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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi turbo, moxie, polly, doodle, FJ, everyone.

Doodle that is great about the fab ass jeans *smacks on the ass*

*steps up the mic*

Hello lurvpaint, I'm culture, or CH, as I'm known by.

I have a puppy, le man, and I bitch about work. I also like to go out, and sleep lots.

There's lots more in ze archives.

So how's everyone doin' this evening? Things are good here, my last appointment didn't show this afternoon, I bought some raspberries today, just finished having a nice warm bath, now I'm in lazing in bed, think I'm getting sick, sore throat. No work out for me tonight. It's all good.

Hi culture!!!

I think I may have to take a bath tonight too...sounds like a plan to me!

AND, my new freelance client loved my designs! Wheee! So I'm just tuning up tonight, and gonna get this one off my desk ASAP. This little project is going to buy me a new couchy/ottoman thingy! Woot! Turbomann and I are going to go check the couch out later this week, and hopefully pick it up on the weekend.

Good evening, everyone! Hi lurv, nice to see you 'round here! Don't worry about catching up, just dive in! (Same advice goes to everyone else, too.)

turbo, of course you should have the big chair au deux and ottoman instead of gramma's old stuff! But how on earth are you going to get those two behemoths home?
Well, I figure we're going to have to rent a van to get those pieces home...they're not THAT big, though - just 48x35x30....I figure it'll fit in a big ol van. And both the owners building and ours have elevators, so it really shouldn't be terrible. I've got turbomann to help. smile.gif

well, my work is done, so its time to head off to the bath...I'm feeling a cold closing in too, so I'm gonna try and stomp it out with a peppermint bath - goodnight everyone!

oof. to tired to post much. but hi to all the okayers and their critters.

the welding thing was all paperwork, and it is still not a fersure thing. i have to interview for the class, which ought to be interesting. it doesn't pay for bills while you go to class, but i have a painting commish so i am going to contact the person who wants me to do a painting for them to make sure this is doable. there were 3 other girls than me in the welding prep thingy which was cool. they were nice, but had been thru a lot. what sucks is that next week when i am supposed to be interviewing i had an appt. with a new endochronologist, where i go there is usually a month or two month wait to see one so i am bummed.

good things tues:
1)ice cold juicy black plums waiting for me in the fridge
2)fun trip to the comeek book shop, where i spent too much money.
3)i got one day exemption from the bs job class for the welding class
4)fantastic email from tree hugger this morning
5)really nice case manager who bought me coffee and coffee cake today.
6)bust, busties and fun, funny avis to look at.
7)the long awaited return of doodle's rightious rawkstar strut
8)the continuing white house scandals
9)a library that understands the lucious goodness that is....
IPB Image
El Hijo del Santo!!!!!

[drags self into thread]
Damn, I am sooooo exhausted.

But Doodle's strut has returned! After two months, the sass is back! How fabulous is that?!

[waves at MsGB & Lurv] So good to see you in here!

GT, that pic is fucking hysterical! If I'd been drinking a beverage when I saw that, my laptop would be a mess right now. laugh.gif

Turbo, that furniture looks soooooooo soft and comfy. Oh, I wanna curl up on it and pass out!

I spent so many hours driving around and looking at houses today. Holy crapulence, peeps. Hours and hours. All that driving really wears a gal out. But I found a few great places! Really really great! And I showed them to Sheff when he got off of work. I have a bit more research to do, but as of this moment there are two top contenders. And I think we're starting to lean strongly towards a certain white house that is situated on a truly gorgeous wooded lot. I'm talking scores of enormous pine trees & even a thin creek that winds its way through the property. When I showed it to Sheff, he said, "Let's buy it!" Personally, I want to see the inside in-person before I make up my mind. I'm going to call in the morning and schedule a tour. Fingers crossed!
morning lassies on this hump day and first day of spring!

Turbo, you aren't all that off...friday is the anniversary of the labor-delivery ordeal's beginning...i.e. when she was SUPPOSED to be born. Her actual birthday is next week. BTW, are you guys coming home for easter?

HI everyone else...not much to say here...i've just got to get to working.
Hi Okayers!

Gah. I think I'm going to spend the day under the Okay Duvet. I'm ill. I woke up vomiting with chills in the middle of the night.

And I have a low-grade fever, too....100.1, but I'm freezing and my skin hurts.

*waves to all Okayers.....multipurpose *~*~*vibes*~*~* going out here.

I'm home sick today too. I hate taking sick days when I'm *actually* sick. My throat is swollen and sore and scratchy, and my ears are all plugged up, and I know this is from my stupid office neighbor who never stays home when she's sick...and I just don't. get. it. Oh well, I'm content to spend the day relaxing, I'm not totally useless, just don't want to give this to anyone else.

*hands tree a hot mug of brewed ginger with honey and lemon*

~*~*~*~*~supa-dupa welding vibes for GT~*~*~*~*~*~

GT, they have GOT to take you for that class! It sounds liks such an amazing opportunity, and that's excellent that there were other women applying too....but you're definitely going to get that spot!

~*~*~*~*~good house hunting vibes for RV~*~*~*~*~

YAY for the white house! I hope its as perfect inside as it looks from outside!

Moxie - nope, not coming home for easter...its the only holiday we stay here for. smile.gif I do need to check in with my cousin to see when they're going to have the christening for my cousin, as we'll try to come home for that.
It's Wednesday! Yaaaaaaay!!!!

(((turbo))) and (((tree)))

~~~feel better vibes for both of ya!~~~

It's very nice here today, I'm in an office with a nice window view, the birds are chirping, and it's down right nice today. I got a wonderful night sleep, altough I dreamt of one of my clients, ICK!

I have some quiet time this afternoon, and that is all for now.

Later gators!
Yo biatches.

((turbo)) ((jenn)) sorry you two are sick! ugh. I hope you both get to feeling better. Take it easy today.

Moxette is almost 1! I can't believe it!

LURV!!!! WOO HOO! It's so good to see you! How've you been? What's new? We miss you 'round here!

Doodle! *lets out a low whistle* Those jeans sound HOTT. Woo woo!

GT, El Hijo del Santo is great! The boy fron Santo? Hmmm. I saw your pic in the other thread, btw. You are a good lookin' lady, I must say!

Not too much new here today. A regular Wednesday, which is A-Ok. I got some good sleep last night, so I'm feeling fresh. Mr K & I did a long spin class yesterday evening, after dinner & a shower, I conked out.

Happy hump day! And happy first day of Spring!

~~~~~~~ soothing for Treehugger & Jenn ~~~~~~~~

Tree, you poor thing! Sounds suspiciously like the flu. Wish I could help you! I throw up very very rarely (the last time was 7 or 8 years ago), but I HATE it. ((((((more gentle hugs for Tree))))))

Jenn, sounds like you are a victim of Presenteeism. That's what they call it when sick people insist on coming in to work when sick and they spread their germs around. So many employers think that absenteeism is a big problem, but their starting to recognize that people who insist on working when sick could be hurting productivity worst of all. It's a vicious cycle. Anywho, I hope you get plenty of rest & are feeling better soon!

CH, glad you get to enjoy nice weather today!

Moxie, it sounds like you were in labor for days. Is that right?! Jeez! My thighs are clamping together just thinking about it!

Well, I called and left a message for the realtor of the white house. I hope she calls back today! If any of you want to see what it looks like, just say so & I'll PM it to ya. smile.gif
Hi Hi Hi!

It is fun to be in here. I remember being at my old job (sooooo bored) and checking in every five minutes. I would probably be in here more if I weren't sitting at the front desk in full view of everyone who walks by.

Thanks for the nice introduction CH.

Kari! Turbo! How are you? How are your foxy husbands? Kari, I think of you everytime I am in TN. I think of Turbo everytime I send a book to some professor at Northwestern.

Where is my poodle? Are Diva and the Giant engaged yet? I got some beautiful photos of Minx and Minxlette this morning. Can the Minneapolis Busties plan a bonfire party over there at that park by Como? It's a beautiful spot with big fire-circles ready for our enjoyment. It would work to have an outdoor party even when it is cold if we can get a wood supply.... I miss you ladies.
Mornin' everyone!!

LUUUUUUURRRRRRRRVVVVVVVVVVV!!!!!!!!! I meeced you!!! What's new? I think the last time I saw you was when we went on a walk around Lake of the Isles. That was a long ass time ago!! I remember drinking cider in your apartment.

Geesh, it seems like busties have been feeling crappy lately, healthwise. ~*~*~*~recovery vibes for all~*~*~*~ I have bruising on my belly that was irritating as hell yesterday, but the actual muscle pain is going away and now the bruised area hurts, mostly because of sitting up and wearing pants. I went home yesterday to recline and ice. I think I might work out tonight.

Yay for doodle's new sexy pants!! I wanna see pictures!!

Yay for rose and sheff's fruitful housing adventures!!

I was gonna say some other stuff but I can't remember now.

I'm listening to "Wicked Garden" by Stone Temple Pilots right now and it's reminding me of highschool (mid 90's), back when mainstream music still had some balls. Geesh, I miss the days when bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden and STP and NIN were the most popular acts out there. It was back when Weezer and Radiohead made full use of their huge-ass amplifiers. Now they're just a bunch of sissies. BOOOOO!!!!!! The Rockopalypse is upon us!!!!! *runs home to lock up LP's in indestructible, waterproof safe*
HI hi lurv!!! So how's your not-so-new job? Do you still like it? I keep trying to get into the uni here, but their HR dept is completely unresponsive...maybe you can slip my resume in a book or two when you send them to Northwestern? wink.gif

Yep, presenteeism has hit me this week. The funny thing is that the co-worker that got me sick is the BIGGEST slacker, comes in an hour late everyday, two hour lunches are normal...but she ALWAYS works when she's sick, and takes her sick days when she's not. I did send her a "thanks for making me sick" email. I'm tired of putting up with this.

I'm feeling a bit better now, I just took a hot shower, drank some more tea and had a grapefruit. I think I just need a day to rest, and that's a fine thing for me. I've got laundry in now, and I'll probably make some granola later too....I know, I "rest" days are busy too, but taking care of stuff around the house is restful for me!

And turbomann and I are going to go down and check out the sofa tomorrow night! Wheee! Hopefully we'll go pick it up on Sunday.

~*~*~*real estate calls for rosie~*~*~*~ That's so exciting that you're taking the next step in your house hunt!!
You know, Minxman has a big firepit thingie in his backyard AND we could DRINK there. *hint-hint*
I'd go to a party at the Minxman's place!

I want to go on a walk around a lake with Fitness Poodle!

QUOTE(minx @ Mar 21 2007, 03:12 PM) *

You know, Minxman has a big firepit thingie in his backyard AND we could DRINK there. *hint-hint*

Hi, peeps!

(((((((((( Hi, Lurvly!!!!!!!! )))))))) No, the giant and I aren't engaged yet. It'll be a few years. *grumble grumble damn stupid ex-wife taking all his money grumble grumble*

How's your art coming along?

((((((((vibes for all the sick Busties))))))))) I feel a sick day coming on next week, but I'm totally going to play hookey.

Turbo, that chair/ottoman is gorgeous! It's always nice to have something you can pull out for company that isn't a huge heavy hassle. Roomy chairs are my favorite. I checked out your chocolate site, too. Those are some really interesting flavors they've got. I tend more toward the traditional. Just 8 more months before I start making them again!

That house sounds really cute, RV. Are you guys seriously looking, or just browsing the market?

GT, I saw your picture, too, and you're GAW-JUS! Good luck with your interview.

Poodle, we should go walking tomorrow if the weather's nice. I think my ankles finally aren't sore anymore.

Speaking of which, how does one make it so their ankles/lower calves don't kill while they're walking moderately long distances? Mine always tend to seize up on me whenever I want to go more than a few blocks, and it's driving me crazy.

Karianne, I meant to say it before, but I hope everything works out with your grandma, and other people go to see her, too. There's a time and place for petty differences, but it is not when someone is in the hospital.

Hi, Tree, CH, Minx, and everyone else I missed!

I finally got a good night's sleep last night. I actually feel refreshed, and I was only 15 minutes late to work today, which is unheard of for me. We didn't do much last night, just made sandwiches and watched TV. I finished the massive pile of dishes in the kitchen and folded laundry. A hoot and a half, I tell ya. I also bought beads on my lunch break yesterday - way more than I should have. At least I know what I'm going to do with each and every one, and I didn't get anything I don't need or won't use. I also got a smoothie, but it was really yucky. Never trust something called "lower calorie dairy base." Lordess knows what's in that. The only dairy I want touching my smoothie is yogurt, and yogurt alone.

I should scrounge for food now. I brought in a scone I made, but I haven't tried it yet. And I've got yogurt, some Fruit Snacks, and Slim-Fast. Let's see if I eat any of it.


hi okayers!!!!! hi okay critters too! *lots of pets and booty pats*

ROSEY, ROSE! that house sounds a-mazing! you have to post photos... i wanna see!

TURBO/TREE or JENN/HUGGER here is some chicken soup, i put some hungarian paprika in it so it's spicy, but it will burn the sick right out of you, and i'll get you some pho later, k? oh, plenty of bustie hugs too.

same for POODLE, and i am so in love with your quote. my ex and i were having a debate about van halen. she's a halen hater, which i just don't get. i am so in the david lee roth or no one camp. yes, he's an egotistical ass, that's why he's so funny/great.

KARI, DIVA thanks for the complement. i tell ya, it's just that one photo, otherwise, i look like i am choking on a lemon.

KARI, yeah, i always thought 'the boy from' thing was weird, but it sounds awful funny, much more than if i just said SANTO! the library near my ex has a gang of santos films, which always have the funniest, funkiest soundtrack. think of a 70's porn flick add a silver mask on a barrel chested man, and a girl with big loretta lynn hair, and you have CINEMA DEL SANTO! the girls usually look like my ultimate crush, bobbie gentry. i love 60's over the top big hair. it's so silly, but oddly attractive. like the bacon maple donuts that rose was talking about....*droool*

god, i'm weird.

yeah, i had a bad labor experience. The short version- I had to be induced a week early due low aminiotic fluid (but not dangerously low...i was agreeable b/c i was DONE being preggo). After 2 days on pitocen, my body didn't dialate at all, so they sent me home for the weekend. Monday, when the new "plan" was to let me just go into labor on my own (still 3 days early), the US showed the fluid DANGEROUSLY low, so back to the hosp i went. 2 more days on pitocin and still no dilation. Apparently, I'm one of the "few" women who just didn't respond to it. So, I had a c-section on the 4th day of labor. So, when I say that March 23 was supposed to be moxette's b-day, i'm not joking! While I still appreciate my doctor's non-rushing into c-sections, 4 days was a bit much. If we ever have another, i'm going right for the c-section. Really, I've had enough labor for 3 babies already!

diva- I stretch alot on trees when my calves tighten up.

turbo- i thought the wee one's christening was over easter...hence why i asked.
How is it possible that moxette is a year old already???

Giving birth sounds very appealling when you put it that way, moxie. tongue.gif

Y'all have inspired me with your fitness talk...I'm taking my Iron Maiden and my discman down to the beach for a walk.
Yeah, moxie, with that experience, I'd totally be with you in ordering up a scheduled C-S next time! Just think, when moxette is grown and gives you lip, you just keep telling her how lucky she is to be here after all the labor you had! I know my momma said that more than once to my brother. Me, I was nearly born in the back of the station wagon...I was in a hurry even then! tongue.gif

Well, this day off is good for something - I just finished up my freelance gig, and shipped the files to press! WOoot! And this little gig is going to pay for that gorgeous new couch! I've always wanted a big 'ol comfy chaise, but our space really doesn't allow for it, so this will be a nice compromise, and I can pull up the ottoman to have all the space I need to stretch out. Yay!

Yep diva, just warm up a bit with 5-10 minutes of walking, then stop and do some good stretches. And be sure to stretch after too!

Mmmm, GT - pho sounds SO good. I may have turbomann pick up some miso for me on the way home, though.

I think I may go take a nap now.
Bonjour Bonjour all!

So I'm done my work stuff for the day, but I'm still her for two hours. Le Sigh. Oh well.

I'm just sitting here listening to some Lewis Black on the ipod, and he makes me laugh. I'm going to take puppers to the park today. I might see le man tonight, we will see how things go. Althogh Highly Bad CH is out today, thank you period making me super horny. Fark.

I had a booster juice with a shot of energy, and now I'm just off my fucking rocker. I feel like a border collie right now. I fell like Emily hound. Hee. Mmm I have raspberries.

Turbo, I'm glad you are feeling a but better. ~~~feel better vibes~~~

Oh doodle rock out to Run to the hills for me!

Hi GT! you aren't wierd! even so, we love your weirdness. I'm weird. Really.

Diva yay for good sleepies!

I'm jealous of the firepit Minx. I have a firepit in the yard, but it's completely surrounded by snow, and I'm not doing any digging.

Hi RV! ~~~~real estate vibes~~~~~

Minx. Gaaaaaa. Any woman who gives birth is braver than I. The thought of birth scares that daylights out of me.

That is all for now.

Later gators!
Oh my god, Moxie! What a horrendous ordeal! Four days! Wow. I feel dizzy now. blink.gif

We have an appointment to view the white house tomorrow morning. Oh my. But we don't have a realtor & I've never bought a house before and ... are we making a huge mistake?! Seriously, are we? Now I feel even dizzier.
happy SPRING!!!


LURV!!! oh wow! i'm so happy that you're here! SO NICE TO SEE YOU! (man, i'm all caps today! hehe.) i'm gonna be SO jealous if you guys have a mpls whiskeybake 2007!! i only ask that i be drunk-dialed!!!

*puts fingers in ears while reading moxie's account of her labor*

hehe. yikes! i really hope mine is not that hard. i'm pretty much open to whatever happens. i'm hoping for a vag birth and have a consult scheduled with an anethesiologist to make sure they'll be able to do an epidural with the rods in my lower back. yes, i think i'm gonna need some drugs. i used to want a natural water birth, but after my accident, i had to become a little more realistic. hell, up until i got pregnant, i thought for sure i'd be destined for a c-section regardless. but my midwife feels good that i'll be able to do it. she's very encouraging and wants to help me make sure me and the baby are both ok, which is obviously the most important factor.

(((((tree and turbo)))))) i really hope you feel better. tree, yours does sound a lot like the flu, unfortunately. turbo, it's good that you are feeling a little better, but yes! take that nap!! good for you for getting your freelance work out of the way. yay for the new sofa!

diva, you're so cute with your countdown to chocolates! tongue.gif yummm... chocolates.... homer drool.

rv, it's so funny that you're looking at houses. we got an email from the agent that sold us this house over a year ago, with links to homes for sale in st. augustine, where we wanted to live in the first place. because of the buyers market right now, the home prices have dropped nearly 100K in that area, and it would be SUCH a great time to get in. but it's just not a good time, mainly because we'd have to sell this house first... not to mention that we've got the jackaroo making his debut soon and i don't want to be in the midst of a move. but it definitely got me thinking... anyway, i think there is NOTHING wrong with looking at a home. you're not making a decision to buy right now, just LOOKING. and it is a really good time to buy a home if you aren't having to sell first. and buying is relatively easy and painless. it's stressful, yes, but it's totally doable. you guys will be FINE. smile.gif

girltrouble, i always get bobbie gentry and dusty springfield mixed up. but i LOVE ode to billie joe. it's one of my fave karaoke songs.

hi culture! good for you for getting all your work done early. sucks you have to stay there though. im about to get started with the afternoon session of my calls in a little bit. *sigh* they lost my sale yesterday. i called my friend/boss about it and told her i'm getting concerned. so she told me i could start calling tucson so i could have more hours, but to be patient - they're training the reps in tampa and they just seem to have had a bad couple months. so i have to do all i can do right now and keep calling and hope for the best. i know i can work harder and get more people in the office and i guess it's really a numbers game. and it's not like i can go get a job someplace with this belly!! i guess we'll see where things are when the boy gets here. i still feel positive about everything, just need to adjust my perceptions a bit, if that makes sense.

enough about that - who is that hottie in the jeans standing over there by the window with the discman?? *wolf whistle*

Hihi guys.

Sorry for the following me me me post. I am having a very hard time right now. Please bear with me.

My apartment got burglarized. I have been staying at Banana's place for a few months, off and on. I go back to my apartment every once in a while to check on things and get stuff I need. Last night, I decided to spend the night there after being away for almost two weeks. When I walked in, everything was gone.

My computer, my TV, my lamps. I walked into the kitchen, and all my dishes, silverware, pots and pans were gone. I opened my fridge, and the leftovers were gone. They were really old and sitting there in really nice Pyrex storage containers, but the burglar(s) took all of them, too. I opened my cupboards, and all of the non-perishable food was gone. My Brita pitcher, and all the filters. My garbage can was gone. I went into the bedroom, and my FUCKING-A BED WAS GONE!!! In the bathroom, my makeup case was gone, as well as the trash can. It was a little difficult to see in there, because they also took the lightbulbs out of the lights.

They left me my clothes, though. And one cup: a Marriott Associate Appreciation Week travel mug. They took Heikki's big cow skull, too.

They left my nice Aveda hair products, too, as well as a little bit of cake decorating supplies, but not the cake pans.

They let me keep my couch, too. It was probably too difficult for them to move, especially if it was only one person. But since my bed is gone, there must have been more than one person. They took my household cleaning supplies as well, including dishsoap, laundry detergent, and all-purpose cleaner. Weird.

I found a clue, though. My door was freshly painted a dark red color. There was dark red paint in my kitchen sink. Obviously, a maintenence person had entered my apartment.

I called the police, who were very very nice. They dusted for fingerprints on the lights where the lightbulbs had been taken, but only found smudges - nothing usable. They took an inventory of everything that was missing, and told me to talk to my landlor today.

I talked to my apartment office today, and they were also very nice. The manager filled out an "Unusual Incident Report" and asked me for everything that was missing. She took down the police report number, and then my phone number. She said she would do her own investigation, talking to my neighbors, and to the maintenece people, etc, then give me a call. She thought it was also weird that there was red paint in my sink because as far as she knew, no one was supposed to enter my apartment.

Anyway. This really really sucks.

I'm going to go walk Banana's dog for a little while, then I will come back and read the archives and see what you all have been up to this week.
Hi, peeps!

So...the flu, eh? I had a flu shot this year too.... but, yeah, I'm not feeling much better. I've been sleeping a LOT...and I just had four saltine crackers and a glass of ginger ale for supper.

I made some of that ginger tea, too, Jenn!

I'm not handling the soup, yet, though. Just the crackers and the ginger ale has me a little worried.... unsure.gif

Jenn, I'm glad your'e feeling better!

Rosev, I'd love to see a picture of the white house. It's scary to think about taking that first step...but looking to own something as opposed to renting is NEVER a mistake. Even the way I did it, buying a horrible shack...nearly drove me insane by the end but, I ended up with over a $65,000 PROFIT that I could use as a pretty darned decent down payment.

*~*~easy labor vibes for fj~*~*

Wow, moxie, that sounds uhhh.....awful to say the least! Ouch!

GT...."choking on a lemon" makes me giggle....but my stomach is still too iffy to be thinking about maple bacon donuts. *skips over that part of the post*

Count me in on being jealous of the firepit. One of the drawbacks of condo life I guess.

I just saw a blurb on the news about CSA...."community supported agriculture" where you buy a share in a farm and every week you get a box of the produce-o-the week. Has anybody done that? I'm thinking about it..

ooops, low battery on the laptop, gotta fly. I'm gonna go back to bed, I think.
YIKES!!! PK!!!

I am so sorry. That must have been devastating. (((PK))) I am very glad for you that you have somewhere else safe to stay.
((((((PK)))))))) Darling, I am SO sad to hear about the theft --- I hope that you are staying with Banana and not going back to that apartment. We're here for you, my dear, whatever you need.

(((((tree))))) Feel better for you too!

I'm feeling worse now. ugh. I feel like I might be choking on a lemon, my throat is so swollen. ick. I hope I'm better tomorrow...early to bed for me tonight.

(((puppykitty))) that is so horrible and shocking; humanity (or lack thereof) really amazes me at times. btw, you look fabulous in your profile pic.

okayers, tesao has checked in briefly in kvetch-land and additional hugs and vibes her way, if you can.

In other news, I took TurboJenn's advice and got an extra cute, extra short haircut. I felt so great before I found out about my apartment.

Yeah - I am staying with Banana and Luna (the doggie) until Monday, then I will probably couch hop until I get this straightened out. I might be able to stay with Banana indefinitely, too. We need to talk about it. I just don't want to live with him, ya know?

I wish you all could see my hair. I'll try to figure out how to take a picture for you guys.
Holy crap, PK! That is the pure definition of a nightmare!
(((((((PK))))))) That totally sucks PK. I'm really sorry that happened to you. I can't even imagine how I would feel.
Holy Frijoles, PK, that really blows about the burglary. I can't imagine what you must have felt finding even your LEFTOVERS gone. How odd. My apartment was burglarized once, but once they realized they needed a key to get the door open (they came in via window from which they removed the AC) they only took DVDs. They were very esoteric thieves...they took only my really excellent movies. I am so sorry you are going through this! However, excellent hair news. A good haircut can make most things better...not so sure about burglaries, though.

RV: I don't envy the househunting and worry. I keep thinking I should save up a down payment and go for it, but to me that would mean some sort of permanence, and I don't think I could handle that. Here is your nougat limerick:

I love to eat a delicious Milky Way
It brightens up any sort of day
The nougat is a delight
The chocolate I will bite
While listening to Nellie McKay.

(hey, I didn't say it would be a GOOD limerick...but it uses the word correctly, so it counts in KelMan's game)

**vibes for sick Busties**

Hearing these four day labor stories reinforces my belief that remaining childless is for me. My friend Alli was in labor for 48 hours with her baby. They finally did a C-section. His head was absolutely huge and Alli weighs 100 pounds soaking wet. He wasn't coming out the regular way. But that can't compare to Moxie's four day Labor-Palooza. Egad.

Hi everybustie!!!

I've been taking the Bluegrass dog on very long walks as we both need to slim down a bit. She's loving it but gets irritated that I won't let her smell everything. I have to explain that this is exercise, not leisure walking.

I called my dad and told him on his answering machine I wouldn't be attending my stepbrother's wedding. He's tried calling me back, but I get sick inside when I see him on the caller ID and I wuss out and avoid the call. I'm freaking out about this so much. I don't know what to do. I feel so cowardly but I am so angry at him for so many reasons.

Have a lovely night, okayers. I'm off to eat some pasta with homemade marinara. Yum.


wow pk, that does suck. have there been any maintenance people who would have access? that's awful. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((pk)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

kel! you know nellie mckay how awesome! i don't know how i feel about her. i love her songs if its just her and a small jazz combo, but when she does all the production goop, it loses all it's charm, if you ask me.

tree. i am still so excited about your emails to me. they are awesome encouragement! did you start as a union apprentice? i'm curious because i might want to go that route, as i think it might get me more hands on time. this program so far is long on speeches about job skills. (boo!)

next week is interview week. luckily the numbers showing up have been dwindling. there are only 22 slots and originally there were 50 some people. now there are only 57. today they said they would be drug testing, so that may weed out a couple more which is good.

rose please post pix of the house. i wanna see!

fj, i love dusty too-- especially her version of 'windmills of your mind' makes me weak in the knees. but i have a crush on bobbie. she's foxy on toast. and her kind of rockish country just makes me happy. i could listen to 'fancy' till the cows come home.
oof! i went to the comic shop, again. big mistake and i knew it would be, but an old friend is turning into one of the next big things in comicbooks, and i can't help but buy his comics. spent another 30 i can't afford, but i got walking dead book which i can only say: zombies? i lurve zombies!!

no chicken soup for the soul, but i got some pho for the okayers!
okayers? i lurve okayers!
oh, man! PK! that's awful!!! (((((((puppykitty))))))) you know, i have to say, that smacks of home invasion by maintenance personnel to me. i almost wonder if they thought you had skipped out or something. i used to be married to an asshat maintenance dude and unfortunately, it's not at all uncommon for them to go into your apartment without your knowledge. who the hell steals leftovers? gosh, i'm so sorry and i hope they can do something to help you. good thing you have banana.

(((((((((((((tes and family))))))))))))))))

i finally got a sale tonight! not a huge one, but he paid. at this point, i'm happy with anything i can get. and so far for the pay period, i have a 100% show rate. ok, so that only meant two people, but still...hehe. small victories.

(((((((((turbo)))))))) have you been drinking your tea, young lady???? hope you're heading to dreamland as we speak!

nice limerick, kel! don't beat yourself up about not answering the phone when your dad calls. he's working on your schedule now... he had his chance, right?

(((((((((tree))))))))) feel better, darling! how is your arm doing these days?

(((puppykitty))) That's awful. My parent's house was burglarized while we were on vacation about 8 years ago. It was bad, though they didn't do quite as thorough a job as they did on you. They did take frozen burritos and a few packages of meat out of the freezer. They took my "battery-operated friend", too. (No, I did not mention that to my dad when he was doing the insurance report.) They took all of my CD's that I didn't take with me on our trip, they took some jewelry of my mom's. They took our TV, our stereo. Mostly they just made a really big mess because what they really wanted was money, and we don't keep substantial amounts of cash in the house, but damn did they try to find some. They yanked and dumped every dresser drawer. We suspect it was the ex-con neighbor who lived across the alley. My mom, in one of her dumber moments, called their house the day we were leaving because we couldn't find one of our cats and sometimes she'd get outside and hang out by their house. He answered the phone and she said, "we're going on vacation and we want to find her before we leave" Oh mom, you don't tell the punk-ass bastard ex-con that you're going out of town! The police questioned him, but never proved anything, so he wasn't charged.

It's a horrible, horrible thing to come home to and it must be worse when they took so much. I hope it all works out!

Thanks for all the hugs, guys.

I figured out how to show you guys a picture of my new haircut, thought the avi is a little small to see the hair.
Mornin' peeps!!

Holy crap, PK!! That sucks so bad!! I agree that it sounds like someone who worked in the building or had easy access to keys, etc. Did they use a key to enter? ((((PK))))

Polly, I can't believe that they took your electronic friend, too!! Weird.

"Choking on a lemon" Heh...I first read that as "choking a lemon" and dirty thoughts of Robert Plant's bulge came to mind.

"I was nearly born in the back of the station wagon" Turbo, that sounds like a song lyric!!

GT, that Van Halen quote is from the Drew Carey episode in which Mimi tries to get Drew out of his house by blasting Panama repeatedly for several hours. Heeeelarious!! I always bug diva with the song Panama. David Lee Roth doesn't seem like an asshole to me. He's a hyper camera hog, but he seems nice. He definitely got screwed by the band. They paid the price though. Firing your charismatic sex symbol is band suicide.

Hee! I'm watching the Saved by the Bell episode with the the kids playing in a band called "Zack Attack." Hahaha!!
Mornin ya'll. Ugh....didn't get much sleep last night - I had a 2am fever, but I was an idiot and accidentally took the DAYquil last night before bedtime, instead of the no sleepies for me. Gah. I'm still feeling like crud, so I'm staying home. I don't believe in going to work sick...doesn't do anyone any good.

((((((PK)))))) *many, many hugs for you* I am glad to hear that you got yourself a nice haircut, though....that's good.

Hi're right - that sounds like an old school country song!

GT - You are totally going to get one of those spots in the welding class - no question about it!

okay, I've got to find some energy to walk the dog.
((((turbo)))) Take good care of yourself. I'm sure you will.

Right now I'm so fuming mad that my hands are shaking. I've been hanging out in this music forum with all sorts of "best of" lists. One of the topics is "Most skilled vocalists by decade" and there are only a handful of women on the list among the hundreds of men mentioned. Ann Wilson, Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks and a shitload of other stellar female vocalists apparently don't deserve to be listed among the ranks of Ian Gillan or Rob Halford. So I submitted a post in the thread bringing this absurdity to attention and I ended up being crucified by a bunch of fuckwads in there, except for the guy who came up with the lists (he acknowledged the problem). Here's an example of the feedback I received when I suggested that Janis Joplin and Ann Wilson are among the top vocalists in modern rock:

"show us some criteria for why you think that these female artist are so good... use our criteria but remember... this is a rock know... for some reason... i think they will all lose... just because... and it's sad to say... female vocalists don't have the impact, influence, power, etc. that the men on our list have... and i do agree with Chaoscell... Halford would not move..."

Isn't that just fucking crazy????????? Really, it makes me want to cry. Here's my response:

"Christ, just look at the list of female vocalists in the forum!! To say that only a handful of women deserve to be listed among the hundreds of men in this thread is absolutely absurd. You're seriously telling me that Janis Joplin doesn't have just as much (if not more) impact, influence, power in her voice compared to the top 10's in this thread? I think you need to pick up a copy of Cheap Thrills or Pearl immediately."

*takes deep breaths*
OMG (((((puppykitty))))) I feel so bad...I crossposted and didn't see it! Those asshats. They even took the friggin' bed????

Is your door visible to other people or the street? There'd almost HAVE to be witnesses to something that big, you'd think. Gah.

I'm thinking either maintenance personnel....or the invaders scraped up the door moving stuff out and were trying to make it look less noticable...was the door close to a dark red before the fact?

falljackets, congrats on the $$sale$$! And here's ~*~*vibes*~*~ for more!

interview ~*~*vibes for GT*~*~ hope it goes well for ya, sweetie!

kelkello, way cute limerick! I'd have a tough time with trying to make those...anything where you have to have the right number of syllables would kill me.

*~*~*~vibes for tesao and family~*~*~*

Doodle, I'm wondering, did the treatment help George? I was reading an article in our local paper yesterday and there was a letter from a woman who pulls her hair out to relieve stress, which reminded me of him. And, I'm glad to see YOU feeling a bit more like yourself! I'd like to drop a couple pants sizes....but I don't want to go through an ordeal like you did, to do it!

feel better *~*~*vibes*~*~* for Jenn...your ginger tea helped me, some. Hope you're doing better today, chica.

I have never been robbed in that sense. I did have a pretty cool guatemalan-looking backpack/bag thingy taken out of my car once. But all it had in it was an old pair of workboots and a change of socks (I was working construction at the time and it was springtime, muddy season)...I bet the thief was pretty disappointed when he/she opened that bag! It wasn't even very good boots!

GT, yes, I was, indeedy, a union apprentice. Actually I had to do a one-year stint as a "pre-apprentice" before I could get the apprenticeship. Just a way for the contractors to get cheap labor for a year, I guess. I was hired basically knowing NOTHING whatsoever about construction, with the understanding that I'd be learning on the job. I started at, I think it was 25% of journeyman scale, with a 5% raise every six months and a bigger raise on the completion of the apprenticeship. I went to school all day, one day per week (was also paid to go to school) and night school three nights per week. Unpaid for the time at night school but the great thing was I was paid for a full-time job. What sucked was the relatively low wages for the first several years. But, since I knew basically nothing, I suppose it all made sense. I had to take a big, difficult test at the end of the apprenticeship, in order to become a journeyman. (I know "journeyman is an inherently sexist word, but "journeyperson" is just plain awkward. "Journeyworker" might do, I guess.

Anyway, union journeylevel status means that I can go to any hiring hall in the US, Canada, or, I think, Puerto Rico, sign in at that hall, and be placed in a job, if there is one available. For example, if Kamloops is building a big industrial plant, and they are looking for people, all I have to do is contact the local rep up there, and I'm in. It's a nice thing. I'm nationally certified to handle refrigerants, (seems weird for a person named 'treehugger' doesn't it?) and used to be welding certified; although that certification expired when I went to this new job.

I'm feeling quite a bit better today. The rest and the fasting helped, I think. I'm still not really "hungry" (which is weird since I really didn't eat yesterday)...and I've got a searing headache...but I think my fever's gone and my chills are pretty much resolved. Quickest EVER flu, I think. Although I've probably jinxed it by saying that. Thanks for the vibes, everybody.

Here's more *~*~vibes~*~* in case I missed anybody!! smile.gif

ETA: Crossposted with turbo and poodle! *waves*

I have nothing to say about the rock forum other than "Gah". It just seems so pervasive....and it invades EVERYTHING. Ugh.
I'm with you on the no appetite and searing headache, tree. (((((get better vibes for both of us)))))

That's awesome about your journeyman status - I didn't know how that all worked, but what a great thought that you could go anywhere and work. You've got mad skillz.

Poodle, how 'bout you pretend we're transported to the rock forum, and you post all the great female vocalists, and we'll all agree with you? smile.gif

so it's thursday today. Yay. I'm feeling kind bleh today. Don't know why. I'd rather be doing something bur working.

~~~interview vibes for gt~~~

~~~sales vibes for FJ~~~

~~~~healing vibes for turbo and tree~~~~

It's nice here today, took the puppers for a walk yesterday, I'm going to work out today. Here's hoping I'll see le man soon. We've both been busy. I understand being a business owner and all. We talked about taht yesterday that time will tell if I can deal with his schedule, as he's heard the song and dance before. And I'm glad he's being hionest, because I am perfectly okay with this. It's not healthy to see your other every day at first.

Looking for a new job, I'm really getting tired of what I am doing.

that is all for now.

Later gators!

I like that idea, Jenn. But can we also suggest "non-rock" vocalists? Because I'd like to nominate Patsy Cline and Aretha Franklin.

CH, I'm waiting to see nice weather here! Although springtime is starting to tease us here, a little, the weather still requires jackets to go outside. For me, at least.

Lator, Gators! smile.gif
good morning. i think we're all feeling a little bit of turdsday thursday!! i hope everyBUSTie feels better really soon!! ((((((((tree and turbo))))))))

i'm just having a bit of an issue with the people that i work with in texas. all the other appointment setters as well as the director (not my friend, the owner) work in a call center. everyone seems nice and we communicate a lot through IM. but i'm just not getting enough support out of them. i have taken on some new offices so that i'm not limited to just the one, which will hopefully mean more sales. but there are some little nuances about each office and i'm just sort of finding them out on my own, when it would be SO SIMPLE for them to just tell me upfront. so when i ask them a question, it seems really simple to them and i sort of feel like an idiot for having asked in the first place, like i've bothered them. it's like, um HELLO! i'm NOT working in the office. i haven't been there for months and years like you guys have. throw me a fuckin' bone over here!

mrfj said i just need to get used to it so i don't get frustrated when it happens. unfortunately, it sort of gets me bogged down in the details. it's like, i already have to prepare for my clients' objections, but now i have to prepare myself for un-cooperative co-workers (mainly the director and the assistant)! eh, fuckit. i'm on my break time. i'm done thinking about that right now.

hmm. i had a great bagel for breakfast this morning. and i'm thinking about going outside in the sun for a few hours, take the dog out for a walk, eat my lunch outside. maybe that'll fix me up.

culture, you really sound like you have the right idea with le man. you guys are communicating and sharing your honest feelings and that is SO wonderful. the more you can share with him, the better for the future of your relationship. good for you guys!
Hi, peeps!

I'm mad that today isn't Friday yet, dammit. This week has been so freaking long.

(((((((((((PK)))))))))) Oh my Maud, honey, that's horrible! I can't even imagine coming home and almost everything being gone. And that's so strange that they took all that stuff out of your kitchen. Maybe it's someone who knows about that stuff? From the list of the minor stuff they took, it sounds like they were there for awhile, so maybe it was someone like the maintenence guy. He could have even made multiple trips if he was close by and you were gone for 2 weeks, which could explain the thoroughness of it. I hope they find your stuff really, really soon.

((((((((FJ))))))) You'll get used to it soon. Don't feel stupid asking people questions. It's not like you're there and can absorb all that stuff, so you need to figure things out somehow.

((((((((Poodle)))))))) Stay here in Okayland where female vocalists rule. Did they list Pat Benetar or Lita Ford? Personally, I have a lot of respect for Lita, being the only female vocalist in the hair band era besides Heart who made a name for herself in that giant boys' club, and she didn't have to do it on sex appeal like that skank Samantha Fox. Lita rocked as hard as the rest of them, dammit. Same for Joan Jett, but I think of her as being a little more on the punk side of things. Otep is up there, too. No other woman I've seen can match growling chops with the likes of your standard death metal bands - a few years back, she was the only female vocalist on the OzzFest tour, probably the only woman who wasn't a dancer or Sharon Osbourne herself. I'd love to get the giant in on this conversation. He knows so freaking much about rock music, and especially women in rock.

Thanks for the advice on my ankles seizing while I walk. It's hard to find time to stretch when you go straight from work to car to walking path. When I went to the gym, I used to do 20 minutes on a bike first, since that gets your ankles moving without putting weight on them.

Hi, Turbo, Doodle, Culture, Polly, Tree, Kel, and everyone I missed!

I got my state tax return yesterday! Hurrah! Now I just have to deposit it so I can turn my phone back on, pay my sales tax from my little business, and buy Roger Waters tickets. I hope there are still some really good ones left. Most other concerts I wouldn't care much about getting the best possible ticket, but Roger Waters is different. Pink Floyd is my favorite band of all time, and this is as close as I'll ever get to seeing a reunited tour (or even Pink Floyd minus Waters, or Dave Gilmour, since he sometimes tours separately).

I hope I don't jinx it, but it's been a week now since that guy has rang our doorbell or banged on the window. Maybe he finally got the point.

I wish this day would hurry up and end. I want to play outside and watch Ugly Betty - there's a new one on tonight. That show is like crack coated in cotton candy.

yeah, labor sucked. BUT, my situation was very unusual. And, they turned the pitocen off at it wasn't 4 continuous days...but, yeah, i'll take an operation next time. At least I'll know what to expect. We actually had out first "when is the right time" for #2 conversation last night. Came to the conclusion that it is NOT the right time for #2...i like being smaller and cute, and we just want to enjoy our moxette for now. Its good when the partners are on the same page about that.

PK, do you have renter's insurace? how horrible, and you still sound SO together! Mui impressed, am I.

OK, off to work. must work. want to nap. maybe a 40 minute catnap...i WAS up most of the night with teething bebe who only wanted her mama...
Afternoon, gang!

Kel thanks for the limmerick! That sounds like a great game ... the sort of things my friends would like to play.

(((((more lovin for PK))))))) I'm still in awe. It takes a very special kind of asshole to pull that kind of shit. May the gods of Karma give them what they deserve!

~~~~~~ healing for TJ & tree ~~~~~~

(((((FJ))))) Sorry to hear that things are tough with the Texas people. It must be hard dealing with people who are so far away.

GT, fingers crossed for you on the welding school!!!!!

I spent the morning doing real-estate related things. We toured the white house and although it isn't perfect, we really like it. We may actually go for it. Is that crazy? Anywho, I took a couple pics from the road so that I could share it with you all. There are a ton of trees in the way, but that's part of the point. smile.gif

IPB Image

IPB Image
Diva - you are SO right about Ugly Betty - "crack coated in cotton candy!" bwahahaha!!!

I've got a pot of water heating on the stove for a bath, and then maybe a nap to follow. The searing headache has gone away, though. Swallowing is still a challenge.

RV - that house is SO cute, and the wooded lot is fabulous!!!

And yay for the homeless guy going away!!!

(((FJ)))) Diva's right - keep asking questions - you're all there for the same reason - its a job, and you should be properly equipped to do it.
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