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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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good afternoon okayers!!

**runs & jumps onto the okayers couch & snuggles up to rose**

rose, i think your vibes worked because i got a good night's sleep. now, i need to keep it going for a couple of more nights. i'm sorry to hear you didn't get much sleep. sad.gif but, yeah for house hunting. i think it was wise for sheff & you to stay in NC for the time being. i guess the part of growing up & maturing is when to know that some opportunities are able to be passed. and i hear ya for wanting a pet!

*~*sending sleepy vibes for rose*~*

doodle!! **waves back** you should put on your own personal light show when playing deep purple. but, if you use one of those laser light pens, i fear the kitties would go crazy!! blink.gif i'm so glad you are feeling better! you sound more and more like your goofy self!

turbo, i should've checked out your ass yesterday! laugh.gif you didn't look frumpy. oh, and turbo's hair looks cute too!! and may i say you are the bestest for offering to have me over! Maybe when the weather gets a little warmer i will brave it and ride my bike up.

FJ, yeah for the sale! how are the boobies doing?? how's the mini-fj in the making doing??

moxie, i love moxette's pic. looks punk rock with the hair. oh, and i love your baby stories. i love kids.

Hiya culturehandy!! **waves** hope your back feels better.

Hello Karianne and treehugger!!

Where's mouse?? *looks around*

off to workout on the elliptical again...and i think i'm gonna do some ab exercises....
Hi FJ, Doodle, RV, Turbo, Treehugger, Kari!

FJ hope you feel better soon,


(((kari and grandmamma)))

Doodle I love the idea of a bush party. A vulva tiara, LOVE IT!

I didn't get to see le man this weekend, he was away at a soccer tourney, he's back today, but the highway into the city was cloased last night, he may be a little delayed today. No biggie. I'm feeling comfortable with things, and I don't freak if I don't see him. It's healthy and I'm feeling comfortable with that.

This weekend was all about me! Sleeping and being downright lazy! It was so wonderful!

I did my taxes yesterday and I'm getting a refund! Woohoo! Straight into the savings account for that money.

At work today, and I want to be doing nothing. It's cold here, and I'm getting my period. Ugh.

My chocolate milk tastes skeazy, I think it might have been in the friggie for too long. EWW.

At least the day is half done.

ETA. Hi Star! The back is doing better, I'll go on the ball when I get home, do a little stretchy.

Hi, peeps!

I read all the archives, let's see what I can remember, I'm sorry if I mix up any names...

(((((((((Ab's abs))))))) I'm glad you're starting to see some real changes. Now if I could motivate myself to start weights again. Blech. I used to love them, but now I don't anymore.

((((((((Tree's mom))))))) About the weightlifting, you should try to take a day off after you do it so your muscles can recover. Or you could alternate upper/lower body if you really want to do it every day. That was the first thing I learned when I went to the gym.

(((((((Karianne's grandma)))))))))

Go, Dorothy, go! Doodle, go get yourself some new jeans. A pair of cheap ones couldn't hurt, and if your body goes back to normal soon, you won't have made a huge investment. Properly fitting jeans make the world go 'round.

((((((((Turbomann's first day of work))))))))

GT, I love your whole Flashdance thing. And good on you for taking up welding!

(((((((Grover's tummy))))))))

Hi, Kel, Star, RV, TJ, CH, Karianne, and everyone!

We had a pretty chill weekend. My brother and I went out for dinner on Friday. The giant and I didn't even leave the house on Saturday, though we did some cleaning and I made a few rings to sell, and yesterday we went out to get his hair cut, buy kitchen stuff at Target, and bum around a little. We signed our new lease last night, too. My baking project for the weekend was bacon/cheddar/green onion scones. I'm sure glad we had to see our landlords last night because I could dump half of them off on them. They're okay, more biscuity than sconey. They aren't like the scones I'm used to.

Count me in on the headaches and no sleep last night. I may have gotten a couple hours, but that's it. I can't wait to go to bed early tonight. I'm going to make myself get at least one load of laundry done, do my ironing, and made some more jewelry. If I'm going to be taking night class twice a week in a couple months, I need to start making inventory for Pride now.

Poodle, you crack me up with your nakedness rant...its comments like those that just remind me of all of my solidly Lutheran Minnesotan roots, and those very sensible midwesterners...makes me smile. I'm usually wrapped in a towel, but I don't really care about the nekkid ladies - its the kids in there that piss me off...there's a very nice family locker room, but so many families choose not to use it. After one little boy pointed out that I had boobies like mommy, I declared war, and everytime I see a family in there, I'll ask the mother politely to use the family locker room, and then report it at the main desk. smile.gif

Okay, time to run out to lunch!! Hi tree and doodle and fj and I'll be back later!
hey, TJ, so long as you're polite, that's 100% the right thing to do. As a parent, inappropriate placement of kidlets is one of those things that bugs the bejebus out of me. Like the idiot parents who thought that "300" was somehow an appropriate movie to take elementary school age kids to see...that may have been honest mistakes, but some research people.

Anyway, i'm off to continue my uber-productive day. Now, a break for a shower.

Hmmm...btw, any word from turbomann on the new job?
I'm with Poodle on gratuitous nudity where there doesn't have to be. I'm glad these women are proud of their bodies and everything, but I really don't want to see bush if I don't have to when it's just as convenient to not show it. I guess I believe in modesty above all else, especially in situations where others can be uncomfortable. Catholic shame, I guess.

Speaking of school, I think I'm going to call the place I sent the application to almost 2 weeks ago and see how it's coming along. I'm anxious, dammit!

And where's that tax return?! I sent it in 13 whole days ago.

I'm so impatient.

Okay, off to find something moderately healthy for lunch. At the very least, I'll get closer to my 10,000 steps for the day. That's gotta be worth something.

ETA: Moxie, that's so cute that Moxette is giving kisses! Are they basically an open mouth bumped up against your skin for a second? That's what Sam used to do. She sounds like such a sweet little kid. Go ahead and be THAT parent whenever you like.

The giant wants to see 300. Maybe I'll let him, but I don't know yet. I still want to see Zodiac and Blades of Glory is out this Friday. We're planning to have a date night this Friday. Yay! It's been awhile.
That sucks about the headaches, diva. I don't know how so many people can go without at least 7 hours of sleep each night. If I did that, I'd be headachey, crabby, and drowsy. Actually, sleep deprivation is one of the "triggers" for my seizures.

It sounds like you had a nice weekend though. When's the last time you hung out with your bro? Where'd you guys go for dinner?

I'm listening to Rush just for you, diva. I know how much you love Geddy Lee's voice. *plays Working Man guitar riff*

Heh, that reminds me. Doodle, I love that you used to play the Smoke on the Water riff. It's one of those riffs that every kid tries to play when they pick up the guitar. I know I did!! That, and Iron Man. I never learned Stairway to Heaven like everybody and their brother, but now I feel compelled to learn it just so that I can annoy people. I'd even do Plant's vocals.

Yeah, the naked's very midwestern Catholic of me, but I don't care. Like I said, I can handle seeing a boob or a butt if there's changing or drying going on. It's the prancing around that bugs me. Yeah, I get it, you enjoy your naked body, but I don't, so get your cooch outta my face, dammit!! Phew...

ETA- Turbo, that's so funny about the kid commenting on your boobs!! Fortunately, this is an 18+ locker room.
hi again!

hey karianne! sorry to hear that your grandmother's surgery hit a snag, but glad that she seems to be doing ok. ~*~*~*~recovery vibes for karianne-grandma~*~*~*~

yes, that's my grover in the picture. we'd taken her for a walk down by the marsh that day and something about that pic captured her "puppy-look". that's what i see at least, instead of the old pupper she actually is. i'm still a little worried about this recall thing. there are conflicting reports on exactly which brands are affected. she seems to be ok this morning though, now that she's up at least.

oh, the job thing: yes, I'M doing very well with setting and getting people to actually show up. the issue is that the "closers" down in tampa aren't CLOSING! grrr! when i took this job, i was told i could depend on an average of $900 in sales for every person that showed up. but last pay period, it was more like $280 per person that showed (on average, obviously, accounting for the ones that were lost completely). i only get 12% of that, but if they could get more people to buy, i'd be doing FINE. if i continue this trend of having a great show rate with nothing to show for it, i'm going to have to revisit my agreement and have them do something about it. i can't bust my ass to get my end of it done and have no income spring from it. GAR!

aww, i just checked the mail and found a postcard to jack from mrfj. he sent it when he was in cleveland last week. and we got the beatles lullabyes cd from our best friends in missouri. i'm shedding a couple tears over here. rolleyes.gif
Awwww, FJ, that is so totally adorable that Mr. FJ sent a postie to jackaroo!! So sweet, your man!

And you definitely gotta talk to your friend/boss about the closer sitch -- you're doing your job damned well - with old leads, no less, and they aren't getting you paid!

Diva, your weekend sounds most excellent, as always....and I hope you hear from the university soon! And I'm all for sending turbomann to the movies by himself - he saw 300 last week, and I *know* I'm not interested in a war movie...most of the time when we go on date movies, I see mine, and he sees his. smile.gif Movies are too expensive here ($10 each) to see something I'm not interested in.

Yeah, poodle, our locker room is 18+ too...some parents just choose to ignore the rules. And I'm always very polite when I inform them of said rules. Our gym is great for families - there's day care, and family locker rooms, and kids classes, but your kids do not need to be on the boob patrol. sheesh.

((((kari's grandma)))))

Doodle, I hope you're out buying some nice jeans for yourself right now!

Star, Buehla Bag-Ass didn't join me for lunch yesterday biggrin.gif...I've got jeans in every size imaginable (a girl's gotta be comfy, whatever the size), but the work clothes I'm a little slower to update, as I always kind of wait to see what size I settle into before spending a lot of money.
Oh man Jenn, I can't believe that kid in the locker room commenting on your boobs! We have a family locker room downstairs at my gym too. Thankfully, people are usually pretty good about keeping their kids down there. Moxie...I hear you on the movie...when I went to see Little Children someone had two young kids in there. Uh, there is some ver graphic sex & also scenes about a child molester. Not kid appropriate, people! Perhaps they thought it was a children's movie b/c of the name? But I am sure it was rated R.

I kinda want to see 300. Last night we watched The Departed, I thought it was v. good. Matt Damon didn't get nearly enough attention for that movie. It all went to Leo, Jack, & Scorcese.

Poodle, I am so proud of you for going to the gym everyday! Go!

Diva, your weekend sounds really nice. I stayed home much of the weekend too, it was lovely. It saved me some money too. Those scones sound good, even if they are more biscuit-y. Yum.

Oh man, guess what happened at Publix yesterday? I was buying some fresh tuna. It was on sale but it rang up not on sale. They have a policy that if something rings up wrong, you get the item for free. SCORE! I got $17 worth of tuna for free. It made it taste all that much better!

Fj, grover is adorable! That is so so cute that mr FJ sent Jack a postcard! So sweet. You guys will be such fun parents. I agree, they need to work with you on your compensation. It's totally out of your control what people do or don't buy!

I hope everyone getting tax refunds rubs off on me! I think we will get one, but I'll feel better once I know for sure. We could use it.

Thank you for all the grandma vibes. It was pretty scary. She started bleeding uncontrollably during the surgery, the Dr said if she didn't stop, there wasn't anything he could do. Fortunately, she did stop overnight. Phew! It was super stressful. More so b/c I am the only one in my immediate family that is talking to her at the moment. My mom went to the hospital to support my aunt (her sister), but now that my grandmother is awake, she doesn't want to go back. Family drama. Always a good time. dry.gif
"boob patrol" Hahahaha!!

Hi FJ!!

Thanks for the props, kari! Heheheh...kari scored some fresh tuna....heh...

~*~*~*~even more health vibes for kari's grandma~*~*~*~

Question for y'all: What do you consider to be the worst cover songs of all time? (Personally, I vomit a little just thinking of Billy Corgan's cover of Landslide)
um, most things on American Idol? Yet, I love watching American Idol...hmmmm

Kari, so glad your gramma is recovering. Good for you for being supportive...especially if you feel you need the closeness.

We watched "The Departed" last weekend, and I am 100% in agreement with Kari. I think Matt Damon almost always doesn't get the credit he deserves. He's found a good-ass mentor in the Brad Pitt/George Cloony folks, and has taken on some good "character" roles recently that make me almost forget how good looking he is.

Ok, time to go pick up my kissing fool of a kiddo.
heh. Poodle, you dirty bird!

Gag me on that Billy Corgan cover. Probably one of the worst to me is Lenny Kravitz's cover of American Woman. SO BAD.
I like American Idol, too Mox, and the covers are truly awful but they don't count in the "worst cover songs" list. This is a list being compiled by RetroCrush, by the way and people get to send in their suggestions.

American Woman by Lenny Kravitz is totally shitty. They actually had that on their "best" list, along with SP's version of Landslide. Other awful covers include White Zombie's version of "Boogie Man" (originally by KC & The Sunshine Band) and Limp Bizkit's version of "Faith" by George Michael.
Or, as an alternate to moxie's....any cover done by Pussycat Dolls. Blech! And yet, there I was, tuned into that stupid show last night...I'm a sucker for bad reality tv, though. Can't make myself watch Idol anymore though, I've reached my limit on bad ballads and cheesy pop. I will, however, be counting down the days to the premiere of "So you think you can dance?" I love dance competitions of all sorts - ballroom, hip-hop, whatever.

*bumps The Departed up the netflix Queue*

Score! On that tuna, kari - I wish our grocery store had that policy - I think they could use it - stuff is forever ringing up at non-sale price, and I only catch it about half the time, and if they call for a price check, I just tell them to forget it - my time is worth more than the average sale price. (reminds self to hit the grocery for a sale priced corned beef to stash in the freezer)

((((kari's grandma)))))
Britney Spears - "My Perogative" 'Nuff said.
Hmmm...I better just stay out of the cover discussion as I am a music "know nothing" person.....hehe

I'm taking advantage of the semi-tolerable weather and making the first-of-the-season BLACKENED CATFISH for supper tonight. Yum.....and I think the boy will be happy, too.

Wow, kari, way to go on that tuna! It sucks about your family dramas though. Blech.

I'm actually getting my largest. ever. tax refund. I'm a happy person.

Anyway, *~*~*tax refund vibes*~*~* for those who need them!

*waves at the Okayers*

Hey Poodle and Diva!!

i worked out and took a good little nap. i did some ab work, but i hated doing it the whole time. yuck.

oh, bad cover songs. you know, i don't like smashing pumpkin's version of never let me down again. or, the foo fighters doing a cover of i think an alan parsons project song. there are sooooo many bad cover songs out there. now, i gotta think abou it.
Good Monday evening Okayers!

So, how is everyone?

I'm glad, my day is done. Worked out when I got home, now I am just lounging around the house.

Still haven't heard from le man, I imagine he's a work today, I'll call him later.

You know what song is so bad it's good? High School Confidential by Rough Trade, I'd love to see someone sing that on American Idol, especially the part about creaming jeans!

That is all for now.

Later okayers!

Manic Monday, everyone.

***healthy vibes for karianne's gramma****

Girltrouble, thanks for the avi compliment. That's me doing what I do best...acting like a complete fool. Chalk drawing? Supercool...what were you drawing? And you skateboard, too? Multitalented, indeed.

Doodle, get your hair done and get some jeans. It will make you feel fabulous, and you deserve to feel fabulous.

Turbo, didn't you just know I would say that Beulah Bagass would be a great band name? That cracked me up.

RV, I didn't write down any of the limericks, but if you give me a word (and definition if it's obscure), I'll give you a limerick. Some are very silly, but always fun.

FJ, I hope Grover is okay. It seems nothing is safe to eat anymore, not even pet food. Poor babies! Luckily my guys are dry food eaters, although my catfood came with a free sample of wet food, which I promptly threw away when I heard about the recall. I had been planning on treating my Sylvie-cat, but not anymore.

**good health to all puppies and kitties**

I had a decent Monday. Friday is too far away, of course. And don't even talk to me about taxes. I always owe. Bleh.

Hey everybustie!

I have to confess that I skipped spin made me sad, but I knew that if I put a couple extra hours in at the office on my freelance gig, I'd be a lot more productive than doing it at home in front of the tube and on my wee little ibook screen. BUT, riding home in the last gasps of sunshine at 6:30, was amazing...I'm so glad to be back on my bike! (of course ask me again, when its supposed to rain the whole rest of the week).

OMG, I'm watching Dancing with the Stars and the funny Italian man just called Billy Rae Cyrus' dancing like "a crazyy bear lost in a swamp!" heee! Where does he come up with this stuff? Cracks me up.

And hooray for healthy doggie food, booooo for bad production! Thank cod, I apparently treat turbo with the *only* wet food not on that list. whew.

Kel, I think doodle and I would have to be the lead singers of Buehla Bagass! smile.gif
hi okayers!
i haven't been in here all day, and it feels like i haven't been in here in weeks! i hope all the puppers and kittys are heathy. *waves at all of them.*

doodle! treat yourself, mama. you so deserve it

kel & rose: the cops interupted me before i could finish the chalk, just as well, i need to work on technique a bit. i rely too much on black for all my art, so it's a different way of thinking. it rained today (it is seattle after all, so it's a wet mess) but i scanned the sketches that i used as guides, although it was a bit different.
here they are:
IPB ImageIPB Image
the lettering says "aviatrix" incase you were wondering.

turbo, i was watching the opening of dancing w/ stars and nobody told me they have joey fatone in it. i keep flashing back on the robot chicken episode where everybody calls him "joey fat one". do you like mtv's dance life? omg i love that show but i always miss it. sad.gif

tree hugger, you know you're so my hero right? so what does a steamfitter (is that it?) do?

i want to thank all the okayers who have been giving me encouragement about this welding thing. tomorrow morning i go into talk to the lady and find out what's what. wish me luck!

oh, darlings, i'm so intimidated by the like 10 pages i've missed here sad.gif

i hope you all are doing well, i send out nondenominational vibes where needed ***okayers***

i started my new job today, it seems fine, i think i may have to prove my way with grunt work (ie, hello kitty tshirts for jc penney...gag) before i get to do cool stuff but that's okay because my commute is ten minutes and i don't even have to get on a freeway. austin was super tons of fun but as much as i love friend r i am never, ever traveling with her again. high maintenance girl! "no, i can't drink pepsi, it has to be coke, we have to go somewhere else. no, this place only has bottled coke, i only drink fountain, we have to go somewhere else" ARGH. also I GOT A NEW STOVE AND FRIDGE and now can COOK FOR REALS and also i might have a new crush, but it might also just be because i haven't had a crush on anyone in so long that the first single person who looks vaguely appealing=crush for me. also it could be weird since i met him through the ex. we'll see, most likely it is nothing.

(((okayers))) i feel like such a jerkface for doing a driveby sad.gif
Happy Tuesday babes!!

Hi mouse!! Yay for the new job!! Hopefully you'll be able to move on from the Hello Kitty stuff soon.

Girltrouble, those drawrings are badass!! Stupid cops.

I watched Dancing with the Stars last night, too. Joey Fatone was excellent!! Tom Bergeron (the host) said "You know you're in Hollywood when this guy is considered the 'fat one'" or something to that effect. So true. Billy Rae Cyrus was awful!! He did look like a crazy bear lost in a swamp!! I liked his choice of song though..."I Want My Mullet Back." Hahaha!!
good morning okayers!


still not quite awake yet, though i've been up for an hour. coffee works much more slowly when it's mostly decaf.

not much going on over here this morning. we didn't watch any tv last night, but listened to the beatles lullaby cd that our friends got us, which inspired mrfj to pull out the gee-tar to play some of the songs himself. it was a nice, relaxing evening, but i still got to bed too late.

gt, those drawings are really awesome! at least the cops weren't too asshole-y to ya. do you show your work anywhere? gooooood luck with the welding meeting!!

mousie-mouse! i love the avatar. please tell me that is you with a teddy bear head on!! hehe! don't worry about catching up on all the archives. we'll let you slide this time! glad you enjoyed your time off. WAY COOL about the new stove and fridge! good for you! have fun with the new job!

hey tj! hi poodle! hi everyBUSTie else!!

ok, i gotta get my phone time in this morning. back later!!

Oh geez...I forgot that you're not supposed to drink caffeine while preggers. That sucks. I don't know if I'd be willing to give that up.

Grrr...I had my ipod plugged in overnight and the fucker still isn't charged all the way. Piece of shit.

This morning, on Good Morning America, they had a little story on women having plastic surgery on their feet so that they look nice in high heels. That's so fucked up!! At the same time, I'm not surprised.

Okay, I better go to work now.
Good morning all. Ugh.

Have to catch up, but just quickly - GT, your drawings are beautiful!

I've booked a hair cut for Friday, and I think I'm going to go searching for jeans today.

I wish the damned gynecologist would phone me already, so I'd know whether or not I have a diseased uterus.

Diseased Uterus is going to be the name for MY band.

*grumbles, slinks off to make breakfast*
*runs into thread, gasping*

Morning, everyone! I got into the office super extra early this morning to work on some stuff for a 9am meeting, and what did I internet. Totally sucks, since my job is 90% about the internet. gah. Obviously its back up now, going a day without BUST was starting to make me anxious! I should've just crawled back into bed after locking myself out at 5:30am this morning...ah well...turbomann was up to buzz me in, so it wasn't a big deal.

Hi doodle! I hope you find the *perfect* jeans, for the perfect price!

((((((magic welding vibes for GT))))))

GT, those drawings are *awesome* - you are SO talented!!! Thanks for sharing your work here - feel free to hang your artwork in the okayland gallery anytime -- we'd all love to see it!

Poodle, I have to admit that I have always found Joey Fatone to be completely adorable, and yes, I do own an N'Sync album. tongue.gif He really did rock the dancefloor - but it hardly seems fair with his boy band training and broadway experience...still, I'll enjoy watching him every week!

Welcome home, mousie!! We're so glad you're back, and that you had a *mostly* good vacation (high maintenance friends aside)...keep us posted on how the new jobby job is going!

*hands FJ a mug of peppermint tea*
Good Morning okayers!

I had a shit night, I hardly slept, I hadn't talked to le man, and where he was the roads were shit and the weather was cruddy, I thought something had happened. But, he called me at work today and all was well. They just stayed an extra day due to the badness of weather.

Mouse, how's it going! I was just wondering what you were up to, we hadn't really seen you since your birthday. How was it?

Doodle, you are more then welcome to have my uterus, shared uterus' all around!

GT, I'm sad, my internet security at work isn't allowing me to see the pics, I'll check 'em out when I get home! Oh, and Emily sends cuddles.

Hi FJ, poodle and turbo!

I also worked out yesterday and I missed it, stupid back didn't let me work out on the weekend. All is mostly well now.

Well I have someone here to see me, I'll see you soon.

Later gators.

Mornin' okayers!!

Hey Mouse, Poodle, Doodle, FJ, and Turbo!!


turbo, i'm so glad you got back into your place. i don't know what i'm gonna do when i start internship and i won't be able to check in as often. bums me out.

gt, thanks for sharing the drawings! fab!

poodle, my ipod is always messing up. damn steve jobs! *shakes fist*

Doodle, i love Diseased Uterus!! it sounds like a nu-metal band name though. you would have to be hard rock goth. oy vey. good luck on the jean search. just make sure they are not mom jeans!

FJ, i love the beatles. what a nice way to spend the evening! go make them calls!!

i'm sore. tense. gonna go workout to ease the tension in my shoulders. i was thinking how my roomy screwed me in the end with paying bills. but, he screwed me with bills before. damn.
Hey, gang. I've been sooo sick to my stomach this morning. Luckily, I'm finally starting to feel better. Bleh.

Re: worst cover songs. There's some ad on TV lately that has this EZ listening version of "Melt With You" & it drives me nuts. It just makes me sad when any song I like is used in advertising, even if it is a cover. Blech.

Mouse, I love the new avatar, too! As for the new job, if you were to design a Hello Kitty shirt for JCPenny, I would so visit a store just so I could look at the shirt & think, "Mouse designed this!!!". And it's still gotta be better than scrubs. wink.gif

GT, thank you so much for sharing your work! Lovelovelove it. And I saw your pic in Say Cheese & I really love what you're doing with your hair. If I weren't so hesitant about coloring my hair, I would definitely want something like that!

I didn't watch TV last night, so I missed Joey Fatone! Such a shame because I've always had the feeling that he's a really fun guy. I've never watched that dancing show, but I may watch some clips on YouTube.

Plastic surgery on your feet?! I probably don't want to know.

Doods, when did you last hear from the gyno's office? If you haven't heard anything since your appointment, I would definitely give them a call. You deserve an up-date.
~*~*~*~*~*~ more Doodlicious vibes ~*~*~*~*~*~

Kel, make up a limmerick using "nougat"! biggrin.gif

((((((((((all of the Bustie pets)))))))))))

Good Things Tuesday
1. I'm feeling better.
2. Thanks to my beloved GPS, I drove around and looked at houses all yesterday afternoon.
3. And I'm going to drive around and look at more houses today!
omg. i forgot good things tuesday!!

**jumps back onto couch next to Rose with her teddy bear**

rose, did you sleep better last night?

mouse, oh, you know where to go about the crush, right?? crushie thread!! um, and i want to hear about the bands you saw at SXSW. please! love new avatar too!

Good thing Tuesdays!

1. made a new friend who might become my roomy--at least i'm pushing for it.
2. my mom is coming over today, spend the night, and have dinner
3. i'm starting to sleep better

**leaves again**
Hey, Star! I slept much better last night, thanks. But I'm still tired & have some catching up to do. But I'm kinda afraid to nap because then I may not be able to sleep tonight! Decisions, decisions.

So sorry to hear you're having to take on all of these extra bills along with your grief. Guess you're starting to dip into the "anger" part of the grieving process, hmm? I hope the potential-roomie works out!

I just heard that postage rates are going up in the US again in May. It'll cost 41 cents to mail a regular letter.

You want to know what's really driving me crazy about this house hunt? Garages. We would like a garage, preferably two car. But tons of houses here have no garage at all! And it isn't always because there is no space. I've found houses on half an acre of land with no garage. It seems that most of the houses here just don't have a garage. It's the norm here. But why?!? Don't people prefer to have a garage? Don't people want a place to put the cars and the bikes and all those other things? Why is this so difficult?
~*~*~*~feel better vibes for all busties who need 'em~*~*~*~ Dayum, my lower abs are still hurting because I turned my body weird while I was sleeping. I wanted to lift weights today!! sad.gif

Good things Tuesday:
1. I'm practically wearing pajamas today because my boss is out of town.
2. I still have enough time to finish the project that I'm supposed to have ready by next Monday.
3. My body is burning fat like crazy and I have more energy.
4. My frige is full of good food.
hi peeps....i know i know...its been ages....

i've been sick for the past couple of weeks and with my nonstop schedule, that just don't work! i'm just starting to get over it(thank goodness)so all i have left is this nagging cough and post nasal drip...loveliness i know.

i'm trying to catch up on the archives but as its been a couple of weeks..i don't even know if thats possible.

so.....fresh start!

good things:

-i've got healthy foods to munch on decided not to take the job since that would mean more time away from me.
-i'm at over 1100 hours in class--woooo!
Oh good things Tuesday!

1. I'm getting money back on my taxes
2. Worked out yesterday
3. 5 more hours of work
4. Not eating crud food.

HI ms. gb!
Hi ms gb!!! We've *meeced* you!!! I'm sorry you've been sick - your schedule sounds insane, but what've you got left now - 3 months! You're almost there!

Oooh, good things Tuesday:
1. leftover corned beef and kraut for lunch!
2. Spring Equinox today!! Everyday is getting brighter!
3. Turbomann is employed! WOOT!

Oh, and I've fallen in love with this sofa and ottoman....I think I *need* looks so comfy! Must talk to turbomann about this one tonight! (if its still available).

RV - that is so awesome that you can tool around looking at houses without the fear of getting lost!! YAY for technology!
Hi, peeps!

More vibes for (((((((((Ab's abs))))))))) Speaking of which, I'm going to do a bunch of crunches on my balance ball. I've never minded doing those.

(((((((((Star))))))))) I hope the bill situtation works out and you find a new roomie, toot sweet.

I watched a little of Dancing With The Stars last night, but only the part with Heather Mills. I'd like to see Joey Fatone, though. I know nothing about him, but I do agree that he's at a distinct advantage here. I just want to see a woman win that show. Stacy Keibler was ROBBED a couple seasons ago. Women have to do everything that men do, but backwards and in heels. That's gotta be worth something!

RV, that's a little weird. Why wouldn't you want a garage? Even just to put junk in?

GT, I love your drawings!

(((((((( vibes for a better afternoon for TJ ))))))))

(((((((health vibes for GB and Doodle )))))))))

Hi, Mouse, FJ, CH, and all!

Not much doing over here. I'm about to run out of work... again. Everyone at work is at a dumb picnic thingy that I decided to forego, so I'm going on a little trip up to Grand Ave for an all-fruit smoothie and a little shopping. It's still a little cold out, but fuck it. It's not like I've never done this in the dead of winter. We had a really nice night last night. We cooked dinner and watched wrestling, I got my laundry done and made a big dent in the pile of dishes that has taken over our sink. We were in bed by 10:00, which was so nice, and no homeless guy came to bang on our window.

Good Things Tuesday:

1) clean clothes
2) better sleep than the night before, though still not good
3) yummy smoothie for lunch

not much to list, today's just a day
Hi diva!! My afternoon is shaping up, thank cod. Thanks for the vibes!

RV - that *is* really bizarre about the garage...I suppose since you don't get a lot of snow there, a garage isn't a *must* -- maybe that's why there's so many without them. But you could just get one of those ready-made sheds to put on your property for stashing all your bikes, lawn furniture, never know - you just might find the *perfect* house without a garage.

*sigh* I have to do laundry tonight - first time in 4 months...I think I'm missing the cabana boy already. I hate laundry. When I grow up, I'm going to have a washer and dryer in my home...and I think that's when I know I might be grown-up. biggrin.gif

((rv)) hope you get to feeling better.

Seems like everyone is sleeping poorly lately. Is it a full moon or something?

(doodle) I hope your doc calls soon & that you have a healthy uterus!

Diva, I am happy you had no window banging last night! Did the cops come & make the guy stop? That really sucks that you're having to put up with that.

Ms gb, good to see you! Sorry you've been sick. Are you all better now? Except for the nasal drip?

Hi Jenn, GT, stargazer, mouse, and everyone else!

My day has been busy but I've gotten nothing accomplished. I usually work at home on Tuesdays, but this afternoon I have a couple meetings. The first one was scheduled for 1, I rushed to get here from the hospital where I was visiting my grandmother, only to find out the meeting was canceled. Oh well. The next one is at 4:15.

Good Things
1. It's already 1:45PM
2. I have cheese, crackers, and a pear to eat
3. Mr K is off work tonight
4. We are going to spin. (not that I am looking forward to it, but I need the workout!)
happy afternoon! YAY! (well, except for west coasties for another few minutes...)

just checking in. not much going on here today. just finished up a conference call with the rest of the team in the call center. it's supposd to be motivational and i guess overall it is, but sometimes those meetings can just sort of make me furrow my brow. eh. i have a client in the office right now and she makes over $100K, so i'm thinking it's a good prospect. but who knows...

i just whipped up a fresh marinade for a london broil that i bought on sale last week. i usually don't buy them because they have a tendency to be tough. i put olive oil, lots of garlic, fresh sage, rosemary, thyme and ground pepper all over it and now i want to eat my hands. they smell so good!! i'll have to find something to eat before dinner, for sure!!!!

stargazer, i hope you're feeling better. a workout sounds like a great idea to get that stress out. i need to take a good walk today and get some exercise before i get back on the phone this afternoon.

msgb! welcome back!!!! we missed you so much! sorry to hear that you're sick. booooo! glad to hear you're getting some stuff accomplished though, right!?

diva, i forgot to say earlier, but those cheese scones sounded awesome. i think i might make something like that, except mine will be biscuits by design. i love a good biscuit.

oh, turbo, i love that sofa/ottoman. i really want an ottoman or a lounge of some type. we've got so much to buy for the wee boy though before i can think of that.

um, yeah... plastic surgery on the FEET! come on! they're FEET! they're supposed to be FEET! jeebus. now i've heard it all. sheesh. that makes me wonder if people realize that they can cause nerve damage to themselves even with "minor" cosmetic surgery? one of the results of my back surgery is that i have nerve damage in my left leg, which affects my foot. my left foot stays a constant temperature, whereas my right one overcompensates and is always super cold. likewise, the right one sweats a lot and the left one doesn't. (my flops always look like i must walk with my right foot in the gutter - dirty sweat print in the right one but no footprint at all in the left one.) it's really not that big of a deal, but to think that people might cause that sort of pain in the ass because they want their FEET to LOOK better in heels makes me cringe.

ok, i gotta get some food. again. tongue.gif

eta: oh yeah, rose i know what you mean about wanting a garage. we have a partial one... it should be a two car garage, but the previous owners made part of it into an extra room off the kitchen. it's nice to have, but the way they built it prevents us from parking a car in the stupid garage. so we store things in it, but can't park in it. garr!

hi karianne!!!!
hi FJ!!

Oh, Diva, I meant to tell you last night that you need to open your cafe soon! I received the Vosges Chocolate catalog in the mail, and I think I might've left drool on the page...everything looked SO good, but I would much rather buy fancy chocolates from you!

FJ, your dinner sounds scrumptious! I don't know what we're gonna have yet...maybe chicken and broccoli with peanut sauce...its easy enough, and I don't really feel like cooking tonight.

Yeah, I hope I can convince turbomann on that sofa/ottoman...I'm having major second thoughts on getting my grandma's sofa shipped out here - its just not my style, and do I really want to have furniture in my very small space that I don't really like, and isn't very comfortable? not really.

(((((kari's grandma))))
Happy Afternoon okayers!

Thank goodness this day is almost done!

I have on more person to see...then home home home!

I heard from le man, I think I said that already, whatevs.

I want to make me own trail mix, but nothing that is too fatty, any suggestions?

Sooooooo tired, I was just exhausted yesterday, tried to sleep, fell asleep at 10, was up at 11, then 12:40, then 2:22am, then 5:30, ugh. Didn't sleep much, grrrrr.

That's is all for not kidlets. Later!
Old Man Ass has been VANQUISHED!!!


And yep, the new jeans are two sizes smaller. And they cost me fifty bucks, but I think that's a small price to pay for having sexy rocker bitch ass.

I wore them out of the store.

My strut is back.
~*~*couch vibes for turbo~*~* that looks like it could rival stargazer's for the comfy title. I love chair-and-a-halfs!
What's happening bizatches?

I miss you. I haven't so much as peeped in here in months and months. I just didn't want to be a creepy lurker. I've been thinking of that one girl most especially because she and I actually hung out quite a bit for a while there. I will start reading archives so that I have some kind of idea about what is happening.

Spring Flowers for everyone!
lurvs! HI! Here's a quick recap...

FJ- has a weiner growing
Doodle- has dorothy the kidney stone perhaps still inside...and is 2 sizes smaller
turbos-turbomann jsut started a new job, and turbojenn misses her cabana boy
roseviolet is a transplant from Kvetch, but we're THRILLED she's here
Culture, and Kelko and Treehugger and girltrouble are "new" to okayland and we love getting to know them.
moxies- i talk about my kidlet too much.
i see polly is back, too!
poodle is loosing weight like mad
diva is going back to school
tes is still a hottie in africa
Kari's gramma just had surgury
mouse just started a new jobby job

did i forget anyone?

ok, back to mommy patrol. i hate the "i'm so tired, but i can't nap" times. i never know whether to feel sorry for her or irritated...take that for a motherhood maxim.

Thank you for the quick update! Whew! Your little moxette is growing up!! Look at her dark hair! SHE IS A VIXEN! I knows one when I sees one.

FJ is making a baby! I knew that. HOORAY for reproduction!

(((Hugs and Love for Kari and her Grandmother)))

Hooray for Diva and My Pretty Poodle.

Doodle needs to evict that Dorothy.

I love Turbos!

wet kisses for Tes and Moxie

pat on the po-po for mouse and roseviolet and polly

hi to everybunny!
Luuuuuuurveeeeey!!!! *runs up and tackles lurv with a giant booby squishing hug*

How you been, lady???? Come back and play with us more often!! Okayland is brimming with super-fly chicas and the occasional gent!

I think I need to make a commitment that this is the summer that I make my way out to Mpls for a proper visit - and I'd better get to see you too, my dear!

Moxie, there is no possible way that you talk too much about moxette, but then, I'm probably biased as her fairy godmother!! Can you believe that you had her a whole year ago now? I sure can' her birfday Friday? I'm terrible at remembering these things.

Polly, it was brunch on Sunday that kicked my sofa search off - I thought to myself "I want a couch like stargazer's!" And I love the incognito convertibleness of that one.

WOooooooT!!! For doodle's hot ass! I swear, a good pair of jeans is the best thing for a good mood lift!
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