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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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mornin' ya'll!! Its gorgeous here too, this morning, really makes me sad to be back at my desk. ho hum. But I did get up early and turbo and I took a nice long walk on the beach, which was really nice, and he was such a happy pupper.

Yay for the moxies! So glad to hear that moxette is learning to adapt to your new evening routine.

minxy...I'm so glad you're no longer with your ex. He's still an asshat for bothering you, but I cannot imagine the hell of living with that kind of creature daily. yuck.
Good morning all. It is a gorgeous day here. However much I want to go to the beach, though, I really want to go home to enjoy my new couch and get my curtains hung up. I am really excited about this. I think I will spend some time by the lake tomorrow (watch it rain or something.)

Ditto on the congrats moxiegirl. Whatever gets you both more sleep!
Good morning! It is a beautiful day here too. Much cooler than it has been, which is very good.

Congrats on your new couch, kitten! What does it look like?

Minx, it seems that every ex I know that has to pay child support bitches about it. They have no idea how cheap they are getting off though.

Turbo, sounds like you had a great weekend, very active.

yay for moxette adapting!

My weekend was good. We played poker Friday, which was fun, but late. I got a bit cranky towards the end of the night, bc/ it was after 12:30AM & I had to get up at 7AM to go take a midterm. I survived. Saturday night I just hung at home, then my friend came over & mr K got off work a little early. We sat around on our back porch & drank vino. Yesterday Mr K & I went to look at some new houses they are building. I am sort of undecided on what I think of them. I think that probably means we should strike them from the list.
Oaky, I give in. I will get some pics of my new house stuff once it is all done, or at least partway done.

You know, I have never learned how to play poker. It seems confusing.
Good morning people!

I just want to say hi. I'm feeling especially crabby and anti-"the man" today. If anyone says anything implying that I should care today, I'm gonna bit their freakin' head off. I need to find a government or non-profit job.

I'm wondering if the coffee I bought was decaf and I just didn't notice it on the package.
Paging Ms. Whammy... I sent an email to the address in your profile.
Hi, peeps!

I have no idea how many secondhand couches I've had. Whenever I've even breathed a word that sounded something like "moving," people always want to give away their stuff. My policy is now to turn it all down. The couch I have now I bought new, so it's really truly mine, and no strangers have put their farts in it. Who knows how many people have put their farts in the other couches I've owned. I think that's the biggest reason I refuse to sleep on couches.

Wow, Turbo, that sounds like some ride! I'm jealous. Makes me want to steal my mom's Schwinn and make it my own. I'd love to have the legs of steel, too. It seems like whenever I get into doing any kind of physical activity on a regular basis, it's my legs that change first, and sometimes nothing else.

Minx, ditto on the sentiments that ex asshat spends way too much time on you and he should put that energy into his new wife. It kind of makes me think that he's not over you. And the child support system is screwed up in that you can never be sure where the money will go exactly, you just have to trust that the other's parenting skills are up to par and their priorities are straight. On my end of it, I really wish we'd implement some kind of system where the money could only be spent on the kid. But either way, the one paying the support almost always gets off cheaper than the other one since it's based on what s/he makes, not what the child actually needs. Guys in prison get it really good - they don't have to pay a dime!

Yay for Moxette adapting! She sounds like such a sweet little girl. Sleeping babies are the cutest. When Sam would fall asleep on the living room floor, I'd curl up around him and snuggle.

Whammy, the story of your move made me tired! 4:00 am for the movers, and they still did all the work then? That's commendable. Are you going to take a couple days off and get situated.

Hi, PK! I hope we don't see 104 this summer at all.

Are we still on Robert Plant's lemons 20 years ago?

Hi, Poodle, Doodle, Karianne, and Kitten!

I need more weekend. :-( We went out for dinner on Friday because we keep forgetting to thaw out stuff to cook. We got it for half off because it took 45 minutes for the food to come out. On Saturday, I had to be at a nominating convention for the Democrats, then I planned to work overtime, but the convention ran really long, so I didn't make it to work. And then I had planned to go visit Sam, but his idiot non-communicative mom hadn't told my parents when she'd have him back to them. Is it really that hard to call? Really? So I ended up painting ceramic tiles for my mosaic project. That was the day that 2 little girls decided to have huge, loud, high-pitched birthday parties and another party of Girl Scouts (they were actually pretty cool). It was just at that time my iPod ran out of juice, so I couldn't drown them out. Half the reason I pain ceramics is for the peace and quiet and concentration factor. Oy. After that, we went out for dinner at Green Mill and had the coolest grandma waitress ever. We didn't even leave the house yesteray, and I got a cool-ass necklace made out of thick gauge wire and hematite beads. I'll have to take a picture of it because I think it'll sell pretty quick. I know I'd snatch it right up.

I've decided I'm calling in "sick" one day this week so I'll have a day to work on crafts free of interruptions. It'll probably be on Wednesday.
Did I done broke the thread?
yeah, where is everyone today? I am bored at work, I need some ladies to chat with!

Diva, your newest necklace sounds gorgeous. Definitely post a pic!

I could have used a longer weekend as well, per the usual.

You too, kitten, post the pics.

I should post one of our place. Since we got the new couch, it looks a lot better. Saturday I went to H. Depot & got 2 indoor palms. It really changes the look of the place. I put them on either side of the tv.

poker isn't too complicated, kitten. Lots of strategy, but you can just learn that as you go. I told MR K that I don't know if he & I should play together anymore. I get too irritated at him, bc/ he is an aggressive player. He's always raising & beating me.

Poodley, are you feeling any better?
'Tis monday, and a busy one at that here. I need more weekend too!! *shakes fist at the man*

Poodle, I'm not sure how much better life is out here in the NPO world....its less financially rewarded, and more emotionally draining, I can tell you that. Believing in the cause has its own pitfalls. ;)

I am itching to get out of here today, and get on my bike. I'd head back down the trail today, but if I don't get home and do some laundry, I'll be recycling undies or going commando....I *hate* laundry. When I grow up, I'm going to have laundry right in my very own home, and not have to go downstairs, or outside, or pay for every load, and be free from shitty people ruining my clothes by washing oil soaked mechanic's rags before me and other sundry nonsense.
"no strangers have put their farts in it." Ha! I know what you mean. I'll probably need a new couch soon and it just grosses the hell outta me to get an "unfamiliar" used one. I wish I never got rid of my velvety gold pimp couch. I looked at couches at the salvation army on Saturday and they all had that shitty country blue or tacky floral look to them. I saw one huge red couch that was okay, but I felt like I was being devoured by it when I sat down. I'm gonna check out the Slumberland outfit next.

I'm feeling really, really crappy today. I talked to my brother last night because I was feeling...well...suicidal. I felt the same emotions earlier today, so I tried to call him, but then I ended up calling my mom instead and she's going to hang out with me tonight. My boss is out of town, but I told her that I'm having these problems and that we're going to have to sit down and have a serious discussion about what to do work-wise. I feel better already just because my boss knows how I feel. Thank god she's willing to work with me on this. My mom called her pharmacist and he said that there could be a clash between my seizure and anti-depressant medications. I'm so unbelievably sick of all this shit. I really want to believe that this is all health related, but I just don't know. I've almost come to the conclusion that life just plain sucks shit and that anyone who thinks otherwise is completely delusional.
Poodle, if you want to go to the Slumberland store, let me know. I like them - they sold me my bed. Ashley also has a really good selection at decent prices.

I hope you feel better. Just know that we all love you and we're here for you in any way that you need us. I hope it is just the meds that are doing this to you so it can be cleared up. I'll be home tonight if you want to give me a call. I'm also planning to go for a walk around Lake Calhoun on Wednesday, if you want to join me and gay boyfriend J. You're always welcome with us.

I just talked to Sam a little bit ago. I might go to my parents' house tomorrow to see if my dad can fix my tent, but I doubt he can. Sam wants me to bring all the jewelry I made so he can try it on.

Life can be really fucking trying..and I know that you have really had a hard go at it with the lion's share of disappointments over the last couple of years. Believe me you--I TOTALLY UNNERSTAN! What with the resident boy, seizures, no-license-havin', lackanookie..hoo boy! That's a tall order to swallow, especially when your entire fucking life feels compromised as a result. You have withstood some really serious shit AND lived through it.

And sometimes that happiness is elusive. And sometimes we buy into stupid bullshit that society hands us when we feel like our asses are too big, or we stand up for ourselves and are told that we are pushy and downright unfeminine (BTW, fuck them). And sometimes we judge ourselves rather harshly against standards to which we would never hold our best friends accountable.

Lemme give you a little rundown: from about 19 until about two years ago I dealt with nasty, clinical depression. I have had three therapists, two different medications over the last six years, and it is just now starting to stick. I'm pretty sure it was the therapist and my willingness to really put some hard fucking work into it, but the point here is that while it feels like shit, there is happiness. And not the bullshit "floating on clouds" medicated sort, either. I mean, just before I got pregnant with the Minxlette, and slightly afterwards, I was totally ready to end it. The razor was sitting on the ledge of the bathtub and I was in warm water ready to open 'em up and be done.

The difference? My friend called me from Paris and I told him everything. I kept telling my friends everything...but really only started getting the truth out there about two years ago and stopped feeling so fucking ashamed about it all.

Honestly, it took a lot of self-talk. I believe that the medical community calls it "cognitive-behavioral therapy", but I call it rewiring my fucking brain--and that's true. Yours is hard like that because it could be chemical, but I bet you dollars to donuts that you slather yourself with shame-talk that is utter bullshit.

Poodle Baby, you rule. We all know your business is some seriously radical feminista Heart/Cher -singing nipple-pastry eatin' HUGE THROBBIN' BRAIN good hair bedroom eyes make me wanna have your babies GOOD STUFF. Take heart--you are loved, and all of us here would be more than happy to show you how much in the form of dinners, movies, coffee talks, slumberparties, and just ears to let you know that the world is full of good people and that you are one of them we would much rather have in our midsts.

And we'll keep your ass busy. Let us know when you need us and we'll figure out the rest, m'kay? Do yourself a flavor though--lay off the booze for a month or two and give your body a rest. It ain't helping you no how, and it is taxing your body.

I love ya, Toots. Be gentle with yourself. And if you need an impromptu sleepover with momma-benefits, gimme a call anytime or the day or night--seriously. I had one friend that I knew I could call when I used to have panic attacks at 2 in the morning and she was just a fucking angel and let me babble and cry into the phone until I could collect myself. I owe that woman my life, and extend the courtesy to you because, well, you're Poodle and that's why. :-)

And here's something to make you laugh:
Awwwww.....minxy's lovin just made me tear up. And ditto that, poodle. I haven't even met you in person, and I love your beautiful soul that you are so willing to share with all of us - the good and the bad. Be kind to yourself, and spend time with people who can bathe you in the love you so very much deserve. What else are we here for than to be good to ourselves, so that we might have the energy to be good to others.....

(((((((lotsa lovin for poodle))))))
mondo hugs for poodle! and i ditto minxie, too
Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Anyone out there!? Nope, I haven't read yet, but I'm about to.

I've had the crappiest PMS depression/anxiety all day, which is a real bummer, 'cause I was feeling great all weekend. I suppose on the up side, at least I looked at a calendar and realized it's PMS...and I don't actually hate my life.
Thanks ladies. I'm okay today. I'm going to a comprehensive epilepsy clinic that also looks at psychiatry and women's health. It really pisses me off that specialists don't provide all of the information on conditions and treatments. I already feel better just knowing that there's hope. I just have to keep telling myself that people are going to help me fix this.

Good things about today:
1. I feel better
2. I have 5 new records
3. I have yummy strawberries to snack on today

I finally got ahold of my turntable guy and it turns out that someone hacked into his email and he couldn't get ahold of me. Anyway, we're gonna do the exchange this week and hopefully I'll bring the receiver home too. My mom picked me up last night and she took me to Cheapo to buy some records. Here's what I bought:

Cheap Trick - Live at Budokan (1979)
Earth, Wind & Fire - That's the Way of the World (1975)
The Cars - Self-titled (1978)
The Allman Brothers Band - Brothers and Sisters (1973)
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Pronouced Leh-nerd-Skin-erd (1973)

I can't wait to hear Freebird on vinyl! I'm also anxious to hear the Allman Bros. record, because I especially like the sound of hippie rock on vinyl.

Okay, I better get ready for work.
Poodle, I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better today, AND that you are taking charge of your own healing journey...finding the right people to assist you in creating health for yourself is challenging, but makes a BIG difference when you get the right team behind you....we've seen that with my mom over and over.

And hooray for your new turntable!!!

I'm gonna have to think on the good things for awhile. Gotta get ready for my weekly meeting with my boss. No big whup, just gotta get a little organized.

Today's one of those blah Tuesday's that doesn't have a whole lot of "good" things, or even bad ones, for that matter. I suppose another good thing is that my boss is still gone.

I was playing my mom some of music from the 70's last night and she doesn't recognize the majority of it. We were trying to figure out why she doesn't know this stuff yet all of her kids do. She says she was busy taking care of babies, which makes sense, but it got me to thinking about how much information and advertising younger generations have taken in compared to our parents. I've probably been exposed to the same amount of advertising in my lifetime as my mom in her lifetime, if not more. I wish I could find a statistic on that.
Hi, peeps!

I'm glad you're feeling better, Poodle. My house is your house, too, if you ever just want to hang out with people who aren't resident boy.

Speaking of hanging out, we really do need to plan something for all of us in the area. It's been since last winter that we last got together.

My parents don't recognize a lot of the music from the '70s, either. They'd never heard Pink Floyd until I played it for them, probably don't know the first thing about Led Zeppelin or Journey or any of that. My mom was into the Beatles and Dad was into whatever he was into. Together, they listened to Janis Jopplin, Blood Sweat & Tears, and I saw a soundtrack to Hair on vinyl. That cover artwork used to scare me when I was little.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) I getta see Sam!
2) Dad's going to try to figure out if he can fix my tent, but I'm not optimistic
3) free dinner
4) I'm wearing the cool new necklace I made. I haven't made anything this good in awhile - it looks exactly like the picture
5) zillions of wild roses are in full bloom in my front yard
6) the people are letting me return the book I got for the giant for a full refund, instead of 80%. I so totally didn't think that would happen.
7) it rained really hard last night, which I fell asleep to
8) the right guy won on The Apprentice
9) this movie I've been wanting to see for the last year, Millions, is on HBO and it's set to tape on Saturday morning, though I don't want to wait that long
10) playing hookey tomorrow
Wow! Diva has lots of good things! I gotta see your yard now that everything is pretty looking.

Now that my stereo system is in the works, I'm tempted to move my TV into my closet or something and pull it out only when I want to watch a movie with company or if there's something special on TV. I want to do it sort of as an experiment to see how much miss having TV and if not having the it around compels me to get my ass off the couch. I'm also curious about what kind of impact it would have on my self-esteem and desire to buy shit. As for my fave TV shows, I figure I can watch them on DVD or download them. At least they wouldn't have ads.

We do need to plan a Bustie gathering. I'm always up for karaoke and/or a "last hurrah" party at minx's house. We could always have Whiskeybake 2006, although I definitely plan on laying off pretty much everything except beer for a while.

It occurred to me this morning that I should consider getting a pick-up truck, because I don't drive a whole lot and there's less demand for them right now. It's an interesting thought. I'll probably end up getting some 90's rollerskate car. Grrrr... I wasn't made to drive little cars. I'm passionate about the environment and all, but I can't get over my love of gas-guzzling V8 cars built before 1985. Sigh....
good things:
1) poodleynoodley is feeling better
2) my fingernails are hot pink
3) i get to do coffee with one of my friends today after work
4) the drugstore by my house has thigh-high nude fishnet stockings. and the shoe store i like has clark's maryjanes. i feel a purchase coming on!

i'm gonna try and play roomate matchmaker with two of my friends. they're really different, but i think it might work, as they're not so different they wouldn't be able to get along, and that way they're not so similar they grate on each other's nerves.

i'm going out dancing saturday night! whee! (hence the thoughts of nude fishnets and maryjanes). plus, it's randomly half-price, which is good, since my GALA membership expired, which means i don't get in for half-price all the time anymore.

fahk, i messed up my nails. why doesn't this nailpolish dry faster, dammit?
(((tyg's nails)))

Oh no, tyg's playing matchmaker! Stand back!

I think I've found my beast. It would probably cost me $30 just to drive to diva's house (well worth it, though!). :-)

Every day I bring some kind of lunch, yet I never feel like eating it. I want Jimmy John's!!!
Dude, I'd hold you personally responsible for polluting the air in my neighborhood if you got that, Poodle. :-)

I usually bring lunch but I never eat it, either. I got Subway for lunch, for the first time in probably 6 months, only because it's the closest to where I work and the callouses on my feet hurt and I didn't feel like walking any further.

I do have a bad thing for today, though. I just talked to my dad, and my uncle has cancer. He's only 58. My dad's been going to all his doctor appointments with him, since my uncle really needs some help with this to make sure he hears everything clearly through being freaked out. He's going to get one of his kidneys removed next week, but it's also spread southward. They're going to do radiation or chemo for it or something. I'm optimistic about it, my uncle is fairly young and people recover from this all the time, but if it doesn't work out, they're giving him about 5 years. The weird thing is you'd think my uncle would have got lung cancer, being a lifelong smoker, but nope. He's also quitting smoking. I'll be really proud if he can manage that.
tyg - I think your nail issue could probably be addressed in certain threads that have been started in ASWT....heh.

Can't see your car just goes to the homepage. I would be scared to drive something really big though...but then I don't like driving, so I pretty much just use turboman's car for grocery shopping.

I am finding that all my bike riding is making me more aggressive again...ick. I need to get me an air horn - make those drivers notice that I'm at the stop light too, and they shouldn't run over me. Stupid drivers. Even more stupid cell phone talking drivers.

And poodle, I am totally with you on the lunch thing. I always eat fruit for breakfast, and a pristinely healthy lunch, but I'm never very excited about it. I'd take Jimmy John's anyday!
Would someone living in Minneapolis please tell me what there is to do in this town after 5? Preesh! :-)
(((diva's uncle and fam))) Damn. 58 is young these days. That's great that your dad is helping out and being an advocate for your uncle. So did this start in the kidney or something? I'm glad he's quitting smoking now before things get worse.

I just devoured my Jimmy John's veggie sub. It's basically just provolone and veggies. Good stuff.

What? You want to hold me responsible for the effects that my car has on the environment and overall quality of life? Do you hate America or something? ;)

Turbo, it was a gigantic red 1982 Mercury Marquis Brougham. It only has 72,000 miles on it! I want my '83 Cutlass back. :-( I'm sure my dad's gonna push me into getting a stupid ass Corsica or something like that. Poopie. I hate cars in general. They cause so much unnecessary stress.

This day is taking forever. I can't bring myself to be productive for the next couple hours. Get this. I knew this would happen. Everytime I complain about something, my co-workers will say, "You just got a raise..." Yes, folks, apparently I've sold my soul to Satan and now I'm never allowed to go home or complain. What they don't understand is that if I work 5 more hours per week, I essentially get paid the same wage per hour that I was making before. If I work more than that, then I'm actually getting paid less. So, it seems that I've agreed to make the same wage (or less), except now I have to work a lot more. Now I'm really fucking pissed off about my salary agreement and if anyone implies that I'm obligated to be a workaholic now, I'm seriously gonna let them have it.
::jumps up and down, waving arms wildly::

hi everybustie! it's your long-lost, deadbeat friend! the semester is OVER! aaaaaaaand, i'm in Minneapolis! w00t! in fact, i am sitting in the Cupcake cafe on university, eating a cupcake and reading the archives via the wonder of free wifi!

i overheard you guys talking about a possible bustieparty soon - please keep me in the loop. i don't have internet at home, so i'll probably still be an okayer slacker, but i wuld love to meet all y'all. i was fortunate to go to mandolyn's bustie party in new york last weekend and it was so fun that i want more busties!

also, remorra will be here the 23rd - we should show her a good time.

((((((poodle))))) i'm sorry you're having a rough time. i bet it is health related. still sucks. you are awesome, though.

What are you doing up here, mrFJ? People usually drink up here. Either that, or they watch TV. Or better yet, people drink while watching TV.

Hi lunasol! We'll definitely keep you informed!
Here on business, visiting clients. My afternoon appointment bailed on me so I'm sitting here in a Days Inn parking lot using free wi-fi.
Great Hera! You've archived already!

ps... i miss you, fj!!!!!!!
Ok, nevermind my archive comment. I thought it was Monday again, for some stupid reason.
Mr. FJ, you could go to the evil MOA and putz around for awhile. Uptown is a fun neighborhood to putz (Lake St./Hennepin Ave. or Lake/Lyndale), and there are a couple lakes to hang out there by. Are you in the city or some suburb?

Hi, Luna! Cupcake is the most adorable little place. Try the chocolate mousse in the molded chocolate teacup, if there are any left by now. We should definitely plan something for around then. I'm going to be crazy busy that week because Pride is the 24th/25th, but I may be able to spare an hour or two, but I'm really not sure. You all should come hang out at my booth with me. I'll have a shade canopy and everything.

The cancer started in one of my uncle's kidneys. He went into the doctor because he had terrible back pain, and they found a huge lump. By then, it had already started spreading, or so I'm told. I'm just so glad my mom made my dad go with him to his appointments. When you're sick, there's nobody better to have on your side than my dad. He's so clear-headed and reasonable and really hears things that a person might not who's in the thick of it.

Anyway, can I get some anti-cancer vibes for my uncle?
((((((diva's uncle and family)))))

That's a hard diagnosis to get, diva....and I am very glad that your dad is taking a primary role in his care. In my opinion, every patient needs a strong advocate and second set of ears...navigating the health system when you have a serious illness is nearly a full-time job. Get a good team of docs on your side, and keep a positive attitude, everyone tuned in to supporting the healing process....that's the best advice I can give. My mom has survived so much that the docs don't really know what to do with her sometimes, and I am certain that half of her healing is due to her kick-that-cancer's-ass-attitude. Take no prisoners, and send those wily cells packing!

hi mr fj! Enjoy Mpls!!
Hey poods, whazzup, hon? I wish I could come there and make you a big yummy stir fry, and we could re-arrange your furniture and do face packs and just generally feel better.

Hi lunasol! Wow! Miss you! And remorra too....say hi for me!!
Awww...thanks, doodle! I'm feeling much better today just knowing that I get to go to a comprehensive clinic and see some people who might have different answers for me.

~*~*~*~*~anti-cancer vibes for diva's uncle~*~*~*~*~ I'm glad it's not one of those cases where they tell the patient he/she only has a few months left. It doesn't make the disease any less difficult to deal with, but at least he has more time to try different treatments and hopefully get on the path to recovery. Cancer is so scary. :-(
Good things Tuesday:

*I made $94 in tips last night AS A BUSSER! Woot!

*Hot Latino guy in the bar where I work gave me his business card and asked me to call him. I won't do it, but hey - he's hot. Isn't that weird to hook up with a server? Much less the bus girl? I don't know. I find it creepy, yet it still gives me an ego boost.

*I think tonight I am going to take my first tables as a server if it's not too busy. I was supposed to last night, but it got too busy. Who cares man? People were throwin' cash at the busser! WTF? Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Mr FJ. You gotta drink while you're in Minnesota. Better yet, find yourself a wood burning SOW-na and sit in there and steam and drink vodka and cook some sausages on the fire. If you can't do that, why don't you try to find Prince's house.

Sheesh. I lived in the Cities for a couple years and I just drank and ate. The food's pretty good. I can't think of any restaurants off the top of my head, though. Chino Latino? Isn't that a cool place? Mr. PK likes it there.

OK - I'm going to read more archives and catch up with you all.

Mucho x-posts!

~*~*~*~vibes for diva's uncle and family~*~*~*~

Diva - that's really difficult news. I'm glad your dad is there for your uncle, and that you are there for your dad.

Hi Luna! Welcome back!

Schooooooool's out. for. summer!
hi girls! sorry i've been MIA. i have the MRGs and a bad yukky cold of some sort. i skipped work on friday and then had to CALL IN ACTUALLY SICK on monday. blowie! so i made it to work today, but had to cancel my physical therapy appointment because i didn't want to be gone for the afternoon after only being here for a couple hours.

so, yeah, you can see mrfj is in minneapolis right now. at least we bought him a laptop over the weekend so he can keep in touch with me. he's probably playing on myspace right now, which is the one website that my company has eternally blocked from my network. poop!

i wish i could have gone with him. i'd totally have figured out where you all worked and paid a visit.

poodle, i know you're feeling somewhat better already, but i just want to give you some love anyway. minxy is right, when the going gets tough, TALK about it. my SIL was suicidal a few months ago and i THINK she's better now, but i just come right and ask her if she's still thinking about it and i think she appreciates that she doesn't have to hide it from me. she said she was feeling so low and alone and when she would mention her thoughts, people would alienate her even more. anyway, you're a great girl and we love you tons.

i'm feeling really crappy about my job again. i was in cold-medicated la la land talking to mrfj last night about needing to find something in NP or something more worthwhile. i think, instead, that i'm going to stop being a lazy sack and start writing again. now that we have the laptop, i really have no excuse not to. i can sit anywhere in the house or yard and just type away. i've got short stories, novels, articles and all sorts of stuff in my head. i just need to DO IT.

((((diva's uncle)))) ^^^~~~healthy, easy treatment vibes abound~~~^^^

i miss you too, mrfj. i want you to be back home NOW. not sunday. boooooo!
~*~*~*~*healing and anti-cancer vibes for diva's uncle~***~~**~

hi y'all...for some reason, i could not log on yesterday or most of today to bust...odd.

and now i have just a smidgen of time to extoll the virtues and my love of bust and the busties! dammit.

good things...:
-a pedicure!
-support from classmates that i actually need anti-anxiety meds/support(i'm so in denial it's not funny)
-my birthday is coming up....this saturday in fact. my stars, i am aging well.

have a great tuesday (passes out pieces of homemade fudge...cuz its good)!!!
One of my clients here recommended a two-story Target downtown. A two-story target and a bigass mall? There must be more to see here than expansive retail... You guys have any alligator farms or Ripley's Believe it or Nots here?
Hi puppy, msgoof, and FJ! (((FJ)))

Thanks, FJ. Fortunately I have many people around me who I can talk to. I still feel really stupid about the whole thing, though.

Don't go to the downtown Target, mrFJ. It's nothing too special. Go sit on the patio at Psycho Suzi's and get yourself a couple stiff tiki drinks. Today is a perfect day for sitting outside and drinking. Either that, or go get yourself a couple stiff drinks at the Independent in Uptown. OR go to Nye's for the wood paneling, gold booths, colored glass, cheap drinks, and polka music courtesy of a couple old guys on a 5'x5' stage. Now THAT's a Minnesota bar! (Nye's is also a 'poodle bar')

what IS all this? Maybe 6.6.2006 really IS cursed!!

I wish I could read and speak more but non e possible.
just once, Ima bag outta here on time and eat supper, work on my house, and get to bed early.

note: I call my rented apartment my "house" -- colloquial use of "house" you know.

Divalla! This Saturday is pride in Boston, it's supposed to be SUNNY and Kool and the Gang is playing a free show!

Ima call my friends on my cellyphone -- my real life "fellytone" as mr. weasley would say does not work yet.

That's just one of the great things about my apartment -- think I'll get on the "no call" list.

Also it has so many drawers and hooks and little peggy things. And the washer and dryer are not CRAPPY WEAK ones that would make me haul off to a laundry mat anyway.

And-- I can use my grandfathers antique desk, right in the bay window, and have a marble table, a big soaring flower vase, and a prism next to me, throwing rainbows.

This is because we've determined that the stereo/tv stuff has got to go in the back corner, and I've given up on my old computer. whammyman can draw and paint in the other end of the bay window (It's a long, curving one) we'll put an air-conditioner in the center one, and , divalla, I'm hearing you -- no oldy moldy couches. We want a cute, clean modern one in some nice smooth fabric and some zippy color.

Note: The black light and black light poster are going over the pass through counter part, where we'll make a little BAR.

Bad point... well, both good and bad:
It is so white. It is so white. everything is so goddam clean and white up in heah!! Who lived here before-- David Duke?

It's great that it's clean and kinda -- transcendent, but it's making me get all ocd about scrubbing every little speck that falls upon it the minute it falls -- so unlike me.

Have fun in minneapolis Luna!!
Shit, if ya wanna Mr. FJ, you can totally come to Chez Moi for dinner. I will even do the dishes before you come!
awww, minxy you're so sweet to offer my dude a home cooked meal! i think he's headed to his hotel right about now. maybe he'll check online again soon and see yer message.

*sigh* i miss him so much already. i'm pitiful, i tell ya! mostly because since i was sick the past few days, he wouldn't come near me. he didn't want to risk being sick on his trip. i don't blame him. it sucks to be sick even at home.

i think i will go home and cuddle with my furbabies. i really hate going there alone, though. usually, i cook up fancy stuff that mrfj doesn't like but since i'm sick, i really don't feel like cooking. i might have to do some drive thru action tonight. hmmm. what shall it be?
Thanks, Minx! You rock. I just ate. My stomach is still on eastern standard time. :-)
Fine. Be that way. I shall expect you at my house sometime this week for a beer. :-)
I'll meet you for a beer. What the hell. Gotta be tonight though. I'm in dairyland the rest of the week...
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