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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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GT - good luck on the panel tomorrow - I'm a couple of hours behind everyone else after DST.

Today I went with Banana to go work on his airplane at the flying field. I just sat in the sun in the desert and talked on the phone to my sister and Auntie Betty. It was fun.

Now I am eating a bowl of Corn Pops and getting ready for bed.

I told Morticia about the text messages. She thanked me for the warning, and said she got the vibe that he was hitting on other girls while we were at the club. She said the same: while that it's OK he was out meeting girls, texting one while with another is in poor taste.

Happy Wednesday, everybustie!
Mornin' ya'll! Happy Hump Day, and all that!

((((star)))) Yikes - what a scary fall!! I'm glad you're okay!

GT - good luck on the panel today - I know you'll be tell us how it goes!

The two year old next door is making strange noises out in the hall...funny.

RV - I guess I'd have sheff apply for the job, and then just see what happens...if he gets it, then you make a decision...but hopefully *after* they've flown him out there, so he can scout out the area, and see if he likes it. I would guess that there are a lot more game design companies out there in that area than in NC, so it might be a good place for continued career advancement, without a lot of moving.

We didn't get to the pub last night - we went out for a long walk with turbo, and just stopped and chatted with all of our doggie friends, so that was fun, and we decided to save our pennies and not go out. Which is fine by me.

hi hi PK!!!

Off to work for me!!
Morning okayers!!

Hello PK and turbo!!

I had a goodnight's sleep. Not enough hours, but I feel rested. I think I slept so good 'cause I slept with my window open. Nice.

turbo, aw thanks. part of my chin is a little swollen. you would really have to stare at me to notice. it is just a little sore.

poodle, you know what? i probably would've fallen like that on my own. i'm one big klutz!!

PK, i'm glad you told your friend. that guy just seemed like a jerk either way.

i can't tell if my body is sore from working out yesterday or the fall. i'll go with working out. walking the stairs at work will be interesting today.

happy hump day!!
Ahhhh, Wednesday.

HI PK, Turbo, and Star!

GT, I was wondering where ya were yesterday, I didn't seem to see you in here at all.

The work week is half over, I have my appointments today.

Took the puppers for a walk yesterday, and she fell asleep wonderfully.

I just chilled last night. Nothing too exciting.

I am supposed to see le man tonight as he is going away for the weekend. sad.gif We don't need to spend evry waking moment together.

I've made the decision to go back to school in the fall. It's been one academic year since I've been done, so now is the time for me to go back and explore other areas. I was thinking economics just to see what it's like. As it's too late for grad school admission.

How is everyone today?
hullow okayers!!

oh! ((((star))))) sorry to hear about your fall! that sounds terrible! i hope you're ok and taking it easy this morning.

oh, rv, i didn't chime in yesterday about sf. i am with turbo on this one (surprise!) and i think sheff should definitely apply for the position and have no qualms about letting them know that they'll need to double his salary in order to get his talents. he obviously has what they're looking for and if they're a well-known, large, reputable company, they'll respect him for it (and quite likely pay!!). oh, and i used to be in recruiting - while it might make the recruiter mad if he applies directly, they should have thought ahead and not mentioned the company name in the email. that's what we used to do - make the applicant call us first to find out more details and then take it from there if they wanted to try for the position. unless he's got a really good relationship with the recruiter (or has already paid for any services) then he should just apply directly.

hi puppykitty! love the new avvie!

have a great time at the panel, gt. you're going to be GREAT!

ok, gotta get on the phone now.

eta: oh my! it ALWAYS comes back up: they're making duck fat fries on the today show right now...
Good Morning babes!

Sounds like everyone is having good weather right now. Awesome. We are too, though it is supposed to rain today & tomorrow.

Kel, ditto on what everyone else said about your dad. It's not your job to make him feel better. I think scheduling a visit on your own terms is the way to go. What part of TN? I am in Nashville.

Minx...your student said your hair looks like a wet chicken?? That is descriptive! Though it doesn't really provide a visual picture. That is so sweet that minxman bought you a french press! Those are the best! We haven't had any moneypit situations w/ our house yet. Knock knock knock. We did replace the roof, but that wasn't a surprise repair.

CH...Congrats on making the back to school decision! I think economics could be interesting. What sort of grad programs are you considering?

FJ, Congrats on the sale! It seems like things are picking up for you with work. That's great! Sorry about your boobahs. That's super exciting that you heard your little man's heartbeat again! I can't believe your due date is approaching so quickly! Time flies.

GT-good luck on the panel today!! You will do a great job. Do you live in Seattle? I think that is what you said. My little sis just moved there about 2 weeks ago & is really liking it so far.

PK.. I'm glad you called your doc. Are you just going to wait until the 27th then?

Jenn...that blows that you are getting the guilt trip from the fam. To me, if someone cites money as an obstacle...that should just be accepted. You know?

Hi diva, poodle, rv, moxie & everyone else!

Hi, peeps!

Good luck with your panel today, GT! It does suck when you think you have all kinds of time to enjoy yourself and do whatever you want, then that time gets filled up with other obligations. That's my standard weekend. And flaky friends suck. I've broken up with more than one because of their inability to keep a date.

Star, your poor chin! If that had been me, I'd have raised hell. There's nothing that sucks worse than taking a header on pavement. I hope someone helped you up.

Hi, PK! Your friend sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders. I hope you can reach Heikki soon. Cute avitar, too!

RV, GT's right about Oakland. You can see it right across the bridge from San Fran. That would be so exciting for you to move there if Sheff decides to go for the job and gets it. It's such an amazing city, one I keep coming back to (I've been there 3 times).

Hi, Karianne, FJ, Turbo, and everyone else!

Poodle says hi to everyone. She's really busy with work and the Y.

My cake went over really well at work, and I made enough filling for another cake, or just to dip Nilla Wafers in. It looks like I'll have plenty of leftover cake, too. That's the important thing. smile.gif I've decided I'm not going to do any more baking until this weekend. I'm pretty sure the giant feels like I'm ignoring him, and I've got a ton of dishes to do. Tonight is going to be an evening for just the 2 of us without me trying to accomplish an agenda.

Is anyone else watching The Riches? Doodle? It's got Eddie Izzard in it, but he's wearing men's clothes and no makeup, and he looks nothing like he did in Dressed To Kill. He's a decent enough actor, though. I'm going to keep up with it. I always liked Minnie Driver, though this is a really weird character for her, a heroin-addicted ex-con wife and mother who comes from a family of American gypsies. She got way skinny, too.

I went walking again last night and my calves/ankles killed me for the first half of the way around the lake. I wish they'd quit seizing up like they do. Walking is a natural thing, and a person should be able to walk over a mile without pain. I'm not THAT out of shape. I'm not going to go tonight because the weather is supposed to suck, but maybe I'll take a stroll around the 'hood with the giant. I should do something to work off the massive plate of sugar I just ate (my cake, jello cake, doughnut holes, muffins, chips/queso, cheese/crackers, angel food cake). At least I don't need to find lunch today.

Hi FJ! thanks for the compliments on the colour, I've settled on this fun orange for a little while.

RV I agree about the SF thing.

K i have a degree in anthopology, I want to go for Medical Anthropology, but since I've missed the deadline, I'm looking at other things which would help me out in doing the Masters degree. I just want to see what else it out there. I took some fun stuff while finishing my degree, but never economics. So here I am.

Star (((chin better vibes)))

Diva, that cakes sounds so good.

Someone here brought in cookies that were chocolate chip and skor chunks, and they were so soft and gooey and good, and mmmmm.

Better get back to work!

Is FX one of those channels that will replay stuff over and over? I missed the first episode of The Riches and I really wanted to see it, but LeBoy wanted to watch The Black Donnelly's (which I've heard is kinda crappy) and I dozed off, so I didn't fight back. Next week though!

That cake sounded really good, divala- maybe I'll make it for Easter. Do you actually make the pudding before mixing in the cream cheese, or do you mix the dry powder into the cream cheese? Just want to be sure! Every tried adding some shredded coconut in the layers? I wonder if that would be good or create a weird texture...maybe if you mixed it with the pineapple- it would moisten the coconut.
Yeah, FX is one of those channels that does 90% repeats during their airtime day. Gotta love it sometimes. I'm boycotting The Black Donnellys because I want Studio 60 back.

The way I do the filling is mix most of the milk (amount on pudding box) in with the cream cheese with an electric mixer (can never get it smooth enough with a whisk and it takes too much work even though it never comes out perfectly smooth anyway), then mix the pudding powder into that, adding milk as needed. You want the consistency to be pretty thick, so you don't need as much milk as the pudding instructions say. I have tried it with coconut, but I did it as a layer cake and put the coconut on top of the Cool Whip for the giant's birfday last year (he loves coconut) and did the filling like normal.

I think I'm aget me another piece. This is such a huge treat for me. I only get this cake once or twice a year, though it's not really difficult to make.

I'm still waiting to hear back from the college I applied to for summer classes. It's been about a week now, which is still early, but I'm itching to get started. I'm going to have a really weird summer schedule here at work.
I'm with you, Diva, I want Studio 60 back...something about the way Aaron Sorkin writes is just so soothing to the ear...makes me all misty for West Wing. I still think its a crime that WW went off the air - I think they owe it to us to give us an hour of lefty fantasy, if we're left to endure an incoherent Republican in office.

I missed the Riches too, even though I knew it was going to be on...its hard to program my brain into new shoes - I'll look for it on re-run before next monday...with Minne and Eddie - I *have* to check this one out.

*drools at thoughts of diva's cack*

There's a farewell shindig here this afternoon for one of my closest co-workers, who's last day is friday...I'm so in denial about him leaving...Monday's going to be sad. The good news is, one of my favorite ex-co-workers is coming back to fill his spot, so that's good.
I've only seen a couple of episodes of Studio 60 (the one with Paul Reubens- hilarious! and my mom made us watch the recent one with Nathan Lane- also very good!)-- is is on hiatus or is it gone?
polly, you're thinking of 30 Rock. It is still on. I love that show! I saw Studio 60 once or twice, it was good also.

I watched the first episode of the Black Donnellys & wasn't impressed. It was tedious.

I am counting down the days until the Sopranos starts again!

CH-Cool. I know another person who is an anthropologist, it seems like such a cool field. did I miss that? You fell down? Ouch! Are you ok?

Diva, man I wish I worked in your office! Those people get treated right, what with all your baked goods. Are you missing your friend that left?

I made some ginger cookies last night from a Barefoot Contessa cookbook. They are pretty good, though a little dry. I will attempt them again sometime. They have chopped crystallized ginger in them, which I like.

Just popping by to say hellooooooooooooooo! Work is almost done, I am all caught up on what I have to do, and I am supposed to be seeing le ma tonight. I'm going to work out when I get home. I'll catch up then!

Later gators!
hey, hey, okay(ers)

i've been working for much of the day and then took a few hours out to do some me time. i did some prenatal yoga from a dvd that i rented off netflix. had a great lunch and then took a nice nap. now i've gotta get a bath and get some dinner ready and get back on the dang phone!

can i get some show and sale vibes? i have today and tomorrow to make money for the pay period and i neeeed to have something more come in. i have two men that are supposed to show at 7pm. i had a woman, but she got scared i think and cancelled. i also have one more guy coming in tomorrow at 1pm so far, so there's a good opportunity here, but i just need them to show.

unfortunately, so far today, NO ONE has shown up at the office. there have been 7 cancels/no shows so far! yikes!

sorry for the selfish post!

love ALL of you!
Doh! I knew I was confused. Never seen Studio 60.

~*~*~job vibes for fj ~*~*~
~*~*~*~*sales vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*~

Hi ya'll! Just got home from volunteering - I'm really enjoying it so far! I even got some girls on computers today, and taught them some wicked Powerpoint for their history projects. And then there's the boys and their obsession with drawing/tracing Manga/anime in Photoshop and Flash. Booooooring. But, they love it, and they're learning, so who am I to say anything?

Its cold and rainy and very dreary out now. Booo. I guess its spring, though. I definitely prefer snow to rain.

There's nothing good on the tube tonight...guess I should use this opportunity to get some reading done for the bustie book club this weekend. smile.gif
thanks for the vibes, ya'll! it worked! i got one sale, the other was a no-show. granted, it wasn't as much of a sale as i'd like ($250 paid in full) but it'll work. that officially gives me more money than i've earned yet while working here, by about $50. i have that one more guy tomorrow so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. maybe he'll put down a buttload of money and push me way up where i want to be... a girl can dream, right???

turbo, your volunteer job sounds awesome! good for you for getting those girls on the 'puters! they just need some BUSTie encouragement and i'd say you're one of the best to give it to them!! i bet they all love you!

kari, your cookies sound yummy!! oh, and diva, thanks for explaining about the pudding/cream cheese.

my mil gave me a bunch of cookbooks yesterday. some are older ones, some are better than others. there's actually one from carnival cruiselines in there that hassome pretty cool recipes in there - fancy dancy ones. mayhaps i'll actually try to make something new soon. i'm not one for cookbooks and recipes usually, but i need some new ideas.

tonight, i broiled some boneless pork shoulders, but didn't do anything fancy. if i'd planned enough in advance, i'd have made some sort of apple chutney for them. but i ate the last of my apples at lunch before i had that idea. hehe. i'll do that next time.

i'm quitting for the night. i'm starving and want to eat before everything gets cold.

be back later!
* to get over the hump!*

Yay, Wednesday is almost over, Thursday will whiz by and Friday is practically at my doorstep. Friday night is date night...Indian food, movies, rolling in the hay. Yay for those things! Hope my excitement doesn't throw my plans into a bad karmic tailspin.

Stargazer...the chin thing sounds horrific. My dog is quite the tugger, as well. I worry that one day she'll drag me down. She's not a large dog, but she is heavy and has a tenacious pull. Am I weird, btw, to think that "Jay Leno's Chin" would make a good band name? I think I have a band name problem. That and reading things backwards. My friend's cat is named Oliver but I can't quit calling him Revilo. glad you feel the independence-yen coming on! You deserve to be back in the saddle and tooling about town on your own, strong and healthy.

Kari...My dad lives in Columbia...not too far from Nashville if I recall...about an hour? I haven't been down there in about 13 years.

Divala...what is "The Riches" about? Eddie Izzard is one of my loves! His thing on Englebert Humperdink's name still makes me snort my drink out of my nose every time I watch it. ("Slut Benwalla!!!") Unfortunately, I don't have cable. Am I the only one? I'm starting to cave, though. I've lived without it for two years, and I'm getting itchy to have more than three channels. My town only gets CBS, ABC, and MPT through antenna.

FJ...yay for sales! You'll be a rich girl soon!

RV...I got some very cool papers and ribbon from Basic Grey. I *cough*mumble* do some scrapbooking. But not the cheesy soccermom type. I used to be into collaging. I also take a million pictures. I'm the person who is never in the photos because I'm always taking them (although I'm trying to remedy that). Combining the two hobbies was a natural leap. However, when I tell people, they automatically think of cheesy stuff, and that's not what I do.

Okay, Okayers. I'm going online shopping for a dark blue denim sofa cover. Wish me luck!
Slipcover found and bought on Ebay! I love when things are this easy! Now Kelmama can make me some curtains and pillow covers! Woot!

thanks for the encouragement, busties!

the panel went well. it was intended for the numbers crunchers of the city who have been cutting the funding for transgender aids prevention outreach. they showed up late and left early, and although all of them were invited, only 2 people showed up. booooo! luckily they weren't the only people there. finding out that transexuals have the highest HIV+ rates of any group in the country was some daunting news. hearing some of the other girl's stories was good and reminded me how lucky i am. there were some horrific, shocking stories.

i owe my ex an apology, too. she showed up, which made me very happy. i really wanted her support and she came thru.

turbo, volunteer work really makes you feel good. after today i am thinking of finding some more v work too.

kel? did you ever re-your gazpacho recipe?

star? how is your chinny-chin-chin? *aaaaaallll betta wishes*

fj~ i know i'm late so these are for tomorrow: *supa strong soul sales spells*

*poochie waves to turbo and culture poochies*

karianne~ yeah i live in seattle, athough i really want to move to portland right now. i just wish i could. what part of town does your sis live? i live in chinatown.

i watched the RICHES too, divala. i'm glad i liked it since i hated the stink bomb that was DIRT. if you've read the tv thread you know how much i love FX. i think someone was asking when repeats are on, they usually show each episode 2x in a row on the broadcast date @ 10 and 11pm eastern and pacific, and again on sat @10e/p and sun at 10 e/p. if you aren't doing anything saturday night, i recommend sticking around to watch the first 3 episodes of my favorite FX show, RESCUE ME, which, if you ask me is the best show on tv. (yes, better than the sopranos!) and if you think those episodes are good (and you will) let me just say, season 2 and 3 are even better. (sorry, i love this show and can't recommend it highly enough.)

hmph. where is poodle?!?

*waves and hugs to all the okayers* thank you so much for the good vibe wishes.
Hi everyone! Another quick Me Post! Car still starts, hurray! First time I've driven in over seven weeks. So I did all my own shopping today at the hardware store, the grocery store, the drug store, and the pet food store! (With doodlemama accompanying me, of course, just in case I fell off my bike or something. rolleyes.gif) Anyway. I am exhausted. Not to mention that my now way-too-baggy jeans make me look like I have Old Man Ass. mad.gif But at least I know I'll survive on my own now. About damned time, too!

i know i just had a long post, but i'm so proud. my friend who organized the panel, just forwarded one of the people's emails re: today's panel, and she mentioned me by name (i'm the N) and i wanted to share, since i think bust is the perfect place for her comments. here is what she said:

"I know that these women deal with a multitude of issues and types of discrimination, misogyny being just one aspect, but hearing N. say she was a feminist so strongly really had a deep effect on me."

i just wanted to thank all the busties who are always challenging me to rethink who i am and what feminism means to me. this site has been so important to a lot of my thinking, and i owe you all a huge amount of gratitude for the person i am. thanks for calling me on my shit even with my hard head and foul mouth.
GT- that's wonderful that the panel went well! Too bad the City ass-hats didn't show. And, I echo your sentiments about our sisters all rock.

Ok, not much posting time this morning. Its cold, rainiy and back to real March...ohhh...the IDES of MARCH...ohhhh. Ok, couldn't help that.

Baby seems to be waking WAY too early today, and mama needs to gulp some joe down b/4 going into mama mode.

Ok, eta...moxette off to school, got a moment. We have some exciting news here in moxieland...moxieman has his 2nd interview with a new place this morning. I'm on pins and needles...the recruiter said the "mid-range" salary for the position is 20% more than what he's making now...gulp. If he gets (and takes) this job, that means we can wipe out ALL our debt (well, not the mortgage...but credit cards and student loans) in 1 year, as opposed to 3. Which means, I could take a leave from work and be MOM or go back to school or do anything I long as it ultimately contributed to our family unit. And, he's working on a 1st "real" interview with his DREAM job place...they're haggling over scheduling conflicts. Next week sometime, probably. That place isn't as much $$, but its a job that would make him very happy, which is better anyway.

RV, I've heard some nasty things about the west coast game developer job scene...lots of $$, but horrific hours, working like dogs, no real time off, etc. I'd investigate all the aspects of the job before making any real decisions.

And, its the last 2 days of turbomann's house-boy time...jenn, what do you have planned? smile.gif YEAH for smaller, more productive, real teamwork jobs!

Doodle, SO happy you are getting around! I remember after the C-section, the first time I drove anywhere and how LIBERATED I felt. Even if it was just to a drive through for a burger. smile.gif

How is everyone else? Minxy, how are finals approaching? Poods...decor? DIva...that cack did sound AWESOME. I'm making chocolate for moxette's b-day, but maybe that would be a good "alternate" cack for the non-choc crowd...
Hi peepers!!

Yay for the panel, girltrouble!! If you positively impact even one person, then it's worth it.

~*~*~*~employment/prosperity vibes for mox fam~*~*~*~

Doodle, that reminds me of not being able to drive for 6 months because of my seizure. Once my license was reinstated, I spent the afternoon cruising around. It felt really weird though--almost like I was a teenager in driver's training.

Hi everyone!!

Ack!! I gotta get ready for work!!
mornin' mox and poodle!!!

((((((job interview $$$ vibes for the moxies)))))) Wow - to be able to get a better paying job and really think about what you want to do well as pay down debt - sounds awesome to me!!

Poodle, seeing your new avvie just makes me smile - your old pupper just looks so happy in that photo.

Yep, its turbomann's last two days of freedom - he's going to see that 300 movie today, as it doesn't seem like my thing - high on violence, low on thanks. Tomorrow night, though, we have tix to go see our favorite band EVER - Great Big Sea!! Time to get out my dancing shoes! Other than that, I've pretty much laid off the to-do lists in the last couple of weeks so he can mostly just relax.

And WOOOT!!! for Doodle getting out and about! I'm so glad you'll be back on your own, and can get out and drive around to get stuff, if you need to. And I think you'll get stronger more quickly now...there's something to having your space back and itching to do stuff, that's a good motivator for healing. (((((doodle swift healing))))

GT!!! Congrats on the panel - sounds like you did an amazing job - and what a nice bit of feedback from one of the attendees - that has to make you feel GOOD!

((((FJ massive sales vibes))))
Good morning on this frigid Thursday!

~~~~sales vibes for FJ~~~~ Hope it's not too late.

GT, that is so great!!!! *massive tail wags and kisses from Emily puppers*

Doodle, awesome that you are doing somewhat better! And hurray that the car started!

~~~vibes for moxie family~~~

Turbo, HI! I heard that 300 was fantastic! A number of my friends have seen it, and they say it is good film. I'm eager to see it. That's cool if it's not your thing.

Kel, the dates sounds fabulous! And awesome about finding the slip cover.

I saw le man yesterday and he told me that things felt right, albeit while we were having usual, we couldn't contain ourselves, and as usual, we stopped. He said he knows there is more behone the anthropology brain of mine besides sex. It isn't all about sex, I just want him!!!! All of him. smile.gif *starry eyed*

Washed the car yesterday, so it is no longer mud coloured. I washed it, and I couldn't believe there was actually paint underneath!

I should check out how my day is shaping up to be, I'll check in later.

Later gators.
Good Mornin'. It's a dreary, overcast day here. Bah.

I had to get up extra extra early today to take Mr K to the airport. He's off to Austin for the weekend. I'm's gonna be a heavy coffee day me thinks.

~~~~~sales for FJ!~~~~~~~~ Somebody buy something!!

Doodle! That's wonderful that you drove yourself around today! I know that's got to feel good.

Kel-Yep, Columbia is about 45 - 60 mins away. Your date night does indeed sound like fun. Mr K & I had a date night last Friday night, it was great! It is nice to have it to look forward to at the end of the week, isn't it?

GT-WOW! That's an awesome compliment you got via e-mail! Good work! You know, I am not sure where my sister lives. I know she is in close proximity to the university, but for all I know, that encompasses several areas. I'll ask her what her area is called. I can't wait to come visit her, the city sounds so cool.

CH-Someone's got the love bug!! I am happy that things are going so well with le man. That's exciting!

Moxie-~~~~~moxiemann job vibes~~~~~ Woo hoo! Sounds like things are going really well! Will keep my fingers crossed.

Jenn-yes, definitely use up the last bit of your houseboy time. I know you'll be sad to lose your houseboy, but I'm sure you will trade that for the $$.

You know, I wasn't interested in seeing 300 until I saw the preview again. I am thinking now I do want to see it.

Can I get some vibes today? My grandmother is having surgery this morning. They are removing her colon b/c she has cancer. I am going to go see her tonight at the hospital. ~~~~~meema~~~~~`

Hey, gang! How is everyone today? I had a horrific headache yesterday, but am feeling soooooo much better today. Here's hoping it stays that way.

~*~*~*~* Doodle~*~*~*~* Hooray for cars that run! Hooray for freedom!

~~~~~~ soothing for Star ~~~~~~ How's that chin, sweetie?

(((((((((Karianne's Meema)))))))))

GT, congrats on the acknowledgement at the panel! I'm glad you proudly voiced your feminism. smile.gif

Moxie, what WONDERFUL prospects!
~$$~$$~$$~$$~ job vibes for MoxieMan ~$$~$$~$$~$$~
And not to worry about Sheff & the work hours. He's been in this field for more than a dozen years and we are well aware of the abusing labor practices. EA Games is especially bad. They were courting Sheff last year, but there was no way we were going to take them up on it. Granted, I hear they are improving, but we're still avoiding them like the plague!

Jenn, HOORAY for Mr. Turbo! And hooray for Great Big Sea! Blow some kisses at Murray for me, will you? Yum!

Kel, I think you should take back scrapbooking! You can prove to the world that it isn't all super-cutesy soccer-mommy stuff. Weild your scissors with sass! wink.gif

~$~$~$~ make-those-sales vibes for FJ! ~$~$~$~ Thank you sooooo much for the advice about the recruiter. We don't have any relationship whatsoever with this job recruiter, so it's surprising that the person gave us all the info. Sheff visited the website for the game company and, sure enough, they're openly advertising the position. So I guess we don't have to go with the recruiter. What are the benefits of using a recruiter, anyway?

We slept with the windows open last night; it was that warm!
Hi, peeps!

((((((((Moxieman interview vibes)))))))))) That would be amazing to be stable enough to really figure out what you love to do instead of just what pays the bills. I'm envious.

(((((((((more strength vibes for Doodle)))))))))))

(((((((((Karianne's grandma))))))))))

I've heard good things about 300, but I still don't think it's my thing. I've got no problem with violence in movies (provided kids don't see them) as long as the story backs it up. The previews aren't pulling me to see it. I do want to make a point of seeing Zodiac this weekend, though. I hate horror movies, but I love a good suspense thriller.

GT, that's so sweet that someone took the time to point you out. It's sad that a lot of people shy away from the word "feminist" even though that's what they basically are. I think I tried to watch Rescue Me once, but it didn't really grab me. I'm a huge Dennis Leary fan. If you watch a lot of FX, what do you think of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia? I love it.

Jenn, that's great that the girls got some computer time! And Turbomann starting his new job on Monday! Too bad about the loss of the cabana boy, though. All good things like that must come to an end.

Congrats on the awesome find, Kel! The Riches is about a roaming family who seem to wander around to places and steal things, wallets at a high school reunion, wedding presents... The meat of the story is that they got in a RV fight with some of the mom's relatives, who ran a car off the road and killed both the drivers, who were on their way to the new posh home they just bought. So the family dumps the bodies and takes over their identities by moving into the new house and pretending to be them. I'm not sure I sympathize with any of them, but it's a meaty storyline.

Welcome back, Poodle!

Hi, RV and anyone I missed!

The giant and I had a really nice evening last night until I had to call the cops. That homeless guy is still banging on our window and ringing our doorbell a whole bunch, and yesterday felt really invasive. If he comes back again tonight, I'm getting the cops over here immediately. This is bordering on harassment, and I worry about exactly when he's going to break our window, or break into the place when we're not home. I feel kind of trapped in my own house as far as this person is concerned. Who wouldn't get the point after 2 months that we're not going to open the door to them?

Ah, well. Enough thinking about that. I have a lunch date today with my friend who quit here a couple weeks ago. That should be fun.
((((k's grandmother))))

So my day is going well so far. Lunch is being bought for the staff by management.

I totally have the love bug. He told me yesterday that things feel right. I asked my good friend K and he asked when I was going to go shopping for the dress, and made sure I would invite him to the wedding. hee, it's pretty funny. But I don't think we are at that point quite yet. No rush for marriage at all! Hell NO!

Anyways okayers, my lunch is here, so I'll catch up after!


~~~~vibes for okayers with whatever you need~~~~

Loves ya all!
hi okers!

rose-- i don't know if you saw the post-- i used to live in sf/bay area for years, so hopefully there was something you can use.

diva, sunny isn't my favorite. i love 30 days, black/white, the sheild, rescue me, and sometimes nip/tuck. i hate dirt. and i like the riches so far.

the thing about rescue me is sometimes they take 3 or 4 sometimes longer to resolve storylines. which you either love or hate. but i love that everyone it the show is flawed, and sometimes when they try to do the right thing it comes back to bite them in the ass. it's a dramedy. sometimes there are scenes that are laugh out loud funny, followed by tragic heart break. it's like a more gritty, less pretentious 6ft under. what i like best about it is it really is a critique of american masculinity. you watch them really battle their demons. the best story lines for me are the chief dealing with his son being a gay firefighter, diane farr trying to fight the sexism at the firehouse (her whole storyline is great), susan serandon's episodes, ok, i'll just start rattling off all the story lines. but trust me you will love it. (unless you hate antiheroes), give it some time.

so this homeless guy just wants you to open the door? weird beard! calling the cops enough will eventually get thru to him. too bad your night was ruined. :/

culture-- that is so awesome-- the love is such a great high.

is there a food thread? i think we need a place to talk about recipes, or great food. i'm listening to a radio show locally talking about the best pho in town and damnit, they aren't mentioning my favorites. grrr!
but we need to place to talk about good food, damnit, i'm gonna have to get some pho now. *sighs in resignation*
(okay, so i've had this open for a couple hours now, so i am sure i've cross-posted a ton!)

wow, diva, that sounds scary! what did the cops say last night? call them immediately if he does it again tonight! have you talked to the landlord to see if it's happened in the past? man. that's just fucked up!

gt! you are so great! glad you felt like the panel was a succes, and that others obviously loved you too. i'm glad that your friend sent that to you. oh, and good for your ex for coming through for you. very cool!! SUCCESS, girl!

nice to see you back, poodle! we meeeeeced you!

doodle, i'm happy to hear that you're getting your stride back. how are the kitties?

rv, usually, the reason to use a recruiter is that they have a leg up on knowing when the jobs come out and can get you in to apply before it's advertised as being available. sounds like that recruiter is a little behind the 8-ball if the job is already on the company site. to me, that means that the recruiting company doesn't have a good relationship with the company itself... they're probably just trying to get business with them by finding them candidates for the job. i wonder if that just made any sense. hehe

((((((((((((((((((((get well karianne's meema))))))))))))))))))))))

~$~$~$~$~$~moxieman interview vibes$~$~$~$~$~$~
culture, i think you just might have a keeper...

ok, i have my last show of the pay period in the office right now! i'll know in the next half hour what's gonna happen!!! *fingers crossed* thanks so much for the vibes! i think they're working for sure! i have a 63% show rate for this period - which is practically unheard of! now let's just see some MONEY! hehehe

girltrouble, check out "barefoot and percocious..." i think it's in the ab-fad section...
Yay!! I just realized that it's Thursday which means that tomorrow is Friday!!

Hi FJ! ~*~*~*~moola vibes for FJ~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~surgery safety and recovery vibes for kari's gramma~*~*~*~

Damn, that sucks about the homeless dude, diva. It's a shame that you have to call the cops in order for him to get the point. You helped him out once, right?

I'm listening to Freebird right now. Wait--here comes the guitar solo!! *rocks out on air guitar*

ETA - Yeah, turbo, I miss Ferg. She was an old pupper when that pic was taken. She always had that sweet face, but you can tell she was especially happy when that was taken. She didn't get nearly as much attention as she deserved. I wish I could go back in time and take her on lots of walks. By the time I was old enough to understand dog health and care, she had arthritis and it was hard for her get around. All I could really do was lay with her. She loved it though. I have a chunk of her golden fur that I keep in a cigar box. I also have a plaster mold of her paw on my desk that I often hold and look at. *wipes tears* That reminds me, my brother's dog went to the vet and has some major stomach problem. She's been coughing up bile for the past few days. We're not sure what it is yet, but it's not good.
Our landlords do know about the guy, but only because we told them a couple days ago when we asked if it was one of them banging on the window, even though that's totally not their style and neither of their cars were behind the house. Our landlords have only been in the house a couple months longer than we've been there, maybe less, so they didn't know anything about before we moved in, although everything was fine for us up until the last couple months. The cops never did come over yesterday like the dispatcher said they would. Oh, well. There probably wasn't anything they'd have been able to do by the time I called anyway, since I looked and looked for the non-emergency number, which took awhile. I did give him $20 and a soda a couple months ago, but don't you'd think someone would get the point to quit trying after the door hasn't been opened to them again for 2 months? I only helped that night because it was really cold out and he offered to shovel our walk. Normally I don't open the door to anyone after dark, and except for last night, he never comes before 9:30, usually closer to 10:30 or 11:00. So anyway, yeah. This sucks and I want an end to it. And it feel especially invasive because we have a little saloon door at the sidewalk someone has to come through. It's no protection, and there isn't a lock, but it's still a little bit of extra effort a person has to make.

Wow, 63% FJ? That's awesome! ((((((((((( vibes for the guy in the office right now to buy )))))))))

GT, totally check out Barefoot and Precocious in the Ab Fad section. I lurk there daily but rarely post. There's always something going on over there. I like It's Sunny... because it's so gritty and just so wrong. It's my replacement for Married... With Children.

RIP, Fergie. She sounds like a very sweet dog. I wish we'd had one in my family, but my kids will definitely have one. Maybe if I'd had a pet, I'd understand how you all are so bonded with your pets, but I just don't understand because I've never had one.

I just got back a little bit ago from having Mexican buffet with my friend that quit. I don't know that I've ever had real authentic Mexican food before, but it was good. I've been wanting to go to this place for awhile.

I'm watching a wedding show on Style Network & they're showing stuff about a wedding that took place at a historic house that is, like, a mile from where I live. It is sssssso freaky to see, since I kinda live out in the country.

FJ, thanks again for the advice! You're marvelous. smile.gif And congrats on the many show-ups & sales!!

(((((Poodle's brother's dog)))))) Poor thing!

GT, one of my old college friends used to be on Rescue Me! She's on Law & Order now. smile.gif

((((Divala)))) You shouldn't feel trapped in your own home. If something happens, definitely call the police.

I had such a lovely afternoon! I went out for lunch with Sheff & our friend, K. Then I did some casual shopping & took a walk. Now I'm going to give myself a pedicure, then eat some strawberries and whipped cream while flipping through magazines. Talk about decadent!
Hey ya'lll! Another crazy day at work. ugh. Thank cod its almost over. My friend who's quitting tomorrow has erupted into a giant pile of shit getting offloaded onto me...and I'm not even in his department! Grrrr. Its another sign that the universe is telling me to get OUT!!!

Awww, poodle, fergie sounds like she was such a good doggie!! Diva, I'm sure you'll have your change to bond with a furbaby at some takes some life adjustment, but the unconditional love and waggy tail are worth every second. smile.gif

Diva, the homeless guy harassing you is scary...I hope you can get that worked out with the there any neighborhood station you can call instead of the main dispatch, that might be able to send someone over? I guess that's one good thing about apartment life - the crazies can't get to us. Occasionally, the jehovah's witnesses or mormons come and buzz everyone trying to get them to buzz them in, but I can just hang up the phone and forget about them.

Moxie - what happened with the interview?

Well, I'm off to go to the Romanian Kosher butcher and buy a big, beautiful corned beef for Saturday night. Gonna cost me, but it is so worth it to spend a little extra!
Oh, dude, I just totally screwed up my lower abs. I was walking really fast on the treadmill and my foot caught the rubber for just a second, which pulled my body back (I had my hands on the front rail). My abs decided to compensate. I laid down on the floor for a while until the spasms went away, but it still hurts like hell and I get this stabbing pain anytime I make the wrong move. Ugh. I'm gonna lay on the couch now. sad.gif

Have fun cookin' up the beef, turbo!! Heh...
GT you are right, this high is great, I am falling in love with him. Won't tell him for a while though, I'm not the one to take that plunge so soon.

FJ, he is so definately a keeper. I'm happy, and totally not being selfish with him. This whole respect thing is so wonderful. So this is what a healthy relationship is supposed to be!

Diva I agree on the calling the police motion. As said, you shouldn't be a prisoner in your own home. I'm also totally jealous of the authentic Mexican buffet! Yummers!

Turbo, so there you are! The work thing will improve soon.

Poodle, that sucks! Are you okay????

So, there are some people who I work with who I found out are just playing nice and actually think that I am not good with clients. Here's the thing, these people are jealous of me, because I don't kiss management's ass, I gained their respect by doing my job and doing it well. Not once have I ever had a manager come up to me and say I treat clients like shit. I am not there to take your job, I don't want your job, I am here for experience only and I don't want stay here for life! Grrrr. Whatever, if they don't like me, fuck off. What my coworkers think of me isn't the most important thing. What management think of my work outweighs that far more. I'm still bothered by it though. I think the time has come for me to seek other employment.

I also got my cheque for my mileage today. And tomorrow is payday! Hurrah!

How is everyone on this thursday evening? I had a bath, now I'm in comfy clothes lying in bed and playing around on ye olde laptop. I'm pretty tired, exhausting afternoon! Client drove me nuts!


i have some really good news. yesterday this woman asked me a question at the panel kind of faceiously asking how should she treat a transwoman if she came in and wanted
to take a welding course they offer. little did she know that she had come to the right place. i told her to treat the person like anyone else, but i wanted to know more about this course. i talked to the lady today and i am going in on tuesday. it's a 14 week career retraining course with placement, and the city will be paying for me to go to the classes and a small bit of expenses. which is awesome. i am so excited. i know there is going to be a lot of bullshit machismo going on, but this is like a free art class with a bump in pay at the end of it. it's great! i'm so excited!!!!! (plus i'll get to behave like a rockstar asshole-- just like all the other welders i've met!!! just kidding!)

boooooo! for turbo's stinky co workers.

OMG! rose! who was she? i have a couple of people from university who pop up now and again. one is the editor of readymade mag, another who is always on tv and movies... he was last on some show on lifetime. lovespring international or some such and another person who was in ave.Q on broadway. s' funny. i am dying to know who your friend is now!!!!!!!

diva, i know what you need sometimes a show's wrongness is what makes it soo right. two of my favorite shows were wondershowzen and strangers w/ candy. both were very wrong. sunny is good, i just never put much effort into watching it.
i was gonna tell you to invest in an air horn for the next time you hear that guy, but you'd pro'lly annoy the neighbors.

fj-- glad those vibes are working for you. smile.gif good to know!

yeah culture you definately don't want to tell him too soon. i always wait until i am so happy being with them i think my head will burst. but by then they usually know. i get pretty squirrley when i fall for some one.
as for the jealous co-workers, i heard some comedian say, if you are jealous of me that means i'm doing it right. don't get angry, work hard so you can make me jealous. i thought that was pretty cool. just means you're doing it right.

oh (((((((((poodle))))))) i hope you feel better. i am such a dog person. your talking about fergie totally got me all sad and weepy. my ex just had to put her dog to sleep about a year ago. it's had a weird effect on everybody who knew him, but most of all on the cat he grew up with. he used to be this quiet little kitty who loved to stalk yohound when he went for a walk. he would follow behind us by about 10 feet dodging in and out of bushes, and was very quiet. an indoor cat. now he's doubled in size and is very angry. he's turned into the big cat in the 'hood. :/ i love dogs. goddamn it, i'm going to cry just looking at fergies pic right now!

oh fark, poodle I ment about your abs, not the puppers! I feel like a douche bag now! ((((poodle))))

GT that is so great about the training!

Hi poodle and culture!

((((soothing ab vibes)))) Poodle, I know *exactly* how that feels - I did that the first time I hit the treadmill with my first iPod...we both took a tumble...I healed up in a couple days, but my 'pod, she was rattled for the rest of her life. So I switched to ellipticals and bikes, so as not to traumatize her all over again. tongue.gif

FJ, how them sales goin'?

Awwww, culture, I adore reading about you and le man! So sweet!

I'm waiting for a new freelance client to call. A state representative. Thank cod he's playing for the right team. First job is just a birthday party/fundraiser invite....but there could be future jobs. We'll see how it goes.

GT!!! Congrats, my dear!!! Welding classes with a job at the end - that sounds *so* freaking awesome!!!!! I've always been fascinated by welding - GO FOR IT!!!!! Any chance you could get your own pupper? Seems like you're a real dog lover...maybe start envisioning your future with a furry friend?
I can't stay long *sigh* but I had to rave about Turbo's garam masala almond recipe. Made a batch tonight, and if I don't eat the whole tub I made, it will be a miracle. These things are freaking delicious, amazing, delightful, insert other adjective here.

Hope all is well...I've skimmed and my thoughts are with you all!

ETA: Someone wanted the gazpacho recipe. Here it is. Feel free to modify as you see fit, but I love it this way.


• 6 ripe medium to large tomatoes (or 28 ounce can of tomatoes)
• 1 large cucumber, peeled and cut into three pieces (use two when using canned tomatoes)
• 1 large green bell pepper, seeded and cut into three equal pieces
• 1 medium/large yellow onion, peeled and cut into three pieces
• 6 peeled cloves of garlic (real garlic, not the stuff in a jar)
• 1 slice of whole wheat bread (you can use any kind of bread, really. About the same size as a slice of any kind you like will probably work), cut into thirds
• Salt
• Sugar
• Olive oil
• Red wine vinegar

1. This is made in three batches in a food processor. Therefore, separate the ingredients into three equal piles (except for sugar, salt, olive oil and vinegar).

2. Toss one pile into food processor. Of course, cut up the vegetables into smaller pieces as necessary.

3. Process on high until liquidy. As it is processing, add a dash of salt, a pinch of sugar, 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 1-2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar.

4. Taste it. If it tastes good, put it in a large container with a lid and do it again with the other piles. If it needs salt or vinegar, add a bit more. If it is too salty or vinegary, add a bit more sugar. With salt, vinegar, and sugar, I start slow and add more as needed.

5. Dump each batch into your container.

6. Eat with bread or whatever. It will keep for at least a week in the fridge. I eat it unless it smells weird.
*curtsies to kel* Glad you like the almonds....freakin' addictive aren't they? BUT, I cannot take the blame for the addiction, its all tart's fault! She brought them to a busty party at my house a few years ago, and its been all over since....2lb bags of almonds from the indian markets are the norm in our house now. smile.gif I have to portion them out and put them in little snackie bags, otherwise, I'll give myself a tummy ache.

Here's an interesting gaspacho-ey recipe....I might try making it when the tomatoes are in season this summer. Energy looks like it might be very tasty, and so crazy healthy.

New Grey's Anatomy is on right now! Squeeee!

New freelance client hasn't called. better not call in the next 40 minutes.
~~~~~ soothing for Poodle ~~~~~ Ouch! Poor thing!

GT, I think she played Candy on Rescue Me back in '05. Unfortunately, I never got to see her on there because that was a year when I didn't have cable. Anyway, her real name is Milena & I know her because she was in the music theatre department at my uni. And while I was in just the ordinary theatre department, I also worked in the costume shop, so I knew all the dancers & singers, too. She's definitely an acquaintance rather than a friend, but she was always so very nice & it's wonderful to see her succeeding.

Welding sounds fascinating! There's a part of me that has always been interested in that. Be sure to keep us informed!

CH, are these co-workers usually pretty negative? Those people can suck soooo much energy out of a person. At the bank I had to work with this one woman who was so frustrating because she was negative about everything and everyone. It was nearly impossible to teach her anything because, of course, she was never wrong. Drove me crazy.

I guessI need to go back through the archives and find Turbo's nut recipe!

We had pizza for dinner. Soooo bad. Somebody better kick my butt & make me workout tomorrow.
Hey all! I JUST got online to post a job posting in the Canadian thread. Now I'm going to read this thread and catch up. (After doodlemama left this morning, I crawled back in bed and slept the day away!)
YAY for doodle's solitude and snoozing the day away!!!

RV's right - co-workers can be major energy suckers....maybe there's something going on this week, 'cause our org is having a major case of personality chafing this week too. Its one of those times where I just really wish there were more gender balance in our org...there's waaaaaay too much whispering going on this week for my taste.

OMG--- i just realized--I'm gonna be a WELDER! how fucking cool is that? i am SO gonna move back to pittsburgh get a job as a stripper for nights and weld by day! i'll wear loose sweatshirts with the collar cut out, and maybe try to get into dance school! oooooh! and i have this great idea for a little jig where i sit in a chair and water splashes on my chest! FUN!!!!!

i'm a maniac, a MANIAC! i know!!!!!!!

this is so wonderful. i mean, WHAT A FEELING!!!!!
hmmm....i hoped i haven't jinxed all of this....
well, seeing's believing...
you know what i think?
i can have it all, i'll just dance right thru my life
i'm going to pick my passion,
then make it happen!

what a feeling.

rose-- i am so jealous. working in the costume department was always so fun. (unless you have to make wigs-- snoresville!) that, props and fly were always my fave!!!! i'm trying to remember candy, but as i said they are starting to rebroadcast this week starting with ep 1 so... you can always see a rerun.

hi cheese doodle! *waves furiously at the doodle bug*

i am SO gonna move back to pittsburgh get a job as a stripper for nights and weld by day and try and get into a dance school!

Ok, GT, you just made me snort diet pepsi up my nose.

Hi also turbo! And also diva, poodle, rose, kel, culture, diva, FJ, FJette, karianne, moxie, moxette, polly, stargazer, and PK! I'm sure I'm missing someone, but that's as far back as I was able to catch up on the reading!

diva, that's got to be a little frightening, having someone bang on your door and windows like that. No matter how "leftie" I get, that kind of stuff makes me want to answer my door with a shotgun sometimes!

poods, that really had to have sucked, not being able to drive for so long. And moxie, too...I now know the feeling, yes!!!! Hmm, suddenly I'm craving drive-thru food...

Listen to all the car-cheering in the thread! Gosh, we independent bitches love our cars, don't we??

Ok, I think I'm going to go put the living room back the way it's supposed to be, before it gets too late in the evening.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...don't quote me on this, because I'm not sure, but I may have passed the stone last night. I passed something odd anyway, but I couldn't see because the bottom of the toilet was (And I wasn't going to go poking around!) Anyway, I'm not sure it was the stone, 'cause the CT scan on the 6th showed it still firmly trapped inside my kidney. *harumph*

Apologies for the graphic nature of this post. biggrin.gif

By the way, I have named the stone Dorothy.
Happy fucking friday you anus welding tarts!!!

GT, indeed, I nearly spit granola all over my monitor reading your post! And now I have cheezy 80s music running around in my head. tongue.gif

Doooooodle!!!! I hope it was Dorothy that you passed last night! But more than that, I'm SO glad you're back and have a quiet home to recuperate in!

Ahhhh...its turbomann's last day of unemployment. He told me I need to stop talking about it...apparently I am a little too excited about the impending paychecks ahead. heh. What can I say? I'm tired of being broke. Of course, I will be sad to lose the cabana boy, but its time for the vacation to end for me too, and I don't mind so much, as he's done all the chauffering and dog walking through the coldest season of the year - now I'll go back to walking turbo in the evenings when its light out, and getting warmer all the time. I can dig it.

And tonight - we're going to see GREAT BIG SEA!!!! WOoooooT!!!! I'm gonna have sore footsies tomorrow from all the dancing and singing this there anything so rousing as 2 sets of sea shanty songs? I don't think so. cool.gif
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