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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Afternoon okayers!

I'm busying myself here, I have a bit to do, actually a lot to do. This makes me happy. now I am just procrastinating.

It still isn't warm here. It was so nice, and now there is the icky cold front. Not cool. I'm going to do some grocery shopping tonight, as when I went on Sunday, I only bought $80.00 worth. Not so good.

I should get back to work now! I just wanted to pop in and say hello!
Tree - if you're internet is back up and functioning, check out's where I pretty much learned to knit. I didn't get it in classes, where I just got frustrated, but the knittinghelp site is full of short little videos showing you up close how to do every single stitch and a bunch of basic stitch patterns...its so nice to just sit there with your needles, having her talk you through it, and watch the clips over and over and over....

I still need to do my state taxes...I always procratinate on that one, as the free website to submit them is a royal PITA, and they make me work for my stupid $100 refund. I'll have to find time to do it sometime soon here.

I'm procrastinating here today too, culture. Don't know why...
Awww..thanks for the avvie kudos, treehugger. That's Fergie, our old family dog. R.I.P. Fergie.

We just had a wee bit of snow here. It seems to have stopped now. Weird MN weather. It was like 80-something a week or so ago, then we got dumped on with rain, and now it's cold and snowy again. It's cold in here, too, so I'm wearing my coat. Right now I'm tempted to leave work and walk down to the Y so I can use the sauna. That sounds sooooo nice right now.

Yay for the new entertainment center!!! Hopefully you'll be able to buy that TV any day now!!

Ugh. Don't talk about taxes. I still have to do mine. Fortunately, I'm just doing the EZ form, so it won't take me long.

Holy crap, ya'll!!! I just got off a phone interview, and I have an interview Tuesday Morning with the American Cancer Society!! WOOOoooooTTT!!! I want this job SO bad...and its right inline with what I want salary-wise. Ya'll are the first to know!

*wanders out of thread, dazed and elated*
YAY Turbo! Congrats!

~~~~early good interview vibes for turbo~~~~

Only half hour left in the day kats!
Congrats turbo!!! How exciting!!

Another good thing: I have an excuse to take off early because the meddler needs me to go to the bank before 5:00.
drive by!

OH TURBO!!! that's fantastic! wow! best of luck on your interview! i have everything crossed for you!!!

be back soon!
Thanks, ya'll! I'm so excited - the wait until Tuesday is going to be soooo long, but with the easter holiday this week, that's the soonest I could schedule it. But, it gives me the time I need to work on getting a proper business suit, so that's a good thing.

And I didn't leave early, but I spent all afternoon lining up my references, so I wasn't working either. wink.gif What a perfect day for my boss to have been out of the office!
Hi hi Everybody!

Turbo! Yayay! Good luck with the American Cancer Society - sounds awesome!
~*~*~*~*interview vibes~*~*~*~*~* You'll wow 'em!

So, I finally caught up on most of the archives. I'm glad you guys are doing alright, even though some of us are having a rougher time than others. I think hugs are in order for

(((treehugger))) for having a rough time with your hearing aid

(((kelkello))) for having to put up with comments from an assclown you dumped two years ago

(((roseviolet))) for feeling oogey and overwhelemed at the moment. Good for you for being the BWE, and I'm sure Sheff appreciated it. And the cack.

(((girltrouble))) for starting on an exciting new path

Who else? Well, shit. You all deserve hugs! Let's jump into a cuddle puddle right now!

Moxie - that's so cute about Moxette eating soup. Heikki used to love (and still eats) yellow split pea soup. I was so happy when I discovered he liked something so easy, nutritious, and cheap.

The other night, I burned my finger with some melted sugar. Right on the upper knuckle of my middle finger. Owies. It is so yucky right now, maybe I'll head over to the grody gross out thread in a bit.

Last night, Morticia and I went to 80's Night downtown. We met some very not interesting people. This guy came up to me and started talking about his research in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Bleh. Fuck off, man. If he had anything interesting to say about it, it would be one thing. But he was just trying to impress us with his scientific knowledge.

Afterward, we went to the favorite 24-hour diner for some tater tots. A couple of reggae-lookin' guys sat with us and one of them kept saying he was famous in Europe. Blah blah blah. His brother was sitting in my side of the booth, and he shook my hand - with a big wad of cash in it. I asked him what this was all about - he replied, "It's the 'International Language'". WTF? I gave him the money back, and Morticia and I took off.

What a weird night.

Today and tomorrow, I have off from work. What to do...what to do...

Thanks for the oohs and aahs over my dessert idea. I think it sounds really good.

OH! I met Octinoxate yesterday morning, and she is so cute and sweet and smart! I had a great time, and I hope the two of us will hang out again soon.

OK - I'll be around. I hope there are a lot of cross-posts. I'm lonely right now.

Turbo. ROCK. that is all.

Don't be lonely!

I am watching futurama, it is very amusing. I'll have loads of work to do tomorrow, but at least it keeps me out of trouble. Mostly.

The dog puked in my bed today. I come home and there is puke on some of the blankets. Not so nice.

How is everyone tonight?
((((puppy)))) We're here, darlin'! Yowza, you've met real assholes recently -- *may you meet smart, interesting, fun people from here on out*

And ouch for your poor finger! I'd be no good at your job - I can cook just fine, but its putting things in and out of the oven when I'm prone to burning myself.

Thanks, mox. *blushes*

((((CH's pupper)))) I hope your pupper is okay!

We're watching Borat right now...its kind of painful. I think I'm glad I didn't pay to see this in the theater.
Turbo, that's awesome about your interview. ~~~~vibes~~~~

Culture, I hope your dog is okay. I get freaked when mine gets the least bit ill. She has colitis and gets diarrhea really badly sometimes. It costs me $100 at the vet everytime it flares up. Not good.

Tesao, good to see you!

Raises hand to see FJ's belly cast.

Mox, I don't think I would have thought of soup for a toddler, either. It's one of those foods you sort of forget.

Tree, glad to see you excited and upbeat. Money has that effect on me, too. And yay for the entertainment center!

RV, ~~~househunting vibes~~~

I know I'm missing folks. ((((okayers I've missed)))

I'm having a no-good, awful, very bad day. Had an intense therapy session. It made me feel horrible. I hate paying on days like that...I think, "I paid $25 to feel worse?" But it's part of the process. I'm just having a really hard time with all of this. It's hitting me worse today that it has all week. I know I will be okay, but right now life is not good.
yay!!!!!! turbo i am so excited!!!!! that sounds so great! fingers crossed occupational luck vibes4U!

tree, good hustle, mama! i wish i had the energy to clean. i just want to nap. lucky duck! with your fancy entertaining center...!

(((((((((((((kelly kel!))))))))))))))) things'l get better. big hugs

sorry for you and the poochie sad.gif culture.

hi pk!!!!! you are meeting weird folks, but doesn't that mean you have a quirky person that you will love just around the corner? hmmmmm.

today was not so good. we went on a field trip and i couldn't hear half of what the teacher said. i've decided that he's all jack lemon in hurly burly. no william macy. if i could have blushed i would've. he has been teaching us to identify metals by sight, and he pulls out a thin copper colored wire. "what's this?" someone said, "copper!" he replied, "this is seattle! just cos it looks like a woman, doesn't mean it is..." the class roared with laughter....
then some people talking shit about me in the back row... thanks teach....

only one thing to do... sleep it off!!!! yay! napping heals all wounds! ttyl okers...
Girltrouble, that guy is a dick! If he weren't in charge of your future grade and success in your chosen profession, I'd punch him in the neck for you. What a horrible jerk. You are so strong in your attitude about this. *sings from the Jungle Book* "I wanna be just like you! I wanna walk like you, talk like you do!"
GT, that guy does indeed need a schoolin, and while there's probably no good in complaining too loud about it, I bet you can kill him with kindness, and turn it around on him so that he can't help but respect you. You're there to be a serious student, and I hope he'll respect that. (((((happy zzzzzz's for GT)))))

(((((Kel))))) I'm sorry you're having a rough day, kel, and therapy can indeed feel like its making things worse, but I just hope that its accelerating your healing and facilitating you accepting this transition, honoring yourself, and moving on.

*hands kel a warm mug of thick, rich, mexican chocolate*

MRG is coming into town...grrr. I'm all bloaty and the girls are very sore. I'm not too excited about suit shopping this week, but oh well. Almost bedtime, though, and then I can crawl into bed with a warm rice bag.
Hey! That guy *does* sound like a dick! GT's gonna show him up by welding circles around him!

I just finished having a wonderful meal with friends at a teahouse downtown. I had falafel and a curry-lentil soup. Yum.

Tonight I am going over to Pickle's place for wine and ice cream.

(((kelkello))) - Sorry you're feeling worse after therapy. That sucks. (((((more hugs for kel)))))

So, Turbo - sorry MRG is wreaking havoc on you. But I hope you will get excited later to get that suit! You're gonna kick butt-flushed ass at that interview.

kel, you don't know this about me, but the phrase "punch him in the neck" is quite possibly one of the funniest phrases to ever be uttered. which is my verbose way of saying i've got tea all over my 'puter screen.

as for the comment i don't quite know what to make of it. i mean, he's the teacher, after all. i kinda think that this might be part of his usual teaching shtick, i just happened to be the unhappy butt of the joke. but i am trying to figure out what to do (if anything), part of me thinks i should keep my head down, say nothing. the other part thinks i should make him stew, just talk to him privately, and say, "you know i am prone to give you the benifit of the doubt and think that you meant nothing by the comment, but i think you should know, i am transexual." i don't know him well enough to know what he'd say or how he'd react, because even with friends or family, it's a roll of the dice. you never know how someone is going to re/act.

hmmm maybe i should punch him in the neck and fall out laughing....wink.gif
Turbo! Congrats on the interview!!!! That is soooooo damn exciting!
[does Happy Dance for Turbo]
[*note that Happy Dance includes a good deal o' rump shakin'. Aaaaw yeeaaaaaah!!!! wink.gif]

((((((((((Kel))))))))))) Love you, sweetie. Lots and lots. Hope Wednesday treats you better.

GT, WTF?!?? Perhaps someone should remind him about sexual harassment law. Grrrrrrr. I'd feel inclined to shove one of my Stewart Weizman stillettos up his ass, but my shoes deserve far better treatment and he deserves far worse. Grrrrr. At any rate, please do try to take the high road here. Kill him with kindness. And wit. And firey hot welding tools. wink.gif

PK .... The "International Language"?!?! He actually said this while handing you money?!?! Jeezie creezie, that is the skankiest & most bizarre pick-up line I've heard in ages! Please tell me that now that some time has passed you can see the humor in it. Because that is just a classic story! laugh.gif
~~~~~~ soothing for PK's finger ~~~~~~

~~~~~~ soothing for CH's darling puppy ~~~~~~ Poor thing!

Tree, we got a 36" LCD widescreen TV & I loooooooove it! We had a tiny old fashioned TV before, but I'm soooo damn glad we got the nice big screen. Makes watching movies (and playing the Wii) much much better.

Dammit, I know I'm forgetting people. I hate that.

Anyway, we saw two houses tonight. The first one was fairly new, but felt kinda cheap. The kitchen was cramped. I wasn't thrilled.
Then we visited the 2nd house. And we fell in love. We are calling it The Three-Legged House. Here's a pic of the front.

It's on a big, wooded lot with enormous trees. Loooong driveway, so the house is set back from the street. No garage, but the parking pad is big enough for 2 & we could probably fit 4 or 6 cars along the driveway. The back has some very sweet landscaping done & TONS of trees, so only the front has to be mowed. There's even a little fenced-in bit for dogs. The rooms were cute and wonderful with some very nice wood chair rails and crown moulding. And the sunroom off the kitchen is to DIE FOR. Holy crapulence.
The problem.
Well, the problem is the bathrooms. The two bathrooms upstairs are tiny, cramped & falling apart. Cheapy plastic tubs with cheapy plastic surrounds that don't seem to be sealed well. And the cultured marble sink in the master suite is ... well, I don't know how to describe it, but it looked as though it had been worn through, if that's even possible. Sooooo ugly and awful. And cramped. And there is no possible way to bump anything out to make a bigger, nicer master bath without spending oodles of money. Even then, I don't see how we could make it work without losing the master closet or a bedroom or something and that will never do.

We are calling it The Three-Legged House because I have an enormous weakness for three-legged dogs. Any handicapped animal, really. They have so much to offer, you know? They just need a little help. Same goes with this house ... and just about every house I've liked, to be honest. But this one really grabbed us.
So. Uuuuuuuuuuuuugh. TORTURE!!!!!! Because we absolutely fell in love with this house until we saw the teeny fall-apart master bath. Sheff actually described it as the slit-your-wrists-bathroom because it looks so damn depressing. Bleh. I wish I knew if there was hope for it.

It seems that our options in our desired area are either (1) fairly new, but kinda cheap &/or soulless on tiny plots OR (2) older with lovely details & tons of gorgeous tall trees, but in need of plenty o' TLC.

GT, I've found that a sense of humor tends to be the best way to overall get the focus off. It's a tough school...and they are like chickens in a yard, if there's a bloody spot, they will all peck at it. best possible advice to you is to find a way to turn the comments around and joke back at them. I'm not sure exactly how, depends on the context, but snappy comebacks seem to work the best for me in that environment. Just be the best student you can be, expect some guff and some rudeness...and win em all over! I've found also, if they dish it out you should be able to dish it out back. You can do it! You just gotta earn their respect...and a girl with a sense of humor, a biting wit, and an awesome weld, and then even if she's a TG, will earn their respect, eventually. Just don't hang your head...that will make you look like you're ashamed of yourself. And, I unfortunately have to suggest not approaching him on the PC thing...because that also tends to backfire. You need to have pride in YOURSELF, who YOU are, don't take any guff, bounce it off and give it back out. Mess with their minds a bit.

Yeah, some of that phrase does sound like teaching shtick to me, too. Unfortunate.

GT, I'm kinda envious! This class is going to be sooo valuable for you. I suck at identifying metals..and once I had to solder a new pipe to a refrigerant pipe in a refrigerator...and I couldn't get the solder to take....of course I found out later that the refrigerator side was actually copper plated steel...and I was trying to just use regular solder because I thought I was working with regular copper....I felt really stupid. I wanna take your class!

*~*~*soothing vibes for kelkello*~*~*

*~*~*anti-MRG vibes for Jenn*~*~*

PK, your names for friends are funny. I'm sort of tired right now and I read your post as, "I'm going to whine for pickle and ice cream"....I was like, huh?

CH, a good cure for doggies with upset tummies is pumpkin, right out of the can, not the pie mix, just the plain pumpkin. It's also good for diarrhea. Or bland foods....I used to have a dog with a very sensitive stomach, and another thing that'd help a lot was if I'd just make a batch of plain white rice, made with water, not broth, no butter, no salt or anything....Lady'd gobble it up and think it was a wonderful treat, she'd even growl at the cat if he came too close...and it made her tummy better.

Turbo, congrats on the interview!!! I will be sending plenty of vibes your way on Tuesday!!! So exciting!!!

ETA: Crosspost with Rose...hihihi!! You know, in the shack, I had pretty much the same situation...a miserably small, horrible bathroom without much hope of bumping it out....I had actually (until I ran out of steam) been planning to put a raised platform in the corner of the master bedroom (to hide plumbing), tile it, and put a clawfoot tub on top of the platform. I was going to make a curtain-like thingy out of seashells to sort of divide and seperate the tub off. Sort of an old fashioned country-ish cottagey soaking tub. You could prolly do something like that if the master bathroom is attached to the master bedroom. Or if the kitchen is underneath, all you need is plumbing semi-close. If the bedroom's big enough, anyway. Just put the platform on the wall next to the bathroom, run the plumbing through under the platform and put your big, elegant tub in there and make your master bathroom a stand up shower. Just a thought. That was my plan in the old house.

((((hugs)))) to those who I just know I'm forgetting.... unsure.gif
Mornin' ya'll!! I'm still full of excitement this morning about the interview - I just wish it was sooner!!

BRRrrrrrrr, is it ever cold out there this morning! 30 degrees, and 20mph winds off the lake...thank cod turbomann drove me to work this morning, I don't want to risk my health out there today.

Rosie!! That house sounds SO good, and it looks beautiful!! I'd say that bathrooms are pretty malleable, and if you love the rest of the house so much, think seriously about taking the next step...just build a little cash back into an offer to leave yourself room to renovate that sad little bathroom. The bathroom was really the drawback in our place too - I've got a pink tub and toilet, and tile that's in not so swell shape, but sadly we've lived with it for 5 years, and probably won't get to it until next summer. But that's okay. We love our home anyway.

Tree, you are so very wise, and I think your advice to GT is perfect.

And tree's right on the pumpkin - I buy a big can of it, and then freeze it in small dollops so that whenever turbo's tummy is upset, I can pull one out of the freezer, and pop in in the micro, then plop it on his food. And he loooves the pumpkin - and if I mix it with plain yogurt - then he's really in heaven!
Drive by! *honks horn* Too much odd-houred reading: my sleep hours are all effed up again. O, the curses (or blessings?) of joblessness, I suppose. I'm going back to bed - will check in and catch up later!

Oh, before I forget, I have to post this site for poodle - and everyone else, but poodle especially, 'cos she's our resident rock expert!

Museum of Bad Album Covers

Happy Humpday everyone!

*snicker* I said "hump!"
Awww, thanks, guys! smile.gif Goatie and I had a nice Mo-v with vodka sauce spaghetti and portions and Ever After. Thanks for the confidence vibes, Rosiev! They worked well smile.gif *Confidence Vibes back at ya and for all!* HMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~!

Turbo, great to hear you're back on the bike. I really, REALLY gotta do that. There's no excuse for not biking around in this town. I wonder if there were a way you could hook up a cage with a miniature treadmill to the side of your bike so that you can have auxiliary Greyhound power to your bike. Maybe some kinda low gear could turn Turbo's high speed into decent torque... unless he just wags his tail and lets you do all the pedaling (and yet there may be a way to harness the wag...).

Waaah! I only got to respond to a couple of you this time before I have to run sad.gif Aren't there any carpentry jobs where I can be on the internet, too? *BUSTer vibes for all BUSTables!* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!
Yay for a great Mo-versary for Lore and Goatie!! And for yummy food and portions too!!

~*~*~*~*jobbity job vibes for all who need 'em~*~*~*~*~

I have to say, the one down-side to the job I'm interviewing for is that it will likely take me off the bike, unless they have showers there, OR there's a Bally's really close by where I could'd be about a 12 mile ride, one way, which isn't bad, but I would definitely work up a stank. That, and riding though the Loop at rush hour could be fun! (Sadly though, I'd probably zip through faster than cars!)

Turbo would not be a good cycle engine though I'm sure he'd like to try. tongue.gif The well-kept secret of greyhounds is that they are very unassuming athletes, and are the supermodels of the doggie world, far preferring to spend their days lounging on sofas and eating bon-bons. He loves to run, but for, maaaaybe one minute per week...just enough to show you he's still got the goods. After that, back to loping along at a pokey pace on our walks.

Doodle!! nice to see you in here so early!! I hope you're curled up with the kitties for a nice nap right now! I'll check out the museum later - looks fun!
Good Morning! I am happy because today is Wednesday, it's like it is really Thursday! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

The puppers appears to be feeling better, see it's all soggy and gross here, the spring thaw and all, and I think that she got into a little something. She is a little bandit, and gets into everything. Thanks for the vibes all.

GT I agree with Tree, and she would know best. Fuck them and dish it back. We all know you have biting wit!

RV love the house! A fixer upper.


Hi turbo!

Doodle, how's it going?

I'm going out for a nice big lunch today.

That is all for now!


good morning all!

it's a sort of slow morning for me. i've been up for a while but i had terrible dreams last night. one was that the world was coming to an end due to a barbeque grill that had been wired with a "loose bomb" (whatever that means) and tossed in the ocean. it was going to blow and cause tsunamis in all directions. my brain was working on that one, i guess. but the other one was especially horrible and i blame last night's episode of house - i had to have a "baby transplant" because there was something horribly wrong with mine. sheesh. it doesn't help that jackaroo hasn't been as active in the past couple days as he's been in the past. i'm trying to believe that he's just growing and running out of room in there. it is true that males have a growth spurt around 25-26 weeks due to their descending testicles and that's right where i am, so it makes sense. yes, i have testicles descending in my uterus.

still, it scares the crap out of me when he doesn't "behave" as normal.

oh, roseviolet! i love that house! that's so nice! you know, we had the same problem with ours. we really liked the layout and the house and the yard, but the master bathroom was just so bad. i know we'll improve it, but i'll never have my jacuzzi tub in this house. we do plan to get a hot tub for the backyard in the next year or so, so that will make up for it. we also had the issue that you're looking at: all the newer places are on treeless (and yes! soulless!) lots and look like cracker boxes, where all the older homes need work. we finally just decided that we'd much rather have a place with a nice yard than the newer homes that might have better amenties but less character. character is one thing we can say this home has, hehe.

oh, and i DID watch project runway last season but i missed the belly cast... was that laura that had it? wonder how i missed it. i want that show to come back on! i hate top design. well, i don't HATE it, but i have zero connection with ANY of the players. i guess that's not a terrible thing. i'm sure i can find better things to do with my time than sit and watch reality contests. oh, and the talk about stacey and clinton: i am with you guys... the more i watch, the more i want to tell her to go drink a nice cold glass of shut the fuck up. i mean, yeah, she's got great style and the banter between her and clinton is great. but she can be sooo harsh on people sometimes. i know people need to hear the truth but good lord! and i don't think she needs her own show.

gt, sorry about the comment, but i bet it's just part of his normal schtick. yes, he shoudldn't be talking like that, but i bet you he wasn't referring to you. i agree with tree, give them shit right back! You can rumble with the best of 'em! wink.gif

mmm, pk had wine and ice cream last night! yummy! are you feeling better lately, girl? i hope so!

ok, i've been posting this between phone calls for the past hour and a half. i am sure i've cross-posted!

hi lorewolf! hi doodle! (i checked that link and there are some damn bad album covers out there!)

hi culture! what is your big lunch today??
Happy Hump Day peeps!!

Whoa...that house is a fixer-upper? How much do the houses usually go for out there, RV? How much are you guys looking to spend? Chreeest, $130,000 might buy you a nice meth-house (complete with 'as is' addendum) near the Quik N Eazy in North Minneapolis. The home prices around here make me want to barf. Buyer's market...whatever.

(((girltrouble))) Sorry you had to deal with that. The guy probably wasn't even thinking about it. boss wants me to do something for her.

Doodle, thank you for giving me the best laughs of my day! That website is the pure definition of "so bad it's good". biggrin.gif

FJ, I was indeed talking about Laura on Project Runway. Good ol' Bad Mommy herself. smile.gif On the episode when they toured her house they showed the cast of her belly. I'll try to find it on-line. Sadly, I don't have Bravo where I live now (My cable company doesn't offer it! Can you believe that?!?) so I am unfamiliar with Top Design. But when Project Runway comes back on, I'll be in agony because I'll have to wait for the episodes to come available on iTunes before I can watch them. Uuuuugh.

~~~~~~ soothing for Jenn ~~~~~~

Glad to hear the puppers is feeling better, CH. Just sorry to hear that it's so soggy there! Blech!

Poodle, the house is definitely gorgeous on the outside. It's the inside that needs work. And it breaking my heart here! The bathrooms are sooooo squished & falling apart. The master simply cannot be used right now due to the broken sink & the scary plastic tub. I was hoping that Sheff might be willing to take it on, but he really wants a nice tub to soak in and we just can't figure out where to find the space for it. The two bathrooms are pressed up against eachother & crammed into a back corner of the house on the 2nd floor. The bathrooms are surrounded by two outer walls, the master bedroom, and the laundry closet where the washer & drier sit. I just see no way to expand & make it work without costing us oodles and oodles. It's heartbreaking.

Anyway. Bleh. I gotta go pick up our taxes.
HI poodle and FJ and anybustie else!

Mmmmm, jacuzzi in the back yard, FJ - that is going to be nice!! We had an indoor hot tub growing up, and I used that thing every single night until I went to college...its where my love of baths came from, I'm sure.

I have another boss-free day today - unexpected, but delightful! I still haven't had a chance to ask her for Friday off, though, so I hope I can still take it. know what this house means - that you're even closer to the house that you are meant to have! This one is 90% of what you want...and you'll find your true home that has Sheff's soaking tub, a nice wooded lot, and the right situation to go along with it! ((((((perfect home vibes))))

I just went to see my friend/co-worker here who's in charge of our crisis nursery, and is an amazing healer, and she just did a card reading for me that confirms that this job opportunity is the right one! Wahoo! I'd done almost the exact same reading for myself over the weekend, so its always good to get that confirmation.

And rosie, you are definitely not missing a thing with Top Design - I watched the first two epis and just decided that it wasn't worth my time...and its rare for me to turn my nose up at a Bravo reality series! Its just plain BAD.

Poodle, you could buy yourself a nice little condo in our neighborhood's crack denizens for about $220K...ridiculous indeed. We're very lucky to have bought before the property price boom in our 'hood. The problems aren't gone, but the prices are doubled.

god, i love youse guys!!!
x and o's for erybody!

i just got back from my new endo/doctor, and i have to say it was one of the best experiences i've had. i'll yammer on about it later, i gotta get a bite, and head to school. but thanks for the advise, y'all are the greatest, and ofcourse thank you tree. you are the best mentor EVAH! and i owe you still more hugs....*hops on her longboard* later okayer!

I started a post earlier this Am but couldn't get it finished. Got busy. Now still am fairly busy, but thought I'd pop in for a sec.

Rose, I like the house! It's a balancing act isn't it? Finding one in your price range with some or most of the things you want with few or none of the things you don't want. I agree that the right house will find you. When we were house hunting one we were really interested in went under contract before we could go look at it. I was so irritated and disappointed b/c it had seemed perfect. Shortly after that we found our house, which is right around the corner form the 1st house. I walk by the first house all the time & think how much more I like my house.

GT...your teacher's comment is pissing me off! What an asshole! Does he know you are TG? UGH! (GT)

Doodle, those album covers cracked me up! Oh man....sooo bad! How are you feeling sweets?

JENN! WOOT WOOT!!! I am so thrilled to hear about your interview. Knock 'em dead, kid! rolleyes.gif

((Kel)) Girl, I am so sorry you are feeling cruddy. I know, therapy hurts sometimes even if the end product will be good. Take care & we are here if you need us.

((FJ)) Sorry to hear about your crappy dreams. I am sure Jackaroo is A-OK. Descending testicles in your uterus! Heh!

Hiya PK! That is so rad that you got to meet a bustie IRL. I wish I could meet more, I've only met one. Lurv, who, speaking of, I miss 'round these parts.

Hi Tree! How's your wrist? I am amazed by you & GT's knowledge of welding. That is so out of my knowledge base, but I would love to know a trade like that.

Hi Lore! Happy Belated annivesary!

I'm doing alright today. It's been a good day thus far. I had a kickass workout at lunch, so I am feeling pretty energized. It's my third day of workout in a row this week, which is good as I've been slacking lately. AND! My error at work got fixed. We fixed the mistake & reprinted the report. It cost my agency $750 but at least now everything is correct. Fortunately it hadn't been bound at the print shop yet, or distributed.

Do you guys ever have times where everyone in your life is in crisis & you are called upon for support? I am having one of those times. Mom's in the middle of a nasty divorce, BGP is going through a nasty breakup, Mr K is depressed about his job & money situation, and today my sister called me losing her shit..she is taking my niece on a two day trip & is really nervous about it. I think it's part of the recovering-addict-brain. She's having to relearn everything & has low confidence about her abilities.

End Rant.

In good news....I think I'm gonna go by the farmer's market after work. Good tomatoes are finally in!

That sucks, kari. I suppose it's hard to keep up with and support everyone while trying to maintain your own sanity. Still, it's very flattering that these people look to you for support.

I want a crack condo in turbo's neighborhood!! That's a total step up from a meth house here!! All of the good crack houses here are taken. wink.gif Yeah, I'm jealous of my bro and sis because they were able to buy houses back when the term "starter home" was still relevant. Oh well. I hate real estate. Booooo!!! I've actually been tempted to burn down some of the places that I was working on just so I could get the projects out of my life. laugh.gif Actually, arson would probably make things more complicated.

I'm just crabby this week. Everyone here is crabby after last week's craziness. Thankfully I don't have shit to do, so that's cool. I should be a good girl and work out tonight, but I'm famished and headachey. I have all the ingredients to make homemade pizza, so I think I'll just go straight home and do that. I can hang out with the Pakistani tomorrow night.

Yaaaaay for turbo's good card reading!! So what are the job specifications?

Oh!! I forgot!! Doodle, I loooove that website!! Thanks for the link!!
Ah, a few moments to unwind. Drinking beer and listening to Neko Case. Waiting to make spinach, artichoke, and goat cheese pizza for my friends coming over. I can't wait to eat that.

RV, ditto to what everyone else has said about the house hunting. That's a lazy response, but I'm coming in late on this one. I'm terrified to even consider buying a house, so I admire your house hunting prowess. I'll be 40 before I buy a house. I associate houses with permanence, and I don't know how to deal with that.

GT, I'm glad "punch him the neck" makes you laugh. It makes me laugh, too, which is why I often say it. However, in real life I am so non-violent and non-confrontational. Except in a passive aggressive way like today..I knew the ex who talked smack about me would be working at the library today, so I went. He saw me, but I pretended I didn't see him. I'm sure he will have much to say on the topic in a whiny blog. Immature of me, but it gets my mind off the loss of Kelman.

Turbo ~~~job vibes~~~

Lorewolf, happy mo-versary (kinda late). That's super-cool you keep the date open for celebrating the two of you. I might adopt that if I ever find the right guy.

FJ: Eek on the nightmares! I have some that just kill me sometimes...I know at some level that I'm dreaming but I can't wake up. It's awful. ~~~soothing sleep vibes~~~

Kari: Yes, sometimes my life is "other people's crisis central" It's tough. But I look at that at least they trust me enough to come for help and comfort. It's a wonderful feeling to be needed and trusted.

The album cover site...hilarious. I read a book with those at Barnes and Noble and nearly shut the place down with my raucous laughter.

Okay, okayers, gotta go make pizza. Good nights to all...I hope to check in later.

mmm, homemade pizza sounds delish!! i think i might make that this weekend! tonight, i have mrfj stopping of to get me some fajitas and some chocolate cack!

sorry your day was a little craptastic, poodle. but i'm glad you've been enjoying your gym so much and that you're already seeing the results. that's really sweet! as is the eye candy. woohoo!

hi kari!! that's great that your agency was able to fix the mistake before the client saw it. i know that made you feel better. i think it speaks highly of your character that you cared about it. a lot of people would have shruged it off, "oh well, it's off my desk". i agree with poodle re: the needy people you have in your life recently. at least they look to you as a voice of reason/shoulder to cry on. hopefully, they'd be there for you if the tables were turned.

home prices make me really mad.

i just completely lost my train of thought because mrfj got home with the food!

and i just got a sale!


Bonjour okayers!

For lunch I had a turkey, mashed potatoes, and veggies. Then for dessert, chocolate mousse with whipped cream. It was fantastic.

Pizza sounds fantastic right now.

FJ yay on the sale!!!

Kari, I know how you feel, soon things will get better. It's hard when you have your own shit going on and everyone comes to you for advice. It's not that you don't want to be there, but it gets a touch overwhelming.

RV it's okay for sogginess, Eastern Canada is getting snow dumped on them and Western Canada is getting rained on. For once, the bad weather isn't happening here. Granted it's a touch chilly, but it's better than snow!!! But then again, I'm sure the snow gremlin will have one last craptastic dumping of snow on us.

GT do tell!!!!!

Poodle, I hope you feel better soon. I actually enjoy being crabby sometimes.

Doodle, fab linky!

I'm craving pickles and cheese. Yummers!

The puppers is playing with her stuffed duck that makes quacking sounds. It's rather cute.

Later okayers!

Hi ya'll! I'm back from volunteering, and have a belly full of quesadillas and salad too. I love it when you can make dinner in 10 minutes! Volunteering was fun today - it is spring break for the schools so there were fewer kids today, so I got to spend a lot of time with a couple kids teaching them photoshop and flash. Cool.

Kari, yeah life and crises can really pile up all at once. Just try to hold some space for yourself, be supportive when you need to, but keep a golden bubble around yourself so that you don't get brought down by what's happening around you.

GT!!! Come back and tell us about your appt this morning!

And all this pizza in here! I'll take some of kel's and some of poodle's! YUMMmmmmm!

Hi FJ! Congrats on the sale! And the fajitas!

The job (that is very soon going to be mine) is here...I'm pretty excited about it!

Okay, back to Friday Night Lights - I'll be back in a bit!
Hi, peeps!

(((((((((((((((job vibes for TurboJenn)))))))))))))))) That sounds like an amazing job, and so much responsibility!

((((Kel)))) Things'll get better soon. I'm curious to see if your ex writes anything about you.

Karianne, I'd personally take it as a compliment that so many people come to you when they need someone. Stressful, yeah, but it says a lot about your character. When people do that to me, if there isn't anything I can do to actually help them, I just listen and let it slide off. It's hard to be bogged down with other people's issues.

Doodle, that link was freaking hilarious (and also disturbing at times)!

GT, you're such an amazing person. Do a lot of people in your program know you're a TG? That's awful that other students would give you a hard time, even if it is behind your back. But you're an awesome person, I'm sure you'll bring them to your side in no time at all.

RV, that's a gorgeous house from the outside, and a whole helluva lot of house! What would you even do with all that space? The bathrooms sound pretty miserable, though.

I don't know if I'll ever own a home. I can't think of much out there I'd want that I'd be able to afford. I'm really picky that way. I want my parents' house, but not out in the sticks. They have a seriously beautiful house (they built it themselves), but I suppose that's what you get after 25+ years of marriage. My brother's place is decent and it was affordable, the location's not bad, but he had to do a lot of work on it to get it where it is now.

Poodle, that's awesome that you've made friends at the gym. I never did when I used to go consistently. And the eye candy ain't bad either! I'd probably get all shy and embarassed, but great on you for being more outgoing. I'm glad your yucky project at work is done, too.

I'm thinking about joining my local gym. It's a boxing gym, though, so it's a little intimidating. I suppose taking a walk through doesn't cost anything, so I really have no reason not to.

You guys are so totally right about how Clinton should have his own show, not Stacey! Stacey's great and all, but she really needs Clinton there to balance out her sarcasm. She's got a bitter edge to her. Anyone remember when Wayne was her co-host? Man, I hated him and his ugly hair. Blech.

I'm watching Top Design. There are only 3 episodes left, and 2 of them I actually like. It's not anything like Project Runway, or even Top Chef. There's something really odd and mechanical and rehearsed and overly bronze about Todd Oldham, and I can't stand 2 of the judges (and the one I can stand talks the least). I don't know if I want it to come back for a second season.

Congrats on the sale, FJ!

Hi, Culture, Lore, and all else!

Today was a blah day at work. I still don't have much of anything to do, so I spent much of the day pretending to look busy. I've been eating up the little bits of work I do get too fast. My boss gave me a project, though, which shouldn't be too bad. I have to do some digging for information, though, which is okay sometimes, but not when it's all you do. I should be done with it by Friday, though, then I'll have nothing again. I wouldn't be surprised if he made me take on a whole other caseload. We had some fun, though. The section where I sit, where there used to just be a few of us, is now totally full, and all with cool people. Maybe it'll be a little less dull to be there.

I think I'm going to eat some carrot cake now. And then I'm going to cut off a huge slab for our landlords, because the giant and I can't be responsible for 3/4 of a 4-layer carrot cake. We'll never get through it, as good as it is.

Hi diva!! Nice to see you in here at night!

I'm dreading a possible meeting with my boss tomorrow, I haven't done nearly enough this week - too busy trying to get a new job. smile.gif And now I can't decide on taking friday off...since I need to take tuesday morning off for the interview, and then there's possible second interviews...ooooh, its tough. I dunno. Thoughts?

*nabs a piece of diva's carrot cake*

I miss Top Chef and Project Runway...I hope the stylists show is halfway decent.

Oooh, Diva - be sure to give us the scoop on the boxing gym - I'd think it would be great for building strength and getting work frustration out!!

Well, off to the bath now for me - the house is COLD tonight, and the warm tub will be nice right before bedtime!

karianne~ sorry you are feeling over whelmed by all the people needing your encouragement...but it says a lot about you!!! like poodle said, you must be pretty amazing...

kel, the love of my life (my ex-ex) used to say "punch them in the neck" as well as call people "bugger eye." it was one of the kazillion reasons i loved her.... that and she'd give me piggy back rides...and make me laugh so hard my eyelids would flip up backwards...
oh, and i love neko case! although i seem to be stuck on her 2nd and 3rd albums... tigers forward i just can't get into...sad...*sniff* but i love that you went to the asshole ex's work and snubbed him... lol.. that's great... eat your heart out, assy-ass!

yay for fj! more sales...!

hi culture!!!!

jenn i am holding my breath for you to get that new job! that is so exciting.... and you so deserve it!
speaking of holding my breath...

doodle~ thanks for the bad album link.... i can't wait to look at it! i love looking at album covers bad or good.. i have to see if they have my favorite horrible cover--

herbie mann's "push push"

it makes me puke in my mouth a little. it's awfully bad! but i love it!
you really have to see it in person. his chest is covered in oil and dirt and *blarg* *wipes her mouth* sorry. anytime i eat bad food i use it to yack! the kicker is that it's a fold out album and the inside is a pic of a couple fucking.... :/ not after looking at herbie...ugh! herbie was so cheezy. before shaq got the idea herbie took the superman logo for his own. (herbie? superman? i don't think so. dork. ) atleast leon russel turned it upside-down to use it for shelter records' logo....anyways...
oooh.... i think in looking up a good pic i may have come across your bad album site.... oooooooh! anyways, i had it hung up in my bathroom for a year. every person who used my bathroom complained. i replaced it with a religious record with a pic rugged cross bearing jeebus with the caption "heavy load". that lasted half a year,
but now there is just this:

sigh... i love potty humor....

oh rose, wait for the bath... my ex got a house with a bathroom she hates, and it is gonna be forever before she can get around to it. i am sure jenn would agree with me, a good bath is an oasis. you can work around a kitchen, or a spare room... but a bathroom? you want to be able to enjoy that. because whatever else goes wrong, work, relatives, stubbed toes,'ll want to take a nice hot, sensual, scented, dreamy, relaxing, soothing, enchanting bath. my rule is two things that you should invest in or have: a great bed, and a great bath (or atleast a good one.). if you've got those two, anything else ain't so bad. wink.gif

ok, here is my little novel...

my day actually got better after the earlier post! can you believe it?
i love my new doctor! she was supposed to be my endocronologist, but she is just guesting in the department, but after a few questions:
Q:why did you want to see a new doctor?
A:1)cos my old doc is a self important ass who thinks patients ought to keep their mouths shut and think the doctor is god. and
2)because he hasn't the faintest idea about transgender stuff: my first visit he asked me if "the hormones had changed my voice yet?" hormones don't change the voice of a m2f one iota. any ass who picks up a book about transexuals knows that. (idiot!)

my new doc, on the other hand, started talking about how most people in the west can't wrap their head around anyone who doesn't fit into the m/f gender binary...
c'n i say i am in love?! she is so awesome.

now i have been fighting with my old doctor for a year-- since they switched me to him-- to add progesterone to my meds. and he would give me excuses, lie, avoid the question, stall, etc. my new doc called in an old endo doc to consult, and i walked out with the new 'script and a letter to get my license changed, which i promptly mailed. (yay!) which is good since we get our "costumes" tomorrow or fri, and everyone else is already using the lockers and lockerrooms. i already look a bit conspicous... damn i hope i get something back by fri....

after my last post i was skating to catch my bus, i ran into my oldest friend in seattle, whom i have the biggest crush on. i played hooky a bit longer, and we had coffee, and talked about things. she does this funny book festival where people are invited to make some sort of food sculpture about the book of their choice. she said they doubled their submissions, this year they got 80 different entries. i'll put up a link when the pix are up... but she had an entry titled, "are you there, muffin? it's me, butter." (from the judy blume book are you there god? it's me margret), which i thought was a riot. she is easily one of the smartest, funniest most brilliant people i know, and i wanna grow up to be just like her when i grow up... (ok, maybe not just like, but she's so kick ass!)

so from there i went to class and it turns out i missed the boring class this morning (soft skills/ success skills-ugh!) but just in time for a little applied math and then WELDING!!!!! whoooooo! today we got to spend more time welding, and i think i got a good handle on lighting that f'er up! yay! i don't think the teacher knew i was trans, so i said nothing... and man, that jack lemon is amazing at playing a funny old welder. but i kept hearing him talk about "giving shelly the good old leads...."

diva~, i am not sure if anyone knows, im trans. although my height doesn't help. i should have checked my height at the docs, but i don't know if i want to know... i think i could be anywhere from 6'1 to 6'3. :/. people always ask me how tall i am, then say something about how rare it is to see a woman like me. (that's funny i don't feel tall.... hmmmm... people take me to be a woman far as i know, and the other girl in the class hasn't let on that she knows. *shrugs* it's kinda one of those don't ask don't tell things, on both ends...its kind of a don't ask, don't tell.... they don't ask me, i don't tell them. i usually have no problem telling people, if they ask, and it kind of makes me uncomfortable that people don't know. i am so used to being blunt about it. frankly, this is new territory for me....passing is one of those things that creeps up on you. one day you are harrassed, then 3 mos later you realize nobody's talked shit about you in a few months.....

gonna meet some friends and get some wonton noodle at a great new place on my block! later okayer!
First, GT, that cover is fucking hilarious and sick, both at the same time! And I LOVE that you had that hanging in your bathroom...and even more that he was upstaged by Jeezus!! You crack me up, my dear!

And what a DAY, you've had!! Your new doc sounds completely AWESOME, and I'm so glad that you're getting what you need from your docs! That is really amazing progress! You are so in the zone of getting everything you want - the right docs, the right class and're manifesting exactly what you want in life, and I'm loving it!

Thanks for the job vibes...I'll take all I can get. This one feels so right, I just hope they want me as much as I want the job!

Okay, g'night ya'll!
hello okayers!!

sorry, i haven't been 'round much. very busy with moving in the next month. well, back in with the folks. trying to sell as much of my furniture as i can. i don't want to take much. really. trying to keep it light.

i didn't get to read much of the archives. this thread moves quickly. oh well.


good luck with the potential job turbojenn!!

*~*sending out job vibes*~*

GT, that album made me want to throw up a little too!! very scary.

alright, i'm cutting this one short cause i need to go work out.

[Pokes head in the door]

Hi, okayers! I'm stepping in here, lured by the knowledge that this is one of puppykitty's haunts and that she's super cool! So, please don't mind my sort of jumping into the middle of things (I read a page or two of archives).

GT, I'm so glad you like your new doc! Sounds like a gem.

Kari, the way I see it, I feel good about being able to act as a good listener for my friends. So many people I know have these really cool concrete skills that they help me/others out with: fixing household things and car stuff, doing financial advising, giving medical advice or legal advice, and so on (welding, anyone?). Sometimes it feels like I have nothing as useful to offer in return... but there is the listening!

So. I am just chilling around the house (recovering from getting a tooth pulled-yowch!) before heading out to hear a local artist (at Plush, puppykitty) with some girlfriends. Yay! I was hoping the fella would join us, as he's still never met hardly any of my friends, but no dice tonight, as he has to do work stuff (he is probably more committed to his job than anyone I know).

Tomorrow I am 1.) getting braces on 2.) prepping the aforementioned fella's bday presents: homemade yummy granola, and anal beads smile.gif (Anyone here ever used those? Are they fun? I just went on the recommendation of the sales clerk.)

PK, did you get my PM (about the chair)?

That herbie dude looks like a dirty Nicolas Cage.
Hihi, duders!

Hi Octi!!! Wow, you're at Plush tonight? That's fun. I like that place.

Last night, I went to Pickle's place for wine and ice cream, then I went to the favorite 24-hour diner for a couple of drinks. Then I came back to Morticia's place to spend the night. The people I am staying with are having romantic baby-making time for a few days, so I'm on "vacation" at Morticia's. I can't believe I slept all freeging day today. Seriously. I woke up at 6 PM!!! I don't know how I did it, and I don't kow how I will get to sleep tonight. Maybe I will go out for a little while or something.

Mornin' ya'll!! I slept SO well last night, after my bath - no more terrible dreams, either. I swear, the Nyquil dream effect has been haunting me all week, and the last time I took a shot of it was on Friday! Its still crazy cold out today, but the sun is shining, so I don't really care.

After work this afternoon, I begin my quest for the perfect business suit! *cue the intrepid shopper theme music* And this morning, I have to say, I feel really calm about the new job opportunities before me, and the thought of this being among my last few weeks at this far more pleasing than I thought.

Octi, welcome!! Come on in, and make yourself comfy on the okayland sofa, and snuggle in under the feather duvet!

I hope your toof bracing goes sounds painful. ((((soothing tooth vibes))))

PK! Glad to see you in here - sounds like you're making the best of your temporarily nomadic life!

Star - we've meeced you, my dear! I was just thinking this morning while walking turbo that I hadn't seen you 'round the lounge this week, so I'm glad to see you here! Are you still up for hosting us all on Saturday? If not, just let me know, and we can change venues to my place...
GT! That is so great about the doc! I am so happy for you!

Hi star! Haven't seen you lately, how are things going?

Turbo, the job sounds so great! ~*~*~*interview vibes*~*~*~

So, today is like Friday! I am very happy about this, I've been playing catch up at work. But, hopefully things will be quiet. I have Monday off too! YAY!

I bought season two of Futurama yesterday, and I never realized it when the show first came out, that it is very satirical. LIke The Simpsons, it was created by Matt Groening, too. It's so funny, lots of subtleties that I didn't catch on to before. I'm addicted. I watched the episode where they figure out where Slurm really came from. laugh.gif

Well, I'm going to go and wander about. I'll catch the you later!

G'morning Okayers!

PK, did you end up going out and doing something fun? I hear you about the sleeping being messed up...I've gotta start setting an alarm again so it doesn't hurt so much when I go back to work. Le blergh.

Octi, how was Plush? And, being a listener is valued as well! In fact, you get a lot more opportunities to do THAT as opposed to how often people ask me something refrigeration or heat related.

*~*~smooth move~*~* vibes for stargazer

*~*~more job vibes~*~* for Jenn

GT, that album cover nearly made me gag, tooooo...LOL. I'm glad I didn't see it when my tummy was yucky. You've got a great sense of humor! And I'm so psyched for you about your new doc, what good news! And, "lighting that f'er up?"...OMG, I'm envious again! You're learning gas welding? I never learned you're on your own for advice on that one! smile.gif

Kel, way to go on that bit of satisfaction. I'm also interested if he whines again in his blog. Asswipe.

Oh, diva, I hate that "pretending to look busy" stuff. It makes the day drag on. Hopefully today goes better.

FJ, congrats on the sale!! ~*~*vibes for more sales*~*~

I hate house prices, too. I sold the old shack, with no floor, dented aluminum siding, crooked as hell, the worst kitchen and bath EVER, for $130,000. With some of the windows (in the rooms I hadn't renovated yet) so sagged and crooked and painted shut they'll NEVER open, they'll have to be removed. Asbestos wallboard and a very regrettable addition on the back.....YUCK. And a wintertime heating bill pushing $800.00 per month. Anyway, around here, that's what ya get for 130.

Believe it or not, I improved it a LOT....I bought it for $40,000 if you can believe that.

I got my entertainment center yesterday...and I was sooo glad I got it delivered. The two guys were pretty nice. They borrowed my drill...hehe, it's nice to have better tools than they do...just a weird little "girl power" satisfaction there. Anyway, my poor little television looks dwarfed on it, and my little miniature RV DVD player is dwarfed too. Here's a pic...please don't laugh at the pathetic television...and I have the "demon kitty" on his bed in the corner. His "red eye" always comes out two different colors, I dunno why.

So...should I get a bigger aquarium? That empty one that's on it looks a little small for its space, but once I fill it with water, it will weigh 100 pounds..I'm not sure how much heavier I want to go on that console. Maybe if I hang vines around it, it will fill the space a little better. And I know I need accessories on the shelves. Sooo... whatcha think?
morning okayers!

Hi CH, Treehugger, PK, Octi, and Turbo!!

Turbo, of course I'm still having the party at my place!!! I didn't order tres leche cake for nothing. Make sure you bring expandable pants! oh, and don't take nyquil! please! i'm glad you are feeling better. i like ann taylor loft for a suit. Target also some nice stuff too.

treehugger, nice entertainment center! of course, i noticed the little kitty in the corner. rolleyes.gif

CH, how are things with le man?? And you??

puppykitty, how are you doing since the burglar-y??

ok. i'm off to work. i got SOOOOO much done yesterday it is crazy. i willl be back on in the evening.

*notes to self to wear baggy pants to star's par-tay* Whew! I'm glad you;re still able to host...I didn't know if you were really already in the process of moving. Tres leche cake...that sounds, ummmm *drool* I still haven't figured out what I'm going to bring...that's tomorrow's project!

Ann Taylor Loft is where I'm headed this afternoon - there's one close to work here, and if they don't have anything, I'll head downtown tomorrow.

Tree, that entertainment center is GORGEOUS! And I love your dear kitty! I think once you get the bigger tv in there, I think it will balance the fish tank without too much trouble, and will probably look perfect, with just the right proportions.

CH - I adore Futurama - that show and Scrubs, I can pretty much watch endlessly. Smart television shows are a beautiful thing.

And YAY for having the day off tomorrow! I think I may have to go to the HR director to make sure I can take tomorrow off - my boss has been MIA since Friday, and no one has communicated to me why she's not here, or when she's coming back...its very strange, since all her calls come to me when she's out, and I've got no information for people.
Good Morning, babes!

Tree! That room looks wonderful! I looooove the wall color! The could fit a larger one in there, but honestly, I think it looks good. It still looks roomy, you know?

Welcome Octi! So glad to have you! Sorry to hear about your tooth. Ouch. Did you say you are getting braces today?

GT! That pic is hilarious!! I thought it looked like Nicolas Cage too. He is gross. I am so glad you found such an awesome new doctor!! She sounds amazing! It is frustrating dealing with doctors who don't know what the F they are doing.

Jenn, good luck on your suit hunt! I went on one a few months ago. It was relatively painless. I found one at one of the dept stores for 1/2 off.

Thanks for all of your kind words yesterday. I know, does make me feel good that people come to me when they're upset, and usually I don't mind a bit. It's just it felt like this week everytime I answered the phone someone needed help. Things will get better. I did take a break last night. BGP & another friend were going to dinner & invited me to come along. I declined, as I just needed a break from break-up land. My friend is doing a little better w/ things too, so that is good.

I am so stoked that we are off work tomorrow. Mr K is off too, which never happens! It is rare we get more than one day off together a week. He is off Friday & Saturday, so I am looking forward to spending time together.

Hi CH, star, PK & everyone else! Where's minx been lately? And Mouse?

octi... so sorry for the tooth loss. i hate anything that means i have to go to the dentist...boooooo!

i am so jealous of you busties getting together... sounds so fun...

tree~ we're learning oxygen/acetelyne welding (oaw) it just never feels like we've got enough time. oh i have to add to the chorus... the wall color just pops with that entertainment center, and well, i love your kitty too!

doodle thanks for that awful album art link, although it had one of my favorite albums (and a record i'd kill for):the louvin brothers satan is real...
sadly they didn't have any albums by my other obsession: little marcy she's just godawful. no other way of putting it, and her album covers soo earnestly loopy...

jenn~ goodluck with the suit shopping... again, jealous!

good to see you in here again star!!!! yay! i miss you posting....

ugh, ok i've been avoiding homework... ttyl, okayers!

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