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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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good morning on this Friday.

Turbo, *blushes* I like talking about him. Yay for turboman's new job commencment. Eliptical trainers are the best! We have one at home, and it is so great.

GT I am still so psyched for you. That was a totally great quote too!

RV, they are just wanker, my friend who heard it stood up for me and set them straight, but now I know I have to be even more careful. Whatevs, I have my friends, I'm not working to make friends.

Doodle, I'm so jealous of you sleeping the day away!

Kel, the soup sounds delish!

So, I hurt my back getting out of bed this morning. Aggravated an old sports injury, how I don't know, but I'm having a hard toime doing anything at work. Grrrr. This will be an interesting day.

Later you slut bitches.

WOW! I finally managed to get back in here! My internet is way wonky so I better post really quick before I lose I'll read the archives in a bit and hopefully post again.

Life's been kinda sucky for me lately. My worker's compensation has been delayed...they've sent my medical records for "independent review"...meanwhile I've been off work for SIX weeks with NO pay. Ugh. I'm gonna default on my mortgage at this rate.

And, we got a notice that the county is no longer willing to take responsibility for we all of us kids went there this past week to tell her that she has to go into assisted living. Not fun. And, it really hits you hard in the gut, to see your mom, after going in to use the bathroom, come out and sit down at the dining table, with her pants still down around her ankles.


Off to read the archives now.
Mornin' pube flossers!!

"anus welding tarts" Hahaha!!

Oh my god, girltrouble, I totally forgot about the cropped, off the shoulder sweatshirt look!! You should revive it!!

That soup sounds excellent, kel. I haven't had gazpacho in ages.

Yay for Dorothy's passing!! I would have searched for the stone, even if there was other stuff in the toilet, cause I'm gross like that. I wish they would have let me keep my gallstones.

Ugh. That sucks about the co-workers, culture. I don't understand why people feel the need to sabotage their fellow workers. They should be working together to bring down "the man" (or "the woman" in my case).

(((treehugger))) I'm so sorry about all of this. When it rains, it pours, I guess. I hope everything works out financially and that your mama is okay. sad.gif

Well, my abs are feeling better this morning because I iced the crap out of 'em last night. I'm still sore, but I haven't experienced any sharp pains today. I'm glad things are getting better because I was really looking forward to lifting weights tomorrow. I'm afraid of the treadmills now!! Maybe I'll switch to the ellipticals like you, turbo!!

So what does everyone have planned for the weekend?

ETA - Oops!! Hi roseviolet!! What kind of pizza did you eat? I made some veggie pizza from scratch the other night (real dough) and it was freaking fantastic. I still smell like garlic from it.
((((treehugger)))) ~$~$~$~$~comp benefits come through~$~$~$~$~ I know exactly how that feels when the payments aren't coming through, tree - we went through the same thing with turbomann when he lost his job - it took 8 weeks for the unemployment office to finally do all their investigations, and start paying up - thank cod they back-paid him.

(((((tree's momma and family))) I wish for your family calm, and a smooth transition to your momma's new home...seeing a parent decline and become dependant is SO hard...that's definitely the toughest thing tubomann and I have weathered together. Be kind to yourself, and make sure you're taking good care of your health through all of this.

I'm glad your abs are recovering poodle! I'm basically a clutz/easily distracted, so the fall was by no means a suprise to anyone who knows me. I can watch the tvs and run or even read a magazine, but my 'pod and I have a deal of no treadmills and plugging in. heh. But yes, I do like the ellipticals too, 'cause I can crank the resistance up.

I've got to get my bike all tuned up this weekend - come monday morning, its back to bike commuting -yay! I just hope the snow is done for the season!

jen, that tears it! i am going to get a shirt that says "anus welding tart" lol

(((((treehugger))))) lots of comp vibes!!!! plus a some unexpected goodness vibes with a pinch of bustie lurve! i missed waving at the kitty, tree. soooooooooo super glad you're back. missed you.

cheese doodle, you returned the favor, tea was coming out of my nose because of dorothy. you have to see the movie afterhours. roseanna arquette does this little "surrender dorothy" monologue that's been going thru my head. glad you are feeling better. hey, what did you name dorothy's little cousins?

doodle then poodle! "bring the sweatshirt look back?!?" did it ever leave? lol.... digging for dorothy?!? OMG gross!!! *whispers* oh. my. god. i would soooo dig for d too! *ahem*. dearest poodle, i was so touched by your story of workout woe, that i am going to boycott treadmills (like i needed an excuse) in sympathy of your plight! *shakes her fist at the treadmills of the world!* you leave my poodle alone!!!! (why does that sound dirty? hmmmmm.) glad you feel betta!

culture? madame, can i call you phone-y? take it easy. sending you get better vibes...

Is this the slowest day ever in the Okayer's Lounge, or has the net gone mad?

Perhaps it was the "anus welding" that did it in. Hmm...the jury's out on that one.

Well, Minxman is coming over here shortly, we will be picking up BFF's eldest daughter, and one of my newspaper students, and all go to the roller derby! WHOOT! I keep forgetting how weird and litigious our society has gotten, and when I talked to student's father he asked me about how much car insurance I had. I told him that "I think I have enough." I wondered how much he really wanted to know, like, HEY, I'm a bisexual atheist and single mother with substantial student debt and a master's degree to show for it, I like Thai food, deep wet kisses, and really gruesome horror films! Can I take your daughter to the derby now?!

I didn't think that would fly, so I just told him it had been nearly a decade since my last traffic violation. That seemed to suffice for now...that and when I told him it was a Family Outting. I'll post some pictures later on if I have any good ones. I am hoping to get one of Minxlette and some tough-ass derby broads with which to make a poster to put in her room. That would be so fucking sweet!

I talked to MB. He ain't looking so good these days. The profession is really bringing him down. I keep wanting to tell him to go work at a nice quiet place, like a darkroom or something. I really hate to see him so wan and miserable. He's such a fucking stellar human being. I miss talking to him sometimes. Okay, a lot, but I am happy with my lot in life, generally speaking.

(((Treehugger))) Does she live near where you live, as well? If you need help finding a good place for her to live, let me know. I knows a great many people down there still. Hang tight, chica.

POODLE!!! DIVA!!! I just wanted to throw a shout-out to my hometown chickies. I hope you all have a phenomenal weekend.
Damn, where is everyone today???

At least it is FRIDAY!!! Yay! This day went so much better then yesterday. Le man is gone now. sad.gif

Not too sure even I even feel like doing anything tonight. It hurt to even laugh at work today, which totally didn't help, given that I was hanging with a friend who is pretty funny. I'm just lying in bed right now.

Have e few books I want to read.

I'm watching a show called Beck Mongolian Chop Squad and I actually like it.

How was everyone's Friday?
Evening, all you skanked up harlots. I love Insult Friday.

Hmm...slow day.

Culture, hope your back is better. I have terrible back pain all the time. I used to go to chiropractor, but mine seems to be muscular pain induced by stress. I'd have to go every week, twice a week to keep the pain from coming back. Or learn to relax. I don't know which is more realistic, frankly.

Turbo, I have to smack my hand everytime I go for those damned almonds. I think I need to try your rationing method.

Doodle, glad you are feeling a bit better. Your stone gives new meaning to the phrase, "This, too, shall pass!" Do you ever read Laurie Notaro? She's hilarious. Anyhoo, she wrote about passing a stone and the doctor threw a fit that she didn't "get it and bring it in" for analysis. She still had another one, and the doctor made her pee through an aquarium net until it passed. The imagery was sidesplitting (probably because it wasn't happening to me.

Hope everyone's Friday is fantastic. Going out for Indian food. Samosas for everyone!
Anus welding...well, you're seeing one chica who can weld the crack of dawn!!

I'm BAAAACK! And I've read the archives, although it's hard to absorb in one big chunk.

GT...a welder??!! I'm sooo envious! I loooooove welding. What I really like about it is, when you drop the hood down, to weld, you sort of become your own entity. Like, the entire world and all its worries go away and all you ARE is, the view you see in front of you, and the weld. It's very meditative, if you get into that sort of thing. I miss it. A lot. I'd go back to it in an instant. I always used to sing Patsy Cline songs while I was welding...heee.

I'd strongly recommend investing in one of those automatic welding lenses..the kind that darken automatically when you strike an arc. It really, really makes life easier.

Gawd, I envy you.

Can you tell I love welding?

Minx, Mom's in Willmar. But we're open to anything in the area that might be good. I'm looking in Madison, too. The main thing is, it has to be 100% Medicaid covered. I'd really appreciate any suggestions.

Okay, I would have to admit...after all the strain and all the heartache, I would also dig for Dorothy. But I'd seriously sterilize can't believe I just admitted to that....

Poodle, I don't know if you ever saw my post eons ago where I said I saw a store called "pink poodle"?? Anyway, I decided to Go. In. The. Store. today. It turned out to be a consignment store, but for designer and hoity toity stuff. Basically, pretty cool stuff... I do believe they had a Gucci bag or two. Still, out of my price range. Even used. Heh.

And, what a cute puppers in your avatar! Awww, she looks so old but sooooo mellow and soo nice. And *fie* on treadmills!

I have to sort of brag....I started working, weight training. I'm told it's best to not do it every day? Or is that a fallacy? I got bored yesterday and went to the fitness room twice in one day...but since Monday, other than today, I've been training every day. Is it too much? I'd really like to get some upper body definition......

Anyway....((((vibes))))) to all who need them!!!

I can never think of good insults.....
[drags self in]
Happy Friday Night, you spooge-encrusted tube socks that belong to lonely, horny teen-aged boys ... and are hidden under their mattresses ... with their porn stash.
That's the best insult I can muster with this headache. I hate headaches. Especially the ones that hang on and on and ... bleh.

((((((((Treehugger)))))))) I was thinking about you just yesterday & wondering how things were going. I'm so so sorry to hear that you're dealing with so much right now. I wish I could give you more than just virtual hugs.
((((((((Treehugger's mom))))))))

The Whiz-ard sent Dorothy back home! Woot! Doodle, I hope your personal yellow brick road is officially clear.
~~~~~~ more soothing & healing for Doodle & her various organs ~~~~~~

~~~~~~ soothing for Poodle, CH, Kel, & any other achey people out there ~~~~~~

Poods, I made a terribly unhealthy pizza: pepperoni & canadian bacon. I should have chopped up a red pepper & thrown it on there just to make myself feel better, but I didn't. Bad Rosie! But it was so tasty.

Jenn, I expect a full report on the concert! I wish I could go with you. [visualizes Murray Foster & melts a little]

I envy you people who are going out for Indian and roller derby and such. My head hurts too much to leave the house right now. Bleh.

But the good news is that Sheff did not have to work late as we had expected. Yay! And this weekend we will not be hosting the dinner party for a change. Instead, our friend M has invited us to his house. Yay!
Hi hi everybody!

(((treehugger))) I hope things get resolved with your comp soon soon soon. And (((hugs))) to you and your family during this difficult time.

(((pinkpoodle))) I hope your abs pull through.

(((doodle))) Sheesh. I hope it was the stone that you passed. Otherwise...sheesh.

GT! You're going to be a welder? That's aweskum! What kinds of stuff are you going to weld? You said it was an art welding course, right?

So, whatchoo ladies got cookin' up this weekend? I'm going to be working all weekend. I am supposed to be at work right now, actually, but I left early because I felt so crap and puked after lunch. I feel much better now, though. Weird. Maybe that's just what I needed to do. I felt better after the upchuck, but I was afraid it would happen again very suddenlt while I was on the line, so I didn't want to take any chances.

I was all ready to surprise Banana when I got home early, but he's not here. I think he mentioned earlier that he was going to work on his airplane. BTW, Banana gave his two weeks at the doggie day care. He said it takes up too much of his time and he's not making much money. He wants to concentrate on getting more guitar gigs and picking up some students.

I gave one of his CDs and some business cards to the restaurant manager where I work, so hopefully she will recommend him for weddings and other special events there.

I think I will go to the grocery store and get some food for this week. I just got paid. Yayayay!

omg--- tree-- you, me, the kitty, pittsburgh, now! we are so flashdance sisters! the things you said about welding are the same things i love about carving on my skateboard. now i am super excited!!!!

puppy, no it's not an art class, it's actually career retraining. so (from what i understand) the city pays for the classes, pays me to go to them, AND does placement after. which is awesome. hopefully i'll find a job when it's done, cos i have been itching to move to portland, and this would be a great way to get there...

ah. portland. i long for you! your crazy bridges and working class population, over crowded artist communities, every block with great eatin's. i think it's you or austin. so, seduce me!!!
*snaps out of it*
sorry. daydreaming.

happy friday, okayers!!!!

ETA: the pic of me above definately has such a nick nolte vibe.
sorry. xpost.
I don't have any insults that could possibly top "you spooge-encrusted tube socks that belong to lonely, horny teen-aged boys."

Good evening everyone...I think I am caught up with the reading! Yes!

So then, hi turbo, poodle, GT, treehugger, rose, minx (whom we don't see enough of!), culture, kelkello, and PK! Gosh, where is everyone else?

~*~*~*~*~worker's comp vibes for treehugger!!~*~*~*~*~ Those bastards. They're fuck ups in Canada, too. mad.gif Also, hugs for (((((treehugger and treehuggermama))))) BTW, I finally have your Box 'o Books ready...just got to tape it up and get it to the post office!

Ok, I'm sorry I've disappointed y'all by not going on an expedition to find Dorothy, if that's indeed what it was. But it was 5 in the morning, and some activities are just not bearable at 5 in the morning. I know you understand.

Now, in the tradition of our own pinkpoodle - and the spirit of political incorrectness (now that I am no longer a career feminist) - I would like to introduce you to one of my old boyfriends, circa 1982 - 1986. I was 14, he was 24, and my mother was horrified...of course, the age difference was the least of her worries. (Though she did spring for concert tix for my 16th birthday, which was quite cool of her, you have to admit.) He's the one with the microphone and the Conan the Barbarian outfit. I fell for the voice. But also the body. And the long shagged 'do. (Even now, watching his hair in the video is mesmerizing - it was never quite the same for me after he cut it short.)
*runs in and flops down on the okayland sofa, exhausted*

Yikes, it has been an adrenaline-crazed, then the concert!!

Rosie, I threw Murray a few kisses for you this evening! BUT, I always find myself trying to choose between the tasty Sean McCann and the beautiful Alan Doyle, lead singer with a very nice tushie...its a hard call in deciding which one I'd like to whisk away to my bed first...tonight, Sean McCann won out with his dirty dancing and rubbing all over accordian-lute player extraordinaire Bob Hallet during the Queen/Annie Lennox/Devo/Grease/Mellencamp sing-along portion of the was both silly and sexy at the same won me over. *swoons over Sean McCann*

Oh, but you asked about the concert, and it was AWESOME, maybe the best GBS concert I've seen, but then, I think I say that everytime. smile.gif It was a perfect location - no seats, good sound, and lots of room for dancing. AND, we had a wonderful surprise, in that two of our very good college friends who are natives to the area, but no longer live here, showed up at the concert with family and spouse in tow, so we were all dancing and bouncing and singing along together!! It was awesome. I rarely get to see these friends, so it was fun to have such an unexpected meeting!

Doodle, I would not have gone looking for dorothy, especially at 5am!

Doodle, can I be a Canadian when I grow up??? So many of my very favorite things are canadian, and every time I see GBS play, I just want to run away to Newfoundland (okay, maybe to Sean McCann's house, but still)....

Hi hi PK!!! How did I miss that Banana is a musician - that's awesome! Does he serenade you with romantic ballads?

GT, I would run away with you to Portland....I LOVE it there, and have some good friends from the commune that are there....we were looking for jobs there, but there's not much work there for what turbomann does. oh well....I still love chicago, but Portland is more my speed....and there's mountains. *daydreams of mountains*
Good morning on this Saturday.

How was everyone's friday evening? I slept. I fell asleep at 8, woke up at 8:30 this morning. I'll do some cleaning around the house, it's amazing how scuzzy laminate gets. Blech. Doesn't help that theinsane puppers is acting like a small horse and chasing her tail and playing with her stuffed duck by running up and down the hallway. smile.gif

Doodle, WCB is EVIL here! I'd hate it if I ever had to make a claim with them.

Doodle, how ya feeling?

Turbo, glad you had a good time.

GT, when I had to go for me id stuff after my arrest, I got all dolled up. I was thinking that if this is going to be here, I'm going to look gooooooooooood. I can get the stuff destroyed in September of this year. The count down begins.

Speaking of countdowns, HP will be out soon. well like 4 months.

Where has everyone been?

I'll catch up later, need to do some dog fur busting.
Happy Saturday, babies! And Happy St. Patty's Day, too! Howzit hangin'?

~!*~!*~!*~ Doodlicious! ~!*~!*~!*~

CH, by "HP" do you mean "Harry Potter"? Just this morning I was contemplating whether I should reserve a copy of the book for myself. Hmmmm.

TJ, have you started working on that Hot Beef yet? Heh heh. I'm soooooo glad to hear you had such a good time last night! You inspired me to check GBS's tour schedule and, sure enough, they will be in my state just before my birthday! Wee! And you can lust after the other guys all you want so long as I get to keep the MurrMan. wink.gif I've actually met Murray a couple of times back in his old Moxy Fruvous days. The last time I saw them was in Denver, like, 8 years ago. After the show, I chatted with the guys, but when I left, Murray was standing outside the venue all by himself. And I really should have asked him if he needed a ride or wanted a bite to eat or something, but I was too shy. So I just walked away. Sigh. Maybe when I go to the show, I should hold up a big sign that says "I'm sorry I didn't offer you a ride in Denver, Murray!" Because nobody gives Murray the love he deserves, ya know? Even his friends started a website called Poor Murray. tongue.gif

GT, you should definitely head down to Portland. I hear that there's a shop there that sells maple bacon donuts - donuts with maple icing & pieces of bacon on the top. Sounds soooo wrong & soooooo good!

((((healing hugs for PK))))

I just noticed all the initialls around here ... TJ, CH, RV, PK. It's almost as if your name has to include "oodle" for us to spell it out! laugh.gif

My Friday night was spent battling the Headache of Dooooom. I took ibuprophen. Nope. Coffee. Nope. A warm meal. Nope. The only thing that put a dent in it was a few pieces of Green & Blacks espresso chocolate. And all of that caffeine helped me to stay awake during the Formula One qualifying, so it's all good.

Unfortunately, I have another headache today. I suspect that I am clenching my jaw in my sleep. Bah.
RV, correct you are. You should so get your copy of HP! I ordered 2, as my mom will not be able to wait until I am done reading mine. I also ordered a book called Everything you know about god is wrong put out by the wonderful people at Disinformation. They put out good stuff.

Went grocery shopping and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was, although the store was out of lots of fresh stuff. Walking around and seeing how much shit people had in thier carts. Blech.

Now I'm lounging around, have a magic bag on my back. Never really had back probs, I just love that it's from an sport I haven't played in 7 years. Oh well. I'll just get back into the working out routine and take it from there.

Fought my way through the war zone that is the grocery store on a Saturday and am now cooking up a storm. Mushroom polenta pie for dinner. Making red sauce to have around. I could drink that stuff, it's so good.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Okayers! *pinch* if you aren't wearing green!
Hi ya'll!!! Been quiet in here again today! I woke up this morning with a very hangover like feeling, but I didn't even drink last night...I think I was still dehydrated from all the bobbing and dancing around last night, as once I gulped down some water, I was fine.

And, I just got up from the lovliest nap.

(((((RV's noggin and CH's back)))))

RV - are you having migraines? If caffeine is helping, they might be it...I hate migraines. Are you eating anything unusual, or alot of cheese or something? Migraines are tied to the liver, so I get them when I dietarily misbehave for awhile.

That Murray website is hilarious - thanks for posting that!! I'm still smiling thinking of last night - so much fun, and the boys were in a particularly silly mood...which is always fun. Great Big Sea is in MPLS tonight, so if any of you are lookin' for a good time with some hot canadians - check them out!

Well, I've got to start cooking the corned beef now...we're having the pug friends over tonight for a proper celebration of St. Patty's - with corned beef, mashers, my renowned saurkraut, green salad, and for dessert - skillet baked pineapple upside down cake - courtesy of Rick Bayless. Mmmm.
Wow, it is quiet in here today. Where the heck is everyone?

It's super nice out today, the windows are open and I vaccuumed my room.

I can't take the dog for a walk, because being on my feet hurts too much.

Turbo and Kel, mmmm sounds like you are having absolute yummies for dinner. I have no idea what to make. I can make a stew or salmon. Not too sure yet.

I'll pop in later.
Holy crap, people. Sheff and I went out to look at houses today - just for the hell of it. And we found a gorgeous house! With the most beautiful landscaping! And it's within out price range! Seriously, I almost crapped my pants when I saw this house in person. It's just amaaaaaaazing. And one of the neighbors has a Darwin fish attached to their car, so I'm sure we'd get along with them. I know we were going to put off buying a house until next year, but this place is so great!!! And luckily enough, a house with virtually the same layout was open for tours (it's also for sale) so we walked around and checked it out. Very nice. Very nice indeed. In fact, this second house was a bit cheaper & had a fenced yard (perfect for a puppy!), but the landscaping on House #1 is just to die for. Hmmmmmmm.

The only problem is the lots are kinda small & they're in a neighborhood that has homeowners' fees ($28 a month). I hate HOA fees, but this neighborhood has a big, gorgeous lake, hiking trails, a public swimming pool, playgrounds, and a clubhouse with a workout room, so I understand. Still I think Sheff would rather live in the country. I even found a very pretty house in the country with OODLES of trees on such a pretty lot. It's cheaper & a bit bigger, but it's waaaaay out there. I really don't want to have to drive for 15 minutes to get to the grocery store, you know? Sigh.

Anyway. Enough house talk.

[tries to avoid getting pinched by Kel & fails miserably]

So many yummy dinners being cooked tonight! I especially love your holiday themed feast, Turbo. Your friends are so lucky to have you. smile.gif

The only thing I know about tonight is that we will not be going to the strip club (The first Formula One race of the year is on tonight, so we have an excellent excuse). I kinda thought that maybe Sheff & I could try out this Turkish place I heard about, but we may save that for another night. With Duke & UNC around, I'd rather stay home & avoid all the drunken college students!
Ok, turbo, you can be a Canadian if you like. But you have to practise saying, "Oh, I'm sorry," and, "Pardon me." It's a way of life here. That's how we've managed to not start any wars or anything. biggrin.gif

I'm really, really glad you had a good time at the GBS concert. I know they are a really good band, and yep, very Canadian!

Soooo....I pulled out my guitar tonight, first time since getting sick. And let's just say that copious vomiting, coughing, and having tubes shoved down one's throat do NOT do good things for the timbre of one's voice. Though at least my fingers remember how to play. They actually picked up right where I left off.


That is all I have to say today.
hello doodle!!

morning okayers!!

been lurking. kinda too tired to post. i got some hours at the bookstore this past week, which was cool. but, i started working out too. i'm just doing the elliptical, but i was sore. oh, and it doesn't help that i'm not managine sleep. yeah, this grief thing is really f-ing up my sleep pattern.

uh, with all of you awesome cooks...i wish someone would come over and cook for me.

well, i'm off to finish a book and meet up with the chicago busties this afternoon for yummy food!!

Mornin' star!! And you can stop by our house for dinner any time - seriously...just come on by, we'd be happy to feed you!

Yep, I've got a few pages left to finish this morning too....but I'm very much looking forward to brunch!

*passes slices of pineapple upside down cake around the thread*

Dinner last night was so good...the corned beef turned out beautifully, but the pineapple upside down cake really was amazing....and super simple to make - I'll definitely be making that one again. The recipe was from Rick Bayless' new cookbook, which I am loving so far - I've made a bunch of stuff from it and its all been wonderful, and simple.

Dooooodle!!!! I'm glad to hear that you're picking up the geeee-tar again!!! And I'm sure your voice will return to its former glory with a little time and practice!
Doodle, you are cracking me up with the "that's how we've managed to not start any wars or anything." If only our country would get its ass in gear and learn how to say, "We fucked up, terribly sorry. How can we help to fix it?" we might not be the pariah of the universe. Glad to hear you were feeling well to play and try to sing.

Turbo, the cack sounds wonderful. If I lived near you, I'd weigh 500 pounds. I looove pineapple upside down cake.

RV: the houses sound great. I'm like you...hate HOA fees and the like. But it does sound like a sweet deal. What's going on with Scheff and the SF thing? So glad you didn't have to go ogling strippers last night.

Culture, what was it: stew or salmon? It's like Eddie Izzard: "Cake or Death? I choose CAKE!"

Had a nice time with Kelman last night...played cards (which I'm terrible at and don't really enjoy, although I keep trying to enjoy it) and played the limerick game. He invented it: You randomly choose a word from the dictionary by shutting your eyes and pointing. Whatever the word is, you have to use it somewhere in a limerick in a way that makes sense with the definition. Maybe it was the beer and the good food, but we had a blast with that. The polenta mushroom pie was fabulous. And my marinara sauce turned out quite nicely as well.

Have a great Sunday, everyone. It's back to the grind tomorrow. More testing. Yuck.
Doodle, so true! Turbo you also have to drink beer, and a lot of it.

I also want to stop by Turbo's to eat, it always seems like you are making something so wonderful.

Kel, I made neither yesterday, I ended up feeling a bit better last night, so I took puppers for a walk, which was fine, but it was toolong and ended up hurting again. So I had some black bean soup and a blizzard, after going and buying some make up.

Yay RV on the house!

Star you could come over here and I can whip up some mean salmon.

Tonight I am making stew. For sure, I don't want the stewing beef to go to waste. I just need to figure out what else I want to put in it.

How is everyone on this Sunday?

Hi kel!!!! Nah, you wouldn't weigh 500lbs living at my house! We certainly don't shy from comfort foods, but we try to do them in a healthier way...and watch our portions.

RV - I totally forgot to comment on your exciting day yesterday!!!! That's awesome that you're looking at houses, and finding some that you really like! Those HOA sound pretty reasonable, for the availability of having a community pool and fitness center! My brother has that kind of deal too, and he loves it. We pay $250/mo for condo assessments, and I feel like I'm ripped off every pool and no fitness center for me. Just a drunk, surly janitor. booo.

And, I'm so glad to hear that you both passed on the strip club last night. So if you're looking for houses, is Sheff not applying in SF?

Kel, you evening last night sounds SO fun - I love the limerick game, and the polenta pie sounds excellent - I hope you have some leftovers to enjoy today!

Okay, I gotta go read now...must take turbomann to get some new, presentable, clothing for his new jobby job tomorrow!
Now I want to go shopping! Alas, I am supposed to be doing my taxes today. I'll go shopping another time.
O, Okayers, where art thou?
I'm around....just trying to get inspired for my freelance project, and its not happening so much. ack.

BUT, I've got the Amazing Race on the tube, and they're in our darling tes' home of Maputo!!

We got turbomann a truckload of new clothes today for super cheap at Kohls - nice! I, however, found nothing, but that's okay, we weren't there for me. I'm just glad he'll have some clothes that fit him properly.

And brunch with the chicago busties was delightful, as always! Its always funny to get together and realize that our online handles come much more naturally than our IRL names! tongue.gif

hey okayers!!!!

um rose, i find those donuts with bacon parts(bits?) extremely disturbing, and yet, when i think of them my response is pavlovian. i cant help but drooling wildly. i was wondering what happened with your 'strippergate' (which is actually the name of a local scandal here that is not nearly as salacious as it sounds). but now i wanna know if you guys have given up on sf. :/ glad that you are finding houses you like, but a bit sad re: the sf thing. where are all the westcoast busties anyways?!?

tj, am so jealous. i remember when there was a seattle bustie league. it was very cool that you already had a nickname for this person you just met...

kel, i love your avi. it always makes me smile.

culture? do you change text color every two days? how awesome! the funny thing about that pic is it's faked! it is a pic of me, but it wasn't a prison pic but it totally looks like one. i look crazed.

speaking of west coast busties....
doodle! glad you are back on the gee-tar! i miss my musical friend. as for being canadian, don't forget the most popular canadian slang import ever, "no worries!" argh! i swear hearing it makes my head wanna eesssplode!

today i got a bee in my bonnet, and decided to find a wall and do a chalk drawing on it of one of my sketches. i knew the cops would say something sooner or later. seattle is lame street art wise. there is a law that says if you own a building with graff on it, you must paint over it within a week. the result is a bunch of buildings with off colored patches on them. anyways, the cops showed up and, for once, they were cool. unlike the time i was arrested by 7-10 cops and ticketed and thrown in jail for a weekend for skateboarding. i was pleasantly suprized. the rest of the weekend was good. i bumped into a friend i havent seen in 4 years. that was sweet. i was thinking about him just two days ago.
i'm stoofed from eating today. brunch was awesome. had a very yummy jambalaya. i then went out to dinner with my best gay and had some awesome cheez fries with veggie chili. sooooo good. it was a day of food for me.

i think the lack of sleep has gotten to me. i'm off to bed.

check in tomorrow okayers!!!

and i love all of you for volunteering to cook for me. i'm need of lots of nurturing lately.
Hello there, OkayGang! Hope you all had a lovely Sunday.

~*~*~*~*~ Doodlicious! ~*~*~*~*~*~
But .. she ain't promiscuous. And if you was suspicious, all that shit is fictitious.
[dodges flying fruit] I'm sorry! When I get that song in my head, it won't leave for days!

(((((nurturing for Star)))))) Because you definitely definitely deserve it. In fact, just let me snuggle up next to you on the OkayCouch. We can play footsie & giggle for a while. Then I'll brush your hair until you drift to sleep. Sound good?

Kel, that limmerick game sounds tough! Could you give us an example of a limmerick you've made up?

GT, Did you take any pics of your chalk drawing? If so, please share! I definitely feel the same as you do about those donuts. It sounds kinda repulsive, but then I take a moment & remember how good bacon or sausage can taste with a bit of maple syrup and droooooool. Dammit. Now I want sausage.

Ah yes, StripperGate! How could I have forgotten?! Well, we did not go, of course. Today I saw the other people who were invited to the strip club & I got the impression that (1) nearly everybody skipped it & (2) they may have been told that it was my fault that we didn't go - that, as M put it, Sheff's "stripper days are over". I told them that I still really like burlesque shows, but they have a whole different feeling to them, if ya know what I mean. At any rate, it sounds as though nearly everyone skipped stripper night, anyway(M went by himself), so it's all good.

As for San Fran ... well, we talked about it. And we think that out quality of life will be better if we stay where we are. Sheff may still investigate that job just to see what it offers (that company is big enough that they are bound to be hiring for this position again in the future), but on the whole I think we'd rather stay put. In the last 4 years, dear Sheff has lived under 6 different roofs in 2 different countries. I think it'd be nice if he could at least stay in one town for a little longer ... just for a change! smile.gif

And speaking of moving, we went to one open house today and also drove past a house that we really really like. The house we toured was within our budget, but it definitely needed some work & the bathrooms were teensy tiny. Not very encouraging. As for the other house that we just drooled at from the sidewalk, I think it's slightly too expensive for us right now. Based on what we know, I already like it better than the gorgeous house we saw on Saturday (if you can believe it!). But I think it could be just slightly too expensive. I get the feeling that we'll need to save for one more year before we'll be able to afford something that truly makes us happy. Sigh. It's not that I am looking forward to moving, but I'm tired of throwing money away on rent and not being able to own a pet.
Ooh, GT, I hate "no worries" too! It's annoying - it makes my head whirl around like in the Exorcist. But I do say "no problem" a lot. *sigh*

*waves at stargazer*

RV, who says I ain't promiscuous?

Well, I was, once. Hmph. Time to get a life again. Oh, but I've discovered the real reason you're not supposed to have sex for 2 weeks after a D&C. It's a physiological symptom of arousal: your uterus tips up and down! Yeah, and it HURTS. Even if you're just THINKING hot thoughts. True.

turbo and kel, culture is right. Apologizing and drinking beer. That's our way of life here in Canuckistan. No war-mongering, but lots of bush parties. (In this case, "bush" translates to "in the forest." Bring mosquito repellant.) well as restoring home order and guitar practice, I have been listening to old Iron Maiden all weekend. I loved them to beat all hell's fury when I was a teenager, but I'm not really sure what brought this on now. I still can't play any of the guitar licks. I guess I'm restless. Or maybe I am anxious to feel more youthful (strong, energetic) again. Or it could mean the progesterone 'scrip is putting my hormones through some kind of regressive phase.

Or perhaps my uterus is angry and just doesn't know how else to express it.

Maybe I'll dig out the Deep Purple collection while I'm at it. Hey, come to think of it, I think I used to know how to play Smoke on the Water....
oh doodle, did you HAVE to go and define "bush" party? My rancid mind just lost some monday morning verve.

So, one more time, and in the spirit of dishing about my weekend, I'm gonna be THAT mom. Then, I have political commentary. Last evening, after spendign all day with a slightly whiny girl (tooth+cold=whiny), she woke from her evening nap a shining star. Asked for dinner ("nana? nanananananananana!"), giggled all the way through mega-mart grocery shopping, and after dinner, wore herself ragegd for 2 hours playing with us in the family room. Miss moxette has figured out "kisses" which I adore...and last night, she was a kissing fiend! I was doing abdominal exercises (what else to do while watching a 1 yrold toddle about), she comes over, pins me down, and just starts KISSING momma! But, she doesn't quite have closed mouth, family appropriate kissing down, so my EYE and my CHIN and my NOSE got all moxette goobered for 10 minues straight. I was laughing so hard, I cried. Moxieman was laughing and jealous all at the same time. Hehe. I love my bebes.

Ok, political commentary for the weekend. I've realized, after seeing the movie "300,." that hubris is alive and well in the USA's own Bush party. Asshats, all. BTW, "300" was a beautifully made film, but too short on plot for my own taste.
mornin ya'll!!! Well, its the dawn of a new era here in chez turbo - turbomann is off to his new job, and I'm back on the bike for commuting. Riding in this morning was GREAT...I *heart* my bike.

AWwwwww...moxette is the cutie-wootiest!!! Sounds like a fun evening at the moxie's house!

Hmmm...doodle, can I be a wine-drinking canadian, so long as I promise to apologize for my grain allergy? tongue.gif And "no worries" is pretty much my line at work here, so I think I might fit in okay.

And uterus tipping? I think Kel would agree that Uterus Tipping would make a very fine band name, indeed!

Well, I must get to work here this morning, see what the crazies are up to on our org's forum. hmph.
hellloooo out there...anybody there? It can't just be turbo and me working this cold, wet, dreary ass monday? Everywhere else in the whole USA...sunshine...Michigan? blanketed in snow. Eh, at least I'm working from home today.
Hi turbo and moxie! I am up, sort of. I am trying to get my hours back on some kind of normalacy...but I've still got some bugs to work out of the system.

I can't decide whether to try and get more sleep, or go colour my hair. Er, with the stuff I bought the same day I fell sick....yeah, I guess it really does need to be done by now. We'll see how I feel after I post this. tongue.gif I need a cut soon, too...before I start to look like a member of Spinal Tap! (It may even be too late.) And I need new jeans. I've been putting both of these off because I keep thinking about money. BUT. My old jeans are REALLY too big now. I can literally grab a fist full of denim on each side of my hips. It makes me feel very un-sexy to have to walk around with Old Man Ass - and I *lived* in my jeans, before. My body is big and curvy and I am very happy to still be living in it...but now it looks like I'm one of those women who's TRYING to hide, in baggy clothes. But decent jeans and a haircut together is at least hundred bucks....I CAN afford it (right now, while still living on my severance), but should I do it...?

*attempts to sing in the thread*

The way you tell me I talk too much about myself
It`s true I talk too much about myself
But right now, right now all I wanna talk about is you now
Good Monday Morning! If can call anything about Monday's good!

GT I totally change my font colour all the time. I like to shake things up a bit. I love the fake mug shot too! Fun!

Star, mmmm food! You can come and eat at my house, I made a slow cooked stew marinated in onion soup, I wasn't too sure how it would turn out, but it was yumtastic!

Doodle, do your hair, then sleep! The best of both worlds!

Moxie, I am here! I just had an appointment and was catching up on some work, so here I am now!

Turbo you would fir in fab here!

RV, house hunting sounds fun! YAY! Hope you find a good one!

I love the sounds of the "bush" party. Hee. Mosquito repellant is soooooo important! The bugs here haven't been so killer here lately. One year it was so bad, you couldn't even go outside without being swarmed by the little buggers.

Things are cold here today! sad.gif Why why why? It was so nice here before. Grrrrr.

That's all for now!

doodle! Nice to see you in here in the morning! I'm with CH - hair, then nap. Any chance there's a thrift store nearby where you could cruise for some interim jeans, rather than spending major buckage on a new pair? BUT, that said, I am a pbig fan of clothes that fit (as I sit here looking like Buehla Bag-Ass in my own too large pants, 'cause the clothes budget is exhausted at the moment).

BUT, I have to say, turbomann looked damned sexy in his new, well-fitted clothes this morning!!

No snow here today, though it was a brisk 34 degrees here this morning...supposed to get up to 50 today though.
Morning, Okayers. I can't believe some of you have snow right now. But then I remember that if I were in Oklahoma, it's about time to deal with that final ice storm of the season. The closest we came to an ice storm this weekend was the frost on the car last night.

Doodle, if anybody deserves a bit of pampering it's you. Seriously. I say you should schedule a haircut. And I bet you could get some jeans pretty cheaply, so I say go for it, too.

Hooray for Mr. Turbo starting the new job! And hooray for hot new suits, too. wink.gif

Mouse? Are you out there today? Hope you had a fab time in Austin!

Star, I hope you got some good sleep last night because I could. NOT. sleep. I was awake until nearly 5am. And while I puttered around the house, I repeatly thought, "I sure hope Star is sleeping right now."

So, yeah, I'm kinda sleepy today. But I still forced myself to get up and work-out a tiny bit. Just an easy 20 minute workout since I haven't done it in so long, but it felt really good! I must remember that feeling & keep it up.

I'm still thinking a lot about home shopping. I found out last night that a friend of ours got a great deal on his beautiful house just a year ago, so I'm going to search his zip code today & see if I find anything that we like.
howdy, okayers!

i've been off for a while, lost internet on thursday and didn't get it back really until friday afternoon. damn comcast. didn't get of over the weekend because of household chores and crap. got a lot done to the yard mostly.

sleepy this morning. grover was having tummy trouble last night so i got a good shot of what it'll be like when the wee boy gets here. up at 3am to let her out, then she was pacing again at 7am.

but i've been on the phone. even got a set for tomorrow, so that's a good way to start the week. (lovemypugs, if you're out there dear, i have to thank you for posting that peanuts/hey ya youtube a couple weeks ago... it's been a lifesaving motivator lately!!)

ok, gonna go read the archives and i'll be back!!!

hope all is well in okayland!!

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~(((((((general hugs and vibes all around)))))))~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Hello, culture, rose, and FJ!

I am no closer to getting my hair coloured, but I have done some fiddly-ass things, so maybe I am awake now. The colouring is a 2-step kit, colour and highlights, so it will take some time anyway.

turbo, was turbomann all nervous-like?

I think I should have my own special Bush Party, when I finally reclaim my girlie bits from the whackadoo crap they've been put through. Doodlebug's Bush Party.

Maybe I should even buy some of that stuff for dying your bush. Does anyone remember, they made "regular" colours and a hot pink one? I wonder if you can get it in Canada? (ETA: oh lordessa, wouldn't THAT startle the gynecologist the next time around?)

Oh, plus I still need a Vulva Tiara.
ok. i'm back!

doodle, YES! you should totally have a bush party! hee! i love it! and i agree with rose (i think that's who said it) - if anyone deserves some spoilage, it's YOU! i bet the hair coloring will do wonders in itself. you'll feel like a whole new woman! i use those highlight kits when i do my own hair and i sometimes wait a day between the steps just because it takes soooo long to finish. and yes! you should go spring for a new pair of jeans. or hit a consignment shop and see what might jump out at you. i'm actually thinking of hitting a consignment shop and buying a pair of mens jeans for myself. i need a good pair of low waisted, straight legs that will fit around or under my belly without having too much extra material in the seat. i think it'll be easier to find them in men's sizes for some reason.

YAYYYYYYY! so happy that turbomann started his new job today! good for you guys for your brand new start! just in time for spring! yay!

moxie, i love the new pic of moxette! you make mommyhood sound pretty dang cool, if you ask me!

rv, cool that you guys are looking at homes! that's so exciting. mrfj and i did that for about a year before getting serious about buying. they say it's a buyers market right now, so it might be a good time. a lot of homes in our area have been up for sale for months. sellers are getting desperate. if it's anything like that there in NC, you might be able to get what you want for a little less than you think!

turbo, i am now CRAVING corned beef!! oh my! i realllllly want some now. funnily, mrfj just told me that they have it at his office today. i told him to bring me some, but he said it's being snapped up like crazy. guess i'm out of luck.

hi culture!! sounds like you needed some good rest over the weekend. good for you for getting it!

oh, girltrouble! that welding course sounds really awesome! i used to recruit and place welders for a manufacturing company and LOVED it when females would come in and take the test. they were usually BETTER than the guys at following directions. only problem was that out of the four women i had test and pass, NONE of them showed for the jobs i had offered them. it made me sad because it only furthered the "good ole boy" system that was rampant at the manufacturing firm. i had to force them into testing women in the first place. AHHHH! nope. not thinking about that job anymore. i'm done done done with that!

yikes! i just heard there is a canned dog food recall! i really hope that's not the issue with miss grover's tummy trouble last night!!!! she always eats dry food, but as a treat for her, i bought her canned food this weekend. oh my! would that not be twisted if i "treated" her with contaminated food!! she's been sleeping all morning and only just now came downstairs. i guess she needed to catch up on her zzz's after being up all night. she seems ok though.
Really quick flyby post to read the archives and post again!

doodle, I think the stuff for the pink bush was called "fun betty"....
Hello Okayers!

I've been out, my grandmother's surgery went badly. They have fixed things now, so it's much better. I had to rush out of here on Thursday & then didn't come in Friday. I think all of your vibes helped them to successfully complete the surgery w/o any more incidents. Thanks!

((grover)) I hope she's ok, FJ! Is that her pic in your avatar? That's a pretty dog, whoever it is. You are doing great with your work it seems! That's awesome that so many of your people are showing up!

Moxie, awwww, moxette is adorable! I bet it is really exciting to watch her grow. They seem to do something new every hour, don't they? Sorry to hear about the teething. sad.gif

Yes! Bush party! I like it! Doodle, did you find out if you for sure passed the stone? You are sounding peppier & peppier. smile.gif

Rose, house hunting can be a lot of fun! It can also be stressful. I agree with FJ though, man, now is a good time to buy. There are so many houses here that are just sitting and sitting. I am sure the sellers would jump at offers.

Culture, did you see yo' man this weekend?

Yay for turbomann going back to work this week! Jenn, I know you are looking forward to the moolah.

I had a pretty decent weekend. I stayed in Friday night, which was nice. I had class on Saturday. Saturday night I went for dinner with a friend & her parents, which was extra nice b/c I didn't have to pay anything. Yesterday MR K got back to town. We lazed about.
Hi everyone!!

Yeah, the pet food thing is freaky. I'm wondering if that's the reason my brother's dog is sick. She's been puking up bile and avoiding food for over a week now. They took her to the vet last week and the vet thought it might be stomach cancer. She's able to eat soft rice right now and she's on painkillers, but it's still not lookin' good.

That's so exciting that you're searching for houses, rose!! I'm with you on the pet thing. I want a doggie, or even just a yard so that my cats can hide in the bushes and eat bugs.

This weekend was pretty nice and low-key. I spent most of the day on Saturday at the Y. After walking on the treadmill and lifting, I laid down in the steam room for a while and then went swimming. It felt sooooooo good. I've been going pretty much everyday for over a week now. I stayed home yesterday cause I figured I should take a break at some point. Still, it felt weird not going. I can already tell that I've burned off some fat in my calves and belly. I need to poke another notch in my belt. I feel so good. This new lifestyle has drastically affected my mental health and physical energy.

Speaking of "bush parties," I'm really getting sick of all the nakedness in the women's locker room. I understand taking off your top to put on another shirt or whatever, but is it really necessary to walk around with your bits on display like a cat in heat? What makes them think that anyone wants to see them naked? Put on a friggin' towel!! Also, there are several private showers and a few ones out in the open. What I don't get is that if there are several private showers available, why not use them? Why wiggle your wet ass around in public if it's not necessary? I'm getting used to the nakedness, but it's still annoying. It's not an issue of shame for me--it's an issue of logic. /rant

So what's everyone up to today?

ETA- (X-post) Ugh, kari, I'm sorry that your grandma's surgery didn't go well. Thank god they were able to fix some stuff, though. I hope she feels better soon!!! ~*~*~*~health vibes for grandma~*~*~*~
*~*~*vibes*~*~* for karianne's gramma's surgery

*~*~*anti-bad food vibes*~*~* for grover

Rose, I've always loved house-hunting. It's one of my favorite pastimes. It is always so exciting, thinking about making a fresh start like that. And I agree, it's probably a good time to buy.

GT, I'm still uber-excited for you with the welding course! It almost sounds like an apprenticeship, to me. I was an apprentice for five years. I'm a steamfitter, but lots of us specialize in welding. So....if you find out you like the welding.....what the heck, check out a steamfitting apprenticeship! Have you ever welded anything before?

I always had fun when I was working construction...and I'd be welding up near the ceiling, if I'd see a chauvinist or a misogynist walk under where I was working, I'd deliberately shower em with sparks, hehe...

YAY! on turbomann starting the new jobby!!!

OOoops, gotta fly...almost forgot a physical therapy appointment!

Back Later! smile.gif

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