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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Diva your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun. Your purchases all sound lovely too! Glad the souffles taste good, even if they don't look right. That's happened to me a couple of times with desserts. As long as they are edible, I'm ok with it. I have the itch to make something really decadent soon. Hmmm...what shall it be. A flourless chocolate cake perhaps. I suck at Guitar Hero.

((rose)) sorry about the class. that is disappointing. is there another one you are interested in? My bowling score was shit. We hadn't been in a long time, I couldn't hit anything. I think my first game score was 110 and the second game was like 90. That's exciting that your friend is coming for a visit! Nice!

CH, sometimes you just need the rest. Sundays are for lazing around.

My test on Saturday wasn't too hard. I think I studied enough. Stargazer...I've got this one last class & two semesters of practicum left.
Can you beg, RV? Or waitlist? People often drop out of classes before they start...or baked goods....hit them up with baked goods! I'm not opposed to a little knitting bribery!

Star, I'm with you - this time change is rough this morning...doesn't help that I was up late last night, because I wasn't ready to go to sleep! Oh well, in a couple of days it will even out.

Turbomann's on his way up here for our last Monday lunch together before he goes back to work next week! Lunch with turbomann makes me happy!

Diva, your afternoon off sounds absolutely perfect!! Boys do tend to have magic when it comes to video games...always used to piss me off in my drunk mario karting days. smile.gif

And Boooooooo! on asshole cops....I know the job has to suck sometimes, but rudeness doesn't make anyone feel better.

And wOOT! for CH and Le Man spending a wonderful weekend together! And a soccer player too....Mmmm...I've always had a thing for soccer players...those chiseled furry calves....
Turbo, this man has a fantastic body, he works out regularly, and he's not gross cut like some are, nope not at all. He's actually a "man's man" too, he can fix all his own things, and carry on an intelligent conversation. It's rather nice.

RV is there any way you can talk to who is running the class and maybe get in that way?

The Sunday sleep was wonderful.

So my afternoon is going well. It's wonderful and sunny is here. I think I'll take the pooch to the off leash park, given I didn't get to yesterday. I like to take her for nice long walks, then she runs, sniffs and does fun pupy things. When we finally get home, she kills her stuffed duck for a while then goes to sleep, which is good for me, because then she doesn't bother me to no end! I felt bad, she didn't have a good weekend because I was gone. Very restless night. She looks at me all sad today. sad.gif

I'll make up for it tonight.

*contemplates taking the bottle of wine over to Le Man's house tonight*

How is everyone's afternoon going thus far?

*waddles into thread* Oooof, I ate too much at lunch. I totally use going to spin class on mondays as an excuse to have a big lunch. Oh well...its a nice day, the sun is shining, and it tasted good...

Well, turbomann and I talked it over, and I think we're passing on his cousin's wedding next month. As much as I would love to go, and think it would be fun, we're just not sure that this is the best time for that kind of expense...that and, really, this family is *nowhere* near as fun as the moxie clan -- that much I DO know!! The wedding weekend is going to be a very formal, serious affair, from what we've heard. They're having a wedding later in the summer in Kzoo, so we'll go to that one, and call it good. Feels like a fine decision - we both need to spend some $$ on wardrobe updates right now anyway, and if we went to the wedding, we'd have to buy fancy clothes, that in the end, aren't that useful on a day-to-day basis.
sounds like a good plan of action on the wedding. I love going to people's weddings, but it can get expensive quick if there is travel involved.

What did you eat for lunch? Let me live vicariously through you....mine was boring!

CH-I feel guilty too when my dog doesn't get a good weekend. Since we have a fenced yard now it is much better than before, but she still gets lonely. I know you told us before what kind of dog you had but I forgot....what kind of dog is she? and what's her name?

A friend just called & is having a bad day. She's coming over tonight to drink wine. Sweet.

I plan on giving Yuki a long walk this afternoon..the weather is to die for!
*mumbles* I had 2 eggs over easy, sausauge, cajun potatoes and french toast.

Honestly, I don't know what came over me...I only order breakfast about once a year, and today was it, apparently. I could crawl under my desk and take a nap, right now...zzzzzz. Good thing I have spin tonight, I can make up for it. Maybe I'll hit the sauna afterward to cleanse my bloodstream.

Mmmm....culture - Le Man sounds mighty fine indeed... heh.

Turbomann was going to take turbs for a long walk this afternoon. I'm jealous - I'd rather be outside right now, for sure...the first nice day of the year is torture to sit through at a desk!

hey hey happy monday!

feeling really super lazy today, as usual for a monday.

i had an appointment with my midwife today. it went well. it was just a standard check-up sort of thing. the only real news is that i've officially gained 20 pounds already, which is ok i guess. my goal was to gain about 30, so i think i'm still relatively on track. they said i should gain about a pound a week from here on out, so i'll probably gain about five more than planned. i'm ok with that, as long as the boy is healthy. i heard his heartbeat again today. i love that!! oh, and i have my glucose test in three weeks to test for gestational diabetes, so you guys keep your fingers crossed for me!!


turbo, i have to say that i was pretty shocked to read what you ate for lunch! hehe, looks like something i would eat, not our health maven!! but good for you for enjoying it. i watched the breakfast batle last night too and was just in awe of all the yumminess. i didn't see who won though... both were pretty damn good. i think i'm gonna have to make some good french toast one day soon. oddly, i've NEVER cooked it and it's so dang easy!

diva, sounds like you had a great weekend! girly-days with the gay boyfriend sound pretty awesometastic!

roseviolet, i sure hope you can get into your class still!! i like turbo's idea of baked-good-bribery. that's BOUND to work! or is there another similar one you might be able to join? you're right, it seems like it would be a good way to meet friends. well, unless it turns out to be a bunch of old ladies. hehe. where is the class?

ok, i'm supposed to be working right now. i haven't been terribly motivated and need to get to it. i had one no-show this morning, but my 6:30 says she'll be there. i just have to wait and see... i hope they're able to sell her! oh, and i finally got my check from last pay period. apparently, it wasn't cost-effective to fed-ex an $11 check, so they stuck it in the regular mail. hehehe. i sure hope that's the last time i get paid that little. thank you, mrfj for making good enough money to make this possible for me! tongue.gif

Hihi everybody!

Hey - I have had Tart's super delicious garam masala honey almonds! They are so good!!!! Jenn - do you make them on a regular basis now? I imagine they can't be too difficult to throw together. And I think they make a nice, relatively healthy snack. I need to make me some. How do you guys make them?

Last night I went to my friend, Chiffon's house with Pickle. We cooked and looked at Pickle's pictures from her trip to Mexico City. She went by herself for a week and had a great time. I wish I had the guts to do something like that. I would be too timid to get out there on an adventure by myself. And with my blonde hair and white white alabaster skin, I might get a lot of unwanted attention. But she has a fabulous time and met a lot of cool people. She stayed at a Quaker hostel that only cost $10 a night!

I was in charge of cooking the meal last night, so I used some of Chiffon's leftover produce. I caramelized some onion, threw in A LOT of garlic, added chopped tomatoes, chopped various greens, and lots of fresh basil. The sauce came out kind of sweet, but it was very good. We tossed it with some whole wheat pasta and some cheese. Yum. I like greens and garlic a lot. With mushrooms. Mushrooms would have totally made the dish if we had them.

After visiting with Chiffon and Pickle, I went to karaoke night and rocked out with a couple of friends. I sang another Megadeth song and also "Welcome to the Jungle".

Falljackets - I have smaller breasts - 34AA, but I went up to a B when I was pregnant with Heikki. They itched and were sore, and the underwires hurt me so badly. I switched to soft cup bras, which was a much better choice for me with my little ladies. I'm not sure if you think that would work for you, but I loved the soft cups. I actually made the change permanently, as I still wear soft cup bras most of the time. My very favorite bras are called Barely There. I got them at Macy's and Robinson's May. So I guess you can probably get them at any department store.

Also, I used Body Shop Mango Body Butter on my boobs and belly while they were stretching. It didn't stop the stretch marks, however it did stop the itching and burning. The mango butter was kind of greasy, and now the Body Shop has a billion different body butters, so maybe you could try one of them for the itchies.

I also had a midwife when I had Heikki. I loved her - she was so great. I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy. No morning sickness, nothing bad at all except I gained 80 pounds. Shit, huh? It was difficult carrying that load around. The midwife delivered Heikki as well, and that was also easy easy. I only have one child, so I don't have anything to compare with the midwife experience, but for an uncomplicated pregnancy I think a midwife is the way to go.

SO, about my impulsive behavior lately: I called my case worker at the clinic, and she said I could either wait until my appointment on the 27th, or schedule a walk-in appointment next week if I feel it is too serious to wait. She said I may very well be misdiagnosed, and actually have Bipolar Disorder. Right now my diagnosis is Schizoaffective Disorder. She said some antidepressants can aggravate Bipolar, and push a person into a manic state. I have never had any sort of mania before. It has always been either depression, or deep deep depression with psychosis. Since January, I have had several instances where I have felt totally high. Which feels great, but I act like a lunatic. So, I hope to get this taken care of soon.

Turbo - I am so envious of your weekends as well. You're so amazing. I want to make massage bars. How do you use them? Do they melt on your skin or something?

I took Luna for a walk today. She is such a good dog. And cute. It's too bad that pitbulls have such a bad rep, because Luna is the sweetest, best behaved dog I have ever seen. She doesn't run up to people, she just minds her own business, but her appearance scares the crap out of people.

Doodle! Congratulations on the purple coat! I love it when stuff like that happens. Yayay!

Ay. I gotta do laundry.
This sun is perking my ass right the hell up!! I mean, I know that it's going to get cold again, blahblahblah, but RIGHT NOW I can pretend that it's early summer.

The carafe for my uber-old-school Mr. Coffee broke the other day. Minxman got me a French press and water heater--sweetest thing ever. He even says that my snoring is comforting (wtf?!!!). We watched "The Grudge" and "The Descent" this weekend. That scared the living snot out of me.

PK--I've heard that Bipolar is misdiagnosed all the damned time, and it sure as hell sounds like you've been having manic cycles. Good luck with your doctor.

My boobs got hella big when I was preggers with Minxlette. I went from a B/C to a C/D, and when they were plump with milk they were freakin' torpedos. I just rubbed a lot of Lubriderm on them, not really knowing about cocoa butter and crap like that. Hey! I bet that Mr. FJ would LOVE having that job!!

Kari--how's the house treating you? Any weird moneypit issues coming forth? I hope you and the Mister are loving it.

Wow, I've gotta confess...I am LOVING having short hair. My students freaked when they saw it; one even screamed (which for her is, apparently, a good sign). Minxman says that it's good "sex hair" but I don't really pay that much mind because I could have Crystal Gayle or Sinead O'Conner hair and it would be "sex hair" to him. smile.gif

ETA: Where in the hell's bells is Pinkietuscadero?
Hi ya'll!! I just got in from spin class, and damn, it was hard to commit to being indoors tonight. I think I may let the chauffer sleep in tomorrow, and ride myself to work. smile.gif

Hi Hi PK!!! I hope you get your meds straightened out, and watch out with the diagnosis, I swear it seems like bi-polar is the new ADHD, and it feels like there's a lot of misdiagnosing going on...I hope they can help you get squared away.

I use the massage bars as'd probably have a bit of a trick down there to get the supplies shipped to you without liquifying. smile.gif But you basically take some different oils and butters of varying hardnesses, and just melt them together in a pyrex measuring cup, then add your fragrance oils when you remove it from the heat, about 1/2 tsp fragrance per 7oz of butta. Pour them in molds, and stash them in the fridge for a few hours, and then they'll just pop out.

Aawwww, that minxman is such a sweetie - buying you a new french press, and liking your sexy new 'do! And short hair, is damned sexy...not that I'm biased. heh. Its good for avoiding helmet hair too, when I ride my bike to work.
Happy Mondays, folks.

I came home and slept for three hours this afternoon. Daylight savings time + moving furniture all weekend= three hour nap. I feel like a zombie. With back pain.

Stargazer, wouldn't Burning Boobs make a good band name? I'm not a knitter either. It always boils down to a math problem for me, and I don't do math.

RV, sorry you didn't get your class. I admire anyone who can knit. I just can't do it myself. And I love your new avatar!

Ella, I like the teatime thing. And a room with grass would be awesome. Buggy, but awesome.

FJ: Sorry for your bra trouble. Bras are tough even for non-pregnant folks. Must be awful when the girls keep growing.

Did you say garam masala almonds, puppykitty? Turbo, do you know how to make those?

Diva, you are making me miss my gay boyfriend. We love shopping and all that fun stuff too. *sigh*

Problem you guys might be able to help me with: My dad wants to fly me down to Tennessee this summer for 5-6 days to visit him and his new girlfriend and go to my stepbrother's wedding in Illinois. I haven't had a relationship with him in 23 years really, since he married my stepmom, who was very controlling. My stepmom died in October, and suddenly, he wants his daughter back. He lavished attention on her kids and ignored his own. It's a long story, but that's the short version. Anyhoo, I'm tentative about any new relationship with him because, frankly, I don't trust him. He's had all this time to take an interest in me...why now, after she is dead? I don't want to go down there for 5-6 days. 3 tops. And he is not a rational man. I can't explain that it's too much too soon. And I don't even like my stepbrother, so I have no desire to go to his wedding. Not everyone gets the chance to start again, so I don't want to waste it. But I also don't want to put my emotions into a tailspin. When we talked last night and he told me this is what he wanted, I felt sick inside and had a panic attack. KelMan was there to help. I told my dad I would have to check my schedule because I have a week long inservice sometime that month. Should I lie to him and tell him it occurs during that week and then give some other dates I'm open for a shorter visit?
hello Monday evening.

Karianne, I have a border collie cross, with the maeurisms of a border collie, her name is Emily.

My boobs are also sore today, not only from being played with this weekend, a lot, but also because I am getting my period. Oh well, at least I know I'm not pregnant!

It appears that le man intends on being around for a while, July 7, 2007, somethings is going to happen. Hmmmm. He just keeps referencing this day. In terms of things getting hot and heavy. See, this weekend, while I did get portions, he stopped! Which I can accept. This respect thing is really growing on me! Turbo, he is pretty fine. Mmmm. Being around him and one of my other good friends has motivated me even more to work out. Instead of being, and I quote, what my friend J, calls a flabasaurus. She's hysterical.

I took Emily-pants for a walk at the off leash park today, and now she's sleeping, besideme, snoring loudly.

All you's talking about the food you've made. Mmmm, I'm jealous. Jenn sounds like you had a fab lunch-y.

Oh I'm so going to agree on the burning boobs band name.

What else can I say. Not much at this point. I'm kind of hungry, but I'm unsure of what to have. I'll think about it.

And crap is Emily snoring comfortably. Makes me want to get cozier in bed. smile.gif

Hey Kel--you know, my good friend, Wes, went through a similar situation with his father a year or two ago. It was emotionally draining for him, because his dad was an asshole when he was growing up, and totally ignored him after his mom divorced him. His dad wrote some long, pleading letter about wanting to reconnect, and this really troubled Wes.

ETA: He wanted to "reconnect" at his wedding to some new chica.

The moral of the story was this: unless he's been through extensive therapy, there's no fucking way he's to be trusted. Has he owned up to any of his shit? I've seen stuff like this go down, and many times over people get treated like cattoys. It's very heart-breaking. I am not telling you shouldn't do it, but yikes, do be careful of your heart. We want our parents' acceptance, but I don't think that a public wedding is the place to do it. Sounds more like he wants to be surrounded by his newly discovered "family" without having to work for it. Normally, I'm a very optimistic person, but tend to be very guarded when it comes to family. Good luck on that one.
Sorry, kel, I left you hanging with the garam masala almonds. smile.gif Toast your almonds up in a 300 degree oven for 15 minutes (even if they're already roasted, they can still use a freshening up). After 15 minutes, drizzle a bit of honey over them, just enough to coat them ever so slightly, and toss them until coated. Then, shake on the garam masala, and keep stirring them to coat - taste one to see if you like the level of spice. If your garam masala doesn't have salt in it, you'll want to add that as well. Put the almonds back in the oven for another 5-10 minutes, then take them out, and turn them out on parchment or wax paper to cool. Voila! Tart got me pretty well hooked on these babies! I think I'll go have some now...

Yeah, my lunch suprised even me....I think Battle Brekkie affected me even more than I thought! Ah well, it was tasty, and my stomach seemed to handle it okay.

Kel, you have the BEST band names!!! Burning Boobs - bwahahaha!

Kel, if you are going to reconnect with your father, I would definitely go with your instinct to do it on your own terms...what he's proposing doesn't sound comfortable for you, and I'd honor that instinct. Ponder this for awhile, and if you feel like making a visit later, then do so. I don't think the forced visit, compounded with a wedding is going to be a good way to meet him again for the first time.

FJ!! You're a buxom goddess now! Do we need more new belly pics?

Culture, you have got quite a tantalizing mystery on your hands 07/07/07.....I look forward to hearing more clues on this one!
Well okayers, I just wanted to say goodnight. I'm going to have some food then hit the sack, have a good night all!
Hi all! Just posting quickly so that, you know, y'all don't worry again that I'm dead or something.


doodlemama and I have been attempting to do a bit of decluttering today....because I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE. Everything's been piling up since I got sick (and also from having another person here), and it's making me crazy. But I can't do much heavy work. Which sucks.

Anyway! That's my report!
good evening everyone!!

good to know you are ok, doodle!!

(((((puppykitty))))) you know what. i noticed that sometimes the beginning of spring caused us to get an influx of people with manic episodes. especially around this time of year. i notice that i get more stimulated around this time of year too. so, you are probably right on about how you are feeling. take care of yourself. PM me if you have any questions i can help you with.

((((kel))) i stopped talking to my dad when i was 23. i just sent him a xmas card this winter. if you don't feel ready, then don't force yourself to go to the wedding. i think it is a good thing he is extending himself to you, but the timing is not right. nor, do i think your first contact should be someone's wedding. do what feels right for you.

to all of the sore boobies, knitters, and food makers, i bid thee a good night!!!
hey there, doodlebug! thanks for checking in with us! glad to know you are doing ok, although not quite yourself obviously. when will you be getting those results?

culture! wow! what a mystery, indeed! is it possible that he's abstaining and that's his goal date? hmm, you'll have to keep us updated on any clues that you get. i know MY wish for 7/7/07 is to hit the "jack"pot and have my baby boy that day. seems appropriate to me!! (my due date is 7/6) smile.gif

kel, i'm with turbo and minx... if you aren't comfortable with it, don't go. just tell him your schedule won't allow it. if he wants to see you now, it should be on your terms.

pk, i hope your doctor can help you with your diagnosis. i'm so glad you went ahead and called her.

thanks for all the thoughts on my boobage issue. i have some soft-cup bras that i bought when i hit that sale a couple weeks ago and i've been wearing them a lot. but i also got the pain last night in the middle of the night, while not wearing a bra at all. i asked the midwife about it today and she said it was likely just my organs getting pushed up into my ribcage while my boobs are growing at the same time. whatever is causing it, i'm not ready to go buy MORE bras that i'll be able to wear for the next three months. unless of course i just go ahead and buy some maternity/nursing bras since i'm hoping i'll be able to breastfeed.

oh, and minxy, you KNOW mrfj is already enjoying his new job of boob-masseuse.

i got another sale today. it was only $100 down, but at this rate, i should be getting a lot of residuals over the next few months. i've got a slightly above-average show ratio, so i really think i'm going to start getting newer and newer leads as time goes on. i've got two sets for tomorrow and three on wednesday; i just need them to show up for me and i'll be golden! i am so glad i made this move and encourage everyone that's struggling with thoughts of switching their jobs to JUST DO IT! if i could get a little more motivated in the mornings, i'll be doing great! well, that and more people actually paying in FULL!!! tongue.gif

i have a lunch date with my MIL tomorrow. then tomorrow evening, i get to go pick mrfj up from the airport, yay!

he was at the rock and roll hall of fame tonight. he didn't know when he went, but they were doing a simulcast of the induction ceremony from nyc. they inducted patti smith, r.e.m., van halen, grandmaster flash and the ronettes. granted, he was just watching it on tv, but he said it was pretty cool to watch from there.

ok, i need to go to bed earlier tonight than i did last night. i hope you're all doing well!

oh, and turbo, mrfj DID take some pics of me the other night. i'll add them to my album and post the link when i get a chance... they're sorta sexy-like, for pregnant pics.
Have you tried wearing tank tops/camisoles with shelf bras in them, fj? Every few periods I get really hurty breasts where they need to be supported at all times, but there's no way I could sleep in an underwire bra and the hidden bras are the most comfortablest thing ever. I actually just bought a couple more at Costco today.

Hi Okayers!
*waves at the okayers*

fj, the boy's sis is thirteen weeks pregnant and when she was over here (she lives in Vancouver) four weeks ago she bought nursing bras to wear; her boobs have jumped up 4 cup sizes (from a B to an E) and she needed the support and comfort and she swears by them.

eta: they were also sexy (the bras).
Morning Busties!!

Hi Bunny, Polly, and FJ!!

Just checkin' in before my momma comes to pick me up. I'm using her car for the day.

You know us Busties are a caring lot 'cause we are all concerned with FJ's boobage issue. biggrin.gif

I can't wait to see those pics FJ. But, ahem, you tend to take great pics. Everyone needs to check out this lady's myspace pics. Seriously.

I think I'm gonna go grab some blackberries before I leave.

I'm proud of myself 'cause I managed 30 min. on the elliptical this morning. blink.gif One small step for womankind, and one giant leap for lazy women like myself.
mornin' bunny and star!!!

Woot! for early morning exercise! I took turbo for an extra long walk this morning - it was already 50 degrees out at 5:40am, so I felt like taking a little extra time outside...its depressing to sit at a desk today, but it simply cannot be avoided - too much to get done today.

Star, you are SO right - we can be equally concerned about proper booby support as well as the continued healing of doodle! We are a *very* caring bunch!!

Doodle, darling, I am very glad you stopped in last night, even if its just a drive-by!

Not much new here this morning...the time change is still screwing with me - I'm just not ready to get up in the morning...I miss the early sunrise.
Good Tuesday all!

I;m here at mydesk, and from my office window, i can see the sun glistening on the River. What wonderful sights! It makes me want to take the LONG way to my noon appt, which is really only 3 blocks away.

OK, back to the grind...i'm swampped again this week, but know i am lurking, reading and keeping everyone top of mind!
Hello on this Tuesday morning!

FJ I think this is the day he planning to let totally loose! That's what is alluding to! Hee.

How is everyone else doing? I'm a little sleepy but it's a good thing I am only at work.

That is all for now.

I'll check in later.
oh, i forgot, Good Things Tuesday:

1. I have a small window of a break here to tell aboput Good Things
2. despite raging teething, moxette slept really well last night
3. Translated, mama slept really well last night
4. Its GORGEOUS outside, and I'm walking to my favorite deli for lunch.
Fahhhhk. We just got the uber-guilt email from turbomann's dad, about everyone's plan for the upcoming wedding in kind of pisses me off. We'd talked to the groom's sister yesterday who's really wrangling all the details, and she was very understanding of our situation, in not going. But now, we have FIL with the "one of those things you can't miss" and "they all traveled in for MIL's funeral, and supporting our cousin"...and then -- "but hey, guys, what are you thinking about the wedding?" Passive aggressiveness really chafes me the wrong way. I'd be much cooler about it if he said, "you, know, it would really be nice if we could all be there." That's all I need...not the guilt, thank you. I'm letting turbomann handle this one.

But now, its time for good things:
1. Absolutely gorgeous weather today!
2. Definite long walk with the dog this afternoon, and playtime at the park
3. Turbomann's last week of unemployment!
turbo, did i miss something? I thought you were going...

anyway, screw the FIL guilt. When my mama gets like that, i flat out tell her that until she changes her behavior towards me, i'm just not going to respond. Then, we either hang up, or change the topic. It works to keep me sane.

good morning!

*blushes at star's complements*

thanks again to everyone about BOOB-gate 2007. hehe. polly, i do have some of those camis and i've been wearing those at night, but maybe i'll start wearing them in the daytime. and i did get three soft-cup bras, two of which are sort of like tanks themselves so i'll probably be wearing those mostly for a while. i woke up with the pain again this morning though, and i wasn't wearing a bra at all last night. i'm sure it's just growth. i still can't believe that i'm actually complaining about this. i've wanted boobage all my life. be careful what you wish for, eh?

turbo, as much as i would love to jump on the fl bandwagon and insist that you come for a visit, i'm sorry you're getting flack from fil. honestly, if the bride-to-be doesn't have an issue with you not going, then that should be the end of it. of course, i know with family, it doesn't always work that way.

ok, i've gotta go get dressed. mil is taking me out to lunch. be back later!!!

good things:

1. jackaroo is kicking up a storm after my english muffin and apricot preserve breakkie.
2. gorgeous weather everywhere today!
3. mrfj gets home tonight!
4. feeling good about my jobbity-job
Yeah, moxie, we took a closer look at our bank accounts (and our wardrobes), and decided against going...there's another wedding in the summer up here, and we didn't think it was a big deal to not go - especially receiving the invite only 4 weeks before the wedding. Turbomann's sticking to our story on this one, but if both his other siblings go, I'm not sure our resolve is going to hold. In the long run, its not that big a deal, financially, but we've got no savings left after the last 4 months, and we would really have to buy a bunch of clothes for all the events - this one is formal all the way - to the point of the bride's mother ordered saris and outfits from India for the groom's mother and sister. I certainly wouldn't need Indian attire, but I would need to be dressed nicely, and I don't have that kind of stuff in my wardrobe. We're not dressy people.

Oh, and FJ...we're just coming to its not like we're coming to the more fun parts of your state. Boo. (of course, I have no idea how far you are from Tampa).

OMG - jackaroo is remodeling his cozy little home, and making FJ feel it! Yikes! I hope your soreness settles down...
Hey, gang! Hope you're all having a good Tuesday so far.

I am in awe of you people who get up so early and still manage to work out. Reminds me of me back in my figure skating days when I had to get up at 4am to go to practice. Absolute TORTURE!!! I never want to do that again.

FJ, you're due on 7/6? Wow! That feels so soon! How exciting!!! That means I'll be passing through your neck of the woods just about a week before little Jack is scheduled to make his big debut. biggrin.gif

TJ, I'm confused, too. I thought you were skipping some sort of pre-wedding hullabaloo, but were going to the wedding (?).
ETA: Ooooooh, I get it now. That's a tough one. Florida is soooo far away from you. Could your dad help pay your way?

PK, I agree with Star. I think a lot of people are more prone to manic episodes in Spring. But it's till worth getting checked out, I think. I kinda let my manic stuff go and ... well, bad things came of it. Rash decisions & such, which was odd because I'm usually super careful.

((((((Kel)))))) I think your instincts are right on target. Weddings are always a big emotional cluster-fuck as it is, so I don't think it would be the best time for you and your dad to confront this problem. Your idea of visiting him at another time sounds much better.

Minx, you reminded me that I must buy a french press before BestGalPal gets here next month. She's a coffee snob & I want to make sure she is well taken care of while she's here. biggrin.gif

~*~*~*~* daily Doodle vibes ~*~*~*~* Ah, decluttering. Always a good thing. Very good on the soul.

Thanks to all of you for being so sweet to me about the whole knitting class thing. The class is taking place at the local knitting shop down the road. I found out that they limit the class sizes to 6 people, so I can see how it filled up so quickly! There's another class that's still open on how to make a sweater or cardigan. I'm thinking about signing up for that instead. I also found out about 3 (3!) knitting clubs that meet in our little town - one at the library, one at a coffee shop, & another at the knitting store - so maybe I'll just go to one of those, instead. I honestly don't need to knit anything right now. I'm just looking for a way to make friends close to home. smile.gif

And in other interesting news ... a job recruiter contacted Sheff. There's a large company that is connected to some highly successful movies & video games and ... well, they have a position open that is perfect for Sheff. Having this company on his resumee would be aMAZing. The only real problem is that the job is on the whooooooole other side of the continent (San Francisco). And of course, San Fran is a hell of a lot more expensive than here (Sheff said housing there is twice as expensive as here). But. BUT. It's a very impressive company. Hmmm. So we're trying to decide whether he should go for it.

Good Things Tuesday:
1. I have the windows open! Wee!
2. Our insurance company has finally cut us a check to pay us back for their latest fuck-up.
3. I made saffron rice for dinner last night and there are plenty of left-overs. Yum!
well, if you decide to go, let me know. I'll ship you some stuff, India wise. We've got to be about the same size...esp. for Indian flowy...
Thanks, mox! I'm much bigger in the shoulders than you, as I remember, so your stuff probably won't fit. I think I wore your cousin's stuff for your wedding. We'll see what unfolds on the family front...I'd be okay with going, if the whole rest of the family is heading down, I just wish we could make a vacation out of it, and turbomann's just starting his job, so its not a great time for a vacation anyhow.

RV - that's an exciting proposition for Sheff, and I would guess that housing is probably more than twice the cost of where you are now...we have a few friends out there, and its hard to believe how expensive it is...however, you get quite a boost in an outdoor lifestyle too, so there is a balance.
I need to fucking rant. I have a friend who is driving my fucking bonkers. This is the one who broke up with her b/f, and now she wants to go down to his house, unexpected, while he is working. He told me that thigns are crazy at work right now. And she just doesn't get it! She keeps on going on and on and on! I'm at work, and I am BUSY!!!!!! Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I get that she wants to see him, but I have learned from expereince that if you drop in unexpectedly that things are going to get ugly! VERY VERY UGLY!


It is also very nice here today, I'll take the poochy to the park today again. I think that I'll work out too. Work is going good today.

FG boobgate, I love it!

turbo I get why you can't go to the wedding, why can't people understand things like this? Ever? Assholes.


Mox, yay for good night sleep!

~~~~Doodle vibes~~~~
FJ, i love those camisoles. i've told my friends if i could live in a camisole, yoga pants, and flip flops, then i would be a happy woman. i love comfort.

CH, drama friends can be exhausting.

turbo, i waved at your street when i drove past on my way to visit my ND!! make sure you sit in front of your gorgeous lakefront view today!

rose, tell Sheff to go for it! but, i think it's cuz i'm in love with san francisco.

i want to take a nap, but i can't relax. i just need a 10 min. shut eye before i leave.

good things:

1. the sun is shining
2. going to take my friend's dog for a walk along the lakefront
3. having great friends
It's not that I don't feel bad for her either, but I know from a BAD expereince that if she does this, it will officially be over. I know she wants to know where things stand, but he might be pissed and needs to calm down.

I love comfy clothes. I practiaclly live in my old navy fleece pants when I am lounging around at home. I wish I were home now.

Hi, peeps!

Jenn, does your FIL know that you aren't planning to go because of money reasons? Maybe he'd be a litte more sympathetic to that if he isn't already aware. And if you're going to be at the one in MI anyway, why does this matter so much?

Wow, RV, that does sound like something good for you guys, potentially. Would Sheff at least look into it to see if they pay enough for you guys to move out there? SF is such an awesome city, but definitely expensive as hell.

PK, I'm glad you made the effort to talk to your doctor. I hope everything works out for you.

I can't do the boobie shelf camis, my boobies would break them. I basically need galvanized steel to hold my girls up.

Kel, definitely see your dad if you want, but only on your terms. The great part about being a grown-up is that you have the power to make that happen. I'd be trepidatious if it were me, too.

Good Things Tuesday:

1) it's really nice out again, so I'll be taking another walk around a lake
2) my salad I made 2 nights ago is still fresh
3) I'm wearing short sleeves
4) I'm generally in a good mood

I had the nicest evening yesterday. Poodle and I went walking after work, then out for dinner and drinks. It was such a good day for it, nice and brisk out, and lots of really cute dogs to look at, then came home to the giant. I love seeing him after I've had a long, fun day. We watched TV, ate souffle, and went to bed early to get our sleeping back on track. I even remembered to set my alarm last night (I forgot on Sunday).

Now, if I could just find a way around this whole work/job/career thingy for the day, today would be perfect.

I think I'm going to bake a little something tonight. We're doing our quarterly birfday party at work, which is as good an excuse as any to practice my baking. Maybe I'll make my mom's famous daffodil cake, although I'd have to make 2 because I'd be so pissed if it all got eaten at work with no leftovers for home. It's my favorite. smile.gif
What kind of cake is a daffodil cake? I like the name! Is it the shape, or a particular flavor? I can't wait to see the daffodils and tulips popping up around the city - spring flowers make me so happy.

I'm sure my FIL will understand the money thing, but if he and all the sibs go, I feel like we have to. We've been the only ones to have contact with this wing of the family in the last three years after a major blowup awhile back, so if we don't go, even because of money, I think it might look bad. But we'll just have to wait and see what everyone else says - turbomann sent an email to his sibs and dad, so we'll just see what comes back.

Diva and poodle, I think your walk and dinner last night sound awesome! Its amazing to me how much more energy I have when the weather is nice.

And I am with ya'll on the comfy clothes...I try to find stuff as comfy as possible for work, but they're still "work clothes."
Daffodil cack? Dude, what's the recipe?!! It sounds pretty!

My mother throws a tremendous guilt trip whenever things don't go their way. For instance, she basically invited herself (and then tells me Dad is coming as well to my TWO-BEDROOM APARTMENT) a couple of weeks ago. I just realized, because time is flying like crazy, that finals are coming up in a couple of weeks here at school, and I have neither the time nor the tolerance for houseguests over a weekend betwixt the crazies. She got all bent out of shape telling me manipulative shit like "Oh, well you make sure and explain to Minxlette that we won't be coming because she was really excited about it." Uh-huh...I told her "Mom, I never tell Minxlette anything; I don't want to explain things to her" and started laughing.

HELLO?!! Project much, Ma?!! That shit drives me nutters. I told her, Spring Break is TWO WEEKS AWAY. Can't you wait for two weeks?


You know, there is a very good reason why I moved 300 miles away from home 15 years ago. I am slightly resentful that they want to be so involved in Minxlette's life when they pretty much didn't give a shit about mine. Grrrr...I try not to be bitters, and most of the time never think about it, but nearly every conversation with this woman devolves into some massive guilt trip, or inadequecy statement of the month regarding me.

I asked one of my students today if their parents would adopt me. She said they'd consider it. smile.gif

Oh yeah, and a student said that my hair looks like a wet chicken today.

The cack recipe is really easy. It's just a white cake baked in a 9x13 pan, or whatever the usual size is. On top of the cake goes 1 package of vanilla pudding mixed with half a brick of cream cheese. Then a layer of crushed pineapple on that, then a layer of Cool Whip, and chopped walnuts on the very top. It's the greatest cake I've ever had, and am lucky if Mom will make it once a year, usually for Easter. I don't know exactly where the recipe came from, but she didn't make it up. Either way, nobody else I know has ever made it, so as far as I'm concerned, it's a Mom Original. I'm SO going to serve it in my restaurant/bar.

I'm so glad my parents never want to visit. smile.gif Apparently, because I don't own a home, therefore I'm unworthy to visit. Fine by me!

Speaking of unwanted visitors, the homeless dude from months ago is banging on our door again, only this time he walked around the house and even banged on our living room window. That's a little invasive, isn't it?

Diva, that cake sounds wonderful! I bet your work colleagues will eat every crumb. As for Homeless Dude, that's pretty scary. I don't care whether a person has a home or not, they should not be pounding on your windows. If it happens again maybe you should call the police (?).

Where's our sweet Poodle today?

I guess Mouse is in Austin by now. Hope she's having a fabulous time!

Minx, I can't believe your mother is acting like that!! How totally inconsiderate! Woman needs to realize that guilt is a sucky tactic. Grrr.

Thank gawd my mother isn't like that. Sometimes she can be a bit too precious for words, but she's also very respectful & supportive & wonderful in tons of ways.

Jenn, I think the money sitch plus Mr. T starting the new job is a good enough excuse. Any normal adult would completely understand why you couldn't make it to a wedding in Florida right now. The only problem I can think of is if that branch of the family had traveled to go to your wedding. In that case, I can see why there might be some obligation, but that's about it.

CH, sorry to hear that your friend is being irrational right now. Break-ups do that to people. sad.gif

Star, what do you know about San Fran? Have you visited there or did you live there? I'm excited by the idea of living in a place that has a China Town and living in the same time zone as the BestPals. But I'm sure there will be a ton of competition for this job. We talked about it last night and decided that if Sheff goes for it, he will not feel comfortable earning anything less than twice his current pay. Asking for that amount is scary, but when you see how far your dollar goes in California compared to NC, it makes sense. Besides, this company is very secure (it's a company you would all recognize immediately if I mentioned it) & I think they can afford it.
HEY! I have a great idea!! Maybe Turbo or Rose will adopt me?!! I'd love to have the all-BUSTie couple or the Buttflush Queen as my guiding parental units!

Wouldn't that be exciting? I think that we should all have an adoptive BUSTie family. I think that some of us kind of have, in a way.

Jenn, ditto what everyone else is saying. If you don't have the funds to be able to do it right now. don't do it. If someone can help you out, great...but it really blows to be in debt to someone because of a wedding of all things. Car and home repairs, yes. Weddings, no. I would encourage people NOT get me anything if I were to get hitched and I knew that couldn't afford it. I would tell people: Sorry, but we've decided that you're only obligation to us as a newly married couple is to tell me five times today how gorgeous I am, and perhaps in the future housesit the cat for a day, or take Minxlette out for a movie.

I am kind of currently outraged by wedding fever. My brother's second wedding (and yes, it is his lovely bride's first) is costing way too much money. Perhaps I have gotten off easy in bridesmaid-gear, but $220 for one damned dress made me wanna puke. Then she wanted Minxlette as the flowergirl. I am such a naiive retard that I actually thought they would pay for whatever it was that they wanted her to wear. No, that is an additional $90. Everything said and done, this wedding will cost me nearly $500, including gas, lodging, yaddayadda.

Egads!! I am kind of shocked by the amount of bitching I am doing today...oh wait, no I'm not. Mean Red Gramma is paying a visit sometime this afternoon. Ha! I am so in-tune with my body. wink.gif
So the work day is almost done. Hurrah! I get to go home and drive through rush hour traffic! At least it isn't 4:30 traffic, which is disasterous.

So my friend is insisting on heading over to his house...I have now washed my hands of this. I warned her. I'll be there for her...GAAAAAAAAAAAA. That's all about that.

CH needs some alone time. I'll talk puppers to the park then work out, that'll get rid of this aggression. I also had a booster juice with energy, so I think that's why I am feeling so crazy right now. Whatevs.

All this talk about weddings makes me either want to a) never get married or cool.gif elope.

How's everyone?
yay for the workday being almost done!!! woohooo!! oh, wait... mine is just getting started. hehe!

ch, i love your different colored text. the yellow was pretty - hard to read, but still pretty. i'd like to think it was inspired by diva's daffodil cack!!! tongue.gif

that cake sounds really good diva. just to clarify: do you actually make the pudding before adding it to the cream cheese or do you just stir in the powder? i think i might try to make that one day soon. my mom makes something sort of similar. well, it has the pineapple, walnuts and cool whip, but still that's three ingredients so that makes it similar! smile.gif

today was just beautiful here. for lunch, mil and i ate outside at a little frou-frou place called truffles that i'd never been to before. i had a very yummy spinach, mushroom and bacon quiche and some pasta salad. then the guy brought us out little samples from the bakery - a strawberry shortcake and a chocolate raspberry mouse pie. oh man, they were good. but the samples were well enough for both of us after the yummy quiches.

after lunch, i took the pupper for a walk around the neighborhood and then came home and watered the yard. i've got little leaves growing on the plants that had turned to sticks over the winter, and even have some of the first blooms on my mexican petunias. yay!

i'm on pins and needles here because my 3:30 is still at the office and i don't know if she's bought yet. i'm staying positive though!!

oops. she didn't buy. sad.gif

ack! craaaazy day at the office. But I'm home now, and about to go enjoy this glorious day. We MAY even go to the pub down the way and sit outside and have some sangria! Woot for 70 degree weather in March!!

Bummer about that non-sale, FJ. You'll get another sale - and it will be a BIG one!

Minxy, we would be most happy to adopt you! There shall be a steady stream of greens, pro-biotics, and video game tutoring by turbomann. tongue.gif

Rose - I spent a couple weeks in San Francisco, mostly by myself, and it's such a very cool place! I have heard, though, how expensive it is. Very very expensive. We stayed at HI hostel in Fort Mason, which is right next to the Marina (in case anyone is familiar with the area). It was gorgeous. I walked along the beach every morning, and I found a beach where people brought their dogs to play. I'm not an expert on the city by any means, just saying that I fell in love with the place while I was there.

As for considering the job, the company you describe should certainly be able to pay Sheff enough for you guys to live comfortably in San Fran. It is probably much much different in Sheff's field - but did you know that for cooks, the privilege of working in a restaurant with a prestigious name means getting paid next to nothing? Yep. I hope that it's not that way for this company. I doubt it, right?

How do you feel about moving so far away? Where does your family live? What do you do, Rose? Are you OK with starting all over in a new (kick-ass totally cool) place? It all sounds very exciting.

Last night, I went with a couple of friends to 80's night at a club in a downtown hotel. Every Monday is 80's night, and it is always packed there. They play a lot of The Cure, The Smiths, Prince, plus other 80's "College Radio" standbys and pop hits. It's pretty fun. I wore this renaissance-y sundress because it was very warm out yesterday. I got a lot of compliments.

My friend - what shall I call about Morticia? Morticia has become one of my closest friends here in Tucson. I talk to her every day, and we talk about everything. Anyway, a couple weeks before I got to Tucson, Morticia's boyfriend of 7 years died very suddenly of a freak heart attack (he was 32). So I have only known her through different stages of grief. I never got to meet her boyfriend, but I know everything about him. So, her bf has been gone for a year and six months, and she recently started getting out there and having a good time, dancing a lot, and even meeting guys - although nothing has happened between her and any of them. Just a date ot two - no kissing even.

Last night, this guy that works at the same country club as Morticia was at the club, and he was totally hitting on her and she was loving it. He had his arm around her, talking to her very closely, and fondling her hand as well. Morticia looked at me and mouthed the words, "I love this!" After the club closed, we went to my favorite 24-hour diner and the guy showed up. He sat next to me in the booth, across from Moriticia. He was texting someone a lot, and being very very nosy, I got all shifty-eyed and read his messages.

He was texting, who I am guessing is a woman, and said "Nice 2 meet you 2. I wish we had met earlier and danced more. We should go out sometime." So, this guy was all over more than one woman that night. I didn't get a chance to tell Morticia, but it was OK because Morticia went away with me to our cars, and the guy went a different way so they didn't end up together or anything.

This is a hugely long story just to say, "What an asshole!" Maybe this behavior isn't *that* asshole-ish, but I feel sensitive about people effing with Morticia. She said she was loving the human contact and affectionate touches last night, and that it had been so so long since she had that kind of affection. She has a pretty good head on her shoulders, though, so I doubt she would get involved with someone like him, as long as I tell her about his texts later today.

Sorry about that pointless story.

I have been trying to call Heikki for a few days and haven't been able to reach him. I wonder what's up. Could it be Spring Break there and maybe they went out of town or something without telling me? That would be shitty. I'm going to try again soon, when I am sure he would be out of school. I keep asking him when Spring Break is, but he never knows, and I haven't talked to his dad in a couple weeks.

Kel - My dad and mom got divorced when I was 4, then my dad remarried and had two more kids and moved to Wisconsin. I pretty much didn't know him at all. After Heikki was born, my dad wanted to get to know me and his one and only grandchild. Since then, we've slowly built a relationship, but it is weird when you feel like you don't even know someone who is your father. You automatically should be able to build a relationship, even though the guy may as well be a stranger.

Anyway, I know how you feel about not trusting him. Is there any way you can make a shorter visit? MAybe tell him about your in-service, that you can't make the wedding, but make plans for an alternative? I just want to add that I think people behave badly toward relatives or loved ones, thinking there will always be time to patch it up, and that because you are family, of course things will be fine again. They take for granted your relationship. I don't know the whole story, but you might feel good taking it slow and giving him another chance. As for your step-brother and his wedding, if you don't like him, who really gives a frog's fat ass if he is getting married. Not your concern, right?

OK - I gotta stop writing. I'm gonna look like one of those trolls soon.
Thanks for the advice on the dad situation, okayers. I know I'm going to have to tell him I can't make the wedding thing. What really pisses me off is when my stepmonster died, he talked about how he would come here to Maryland to visit me this summer. Then he gets this new girlfriend, and suddenly I have to go there. The man and I have nothing in common except some DNA. I don't have anything to say to him. I don't hate him. I just don't have any real feelings for him. Like puppy said, he is a stranger to me. I'm just worried about telling him because above all, I try to be kind to everyone, even if they haven't been so to me. He doesn't deserve my kindness, but I can't see the point in purposefully hurting anyone.

RV: I would love to move to SF. Imagine the knitting there! I agree about the money issue. If they want him badly enough, they will have to pay a livable wage.

Daffodil cake sounds delightful. I must try to make some of that. It would have to be for an event where others are because I'd end up eating the whole damned thing in two days if I had it just sitting around.

FJ: So glad boobgate has a potential solution. We wouldn't have to impeach the girls, now would we? Sorry to hear your appointment didn't buy. Glad to hear you are generally feeling good about your job. And, eeeesh. Your organs are being pushed into your rib cage? Aaargh.

All the food talk here is making me so hungry. I need to grocery shop. And I need to do laundry, but the jackholes upstairs are monopolizing the washer and dryer AGAIN.

Good things:
1. Nice day with my students
2. Got crafting goodies in the mail
3. My sister in law quit smoking

Minxy, I think of the whole Lounge as an extended family. So you can be my BustieBaby, my BustieSister ... whatever works for you! And I'll never come over without calling first & asking if it's okay. And I'll actually abide by your wishes, too. Promise. wink.gif

Sorry the sale fell through, FJ. But MrFJ will be back tonight! Woot!

Jenn, hanging out at the pub sounds fabulous!!! It's super nice here, too. It nearly got up to 80F today! Madness!

PK, '80s night sounds like so much fun! As for the asshole, I'd definitely tell Morticia about the texts. The guy certainly has a right to meet more than one girl in one night, but to be sending text messages to GirlX while hanging out with GirlY is super tacky.

Kel, what kind of crafting goodies did you get?

I'm wondering if any of you can answer this question. Since Sheff found about about this job opening because of the independent recruiter's e-mail, does that mean he has to go through this recruiter to apply for the job? Or can he just apply for the job on his own? The company is advertising for the position on its own website, so it certainly isn't a secret. What do you think?

As for how this affects me ... well, I don't have a career, so that isn't a problem. We've only been in NC for about a year, so it's not like we'll be leaving a ton behind if we go to CA. I'm originally from Oklahoma & there simply aren't any jobs in Sheff's field near my family, so that isn't an issue. I think the hardest part for Sheff will be that there would be an 8 hour time difference between us and his family, as opposed to the 5 hour time difference we have now (Sheff's family is in England). Anywho, I looked at the job listing and, sure enough, Sheff matches every single thing they want. Hmmmmm.

I am soooooo full! For dinner I made porkchops with an onion & thyme sauce. Soooo good.
Hi gang...another quick post! I've got to get more decluttering done while I've still got doodlemama here to help with heavy stuff. I am sending her home, so she's going to head back to the Coast on Thursday. I think it's time. I'm still slow and weak, but also chomping at the bit to start being independent again. Anyway, gotta go!
doodle, you are sounding stronger every day!

rose, i've visited san fran about a couple of times. i've been seduced by that city since the age of 11. it would be the next place i would live next to chicago. the second was n'awlins (well, before katrina).

well, i took my doggie niece, kali, out for a walk. she was acting out towards the end because she knew i was taking her home. she wanted to go one way and i pulled her in the other direction. well, she pulled me with her and i wiped out on a busy street in front of tons of people. my cellphone went flying and my chin smacked the pavement. i was joking how i looked like jay leno with my swollen chin. the swelling has gone down. i'm just glad the dog and i are ok.

alright, it was an eventful day okayers.

i probably won't check in until the evening tomorrow.

shower and then sleep....

wow, rose!
sf is a great city, made all the better that it is surrounded by other great smaller cities. sheff will pro'lly love it. i'm told it's america's most european city, i wouldn't know--i've only been to canada. that said, i've lived all over the bay area, berkeley, oakland and san francisco........... and the secret is....OAKLAND.
if you are flying in, DON'T go to sfo, go to oakland's airport. less crowded, closer and cheaper.
if you are moving there, live in oakland. the lake merrit area is reasonably priced, quiet, near a park with a lake. if the office is actually in sf (as opposed to sillicon valley) you can commute by bart which is a short walk, short ride and really nice and quick.

you aren't actually in sf
BART's last subway is at midnight.

parking is much better. (sf is parking hell)
you aren't actually in sf
more relaxed
more 'street cred'
you can always go to sf or berkeley with little effort.

the pull of sf is always there so no matter where you live in the bay area you go there. but if you live in sf, you rarely go over to oakland or berkeley, which are great cities.
if sheff does get the job, keep oakland (or as my friends always called it, in mind.

but goodluck to the two of you. i hope he gets it. sf is a great city. i still have a highschool friend who lives in lake merritt, let us know what happens and i can see if he can give you the finer points of okland living...wink.gif

oh and i love your Mii avi.

(((((doodle))))) glad you are getting

stargazer, poor thing! careful! i was dog sitting today (partly) with my ex's pooch, bella. a mastiff. she's not even 6 mos old and as big as a german shepard. and still has a lot fo growin to do. and she too is a handful.

ooof. sorry i haven't been around, there is a lot to read here all the time and i am trying not to stay on line all day. that and a friend just had eye surgery and i was looking after him part of the day. tomorrow is the day i am on the panel. my ex was gonna give me a ride and attend, but decided to flake cos she wants to get a new car. typical. like i need a reminder of why i'm not dating her anymore. i was excited about being on the panel thingy earlier, but now i am dreading it. it's been a while, and i hate doing these things when i am unemployed. i'm sure it will be fine. i can talk about gender for hours. i was planning on spending the week painting but cos of everything i won't be able to till thurs or fri. sad.gif

anyways, ttyl, okayers!

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