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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Mornin' ya'll! Well, I finally have enough energy to ride into work on my bike! And not a moment too soon, as they're starting a big public transit project today that is going to possibly double commute times for the next 2 years. ooof. So, I'm all too happy to be back on my bike for now.

Oooh, a day off, mox - sounds like you enjoyed it to the fullest! I'm scheduling myself for a day off on Friday this week - no one's going to be in the office, and a day off work when I'm NOT sick sounds nice right now.

~*~*~*~*Happy first day of welding school, GT!!!~*~*~*~*~*

I can't wait to hear how it goes!

And WORD, on everything GT said, kel...any man who calls you "crazy" is not worth a response.

I didn't get to making the tortilla soup last night - I needed the stock to fully cool, so I can skim the fat off the top today...I'll make it this evening - its so simple to make, It'll be done long before dinner time.
Good quick morning, BUSTies, all!

My bridge job ended, and I've been trying to get a new job as well as doing taxes on Turbo Tax (hence extended absence) *flashes absence excuse note written in crayon*

A general good luck and health to you all, and I'll catch up more later. *Fortune and Health Vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Good Morning okayers.

So, I'm having some issues right now. Three people I know have warned me about le man. They just told me to be careful. I don't know what to think. I've met his other close friends, and here we are. I'm all confused. Then I did something really stupid this weekend. Pretty stupid. Now I'm over thinking everything. Grrrrr.

It's Monday, and I'm well and truly not happy to be awake. This weather has got me down in the dumps. In fact, I'm feeling really down in the dumps today.

I agree on the crazy thing.

Mmmm Tortilla soup.

I want to go spend money to make me feel better.

I should go to work now. even though I so don't want to.
Hi, okayers!!

((Tree)) Sorry to hear about your ear! It sounds like that is a good thing that is the hearing aid, though, right? Please keep us posted. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to have so many health problems. huh.gif

((CH)) Are you ok? Has there been anything about le man that you found suspicious or cause for concern? I think if I were you I would take the warnings w/ a grain of salt, but it is good to be aware. Who were the people who warned you? His friends? Sorry you are down in the dumps. sad.gif

Rose, I will echo what everyone else has said...looking for a house is hard & stressful. It seems like it should be fun, but I just found it hard. Everything we looked at needed some sort of work. We finally found something that needed not as much. We did have to replace our roof to the tune of $4K, but we knew that ahead of time so we negotiated for the seller to pay our closing costs. I would have loved to spend that money on something more fun, so I feel your pain. Like others have said, it does take time to find the right house. It'll happen. (rose).

Jenn, congrats on your equity loan! That rocks!!

Kel, that sucks about your ex. That dude needs to just get over it. Very very lame. I think it is smart of you to not respond. Don't fuel the fire, as you said.

Monday Monday, huh? The issue with my report is STILL not resolved. Ugh. Boss hasn't been here. At least I care less than I did on Friday. I made a mistake, sue me. You know? I had a nice weekend. I had dinner at a friend's house on Friday night. Saturday I had class, but left early, at lunchtime. Mr K & I went to Memphis for a Cardinals baseball game, it was a lot of fun. We drank super size beers and ate a pretzel. We had lunch with his parents & grandmother the next day, which was nice.
karianne, i knew this old man who would always say, "if you ain't screwin' up somethin', you ain't doin' nothin'!"
my new motto for welding class. screwing up is part of learning, and if they don't know it, then fuck them freaks!

culture, listen to your friends, find out the particulars, and then keep an eye out, but don't dismiss him for his past. his relationship with you is with you. if you see him pulling the same thing with you, then call him on it, but my advise... "give 'em enough rope." if he decides to lasso you with it, then good, if he hangs himself, and screws things up, then you are on your guard. but maybe he's grown up since the stuff they are warning you about. maybe not, but i know you are already prone to think you're going to screw it up.... maybe you're golden.....

tree, that's poop! the genetic thing is odd, but if it's any consolation, if i ever do meet you, you got the BIGGEST HUG EVAH comin to you. seriously, if you lived anywhere near'd be a velveteen rabbit...luv'd too much!.. i really do wish you were here to teach me. they've warned us the teacher is an old school curmudgeon, as is his assistant (although i've met him and he seems ok, just no bullshit). but you'd be way funner!

sigh. they are doing a story on a local bar that has square dancing. god that sounds soooo fun. you can take the girl out of the cow, god that sounds wrong. what i mean to say, it makes the cowgirl in me come out. hmmm that's weird too. anyways, first paycheck in 4 or so months, i'm gonna go horse riding as a treat...

i am still in a super sappy mood, obviously. okayer hugs for everyone!

Hi GT!! Thanks for the saying on screwing up. I was thinking something similar this morning....if you are never making mistakes, you're probably not taking enough risks. At least that is what I'm telling myself to feel better.

Your advice for CH is good. I think you have to listen to warnings, but just wait & see. You're right, given enough rope, those who are trouble will hang themselves. A good friend of mine here is currently experiencing something like that. I feel so bad for her.

Gt, you're a cowgirl? You ride? That's rad!
I'm back! I spent an hour at Urgent Care, then the doc came in and couldn't find anything wrong with my ear. And I'm all, "But I KNOW it's my ear because if I tug it just so, I can hear normally, from time to time..."

And the doc's all, "well I don't see anything....go get the hearing aide checked"

And I walk out almost in tears (I'm PMSing too), just fuming because the hearing aide people are clear across the city....called them from the urgent care parking lot and got in there on an emergency appointment. And here I am, fully expecting them to back me up....and....

Whoops. Twas the hearing aide after all. rolleyes.gif

Open mouth, insert crow.....anyway, they gave me a loaner and my old one should be fixed in a week or so. And what's really cool is they did a new hearing test on me and in a couple pitches, my hearing has improved by 15 decibels! Which is Way Good. That means that my new hearing aides are doing a better job of protecting my hearing (they're digital and they automatically quiet down when I'm in loud areas)

Anyway, I feel much better now!

GT, sometimes the old school curmudgeons are better, anyway....I always had pretty good luck softening up the old farts. If they're old. See, to an old fart, you aren't competition....because they're getting ready to retire. I've actually had more trouble with the younger more "modern" guys, because they feel threatened.

Just take it seriously...they just want somebody who's willing to take things seriously and work hard. Anyway, my ear is here (and it actually is functional again!) if you want input on anything. smile.gif

*waves to Okayers*
So I got clarification. They don't want to see me get hurt. Which is great, because so far, nothing has set off any warning bells. He's trying to the dirt on my, that's for sure. Thing is, I hide my dirt well. Very very well.

I hate over thinking shit.

It's not even thatt busy at work today. I'm going to buy stuff at lunch.

(((GT))) and (((kari))) thanks for the advice. I'll see where things go. You are the best. Where would I be without the BUSTies? In jail I imagine.
CH - I'm glad its just your friends trying to protect you, but I think you've got a good head on your shoulders, and are entering this relationship both with joy and caution, so I'm sure you'll be fine. We all have a little baggage, its just a matter of determining if that baggage is compatible. wink.gif

Tree, I am SO glad to hear (oof, bad pun!) that you've got the solution to your problem! Hooray for technology and loaner hearing aides!

Its a decent spring day here, and that's making the Mondayness of this day a little more bearable, and the spring flowers are *just* starting to come up, so we'll be in full bloom in a couple of weeks here.

Not much else happening here today....
Hi, peeps!

Turbo, I'm glad your cold went away. But those lingery coughs suck some serious ass. And that's cool that your home equity loan came through! When are you going to start in on your kitchen?

Kel, I also enjoyed Father of the Bride, and I'm not afraid to say it. smile.gif And GT is so right on about your life post-breakup. You won't die alone, unless you want to. Just give things a minute to figure themselves out. I didn't find the giant until I turned 29, and had thought I'd die alone, but in retrospect, we're still young and have our whole lives ahead of us. No need to rush things that in the end will not let themselves be rushed anyway.

Kari, I'm glad you're not stressing about your little boo-boo. Any chance they might just ignore it?

RV, just relax a little with the house thing. It must be fun to look, though, since you're not in a desparate position. I hope your tummy's feeling better.

Poodle was here!!!

I'd like to see Mouse some more, and a Tesao sighting would be fantastic.

CH, I think you're doing the right thing, just taking things slow and as they come with the guy. You'll get through this little spell, and be better for it.

Tree, that's good that it turned out to be your hearing aid. And good that your hearing is a little better, or at least not worse.

GT, you are such a sage, so wise beyond your years. I love what you said about feminism and TG. I've got a TG friend who I think I've only seen twice wearing pants. She's referred to mostly as "that tall, leggy blonde." She's an amazing person, too, a maven of all things great in this world. You remind me a lot of her.

Hi, Doodle! Congrats on the new blazer. Those things are so hard to find.

Hi, Moxie, Lore, and everyone I missed!

The giant and I had a really nice weekend. We stayed home on Friday night, went grocery shopping and out for dinner on Saturday, then yesterday we stayed home and ate White Castles while we watched Wrestlemania. My man Undertaker won! Yayyyy! And unfortunately, Donald Trump's head didn't get shaved, but I didn't really believe it would. Good times, man, good times.

My boss is gone for the day and will be gone tomorrow, so I'm gonna spend pretty much that whole time screwing around, since I have nothing to do here. I'm doing the absolute stupidest busywork possible, it's ridiculous. If it were a nicer day out and I had more money to burn, I'd take some vacation time, but it's dreary and I have a gas bill that ain't going to pay itself. Oh, well. Could be much worse.
HI diva!

I think we're going to start on the kitchen in late summer - when grilling season is in full effect, so we won't have to eat out all the time while the house is a wreck...and I imagine we'll have to work around our neighbor's vacation schedule so turbo won't have to endure all the noise - he's a very sensitive gent.

Kel, I, too, am not afraid to say that I enjoyed BOTH Father of the Bride movies...I am a Big fan of utterly predictably, mildly amusing romantic comedies. This weekend, I watched "Take the Lead" (three times, if I'm being honest), Must Love Dogs, Stranger than Fiction, and Sisterhood of the Traveling was a full-on couch potato weekend for me!

That's so nice that you have a couple of days to just putter around the office...when bosses are gone, it does just make the day a bit more enjoyable. I like to do all kinds of organizey things when mine is gone.

Okay, one hour left to go in the day - I'd better tidy some loose ends up here today!

This has been one of the longest days ever. Fuck. What a boring day. I have so much to do, but I am so unmotivated.

I just want to go home and read. I bought two books for super cheap, so I'm looking forward to browsing and being downright lazy tonight. I haven't worked out in a while, and I personally don't give a shit.

I'm a little cranky today. Not good reason. I am a little tired, so I suppose that I have good reason. I feel like I have a piano tied to my ass I am moving so slowly. Can't complain, I suppose.

At least there is 45 minutes left in this day. I also have some shit tool bar on the computer I am using, and I am finding it highly irritating. I can't remove because the website is blocked by our server. That can't be a good thing.

Hey, gang. Forgive me, but I haven't read the archives, so I have no idea what's happening with you all. Hope everyone is healthy & happy!

Ugh. So last night MRG showed up. I wonder if that's why I was feeling puny all weekend. Anyway, I feel soooooooo bad now. I managed to get out, talk to the tax preparer, & buy a few groceries, but now I am home & I feel miserable. Bleeeeeeeeh.

The good news: today is our 2nd wedding anniversary! Two years ago today we exchanged vows. Feels like a lot longer! We didn't get one another any fancy presents this year. Instead, we got silly, cheap things. Sheff got me some gummy dinosaurs & I got Sheff his favorite dry roasted peanuts. Cheap dates, aren't we? biggrin.gif We also ordered the Planet Earth series on DVD from England. The UK version (the original) is narrated by David Attenborough & we loooooove him. The US version is narrated by Sigourney Weaver or some such and that is just wrongwrongwrong. Anyway, this is a long way of saying that I think we will stay home, eat barbeque chicken, & watch Planet Earth tonight.

Now I am trying to get up the energy to make a cake for us. It's a banana cake, so I don't know if it fits the definition of a "cack". What do the experts think?

RV, congrats on your anniversary! And that is indeed cack you're making. It's battery dough (that looks really weird in writing) and you bake it, therefore it is cack.

I made one of my own this weekend, a 4-layer carrot cack with pineapple and coconut. It's really yummy, but didn't turn out as dark as I would've liked, but that's okay. It still tastes exactly like it should, and for that, I am happy.

I am also happy that, for the first time in many, many moons, I'll be getting home before the giant, so I'll get a whole 30-45 minutes alone in the house. It doesn't sound like much, but for me, it's a treasure.

Hi, Moxie and RV!

I'm jealous of the FJ's Savannah trip. SUCH a cute city. It's been a great many years since I've been there, and only went there because it was the closest airport to Hilton Head Island (blechy place), but it was the highlight of my trip.
Who is the most wonderfully understanding & generous wife in the world?
That would be me.
Allow me to explain.

There's a video game that Sheff helped build last year & it has been published & released. And the producer decided that he wanted to treat his team to dinner. When does he want to take the team out to dinner? Tonight. When did Sheff find out? About an hour ago. But I know that this is important to him because it was his first game with this company & he really deserves to celebrate with the rest of the gang. So I told him to go & have fun & just save some room for cake. I mean cack. wink.gif

So who is the generous, loving, understanding wife who will be spending her wedding anniversary alone?
That would be me.
*bows before the great and generous rosie*

You are indeed the BWE (best wife ever) this evening! And you're not alone, we'll be here! And that is definitely a cack that you're baking!

I totally understand your love of alone time in the house, diva - I am a great fan - hence, why I will never discourage turbomann's paintball playing on weekends. smile.gif I've currently got a pot of tortilla soup simmering on the stove, for a yummy, light dinner.

hey you guys! sorry i haven't checked in all day. i've been lounging most of the day if i'm totally honest. i did get up and read the archives and make some calls first thing this morning, but i wasn't in it to win it, so i decided not to push myself and now it's time to get back on the phone. i'm still not feeling 100% up to working, but it's not like i feel bad or anything. i'm just feeling sort of "eh". mrfj said he feels the same way today. maybe because we had such a nice weeken away.

rose, happy anniversary, dear!! smile.gif that makes ME all sappy. on saturday, we went to our little inn where we were married and we walked in during the middle of their daily afternoon wine reception. there were three or four older couples there (already one and a half sheets to the wind) and they welcomed us to come in and talk to them. we told them that we had been married right there in that very room four and a half years ago and i thought the ladies were going to cry. the men were all happy for us too, making comments about my belly and that it apparently worked for us. it was really nice and while it totally made my day, i also felt like it made their days as well. it was really nice.

and eta: wow rose, you ARE the BWE tonight! i second it! but that's part of why you and sheff are great partners! he has something important and you support him in it. i'm sure the late evening hours will still be full of celebration for you guys. wub.gif

hi to everyone else. i promise i read, but now i don't have much time to post to everyone.

gt, i really hope your first day of welding class was fantastic. i hope tree's hearing aid gets fixed so her ear gets better. i hope kari doesn't beat herself up any longer about the mistake.

i hope all positive hopes for all busties!

oh, and YES, that is CACK! mmmm, cack!

and i hope the gators win tonight. i know, i know... most of you aren't sports fans, but i do love the gators since they're the "hometeam". plus, they're from mrfj's uni, which will hopefully be jackaroo's future uni. if they win the college basketball championship tonight, it'll be pretty incredible. so, i just have to put it out there.
RV. Happy anniversary. And Best.Wife.Ever.


Turbo, I still can't get over how much yummylicious food you always seem to be making.

I had left over salmon for dinner. The day is done, I'm lounging around in comfy fleece pants. I bought the move iron monkey today. I think I'll watch it soon.

Bleh, still feeling alittle blue. Of course the fact that the lounge is not pink *yet* is not cool.

I saw mouse in the confessions thread.

I think I'm actually going to turn my phone off today, because I don't want to talk to anyone.

Mmm chips. I'm going ot have some popcorn!

I have short work week this week and next! Woohoo! this makes me very happy. That mean that tomorrow, the week is already half over!

How is everyone this Monday evening?
*ladles up bowls of tortilla soup with warm tortilla strips fresh from the oven for all okayers*

Well, is pretty much my only hobby, and lucky for me - I get to eat and cook everyday! I always try to make big batches of stuff too, so that turbomann and I have good lunches all week, as I just get very tired of salad I mix it up.

Hi hi FJ - sounds like you really had an amazing weekend! Savannah is at the top of my list of cities in the US I want to visit - its just so damned expensive to get there! ~*~*~*~super sales vibes~*~*~*~*~*~

Well, I gotta go take turbo for his walkie!
The cack is in the oven! If you're curious about the recipe, click here! smile.gif The batter tastes soooooo good. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Sheff called back again a bit ago. I told him that I honestly don't mind him going out with the team because I am so frickin' crampy today! Honestly, I am no fun at all right now, so he might as well spend a couple hours out with the team. He thinks he'll be home before 10, so there will still be plenty of time for cack & cuddles.

FJ, that's so sweet that you got to visit the place where you were married! Aaaaaaw. Good for you for lounging today. Sometimes a gal just needs a little lay-in, ya know?

((((CH)))) I miss the pink, too! The Lounge doesn't quite have its usual pep without the leopard print.

Hooray for Divala's alone time! Hope you spent it wisely. smile.gif

Kel, I may be jumping in late here, but I second everything GT said. It's understandable for someone to bitch about an ex for a couple of months, but he's still whining 2 years later? I think that says a lot more about him than it ever could about you. Just let him be. If you write to him, you'll just be inviting his negativity into your life again and you definitely don't need that right now. ((((((Kel))))))

Can't wait to hear about GT's first day!!!!

Where's Doodle?

[graciously accepts bowl of soup from TJ] Thank you, darling! Sounds fabulous!
I'd just like to say that I am enjoying the first 'rita of the season. Cheers! That is all. smile.gif

That banana cack looks awesome...I may have to rot some bananas, just to make some!

HiHiHiHi!!!! This is a quick post as I'm not caught up yet. JUST got home from running errands, and I'm going to make a big thick doorstop of a sandwich and settle in to read.

Does anyone else find that, when you see sadly-dressed women your same size and/or age, you want to go all Stacy and Clinton on their asses? Maybe I notice it more now that I'm approaching 40...but you know, so many women say they become "invisible" after a certain age, and I'm starting to figure out how that happens!!

I bought Cadbury eggs! Caramilk and Easter Creme!
Rosie, you are indeed a wonderful wife. I don't know if I would be so wonderful, at least not on my anniversary. Maybe I'm not wife material. Banana that like banana bread? I love that stuff. My gramma makes a banana walnut loaf that is heaven.

GT, I can't begin to tell you how much I admire you. You have the wisdom of someone who's been in the world way longer than you have. You remind me of a friend of the time she was 25 she lived what seemed like the lives of many women. I have no idea how old you are, but from your pics, you look pretty young. You are just a sage, I suppose! How was the first day?

Doodle, I know what you mean...I looked at my sister in law today, who is my age, and she was dressed like a 50 year old who had given up on ever looking good again. Mom jeans and everything. Hideous. Glad you are feeling so well...out and about and running errands and whatnot. Cadbury eggs...I love the caramel ones.

CH: sorry you feeling blah today. ((((feel better vibes))))

FJ: I'm glad you had a nice trip. And a big "Awwww" over visiting the place you were married.

Diva: thanks for the encouraging words. I'm having a very "I miss him so much it hurts" day. I've been keeping busy, but it's tough. I'm strong, I'll make it.

*yum* Tortilla soup. Delightful. I'm getting ready to work on losing some more weight. About two years ago I lost 60 pounds. I've kept it off, but I'm still not exactly a stick figure. I'm still chubby. I stopped losing on purpose...I wanted to give my body a rest and I didn't feel like buying ANOTHER whole new wardrobe. In the process of losing the 60 pounds, I went through three sizes. But it's time. New beginnings, better body, healthy outlook, blah blah. It seems when something is broken in my life, I work on fixing myself up in some way. Right now it's losing weight and decorating the place. I need curtains and IKEA let me down. I want something colorful...retro...easy. I dunno. I'll know it when I see it. I might just swag some groovy material around the rods.

today was awesome! before i left i got a call from my new endo who i see on wed. she said she could write me the letter to get my licencse changed on wed. so i am going to get envelopes and such so after my appt i can drop it in the mail.

i was kinda freaked out at first cos the other 2 girls who were up for the class were no where to be found. one of them showed up a bit later, explaining that the other girl failed the drug test, but it was a false positive, but they told her to apply for the next round in may. sad. but the other girl is my buddy. she's sweet and we root for each other.

so my crochity curmudgeon hardass teacher .....?
..he's a teddybear. think of jack lemon with a beard and sounding like william h macy. and he's super funny. add to that the class is really interesting. we went on a field trip walking around campus looking at welds. i am so excited.

my case manager chided me for not putting 'f' on all of my papers (a bad habit i should have stopped long ago-- but it's the one thing i am compuslively honest about), and it almost got me eliminated from the class. i told him that i was getting the letter on weds and would have a new id by sat after next at the latest. which he said was great. he's somali, and says "welding" like "weldingy" he said that s, who runs the program still wants to talk to the both of us, which makes me nervous, but i think i might be ok.... my fingers are crossed.

as for the cowgirl thing, i've never worked for pay on a ranch-- although i have helped out a bit , but it is how i see myself. favorite shoes: shit kickers. hats:mac truck and stihl baseball caps with a "redneck roll" i grew up in a colorado hicktown and partly raised by my grandma on a cattle ranch, and i used to be able to do a mean cattle call (really! they'd come running!). that said, i have a friend who could tell you the semiotics of how a cowboy is wearing his cowboy hat. i'm not that hardcore, but i am more country than she is in some ways. oh, and kel, i'm older than i look. closer to doodle's age. although i'm not exactly how close...

tree? i know i have thanked you so many times, but i can't help myself. i am a sappy sop at heart (ask my friends) and everytime i see your kitty i just want to give you a big ol' hug all over again. i am glad the problem was just your hearing aid. hug?

and rose, happy anniversary! you are so BWE, but that is what makes a good relationship~ support and love. sheff is a very lucky guy. so amazingly good! hug, just for cos!

culture, hugs just for cos...

jenn hugs just for cos

diva, hugs for cos...

doodle? hugs

fj? squeezy hugs!

kel? big hugs!

moxie? oooooo hugs!

tree? extra hugs!

poodle? hugs!

mouse? hugs!

karianne? you betcha hugs!

ok, i got homework reading to do, and dinner to make. but much love for the ok! ok?

GT, it sounds like you had the *sweetest* possible day! I wanna join your welding class with your teddy bear teacher and new friend! And *awesome* that you're going to get your ID issues taken care of so swiftly! Everything is just falling into place exactly as it should - you are indeed an inspiration!

I hope I find my next perfect position too!

Kel, nothin' wrong with a little chub, but taking time to really just focus on yourself and being the best self you can be - now THAT is a real gift! And springtime is a natural time for self-renewal!

Hi hi doodle! Yep, there are definitely a lot of women out there in need of a little help from Stacey and Clinton...but I have to say, where we live, I see a lot more schlumpy men walking around than women here....but then, I try not to venture out to the suburbs all that much - way more mom jeans and bad hair out there! tongue.gif

Okay, bedtime for me - g'night all!

I hope rosie and sheff are having some good cack by now! wink.gif
Hello again all! Another quick post. I've spent the evening building a little purse/sling-type apparatus for the discman (rather than spend $$ on a more conveniently-sized mp3 player). It's the most productive thing I've done in over two months. I almost beat up the sewing machine at one point though - literally had my fists aimed. (Stupid #%*@#*!!! stitch-skipping, thread-breaking velcro.)

Oh, btw, I've been reading that Carl Jung book, and I've decided that Bruce Dickinson might be my inner animus.

Anyway, I had to post this link for the FJs...hands up everyone who thinks the FJs should make and paint a belly cast of that cute li'l tummy!

*holds out glass for a fresh marguerita*
*creeps in on little cat feet*

maybe if i sit verrrrrrrrrrry quietly, no one will notice me?

i'm just feeling so guilty for not posting more often in here. i miss all of you! but i just can't keep up! unsure.gif this was the first thread i ever posted in, and i lurrrrrrrrrrved it!!! now i am so out of touch. it makes me muito muito muito sad. sad.gif

*raises hand*

but how much would i ADORE seeing a belly cast of fj and her jackaroo in utero???? YIPPIE!!! ZOUNDS!

diva, this is for you: when i spent 3 days at home with mr. hotbuns, i found out that the weirdo neighbors (the ones with the son who collapsed on the ground when the po pos came to get him? that practiced REALLY loud on their drums in the garage? who kept having his car towed? when dad turned 50 he bought the truck that was so big it didn't fit in the garage? the ones who went out in the early morning to shoot things? them!) DAD has found a girlfriend on the internet and there appears to be a divorce in the wind. i used to think that the soap operas on tv were too crazy to be believed. seems like real life can be even crazier!

any more of those margaritas left? i could use one.
*sits quietly next to tesao..hands her a ' need to try to keep up, hon. We just like to see you every now and then!

OMG, a FJ belly bump casting would be too perfect!!! 'specially a cute lil bump like THAT! Do it do it do it! I think one of those should permanently decorate the Okayers can stand in the corner next to the lip-shaped couch. What shall we paint on it?

Doodle, I like that sling thingy! I've been regretting getting rid of my sewing machine, well, almost ever since I got rid of it! Stoopid decluttering bug-gone-insane.....

*it was a really really old one though*

GT, I'm glad you had a good first day of class! How often do you have class? And, how cool is it that your instructor turned out to be a teddy bear? And, yes, you will, from now on, be noticing welds. I've been known to run up to a piece of ornamental iron and study the see such a variety of skill levels out there. It's ruined carnival rides for me...hehe

And, GT, you and I must be about the same age then...cause I'm close to Doodle's age too!

Rose, I also have to give you BWE praises. I'm sorry that MRG came to bug you...such TIMING! But I suppose it made it easier to be okay with Sheff celebrating with his co-workers. That cack sounds wonderful!

Kel, I am in AWE of anybody who loses 60 pounds! Wow! Way to go. And, what an incredibly productive/healthy way to respond to something broken.

Jenn, YAY for 'ritas and tortilla soup! Yummmm....

Good things Tuesday:

1. My income continuation FINALLY came through! I got a check yesterday that caught me up! I get to go get my headlights fixed today! And go grocery shopping! And get a printer toner cartridge! And get dishwasher soap!

2. My entertainment center is being delivered TOMORROW.

3. I think relief over getting my check will make me more productive today, to tidy up the house.

4. I mastered purling yesterday. Hey, it's a big deal for me...knitting is my new obsession. It seems to be kinda theraputic for my wrist.

(((((huggs))))) for Okayers!
Mornin' tree and 'afternoon tes!!!

Tes, darling, you are welcome to pop on in here anytime - no need to keep up - that's the beauty of okayland! I'm glad to see that you made it back to Maputo safely! I was thinking about you last week - The Amazing Race was in Maputo last week, and so it was fun to see them racing around your city...though you don't get to see much on that show.

Tree, that's awesome that knitting is helping your wrists! For me, it does the opposite - I can only knit for about 20 minutes before my wrists start screaming at me...I do need to get back to knitting though - I do miss it a little. Its good for watching bad reality tv. tongue.gif

Hmmm...good things Tuesday:
1. My boss is out of the office today - a lovely suprise!
2. No boss = long lunch!
3. 4 day work week!
4 day work week!!! I had TOTALLY forgotten! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO! I say this, because aside from the midnight teething, my kidlet is in a particularly good mood these days, and I want to spend as much time with her as I can before the pissy toddler returns and I leave early for work on purpose. Yes, I do that to escape. So sue me.

We had a delightful afternoon-evening last night. The only flip out was when vaccinations were given at the doc's ofc...totally reasonable. But, by the time we got home, all was well, a good nap was had by all, and we went to our favorite diner for dinner. Where moxette tried chicken noodle soup for the first time and ate every last bite of the cup-o-soup. Then, I had a good post-bedtime evening of alone time while moxieman caught up on his web-reading. It was lovely.

So, good things Tuesday:
1. 4 day work week!
2. My kid likes soup...I don't know why I never thought of it before
3. Moxieman's enjoying his new position so far, and he's realized my experience in management really will be valuable for him
4. I had a delish waffle for brekkie and am enjoying a lovely sun-free day in my office-with-no-curtains.
Good Morning Good Morning!

Thanks for the hugsies! I feel much better today. I slept a fair bit. Had the delish salmon left overs for dinner. I had a darned lazy evening. It was lovely. Had a lovely warm, relaxing bath. Just chilled. It was much deserved since I was down in the dumps and cranky yesterday.

GT! I am glad that things are going so well for you!

Doodle, I'm happy that yer getting back to your old self.

Turbo. You have motivated me to go and pick up something and make something yummylicious for dinner today.

HI Tes!!!!!!!!!!!! How's it going?

Kel, hey there!

Hello tree!

I'm going to have to agree on how some people leave the house. Not that I am saying that you have to go out dressed to the nines. But to each their own I suppose. I've left the house looking schleppy sometimes.

Good Things Tuesday.
1. The work week is half over
2. I'm working at a really great office.
3. I'm in a good mood this morning (like someone cut me off, and I was "whatever").
4. Next week is a short work week, too.
5. Good tunes on the iPod right now.

How's all doing on this (COLD) Tuesday?

Oh cod, the skies just turned black here, and there's rumbling - maybe I won't have lunch plans afterall....hmmm. Well, if I don't have a long lunch, I may as well skip out a little early, right?

Oh, and one more good thing here - We're officially on turbomann's insurance now, so no more crappy insurance, and there's plenty of docs close to our house, so no more driving 20 miles to a doc!

Hi culture! I'm glad you're feeling a better today - the short work week really improves things!
moxie! love the new avatar! moxette's hair is just WILD! she is sooooooooooo cuite!! soup. mmm. soup is yummmmmy. i eat it a lot. i had caldo verde for lunch today. caldo verde means green broth, literally. it is basically potato and onions and garlic sauteed in butter, then cooked til you can mush up the potatoes. then you add very thinly sliced greens and let them cook. it is usually served with a hard sausage (linguiƧa) on the side, that you can slice up and put in the soup if you want. and crusty bread.

*takes big swig of 'rita*

jenn, what is this great race of which you speak? is it like around the world in 80 days? i don't remember seeing a hot air balloon. maybe they filmed this when i was gone?? how cool would it be to see Maputo on television? did you get any kind of feel for the city?

somehow, i missed some things the first time i read through....tree, SUCH great news about getting the continuation check! and being able to do all of those things that you need to do! (and on the conquering purling, although i can't knit, which makes me sad.) and rosie, yum for banana CACK! (the people here call my banana bread "cake" even though i don't think of it that way -- but it really is, isn't it?)

i see some new okay faces!!! hi, kel! and ....

*rubs eyes*

is it? no, it can't be!

*rubs eyes again, disbelievingly*

Girl Trouble!!! woohoo! hi!!! so good to see you! really great to hear that the first day went so well. and good on your case manager for telling you that you should have put an F on the papers. although, in a perfect world, that wouldn't matter. i hate having to fill that out on "forms". i would rather leave it blank. and the "race"/"color"/"ethnicity boxes. i usually fill that in as "other".

treehugger, your kitty's photo always makes me happy.

good things tuesday:

  • caldo verde for lunch
  • the day is almost over (after 3 pm!)
  • am meeting friends for dinner
  • we are meeting at my fave pizza place! mmmm. pizza!
  • pizza is buy one get one free on tuesdays!
  • i have overcome the jetlag! finally! (that is a BIG Good Thing!)
  • the weather is perfect today. sunny, warm, not too hot, not raining.
  • which means we can sit outside tonight!
  • and drink beer while we eat pizza!
  • my cat, mimi the african attack cat, slept with me all night long (i think she actually missed me! gasp!)
  • i got a lovely email from mr. hotbuns today. he said "i love you" in portuguese. wheeeeee!
muito thank you to everyone for the "it's okay to just pop ins". i just feel guilty about not knowing what is going on with everyone and i miss being here as much as i used to be. sad.gif

ETA: cross post with culture handy! hi, querida!!! i'm muito good, just missing my mr. hotbuns a lot. fortunately, i like my job so much, and i enjoy my work and the people i work with -- they are so great. how are you? ((((((culture)))))

Good morning, Okayland. smile.gif

((((((snuggles Tes)))))) So good to see you, honey lamb. That is so strange about your neighbors! I bet the Home Owners' Association just looooooves them. wink.gif I wish I could go out for pizza & beer with you! Sounds so fun!

GT, what a wonderful day!! Oh, I'm so excited for you I can't stop grinning. biggrin.gif

(((((Kel)))))) Just 'cause. Belated congrats to you on losing all that weight. And good for you for focusing on good things you can do for yourself! I know you've been having a hard time lately, but it's good to see that healthy, survivor spirit shining through.

Doodle, I love that bag! I especially like that you used that trim on the strap. I think I may have used some of that trim in the past, myself! smile.gif

TJ, I hope the skies clear & you have a fabulous, long lunch. And hooray for he 4 day work week! Do you have anything special planned? And HOORAY for insurance!

Tree, HOORAY for the income continuation!!! What a relief!!! So, are you knitting anything in particular or just playing around?

Moxie, it must be sooooo cute to watch the Moxette eat chicken noodle soup! Oh my!

CH, I'm glad you're feeling happier today. Hooray for the better office!

Thanks for the praise, everyone. It really wan't a big deal to allow him to stay out a bit because we didn't have any plans, anyway. If we'd been planning on going out to a nice restaurant or something, I might not have been so generous! wink.gif Sheff came home a bit earlier than he had to last night (just after 9pm), which was sweet. So we were able to cuddle on the couch a bit & eat some cack. Yummy! It tastes much more like banana bread than a cake, which is very nice. And there's plenty left for breakfast all week! Yay!

Good Things Tuesday
1. The taxes are done! And we're getting a refund. Woot!
2. BestGalPal will be here in 3 weeks. Sooo exciting!
3. Our other friend, H, may be coming in, too! Can you say Massive Week-Long Girly Slumber Party?!
4. We're supposed to tour a house tonight. It's in a neighborhood that I'm kinda interested in, so it'll be interesting to see what it's like.
Gaaah! I HATE not having the Quick Reply option so that I can see your posts as I write mad.gif

G'mornin' all! I've kinda caught up... a little...

I was just noticing how I really feel connected with Okayland, even if I sometimes have times I can't post. My wife and I had our Mo-versary yesterday. We were married in August, but we celebrate every 2nd we're together (sappy pun). I love my home-alone time, too, though. Last week, I had a lot of it, but I was obligated to spend it all getting stuff done. I think I do more work, or at least more annoying work, when I'm between jobs sad.gif I am also learning some building trade, so I'm cheering you guys on about the welding. In my case, I'm beginning to study finish carpentry and cabinetry, which seems like a good match for me, but it's still freaky stressful whenever I have a first day back at the training center. All the feelings of panic over not knowing exactly how to do stuff just kinda paralyze me. I've always been good at figuring things out, especially in the category of making stuff, but conversely, feeling that I'm incompetent is the worst torture for me. Oh well, I finally got momentum on my project and am heading off to a more productive class day. What else do I have in common with recent topics? Hearing loss is also close to home. Goatie Girl had a slight hearing loss in the mid range. My cousin apparently talks at about exactly the range she can't hear so well. She's always confused and irritated when he talks. Of course, being a carpenter makes me fear for my own hearing, too.

Gaaah! gotta split before actually finishing again!
Yeah, and the best part about me knowing she likes the soup, is that it's incentive for me to make some again. Haven't made soup in ages, and I always baffle at why. Its damn easy, esp. if one purchases the rotisserie chickens from the store. In the off season, I even will resort to buying frozen veggies aside from the base carrots/celery/onion. Its cheap and dirty, but sometimes i just don't have time to chop.

Ok...back to the most favored of early-month tasks...invoices. blech.
tes - the Amazing Race is a show on CBS here where a dozen or so two-person teams run all around the globe non-stop for three weeks, doing various challenges and tasks in order to get clues to lead them to the next "pit stop" which will tell them where they're headed next...its a fascinating show, and winning has everything to do with being nice to locals and luck. Reading maps helps too.

Tree - congrats indeed on the payment coming through!!! And I am SO glad that you're getting your headlight fixed - that's scary to go without! And I can't wait to see piccies of your fab new living room with the new entertainment center!

Rosie - I hope the house you see tonight is absolutely perfect! And I'm glad you got some good snuggle time in last night, as well as some nice cack!

Nope, no special plans for my day off on friday - just hangin' at home with Turbo, and another guest greyhound who's staying with us this weekend. I may see a movie, I may not.
I just pulled up the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and the house we were going to see tonight is no longer there, In fact ALL of the houses we've looked at lately are ALL gone. Every single one. Amazing! I know that a ton of people have been traveling down here on the weekends to check out the area & buying houses before they move this summer. So I guess that's what happened to all of these houses. Hmm. Good thing we aren't in a hurry, right? Still, it scares me. Yesterday when I checked the MLS, there were 5 pages of houses in our price range for this zip code. Today there are just 2 pages.

And they say the housing market has slowed down. Well, maybe everywhere, else, but certainly not here. blink.gif
Rosie, try not to worry too much - when you're really ready to make an offer on a house, you'll find one that will be GREAT...things move on and off the market all the time, and shopping around now is more about getting a feel for the market, than laying claim to a property, because you're not quite ready. And its springtime, so the market is warming up for the season, but that doesn't mean that its not still a buyers market. The more you know about what's out there, and what kind of houses are in your area, the better served you will be when you ARE ready to find that perfect house and make your offer! Another favorite site of mine is zillow - its a nifty little tool to give you estimates on property value for a single property or the neighborhood, and includes a lot of information about past sales and taxes.

yay for tes! yeah, i think it's hard to keep up sometimes but i do love the okers so!!! and well tes, you know i've adored you since wayyyyyyyy back when...
i was watching the amazing race too. and i never watch it. it was fun. but you don't really see the city. which is what i dislike about the show. 5takes is better. that show is awesome.

i had dinner w/ one of my best friends who broke up with her asshole bf, who i just hate more n more. oooch. i got such a crush on the girl at her safeway. she was so cute. *shakes her head* sorry. it was sweet hanging out with her. so the welding class is 11-6 weekdays. so there is no time to forget what you learn. omg tree-- i will pro'lly never go on a rollercoaster again... *sniff* yay for your entertainment system and checks

kel, imo, chubby is sax-say! congrats on you weight loss, that's f'in amazing!

happy mo, lore!

yay for jenn's doggie days *waves at turbo*

don't worry rose, you didn't want those stinky ol' houses anyways!

why does the idea of moxette chewing soup make me smile? lol

ut well i gotta get ready for class. (hugs to everybody i missed!) i'll post later!
good morning yous guys!

it was a loooong night last night. we stayed up watching the basketball game (which our team won! YAY!) and it ended at a fairly decent time, but bff had come over with her little boy to watch it with us and she and i ended up staying up until 2am! yikes! we didn't mean to, we were just talking about random things and suddenly realized what time it was. so i slept in a little late today to make up for it. i'm up though, and on the phones this morning. so that's something at least.

yay for tree's money coming through! finally! i know that has to be a relief!! and the entertainment center! yay!

yay for tes sightings!!! how are you, lovely girl!? and yes, don't worry about catching up. we all lose track around here now and again, but you know our motto - it's just OKAY!

doodle, i would LOVE to do a belly casting. i have thought about doing it several times. in fact, i thought about doing it and painting it like a lady-bug or some type of insect to go in the nursery since he's going to have a nature-inspired room. i think it's a lovely idea. i guess i should look into it. i think mrfj could do it for me. he's patient with that sort of thing.

rose, that stinks about all the houses being gone. that happened to us a couple times while we were looking. it just means that house wasn't yours. keep pulling them and you'll find the PERFECT one that you have zero doubts over.

yay for a great first day in welding class!! that's great, gt! we're all so proud of yoU!!!!

so, did it rain turbo? mmmm, i could go for a 'rita right about now.

((((moxie))))) just cause i love hearing all your stories about the bebe. 'course, pretty soon we won't be able to refer to her as the bebe anymore. our littlest BUSTie is growing up!

hi to everyone else! i'm slacking today, so i better pick the phone up!

Rose, if you don't have children, (you don't, do you? I've never heard you refer to any) I'd actually consider looking/offering/buying in the late fall after school starts cause the prime time for people to buy is during the spring and summer so the kids don't get moved in the middle of the school year. After that time, the sellers will be getting a little more "desperate"...they'll want to get the place sold before the holidays kick in you'll probably get to see some bargains on the places that might have been slightly overpriced in the summer. Just a guess. You'll have a lot more freedom without having school years to consider! I'm not really knitting anything in particular...I'm learning from a book so I'm more just doing practice squares and stuff and then raveling them and starting sense in wasting yarn on squares that are full of dropped stitches..hehe

FJ, isn't it weird how sometimes a conversation just flows along so easily you can lose track of time like that? Even though I end up paying for it in the end, I love those conversations. It just seems to happen with real, honest friends and stimulating conversation. And, yes, you GOTTA do a belly casting! There's so many possibilities for designs!

GT, lol on the carnival rides....actually a pretty ugly weld can be pretty darn strong...just look out for undercutting and lack of penetration which I'm sure you'll learn about soon. smile.gif

Lore, happy Mo-versary...a belated one. I used to celebrate the 24th of each month, with a past partner. But, this one, with the Bear, he remembers the first night we...uhhh..."parked"....and I never do, hehe. He also remembers what I was wearing the first time he saw me which boggles. my. mind. I'm unobservant that way.

Well, I've got renewed car's headlight is getting was indeed the should be done in a couple hours...and I've cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. I'm even running a load of "miscellaneous" stuff in the dishwasher...stuff like my burner trays, the coffee filter basket and stuff. I mean, I even wiped down the cabinets, which is RARE for me. Just taking a break before I tackle the rest of the house!
Hi peeps!!

Nuthin' much to report today.

Happy anniversary roseviolet, and happy mo-versary Lorewolf!!

All of this talk of cack is making me drool all over my keyboard!!

Good things:
1. Stupid project is done...for now, so I have time to bust!!
2. I've developed some seriously beefy leg muscles
3. Stuff in fridge for berry smoothies
4. I have money
5. I'm making pizza tonight
6. American Idol is on tonight!!! Yayayayay!!! (yeah, I'm a dork, I know)

I've made a few friends at the Y, including some funny Pakistani guy who looks like he should be in West Side Story. Before I really talked to him, I thought he was Puerto Rican (from afar). He's actually really cute and sweet, but he talks to me the entire time I'm lifting weights, so I have a hard time concentrating. Plus, I can't understand half of what he's saying. Then there's this hotass black dude that I made friends with. Yummmmmmm....I can't concentrate when he's around either. Anyway, it's fun to know people when I go to the gym.
Hi, peoples!

GT, I'm so glad your first day went so well. So, when you get your license changed, does that mean you'll be able to use the locker room like a normal person?

Hi, Tes! I love love love hearing stories about your redneck neighbors. How've you been? How's your mamae? What's new? Just plop your cute little but down any time you like and just start talking about whatever you want.

RV, you truly are the BWE. Wow. I don't know if I'd stand for that, but I'm mean that way. And wow, those houses cleared out fast! Don't worry, there will be plenty of other stuff for you to go through when the time comes. No need to rush now if you're not looking to buy now.

FJ, those are the best conversations you can only have with close friends. I miss that with my BFF, but she's a couple thousand miles away. And a plaster cast of your bump sounds awesome. Your little jacket would love to see that while he grows up, to see where he came from. I'm all for handmade personal stuff that's truly original. There's no better gift.

Wow, Tree, you're productive. That's great that your money came through. It's invigorating, huh?

BTW, I'm still waiting on my damn federal tax return. Feh.

Moxette likes soup! Awwww....

Turbo, why's it a short week? Is it because of Good Friday or Easter? We don't get any extra days here, which kind of blows. But I guess getting Presidents Day off makes up for it a little.

Hi, Poodle! I wanna see your big strong legs! I really need to join a gym again, at least for a couple months until the weather's nice enough to walk outside more often. I put on another shirt this morning that didn't fit, and I really want to do something about it. It's one of my favorite work shirts, dammit.

Hi, Lore and CH and all I missed!

We did big fat nothing last night. I did get over an hour at home alone, which was nice. All I did was watch TV, but it was worth it. We ate hot dogs and fancy cheese (Stilton with apricots is the greatest thing ever) at watched wrasslin'. The Hardys won the tag team belts, which is very awesome. It's been a long time coming. Anyway, I think I'm going to work on jewelry tonight. I'm suddenly very much in the mood to start a larger piece, and I need to ride it. Maybe I'll even leave early - it's not like I actually have any work here to do or anything. The little bit I've scrounged up may take me a whole hour to get through.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) I have a new cubicle buddy across from me, so now I don't have to stare at an empty cube anymore, and she's really cool
2) she gave me chocolate
3) since I have almost no work to do, I had time to clean out my email
4) looking forward to Easter and having an egg hunt for Sam, since he loves them so much. I think I'm going to make him some things, and we're going to do a project together to give to his other grandma for Mother's Day
5) I got my Roger Waters tickets, so I don't have to worry about that anymore
6) possibly having an afternoon to myself if I leave early

Happy monthiversary to Lorewolf & Goatie Girl!!! And here are some ~*~*~*~ confidence vibes ~*~*~*~ for you, too.

Hope you have fun at welding class, GT!

And to the both of you, let me say that I really admire what you're doing. I always thought it'd be fulfilling to have a trade ... working with your hands for a living. So you get a big thumbs up from me for all of the training you're taking on!

FJ, this may sound bizarre, but did you watch the last season of "Project Runway"? One of the contestants was a woman who had a cast made during her pregnancy & she had it displayed in her living room. It looked really amazing!

Hooray for the completion of Poodle's project! Does that mean we'll get to see you more in here?

TJ, did you settle on the long lunch or getting out early?

Tree, what book are you using? I haven't picked up my knitting needles in soooooo long. I kinda miss it. I miss crocheting more, though. It's my favorite, but most knitting projects look nicer, so I feel torn between the two.

Many thanks to all of you for the advice & the soothing. There's a real estate message board I've been reading lately & some people say that the MLS listing is acting screwy today. Two home owners said that their houses have not been sold, but can no longer be found on the system! Scary for them, but it may be better for us. The Darling Realtor called & he's been touring properties (AKA out of the office) & hadn't heard about any technical difficulties. So we'll see.

TJ, I heard about Zillow last Fall when I first started my research. Fascinating site, isn't it? The estimates are often not very reliable (they often have the square footage wrong or even the number of stories on the house are wrong), but it's good to see the sales history & tax rates. Very helpful!

Tree, you're absolutely right. No babies here! And you make an excellent point about Spring vs Fall.

Anyway. I think you're all right. I just need to take a deeeeeeeep breath & not let everyone else's nervous energy affect me. We have time and we have options and that is a luxury that a lot of people don't have. Plus, our Darling Agent told me today that even if we don't buy a house for 2 years he doesn't care because we're just so fun to work with. smile.gif

So! Anyway. Going to see 2 houses tonight. After that, we may slow down or shut down the hunt until July when we come back from vacation. We shall see.
OMG, I totally forgot to say hi to Lore!! We missed you! And I hope you find a great job to hop onto next!

My goodness, we have a lot of real estate wisdom in here! Good points, tree on the seasonalness of the market! Rosie, sounds like you're in good hands with this realtor, and I'm sure you'll find just what you're looking for, and in perfect time!

I went for long lunch...the storm passed over, and now, its a lovely day and 65 degrees. Weird. Tomorrow, of course, there is a chance of gotta love the unpredictable weather of the midwest! I went and got some new tubes put in my bike tires while I had lunch at my favortie cheapo thai spot, and then walked down the street to the patisserie for a little sweet treat for dessert - I got a slice of monkey bread - sticky and cinnamony and delicious! ....And I may leave early today too, just 'cause.

Diva, I don't actually get Friday off as a holiday here, I'm taking it as a vacation day mostly because between Good Friday, Spring Breaks, and Passover this week...the office is empty now, and will be moreso by the end of the week...its always nice when I take a slow day off from work, so there's not so much catch up when I return.

Poodle, that is so cool that you're making friends at the Y, AND that there's some tasty eye candy! I've never really had any casual gym friends - most of the people at my gym act like they're too cool for school, and aren't really very friendly, which is fine by me. I guess I do have a couple of spin class buddies, but that's about it.

Hi, Okayers!

I'm taking another break. I got the entryway and one bathroom cleaned, again top to bottom. I decided to work on the whole house, from the entryway, counterclockwise till I get back to the entryway. The kitchen got me going. Spare bedroom's next. Which is my crafting area and my "loose papers" area so...I hope I don't get bogged down! I'm taking advantage of my $$money high$$.

When I dropped the car off I walked across the street to the TV place. I picked out a 37" flat screen tv and a dvd player and vhs player that I like. I wished I could bring it home today so I can fill up the new entertainment center tomorrow...but I'm waiting on the tax return...just didn't feel like filling out another financing form. But....drooool.

Poodle, I always love seeing your new avatar. That old dog makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy. And, way to go, beefy legs! smile.gif Congrats, also, on the eye candy at the gym.

Jenn, snow tomorrow? Yuck-o. Sounds like a good lunch hour, especially the monkey bread! smile.gif

Rose, I'm using two books, "knit.101", and "teach yourself visually knitting". I got the knit.101 book first because it seemed pretty straightforward and it had some cool projects...but I picked up the "visually" book yesterday which really helped me to grasp the purling thing, which was dumbfounding me before. I'm but a mere newbie, still wet behind the ears.

Divala here's some *~*~*federal tax return vibes*~*~* for you...hope it helps. I'm chomping at the bit for mine toooo....but I'm not expecting it for a while because I just got the form sent out on March 20. Late for me.

Gak. Stoopid internet. laugh.gif
Heh. Can we say, "internet troubles?" wacko.gif
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