to steal your job, house, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover or whatever. But some women, fucked if I know. Not that men are any better, I know a lot of assholes.

In terms of toys, I bought a lovely new vibe that egg shaped with adjustable speed, and some beads, and some oh my lube, it's great. I've been having fun, if only le man, or someone would join me. Le Sigh.

Doodle you know what's funny about that, is that depending on who you ask, Manitoba is in Western Canada or Eastern Canada. Uhhhh, we're in the freakin' middle! *grabs some chocolate and snarfs is down*

Only half hour left in the day! YAY! Returned all my phone calls, have very little filing to do. It's marvelous.

The sun is shining, the temperature is...hold on I have to only 8? It seems a lot warmer than that! Oh well. it's nice, it's not snowing or miserable (so not a jab at those who are experiencing cruddy weather), I'll enjoy it. and and and I'm going grocery shopping today. I'm excited. Seriously.

How's everyone else?

ETA: Cross posted with Poodle! HI!!!
*hands out pizza slices in the thread*

It's pepperoni and mozza, but I added some extra grated gruyere...

culture, I think some women are really threatened by women who are assertive and strong, because it goes against what they believe about the condition of womanhood.

One of the most unbelievable lessons in life for me was in building coalition amongst women. (And yeah, it was always the assertive, strong women who took the shit for everything, even from other feminists!) I mean, in a lot of ways, it is better than with men, because most men do tend to take up all the space and aren't even aware of doing so. (On the other hand, lots of women don't butt in enough and take space back, either....there's only so long you can claim oppression without making a stand against it.) But some women will continually tie up the work that needs to be done with repetitive processing and consensus-building. Making simple decisions at a conference would take three days. I don't think I even believe in consensus-based decision-making anymore. And I am honestly so sick of women crying and/or talking about their feelings, taking up ALL the space and energy, in meetings - and ESPECIALLY when it's ignorant privileged women who are upset at being called on their shit. Seriously. That crap is not okay, I don't care WHAT kind of work you are doing. They can call it "process" all they like, but it's just attention-whoring as far as I'm concerned. It's one of my ongoing frustrations with the feminist movement - it ruined the Coalition work for me.

/rant (But it felt oh-so-good.)

Ok, must stop.

*eats pizza*

turbo, that's a good sign, getting that e-mail! *thumbs up*

poodle, did you ever finish your etch-a-sketch frame project?
Back when I was temping, I went almost exclusively for labor jobs because there weren't so many women, though one of the best supervisors I had then was a woman. Sometimes you just need a break from the estrogen. Our office is mostly women, too, but there are 4 whole men on my team, probably 25 or so in the office of 160. And it's really funny, only one of them is a clerk/typist, and most are in the highest positions. What a thinker, huh?

Jenn, that's so cool that you can fit back into your old suit! I'm trying to be better, but it's hard to get out and exercise with the weather being so schizophrenic. Next week is supposed to be better, though. After I lose 10 pounds, I'll allow myself to do some clothes shopping, but not until then. I'm feeling like crap about my body right now.

Poodle, why not go for Nile? There's nothing wrong with older guys, and he seems cool. BTW, are you seeing much of the ex-resident boy lately?

Doodle, I think repairpeople have a rule that they have to be late, but it didn't look like it was by that much.

Culture, when was the last time you saw your guy? Maybe if you got together again, or a little more, you'd have something to keep your interest. I know I'd lose interest after several weeks of not seeing each other. It's why my last relationship ended, although that was several months apart at a time, and he didn't even live far away (or maybe it was because he was an ex-con with a facial tattoo I had no future with? Hmmm).

I think I'm going to have to put off the purse until payday. I'm making a gigantic bead purchase, hopefully my only one of the year, and added to the check I wrote out for my speeding ticket, I don't think I'd have enough left over. Anyway, here's a picture of it:
pinkpoodle *picks off pepperoni and takes huge bite*

Very classy, diva!! The doctor's bag will always be my favorite though.

Noooo, I'm not gonna date Nile. I don't envision a future with him, which means we'll have to break up at some point, but I'll still have to see him daily. Awkward. I'd consider messing around with him though!! Less awkard. Heh...he told me that he's dating a woman but he probably won't be dating her for very long. Maybe Nile's crushing on me!! Well, whatever the deal, he's just fun to talk to and flirt with. I'll leave it at that...for now. biggrin.gif

I haven't seen the XRB in a long-ass time. He works so damn late and I always fall asleep before he calls.

Doodle, I'm still trying to figure out how I should do the back panel of the frame. I let things sit forever. I'm a perfectionist and I always think that there's a better idea out there. So I wait and wait and wait.
Ooh, diva, that's a purty bag! But a lot of dough, I agree. What are you looking for in beads this year? I haven't done any beading for awhile; I got frustrated with my lack of skill! sad.gif

I just made a small donation to my fave online radio station. It's pissing me off that small, independent, internet radio is probably going to go under because of yet more "copyright" legislation made by ignoramuses. How are you ever supposed to hear new music when big radio (which plays the same commercialized shit over and over and over and over again) gets to have a government-sanctioned monopoly?

/second rant o' the day

ETA: cross-posted with poodle AGAIN!!!!
Just grabbed these snaps minutes ago...

It's getting greener outside!

And speaking of green, here's one of Gorgeous George against a backdrop of green and purple!

I tried to get a snap of Carmella, but somebody's vacuuming the hallway outside the apartment, so she won't come out from under the sofa.
Yeah, my doctor's bag does indeed rule. I don't think Kate Spade ever thought one of her purses would be used to sneak Cold Stone Creamery sundaes into a movie theater. smile.gif Here's a picture of the one I have, same color and everything: I spent over $100 less on mine, though, and it wasn't even secondhand.

I used to love internet radio, before they cut us off at work. I never listened to an actual station, but had some good stuff. That's how I learned about Gorillaz. Now I primarily listen to Air America, and I hope desparately that it doesn't get cut. It's gotta be hard for new stations trying to make it with the established ones. It took forever for them to even get a decent channel that you could actual hear fuzz-free.

Doodle, I so agree with you re: rant #1. Sometimes it's better to actually do the thing and get it done than sit around and talk about it until it makes you sick. Maybe it's the general fear many women have of not stepping on toes. But after awhile, you get sick of excuses.

Wow, beads. I just spent $300 on them, though only about $215 worth right now since some are on backorder. This better be my only purchase, unless I need basics like wire. That's easier to buy as I go, since I use so many different gauges and types, and it's hard to plan it out so far in advance. Pride is coming up in 2 1/2 months, so I need to get my ass in gear on making stuff, and I'm thinking of maybe doing some farmers market dates if they're not too expensive for a spot. Anyway... I bought mainly crystals, mother of pearl, a few stones, colisenne, hammered metals, still lots of pearl and gemstone chips with stone discs, etc. I'm going to try to do a lot more simple stuff with chain, since I've got lots leftover and it sells pretty well. I'm also looking forward to using some of my 4mm black rubber for chokers. If I were to list off everything I bought, it'd take pages. The thing I'm really into lately is using flower shaped bell beads to create pendants and rings. They're fairly easy and really cute, and I can keep them at a reasonable price. I need to get pictures of individual stuff up on the computer so I don't have to keep trying to describe stuff. I'm going to try my hand at making watches, too, but only 3 of them to see how they sell.
Doodle, you have such a lovely view!!! And of course we always appreciate the pics of Georgie!

Diva, that's a schmancy bag, for sure!

CH - could you possibly persuade le man to give in to the sexxing? I mean, really, what's the wait all about, especially if you're getting impatient!

Yeah, poodle, one of my girlfriends dated one of the trainers a couple years ago, he turned out to be a little too into himself, and YEAH, it was really awkward when they broke up. I see him around the gym, and I still want to avoid him. Flirting and looking certainly can't hurt, though. smile.gif Of course, I have another friend who married one of the spin instructors it can work both ways...and lemme tell ya, that spin instructor - HOTT. Of course, I am always weak for men with well-defined calves. heh.

*grabs a slice o' pizza* AND chocolate in one day - doodle's livin' it up! \

I've got to spend some time this evening reading ACS propoganda...not fun, but necessary.

Aw, thanks turbo! And yeah, I do love showing off Georgie. biggrin.gif He's such a perfect sweetheart; I don't know what I ever did to deserve him!

Reading the propaganda = good! You will totally wow them tomorrow! And just in case I don't make it in here again before the interview....


diva, WOW, that's a lot of money on beads! But I know they ain't cheap, either. I'd love to see pics!

On the watches...if you're going to put in the may already know this, but if not...if you're buying the watch pieces they sell for beading? I'd change out the batteries right before you sell them, seriously. Those watch pieces have usually been sitting around somewhere for a long time, and you don't want the person who buys the watches to think they got ripped off when the watch quickly dies! Plus you can tell them it's a brand new battery when you sell them. New batteries are cheap, if you change them yourself. (I'm speaking from experience of buying the watch pieces!!)

Ok, I think I'm going to give up on wakefulness and grab a nap. Which may, yes, be a full "night's" sleep again. But after last night's weird split sleep-shift, I give up. I'll start to worry about it when I start working again, when I'll have to force my body back into a routine!
Awwww, Doodle, those are the prettiest vibes I've ever received!! Thank you! I feel good about the interview...reading all the propaganda makes me realize just how busy I'll be at this job. *gulp* Ah well, I'd prefer busy to my current apathy.

Sweet dreams, doodle!

I think I'm going to turn in early tonight too - all this dreary weather is making me soooo tired.

I did make a yummy dinner tonight - sauteed halibut with a lemon buerre blanc sauce with capers and a nice green salad - with bacon! Mmmm...bacon makes everything better.
good night, doodle! *tucks doodle in with a nice kiss on the forehead and a smack on the behind*

turbo, you are sooo gonna kick ass tomorrow! i just KNOW it. best best best of luck to you! it's YOUR day!!
~*~~*~*~$~kick ass interview and new job vibes~$~*~*~*~*~

i've had a rather craptastic week at work. i've been dialing my ASS off and have nothing to show for it. seriously, made a lot more calls this pay period than last one, but have half the number of sets! still, most of my sets have shown and all my shows have bought, but still. i don't know what's going on. people aren't responding to me. or at least not returning my voicemails.

i'm gonna go hop in the bathtub. i need it. i didn't bathe today because i decided to change my outlook and went and got my hair cut and colored. i'd almost talked myself out of doing it but i figure i still deserved to feel cute. so i got it highlighted with some honey blonde. it's still really red but now it has blonde highlights in it. i love it. and it feels better. so there! tongue.gif

holy crap, diva, i love that bag. the dr one, i mean. the other one is nice too. i have never spent more than $50 on a bag. and i can't believe you spent so much on beads! but at least you'll make that back when you sell your wares.

oh, and thanks to everyone for the props on the poster. i think it's a pretty nifty idea too. i only hope the jackarooster likes it!! hehe

ok, good night for now. love and spanks all around!

We last saw each other a week ago. It was nice to hang out. In terms of sexxxing he's holding firm. Wait until July (!) Yup, JULY! He needs a good smack.

*grabs some pizza and gobbles it down*

I'm backing away, slowly, then I just won't be there anymore. If he's into this, then he can make the effort. I am through with making an effort, I'll get hurt. So jaded. Aside from that, things are good between him and I. I think this will end as a friend thing though. Which is quite fine with me.

Good night doodle.

Diva, that rocks about you being crafty with beads. I so wish I could do that, but I don't really have the time. I suppose I could make the time to learn....

~*~*~*~*~*interview vibes for Jenn*~*~*~*~*~*~ I know you'll kick ass, all the best.

FJ, I hope your bubbly bath makes you feel better.

I worked out today, not for a long time, took the dog to the off leash park and tomorrow is friday and payday. YAY!

Well I think I'm going to go to bed now. Tired.

Later okayers.

hola oy okayers! man, two days to catch up on, and i am beat! it's not so much the ten hours that are killing me, it's the starting them so early. hopefully next week my boss will put me back on nights, or at least not so butt-early in the morning. i'd much rather stay up late than get up early. i'm crashing at my mom's house tonight, because my roomie just does not get the concept of "i'm working long hours and early, and i'd like to sleep now, thanks." i went out to dinner with my mom and the kidlet last night and got home around eight, but i was ready to drop by six. roomie and friend were still working on the kitchen, and while it was nice to know that the sink will be put in by tonight, they didn't put their tools down until around nine. "finally, i can sleep!" i thought, but it was not to be. our apartment isn't big to begin within, and the walls aren't exactly sound-muffling. but you'd think common sense would tell them that maybe it's not a good idea to shout back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom, which is right by my bedroom door. i inadvertently got back this morning though. i hit the snooze instead of off before stumbling to the bathroom, and heard the alarm going off again when i turned the water off. i didn't mean to do it, but i didn't feel sorry about waking them up at 4:30 am, when i got home this afternoon and asked about it, and they confirmed that yes, they had a few moments of wanting to kill me before i stepped out the door this morning. oh, i'm sorry, is that shoe pinching a bit now that it's on the other foot?
in other news, i met with the insurance agent of the woman that hit me with her suburban while i was on my bike back in january when she rolled through a stop sign while leaving a parking lot. i didn't really expect to get anything, since i was on the wrong side of the road at the time (though i did giggle a bit in my head when she showed me pictures of the big ol' scratchy dent in the hood where my handlebar made impact), but they offered me a cool $1200. my total monetary damages including medical and repairs were a little under $200, so that's basically $1000 for what amounted to a sprained ankle and a visit to my favorite hot bike mechanic. the check will be mailed out tomorrow, and i'm trying to decide what to do with it. i've been thinking of getting a basic laptop for the kidlet, just something she can watch movies or play games on while she's at my house. but with this much money, i can get the laptop i originally really wanted and give her my current one. option two is to take a really fabulous weekend trip, maybe go down to san diego and hit the zoo or something, or head north to reno. option three is cute new clothes for spring, which sounds good in theory. but my social life is non-existent to dead, and hardly anyone at work appreciates my hotness when i do make the effort, not to mention i have to cover it up with a smock and hairnet anyway. or option four, and the one i'm really leaning toward, that's a nice chunka change for my scooter fund. like, 95% of the hot little schwinn i've been eyeballin'. i'd still need to lay out an extra $400 just in motorcycle classes and licensing and insurance, all of which is required by the state of california, plus the rest of the scooter price and dealer fees. but i haven't been blowing my money on stupid shit like i used to (okay, cigarettes and rockstar, but i've dropped my three-dvds-a-week-and-assorted-other-shit-i-so-do-not-need-right-now target habit), so if i keep going the way i am, i can probably be on my scooter by july. it's such a huge purchase though. i like the idea of having a lot of money more than i like the actual cash. too much decision-making and second-guessing involved, and once i spend it, it and everything else i could have done with it is gone. dammit, why can't i just be independently wealthy? spending money is so much easier when i know there's more of it coming.

okay, i've been working on this post off and on for an hour, and i am so the self-centered bitch tonight. i promise i read everything and i'm paying attention to the resta y'all, i'm just too beat for individual shout-outs. although i do have to tell fj, bring back the pregnant belly pic! little round tummies with baby fj's inside are the cuteness!

as for the rest of ya (okay, and fj too wink.gif), you do not even realize the magnitude of the girl crush i am so having on alla y'all right now. hopefully next week i'll be getting to work at a decent hour, like, i dunno, when the sun's actually up maybe? and i can keep up better than i have been this week. night everybody!
Well ladies, I think I am officially going mad.
[snatches bit of Italian sausage from pizza]

~$~$~$~$~ fabulous interview vibes for TJ! ~$~$~$~$~

CH, what is so special about July?! blink.gif Geez Louise.

FJ, your hair sounds gorgeous! Hope you finish off your week with some amazing sales.

Divala, what is the most expensive purse you own? And how often do you use it? I once took a look at some Prada bags, but I found that I didn't like them that much once I got my hands on them. I certainly didn't think they were worth $800 or more!

Poodle, I think you're wise to keep it to just flirting. It'll just provide you with that extra kick during your workout. smile.gif

Doodle, those pics are wonderful! And Georgie looks so sweet and cuddly. I want a kitty sooooo badly!

Congrats on the payoff, Grrrl! Sounds like you're spoiled for choice.

I'm considering 2 houses again. The mauve house is still on the list, but I found something else that is tempting. It's smaller, but it has been very very well maintained (it even has new insulated windows). And the lot is gorgeous. Exactly the kind of lot I've been hoping for. I sent our realtor an e-mail about it so I hope we can tour it soon. But it's driving me nuts! Do we get the bigger house that needs work or the smaller house that is already lovely? Aaaaah!
*fly by!*

[grabs slice of pizza] Thanks! I'd been craving cheese lately.

Good luck, turbo!!!

Cute cute cute kitty cat. What sort of cat is it? (I heart manxes)

Rose, do you think you'd enjoy the actual process of fixing up the house, or not? People like my mom LOVE that stuff, for others it'd be torture...

FOR THE RECORD: I went out and bought a cadbury creme egg after all the discussion here, and I'm gonna have to weigh in with Tesao and whoever else said NO to the cream egg. It didn't remind me of any particular bodily fluids... it just didn't have any taste to it. With all due respect to the cream egg addicts among us, it was a waste of sugar calories wink.gif

In other news: I got an award! It's from my academic department, and it's awesome because I feel that a.) I deserve it, as I work really hard and do good work, and am passionate about it, and b.) I have, over the last 5 years, completely declined to suck up to anyone or do anything just "to build my resume". And yet I still am getting recognized by people I respect, who know me. I feel great about this! (Especially as i just got rejected for 3 out of 3 other awards that I in fact had to *apply* to be considered for in the first place.)

hugs to all! Anyone want to break off a piece of this dark chocolate bunny I'm lovin'? Ears are gone, but the rest is fair game! [passes bunny around room]

Just got off work, and it was sloooow. I just ate a lot all night. Now I feel like poopers.

I've been reading the Alice Walker book every night before bed, and so far I love it.

Turbo - is Friday the big interview day??? ~*~*~*you'll be butt-flushin' awesome~*~*~*$$$~*~*~you'll nail it~*~*~*

Tomorrow's payday. Hooray! It is also Friday the 13th. Boo!

OK - I'm going to browse for more jobby-jobs in the Midwest.
Turbo, I gotta grab this (rare) chance to wish you *~*~*extraspecial jobby job vibes*~*~*

Okay, get this posted and I'm gonna go read the archives! smile.gif
I had a totally shitty night. The asshat's been on the rampage for a few months now, and it's really getting on my fucking nerves. And to top it off, the Minxlette went missing for a few hours yesterday after school. I was supposed to pick her up from her aftershool program to take her to an appointment, and she wasn't there. Of course, asshat won't give me his fucking work number and he has no cell so I have no way of contacting him. And of course, her school is already closed by the time I even got to her afterschool program which is not on campus.

So I freaked out for two hours.

Turns out, she rode the bus to a friend's house (long story). Way uncool. I'm still reeling.

I'm very fucking grumpy and have to be in a pepfest skit today. Feh.

ETA: Interview vibes for Turbo, She Who Rocks.
Thanks for all the vibes ya'll!!! I'm flying down to the interview now - I'll give you the update as soon as I'm back at my desk!


It's Friday, y'all...that's all there is to that. smile.gif

I am so happy that the week is done.

RV, lovin' in July. I get the taking things slow, but, like two and a half months slow. Bullshit. I'm going to stray soon. and I have a friend who is humouring me (well actually three...but that's not important).
That's great about the potential homes!

I am hoping for a quiet work day today, but it's Friday, so there's not a fucking chance of that!

I hope Jenn is doing well in her interview!

Hey grrrl! Awesome about the cash! that's a tough-y about where to spend it!

Le Sigh. Well I'm going to appear busy now.

*TurboJobbyVibesTurboJobbyVibes* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Doodle, I LOOOVE SomaFM! I'm always playing the Secret Agent Channel in the background when we have guests over, or sometimes Illinois Street Lounge if I think the guests aren't willing to chance occasional techno. I love all the Bond sound bites they play on Secret Agent. Illinois Street is sometimes awesome, yet sometimes sounds like the soundtrack to Loony Tunes.

Poodle, your approach to making stuff sounds a lot like mine. I'm pretty patient about projects if I'm not on a time schedule for them. I tend to collect the stuff to make something, yet not really start if I know that some better way of doing it might pop up soon. Good luck with the Etch-A-Sketch frame smile.gif

Hello to all and everybody! *snatches dark choco bunny tail on the way out* Thanks, Oxino! smile.gif
Hi everyone!! I can't think of any good insults today.

~*~*~*~interview vibes for turbo~*~*~*~

(((minx))) Thank freakin' god that minxlette was okay!!

Congrats on the award, octi!!

Hi grrl, lorewolf, treehugger, culture, diva, doodle, moxie, roseviolet, and PK!!

Nothin' much going on in poodleland. My ass feels huge because I went over to my parents last night and, of course, my dad had to stuff me with ravioli alfredo, caesar salad, bread, tiramisu, and beer. I pigged out on Sunday, and then some more on Tuesday with my mom (carrot cake night), then last night, and now tonight and tomorrow night. I'm starting to get pissed. I wanted things to be back to normal after easter and my birthday. I feel like I've gained back everything I've lost. All I have to do is have one bite of tiramisu and I gain 10 lbs. overnight. I'm trying to fucking lose weight and my dad cooks alfredo sauce and picks up some tiramisu, even after I told him not to make anything fatty.
Good Morning babes!

Jenn! ~~~~~~~vibes!~~~~~~~~ GOOD LUCK!!

Minx! That must have been terrifying when minxlette was missing. Yikes! OMG. I am soooo happy to hear she was ok.

RV, that's cool that you found another house! That's tough about the work part. I think what Octi said is a good thing to consider...would you like doing all of the work? Or would you find it a pain? Also, I guess the level of work is a consideration. Is it major?

Octi! CONGRATS on the award!! That's wonderful. Woot! I still want to talk to you about your program, I am interested in that type of program.

FJ! I had a dream that me & you were hanging out!! I think you were at my house, but I couldn't be sure, b/c it was not my house I live in. Mr FJ was there briefly as was Mr. K.

I am just waiting for this week to end. I am still in a slump. My class ends tomorrow though & that should really help out. I have to finish this BS take home final for it today. Bah.

What's everyone got going on this weekend?
Heh...kari, I was listening to Let's Hear It For the Boy yesterday and I totally thought of mr. karianne wrestling with his friends!! That was him, right?
Le Yawn

Had a really looooooong staff meeting.

I'm getting very furstrated having management tell me that they love the work I am doing and the staff tells them the same thing. Why am I frustrated with praise? I am casual at work, and while I appreicate the recogition (while I don't seek, I do my job for my own personal satisfaction and high work ethic) HR doesn't know shit, and even when they are told, they don't do shit.

What can I say though? Hopefully management will have some sway. I'm not holding my breath.

*eagerly awaits Jenn's response on how her interview went*

Poodle, the meal you had sounds delish!

I have no plans for the weekend, usually play it be ear. I'll see how it goes. I s'pose.

I should go a check my messages though.

Yeah, that's pretty much the worst thing to date that I've ever been through. I just sat there at home not knowing if I should call the police, and was that completely irrational, and WTF is going on? I really put me in a funk. I feel completely emotionally wasted and angry. Honestly, I wish that I had some vacation time because I just want to go home and cry. And it isn't even like it ended badly, so I feel a bit tardly. I want today to end. sad.gif
~*~*~*~*~more great job vibes for jen~~*~*~*~*~

kari, i wish we could hang out IRL! that would be so killer! it's funny how our brains operate. i had a particularly strange dream this morning. yes, it was another sex dream. i always seem to have those right before i wake up. i will keep the slutty details to myself this time...

poodle, that dinner sounds YUM! i would love a good alfredo sauce right now. dang! don't be too hard on yourself. it's hard with birthdays and holidays. at least yu're still keeping to your exercise ritual. i am inspired by you for that. i plan to join a gym after jackaroo is born. i sure hope i get some eye candy at mine...

MINX! oh man! i can't imagine how that must have felt to have "lost" her for that long! wow. i'm sorry you had to deal with that. good thing she was ok and just at a friends house. ((((((minx))))))

hi lorewolf! i like your description of the radio channel. i used to listen to one called space aged tiki bar, but i haven't been able to find it in forever! i should look for it again. it was pretty awesome. or maybe i'll just look for illinois street!

culture, that does completely suck that he is putting you on a sex schedule to fulfill some sort of whatever on his end. that makes no sense. things should move along naturally, not on a timeline. i mean, sure it's intriguing to know why he wants to wait until 7/7/07 but if it's just some arbitrary date he picked out? LAME!

hi grrrrl!!!! nice to see you again! i really hate that schedule you have. hope they can change it for you soon!!!

hi everybustie else!!! i'm off to go have lunch with mrfj. he has to work late tonight to help train a new guy. basically, the guy who the new guy is replacing is coming in tonight to train the new guy, but mrfj has been tasked with making sure that he is given the info that he needs. so he might not get home until 9pm or later even. SUCK!

tomorrow, we are going to the spring scrimage at UF. yes, we're THOSE kind of people that really love watching the hometeam. rolleyes.gif
CH, that sounds very frustrating. I know what you mean. Praise is nice, but if it doesn't get you anywhere, it only does so much for you. Sorry to hear about the long staff meeting. That's a drag.

Poodle, yep, that was Mr K. heh heh. He would die if he knew I told you all about that. It was just too funny to keep to myself though. I wish there was a home video tape of it.

FJ, it is funny how our brains work. I have dreamed of Busties before, and I always find it interesting. Strange. I know, I wish we could hang! It was a lot of fun in the dream!

(minx) Sorry you are feeling so cruddy. Situations like that really take it out of you, even when they are over. Take care of yourself, gal. Are you doing something fun or relaxing tonight?

I have a fairly busy weekend, much to my chagrin. Tonight Mr K & I are hanging, which will be really nice. We've both been so busy lately. I think we are going to do dinner & a movie. Tomorrow is class. Tomorrow night...not sure yet. Mr K's friend is having a birthday get together. I don't really want to go b/c Mr K doesn't get off work til 11, which means it'll be a late night. Plus it is at a really smoky bar. Gross. That will make me have a sinus headache. I think Mr K really wants me to go though. Anyhoo. Sunday morning I have a really fun brunch planned w/ the gals. We are going to my favorite restaurant. I've never had their brunch, so I am stoked. I may wear the dress I bought yesterday. I've been on the lookout for a jersey material dress, and I finally found one at the Banana R outlet yesterday. It's brown, ruched (sp?) through the bodice, fairly fitting through the midsection, hits above the knee. It's hot, if I do say so myself.
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