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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hello okayers!

So I have a little over 2 hours left at work, only one appointment out of 3, but my last one is going to be a lulu.

RV, what a great house.

Hi Diva!

Turbo and Tree, how you feeling?

tree, it actually cooled down here. I went shopping at lunch with my mammy, and she bought me the first season of Fraggle Rock on DVD. I got a killer deal on Futurama season one as well.

YAY on income tax refunds!!!! I'm getting mine soon! Woohoo! I think I'll take le man out some place nice for dinner. Then for Hee. Also yay for harrassing homeless people being gone!

That is all for now.

Talk later okayers!

Our internet connection was down for a while. I thought I was gonna go crazy!! I'm an addict.

Come to think of it, Aretha Franklin was on the 70's list (I don't know why 70's), but she was way far down. No Pat Benetar, Lita Ford, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, Grace Slick, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, or really any female other than Aretha, who basically received an honorable mention. Furthermore, I don't even know why they would bother throwing in a handful of soul artists. It's like comparing apples and oranges. I think that's the same situation with male and female vocalists. Argh, I need to let this go. I'm glad the giant isn't a bonehead about this stuff.

Cute house, roseviolet!! That would be pretty spendy here.

I just finished buying my Roger Waters tickets, which took for-freaking-ever. I hate Ticketmaster online. They keep telling me that my name is wrong. Um, I think I know my own name. Oy. Anyway, what were supposed to be $77.50 tickets ended up being closer to $95 apiece. This is the only show, except a complete Pink Floyd reunion (minus Syd, seeing as he died last year), that I'd ever pay this much for. And it better be goooood. Half of it is old Floyd and Waters solo stuff, the other half is Dark Side of the Moon in it's entireity, plus encores. He puts on an awesome show, and I can't wait to show the giant.

Rose, that house is cute! I love all the trees around it. If you do get it, please don't chop them down.

Moxie, my mom was in labor with me for 40 hours, and ended up getting a C-section anyway. They tried to induce her, but it didn't take. Plus, I was 5 weeks late. At least you didn't have Moxette inside you for more than an extra month. But still, I don't know how you moms do it.

Poodle, throw Marianne Faithful on that list, too. Hell, she even did a song with Metallica in the '90s, that's gotta give her some kind of cred with those bonehead boys.

I wish I only had a couple hours left here. I've gotta stick around until 5:15. Ugh.

Okay, time to turn the phone back on and pay some sales tax.

Ya know what, guys, I don't have renter's insurance. So, it sucks sucks sucks.

My door was a dark red/rusty color before, and I noticed that it was freshly painted because my door had broken sometime last year and was patched up. The patched up parts were painted over, and the part of the door around the apartment number was not painted, so the paint around the number was a little faded. Does that make sense? Anyway, the paint in the sink matched the color ofd the door exactly. And the paint mark was an imprint of a fuzzy paint roller.

When I got to my apartment, I unlocked the door to get in. So, they locked it up after they were done. They *had* to have had a key. I had a lot of notes on my door from my landlord that I didn't get because I wasn't there for so long. Maybe the mx person went in and thought it had been abandoned and took what he/she wanted, and the neighbors helped themselves to stuff they could use. I am imagining this huge free-for-all. I dunno. Maybe I'm just blowing it all up in my head because I am thinking about it so much.

I just looked at an apartment downtown, right above Pickle's place. It is a small studio in an awesome location, plus it is cheaper than the place I have now. I told the landlord I would move in on May 15.

So - can you guys see my haircut? Banana took the picture, then he snazzed it up in Photoshop for some reason.

Right now, I am pampering my face. First, I cleansed it, then I put on a Jojoba Meal and Oatmeal mask for about 20 minutes to gently exfoliate. I wiped it off, and now I have a creamy Vitamin E soak-in moisture mask on. After this stays on for a while, I am going to take a shower and wash up using my exfoliating gloves, then after the shower, I will slather myself with Vitamin E Body Butter. Then I hafta go to work and get all mucky. But hopefully, my skin will be glowing with my new haircut. Too bad I have to wear a hat at work. I usually just wear a bandana, though.

Anyway, thanks for all the hugs and stuff. I will let you know what happens. I'm still so so so pissed.

PS - Turbojenn - I PM'd you last night. Did you get it?
hi peeps!

(((((pk security vibes)))) how awful....its good to have somewhere to go in the meantime. hopefully they can compensate you somehow....that's weird about the paint....

RV, the house is beautiful!!!! really, its almost exactly what i had pictured in my mind when you described the trees...are those birches?

good news, my current job wants me to stay on till june..which would be great since that would mean less strees about job security and change...however, i just got a tip on a job offer in a salon as an assistant in my hometown which would be a great start since i've only 4 months till i finish(if i counted right)...i don't know.....should i do the interview anyways just to do the interview? or should i wait a month till i'm more secure in my viewpoint of it....? gah i don't know.

((((health and wealth vibes for all that need them)))))

mmmmm tangelos....yummy.
((pk)) girl, I am so sorry! that's just awful. I fucking hate thieves! I think it was definitely someone with a key & definitely someone who had unlimited access to your apartment. To steal all that stuff, they'd have to plan for it, bring a truck, etc. Is your landlord going to seriously look into it? He/she better! Ugh.

RV, that house is adorable. I like it a lot! Are you guys going to make an offer?

(jenn) sorry you're still feeling puny. I am glad to hear you were able to take the day off though, that will help you get back to normal quicker.

((fj)) sorry about the job frustrations. I know that's got to be hard when you feel so out of touch with the other employees. Maybe the longer you work with them, the more they will come around & help things be easier for you. How hard is it, after all? I never understand why people don't help when it would be so easy for them to do so.

My day is starting to drag along. I am so tired. I couldn't get to sleep til 2 last night, which made 5:45 come mighty early this morning. I am starting to get grumpy, don't want to do my work. Only 2 more hours though, I should be able to make it.

On a postitive note, my grandmother is leaving the hospital today. I am a bit concerned though, b/c my aunt said she is still needing 24/7 care. My aunt seems to think that the hospital is discharging her just to get her out of their hair. She is not cooperating with them, refusing to eat, that sort of thing. She said she wants to go home. sigh.....

On another positive note, I made some delicious chocolate cookies last night & I can't wait to have one when I get home. I'm getting into baking lately. I finally pulled out the Kitchenaid mixer I never use, it's working well.
i'm not a fan of janis, but HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY DENY NANCY WILSON? speaking of "crack" i think they might be cracked out, nancy is quite possibly the most bad ass rock vocalist there ever was, if you ask me. seriously, listen to heart's baraccuda, yeah, but sing child, sing is the jam!!! as my friend would say, "naw baby, fuck those freaks!" i'd also have to include chrissy hyde, who, (and i love this) was actually in the clash for a bit and wanted to name the band, "mike hunt's honorable discharge" before she left. her voice leaves me weak. i think they probably are looking at it from a "hard" point of view. rob halford?!? c'mon. not even close. the thing about men who do rock vocals is most times they aren't really good vocalists. they aren't. i love some of them, perry farrell f'r instance. not the best voice technically, but he makes up for it in energy. but range? hasn't got any. love him. but no. francis black of the pixies? same thing. sorry, but they are full of it.

omg. that house looks so cute rose. i can see why you like it. its one of those houses that when you are home, it'd be hard to think about work, or cities. it's like you're on another planet. it's one of those places that driving up to the house is the same as walking thru the door. it feels like coming home. *crosses fingers*

yeah, tree, i was thinking of joining the union after my 1st job. since this progam won't get me to journeyman, (it's only 3 mos. long. but i was thinking about joining anyways, i'm lefty. i believe in unions as a matter of principle. so i still have work to do. but that's fine. maybe if i learn as much as possible i can jump ahead a level. who knows. one guy in the program was an underwater welder. O.o. i couldn't do that in a million years. water is for baths. not swimmin'!

moxie, my jaw is still on the floor about your labor. ooch.

fall jackets, people are too self involved to realize you haven't been there forever, try politely reminding them.

today is paperwork day, again. so i have to leave soon but later i'm goin drankin' with one of my best friends. she just broke up with her dickish bf. yay! i'm so happy for her.

ooch. gotta go! more pho for the okayers! today is a fantastic fisherman's bowl from my favorite spot. it's cambodian pho (yes there is such a thing) and it's got twin noodles thin rice and egg noodles and a broth that is unlike anything else. hope it makes you feel better
Mmm....I wish I had some pho here, or any kind of asian brothy goodness....and here I am caught out with nary a container of chicken stock in the freezer -- what is wrong with me??

I don't have much to add to the rock chicks convo...I'm a poppy/chill kind of gal myself...Dar Williams is more my groove, and I don't have much sense for the classics, as I grew up in casa de diamond/manilow/streisand/chapin/showtunes.

((((kari's grandma)))) Any thoughts about moving her into a senior living apartment? We finally moved my gramma into one after 4 years of resistance, and she not only loves it, but help is there if she needs it. Honestly, it has the social feel of a college dorm for seniors - everyone's socializing, keep their apartment doors open, there's happy hour - its worked out well...and when the time comes, she can move down the hall to nursing care.

ms gb - is the salon assistant job in a place that you would like to work, once you graduate? If so, go for it! If you're ultimately looking for something different, maybe give yourself the time to find the right opportunity.
good afternoon okayers!!

sorry, i didn't get a chance to pop in yesterday. momma spent the night on tuesday, snoring, keeping me up all night. after work, i ate, and went to bed.

but, i feel more rested today! the weather is so lovely. even though i haven't been outside yet. but, the sun is shining and that is all i need right now.

(((turbo))) i hope you are feeling better soon! take care of yourself. watch alot of bad TV. it always seems to help.

poodle, i would like to see this list too. it sounds pretty lame. i tend to hate most lists in mainstream media because it tends to be male dominated. plus, it sounds like they are sticking with the usual suspects. doesn't seem that inspiring at all.

rose, i love that house!! i love the trees all around it. makes me think why i loved the boston/massachuseutts area so much. i loved the scenery. i totally have that writer's dream of living in a secluded house in the woods. looks cute.

i need to go workout. many hugs to all of you okayers.

Yeah, I'll post a link to the list so you can see how idiotic it is. Here's my latest rebuttal:

"You clearly haven't listened to a lot of music involving female vocalists. Since Aretha is mentioned on this list, I'll go so far as to assert that she is far more skilled than Freddie Mercury and any of the other men in the top 5. Freddie Mercury is good, don't get me wrong, but Aretha is mind blowing. And I would equate Freddie Mercury and Ann Wilson. I don't see why these men's names keep showing up as though they're sacred or something. Really, clean out your ears and minds and listen to something besides Judas Priest for one day. There's a definite double standard here, because shitloads of the men on those lists are not "ROCK rock" vocalists (Elton John, Robert Smith, the dude from A-HA). Don't give me that.

Furthermore, why even bother throwing a few soul singers into the mix? Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield, and Maurice White are infinitely more skilled than 99% of the people on these lists. More vocal range, control, influence, name it. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, baby.

I think the bulk of this comes down to personal preference. Unfortunately, several of you guys are very limited when it comes to preference. I don't care if you prefer men (heh)--you should still give props to several of the female musicians I listed earlier because they are at the top of their game and they are very influential--just as influential as so many of the men listed. Those women should be mentioned and they should be close to the top. Besides, so many of the men listed have been influenced in some way or another by legendary female musicians. What really irritates me about this thread is the title. It needs to specify "male" and "rock.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my analysis. I just hope I can be as skilled at real estate appraisal as my male co-workers."

I'm pretty pleased with that. smile.gif
Poodle, they're probably just a bunch of loser hesher boys with bad hair, anyway. Lemme guess, Ronnie James Dio, Meat Loaf, and Bruce Dickinson are at the top, right? The funny thing is that they're basically interchangable. Hell, so is Rob Halford. "But they're classically trained" my ass. Technical merit alone does not a great singer make.

In all honesty, I think most of the better vocalists come out of other genres, like soul and opera, and what about the great vocalists of the disco era? I hate the genre, but there were some great singers who came out of it. I think with rock, a lot of it image. Their influence has more to do with how they portray themselves to others more than their actual singing. They're a face before they're anything else, much of the time.
Poodle, you really know how to ROCK!! That, my sista, is an excellent post...not that the lot of boys there are likely to listen, but thanks for posting it here!

Star - I have definitely watched my share of bad tv the last two days. tongue.gif The dreaded virus seems to be moving down into my chest now. lovely. I'm gonna have to go to work tomorrow, however I feel, but I shouldn't be contagious at this point. If the earache lets up, I think I'll be okay to work, but right now, its really annoying.

I'm excited to be flopping on the couch some more tonight for Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy. YAY!
HESSSSHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! BWA-HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh...I love it when Diva pops in with a trip down amnesia lane. And Poodle, good on you for attempting to school those Rob Halfod Autonomatons. Somebody ought to be laying down the Kegel Hammer when it comes to OBVIOUS discrepancies like that. Sheesh.

And yeah, Lita Ford kicked much ass. As did (do) Mia Zapata from the Gits, Brody Dalle of the Distillers, PJ FUCKING HARVEY, Exene Cervenka, and PATTI FUCKING SMITH. Hello? Make it out to the music stores much?

Mmm...Brody Dalle...

IPB Image
Good evening Okayers!

So how is everyone? I had a truly productive evening. I worked out, took the puppers for a walk and and and cleaned house.

Now I'm a little tired, so I'll be retiring for the evening. Have a good night all.

Hi everyone!! Am I the only one who lost the pink leopard print background? I have the martinis, but no other pink/leopard print is showing up. I need the PINK!!!!


~*~*~*~more health vibes for kari's grandma~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~general anti-suck vibes for PK~*~*~*~

Congrats on the job security, ms. gb!!

Hi minx of mt. whore!! So what's the deal with all of these MPLS schools closing? Is your school affected by this?

Yeah, the music thing...fortunately, a couple people, including one of the moderators, came in and backed me up. I like a lot of the lists that are published by digital dream door, but the one I've been fighting about is an unpublished list created by some wanker in the forum. You have to be a member to view the list and I'd post it, but it's long as hell. And yes, it involves Ronnie James and Meatloaf. Things have been calming down in there a bit since my first post, but it took a guy to come in and defend me. It's funny to go from a female-dominated forum like the BUST lounge to a male-dominated music forum. I suspect that I'd encounter the same problem if I went to any music forum. What is a poodle to do?
Whoa, site update! I came in to reply to poodle that something is definitely up with the site (I keep mine on the work safe mode, but noticed that there's a "Bust Lounge Portal" in the upper right corner that's new...I dunno what you pink leopard people see!) and the reply window's all different. New and shiny. I'm pretty sure the Test Area's gonna be hoppin' while people play with the new toys!

Ohhhh, we lost the lovey-dovey emoticon- WTF? Oh, phew- if you type : wub : (without spaces) you can still get it. wub.gif
What in Maude's name is going on? This looks like something out of Microsoft office!! I hate this. Sorry for this quick drive by...talked to my dad tonight and he didn't get mad that I'm not coming for this ridiculous wedding. Frankly, I think we both are relieved to have dodged the bullet.
ETA: RV, that house is absolutely adorable! And I love all those trees.
****happy thoughts to all busties, sorry for my skimming****
pinkpoodle pink and no leopard print make poodle craaaazy!!!

PS- that's cool 'bout the wedding, kel.
Seriously, WTF happened to the Lounge?

This is a quick post....having a fibro pain attack today; got up at 9:30 and went back to bed by noon. Just got up again. Maybe climbing the steep embankment down to the beach and back up was a bit too much, too soon. Too bad!

Also, as a Canadian, I have to throw Darby Mills, Lee Aaron, and Carole Pope onto the list of cool women hard rock vocalists. (And did anyone else ever listen to UK bands Girlschool and Rock Goddess?) But no dissing of the Bruce Dickinson, please! I am still hopelessly in love with his voice. wub.gif ph34r.gif

I can't remember who asked (sorry! I read it right before I went back to bed), but Georgie is fine now. No more hair-pulling or skin-chewing - the fur on his backside is still patchy in spots, but is growing in nicely. He seems absolutely happy and the moment, he is racing around the living room by himself; I suspect catnip may be involved.

Speaking of hair, I finally get mine cut tomorrow. Just in the nick of time!

ETA: rose, cute house, go for it!

lounge lady said they were doing an upgrade and some things didn't go right but they will fix it.

doodle! take it easy, you!

it's 1:30 and i'm dog tired....and ooooooooh poochies! *waves to the sleeping pups*

today was uneventful except one thing: i saw one of my kids-- from back when i was working with transgendered youth. i just skated by her, but it made me so happy. she looked fantastic. she always had this very feline essence, even when she was a boy, and it's even more pronounced now. she looks like a lot like eva mendez. i didn't have a chance to talk to her, but all the same it made me so proud to see her doing so well.

diva...doesn' well ok. i guess that's your right, but i LOVE disco. i am such a disco defender! what's fun is stringing disco songs into sentances. like, i wanna be your lover, lady marmalade, it's ecstacy (when you lay down next to me). but just love the music. there is that funk soul overlap, and how can you not love ,you should be dancing, carwash, love to to love you, baby, dazz, ffun, let's groove, boogie nights, groove line or blondie's heart of glass? you have to like heart of glass... oh god.... i feel a shadow dancing/everlasting love andy gibb fit coming on...oh god, i'm doomed! i'll be up all night now.... see what you did, diva! my blood shot disco lurvin' eyes blame you!!!! *runs off to play rekids*

g'night okayers!
*mumbles good morning to all the unsavory twats*

Well, I'm in the office this morning, but not sure for how long. I still can't speak, and now I've got a deep and painful cough that kept waking me up all night. I'm just exhausted. I'm going to make a fair attempt at justtaking care of a few items this morning, and hopefully head back to bed by lunchtime. I'm no martyr for work.

GT, if I had more energy, I'd join you at the disco. I do have a weak spot for it, and as diva said, the disco era had some amazing vocalists.

Hi doodle! I hope you get a sassy new 'do to match those hott jeans you picked up!
Good morning all you ass licking douche bags.

So it's friday! yay! I am very glad about this.

(((turbo))) I hope you feel better soon, it sounds like you feel like ass. How nice.

I agree, I miss pink. I logged on last night and was thinking, what the fuck is this. This isn't fun at all. dry.gif

Any special plans for the weekend?
Yeah, I miss the pink too, but I go with the work-safe skin during the day, since it looks *exactly* like the forum I run for our org...sneaky, eh? I'm sure they'll get the skin all fixed up today - same thing happened to me last week, when I upgraded our forum software.

Yep, I'm feeling shitty still, but I'm just putting in a couple hours of face time, and then its back to bed. Thank cod, things aren't too out of hand here in my absence, and I won't be too behind next week.

My only plans for the weekend are rest AND.....getting the new couch/ottoman! Wheeee! And then - (this one is for you, rosie), I'm going to curl up in my new sofa and watch the great big sea live concert DVD I just got from amazon last night! I'll wink at Murray for ya. wink.gif

*waves to culture*
turbo--feel better, babe. deep chesty coughs are no fun at all. but, YEAH for the new couch!

Our big plans for the weekend: test runs on the cakes for moxette's birthday and shopping for said party ingredients...i'm making a chocholate cake for moxette and a "harvey wallbanger" cake for my sister (who shares b-day weekend with moxette). I haven't made a totally homemade chochlate cake ion ages, so we're having friends over saturday night to act as guinea pigs. They bring the wine, i make the cake. Good times.

Ok, invoices call. phoey.
Hi, Gang. I had to re-register. I usually don't have to log in, but I had to today. Only problem is, I haven't logged in in so long, I forgot my password. And it wouldn't send it to me. So, viola! A new name. Albeit similar.

((Jenn)) sorry you are still feeling like crud. Booooo. I hope you get to feeling better soon & your day at work is bearable.

(doodle) sorry to hear about the fibro attack. Ack!

Moxie, can I come over for cack?

Not much going on here today. I am a bit grumpy. At least it's Friday.

Thanks for all the vibes - I need em!! smile.gif

Work is fine today, thank cod...being that its friday, over half of the org is either off or working from home, so at least its quiet. It seems I've left a wake of illness in my path though - the new admin who sits across the hall from me is home with this same bug, as well as another woman who I had a meeting with on Tuesday. ugh.


Mox - baking cacks sounds like a fun plan to me! When are you celebrating moxette's big day with the whole fam?
oh, good lordy no! just our immediate families, the great-grammas and our BFFs. Still, thats 15 adults, 1 tween and 2 bebes!
ACK!!!! CACK!!!!! laugh.gif

yeah, that one is really light on the insults, but that's just how i'm feeling today. so there!

dang! this reply box is freakin' me out! too many options! i don't know what to do!!!

(((((turbo))))) get yourself back home and to bed. glad that work isn't too bad for you, but being home would be much better!!

i'm working pretty steadily this morning but i'm running out of steam. i usually don't work this late on a friday, but i figure it won't hurt to call a little more, even if it's just a bunch of messages.

i think jackaroo has hiccups. cute!!! tongue.gif

oh, and i meant to tell you, rv how much i love that place! what a nice wooded lot! is it on a corner? it looks really cute. i love all the trees in our yard, except in the winter when they drop all their friggin' leaves. we've raked up 20 huge yard waste bags of leaves so far. and that's just our front yard. i would venture that it would take about 50 or more if we raked them all from the back. but we'll probably just blow most of those to the easement behind our yard. our backyard is pretty wild with palmettos and oak trees and wild ferns, so it's not like we're trying to grow grass back there anyway.

mmmmm, cack. i've been allowing myself too many sweets lately. i know i'm bad but i just can't help myself! it all tastes soo good. i try to have milk with anything that i eat that's sweet (as though that makes up for it) but i forgot to buy any the last time we were at the grocery store.

i made a really good lunch yesterday though. it was going to be bruschetta with fresh garlic, tomatoes, scallions and tons of basil from the herb garden, with a tad of lemon. but i totally forgot to add the stupid garlic until everything else was already processed. so when i added the garlic, it got a little too soupy. still tasted good. i guess it was just my version of gazpacho. instead of piling it on my bread pieces, i just dipped it in. i had a blueberry, raspberry, pineapple, lemon smoothie with it. was tasty, but TART as hell!!!

i should be that creative today and make something yummy, even though i'd prefer to run to the pizza place up the road and get some spinach and garlic slices.

what's on tap for the weekend?? we're finally going to the beach tomorrow!! i can't wait. i want to get up early and get there pretty early in the day since it's the first good beach day of the season and people will be flocking. we go to a really nice state park beach in st. augustine and it can be hit or miss as far as crowds. i HATE crowded beaches. oddly, at this particular one, people tend to congregate right at the entrance, leaving a good mile and a half of empty beach. so mrfj and i hoof it down to the other side and can usually find a secluded spot. we've even been known to light up and enjoy nature while we're down there wink.gif but not this time, obviously. at least not for me...

i've really been craving a good buzz lately. i've been really good and haven't even had a drink other than a half sip of mrfj's beer here and there. man, how i'd like to chug one!!!! mmm, a good ice cold corona with tons of lime chunks in it would be so good right now.

FJ, speaking as a formerly knocked up person, I say CHUG THAT BEER!! The best part of my second trimester was eating this pizza with a bottle of Red Stripe. Oh heavenly joy and gracious bliss. The only other time I drank was with my other pregnant friend in our third trimester. We had a bottle of wine with a whole bunch of fruit, bread, and cheese. Her husband called that night The Fetal Alcohol Club.

VERY tongue in cheek. VERY good time. Drink a beer with dinner, FJ. Enjoy it. wink.gif
Fj, I couldn't agree with minxy more. If you REALLY want a beer, have one. enjoy it. relish it. One of my fondest memories as a preggo lady was my birthday celebration where I had a glass of wine. At home. In private. It was still nice.

Um, so moxieman just called me to tell me about his job offer from the new place. Its not in writing yet, that's coming in US mail monday, but...verbally, its 30% more than he's making right now! Holy mother of all things debt-reducing! I'm SO proud of him for going after something challenging, interesting and what will make him happy. Honestly, i'm now convinced something horrible is about to happen...cause life just can't be this good. Me, a pessimist? nah...

shite, now I want to bail early, have a beer and celebrate. oh well...must keep with my task of fulfilling bureaucratic bullshite for the day.
aww, minx and mox, you guys are the best! i've had several friends tell me the same thing. i actually bought some alcohol free wine the other day at the grocery store and was going to try that first. it's like non-alc beer in that it has just a smidge. today is the first day of my third trimester already! i'm thinking i can stick it out, but i appreciate you guys telling me that i wouldn't be the worst mother in the history of mothers if i did take a swig of something. smile.gif

you guys, i'm also having a really rough time with work. i had a couple cancellations today, which i completely understand will happen. but the biggest concern is that the "closers" have lost four out of four shows today. these weren't mine, but it still affects me and my confidence in them. my boss.friend tells me that it's just a fluke, a bad month for them and i want to believe her but this is really starting to bother me. add in the non-communication i get from the houston office and i feel like i'm in a bad dream. i'm on an island and it's up to me to take care of myself. now, i am a highly self-motivated person and i generally don't WANT to get help from others. but jeebus h! i fucking need some support.

i really don't want to admit that i'm starting to lose total faith and wonder if my "friend" lied to me in the first place. at the least, she inflated some of the expectations. i really don't want to think that she lied flat out. i gave up a job that paid me real money for this. sure, i hated the job like a bloody hemmoroid but it paid me. and yes, i would have had to leave sooner or later with the boy coming, but that would have still given our savings account a little more time to maintain itself. i'm seriously thinking that i might need to revisit an old job from my editing past. i don't know for sure if they'd take me back, but he's always kept the offer open. and it might be a situation that would allow me to do both for a short time until i can see if the issues with this job are just an anamoly.

bla. sorry for puking in here.
FJ, the worst you can do is stop working now. You were going to stop for a while when Jackaroo comes, anyway, right? I'd say give it another month, see if the "fluke" was really a "fluke" and if so, make a decision then. I'm sorry you're having a rough day, babe.
WOOOOooooT!!!! For the moxies!! Sounds like a great opportunity, and a GREAT way to get rid of debt, and think about some other things you might want to do for your family!

I'm home now, thank cod, and about to tumble into bed.

I've got a uhaul reserved for tomorrow, a cashier's check in hand to pay for the couch, AND I even applied for a home equity line to pay off the teensy second mortgage we have and fund the kitchen remodel!

FJ, I'm with mox - give it another month, but if it doesn't pan out - move on to the next plan - or take a few months off for jackaroo. I would say that there is definitely a high liklihood that your friend may have over-inflated expectations, but cod - what are those people in your FL office up to - if someone walks in that door to an appointment, they're 80% sold anyway, and I'd say you have to be pretty lousy at your job to keep losing all those sales. Is it possible to apply any pressure to your friend/boss - expressing your extreme concern that you are making an adequate amount of sets, but the office staff can't close?

Meanwhile, have that beer, and enjoy it.
((FJ)) I am sorry to hear about your job woes. Your job seems very hard, and like you said, there are so many aspects are out of your control. Perhaps your friend didn't lie, but as you said embellished. Maybe it's easy to make money after a good long time of not making much? That's hard. In other news: I can't believe you are starting your third trimester!! WOW!

Moxie....Congrats on moxiemann's potential job!! WOOT! *cracks open bottle of champagne*...though I know you said its not in writing yet. On second thought....*puts champagne away* I don't want to jinx you guys.

I worked out at lunch, though my heart wasn't in it. Then I came back to my office & ate a giant homemade chocolate cookie.

I have to finish a stupid class assignment before the end of the day. We have to do presentations tomorrow. Guess what the title of the assignment is? "My Circle of Life." Seriously. I feel like I'm back in high school, I am finding the assignment quite juvenile. We have to talk about our influences, mentors, facilitators, that kind of thing. My friend & I decided that to make the class more interesting, we will count how many times people mention God or Jesus. It's a pretty conservative school, you see.
Thanks! The written offer is in the mail, we should get it monday, is what i meant. So, we haven't reviewed the contract or anything, but unless they want him to drown baby kitties on friday nights, for the $$ there isn't much that will make him not take it. Benefits are very comprable to his current place, too. Arch...why isn't it the end of the day??
whoops! sorry, moxie! you eta'd after i posted! wow! good for moxieman!!! that is so wonderful for you guys! yeah, seeing that offer in writing will be AWESOME!! now you definitely have a reason to celebrate!!

thanks for the pep-talks! and don't worry, i'm not giving up. this is too good of an opportunity to give up - as long as it pans out. i plan to work at it through jack's arrival at least. if things don't speed up in the next couple pay periods, i'll go talk to my editing back burner job about a freelance project so i can feel like i'm contributing as least to the household income. hopefully, things will pick up and i won't have to worry about going out to find something else in the future. i'm really trying to remain positive and adjust to the way things are working here.

wow, turbo, even on your sick days, you get more accomplished than i do on my best days! hehe! glad you're home and ready for a good nap.

i just made another berry smoothie (added banana this time) and i'm munching down on french bread pizza (ok i caved and raided the freezer instead of making something good for me). think i'll take a bath and maybe do some laundry. work is done for the day.

Whee! I got a surprise package from turbo! I'm opening it now....

ETA: ok, I have no idea how to send a PM with the Lounge all effed up like this, so I hafta thank turbo here! I couldn't figure out who the parcel was from at first, because it was sent in turbomann's name! But as soon I read the customs declaration of contents - tea, soap, nuts - there could be no doubt it came from the turbo household. Thank you so much, jenn, that is really sweet! I'm going to have a long, long soak in the tub this evening! (But you have to tell me how to work the clay mask, 'coz the marker on the bag is worn off.) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! (BTW, is this the soap you made, too? Why's it called "Bob"?)

ETA again: in the spirit of the parcel, George is giving Carmella a bath....
Aww, I'm glad you got the package, doodle - I was starting to wonder about ye olde canada post - I mean, I know they're a little pokey in customs and all, but sheesh - I mailed it two weeks ago! The green soap (Bob - no idea why they called it that), is from LUSH - the lather is a weird color, but it smells like orange creamsicle spice. The other heart-shaped one is a lavender vanilla lotion bar that I did make. The mask is bentonite clay, just mix a tsp of it with about 1.5 tsp of cider vinegar mix it up, and apply - its my favorite mask, and even though there's vinegar in it, its very gentle. Enjoy your goodies - you deserve a little pampering my dear!

Well, I only managed a half hour nap, but that's okay, I'm curled up on the couch with a blanket, so its all good. I'm glad to be home.

FJ, I'm glad you're not giving up, just keep your friend/boss posted on what's going on in the offices and how its affecting you!
awwww, fairy turbo strikes again!!!! smile.gif

oh, and i did call my friend the other day about the losses in the office. she told me it was an anomaly but also tried to make me believe that it was just a numbers game and that they werne't losing a lot of appointments for other people, just a lot of mine. and that's not at all true. she said they are selling 60%, but i'm looking at the numbers and it's more like 40.that sort of bothered me, but i gave her the benefit of the doubt because they work with several offices and she was not sitting in front of her computer and the stats when we spoke.

i didn't tell her all the issues i was having regarding communication only because it wasn't the pressing part of my problem at the time. i wish i would have though. it would have been better to air all the issues at one time rather than calling her to vent a second time. i know i have to be assertive over this, but at the same time, i can't be too pushy with it. they think the sun rises in the director's ass. they've known her for years and she really does devote a lot of herself to the job. i don't want to call her into question. so it's a sort of touchy situation. that's why i decided to just call it a day a few hours ago. i'm done with thinking of it today. i don't usually work on fridays anyway.

ok, still have not taken my bath. i've been watching too much hgtv.
*stomps angrily into thread*

GRRRRRRRR....boys are stupid.

Hi all you syphilated afterbirths of gutter-born frogs!

FJ, I'm sorry for your work troubles. I think you are amazing for taking the leap. I'm not a leaper. I'm a peek around the corner-er. Don't give up yet, even though the money is tight. I understand how you must feel though...something usually seems better than nothing.

Moxie: Yay for your good news!

Turbo and Doodle~~~~~get better vibes~~~~~

I want bath stuff that smells like orange creamsicles. Yum.

Hi Culture, Girltrouble, Kari and every other Okayer I'm forgetting. It's not personal, I'm just forgetful.

My weekend plans suck, and they just got suckier. KelMan is going to Vegas next weekend with four of his brothers and his dad. So this weekend he is taking Saturday to be with his daughters. Fair enough. Tonight was going to be OUR night. OURS. Had the plans set. He called me an hour ago and found out he has to go cover a Mardi Gras festival in Ocean City tonight for the newspaper where he is a reporter. It's supposed to be OUR night. And he could have gotten out of it if he had a half a brain. His boss mentioned it to him in passing earlier this week and KelMan thought it was a just a conversation, not an assignment. If he weren't so disorganized and flighty, he could have had this fixed and we would have the night together. But instead I get a couple of hours if I'm lucky. I'm so tired of coming last in his life.
Awwww, Kel, I'm sorry your weekend just got suckier. kelman sounds like he has a full plate between job, kids and you...and you *deserve* to be a priority too, but I can see where that's a tough juggle. There is part of me that, well - maybeeee sexist, but I just think that alot of men aren't that great at juggling, multitasking, and social planning. I've definitely had my struggles with turbomann, and it took a few years to iron out, but we had nothing so complicated as joint custody of kidlets to work out. (((((love to kel)))))

I think I might actually be hungry...that's an improvement. There may be some take out in my future this evening.

FJ, I'm with you in watching too much HGTV. unsure.gif Now that we're really moving forward on improving our home, I'm just a trollin' for ideas!
Doodle, if you put the lounge in work-safe mode, anyd click on the user's name, a drop-down menu shows up and you pick "send a message". I keep mine in work-safe all the time (loads sooo fast! No banner ads!) so I don't know how it works if you have it in the regular mode.
Hi babes!

((((FJ)))) It sounds like the perfect time to treat yourself to that beer. I'd really like a porter right now.

"syphilated afterbirths of gutter-born frogs" Hahahaha!!

Yay for moxieman!!

"Fetal Alcohol Club" Ha!! You never fail to crack me up, minx!

Thank freakin' god that the work day is almost done. I'm gonna head to the gym in a couple minutes. I don't have anything better going on and it'll help me shake off work and relax later on.

I hear They are gunna be shutting the lights off on a few skyscrapers in MNPLS....Due to Migrating birds who get caught up in the lights like a moth to a flame??? laugh.gif

Are there really alot of dead birds littering the streets, and if are the homeless gunna eat now??

Happy Friday to all you okayers!!! It's offficially above 50 degrees today and i'm bout to break out the daisy dukes and sit in a wading pool ful of cold sodas...Yes I said sodas.....I think I'm the only Rock radio jock to not be an alcoholic...Is that wrong?!?

Shawnboy, it's not wrong to want to wade in soda and not alcohol. Although I'm with the other okayers...a beer would taste mighty fine right now.

In other news, I got in a fight with KelMan and now I feel like a complete idiot. Why do I do these things?
*sidles through the thread playing Run to the Hills on the guitar*

(*ahem* I actually can play the opening bit. But that's absolutely all.)

My hair is CUT! Thank GODDESS! The auditions for Spinal Tap II are OVER! I love my stylist. I just give her free reign, with only about three rules...can't remember what they, no razor, I don't even remember anymore. She's that good that I've forgotten my own hair rules. Me! The woman with Hair Vanity!

Ooh, and my house smelled like a Lush store when I came home, from all the cool stuff turbo sent!

turbo, thank you again....I don't have any cider vinegar, I'll have to remember to get some, and not just get high and use the balsamic vinegar instead. blink.gif

Hi everybody else! I HAVE actually read and caught up with everyone! But now it's Friday evening, and I think I might risk going off to smoke a bowl and play some guitar. cool.gif
Kel, we're all entitled to an argument of questionable merit from time to time. smile.gif

Doodlicious is back with a sassy, stylin' new cut!!! And back to the guitar - yeee-haw!!

We just went to one of our favorite little hippy cafes for dinner - I had a yummy salad, tomato bisque, and sweet potato fries. My tummy is happy for the first time all week.
I feel like I'm coming apart at the seams.
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