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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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((((((((kel))))))))) i'm soooo sorry for things with kelman. i'm really sad for you. i hope you are taking care of yourself.

(((pk))) it is ok to be focused on the bulgary. you lost alot of things. i'm peeved that you have to pay rent for april. that so doesn't seem far. but, yeah for going to mexico!

turbo, i hope you are feeling better. you were missed on sunday! that puppy is SO adorable. who's puppy is it? i just wanted to give that dog a big hug.

*~*sending out get well vibes for rose*~*

i hope your tummy feels better soon!

(((kel))) good luck with the doc visit! i hope it was dorothy that was expelled from oz and into the toliet.

the weather has been lovely here. just warm and gorgeous. if i wasn't on this spring detox and restricted from sugar, then i would be taking a walk for some ice cream. oh well. i did go get a mani and pedi after work today. very cute. i was never sensitive when the ladies would scrub the bottom of my feet. but, today, i just wanted to start laughing. i had to hold it in. my feet are so ticklish!

i'm a little sleepy. not sleeping much. argh. maybe it's the old karma in this house. who knows. off to do the elliptical...

*WHAT?!? did someone say puppy or shiba inu?

*looks at pics, gets to excited she runs around in circles!*

OMG... nimbus is so cute! goddamn you, turbo. this is why i don't go into the pet threads...i'm going to cry! she is so adorable!!!!
Wow, turbo, that looks GREAT in there! I'll bet it feels so much brighter and more open...and I love the way the ottoman makes it's own little corner seat! (And look, there's that amazing purple wall! I still think you should paint the rest orange.) And just look at that handsome greyhound, in the middle of it all! How does turbodogg feel about the changes?

~*~*~*~*~*~anti-crappy vibes for everyone~*~*~*~*~*~

ETA: Holy crosspost, Batman! I thought I was posting right after turbo! *waves at everyone*
Oooh, and mani pedi sounds fab, star!!! I just love having someone massage my hands and feet...I almost don't care about the polish.

CH - your puppers is so smart!! I love that she found your phone! I missed going to my spin class tonight, but my lungs just can't hack it. We did take a nice leisurely stroll though, and ran into tons of our doggie friends that we haven't seen in months, so that was fun.

And you are NOT going to screw up with le man, CH!! This relationship is a whole new bag, and what happened in other relationships does NOT apply here. And keep those stars in your eyes!

And I'm with you star....a walk with ice cream would indeed, have been divine!

Oh, and Nimbus is my big brother's new puppy. A little fuzzy ball of mischief, he is. And apparently he carries his donut *everywhere.* I can't wait to go out and meet him later this summer. I knew you'd love him, GT! wink.gif

ETA: Doodle, turbo was REALLY freaked out about the furniture on Sunday - he didn't want to come into the livingroom at. all. He was taking a page from Oscar, I think...but now, he's back to chillin' out in style. He's currently roaching, with his legs straight up in the air -- it the "cloud dog" yoga pose. tongue.gif
I love it when a furniture arrangement comes together!

*rubs hands fiendishly*
Fark, what a lot of cross posts. Cool.

Speaking of ice cream I have some Ben and Jerry's chocolate with fudge chunks in it ice cream. Mmmmm. Chocotastic.

And I'm listening to some damned cool jazz right now. It's from the CD smooth jazz. Jazzytastic.

I'm really into using tastic on the end of words. Like craptasic, see above in post. smile.gif
((((hugs for sick okayers))))

yay for nice weather, even though I'm living vicariously through your's been chilly and cloudy here.

Big round of "Awwwwww" for the pupper pics. I will post another of Soji soon.

FJ, that's the great thing about a hiatus from drinking...a little bit makes your arms go all numb and tingly. I'm a cheap date because I rarely drink anymore. Not for any reason other than I just kind of forget to drink. I'll have wine in the house and it will be there forever before I remember it's there. It might have something to do with my mom being an alcoholic...I really don't want to end up like her, even though rationally I *know* that having a glass or two of wine a night won't turn me into her.

I've been having an up and down day, which is to be expected, I suppose. Been keeping busy, been calling anyone I can think except HIM. I was soooooooo tempted an hour ago to call him. I was crying and crying, but I called my ex-stepdad who raised me instead. He is the closest thing to a real father I have. He talked me down. I think I can go to sleep tonight without sobbing. Here's hoping.

Culture, I hope your stars keep shining. You deserve it. One day I will get over this hole in my heart and maybe I'll see shiny stars too.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone and their well wishes. I can't begin to tell you how much stronger I feel when I come here and get to see what you amazing women (and the odd guy) have to say.
OMG, the puppy's so cute. LeBoy's sister has a shelter dog who we're pretty sure is part shiba inu- he's got the dark muzzle, the eyeliner look, but his fur's dark red and wavy. And I love the room set-up. *Sigh* Someday we'll have grown-up furniture.

((((kel)))) You are amazing. Don't forget that. Ever.
And, here for an encore, is Soji, the Bluegrass Dog (and the best crying partner EVER)

WORD, CH, our Kel is one amazing woman. (((((kel)))) That's so cool that you called your ex-stepdad to lend a little support. And we're always here for ya, my dear.

Polly, I'm a craigslist stalker, and have found some mighty fine deals on 'grownup' pieces on there. smile.gif Other that craigslist, my home is an ikea show room...whole 'lotta veneer goin' on...but it is easy to care for.

Thanks for all the compliments...especially from our decor goddess, doodle! I'm definitely pleased with the purchase, and how it all came together...I'm still pondering orange walls, though....

ETA: Awwww, Soji is such a noble companion...and dogs are so skilled in the consoling dept. I've cuddled up with turbo on many an occasion...
How about one orange wall?
Please excuse me for barging in here, I know this is a place to read and acknowledge whats going on in each others lives and i am soooo sorry I'm not doing that here..... BUT since so many Busties are animal lovers I just wanted as many Busties to read this as possible:

Please spread the word to anyone with pets!

ETA: sorry if this is old news to y'all,..I'm just freaking out cuz my friend's cat is on her death bed sad.gif
whassssup okayers!? just a fly by. ill catch up tomorrow if i can. but they gave me a lot of homework.

thank you all for the stories and pics of your pooches. dog sitting for my ex really brought home how much i miss haing a furry friend of my own. i think that's why i'm getting all weepy when i see your pooch pix. i'm starting to cry looking at soji. he is so pretty. i'm still hoping for some pet biographies. i want to know soji's ruff and tumble, liquor soaked guitar pickin' past...

ugh the welding program people threw a bunch of work sheets at us (24 pages) AND i have to get up early to take a drug test too. blech. i am so tired, and they have systematically ruined my attempts to get anything done outside this thing. i can barely muster the energy to wash dishes and make dinner. tomorrow is the last day before the interviews on weds. i should know if i'm in the welding program thurs afternoon. i am nervous. i know i'll find something else if it doesn't work out, but i would like to give it a go.
Happy Tuesday all!!

Oh. My. God. All of those pupper pictures are so cute!! I love the donut one!! That's so true about pets (dogs, in particular) being great consolers, kel. They get this sympathetic look in there eyes. It's so sweet.

PK, that's total B.S. that you have to pay April rent. Do some research and raise some hell. Even if it is lawful for them to charge you, it's totally unethical and they can go to hell for it.

Your living room looks so cozy, turbo!!
(((((paperwork and program acceptance vibes for GT))))) wow, GT - sounds like they really want to make sure people are committed to the program, with all that homework you've got. Still, I know you can totally ROCK it!

Uh, I feel pretty awful today...I'm in the office already, but not sure how long I'll be here. I was up most of the night coughing, and I've got a lot of nausea this morning from all the coughing. I'm thinking I'll put a few hours in, go home and rest, and then do some stuff from home tonight. gah, I am tired of this.

Doodle, I was just thinking that one orange wall might be the way to go...

ETA: hi poodle!! thanks for the compliments!
Hello on this Tuesday!

~~~feel better vibes for Turbo~~~

~~~~acceptance vibes for GT~~~~

Not much new here, at work. Blech. I've decided that I am going to win the lottery. I don't know how, if only le man was one of the mobster Italians, then I'd be set. But, alas, he is not. Not that this is a bad thing.

Things are nice here today. No complaints at all. There is lots of grass at the aprk, it's no longer underneath snow! yay. I'll take the puppers there today. Pets make lovely crying companions. i'll try and upload a picture of emily in a bit.

That is all for now.

Later okayers!
morning lassies! I'm home again today with moxette, although she's feeling much better. Didn't think going to school until 24 hrs of no fever was a good idea.

TJ- i hear doodle on the orange...but, i've been saying that for years... maybe, though, waiting until post kitchen remodel would be the best idea.

PK, i'm in shock that they're making you pay the april rent. i'm with poodle, raise hell, young lady! when i was on maternity leave, the bebe is napping and i'm gonna rush a shower in. I'm having errie flashbacks!
Hi, peeps!

Just making sure everything still works for me in the new format. I'm going to go catch up on posts, now. Back later!
good tuesday, okayers!!

wow, it got busy in here last night after i logged out!! so many posts!

tj, i love the couchlette and the placement! so cute! and i am loving your view too!! and of course, i can't forget to give nimbus the lovin'! *snorgs at nimbus*
of course, i'm also on the orange bandwagon, but moxie has a point about waiting until the kitchen remodel is complete before trying. and then again, you can always paint over paint!!! wink.gif

on our home decor front, i'm excited because we're finally getting our new door installed on thursday morning!!! YAY!! it's currently rose-colored on the outside and teal on the inside. it's going to change the look of our living room and the front of the house SO MUCH. it's mostly beveled glass on the front and we're going to paint it black. we bought a really super cool doorknob set to go with it too. i am psyched! pics to come!

oh, and i promise i'll put a new slideshow up soon to show some new belly pics. mrfj took some really good ones the other day, although they're fully nude, so i'm not sure if i'll be adding many of them, hehe.

pk, i'm also really concerned that they're making you pay rent. have you called the police to find out where things stand right now? i still think it was maintenance personnel that did this. it sounds like they were in the middle of "punching" your apartment when you came home, which basically means getting it ready for someone else to move in. i would tell the police about that suspicion and see if they might look into it a little more. ((((pk))))

greenbean, thanks for the recall info. sorry to hear about your friend's furbaby!!!! we knew about the recall last week - in fact i was pretty worried about my grover for a few days. but she seems fine now.

culture, you WILL NOT mess things up. you are moving along quite smartly if you ask me... you're going to do fine with le man. he seems quite taken with you as well. just relax me'dear!!

nothing much going on here today except i've been smacked upside the head by the green-eyed monster. over the weekend, we met up with a couple (i think i referred to them as couple "a" in here before) that we like and also invited my bff to come along to st. augustine with us. we had a great time and i guess they really hit it off because they've asked us for each others numbers. and now i'm feeling all jealous and potentially left out, even though i love them all and know they won't leave me out in the cold completely. i just don't have very many good friends and the thought of losing two of them to each other sort of has me all tied up right now. i have visions of them having fun without me and it makes me jealous. and guess it goes beyond just a friendship thing: to lay it all out for ya'll, when we were sitting at the table, i made a joke that i've *ahem* "known" all of the parties at the table... they're all "those" kinds of friends. so i guess i'm also jealous that things will most likely go that way with them. i guess i just need to get over it. it was my idea to get everyone together because i knew they'd all get along. now i just feel like a selfish brat.
just popping in to say hi to FJ, Diva, and Moxie!

It is lunch time, and I am going to buy the new BUST.

Later gators

Hi, again!

I'm done with archives and...

((((((((Kel))))))) Just do whatever you need to do to get through this. It's very good that you've set up a network to lean on for awhile until the bad stuff passes. You've got a lot to offer, and in the end, you'll be just fine.

(((((((((more PK vibes)))))))))

RV, your house is so cute! And this one you're looking at sounds really cool, I just hope you find one as good when you guys get serious. And having the right realtor is SO important. My brother signed with one who did nothing for him, and luckily he was able to get out. He then went on to find the greatest realtor who actually listened to him, and he's been happy in his house for the last few years. He's had to make a lot of fix-ups (adding a dishwasher, new carpet, fixing walls... but it's cool now).

Turbo, I love your new purchase! Hope you feel better soon.

Those little dog pics are adorable! I should show them to the giant and see if he might want to get one of those when we get our own house. I think they may qualify as "hilarious." The giant loves small, funny little dogs. We'd name it Scooch. But I think for me, I might like a greyhound. They sound like my kind of dog.

((((((((Doodle doctor vibes)))))))))

Hi, CH, FJ, Poodle, and everyone I missed!

I played hookey yesterday because my tummy was bugging me. I watched "Kinky Boots" (it was okay, not great) and went shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. Whole Foods isn't as expensive as I remember, and they had lots of samples out. Then we watched a week's worth of wrestling to get all caught up for Wrestlemania 23 this weekend. Yay!

We had a pretty decent weekend. We had "date night" on Friday and went out for pizza and a stroll through Crate & Barrel. We were supposed to see "Zodiac" that night, but we were too tired and didn't want to hang around the mall until 10:50 and not leave until 1:30 am, so we rented movies. We got "Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny" (it was cute, and the Dio jokes were funny), and "Stranger Than Fiction." I loved loved loved that movie. It was creative, I loved all the characters, and was probably the best movie I've seen since "V for Vendetta" last year. We hung out with the giant's family on Saturday, then saw "Zodiac" on Sunday. It was good, but soooo long (2:40). I wasn't satisfied with the ending, but since it's based on a true story, they didn't have a lot of license to play with if they were going to stay true to what really happened.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) I decorated my cubicle since all our work systems are down and I don't have any work left anyway.
2) I made some jewelry yesterday.
3) Yummy food at home.
4) A nice day outside, and I'm feeling a sandal purchase coming on.
hey ya'll...I left work at 11, I was feeling too puny to stay, and I just took a nice 2 hour nap. I'm feeling a bit better, still a bit nasueaus. Thanks for all the vibes!

The weather here has returned to spring - it dropped to the mid 40s as I walked home toward the lake...which is fine by me - its spring, afterall.

FJ, your friends cannot compete with awesome coolness that is wee lil' jackaroo growing in your tummy! Make them worship the jackaroo!!

Hi diva! Decorating your cube sounds like a worthy pursuit while work is slow!

Okay, I'm gonna go cut up some fruit now...
Hey, gang! Hope you all had a good day out in the big bad world.

~*~*~*~*~* Doodlicious vibes ~*~*~*~*~* Hope the kidney doc has good news. Fingers crossed!

~~~~~~ soothing for TJ ~~~~~~ You poor thing. Feeling so sick for so long when the weather is turning nice must be hard. By the by, is that the lake I see out your window?

(((((( lovinz for Kel ))))))))

Divala, I really really liked "Stranger Than Fiction", too!

((((FJ)))) Do these friends of your have kids? Do you feel that maybe they're creating space because you're going to be parents soon?

Good Things Tuesday
1. The realtor has done some good work for us today! He checked out a few houses in the area, & found one he thinks we might really like. He even sketched out the floor plan & e-mailed it to me. Cool!
2. Tortellini for dinner. Yum.
3. Sheff & I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary in less than a week, so we think we're going to head to the beach this weekend. We figure we can just walk along the beach, maybe fly our kites, and then eat at a local restaurant & head home the same day to save cash. It's good to live within a few hours of the ocean. smile.gif
4. BestGalPal is coming here to celebrate my birthday!!! And we're trying to talk another friend into traveling here, too, & just throwing a big ol' girl party for a week. Sounds heavenly!


Hi everyone, this is a very quick post!

My specialist is scheduling another CT scan, but it won't happen till the beginning of June, because you can only do them every 3 months, or some such thing. I think that must be gov't medicare policy for outpatients or non-emergencies, b/c I already had 2 CT scans within a month. Anyway, he was thrilled at the suggestion that I'd passed Dorothy - he seems to be one of those docs that loves all the gory details! (I'm picturing his home office filled with bizarre collections of pinned insects or pickled kidneys, like Gil Grissom.) He remarked that I look much healthier, and says as long as there's no pain or fever, we won't worry about things until we see what the CT scan shows.

He also said, "You're kind of a stoic aren't you?" "Non-profit worker," I shrugged. He said I probably had the kidney infection for some time before I went to the ER, but b/c I sort of tolerated/ignored the pain and fever, that's why the infection became so acute (i.e.: almost killed me) - and so, he concluded, I should try not to always be so stoic. I know you will all appreciate that comment. tongue.gif

I celebrated by stopping at the garden centre and allowing myself to spend $20! I got 8 small indoor plants that I'm going to...I dunno, do something with. I also drove around on the highways for an hour: speeding, passing other cars, and rocking out to Maiden (whom I swear are responsible for my increased energy). \m/ \m/ \m/

Oh, turbo! I finally remembered to buy cider vinegar, so I'm going to try your masque tonight!
Doodle, I like the orange idea. I'm really into the citrusy color thing right now. I have to makes some decorating decisions myself. I'm waiting until this weekend when I'll be shopping at IKEA. I have to drive over 2 hours to get to one. Their website is crap...most of it isn't available online. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I wonder if Iron Maiden would work for me?

Turbo, sorry you are still feeling sick. Yuck. I hope the nap helps.

RV: sounds like the realtor has your interests in mind. He better since he won't get paid if you aren't happy.

Culture...yay for no snow! I want to win the lottery, too, but seeing as how I never play, I'm not sure how that will happen. I keep hoping some guy will show up at my door with a big check and just feel like giving it to me.

~~~program acceptance for girltrouble~~~~~My stepmom was a welder. Random bit of info, that.

FJ: I've been privy to that same type of green eyed monster. It's normal, and you aren't a brat. The fact that you recognize the jealousy and aren't happy with it is proof of your non-brattiness. If you didn't see it for what it was, then you might be a brat, but such is not the case.

Divala, Stranger than Fiction is one of my new faves. I bought that one. I've already seen it four times and could easily watch it again.

Good things Tuesday:
1. I've managed not to sob today. Just a sniffle.
2. I didn't call him last night.
3. I had a nice day with my students.
4. I'm back seeing my therapist who really helps put things in perspective.
5. My friends have been wonderful and rallying around me.

Bad thing: My mom won't answer my calls. SHE made and ASS of herself, and somehow it's my fault. Aaaargh.
gets behind doodle, forming conga line *paint the wa-all orange! paint the wa-all orange!*

hey hey hey!! just coming in for a quickie post!

doodle, i'm so glad the doc thinks you are looking better! that's really great. i'm hoping the ct scan in june shows NOTHING! no trace of ms. dorothy to be found!!

(((((turbo)))))) sorry you have the icks! that really stinks! i hope your day at home in bed was good for you and kicked that yuckiness right outta there!!

rv, i'm so happy you found a good realtor. it really is important that you like your realtor. we got to where we HATED ours. she still pops up every few months or so, since she lives in our neighborhood. we get a mailer from her at least monthly. the woman can turn any holiday into a reason to buy a new home. hehe. but that's great that you like your guy and really feel like he wants to help you.

oh, and the funny thing is that both of the friends have children. bff has a seven yo and couple "a" has a 5yo and she is pregnant with their first child together. honestly, they haven't even made a move besides having us give each other their numbers. it's not like they've planned a vacation without me or something. i just got a little jealous this morning when i let my mind start to wander... i have no doubt that we can all be friends and that we'll still have our own relationships independent of one another. we've been saying that we need a fun extended group of friends and that's what it looks like we'll have with them. i was just feeling a little bratty and possessive earlier. *hangs head and blushes*
HELP. I want to call him so bad it hurts. Oh cod, this sucks so bad.
*knocks phone from kel's hand, sending it skittering across the floor so the battery compartment pops open and the battery pack mysteriously disappears under a sofa on Mars*

No. Just, no.


I can't speak for anyone else, but listening to Iron Maiden always made me feel very mighty and powerful, and it totally revved my engines...and it turns out to still be true. So you can always try it! But remember it's very muscular music, so you kinda have to like that kind of thing to make it work. smile.gif

*congas around the thread with FJ*
*walks in the room wearing her beetlejuice costume* what the?! whooooo! *sings* jump in the line! rock your body on time! ok, i believe you! jump in the line! rock your body on time!

kelly kel! don't make the call. what do you think you will get out of it? nothing but heartache. it won't make you feel better. not one bit. call your step dad, or anyone else, please...

good things tues~~~

1 it's my last freaking day with the program f'ing with my schedule.
2 two days till i know if i'm in or not.
3 getting to look at pix of poochies again.
4 great bowl of shrimp wonton soup w/ a hint of cilantro and lime from a new resturaunt in the hood
I'm going to try to post a picture of Luna Lunita, Banana's pupper. She is a cutie.

I went to Mexico today with Pickle. We walked around, I bought a bracelet for $4, then we ate lunch and had a margarita. Then we went home.

Yeah, I'm going to hold off on paying my rent until I talk to the police again. It's just too fucked up.

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Kelkello - you know what I'm going to say...don't call him! I know it's so so so hard, but you'll be doing yourself the biggest favor by not doing it. If you do, it'll hurt! Ow!

On Monday, I'm going to meet another Bustie IRL. Octinoxate and I just realized we live in the same city. I can't wait!

OK - I can't figure out how to insert a picture of Luna.

Good things Tuesday:

1. Went to Mexico today and had fun!
2. Had a great meeting with my community service project partner - we came up with a lot of great ideas! She's awesome!
3. Got to have a video conversation with Banana's family in Bogotá!

FJ, is it the sharing of friends or not being able to/wanting to be "friends" that bothers you more? I know moxieman and I went through a rough period when i was very preggo where we felt almost angry at the stuff we wanted to do, but couldn't b/c of the pregnancy. Sex was even one of those things. In any case, its true that you'd be a brat if you ignored the reasons and/or acted on the impulse, neither of which you've done.

Doodle, so glad the doc thinks your on the mend! didn't call, did you? Eh?


Homewith sick bebe again today. We're going to see the dr. at 9am. Until then, coffee and work calls.
FJ, I hate to break it to you, but DUDE! You're PREGNANT! Welcome to your inner animal. laugh.gif Seriously, I came to respect my animal-ness during pregnancy, and sometimes that comes with feelings of territoriality. It's a want to feel safe, and anything that potentially jeopardizes that can give you a thorough case of the oogies. An affirmation or two would help you immensely. Anyways, your man and friends love you. Enjoy your third trimester mega-hornies! wink.gif

PK, I don't know what the laws are in Arizona regarding tenant rights, but you may want to check into your local tenant rights union immediately. I know that in Minnesota, if landlords are acting in bad faith you have some recourse, but not all states are so liberal. Until then, I would pay the rent (I know, it blows) to stave off any legal reprecussions that a fucked-up rental company might persue. Sorry to be the thread buzzkill.

Doodle, you are on the MAIDEN MEND! That is so awesome to hear you getting back to full Doodle-strength! And so goeth the amazing healing qualities of BUSTie vibes and the lilting vibrato of BRUCE!!!

Moxie, sorry that your baby is still got a case of the eeps. Let us know what the sagacious doctors tell ya. Until then, I hope your whole family is getting rest.

Kel, did you make it to bed without calling him? I swear to cod that we like rubbing our noses in shit sometimes to make it real. Back to the animal theory; my therapist once told me that having a breakup also irritates our animal. This is someone that you have bonded with, and releasing that bond is terribly painful. It's like their is some invisible umbilical cord attached to the two of you. I did heavy visualizing of cutting that cord during my worst breakup. I'd be driving down 94W imagining a big fucking pair of sissors cutting an impossibly long cord. Oh yeah, and remember that bullshit that he said to you about not being a fully-grown woman. That gave me serious angries hearing that. I mean, come the fuck on! He broke up with you and then tells you that you aren't a grown-up? What is he looking for? A 95-year-old woman? Sheesh. Be cool, Kel. Be cool.

*steps off soapbox*

I got seven of the eight Horrorfest movies last night at Best Buy. They were just released and I am SO GEEKING OUT! Spring break starts on Friday and I fully intend upon watching all of them. I even left MB a message on his chair in his room on a student behavioral referral form informing him of said event. He called me SO GEEKING OUT! It was nice to reconnect with him like that. He's a marvelous person.

Oh yeah, and I'm cutting down my coffee consumption. I'm down to one cup in the morning. WHOOT! I do drink a cup of white tea at work, but that's about it. It's all preparation to quitting smoking, which I am doing this summer. So far, so good.

Kisses to all...gotta get the Minxlette up and start this day.
Good mornin' ya'll!! Thanks for all the vibes, I think I'm finally back among the living today! Yesterday was really rough - I think my guts were just not ready for real food on monday, and gave me a full revolt. BUT, my BFF recommended getting some Mucinex DM for my cough, and that was truly a godsend!! I have my lungs back - woo-hoo! AND, my BFF got engaged over the weekend too, and even though I knew it was going to happen, its muy exciting, just the same!! Her chosen boy is a very good egg.

Kel, darling, I hope you made it through the evening okay. *hands kel a big mug of cocoa with lots of marshmallows*

Minxy, you are oh so wise....I love your theories on our primal selves, and I totally agree. My animal self has definitely wanted me to stay home and rest the last week, and I'm glad I listened.

(((((moxette)))) Poor bebe, I hope she's on the mend.

PK - that's awesome that you're going to meet octi - she seems like an awesome woman - give her a big hug for all of us!

Doodle!!! I'm glad you're getting stronger every day with the power of the Maiden!

GT -- ((((kick ass interview vibes)))) Make them want you for their welding program!! And, I give you Stuff on my Mutt, from the brilliant folks who gave us Stuff on my Cat!

Okay, time to get my act together, and off to work.
Good Morning.

I am cranky today. I also feel like crying. I already did it this morning. I just want this day to done.

that is all.

hahahahaha, i LOVE stuff on my cat! didn't know there was a doggie one too! oh, i see lots of wasted time today!!!! hehehehe. thanks, turbo! glad you're feeling better.

yeah, mox and minx, you're both right. i think i'm feeling territorial a bit. i think that's what it ultimately came down to. that and yeah, my bff is NOT pregnant and happens to be in the best shape i've ever seen her in, so even though i'm feeling all goddess mother earth and shit, her abs flip me a bird. hehe. how could they NOT be attracted to her. i know i am! and i know they're still my friends and my "more than friends". like i said, i think i was just being jealous and territorial (great word for it, minx). i have been feeling uber-protective of myself and my relationships, so i'm sure it's jsut an extension of it. i felt better about it after letting it sting me for a little while yesterday morning. actually, i think writing it here made me realize how silly i was being over it. so, thanks again, okayland! you made it all better!

sorry your pumpkin is still sick, moxie. that stinks!! *~*~*~*~get well vibes for moxette~*~*~*~*~

i have a little bit of a pregnancy concern and i hope you won't mind me venting/asking about it here... i started noticing the past couple nights that my left foot is swelling up when it gets late in the evening. last night, when i was finished with my calls, mrfj and i took a walk around the neighborhood. when i put my tennis shoe on, i started getting these horrible pains in my leg, all up and down, like charley-horses or something. so i sat down in the road and took off my shoe and they went away. that's when i realized just how much my foot was swollen, so we walked the rest of the way with my shoe untied and it didn't hurt anymore. when i got home i started wondering why the hell only ONE of my feet is really swollen and the other seems basically normal. and mrfj suggested that it might be due to the nerve damage that i have from my back surgeries. you guys already know that i have issues where the left foot stays a constant temp while the right foot overcompensates by becoming super cold or super sweaty. i'm starting to wonder if it's just as much a circulation issue, as it's my left foot that is swelling and my right foot is looking normal... i think i need to call the doc today and maybe schedule a visit with the nuerologist.

ooooh! someone just got sick in the kitchen. yuk! i hope it wasn't grover!
Good Morning, babes.

((FJ)) I am sorry, I have absolutely no information about that. Could you call your doc to find out if that is something that happens to some women?

((kel)) Girl, I feel for you. I know how hard this is. Just know it will get better, though it will take some time. You'll come out on the other end of this.

I love Stuff on my Mutt! Thanks, jenn! This gives me some thoughts about dressing Yuki up and sending in pics. Heh. I love your couchlette! very nice! Did you get a new dog, Jenn?

((Ch)) what's wrong, lady? Sorry you are feeling bad. sad.gif

Hi doodle, minx, moxie, diva, GT & PK! Good to see you all!

It is a rainy day here, which is actually very good as we seeded our lawn. I want the grass to grow! Our yard is looking better, bit by bit.

I'm gonna do a Good Things Wednesday, since I missed yesterday.
1. Getting a massage this afternoon.
2. Get to leave work early for massage. Except have to go to the dentist 1st.
3. Rain!
4. Empty schedule this evening
FJ, that definitely does sound like something related to your nerve damage, but best to get it checked out with your midwife and neuro, I'd say - maybe they'll have a simple solution for you to help you take care of yourself, but I'd say that until then, you must put your feet up in the evenings and make mr fj give you footie rubs! tongue.gif

Yeah, stuff on my mutt made me smile, I definitely have a few to send it - greyhounds are so stoic, they don't care if you dress them up, or pile stuff all over them, they won't move. When I clean the house, I just pile all of turbo's toys and blankies on top of him while I tidy up - silly pupper never moves.

Nope, I didn't get a new dog - I know I couldn't handle a puppy with boundless energy! That's my big brother's new pup, Nimbus, who seems to be quite the mischief maker!

((((CH)))) ((((kel))))

I'll do my good things today, since I wasn't up for it yesterday:
1. Feeling like a human again - hooray!!
2. BFF just got engaged!
3. Turbomann is employed, and liking his new gig
4. Not volunteering tonight, so my evening is free
5. loving my new furiture and living area
6. I think I might eat real food today!
FJ, I agree with turbo. Swelling is very common in 3rd trimester, but just in 1 foot has to be related to the circulation. Are you swelling up in the face and hands, too? I'd call the midwife, or at least bring it up at your next appt.

Moxette had no fever this morning, but was a pistol! She did not want brekkie, she did not want her carseat...blah,blah,blah. Luckily, the doc OK-ed her for school, so there she is. He believes its a combo of a front tooth (can cause low-grade fever b/c the body senses a "foreign body" pushing into the a splinter) and a small virus. She giggled when we got to school and was waving at all her friends. That made mama happy, although I HATE doing drop-off.

Ok, back to the grind. At least its cold and cloudy here today, and I got to play with my bebe on the 70 deg and sunny day!

Good things wednesday:

1. Moxette is on the mend
2. Tomorrow is my baby's first birthday!!! We SURVIVED the first year! Really, she's a remarkably easy kidlet, loving and fun.
3. I'm not mama right now. I'm manager lady.
4. There's a bidding war for moxieman...his current place of employment has matched the offer financially, and his concerns about staffing/personnel/department placement have all been addressed. He's quite proud of himself, and he should be.

well, i called the midwife and she said that it isn't all that uncommon for the swelling to occur in only one side, but that it seems a little early for me to swell. she thinks it def has something to do with my circulation on that side and told me to increase my water (i'm already drinking about 72oz a day, at least!), increase my protein and decrease carbs. she also said to try to elevate my feet every two hours or so, which is do-able with the jobby job here at home.

i'm glad i called. she also said i could do my glucose test on friday this week instead of waiting until next week since mrfj has the day off on friday and that way i don't have to sit in a lab all by myself for an hour after drinking the dreaded glucola. so i'll have to fast after midnight tomorrow night and then go get poked twice! i really hope i pass this test and don't have gd!! i'm not good with diets, but i'll do what i have to do, i guess.

hi kari!! hi kiel!! hi ch!!! hi everybustie else i'm forgetting because i'm so self-absorbed!!! smile.gif

darn you, jen! i will be a sniffly giggling mass when i get to the interviews. i love the loniest raindeer. he's so cute. i want to hug him!!! i have a mental pic of turbo all tucked in in a mountain of blankets. thanks for the interview vibes too. you're a doll.

doodle, i too am glad you are alive. sometime i gotta meet you up north, you sound like a kick in the pants! *waves g'bye to dorothy, where ever she is*

hooray for lil' trooper moxette! she sounds cute...

pk you have to post pix of luna.... i need another pup to fixate on, since i can't get one sad.gif yay for luna tho'! jealous of you for getting to meet another bustie. i love octi's posts.

minx--- you HAVE to tell me how those horror fest movies are. i so wanted to see them in the theatre. have you seen the host? best monster movie since godzilla on monster island!!!! crazy monster goodness!!!! my fave movie this year (but then he's my favorite director too.)

fall jackets, i doubt that your friends are looking to exclude you, it's probably just the first blush excitement of meeting someone that you like. besides i know lots of busties who love you posting in here (myself being one). you'll see, they will get to know your friend then it'll be the three of you, thick as thieves.

karianne, i am gonna be thinking of you as i play lcd sound all day. yay!!! glad to see you in here again.

lots of bustie hugs for ((((((((((((((((((((((culture))))))))))))))))))))) i'm thinking of you, you too, chica. smile.gif

mass huggs to all the okayers, i'm off to interview...

FJ- the GD isn't nearly as bad as it seems. The test f-ing sucks ass (the 3 hour one especially), but the condition itself and the diet aren't all that bad at all. Mostly, it was about portioning carbs throughout the day and being wary of refined sugars, which we should all do anyway. So, even if you do have it, don't worry! Bring a trashy mag to read in the lab, though!

OK, I'm HUNGRY, and my take-out/delivery isn't here yet. TUMMY GROWWWRRRRLLLL....

lol. moxie, my gf just told me the same thing - bring a mag 'cause it's BORING! smile.gif thanks for the encouragment that it won't be the end of the world.

best of luck to gt!!! $~$~$~$~$~ interview vibes! ~$~$~$~$~$~

and great job for moxieman!! that's so cool that there is a bidding war over him! how sweet is that!?
Yesterday I had a client threaten me, he said "I'm surprised that nothing has happened to you yet". Listen to me ass hat, it is not my problem that you ended up where you are. Fuck off. Grrrrr. It was just emotionally draining, then I dreamed about the whole thing last night. Prick. I think it is time that I found a new job. Thing is I feel bound by this job, as it's the only real job I've had since I completed university. I hate it!

On that note, it's rainy outside, and it suits my mood. Plus, if my income tax refund comes in the mail today, I'm going shopping. Woohoo! This makes me happy.

thanks gt ((((((((((gt)))))))))) ~~~interview vibes for gt~~~

I'm in a totally hug-y type mood, so hugs all around






I've found out my new assignment, and it is a really great office that I am going to. So it's not all bad. I'm hoping to get together with le man tonight. *big goofy grin*

Only one more appointment to go. Woohoo! It would be nice if they didn't show up.

Now that my cranktastic mood is gone, how is everyone else?
ch- asshat indeed. what is it that you do again?

*chomps away on delish salad that finally arrived*
(((((kick ass interview vibes for GT)))))

CH - I'm glad you like the office you'll be hopping off to next, that's one good thing, right?! I'm with you in the "needing a new job" department...time to put ye olde portfolio show together again.

My tummy is not so sure about the lunch I just ate, even though it was about as bland as they come - brown rice and an apple...oof. I think my tummy is a little scared still.

Oh, and because of all the "stranger than fiction" love 'round here yesterday, I bumped it to the top of my netflix queue, so hopefully it will arrive in the mail for this weekend. yay!
I am a social worker. I don't even have a degree in social work! But at least I am all done my appointments for ze day. I can go home and hope that I can go shopping. I really want to buy new undies, and jeans, and shoes, and everything. I must excersice fiscal responsibility though.

~~~feel better vibes for turbo~~~
This will be quick as I have friends coming over in about 30 minutes for dinner. Tortellini with broccoli and garlic sauce. Yum.

I did NOT call him last night. Doodle broke my phone before I had a chance. I still can't find the damned battery. *hehehe*
You are all right...calling him will only serve to make me feel worse. And I've gone two days without crying. Calling him would turn on the waterworks like you wouldn't believe.

Happy Birthday Moxette!

(((CH))) vibes for the check coming and a shopping extravaganza! What will you buy?

I love that stuff on my cat too...I'll have to check stuff on my mutt. Outside of her trademark scarf, Soji freaks if I put anything on her. She is so cute about the scarf though. When I take one off, she waits very patiently for a new one. I swear, she get's excited when I bring new ones home.

~~FJ's swollen foot vibes~~

Minx, I hope you enjoy the Horror-palooza. I'm not a huge horror fan, but I wish I was. I hate hearing people scream in pain, even when I know it's fake.

Turbo, glad to hear you might be on real food soon. Speaking of food, I got to run and make dinner.

Oh kel that sounds delish!

Yay that you haven't called him! Everyday you will get a little bit stronger!

So, my cheque didn't come today, but I transferred money over to my chequing account and went shopping anyway. I cought a bra, three pairs of undies, and these adorable little black tie up shoes.

~~~vibes for FJ~~~

Turbo, how ya doing?

I found out that the office I am going to actually has a vacancy, so hopefully I'll be there a while. Or maybe they will make me term soon. Casual smasual. It pays the bills for now.

Le sigh, so it's supposed to rain here tonight, and that is perfectly fine with me. I'm in a rainy type mood. Of course if it was summer, it wold be rockin' if there was a kick ass thunderstorm. That would rock!


It's almost Thursday!
Hi ya'll!

Hooray for shopping, CH! *eyes CH's nice new brar*

I desperately need to go bra shopping, I'm down to two these days...I need to make a targhetto run this weekend, so I can get the girls properly outfitted.

I think my stomach is in the wrong place, maybe an inch too high...its tender, and kind of unhappy. I think I might call my chiro tomorrow and see if she can fit me in to put it back where it belongs. oof.

I did order me up some tasty thai food for dinner, since turbomann has beer club tonight. A nice bland pad thai and some miso soup for me.

Kel, your dinner sounds amazing! And thank cod doodle broke your phone last night. Our provisional mayor is a good lass, keeping us all in line when we need it most. smile.gif
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