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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi, peeps.

I'm irritated today, just at people at work or having anything to do with work. With jackasses who can't fill out the simplest form ever and I have to chase down on the phone for weeks on end (which actually gives me hope for when I own a bar, since this guy seems to be doing fine, and he's a moron, who knows how well I'll do, not being a moron and all). With this idiot girl at work who screwed up a bunch of items from that project I was working on - if you didn't put the reminder there, don't fuck with it! With the stupid freaking state who doesn't understand that things need to not be made more difficult for people who actually do work. I could just strangle them all right now.

Hi, Poodle! Sorry to hear about your bro's dog. That really, really sucks. Hey, do you have any plans for your birfday yet? It's on Wednesday, isn't it?

Happy birfday, PK! I hope you're feeling better.

((((((((((((((interview vibes for Turbo)))))))))))))))) You'll do great!

Yeah, evaluations are bullshit. I've had maybe 2 or 3 of them at my present employer, and my last one was probably 5 years ago, although my boss likes to have informal "one-on-ones" that we all hate. If you're going to give us an evaluation, just call it what it is.

RV, that house looks really nice from the outside, not mauve at all. Is mauve really that terrible of a color?

Octi, Kate Borstein is really fabulous in person, very larger than life and tons of fun. If I remember correctly, she went out and did a lot of things with the students instead of holing up in her hotel room. She wrote something in the book she signed, something about my "fucking fabulous fuckability at Disney Land" or some such thing.

I love Cadbury creme eggs. In fact, I just had one today. It's a tradition my dad and I have every Easter - he gives me one. And I got a caramel one from a girl at work. I'm glad they're only around once a year, so I get by with Caramello bars in between. I really like Cadbury's chocolate.


((((((((((Tree))))))))) Is it maybe their policy that everyone gets denied or reviewed before they cough up your worker's comp? I know it's like that here with Social Security (at least until you're old and you're obviously entitled) and much of the time with other insurance. Good luck with it.

Hi, Tes! Someone posted that recipe, huh? It's seriously some great stuff, even without the cake part.

Hi, Culture, Moxie, and everyone I missed!

We had a pretty nice Easter weekend. We saw "Blades of Glory" on Friday, and it's hilarious, thoroughly entertaining. I love that Will Ferrell will do just about anything to make you laugh, and I love Will Arnett - gotta support the Arrested Development peeps. I even made the giant go out for Chinese food with me. I haven't made him in probably a year, so it was time. We just hung out on Saturday and ran errands, then went our separate ways yesterday.

Sam was a ball to play with. He'd been talking about my Easter egg hunt for days, he was so excited. I think he likes that it's just for him alone, and there are toys inside the eggs, not just candy or hard boiled eggs. I got him a bunch of little stuff: animal sponges in capsules that dissolve, plastic bubble stuff that comes with little straws, some cars, Silly Putty, etc. He was in heaven with it all. He said the funniest thing when we were wrestling. I let him run at me and knock me over, then I hold his hands up while he says "I'm the champion!" Anyway, he said "I'm the champion! I'm number one! I'm the greatest, and I have fun!" That little rhymer. smile.gif

Diva, I'm sorry people are making your job suck. And I SO want a cadbury caramel egg now!

Well, I left work with the full intention of going to spin class tonight for the first time in a month, and I just decided that it was too damned cold out already, and that I didn't want to ride home after spin soaking wet with sweat and I just came home. Mostly, I just want a chill night, a long bath, and go to bed a little early tonight. Oh, and I don't have to go shopping tonight now - on my ride home it struck me that I didn't go through my spring wardrobe to see if I have anything appropriate to go under the suit coat, and I have a *perfect* pink scoop neck with lace trim that looks great with it, so hooray!

Thanks for all the jobby job vibes ya'll - I'm basking in the glow of all your love, and I will be sure to check in here as soon as I get back from the 'view!

And where's our FJ today??? She's probably racking up big sales this afternoon!

Hi poodle! ((((brother's pupper run free))))
Hihihihi! I just have to tell everyone the dumb thing I just did.

So I'm in the shower (avert your eyes if you don't want to be scarred for life) when the shower caddy that hangs over my shower head and holds all my cleaners, razors, conditioners, scrubs and other accoutrements of being a girl begins to slide down the shower head toward me. So I re-arrange stuff on and put it back in its rightly spot. It slides again. I try balancing stuff on it better. It slides yet again. I try talking nicely to it. It slides right down and all the stuff goes flying. By now I feel like I've been on a peacekeeping mission with Iran and nothing is working. I try one more time. I mean, come on, the thing has hung there for two years with no problems whatsoever. Now it's just fucking with me. It starts to slide again which is when my inner Chuck Norris comes out and I grab the damned thing and hurl it to the shower floor and begin kicking it. Then to make things even more ridiculous, I take my backscrubber that has a long handle and begin hitting the broken pieces with it, ala the guys in Office Space when they use baseball bats on the printer that keeps jamming. All the while, the water is running, shampoo is getting in my eyes, and I step outside my body for just a moment to see the wretched state of my current situation. I'm in the shower, broken pieces of shower caddy everywhere, assorted lotions, soaps, and conditioner now sharing the shower floor with me. This is Kel in a fit of rage.

Okay, so I'm slightly embarrassed with myself by that time, but also I feel like I've let out some long brewing hostility. It's unfortunate that my shower caddy had to suffer because the hostility really has nothing to do with a cheap, plastic piece of crap.

Then I look down as I'm rinsing conditioner out of my hair and see a long trail of red stuff coming from my toe. Score one for the shower caddy! In the fracas, I sliced open my big toe on the side. I didn't even feel it. Still don't, really. It's one of those nasty flap cuts that won't stop bleeding. Right now I've fashioned a bandage out of a clean strip of wash cloth and some string. I'm hoping it will stop bleeding so I can get to the store and get some gauze and tape.

So, I guess, when you boil it down, there was no clearly defined winner in this fight. I'm bleeding; shower caddy is in pieces in the trash. Since I have to buy a new shower caddy, I'm not sure who the victor is. I know one thing: I have to find a better way of venting my anger, or all my cheap, plastic crap is destined for the recycling bin and I'm destined for stitches.
Kel, did it at least make you feel better? I liked that story. I don't get mad anymore. I don't have the urge to hurl shit or break shit, or hit someone. Getting arrested really does that to a person. Or it could make you even more pissed off I s'pose. smile.gif
(((shower caddy)))

(((kel's toe)))

I feel so much better today. I went to bed at about 6:00 AM, and woke up at 1:30. My roomie just got home from work, and we are about to go makeup shopping. Yayay! We are then going to come home and get ready with our new makeup, then head off for parts unknown. I still haven't decided where I want to go tonight.

I know I will have a great time, though, hanging out with my pals.

Oh - BTW! MY sister - the one who has had all of the miscarriages - is pregnant! She is about 16 weeks (or more, maybe? Not sure) and everything looks like a go! The baby is swimming around, everything looks healthy, and she is so so so excited, as am I! I'm going to be a double Auntie because my other sister is pregnany as well! Their due dates are about three weeks apart. So, that's cool, eh? Hee hee. I said eh.

(((octi and culture)))

I know how it goes with relationships fizzling because of scheduling problems. Banana and I never had time for one another toward the end. Actually, I'm still not sure if we are through yet. We still talk sometimes, and I might see him tonight.

Anyway, I'm off to get some fun makeup, and I'll report back later. Have a great evening!
Culture, for a moment, before I noticed the bleeding toe, I felt like I had conquered something. I actually spoke to the caddy and said something akin to "Take that!! That'll learn ya!"

PK: Yay for your sister! That's so exciting for her and for future Aunt PK!
Have a fantastic night out on the town PK!! We shall expect a full report tomorrow!

Kel, I love that your inner chuck norris came out. Sometimes you just gotta go for it, and let it all out, primal scream and all if you feel like it. I am sorry for your toe, however, and hope that you do not need stitches. And I hope you've served notice to all the wayward shower caddies out there, and your new one better toe the line! Actually, could you come over here and talk to my shower poof hanger thing - that bitch is forever falling off the wall.

Just had some delicious chili for dinner, topped with avocados and green onions and soy cheese. YUM!
(((kel))) i suggest you take up making bread. i always make homemade pizza dough when i'm angry, and the angrier i am the better the pizza is. it's really rather theraputic, and instead of ending up with sliced open toes you end up with tasty breadstuffs. simply subsitute punching/throwing at the counter for kneading.

~*~*~*~*jobbity job job vibes*~*~*~*~ for turbo. i'm sure you'll rock the socks off the interviewer (or, you know, probably already have)

hi tes!

happy belated birthday, pk!

Hi everyone else! Happy late Zombie Jesus Day!

i had an icky day yesterday. me and the boything were hanging around his parents house, who were out of town until today, playing video games and talking and stuff, and i asked him what he and his roomate were going to do next year if their other roomate ends up moving away to go to school, and...he says he's been thinking about going with him. he'd been thinking about moving a 12 hour if i drive the speed limit car drive away for *months* and didn't tell me. so, you know, i curled up in a ball and started crying and being generally non-functional, and then we talked for a while, and it apparently boiled down to he thinks he's in love with me, and wasn't so sure how i felt about him, and if it wasn't going to work he was going to move away. so, we talked some more about how he needs to actually talk to me when he's feeling like this, and that i do love him, but i have a hard time talking about stuff. so, he's not leaving next year, and stuff is better, but right now i have this incredible urge to not be away from the boything. it's going to take me a while to stop being worried that he'll go away. but, you know, stuff is good and i am happy, so that's a start, oui?

i have four finals and i need to start studying. ech. at least i time between them all so i can study for one, write it, study for the next one, write it, etc. so i should start studying, or at least go on textbookquest 2007. wish me luck!
Zombie Jesus Day...bwahahahahaha! That's heeelarious.

Tyger, I'd take up making bread but it reminds me too much of my ex who always made his own bread. It's one of the many things I loved about him, and the breakup is too fresh. Maybe this summer.

Turbo, I'm pretty sure I don't need stitches, thank maude. My mom is a nurse and came over put steri-strips on it to hold the flap closed. She said to watch out for any signs of infection and call her should I see any redness. It would really suck to get a staph infection over a bit of shower caddy rage. I'm sure it will be fine.

Your chili sounds delightful. Anything topped with avocado sounds delightful.

I'm experimenting with cack right now. I put a lemon cake mix and a can of crushed pineapple together and tossed it in the oven. We'll see what happens. That works beautifully with chocolate cake mix and a can of pure pumpkin, so I'd thought I'd try something new. I'll report back later.
wherein i try to catch up with all the posts and not forget anyone:

*good interview vibes for turbo*
*good house vibes for rose*
*good boy vibes for tyger and culture*
*good drug vibes for pk and baby vibes for sis (both of 'em)* and happy birthday!
*good no more co-irkers (that's my new favorite word tes!) being asses/bosses giving mediocre review vibes for tes and divala*
*good chocolate egg and general health vibes for doodle*
*goog toe-healing and better luck to the next caddy vibes for kel*
*good cadbury cream egg vibes for all y'all haters who need to recognize the creamy fondant goodness*

i think that's everybody. i hope that's everybody, cause i feel really shitty when i forget someone even if it's inadvertently. nothing much going on with me today. i didn't have to be at work til seven this morning (i forgot they start late on mondays), so it was kinda nice to not have to be there at exact buttcrack of dawn. and to be able to catch the bus going in. cause i am quite the speed demon on my bike if i do say so myself, but no one's kickin' ass on two wheels all groggy at four am. i didn't get off til four though. my mom works in the office right across the street, so i had vague thoughts toward the end of my shift about just getting a ride home with her. then i saw my bike and said "d'oh!", cause by this time my morning rockstar had worn off, and riding home did not appeal. then my mom reminded my that i'm spending the night with the kidlet tonight so she can go to bunco with my aunt j. i was really looking forward to flopping into bed no later than six pm all week, but since my mom keeps the kiddo during the week so i can work these crazy stupid hours, one weeknight out isn't going to kill me. so i'm counting down to eight o clock when i can put the kiddo (and myself) to bed. but whaaa, 4 am wake-up tomorrow. sad.gif
I'm at the portion of my PMS where I drink water until I feel like I'm going to bust a gut. BLARGH! The BLOAT! The BLOAT is trying to kill me!!!

I had a really nice, laidback vacation free from much guilt and worry which is a major coup for me since I'm the anxiety queen and having issues getting relicensed because during my last move I lost the proof of my CEU's. Fuck me running...if it ain't one thing, it's my mother. wink.gif I made a corn patch raised box that is about 18' long and 10' wide. A couple weekends ago, we made a raspberry box and started transplanting his raspberry plants. We have a HUGE gardening plan made out and have tons of seedlings started all over his house. It's AWESOME! I will totally have to have a BUSTie WhiskeyBake at his pad this summer when everything is in full bloom. Minxman said that he would love to play host and make us all rum drinks and fingerfood. smile.gif He's a good boyfriend. He totally showed me how to do a whole bunch of shit, and I just ran with it. I was retarded proud of my handiwork and kept glowing about after it was done.

MB and I talked about hanging out together a bit during break, but I totally flaked on it knowing that it would cause undue tension in my current life and I am really trying to reduce the self-inflicted retardation caused by my love for conflict. It's just...well, nothing really went terribly wrong with MB and I have this nagging doubt in my head that I made a bad choice. Hell's bells. I ran into him on the way out today and we ended up talking for nearly a half an hour in the parking lot. It was kind of funny and kind of sad...I saw another teacher in the parking lot that somebody told me was an awesome hand at powertools, so I screamed at her, "SO I HEAR YOU'RE PRETTY GOOD WITH POWERTOOLS! I PLAYED WITH THEM THIS WEEKEND, TOO!" She yelled something pithy back at me and we had a good laugh. I looked at MB and he had this really bizarre look on his face, and when I inquired as to why (and he was laughing, as well) he said, "When you said you were playing with powertools, I didn't exactly have MITRE saws in mind, Minxy." [insert knowing wink]

Eep! I remembered that one morning he asked to see my small arsenal of toys that he had been dying to view. He pulled out my rotating vibrating HOOHA and...well, you do the math. I started giggling, and told him that boys are funny. He said, "Nah, I'm just a big geek, and I really can't think about things like that anymore." sad.gif It sounded so sad hearing it. He's an incredibly cool person. I guess I can chalk it up to VBT (very bad timing), but I still don't think it's a good idea for us to hang out privately.

Hell, Zombie Jesus Day. Gads, I love this group.

Hey Kell, I'll make your damned bread. I make really good fucking bread, and the only reason you will cry is because it's just too fucking tasty for words. You just don't call That Man. You are doing so damned well. You really are. It's pretty impressive from my camp. I have the will power of a gnat...especially when it comes to TWP (things with penises).

Minxman and I also had a "meat orgy" this weekend. My brother gave me a bunch of organic pig, and my dad gave me a bunch of his own cow that he raises--Minxman commented that he's never had a girlfriend with fringe benefits like this. I just said DUH. smile.gif's been quite a while since I've posted, but I've totally been stalking all of you. I'm on the homestretch for school. Ten weeks until summer vacation, and I WILL NOT be teaching summer school ever again unless I'm completely dead broke. Minxman said that he will help me out if need be, but he wants me to completely relax, do shitloads of gardening, spend time with my best girl, and start writing the great Amurikan novel.

Bring it on.

ETA: Oh yeah, and BTW, Cadbury Eggs fucking SUCK ASS!!!
Damn, I knew I posted my "Zombie Jesus Loves You" graphic in this thread! *smacks self on forehead* (see Kvetch for explanation)

Happy Birthday puppykitty!

~*~*~*job interview vibes for turbo~*~*~* I know you can ace the interview, especially in that new suit! Y'know, and your years of experience and charming personality will come in handy, too tongue.gif

Ooo, kel, your poor toe! Your poor shower caddy! I like to throw things when I get really pissed off, too.

Diva, I made your daffodil cake yesterday! It was delish. My only issue, and maybe I did something wrong- it seemed like the pudding/cream cheese layer wasn't really necessary. The directions for the pudding was with 2 cups of milk- I used 1 and a half. Maybe that was still too much? When I was eating it, I could feel the texture of the pudding, but i didn't really taste it. But everything else about it was really good; I did put coconut on it.

So excited- I'm skipping work tomorrow to see Chris Cornell play at a small, private performance at a teeny little bar- my friend won tickets off the radio. Oh yeah, SEXXY!

(((hugs to all)))

PK, hope you're having a fabulous birthnight!!! And many congrats to both of your sisters. What fabulous news!

~$~$~$~$~ jobby vibes for our marvelously wonderful TurboJenn ~$~$~$~$~
Not that you really need vibes, though, because you are soooooooo beyond fabulous.

Kel, your story about the shower caddy was by far the best thing I've read all day. Good for you for getting out some of your aggression! Better to empty it out onto a shower cady than, say, the back of somebody's skull. biggrin.gif
~*~*~*~ healing kisses for Kel's toe & Kel's heart ~*~*~*~

Grrrl, you should feel much gratitude towards the legions of Cadbury Cream Egg Haters! Because we leave more eggs for you, ya dig? wink.gif Over the ages I have tried repeatedly to like the cream eggs and I just don't. They're fun and cute and all but that filling. That sticky, white, spooge-like filling. It creeps me out. I can deal with real spooge, but fake spooge? [shudder] And may I just say, 4am!?!? Four o'clock in the damn morning?! What on earth do you do for a living, woman?

Minxy, I want your bread. And your organic pig. Aw yeah. But you can keep that period bloat for now. I just got over it myself. Le bleeeerg.

Tyger! Good to see you, stranger! Looks like things are getting serious between you & the Boything. I'm glad that the two of you were able to talk things out. Sometimes those sorts of discussions can be so hard, but the best things can come out of them. smile.gif

Tes, "co-irkers" is one of the most fabulous words I have ever heard. Brilliant!

(((((Poodle's brother)))) Sorry to hear about his puppers. And I'm glad you got to tell your nephew about Doggie Heaven & the Rainbow Bridge & all that. Lots of people find that so helpful when they've lost a pet.

Divala, I hope your day improved. You shouldn't have to put up with all that frustration. People should just do their jobs & worship you with any free time they have to spare. You know it's true. wink.gif

As for the house ... well, it doesn't look very mauve in the photos. I don't know why that is so. But it is, indeed, mauve. Maaaauuuuve. And it's this horrible greyish mauve that is terribly depressing. The coordinating grey shutters and grey shingles on the roof really bring out the grey in the mauve & it just looks dowdy and awful. We honestly think that the color is the main reason why the house hasn't sold. So we're thinking that if we get it, we'll paint it a nice blue (perhaps a shade slightly darker than the current color of Bust) with white trim and black shutters. Or well paint it a pale yellow with forest green shutters. Or something. We need to figure out what we like and then make sure the Home Owner's Association approves.

The cool thing is I happened to find a guy through the internet who lives just down the street from this house! He's been telling me all about the area, the ammenities, & some of the HOA rules. He has been such a marvelous help. Like a gift from god or something! If we buy the house, I'll have to invite him & his wife over for dinner just for being so warm and helpful.

In less happy news, it seems that all of my friends are falling apart and going through very difficult times. I have received so many calls from people who need to vent. They cry and sob and whine and just vomit their emotions through the phone at me. If it were just one friend I could handle it, but I had 3 friends break down on me during phone calls over a 24 hour period. And all of these women live more than a thousand miles away so there's little I can do. It leaves me feeling so helpless & sad. So then I try to block it out so I can get other things done, but that seems so heartless that it makes me feel sad again. Vicious cycle, I tells ya.
is nowhere safe from the cream egg haters? apparently not, as even cadbury themselves gets in on keepin' the cream egg down! whither the love people, whither?
Why the hell have I never encountered these famous creme eggs??? I thought I'd eaten all the holiday junk food possible. (Also, what are the galam or gasam or something nuts that folks are raving about??)

PK, how'd the bday go? Anymore local crazies involved? wink.gif

Rose, your house plans sound lovely! And it's great that you already have a potential friend in this would-be neighbor! The old-fashioned Midwesterner blood in me is a huuuuge fan of being friends with neighbors, fighting this anonymity that seems to characterize our culture...

Re: all your friends' lives falling apart: why is it that it all seems to always happen at once?? I hope that things improve for your loved ones.

One of my loved ones just got some bad news today: cancer. This woman is my best friend's mother, and in some ways is like a second mom to me. So it's hard for everyone. I'm the one who'll be breaking the news to my bff on Sunday, on her mom's request. And it will be over the phone. On a shitty connection. To Togo. Such a delicate thing to do like that... but I'm honored that her mom asked me to do it when she found herself unable. And the good news is that this isn't terminal, it's not horrible news. It's actually the best of the bad news, as the cancer is stage I and treatable. Still... mmp. My heart goes out to her. I know she's scared.
kel, that has got to be one of the funniest things i have read lately! seriously! every time i thought you were through, you went on to the next part that kept me laughing and laughing, that must have happened around 4, 5 times! i scared mimi the african attack cat, i even snorted! i confess that i, too, have taken my ire out on inanimate objects….and been known to tell them, "there! take that!". that was quite likely one of the reasons it was SO funny! it is great to have you around, you are fun and real even in the midst of having to deal with the breakup and the ex. go kel!!

diva, i think that i must feel about hearing about sam the way that you feel about hearing about my crazy redneck neighbors in the states. seriously, i cannot help but smile when i read about him. it is so cool that you two love each other so much.

rosiev, i cant believe that it snowed there!!! gah! I had heard that there was supposed to be a hard frost, but SNOW? In APRIL? In the SOUTH? it ain't right, i tell yas, it ain't right!

i think that you should paint your house pale yellow. yellow houses are supposed to sell the best, because they are cheerful….i know that there are a lot of yellow houses in my neighborhood.

count me among the cadbury crème egg haters. okay, hate is too strong a word for a sweet. how about, i heartily dislike them? they are too sweet, they are milk chocolate and not dark chocolate, which is a travesty, and i'm totally with rosie on the fake egg spooge. real spooge, fine. bring it on. fake, cloyingly sweet egg spooge? fagettaboutit!

on the plus side, i think it is beyond "giro" (mozambican slang word for cool or pretty or interesting – all around, something you like a lot) that the egg is really an "egg" and has a white and a yolk. they just taste awful and are icky because of the spooge thing. course, i don't like peeps, either. except for the peeps website that does all sorts of "experiments" on them to see what the effects of smoking and drinking and that sort of thing have on peeps. that is hilarious! i don't like really sweet sweet sweets. tart is better. loooooooooooooove rhubarb pie. loooooooooooooooooove sweet tart lemon bars. (MUST try the daffodil cack sometime, it sounds sooooooooooooooooooooo YUMMY)

knock em dead at the interview, turbo jenn!!!! that job is YOURS!!!

MINXIE!!! im me sometime, will ya, girl??? or download skype, or something! i meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece you!!!

very sorry about dearly departed pets. check out the rainbow bridge on line…..and show it to the doggie's humans. it will make everyone cry, but doggie heaven really exists!

speaking of doggies, poodle, yours is so sweet. with her happy smile, it looks like her name should be "sunny"

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand! chocolate orgasms are delicious fudgy good frosted brownies made by rosie's bakery in Bah-sten. imho, they are the best brownies on the face of the planet, and their name is well deserved. the recipe is in a book called rosie's all butter sugar packed no holds barred baking book (or something to that effect). i can post the recipe in the barefoot thread if anyone is interested. or just google it. it pops up.

the evil eye is a look, usually accompanied by a charm or a spell or a ritual, that brings bad luck onto a specific person. i think that anyone can cast an evil eye on anyone. i had a car that kept getting into accidents, even when i wasn't driving it, and none of them were deemed to be my fault. an egyptian friend of mine gave me a blue faiënce eye of wadjat to hang in my next car to keep me and my car from harm. haven't had an accident with it yet!

okay, that is all from maputolândia for the nonce!
Ok, I'll catcvh up in just a sec, but I HAD to write this down and tell y'all what kind of nutter lady you let hang out here...and by that, I mean me.

So, I had rough sleep last night...lots on the mind. Eventually, I drift off to slumbers. And, this is the dream I have (abbreviated version):

A dinner party is about to ensue at my parent's arge house, although I'm the hostess. Obviously, whomever is the guest list is large enough to not fit in my tiny abode. There I am, fixing a mean dinner and setting a gorgeous table with the BEST linens, flatwareand service my mom has (and she has NICE stuff). My pop is all freaking out about speks on the floor, and mom is nowhere to be found...basically, a normal party day at their house, AMPLIFIED. So, some family/friends arrive a little early, then the "real" guests (whom I have been chosen through some wacko contest to host): zPresident W., Barak and Hillary! And, they're each "allowed" to bring a guest, besides obvious SS folks...W. bings Mama Bush, Barak his wife and Hillary comes alone! During mingling conversation, W. is reading my brother's copy of "Maxim" and giggling to himself while making sure Mama doesn't see, Barak works the room under the gaze (adoring? controlling?) eye of his wife and is totally charming, and Hillary zones in on one person to speak to the whole night.

then, i woke up.

Strange dream eh? And, with no prompting of any vigerous politico conversation right before bed or anything.

Ok, back to the regularly scheduled OKland program.
Hey ya'll - I'm just flying outta here for my INTERVIEW!!!!!!! Thanks so much for all the vibes, I love you all! I'll let you know how it went, just as soon as I'm back!

So, I've caught up, and before I blow a gasket working on the most insipid project of all time, I will share Good Things Tuesday:

1. My BFF has a super sweet job interview this morning that she is 110% qualified for!
2. Moxieman is moving to his new office today. He got a huge promotion at his current place, and decided to stay for 6 mos to try things out...but, his ofc is new and has a door and everything...i've always had the "late night office" mental thing...but, like the movie theatre thing, is probably fated to never happen.
3. Terayki beef for dinner with honey-soy glazed carrots and roasted yukon golds...yummmmmm....
4. I look super awesome in a totally sweet outfit suited for a "small" person.
WHOOT!!! Mega-super-dark chocolate covered-UBER vibes for (((Turbo)))!!!!!

Good morning, all. I am eating a bitchin' muffin from Turtle Bread Co. It is cherry/almond. Jealous much?
*~*~*job interview vibes for Turbojenn*~*~*

Okay, I'm off to read the archives....
I am certain that turbojenn's job interview is going/went well, 'cause this sketch sprang fully-formed from the brow of doodlebug at the exact time of the interview this morning:

(That's George peering over the top corner.)
Bonjour okayers!

Just a fly by, as I have to do tons of work and have to leave early today.

Things are good, I hope that everyone is doong moderately okay.

I'll catch up later!

Ya'll are too sweet - thank you so much for all the jobby job vibes - I know they're working, 'cause the interview went GREAT!!!! And doodle, especially super thanks for that gorgeous drawing - I love it....and of course you know the symbol for the cancer society is a sword! Love it!

So, I'm in for a second round of interviews later this week! Eeeeeeee! Really, the interview was spectacular, and I really like the woman who would be my boss - I definitely have a lot to learn from her, and a lot to teach her too, as the internet age is *just* dawning down there, and I could really drag them into the future...I think it would be a fantastic opportunity, it really does feel like a *fit,* and the location is superb - 2 blocks north of Millenium Park, on Michigan Ave. I envision summer lunches watching the kids play in the water at the giant fountain. *swoon*

Good things tuesday:
1. Can I hear a WoooT!! For good interviews
2. And a double, chocolate covered WOOT! for second interviews!!
3. I dunno what jobby job is taking up all my brain power at the moment.
Hi, peeps!

Woot for TurboJenn's spectacular interview! And second interview! That is so beyond fabulous.

PK, I'm glad your birfday was fun, at least it sounded like it was going to be.

Moxie, I get political dreams all the time. They were really intense in 2004. I don't think I thought about much else than John Kerry. Did you hear Edwards, Obama, and Clinton all backed out of the Fox "News" debate? Hah! There are other great candidates out there, but the heavy hitters are all gone.

((((((Octi's friend)))))) That's good they caught it early, though. I hope your friend comes out okay.

Hi, Tes! And Culture! And Minx! And Doodle! And Polly! And Tree! And Kel (hilarious story, BTW)! And RV!

There's not much going on here today, but I did get my big refund check in the mail yesterday. Woot! I've figured out my finances for the rest of the month, and it looks like I can afford to buy myself a little bit of fabulous. It's going to be a handbag of some sort, probably another Prada, unless I can find some god-awfully good deal on a Gucci or Marc Jacobs, which I highly doubt. I'll still be able to afford to pay the gas bill down some more and get some saved for school this summer.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) I'm in the money!
2) I have to get something yummy for lunch because I didn't bring anything with me.
3) I'm seeing the end of this stupid project I've been working on.
4) Seeing my friend that quit last month for drinks sometime this week.
5) I can afford to pay off all my bills within the next month and have plenty left over. Yay!
6) It's almost lunch time (well, in an hour or so anyway)!
Hi all!!

Yay for turbo's rockin' interview!! Yay for PK's prego sister!! Yay!!

Hi minx!! I'm jealous of your vacay!!!

Sam is the champion!!

I like your drawring, doodle. Those are some fierce eyes!!

((((((((((octi and friends)))))))))) Damn, that's awful. I'm really sorry. Thank goddess that it's not terminal though.

"I don't have the urge to hurl shit or break shit, or hit someone."
Heh...just this morning, I was thinking that I need to come up with a hobby involving hitting, punching, swinging, or shooting. laugh.gif I need to find a way to express my inner rage!! Baking bread doesn't do it for me. I think I'll try kickboxing again when I'm in better shape. Ugh. It's so rigorous. I couldn't move for days afterwards the last time I tried it. I'm gonna be in bitchin' shape by this time next year though. I'm gonna be kickin' ass and takin' names!! (not actual human asses though--well...maybe)

Good things tuesday:
1. It's my muthafuckin' birfday, yo!!
2. I'm doing arms with the Pakistani tonight
3. American Idol is on!!
4. I don't have any pressing projects

ETA- Hi diva!! Yay for fat refunds!! You should definitely treat yourself to a handbag.

I hope you have a wonderful one, and have time for a proper celebration this week!! Good beer, good food and good friends are always most welcome gifts on a birthday, am I right?!

PK, super-sweet congrats on all the pending bebes in your family! I know your sis has been hoping for a child for so long, I'm sure they'll be wonderful parents! And hooray for your excellent birfday celebrations too!

I'm with diva and moxie with the political dreams...I'm such a political nerd. Lately its been the aldermanic face-off that's been occupying my dreams..I'm really looking forward to the election being over next week! (And hopefully get a new alderman!)

Happy birfday, Poodle! Lemme know if you want to do something today, or this weekend. I've got no plans as of yet.

I wanna take up boxing, but I don't have the guts, at least in front of boys. I'm weird that way. But the thought of learning how to properly punch someone out is appealing...

I just realized I'm starving, the kind of hungry that makes you light-headed. I should go get something to eat now.

Awwww....shucks...Thanks all!!

What is that in the pic, minx?

Geesh, I totally wasn't expecting gifts, but I ended up getting a lifetime supply of Sap Moss shampoo and all sorts of wonderful smelly soaps. I also got some canisters for my kitchen, and heavier free weights. By far, the best gift was my bro-in-law's zuccotto. Damn. I love desserts involving alcohol.

Political dreams, eh? My dream "themes" usually involve trying to control tons of cats or kittens. I also have regular dreams about this kid from my catholic school days. It's the weirdest thing. It's like a remnant or something.

ETA- Diva, I promised the Pakistani that I'd be there tonight, so we'll have to do another day. I also have to do my taxes one of these nights (I'm so bad!!). Lemme see what day my dad wants me to come over (for the taxes) and then we can make some plans.

Boxing. There are a lot of female-only classes out there. There are beginners classes, but the one I took was so unbelievably hard. I ended up being the only true beginner. It was like boot camp. Still, you and I should find something a little less intense that involves punching. smile.gif
holy shite! SIX, count 'em SIX!! pages of archives that i just read. i am reeeeeeling over here. but i needed to kill a little time, so there. i did.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY POODLE-icious! woohoo! it's funny, you said you are turning 28 and i still think of you as 24 (which is what you were when i first joined this happenin' thread). i hope you have a wonderful day!!

TURBO! i've been sending you vibes since the weekend for your interview. i'm so happy to read that it went well!

PK! happy belated birfday! sorry you had a sucky withdrawal thingy, but glad to hear you're feeling better! and yay for your sisters!!

KEL, add me to the list of busties that got a little giggle over your duel with the shower caddy. hehe. sorry about your toe, but good for you for letting loose of that aggression. i do that sometimes. inanimate object that don't cooperate with me often wind up on the floor. well, not often, but enough. i actually got mad at the grocery bags yesterday because there were so many of them and they wouldn't just stay where i was putting them. i think i might have freaked out the furbabies by yelling at the bags.

i am sick! blargh! well, i'm actually on the upswing, but still not 100%. i was in bed for much of the day yesterday but had a doc appointment to check on jackaroo. he's great. little heart just a beating away. and i've now made it to the point in the pregnancy that i will have appointments every TWO weeks! wow. this is really flying by! it's incredibly surreal.

anyway, didn't work yesterday at all. after the doc, i went to the grocery because we were completely out of groceries. i mean OUT. no water even. so i bought a lot of stuff and then got mad at myself becaus that only meant i had to unload all the crap and then put it all away. maybe that was the actual cause of my tirade against the bags. i should have been in bed sleeping. eh. oh well. i didn't work last night either. so i had to get up and get my ass in gear this morning, as badly as i wanted to stay in bed.

i must have been in the middle of a sex dream when i woke up though. so i came downstairs and put some porn in and um, got myself going for the day. nothing like a good orgasm even before a cup of coffee! and then i proceeded to eat cereal and berries, drink a cup of coffee and set my very first same day appointment! yay! i need to set a dozen more before the end of the week. i think i can and will do it. i really liked getting a REAL check in the mail for last pay period and it will keep me motivated for a while.

RV! i love that house. it doesn't look mauve in the pic. in fact, i like the color that is showing up on my computer. i agree with tes about yellow. we're going to pain this one soon, just don't know what color yet. we're thinking a creamy yellowy biege, or even a light green. (i'm with doodle and kel with the love of all things green lately!)

ok, gotta grab some soup before my conf call. be back later!
The Harpies were the mythological sisters of Iris. "were mainly winged death-spirits (Harrison 1903, p 176ff), best known for constantly stealing all food from Phineas. The literal meaning of the word seems to be "whirlwinds".

The Harpy could also bring life. A Harpy was the mother by the West Wind Zephyros of the horses of Achilles (Iliad xvi. 160). In this context Jane Harrison adduced the notion in Virgil's Georgics that mares became gravid by the wind alone, marvelous to say (iii.274).

Though Hesiod (Theogony) calls them two "lovely-haired" creatures, Harpies as beautiful winged bird-women are a late development, in parallel with the transformation of the "Siren, a creature malign though seductive in Homer, but gradually softened by the Athenian imagination into a sorrowful death angel" (Harrison p 177).. On a vase in the Berlin Museum (Harrison, fig 19), a harpy has a small figure of a hero in each claw, but her head is recognizably a Gorgon, with goggling eyes, protruding tongue and fangs" (source: Wikipedia).

However, the first time I ever saw one was back in 1982, when I saw The Last Unicorn. Mommy Fortuna captured one, and even though she knew that it would cost her her life (hubris), she still kept it barred up for her circus freak travelling show. Also, I refer lovingly to my teacher friends (all women) as The Harpies. I rather think the strength of the harpies is hella-cool.

Kinda like you, Poods. smile.gif

ETA: FJ-- I TOTALLY used to do that when I was pregnant. It was about one of the ONLY things to get me going some days since I wasn't drinking high-octane coffee or smoking very much. and granola. Bwa-hahahaha!!!
Hi FJ!! ~*~*~*~feel better vibes~*~*~*~

Geesh, I can't get over how preggers you are!! It doesn't seem like it was that long ago that you told us, but then you show us your huge belly and it's like "Holy Shite!!"

Great story, minx!! Yeah, I like The Harpy.

I feel like I'm 24!! Gosh, it's hard for me to even imagine being 24. 24 is so young. Weird. I guess I feel 28.

*throws glitter confetti, produces gigantic magically-calorie-free triple chocolate birfday cake from behind back*
*eats cake*

It doesn't taste calorie-free at all, doodle!! Thanks!!
It's magic!

This is the most offensive use of pink I've seen in a long time.
You are SO right doodle...and the sad thing is that my aunt received one of those for christmas last year from my cousin. She squealed and said she loved it, but my auntie has the best selection of tools in the whole family, and she knows how to use them. wink.gif And when you're choosing between Craftsman tools and Lillian know which one you're going to reach for!

Hi FJ!!! Thanks for stopping know we all worry when you disappear for a couple days. smile.gif I'm glad you're on the mend, and that the little jackaroo is doing great!! (((((FJ feel better & make LOTS of sales)))))
Hey, I like the idea of my tools being pink!! I'll always take pink over grey or whatever, but yeah, quality should come first.
Oh turbo, you're poor auntie! I don't even think I'd be able to re-gift such a thing! tongue.gif

I find the idea of tools dipped in pink for specific marketing to women pretty bizarre. I mean, if they are going to market tools to women, then I could see them making lighter, smaller tools (and some smart companies have done this). But just making them pink and sticking them in a Barbie case? Ugh. It reminds me of the Wall of Pink in the toy store...that's exactly what it reminds me of: "toy" tools for little girls! Because naturally, women wouldn't take home repair seriously! (Nevermind that women now surpass men in consumer home improvement purchases.)

But I don't think I would buy anything pink, regardless. I have three rules in my home: no ruffles, no chintz, and no pink.

That Lillian Vernon site is pretty bizarre - I've never heard of it before, but I spent about half an hour cruising the home "decor" section with a mixture of revulsion and abject horror.

Ok, I think it's almost time for a nap again! Or rather, if it's anything like yesterday, I'll be down for the count and will wake up around 9 or 10 PM. Honestly, my internal clock is wayyyyy off and totally nonsensical since I got sick - getting myself back to "normal" is hard as hell.
Okay, I'll admit it...I would like PURPLE tools...but not made by Lillian Vernon, thank you very much. smile.gif
I wouldn't mind purple tools, either - Mastercraft or Skil something - but pink is just too...gendered for me. It's becoming worse every year, the whole pink-for-girls thing. Everything for girls is pink - it's like girls can't have anything anymore unless it's pink. We had a practicum student at the Centre who wrote a marvelous research piece on the pink ghetto of the "girls' section" in toy stores - including the fact that the pink ghetto is usually kept at the back, because most boys will not walk through the girls' toy section, just like most boys will not read books with female protagonists - though in both cases, girls almost always do the reverse. The pink toolcase triggers all of that in me, and much, much more. (I should write an article on the pink "toy tools" for Bitch.) But anyway, I won't go off on this one any longer, I need to SLEEP!

ETA: and in MUCH more important news, Larry Birkhead is the father. tongue.gif (And I was just about to get a t-shirt printed up that said "Team Birkhead.")
yeah, the pink tools squick me out too, doodle. there was a lady at my old job that LOVED all things lillian vernon. oh my. SHE was the one person that would actually wear those AWFUL sweatshirts. man!

ok, good things tuesday? oh, i got some good things!

1. this is huge! i just did our taxes. i cannot believe this: we owe $132. no, not eighty cajillion rillion dollars like usual! only $132. and it's already PAID! done and done! we still owe several thousand from last year and the year before even, but we'll actually be completely paid off from all that shite in about a year. i cannot believe this! and i KNOW i did it right. oh, thank cod we both have regular employee jobs and are no longer doing the whole indie contractor thing anymore! you guys, i am seriously wanting to CELEBRATE this victory over the IRS! yippeeeeee! (and fyi, we usually go to h&r block, but i used their online service just now and had it all done in about an hour)/free advert for hrblock!

2. got my very first same day set today, he showed AND this just in... HE BOUGHT! woot! this is cool! and the best thing is that he so totally needed this. he is 46 and his wife passed 5 years ago and he hasn't dated since. he's lonely and wants to have a female companion to go golfing with or bowling or just to come over to cook for her and he had no idea how to meet anyone. i'm so happy for him!

3. i wub.gif my job!

ok, off for my bath! i'll be back... yeah, sorry if i made you worry, turbo. i been a bad bustie. *hangs head in shame, moxie's mii style*
heehee...just a flyby to say, I paint my tools at work pink because that way the guys don't steal em.... smile.gif
*dances around thread* I have a SECOND INTERVIEW with the VP of Communications on friday morning - 8am - WOOT!

Seriously, this one feels SO good, I just got a warm fuzzy email from the lady I interviewed with today!

Tree, that is hi-larious!! I love that the guys won't touch your pink tools!! Makes them easy to identify too, in case of theft. I'm totally lame and have to put dymo labels on all my nice pens here, so that people won't walk away with them.

FJ, I'm just glad you're back, my dear...if I hadn't heard from you today, I'da tracked you down one way or another. wink.gif And YAY for your sale!!! AND for your taxes - WOOT!
oh turbo! yay for second interviews! wow, they don't take long, do they!? that's awesome! you are SO gonna kill the interview (um, that's a good thing in fj-land!) you are MADE for this job!

tree, that is high-larious! silly boys that won't play with pink toys. just proves what doodle was talkin' about!
Yeah, I am pretty damned excited about friday!! I'll have 45 minutes with the VP of Marketing/Comm and then 15 minutes with the whole rest of the team (scary!)....Its gonna be good. I can tell. smile.gif And with all these awesome bustie vibes behind me, how could they not hire me?!
Happy Happy birthday Poodle!

Oh FJ what a way to start the day (hey it rhymes!) With an orgasm! Sweetness.

Turbo, hurrah on the second interview already! That so fuckin' rocks!

Ugh, pink Lillian Vernon tools. I agree on the purple tools. Purple is my favourite colour!

Went to the doctor today all went well. I took the hound to the park, and now she is resting. Waiting for me to let me guard down, then she'll be nutters again.

I got my GST cheque today! YAY! Money, the joy of getting money back from taxes paid on taxes. Le Sigh.

I got almost all my filing done at work. At least all the old stuff, now just a few more things, and I'll be almost completely caught up. Then I'll get a shit load of other stuff. Oh well.

GT where are you????????

Well, I hope y'all have a good evening.

*Paging FJ (and any other HR experts) to the thread*

Sooooo, I'm filling out this official ACS employment application, and they ask for desired salary (fine), but then they also ask for starting and ending salary....I don't wanna answer! What do you guys think? I mean, legally, they cannot call my employer to confirm whatever I put down, but still...I hate the question. I'm leaning toward just outright lying. Thoughts from the peanut gallery?

And YAY for GST checks for CH!!!

And WORD on the fugliness and cheapitude of Lillian Vernon.
Hi all!!

Yay for the FJ's not paying so much in taxes this year!!

Yay for turbo's 2nd interview!! That salary question seems unfair to me. It gives them extra "ammunition" for the negotiation process. Salary should be negotiated during the interview. I wonder if there's some formal way to pass on the question.

Dudes, I just got back from the gym where the Pakistani, let's call him Nile, showed me all sorts of arm exercises. Damn, my jaw dropped open and I was paralyzed by my hormones when he was demonstrating curls. Oh my god. I poked his pec muscles once. *drool* It turns out Nile's half Italian, too. He has that endearing foreign dorkiness that makes him so lovable.

Alright, I'm off to have dinner with my mama. I think I might gets me some carrot cake tonight!!
oh, i hate those questions too! and you should know that MOST companies that i dealt with never really looked at that. there was only one in particular that wouldn't look at resumes/apps unless they included both ending pay and desired pay, but she was a sort of hard ass play by my rules or get nowhere kind of lady...

how much more will the new job potentially pay you than you are making now? if it's 5K or less, i would say to go ahead and put your actual ending salary down - reason being that they know that you're working for an NPO and they'll also know that you're looking for MORE MONEY - it's expected that people look for new jobs because they're looking to increase their pay as well as improve their skill set, and $5K is a good incentive to change jobs. if it's more than a $5K difference, i would say bump up your ending salary up a bit.

does that make sense? does that cover your concern with the question? i'm assuming that you don't want to put it down because if it's too low they may feel that you're not in their league or if it's too high that they aren't in yours?

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