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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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too funny about "cack" on rome, grrrlyouwant!

we all talk about cack in here. i want to say that divalla first used it, but it could have been the lurvly lurvepaint......where the frell IS she, anyway? and minxie? and i still miss jane jackson. i'm afraid that she is gone, gone, gone.........though. sad.gif

the weather here today is very much stay inside and vegetate provoking, the sky is covered with low hanging wispy rain-filled clouds, like so much mist off of the indian ocean. everything is wet without there being any actual rain. visibility is horrendous. i was moping yesterday because i got my moontime with a vengeance, with cramps and stuck-like-a-pig-bleeding (does anyone know if pigs bleed more than any other animal when you stick them? that phrase, while descriptive, has always perplexed me. i mean, doesn't ANYTHING bleed profusely if you stick them with a sharp pointy instrument????) and because i felt so crappy i cancelled my driving lesson. i was poopy because i had suggested pushing it to today and my instructor never got back to me. i have this suspicion that when he said that he could do it today (sunday) that he forgot that today was easter. this weather makes me feel better -- i wouldn't want to drive in this dren, anyway)

i've read all of the archives but can't seem to remember any of the conversations. meh.

i wonder if rose and sheff bought the mauve house. there is supposed to be a hard freeze in her part of the world tonight, so i am sending them (and consequently mr. hotbuns!) the warm indian ocean breezes that usually hang out here......we clearly aren't using them!

mimi the african attack cat is sacked out in her cozy round bed. i'm drinking coffee and pondering making chocolate orgasms. i think that i will, then the house will smell all yummy. i can watch bad tv and finish my book.

where is tart moving to?

what kind of flowers do you have on your helmet, GT? too cool that you are learning welding! as if you weren't already HOTT enough!!

((((((doodle)))))) i hear you on the smoke on the water issue. are there people out there who don't know who the beatles are, too? plus ce ca change, plus ce que c'est la meme chose!!! (i really miss the diacritical marks on my laptop, i should spend some time figuring out how to do them

OMG, work was hellacious tonight. Busy busy busy. But I got through it OK, althought I didn't get out of there until almost midnight.

I'm so exhausted, yet not ready for bed.

Last night, I went out with Pickle to a bar called "The Surly Wench". We played air hockey, and she whooped my ass. Then some guy barges in and says it was HIS table, so he gets to play the winner. Pickle gave him the ol' butt blast as well, and he got all sore about it. He bought her a drink, but was all rude and wouldn't even tell her his name. I went up to him and asked him what his deal was, and he said Pickle was being all cocky because she beat him at air hockey. What a big baby. He was totally cute, but a mega-whiney-crybaby about being beat at freeging air hockey. BTW, Pickle wasn't even being cocky.

Yeah, dudes, I had loads for trouble with my wisdom teeth. They got infected and hurt like holy jeebus. I had to take antibiotics (i hate those!), pain medication, then get them pulled. Which scared the living crud out of me. I have one wisdom tooth left on top, and I still don't know if I should get it taken out. It's not causing a ruckus right now, but little by little, it's sprouting through more and more.

GT - I love your description of your helmet. I wish I could see you in your full welding regalia.

Turbo - you're so lucky to have diggie houseguests often. I love dogs, but hardly get to spend time with them. I was staying with Banana for a while and got to see Luna a lot. I miss her so so so much. She's such a good, sweet, cute pupper. I wonder if she misses me. BTW, you better keep that bracelet on all the time, because I am going to figure out how to make the evil eye with punctution marks, then you'll ALL be sorry! Wah ha ha haaaaa! Seriously, though, that was really sweet of the Turkish lady to want to protect you from the evil eye.

BTW - WTF is the Evil Eye? What is it? What is it? What does it do? How do you make the evil eye at someone?

Doodle - I took bass lessons in high school and college, and I can not, to SAVE MY OWN LIFE, sing and play at the same time. You sound like you're getting closer and closer to rock-n-roll stardom every day! You rock out the GEE-tar, and you rock out the cack!

Kelkello - I'm glad you decided not to call him. Especially if you're feeling angry. No good can come of it, and it would only make you feel horrible. I'm glad you feel good about having us and your RL friends to support you.

Tesao-y-Wowie! Holy smokes it's good to see you!!! (((Tesao))) What's a chocolate orgasm? If I can bake something equivalent to an orgasm, that would be very convenient for me. I can't depend on someone else to provide those for me anymore. And I'm afraid that if I masturbate a lot, I'll grow hair on my palms and go blind. Plus, everytime you masturbate, God kills a kitten.

OK - it's bedtime for me. Good night, Okayers, and sweet dreams and happy happy Easter. May the Holy Holy Spirit of the Bunny bring you many colored eggs and maybe even a Cadbury Cream Egg. I was just thinking about making a Cadbury Cream Egg omelette. Whites only, please. I'm watching my cholesterol.

frelling dren!!!!!!!!!!

just had HUMONGO long post eaten up!

spit from the universe like a watermelon seed, never to be heard from again!


*cries softly into her beer because she feels too lazy to rewrite it all*
D'oh! sad.gif

I'd have liked a humongo Tesao poast.
Tesao, I hate when that happens. Just have another beer, it'll make ya feel good.

PK: The whiny air hockey guy sounds like an ex-boyfriend of mine. Not the most recent one, but nevertheless. Sorry you had a bad night at work...I'm sure you've mentioned it, but what to do you do?

Doodle: Eddie Izzard is my future husband. Just so you know. We'd both be respendant in our wedding gowns. I lurve him.

Grrl: We are a very cack oriented thread. We love our cack here!

I'm off to the family Easter function, or as I like to call it, The Republican National Convention. I fit in so well there.

Happy Bunny Day!
Mornin' ya'll!! I think I'll have to venture out and get myself my annual cadbury caramel egg at some point today!

Well, I just made some raspberry-strawberry upside-down gloop for brekkie....uh, it didn't turn out so much today. The recipe said it was fine to use frozen fruit, but the recipe made no mention of thawing, so I didn't. So, its froot gloop, and wee bit too soft in the center. Oh well...still tasty!

Hi kel! Do we share the same family? I am most happy to avoid the republican ressurection meal with my family today.

Hi lore!

Tes, I'm sorry you lost a post. Are you cooking up something yummy today?

Hi PK! Sorry for your crappy work night. And for the air-hockey jack-ass. I hope you have a better day today!
yay, easter morning is over, thank maude! well, okay, the annoying part of getting woken up at the buttcrack of dawn and having to hold back a very excited seven-year-old from trudging through a damp backyard to find the very carefully and creatively hidden (because of cats and possums) easter eggs then being forced to do so myself because mosquito eaters scare the bejebus out of her, is over. we have now gotten to the much more fun part, the c family traditional easter breakfast: a cadbury cream egg, a row of peeps, and the ears off the chocolate bunny.
no big family gathering today, just lunch at the cool aunt's house. and then early to bed cause i have to be in at work at 5:30 all week. ergh, i hate it when people are off and our schedules get all shuffled around. but i'll get off early enough to hit the after-easter clearance before all the good stuff is taken. does anyone know if cadbury cream eggs freeze and then thaw well? i have this vague idea of freezing a bunch of them, and then putting them in people's stockings come christmas. though really, if the freezer thing works, they probably won't last past june. rolleyes.gif
Indeed the scallops are for dinner tonight.

Doodle, it is warming up here very nicely. It wasn't freezing when I took the dog for a walk. It's very nice.

My mother is hovering in my bedroom right now, and I am so highly irritated by it, and if I say anything, she'll get a bug up her butt. I'm in the mood to be left alone today. (I even turned my mobile off). If I rant about her today, it will never stop.

Welcome to okay land Grrrl!

I haven't don'e the Easter thing in so long, sigh, I think I'll go and buy some lindt chocolate today. I want real chcolate. Mmmmm.

So, how is everyone so far today?
Happy easter everybody! Weird to have almost forgotten what day it is, and not do anything to celebrate it. I was raised in a catholic family and this is the first year that my relatives are all too far away to feel obligated to go do stuff with them. Kinda nice/refreshing, kinda a wee bit weird/sad.

grrrrrl, is the aforementioned excited 7 yr old your daughter?

kel, sorry to hear about the breakup and not so fun aftermath of it. ((((kel)))) But really, I'm sure you'll have no problem dating when you're ready, in spite of the issues talked about in the other thread. (Oh, especially because---have you heard??-- they're supposed to have a vaccine out in like January! And then nobody can make a real big deal about it, just go get the shot!)

PK, dudes should be especially careful not to act like dicks when they're at the lesbian bar! Sounds like you keep running into some of this town's lamest folks dry.gif

ok, off to the gym or something! And then either off to see a super cool singer at a cafe... or transcribe interviews/get carpal tunnel... hm.. which WILL she choose??

I have quite failed to keep up with this thread so far, but happy Easter to all! I hope your days are filled with chocolate bunny ears.
Hi everybody!! And welcome Ella! No need to keep up in here - there's room on the okayland couch for everyone - just jump on in!

Well, my easter is going my total ignoring of easter! I did just get a little peeved, as I needed to go get a blouse to go under my suit for the interview and the mall was closed, as was Target and the other little clothing shops in the area. WTF? I figured at least Target would be open! And because our area is not only in a major city, but a large presence of Jewish and Muslim families as well...I figured *something* would be open today, but no dice. Oh well, I'll just have to go out tomorrow night.

And our guest doggie just went home - he was SO excited to see his mom and dad, it was hilarious!

octi - I would say that any option aside from the transcribing sounds like a worthy way to spend the rest of your day! I do need to do a little freelance work this afternoon - boooo! But, I've put the client off this week since I needed to get my portfolio in I'd best get to it, I guess.
Wow. I just woke up. I slept for, like, 11 hours. Whew! I must stop doing this. I have a lot of stuff to do in the mornings, and I miss everything!

Kelkello - I am a pastry cook at a fancy pants fine dining restaurant.

Grrl - I don't see why you couldn't freeze the Cadbury eggs. Hell, I just leave them lying around for months and months, then one day decided to crack one open before finally throwing them away.

Yiy. Now I have to drag myself into the shower. Later, dudes!
Octi, go with seeing the singer.

Turbo, that sucks. I hate when the world shuts down for one religion's holidays. And yes, our families sound very similar. I'm the lone liberal in a sea of racist, close-minded assholes. I keep swearing I won't go and then I get guilted into it by my mother. This time, though, SHE never wants to go back because her brothers and sisters pulled an idiot move where they all went in and gave my gramma money for her upcoming trip to Wales but did not include my mom in the plans so she was the only one who didn't contribute when she gladly would have. Family politics make me ill. That and I ate beef for the first time in a loooooooooong time and it's doing a number on my gut.

I think I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't like Cadbury Creme Eggs. I love the caramel ones, though.

Kel, you aren't alone. Cadbury Cream Eggs scare me a bit. The insides remind me of snot. Eeeewwww! I've never had the caramel ones, though. Sounds interesting.

Tes, it snowed here in Friday night! When we woke up on Saturday morning, there was about 1/4" of snow on the ground.

So I guess that means that it has actually been warmer up in DoodleLand than it has been here! Amazing.

Mr. Turbo, your post about Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter totally made my day. I've never heard of it before. Sounds fabulous!

The only thing better might be Eddie Izzard. Oh, how I love that man.
[lets mind drift for a bit ...]

I've had a busy Sunday! First, Sheff and I slept in. I got up before he did, so I took a long, lovely bath & flipped through a magazine and started dreaming of paint colors & other interior decorating ideas for our potential home. smile.gif Then we went to a friend's house to watch the Formula One race. Then came home to do yard work. Ugh. I can't believe it's already mowing season again here. Luckily it wasn't too bad because it's still cool out. Sheff mowed about 70% of the place while I pulled weeds, then I mowed the rest. It felt good to get it done, but the shower I took afterwards felt even better! wink.gif

Tes, since you were wondering about the house, we didn't put in an offer yet. We have a few more things to do first (money stuff). Plus our realtor has some more researching to do. Luckily, there doesn't seem to be a huge rush so I think it'll be okay. And for those who are curious, here's a photo. smile.gif

Rosie, that house is SO cute - I can see why your mind keeps wandering back to it!

We've had a good Sunday here too, I've just done my usual Sunday afternoon in the kitchen - made a big pot of chili for dinner tomorrow and lunches this week, then made up a big pot of mexican chicken and rice with lots of leftovers, and my tummy is SO full. And I just finished making up a batch of garam masala almonds and cashews for snacks. All I've left to do is make up baggies of chopped veggies for lunches, and then I'm set for the week for all our lunches.

kel, I too, am afraid of the cadbury creme eggs....but the caramel ones....*drool* Cadbury has excellent caramel.

Ah, the Sopranos are back on HBO...honestly, I'll be glad when its over...I've invested so many hours in watching, but I don't really like it anymore, and yet I can't not watch the last few epis.
Jenn, I made garam masala almonds on Friday night for my friends. One ate a few and exclaimed, "OMG, these are like crack!" I'll take that as a compliment...thanks again for the recipe!

And I can tell you that we like garam on cashews even better over here! Alas, I cannot take credit for the recipe, though - our dear tart passed that gem on to me!
Kel; you aren't alone in disliking cadbury creme egss, they gross me out. Tremendously.

RV what a cute house!

I'm sleepy today. I've been sleeping too much. That's all I've done all weekend. smile.gif Oh well, it's much deserved.

Mythusters is coming on in 15 minutes and this excites me. I hope it's not a boring one.

I went over to my Dad's for dinner. It was nice, it's been a while since I've gone over there. We played crib for a while, and I only won once. A few times it was close and once I got skunked.

Caught up with a bunch of friends too, had a lot of phone calls while I was there.

The dog is happily asleep on me, and I'm happy because she isn't all mental. Those busy walks in the park first thing in the morning really knock her out.

How is everyone this Sunday evening? I'm also quite well because I don't have to work tomorrow, I have another short work week to look forward to! YAY!
I wonder how garam would be on pecans? I love pecans.

I'm having a hard night. It's all kind of crashing on me now. I know I will make it, but it doesn't feel like it lately. I keep wondering if he misses me like he said he would. I keep wanting to hear his voice. I keep getting incredibly angry and then incredibly sad.

This is kel sounding like a broken record.

just a fly-by as i'll be leaving to go home soon. i'm at the folks house right now.

i have a headache from the weekend of liquor and sweets. went to brunch today and had a fab bloody mary. i literally just ate and drank all day!

work tomorrow. Pooh.

omg rose. i love this house even more than the other one! *jumps up and down* i want you to get this one! i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

ok. off to go...

((((kel)))) Darlin' this too shall totally sucks right now, and of course you miss him, but one day soon you're going to wake up and not even notice that your equilibrium has returned and that you feel lighter. In the meantime, when you're really feeling the toughness of this transition time, just shift your thoughts to the side, just a little, to something that makes you feel just a little better. Have Soji tell you a good story, or place your thoughts in a time where you were completely happy all on your own. Hang in there, my dear!

Star, I am totally feeling the sugar hangover here too...ugh. I gotta be good tomorrow, so I'm sharp for the interview on Tuesday.

Well, time for bed here, so I can read awhile before I go to sleep. G'night ya'll!
well, i'm back home now, and easter is officially over. when we got to my aunt's house we dyed some eggs and i glazed the ham. then i stuffed myself on ham, potato salad, wheat rolls, and yes, the dreaded jello mold with fruit (lime with pear slices, yum!). dinner/lunch was good, and i had some good grown-up conversation with my cousin whom i hadn't seen for a while. she just moved to the bay area for her job and got an amazing deal on her apartment. one-bedroom, two blocks from the bart, and no having to share the bathroom. for $500 a month. yeah, you read that right. five fucking hundred. apparently a friend's mom owns the building, and when the previous tenant moved out, the friend said "hey, my friend k's looking for a place!" i am so fucking jealous. not that i have anything to do or would know what to do with myself in the city, but i know she got an amazing deal. but then i got to gloat once we finished eating because even after all that food, while everyone else was moaning that they wished they'd worn sweats, i was able to comfortably tighten my belt to the third notch (i could barely do one when the c-monster gave it to me for christmas). then we hid eggs for the kidlet (twice), figured out how to use my aunt's new digital camera (not very well, there's no auto-focus), and i took a nice long nap on the couch. i woke up just in time for banana-split cheesecake and to catch the end of the masters. i laughed at some guy who hit his way out of a sandtrap only to land right in another, and when tiger woods realized he'd just lost with that lost shot, i turned my aunt's boyfriend jim (who is the resident family golf nut) and shrieked "is he crying?! is tiger fucking woods crying because he just missed that shot? can he do that, is there crying in golf? dude's got fucking millions in endorsements and cash and his swedish supermodel wife is pregnant with their first kid. is he allowed to pussy out like that over a golf game?" i always thought golf was pretty boring, but if i get to indulge my schadenfreude, and laugh at people crying over missed putts, i might have to re-evaluate my boredom threshold.
oh, and tmi imminent, i ran out of tampons today, just in time for the heavy flow portion of my cycle, thanks. and man, i had to drive all fucking over because there was not an open target or even wal-mart to be found. next time some fucking christian complains to me about how they're so fucking oppressed in this country and their religion is so disrespected, i'm gonna be like "yeah, and when's the last time you couldn't stop for a quart of milk on the way home because all the grocery stores were closed until sunset in observance of ramadhan? what's that, asshole, never? yeah, then stfu!" other than that though, good day.
Did anyone else find that, when you were a kid, your mother always somehow made off with the chocolate bunny ears?

What I really miss is waking up and knowing that a big decorated hollow chocolate egg, with my name custom-written on it in hard pastel-coloured icing, would be under my bed. *sigh*
Hi Hi!!

It's my birfday today! Yayayay! I have the day off, too. Don't know what I'm gonna do yet, but I hope to see my friends and do something fun.

I didn't do anything for Easter except work, and I had the crappiest night at that.

I ran out of one of my medications a few days ago, and I didn't realize until today that I had a refill on it. This particular medication causes very annoying withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it. Today, my lips were numb and tingly, and my head was very light and swimmy. And I felt drowsy. So I had some coffee before going to work. When I got to work, I felt even worse, so I had a few shots of espresso. Later, I felt even worse. I got really dizzy, jerky and jumpy, nervous, and sweaty. I pretty much caffeinated myself to oblivion. Plus, my withdrawal symptoms were amplified.

I couldn't concentrate, and we were pretty busy. I kept spilling sauces and making messes on the plates, and losing my focus. It was so frustrating, both to myself and to the servers. Fahk. I was blinking a lot, involuntarily (big, tight, hard blinks - kind of like a tic), I kept licking my lips until they were raw and red (even on the outside of my lips), and I was walking kind of wobbly. Finally, I went to get a drink of water and when I turned away from the faucet, I turned too fast, someone walked in front of me and freaked me out, and I lost my equilibrium and fell on the floor. I stood up really fast and looked around to see if anyone saw me fall. Two servers were looking at me with contempt. I said, "I'm not drunk! I don't feel well!"

I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror, and what I saw scared the bejeebus outta me. The front of my hair, which was sticking out of the front of my bandana, was stiff with some kind of sauce in it. My lips were red as hell, as though I had red lipstick smeared all over my face. My eye makeup was running under my eyes and on my cheeks. I looked like a wild-eyed lunatic. Fucking shit! I was in rough shape.

By that time, I was having trouble seeing straight and I was still dizzy as hell, so I asked my roommate to drive me home. I left my car at work, and he took me to the 24-hour pharmacy so I could get a refill on my medication. Holy crud. I will never fuck with my medication again. And the caffeine must have just worsened the situation. I usually have a few coffees a day with no problem, but this was just ridiculous. I can't figure out what else it could have been. It had to be a combo of too much caffeine and the withdrawal from the medication.

Anyway, I took all my medication when I got home, so I hope that I will feel better soon. I am exhausted, but wired. And so so so. frelling. embarrassed. People at work probably think I was on acid or something. I don't know - maybe GHB. Hee hee. I don't know what either of those drugs feel like, but I must have looked like a cracked out freak. And it kind of pisses me off that those servers gave me dirty looks (WAS IT THE "EVIL EYE"?) instead of showing some concern. How about, "Are you all right?" That would have been nice. Shit.

And maybe I am making too big of an issue out of this, but it pisses me off that today at least one cook showed up drunk, others were smoking grass out in the parking lot, and I will have some kind of drug reputation from now on. Maybe. Maybe no one noticed as much as I think they did, but I am feeling really self-conscious and worried tonight.

OK - so that sucked, and now I can't sleep. But I have the day off tomorrow (today?) so I can sleep in. And it's my birfday na na na na na na na. It's my birfday, too, yeah!

I'm really actually in a good mood, considering that I feel like a trainwreck.

So, I think Cadbury Cream Eggs are cool because they crack open like a real egg and have a yolk and everything! But they don't taste good. Nope. I'm torn. I like to crack them open and lick the yolks out, but I always hate it. I fall for it every time, though. I *want* to like them, I really do. I think peeps are yucky as well. Hate them. But Heikki and I like to make "Peep Art" by placing them on paper plates and putting them in the microwave until they explode into different designs. Then we would show the paper plates to Mr. PK and ask him what he saw in each piece of peep art, then make a psychological evaluation based on his answers. He always ended up being crazy.

RoseViolet - Is that house that mauve house? Because I really like it, and it looks mauve-ish in the picture. Or is that a different one? Have you found out any info on why it has been on the market for so long?

I am craving some garam masala nuts. And yes, kelkello, they are like crack. More! More! OK, just a few more. More! Then, when they are gone, you feel a little depressed and anxious, so you pick through the carpet to see if you can find any little pieces that may have fallen out of your mean, dish. OK. Maybe I took that part a little too far. BTW, I have never tried crack. But I heard that's what they do after they've finished the crack up.

Kel - are you alright today? I hope so. (((kelkello)))

OK - I might try to lay down for a while and see if I can fall asleep. Or maybe mess around on the internet a little more. I still feel a little jumpy, and as you can probably tell from my post, very wired.

Smell ya later.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PK!!!!!! I hope you have a fun and wonderful one!

And I hope you are feeling better today - that's so scary that missing your meds for a couple of days freaks your body out so much. (((((PK feel better))))

Doodle, I know what you mean about missing special easter treats. My mom would always make up a really nice basket of exotic fruits for me, and I always loved it -- too much chocolate, even as a kid, made me very very sick.

Grrrl, I have a dirty secret that I love to watch golf! I didn't realize that the Masters was this weekend though - seems very early. Oh well. I just find the quiet voices on golf so soothing, and its perfect to nap to. smile.gif

Ah, Monday...I just want to get through this day and skip ahead to my interview tomorrow morning! EEeeeeeeee!
Hello again to all, and Happy Birthday to PuppyKitty! smile.gif

Gaaah! Motion seconded to skip Monday and move on to Tuesday dry.gif *pshh!.. Mondays...Who's idea, anyway?*

There's a super cute and neato thing going on in my family at the moment. Goatie's brother took our advice and looked up my cousin's wife's sister, and they've got some serious mondo-chemistry going on. They went and had dinner with my cousin and his wife this Saturday, which was cool. We were just laughing about how loopy in love the new couple sounds, and how if the six of us hung out, we'd have this odd hexagonal relationshipp of three couples, two sets of siblings, and a couple of cousins.

Awww! Hello and fondness to everybody, but gotta go too early again. A proper greeting is pending.

Good, good, goooood luck on your interview, Jenn! *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!*
Good Morning!

((PK)) I am so sorry to hear about your crappy night at work. It is unbelievable that those servers would not come to see if you are ok! What assholes! Geez. I am glad you got your meds and are on the way to feeling better.

((Kel)) Girl, you will get through this. We are here for you. Are you feeling any better today?

Jenn! Woo hoo! Your interview is tomorrow! ~~~vibes~~~

Hi grrrl! Welcome to Okay land! Glad to have you!

Doodle, I hear you. I didn't get any Easter treats of the candy variety. I went to my mom's last night though & snatched a couple pieces of chocolate. My mom gave Mr K & I a dogwood tree for Easter. Nice! Got to figure out where to plant it.

I had a pretty good weekend. Played poker Friday night. My cards were shit so I went out early. Mr K won second place though, so that was good. Saturday I had class. blink.gif That is how I looked afterwards. This teacher is driving everyone bonkers! Only one more day though, then I'll be free. Saturday night we went to the ROLLERDERBY! It was a blast! We have two friends who are on the team. Yesterday Mr K & I met mom & niece for brunch. It was lovely. After that mr K & I stopped by my grandmother's house. Not so lovely. Ugh. She is still not feeling well after her surgery, which blows. But, also, she is very very crabby. Which I get. I am a real crab when I don't feel good. I just wish her & my mother would make up. I don't know that they will though. They haven't spoken in a few months. Apparently my grandmother sent my mom an Easter card in attempt to start amends. My mom has not responded I guess. Yesterday my grandmother told me to tell my mom to go to hell & that she never wanted to talk to her again. Thanks, grandma. It put me in a shitty mood for the rest of the day.
PK- HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!! So sorry you had a crapola day yesterday! Stupid drugs.

So, it sounds like everyone had a hella good weekend, family squabbles and bad drug withdrawls notwithstanding. We too, had a good time. Friday, my SIL calls us around 5pm and says "hey, Dad just bought a Wii...come over and play"- so we did. Free pizza and SO.MUCH.FUN. playing the Wii. I kicked moxieman's ass in boxing, but he beat me over and over in tennis. Oh well. The tennis part is SO japaneese...the looser "Mii" hangs his/her head in shame. I threw a match just to make my Mii shameful. Then, saturday, we had a lovely family day and great dinner at the BFFs. The "boys" (moxieman and the 11 yr old) played videogames after dinner, and the babies played injuries, no tantrums, awesome food and wine. What better evening?!? Then, we did the family gig at the in-;aws yesterday. We got moxette walking all down the halls--10-15 steps at a time! Big feat for my slow-go-getter of a kidlet. Then, she was a blessed child and slept all night w/o waking. Wonderful. Well, the motrin moxieman gave her at midnight probably helped. More toofs.

So, now, its COLD, but sunny and monday here in the big D. Tonight, we are having homemade chicken noodle soup (made yesterday) and salads with berries for dinner. YUM.
Hi everyone. It's Monday, yes, but I have off, so it's Sunday for me. I plan on doing a whole bunch of nothing all damned day. It sounds like heaven. I might have to venture out to the grocery, but I might not.

Happy Birthday, PK!! I hope you have a fantabulous time with your friends. You deserve it after your withdrawal episode. I had something similar happen once, and it was so scary. I don't think mine was nearly as bad as what you went through. You have a high pressure job and to try to work under those conditions would be awful.

Turbo: One day and counting until your interview and hopefully your subsequent new job!
~~~~impressive interview vibes~~~

I'm feeling a bit better than I did last night. I talked to a good friend and she helped a lot. It's a hard road. I haven't been this heartbroken in almost ten years. I forgot what this feels like. It feels like a crap sandwich every day for lunch. But it will pass; I just don't know when.

Moxie: I've heard how fun the Wii is before. It's about time they made a video game that gets people up and moving. My friend said it was like a workout. And YUM for chicken soup!

Kari, your family sounds like mine. There was big scene when we left gramma's yesterday. It creates such a warm, fuzzy feeling, doesn't it? pffft.

Lore: I like that you describe this situation as "super cute and neato." I will award you your honorary girl membership card.

My back is absolutely killing me. I think I need a new bed. Beds are expensive. *sigh*
My arm is sore from the Wii. All day saturday, I kept wondering why I had a phantom pain in my right arm...heart attack? No-that's the left one...Odd bump into something? bruise. Held bebe wrong? No, we cuddled lying down. The BFF's 11 year old, after hearing about our Wii adventures, cleared it up..."Um, Mox...injuries have been known to happen." Out of the mouth of babes. smile.gif
I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY PK!! Woot!

Moxie! That is so cool that moxette was walking down the halls! That is a lot of steps!
I think Wii looks like a lot of fun. I am not typically into video games, but that one looks so different.

Kel, I am glad you are feeling a bit better today. I think I mentioned last week that I have another friend going through a painful break up right now. I feel for both of you. ((Kel & my friend)). It is a terrible feeling. In good news though...that's wonderful that you are off work!

I work at home tomorrow. And I use the term work very loosely. I plan on having a relaxing day.

Happy birthday PK!!!!! Hope you have a great night out!
Happy birthday PK!!!! Sorry about the crappy day.

(((kel))) all will be good.

Le sigh, tomorrow it's back to work, not fun. At least it is a short work week, and it's payday and I get my GST cheque in the mail! Counteracts my spending lately. Oh well. You only live once.

Took the dogto the park today, as per usual, and now I am horribly bored. Back to the crappy routine tomorrow. sad.gif

I picked up a new book on Saturday, I've started reading it, so I'll read more. I feel like making something yummy for dinner, but since I am having some issues with my mother I don't really want to. Whatevs.

Le man is boring me, he's always so busy and we hardly get together, I'm thinking of walking. If things don't change, which they won't, I'll stray. I've already talked to him, and his schedule blah blah blah.

That could explain why I've been less than pleasant lately. Thinking about whether this is worth it. I care about him, but I need some quality time too, and I don't want to intentionally hurt someone by straying. I'll see how things go.

I think I'll go do a grocery store run. I really want an imperial cookie. Mmmm, cookietastic.

How is everyone today?


Culture, I know the feeling with Kelman. I rarely got to see him and it was always on his schedule. I put 15 months into a relationship like that. Blarg. You've tried talking to him? What does he say?

Moxie, you should give a cooler story about your Wii injury. Tell people you were bungee jumping and the harness snapped but by sheer will alone you managed to come out with only a hurt arm.

Oh, kel...its not an injury at all...more of a "that muscle hasn't exercised" sore. I felt a bit like my Mii...hanging my head in shame. smile.gif
Hm, culture, I have similar issues with my guy: he's always busy busy, and although he's been MUCH better in the last few months about making time for the relationship (after I broke up with him over that and other things--mostly that), he's still often preoccupied--or just plain occupied-- when i'm at his place, or is too tired for sex (and thus shuts down my advances) and the like. I dunno. He's trying but we still had to have another talk about it last night. At least we communicate about stuff pretty well. I kinda see this coming to an end soon (and amicably) regardless, so I'm not too too fussed about it. Good luck with yours...

Ok, MUST go be productive now, it's already 11:15! Lovin this thread though-- it's like the girlfriend talk I've been missing in my life lately!!!
Moxie: Shhhhhh...they don't need to know that! wink.gif Actually, that's sort of a running joke I have with a friend who severely broke her ankle falling down her front steps. She wanted a cooler story, so we made up the bungee one, a roller derby one, and one about her go-cart racing. I have a wild imagination.

Octi: It's so much better when both people are ready to move on. I, obviously, was not ready. Neither was he really, but he felt it was the best thing to do. I'd rather make my own decisions.
Hey all! I've been up and out and about already, and it's not even noon here yet! I am not quite caught up yet...I just finished kari's post about her new dogwood tree.

kari, you are on your way to being a BCer yet...the dogwood is BC's official flower!! (I learned something in school, anyway.)

turbo, you must know that I had a giggle over you getting fruit instead of chocolate for Easter! tongue.gif

I bought my own big chocolate Easter egg this morning, half price sale! It doesn't have my name on it, but it is Laura Secord, and it's got little chocolate eggies inside. I wasn't gonna...but the woman ahead of me in the drugstore line-up was sooooooo slow with her lotto tickets (ugh - taxation on the stupid, is what that is), that she gave me enough time to weaken, walk over, and grabbed the box....

....maybe I'll put it under my bed and pretend to find it there after I have an afternoon nap! (I mean, technically, it still works - it IS Easter Monday....though who cares, 'cos the eggs 'n' bunnies are really pagan fertility symbols anyway!)

HAPPY BIRFDAY, PK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*goes off to find birfday paddle for spankies*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PUPPY KITTY!!!! Sorry to hear that things were so rough while you were at work. What kind of medication is this that has such strange symptoms in such a short time? Kinda reminds me of one of my old depression meds. I would really feel it if I missed a couple days of that stuff.

[waves at Octi] Hi there! Welcome to the thread!

Moxie, I feel your pain. I, too, have suffered from Wii-related tennis elbow. wink.gif Isn't the Wii the best? Love it! Did you play the bowling and the golf, too? The tennis is really great ... especially if you have 4 wii-motes & play doubles. Gotta have a big room for that!

CH, sorry to hear that you're having doubts so soon into this relationship. Why is he so busy? What is he doing that takes up so much of his time?

((((((((big hugs for Kel))))))))

Doodle, how are you doing out there? Has your strength returned? Any news from the gyno?

And for those who were wondering, yes, that is a pic of the mauve house. Believe me it looks much more mauve in person! A nice new paint job will work wonders. Sheff keeps saying it needs forest green shutters. smile.gif I've continued to do lots of research. I've been talking to a person in that neighborhood about the Home Owners' Association so I can get an insider's opinion. And our realtor got some more information on the house which is encouraging. And I'm in talks with a mortgage broker. So maybe - maybe - we'll make an offer this week. Maybe.

Must get up and get things done today!
yayayayayay!!! hiya, octi! you are so perfectly right!! this thread is like having girlfriend talk! please drop in anytime! as turbo jenn would say, "there is room on the okay sofa for everyone!!!"

i'm taking advantage of that perspective. i am so out of it in terms of the archives. i lurk all the time, but my job keeps me crazy busy and until recently i had stopped posting in here because i didn't want to forget someone and then feel bad because of it! then the wonderful okays (okies? ok-ites? ok-landias???) told me to pop in and throw down whenever i wanted to.....and i missed everyone so much that i am taking them at their word!

divalla, have your ears been burning? your daffodil cake has been mentioned and the recipe posted in kvetch! i still have to try that some day. it sounds yummerlicious!!

lore, i second whoever it was who decided to give you honorary female membership! neato, peachy keen! bitchin, even!!!


glad that you had a med refill, and are back on them! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and huge raspberries at your co-irkers, though! what a bunch of beauzeaux!!

i am *supposed* to be working on a report that i promised to get done today, but i got to work at 7:45 and left after 19:00 and i just so there! i just had my review, and although i would say that it was overall fairly good, it was NOT good enough to justify all of the extra time that i have been dedicating to my work. i really dislike evaluations, and especially when they are that wretched 5-point scale where the middle item is "supposed" to be "normal" or "doing your job" -- aka meets expectations. what that winds up doing is making most people not want to be judged as "meets expectations, because it is so middle of the road, or mediocre, which i have always been taught is not good enough. sort of like a "c" or a "5" mark in school. it may be "fair", but it is NEVER going to work for me, or for most people. at least that is my way of thinking. it is SO subjective that some people are going to rate based on what their feelings tell them rather than on the definitions that are provided to "avoid" having the subjective bias. ick ick. overall, in all of the categories (which i don't feel are all-inclusive, andleft out important things such as "teamwork") i was marked 2 always exceeds expectations, 9 almost always exceeds expectations, and 3 meets expectations. so even though i shouldn't complain, i AM. gah. i am such a baby sometimes.

/end rant

beijos to everyone!!!
(Hi rose! I feel quite a bit more energetic these days! But I haven't heard from the gyno, and I'm sort of avoiding calling, I guess....bad doodlebug. But I figure if there was anything hideous going on, he would have phoned by now.)

(Hi tes!)
*runs into thread*

*tackles doodle*

*both wind up in confused tangle of arms and legs on the floor*


just cross-posted with almost everyone!

i need to find a gyn here in africa. ack! SO not being proactive on that one! (i have the ever present ick that happens when one takes antibiotics. thus killing off GOOD beasties as well as BAD ones)
*hands tes a stiff 'rita*

I fucking hate performance reviews, and doubly so in the NPO world where, let's face it, you're not going to get more money to reward good performance, and if you're at all competent it usually means dumping more on your plate because you can get shit done. I have gotten completely sucky perfomance reviews for the last 3 years, and it pisses me off everytime, because I know I am damned good at my job, and just happen to have a boss who either has unrealistic expectations (picking up more programming languages in my spare time for fun, with no pay raise or training) or just doesn't like me all that much.

SO --- I hereby, with my magic purple okayland pen, re-write your performance review, giving you a 6 OUT OF 5 for your mission driven perfomance under great stress, keeping the clients you serve at the center of your work, and for kicking ass every single day. So there. *crumples old performance review and sets it afire*

I'm avoiding my performance review currently...its a month late, but my boss hasn't said a word about it, so I'm just hoping to scoot out of here before its an issue. heh.

Rosie - that is so so SO exciting about potential offer on the mauve house! You'll definitely have all the info you need to make the decision by the time you're done with your research - good work!!

Doodle - yay for chocolate eggs and bunnies and spring treats! I'm trying to avoid the sales least until after the interview tomorrow - then, maybe I'll indulge. wink.gif

Kel, I totally agree on the creative reasons for injuries - love it!!

((((CH & octi relationship healing vibes))))

((((BIG hugs for kel, just 'cause)))))

This Wii thing sounds like fun...the only video game I've ever liked is Mario Kart, and only when, I don't really play much anymore. wink.gif

tesao crushed the Easter egg! Right in between our bodies! And there are little shards of chocolate everywhere...including...right...there...

*leans in close to tesaobosom, starts licking up the chocolate slivers*

By the way, there are only FOUR little chocolate eggs inside the big hollow egg. I feel so totally ripped off.

turbo, what time is the interview tomorrow??

ETA: I had ONE performance review in my entire 11 years at the women's centre, and it was a joke, because I was coordinator so the board had to do the review (hence only one review in 11 years), and boards not only change year to year, board members really have not one single clue what staff members do every day! It was a pretty entertaining experience (for me).
He owns his own business. I knew this going into things. I adore him, and he's into me, but I like to have human contact! I'll see how things are. I think that one reason I'm not used to this is every prior relationship I've been in, has been one of those, let's see each other all the time. Plus we are taking things slow.

I'm just going to see how things go.

YAY Turbo, your interview is tomorrow!!!! ~~~~vibes for turbo~~~~

Hey there Tes!

I'm excited it is so beautiful here today. I think I'll take the puppers for another walkie.

Where the heck is GT?? GT, where you at???

Le Sigh. I didn't get my imperial cookie. They don't seem to have any at the grocery store I go to. I used to get them close to where I used to work. But since I'm at a different location, the hunt is on. I did get some angel food cack, some strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, I plan on them smothering the combo in whipped cream.

Bleh, I have to go for a full physical tomorrow, internal included. Oh well, it's for the best. I just went in February as I had a bladder infection and yeast infection. They tested for STD's, nothing, but I think I'll get it done again. Just to be safe, due to le man. (always test after a new partner).

That is that for now.

I should go and change the bed sheets, full o' dog fur.

*eyes the melting chocolate on tes and doodle* Mmmmm, chocolately bosoms!

My interview is tomorrow at 8am CST - Wheeee! I'm totally ready, got my game face on, got a kick-ass portfolio, *gorgeous* suit...they won't possibly be able to resist me, and will most definitely have to hire me. smile.gif

CH, hang in there with Le Man...see if, in time, you're both able to give a little and adjust your schedules and expectations to over time to fit what's happening in each of your lives. He sounds like a good egg, and a little more time apart isn't necessarily a bad thing at the beginning of a relationship, just different. And you guys have got *sizzle,* and sizzle is not to be squandered lightly. wink.gif

Hi everyone!!

Happy birfday PK!! I hope today is better!

Welcome, grrl!! I dig your pink hair!! The kidlet sounds precious!!

I like that house pic you posted, rose. It looks so cozy and happy.

D'oh!! I missed mouse!! Come back, mouse!!


Nothin' much goin' on here. I went to my sista's for Easter yesterday and my bro-in-law made me zuccotto, which is basically an italian cake thinger with lots of brandy and some sort of special liquer that I can't pronounce. He's quite epicurean for a redneck. Anyway, it was great to see my nephies and niecoid. I also had some really tasty bloody mary's.

My bro had his puppers put down on friday afternoon. It turns out that she had developed stomach cancer. Poor bebe. My nephew was so sweet. He was hugging me and then he said, "Ely went to live with Jesus." I told him about "dog heaven" and it made him super happy. Cuteness.


Hi turbo, doodle, mox, culture, tes, kari, octinoxate, turbomann, lorewolf, treehugger, diva, and all lurkers!!

ETA- TURBO!! That's so rad that your interview is tomorrow!! ~*~*~*~successful interview vibes~*~*~*~
turbo, you are totally going to NAIL that interview tomorrow morning! Good luck!!!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~advance job interview vibes for jenn~*~*~*~*~*~

Hi culture and poodle!

Ok, nap time for the doodlebug!
I agree turbo! and you are so going to get the job! ~~~~more vibes for turbo~~~~

Hi Doodle!

Poodle, how's things going?

I'm going to have to take the dog for another walk, she's going nuts again! There is someting about spring in the air. wink.gif

Catch you all later!

Everything's cool, culture! Thanks for askin!

The doggie thing reminds me. We were watching old videos of doggie footage so we could reminisce over my bro's pup, and I got to see Ferg (my avvie) being her bashful, smiley self!! It was really weird to see her on screen. A lot of the footage was her hanging her head out the window while riding in the car. She had the same smiley face you see to the left, but her ears were flapping in the wind. smile.gif
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