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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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moxiegirl just made my tummy growwrllll....argh. I miss Devan street. I miss Indian food...i think maybe some for myself for dinner tomorrow would be divine. Moxieman can get his chineese, i can get my curry...we can both get fat and happy. Yep, that's life. AND an Indian wedding? GREEN...GREEN!

We're trying to convince my brother that he really wants an Indian future SIL seems to want all things ethnic (she's greek), and I think a mix of greek traditions and indian traditions somewhere in the sun (they definitely want a beach wedding) would be SOOO awesome.

Sorry to bug you poods. Will remember to refrain here. I just know y'all better, is all.
You can come on out here for Indian food anytime, mox! wink.gif We'll leave moxieman at our place with moxette and a pizza. heh. Yep, I am psyched about the wedding...will definitely have a few questions for you, as they're doing all the events, and will likely need a refresher course and wardrobe suggestions for the gringos. smile.gif AND, they're paying for hotel for two nights. Hells yeah. That really helps, as our finances will still be recovering.

A Greek/Indian wedding sounds like SO much fun - now that'll be a great party!! Spanikopita & Samosas in one place....oh yeah....*drools*
IPB Image

Happy Birthday, Mouse!
hey all!

So glad the day is done.

Turbo float pool has it's advantages. My supervisor is outside the department I work for, and I get the experience of differnt offices and different case loads. I am really enjoying it so far. Right now I am helping wirte up a prosecution recommendation for our investigations team.

Mmmmm samosas! I have some, and I want to eat them, but later.

Hope everyone has a good Friday.
Doooodle!!! That was so sweet!

How are you feeling today, my dear?

Culture, we had some delicious samosas with dinner - SO good. And yummy chana masala for din din. Then, we bought a bunch of nuts and spices at the grocery next door - oh and sugar covered fennel seeds, which I adore!!

Now, its time for Stacy & Clinton! Wheee!
hello darlings

doodle, that is the cutest thing i've ever seen. thank you!!! thank you all for the birthday greetings wub.gif

well, i'm off....i've cleaned up my desk and taken anything incriminating off my computer and put all my work on the server...wonder of wonders, my boss actually *apologized* for yelling at me--with no prompting from me at all! she also offered to give me a raise if i was leaving because of money. thanks, but uh, a little late. still i'm thrilled she apologized. yay!

i only know about indian weddings from the movies (specifically monsoon wedding and bend it like beckham) but i know enough to want one. now i just need to find me a nice indian man...hahah.

so, i don't know how much i'm gonna be around from now on....of course i'm going to austin next week, and then when i start my new job i probably won't be messing around on the internet much. so i probably won't be as active but i'll still peek my head in when i can. aww. i'll be around.

xooxox all okayers! i hope you all have delicious samosas waiting for you at home smile.gif
Doodle, that is so damn cute!

Turbo, they've been showing a whole WNTW marathon tonight, so you've got hours and hours of Stacey and Clinton if ya want 'em! smile.gif And maybe this shows that I'm totally whacked, but the lady on the show right now looks pretty okay to me. Well, minus the Christmas sweater. There's no excuse for a Christmas sweater.

Sheff had to work late afterall, so the biryani will have to wait until tomorrow. Oh well.

Cross-posted with Mouse! Congrats on completing your final day at work!!! And you even got to leave 'em wanting more. Always a great way to go. smile.gif Have a FABULOUS birthday, enjoy your vacation, enjoy, your new job, enjoy everything!

The idea of an Indian/Greek wedding is too fabulous for words. The mind boggles!
Get fucked...that reminds me of a thing my friend Wes used to say to people that got on his nerves: Get Bent. I always liked that one.

*gets out her Okayer tea-set*

So, I cut off all of my hair today. I am rocking the sweetest short haircut in Minneapolis currently. It was worth the wad of cash I dropped. My GORGEOUSNESS SPECIALIST was having way too my fun with this one.

I am feeling inclined toward mad's been awhile since I've leaned in that direction, but it kinda feels like a Turf Club evening. Anyhoo, you chacha queens have a great weekend. I may check in tomorrow and see what the fabulous are up to. Ciao!

good evening everyone!!

i lurked this morning, but i felt like being a bum today. i slept on my couch last night. i had a dream with my roommate in it. seemed too real like he was really there. i tend to have very vivid dreams.

FJ, my corn on the cob was fab. i had some more this afternoon for lunch. i tend to get repetitive with food. i was like that with sweet potatoes. i would eat one for lunch every day. i guess i'm kinda weird like that. yeah for your sales!!


and as a mexican, i'm glad you are keeping the pinata tradition alive. btw, about media holes, when you said you didn't watch television until 13, i thought, "who are you?? nell?" but, then i'm afraid you won't get my nell movie reference 'cause it maybe another media hole for you. i make alot of pop culture references.

turbo, now i really want to see your hair. it sounds short. wow. i've had my hair every which way since my mother dorothy hamil-ed me at the age of 5. i'm a hair product expert. i loved bedhead manipulator wax. bumble + bumble sumo wax is s'pose to be the bomb. i have this dry wax from paul mitchell that is awesome. i should give you this paste i have leftover from when i had super short hair. maybe next time us chitown busties meet.

rose, i think the cut makes a difference really. i have thick wavy hair. but, with this new 'do. i look like i got a perm. and my hair never would hold a curl. ever. unless it is the healthy eating habits that put a curl in my hair. the cut and product work wonders. i literally use 3 hair products to give my hair a natural curly look.

can you tell i love talking about beauty products??

i hope everyone has a fab friday nite. i'm gonna do some cleaning and read. i'm laying low this weekend.
Hello all!

I am feeling sore and achy, and therefore somewhat anti-social, so I've just not posted today. But I'm around, sort of.

*waves, attempts yoga stretch in thread, collapses on face*
Thanks for the recos star!!! I've tried the B&B sumo wax, and while it really does the job, its a little on the sticky size...that, and B&B products are so expensive. eep. I may try the paul mitchell. I love beauty products too. smile.gif

*whistles at minxy* Everyone's getting their hairs cut this week - must be for mouse's birfday that we're all going short!! Minxy, we need a piccie!!

X-post with doodle! I'm sorry you're still feeling achey my dear. I hope it passes soon.

RV, I agree with you, that last woman on WNTW really didn't need it - it was more of a feel-good epi. Sometimes, I don't understand what's wrong with how people dress. Sweatshirts, casual jeans and sneaks are valid wardrobe choices, so far as I'm concerned.

I hope mouse is having a blast at her party by now!!!
*pops head in and laughs*

btw, about media holes, when you said you didn't watch television until 13, i thought, "who are you?? nell?" but, then i'm afraid you won't get my nell movie reference 'cause it maybe another media hole for you. i make alot of pop culture references.

oh, gawd, that was funny! i get your nell reference, star! one of my roommates and i are pop culture reference whores.

hope you feel much better soon, ((doodle))!
Doodle, I'm hope you feel better sooooooooon!

I had a lovely slice of cake today at work, it had a cookie crust.

I took the puppers for a nice lone walk at the park today, and she's been pretty quiet since 6! Shocking for the little bandit bordie collie!

Turbo, I'm so jealous of your din-din. Mmmmmm. *drools*

I have some haagen daas rocky road ice cream in the freezer, but it won't fill me up, maybe, hmmm. I'm not too sure what to eat.

I know that I could watch hours of How Clean is your House such a great show. My friend Ashley who lives in England reminds of Kim. I miss her. sad.gif

I hope that Mouse is having fun times at her part-ay!

I'm getting my hair cut soon too! Just a trim, it's getting a little long, and curse the curly hair, I get split ends to easily. Buggers.

Anyone up to anything special tonight? I'm just staying home and relaxing.

Don't forget daylight savings time is this weekend!

*waves bye, for now*
Divala, the tart is just as fabulous without the tomatoes on top...would the giant eat it then?

Mouse, I hope your birthday was fantastic. I'm so glad your boss apologized. It would suck to leave with such a nasty thing hanging in the air. I'm late getting on the thread today and have only skimmed...did you mention how the shirt ideas came out?

Turbo...dinner sounds delicious as it usually does in turboland. Tonight I had dinner at the BF's house with him and his daughters. He cooked salmon, and I made a sauce with spicy brown mustard, butter, a dash of tabasco and garam masala spice. It was so freaking good, and totally came together out of experimentation. I wanted a dill sauce, but his dill smelled suspect, so I foraged until I found the garam masala, which I've never used. It was sooo good. We also had jasmine rice and broccoli. Yum. All the food talk on this thread makes me hungrier and more likely to NOT heat up a frozen dinner!

Doodle...hope you are getting better...try to avoid the yoga moves until the floor is less likely to end up smacking you in the face tongue.gif

All the haircut talk makes me a bit sad because I got a bad one a couple weeks ago and it's still a bit difficult to manage. I went the same lady I usually see, but she took WAY too much off my long layers this time. I have naturally curly hair, and it just went a little crazy with this cut. Another couple of weeks and I'll probably love it. I hope everyone else is completely in love with their new do's.

Damn, it's late. Soji has put away her washboard over an hour ago and is looking at me pleadingly to go to sleep. I think I will oblige her. Night, all.

mouse, i hope that your bday was as wonderful and as fun as the adorable mouse and cheese pic that doodlebug posted for you!

the tart sounds amazing. as do the the meals chez turbo. i had boeuf bougogne last night. totally wrong season for it (we are passing from hot season to cooler season but still get up to the low to mid 30s C daily).

groovin on everyone's hair cuts. pix! we want pix!! it has taken me SO long to get mine to where it is (past my shoulders, about to my bra in back) -- that i am not thinking about changing mine anytime soon. everyone here loves my hair, even though i personally still hate it. so i am living vicariously through all of you!!! PIX!!!

i need more sleep. i stayed up working until around 11 last night. did NOT sleep well. worried sick about my mother (even though there is not a thing that i can do about it and i know i shouldn't worry because it won't help her and it WILL hurt me! then woke up early because:

um, i bought a car. it is a mitsubishi "jeep" sort of thing. 4x4. 5 speed manual. very pretty, tricked out to the max, medium green. throughout all of the recent craziness, with our director and desk officer here from new york, i have been getting it registered in my name, getting crazy expensive insurance, changing all of the locks, changing the alarm system getting a system that if you don't know the "secret place" to turn it off, the car will drive down the road for a few kilometers and then freeze up. can't go anywhere. oh, forgot the lock for the gear shift. cars get stolen daily here, there are at least 3 people at work who have told me about their stolen cars.

ok, so i bought a car. i haven't driven it yet. it is right side driver. that means that you drive on the left. which is the opposite of how i have driven for.....35 years? aaaaaaaaaargh. and the people drive like maniacs here. worse than rome. worse than rio.

i am going out today for the first time to drive it. one of the guys from work is going out with me. i'm nervous. i want to call and postpone. but i NEED and WANT to be able to drive here. it will change my life dramatically. think of the independence!

but i'm tired and cranky and anxious about mamae and i haven't packed and i have more work i need to do and, frankly, i'm scared. you have NO idea how hard that is to admit.

many, many, many thanks for all of your continued vibes. and particularly those who included tes-sis pennwe and mr. hb and elle. it has been rough on all of us, but i think it has been worst on sis pennwe because she's the one "in charge" so she's been bearing the brunt of the weight. she's upset and freaked, too. it will be good to have each other to lean on, keep each other going and cry with. i'm sure that we will cry. frell, i've cried at least an inlet or a bay by now. i'm not denying that pennwe would be even worse if she were NOT the one in charge, she has that same control gene that all of the women in our family have (not sure about nieceoid ahhh).

eta: i have that "media/culture hole", too -- who is nell?

also to add: this post is mostly crossposted in kvetch, and probably soon n my live journal

Hello all! So, how is everyone Saturday? What about Friday?

I stayed home last night, of course, while I was trying to sleep, I kept on getting text messages, and it was irritating. I know CH why not turn off the phone? Because my phone is the only way someone can get a hold of me, so it's on all the time. Grrrrr. A guy I told to go away texted me a 1:30 just to hang out and chill?

Mouse, how was your bday bash?

Kel. how was your evening with Mr. K.

Tes, new wheels sounds fun!

It is going to be 3 degrees celcius here today. Which may seem cold, but it's finally SPRING!!!!!

Going out with le man tonight.

Today I'm doing my taxes and taking the puppers to get her nails cut. It's going to be an action packed afternoon! laugh.gif

Later kats!
Mornin' ya'll!! Its a beautiful spring morning here, the first one that makes you wake up early and WANT to go outside! The warm, fresh breezes coming off the lake are wonderful! AND, turbomann woke up before me this morning, for perhaps the first time ever (except for the rare hangover mornings), and walked turbodoggie for me this morning - what a treat!! Of course, turbomann did fall asleep on the couch at 8:30pm last night, so he got a LOT of sleep.

(((((tes, mamae, tes' sisters))))) My thoughts are with you my dear, and I hope the trip home goes as smoothly as possible, and that you can find some laughter mixed in with the challenge of this time.

And (((((safe driving and car owning)))) to you as well!! Owning a car there sounds like quite the ordeal with driving on the wrong side and all your fancy theft deterrent devices!! But I look forward to hearing of your adventures now that you're mobile!

And I've got a huge batch of granola in the oven right now that's making the house smell awesome! And because of our haul from the Indian market last night - it is chock full of cashews, almonds, sesame seeds and pecans. YUM. Later, I'm gonna whip up a batch of tart's famous garam masala/honey almonds.

Kel, that salmon sounds *awesome*!! I'm gonna have to tuck that recipe in my head for the next time we have fish!

Not much in the way of plans today - just cooking a bit (YAY!), making massage bars that a friend ordered for her yoga workshop attendees, and watching Last Holiday tonight, while turbomann goes and gets blasted at Beer School. heh.

ETA: X-post with culture!!! Have fun with le man tonight!!! Ick about the midnight TMs...that would really piss me off too.
Le Sigh, so where the heck is everyone today? Hmmmm. Having a much more exciting afternoon than I!. No one could do my taxes today, oh well.

Went and got an oil change instead.

Hi turbo, you have an evening all to your self tonight! Nice!

So I feel like a total prat, on eof my friends texted me last night saying her and her b/f broke up, I thought he was pulling a prank, and I talked to her this morning. It was true. FARK! I feel so bad! She didn't seem to mind.

I downloaded a bunch of Music, and fuck I'm just doing my groove thang here!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday as much as possible!

Hey culture - I'm around! Just got back in from a nice long walk in the bright sunshine with turbodoggie, and we met up with other doggie friends, so it was fun. And I actually had to take my scarf off - I was too warm! Nice!

I'm glad your friends understood about your mis-believing the break up...I know I nearly made the same mistake a couple years ago when our best "couple" friends here broke up, one of those times where you hang out every weekend, and yet have no idea that all is not well. But they're both happier now, and the guy is now married to the most perfect partner for him, so its all good.

I can't decide if I want to make some soup today or not...hmmm. White bean soup is sounding kind of good. Maybe with a little basil oil swirled on top....Michael Chiarello made it on his show today, and it sounds sooo good.
Howdy okayers. Today I've been working my ass off because KelMan decided to move three of his daughters into the giant attic bedroom. This involves moving all of his crap out of the attic and all of their crap up into the attic. It is a monumental task for anyone who is even a little organized. For KelMan, who is easily distracted by shiny things and has no "system" to work by, it is a Herculean effort. Not to mention that he and his four daughters are quite possibly the most filthy pigs when it comes to housekeeping. Times like this I'm glad I don't live there. I was at it for four hours, but now I have to go have dinner for a friend's 30th b-day at one of those Japanese "We throw food at you" places. Not my thing, but it's not my birthday!

Turbo, walking the doggie sounds lovely. It's almost 60 degrees here today. Gorgeous! What's it like your way?

Culture: 3 degrees? And that's a heatwave? Yikes. Hope your time with leMan is fun and fruitful, if you knwo what I mean.

Teseo: Tricked out car, huh? Wrong side of the road? Should be an adventure, and what little I know of you, you seem like the adventurous type.

(((all other okayers))) Gotta go get pretty for the b-day party.
3 degrees is just the tip of the ice burg, in the summer it gets to be, on average, 30 degrees. It is just spring.

Took the bandit to the park, there were lots of people there, she is listening so well. She's passed out.

Turbo, that soup sounds delish! Mmmm.

Kel, I'm sure tonight will be good times, but if no frutition occurs, this is okay too. I'm enjoying this "dating" and getting to know you thing! He's a sweetie. He's afriad that I may get upset about his crazy schedule, but I don't mind. I don't need to see him everyday! I had that for 6 years, not in any rush to do it again!. Enjoy your evening!

Later all!

turbojenn are a very good soul for helping kelman's daughters move...sounds like quite an ordeal. Glad you're off to more fun adventures now!

Its a lovely 47 degrees here. In the sunshine, it feels warmer. Of course the crazy chicagoans are all outside with no coats on and shorts - its not quite *that* warm, yet.

And I did decide to make the soup. I'm not sure turbomann's going to like it, but I decided that I don't really care. He's off to beer school tonight, and I'm making soup that *I* like. so there. I may even order a mushroom goat cheese bianca pizza to go with it tonight. mmmm.

culture - have fun with le man tonight!!! I can't wait to hear how it goes - a night of possibilities, eh?

(((((doodle))))) Hope the soreness is going away today....
Yes, I saw a man wearing shorts while he was jogging. Short shorts at that. I'm thinking, hey good for you, but. uh, it's a teensy bit chilly for this yet.

Mmmm night of possibilities. He won't let anything happen, he wants to wait. I like that.

Well I'm going to get ready for this evening, take it easy.

*waves at turbo*
Hello all!

CH, I think kel is confused b/c you are speaking in celsius and she is speaking in fahrenheit! Sometimes I think we need an interpreter on BUST, hee! Then again, CH could be messing with your heads on purpose. tongue.gif

(Jeez, I'm such an inculcated Canadian, I had to look up how to even SPELL "fahrenheit!" unsure.gif )

3 C = about 37 F. It is 10 C (50 F) here, but no sun today. Bah.

(((((((((tes, tesmamae, tessisters)))))))))

I am feeling slightly more normal today - well, in the area of body pain, anyway! Anesthesia is a bizarre thing.
Hi doodle! I'm glad you're feeling a little less sore today! Is doodlemama taking good care of you?

I've just been busy busy in the kitchen! Finished the bean soup and pureed it, made some garlic oil to drizzle on top, and make salad dressing with, I've got a buncha sweet potatoes roasting away in the oven right now, and I made a set of massage bars. Now I'm just watching the clock waiting for my sweets to be done, and then its time to pour a glass of vino and pop in the movie.
good evening all!!

polly, thanks for posting about nell for me!

(((((tes)))))) glad you are able to check in.

CH, good luck with le man tonight!

mouse, hope your party was great!

turbojenn, pizza! i should've gotten pizza. instead i thought i would try this new restaurant and the food was crappy. rats. oh well. i had some hazelnut lindor balls to make up for it.

i'm kinda tired. as turbo mentioned, the weather here is fab. but, the warm weather brought everyone out and made work very tiring. lots of running around. so, i like i'm gonna grab a little shut eye so i can do the elliptical tonight.

hope everyone is having a great weekend!!
star - I thought better of myself (or rather my intestines), so I didn't order the pizza....I just roasted up some sweet potatoes instead, and ate them with my was delicious, and won't hurt me. smile.gif

Now, I'm just curling up on the couch with a movie.
Hi turbo and stargazer!

turbo, doodlemama is looking after me, but I'm also trying to decide when to send her home! I guess I'll have to start trying things like driving and doing laundry, and see how I make out...if my car will even start after all this time! (Too bad doodlemama is clueless about standards, or I would have had her start it up once a week.)

So you get the house ALL to yourself tonight turbo? WOOT!

*tucks thick purple gramma-afghan around stargazer and turns out the light*

Hey, interesting news (for ME, anyway, heh!)...remember how I said I'd apparently dropped 2 jeans sizes from being sick? Well, today I pulled out my gorgeous purple outdoor jacket, which I bought years ago but haven't really worn at all because it was too tight in the arms/shoulders. (I ordered it from a catalogue and never sent it back, but I was loathe to get rid of it because it cost a lot of money.) It fits amazingly! It's actually too big, but that means I can wear a big thick wooly sweater underneath. And it's waterproof! Just in time for spring! I see many beach walks in my future...after I master going up and down the stairs again, of course!

George and Carmella are being extremely clingy, even with their "nana" here. Even with their "nana" doing the feeding! *le sigh*
hey doodlebug!! so glad you are feeling better!!

turbo, that is the EXACT same reason why i didn't get pizza. at the same time, i got sushi (california roll) and crab rangoon. i know it sounds impossible to mess it up, but it wasn't that great. oh well.

OK. now i really need to take a nap.
WOOT! for the awesome purple coat!! I love it when you drop weight and get to wear fun clothes - I'm in the same position right now. But of course, we want you to be healthy and strong AND fit into your cool coat!

Well, star, while I avoided the dietary pitfall, I've eaten WAY too many garam masala almonds today, and I feel all bloaty. oof. Its just so easy to munch.

Turbomann just got in while I was out walking the dog, he's now snoozing on the couch. cute.

I've whipped up 2 batches of massage bars this evening, and I think I've really perfected my recipe now, and I've got some new fragrances in that I really like. I'm doing lavendar vanilla massage bars for my friend's yoga workshop, and I'm really liking them so far. Gonna have to order some more butters here soon, though, before it gets too warm to order such melty items.
./../ f vgtgtrgb gft gbvb b

Yes, moxette feels the draw of BUST...

Ok, off to read everthing from the weekend so far. *MWAH*
[gives Moxette a big raspberry kiss on the cheek]

((((((((((Tes)))))))))) Love you, honey. And I'll be thinking all sorts of warm, healing thoughts for your mother, sister, niece, husband and, of course, YOU. Congrats on the car!

Hooray for Doodle's purple coat!
~*~*~*~*~* daily healing vibes fo Doodle ~*~*~*~*~*

CH, I think it's sweet that he wants to wait. I have a friend who often sleeps with guys fairly quickly, but with her current guy they decided to wait a couple of months. She said that taking things slowly allowed their relationship to grow in a really great way & she's very happy. Hope the same thing happens for you! smile.gif

Yesterday Sheff and I tried out my new GPS system. I love this little thing! We drove to a town on the other side of the metro area - the very town where I got so terribly lost a week ago - and it was fine! And while we were out, we used the various features to find a place for lunch. It was sooooooo nice to get out & spend time together. But most of all, it was wonderful to know that I will not be lost ever again!!! Such an enormous relief!

Unfortunately, I have a terrible headache this morning and, of course, Sheff chose this time to ask me about tax stuff & my brain just can't handle that topic at the mo'. Uuuuuuuuuugh.
good afternoon on this Sunday. Just woke up. Not feeling so well today, time change + sleeping in a new house and bed = not a very good sleep.

The evening went well, me and leman had a nice time, we again started to have sex, but we both stopped it. We are really into each other and want to get to know each other. On the drive home I let a lot out, and he is really okay with that. When we got back to is place, I went to the spare bedroom, he came in there, gives me a big hug and tells me that everything is okay. He asked me where I wanted to sleep, and I asked him if he wanted me with him, he said it was entirely my choice, but that yes he did. So that was that. He held me all night, and we chatted. I'm really into him. Last night we was texting my mom! They were making fun of each other. It was fun. I met his friends, and they are really great people. So, it went well.

How is everyone today? I need to go eat, then I'm headed back to bed.

Have a good one.
CH - YAY for the great date, and being happy with leman, and how things are moving along - he sounds like a *really* good egg! And texting your mom - that's awesome!! I'm so happy for you guys!

I've been busy again today....a friend came over this morning, and I helped set her website straight - her brother helped her set it up, but built it in php, which she clearly doesn't code, and she's just barely understanding HTML, so I whipped it up with some good templates so that she can easily manage it.

Other than that, I've been in the kitchen again - making more massage bars, made a big pot of mexican charro beans, and then braised some pork in the oven with a puree of dried chiles and tomatoes for pulled pork for was yummmmmmy. Now, though --- I want chocolate, and I don't have any.

I am looking forward to "Battle Breakfast" on FoodTV tonight. I am nerd, I can't help it.

(((((Doodle))))) I hope you're feeling a little better today!
Well, I've got nothing else going on, so I'm watching Iron Chef with you, Jenn. I've never watched this show before. And I'm only 15 minutes in & already feel exhausted! smile.gif It was super sweet of you teo help your friend with her website. The world needs more people like you!

CH, he was texting your mom? Did I read that right?

Sheff & I spent a chunk of the day out & about & playing with the GPS. We stopped by the local dairy for milk and ice cream, too. Such a nice thing to do on such a beautiful day!

Sadly, the headache has returned. Think a White Russian might fix it? wink.gif
So tired and worn out from moving furniture and cleanig KelMan's house. The good kind of tired.

*waves to everyone, wishes everyone well, collapses into bed*
wow, kel, you definitely sound like you did some work this weekend! wow!get yourself some good rest. and maybe a nice bath!!!

and here i was all proud of myself for cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry (and yet, cannot find the source of a stink in the kitchen!!!).

of course, tj ALWAYS puts me to shame on the weekends! hehe, when i was reading about your massage bars yesterday i somehow thought you meant like granola bars or wellness bars that you EAT, but then i read lavendar and fragrances and i thought, "hmmmm, i must be missing something". hehe. you have to remember that mrfj works with the massage industry so i'm constantly hearing about the various products marketed to massage therapists.

culture, sounds like you had a good date. good for you for taking it slow. i think rosie is right! you guys are getting to know each other really well before actually having sex. but it's so great that you still shared that intimacy of sleeping together. i can't wait to hear more!!!

moxette paid us a visit!!! woohoo! she just can't keep herself off BUST! what a cutie! *big kiss*

my friends' son's birthday party was sweet. he did the usual 1-year-old thing: playing with the boxes more than the presents, playing with the cake and getting it ALL over himself (even had red "elmo" icing in his nose) and just generally having a fun time. they even dressed him in the cute little outfit that we bought for him, which was pretty cool. they were very happy that we drove down for the party - in fact, my girl M cried on friday night when we got there.

i hated to leave yesterday, but we had to get back home to get mrfj to the airport this morning at 9am. he'll be home on tuesday night though, so it shouldn't be too bad. of course, that still means that i'm going to be up late tonight like i usually am the first night he's gone.

and i never thought that i would be complaining about this, BUT - i think i'm gonna have to buy more new bras. my new bras are starting to HURT me. the wire underneath is starting to sort of cut in to me between the underside of my boobs and the top of my ever protruding belly and it's sort of burning. i don't know how to explain it really, but i am sure it's the bras. i've changed into a different one and it helped for a while, but GARRRR! not anymore! i might have to get a few sports bras. maybe that will help. i mean, i don't mind actually having a chest and cleavage for the first time in my life, but now i understand what the bigger-chested women have been complaining about!!

ok, gonna snack out on some more fresh corn on the cob!
I feel a bit like I've accidentally stepped into someone else's party. You're all very polite about it, though. Thank you for your welcomes!

I'm going to try my best at an introduction, so you don't think I'm a creep - I'm a book nerd from a midwestern town so small we haven't even a stoplight. I grew up on Ani DiFranco and the 'Dead; I've been a vegetarian my whole life, though none of my family members is the same; I'm an avid letter-writer, and make much of my own jewelry and clothing. My roommate and I have afternoon tea every day around four. At home, I have two dogs and three cats; at school, only fish and the occasional stray. I'm a creative writing major with a crush on the sociology department, and I work at a literary journal. If I strike it rich one day, I would do one selfish thing with the money: build a small room with skylights and real grass growing on the floor. For picnics and days one needs grass on her toes. I'm an innately practical person with a little idealism - which I nurse endlessly.

Thank you very much for hosting me in Okayland.
well, hey there ella! I thought of you yesterday whilst singing to my kidlet. I got to "LMNOP" and thought "Hey! I know a new bustie by that name!" See? You're already one of Us. What did you do with your weekend?

Me, I've got another insane week at work...catching up from all the stuff I didn't get to do last week. Sigh...Mondays, eh?

FJ- Whist my boobah didn't grow much during pregnancy, I am a healthy 34C. I find the VS "body by Victoria" to be wonderful. That's just my 2cents.

TJ-how was battle brekkie? Give us the replay!

((((tes))) safe journeys of all sorts.
morning all!

i had a bad dream that woke me up at this god awful hour. now, i can't go back to sleep. argh.

moxie, i always think of the song "monday,monday" by the mamas & the papas. it helps ease the crapola of mondays. i tend to think in culture in general.

CH, yeah for having a great date!

rose, boo on the headache!

*~*~*sending out healing vibes to rose and kel*~*~*

kel, that was so nice of you to help out with the move.

FJ, burning boobs?? that's a new one. you know what, i tend to itch sometimes under my underwire too. maybe it's the metal. just a crazy guess. i hope you can sleep a little with mrfj gone.

ok. off to surf the 'net, hopefully i will get sleepy enough to fall back asleep. but, i think i will end up on the couch. *le sigh*
Mornin' ya'll!

(((((go back to sleepy vibes for star)))))

*YAWN* This DST business is killing me this morning....and its back to waking up in the pitch black dark - 6:50am here, and still black as night. hmph.

I think I'm gonna need singing a little mommas and papas this morning too....thanks, star!

Battle Brekkie was okay...I was surfing the net and making massage bars while watching, so I'm not sure how much of it I watched. I do think the challenger should have one, though.

Welcome, ella!! I'd love a room with real grass on the floor! That would take the winter blahs away, for sure!

*wanders out of the thread, humming*
Good Morning!

Ella, thanks for the intro. Glad you are here with us in the Okay thread! Welcome.

Fj, I know...Jenn's productivity never fails to impress. Jenn, where did you get the instructions for the bars? Are they hard to make?

CH-your date sounds really sweet. It sounds like good things are in the making!

Doodle, glad to hear you are feeling better bit by bit. That's great news!

Hi rosev, moxie, minxy, tes, stargazer, kel, and everyone else!

It sounds like everyone had nice weekends. Excellent. Mine was good also. Mr K & I went to dinner & bowling Friday night. Saturday AM I had my comp exams, which i didn't find too hard. Saturday night I went to dinner with some girlfriends & to a show. Yesterday was a wonderful day. Mr K & I went out to brunch/lunch, came home & got the dog & then took her on a hike. The weather here was amazing. After that we worked in the yard a little bit, washed the cars, and then grilled out. Very good day.
Yeah, I know, my weekends have been particularly productive the last many months, but living on a pretty strict budget without alot of entertainment dollars - cooking is my entertainment, which is fine by me - we're eating healthier AND saving money - no shame in that.

The massage bars...I have a book with a basic recipe in it, but I didn't like how they turned out, so I toodled around on the LUSH site, reading all of the ingredient lists, then going to to buy supplies, and read their material recommendations, and just kind of improvised from there. My bars contain: unrefined cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and a bit of candelilla wax and beeswax to help firm them up. You just melt the oils in a double boiler, starting with the hardest butters, going to softest, and add fragrance at the end. Doesn't take all that much skill, just some playing around. I now realize that I would like my bars to be just a little firmer than what I did this weekend, but it took so much time, I'm not re-doing them. Mostly, I need to order more soap molds, so I can make more than 3 at a time. smile.gif

What movie did you see kari?

FJ, I hope you had a nice evening last night, and got some sleep with Mr. FJ away!!
Those bars sound a little beyond my skill level. I guess if I had all the stuff I could manage though. Jenn, I wasn't doggin' you for being so productive. On the's impressive! And inspiring!

We actually went to a live music show, not a movie. The band that Mr K manages was playing. It was a good show.

I might see a movie this weekend while Mr K is out of town. I want to see that movie Venus, and I know he has no interest in it. We have The Departed at home. I really want to watch it, but we can't ever seem to find time b/c it's 2 and a half hours. Whenever we are sitting down to watch something, it's already like 9:30PM or something.
Good morning, OkayGang! Hope you all slept well. Oddly enough, Sheff's alarm did not wake me this morning (which is very rare), so I woke up to an empty house. Felt so strange!

The bloodhound that lives next door is howling a lot this morning. She's normally pretty quiet, so I don't know what could be bothering her. Everything seems okay out there ... Hmmm.

Thanks for the bio, Ella! I absolutely love that you and your roomate have afternoon tea everyday! I wish I could join you. smile.gif

Jenn, I liked a lot of the guest chef's items, too. But that pumpkin french bread sounds soooooo amazing! I have a weakness for all things pumpkin-y.

Karianne, your weekend sounds fantastic! Well, except for the test, of course. tongue.gif What was your bowling score?

((((Star)))) Hope you got some more rest, dear.

FJ, welcome to the fold, my buxom sister! Could some of that burning sensation be your skin stretching to accomodate your growing breasts? I may be a 34D, but it took me a while to get here; I wasn't on the fast train to BoobVille like you are! biggrin.gif

(((((((continued love for Tes & mamae & family)))))))
~*~*~*~*~ healing for Doodlicious ~*~*~*~*~

My happy news is that my BestGalPal is going to come for a visit!!!! She's hoping to be here in late April for my birthday. EEEEEE!!! So exciting!

I must remember to sign up for a lace knitting class today. Mustmustmust. I just hope there's still space left.
Hello all on this Monday.

Sorry I didn't catch up earlier. Spent yesterday sleeping, as that's what kind of day it was. I have so much muscle pain right now, thank you excercise!

Le man is wonderful. We spent Sunday morning together, and things weren't all weird. I kept him lazy. He is going away for a soccer tournament this weekend, sad.gif But I'll see him before then.

Mmm turbo all the food your cooking sounds delish!

FJ, boobage pain is the icky. I hope they feel better soon, just get a rub down from Mr. FJ smile.gif

RV that is so gerat about the friend, my good friend lives in the same city as me, and b/c she's in university I hardly get to see her.

You all did read correctly about leman texting my mom. They were razzing each other, we had good laughs about that.

That is all for now, just going to get back to work here.

Later kats!
Dammitdammitdammit. The class I wanted is already full. I know this sounds minor, but it's actually a big deal for me. I don't know anybody in our little town & I was kinda hoping this might be a way to make friends. Plus, I wanted to learn lace knitting so that I could make a shawl for my mother-in-law for her birthday.

thoes vibes worked turbo!! i went to sleep on the couch.

my internal clock is so jacked up with this time change.

karianne, congrats on the comps exam! that exam is a bitch. how much longer do you have on your masters??

CH, that's cute about texting your mom.

rose, sorry about the class being closed. the whole knitting thing still eludes me. after scarves, mittens, and a blanket, i'm kinda like, "what's the point?" i guess i'm not a stitcher.

hope everyone else is doing well! and getting sleep!!
Hi, peeps!

Sorry about your class, RV. Could you get on a waiting list in case someone backs out? But good for you for at least attempting to try to meet people. It must be hard.

((((((((Doodle health vibes))))))) Glad to hear you're doing better and that your jacket fits. Oh, how I long for my old clothes to fit me again.

Karianne, your weekend sounds like it was really nice. How'd your test go?

FJ, I think the bra troubles are probably just friction. I get that problem all the time, though I'm a large DD, which is probably why. Could you get some soft cup bras? They're not as sexy as underwires, but they are more comfortable. I wore them exclusively until about 7 years ago (my mom doesn't do underwire, so neither did I until I went out and discovered them on my own at the oh-so-young age of 24). And yay for the 3 sets on Friday and a new door!

Damn, I wish I could've seen that Iron Chef. I loooooooove breakfast food.

TJ, I, too, envy your weekend productivity. I tried to channel you yesterday morning when I got up to so some stuff while the giant slept in. I even watched some WNTW I had taped.

Hi, Star, Moxie, Ella, Poodle, and everybodies!

I had a really great weekend, too. The gay boyfriend and I went for Italian for lunch, then to a little upscale shopping area in Minneapolis (50th/France), then to The Galleria for more shopping. I managed to spend only $50, which is amazing for me, and only on stuff I actually need (Meyer lemon dish soap at W-S, sea glass for mosaics, funky toothbrushes and toothpaste, lemon wafer cookies, and a couple little soaps). The gay boyfriend says we had a "girly day," which is fine by me. We ended it by reading magazines at B&N and chatting. THAT'S what an afternoon off is supposed to be like. Then I had a really good time singing along with my CD (Avenged Sevenfold) really loud in my car playing air drums and bouncing around for about an hour. Then the giant and I went to IHOP for dinner (FYI: I'm a Lent-observing atheist). I went to play with Sam on Saturday, which was loads of fun. He was really sweet and in a very happy mood. I did, however, get a speeding ticket from an asshole cop on the way up. I'm totally fighting it, if only to put it on the books how much of an asshole this cop was. And then yesterday, the giant and went out to run errands.

I managed a little cooking this weekend and made chocolate souffles last night. They all fell, though. sad.gif At least they still taste good. I had no idea souffles were so eggy, though. But with a little ice cream in the crater where they fell, they're perfect.

We also got the other Guitar Hero game on Friday, so now I can play again. It's got some really good songs on it, but the vocals aren't as close to the original songs as they are on Guitar Hero II. Either way, it's new fodder for me, and I can start off on the easy setting (which is far too easy now) instead of having to fight a losing battle with the hard setting on the other one that I can never get through. The giant's about to finish that one off, anyway. Him and his stupid magic fingers. *grumble grumble*

Ah, well, today's a new day and it's gorgeous out. I'm going walking after work. I even remembered my sneakers, pedometer, and hairband, so I'm all set and I've got no excuses not to do it.

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