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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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FJ, yay for the guy paying up next week! (((((((((vibes for more clients to come through)))))))))) And acrobatics from the bean! Yay!


Mouse, that sounds like a really nice birfday party, and then a whole week off! I'd love a week off when the weather's nice again.

Poodle, it was a total fluke that I heard about the Roger Waters concert. My normal station was playing an especially irritating commercial, so I flipped to 93X and heard it. I'm glad that station is promoting it, since al they seem to be about lately is the trendy new rock, where every rock singer is angry in exactly the same damn way, and it's boring. I'm SO buying tickets the moment they go on sale. Front row, baby!

No can do on Saturday. I'm going up north to play with Sam, and I don't like to set an exact time that I'll be home because then I'd be rushed and really late to wherever I'm supposed to be after, which will make me enjoy my time with him less. Maybe early next week?

The giant plays with random dogs on the street, too. They tend to gravitate toward him. Our neighbor across the alley has a really cute fuzzy tiny dog that's really playful that the giant had some fun with last spring.

((((((((((more Doodle vibes)))))))))))) I'm glad your appointment went well, and I hope your body recovers toot sweet. I heard somewhere that auto insurance was part of the cost of your gas in Canada? Was that person lying?

Hi, Polly, RV, and Minx!

I've been reading the funniest blog lately that someone posted in Barefoot. It's Hilarious stuff.

diva that person was lying to you! In Canada we still have to pay insurance separate.

((((doodle)))) glad to hear that you are doing okay.

*waves at poodle*

Not much has changed since I just posted in here. laugh.gif

I'll try and do some work now. Maybe.
I totally forgot it was International Women's Day. What's the appropriate way to celebrate?

Sorry to hear you're feeling crappy, Doods. Wish I could give you a big electric blanket right now! As for the US & health insurance, the thing is you probably would have lost your health insurance when you lost your job if you lived here because I think most people get their health insurance through their employer (I always have). And that's why I was scared for you! So it's good to hear that you won't be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt after all of this. Still wish that kidney stone would move, though. Sounds like it's trying to take up permanent residence.

Poodle, Fergie looks like she was a super sweetie & the perfect companion for cuddles in the sunshine. Aaaaaaaw. Rest in peace, Fergie.

How perfect is it that Mouse's birthday coincides with her leaving BitchBossLady behind? Sounds like the perfect way to start off your new year!

Okay. Here's The Problem.

Sheff has some co-workers that have become his friends. They go out for lunch, we have them over for dinner, stuff like that. A few of them also like to go to strip clubs together. Sheff has not accompanied them to one of these clubs before. But yesterday he was invited. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it isn't. For lots of reasons. But mainly because one of the Big Bosses at the company will be going, too. This is the boss who hired Sheff. And Sheff's big annual review will be in one month. Sheff hasn't had an opportunity to hang out with this boss before, so if he has an opportunity to hang out with him socially, he should take it. Right? But. It gets more complicated. Because the Boss is bringing his wife to the strip club with him. And of the two other guys who are coming along, one is bringing his girlfriend (the other guy doesn't have a girlfriend). So not only is Sheff invited to go to the strip club, but so am I.
Here are the problems.
1. I don't like strip clubs. I've been to one before & hated it. I have had friends who've worked as strippers and I have other friends who've been to strip clubs and that's fine if it works for them. But I do not like the places. There is no way I can go to this thing & act like I'm happy to be there.
2. I don't want my husband to go to a strip club. I don't want a woman wearing nothing but a g-string dancing around within 2 feet of my husband. And if the roles were reversed, he wouldn't like it, either. So that's fair.
3. Maybe it's just me, but the idea of going to a strip club with your boss sounds really really ... awkward. Am I right? I mean, can you imagine sitting there and watching your boss enjoy a lap dance? Eeeeeeew.

But Sheff fears that if he turns down the invitation, he will end up alienating these people. And he certainly doesn't want to alienate his new & only friends in town. And he definitely doesn't want to alienate his boss. And if he gets along well with his boss in a social situation, then maybe that will translate as a bigger raise at his review next month. And we could certainly use more money, since we'd like to buy a home next year. And this situation is far better than what he went through at his old job (Sheff witnessed a lot of drug use by the management there). But Sheff knows he'll feel really uncomfortable if he goes. And if I don't go with him, they'll want to know why.

So uuuuuuuuuugh. What to do, what to do. Should he just tell them that he's busy that night? What if they invite him again? Is there a way to tell people that you don't like strip clubs without making it sound like you're judging them? Or like you're a prude? Or like your husband is pussy-whipped?
Ugh, that is so sucky that the only chance Sheff has to connect with the boss involves a strip club!! WTF?? I suppose it would be tolerable for one night if it meant the chance to bond with peeps. I don't think you should be expected to attend though. I think it's totally reasonable for you to stay home.

(((doodle))) Thank goddess that you're covered for a while!!

Diva, you'd probably have to sell your car for front row tickets!! They always reserve the first front rows which pisses me off.
hey doodle, i hope you feel better!!

*~*sendig out soothing, healing vibes to doodle*~*

bust was acting up for me earlier too! mad.gif

diva, you know what?? i don't think enough is said about a woman's doubts about settling into a long term relationshp. it is an assumption that we are the ones always pushin' for it. um, i want a relationship, but i know i will be freaked out when it happns to me. so, your reaction made total sense to me. good to hear you are feeling better. and a play date with sam sounds cool.

mouse, how can you not know about genesis?? mellow.gif this band gave us phil collins, peter gabriel, and mike and the mechanics. ok. i'm only excited about the peter gabriel one.

rose, i think there is nothing wrong with Sheff just saying he is not into strip clubs. he can be diplomatic about it. and if these guys are friends, then they will understand. but, i'm pretty simple and naive like that. at the same time, that's a tough situation with his boss going.

i'm hungry. i'm cooking some corn on the cob right now.
Hi stargazer!!

Mmmm...corn on the cob sounds so yummy...

hey okers!

god, rose. that's a hard one. but what i'd do? i'd ask sheff if he is ok with lying. then i'd have him say what you said:

"I have had friends who've worked as strippers..."
then i'd mod it a bit:
"...and one was a good friend. she got in a lot of trouble and she would tell me stories about some of the stuff that went on where she worked, and how the club owners would try all sorts of things to fuck her over. i had to pick her up at 3 am cos something crazy was going on. since then i never really felt right about going to a strip club. i don't care if other people do. i used to. but it just isn't any fun for me. i don't even like to talk about it. sorry. i would have told you sooner, but, it's just not an easy subject for me."

that would keep them from asking/inviting again, and he would look like a good guy to them, but not 'whipped.

and no. i would never EVER want to see a boss getting a lap dance...*gets the willies* it's right up there with going with your parents. no thanks.

stargazer~hey. no downing phil collins. nobody likes sussudio, i know, but can you deny "in the air tonight" or "man on the corner?" i thought not!!!! lol

mouse~ my friend's bday is saturday. she always has fun parties. most of her friends are loopy music djs (lounge/vocals/novelty/disco/rock/soul+country) so we all pack some records or bring our mp3 player/laptops and "jump in dj" and drink. it's a ball we all compare records and drink. i'll hoist one for you. hey, didn't your ex get... whatsicalled? the fake teeth thing? starts with an f i think.....hmmmm can't remember.

((((((doodle))))) still rootin' for yas!

i'm kinda happy cos one of my "drag moms" (none of which do drag, and one of them is a genny), called me yesturday to ask if i wanted to be on a panel talking about transgendered issues. i was honored that she'd ask. i haven't really done anything lately with the queer community in seattle, and i miss being on these things. it's always so rewarding, and she means the world to me. before i met her i fell into a seriously deep funk after i transitioned, and i was a heavy drinker-- something that is completely unlike me. she gave me someone to look up to, and has always been a personal heroine and somene i'm lucky to have in my life. she has been working to help trannys for the last 10 years. a thankless, rough job. seems that her program to help transgender women of color is having it's funds gutted. the city is fudging the numbers, in a rather obvious way. which is sad, since transwomen have a high rate of getting hiv.

Rosie, I think its okay for Sheff to say its not his thing, and if they all want to go out to dinner after work beforehand, he'll join them for that. And it is *absolutely* okay that you don't want to go! I also do like GT's response too, and though its lying a bit, I think its a good reason, just the same. Mostly, though, I tend to think if Sheff plays it off, just plain not interested, that guys will take it and just move on, go on their own and enjoy themselves.

And go to a club with your boss. EEEEEWWW. How can anyone still think its okay to go to strip clubs with employees...even drinking with the boss is a little edgy nowadays.

(((((doodle)))) I'm sorry that you're so sore today, and that cash is going to be tight for a bit...but you know you'll get through, and who knows, maybe once you're feeling better (which is going to happen really soon, BTW smile.gif) you'll get a job that will fulfill all of your financial needs and reduce your overall stress level! And good on you for telling the radio people to find someone else to talk to!!

Stargazer, WORD, on the Peter Gabriel. I'm still in love with that man.

i grew up without tv until i was around 13, and even then it was kept unplugged behind a chair and we never had cable. my parents are weirdo psuedo-hippies who only listened to npr and up until highschool i went to a counter-culture waldorf school. basically i was sheltered from pop culture until i could take a vested interest in it myself, and by that time it was so late that i had almost missed the boat on even nirvana. so i have a lot of gaps in my pop culture knowledge, which i like to refer to as "media holes".


rosie, i don't know what to tell you....i don't think lying is the way to go, but i agree that if sheff says yes once he probably will get invited again. you could simply say you have another engagement, and then if it comes up again, deal with it then. i know, putting it off....but it might save you time to think of another solution? good luck!
Mouse, most people born around 1980 or later haven't spent a lot of time listening to Genesis, so you're not alone. Honestly, I don't care all that much about Genesis. As far as the 80's and Phil Collins, well, you weren't missing anything.

If I were Sheff, I'd just say that it wasn't my thing and leave it at that. No detailed stories or judgments.

Crap, I just got a little pain in the ass project assigned to me. Grrr...and it's due on Monday.
Oy, RV, that's a smarmy situation. Could you guys just make other plans so at least you won't have to lie about the reason you're not going? That's disgusting that the only face time he can get with his boss is in a freaking strip club. Why do bare boobs and lapdances need to be a part of it? Gross, gross, gross. That's a side of your boss a person should never have to know.

Hey, where's Ms. Goofball been lately?

Damn, I knew free car insurance AND universal health care in Canada was too good to be true!

Girltrouble, you remind me so much of a friend of mine I met through booking/running stages for Pride. And that is a very good thing, since she's one of my favorite people. smile.gif She's also a tranny, and the most badass drummer you ever did hear.

I'm only working a half-day tomorrow because my gay boyfriend and I are going to go out and plaaaaayy! Yaaaaayyyyyyy! And I'm getting paaaaaaaaaaaid! I love when he has afternoons off without plans because he's so fun to goof around with.

hey all! The day is done and it's almost Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I was thinking of going out tomorrow night, but then I was talking to me good friend K, who said I should probably not drink, because I don't want to be all blah and hung over. My friend is strangely prophetic, and he predicts that, and I quote! "You'll get fucked on Saturday". He's so great.

Talked about a guy I was previously fucking, and we both agree that he is a bit of a fibber, so I'm glad that I don't talk to this other guy. He's become a prat. He sent me a text msg after he got back from Mexico, and it was so creepy and annoying. He asked what I was doing, I told him I was going to shower as I had just worked out, and then he goes... "why don't I dry you off with my tongue" EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! That figures, he's younger than am I which would explain the creepiness.

((((project vibes for doodle))))

That strip thing...hmmmm...personally I'd go make an appearance, then say that I was just stopping by on my way to destination where ever. There is a certain creepiness about going to see dancers with your boss. One of my good friends is a server at a club, and I go and visit her. This is a total stuck between a rock and a hard place thing. I've also drank with my supervisor before. I work in a laid back place and we all need to blow off steam. Fuck, I got stinking high that night too, then wandered back in. Then we all drank Tequila. That was a wild fucking night.

Well I have 10 minutes left in the date, so I am going to shut things down here, and get outta here!

Later kats!

((((everyone)))) just because. smile.gif
rv, i'm a little torn on it. part of me says like tj and poodle, just tell his boss it's not his bag and bow out. he could always try to find way to have some face time with the boss another time before the review.

another part of me agrees with culture in that maybe it wouldn't be so bad for him to make a quick appearance and then head home, saying something about his much hotter lady that he's got there waitin' for him... i know you don't like strip clubs and it sounds like niether does sheff, so it wouldn't be a matter of him doing something out of disrespect to you, but just to get some face time with the boss and then head home.

or, a slightly more creative approach would be for sheff to suggest dinner at some sports bar or something beforehand, and act like he has every intention on going to the club afterward, but then, during dinner, get an "unexpected" call on his cell phone from his wife, needing something urgent. like a minor leak has just erupted in the kitchen or something that would be easy to cover if anyone ever checked up on it... that way, he'll still get the face time, but look like a hero to his macho workmates/boss for going and saving his lady in distress.

i dunno. i think it's really effed up to go to a strip club with your boss - and I don't mind a good strip club... i know i'm in the minority of course...

i'm still moving really slow. i've been on the phone for two hours and made two sets, but i'm bored and don't really want to do this today.

diva, your day tomorrow sounds nice!

happy early birthday wishes to MOUSE!!!! the pinata idea sounds really awesome. i want a pinata! i wonder what the 1st birthday party i'm attending on saturday will be like. oooh, birthday cake. i have had a hankering for some good birthday cake for weeks now.

mmm, stargazer! how is your corn? funny, i'm baking chicken tonight and am planning some corn on the cob as well!! mmmmmm. i can't wait!
Corn on the cob sounds soooooo good. Makes me long for summer. Which makes me long for good tomatoes. Which makes me long for my marvelous tomato, mozzerella & basil tart. Yummmmm. Is it dinner time yet? biggrin.gif

Mouse, it's okay. You don't have to know oodles of '80s pop culture for us to like you. smile.gif Your parents remind me of my mother-in-law. She doesn't own a TV; she gets all of her news from BBC Radio.

Diva, you are going to have so much fun tomorrow! Yay!

And you will get laid this weekend, CH. I think the man just likes to see you squirm. wink.gif

Thank you all soooooo much for the advice. It's such a strange situation, that I really had no idea what thread to put it in, so I really appreciate you all indulging me with this.

I don't think Sheff would feel comfortable lying to the guys (Quaker up-bringing, you know). But I think if he just casually told them that it isn't his thing, then maybe they'd leave him alone. There is one certain person who will probably pressure him a bit, though. And that's so stupid. I mean, aren't we all a little too old for peer pressure? But this guy has a very strong personality. I can deal with him just fine because he reminds me so much of people I've known in theatre, but he can be intimidating. Honestly, I think this one guy may be one of the major souces of anxiety in this situation. And did I mention that this guy is also the best friend of The Boss? Yeah. Hmm. Oh well. We can only be ourselves and hope that people accept us as we are, right?

And GT, you just described why I don't feel comfortable at strip clubs. I heard some rather unpleasant stories from those ex-strippers.
quaker upbringing! *swoon* quaker boys are stellar, rose. good job.

i think fj is smart. her ideas are smart. plus she has blue hair.
Quaker up-bringing, sexy English accent, & he's super cute. Plus, he talks about his feelings! I am well aware that I landed the jackpot when I married Sheff. He is just so marvelous & I feel so lucky to have him as my husband. [swoon]

FJ is smart. Super duper brilliant, that woman!

Mouse, what have you put in the pinata? Candy? Condoms? Both?
hehehe i haven't gotten it yet--that's my mission tonight. but my plan is just to go crazy at the dollar store, so it will probably be a mix of mexican candy, cheapo candy, plastic zoo animals and fake jewelry smile.gif condoms would be funny but frankly i don't want to encourage anyone--i do have to clean up after tongue.gif
For some reason FJ's "How's your corn, Stargazer?" struck me as tremendously hilarious. Sorry about your friend, BTW, SG. I've been fortunate on that front, but would be devastated.

The whole stripper connundrum really had me thinking today. Frankly, I love GT's lie. It's so well-crafted that the jerkoff wouldn't be able to press the issue any further. I really like the suggestion of going to a sportsbar beforehand. Hell...Rosie wouldn't even really have to lie to Sheffles. She could just bump her elbow or something on a table and call him for some sexual healing. tongue.gif Personally, I think it's fucking weird that they would hang out at a strip club, but what in the hell do I know? I used to go to a strip club with Minxlette's father and some of the "boys" at work during lunch on the occassional Friday. The strippers would really get a bang out of it, and the "boys" behaved themselves. HA!

I'm trying to think of something neat-o for me and Minxman to do this weekend. Last weekend, we saw a production of "The Glass Menagerie" at the Gutherie. That kicked much ass. I SOOO have a hankering to catch the next bout of the Minnesota Roller Girls! Minxman suggested that we take Minxlette with us. She would probably get a real kick out of it. I rather think that it could be considered taking out aggression in a healthy manner, so they could be role-models!

Diva...I have so much pent-up relationship-phobia. Yoiks. I often get to this space where I think: I'll never again live with anyone just to avoid having to move out eventually. Dour, times, but even as much as I love Minxman, I cherish my privacy and peace of mind. Maybe someday, but not now. I'm glad to hear that you are in a better space today. I know you love the Giant to smithereens. I think that hardcore capricorn chicas like us get all bent out of shape about stuff like this. Be gentle with yourself, especially about the weight thing. I remember Lurvpaint telling me once that she wrote love notes all over her belly and thighs with a magic marker to try and retrain her brain. I loves that girl.
Okay, RV, I'm so officially jealous of your glorious boy! English, Quaker, adorable, and sensitive to his sweet wife. I want one!!! I'm *not* jealous of the predicament you and Scheff have had thrust upon you. I think a boss that sort of requires you to go to a strip club is sort of skeevy. I wish I had advice on this one, but I got nothing over here except good vibes for you both.

Culture, your situation with leMan reminds me of Sex and the City when Carrie and Aiden first started dating. She was so ready to hop in the sack and he kept waiting. She jumped his shit about it, and he smiled his crooked smile and said, "Don't people date anymore?" Of course, I know what it's like to be so damned frustrated and ready for it to happen NOW.

Moxie...cuteness overload. Had to reboot my computer after that adorable story caused it to fry.

Ella...welcome!!! Love your name! did the shirt pitch come out? Did they like the card suits idea? What did you end up with?

Turbo...the first time I had a UTI I thought I would go insane! So sorry for you right now.

Me...Life is moving on as normal, I suppose. Still in boyfriend quandary. Made a fantastic blue cheese and tomato tart for dinner for my friend Monica and me. Brocoli on the side and bread with roasted garlic spread. Yumola.

ETA: Minx, how long have you and Minxman been together? I've been with my guy for abotu 15 months. He is like you: totally gun shy about someone moving in. Loves his time alone. Loves his time with me. Loves having both.

Mouse...I forgot to say Feliz Compleanos!
Hey ya'll! I'm back from my haircut, fed, and thanking the goddess that I had a 5yr old imitrex in the back of my vitamin drawer that has saved my head and neck from MRG migraine pain. That MRG bitch is NASTY this month. oof. I think bustie vibes are indeed magic. My bits are feeling so much better, and I managed to only think of peeing maybe once or twice on the 40 train ride home, so that's a success!

RV, you've gotten lots of awesome advice here today, I hope sheffles takes a survey of the wisdom at hand, and takes what resonates with him!

Ooooh, I got me a good haircut, and I loooooove the new salon! All the stylists are Japanese, except my darling Gia, and most the clientele seems asian too, but there's such a sense of serenity there, minimalist design, but it was awesome - the owner came up to thank me for coming in, and the other stylists introduced themselves was very nice. I'm duly impressed. And my stylist is keeping her charge the same for clients from the old salon, so I can still afford her - yipeee!

Minx, I think you meant that the Roller girls would be "roll-models" for minxlette, right? wink.gif *apologizes for bad pun*

Kel, that tart sounds freaking amazing!

Okay, off to bathtime for me!!!
Good Evening Okayers!!

I've been a bit of a recluse since i finally was handed a bunch of production assignments here at the rock station. I really enjoy the fact that I can come and vent my frustrations to a group of people I don't know...for the exception of poodle...Heya Poods!!

All this talk about working out and getting in shape has worn me out!! I'm tired juss thinking about it. I'm still waiting to slip into a diabetic coma over here...LOL

I've been reading about Sheff and rose and the dilemma about the strip joint. I've been there and it can cause a gaggle of problems. I was in the same boat a few years ago with my ex...boss took a few of us out to meet and greet with the new clients down the road....loong story short I ended up taking too many free shots and ended up on stage in less clothes than the ladies and led around like a dog..

My situation is completely different, but I think the fact of the matter is, he is prolly under alot of pressure...should he go?? I'd bite the bullet and say no...

Then again, maybe you outta make him take you to the next chippendales show..LOL

I was lucky enough to find a woman who is a little more open and actually took her to her first strip club a few months back after interviewing an adult film star who was performing that night. All in the name of good client relations of course..LOL

Unfortunatly I'm kinda stuck with being "the stripper guy". Anytime there's a show or adult club, i end up with all the prizes and or interviews.

In other news, i'm finally doing more around here am number 1 on the podcast website that hosts my weekly podcasts....I'm even beating my former bosshole...LOL

Jenn, the tart is super easy. Used a ready made crust, coated bottom in olive oil and dusted with salt and pepper. In the oven (400 degrees) for 10 minutes and back out. Added about a cup of ricotta, half a cup of blue cheese (crumbled), and egg, clove of garlic, salt. Dumped it in the crust. Added thinly sliced tomatoes and pepper on top. Back in the over for 25 minutes. Delish!!! It's a favorite of mine, but I eat it obsessively and it's not exactly a diet food. I always have friends over when I make it so I don't find myself at midnight hovering over the sink with a huge slice of it right out of the fridge. Yeah, it's even good cold. Probably should have posted this in barefoot, but I got all excited and just started typing.
Mmmm, kel, that does sound delish. And we're a recipe friendly crowd in here, so long as you share that tart! *snags a luscious slice*

Shawn, welcome back!! And good on you for your production sucesses! And a stripping rep - yikes! I imagine that is definitely hard for people to forget.

Okay, I just learned something there, in the bath. I took a Lush Karma bubble bath, because citruses always are nice when my head hurts, and I thought "hey, maybe I'll add some tangerine essential oil to the bath"...uh, don't do it. My ass and backside are currently on fire, and I only added 1ml to the bath. Eep! I had to get out after about 10 minutes, fearing the wrath on my girly bits, but they seem fine...thank cod.
Hahaha!! You crack me up, shawn!!

If you run into Peter North, get me an autograph. Or better
I have decided that I actually died on the operating table, and I am now living in an alternate universe, where I have to shake off the pain and stiffness of rigor mortis everytime I wake up from sleep or from a nap.

I told that to my mom, and she said, "HOW do you come up with this stuff?"

"I read a lot of Stephen King as a teenager," I replied.

(Which is true, though I probably read much more SK in my 20s. When I was in the bookstore the other day, I stood in the SK paperback section - which is huge, of course - mentally repeating the words, "Read it, read it, read it, read it, read it....")

I have been trying to catch up on the archives some. Sorry I have been away for a while. I have been sleeping right up until I have to go to work, then crashing right when I get home. I don't know what is wrong with me. Why am I so tired? I'm getting plenty of sleep.

I burned myself at work today. I was burning a creme brulee, and the sugar started flowing over the side of the dish and got on my pinky. My immediate impulse was to stick my finger in my mouth, and the hot caramel stuck to the corner of my mouth. Now I have blisters on my pinky, index finger, and the corner of my mouth.

Last night I went out with some friends, and we sang karaoke. I sang Megadeth, "Symphony of Destruction" and Def Leppard, "Photograph".

Happy Birfday to Mouse! I hope you have a spectacular day, Mousie!

I am working on a project for my community service committee. We want to raise money for a wildlife refuge so they can build new habitats for the animals. Don't know what we're going to do, but we're in the beginning stages of planning. I met with my partner on the project yesterday. She had some ideas that seemed promising. Soon, we are going to meet with the Special Events Coordinator for the organization to go over ideas. It's pretty exciting.

(((Doodle))) I hope your resting with your heating pad right now, and I want to assure you that you're very much alive. Feel better soon, sweepea.

Rose, Please let us know what Sheff decides to do about the strip club situation. That's a tough one. I agree with the others who said he should just say it's not his thing and bow out. It just sucks that it's his only opportunity to socialize with his boss. The idea of suggesting a sports bar beforehand is a good one, as well. Then maybe he can get the face time, and still not go to the club.

I have been feeling really weird lately. Like I said before, I'm sleeping a lot. When I am awake, I feel so so so good. Sometimes after work, I go out, and I have a great time. The days I don't go out, I sleep and sleep. Anyway, I guess it's just weird that I'm feeling so good. I don't know how to describe it. It's almost like I am high. I can't stop talking, and I even pull some pretty impulsive stunts that I wouldn't normally do. I'm thinking that I need to call my doctor and tell her about this, but I don't want to stop feeling good. I would think I was in a manic state, except for all the sleep I'm getting. Does this make any sense?

Turbo - sorry about your UTI and also about the tangerine oil. Ouch. One time, Miss Shuggah and I were trying on a bunch of different BPAL scents, and I put one on that had lime and coconut in it, I think. Anyway, it burned my skin.

OK - have a great Friday morning, you festering assholes!
Hello everyone! It's Friday! YAY!

How is everyone at the end of this work week? All is well with me. I worked out last night, and am sore today. But it feels good!

(((mouse))) happy birthday!

That's all so far.

good morning all you beautiful cervixed bitches!!!

Ahhhhh....friday. Lets hope its a quiet one at work, I could use it.

And my UTI seems to be going away! Hooray!! Chacha gave me a couple other homeopathics to take, so I'm going to pick those up this weekend, just to make sure its gone.

Hi hi PK!!! Good to see you here! Maybe your body is still adjusting to your new work schedule, and that's contributing to all the good sleep you're needing? I'm glad you're feeling really good though! Are you still enjoying the new gig?

(((((doodle muscle aches go away))))) I hope you're feeling less sore this morning, my dear...and they *should* make full body heating pads!!!

~*~*~*~*~HAPPY BIRFDAY MOUSE!!!!!!~*~*~*~*~

And an even HAPPIER last day at the shitty job - wahoooooo!!! I agree, that a vacation and a new job is an awesome way to celebrate a new year!

Wowza, my hair is short this time....washing it the first time this morning, it was shocking - and I used way too much shampoo. smile.gif I like it though, its a good cut for getting back on my bike to ride into work.

HI culture!!

Hi Pk! I think you should definitely call your doctor. Are you experiencing any depression symptoms? How long have you been experiencing this? The impulsivity aspect worries me, please be careful. How is work lately? Are you enjoying your newish gig?

Jenn, how's your haircut? Sorry to hear about extra evil MRG this month. sad.gif

kel-as Jenn said, we are a recipe friendly bunch! That tart sounds sooooo goood. *Drool* cheeeeeese. Yum.

rose V, sounds like you got a dilemma on your hands. Is tonight the night in question? I would be inclined to stick to your guns. If Sheff really doesn't want to go, he could try to get out of it. If he doesn't care so much either way, maybe he could do the brief apperance that others mentioned. I have never worked in a job where I hang out with bosses in that manner (not at strip clubs per se, but just, you know, socially), so it's really hard for me to say what would be best. I agree that it would be skeevy to see your boss getting lap dances & such.

Yes, welcome back Shawn! It's good to hear from you.

((doodle)) sorry you are feeling to stiff still. Ugh, that's got to be frustrating. Does stretching throughout the day help at all?

Girtrouble, congrats on being asked to be on that panel! That is a compliment! When is it?

Today is pretty good over here on my end. The sun is out, it's going to get into the upper 60s. It's Friday. Mr K & I are hanging out tonight.
Happy birthday mouse! Creeped out? Eh, it's six degrees of Kevin Bacon! smile.gif
Hi, peeps!

Yay! It's Friday and I got paid and I'm going to play with my gay boyfriend and then Sam tomorrow. Yayyyyyyyyy!

I've been wanting to see a Rollergirl derby for awhile now. I believe one of the ladies in our local one used to be a Bustie. I used to run into her a lot doing political stuff. Really cool girl.

Yay for date night for Karianne!

Boo for Doodle's body pains!

Yay for Jenn's UTI going away and cool new haircut at the normal price! (No way could I ever justify $85 for something that's not permanent.)

Hi, Shawnboy/Dr. Rockso!

Hi, PK! Could you force yourself onto a regular sleeping schedule for a week and then see how you feel? Your body's probably still messed up from working early mornings and now evenings. And good luck with your fundraiser thingy.

Kel, that tart sounds delicious. I'd totally make it, but I'd be the only one eating it. I wish the giant would eat tomatoes.

Happy birfday again, Mouse! Are you going to do anything good to your boss on your way out?

Hi, Poodle-oodle and anyone I missed!

I'm in such a crazy good mood today. It's nice out and I get to leave in 2.5 hours, plus my boss isn't around, so I'm probably not going to do any work today.


It's almost lunch, then the day is half over! I'm so excited about this. I think I'm just going to rest tonight. Supposed to be going out with Le Man tomorrow, so hopefully he will finally grant my wishes of getting fucked. Hee.

Yay Kari for some time with Mr. K.

Hey Turbo!

Diva, that rocks that your day is almost done!

Hi Shawn!

I'm on a Paul Oakenfold binge right now. I'm listening to the CD Great Wall and fuck is it ever good. I'm accomplishing so much today!

One of the people I work with gave me huge compliments and wants to send a fab e-mail to my supervisor about the work I have done! I told him he didn't have to, but he wants too! Yay!

I'm going back to the office I didn't want to, but a different supervisor requested me, so I'll be doing a different job! Very happy about that! I won't turn into a dragon.

Still no word on the status of my interview, but I am sure that all in good time.

I feel like being a hell kat today. Don't know why, the bad part of me is so wanting to be out in full force tonight! This always a fun thing. It used to be one of those "mother's lock up your sons!" Still is, but now I just make them feel special, well same thing as usual, I'll just take it down a nothch, respect for the boy and all.

That's all for now.
Culture - what kind of position are you in at work where you move around from place to place? I don't think I'd adapt that well to so much change!

Have fun with the gay boyfiend this afternoon, Diva! I wish I was out of the office about now. Oh well. I'm gonna try and talk turbomann into going out for Indian food tonight - culture's mentioned samosas way too many times in here, and I *need* some! heee! That, and I need to go to the Indian grocery to stock up on some things.
hi guys! i'm 24! laugh.gif

gt, that's fantastic about being asked to be on a panel! i can see you being a fuckin awesome role model smile.gif

diva, no, i'm not doing anything to my boss on my way out. i think she's just a pretty sad and lonely woman who's never learned any people skills, and i'm not vindictive. i'm just happy to be outta here.

we're going to get dim sum for lunch!

turbie turb, yay for keeping your hairdresser at your old price! that's so great. and yay for a new shortie haircut!

culture and kari have dates! woot!

hi pk! good to see you around. i agree with kari, if you're worried about it then you probably should check with your doc, but maybe you're just not used to loving this new job smile.gif i'm glad you're feeling so good, i hope it's natural and just because your life is going the way you want it to ((PK))

(((doodle's limbs))) funny, i actually just read "cujo"!!! stephen king is definitely a guilty pleasure for me, and i got really obsessed with him in middle school. the "different seasons" novellas are fucking haunting and still stick with me. anyway, i hope you're not really in an alternate universe tongue.gif

hi poodle, shawn, polly and any other lurkers!

so last night friend r.2 (different than friend r who i am going to sxsw with) who is letting me have the party at her house, and i went shopping for the party. we got a fat little yellow pig pinata (it's sooooo cute!), cake mix for cupcakes (and if we have time i'm gonna put roses on each one cos my mom finally sent my cake decorating supplies over!), and we made a bajillion jello shots (we went to smart and final which is kind of like a mini costco, and got a gallon jello pack) and have parasol toothpicks for them! i'm excited, it's going to be so pretty. i'm going to run to the dollar store and get pinata fillings and some stupid decorations tonight before the party starts. i hope people show up! i haven't had a birthday party since i was like 11!
Happy friday bitches and hoes!!

No helicopter looking for a murder
Two in the morning got the fat burger
Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp
And it read "PinkPoodle's a pimp"
Drunk as hell but no throwing up
Half way home and my pager's still blowing up
Today I didn't even have to use my A.K.
I got to say it was a good day.

Not much goin' on here. I've been a good little appraiser this morning, so the day seems to be going by fast. I plan on going home after work to chill for a bit and then I'm gonna go to the Y, do some walking, and then take a sauna. I'll probably watch the rest of Scarface after that and then call it an early night.

I'm jealous of diva's plans. I think they should come into my office with ski masks and kidnap me.

~*~*~*~feel better vibes for PK~*~*~*~

Hi turbo, polly, culture, and kari!!

"Get fucked" Eeeew...can't you use something like "do it" or "have sex" or something less raunchy? The "get fucked" thing makes me feel the need to take a shower. Sorry, culture.

ETA- Oops! X-post! Happy birfday mouse!!
Yay for 24 fabulous years of mouse!! Awww, the pinata sounds so cute, Its going to be sad to bust it open! I like the pinata idea - maybe I'll do one for my 30th bday this summer. It sounds like you're already off to a stellar birthday - dim sum, last day of work and a party - you know how to do it up right!

Poodle, I love the song!!! Now, of course, its stuck in my head. tongue.gif

3 more hours of work today - yahoo!!!
Happy birthday, Mousey!!!! Your party is going to kick so much ass. smile.gif

~*~*~*~*~ daily Doodle vibes ~*~*~*~*~

~~~~~~ soothing for TurboJenn ~~~~~~

Hooray for all of these fab new haircuts! Sounds like the OkayCrew is definitely in the mood for something new.

Hey there, PK! I agree with Mouse & Kari. I have felt that kinda manic feeling before. It can be great, but there's also this scary, shakey feeling underneath that makes you feel kinda out of control, right? Are you on any medications right now?

GT, that panel sounds really fabulous! And I wasn't aware that you were in Seattle. My BestGalPal moved there just a few months ago. I think she lives in the Capitol Hill area.

And speaking of my BestGalPal, she got to meet GirlBomb last night, which is super cool. My best friend has met almost as many Busties as I have!

I forgot to explain some of my brain spider madness a couple days ago. We found out about it because I started having some really strange headaches & dizziness a couple of years ago. My doc decided to do an MRI, and ta da! Arachnoid cyst! It's about 2.5cm in diameter & located on the surface of my cerebellum on the left side. I also underwent all kinds of other tests (like when they put all of those little sensors all over your scalp & do funky things with the lights). Anyway, I won't bore you with all the details. Just know that I'm fine now. There's a small chance that the cyst could grow & cause problems, but I'm okay now & that's what counts. And you gotta admit that having a brain spider sounds super hard-core! tongue.gif

Any by the by, Strip Club Night is March 17th. So we still have time to decide what to do. Thanks for all the input!
Hey, isn't March 17th St. Patrick's Day? They want to go to a strip club on St. Paddy's Day?

Yeah, RV, I do take medication for psychosis and depression. The one for depression has been changed a lot lately, the last time being a little over a month ago. And I think you know how I feel about feeling SO good, but feeling a little out of control, too.

Mousie - what time do you get out of work for the last time? Have a kick-ass party!

Work is going great. I'm really starting to get the hang of working the line, and I'm getting faster and better at it, too.

Turbo - your new haircut sounds fun! I need a haircut really badly.

Hi pk!!! I'm of the belief that everyone deserves a cute haircut - go and get thee one!

RV, I'm with PK on this one - going to the strip club on St. Patty's is the WRONG answer. I say order yourself up a giant corned beef, cook it, and invite everyone to your pad for a proper celebration with beer, corned beef and mashers! I mean, Sheff *needs* to celebrate the UK (even though I know they don't really celebrate it the same way over there)...but still - the principle is the same - strip join on St. Patty's is just plain wrong. I've got an amazing corned beef recipe if you need it. wink.gif

Which reminds me, that I do need to order a proper corned beef from the Romanian Kosher butcher this weekend....even though, I swear it was the 15 hours of constant oven running that jacked my electric bill up over $200 last month (our heat is also electric)...its worth it. heh.
Ech, that's the last place I'd want to be on St. Patrick's Day. It's when all the assholes come out to drink and adding nekkid ladies just makes it worse. Do whatever you can to get Sheff (and you, of course) out of it.
Yo biatches.

poodle, thanks for the seranade! that takes me back.....
I like your little change of lyrics too!

PK, glad work is going well. I think calling the doc would be good.

I like the term "get fucked." I'm dirty, what can I say. tongue.gif

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOUSE!! WOOT WOOT! Your party sounds like a blast! A pinata? Fun! I am sure you'll have a great turnout. I wish I could come! You are going to Austin next week? Mr K is going, I am jealous. I will be here. Boo.

diva, it sounds like you have a really fun weekend planned. Enjoy!
what's up BITCHES? it's friday!!!!!!!! woohoooo!

i got up this morning, got on the phone and made six calls and got THREE sets! that's what i'm talking about. so, like a bad little employee (and one that is NOT on salary) i decided to take the rest of the day off, yo!

and then the door guy came out to measure. did i tell you guys that we ordered a new door?? so excited. i can finally get rid of the teal on the inside, rose on the outside door! now we just have to paint the house and we'll totally be the coolest house on the block. tongue.gif

then! mrfj got home way early and took me to my eye doc appointment. i was beginning to wonder if i was going blind! my eyes have gotten worse over the past two years and i hadn't made the time to go to the doc. but all is well and i have no real issues besides being severely near-sighted, which i have been since i was 7. so. cool.gif

and then we walked around the mall a bit and found a cute little onesie for the baby's birthday that we're going to tonight (wow, what horrible grammar for an english major!). his daddy is irish/scottish and they were really hoping he'd be born on st. patty's day last year, but he was a couple days early. so today, i got him a bright green onesie with a couple of shamrocks and a bottle on it and it says "i'll drink to that". hehe. i think his parents will love it and at this point, i guess that's the important part. we'll stop at target on the way out and get him some sort of toy that he can play with too, to make it complete! we also went ahead and bought something for the jackaroo: a black onesie that says "baby in black - johnny cash" on it. really cute!

and, culture, i almost bought something for you!! we were at hot topic (buying the onesies) and under the glass at the counter was a yellow heart-shaped sticker that had a CH in it. i'm sure it stands for some band that i am not aware of, but i just thought of culturehandy... oh, and i like to just plain get fucked sometimes too. i know what you mean. but i know what poodle means too. i struggle with my inner waywardness. hehe.

yay for haircuts! i've thought about going and getting mine cut even shorter, but i think i'll let it stay where it is. it's actually growing faster than usual right now, i guess from the vitamins.


mouse, have a lovely day and a great party. i am sure you'll have a crew there and have a splendiferous time!!! 24!!! WHOOOO!

pk, you take good care of yourself, girl. i am with kari... i worry about the impulsiveness. i think you should call your doc just to run it past and see what s/he says. can't hurt.

ok, we need to get going. i have to pack.

love you guys!

oh, and hey shawn!!!!!!!
fly by,

turbo I'm in float pool. I go from office to office and provide support. I actually love it!

Talk later gators.

Awwww (((((FJ))))) that is really sweet that you thought of me! *blushes*
Yup, St. Patty's Day. Did you realize it's on a Saturday this year? Sounds like a good night to stay in if ya ask me! And did I mention that it costs $18 a head to get into the club? I can think of soooooo many things I'd rather do with that money.

PK, definitely talk to the doc/therapist who put you on the new Rx. You may not have to change meds because your body might just need some time to adjust, but it's good to let them know anyway. I went through a slightly manic phase years ago when I was on Effexor. My therapist told me to just give it some time. And I'm sure it gets better for some people, but not for me. I had better luck with Prozac.

Way to go, FJ!!! Excellent job! Those onsies sound super cute.

I'm debating whether I should chop my hair off again. It's been a year since I cut it chin-length. I like having it long enough to pull back, but it's starting to look like it needs work, if ya know what I mean. And this may sound kinda crazy, but I'd really love to have some big soft curls put in my hair! Something kinda '40s inspired.
have fun FJs!!! We expect a full report on your trip on monday!!!

culture - hmmm, I can see where float pool would have its advantages - something new all the time is kind of fun too, as is kind of being on your own, nailed to no one department. I could definitely see the pluses of that.

I need new product for me cute short 'do now...some really good wax that makes my hair very sculpey like...the stuff I have just isn't good enough for the really messy look. Anyone got a favorite pomade/wax that's not greasy? *runs off to email stylist*

Kari - we can all commiserate together next week on how we're all not in Austin. smile.gif
Thanks Jenn! I know, I feel the same way every year...Mr K goes to party in Austin, I stay here. That is one perk of being in the biz, I suppose.

Rose, I know what you mean..those big, 40s inspired curls are so pretty. I recently watched "the Notebook" and Rachel McAdam's hair is beatiful throughout. If my hair would do that, that is how I would wear it.

Congrats on the three sets this morning fj! Those onesies sound too adorable! I like the Baby in Black one. We must have pictures of Jackaroo in it! (when he is out of your womb of course....).

YES! turbo, d:fi makes AWESOME hair product. it's not too spendy and it works really well, i love it. get the blue lid kind "d:tails". you can probably get it at any high end beauty supply store.
Hi rose and FJ!!

I don't care if people want to get fucked or what. That's great. I just don't want to hear about people getting fucked or wanting to be fucked. I don't want a breakdown of the type of sex (fucking, making love, etc.), just that it occurred or didn't occur and it was good, bad, or okay. The less detailed, the better. Even if I was having kinky sex every day, I wouldn't feel the need to talk about it on a regular basis. If I felt the need to talk about my fucking activities on a regular basis, then I would go into LTAS. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who could do without fuck-talk in the thread. There are more interesting things to talk about.


Okay, back to whatever it was that we were talking about...
Karianne, that's just the sort of hair I'm talking about! But my hair is straight & very thick/heavy. So it only holds a curl with a perm. But I haven't had a perm in 20 years, so the thought scares me a bit! blink.gif

Kel, I forgot to mention it earlier, but that tart sounds amaaaaaaazing!

It's getting late. Anybody have plans for dinner? For the first time all week, Sheff does NOT have to work late! Woo hoo! And since I'm craving something spicey, I'm going to make some chicken biryani. Yummmm!
*tiptoes around poodle* Its okay, poods, I understand completely...I don't tend to care what people talk about in here, but I understand, and I try to be low on the details. smile.gif

Thanks for the tip, mouse!! I'll look for somma that this weekend - I knew my short-haired sista would have a reco for me!!

We're joining in with you on the Indian tonight, RV, but we're gonna go out. We live really close to the Indian/Pakistani neighborhood here, so we've got goooood places to go. YUM.

And, we just got the invite for turbomann's cousin's wedding in the mail for next month in Florida! YAY!! We didn't know if we'd get invited to this one because of the schism in his family, and we're kind of like Switzerland -the neutral zone, but still....they're having 2 weddings, an Indian ceremony in FL, and a Lutheran one in MI...but I'm totally excited about the wedding - we'll get to spend some good time with his cousins, and moxie taught me just how fun and family centered Indian weddings are!
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