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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Salary question are so inappropriate. I asked my father about this once, as he has been in management forever, and he says that companies shouldn't even bother asking this anymore. It should be up to negotiation.

I just had me a lovely bath, and tomorrow I am getting back into the working out routine. It's been a while, and I was making such progress. So back to it. Motivate me to do it!

Le Sigh.
Thanks for all the thoughts FJ, CH and poodle! Yeah, it would be more than a $5K raise, so I think I'll fudge the number a *does* feel like an unfair question, though. BUT, I do know the salary range for the position, so that's a nice piece of info in my pocket, too. smile.gif I think I'll ask our HR admin about it tomorrow morning too - she's also secretly job shopping, and we both come in at 7am, before everyone else, so we often talk job hunting. smile.gif

CH, I need gym motivation too...maybe I'll get back there on Thursday...says the woman who just ate two delicious corn dogs and fries for dinner. heh.

I think I'll definitely hit the bathtub tonight too, to unwind a little. YAY!
moxieman told the company he interviewed with what he thought his next raise would be...i.e. more than he actually made.
time to play catch up! i can't believe there's a whole nother two pages of archives since i check before going to work this morning. at 4:30 am, boo! btw, for whoever asked me earlier, i work as a quality control rep for foster farms. basically i run tests in the lab, do a bunch of hourly checks, and walk the floor making sure all the product is up to our exacting standards. we've been getting audited by the usda for the last couple weeks (nothing bad, just normal yearly shit), and it's been going really well. i was kinda nervous about my personal audit today, because one of the other reps is out on vacation this week and with the schedule shuffling i'm working two departments that i'm not normally in except every once in a great while. but i guess i know my shit well enough, because my boss was still in a good mood when i left today, so there must not have been any huge screw-ups on my part.

happy birthday poodle, and way to rock the interview turbo, this job is so yours! *waves hi to fj* i didn't even know you were preggers. when's the due date? pretty soon by the sounds of it? and yay on the taxes! and the sale!

and i know i'm forgetting a bunch of people, but i wanna get on this whole "good things tuesday" theme.

1. as mentioned, my job performance didn't get my newbie ass fired (i've only been there since last july and knew absolutely nothing when i started) or the company shut down for non-compliances, yay!

2. more work-related goodness: that co-irker of mine who absolutely refuses to do the smallest task if it's not the area she's working that day, even if it's something as small as initialing a production check which any qc can do regardless if they're working that area or not and takes about two seconds, had to do something in the lab today that would take about two minutes, and was part of her area today, thank you very much. when i saw her downstairs and told her about it, she was all "well, weren't you just there in the lab? why didn't you do it for me instead of making me go all the way upstairs?" i just smiled at her all big and smug and said, "because it's not my area." (and i did actually have shit to do like right that second in what was my area today, so it wasn't all just out of spite.) after the many times she's done that to me (because her stuff for the hour was done and she was much too busy sitting on her fat ass bullshitting with random people), damn, that felt good! also, from what i could pick up of the conversation she had with the other afternoon rep (it was in spanish), it sounds like she's in trouble for something. add in her missing the mandatory weekly meeting yesterday morning, i'm crossing my fingers that she is well on her way to getting her stupid ass fired, and me into her position.

3. my roommate's on her way home. normally the imminent no longer having the house to myself thing would suck. but seeing as we have about a million dishes and they are all sitting in her to-be-washed tub at the mo', this is very good. also she is bringing back a friend of hers to help finish the kitchen that we have not been motivated to work on since i moved in. so hopefully by the end of the week, i will have not only clean dishes, but a sink and dishwasher to put them in, and the washer/dryer hooked up so i don't have to schlep my dirty drawers and socks to my mom's every weekend.
hey grrrl -- I'm glad you've got good work stuff going on too - yay for seamless audits and reviews!!! I'm not sure I could work at 4:30am, though...I'm a morning person, but before 5:30am and I don't function so good.

I just had a lovely bath, and I'm winding down for the night, getting ready to tuck into bed. G'night everybustie!
*has skimmed archives and will catch up, promise!*

Being selfish. I was at Barnes and Noble and in walks Kelman's oldest daughter. I go the other way in hopes of avoiding her when she yells across the store, "Kel!" I put on a smile and she walks up and gives me the biggest hug and smile. She is the prickly one, so I didn't expect that. Made small talk. She said her mom was out in the car waiting. Daughter was there to buy the new Bright Eyes CD. I make more small talk and hightail it out of there with my friend. I get outside and start sobbing. Then I get home and talk to my soft and fuzzy friend who says it's alright to call him if I want. So I do. *dodges Doodle's slaps* It turns out he was out in front of the B&N and daughter lied to save my feelings. When he saw me through the window, he moved his car so I wouldn't get upset. He saw me sobbing in the parking lot and he had a very visceral reaction and almost called me but didn't because he didn't want to interrupt my life and make matters worse. Had a long talk. It was nice. Not nice in a "I'm deluding myself into thinking we will get back together way" but nice in the "It's good to hear his voice and find out that he's just as miserable as I am" way. I don't hate him. Quite the opposite. I wanted to be be strong and never talk to him again, but that is a lot easier said than done. I won't call him again for a long time, but I think one day, when it doesn't hurt so bad, we will be friends. It's just going to take a very long time.


I promise to catch up on the archives and check in on everybody in a good and rightly manner.

~~~job vibes for Turbo~~~

~~~yay for FJ...I don't owe as much as I expected either~~~

~~~Happy Birfday Poodle!!!~~~

~~~Culture, yay for tax checks! Go shopping, girl~~~

~~~Doodle, please don't break my phone! Pink tools...hmm....~~~

Hi Mox, Tes, Grrl, Tree, Minx, Diva, Octi, RV, Polly, Tyger, PK and where the heck is GT????

i'm so sorry you're hurting hon. i haven't been here long enough to know the full details, but i know one-sided break-ups hurt. you will get through this though, i promise.


and with that, i'm off to bed. night everybody!
Hihi guys!

I had a sweet birthday yesterday. My roomie took me makeup shopping, and I got tons of wild Urban Decay eye makeup. Afterward, we all went to the Surly Wench and had some beers, played air hockey, and chatted. It was so much fun. I love hanging out with my friends.

I slept in this morning, then went to work, which was not too busy.

I'm so hungry right now!


Wow! It's like we're twins, born 5 years and 1 day apart.

WOOT! For Turbo's ass-kickin' interview! Congratulations on your second interview - you're going to nail it!

And congrats to FJ for your sale!

So, I agree that RV's house should be painted yellow. I like yellow. It makes me happy.

(((kelkello))) Sorry it hurts, but I'm glad you got to have a decent talk with kelman. How are you feeling about it now?

I'm going to try to get sumfin to eat, then hit the hay. Smell ya later!
Mornin' skankerellas!!

"the Surly Wench" Hahaha!! I love it!! I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday outing, PK. Aries unite!! There's a reason why we're first in the zodiac, and it's 'cause we kick some serious muthafuckin' ass!!

Hi grrl!! Hooray for stickin' it to yer co-irker!! Heelarious!!

I'm watching Saved by the Bell right now. Ugh. My cats have decided that my new wake-up time is 5:50. It's been like that for about a week now. Kwazy kats. Ah well, I should be getting up earlier anyway.

(((Kel))) D'oh!! That sucks, dude. I'm glad the call made you feel better though.

Hi turbo, mox, culture, and FJ!!
G'morning everyone...

I've been up since 2 AM. Heh. Yep, it was a loooooong nap.

Morning, poods!!


So....the bottom element in my oven just gave me a dazzling electric light show before ultimately committing suicide. I thought it was a grease fire at first, so now the bottom of the oven is covered in baking soda. I guess it's time to call the landlords....I'm not messing with it any further! But damn, if the landlady's coming over, now I have to tidy up.

By the way, has this ever happened to anyone? I ran out of room in the fridge for the leftover cack I baked, so I left it out on the counter, covered in plastic wrap...and all the frosting melted into the cack!

This is further evidence that I'm only successful at making MAGIC cack.
Mornin' doodle!!

That's freaky about the oven!! No majic cake, eh? Too bad. I had a huge slab of carrot cake last night and it was so worth cancelling out all of my exercise efforts for the last couple days. Mmmmmmmm....cream cheese frosting.....mmmmmm....
Yeah poodle, I wasn't sure what was happening to the element, but luckily you can find out just about anything on the internet!

Oh yeah, and I meant to say........TURBO!!!!! Congrats on the second interview callback!!!!!! WOOT!!! That is VERY exciting. I KNOW you're going to WOW them again and that job will be YOURS!
Ah yes, I like the Internets.
BTW, I am muito envious of your carrot cake...I think I'm gonna have to stop by Safeway today...
This was triple-layer French Meadow Bakery cake, too, so it was unbefuckinglievable!!! I ate it so fast that I felt a little sick afterwards. I was still happy though.

ETA- When I was searching for Dubya pictures, I came across this. I wonder if this is what he was referring to when he said that God told him to run for president.
I think that's just his hippie drug dealer. tongue.gif

Hey turbo, this is prolly too late, but I also meant to add: I always think that when they ask you for salary expectations on a job application, you should just write "open for negotiation." That's what I've always done.

Ok, I think I need to go sweep that baking soda out of the oven now...
*Morning lassies...and happy HUMP day! smile.gif

that is all. must work now.
Mornin' ya'll!!

Nice to see everyone in here so early! We're currently enjoying a freakish snow storm with 25mph winds this morning. Yuck.

So, I think I've decided not to answer the starting/ending salary question. I just talked to our HR Admin here this morning (who is also job hunting), and she said that if I put anything down there on salary, and the ACS calls here for employment verification and mention what I put down for salary my current employer can verify my salary or declare that I lied...but if I don't answer, current employer cannot divulge my salary. I hate playing it this way, but I know one thing about NPOs, and they try to go cheap on salary, and if they are not willing to meet my salary reqs, then I don't want to work there, and that's it. Hopefully, its moot point, since the hiring manager already told me what the salary range will be, and its fine by me. Job apps just make me nervous.

Poodle, all the dubya pics creep me out. I can't even stand to look at that idiot's face...he makes me angry.

Doodle, I hope you can get your sleep schedule ironed out by the time you need to get back to work! Are the kitties keeping your same schedule?
Good Morning!

Sweet, it's Wednesday, the week is half done, and here I am at work. I'm going to work out today. I must I must! Bleh.

(((kel))) Take things as they come, everyday you are stronger. Then one day you'll wake up and say, "fuck, I feel great!". At least that's how it was with me. I felt like an absolute douche bag one the Tuesday morning, then around lunch, I was thinking, "this is weird, I don't feel like ass anymore. In fact, I feel fantastic!"

PK sounds like you have a great birfday!

Hi poodle! Hee, hippie drug dealer. Mn I thought dubya looked like an assclown now, but in that picture. Ick. Looks like he fell out of the ugle tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Doodle, when you say sweep baking soda out of the oven, did you start a small fire? Hee. I remember one time I was cooking and was on the phone with MEC, and I started a small grease fire, the guy on the other ends asks what colour I wanted, then he said how about fire engine red. it was funny at the time.

Turbo, snow! Ick! It's rather nice here today, again. yesterday I took the pupper to the park and she ran around like a little maniac. as usual. I'm glad I don't have to bundle up. But that could always change. We tend to ger freakish snowstorms when everything is almost melted.

Well, I should go to work now. Maybe.

Later okayers!

Holy crap, you ladies are prolific before I can even choke down two cups of coffee!

*sits and waits for the short bus*

We started a new unit this week: POETRY. I'm in my fucking groove now. Today we are studying e.e. cummings and Shel Silverstein. Did you chicas know that Shel Silverstein wrote "A Boy Named Sue"? I sure as shit didn't until yesterday. He also drew cartoons for Playboy. I am a treasure trove of useless knowledge.

I found a baseball hat yesterday on that reads: Powertools Are a Girl's Best Friend. I totally want it.

Kel--shit happens. You roled with it. Plus you gave yourself enough time to not immediately rebound or do the "I may LOOK desparate, but honestly I only FEEL desparate." I'm not usually one to pander to my feelings of vanity, but breakups seem to bring that out in me and I'm always grateful if I can get through one without looking weak to the other party.

In other words, girl, ya done good. wink.gif Never feel badly about what you honestly need.

Poods, glad that you had a bitchin' birfday cake fiesta. You too, PK. I wouldn't mind somebody buying me Urban Decay makeup for my birfday. However, next year, I am totally vying for my own set of drills.

Turbo, that's supercool that you got a second interview. You're going to walk out of the next one and they will have been stunned pantsless. Fucking rockstar you are. WHOOT!
Hi minxy - it is SO good to see you back in here - we *meeced* you so much!!

Oh, teaching poetry to spongey teenage minds sounds awesome - and you've picked some good ones. I loved Shel even more, when in my teen years, I discovered that he drew for playboy as well! Dirty, funny man. I still have all my Shel books, they're just such wonderful whimsy.

Kel, minxy is right, you did what you needed to do...and it sounds like that phone call was a good thing for you, in getting closure, and also understanding that this is hard for both of you.

Poodle, your carrot cack *really* makes me want to make a stop by the vegan bakery here sometime soon - they have the *best* carrot cack, and its safe for me to eat!
happy HUMP DAY! woot!

wow, at the risk of jinxing the week, does it seem to have flown by so far. i know, i just sealed that the rest of the week will drag. sorry.

i love the dubya pics, poodle. and carrot cake sounds so divine right now! triple decker? mmmmm. and at least you did all the workouts so, you're right, it just cancelled some of it out. i believe in treating yourself for sure!

i just finished some waffles and a banana. sure, the waffles and syrup might not be the best thing for me but at least i had a nanner with it. that makes things all better, right?

turbo, you made me laugh telling grrrl that you *draw the line at 5:30am*. hahaha. i haven't been up at 5:30am since - since i don't know when. but i'm sure it involved getting up to go on a trip or check in to a hospital or something. i don't get up at the crack of ass for nuttin'. of course, it helps that grover-pupper sleeps until noon if i let her. i swear, the dog must have a bladder made of steel!

oh, and grrrl, i will be 28 weeks preggo on friday. i guess that makes me 7 months? i'm not really sure how to count the months since by the time the actual due date rolls around, i'll have been knocked up for ten months. so i just say it in weeks. the time is totally flying by now. i still haven't bought anything or the nursery, although mrfj did buy a poster frame for the wall yesterday. we have this idea that we'll buy him a cool poster for his birthdays and keep it hung for the whole year until the next birthday. we're thinking of starting with a colorful, sort of psychedelic beatles poster. mrfj actually told me yesterday that he wants to put a poster of bertrand russell in it, which i think is totally cool, but it might be a little much for a newborn. smile.gif anyway, the idea is to give him posters, like this every year until he's 18 and save each one for him so one day he can look back on all of them and try to figure out why we thought he should have each one. hopefully, he won't think we are utter retards. hehe.

anyway, time to get the day started. i'll be back!


It's a rainy one here. Which actually today is fine by me, it suits my mood just fine.

Jenn! Congrats on the great interview!! Woot! I f-ing hate when they ask your current salary! So annoying. When I got this job, they tried to give me only a 4% increase of my salary. uh, no. I got them up to 9%, then another about 5% after 6 mos. Still not that great, but I was so desperate to get out of my other job, I took it.

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY POODLES!! Woo hoo! It sounds like you had a great birthday and got some sweet loot. Excellent.

((KEL)) I know what you mean about feeling better after talking to the ex. It helps sometimes.

Rose, it sounds like you've had a week like I had last week. Everyone was in crisis & calling me. I sure don't mind helping out, but sometimes it made me feel helpless, like there really wasn't anything I could do. sad.gif I hope your friends start doing better.

Minx, so glad you had a nice vacation! You deserve it, gal. 10 weeks til summer? That's awesome!! I will be crossing my fingers that you don't have to teach summer school.

FJ, that's wonderful about your taxes! And your sale! smile.gif Good, good news.

Grrrl, props to ya, sister. Those are some early work hours! I have trouble getting to my office at 7:45.

Hi CH, doodle, moxie, PK, and everyone else I just know I am forgetting!

Not much new with me today. Hoping the work day goes by quickly, I am in such a work slump lately. Living for the weekends. I had to take off tomorrow to do some training for my practicum. I'd much rather be doing that than sitting in the office.
Heya Everybootaaay! smile.gif

I'd chime in that I have a pink tool, but it's actually tiger-striped dark tan.

...but not for long!!! *checks mail* Doh! When is my Girl Card coming?!? I've got so many plans for being a girl. I'll take showers in slow-motion. I'll jog in slow motion down the beach, turning heads as I bounce. People will open doors for me. I'll never have to buy my own drink at a bar evaaaar! When the guy at the checkout counter calls me "Mam", I'll glare at him. I'll even get out of speeding tickets.

D'oh! They need to start making days longer so i can actually finish posts sad.gif Rock on about Turbo interviewage! I'm thrilled that you're getting a job you're excited about. Yaaay!

Happy Boipday to Poods! 28's a good year!

Minx, Thanks for the history on Harpies. I always find the bird-woman depiction of them to be creepy. Also, I bet you'd be grumpy all the time if you got around by flapping your wings and didn't have a bra.

Glad you're healthy FJ and Doods!

Fondness to everybody, and sorry if I haven't mentioned you in a while sad.gif I like you guys. I just don't have much computer time lately.

Johnny Cash's house burned down. Warning, there is a pic and it's kinda shocking. (I actually gasped out loud.) I feel bereft somehow...
FJ- that is an AWESOME idea! Can we steal it?

MInxy- do you read shel to minxlette? I LOVED shel silverstein when i was young, and reading it to moxette is something I am TOTALLY looking forward to. Right now though, she's fixated on her "animal faces" book. She likes that I make the animal sounds when she turns the pages. hehe.

ok, my cold meds are kicking in, and i'm all space cadety. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

HI EVERYONE...i'm way to cadety to remember everything I wanted to say, but I read every single word. Swear!
I have more bloody filing to do. I've had enough of filing. More than enough, but the paper work never stops, ever. So far my phone has been eeriliy quiet. This concerns me. People leave messages I call them back and there is no one there!

Le Sigh.

I'm kind of hungry, just not too sure for what. Hmmmm. I don't want to each my lunch, *quite* yet as it is only 10! Oh well. I'm going to go and finish up crappy filing.

Later okayers!

Doodle, on the local news yesterday they made a "joke" about how he sang about a ring of fire, but surely this isn't something he could have imagined. It was so heartless of the asshole news readers to make a crack like that, and I just shook my fist at the TV. Poor Johnny.

I always mean to post more in this thread. Not enough time, too much to say!

::runs out::
FJ - I also agree that your poster idea is *fabulous!* I would love to have a collection of art that my parents chose for me each year!

That's so sad about Johnny's house. His is one of the musical sounds of my youth, and I still love listening to his stuff. I even dragged the moxies and turbomann to see Walk the Line with me, but I think I enjoyed it more than they did, since I knew all the music, and was sorely tempted to sing along.

They're buying pizza for lunch for everyone here, in honor of the first snow storm of spring - its an annual tradition...and they get *good* chicago pizza...sadly, I cannot partake, as I do not relish the thought of an afternoon bellyache. But that's okay, I have some yummy chili for lunch, which sounds perfect on this ugly day.

hi raisin!! Stop on by more often!!
I must say: this thing about my mixed up sleeping schedule? It is very weird to eat your lunch at 8 AM. But I did! And now I must go back to cleaning.

I slept thru the news last night, so I didn't know about Johnny Cash's house till I saw the pic. But it does make me sad...from reading what he wrote about the house, I know it really was a healing space for him, and I totally understand that feeling! I have a healing relationship with my current home, and kind of always made a connection, so the idea of it being so was a little shocking. And curses upon anyone who makes Ring of Fire jokes! I just saw a news headline that said, "Johnny Cash's house burns, burns, burns"...I just don't like the media very much anymore, you know?

I think I need to go play with George, actually. He keeps hopping up on my desk and dropping toy mice in front of me.
hey hot whore licks and wild asses!

sorry i've been getting homework, and treading water, and i end up having to run out of the house before i can read all of the archives/post. i started my new meds and now i can't sleep more than 2.5 hours at a stretch. meds always fuck with my sleep. learning:tig welding, mig welding, oa cutting, a bit of sandblasting (love sand blasting!)and....

glad things are a bit more settled for you kel. i think that was the right thing for you. (((kel)))

happy b day for the p's: pk and poodle,

hi tree (i'm paintin; my tools pink soon as i get, hi culture!
gotta get goin', kids!
later, okayer!
kel, honey, i meant to give you hugs earlier - your post made me sort of teary. like turbo and others have said, don't worry! you did what you needed to do. breakups are hard. it's so hard to just go cold-turkey. it's not a band-aid, ya know? give yourself tiiiime. it's great that you guys talked and you know that he is hurting too. not that you both should be miserable, but it's good to know that he had your feelings in mind yesterday. and it will be great if you two can be friends when the hurtyness ends.

moxie, of COURSE you can steal our poster idea! of COURSE! smile.gif i'm glad you think it's stealable!

wow, minxie, i didn't realize that shel wrote "a boy named sue" but when i told mrfj about it, he said that we've actually talked about it before. i told him i must have been sleeping in class. hehe. doodle, that is so terrible about his house burning down. wow. for some reason, that makes me harbor contempt for barry gibb now.

hi kari! sorry about your work slump! just remember that there is ane nd to it once your school is finished! smile.gif

take advantage of the quiet time, culture!

hi lore! bye lore! hi raisin! bye raisin!

*still thinking of poodle's cack*

hi girl! busy is a good thing! glad you're having so much fun in class!
HI GT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am on lunch now, I just finished cleaning out the cubicle, now it is nice and dusty. I'll get it all figured out. I'm sure. Le Sigh.

I'm going to go and eat now.

Later okayers!
So the guy is coming tomorrow morning to fix the oven. Good thing I don't cook much!

One of BFFdottirs suckered me into buying chocolate bars to support her grad, so BFF is on her way over with them. Luckily I want to support this kid going to grad ESPECIALLY because....she goes to the local Catholic school (only because she was being bullied in regular school), and SHE is going to grad in a tux...and her "date" is going in a kilt, which is the closest any boy dares get to wearing a dress in this redneck town. He (???? I'm not sure if he goes by "she" at all so I won't change the pronoun) actually identifies as trans, but doesn't dare come out to his parents...they are VERY Catholic/right-wing and he is sure they wouldn't even accept him if he "only" came out as gay. So anyway, even tho' I'm unemployed, I'm buying an awful lot of chocolate so these two can go shake stuff up at the Catholic school grad.

QUOTE(turbojenn @ Apr 11 2007, 07:57 AM) *
Poodle, all the dubya pics creep me out. I can't even stand to look at that idiot's face...he makes me angry.

What about this one, turbo? laugh.gif Yay for second interviews!

Hi hi!

Doodle, what's grad? Is it like prom? Anyway, I'm glad you're supporting some grad-shakeup. I hope BFFdottir and her "date" have a great time! And sorry about your oven. I actually started laughing when you said your "landlady" was coming over. I guess seeing the word in writing made me realize how weird those terms are: "landLORD" and "landLADY". It's like we are serfs working on a...what's it called....fife?

Milaaaady. Mi leige.

Poods, I'm glad to hear about your cack-happy birfday! Yay for cack!

One of the cosmetics I got for my birthday is an H2O+ enzyme mask. It's blue and gelly. It feels really good. I am a mask-hooker. I love all kinds of masks.

I can't believe I actually woke up at a decent hour today! Before 10:00! And my alarm was set for 10:30.

Pickle got me a book by Alice Walker, "The Temple of My Familiar", so I have been reading that little by little. It's been a long time since I have tried to focus on reading. Many months. It feels weird to settle down and just read, but the book is great so far, and I am doing well with it.

Octi - how is your mouth doing with the new braces?

FJ - wowza, you're really really pregnant! I didn't realize you were so far along. Woot!

I have this really ugly baby picture of myself - I am wearing a frilly red ruffly Mexican dress that my grampa got me. He insisted that I have baby pics taken in the dress. I told my sister that if she has a girl, I am going down to Mexico to get some kind of big flamenco-looking thing and insist on baby pictures in the dress (and maybe even sombrero). If it's a boy, I'll try to find some kind of Mariachi suit for him - but I have a feeling that would be adorable.

Recently, I went to a concert - it was Lila Downs (anyone heard of her?) - which was a lot of fun. She had, as special guests, a sixteen (i think) piece all-women Mariachi band called Flores Mexicanas. They were so cute, wearing these pink, sparkly versions of mariachi suits, but they looked more like evening gowns. I guess their "pinkness" got them a gig as an image for the Susan G. Komen Foundation (the breast cancer foundation).

Turbo - when's your next interview? Friday?

*~*~*~*~turbo wows the VP of Communication~*~*~*~*and the whole team welcomes her aboard~*~*~*~*~*~

Does the ACS have rules about who can work there - for example, only hiring non-smokers? I know American Lung won't hire a smoker. I thought that was weird. I mean, I understand, but it also seems not very fair. Maybe because I smoke. But I shouldn't.

OK - shower time!

ETA: Polly! I can't stop laughing at that image! I almost sprayed coffee out of my nose!
hello okayers!

fj, nice pic of your tummy!!

doodle, good thing you are ok with the little fire in your oven! you've had enough problems lately. be careful.

turbo, yeah on the second interview!! good luck!!

pk, so glad you had a great bday!

where has rose been?

the weather here is crap. but, i'm still going out for 1/2 priced chocolate martinis and good food this evening. weather be damned! *shakes fist*

sorry, i haven't given individual shout outs to everyone!

((((((((((((((kel)))))))))))))))))) sorry you're having a rough time. things will get better, but it will take time.

hello CH, grrl, moxie, poodle, GT, polly, diva, mouse, and other okayers!!

i'm off to shower now....

Polly, that photo makes me laugh, mostly because the photoshopping is SO bad...seriously, I could do better, and I'm not a photoshop wunderkind.

Yep, PK, the ACS will not hire smokers...I'm not sure how they get around discrimination, but it was a big old disclaimer in the application about that. What I DO have a problem with is that they want to check my credit...I said NO to that, with a warm fuzzy, that I would be happy to talk to them about my credit history, even show them the number, if they need it, but I will not allow a potential employer to look at my full credit history. I don't really see how its relevant, especially since 80% of credit reports have errors.

Oh, I want to see an all women maraiachi band - that sounds awesome!

Doodle, that's awesome that you're supporting BFFdottir through the purchasing of chocolate - nice perk! And YAY for oven repairs!

I just got out of my monthly staff meeting, and my mind is melted now. oof. I hate that meeting. With any luck, it will be my last!
Bwaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha that picture is hilarious.

Turbo they want to do a credit check. Creepy. That shit is too weird. Can they actually do that?

Hi star, how's it going?

I got all my filing DONE! But of course, there will be another stack waiting for me soon!

I just got my assignment and I'm staying at this rockin' office! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Le sigh.

Doodle, I love the idea of that grad!

I should go pull my messages now.

I know, it is terrible, but so funny.

The place I used to work at didn't allow smokers, either. No offense to the smokers out there, but I was grateful for it. I loathe the smell of cigarette smoke, and just having to walk past the cubicle of a smoker irritated me. My boss now smokes and it's really obnoxious.

Oh yeah, the credit check. That's such crap.
Yeah, I really need to quit smoking. It's so filthy, but I like it. I don't smoke much at work, except on my lunch break. I have a suspicion that some of the other guys smoke weed in the parking lot. My old job had drug testing, but at this job, they don't seem to give a shit. But as far as my own smoking, I just think to myself, "How long are you going to keep doing this?" I like it right now, but I just can't see myself as a smoker forever.

I've been browsing for jobs in Chicago and Minneapolis. There is a pastry cook position open at Tru in Chicago. They want two years experience, which I almost have. If I work at my current job a little longer and get some good experience, I would be a good candidate for a place like that. I like Tucson, but I am really homesick. I guess I do have over two years experience if you count the bread baking position I had at Great Harvest for a year. I worked at the Marriott for over a year, and I have been at Hacienda del Sol for 2 months. I wonder how much a pastry job pays in Chicago, because I can't imagine it is very much, and Chicago is a very expensive city to live in.

I have ants in my pants to get back to the Midwest. Even though I have made some dear dear friends here that I would hate to leave.

PK, I think there is definitely some magic to the midwest that just keeps pullling us back in...I like the thought of living somewhere else (especially in the middle of snow storms in april), but the thought of leaving chicago right now....just doesn't fit. I love my diverse neighborhood, and all the great little restaurants close by, and public transit....yeah, we'd be happy to have you back. smile.gif

I'm with you on the smokers thing too, polly...I just can't be deal with it in close proximity - sets my allergies off like crazy...if work can tell you not to wear perfumes because of allergies, what about smoker BO? The woman who used to sit closest to my office was a smoker (she just quit a month ago), and everytime I left my office I had a sneezing fit, and I had to keep my heat on at all times to keep pushing clean air into my office. I miss my co-worker, as she was an extremely awesome person, but I don't miss my allergy reactions. Now I have a new neighbor who shows the "girls" off WAY too environmental problem of a different sort. wink.gif
[pokes head in] I'm still alive, Star! Thanks for thinking of me. smile.gif

Happy belated b-day to Poods!!!! So sorry I missed the festivities.

TJ, I just knew you would kick ass at that interview! It's interesting that they want to check your credit. When I was hired by the bank they checked my credit, but in that industry it's very important that they hire financially-responsible people so I could understand. But for most jobs that just sounds terribly nosey. Hmmm. I say you should just ask them why they need to know such personal information. Will they refuse to hire you if you don't approve the credit check?
~$~$~$~$~ second-interview vibes ~$~$~$~$~

PK, when I read the end of your post when you said, "Shower time!" I immediately started singing MC Hammer songs in my head. Ugh! rolleyes.gif As for jobs, I think that if your heart keeps pulling you back to the midwest then you should listen to it. Look out for jobs, tell your friends to keep their ears open, & just do what you gotta do. smile.gif

[sneaks up on GT & gives her hot, wild ass a playful pat] Look at you and all of the wonderful things you're doing! Wonderful!

((((((((massive hugs for Kel)))))))) Much love and light to you, my dear.

I've been busy this week and I'm still busy so I shouldn't talk for long. I've been dealing with financing for mortgage loans and calming my stressed-out friends and making NEW friends(!) and cleaning a bit. I also found a couple other houses that are rather tempting. And BestGalPal bought her plane tickets so she'll be here for my birthday! WOOT!!!

And I just finished a big black & white cookie and I am soooooo full. Must digest now. tongue.gif
Hi all! I'm back! Yes, back...BFF dragged me out to her house to show me the room she is painting for one of the teens. She is copying my kitchen mosaic thing on the closet doors, only in pear green, chocolate brown, and BRIGHT raspberry pink! It looks GREAT! The bedroom walls are all pear green, except she did the back of the door and the inside of the closet in the raspberry, and there are some shelves going up in the brown. AWESOME!

Ok...grad is...we don't do prom here. Grad is like the ceremony where you wear the cap and gown and get the fake Dogwood (our diploma - you don't get the real one till after exams, so the ceremonial one is just a piece of paper tied with a ribbon - for the photos!), then a dinner/dance where you are allowed to invite a certain number of people (i.e.: family, and you have to buy tickets), and then the kids go off and do their own party, though it is chaperoned. Dry grad seems to be in now; when I was a kid we got stinking drunk, but with full knowledge of the chaperones and parents - our party was in a cabin in the woods, and they didn't tell anyone where, so you had to take a special shuttle to get there and back (that's how they made sure you weren't driving).

PK, I read The Temple of My Familiar when I was 23....I loved it! I was a Christian until I read that book, actually, and then I left the faith in a furious rage and started learning about goddess worship. biggrin.gif

turbo, that really IS crap about the credit check. I don't see what their rationale could be. I can understand if you are working in a bank or something; of course they want to know you can be trusted with the cash. (Like doing a criminal records check if you're going to work with kids!) But in a non-profit?? Working on the computer???? Oi, that's just ridiculous power-tripping. I would refuse also.

Hi also polly, culture, stargazer...and since I didn't name anyone earlier, also to FJ, moxie (love that pic of moxette!), GT, raisin, lorewolf, karianne, minx, and...where'd poodle go, anyway? (ETA: and ROSE! Cross-post!! *waves*)

I used to be a smoker (took me 3 serious tries, but I've been nic-free since 2000...tho' I STILL have the insane urge about once every two weeks to buy a pack, and I still dream about smoking...ok, I would TOTALLY smoke if I didn't fear for my health). It's true that you really don't know how bad you smell. But now I find the smell quite gross. It was bad when my mom was here, b/c she always smelled like an ashtray, even tho' she always smokes outside.

The appliance guy is coming tomorrow morning. I guess I will have to figure out something for dinner that doesn't involve the oven! (The truth is, I probably only use the actual oven part of the cooker about twice a week!)

Mmmmm....the chocolate is Purdy's!!!
"mostly because the photoshopping is SO bad..." Hahaha!! I was thinking the same thing!!

The "ring of fire" thing actually made me chuckle a little. I'm mean. Seriously though, I feel really bad for the Cash family and Barry Gibb.

Heh...I'm listening to Daft Punk right now...*gets down while sitting at desk*

PK, you should definitely come back to the midwest. Life is just better up here. Period.

Yeah, smoking is so hard to quit. It's soooo hard for me to drink without wanting to smoke. I'm so grateful that the bars are non-smoking though, even though I miss the good old days of going to rockabilly shows and smoking Nat Shermans while sipping on old-man drinks. Tie-boy would buy me gin & tonics and light my cigarettes. It was sexay. Those were the days... (diva, I wasn't really "part of the scene" back then. Thankfully, joei introduced me to the whole rockabilly thing so that I could be "cool" like her)

Poop. I came in late, so know I gotta hang around at least until the meddler leaves. Grrr...

ETA- Nice to see you roseviolet!!!
*preemptively hangs head in shame*, okay...I can't help but snicker at the whole "ring of fire" thing.I'm a sickie and I'm going to hell, I just know it. I do feel bad for the Cash family. sad.gif

I've gotten another extended work release until next Wednesday (couldn't make the dr's appoint) but I'm sure I'm gonna get sent back to work after that. I just can't see my arm/wrist/elbow getting much better, ya know?

I contacted a workers compensation attorney...I have a long time to file an appeal...which I'm definitely gonna do. It's not so much the money because I have income continuation's just that when this comes back (and I DO know it will, this being a more or less chronic type of condition at this point), if I have to have surgery, I don't want to have to lose all my personal sick leave over something caused by my job.

I just wanna go back into digital controls...or I wanna go to Pittsburgh and weld with GT....*whine*

OMG on the quitting smoking thing...I quit back in, oh, I think 1996 and I STILL want ciggys. Especially when I'm stressed. The other day when I got my "you suck and workers compensation thinks you're lying" letter, I seriously was jonesing. So, do any of you ex-smokers have those nightmares? The ones where you all of a sudden realize that you are smoking a cigarette and you get so MAD because you just blew it and you worked so hard to quit and here you are smoking again? I get those quite a bit.

So...I'm in the same snowstorm as Turbo...they're predicting 8-10 inches by the time it's all done.....

Hmmm....*evil snicker*....8-10 inches sounds good to meeee..... wink.gif

I should pick up "temple of my familiar" DEFINITELY sounds like my kind of read.

Turbo, weird about the credit check....seems REALLY invasive to me. Although I've heard of that being done...but, yeah. Invasive. I sure wouldn't like it.

Okay, I gotta go read some more...I'm having a REALLY hard time keeping up in here lately!!!

((((okayers)))) sorry, I gotta go try to catch up with what I can't read in the "reply" window!

Good evening dearies.

So I worked out, did super hard cardio, that's all I felt like doing, and I took the dog to the park. Of course she is still nuts, and really driving me up the wall.I can't deal with a needy dog today.

Le Sigh.

I never smoked, cigarettes that is. Never had the urge to. I used to smoke a lot of dope, but I've since stopped that too.

I'm pretty tired today. I think I'm going to go and rest.

Evening all! Thanks for the support last night and today. I feel pretty good about the whole situation with Kelman. It felt like a bit of closure. We agreed that every few weeks or so we may check in with one another, but that's it. Until we ween off totally or manage to become friends. I'm planning a move to Baltimore next year, so that should make it easier to let go completely.

I'm with Culture on the never smoking. I was whole family and all my friends did. I never picked it up. I'm watching a good friend go through quitting and she is in agony!

(((tree))) good luck with the appeal. Worker's comp cases are the worst!

Turbo, I'm ecstatic about your second interview!! I'm leary of that credit check. How, exactly, is that their business? It's brother owes everyone on the planet money, yet he's a bill collector. The blatant irony of that kills me!

Dubya pics = Kel laughing like a hyena. Keep 'em coming!

RV, the stress of doing the mortgage thing must be tremendous. Hopefully you and the gal pal can get some fun relaxing times in before the house hunting continues.

PK-I think Mariachi Babies would be a good band name!

Doodle, I remember selling chocolate when I was in Catholic school. It was yummy and addictive. The town would wait for it like they do for Girl Scout Cookie time.

FJ, you and Mr. FJ will be such awesome parents. That poster idea is fantastic. I used to have the Albert Einstein one in my dorm.

GT!!! So good to see a brief glimpse of you. Glad the welding is going well. I bet sandblasting is very cathartic. I have some shit I'd love to blast the hell out of. I have some anger issues, I think.

(((okayers))) I'm forgetting people, and I'm sorry.

Oh Oh Oh!! I bought a new bed tonight!!!!!! My back is in agony from my old one and last night was the final straw. I barely got four hours of sleep from the pain. It gets delivered on Saturday, and it's positively dreamy. If I could I'd burn the old one in effigy, I would. It represents back pain and old lovers. They are hauling it and all the bad energy that goes with it away. Yayayayayayay!
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