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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Good Morning okayers! it is Friday! Thank goodness, this week couldn't be over soon enough.

GT! that is so great! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm so happy for ya! Aside from the locker room shit.

FJ congrats on the sales!

Hi doodle!

Turbo, I hope you feel better soon.

So, le man's friend sent me a text last night telling me that le man had been talking about me all night. smile.gif Then me and le man talked for a while and now it is Friday. very happy about this.


talk to you later. I've got a ton to do before my day starts.
Good morning, you santorum-smeared butt plugs!!

CH, I love reading about you and le man. It makes me smile.

Jenn, nice leisurely weekends.....hmmm. I hope it's restorative for you! Your cold has really been hanging on. Yuck.

Poodle, it's nice to see you, even if it IS a driveby. I love looking at that old dog's happy face. (sorry I can't remember its name)

*waves at Doodle* I love reading about your activism. And how nice to be rocking out all day yesterday! Breaking several sweats, even! Nice way to work out and have it be fun, too! great to have input on the menu! Hmmm. I'd order something involving chocolate and strawberries, this time of year. smile.gif

Yes, those air horns are LOUD. My father had one when I was a wee child. I have no idea why. He honked it once, and it seemed deafening.

FJ! What a cute tummy! Good luck on the test today. (It is today, isn't it?)

So I was talking to the bear yesterday about buying the entertainment center. Our conversation follows:

Bear: "so, when are we going to go pick it up?"

Me: "we're not picking it up, it's being delivered."

Bear: "We could have picked it up."

Me: "You want to haul a 200 pound entertainment center up the steps to the loft?"

Bear: "Sure"

Me: "You are crazy."

Bear: "Was it free delivery?"

Me: "No, but it's worth it to me. Every piece of furniture I have, that we've gone to "pick up", has been damaged in transit and since it's MY fault, I can't return it...I want ONE piece of furniture that doesn't have a nick, or a scratch or SOMETHING."

Gah. You'd think we were married or something. Heh. I suppose it's normal after ten years.

So, how much is an appropriate tip for deliverypersons who haul a large piece of furniture up a flight of steps (that involves a turn), and then assemble said furniture? Percentage? Based on the delivery charge or based on the furniture price?

*waves g'bye to Okayers* See ya later, hopefully! smile.gif
Turbo, are you opposed to taking NyQuil Cough? Regular "green death" NyQuil does nothing for me, but NyQuil cough- oh baby, it's potent! I have to take a 3/4 dose otherwise I'm groggy all day afterwards. You can get a cheaper generic version, too. When I have a cough, combined with a sugar-free Ricola to hold in my cheek all night, that's all that helps me sleep. I usually do a couple nights of the NyQuil, then ween myself off- you sleep so well on it, you almost don't want to stop. I'm always afraid that the night I stop taking it I'll be up all night.

Plus, as recommended by my former employers, the American College of Chest Physicians' study, NyQuil Cough uses an anti-histamine to control coughing, not the ineffectual cough suppressants. Scum-sucking morons though they may be, they knew their cough medicines.

FJ, grrrroowww! tongue.gif

Happy [belated?] birthday moxette!

Awesome idea on the air horn, GT! They should start calling them "Creep-B-Gone" or something! laugh.gif

Nice furniture, treehugger! (I know your internet's been wonky and you've been relegated to the Okay thread, but do you think you could poke your head into the General Knowledge base- I had an electrical question a few days ago and someone thought you could help....maybe? I know refrigeration's your thing.)

We got our tax returns back. It will pay for a brand new couch and we'll have a lot left over. Do we save or spend? Hmmm....

(((Hugs to all))) Gotta get back to work.
Polly, I am a big fan of green death! tongue.gif I took it all last week, but even on a half dose, I can't function at all in the morning for work, so I stopped taking it. I think I may go back to it tonight, since I don't really have any plans tomorrow.

And WOOT! for your new couch! I'm all for spending tax returns - we always use it for something we need, but won't buy the rest of the year (including a *nice* dinner out)...of course this year, its going to home re-model. YAY!
I'm slowly waking up here. Thanks to the late night convo with le man (I was sleeping before I started talking to him), and little sleep after.

Gaaa, my appointments have not shown up so far, and this is good. I will see how things go, I suppose.

I don't have much to add right now.

How's everyone else doing?
Mornin'. Or afternoon, now, I guess.

Congrats on getting in, GT!! That's wonderful! I bet you are gonna love it. I too am very angry about the locker room treatment. Ugh. So lame.

Also, Congrats FJ on the sales!! That is sweet! Perfect timing, after the work issues you have had here lately. Your pic is adorable! WOW! Beautiful, lady.

Tree, I'm with you...some things are just worth paying for. No doubt about it. I love the entertainment center, btw. Very nice!

Doodles, sounds like you had a really nice day yesterday.

Hi poodlekins! We've missed you! I am glad someone is being productive, as I can't really say the same for myself here lately. Hmpf.

Diva, I think the airhorm idea is a good one!

CH, so happy things are good with your guy. smile.gif

I am having kind of a stressful day. Yesterday I was alerted to an error in my latest report. It doesn't really change the outcome of the study, but I hate making mistakes like that! It is very annoying that it has just now been called to our attn by another dept. I called my boss & left a msg, waiting for him to call me back. Hope he is not mad. blink.gif
hey you guys. happy friday, cum-stained farty couch cushion dwellers!

not sure what that means actually...

i'm all drained. i am so tired right now. they took two vials of blood from me and i just feel sleepy now. actually, mrfj has the day off today, so he went with me and then we went to breakfast and to the mall. he needed some new jeans and we got him some buttonflys that make his ass and package look quite fetching. hehe. then he bought me a dress that i can wear tonight to my bff's birthday dinner and then again tomorrow night when we go out in savannah. oh, i forgot to tell that we are going to savannah in the morning to spend the day and evening there, coming back on sunday. should be fun.

but for now, i'm heading to nappyville with mrfj and the kittens.

thanks for all the love re: my pic! smile.gif

hope you all have a funtastic weekend!
Hi, peeps.

It's Friday. Yay. I got zero sleep last night, so I could keel over right now.

I love your bump, FJ! And congrats on that other sale!

Tree, sometimes you do have to put a dollar amount on your peace of mind, and if that's the cost of a furniture delivery, so be it. I've never once regretted paying for something to be delivered.

(((((((Kel)))))) I agree with everyone else that you need some time completely removed from all things ex before you can start reconnecting. But that's really considerate of you to think of his kids.

Congrats on getting in, GT! So, are you just not supposed to pee for 8+ hours a day? They can't very well tell someone they aren't allowed to use the bathroom. That whole situation sucks - you'd think that we as adults would be able to figure our way through that kind of thing, but we revert back to how we thought about things before we knew better. Is there any way you can raise some hell about that? A girl has a right to a locker room space and a bathroom.

That air horn idea is a good one, but I don't want to cause a ruckus with the neighbors, and I don't want to make the poor guy go deaf, just go away. I know it's gotta be hard being him, and I don't want to make it any worse. I don't know if he ever shows up drunk (though I wouldn't be surprised) since the giant does most of the talking (which would shock anyone who's met him because dude barely ever says a word to strangers).

Turbo, I'm glad your cough is going away. I hope you're all better for the weekend.

Kari, we all make mistakes sometimes, and it's probably not a big deal at all if it doesn't affect the end result. We aren't machines.

PK, what are you going to suggest on the summer menu? I'd love to hear your ideas.

Hi, Doodle, Poodle, Moxie, Polly, and CH!

Last night went really well. The giant did everything perfectly when he started dinner, even though he used too much water in the meat/veggies dish, but that just meant I didn't have to add any tap water to the gravy. Oh! I'm so proud of myself! I made absolutely perfect gravy from scratch, just like Mom does, and there was not a lump to be found. I'm very impressed with how well dinner came out, and it all came out hot at the same time and we didn't have to wait for anything to finish. Yay! I like this single-dish cooking stuff. My friends were fun, but my gay boyfriend's boyfriend is seriously drinking the Comcast employee Kool-Aid. He seriously thinks they can do no wrong and that nobody has a right to complain about their cable company. Gah. I still don't know what my friend sees in him.

The giant and I got in another tiff last night. He got a ticket last weekend and it's still bugging him because he can't afford to pay for it. He can't just not think about that stuff, which makes him really quiet and sulky, which makes me mad that he won't talk to me, and then it all blows up. I don't know what's so difficult about just saying what's on your mind. Even if he doesn't let me help him, I'd still like to listen to what's wrong, since that seems to help out a lot, too. But not talking about your problems - what a great way to drive your girlfriend away. Stoicism rules!

Anywhoo, no big plans for the weekend. We're both going to see our own families next weekend, so none of that in the next couple days. We are going to watch Wrestlemania on Sunday, either have my brother over or go to his house for it. I think I'm going to bake a carrot cake, too. I'll be happy to hang out at home, make jewelry, catch up on my reading, and catch up on my TV. Or if the giant is going to continue to be a big baby, I may go out by myself to get away from him for a little bit.

I'm going to figure out something for lunch now that does not involve meat. It's either going to be Bruegger's for pumpernickel bagels with honey walnut cream cheese, or a trip to Borders to get the new Bust, even though that involves my car.

Have a wonderful weekend FJ - sounds wonderful! Is the savannah trip for your anniversary? Aww, napping with kitties and spouse sounds awesome right about now!

I just went out to lunch with a friend from work...I'm finally hungry, and I decided to splurge since its payday, so we went to Puck's Cafe for soup...good stuff. I didn't want to work this morning, but now I *really* don't want to work. Maybe I'll go wander around the building to see if anyone else wants to chat and waste some time. Fridays around here get to be a little pointless alot of the time.

Diva, we shoulda got up last night and had a BUSTathon since we were both awake most of the night - I'm looking forward to a nice bubble bath and a good night's sleep tonight!

I hope the giant can let his ticket go, and enjoy the weekend...I'm sure it eats him alive that his money isn't his right now, but keep reminding him that its better to send his money to his ex than BE with her...and plus, he has YOU, a *most* understanding partner, willing to help out when needed. I hate it when boys just simmer, though...its no fun for anyone, and ruins the energy in the whole house!

Any word from your boss, kari? And yeah, we all make mistakes...but you do good work, so he should just let this one slide, I, its need to get worked up on a friday, right?
OMM! (oh my maude!) fall jackets! look at that belly! that is such a cute pic! you look amazing! have fun on your mini congrats on the sales. i think you've earned the nap.

hi karianne & poodle! less stress noodle soop for the kari!

polly and turbo---gah! all this talk about naps an nyquil... ugh now i want to sleep...

hoooray for PK! that's awesome! so what did you suggest?

hey kel, how're you holding up, mama? keep yourself busy. you don't want to dwell. trust me, i've been there. ((((((((((((kel)))))))))

doodle + everyone thanks for the 'locker room support'.

aww thanks for all the congrats, okayers. it means a lot! and i went back and did some research and figured out that, i might be able to get my license changed and solve the problem by the second week-- if they don't look at the paperwork too closely-- the state requires that i send a doctor's note to say that i'm under care. i haven't seen a psych in years. so i hope that they won't notice that it will be from my new endochronologist i see next week. but that brings up something else...

do i really want to? i get super self concious in the bathroom anyhow, and jenn, yeah i always know where the bathrooms are, tend to be aware of peak pee times, etc. most transexuals male to female and female to male feel extremely vulnerable entering anything but a private balthroom. maude knows that i've got a 50 gallon pee tank. i can hold it if i have to...

the two women in the class (assuming they get in too), seem to be cool with me, but this is a community college. it might make things more difficult. or crazy. i know there are probably gonna be people talking about me, i just want to minimize it. ugh. i think i just need to bite this bullet, close my eyes and do it. i think i'll do the paperwork then check out the "facilities" and decide from there. i think i might with hold the plan from the people there till i have the id in my hands. i think they might be squeamish about it...

ooof. i want a nap now!

hugs for the okers!
Fj it sounds like you have had a fun day!. (not counting the blood drawing!) Have fun in Savannah. I have a friend who just moved there, I want to go visit soon.

GT, man what a pain! I can't imagine all the extra BS you have to deal with. Props to you! That takes extreme skillz and confidence.

I haven't heard from big boss. Since it's so late in the day, I am guessing I probably won't. Second boss ended up leaving early today. He did just call me though & said he got the latest email. He told me to let the situation sit, but I told him I'd already written the lady who pointed out the error (she works for the dept in question). She & I had gone back and forth a few times in a professional, but slightly touchy way. I just hate having things sit in a negative space. I sent her an email that I believe was gracious & should diffuse her. I wasn't sure if I should or not, but on a day when no bosses are here, what am I to do? If they don't like it, oh well. They should be here at work!


diva, sorry to hear about the giant & his ticket. Booooo. That's tough, dealing with someone with a different communication style. Stewing sucks. No families this weekend? Nice!

I have a fun weekend. A friend is cooking me dinner tonight, tomorrow I have class but am leaving early-Mr K & I are driving to Memphis to see a baseball game w/ his brothers & our niece. Should be a good time, I hope the weather holds.

Sweet! The Day is almost done!

I just wanted to spread the word!

That is all. Later gators.
Word, CH, on the day almost being done. Its been deadly quiet here, which is great, but just makes me want to shut my office door and take a nap all the more.

GT, I do hope that the other two women in the class are understanding of your sitch, and are cool with you using the locker room...and thanks for sharing the issue so candidly here - I can't imagine dealing with the bathroom anxiety everyday. You are indeed one courageous woman.

kari - sounds like you have a good weekend ahead too! Dinner tonight and a game tomorrow - sounds most excellent.

I'm off to bustie annelise's house this afternoon, for our long awaited meeting, and bath-product whore convention! squee! I shall report back if I uncover some *must have* bathory items. heh.
Okay you skanky Mcskanks, I've read through all the stuff I missed when I was freaking out last night. Felt like an assclown for barging in and having a conniption fit.

FJ...adorable belly, two huge sales, and a mini-break to Savannah? How good must you feel? Okay, a bit skeevy after the blood draw, but whoohoo for you!

Gt...thanks for your words of wisdom and kindness. You are right...I need distance. The one daughter with whom I am closest responded right away and she is completely okay with everything. She's sad that we won't see each other much (or possibly ever) but she and I will always be close. I still haven't called Kelman and am not planning on doing so for a very long time. I know that one day he and I can be friends, but I need mega-me time to heal. And HUGE congrats to you on getting in the program. HUGE boos to assholes who think you have the bladder of a camel. I hope it works out.

Tree...I need a new entertainment center. Yours is very groovy. I have sitting on my TV one DVD player, one VCR, and now one cable box. Pretty soon I will have the leaning tower of entertainment. I'm going to IKEA this weekend...maybe I'll find something suitable there.

Divala..I'm sorry about the giant and his ticket mopiness. Kelman used to rage and throw fits when he got a ticket, which was often because he had no regard for any laws whatsoever.

(((Kari))) Hope the stress at work subsided.

(((Turbo))) nothing worse than a hacking cough.

(((okayers I am forgetting, but we all need hugs)))

I'm going out with friends tonight to team trivia. Fun times with good people. Can't wait.
So, I'm going to see 300 tonight with a girlfriend. I'm waiting for my samosas to be done.

I'm going to go and nap, I'll chat laters!


Yay!!! I made it through all of the archives!! I'm so tired though, so forgive me if I don't address everyone. I read all the stuff, though!!

Wow!! There are some great insults in here today!! "santorum-smeared butt plugs" "skanky Mcskanks" "cum-stained farty couch cushion dwellers" Hahahahahahaha!!!

HAPPY BIRFDAY MOXETTE!!! She doesn't know it yet, but she's on her way to full Bustiedom.

Diva, your gravy sounds muy excellente. I have a total weakness for gravy (sans lumps, meat chunks) with mashed skin-on potatoes and dinner rolls. Heh...I said "skin on." I broke down and had some a dat on Thanksgiving. As far as the door knocker, have you told the guy that you're gonna call the police if he shows up again? Yeah, it's nice to live in a "secured" building. People were breaking into the 1st floor/garden levels for a while, but I'm on the 2nd floor which makes me feel a little better. My main concern for you and the giant is that you have a lot of valuable stuff, the guy thinks you have lots of cash sitting around, and you're on the main level. If it happens again, report it to the police.

GT, that is so shitty about the locker room situation. I can't believe you have to go through all of that bullshit. I would much rather change into my gym clothes, etc. with a polite TG present, than with all of these bareass women at the YWCA who practically smear their vagina juice on the walls. I think people should be allowed to go into the locker room that they feel most comfortable in. Clearly, there are no "comfort" rules about people walking around with their naked asses in the air. I'm uncomfortable with that, but I deal with it. If those people are going to walk around shamelessly naked, knowing that people like me might be uncomfortable, then they should at least allow a TG or intersexed person to do their business. And what about lesbians? Are they supposed to change in the guys' locker room? It's all so stupid. People are still so close-minded about this stuff.

FJ!! Your belly is so cute!! I can sorta do the same thing with my belly, but only because I have a food baby living there. smile.gif Also, that rocks that you guys no longer have the mauve/teal door!!

Treehugger, that entertainment center is great, and I love the living room picture that you posted. It's so worth it to have the thing delivered if you can afford it. I'm so glad I did that with my couch. It was hard enough just moving my entertainment center. I had a hard time locating an entertainment center that would fit my old-school electronics. Mine isn't nearly as pretty as yours, but it does the trick. It looks okay right now, but I want to paint it one of these days. Speaking of painting, now that the weather is getting milder and the sun is up longer, I'm thinking it might be time to start my painting projects. Spring is a great time to paint because the heat isn't unbearable and you can have the windows open to let the fumes out. I have bedroom paint right now, so I think I'll do that first. I should probably start getting ready for that. I'm still unsure about the orange paint in the living room though. I'm chicken.

Rose, I'm so excited to see which house you guys end up buying!! Do you have any pictures of this mauve house? By the way, I think homes with shitty bathrooms and kitchens are the greatest things to buy if you have handy skills and a little extra dough to put into them over time. Kitchens and bathrooms are huge when it comes to resale value. You have to be careful not to improve them too much though, depending on the type of house you buy. If you buy a quaint house and redo the kitchen with granite countertops, etc. then you won't gain much. You have to keep the house within the same bracket, but towards the higher end if possible.

God, listen to me. Obviously, I've been spending way to much time at work. Right now we're working on an auto dealership that is having access points (or "curb-cuts") removed and visibility issues due to a road project. They're also having land taken through eminent domain. It's your typical "gov't taking land for road project" issue. It's a huge ass project and we're working for the property owner (which we almost always do). Anyway, that's why I've been MIA. I've been held hostage at work and I've had very little sleep in the last coupla days. My part is done now. Thank god.

Christ. This post is waaaay too long. Sorry.

Since I missed out on Good Things Tuesday, I'm gonna do my good things now:
1. Finished my part of the sucky project
2. Got paid!!!!!!!!
3. Finally have a chance to go to the YWCA
4. Bought a vat of Aveda's Sap Moss conditioner
5. Have a bottle of wine to myself
6. Finally have enough money to buy lots of yummy, healthy groceries
Hi hi poodle!! Good to see you 'round here, and I'm sorry work has been so crazy this week! *hands poodle a frosty brew* moss conditioner - I love how it smells...which reminds me to light my shampure candle, which I LOVE the smell of.

I met bustie annelise this afternoon, and we had a delightful time, chatting and swapping body was a perfect way to cap off a long week of work.

And turbomann and I just got back from dinner at our favorite neighborhood thai place...they'd been closed for a month to visit family in Thailand, and I missed them so much! But, predictably, it was crazzzzy in there tonight, so dinner took a bit longer, but that's okay.

Kel, I *really* want to find a pub with team trivia around here - its so fun, and turbomann is really good. Maybe I need to join the shriners or elks or something - they always seem to have that kind of entertainment, but I probably wouldn't be very good at trivia targeted to seniors. smile.gif

I gotta go heat some bathwater now....
i think we should open our own BUSTie trivia bar! we love that sort of thing! before our best buds moved to missouri, we'd go and play the electronic trivia at the local sports bar and try to come up with screen names to embarass the rest of the group. i always love looking around the room and trying to figure out who belongs to which screen name. is that just me?

yesterday was lovely. none of my appointments showed up, but i really didn't care after the great day on thursday. i do have a show in the office as we speak, though, so more opportunity for the moolah! AND, my boss/friend (who has been sort of quiet for the past few weeks since i started) called me to tell me what a kick-ass job i had done and to show me some love. so that was cool.

we went out to dinner at the bonefish grille last night for bff's birthday. anyone have those near them? it was pretty tasty. i kept asking the waiter for funky juice mixes from the bar - the best one was pomegranate/mango/lime with a splash of soda. it would have been better with a splash of VODKA, but i was still content. i actually felt really super cute last night wearing a black dress that was pretty curve-conscious. the belly was just sticking out for all to see. it was funny, but as i was walking to the ladies room at one point, i realized that i am a WOMAN now. i've always considered myself a girl, but i felt all mother-earth-goddess and shit last night. we came home after dinner instead of heading out to the bars with the rest of the group. i was sort of interested to see how jackaroo would respond to the loud music actually, but i was pretty worn out and we decided to call it an early night. but it was nice.

kari, i hope the boss was cool about the mistake. like diva said, you're not a machine.

((((gt)))) hugs for you for being such a strong individual. i really have a lot of respect and admiration for you. it's people like you that are changing the face of the world we live in, making it a more tolerant and understanding world. yes, it takes time and people don't "get it" all the time, but you are such a great role model. on a similar note, we had a conversation at dinner last night about how happy i am that my son will grow up knowing that being gay is perfectly acceptable and even *gasp* normal. i plan to have him spend a lot of time with my sil and her wife. it's awesome that he'll have them in his life. i can only imagine that others feel the same way about you. wub.gif

diva, that's awesome that your gravy came out well. i've attempted gravy several times but i've only been successful twice. i never realized how hard it was to make when i watched my mom. hers is always perfect.

poodle, i think you're right about the kitchens and bathrooms thing as long as you ACTUALLY HAVE SKILLS. hehe. we are learning as we go though. and i KNOW we'll make money off the changes that we're making to this house. i have no doubt in my mind that with about 10 to 15K we'll end up investing for both bathrooms and the kitchen, we'll end up profitting much more. maybe one day we'll actually be able to get a house in st. augustine like we dream! good for you for putting time into your work. it's so good that even though you find it tedious at times, you really know your shit with your job.

ok, i know i'm not responding to everyone, but i gotta go get dressed. we're leaving for savannah soon. oh, turbo, this isn't for our anniversary, which is in december actually. we always wind up going to savannah when it's cold as shit so we decided to go in the spring like we always SAY we're going to do. it'll be strange though being sober on river street. hehe.

Hey, gang. Hope you're all doing well. I did not post a single thing on Bust yesterday. Too busy talking on the phone I think.

~*~*~*~*~ continued healing for Doodle ~*~*~*~*~

((((((((continued big hugs for Kel))))))))

Hooray for FJ, the Mother Earth Goddess! I bet you were the cutest thing ever in your sexay dress last night.

GT, many congrats to you. I hope that once people get to know you, they'll loosen up & let you use the ladies' room. I have an iron bladder, too, but there are still times when ya just gotta go! And pardon me if this sounds litigious, but I think it's actually illegal for them to deny you the right to use the bathrooms. Am I right here? Maybe you could talk to the people on the trangender panel & find out what solutions others have found in these situations. (((((GT)))))


Jenn, how are you feeling today? Do you think you finally killed off that bug?

Poodle, what exactly is it that you do? Property appraisals, yes? Does that involve inspecting the properties or does someone else do that for you? As for the house remodels, I am totally in agreement with you. You gotta respect the architectural style or it just feels wrong. I'm still not sure if we'll go for the mauve house. We still have some ducks that need more time to get in line, financially-speaking. But we'll see.

I have a tummy ache. We went out for Turkish food last night and, although it was tasty, I think the spices are kicking me in the ass today. Which suuuuucks! We were supposed to hop in the car & go to the beach this morning. Here's hoping I feel better in an hour or so. I don't want to cancel our plans. sad.gif

In happier news, I got one of these yesterday: Unazukin. LOVE it! Absolutely the cutest thing ever! I keep asking her questions. A minute ago I asked her if we should still go to the beach & she nodded. EEE! biggrin.gif

Question: have any of you had a LEEP biopsy? One of my oldest fiends is getting one & she's pretty scared.
Good Morning Okayers!

GT I love the new avi! How appropriate.

I went to see 300 last night, very good. Apparently I missed out on a good bar night, the usual haunt was packed, lots of people I know went there, but it feels good to wake up and *not* be hung over!

Le man came over last night, and it was nice, we chatted, then fell asleep. Here's hoping that we can get together tonight, as I'm in one of those moods where I need a break from friends. I just don't feeling like makin' chit chat today.

I cleaned out one of my many bags today and found almost $50.00 in change! That was rather exciting.

I need a nap, I've been up for a while. I took the puppers for a nice long walk. Of course last night she was being a blanket hog.

~~~stomach vibes for RV~~~
I'm jealous that you are going to the beach! The snow is melting here though.

FJ, sounds like you are having a fab weekend!

Hey poodle!

Turbo, how are you feeling, getting better?

(((kel))) how ya doing?

Hey diva!


I'm going to nap now.
Greetings, Okaylanders! This is a quick post as I have not caught up yet, but I don't think I posted yesterday, so I'd better do it now! I was really super-tired yesterday....too much rocking out the day before, I suppose! Anyway, I wound up back in bed at 7 PM!

So, I am going off to read now...
Hi okayers! Thanks for the continued health vibes...I'm sure the infection/virus/whatever is long gone, but this cough just keeps hanging around, and won't leave. It is most annoying. I went back to the green death last night, so I slept really well, but still feel a little fuzzy from it.

FJ, have a wonderful weekend - sounds like you are off to an excellent start already - and a cute, sexy dress too -- very nice!

Hi doodle - rest up, my dear - I'll be doing the same!

((((rosie's tummy)))) *hands rosie a steaming mug of fennel tea*

Those little dolls are SO cute! I love them!

Well, we closed on our home equity line this morning, and rolled our smaller mortgage into it, so we can pay it off with a lower interest rate - yippee! We went to one of our local hot dog place for lunch to celebrate - "The Wiener and Still Champion." They have the best corn dogs in town, and good fries, for really cheap. Good stuff.

Culture - have fun with le man tonight -- avoiding chit chat can be very nice, indeed. wink.gif
hey okayers!!!! hugs n pho for everyone!

omm-- yay for jenn! congrats on the equity thingy. i am so jealous-- i am a hot dog fiend... now i'm licking my chops! (plus the name of the place is a riot!) *does a homer simpson* mmmmm. corndogs. i'm going to have to break into my "private reserve" of corndogs in my freezer....*big ol' goofy grin*

hey doodle! i don't know why yet but it makes me happy when you post. you and poodle. weird.

and culture. ok. i'm pretty much happy when any okers post. god i'm easy.

where was i? oh yeah, the avi was actually the other welding wench, treehugger's idea. she's the real jennifer beals here. i'm just an apprentice. wink.gif

can i also point out that i am a cronic napper? you say "nap" "sleep" or "nyquil" and my eyelids get heavy. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*wha? oh sorry dozed off.
.....speaking of dozing off, forgive me for the novel below, but i couldn't explain it all without explaining a lot. or, i talk too much. either will work.

rose~ before i say anything, i have to get one of those unazukin. they are so funny!

anyways, talking to the panel wouldn't be much help. where they tend to have a good relationship with the "establishment" for me it always turns into a brawl. a lot of it because of my understanding of feminsim. lol. basically my friends ask me to be on the panels because i'm kind of a panel 'ringer' i keep meandering panels on point and i hit all the (political) bullet points articulately. plus my trans experience is deeply tied to feminism. most m2fs (male to female) trannys go thru the drag or crossdressing scenes. i was a drag queen for half a second, but, it was rather misogynistic. add to that, i identify as a dyke. so i worked within the dyke community, and later with transmen. so i came up around genetic women and female born men. consequently, so much of who i am is because of feminism.

what does feminism have to do with transexuality? here is the long and short of it: to get hormones/get the operation, i can't just walk into an office and plunk down my money. nope if i want a boob job say (or in the case of f2ms, chest surgery), i've got to get a note from some shrink saying i'm not unbalanced. and it gets worse. most shrinks use these letters like blackmail. making clients (who rarely have any money to spare) see them several times a week for a year or more. anyone who has heard me on a panel, will hear me complain about this. the way i see it, it's my body, my choice. and i shouldn't have to look for anyone's f*ing appoval for what i do with my body.of course this sounds familiar, i resent anyone holding my own body hostage for some political point or monitary gain. so i've got an awfully big chip on my shoulder. unlike my drag mom, who got her letter switched at the dmv, by pithily replying in a southern drawl, "they told me the 'm' was for ma'am." they could get fired for changing the gender on your license without the proper papers, but somebody did it for her. but then, she could sell a hairbrush to a bald man. i can be charming. but aparently not that charming. wink.gif

as for the bathroom thingy, i wasn't very clear. it's actually a locker room, and it's not that they are denying me the locker room, they just can't let me use the women's locker room. i could use the men's, but they don't want that and neither do i. unfortunately, by state law, if i've got a 'm' on my licence, (as i do), i can only go into the men's locker room. my 8+ years living as a woman, being on hormones for longer than that, according to the law, doesn't mean squat. part of this, i have to say is my fault. because of some bad experiences, etc (refer, please to the para above), i'm resistant to changing any of my documents. but then, i'm about as swift as molasses. it was 4 years before i decided people should call me by a female name instead of my birth name (carlos). that, however couldn't be helped. i loved when drunken lawyers would hit on me when i was djing. when i'd tell them my name they would get that look on their face like a freshly anvil'd wile e. coyote. really. it was priceless. but i only legally changed my name last year. so had i more interested in jumping thru their hoops i could have had the letter changed durring the half second i was seeing a therapist. but that's me. i'm a bit if a masochist. i have to be contrary, i have to do things my way. *shrugs*

falljackets, thank you, you're very, very sweet, but i really had nothing to do with it. it's not all that couragous, because it was never a choice. and lord knows i do my fighting/doubting/worrying/hating when it comes to being transexual. even though i've known all my life this is who i am, i still struggle with it. but still, thank you very much. there is a thai story that in the garden of eden, there was a man, woman and a ladyboy. and before every child is born they are given a choice of which to be, and god/ess gives the ladyboy a heart that feels, understands and sees more than the man or the woman, and it is a gift and a curse.

blech. talked too much.

I am just so excited for you! Welding, flashdance. Well clearly you know.

You didn't talk too much either! I like reading your posts.

If I could make everything better, I totally would. I know that in my line of work' the the costs of surgically changing genders can be covered, but it is a hugely lengthy process. The person has to see a psychiatrist for a long time,who then has to say, this would beneficial for the person to have done, and ultimately it will make them happier. Then it has to get special approval. It's also hard, because on the files, it says what gender the client is, but if they are living as a man or woman, and that is not their biological gender, we still have to put what they were biologically born as, and if the person hasn't legally changed their name, we have to put down the name they were given at birth. *sigh*

I'm craving steak. Mmmm, meaty.

I took an excellent nap, now the question is, what do I feel like doing tonight?


Rose, I have had a LEEP. I had it in 1997. Please PM me for details, as I don't want to gross out or scare anyone (althought it actually wasn't that bad).

GT, I wanna say - you kick ass! You're going to be a welder, and is it OK if I call you an ambassador as well? Does that freak you out? I just think that once people get to know someone AS A PERSON, they loosen up and shed some of their prejudices. Do you think that's true in your case?

Here's a really sad story. I knew these guys in a band here in Tucson. I didn't know them WELL, but I chatted with them from time to time when I would run into them. I was reading the Tucson Weekly (weekly alternative press) one day, and saw that one of the members of the band had passed away. I couldn't remember the names of the guys I knew (I knew their names, but which one was which?), and I hoped it wasn't one of them. I also didn't know the rest of the band. Anyway, I ran into the guitarist at a club a couple weeks ago, and I said, "I hate to ask you this, but I was reading the Tucson Weekly, and..." to which he replied, "Is this about Ryan?" It turns out that Ryan was one of the guys I knew, and he had taken his own life. The guitarist told me that since this has happened, it is probably OK to tell me that Ryan used to be a girl. I was totally floored. Everything about this guy was guy, ya know? He was a total dude.

The guitarist talked about Ryan for a while, about the problems he had been going through, but how things were looking up for him lately. Anyway - the guys in this band are like college frat boys, and I was floored by how they had accepted Ryan. The guitarist always referred to him as "he" and "him", and was totally compassionate and accepting of Ryan's situation. I thought it was great that Ryan found people to be close to that didn't give a shit about the gender he was born with. I dunno. What's my point? I guess, although trnssexuals (am I using the correct term?) are one of the most misunderstood groups (and discriminiated against) in this country, there are always people who love you for who you are and don't care about the bullshit that many others use against people. Does this make any sense? I feel like I'm rambling.

I guess what I am trying to say is, GT - I hope that you will blow your classmates and instructors away with your skills and wit and personality, make a few good buddies, and maybe blast some stereotypes that might be held by some of those people. I know it sucks to have to be a representative all the time, but it is also a good opportunity to be a star, and maybe even get access to your locker room of choice.

So, about my dessert idea. It's not really *MY* total idea. I have a cookbook called "The Great Scandinavian Baking Book" by Beatrice Ojakangas. I have had it for years, and one of the recipes really struck my fancy. It is called the "Summer Skyr Tart". Skyr is a dairy product found in Scandinavia that people eat like pudding topped with berries and nuts. It is not available here, but Beatrice Ojakangas suggests mimicking it by mixing cream cheese, sour cream or yogurt, and a little bit of meringue to lighten it. Spread the filling into a baked tart crust, and top with berries and toasted almonds.

The pastry chef loved the recipe, and thought it might be even better just to put the filling into a martini glass and top with berries. Yesterday, I asked him if he thought the filling might be good with a little bit of orange added to it - either Grand Marnier or some orange zest or orange oil. He thought that sounded like a great idea. He said he wants to put it on the summer menu as opposed to the spring menu because the berries will be better in the summer. Yayayayay! I'm so excited.

And I hope against all hope that he takes the Baked Alaska off the menu. I hate that MF'ing dessert. It is so time consuming, and it is not anything special at all. Just ice cream (from a bucket! not even house made ice cream), cut into squares, and covered in meringue. Bleh. Stupid. You can get ice cream anywhere. Go to freaking dairy queen.

Guys, here's a little foreshadowing. I think Banana is going to break up with me soon. Just a hunch. He has been calling me by my name, instead of "sweetie" or whatever, and it sounds really weird to my ear. There are other signs as well. However, I think the relationship started deteriorating months ago. It won't be devastating to me. Just a little sad because we've been together since July and I have gotten used to having him around. And of couse, I will miss Luna so very very much.

OK, dudes! I gotta go to work! Bleh!!!!
Hey again! Another quick post, sorry! I am skimming really quickly, but I WILL read properly!

GT, I hear you on the issues with the TG shrinks...and some of them are do I put it...sexist! Many shrinks have shockingly narrow concepts about gender (the GR clinic in Vancouver used to be REALLY bad for this), and expect TG people to conform to those concepts before hormones/surgery are "permitted." V. frustrating for many feminist TGs!! I (bio woman) don't own a skirt - how is a TG woman who doesn't want to wear a skirt any different from me?

That was a pointless rant, I know. My mind is all over the place today. I shouldn't skim. Don't skim 'n' post! (That's like don't drink 'n' dial.) I think I must be high from spending money frivolously today.

I bought a blazer! It's cute! Black, of course, with a TERRIFIC cut. They didn't have the pants I wanted in my (new) size, but they are going to phone me when they come in. I am justifying this expense by telling myself I will NEED a better-fitting blazer for job interviews - plus just in general, I have ZERO cardigans/jackets (except my purple anorak) I can wear now without looking completely ridiculous. (I don't know what excuse I'll use for buying the Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell books, though...I wonder how long I can continue to blame stuff on the near-death-experience thing?)

Ok, I'm gonna finishing putting away groceries, make myself a late lunch (early dinner?), and come back to read!
doodle! i know what you mean. i buy skirts, rarely wear them. but skateboarding or welding are a definate no-go. but yeah, they tend to be gender fascists. they seem to be rather essentialist.

pk~ its too bad about your friend, but f2ms usually pass very well and more often than not, you wouldn't know until they told you. i was on a panel up here (seattle has more transmen than most cities) but my gf at the time came for moral support but afterwards she left the building stunned. she never realized how many transmen there were. she worked on capitol hill-- where the conference was-- and she recognized tons of guys she would see walking around and it never dawned on her that they were transgendered. she and i were both crushed out on a couple of the guys. very sweet. although, most of them were gay. hmmmmm. who knows? lol oh, and you can call me an ambassador, but it sounds kinda funny to me.... ambassador girltrouble? a little too wordy;) your desert sounds amazing...drool..... sorry about the banana thing, but you do seem to be ok about it. there seems to be something in the air. i know 3-4 women who have recently had breakups... it's crazy. i think it might be a planetary thing....

steak, corndogs, deserts, naps.... ugh what you guys are doing to me!

.....i accidently clicked on the first page of this thread, and i have a question for fj and others. i think i know, but exactly is what is *cack?"

Howdy all! Quick post. I've read everything, but don't have time to comment. I'm in Arlington, Va visiting the gay boyfriend. We've had an epic IKEA shopping trip and Lebanese food. Just wanted to say hi and give hugs (((((okayers)))). Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!
hehe, GT! CACK, is cake, of course, my dear, and preferably chocolate! wink.gif

And much thanks for all of your thoughts in here today...I'm SO glad you've joined us here in okayland!! I'm with doodle in the non-skirt wearing camp. And I truly do hope that the trans community and progressive thinkers everywhere are helping to make gender more fluid - no one really benefits by strict such strict behavioral expectations.

Hi kel! Ikea AND Lebanese food - that sounds like a whirl and twirl of an evening!

We just finished watching Stranger than Fiction, after all the rave reviews in here, and it really is the sweetest movie I've seen in a long time. Very nice to see Will Ferrell in a role that's softer, and not so over-the-top.

I've got the bathwater heating on the stove, and then it shall be time for a hot bubble bath, and then I may try and sleep without the green death...I haven't been coughing nearly as much this evening. YAY!
Cack is slightly inexplicable, because the archives is gone. Someone's typo gave us the silly-giggles one day (though I don't remember why - likely job boredom all 'round). The typo became muse for a poem, thus immortalizing "cack" as our special Okaylander word for cake, as turbo says. I wish FJ's poem were still in the archives; it was bee-yoo-tee-ful. *sighs with regret*


And of course, (((((kelkello)))))

I am high and I just totally rocked twenty-seven songs in a row on the guitar. But my vocal range has changed since dorothy and the breathing tubes, so I am having to re-learn my own voice! It's a bit like waking up one day and discovering your limbs bend in slightly different directions than they used to.

Dorothy and the Breathing Tubes is also a great name for a band. Now I have to choose between that and Diseased Uterus.

Sweet dreams, citizens of Okayland!
Yesterday, amid moxette's birthday party, i referred to her cake as cack. Out loud. Luckily it was just to my sister, but still.

My joe is ready, and I must comply...short version of weekend...LOADS of fun time with bebe and sister and family at party. Moxette totally dug the chocholate cack, but was none-too-thrilled that we made her sit in the high-chair to eat it. Only 2 boo-boos between the 2 babies at the party all evening...and some super cute swag. We have good families, yo!

*Mwah* to my other family here!

Ok, cuppa and the sunday Times await...
GAH. I had a long post written yesterday evening, and got a tornado warning and had to logoff without posting it! And it's 'no longer relevant to the topic anyway. This topic moves so quickly.

But, the gist of it was...

Oh, meh. Forget it.

So does anybody else here now have to re-log in everytime they visit the Lounge? Like the cookies aren't working correctly or something? I use the worksafe mode, just to speed things up, there's no banner ads like with the leopard print, and with the funky internet, anything that speeds things up is a good thing.

I'm a post-cack person as well, and it took me a while to figure out what it meant. If anybody can dig up that poem, I'm sure it is a good read. smile.gif I bet moxette's birthday party was a blast! In my family my two brothers used to even get frosting in their ears, too...hehe

kelkello, be still my heart! I can go soooo nuts at Ikea. I just love that place. Was it here somebody used the comparison for something, "crack wrapped in cotton candy"? That's Ikea for me. Droooolll. I've never had Lebanese food, though. I've gotta branch out my food experiences.

Doodlebug, I'm voting for "dorothy and the breathing tubes". And, congrats on the new duds! And, don't minimize having a NDE. It's definitely validation enough for you to treat yourself special.

PK, that dessert sounds fabulous! And to be presented in a martini glass sounds like a beautiful presentation. And, I too, am sorry about Banana. I'm glad it's not devastating to you...but do take some time for yourself, too.

Jenn, continued health *~*vibes*~* for you, and congrats on the equity closing! One step closer to that kitchen reno!

Poooo on gender fascists. I know a TG here in Madison and she's going through the long, lengthy process to finally get approved to have the "BIG" surgery, the last and final one in her transition into a fully female body. They're basically making her practically LIVE in skirts and heels for a year. I mean, I own maybe ONE dress, that I've worn ONCE in the last five years.

But, gt, I'd like to encourage you to get your license changed. It'd clear up a lot of that legal ambiguity, that's for sure.

I know it's no comparison, but I am so understanding of being frustrated with the body you're given at birth. I don't really have the gender issues (other than the fact that it would make it easier to be accepted in my personal line of work), but I have so many physical issues that always seem to be cropping up and messing up my day-to-day life that it's really frustrating.

I have a brain injury, a bad back, now a bad wrist that the doc says will tend to be chronic/lifelong, and a severe hearing loss. Yesterday I went to a friend's house to help them put together a gazebo, and I started having hearing aide or ear issues, I'm not sure which, but all afternoon, every time somebody'd talk to me, all I'd hear was static. It's unbelievably frustrating sometimes, and sometimes I just want to give up. Static sounds so ugly and harsh, that if I had to pick between that, all the time, or complete deafness, I'd choose the deafness. I've got the hearing aide in a special dessicant right now, just in case it was moisture buildup inside it or something, and special drops inside my ear, which are irritating, just in case it's moisture inside my ear. So, for today I am, for all intents and purposes, completely deaf. And my telephone will continue to ring, and people will try to talk to me when I walk down to the lobby to get my mail, and it will be hard to go get groceries....meh.

GT, I wish I could go to Seattle and give you some welding lessons! I looove teaching it. So much of it is just by feel and gut instinct...I hope you get the kind of instructor who will actually go and stand next to you and actually watch you weld, with his/her hood down, and (here's the important part) actually literally take your hand and guide you through a weld. It helps soooo much in getting the touch. I tried to teach a few apprentices how to weld, when I was further along in my apprenticeship and they were newer apprentices...but for some reason men tend to be resistant to women teaching them, when it's seen to be a male dominated skill. They seem to think they have some innate skill that women don't . Meh.

So, Okayers, have a good day...we had storms last night and a drenching rain, and now the sun's out and everything is shiny and new looking....and the deep silence I have, without benefit of hearing implements, is actually kind of peaceful.
(((((tree))))) I hope your day is getting better - what a rough start!

I am feeling MUCH better today - I even want to cook, so that's a good sign! smile.gif I slept in, went grocery shopping, came home and realized I wasn't exhausted! YAY! Turbomann's off playing paintball today, so I rode my bike to one of my favorite taquerias in the neighborhood for the most delectable plate of tacos al pastor....mmmmm. Happy tummy.

Now, its time to get started on a pot of chicken stock so I can make some tortilla soup tonight. And I'm going to make a mango upside-down cake.

Moxie, sounds like you had a FAB celebration for moxette!! Hooray for good family get togethers!
Howdy Okayers.

(((Tree))) That really must be incredibly frustrating. I didn't know you wore hearing aids, etc. Do you mind my asking if you were born with hearing problems or did they onset later?

Yay for cack...I came in after the cack conversation, but I knew it from "Father of the Bride." Martin Short called cakes cacks. I'm sort of ashamed to admit I've seen (and enjoyed) that movie. Wait, I don't believe in guilty pleasures. *yells* Hey everyone, I liked Father of the Bride!

I'm glad you are feeling better, Turbo. Whatever got ahold of you must have been nasty because it just seemed to linger. Hope the soup turns out good.

Moxie, the party sounds great.

GT, thought of you today. I went into a little makeup store and there was a hot woman putting makeup on a client. Her body was kickin' and her makeup was flawless. Just gorgeous. I heard her talking to the client and realized she was a transexual. I guess you will wield a welder and she will wield a makeup brush!

I'm making dinner for the gay boyfriend...same tomato blue cheese tart from a few weeks ago. It's delicious and easy, so I'll repeat. I'm also making a salad with goat cheese, cranberries, and walnuts. I can't wait.

We went to the Cherry Blossom festival in DC today. It was overcast, but the forecasted rain held off. The trees were beautiful. We ate homemade icecream (pistachio! so freaking good)

I'm feeling a little sad, though. Just the thought of being out in the dating world again, even though it won't be for a while, makes me feel sick. It's just so hard and exhausting to even think about. I don't want to be alone all my life, and I feel like I might end up alone. Maybe I'm just tired right now. Maybe I'll take a nap.
Hello on this overcast Sunday.

(((tree))) I can't imagine what you are going through.

(((kel))) You won't end up alone! I felt the same way after my break up. Sometimes I still feel like I'll end up alone. Don't rush anything, take your time, enjoy being you. Do what you want to do when you want. That's what I did. I slept all weekend, I would do whatever, just because. I became reacquainted with myself, as I felt like I had defined myself in terms of a "we" thing.

I'm pretty tired today. I said yesterday that I wouldn't end up going out anywhere, then one of my friends called me and we hit up the bar we always go to. It was fun times. I didn't get home until 3:30. Le man was there, but he was doing his own thing\, we chatted, but didn't hang all over each other

Then one of my friends told me that he liked me, but he understood where I was at, and he isn't going to do anything. I told him that I had a really good friend who had feelings for me, and we aren't friends anymore, and I didn't want that to happen between him and I. So, that's good.

I took the hound for a walk, and now she is quiet, it's rather nice.

I need a nap, but I'm marinating some salmon, then I have to cook it. Bleh.

Later gators.


Apologies for cross-posting, but this can't be missed: interspecies snorgling (safe for work).

hey stinky butt bombers!

(((((tree))))) that sucks about the body issues. i can't say that i know what you're going thru, but i have a ringing in my ears that never goes away, and i hate it. sometimes i can't sleep because it's so loud. blech. certain devices (types of tvs etc) make it worse. but thank you so very much about the welding. i wish you were here to show me the ropes, somehow i think you'd be brill at it, and i would have no such teaching "issues" but more than anything, it would just be spectacular to meet you. you really are a hero to me. but back to body issues, ugh, i got kind depressed last night. my ex was flipping me shit about growing. when i met her i was 6' and now i think i am 6'1" and i might still be growing. as if i weren't self-consious enough. damn. i think it might be the hormones, but who knows. i was reading about that tg girl having to wear heels and skirts for a year, and i would just read them the riot act. it just pisses me off. really what the fuck is that? how many women actually do that? and is that really all a woman is? grr! (that's the sound of my hide being chapped!) hell for me it would be so impracticle. personally, if i ever get the operation (which is not a foregone conclusion--i identify as non-op --as opposed to pre or post op), i'd go to thailand. it's cheaper, and there is none of the gender fascist bullshit, and the right place does a better job than they do over here. man, fuck those freaks! your friend could save all that money from their bullshit therapy and put it towards her op. oh, and i keep having to log back in too. it's poop!

kel, culture had it exactly right. it's an opportunity to relearn who you are, do what you love-- things that it's hard to do in a relationship. funny, i broke up with my ex more than a year ago, and i couldn't be happier. i hang out with her all the time, but i don't have to deal with the bs, i am starting down the road to a new career, i do what i like, and in all honesty, i kinda hope i don't meet anyone worth dating for another year or two. i am one of those people who is lucky in love and i find great people to 'lurve on' but i've never had much time on my own, so now i am just digging on it. i've got to do so much growing that i really needed to do. and i wouldn't trade it for anything. btw, you guys are making me hungry-- AGAIN!!!

damn you, okayers!

jenn how do you make tortillia soup? i've always been curious about that....sounds like you are doing better and that's great!

doodle, i love the idea of you rocking out. it just makes me happy, but for a band name i'd go for a combo: dorothy and the diseased uterus.

yesturday i went to a friend's b day party (he's my favorite stunt sub-- he was talking about being flogged and caned as a "massage", it killed me) i was fun, today i hung out with him and my ex, and their mastiff puppy bella (yay! got my puppy fix!) bella, the knuckle head was chewing on something that turned out to be an unused condom, sans rapper. sigh. tomorrow is first day of welding school, and i'm so happy i could pee!

have a good rest of the weekend, kids!
later, okayer!

Girltrouble, I think you are just wise and wonderful (as are the other okayers, but I'm feeling an abundance of love for GT right now!) I love reading what you have to say. And hey, I have the ringing in the ears too. It's called tinnitus. I have to sleep with a fan roaring in my room at night to drown it out. During the day I don't notice it so much unless it's a particularly bad day. But when a room is "silent" my head is ringing loud as a bell.

Thanks, CH, too, for the encouraging words. I'm always in a hurry in my life. I always rush rush rush. I don't even know why I'm even thinking about the dating world. I sometimes feel like I'm on a metaphysical time schedule...I'm almost 33. I know that is still young, and I don't really want kids, but sometimes I feel like "this" should have happened for me by now. By "this" I mean finding my partner in crime, someone to come home to at night. I don't want a prince to come, but a great guy who thinks I'm awesome would be great.

Dinner is almost ready. I love Trader Joes, btw. We don't have them where I live, but they have them where the gay boyfriend lives. The Charles Shaw chardonnay, at 3.29 a bottle, is truly a bargain and a delight. And the three layer hummus! Yowza. I could go on and list the wonders of Trader Joes, but I think you would all start hurling organic tomatoes at my head.

ETA: PS: where is Mouse? I miss her!

tin tinus? named after the little boy with a dog named snowy?
lol atleast i have a name for it. it's really bad right now, but whatever!
hey kelly kel!

i just have to comment on the "should have this by now" thing as far as relationships. it really is something that women feel so much more than guys. my ex's daughter was talking about being depressed cos she haddn't found the right person yet (she is about to turn 23) so i asked her, would you rather:

find a good/ok person and spend most of your life with them, but divorce amicably in 40's, and not know yourself well,
know yourself amazingly well, love yourself, and find an amazing person who loves you too, spend the rest of your life with them but your find them in your 40's?

you have so much time to figure out what you love, and your life... don't rush it chica.
i know what you mean, sometimes it feels like you are waiting for your life to really start. but it's already started. enjoy yourself. follow your bliss. make you happy first, then worry about finding someone equally amazing later. they'll find you, trust me.

ditto with the mouse. her poodle and rose. where are they? we know where fj
Yeah, where is our beloved mousie??!!! I know she said she wasn't gonna have BUST access at her new job.

GT! I'm so excited for you for your first day tomorrow!! *hands GT a maxi in case of happy pee* heh. Its really sad that we're starting to outsource surgeries and healthcare too....I have a friend whose dad just got back from Thailand for hip replacements...but he said that they were MUCH happier with the surgery and aftercare they received over there, than the last time his dad had hip replacements here...and his dad is a surgeon himself! Now, *that's* a sad commentary when US surgeons go overseas for cheaper/better healthcare.

Ooof, I am full...I think I've gone overboard today, now that I have my roaring appetite back. We had my chorizo-beans-greens pot for dinner with a big salad, and the mango upside down cake is in the oven right now...gonna have to find some corner of my tummy for that.

Kel, I am with you on the wonders of TJ...there's a few here, but none too close to our house, and they're always mobbed, so I try to make a stock-up run once in awhile, and stock up on booze when we're in MI visiting family.

Okay, time to strain my chicken stock....
((tree)) Hope it gets better.

*sneaks in on the down-lo and steals kel's three layer hummus*
*passes warm slices of mango upside down cake around the thread*

GT, here's the recipe for the tortilla soup...its from Wolfgang Puck, and its damned good soup.

And for doodle's band, I'm still pulling hard for Vulva Tiara! smile.gif
Hey, gang. I'm here. Just feeling kinda sick and kinda low, so I don't feel like talking much.

[raises glass of Three Buck Chuck to Kel] Have you tried TJ's pretzles stuffed with peanut butter? If not, then DON'T! They're seriously addictive & you'll eat a whole bag within 2 days if you aren't careful.

GT, what wonderfully wise words. smile.gif

Sheff & I went to the beach yesterday. It was cool and windy and we didn't have much change for the parking meter. We didn't even have sunblock. Not the best planned trip ever, I suppose. But we sat on the beach for an hour & watched the kids & the dogs & even watched a kite surfer set up his gear & head off into the surf. I haven't seen a kite surfer since we lived in Brighton back in '03, so it was very nice to see.

But today I've just felt physically & emotionally sick. I miss my family and friends back home. And I'm so discouraged about the house shopping. It seems that everything we like has masonite siding, but I've found some bad things on-line about masonite & now I'm afraid that we're going to end up purchasing a house that will turn into a huge nightmare. We could buy a newer house with cement fiber siding, but those houses tend to be on teeny lots with teeny trees. Blech. I got so frustrated that I have been avoiding all of the real estate websites today ... something I haven't done in about a month.

I just wish my tummy was better. Tonight we had waffles for dinner because that's as much excitement as my body can handle right now.

And can I just say ... who decided that Stacy from What Not To Wear should have her own talk show? Seriously, WTF?!?
(((((rosie feel better))))) I'm sorry you're still feeling cruddy. *hand rosie a steaming mug of brewed ginger and honey*

Rosie, what if you just took a few weeks off from the house-hunting....if its making you feel stressed out, and you don't *have* to move right away, go back to a more passive search, give your new broker your criteria, and let him work for you, without getting completely wrapped up in it. Let your house find YOU.

Whaaaaa? Someone gave Stacy her own talk show??! Ummmm, they picked the wrong partner. I would definitely consider watching a Clinton Kelly show - dude is seriously funny, charming, and charismatic in person....Stacy, I'm just not feelin' it. I am, however, watching WNTW right now. tongue.gif
Jenn, I'm watching WNTW, too! I've never seen this episode before (the tall girl from SanDiego). As for the talk show, I totally agree. Clinton could be a fab host. The worst part about Stacy's talk show: they're calling it "Shut Up!" You know, because she says that all the time. rolleyes.gif

I think I am a glutton for punishment in regards to the house shopping. I walk into some of these homes & I can see glimpses of hope. But that is another way of saying that everything I like needs some work. The mauve farm house could have the perfect kitchen with just a little bit of work and a fab master bath with a little bit of work. Part of me really wants to do that work! Part of me really wants to nest & make a house into our home! I just don't want to spend the money on boring things like new shingles on the roof or a new paint job on the fussy masonite siding. Or on replacing the siding or whatever people do with masonite.

But yes, you are right. We can't apply for a mortgage for a few more weeks anyway (when my credit report will finally be fixed), so I should just focus on something else. Like laundry or something. biggrin.gif Besides, Sheff is wondering if we should put this off for another year so that we have more time to save & build up his credit.

Uuuuuugh .... so stressful!

[takes deep, cleaning breath & heads towards the pantry for some ginger]
((((Rosie)))) I'm so sorry you are feeling bad. And I don't envy anyone who has to shop for a house. It's exciting yet incredibly frustrating at the same time. I hope your beach experience was a delight despite the ill-planning.

GT, you are right. However, after four glasses of wine, I feel sweet AND low. How does this happen? BTW, super good luck vibes for your first day!! You will be one helluva a welding woman! Nothing is sexier than a woman with the power to meld metal together!

I like the British what not to wear girls way better than the American. Am I the only one?'s a big bowl of hummus and some crunchy pita to go with. Enjoy!

Turbo, how's the soup coming?

Here's a superficial ex-boyfriend, with whom I broke up two years ago, wrote a nasty blog about me recently which I stumbled across on MySpace. Yes, I'm a bit of a MySpace whore, but I feel no guilt because...well, I just don't. He called me "unbalanced" and said I broke up with him for "no apparent reason." Okay. Here's the deal. He is and was the most angry, bitter, whiny, immature person I've ever had the displeasure of dating. I fell for him because at first his anger was funneled into a biting wit I found tremendously amusing. Very quickly that became the aforemention list of hideous traits. And the sex was bad and just didn't get better. So instead of being honest and saying all these horrible things to him, I did the it's not you it's me thing. So now, two years later, he hasn't moved on and is writing nasty things about me. The fact that I care bothers me. Probably because we have mutual friends. One of the mutual friends told me I should message him and tell him what I really think. I won't do it because it will add fuel to his pathetic little fire. But it is so tempting. I would title the message, "" and then I would say he should try it out. Maybe I'm inhuman, but I try my best to do a clean breakup: Breakup, throw out all reminders, cry for a few days, sort it out in my head for a few weeks, make no contact, and try to pick up the pieces and move on with my life. That's what I did with him. The fact that he, two years later, still hangs on and says horrible things makes me furious. And the clean breakup is proving difficult with the KelMan of late. But I'm staying strong and not making contact. But I want to call him. I won't, but I want to. Okay, okayers. I've had too much wine. Sorry for the rambling.

personally kel, i NEVER take the word of some guy who says his ex is crazy. infact i think less of the person who said it. now granted, there are crazy ex's out there, but if i dated someone who was crazy, i'd be compassionate about it. as in, "yeah, she was crazy, but it was sweet, i just couldn't handle it anymore. sad." not the "she was a crazy bee-otch" bullshit. i'd ignore him. any guy who is still feeling the need to down you 2 years after, just looks dumb. besides he really sounds like an ass. i'm sure your mutual friends have figured that out and take it with a huge gain of salt. just shake your head and tell your friends, you are past the time you have to deal with his bs. if he had complaints, too bad, the complant department closed two years ago.

and don't feel low. you have a whole new exciting future ahead of you. and you get to choose what it looks like. think about the woman you want to grow into. what does she like? what does she look like? what does she do for fun? think of the people who you admire and take their traits you admire and add them to yours. learn from them. you have such a great opportunity. to go from kick-ass kel to BAD-ASS KEL. take it and run with it, mama! thinkabout kel man eating his heart out in 2 years, thinking about how he lost the best thing he ever had, and you not being able to imagine why you ever dated him. kill it, kel. it's your life. it doesn't stop just cos he's not in it, chica, now is when it starts!

rosey--listen to jenn. don't get discouraged with the house search. having a year to look is the best possible advantage you could have! really! there are houses that haven't come on the market yet and one of them may be that one you're dreaming of-- inside and out and with a garage. if you decide on one you can wait until the price comes down, in a year you will have more money, the market will be different , with fewer people looking, it will be a buyer's market. there's all sorts of great reasons why it's better to wait. i know its tiring. you'll find something you love. sometimes it just takes a while. the wait will be worth it too. i've helped 3 of my friends find houses. it's worth it.

i've been all kinds of sappy lately (as tree can attest to) but i wanna give all the okayers a huge X and O for being so supportive. really i love you all! thnx so much!!!

You rock. rock. Good luck at class today. I didn't think the class would be starting so quickly!

Kel, GT said it all. I can't even come close to saying it better. In answer to my hearing loss...I just found out last year that it was genetic; therefore I was born with it. Before that I just knew they had found it when I was two.

Rosev, again, I have to sing GT's kudos. She's absolutely correct there. Especially with a first time home purchase. It took me two years to find the shack I started with.....and I know that sounds bad taking into consideration that it was a shack. I had looked at a couple houses before that, that I was seriously considering...but fell through in the end. And, of the three houses that were in my price range (a seriously shacky price range..usually only one or two houses for sale in that price range A YEAR), the one I bought had the most potential in the end. Had I bought either of the other two, there is NO. WAY. I could have profited as well as I did. It will give you time to learn to have perspective and get to learn more about the market in your area.

I tried my hand at making homemade pita bread yesterday....MMMMM. I may go post the recipe over in Barefoot. Well worth the effort and I learned a couple tips for next time I make it. But, the storebought stuff doesn't hold a candle. I'm scrounging through the fridge trying to find things to stuff into it, mild things so I can taste the bread more! smile.gif

But, why, when a recipe says a dough will be "slightly sticky" why does that mean "so very sticky you could seal a swimming pool with it"? hehe

Can't vote on WNTW. No cable, but I do remember seeing it a couple times EONS ago. I enjoyed the show and Stacy and Clinton seemed to just have a good jive together. I'm having a hard time remembering the individual personalities.

OOoooh, Jenn, mango upside down cack sounds AMAZING. Yum....

I miss Mouse tooooo!!!

I'm still having ear issues. I have, however, figured out that it is in my ear, not in the hearing aide. I'm gonna go to urgent care when the sun comes up. Still no headlights. I tried getting some of that GOOD decongestant, that you have to buy at the pharmacy...and no go. I dunno, maybe I damaged my eardrum somehow. Blech. I am at least glad that it happened when I was off work anyway.

Have a good day, Okayers!
(((rosie))) GT and TJ are right. Take TIME to do the real estate search, especially since its your first time out. We looked on-and-of for a YEAR before we really got moving. During that time, we fixed credit, save DP money, and really figured out what we "needed" and "wanted." I looked for the book, btw, and its gone, gone, gone. The name of it is "100 Questions Every First Time Homebuyer Should Ask." the stupid hyperlink function isn't can get it on Amazon. Anyway, don't be discouraged. Learn about your market, different areas have drastically different hi and low points, eh? Make it your project, and eventually, the right home will present itself to you.

I had a lovely "day off" yesterday...moxieman had a daddy-daughter day, and I met up with them for dinner. The house was empty and quiet. All afternoon.

Ok, time to rouse the wee one and head off for our days.

Happy Monday, lassies. Blech.
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