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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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It's a plain black one, and pushes the girls up nicely. *flashes turbo*

I'm kind of hungry, but I'm not too sure for what. I think I am going to watch the movie hero right now.
Mmmm, culture, you lookin' good girl!

Okay, my tummy is not ready for pad thai, apparently. The miso soup was good, though. I think I'm going to have to find somewhere near work that has some more of it body neeeeds the seaweed.
Hello Everyone!! Hello turbo, GT, kelkello, culture, FJ, kari, moxie, minx, PK, and whomever is lurkily lurking! (Where on earth are poodle and diva?)

GT, if I actually believed my car would make the trip, I'd be on my way to Seattle right now! biggrin.gif

YAY for kel for not calling!!! YAY, YAY, YAY!

Boo for swollen feet and yucky tummies!

Yay for new clothes and new undies! I've decided I'm going back out next week to find another pair of pants, and apparently I need a new blazer or a cardi too, as I am swimming in all of my old ones. I can't afford it, but I can't go around looking like a cancer patient, either! Especially when I start looking for work again....

And, I don't know why no one else has said it yet, but I can't even fathom minx sans coffee and ciggies. wink.gif

culture, that sucks about your client, but don't feel bad about leaving the job - the average stay in a social work job is only 1 - 3 years - after that, burnout sets in anyway! (((((culture)))))

Well. This day has been quiet for me, except for the music playing, of course. I started to pot up some of my new plants, but I discovered my potting soil grew a layer of mould while I was sick. *sigh* That will be another $10 to get the decent stuff. AND I had to curtail my gardening for the day, which always makes me sulk. (All my woes should be so simple.)

So I think I'll go play the guitar.
*oof* Stuffed from dinner. It was a huge hit with the friends. One brought one of those giant iced chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Delightful, and we ate the WHOLE thing.

Talked to my pop (exstepdad) for a bit, and now I'm going to hit the hay. I'm tarred. That's "tired" as said by the rednecks who live all around me.

Culture...nothing is better than sexy new bras.

Doodle, I wish I was good with plants. I have a black thumb. Although one year I managed not to kill a little potted herb garden. I'm going to try that again this year. I loved having fresh herbs.

Turbo, I'd be so sad if pad thai made me feel sick. ~~vibes~~ I didn't know chiropractors could move stomachs.

Doodle, minxy is going to dazzle us with her sans coffee-ciggieness...especially with the sparkly clean colon she's gonna have after the butt flush, so the detoxifying will go smoothly! wink.gif

....It always comes back to butt flushes, right chicas?!!!

Doodle, I think we know you're getting stronger when you're gardening and pouting because of said moldering soil! heh.

Well its off to the bath for me...

I am now imagining Minx's colon so sparkly clean that it glints in the light & makes that little "bling!" noise.


((((Kel)))) Hooray for staying strong!!! Your friends brought you a giant iced cookie??!! That is the sweetest thing! You've got some kickass friends. smile.gif And that is so cute that Soji enjoys the bandanas so much.

[wolf-whistles at CH's sexay brar]

~~~~~~~ soothing for Jenn ~~~~~~ You poor thing! It feels like you've been sick for a whole week.

~~~~~~ soothing for FJ ~~~~~~ I had to do that glucose test once, too. I suggest you take a book. A magazine might not last long enough.

~~~~~~ soothing for Moxette ~~~~~~ Hope she feels right as rain for her birthday. That's fabulous news about MoxieMan!

Kari, that massage sound fab!

Hooray for more clothes for Doodle! Even though she hasn't bought 'em yet ... But she's plannin' on it ... and that's cool, too. wink.gif

GT, how was the interview?

I spent most of the day off of the internet & either talking on the phone or cleaning. The master bath needed some serious scrubbing ... especially our giant tub. It was feeling kinda ... filmy. Bleh. But it's lovely now!

Went out with the realtor tonight to look at houses. I like him so much. smile.gif He's just sweet & has a great sense of humor & really seems to understand us. And he and his wife are into ballroom dancing! Is that adorable or what?! They have a recital this weekend when they'll be performing some swing dancing. I almost asked if we could go watch them. biggrin.gif

Anyway! We found two places that intrigued us. There's another one we didn't get to tour because the owner was busy tonight (it's a For-Sale-By-Owner sitch), but we're hoping to see it tomorrow. It's on a really pretty lot with a fence (perfect for a dog!). Fingers crossed. Of course, we can't bid on anything for a few more weeks because of those mistakes on my credit report, but one of the houses we liked has been on the market for 6 months. So there's probably not a huge hurry.

ETA: I just have to say that I'm annoyed with the way that our credit worthiness is scored in this country. I have always made a point of living within my means, but that means I have few things on my credit history. And since none of Sheff's credit history in England shows up on his report here, he practically doesn't have a credit history at all! So I'm scared about what kind of mortgage rates we'll be offered. Grrr. I hate being punished for living responsibly.
well i think it went well rose. thanks for asking i'm trying to bite my lip so i don't jinx it, but i have been pming tree hugger furiously. but i am more lurking so i don't lose it.

post pix of the houses you like if you can rose. so excited for you!

back to the lurk!
*bliiiiiing* clean colons all around!
Hello Okayers! My internet was weird for quite a while; then the warm weather kept me was so nice while it lasted. I've lurked periodically.

Kelkello, here's some more (((hugs))) for you....congrats on staying strong. Iced cookies are nice, too. smile.gif

Jenn, I hope you feel better soon.

Doodle, enjoy the new clothes! And I agree, it really does sound like you are on the mend.

Rose, in my experience, most first time home buyers tend to be offered adjustable rate mortgages. When I bought the shack, that's what I (the mortgage rate) was fixed for, I think the first five years; then it was adjustable. All you have to do is keep it for a couple years, keep your nose clean, and then refinance. By then you'll have "proved" yourself so to speak. And I agree, I want to see pics of these cute houses! I can live vicariously....I just love the whole "new house" excitement. I just hate the actual MOVING process.

Yay for new undergarments! I like plain black ones like that.

*~*~vibes*~*~* for fj...can you sit up? I'd bring some knitting or something like that. If you do that sort of thing.

*~*~*interview results vibes for gt*~*~*

So, I've been having a hard time finding the energy for communication. I get into these spells where I just want to crawl in a cave and just not talk. I think I'm mildly depressed, workers comp is slow to come through, and I'm strapped financially because my sick leave ran out and I'm over $2,000.00 down for the month. I know, eventually it'll all wash out, but right now it's tight.

My car headlights broke, I have no idea what's wrong with them...I checked the bulbs, the fuses, and I even changed the relay. I think it might be in my steering column...and there's NO WAY I'm taking it in until I get some more cheques in my hand.

Easter is coming too and once again, none of my brothers is going to go see Mom. So I'm making the trip, more out of obligation than car is getting old and I'm hesitant about long-ish trips like that. Mom's well enough to know it's a of us HAS to go. I get frustrated with, that it seems like I'm the only kid who takes the time to see that Mom at least has the semblance of a holiday.

Yikes, I'm sore lately...I started a new workout program called the "12 minute body blitz". Who'd know twelve minutes could do so much damage?

I paid off my furniture in time to not have to pay any interest! Yay! And they sent me another "years free interest" offer which is tempting me DEARLY....

But I really want to do this:

I don't have a fireplace now, though....a chimney wouldn't work in the place where I want it, and it'd be hard to get natural gas up there. I might be able to do propane, but then I'd have to build a cabinet into the fireplace, to stick the tank. So I think that particular fireplace will remain a dream. I should get an entertainment center that has space for an aquarium. I've inherited a ten gallon one, more high than wide. I hate the cabinet it came with, though. I dunno what to do. I should go to the decorating thread, I guess.

Anyway, here's ((((hugs)))) to all okayers who need them.
WOOOOT!!! GT, you go sister! ((((((welding program acceptance vibes))))) You better come in here and let us know as soon as you hear the good news! (and it will be good news!)

RV, yeah, I hear you on the credit score shenanigans, its all a game, and not a very good one at that, and can be turned upsidedown on you way too easily. Turbomann and I both have very good credit, and I'm thankful for that, and for my parents who before I went off to college made me read a book on money management and credit, and we had to have a family discussion about the book and financial responsibility...everyone should have a CPA in the family to help them out....of course, my dad is pretty clueless about retirement savings and investments, but that's okay...eventually I'll hopefully invest in a professional to help us with that. But even if your credit scores aren't what you'd like them to be, I'm sure you'll still get a mortgage for more money than you could possibly need - showing that you pay your bills and live within your means is important too...and even if you pay a little more on interest initially, after a year of faithfully paying your mortgage, you can refinance to get that down a bit. You will find the right house, with the right financing!

I'm feeling a little better today, still not too interested in food, still coughing, but definitely on the mend. The weekend cannot get here fast enough!
RV, talk to the mortgage guys about the FHA pay a little bit more in fees, but the rates are low, and the loan is designed for first-time buyers who may not have "ideal" credit situations. You can probably look up the loan program on the FHA website.

Ok, I'm on a craaaazzzyyy work roll here, and I'd best keep the train a rollin before I poop out. Later, gaters!
Good Morning okayers! It's Thursday today! Sweetness.

Doodle, I've been at this job for four years, and I can't take it. Some offices are different, in fact I am going to a different office on Monday, where the management is fantastic. I was jsut e-mailing one of the supervisors, and she said she was really looking forward to having my back at her office. previously, she has also said that if I stayed with the department, I would go very far. It was very kind of her to say that. But, I don't know how much longer I can do this! It pays the bills in the interim right. you have also put me in a total gardening type mood, but the rain here has turned to snow. Bloody fucking wet snow. Grrrrrr.

Turbo, how are you feeling today? ~~~stomach healing vibes for turbo~~~

Tree, I love that idea, I say go for it!

Hey GT! ~~~job vibes for GT~~~ I really hope this works out for you!

Why thanks RV *blushes* Everything will work out for you in getting your house! ~~~house vibes for RV~~~

Kel, I'm still so jealous of your dinner!

Well, I should see who my appointments for the day are.

Later okayers!



Happy Thursday to everyone.

GT, yes, how did the interview go?? I hope good!

RV, that is exciting that you are looking at houses & finding some you like! I know, the whole credit system kinda sucks. I bet you will be ok though, a low amount of credit history is better than bad credit history. Fo' sure.

Where's poodle been lately? And diva? I feel like they haven't been in in a while.

Kel, good work on not calling! I know that is SO hard. Your dinner sounds fab!

CH, work burn out is the worst. Ugh. I am feeling a bit of that now too. Not really burnout, but apathy. I just don't care. And that's not good. I hope the office you are going to on Monday works out well. It sounds promising.

Hi treehugger! Sorry about your money situation. Waiting is hard. I hope you get your check really soon. I like that pic! That would be really cool.

Hi Jenn & Doodle!

I think today is going to feel long. It's not even 9:30 yet. huh.gif
Happy Thursday, gang! Hope you're all doing okay. It's raining here, but the plants could use the water so no complaints from me.

[throws confetti]
Don't worry. I'll clean that up later. wink.gif

GT, that sounds great! Can we wish you good luck? Or tell ya to break a leg?

CH, sounds like next week is virtually guaranteed to be better than this one. But 4 years is a looooong time in social service. It's perfectly understandable if you decide it's time to move on.

~$~$~$~ magical money vibes flowing towards Treehugger ~$~$~$~ Sorry to hear you're feeling so down. How is your wrist feeling lately? Any better? And I'm so sorry to hear about your brothers not visiting your mom. If they were my brothers, I would be giving them a strong talking to. Yes, she isn't the same now, but she isn't dead, either, and they shouldn't be throwing the whole burden on you. On a happier note, that fireplace looks fabulous!!! Love it!

~~~~~~ more soothing for Jenn ~~~~~~ I love that you say "TarGhetto"! I thought my friends were the only ones who said that. It's our term for the older, kinda run-down Target in Tulsa. biggrin.gif

Kari, when was your last vacation? Maybe if you could go somewhere - even just a weekend away - you'll feel better.

Thanks to everyone for the credit talk & mortgage advice. BestGuyPal (who is also a financial advisor) suggested that we could get one loan now & refinance in a couple years. There will be closing costs to consider again, of course, but he said that if the savings you make per month is enough to pay off those closing costs within 5 years, it's worth it.

I forgot to take pics of the houses last night, so I don't have anything to show you! Sorry. Maybe I can take some today or tomorrow.
Anyway, there were two houses that intrigued us: a blue Georgian and a kinda mauvey farm house.
The blue Georgian house is two stories, 2 1/2 baths, & 3 bedrooms plus a bonus room (office?) over the garage. Yes, it has a garage! Just one car, but the parking pad is wide enough for 2, so it's good enough for us. The house is on a very pretty wooded lot and the downstairs has very nice flow. The storage situation is very good. The bathrooms aren't ideal, though. The master just has a shower. And the other full bath is pretty cramped. This is only really a problem because Sheff LOVES his baths. He's a big bath person. Sadly, I don't see an easy way to expand either of the bathrooms for him, but the rest of the place is great!
Next is the mauvey farm house. It has a wonderful porch that stretches all the way across the front of the house. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, no garage but a wide parking pad. Great layout all through the house (big living room, gorgeous dining room with a bay window, great bedrooms). It has FABULOUS closet space. Seriously, the coat closet & upstairs linen closets are twice the size of what you usually see. And the master has TWO walk-in closets. Both bathrooms upstairs are nice (both have tub/showers). And even better, I think it would be super easy to expand the master bath to give Sheff the soaking tub he loves & a seperate shower (it would require losing one of those walk-in closets, but you honestly only need one). The down side is that this house is more exposed. The main drive for the neighborhood is on one side & there are cul-de-sac roads along the front & back. The asphalt walking/biking trail that winds through the neighborhood goes along the back of the property, too. And there isn't a fence back there to show where the public land ends & private land begins. So it isn't nearly as private, but it's also a lot cheaper (no garage, remember, so that cuts the price, too). With the money we would save, we could easily put up a fence & might even have enough leftover for the bathroom. Not wild about that mauve siding, though.

When I woke up this morning, I was surprised to discover that the mauve house was the first place on my mind. In fact, I'm barely thinking at all about the blue one. So when Mr. Cute Realtor Man called, I asked him to investigate a few things for us. I'll be very interested to hear what he has to say.
good thursday morning! it's almost friday, so that's great!

we just got our new door installed! YAY!!! it took the guy forever, but it was worth it! i'll take some decent pics tonight. i just took one with the cell phone to send to mrfj a couple minutes ago but it's not the highest quality. oh, man! i never thought i'd get so excited over a freakin' door!!! smile.gif

i need to be on the phone, but he was taking so much time and making so much noise and now prime hours are done. i should still make some calls though for the next hour or so. work is going pretty ok this week. i've set more appointments this pay period than i have in the past and i've already made more money than before also. i have two very good prospects for this afternoon and then four more through saturday, so i should be in pretty good shape. once again, riding the bi-polar sales train. this time at least we're uphill...however slow the climb.

culture, it's funny that you are always hoping your appts. DON'T show, while i'm hoping mine do. hehe. i hope you get the position at the new/old place. sounds like at least a better environment.

feet seem to be doing better today. i'm trying to avoid carbs and it's really hard as many of you might know. tree, i'm allowed to be up and around, not on bed rest or anything - i just have to take a lot of breaks and elevate my feet as often as i can. thanks for asking.


glad to hear turbo is feeling a bit better. hope your tummy gets all ship-shape soon!!!

mmm, kel, i want a piece of that cookie! did it say anything on it or was it just icing? sounds divine.

~*~*~*~*~welding program vibes to girltrouble~*~*~*~*~*~

love and hugs all around. i have to get my ass on the phone.

Hello okayers!!

Just thought i would check in to see how all of you are doing.

*~*~*sending happy home hunting vibes for rsoe*~*~*

*~*~*sneding acceptance to welding school vibes for GT*~*~*

((((trubo)))) get well soon lady!! seriously. you have me worried with your cold. sad.gif


(((treehugger))) acos.

Doodle, what was the deal with dorothy? was that her that left kansas or what?

ok. i better go workout right now.

Mornin' everyone! I love it when its busy in here!

RV, kitchens and bathrooms are SO important, and I'd be right with Sheff wanting a good soaking tub! I think that mauve house is sticking with you for a reason! Isn't it fun to imagine your life in all of these new places? That's what I loved most about our (very) short house hunt.

Thanks for the vibes, star, I'm slowly on the stomach is much better today than yesterday, but pretty much anything aside from fruit or miso soup makes it go flop. I've got some bland brown rice for lunch today, with a red pepper, so I'm gonna give that a whirl!

Hi hi FJ!! I hear you on the carb takes a bit to re-frame how to cook differently, but there's still tasty dishes to be cooked - let me know if you need any ideas for meals or snackies!

CH, I am with you completely on the job burn-out. In fact, I *just* applied for a job that is *perfect* for me downtown in the city...I hope they give me a call! Much thanks to moxie, for help with the CV!

AND....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOXETTE!!!! Our little okayer is a whole year old today!!! Now be sure to cough up some birfday piccies for us, mox! wink.gif

(((((prosperity vibes for tree))))) I hope the cash starts flowing in ASAP! Any guesses as to when you're going back to work?
Rv, you guys are finding such wonderful houses! The mauve farm house sounds really nice. A big porch is one thing we lack at our house. I mean, we lack many things, of course, but that is the one I pine about the most.

I forgot it was Moxette's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY little girl!! Woot Woot! Big 1!

Fj, a new door sounds exciting! What does it look like? Isn't it funny how the things we get excited about change? I'm getting to be that way too. I am really excited b/c we seeded our grass, for goodness sake. I'm glad to hear your footsies are doing better. ~~~sales vibes~~~~

Hi Stargazer! What's up gal? Good to see you!
wow, i love it when it's busy in here too! i especially love it when i hit reply and scroll down to see that someBUSTie else has already posted!!

hihi, kari!!!! i'm just like you! i get all goofy over our yard growth. we need to reseed this weekend actually. our yard looks ten times better than it did this time last year. i'm really excited to see what it'll be like at the end of the summer. the door is white right now but we're going to paint it black. almost the entire thing is beveled glass cut in little squares of different sizes. it's really awesome to see so much sunshine coming in. i actually keep walking past the living room and thinking the front door is open. it's perfectly what we wanted!

thanks for the sales vibes. they're always needed and appreciated!

rv, i'm excited for you about the househunting! i agree with turbo, kitchens and bathrooms are so important. we might have made a mistake in buying our house because we thought it would be pretty easy to renovate the kitchen and bathrooms. they're pretty bad. we're working on them, but other things in the house became a priority and we havne't gotten to them as quickly as we'd hoped. the upstairs bathroom is practically useless right now, with only the toilet working. we finally tore out the huge vanity cabinet in there a few weeks ago when my dad was here, but mfj hasn't completely taken the tile off the floor yet. we still have to remove the wallpaper too. then we'll retile the floor and the shower surround, paint and buy some free-standing vanities and sinks to put in it. our goal is to have it completed by the time jackaroo gets here. mrfj is running out of time, hehe. but we'll do it. i think once he gets in there and gets started, it's not going to be as big a project as it seems. but still, i would advise you guys to get as close to what you're looking for as possible.

hi stargazer! nice to see you back around. how are you feeling lately? here's some hugs cause you gave all yours away!!! (((((((star)))))))))

i miss mouse and diva and poodle and minx. and lurv. and taloo! and i know i'm forgetting another regular and that makes me a bad okayer. but i have pregnancy brain. yes, indeedy, i do!

Hi, Okayers!

So. the fireplace decision has been made, because I decided to take advantage of my year's free financing offer, and pre-spend some of my tax return. I bought this entertainment center:

The shelves are movable so I'm going to move the lower one on the left, up one notch; then the aquarium will fit next to the TV. I'm liking it, but it will take up most of that fireplace's spot.

But, I have another brainstorm. I have an ugly wall in. my. bedroom. that will work GREAT for that fireplace. Oh, and I realized I can't do propane either because of venting issues (always complicated in a condo) BUT they're making excellent electric ones nowadays, that really, honestly, truly do look real. Or I can get the kind that burns the gel fuel (like a Sterno can, but crackley and orange like a real fire).

Soooo....that'll be my bedroom view. Someday.

I have to agree about kitchens and bathrooms being uber important. It really screws up your life, especially a kitchen renovation. If you DO end up doing a kitchen renovation, do it in the "nice weather season/s" so you can at least grill out for meals.

Turbo, it looks like I will probably go back to work, like April 11. Most of my workers comp checks will most likely arrive AFTER I'm back at work. Go figure...heh.

FJ, I'm glad your foot seems better.

And, happy birthday to Moxette!

((((huggs)))) for everybody!

Bathrooms aren't as bad, IF you have two of them. Bathing and pooping is really underrated.
~~~~~~~ soothing for FJ's footsies ~~~~~~ Or should that be footsie (singular)? Congrats on the new door! That must make such a difference.
~!~!~!~ speedy renovation vibes for Mr. FJ ~!~!~!~

Love the entertainment center, Tree! It's sleek & modern without being too sleek & modern. When will it arrive?

Kari, I totally understand how you feel about porches. I really would prefer to have a house with a porch. Plus this one is large enough to accommodate a couple rocking chairs. Just the other night Sheff was saying how nice it would be to have a covered porch where we could sit & enjoy watching the rain. smile.gif

RE: bathroom renos: Well, since the mauve farmhouse has 2 & 1/2 baths and only the master bath would be renovated, I think we could easily survive the project. The only big expense we would have when we move in is that we'd need to buy a washer & drier, but that's pretty much true everywhere. Other than that, the house is perfectly move-in ready. Well, unless something scary comes up in the inspection! Even the kitchen is very nice & has a new cooker. Sadly, the stove is electric, but I can wait a few more years to cook with gas again. My priority is getting Sheff that tub!

I read somewhere that most people who own a whirlpool bath only use it 4 times a year. Is that sad or what? If ya got it, use it!

By the by, if any of you want to see pics from the on-line listings of these houses, let me know & I'll PM them to you. I just don't feel right about stealing those photos & posting them here. smile.gif

Geez, listen to me! I feel like I'm turning this place into the real estate thread!
rosie, the mauve house sounds very promising! no worries on turning this into the real estate thread - seems like we're all kind of thinking about our homes lately! Fj's got a new door, tree's entertainment center, we're starting plans for our new kitchen...

My tub is pretty small, but I don't think I'd want one much bigger (couldn't fit one anyhow) - I'd just like a 40gal water tank, so I could fill it up so that it covers my boobs! tongue.gif

Tree, that entertainment center is beautiful - nice score! And I love the idea of a fireplace in the bedroom - so cozy and romantic!

Maybe this weekend, I'll indulge myself and go wander around some kitchen showrooms...I dream of floors that actually get clean, and non-flourescent lighting!
Hi, peeps!

I've been in more of a lurky mood lately, so I've been around, just not posting.

RV, those houses sound great! I don't think I'd be able to do without a proper tub, either. Not that I take a lot of baths or anything, I just like having space to move around in the shower.

My brother did a bathroom remodel on his place, and it really didnt' take very long. He replaced everything but the tub, including the tile and wallpaper. When it was all said and done, it probably only took him a week, and the difference is amazing. It sucked having to share a shower for a few days, though, because to get to the shower I had in the basement, you have to walk through my bedroom - and he got up at 4:30 am.

((((((((Tree))))))))) I hope you wrist heals up and you get all the money that's coming to you very soon. That's a cool entertainment center. I like how it has doors on it. I definitely prefer them with doors.

Congrats on the better job move, CH!

Kari, I totally get you with the apathy thing. I just honestly don't give a fuck about my job, and I wonder why I even have to come in in the morning (especially since right now I have not a damn thing to do, I'm just trying to look busy cleaning out my email and doing busywork for other people).

((((((((new job vibes for Turbo and GT))))))))))

I love the new couchlette, Turbo. It's such a nice size, and it's nice and square.

FJ, I'm glad your foot's acting normal again. When my mom was pregnant with my youngest brother, she got warts on the bottom of her feet.

Happy birfday, Moxette!

Hi, Star, and everyone I missed!

I haven't been up to much lately. Our little homeless friend showed up again last night, and we answered the door. It had been a whole 2 weeks since he last stopped by, so we thought maybe this wasn't him. Our landlords were throwing a party upstairs, so we figured that when our bell rang, it was someone who wanted to go up there but rang the wrong bell. Lo and behold, there was that guy again. I wish I'd answered the door because the giant isn't assertive enough with people. I swear, next time this guy comes back, I'm calling him out on banging on our window, walking around our house, and not getting the point to go away. I've called the cops once, and I've got no problem with doing it again. The guy kept asking for me, though. "Where's your gir?" "Go ask your girl," "Your girl has money." Great, so now this guy thinks I keep all kinds of cash around the house for random people who knock on the door and ask for it. I told him we don't normally keep cash around, but I don't think he quite got it. Still, I've absolutely had it with this guy. I would've called the cops again, but I didn't want there to be a big huge thing in front of our landlords' guests, or get them in any kind of trouble for what they may or may not have been smoking upstairs.

Anyway, I'm cooking tonight. Yay. Gay boyfriend and his boyfriend are coming over for dinner. I'm making pot roast with potatoes/onions/carrots, some rolls, and fruit salad. At least roasts are really easy and don't dirty up a lot of dishes. I still feel weird for cooking for a Republican (gay boyfriend's boyfriend), who I still haven't really warmed up to but my friend invited over anyway. Oh, well.

Hi Okayers!

My appointment went fast, i have one more, then only one more date here. Soon it will be done here.

I went and bought some socks today at lunch, and a bag. there is a really cook shop around here that I just don't frequent enough. Two pairs of the socks and the bag have a jolly roger on them. they are really fun.

It's cold here, not super cold, but the snow has stopped and now its just cruddy, cloudy and windy. And i have theis dry hacking cough. M'eh. Oh well. I also have an imperial cookie I really want to eat. But, i think that some fruit would be better, first. Then I'll go nuts on the cookie.

tree that is one fantastic entertainment unit.

Diva, boo on the man resurfacing, but yay for the dinner.

I'm going to go and appear to be busy.

Later gators

gaaaa. Double post.
ICK! Triple post.

*kicks computer in the ass then turns red faced with embarASSment*
diva- call the cops and alert them. This guy sounds scary...and he's targeting you. Seriously, don't take this easily...icky.

Ok, my compyuter is otherwise frozen...gtg restart.
((((Diva))))) Seriously, that is really sounds like this fellow could use some help, but next time you see him, you'd best call the cops ASAP. Have you told your landlord about him disturbing you?

We get the occasional drunk/homeless person sleeping in the airlock between our frint door and the door to our lobby on the weekends, or really cold nights, but I just tend to walk by if they're asleep - there's no way for them to get in without buzzing, and they're not hurting me out there...someone knocking on my door directly..that's something else completely.

Mmmm, jolly roger socks, a bag AND new brars all in the same week - you are stylin' up, CH!

Okay, so that pot roast sounds awesome, Diva...I think I must be on the mend - food sounds good again! smile.gif
Hi, Busties.

Forgive me.

I'm going to vent. If I don't, bad things are going to happen here at my office.

I love dogs. I really do. They're cute and adorable and all that. But the eternally obnoxious idiot who brought two of hers to the office today letting them run apeshit around the floor without any concern whatsoever for their barking while I'm on the phone conducting business and who lets OTHER PEOPLE clean up their piss puddles from the carpet needs to be taken out back and hit over the head with a heavy fucking blunt object. And why is my boss such a pussy that he will not step up and address this with her, leaving the heavy lifting for one of the rest of us to do? I need to get the number to's ad agency. I have their next campaign all wrapped up.

Thanks. And... sorry. I do sort of feel better though.
Mr FJ, it's all good! We all vent here.

I have a happy work story.

One of my clients, who when she first came into the office, said she was treated so poorly, that she is writing a letter of complaint, came in and told me that, first, she was not expecting to be treated as well by me as she was (I told her that she should always be expected to be treated well, but I was glad that i was able to erase her bad experience) then she comes into office today and gives me a thank you card. It was one of the nicest things that someone here has ever done. Clients always take us for granted and this woman took the time to write something really heartfelt. these are the days that I enjoy my job. Also makes up for that asshat from two days ago.

It's almost friday!!!!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!

That is all for now.

Mr. FJ, you need to knock that co-worker upside the head. SERIOUSLY. I don't understand the need to *ever* bring your dogs to work, unless that's the culture of the company, which is pretty damned rare. And piss puddles? Eeeeew. You should go rub your co-worker's nose in it, and ask them not to let their dog piss on the floor again. Maybe then they'll learn.

YAY for CH's NICE client!! I have received exactly one thank you note in 7 years. It definitely made my week, and I still keep in touch with the family who sent it. Little things matter.
Hi hi!

Yiy. I don't want to go to work today. Why can't I stay home and hang out with you guys!!!!

((Turbo)) I'm glad you're feeling better. Pad Thai sounds good. Sorry your tumtum wasn't ready for it.

HAPPY BIRFDAY TO MOXETTE!!!! Let her get cake in her hair on this special special day!

FJ - that new diet sounds a little bit difficult. For me, anyway, it would be. I love carbs.

Yeah - I think I better pay my matter how bad it hurts. I don't want to be taken to court.

If you look at my profile, my personal photo is a picture of Luna.

So - what are everyone's weekend plans so far? I'm working, but Monday I get to meet Octi!! Yayayay!

Minx, I cut down on my coffee consumption, and it made me feel like sheeeet. But now I get more bang for my buck by drinking less. And a lot more water.

*jumps around thread*

yayayayay! i got a big sale! i got a big sale! lady just plunked down $5K!!!!!!! i just finally broke my old paycheck from the other job! oh yes, indeedy! things are looking up! and i still have three more days in this pay cycle!! and this, right after mrfj and i had a heart to heart about my current situation and that of our savings account. oh joy of joys!

*strips off clothes and streaks through thread, calvin style!*

ch, that is sooo great about the thank you note! oh, man! that's just so nice. you're really good at what you do and you're right, there is no reason for anyone NOT to expect to be treated well, especially in a place of business such as yours.

tree, that is one fantastic looking entertainment center! wow!!! i love that! do you have a flat screen like the one in the pic? you've got great taste in furniture/design!!

pk, luna is such a cutie-pie! yeah, stay here! playyyy with uuuuusssssssssss rolleyes.gif

yeah, coffee cutdowns are sucky but good in the longrun i think. i still have to have a cup of half decaf in the mornings to feel right, but i am putting more and more decaf in it all the time. i might be able to cut out the caffiene, but the actual act of drinking the coffee is what really does it for me.

yes, moxette should have frosting on the back of her neck before her birthday is complete! hehe! at my friend m's son's party, he had red elmo frosting in his ears and nose and it scared us for a second until we realized it was just frosting! hehehe

((mrfj)) sorry you have to deal with asshats in the office. you can come work in my office, anytime smile.gif
WOO HOO!!!!!! That's so wonderful, FJ. Huge congrats to you!

And horray for CH & her thank-you note. What a wonderfully sweet (and well-deserved!) gesture.

PK, that is such a cute puppy! I tell ya, people, I need to stop looking at all of your adorable fur babies. Torture, IK tells ya! wink.gif

MrFJ, I totally agree with you on that. I don't understand why any office allows people to bring in their pets. I absolutely love pets, but they don't belong in the workplace. They're distracting. I say you should write down all of the offenses & contact the offender's supervisor. And don't clean up after her dogs, either! Get her out of her office & make her clean up after them. Afterall, I'm sure there is no single part of your job description that says you have to clean up the excrement of your co-workers' pets.

(((Diva))) I agree with the others. Call the police if he does this again. Make sure that Giant knows this, too.

We won't be touring that other house tonight. The owner said he won't be available until Saturday afternoon. That's not so bad, but he suddenly increased the price by about 5% overnight. Grrr. I suspect this is because we have an agent & he wants to be compensated for the commission.
WOooooooooT!!!! FJ!!! Congrats on the sale! That is most exciting news, and just the shot of encouragement you need to propel you forward!

Well, rosie, just 'cause that seller increased his price, doesn't mean you'd have to offer the additional 5%...its a buyers market right now - at least it is up here! wink.gif

We're closing on our home equity line on Saturday - wheee! We'll roll our smaller mortgage into that (we did two loans one 80%, one 10% to avoid paying PMI), and then get rid of it...and then, its on to the kitchen, and a new sliding glass door, once the weather gets a bit warmer!

Hi hi PK! Good to see you 'round here!

Sheesh, am I ever glad that work is done this afternoon...I'm just really wiped out by this week! Only one more day left, AND after work tomorrow, I'm going down to meet annelise - we just discovered that we live, oh, about a mile and a half from each other! FUN! We're both body product whores, so we'll swap some faves - should be fun!
Mr. FJ, you are so totally dead on about that. Who would do something like that in a place where you're talking with clients? Oy. Some people just have no boundaries. And to not clean up your dog's piss after you brought it in when you shouldn't have anyway? Tsk tsk tsk. That's just bad dog-ownership form.

Congrats on your sale, FJ! How much of that goes to you?

I don't understand people's addiction to coffee. It's not that often that I make it all the way through a cup of the regular stuff, but sometimes I crave an espresso drink.

I can't wait to see pictures of Moxette all covered in frosting!

CH, that's great about your client. And you're right, people do deserve to be treated well, even when they're dealing with the government system. I wish more people believed in treating the less fortunate with dignity (says the girl who's going to keep a golf club next to the door in case homeless guy comes back looking for money).

Turbo, yeah, we've told our landlords about this guy, and they've said that they'd deal with him if we give them a call next time he comes by, but neither one of them spends a whole lot of time at the house, and he still may come back. And they're cool with it if we call the cops on him. Our landlords are really decent guys, if a little inexperienced in this kind of thing (and why shouldn't they be? they're younger than the giant and me). This is the reason I kind of miss my old apartment in Uptown or living with my brother. Yeah, my car got broken into and almost stolen in Uptown, too, but at least I lived in a secured building. At least in our house, the bell you have to ring to get in doesn't go directly into our half, there's still another door you have to unlock. But that front window goes right into our living room where the giant's big-ass TV is. That's why we always have to keep our blinds closed. Our street is well-trafficked (bus stop at our corner), so there are always people walking around. I suppose that means there are more witnesses, too, in case anything does happen.

Okay, enough about that. Just thinking about that guy coming back and possibly breaking in gives me the heeby-jeebies.

The giant just successfully started his first potroast dinner. Yay! I had to talk him through it, but I'm sure he did everything right. Now I just need to take out the trash, stash my bead cases (all 4 huge cases), clean the bathroom, and cut up fruit for a salad...

which means I should be leaving now. Bye!

thanks you guys! and if i didn't honor the okay vibes, i'd be doing a disservice! thank you BUSTies and all your vibeage!!!!!!

still riding a high and hoping it'll help me set tons more tonight. smile.gif
Hi, Okayers!

fj, no I don't have a flat screen like the pic.....yet. It's going to be my other tax refund purchase. I don't think I'll get quite as big of one as is shown in the just seems too big, you know? I would like to see some wood behind it. It's going to be delivered on Wednesday. And...thanks for the compliment on my furniture taste. biggrin.gif

Congrats on the sale, FJ!!! Woo Hoo!!

*~*~secure in your own home vibes for diva~*~* sounds scary to say the least! I hope the situation can be resolved smoothly.

Turbo, congrats on the home equity line closing! Woooot!

CH, it's so cool to get some semblance know...appreciation! I think of hundreds of people whom I've either restored heat, or air conditioning, I only got ONE atta-girl letter. It's framed, by the way. smile.gif

Pooo on pee-ing dogs at work!

((((hugggs)))) to all Busties who need them!

*I better get this posted before I lose the internet AGAIN......
YAY for FJ's sale! *spanks FJ on the ass as she streaks past*

Happy birfday to moxette.

Thanks for all your support on mywork things, it means so much to me.

So here is what the client wrote;

Loads of thanks

I appreciate how kind and understanding you were to me more than you know. Thank you from the bottom of myheart for making a difficult time so much better.

Kind regards,

I just about started to cry when she gave it to me. And so did she.

Diva, I really hope your home situation gets better. (((diva)))

PK you too, I wish I could get all your stuff back. (((pk)))

Hey turbo, how are you feeling?

I just had some chicken, a baked potato and greek salad for dinner.

Plus tomorrow night, I'm not going to the bar! I'm hooking up with a girlfriend. I'm kind of sick of getting shitfaced. As much as I like hanging out at the bar, not tomorrow night. I'm sick of wasting a perfectly good Saturday.
Awww, that's a sweet note, CH!

I think I'm feeling a little better, but my cough is still rumbling strong. oof.

Ooooh, tree, your house is going to be decked out with your new entertainment center and nice tv!!! Score!

I hope the giant's dinner turns out as yummy as it sounds!

I'm watching the delicious Anthony Banderas teach punks to dance...Mmmmm, my favorite kind of trash movie.
I'm an ass and have not read anything anyone wrote today, but I'm shaking and can't stop. I just sent messages to Kelman's daughters telling them I love them and will be there if they ever need me. We were pretty close, and this must be confusing for them. Writing those messages was so hard for me and I can barely type I am shaking so hard. My mom had men in and out of her life and I never heard from those men again, even the ones I grew to love. And she never had anything to do with their children who she purported to love. The thought that this breakup might be hurting those girls is killing me.
holy crap! holy crap!

i got another sale!! this one almost $4k!

diva, i get 12% of all the money that is put down. both of them today paid in full! i can't believe it. this is so awesome.

i'm sorry. i'm soooo self-absorbed right now and i'm flying around! this is the best buzz ever.

wow, tree, i'm jealous that you're getting a flatscreen AND that cool entertainment center! very way cool!

ch, that is such a sweet letter! how awesome is that!? i got a thank you note once from a guy that i gave a job to at my last job and it kept me going for weeks.

*wags nekkid butt at ch*

yay for kitchen remodels within sight!

yay for so's making dinner for the first time! mrfj made our broiled pork, rice and corn on the cob tonight. i gotta go eat it now! YUM!

yay for fall jackets! whoooooo! that's awesome, chickie!

kel~ i know you are thinking of kelman's kids, but you have to think of yourself first on this. if you are to maintain your relationship with them, you need to be the heathiest, strongest you you can be. and that means that you need to find your way for a while. you're not there yet. there will be plenty of time to get back in touch and get back to them when the dust has settled. but if you are shaking, then you are going thru withdrawl from your relationship, and you need to keep your distance for a while. till you get your balance again. otherwise you are making yourself sick. trust me. i've gotten the shakes more than a year after a relationship. the wounds you have are very deep and it will take some time for you to heal. and the kids will understand that.

tree i love the furnature--- so swank! i'm jealous!

culture! i'm glad she wrote you that note. my ex does social work, and sometimes you need to be reminded why you do what you do. it is one of the most emotionally demanding jobs there are, and i don't think most people have a clue the sort of fortitude it takes to do your job for a week. smile.gif

yay for moxettes bday!!!! *carts out a huge cake, funny hats and noise makers*

even more good health vibes for jenn and other ill okayers.

divala-- two words: air horn. drunks hate em. hung over drunks hate them even more, any time he opens his mouth you horn him. it's immediate, (unlike calling the cops)shocking, and will cut thru the bs and scare him away. soon he will equate your house with the horn and avoid it like the plague. drunks/enebriates very suggestable-- they are trying to form words, but if you disrupt that they go away. back when i was a bouncer (ironic, cos i can't fight) when drunks would try things, i would just repeat what i wanted them to do till it lodged in their brain, and they thought it was their own idea. it's kind of a jedi mind trick....

so i got in. although not without a pinch: i was informed by the head of the program, because of state law i can't go in the women's locker room, and they've informed me i shouldn't go in the men's. i've been living this way for 8 or so years, and there are always little things like this... it sucks. i'm always a bit nervous using the bathrooms anyways, but to not have the option... i'll just bite my tounge since there's nothing to be done. it just hurts.

anyways, yay for the ok!
GT, let me be the first to officially say,

ATTA GIRL!!!!!!!

SQUEEEEEEE! I'm glad you got in. Not so glad about the bathroom thing.....but glad for a new opportunity for you. smile.gif And don't forget, an apprenticeship is still an option, down the road. Experience like this would make you soo much more desirable as an apprentice, too!!!

When we going to Pittsburgh, hon? wink.gif

FJ, can I rub my head on your bum? Just so I can absorb some of those $$money$$ vibes?? Wow, girl, CONGRATS!

Kelkello, I'm sorry but I don't know what to say. I've never been in a relationship involving children. Just know that I'm thinking about you. In fact, I'm going to light a candle for you right now...hopefully it will send you strength and peace.
GT, you are so SMART and WISE....kel, GT is absolutely right - give yourself some good time to heal.

And the airhorn - absolutely brilliant!! Do they work on heroin dealers? Maybe I should take one of them on my evening dog walks, as now that the weather is warming, the dealers are hanging out around the dog park again...which is utterly retarded, since we'll call the cops everytime, the park is right on the pier at the lake, so there's nowhere to hide...I guess they like a corner with a view.

WOoooooooT!!! for GT getting into the program!! Congrats, my dear! That totally sucks about the locker room thing, I've never thought about that issue, but I can see that its one that's problematic all the time. I hope you don't mind me asking, but how DO you solve that problem, and still use a bathroom when you need to? I'm very concerned about your bladder, I know mine would be *freaking out* in your place, but then the first thing I locate anywhere I go, is the bathroom.

GT!!!! woot!! that's great! good for you for getting in! i'm so happy for YOU!!

it does sucks about the locker room, but you should be so proud of yourself. you're helping to educate people. people are going to love you and you are going to kick fucking ass! and am i the only one that thinks it's totally apropo that turbo is concerned for gt's bladder. smile.gif that is SO turbo!!

and airhorns are a great idea! i'm sitting here nodding.

kel, i'm sorry about what you're dealing with. i don't know how i would deal with that situation, but girltrouble sounds like she knows what she's talkin' about! you should really make sure that you are in a good place for them to truly be comforted about this.

ok, gonna go drink some water before i have to stop consumption from midnight on. i can only have small sips of water even, so i'd better get it while i can. and i think i just got my first foot or something to the lower ribcage. hmm. neat. (this time)

oh, and i haven't had time to make an album dealie, but i'm gonna try this... this was taken about a week ago, so 25wks!

WOOOOOOOOOT!! Yayayayay for GT! That's so awesome. And I'm sorry about the locker room bullshit. I agree - so Turbo to be concerned about your bladder.

I hope we get to see Moxette covered in frosting!

FJ - that pic is so cute. Your widdle tumtum. Isn't it weird that there's a baby in there? Helloooooo! What are you doing in there? Try not to kick your mom's ribcage!

I remember when I was pregnant with Heikki - he would stick his little foot right in between my ribs. It was so uncomfortable.

Kelkello - I'm so sorry that you're feeling so shaky and upset after contacting kelman's kids. I know you mean the best for them, but I agree with GT who said
you have to do well for yourself right now. It's so hard. I'm glad you let the kids know you are still there for them, but maybe keep your distance for the time being.
It's very painful for you, and the wound is too fresh to risk tearing it open again and again. After you are back on your feet (which will happen in time, I promise), you can provide
all the support you want for loved ones.

Work was all right tonight. I felt a lot better than I did yesterday. Yesterday I wished I would have something heavy dropped on my head so I could go home. I felt awful,
and I don't know why. Just pukey and sad. Today I felt way better. Although I am kind of homesick. For what home? I dunno.

The other day, the pastry chef asked me if I had any ideas for the spring or summer menus. Yay! I told him about this idea I had, and he liked it. He said he would consider
putting it on the menu! I hope he does.

I'm kind of hungry, but there is nothing to eat. Tomorow I get paid, so I should be able to go to the store on Saturday. I can't wait.

OK Okayers! Good night! And happy Friday morning YOU CUM VOMITS!!!!
Hi gang, this is a very quick post before bed...I know y'all get stressed out thinking I'm dead or something if I don't post! HEE!!


*throws glitter confetti*

FJ!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!1! That pic is adorable! Look at your little tum! I can already picture Mr. FJ talking to it. biggrin.gif And total congrats on the sale!

GT, congrats on getting in! But what a pisser about the locker room issue! I'm already frustrated and starting to rage on your behalf. So WTF are you supposed to do for a locker room? Isn't this the same program where the woman asked how she should treat a TG person wanting to join?? Fucking NOT okay. I'm getting more angry as I think about it. I'll stop now, so as not to take over the thread! But PM me if you ever want to rant about it or talk - I've done a bit of work on TG women's rights here in BC, so I'm up to speed! (It was the "access to women-only space" issue...unfortunately, even some feminists can be ignorant bigots.)

Shit, where was I? This was s'posed to be a short post! Soooooo.....yeah! Hi also to turbo, culture, diva, moxie, PK, rose, treehugger, kelkello, stargazer, karianne, and...and...oh cripes, I know I'm missing someone. Anyway, HI HI HI!

Where the hell is poodle?????

treehugger, that is a GREAT piece of furniture!! I love the directional woodgrain pattern of the! (BTW, I agree that the electric fireplaces now are pretty cool...doodlemama is thinking hard about getting one.)


diva, that's really reaching scary proportions, with your "visitor." I'm loving the AIR HORN idea! (I'm gonna get me one of those for my junkie-encounters when I walk on the beach.)

I didn't go out today to buy potting soil. I didn't do much of anything except thrash around the apartment to loud music (GOOD exercise, btw, as long as the music is fast and spikey...I worked up several sweats!). And I caught up on the backlog of unread snoozepapers, and played the guitar, and did a few chores, and built snoozepaper forts for the kitties. So, with another day expended, I'm gonna head off to bed very shortly!
Hi peeps!! This is a drive-by. I've been working my ass off this week and I haven't had a single moment to play in the lounge. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi!! HI!! See y'all later!!
Mornin' ya'll...too tired for insults this morning...Zzzzzzz. I was up coughing until 1am last night. yuck. I think I need to not take the Mucinex at night - it sure does its job as an expectorant. But, my lungs are much clearer this morning after all that.

And, its FRIDAY, thank cod!!! And I have NO plans for the weekend, just a lot of lounging around, me thinks!

FJ!!!! You and your tummy are SOOOooooo cute!! And WooooooT for all the sales! You are on FIRE, sister!!

And lets hope mr fj has a canine free day at work today. smile.gif

Doodle - wow - rocking out all day, AND playing the guitar - you are most definitely on the mend now!! Hooray!!!

PK, that's awesome that the chef might include some of your ideas on the spring menu!!
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