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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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happy thursday-seems-like-friday!!!

man, i overslept this morning! yikes! i've been up for an hour or so, but i feel like i'm so behind! i guess i needed to sleep, the body is working hard and all. at least that is the excuse i'm gonna stick with.

no nightmares, just odd dreams last night.

tree! that entertainment center is awesome!! i love it! and the paint color sets it off just fabulously! i think you should go with the vine idea and the aquarium you have will work perfectly. jenn is right too, i bet the new tv will fill in the space quite nicely. my only concern is that it will cover the awesomeness of the furniture itself!! smile.gif really really pretty.

add me to the jealous pot! i wish i could meet some busties irl!! man oh man! i think you should all just come down to see me in st. augustine. or even savannah. c'mon! it's nice and warm here!

actually, it's a lovely 68 degrees right now. normally, i would complain that it's not warm enough for me. but i think the little roo is beginning to act like a personal oven. last night, mrfj got to "play" with him... he was playing drums on my belly and the boy would poke back at him. it was so awesome. then he played a few songs for him on the guitar - don't take your guns to town, puff the magic dragon and forever young.

gt, that album cover is indeed disturbing! haha! i love that you actually had it hanging in the bathroom! bwah! that's great!

turbo, that job sounds so right for you! i know they're going to LOVE you! you walk the walk, sister! *~*~*~*~dream job vibes~*~*~*~*

i miss mouse too. i saw in the confession thread that she wants to come back, but she is afraid because she doesn't have time to read the archives. i think we should all send her massive shining vibes... ~*~*~*~*~mouse, coooome plaaay with uusssssssss~*~*~*~*~

kari, that is cool that you and the mr have the day off tomorrow to share. makes it really special when it doesn't happen often.

what are everyone's plans for the weekend?
Awww, our little jackaroo is getting so cute already! I love that you had jackaroo's first jam session last night!

FJ, my 'rents will be in St. Augustine next week, if you'd like to meet a couple of crabby republican christers. tongue.gif

Mouuuuuseeee, come play with us! We don't care if you don't keep up! Not at all, not one little bit! We'd rather have you come hang with us!

~*~*~*~super homework vibes for GT~*~*~*~*~
hmmm, turbo. when you put it that way, uh - i think i have laundry to do that weekend. or something like that. smile.gif

honestly, if you'd like, i can PM you some really great places that they should visit while they're there - restaraunts, etc. i'll tell you now, they should definitely make time to eat at the Gypsy Cab for lunch or dinner.
FJ, I overslept this morning too. And I don't have an excuse like descending testicles in my uterus! I was only about 20 mins late to work though.
Not too bad. Sounds like Jackaroo is getting to be fun! That is really cool that mr fj got to connect with him that way.

GT, Little Marcy is too much! EEk! Creepy!

Weekend plans....tomorrow we're just gonna chill. Saturday I have class. That night we're going to the Rollerderby. That should be a lot of fun. Easter..not sure yet. Something low key. I'm looking for a non-busy weekend.
Eeeeewwwwww!!! That album cover is totally nauseating!! His pointy nipples are totally creepy.

It sounds like everyone is doing really well today. That's cool. Yay!! It's Thursday!! I like Thursdays.

I dig that entertainment center, treehugger.

Mmmmm....carrot cake....darn, I shoulda asked for that for my birfday dessert. It's my birfday sometime next week. I'm turning 28. I feel like I'm 25 or 26. I don't want to grow up!! Being twenty-something is a great excuse for acting stupid and irresponsible. Each year, people expect me to be more mature and responsible, which sucks.

Happy Thursday Okayers! I just PM'd Mouse and told her to come back and to heck with the archives. ~~~Mouse, can you come out and play?~~~

I'm jealous of Busties who get to meet! I think I'm the only Bustie in my town. I keep trying to get my BGP to join, but I've already met her. *heh*

So far no whiny blogs from the ex-assclown. Damn. I must go back again and ignore him some more. If I had a label on my forehead it would read, "Now with more immaturity and passive aggressiveness!!"

I love the entertainment center, Tree. And I love the walls. What sucks about renting this place is they won't let me paint. I'm stuck with white walls. And a demon kitty...his eyes are nifty. Like people with two different colored ones.

FJ, yay for a baby with rhythm.

GT, that album cover almost made me regret the spinach/artichoke/goat cheese pizza. Blarg. Do you they lubed him up with motor oil or what? And Little Marcy??? *shiver*

Hi octi!! Nice to see you here!

Kari, "And I don't have an excuse like descending testicles in my uterus! " That is hilarious. Can you imagine using that as an excuse? "Sorry boss, the testicles were descending in my uterus today. Running a little late."

Dinner last night was great. My friends are wonderful. One brought a red velvet cake over...EVIL! I wanted to put my face in it and slurp it up. I made her take the remains home with her. Another friend came over later and it was like worlds colliding. He's a bit of a man-whore and was a bit drunk. He was just sort of inappropriate and "too much information" guy. He only comes to town every now and then because he upped and moved to Costa Rica over a year ago. What he doesn't understand is that, in his absence, his friends have moved on and kept living their lives. He doesn't understand that we have new friends, new interests, and our worlds don't stop when he isn't in it. But all in all, a very good night. Tonight I think I will veg out and watch cable. Yay for new cable.

Hi, peeps!

I used to say "punch him in the neck" quite a bit, which turned to "stab him in the neck." I only say that around certain people now who understand that I'm not some kind of deranged murderer.

Tree, that entertainment center is awesome! It'll look even better when you get your new TV.

Good on you for demanding and getting a new endocrinologist, GT! It's good to see things are looking up for you after yesterday.

Aw, Jackaroo is gonna be a little dancer!

Poodle, we should get together sometime next week for your birfday. Do you have any big plans yet?

Kari, that's nice that you guys have two whole days together. What do you think you're going to do with them?

Hi, Star, PK, Turbo, Kel, and all!

I've been busy-ish with stuff at work, carrying over stuff from one case to another that should have gone through but didn't. It's just busywork. I thought it'd be a little project, but I've got around 280 of these buggers to do, which will carry me into next week. My gay boyfriend surprised me today and took me out to lunch, where I got a wee bit tipsy, though it's worn off now. He might be moving to Denver in the not-so-far future if his boyfriend gets a transfer there. I almost hope that doesn't happen, because I'll miss him so much.

My hearing for my speeding ticket was this morning, but I totally forgot all about it. Oh, well. It's not like they're going to forgive it, I just wanted to say in court what an asshole the cop was who pulled me over. I'm just going to write them a long letter with my check. I hate when cops tag team to catch people. It doesn't seem fair.

Anywhoo, time for me to go. I'm making beef stroganoff tonight, and I hope it doesn't turn out bad. I've never made it before.
Hi everybody!!

Kel, if you need a tour guide to all the trashiest, most mind-numbing shows on TV, you just let me know. Its my specialty. smile.gif

Well, I just got home from SUIT SHOPPING!!! I went to the Ann Taylor Loft by my work, and I do so adore that store - the staff are so helpful, and I bought the most *perfect* light gray shimmery tweed suit - cut absolutely perfectly for my bod. I do need to take the jacket to get the sleeves shortened tomorrow, hopefully they can turn it around overnight. And it was even more divine to be able to buy it in a size smaller than I would have been able to a couple months ago!

I've got chicken marinating in soy/sherry/ginger/garlic/sesame/honey/scallions for dinner, with some stir fried veggies. YUM. Oh, and some Vosges chocolate for dessert - dark milk chocolate with smoked almonds and grey salt - my favorite. Its an MRG treat!

Diva, that sounds like quite a big project you've got going on! And I sure hope your gay bf doesn't move - I mean to follow a republican bf out of town - that would be a tragedy, indeed. (((((gay bf stay put & be happy))))

Oh, I forgot to tell ya'll that when I was mentoring last night and helping some kids with a video editing project, about, uhhh - rump shaking and street was pretty vulgar, but funny too...anyway, so one of the girls decides to try and teach me how to shake my rump like Shakira...oh, we were all laughing so hard we were crying...I'm way too white for shakira booty shaking, I just don't have it. But damn, it was fun trying. smile.gif
Gah! Sorry everyone, I'm having a hard time catching up these last couple of days. I know we always tell everyone to not worry about catching up, so I'm popping in to say HI anyway!

I'm glad y'all liked the scary album covers link! I was mesmerized by some of them, frankly. tongue.gif

GT, I did see that Herbie Mann album cover over there, and it scared the shite out of me. Though the Satan is Real album cover kind of looked like Gene-Kelly-covers-Iron-Maiden, IMHO. biggrin.gif (Now THAT would be something...)

TURBO! Good luck with the potential new job! How exciting! And also about the suit! I am weak for new clothes, aren't you? I should go confess that in the "I'm a feminist, but" thread...

~*~*~*~*~*~*~jobby-job vibes for turbo, and anyone else who needs 'em~*~*~*~*~*~*~

And treehugger, that entertainment centre is GORGEOUS - perfect size and perfect colouring for your space! Very sophisticated. I'd just get a couple of big viney plants or something.

Hi also FJ, rose, karianne, diva, poodle, kelkello, culture, stargazer, octinoxate, PK, lorewolf, moxie, and anyone I'm missing!

Speaking of plants, I SO need to go water mine...poor things.

Oh yeah...this one is not quite as cool as the album covers, but I thought it was old photos. (Don't miss the one of the young newsboys smoking cigs! Now it doesn't seem so strange that my dad started at 10. Also the photo of the 1928 beauty queens is a lesson in how our body/beauty ideals have narrowed in such a short time!)

what? y'all don't love lil' marcy? how can you not love a crazy whacked out xtian dummy who sings bible songs? *sulks* i guess i'll hang out with turbo's crabby... republican.... christer...inlaws.... nah, f***k that!

had the noodles at the new place with friends... one of them ordered "hot horlicks" which became the hot phrase for the night. as in..."man, nothing like a good hot whore lick to make a meal special....

glad to say that today was blissfully unevenful, although i got a mean sinus/cut grass allergy/migrane... so i go to bed now, catch up and post later, but i lurve and miss you all! XO!
Mmmm, hot whore licks - dee-licious!! But then again, one of my new fave cafes in the 'hood is Big Buns and Pita...mmmm, buns. And its Armenian food. smile.gif

Thanks for the jobbity job vibes Doodle, I appreciate that! I'm feeling pretty confident about it, and moreso now that I have a hott suit. And yep, I am totally weak for clothes, always have been. Nothin' un-feminist about a woman who feels good in her clothes!

Oh, GT, its *my* parents that are the crabby republican christers...its a wonder that I came out sassy and as liberal as they come!

((((GT's head)))))

I felt my MRG migraine coming on this evening, but I got to it with Excedrin migraine just in time, thank cod.
good evening okayers!!

thought i would post before i head out to the store.

FJ, i'm so into dreams. what are your dreams about? i hope you are getting restful sleep though.

kel, so glad the friends came over and you got to have a good time.

GT, you know, i bought a plane ticket to lake arrowhead, CA, which had a stopover in seattle for a couple of hours. i was thinking, "well, i know prettyinpink and GT are there." but, i didn't cause i figured that i wouldn't want to leave.

diva, i would tell people i'm gonna punch them in the head when they were acting dumb. yeah, i'm not really that mean. sometimes i worry that people don't get my joking style.

doodle, plants! i so want to get a green thumb. i have green thumb envy. i'm proud that my one plant has survived for 2 years. i think i'm gonna get some more. well, one more plant.

poodle, eh, growing older means also caring less about what people think of you. not in a rude way. but, you are not caught up on any of that shit that would get to you before. i'm glad i'm done with my 20s.

kari, i love bummy weekends.

octi, braces? i have painful teenager memories thinking about it. ouch.

mouse, comeback. forget the threads. i've always been the kind to pick up where i left off with someone.

so, besides working, i've been trying to sell my furniture, recruit for my research, and booked a trip to the uk and california. i also had to do little tasks like clean my apartment in case the landlady had to show off the place for someone to rent. i probably won't pack until the last week. i won't have much to pack. i'm just focused on getting rid of all of my stuff.

have a lovely evening everyone! i have to run out to the store...

nighty night!
Hey gang!

I know what you mean. I've been busy today and I feel soooo far behind in here! I read the archives, but half the things I wanted to say have already slipped my mind. Gotta take notes next time!

Tree, I love the entertainment center! Don't worry about getting a bigger aquarium. Focus all your money on that new TV instead. It'll be worth it!

GT, I wish that I had known in January that you were in Seattle. It would've been cool to meet you while I was there. But on a happier note, tonight I was watching a nature program & the narrator was talking about animals that lived on the plains, blahblah. Then the narrator said "Wild ass"! And suddenly these donkeys were frolicking around on the screen. I can't tell you how fabulous that was ... especially since the program is narrated by David Attenborough, so this distinguished British accent kept saying "wild ass" & making me giggle.

Wild Ass! laugh.gif

Speaking of wild ass, I loved your story, Jenn! I'm afraid if I tried to shake my rump like Shakira I might put my back out. tongue.gif

((((Stargazer)))) Just 'cause.

Tonight we went back to the mauve farm house for another tour. We like it more and more. The layout is just so nice & roomy & there is a TON of storage space & even the bathrooms are nice. So we talked with our realtor about the changes that need to be made (exterior paint, new roof, gutters) and what sort of deal might be possible. I know I said that we should wait, I know. But we're just going to find out a bit more information & decide from there whether we want to make an offer. First we're going to check the public records as well as the more private MLS records & see what can be found. We want to know if anyone else has made an offer & why it fell apart, then use that to our advantage. I also want to know if the details I found on Zillow or correct. I'll keep y'all informed.

My mother just called & told me that it is SNOWING in Oklahoma right now. Snow! In April! That never happens in Oklahoma. Astounding!
Damn! This thread moves fast. I blink, and--

Star, what sort of research are you embarking on?

Tree, love the entertainment center, and tres jealous that you get a fish tank! I loooove me some fish tanks. So calming. (I don't think it's too small, either. If it were me, I'd just set it on top of something so that it was exactly centered top to bottom as well as L to R. Your vine idea is great too, though!)

Yep yep, braces for me. They're actually not bad at all (unlike the tooth pulling-- now I know where that cliche "it's like pulling teeth" comes from). I had braces as a teen too and they're made some advances in the last ten years. These are barely even visible. And I'm totally in love with my INSANE orthdontist. What is it about dentists and such, that they're so kooky??

Kel- I gather that you and the (now ex) bf broke up. How are you holding up? Honestly, from what I remember you saying about the relationship in the STDs thread, it's probably for the best that it's ended, yes?
so, i've been nudged by a couple of okayers to peek in here......and i've just spent about the past two hours or so reading as many archives as i can...obviously i can't comment on everything but here's what stuck out:

(((((KEL))))) be strong girl. i mean duh, you are strong. but there are hella bustie vibes comin at you from my little corner of the world.

doodle! are you still stoned? AHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA sorry

rosie, househunting sounds so exciting--i hope you find a lovely one! good luck good luck

speaking of good luck TURBO JOB!!!! wow! you are totally awesome for it and you WILL get it. plus, CUTE PUPPY! holy crap!

fj is, obviously, the prettiest pregnant woman to ever exist. i love how your belly has a little glowing aura in that picture. that kid is stuffed full of so much love already it makes me want to cry.

speaking of babies, moxette loves soup! that's so cute. i have a confession, moxie--i've bookmarked that flickr page, and sometimes i look at it just to get a good dose of cute. i'm on the fence about kids...some make me all squishy and maternal and some piss me off, but moxette is definitely one of the rare ones that make my womb want to throw out all the condoms in my bedside table drawer. ha!

diva, i hope you get something worked out with your scary homeless guy! ((safe diva vibes))

poodle, good for you for going to the gym! and making friends--awesome.

tree, AWESOME entertainment center! your house looks awesome and i love your kitty's different colored eye flash!

octi, hope the braces aren't annoying! i had em when i was little.....i liked all the different colored rubberbands!

stargazer, did you say you were coming to california? where where?? oh and good luck on your move! exciting!

kari, rollerderby? so cool......i've never seen it live, i can only imagine the insanity.

lastly, girltrouble, have i told you lately that i wub.gif you? i didn't even notice that you COULD leave profile comments, and here you have left a totally flattering one for me! i hope your welding teacher stops being a dick. i'm always really interested to hear what you have to say on the subject of being trans and a feminist, and i love reading your posts. i've known a few transmen (one of whom actually ranks as one of my top five best kisses ever) and spoken with them about their experiences but i get the impression that it's a completely different thing to be ftm than it is to be mtf. it's really interesting and amazing for me to hear snippets of your personal experiences, and i'm really happy you feel comfortable sharing them. and, of course, it just makes me admire you more. ha!

so, to make this post even longer (hey, if i'm going to be coming in here only every few weeks, i'm going to be writing novels, so get used to it! tongue.gif), yes, i started my new job, and yes, i LOVE IT. everyone is really chill and friendly and goofy; the weekly creative meetings are pretty much just the merchandisers and artists cracking up and poking fun at each other...i get to do things like DRAW and PAINT *away from the computer* and there is a great little french bulldog that the owner brings to work who comes around to snorgle your legs while you are working......and my commute is so unbelievably shorter than it was. it's less than five miles; i don't even have to get on a freeway. i have to get a bike so i can bike to work! and it's actually a lot more interesting than i thought it would be---the licensing stuff, like working with disney images etc., which i thought would be annoying, is actually really cool because not only do they have pretty much carte blanche to do whatever they want, they also have basically every image you could possibly think of to use. it's like a museum--sketchy prototypes of charachter studies, animation cells, images of wooden mickey mouse toys from the thirties......all this stuff that is fascinating to look at, plus shelves and shelves of old vintage books and comic books and posters and paperdolls and's really cool.

i've also been going to the gym almost every day. it hasn't been making much of a visible difference, and i'm still not really watching what i eat (i don't eat crap by any means, but i'm not going out of my way to limit intake), but i'm sure it's good for me regardless. i've been hanging out with friends (the ex is in nyc for a job; i'm really happy about it for him but it's not making my cooze all that happy. that said though, i think our friendswithbenefits stage is winding's not been all that fun the last few times, and really, two years is a bit much to be drawing this out. there really isn't any chance of us getting together for real ever again. i NEED to find me a new crush....everything else in my life is so awesome, it's time for a new love interest!) and seeing some good bands and this weekend is a lovely easter picnic in the park, for which i am organizing an easter egg hunt and an easter egg dyeing/painting/filling party on saturday! and i am probably going camping in baja mexico in a few weeks and possibly to san francisco!!!

i miss you all, i am sorry i'm not as diligent as i once was.....but what it means is that i have a job i love, with work that is actually challenging.


Mousie! Yayayay for loving your new job! It sounds so awesome. Congratualtions!

Divala - I hope the beef stroganoff turned out yummy. I love beef stroganoff.

Last night, I decided to just go out, and I went to Plush as well. My friends from the Marriott usually go there after work, so I thought I would run into them, and maybe even Octi as well! So, my friends weren't there, but Octi was, and I hung out with her and her friends for a little while, then they left. Right after they left, my friends texted me that they were at a STRIP CLUB and they wanted me to come. So I did, and I felt so awful about it. I don't know what they were doing there, because they weren't watching the women. They were just sitting around shooting the shit. So it was OK, I guess. After the bar closed, be went to my friend's house and sang karaoke. I did a nice rendition of The Scorpions "Wind of Change". Whistling and everything.

Work was pretty boring today. Sloooow. Everyone else seemed to be busy, but I didn't get many dessert orders. Tomorrow should be busier.

I still haven't done my taxes. Pooey. I hate doing that shit, even though I expect to get something back this year (I hope I hope I hope).

So Octi - how are your braces and your teef? I hope it doesn't hurt too much.

Even though I ate all night long at work, I am kind of hungry right now. Maybe I should just go to bed and forget about it. I don't need to eat again.

OK, Okayers! Sleep tight, and have a great Friday!
Good morning you hot whore lickers!!! bwahaha - thanks for that one, GT!!

Well, even though its my day off, I still wake up at 5:30am like clockwork. hmph. Oh well, that's okay. I've already taken turbo for a long, cold walk, and then walked back to the cleaners at 7am, so I can get my suit pressed, and sleeves shortened. I love my neighborhood - the cute little Turkish lady who runs the shop was kind enough to be able to alter it by tomorrow afternoon - AND she gave me a beaded bracelet from Turkey for good luck and warding off the evil eye - how sweet is that?! I'm definitely wearing it in the interview, its actually really pretty. Just warmed my heart this morning.

Rosie - how exciting that you're really thinking about the mauve house again - that one seemed to stand out from the beginning, and I'm sure you'll figure out if it is the right house for you! Keep us posted!

MOUSE!!!! Seriously, girl, do *not* worry about keeping up in here - if we see you more and you only have time to catch up on the last few posts - that's totally cool by us. And AWESOME that you love your new job!!! It sounds like an amazingly creative environment AND a short commute - you have really hit on something good there! And thanks for my jobby vibes - I'm SUPER excited about this one, and working right down in the loop, by the river - I'd love it. There's such amazing energy down there.

PK!! How cool that you got to see octi again last night! Super cool!

And octi, that's great that you like your orthodontist, and that your braces are mostly invisible....I really need to find a dentist - I fear that it may finally be time to get my wisdom teeth pulled - they're finally coming in, but really squeezing my front teeth, and making them crooked. booo!

star - sounds like you're really making the most of your time before you move - I can't wait to hear more about your trips!

Okay, off to shower before my guest greyhound for the weekend comes over. His name is Shorty, and of course, is the tallest greyhound I've ever seen. smile.gif
hey you wild asses!

(jenn, lil' miss fancy pants (and suit) stole my greeting--jkjk no wild whorelicks today, i'm having hot traderjoe's lemon/ginger/ecenasia, which i now refer to as a HOT WILD ASS!-- thanks rose! wild ass is always funny!)

****special tooth farie lurve for octi****

god, puppykitty, diva, i love me some beef strogenoff! yummy! yummy! even for breakfast...yum! pk, i still haven't done my taxes either...*burries her head in the sand*

omg, star, i would sooooo love to meet you! *day dreams* bustie friends...sigh....that would be great...

rose... i am excited about the beige house... i like that one too! i'm glad you aren't as over whelmed anymore...*big hugs* so exciting!

ok, jenn you know i'm going to ask for pix of shorty... oh, i saw someone walking a greyhound and i thought, "oooh... turbo....!" i am such a dog dork. the other girl in class and i were talking about dogs while we were welding...sigh... there is a tiny shinu out there waiting for me....

yay for mouse! always glad to see you hear, and i am glad your job is so wonderful. hell you make me want to work there... a picture library, with old ads, charecter sketches etc...? sounds like heaven, add dogs, a biking commute and painting and drawing *off the 'puter!!!* just tell me they have a jacuzzi, and i'll be a janitor at the place. sounds fantastic actually it sounds better than google. and yeah, we do just like knowing you are ok more than anything. silly! we lurve you! and gazer and lore, and all the rest! you don't even have to read what we post, just say hi, cos we love saying hi and gushing about people, waving and talking about how much we lurve them, and wringing our hands about who we've missed...

.....but as for the comment, that is a secret! shhhhhh! you are not to speak of it, since i have been concocting little blurbs to put on other peoples dealywhappers too!

i'm glad that you know transmen. i usually get crushes on them. i had a huge crush on the guy i did transyouth with. i called him 'cowboy'. *drool*. and yeah, there is a huge diff between m2f and f2ms. from the paths to realizing you are trans (trans men tend to understand that later in life, after being part of the dyke community), the big surgery for is usually top surgery, (since bottom surgery isn't very satisfying), so most of them are non-op, where as most m2fs consider themselves pre-op or post-op. and transmen almost always pass. we are all female until the testosterone kicks in, making vocal cords lengthen (why m2f voices don't feminize), muscle mass, hair and sexual urges increase. trans men tend to get pattern baldness etc, etc... most of the t-men i knew were gay (i.e. men attracted to men), where as most t-women are straight (ie, women attracted to men). but sexual orientation often does wacky things durring and after transition. i think i've learned way more about how to be thanks to trans men, and my favorite book about them was written by a seattle author and has a whole bunch of people i've met on the cover. (Transmen and F2Ms by jason cromwell) the best thing about the book is how many ways that transmen see themselves, being a sissy f2m is fine, but being a tomboy m2f, (like myself) is looked at funny.... but mouse trans men are AWESOME!

it suddenly occured to me the reason i've got a migrane.. i ate a peanut butter snack bar, and well after years of narrowing it down i figgered out that something in nutter butter cookies and p-nut butter treats gives me 3 day headaches...tsk. i need to be brained. ugh...well i guess i have to learn the lesson the hard way. so actually yesturday wasn't completely un-eventful, but i am going to use a bullet point format:
~talked to the program director about the doctor's letter for a new id. he was happy about it, since it's less trouble for him.
~we got overalls and boots, long enough but plenty wide-- i look like a workin' class oompah-loopa...
~snuck into the lady's locker room and got a locker big enough to hold my longboard... yay!!!!!

ok, gotta get ready for school, oh and thanks agin for the support. when i get frustrated, i think of y'all and get back to work. wink.gif
hi poodly, moxy, doodle, karianne, kelly-kel, miss (down)jackets, and my mentor tree! (yay for tree!!!)

mouse, it's great to hear from someone who loves her job so much! I'm graduating next month and going out into the workforce, and I'm very optimistic about it-- in spite of the older friends/acquaintances I know who *hate* their jobs and try to tell me that it's not possible to have a fulfilling, enjoyable job. Is too!

turbo, yo, I'd get those wisdom teeth out ASAP. Once your bottom teeth start crowding up like that, they'll just keep going until you potentially end up getting a.) gum problems and then b.) braces-- like me! It's not terrible or anything, but better not to go there. Use the 5000 bucks on travel or something!

GT, I didn't know all that stuff about the differences between being f2m and m2f. Cool, thanks for sharing that! (And thanks for the toothie vibes as well.)

Speaking of trans topics, anyone hear read Kate Bornstein? She's a way cool writer... and has a great new book out called "101 alternatives to suicide for freaks, losers, and the rest of us" (or something like that).

BTW- GT- you are gorgeous. I saw the pic that you posted in say cheese (the sort of blurry one you were asking opinions about). Good lord!

Thanks for askin' about the braces, ladies... they're fine. a little sore, but that's not really a problem. (well, except for my boyfriend, who is sad about my mouth being a bit out of commission for a few days tongue.gif ... esp. on his birthday... actually, he's way more bummed about my braces than i am-- i don't know what his deal is... i see getting braces as a privelege: i'm lucky to have the resources to fix up these teeth/gum issues)

Time for physical therapy... gonna go swim with the 70+ crowd. I hope the CRAZY old filipina lady with the blond beehive is there.
Hi, peeps!

Turbo, your suit sounds gorgeous! Your interview is on Tuesday, right?

RV, so are you guys going to put in an offer on this house? I thought you'd decided to wait on it a bit.

Hi, Mouse! I'm so glad you're loving your new job! Yay for you! It's a very lucky few of us who have jobs we love. Don't worry about not keeping up, just pop in whenever you can.

PK, you have the most interesting life down there in Arizona. I like all your stories.

I love Kate Bornstein! I got to meet her a few years back when my alma mater did a GLBTQQSSCCY2K (Gay-Lesbian-Bi-Trans-Queer Questioning... all the letters of the alphabet somehow fit in) conference, and she was the keynote speaker. She signed my copy of "Gender Warrior." Fun, fun lady.

GT, when you say Transman, do you mean M2F or F2M? I'd assumed it was F2M, but I'm probably wrong.

((((((braces vibes for Octi))))))) How long do you have to keep them on?

Hi, Star, and everyone I missed!

Today's just another blah day. It's so freaking cold out, and the wind is like a constant slap in the face whenever you walk anywhere outside. Oh well, it'll pass. But still, it's April, and we're supposed to be over this by now. Anyway, this should be an okay weekend. We're going to see Blades of Glory tonight or tomorrow, I need to shop tomorrow for stuff to put in Sam's eggs for our annual Easter egg hunt, and Sunday will be with my family. The giant's going to his cousin's place. Normally, I'd love to join him because I've never been there before, but my own family and playtime with Sam trumps pretty much everything else family-related. That kid is addictive.
Good Afternoon Okayers!

I've had a very lazy day. I slept. A lot. Then took the dog for a walk. Then slept some more. I'll go back and read the archives a little more closesly, I just wanted to quickly catch up.

I'm so enjoying my day, I've been looking forward to this for ages. It's rather wonderful. I'm going to have a greek salad for dinner, then make some air popped pop corn, with dill pickle seasoning. It's going to be very wonderful.

The dog has been sleeping happily all afternoon. She was running around at the park chasing her ball. She is KO'd.

Sigh. That's all for know.

p.s. high mouse, good to see you are back.

Good afternoon/almost evening, everyone! Hi GT, turbo, diva, mouse (no I am NOT! Poopies), stargazer, RV, octinoxate, PK, and culture! And any lurkers, of course! You know who you are. tongue.gif

Signs of unemployment: when a person doesn't realize it's a stat holiday until she heads out to the stores and encounters "closed for Good Friday" signs! *hangs head sheepishly* Anyway, the department stores never seem to close. I bought a cotton blanket for my bed. Oh screw the money. Anyway, it wasn't that expensive, and I am DYING under my winter weight feather duvet. (And yes, the blanket is green. Anybody shocked? Anybody? Bueller?)

It's very warm here. The sun is shining and the sky is pretty clear. Today, I wore only jeans, a cotton camisole, and my blazer, and I was freaking sweating! (But I looked good. And we all know that "it's better to look good than to feel good.")

I need to eat some dinner, and then maybe, since it's a holiday, annoy the neighbours with my guitar for awhile. I "should" go out and mingle with people or something, but I am still feeling super anti-social. (I get so annoyed when I read articles that say being alone or isolated causes depression...I'm loving the hell out of it!!! I think I could become a hermit. A painter-hermit, maybe.)
I'm sorry, in advance. I haven't read any of the archives and I really hate to be all, Me, Me, Me....but I am sooo angry and so frustrated and so disappointed and so, just fed up, that I just wanna out of here. This just sucks. I absolutely hate workers comp right now.

How the FUCK can they say my fucking wrist isn't work related????? bastards.

I seriously can't talk right now. Dammit.
*chases crickets out of the thread*

Hey ya'll - been quiet in here today! Much like you CH, I've had a totally lazy day - totally wonderful. Just hanging with the pooches, reading, watching movies - perfect. I meant to accomplish things, but just decided to revel in the day off instead.

I just returned from dinner at the 'hood hippy cafe, and I ran into remorra/princess dander! She's doing great - school + dog walking/sitting is keeping her busy and away from the 'puter, but hopefully I convinced her to join the book club. smile.gif

Oh, and the skeezy alderman showed up there to try and drum up some votes for the run-off election later this month. I can't stand the man, and honestly, I lost a little respect for the owners of the cafe for supporting him and putting his signs up everywhere. blech.

GT, I *heart* you....I really enjoy all of your posts about the spectrum of trans experiences...thank you for sharing all your gathered wisdom and struggles and the joys as well with us!!

Diva, I bet the easter egg hunt is going to be SO FUN with Sam!! Be sure to keep us updated!!

Oh, and my cousin called me this evening, to ask turbomann and I to be godparents for their son, Zach. Its always such an amazing honor to be asked, I just want to look around the room and say "me? are you sure?" So now, I suppose we really have to drive in for the we have 2 weekends in a row in May that we need to be in MI...a pain, but what are you gonna do? But, I've yet to see little Zachary, so its all good.

And now, its time for WNTW - Behind the Seams!! Eeeeeee!

ETA: (((((tree))))) I'm so sorry to hear that they're yanking you around again. Can your union help you out?
~*~*~*~*~prosperity vibes~*~*~*~*~
(((((((tree))))))) those fuckers!

diva, what is kate like to meet IRL?? I bet she's a bad-ass. I have so much respect for her. (And regarding your question to me: My braces are gonna be around for about 14 months. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun right now, since I'm still in the achy/talking weird stage, but I'm sure I'll get used to them right quick. Right now I'm sad though about not being able to try the hopefully awesome granola I made my guy for his bday!)

PK, whenever I hear your stories, I just go "that is SO the kind of thing that would happen in this town!" This place is kooky. Yo, cool running into you the other night!
Sign #12,305 That You Are Aging Rapidly:

18-year old BFFdottir on the phone: Are you busy?

Me: I'm just sitting here trying to play Smoke on the Water.

BFFdottir: On the guitar? Do I know that song?

Me: Probably. It's very famous.

BFFdottir: Well, who did it?

Me: Deep Purple.

BFFdottir: Who? What's a Deep Purple?

Me: They are a very famous band!

BFFdottir: What's the song called again?

Me: Smoke on the Water. By Deep Purple.

BFFdottir: I have no idea who you're talking about. Wait, who covered it?

Me: What?

BFFdottir: Well, is it an old song?

Me: I suppose so. It's from the '70s.

BFFdottir: So who covered it?

Me: I have no idea who covered it. Nobody! It's a really famous Deep Purple song!

BFFdottir: I might know it if I know who covered it.

Me: [heaves exasperated sigh, plays riff over the phone]

BFFdottir: Oh! THAAAAAT song!
((((((((((((((((((tree))))))))))))) i'm so sorry. those people are a shifty anyways. can you apeal? sad.gif i was thinking about you today.

octi... that is so cute... making granola for your boy...tsk.... super cute. thanks for the comment about the pic. it was a lucky shot. wink.gif

jenn, culture~ so jealous. i sooo didn't want to leave the house today... just wanted to lay about... sounds dreamy.....!

doodle~ i am so with you. i don't mind sporatic hermetics? lol...there is something nice about not needing to be social. *shrugs* i love missing a party so i can draw, paint, catch up on some movies, whatever... and oh my, the weather is great right now, isn't it?

diva, no, you got it right transmen=f2m, transwomen=m2f. always the assumed prefered gender of the person spoken about. and i know what you mean about the LGBTQXYZPDQ thing...i love the y2k in yours...

we got all our equipment today. it felt like xmas. i am falling in love with welding. i feel like such a badass. i drew flames on my helmet....(i'm such a dork). i think the teacher didn't mean anything by the comment. he showed me some stuff today, and i guess i am the president of the welding society student branch or some such, i volunteered for it, but i might be able to get a schollarship for another semester of classes. so i'm gonna go for it! today we learned oxyacetyline cutting (oac) been learning oxy acetyline welding(oaw) all week, and a tiny bit of tig welding. next week is another kind of welding...whew!

as for the tg shmackity-shmack, thanks, i'm glad y'all enjoy it. i can talk about it fo'evah, so i'll go on a bit, but you can ignore it if you choose since, lord knows there is plenty to read in this thread. this part is optional....wink.gif
kate is great, but i read books on gender for different reasons than she writes them. she's great before you transition, or at the start (i LOVED her when i first transitioned). its kinda funny but my favorite authors on trans issues are all transmen (f2m's wink.gif). they tend to take things from a more academic stand point, and they tend to be more detailed, and inclusive. add to that that their work aims to be academic, to re-write the narative mouthpiece that non-transgendered people have given us, to tell our story, our experience, our ideas, our perceptions. to step from the darkness of silence and into the light of voice, of visablity, and to speak our own truth, not the unbiased lies told by those who do not understand, or often like us.
my favorite authors on trans life issues are, in order:
  1. leslie feinberg--the MLK of transexuals-- a wise sage, whose writing moves me to tears. his first book, the autobiographical, stone butch blues is a classic and the first tg narrative to reject sexchange as a happy, shiny, pollyanna-ish place, infavor of a wandering search for a place to belong, a home. this theme, and rejection was something that kate and other m2f's later picked up. mr. feinberg has written several books, including a fantastic history of transgendered people. a beautiful, beautiful writer.
  2. patrick/pat califia-- ah, now patrick appeals to the angry activist in me. he wrote several books of dyke erotica, and a few theory books, before he transitioned. in one book (one of my favorties, sex changes: the politics of transgenderism he is absolutely unsparing in his whithering critique of gender scientists, doctors and therapists, anti-trans feminists, gay academia, and finally himself, talking about his own internalized transphobia. the second and third paragraphs of introduction essentually pisses on all of the academic so called "objective" writing and studies on transexual and transgendered people. a year or two after the book, he admitted he was transgendered and transitioned (f2m).
  3. jason cromwell-- it's that transmen book i was talking about, it just opened my mind about all the posibilities there can be trans...because it showed me that there is not just the one way of being a woman as i'd been told (i mean, DUH!) but that i was right to follow my own path to find the woman i would grow into... in one part it rattled of 39 different queer identities... the possiblilites......
(((((((((Tree)))))))) So sorry to hear that they're giving you the run-around. sad.gif

GT, those books sound fascinating! I wonder if I might find any of them at the local library. Might need to go to a bigger library for those!

I know two transgendered people, but not directly. One is the sister of one of my very oldest friends (m2f). And one is the father of my BestGuyPal (f2m). The latter case is interesting because he transitioned about 5 years after giving birth BGP. So BGP has been calling him "Dad" for much much longer than he called him "Mom". smile.gif

(((((Octi's teethies))))) I had braces back in the day. Getting them tightened sucks sooo much ass, but my teeth look much better for it.

And I agree about the wisdom teeth. Get them OUT! I put off getting my wisdom teeth out and it caused me all sorts of grief. I used to think I had TMJ, but all the pain and tension (and the headaches that came with them) went away once I had those wisdom teeth out.

Doodle, you aren't old. Honestly. She just needs more edjumacating. wink.gif

Divala, I'm so glad to hear that you get to spend time with Sam this weekend. He sounds like a big ray of sunshine.

As for the house thing ... we have not put in an offer. We're just finding out more information & using that to decide whether we want to make an offer or not. We considered waiting a year because of credit stuff. And indeed, we may still decide to wait at least a few months. But we found out that many lenders can check international credit which would help up enormously. Plus, there's something about this house. I can't put my finger on it. We just need to know the whole story.

So our realtor is researching the mauve house & finding out a few more things for us (including estimates on painting the exterior & putting on a new roof). Today he found out something very very unusual. This house has been on the market for 12 months. Twelve! One whole year! At first we thought it had been on the market for half that time, but it now looks as though the owners changed selling agencies last fall. So very strange. Why hasn't anyone bought this house? Our realtor is determined to find out, so he's talking to other agents who've toured it & finding out every single thing he can. Frankly, we suspect that the big problem is the exterior. The color - this terrible greyish mauve - is truly depressing on the outside. When we first saw it, we just drove right on past. But our realtor convinced us to tour it and ... well, you can't judge a book by its cover! All we have to do is paint it a better color and the value will certainly improve. Anyway, we'll see.

In other news, we went to a hockey game tonight with a friend. The local team was sucking some serious ass (which is especially disappointing when you recall that they won the Stanley Cup last year), but we had a great time. Yay!
GT, I am guessing that Janice Raymond will NOT ever turn up on your favourite authors list. tongue.gif My favourite ex is a transwomen/man...s/he identifies as both/all (pangendered). We both LOATHE Janice Raymond and every battle we've had to fight within the Canadian women's movement over "women-only space," all because of Janice Raymond's hatemongering theories. God, you think YOU could go on and on, GT...nobody get me started on my activism stories!! I just had to delete half a page of ranting...

The weather is stupendously wonderful. It's a fabulous time to be unemployed! biggrin.gif

treehugger, do you have an advocate? I'd strongly recommend scouring your community until you find one, because your sitch sounds very appeal-worthy. (Worker's Comp seems to suck no matter where you live - appealling their decisions is usually par for the course.)

*waves at turbo and octinoxate (ETA: and rose!)*

Hah! I finally learned to play an Iron Maiden song! Of course, it's the only acoustic song they've ever done (The Journeyman), but still, I KICK FUCKING ASS!!!!

And I had to learn two new (hard!) chords to pull it off.

I bought devil's food cack mix today...I think I might go bake a cack in celebration.

ETA: YES, YES, YES on getting the wisdom teeth out! My life was a continuous ball of misery until I had them out. And honestly, the pain of having them out was nothing compared to the pain of living with them and having them cause nerve pain, "sinus" infections, and yes, bad migraine-like headaches - the latter two I did not even associate with my teeth until I faced the scary dentist, and then the infections/headaches stopped. Plus, not dealing with your wisdom teeth CAN cause you long-term medical problems! So do it!
*waves back at doodle* hey girl! yo, your cake/cack sounds soooo good. (Though I think the stuff is waaay better in raw batter form than baked up...)

rose, my teeth thank you for the love. I think braces are probably the best diet plan ever-- they make you not want to eat anything! I just got home from "dinner" for the bf's bday... I ordered a reeeeally yum entree but ended up just coming home famished and slurping a bowl of soup from my fridge! sad.gif

i think "schmacky schmak" is my new favorite term.
Hi, Okayers...

So I'm back..I had a bit of time to calm down, sleep a bit, etc. Yes, I'm going to appeal. They had sent my file for an "independent medical review" which was the first red flag, IMO...and they are using the fact of the tennis elbow being diagnosed a month later, to deny the whole thing, it looks like.

I gotta find an advocate, I guess. It's not so much the $$ because I have income continuation insurance that is covering my loss of pay...but the sucky part is that I used four weeks of sick leave, and if it's workers comp I don't lose the sick leave. I mean, that's like a MONTH. So, it's important to me. Ugh. Bastids.

I'm going to be out of touch from late morning (today) until Monday evening. I'm driving to MN to take my mom to easter at my aunt's house in st. paul. I'm glad I got the headlights fixed.

Okay, enough on the me me me...

Doodle and GT, I'm envious...beautiful weather always is so uplifting.

*~*~tooth love for octi~*~*

I've never had wisdom teeth taken out. I don't even know if I have any. I should look into that.

GT, on my welding hood, I had the word "angel" written in flames..hehe. I'm glad you're enjoying the class...oh, and oxy-acet cutting is definitely a learned skill, too. I remember cutting lots of pieces of metal that ended up looking like a beaver had gnawed them off! Did you get welding caps too? One of the strange things about the madison area is that the welding caps that most of the guys wear, have crazy prints and stuff. Is it the same there? I used to have one with little ducks and easter eggs that I'd use in the spring..hehe..pumpkins for fall. I wish I still had some of them.

Wow, rose, a year? *~*~*real estate vibes for rose*~*~*

I'ma gonna go read the rest of the archives. smile.gif

we're rootin' for you, tree!
muy*~muy*~muy*~fortuna~*treehugger vibes*~muy*~muy*
Hey turbo...that's awesome that little zach will have YOU as his fairy and real life godmother! Couldn't ask for better second parents! And despite your cousin's issues...she's the familial part of you that you cling to. cool-ass beans.

ok, moxette naps, so momma goes to fold, iron,,,etc.
Mornin' ya'll! Looks like there was a hoppin' party in here last night!

~*~*~*~*~*~appeal & prosperity vibes for tree~*~*~*~*~*

This morning, I woke up early, and for the first time in a month, I feel like I have all my energy back! Wheeee!

So I took the dogs for a COLD walk, then hit 3 grocery stores, and home by 8:45. I've been in the kitchen puttering around and prepping the salad I'm taking to star's house this afternoon. And I gotta say, Rick Bayless is a freaking genius, and if you are even slightly interested in mexican food - go pick up his new "mexican everyday" cookbook - the recipes are really simple, and I've made about 15 recipes from it already, and LOVE them all...and for once, I do actually follow the recipes. I'm bringing a mango-avocado-bibb lettuce salad to the party, with a chile-lime-garlic-pumpkin seed vinaigrette, and garnish the salad with toasted pumpkin seeds, bleu cheese, and bacon....YUM.

Doodle, I love that convo you had with bff dottir!! How funny! And devils food cack - double YUM!

GT, I imagine that with your skillz, you're going to create awesome designs on your helmet, and the other students will be begging for you to put your mark on their helmets. Welders 'round here definitely wear all the fun caps too, with wild designs.

Yeah, moxie, I'm pretty honored to be asked to be a godparent for little Zach...with all our family has been through, its pretty damned cool.

Okay, I gotta a few more things to get done before heading down to star's pad!
moxie, your kid is fucking cute!!

tree, good luck with the appeal! One important lesson I learned from my ex-bf (one among several) is that in cases of dealing with bureaucracies, businesss, and so on, "no" doesn't really mean "no." "No" means you have to find the highest authority there you can and then use charm, logic, and other tactics til you get your way! (This guy was amazing... got his way ALL the time.)

jenn, doesn't waking up early feel divine?

I didn't get to give octiman his granola or other prezzie last night sad.gif he stayed out drinking with his friends til the bars closed instead of coming over sad.gif (and i was too tired by then to go back out to join them at a bar... esp as I can't drink much due to meds.)
yep, octi, I do love waking up early on weekends...during the week, not so much. wink.gif

Guest doggie is a nervous nelly - poor dude is crying ALL the time. Turbo's no help, not allowing him to come in the living room, and growling at him everytime he walks past. This is pretty normal for greyhounds on a first-time sleepover, but good cod, I had hoped we'd be over this by now. Oh well, Shorty's mom will be home tomorrow. At least he was quiet all night, and only nearly made me pee myself once when he jumped up on the bed at 3am. Silly puppers.

Okay, I'm off to tart's farewell bittersweet. *sniff*
Good Afternoon okayers!

Tree, I hope everything works out. I'm rooting for you.

GT, the reads sound good.

Hi turbo! How's it going? Aren't lazy days the greatest? I went and picked up season three of Futurama today. I'll buy the fourth soon.

I took the hound for a walk bright and early this morning. I was up early, as le man came by last night, we hung out, but he had some stuff for work to do today. Puppers is lying flat on her back right now, back paws in the air. She's pooped out. Sweet, mission accomplished. *kisses from Emily to GT*

Oh wisdom teeth pain. I was so glad when I finally got mine yanked out. They did the top in my dentists office, as they were impacted. The top on the other hand. Really bad, but at least its done and I can now chew as much gum (or whatever wink.gif hee.) without pain.

So, I think I'll just stay home again tonight. I've been looking forward to this long weekend for so long that I want to do nothing but rest and be a complete lazy ass. I think I'll do a grocery store run, I have some scallops, but I want some more, I feel like making something spicy!

That is all for now.

Later okayers!


*swoons into thread after reading Jenn's salad description* I want some of that!

Hi, Marshmallow peeps! I didn't post yesterday, and had a lot of reading to catch up on.

I woke up this morning and found 2 inches of snow on the ground. In April. In the southern part of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The world might be ending. You heard it here first!

Octi, yes, we broke up two weeks ago today. I'm adrift and sad, but I get by with a little help from my friends. I'm not even contemplating dating, but as you know from our previous thread experience, it's going to be far more difficult now. *sigh* I'm so not looking forward to dating ever again. I might have to stay celibate forever.

MOUSE! I'm so glad you love your new job and you came by to tell us about it. I would love to be able to ride a bike to work. I hope the upswing in your life keeps its momentum.

Doodle, I'm a green junkie, too. Lately all my clothes and decorating purchases have lime green in them. And as for the song conversation, I completely understand. My 13 year old students think all the remakes on the radio are new songs and I have to explain to them who the original artists were.

((((((tree)))))) That sucks! I'm so sorry you are dealing with this.

GT's got her welding stuff. Look out world!! I love that you painted flames on your helmet. When I graduated college I glued iguana pics all over my cap.

PK: I LOVE karaoke. And I love that you did the whistling and everything!

After an exhausting search through every store in this town, I gave up trying to find pre-made curtains. KelMom and I went to the fabric store today and found some awesome retro fabric marked down to 2.99 a yard! We are going to make sort of Roman style curtains that can be tied up higher or lower with ribbon. The fabric has a retro print with lime green and a cool blue. I can't wait. It may be a few weeks before we get them done because KelMom's sewing machine needs to be cleaned.

Making asparagus and shrimp stirfry for me and my fave local galpal. Should be yummy.

RV: I hope the house works out. My friend's house was on the market for a loooong time and there was nothing wrong with it. So hopefully that will be the case.


ETA: Culture, I'm right there with you on the staying at home and vegging out thing. It's been heavenly!
It sure is quiet in here tonight.

I've had a divine day. I took a nice nap and then went grocery shopping, I have some scallops marinating in olive oil and lots and LOTS of garlic and some spices. I made a homemade pizza for dinner. So, that is that.

Not much planned for this evening. What everyone else?

Hi everyone! VERY quick post!

It's SOOOOO warm here; it's totally shorts and tank top weather! WOW! I can't believe it! Now if only I were able to appreciate a long weekend properly.

My devil's food cack turned out splendid (albeit slightly lopsided, with a big round hump in the middle, which is par for the course with my cacks), BUT...I was filling the sink to wash the dirty dishes at the same time I was frosting the cack....and I accidentally let the sink overflow....and it spilled aaaaaaaall over the floor! WAAH! It took four big bath towels to mop up. *sigh* I need to find a partner who is actually somewhat coordinated in the kitchen....
Hello okayers!!

Tart's farewell party was sad and fun. but, we will still keep in touch on here. lots of food and wine. a good time. turbo made an awesome salad! i'm saving it for tomorrow!

rose, do you have a pic of the house?? i'm very excited for you!

gt, i laugh everytime i see your signature line. i think it is so cool you are gonna be a welder. cool.

mouse, yay for being back on here!

doodle, at work we were listening to a neil diamond cover cd. and i said out loud, "why do i feel like i should be at a laser light show??" 'cause i was listening to deep pruple cover a diamond song! how can you not know who deep purple is?? although, i hung out with alot of stoners in high school. it's kinda like not knowing who blue oyster cult is.

ok. i hope everyone is well.

i need to clean up.

*pokes her head in the door* hola oy okayers. cool if i chill in here with y'all? i've gone through the last couple pages of archives; i'd do more, but i'm fuckin' lazy like that, and the number of cool conversations i wanna just jump in on already is threatening to make my head go 'splodey.
As the Provisional Mayor of Okayland, I welcome you, grrrlyouwant!! Just jump in where you like! It is almost hopeless to try and catch up around here, so we have a policy of encouraging folks to just start a-talkin'! We'd much rather have your participation than have you struggling with the archives and feeling frustrated.

Damn, my phone keeps ringing. And I keep ignoring it. (YAY for call display!) This one is the same person, third try today. I don't WANNA talk on the phone! I wanna be anti-social and eat CACK and watch the eagles fish on the river and play my one 'n' only Maiden song over and over again till I get it right, plus I still have to master actually singing and playing (i.e.: doing both at the same time) Smoke on the Water! Busy, busy, busy, got stuff to do! PHHBBLHBHLTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So instead of going to church this weekend, I decided that I would watch "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter". Hilarious. It probably also has a better message than I would get at church.

Now it is time for Conan the Destoyer. Conan the Barbarian is better. It has James Earl Jones.
Hi hi everybustie!!

grrrl, as doodle said - all are welcome in okayland, and there's no custom or requirement to keep up - just jump on in!!

I've been lying around for the last several hours in sugar crash shock after all of the decadent treats I ate at star's was worth it. smile.gif And a lovely party it was - thanks so much for hosting again star - your pad is so cozy! And it really is sad to have to say a physical farewell to our dear tart. *sniff* But it is definitely cool that we'll still see her in here!

I just hopped out of a lovely bubble bath, and my tummy is recovering, though I expect a sugar hangover in the morning.

And I have a definite weakness for Neil Diamond. Its the soundtrack of my childhood, and now it makes me feel all nostalgic and happy.

Kel, that's awesome that your mom is gonna make you some funky curtains!! I really need to get my grandma's sewing machine fixed sometime so I can take classes and learn how to use it.

Well, about time to go to bed here for me!
Howdy Grrrl! Poke in your head, start talking, pull up a spot on the Okay couch. There's room for all, as I wisely found out when I stuck my head in here! I dig your pink hair.

Nice night...shrimp asparagus stir fry was excellent. My friend and I watched Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, which was stupidly funny (what else would you expect?). Then off to Barnes and Noble for coffee and an oatmeal cookie the size of my head. So much for dieting today, huh?

Feeling very lonely and wanting to call the KelMan. I have to fight the urge all the time. Right now I'm feeling very angry towards him, so it's definitely better that I don't call.

Culture, those scallops sound delightful. Are they for dinner tomorrow?

Doodle, how is it possible that Canada is warmer than Maryland right now? I'm so jealous.

*wanders off to find what might be on cable*

yay! so i just got back from dinner with my mom and the kidlet. i traded my soul, a half hour of outside playtime "no matter how late or dark it is when we get home" and walking around lowes nodding and "uh-huh"-ing at various hanging plant selections for an hour, for dinner at applebees. the lengths to which i'll go for their parmesan shrimp smothered steak are shameful, they really are. but i've been thinking about it all week, and it was so worth it. now if i could just convince them to ditch all the sides and substitute another steak instead, my life would be perfect.
Hi turbomann, congrats on the new job! How's that going?

Hi turbo! Did you really spend an hour in the bath? Doesn't it get cold?? *brrr*

kel, you can't call him. Your phone battery is still under a couch on Mars. tongue.gif

I can't say all of Canada is warm, but I live in one of BC's hotspots, plus where I live, it's a semi-desert climate generally...I think I read over in the Canadians thread that Winnipeg is freezing right now. Heh heh. *tosses beach ball over the Rockies*

Damn, grrrl...a steak sounds really yummy right now! I forgot to defrost anything, so it's all sandwiches (and cack) for me tonight!

Also, tonight is Eddie Izzard Night at Casa de Doodlebug. Probably tomorrow night, too! Though now that I have them DLed, I'm also feeling the urge to catch up on all the Ugly Bettys I've missed since the start of the new year....decisions, decisions.
doodle, i am so having to laugh every time you refer to your baked goodness as "cack". i just finished watching another downloaded episode of hbo's rome, and "cack" is slang for shit. enjoy your devil's food! laugh.gif
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