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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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mrfj, you are so funny...even in the face of the most un-funnyness that the gov't can throw at you. bastards.
Lots of sympathies to the fj's. I know at least a little of your pain. Mr. FJ, can you tell them to suck it for my debt as well? Thanks.

turbo - I am glad to hear that your momma is doing better. That is the kind of thing I fear having my family two states away.

SO in my email this morning was a nice "Thanks, but no thanks" from the latest guy. The one that I liked for a change, that I had a really great date with a few weeks back. Dammit. I am taking a break from this.
I just realized something: Shuggah's getting married in 9 days! Woot! She's registered at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. Send me an email if you want details to look her up. But damn 9 days!

Kitten, boys are dumb. I don't understand how you can go out on what you think is a great date and then get blown off. Keep trying. I met the giant through Match, and we've been together for a little over 10.5 months now.

Hi, MsGoof! Congrats on the great scissors! What about them makes them so good?

Who are Blue Rodeo and what kind of music do they play? I've never heard of them before.

(((((((((more job and mom vibes for Turbo))))))))

Today is a good day because I had free lunch. Chicken salad on croissants, sherbert punch, cake, and salads. Yummy. It was a darn good thing because I'm about broke until tomorrow.

I don't have any metalhead geek friends. I've only got the giant (who doesn't exactly rawk out on a regular basis), my brother, and Poodle. And the latter 2 are more classic/80's than metal. Woe is me.
Sh*t...I just swallowed a filling while eating my lunch! I'm gonna have to go to la dentiste this aft....

diva, Blue Rodeo are one of Canada's favourite bands. Some people have described them as alt-country or country rock...though I find their music quite undefinable. You can listen to clips from their last couple of studio albums here and here, or you can tune in to Blue Rodeo radio here.
Okay, I am crushing on an English teacher here. :-) I found out that he also has a kid (squee!). I am going to be teaching summer school with him and will hopefully not look like a schoolgirl gone vapid with rampant lust.

He has great legs. I have said too much. Just kidding...I'll keep you posted on crush #1398239847.
and squee #679302 for the okay thread today! seriously, we're a bunch of squeeing squeeers. hehe.

and i am a dork.

confession: i'm planning to be sick tomorrow. mrfj has the day off and with the week we've had, i'm ready to just call the week off. shhh. don't tell anyone, ok?
psst.....fjs.....turboman and I will meet you in the "not going to work tomorrow" clubhouse....clothes optional. ;)

minxy has a crush!!! on a teacher!!!

I've always been a sucker for some nicely cut calves, myself. I aspire to the calves of the road biking boys, but alas, my hammy calves just get bigger every summer, not defined.

squee #8749320 - 4 hours until the curtain goes up at Spamalot!!! Wheeee!
Yeah, one can only hope he is single...but we all know how the Sexy Socialist turned out :-)

I am looking at paint chips attempting to figure out what to paint the new apartment. I keep coming back to these ULTRA-SEVENTIES shades of gold, terra cotta, and olive green. I think that I need help.

fuck-me, it is! WHOO HOO Hootchie FRIDAY!

anyone have stellar weekend plans? We're gearing up for the first attempt at feed-less nights...
Mornin bitches!!!

I'm sitting at home, on my couch, listening to the waves, and am soon to hop into a scalding hot bubble bath....who wants to join me?!

Turboman and I had a great time last night seeing Spamalot! So funny, witty, and absurdly silly. Great ensemble cast, and a suprisingly large amount of sequins and dancing girls....and there was audience participation! Eric Idle, ah, I love him. That man is a comic genius!

We're going to go downtown again this afternoon, and just enjoy the city. its a perfect 70 degree day here, and sunny.
Hey assholes, it's Friday!

I just checked my paycheck and was shocked at the amount until I realized that I start making payments on my new car today. Eh, at least that's out of the way and improving my credit score.

No huge weekend plans. I have to be at a nominating convention for the Democrats tomorrow and I want to go up to my parents' place and play with Sam since they'll finally have him on a weekend, but that's about it. Lots of making crafts, I guess. *gag* I remember when it used to be fun...

Moxie, have you slept a whole night through without a feeding yet?
Me me me! I want to join you Jen. That sounds wonderful.

Glad to hear your mom sounds like she is getting better. That is such a relief.

kitten, sorry to hear about Match guy. Perhaps a break is what you need.

Diva, I have been having problems with the site. I have been using the bunker board way to get here.

doodes, I can't believe you swallowed a filling!

I am pretty good today. I went to the chiropractor this AM, bc/ my stupid neck was killing me. I forgot my special pillow when I went out of town, so I had to sleep on a fluffy one. It messed up my neck. Hoping to feel better after my adjustment.

I hung out with a couple friends last night, which was a lot of fun. One of my friends is in town from Montreal til Sunday. We are going to hang again on Saturday night.

What are everyone's weekend plans?
whole night, no feeding...nope. We're gonna shoot for this weekend to work with the kidlet on that. we'll see... she's eating plenty during the day, so I'm just hopeful that we can withstand the wails...the doctor assures us that if we're "Stubborn" she'll learn in a couple nights that mommy won't feed her during sleepytime.

Sigh...ok, i need to work. sigh.
its fabulous friday you nekkidness loving busties!!!

hi minx, moxie, turbo, kari, and diva!!

This weekend should be totally chill...well, its supposed to be..but things change all the time...

last nite was our 2 year anniversary...and mr. gb surprised me with flowers(he's allergic so i don't get them often) and a card that fits him to a T. he paid off my cell phone bill and we are doing dinner far. i might do some gardening tomorrow...dunno...and dad wants to talk to us about some real estate deal (hmmm?)...

Today i will be giving grandma a pedicure, haircut and dye job...and i hope to dye my own hair as well...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new scizzors....they are so sharp and they don't stick!! they are a bit longer than my other ones...i will get another pair at the end of the school cuz i will want/need another, but that one should be an inch longer at least.

Hey Moxie--how old is the wee bairn now? Honestly, the minxlette was about 5 months old until she didn't wake up for a feeding. Babies have small stomachs and the milk is digested quickly and hunger pains, well, they hurt ...compound that with the rapid growth spurt they are on for about, oh FIVE YEARS :-) and it makes me wonder not that little ones wake up--they ARE hungry. I'm not totally granola, and I sure as hell am not gonna preach at you, but consider that she is still very small and earnestly hungry.

I fully believe that women need to do what is going to be for the greater good of the family, but I sucked it up for quite awhile (probably a little too long since the Asshat wasn't incredibly helpful). I breastfed exclusively for about 5 months, and didn't stop until she was 14 months. Minxlette is still a very "high need for physical contact" child...she still sleeps with me. This works for us. I don't mind sharing the bed, and it provides her with a warm body and security. Our beautiful babies need to know that their needs will be met, and there is certainly no danger in spoiling a small infant.

Doctors that suggest letting a newborn CIO make me want to insert forcibly their stethescopes into their fucking noseholes and tell them to just "ignore it and go to sleep". It's hard enough being a new mother, harder so being taught that we should trust the medical community's advice and intentions, and the fact that our society just isn't very mother/child friendly.

Minx- you didn't come off as preachy at all. Good discussions and your experiences are something I really value. Moxette is 9.5 weeks old, and in the 90th percentile height, 95th weight. She eats like a hoss- which I adore!

I guess I should be more specific. The doctor told us to be sure she was getting what she needs during the day for at least a week or two, feed her a nice big dinner, and cuddle the hell out of her when she's fussy. I don't think I could let her just cry alone--that would be simply cruel. Given her height and weight, we were assured that we would not be depriving or hurting her by trying to elongate 4 hours to 6 hours. That's all we're talking about- 11-5. Feed her at 11...stretch 3am to 5am.

Moxieman and I feel pretty strongly after observing her closely all week, that she's eating at 3am out of habit, since she does take greater amounts when she's really hungry and piddles at the 3am feeding.

The doctor didn't proffer the advice as a "you must do this" either. We asked about how to start elongating her night sleeps. We're just not attachment-parenting types. Not CIO, my baby needs to be dominated types, either. I'd say somewhere in between. I wish I was home right now, cuddle-napping with the wee bairn, in fact.
oh, i also forgot to note that our doctor used the advice he gave us on all 3 of his kids- and made a point of saying "this is what worked for us"...that's what i like most about him. He's not fidgety about newborn care. What works, works, right?
Hey Moxie!! I think that we killed da thread!!


And yeah, I am all about what works works--Minxlette was an eating machine as well. She is STILL in the fricken 95th percentile for both categories. I got a little paranoid this winter because she couldn't shovel the fucking food in her maw fast enough, but I really need to start trusting my parenting because although she did get chunky she also sprouted up by inches and the buddha is coming off.

Oh, Babes. I've been so "all about work"
It's making me cranky.
On the other hand, i'm glad I have all this strength built up from the gym and from toughing out the work experience.

turbo -- I'm still wondering how you resolved the parking spot experience. good luck with your mom's health, and jobs though.

minx moxie and yummymum-- how cool is it for your kids that they have a bustie fun femnist hipster mama? And you work so hard too! boy

divalla -- pride is always so fun to run around in. I'm straight and dont know any gay folks who are INTO pride or the culture, but I like the energy of reclaiming something despised. Your booth will rock! what a fun place to have a booth!

In Boston, Kool and the Gang are doing a free show on a beautiful patch of river on the same day!!

Ha, I'm stil into Blue Rodeo since doodle turned me onto them about six months ago! Good stuff

Oh man the move was hell on a plate. We managed to work everything out, but we essenttially busted ass physically emotionally and mentally for 20 hours straight -- in 90 degree heat and humidity. We would take breaks for food and drink so as not to keel over. serious.

but the place is beautiful. *work* needs to be done unpacking and discarding and organizing still, but I need to rest up. I came to work today after getting only two hours sleep. and finnished a project -- well 90 to 95% -- that is real complicated and like afun puzzle, also socialized with coworkers and made some *fun*cool* points, They catered us some really good Redbones restaurant barbecue feast! sweet potato pie with real whipped cream, pork and chicken all bony and greasy and barbecue-y, etc. Really cool upstairs part of the building with a deck hanging over the river!!

All I want to do is go BUY things for said house. *sigh* the boy has money though, and he wants the stuff too.

We were sitting in our new house having a beer -- just one -- with the movers at 4 in the morning I handled all the busness, paid them, and gave them a good tip -- they were 10 hours late getting backedup on the highway from new york to boston -- zooville in the baking heat - they showed up at 10:30 at night and carried majorly heavy antique furniture and crates full of record albums.

weekends coming up are going to be cool! free movies nd music ooutdoors, and the cape cod vacay!!


*so you can tell im *demented* with exhaustion.

I'll bring my guy some bbq leftovers.

Poodle --- You will get a kick ass stereo, kick out the resident boy, paint your place crazy colors and get a coooooool boyfriend

yes. do affirmations like Wayne in Wayne's world ....

No stairway to heaven allowed!!
Hi everyone!

I've been busy fucking around on MySpace today and yesterday. I've uploaded tons of pictures and videos and I customized my page. I've also been having a lot of fun talking to my first boyfriend. He found a few months back and we talked on the phone 'n' stuff. We've been going back and forth on myspace and actually saying some really kinky stuff to each other. He also told me that I was his first love and the gold standard in his love life. So so sweet. He came from a shitty family, so it's strange to see him so happy and successful these days. He's a DJ for a radio station out east somewhere. His voice is so velvety and deep. Darn, now I'm getting turned on.

Other than that, I've just been working hard.

I think it's fine if minxette sleeps in your bed as long as you give her the option to sleep in her very own bed and bring it up every so often.

There's some correspondence difficulty with the turntable guy. Normally, I would follow the normal procedures and pay through paypal using the invoice. The problem is that I don't want to pay shipping. Anyway, it's a wee bit messy right now. I just hope he's getting my messages. I don't always trust She-Mail to do the job. We'll see. Next up: Speakers. I think I might buy some records this weekend, just for fun.

I'm waiting for Metalhead Mike to call. He said they might do something tonight or tomorrow. I sure hope so, because I don't wanna wait any longer to see these guys!

How's everyone doin' this evening?

PS- That has to be one of the nastiest Friday insults I've seen EVER!
Here we go kiddos! Click on the videos link below my picture to watch "Turn Back Time" by Cher and many others. I put a couple Whiskeybake pics on there, too.
You know you've been here awhile when minxy's nastee morning welcome doesn't even register in my brain. Now that poodle mentions, I look and go "hmmm, that's a good one!"

whammy, doll, I hope you get some rest this weekend! I can't imagine moving at 4am....and then going to work! Hell, we went to a play last night, and took the day off today 'cause we got home late - like 11....we're lame.

*runs off to look at poodle's myspace page*
I was messing around with the formatting for a while, so it may not have worked. It's normal now though.
Nevermind...I be a retard. I think that I set up an account on myspace a year or two ago and totally forgot about it :-)
Resident boy says: "Both"

It's not that big of a deal. I've found a lot of old friends though and if anyone wants to get ahold of me, they can. It used to be that I didn't check it very often, but I would get messages through my email. Now I have a lot of fun going back and forth with a couple of my old best friends who I don't see all that often anymore.
Dood. What are you doing right now? Do you have the wee one this weekend?
I do have the wee one.
We needs to partay one of these nights!
I am listening to this Icelandic chick singing ABBA's "Winner Takes It All"...very trippy.

Yeah, we should par-tay har-day. We need to get ahold of Diva, Marileen, and Lurv and make it happen.
We will. We need one last night of hangin' out and drinkin' likker on the front porch. Hells yeah.

Ms. Minx, if you think the RP "bulge" is distracting in the photos, then check it out when he's in action!
poodle, I can't even bring myself to click on that link...imagining RP shaking his sausage is scary enough in my imagination. ;)

I guess I need to start a myspace acct to get the full view of the goddess poodle's page...
Mmm...Robert Plant's lemons. :-)
*squeezes RP lemon all over minx's bare bosom and licks it off*

Wait. What are you doing?

No, no, no. I need to go. Love you all!
Good morning chickadees!

Come back, doodle!

I'm thinking about taking a craptacular bus-ride to the Salvation Army to satisfy my thrift-store needs. I used to go to thrift stores all the time until the driving issues began. It's probably a good thing though, because I already have too much crap in my apartment.

*spits out disgusting coffee that the resident boy bought*
Where in the hell is everyone?!

That's it. I'm gonna go eat a cheese sandwhich. To hell with all of you.
I'm around, poodle! I've been hanging out with the new food network chicks all day, and neglecting okayland....please forgive me.

I've had a lovely day all to myself here. Walked turbo about 5 miles, took a bike ride, sat on my balcony to read, took turbo to the dog park, and just now, made my world famous lamburgers for dinner. Mmm.... Oh, and not to forget the 'rita on the balcony.

I'm trying to decide if I really want to get up at 5am tomorrow, ride my bike around the loop, and then ride the lake shore trail all the way back north to our place...I think I might. Gotta check the weather, I suppose.
It has been a rather slow go of it around here. Ah well...

Dudes, I am SO SICK. Here's some perspective: I have only smoked one cigarette today. I started feeling it come on yesterday late afternoon and this morning I could hardly move around. My body is just all shot to hell. I know that I have been massively abusing my body and not getting enough rest, so this really is just desserts...I just feel bad for the wee one. She really deserved a weekend at the beach as I promised. :-( We had to shoot for the middle and set up a sprinkler in the backyard by the sandbox. I let her get nakkid and prance around. I really think that young children should be let to prance around nakkid as much as possible.

We have the policy around here called "Girl Privacy": as long as it is just women around that she knows and trusts, she can feel free to roam about nakkid and leave the bathroom door open. She loves Girl Privacy--I think it makes her feel like she's in a secret club or something.

We sat around today and went to Sovereign Grounds with a close friend and her baby--that was fun, until the dumb "alterno-mom" decided that we were doing such a good job parenting her children that she nearly utterly ignored them. She actually turned around in her couch and started yakking on her fucking cell phone.

I am all about communal parenting, but it has to be COMMUNAL, not selective.

Mostly it was a lot of daytime cold drugs, movies, and random, weird, low-preparation food. She actually fell asleep sitting next to me watching "Arabian Nights". I keep thinking that the days of cuddling could come to a screeching halt at any moment...but then I remind myself that I get to create my reality and that the Minxlette and me have many great years of cuddling ahead of us.

Also, I decided to throw caution at the wind and bid on a cuisinart food processor on eBay. I won it! It was a tad pricey, but I do so much cooking that it will save me scads of time, plus it has one of those glass blender attachments, so I got two appliances in one! Smoothie, thy name is MINXY!!

I got another email from the asshat detailing how I am wasting his money (1 of every 3 emails seems to mention how he pays me so much money--he is really fetishistic about cash and really doesn't get that it goes to his kid--not me and my celebrity lifestyle) and being inconsiderate. Fucker actually wrote some smarmy bullshit about remembering the "Golden Rule". I nearly threw up in my mouth a little--he mentions this addage at least every four months. Then I started laughing. Shit, I saw it again last night after I got home from work, and I started laughing again. I laugh a lot these days. I don't know it that is good or bad.
(((minx))) That is funny about the asshat. Mine has never made an issue of it, but he has to give me two checks every child support, the other is sort of an alimony. Anyway, were he to ever bring it up...Meals, gas to take her places, air conditioning to keep her comfy...those things all add up and should come out of child support too. I do try to make sure at least pasrt of every check gets spent on her directly like new clothes, shoes, toys ect.
Hi all...this is sort of a drive-by...I came by to post about my trash find in the decorating thread, hee! Sorry I haven't been around much...whenever I've had time to myself this week, I've spent it woolgathering. (Speaking of woolgatherers, has anyone seen Jane Jackson anymore...?)

I tried to take a picture of my killer whale painting. This is the third time during the process that I've tried to take a pic of it, and it's the third time that my camera decided to stop working. The universe does not want me to take a pic of the killer whale painting. Nevertheless, I finished it today.
Hi guys -

Sorry I have been MIA this week. I've been lurking a little, but nothing's going on so I haven't posted anything.

Did I tell you that Chango called the other day to tell me that he misses me? He has been texting me, too. I miss that guy. Why? Why why why?

Today I worked in both the pastry shop and in the bar, and I am pooped. Tomorrow I am working in the pastry shop all by myself. It's going to be so boring.

At least I'll be able to listen to whatever music I want.

It was 104 degrees here today. I effing hate it. I went outside for a smoke and thought I was pretty close to death. I could have died out there, man!

OK - night-night!
Mornin' ladies!!!

Minxy, I'm sorry your ex still seems so caught up in trying to control your shit....doesn't he have a new wife he can focus all his dysfunctional energy on?

YAY Doodle!!! Congrats on finishing the painting!!! Bummer about the camera!

Hi PK! Just thinking about 104 degrees makes me wilt. ugh.

I got up at 5am this morning, and hopped on the train with my bike and rode to the south loop, and then rode up Michigan Avenue at beautiful and quiet, and then rode the lakeshore trail all the way home, about 20 miles. So amazing. That ride just makes me love my city.

And then walked the dog on the beach for an hour, and then grocery shopping...and now, I can feel free to just veg out the rest of the day.

Maybe I'll go take a bath. I made some homeade bath bubble bars yesterday, a la LUSH, and they turned out pretty good I think. The definitely smell yummy. I made chocolate mousse scented ones that smell good enough to eat, and then some awapuhi seaberry ones - they just smell fresh and springy.
Ah, turbo, I am so jelous. For some unknown reason, I agreed to a schedule change so now I do double shifts on Sundays instead of Mondays. So, now more getting out of here at 3 PM on Sundays with enough time to stop at the lake. I don't know why it seems to make such a difference in my mind. Doubles on Sunday or Mondays are the same lenght of time. I just love my Sunday nights. Sigh. It's only for 6 weeks. I think I was overcompensating for bitchy behavior at the office that day.

Anyway, yesterday I got a lovely second hand couch. It so cushy I want to spend 10 straight hours on it. I also, finally, got around to creating "window treatments" for my apartments. My best friend and I went Target shopping and I got inexpensive buttercream yellow sheers for the living room and darker purple ones for my bedroom. It's a start.

Hello puppykitty. The idea of 104 degrees makes me want to cry for you.
Hi everyone! Hi PK, turbo, and kittenb! Where's the poods today? Did she give up on us? :-(

kittenb, tell me about your new couch! might want to post in the decorating thread so we can all ooh and ahh over your new stuff! :-)

turbo, reading about you on your bike always reminds me of my days out in Calgary, when I rode my bike EVERYWHERE. It was pretty much my only mode of transport, hee! I had rock solid legs then, though. Bet yours are the same! I've been thinking wistfully about bicycles these days...

PK...ugh! 104 in June! It gets up to 105 and sometimes 110 where I live now, but not usually until July, thank heavens! So anyway, I'm trying to say that I totally feel for you, and I'd abolutely die without my air conditioner, so I hope you have one too.

Well, I slept till 1 PM, if you can believe it. I think I'm going to attempt working with my trash treasure I found yesterday, and also do a drawing for a new painting. I've already got the surface primed and ready for paint! Hee!
hi doodle!

Yup, I love my bike. And I love our lakeshore path, it really is an amazingly beautiful ride, and we're lucky to have such a park for everyone. Yeah, I've got pretty good riding legs, but my legs are kind of stout to begin with, so in the summer months, I have a hard time finding pants that look nice because my thighs get even larger than they are in the winter.

yay for new furnishings. My favorite couch is still the one we got at salvation army for $15....its not the nicest looking, but damn, it is the best napping couch ever.
Pixie, Turbo--it is really pathetic. He has it all made up in his head that I shouldn't have the lion's share of the custody, ergo he should not have to be paying child support. It's really fanciful, considering his complete and utter ignorance regarding children. But really, if I was his wife, I would be fucking INCENSED that he was paying so much attention to me. Truely...he would like to think that he is bringing to attention things that really affect her, but the reality of the situation is that he would like to try to get under my skin as much as possible. If there is a functionality of his behavior, it is to engage me and get my attention as much as possible. He was really shitty at getting my attention in positive manners when we were together, so this makes sense in a fucked up way.* His retaliation smacks of redirecting his energies unto me so that he doesn't have to focus on his own shit which is pretty damned murky--no one can tell me that 20 years of clinical depression can be undone in two months of therapy and two medications.

*and I in no way, shape, or form saying that I was a fucking angel.

And I have no idea what in the hell hit me yesterday. That was really weird. I woke up this morning feeling right as rain...a little shakey, but totally on.

I have never had a new couch, although my current hand-me-down is exquisitely squishy. :-)

Hey, if you all know anyone that needs baby stuff, please let me know. I have craploads of things that I will NEVER EVER NEVER use again. *grins and thinks about getting a consultation for a ligation*
Hmm...I've never had a new couch, either. No wait. I had a loveseat I bought new, cheaply, because it was the unsold part of a set. There was nothing wrong with it, but it was huge and overstuffed (moreso than the last one I had), and I bought it when I was living with an ex (I couldn't stretch out on my own anymore), so I gave it away to a neighbour who really needed it.

Bunny was my only cat when that happened. After they took the sofa out, she stood in the empty spot where the sofa had been and meowed for 20 minutes straight. I think she was upset about losing a treasured napping spot. Or maybe she hid her money in there.

I need to do something about dinner. Heavens, it's 8:00 already!
so, the first weekend of non-nighttime eating was a mild success. My hypothesis that moxette needs attention, not food, has borne out to be true. Giv e the kid a pacifyer and a lap, and she's right back out. she can easily go 6 hours with no milk at night. she's done it 3 nights in a row now. So, we're gonna start this week trying to get her to sleep with just the pacifyer, in her crib. I still can't let her cry for more than a minute or two w/o swooping in...

Its a lovely monday here in the D. I'm pooped, but we had a lovely weekend, and I should be refreshed for work, right?
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