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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Well, I wasn't necessarily saying fighting is a bad thing, but the fighting experience is usually not pleasant. That's what I meant by saying it was 'no good.' Those things always wear me out & it's not fun to have to get up & work the next morning with a fight hangover.

Diva, I think you should listen to your gut. Some things work themselves out over time. If time passes and passes and you still feel the same way, it might be time to re-evaluate. I'm not one for making rash decisions. Not that you have indicated you are trying to make a decision. In any case, I hope things get better.

Whew! You scared me there, moxie! If Moxette was about to turn 2, I would really thing time was starting to speed up! Wowzers.

Culture, I will keep my fingers crossed for you! I don't want you to have to go back to hell!

Yes, Yuki likes paint rollers. We discovered it by accident, but it is the only thing she will play with. Well, now, if there is no paint roller, she will use a stick. The rollers are soft, she can get her mouth around it, and she likes to put it on the ground & push it with her nose. So funny.

~*~*~*~*~*~ Doodlebug ~*~*~*~*~*~

((((Divala)))) How do married people do it? Wow, that's a big one. I don't think I can adequately tackle that here. But basically, I think that comfort can be good. And I don't think boredom or annoyance is automatically bad. I like that Sheff is my biggest cheerleader & I genuinely enjoy being his biggest fan. But that doesn't mean he has to be the source of all excitement and joy in my life. Sometimes you have to find things to do outside the home that inspire you & invigorate you. Then you can bring that extra happy energy home & inject it into your relationship.

~$~$~$~$~ Jobie vibes for MoxieMan ~$~$~$~$~
And happy early birthday to the little Moxette!

Congrats on your poker winnings, Karianne! Are you having anything special done to your hair?

Poodle, further congrats to you on improving yourself! You're an inspiration.

I don't drink nearly enough water. First of all, I tend to mistake thirst for hunger. But my biggest problem is that I'm trying to overcome bad habits I had when I was a receptionist. Back then, I was tethered to my desk all day. I only got to go to the bathroom at 8am (before the phones came on), at noon during my 30-minute lunch break, and at 5pm when the phones were shut off. If I wanted to go to the bathroom any other time, I had to call another office and ask if someone could please come out & cover the phones for me. Then I would have to wait 15 minutes or so for someone to finally come out. Suuuuuuucked. So I got in the habit of drinking very little & although I quit that job over a year ago, I still haven't totally gotten over my water-restrictive habits.

Damn, I hated that job.

No weekend plans yet. I think we'll keep things quiet this weekend. I imagine Sheff will be working extra. Plus, one of our closest friends is at the big gaming conference in California, so they can't do their role-playing game. I need to practice my knitting skills, though, because I want to take a lace knitting class later this month. I want to make a nice shawl for my mother-in-law.
hey guys! i've been lurking but i haven't had all that much to say. i've been rolling into work late this week since it's my last--i feel kinda bad about it, but not that bad.

turbo, good luck at the clubhouse!

kel, your soji stories are hi-larious. and so is the fact that yuki's paintroller got stolen! poor doggie.

((diva)) i agree with moxie, you can't live with someone without it happening sometimes. i find that the more comfortable i get with someone and the closer we are, the easier it is to fly off the handle at them. i think it's that "unconditional love" thing--you know they won't reject you just for getting mad. i treat the ex much worse at times than i treat my other close friends, and vice versa, because we're more comfortable with each other. on the other hand, we also treat each other better than other friends. i think it's a matter of extremes, and the more comfortable you are with someone, the more comfortable you are showing them the entire gamut of your emotions.

moxette is talking! wow!! she's so cool wub.gif

rosie--you have a brain spider? COOOOOOL!!

culture, good luck with your boyyy! if i were you, i probably wouldn't tell him about anymore propositions you get. it feels good to be honest, but unless he asks he doesn't need to know, and you'll feel all noble about rejecting them without making a big deal of it smile.gif of course if he asks tell him, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him.

POODLE! good for you about getting healthy!! i was on a roll a month or so ago and i have TOTALLY slacked since then, and i feel really crappy. i think once i start this new job and figure out my new routine it'll be better. it has to be. i'm not severely overweight, but i know i'm not in great shape since i sit on my ass all day and don't always eat as well as i should.

(((stargazer))) i'm so so sorry you have to go through this

fj, that tile sounds gorgeous! and good for you for getting clients to sign up--hopefully the next one will put down more than a dollar! >:(

where's ms gb?

i am excited about this weekend. i am having a birthday party on friday! it is going to be the first party i've had for my birthday since i was probably 12 or so. hopefully it'll be fun smile.gif i am going to get a pinata and fill it with junk from the dollar store--mexican candy and plastic zoo animals and stuff.
hi okayers!!! waving, not drowning, lurking not posting.
Geesh. For the last half hour, I've been searching for a stupid job file. I don't understand why it's so difficult to put things in alphabetical/annual order. Everytime I try to find a report or file, I come up empty. So fucking annoying. I blame my boss' son for messing it up when he "worked" here for a couple weeks a while ago. /rant

Hi mouse! Hi girltrouble!

Oops!! Happy 1st b-day moxette!!!

My niece said her first sentence last weekend. "I see you." I guess she's really into looking at pictures of my cats, too. She flips through the photo album until she finds them and then she makes meow noises. Cuteness!!

Diva, maybe it would help to sit down and make a list of all of the positives and negatives about being in a relationship with the giant. What are the good and bad things about being single? Read over the list and see which way you lean, and then maybe look it over a week from now and see how you feel then. Leave it in your desk or something so that the giant doesn't come across it.

Rose, when you said "You're an inspiration" the Peter Cetera song immediately came to mind. You're the meaning in my life! You're the inspiration! You bring feeling to my life! You're the inspiration!

*pout* lunch isn't for another hour and i didn't get a chance to eat breakfast.
I am craving something dill pickle-y in nature. And some Rootbeer! YUMMY!!!!!

Only two and a half hours left in the work day. Yay. That's all for now. Nothing super exciting to say.
((((diva))))) I don't know if anyone can be an "expert" on what it feels like to be in *THE* relationship, the one you decide to keep forever...its different for all of us. I think its more about becoming the person YOU want to be, finding that happiness within yourself, for yourself...and then sharing that happiness with a partner. But I know that when I don't feel good about myself, I'm a lousy partner, and its not about turbomann, its about ME, and how I feel. So, what are YOU going to do to be the best, brightest happiest diva? If its dreaming about your it. If its spending more time alone, or with your close friends and without the giant - do it. If its creating gorgeous confections in the kitchen, do that. But I know that when I feel like I'm in a relationship funk, if I take time out for myself, and create some time and space that is just for me, I feel a bit better, which leads to me being a better partner, and enjoying my life with turbomann more.

rosie, I couldn't have my bathroom breaks dictated to me, that would suck. As it is, I pee every hour because I drink two brita pitchers full of water during the day, probably another one at night. But right now, I'm fighting off a low-grade UTI, and that job just sounds like torture to my poor bladder.

(((((dooodle recovery vibes)))))

Hi hi mouse and GT and culture!!!
hi turbo!!!!!

Gosh it's quiet in here today, that or I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on my hands! I had my first walk in client in three days! You know things are sad at work when....! laugh.gif

Gorsh. I should write a haiku or a limmerick about my day. But that requires creative juices, and while there are juices flowing today, they aren't creative ones! I'll call them Happy Horny Juices! Oh Ch, you have way too much time on your hands!

ewwwww dictated bathroom breaks would suck the big one. I am also the same way, I have to pee all the time because I drink so much bloody water!

And I keep on getting this stinkin' reminders that day light savings time is moved up! I suppose that's a good thing, because I keep on forgetting.
ohhhhh......i was so hungry and now i'm soooo's amazing what can change in a matter of minutes!!!
pinkpoodle talk of horny juices!!!

Freakin' A. This day will not end!! I'm so not in the mood to meet with my boss, but I just might have to.

I'm meeting up with an old college friend for dinner tonight. Should be fun. I'm gonna order a glass of shiraz fer sure.
Well, I do know there are a lot more positives than negatives to being with the giant. It just feels a little unnatural sometimes, like I'm just acting like how I think you're supposed to when you're with someone. I've never had a LTR before, so I don't know if that's normal or not. But in the end, I can't imagine marrying/having kids/growing old with anyone else. I suppose that's kind of reassuring, though I'm not opposed to the idea of doing everything I want to do on my own, so sometimes the giant feels like an accessory or a warm piece of furniture.

And we're supposed to sign another lease together soon. Maybe that's what's freaking me out. I freaked out quite a bit a year ago when we signed our current one. A lease may as well be a marriage license, as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks for the advice, everyone. I feel a lot less crazy than I did when I walked into work this morning.


Wow, people can still dictate bathroom breaks like that? That's a load of bullshit, if I ever heard it. I used to work in a phone bank that tried to do that, but it was one of those Boiler Room kinds of places, only we did fundraising. Needless to say, I moved on to a place that did the same work, but it was laid-back and you could pee whenever you wanted to.

Well, it's past 3:00 and I'm not starving, but that's only because the salad I made was angry (the lettuce froze then thawed, which makes "angry salad"), so I had to toss it out and get Jimmy John's. Hey, it could have been a steak fajita burrito with everything from Chipotle and a big-ass mocha.

There's a lady at work who just retired today after lordess knows how many years here. No fanfare or anything, just a 1-line "see ya" email. That's just really funny to me.

Dictated bathroom breaks are part of the teaching lifestyle. We can't go to the bathroom whenever we feel the need because we can't (of course) leave them unattended for even a second. It's a proven fact that as soon as a teacher leaves a room for more than half a second, the children (no matter the age) will start lobbing spitwads and swinging from chandeliers (which magically come out the ceiling when the teacher leaves). When we want to go the bathroom, we wait or, like RV, we call the office and get someone to cover. That person never shows up. I go from 8-11:30 with no break at all. My bladder is ready to split by then.

Mouse, glad you are now full. Now I'm hungry...I think have leftover gazpacho.

Culture, thanks for the DST reminder. I keep forgetting everything today. I was absolutely sure that Friday was my Mom's birthday and called her to make plans. Right day, wrong month. Egad.
Also, I think a haiku or limerick would be big fun. I dare ya to write one...triple dog dare!

Yay for talking Moxie-babies!

Divala, I know what you mean about not knowing if the guy is the one. I love my guy and he loves me. We are faithful. But is he the forever man? I agonize over it sometimes. Most of the time I try to just enjoy what I have. Sometimes I get into a tizzy about it and drive myself over a figurative cliff.

Did someone say Jimmy John's?!! Oh god, their provolone/veggie sandwich makes me weak in the knees. I always put extra mayo on it, too.

I'm glad you're feeling a little less stressed out, diva. I like turbo's philosophy of self-examination and self-care. You're a very independent person by nature, but you're around the giant so much. I don't think you should feel guilty for wanting to do something without him. I think you're a little like me. I need to spend time alone at home or else I go crazy. Maybe the giant needs to get out of the house and find some guy friends to hang out with instead of depending on you for human interaction. You gotta talk to him about this stuff.
hay guys, i need your creative juices! i am trying to brainstorm elements for a is a grid pattern of stars, with a few other elements placed in randomly. it's going to have silver foil accents. it's part of a group, with one being a grid of hearts with skulls, crowns, stars and daisies (gold foil accents), and the other being a grid of apples with a leaf, a heart, and an apple core (copper foil accents). i'm trying to think of three more elements that will go well with stars and silver. celestial feels a little too boring/adult, and money is a little too hip-hop. i have a gemstone graphic that i think would work nicely but i'm trying to think of something else that could work without going the dollar-sign route... any suggestions?
as always, turbo puts just the right spin on something! Seriously, though, Diva, you just yourself expressed what "IT" is that makes marriage worthwhile: "But in the end, I can't imagine marrying/having kids/growing old with anyone else." Its a "well, i guess you're it" if you can imagine someone else. As a frame of reference, moxieman and I had our "almost breakup/rut from hell" after living together 1.5 years, and just as we signed our 2nd lease together. So, again, you aren't strange for pondering and wondering and assessing your own happiness.
happy HUMP day!!! oh, i've gotta get me some booty tonight! hehe tongue.gif

i've been out with my momma again today. they leave town on saturday morning to drive up to a state park in north carolina where they'll be volunteering until the baby is born (or just before). so mom and dad came over today and i introduced her to the glory that is kohl's department store, while my dad sat here at my house (he didn't want to go with us). they actually hada really good sale going today, with a lot of their stuff buy one get one free. in fact, everything in their maternity department was on sale. so i got a really cute pair of white denim capris (hey, no worries about getting my period in them!!) and a pair of olive green convertible pants/capris, and my mom got me two tops for the price of one also. and i had to talk her into buying some new pants for herself. i even got her to try on some non-mom style pants, but she wasn't havin' it. she did get two pair that sat right on her belly button, so i'll take that as a small victory. hehe.

and then we got a spinach, garlic and mushroom pizza and brought it home to eat with my dad. it was sooooooo yummy. and it was a lot of fun just to go out with mom and hang out here with my dad. i've seen a lot of them over the past month and i'm going to miss having them around, but at least it won't be over a year until i see them again, like last time. they've got volunteer jobs in state parks here in florida for the summer through winter (for those just joining us, hehe, my 'rents are full-time rv travelers that trade their time at national and state parks all over the continent for places to plug in their motorhome).

mmm, i have a fat dill-pickle in my fridge that mrfj bought for me a couple months ago when i was feeling really puny all the time. i had almost forgotten about it. i might have to dig into it tonight. that sounds good now.

roseviolet has a brain spider!?! wow! how did you know you had that? were you having problems? yeah, i'm not sure how you dealt with the pee-break schedule. i didn't go often while i was working, but at least i could have if i wanted to...

*swigs water*

tj, hope your uti is feeling better soon!! that sucks big donkey balls! i hate them!

poodle, yay! glad you're feeling good and energetic!

diva, i'll only second what a lot of these smartie "hooked up" busties have said. all relationships are different of course, but they all have periods of just "comfort". i don't think it's strange at all to be having these doubts and feelings a year and a half into the relationship. i think as long as you don't feel stifled by the relationship itself, the comfort is fine. like othes have said, just do things for yourself and focus on keeping yourself happy. i also think poodle had a good point about making a pros and cons list. obviously, i'm not in your relationship so i don't know, but it doesn't seem like your relationship with the giant is preventing you from fulfilling yourself and your own needs... you should try to think about what it is you really want out of a relationship and then decide if what you have is meeting those needs.

i have my own little issue that i'm struggling with right now. i think i'm going to have to take grover back to her home in tampa. we're heading there this weekend anyway for our friends' baby's first birthday party (all these kids turning ONE!!) and of course, she's coming with us since we're staying overnight. when we took her, it was really going to be a temporary thing. our friend was 7 months pregnant and having a hard time keeping up with all their dogs (they had seven at the time but are down to five now) while her husband was dealing with a dying mother and was at the hospital most of the time. one of the other reasons is that they weren't sure how grover would respond to a new baby. she's very needy - won't go out in the backyard alone, is under my feet constantly. she's really a great dog and i do love her, but she's extremely stubborn. when i take her for walks, she will just stop in the driveway and REFUSE to move. she's a 70lb dog and i can't do anything to move her, just try to push her and pull her into the house if mrfj isn't around to physically pick her up to move her. we can't go away for more than a day without either taking her with us or taking her to SIL's house which is over an hour and a half from here because i don't want to take her to a kennel and i can't have anyone come and take care of her here because she's SO incredibly shy and will cower in the upstairs bathroom and refuse to come outside to do her business. and then, two nights ago, she snarled and snapped at abigail boots because she thought i was going to feed abigail something that i was eating, instead of giving it to HER (i wasn't going to give it to either of them!). lately, i've had to put her in the guest room for a few hours during the day because she starts barking when i'm on the phone and i can't have that happening obviously. she's nearly 12 years old and i know she doesn't have a lot of years left. her arthritis is getting worse and her little bones crack when she walks. i really love her and she's brought a lot of love to our home, but i'm worried that she might be more than we can handle once the baby comes. i don't even want to think about her actually snapping at my baby because she's jealous of him.

the part that makes me feel better is knowing that she'll be going home to her previous owner that loves her very much. it's not as though i'm just sending her to the pound or to some unknown place. i know my friend M doesn't like her as much as her small dogs (which i don't get) but grover was her husband's dog and he'll welcome her with open arms. i've also thought that since he raised her for so many years that he might want to be with her during the last part of her life. but i also wonder if i'm just trying to rationalize it. argh! i don't know. i'll miss her for sure, but i also think it might be the best thing for our family right now.

eta: mouse, how about leaves, feathers or flowers? i dunno, i guess i'm on the nature-y element tip
Mouse...spiral? Mushroom? Rainbow? Tree? Earth? Card suits? Chess pieces? I'm just randomly throwing things out there.
oooh, i like card suits!! goes well with the diamond....though it might be a bit poker-y. i'll pitch it, though! i'm also gonna do one with guitars and music notes. thanks!
Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo all!!!!!!!!!

Yay, so the day has been done for a while yet. All is well here! Oh kel, you are triple dog daring me eh? Well then I can't back down now.

Let's see here, what can I write a poem about. I wrote a letter to someone in the write a letter thread telling him off. It was clever. Let me see what can I write a haiku about? Think CH think!

Aha! an Ipod limmerick!

I have a toy, and Ipod
It helps me achieve a very good bod
The music motivates me
to be the best I can be
Then I can be so mod.

That's what I got for now. I wrote a hiaku about gray matter for my friend who is a psych major once. She has it saved on her phone. this is what I would do when I smoked weed. Such strange things went through my brain.

(((FJ)))) I'm sorry to hear about the puppers. sad.gif

I like scrabble. A lot. In fact I used to play so much that I would dream about words. laugh.gif

I'm on a sudoku binge right now. I love sudoku and I find it to be highly addicting! I am currently watching The Simpsons, waiting to go over to le man's house. He said I sounded so much better today, as compared to be bad, bitchy mood yesterday. ahhhhhhh *huge sigh of relief*

Does anyone else have any special plans tonight?

Poodle, have fun tonight!

I'm still craving chocolate shake! Mmmmm. Choco-tastic!
Hi everyone, I'm home! And starving....I am just polishing off three huge thick slices of French bread with deli chicken slapped on top. They said I was supposed to have a "light" meal, like soup and toast...but screw that, I haven't eaten since 9:00 last night!!!

I am ok, so far. A bit of cramping (like menstrual cramps) after surgery, and some irritation from the tube they stick down your throat when you're under, but I feel fine might get worse when all the drugs wear off, who knows? (Also, I will get the blood equivalent of a period for the next 5 or 6 days, which is making me pissy, 'cause I just finished my real period on Monday.) Won't know the results for a week or so, I guess, till they finish all their tests.

Oh, and rose, no, there is no cost to me for anything so far (except prescriptions, though medicare does cover any drugs I require while in hospital). If I have to travel to Vancouver, I'll have to pay for the travel costs, but not for the basic medical expenses. Canadians do have to pay for elective procedures, of course, and there are a number of things now that require user fees (i.e.: eye exams, physiotherapy, etc.)...but none that I've had to pay for this stuff. And for anyone who's getting envious of our "free" health care...remember, we DO pay for our health care system with our taxes in Canada, and what the average Canadian pays in taxes works out to about the same as what the average American pays in taxes plus health's just that here, no one is denied access to basic care....however, due to cutbacks and other issues, there are huge wait lists, bed shortages, equipment shortages, and lots of other problems with the current system that make it operate a lot less smoothly than American health care. We do have a new "problem" in Canada of private clinics opening, and people who can pay jumping queues to get their surgeries. We haven't sorted that all out yet, but most Canadians are opposed to two-tier health care...

Ok, that's all the news, and I'm going to sign off for awhile and rest. Apparently b/c of the anasthesia, I am considered "legally impaired" for 24 hours! (Too bad I don't feel drunk or high. Dammit.)

glad to hear that you are doing okay!

~~~~~~feel better vibes for doodle~~~~~~~

p.s. yay for Canadian health care, although sometimes those waiting times. The mb government sends people elsewhere for treatment....
Hi ya'll!!!

x-post with doodle!! YAY!! I'm so glad to hear that you're back, and so far, so good! And I am most glad to know that doodlemama is there to care for you, should anything come up. And YAY for dinner!

I'm back from volunteering, and had SO much fun with the kids....teaching them photoshop and flash...I need to study up a little bit - 10-15 year olds use the apps far differently than I ever would, so I need to get familiar with different pieces of the apps. But I helped a kid do a little vector drawing in Flash, and another kid trace a manga character in Illustrator. I could use earplugs in there, though - yeesh, is it ever loud with 25-40 teens in there!

FJ...I'm not a big fan of breaking up with doggies, I don't think its fair to them, but since Grover would be going back to her original owners, I think you should just do what you think is going to work best for all of you and your new life with jackaroo!

And I love it that your 'rents travel the country volunteering for the Park Service - sounds like an amazing retirement experience...and it will be so nice to have them close when the baby comes! Wheee!

Thanks for the anti-UTI got worse this afternoon, but I came home real quick to take some cranberry stuff and oil of oregano, and took some raspberry leaf tea with me to volunteering, and it seems to be improving.

Diva, I'm glad you're feeling a little better about things...and we're always here for you!
hey there! i'm back. done dialing for the day.

i'm happy to say that i had another show today and another sale! ok, so this guy only put down $50 but he also bought a long term contract. these residuals will certainly start adding up as time goes by. so i'm trying to cling to that. but really,it's great that i have people SHOWING up for their appointments, and buying even if they're not putting a lot of money down. phew. no more $8 checks!! tongue.gif

tj, i hate that you put it that way, but i know what you mean. i don't feel like i'm breaking up with grover since i'm taking her back home where she lived before me. she is very loved there, just like here. she might not get as much human attention there, but she's not going to be able to get as much from me in a few months. she lived with the other dogs there for many years and they all got along well, so i wonder if she might miss that pack mentality. i don't know. we're still on the fence. i do love her, and even mrfj has grown so attached to her that he can't make up his mind. we don't want to make the decision. i'm sort of hoping our friends will talk us into letting them ust keep her there. or maybe we will keep her a few more months until jackaroo gets here and then have them take her back. she's so fucking sweet. i think part of me is afraid of waking up and finding that she's passed away during the night.

sorry your uti is still being an ass. ear aches, backpain and utis are the worst pains in my opinion. they're the kind of pain that aren't easily remedied and just make you focus on them.

but, the teen center thing sounds really great! that makes total sense that they'd use the apps differently than we would. haha, we forget that there are so many FUN things to do!!!

*~*~*~((((((((((((DOODLE))))))))))~*~*~*~ glad to hear that you are done with the d&c. we'll keep our fingers crossed for happy results. take it easy, girl! maybe take a toke or two from the peace pipe and chill. smile.gif

culture, i love sudoku, but scrabble is definitely our game of choice around here. we used to play a lot of nekkid scrabble back in the day, while drunk on hurricanes and listening to the beastie boys, beatles, bob dylan and hank williams sr. yes, all in the same night.

this weekend, we're going to tampa for our friends' baby's first birthday party. i don't know if we'll know anyone there, but we figure we better go learn how this stuff works. i'm secretly hoping she'll give me some of her oldmaternity stuff for safe-keeping and even some of her bug's old clothes and newborn paraphenelia. then we're coming back saturday night and mrfj is going to fly to ohio on sunday. boooo. he'll be back in a couple days though. i guess i'll just do a lot of working.

ok, gonna go find something to eat. there's one piece of spinach pizza left and it's calling my name!!!!
Dinner was yummy!! It was nice to catch up with my friend. Now I don't feel like such an ass for going so long without talking to her on the phone. We both suck at correspondence.

I get pretty steamed when people "return" or "exchange" their pets, too. As long as you're sure that Grover has a familiar place to go with a familiar loving family, then it's cool. I've hung in there with my cats during periods when they've wanted to kill each other, which is very inconvenient, but I would never get rid of them. They're animals and they have their own animal instinctual "thing" going on. Of course they're gonna need special attention. My cats get over their weirdness as long as I provide them with the best possible environment I can. Last week, my cats were screaming and hissing at each other. Right now, my cats are cleaning each other in the kitchen. I am the cat whisperer. biggrin.gif
hello all!

very tired after a very emotional day. my neck and back hurts. i didn't sleep well. i'm at my folks house right now. i head back tomorrow morning. can't wait to be back in my place. i miss my bed.

thanks for all of the thoughts and vibes for today!

doodle, so glad you are feeling better! good news!

TJ, sorry about the uti. i've had a uti twice. i felt like a swelled up balloon. and i hate the cruel irony of feeling like i needed to pee buckets when just a drop would come out. cruel.

FJ, yeah for the sales!! did you use the bath bombs yet??

diva, sorry you had such a rough night. sad.gif i hope you are feeling better.

i'm pooped and should get to bed. my eyes are crossing right now. btw, with all of you Busties wanting to get healthy, you know TJ is the source of health knowledge. i guess i should include myself in that too since i went on a detox during the holiday season! yeah, i don't like to do things the orthodox way...
I haven't posted on this thread before, so please excuse my interjection. Just couldn't help but say:

FJ (Ms & Mr): Congrats on the baby! Oh, that's so exciting. Hope you have a weekend full of maternity hand-me-downs.

Stargazer: Feel better! And sleep tightly!

Doodle: Enjoy your french bread. Glad you are okay. Good luck with your recovery.

Kel: I'm totally impressed by your Lucky Charms diet. Perhaps there is marketing somewhere its future...?

Diva: I think everybody has a rough point around a year and a half (sometimes around two years). I'd be freaked about the lease, too. But if you can find a few reasons why this person is the one you want to spend your future with, then you can focus on those reasons. I hope the cons start to melt away.

Mouse: Happy birthday! I hope your party is splendid.

All: Happy end of hump day. Have a marvelous Thursday.
FJ, if your friend is like any other new parent...she'l be loading your car up before you even turn the ignition off! THis spring/summer, I know four women having babies...2 definitely with girls, two unknown. I've already got moxette's stuff packed and ready to ship off. They're all folks I know and trust to return the stuff when we're ready for #2.

Ok, so I'm gonna be THAT mom for a moment. Moxette did the absolutely most adorable, sweet, cutest thing EVER this morning. She wakes up and starts "talking" to her big stuffed bunny, like she does every day. "Bababa, SQUEEL, bababa..." for about 10 minutes we let her just go. She's gotta tell her dreams to someone, right? Anyway, I finally can't resists baby temptation anymore, and Open the door. I call out "Good morning!" She and Bunny are facing away from me. Moxette turns around, looks at me, smiles, turns BACK to Bunny and goes "Mama." and points to me. HOLY GOD...she TOLD BUNNY I WAS THERE. I swooned.

Ok, back to non-mom life now. TJ...UTIs blow, suck and fumigate all at once. Bleh. Doodle- SO glad you're home and back on the road to recovery, girl. Let your mama take good care of you!

Ella...HI! Welcome to OKAYLAND. Doodlebug is our provisional mayor, turbojenn is the resident expert on holistic healing and butt flushes, poodle is our favorite urban/commune planner, diva will make us all need spring walks with her confections and me...I'm just a mama braggart. We all MOVE and make room for you on our sofa. Introduce yourself, missy!
OMG Moxie!!!! What total and utter cuteness - telling bunny that mama is there?!!! *heart melts in a puddle of cuteness* Our little moxette is growing up So fast!!!

Yeah, the UTI is prety low level at the moment...not bad enough for me to seek treatment, but annoying and always there. I'm currently dousing it with oil of oregano, uva ursi, acidophilus and cranactin, but its hanging on. MRG is also in town, of course, so my cooch is a box of wonders this week. yeesh.

POodle, I'm glad you had a blast with your friends last night!! Its always good to reconnect with old friends - the same happened to us recently, and it just made us all scratch our heads wondering how we fell out of contact in the first place.

Welcome Ella!! Yes, do please introduce yourself!

Its thursday, which is not as good as friday, BUT, I'm getting my haircut tonight downtown at my stylists new chic-chic salon, so it should be fun...and thank cod for a good haircut.

((((((stargazer))))) I hope you have the day off today so you can relax and unwind in your own space...and do take care of yourself extra special good this weekend.
Happy Thursday! How is everyone today?

((((star)))) Hope you are holding in okay hun.

Turbo, hope the uti situation improves. I remember the first one I had. I didn't feel anything until it was too late, then I had to go to the hospital and it felt like my vag and area where being brushed with a pokey metal, spikey, brush. It was horrendous!

Ella, welcome!

(((moxie))) how sweet!

~~~~~feel better vibes for doodle~~~~

Poodle, glad that your din was good and fun times were had.

So I saw le man yesterday, and it was really nice. We watched a movie on satellite, good CH stayed out and didn't try one thing sexually with le man, although I kept on telling him he was bad for making me want him so much. Oh well. I kept on feeling bad CH (but bad in a good way!) bubbling below the surface. I told him I was a very sexual person and that was part of the package. We are getting together again on Saturday, and I'll be spending the night at his home... We will see how that goes. I guess I'll cool it on goddess of sex. But if I don't get some soon, there will be hell to pay. Especially given the fact that we have already had sex, but damn him and his respect thing, he stopped mid-fuck. I respect you he say. It's nice, but sometimes I need to get fucked. Grrrrrr.

And everyone else's Thursday is going?
CH..."It's nice, but sometimes I need to get fucked." No shit. Right on.
Mornin'. *enters with plate of steaming banana muffins* How's everyone this AM?

Doodle, I am really glad to know your procedure went ok & you are not feeling too bad. The bleeding would make me grumpy too!

CH....Man. Even though in the long run I am sure you are happy about le man's actions, it has got to be frustrating right now. I forsee something happening on Saturday, no? heh.

I haven't gotten any action myself lately either. Mr K's stupid work schedule messes everything up in that realm.

FJ, that's a toughie about Grover. If you did take her only temporarily and she would be going back to her original home, I don't think that is bad. If she were going to a brand new place I think that would be rough. Will your friends be happy to have her back? Sounds like you have been making a lot of sales lately! That's great!

((jenn)) you have a UTI? sad.gif Are you drinking lots of sugarfree cranberry?

((stargazer)) I hope you got a good night's sleep and are feeling better today.

Diva-I am sure your feelings were triggered by the lease signing. That's a big deal, it makes you realize how much time has passed. Have you & the giant talked about the future much?

Welcome Ella! Woo hoo! A new okayer! Come on in, kick your shoes off, stay a while!

Things with me are pretty decent today. I got my haircut yesterday. I got the bangs cut rather short, on a diagonal angle. I like it. After that I just hung at home. Dirty Pretty Things was on IFC, I watched that. It was pretty good, but also depressing. I have to do a good deal of work today at work. Have to go interview someone tomorrow & need to read up on the material & develop some coherent questions.
HI kari!! YAY for haircuts, all around!! I hope I get a good one tonight!

I can't drink much in the way of juices - fucks with my blood sugar too much - I take concentrated cranberry capsules instead...I'm hoping I can knock this one out with herbals. Its not too bad yet, but antibiotics will screw with my body for a month, so I don't want to go there if I don't have to.

Woo-hooo CH!! Have fun with le man on Saturday!!

(((((doodle swift healing vibes)))))
Hi all!!

Hi ella!!

Awwww...I can't get over these cute moxette stories.

I'm feeling crabby this morning but I'm trying not to think about it. I'm extremely irritated with my boss this week. Okay, I'm gonna try to think about something else now. The Y!! I forgot!! I'm going back to the Y tonight. That's a good thing. I think I'll treat myself to a bath tonight, too.
morning all!!

yeah banana muffins!!

i have hazelnut coffee but alas it is decaf since i try to limit my caffeine. **passes sround some coffee and soymilk**

thank you so much everyone. you know how they say every day is a new day. that's how i felt. even though it is cold here, the sun is shining brightly. my mom drove me home this morning on her way to work. it was so pretty, driving northbound on lakeshore drive with the sun shining and i heard 2 of my favorite songs on the radio, the beatles "here comes the sun" and the flaming lips "do you realize?" it just warmed my heart. i miss michael terribly. but, it has made me appreciate life that much more and feel good about what i have going for myself.

with that being said...

moxie, i think that was an adorable story!! i love watching kids play. you can definitely see their personalities at such a young age. i love when babies have a conversation with you and you have no clue what they are saying, but they seem very serious during their discussion.

Hello ella!! i'm relatively new to these parts as well. i also like to kvetch as well.

TJ, i hope those herbal remedies start working for you!! um, i don't know if you saw the lush parties going on for this month. we should go to one and eat at karyn's before hand so you can try their yummy food.

hi poodle!!

CH, he sounds like a gentleman. i know, i know. but, it will be a good thing in the long run. take care of yourself before the date if you need to, if you know what i mean. as AP would say...going out like that is like going out with a loaded gun. of course, you will need to let us know how the dates goes.

i have a question. is anyone really itching to see genesis live?? there is so much hype of them touring together. i mean, it is not like i'm dying to hear land of illusion live. know the police, i can see being excited about. but, genesis?? blink.gif
Hiya jenn, poodles, and stargazer!

Poodle, that blows about your boss! Bosses can be major irritants. That's great that you're going to the Y tonight. Excellent. I think I might try to run Yuki when I get home.

Stargazer, I am glad you're feeling better today. Sunshine and good songs always help, don't they?
Genesis is reforming? Yeah, what population is excited about that?

Jenn, I hope the herbals work too. UTIs are the worst. They sting so much. I have not had one in a long time *knock knock knock*, but for a time in college I had them repeatedly. No fun.

It is quiet in my office today. Which is nice, but it is a little lonely. Plus, none of my regular email pals seem to be around today. bah.
hi all!

oh, wow, moxie! that's just about the cutest thing i've heard in ages!!!! thank you so much for being THAT mom. hehehe

i'm having a rough morning here too. just not down with working today but i really need to pick up the phone and work for a few hours this afternoon.

didn't sleep well last night.

i don't think we're going to be able to give grover back yet. we talked about it again last night and while we know she'll be very well taken care of and welcomed and loved and all, we can't help but feel a little guilty over it. she's such a sweet dog and we still have a few months before jackaroo gets here. we're still taking her with us of course, but unless they really make a fuss to keep her, we're going to be bringing her back. then, maybe in july when they come to meet jackaroo, they can take her back then. or not. i'm not mad at her or anything - that's not why we were considering it. it's just that we're going to her old home and thought it would be a good time to go ahead and give her back. but niether of us can bear to do it.

argh. i need to do something to cheer up.

hope everyone is doing ok.
Hi, peeps!

I know who would be excited about Genesis reforming: my boss. He's a Phil Collins nut. The concert I'm really excited about this summer is Roger Waters. He's touring again and he'll be here the end of June, after I'm done with Pride, so I'll be able to make it to the show. Yay! Last time I saw him, he did 90% Pink Floyd stuff, and only a couple of his solo songs, which were still good. I can't freaking wait!

I'm feeling much better about things today. I have minor freakouts quite a bit, but when it comes down to it, the giant is the best thing that's ever happened to me and I'd never want to do anything to hurt him. I guess I just really can't belive that I'm a grown-up now and I can't fuck around anymore without there being real consequences.

Moxette is so adorable! Awwww! I love the little conversations toddlers have when you can't understand them, and even if you can. Sam used to always tell us completely incoherent stories, probably very elaborate in baby language, and we'd love to watch him get into it. He reads to himself sometimes, too. He'll describe to himself what's on every page.

I'm going to go up to my parents' house to play with Sam on Saturday. Yay! He's so much fun.

(((((((Jenn's UTI))))))) I don't think I've ever had one, but they sound miserable. But yay on getting to teach the kids some stuff!

FJ, don't feel bad if you have to give Grover back. It was only supposed to be temporary and you're giving her back to a familiar situation. It's not like you're dumping her somewhere. Your parents sound like they have a really cool life, going around where they want and helping out. We all look for freedom in our lives, and it sounds like they've found it in the best possible way.

Thanks for the muffin, Karianne. I hope you and the Mr. can hook up this weekend. Is he doing the hotel thing and the band management at the same time?

CH, be happy that he wants to do things right. If you're going to be together a long time, what does a few more days matter?

Poodle, where did you go last night? I'm itching to go to a restaurant in Uptown again. It's been ages, so I think it's time. Maybe if gay boyfriend doesn't have anything to do after he picks me up for lunch, I could take the rest of the day off and bum around with him.

BTW, Poodle, can we hook up on Sunday?

Happy birfday, Mouse!

Hello to you, Ella and Stargazer!

I'm happy to be at work and not crying anymore like I was yesterday. The giant didn't email or call me at all yesterday because he didn't want to upset me even more, but it only made me worried that he was mad at me or something bad happened to him. But when I got home, he gave me a pleasant surprise by making the bed with clean sheets and our new, stain-free, duvet. We watched some Top Design, TDS, then back to bed. What I really think he and I need to do is not spend 4 hours in front of the TV every night. That's a real drag on a relationship when there are so many better things to get out there and do. I might drag him around with me this weekend just to get out of the house. I've got errands I need to run, anyway, and we both want to see Zodiac. We haven't been to a movie in forever.

hey diva! glad to read you're doing better... and heck yes! you and the giant need a good old-fashioned DATE is what you need! go to the movies and dinner uptown, and then come home and play hard to get. again, really happy to hear that you're feeling better about your relationship. sounds like he really cares about you and knows what to do to make you happy. clean, fresh sheets! damn. that's an aphrodisiac!! smile.gif

i'm feeling a lot better. i decided to take the morning off guilt-free and i went outside and languished in the sun/shade under a tree. grover came out with me and laid half on my blanket and half off, and the kitters kept coming and rubbing me and then going back to their shady hiding spots. they're so cute. and the jackaroo was doing somersaults and being generally cute in my belly (haha, i know i'm a dork) and so that made me smile too.

then i called the tampa office to relay a message to call the guy that paid a dollar the other day (they've already found a match for him and he has a date this weekend, but didn't know how he was supposed to recognize her! such a cutie!) and she told me not to worry, that he's actually going to paying in full on tuesday! so i should actually have a pretty decent paycheck next time! yay! and the guy from last night that only put down $50 is scheduled to pay every week, so i'll be seeing his residuals soon too. this is what i'm talkin' about! smile.gif

but, now that i took the whole morning off, i will have to work pretty solid for the entire afternoon. that blows, but i'm in a much better frame of mind now. i just needed to meditate with the trees! all is right with the world again.
FJ, even though its hard to get motivated about phone calling sometimes...I am *jealous* of your job flexibility! ...sitting in the sun with your pupper just sounds wonderful right now! Of course, I'm really also wishing that flights to FL weren't so damned expensive this time of year too...I could use a warm weekend in the sun, and have plenty of folks to visit down your way...but I can't pay $400...I need to start searching for deals. Once turbomann is ensconced in his jobby job, I think I deserve a little vacay! Right?! Of course, right! *sings fiddler on the roof to self*

I'm glad you're keeping grover with you for now...and you might just end up keeping her'll just have to see how it goes. Your home with one baby might be a better fit for her than returning to her old home with kids and the pack of dogs as she's getting on in years, but you can see how grover reacts there when you visit this time, and maybe that will help you in your thought process.

The UTI does seem to be calming down a little now - the power of BUSTie vibes are incredible. I get one every year, just when the seasons are changing winter to spring...pretty much like clockwork. Don't know why. My BC withdrawl migraine is settling in now - I'm hoping I took my Excedrin in time, as I don't have time to go home sick today, as much as I would really love to.

YAY for Diva feeling better!!! And for quality time with the giant and plans for doing more stuff together! I can't seem to get into Top Design - between the unnaturally orange Todd Oldham, and the terribly annoying Jonathan Adler, its just not doing it for me...that and those stupid rooms with no windows and doors are terrible.

Stargazer - I'd be totally up for Karyn's and a LUSH party, but I think I have to sit this month's out, as I am getting my hairs cut this evening, and that's pretty much my "treat" spending this month. I can't *wait* until turbomann's got a paycheck coming in!!
Well, it appears as though I won't be able to meet with my boss today either. I've been cleaning and organizing my office which is actually kind of refreshing.

I'm glad you're feeling better, diva. I got a Ticketmaster email about the Roger Waters show and I was gonna tell you it. I shoulda known that you'd know about it sooner!! Anyway, we went to French Meadow last night. I had a greek salad, yummy bread, and a glass of shiraz. Yeah, I would love to hang out this weekend--preferably Saturday.
hello everyone!

ohhh it's my second to last day of work, woooooooooooot! last night i went to $2 margarita night and had a lot of fun and chilaquiles, and then the ex came over to give me my birthday present and a goodbye booty call since he has landed a booking in new york (his dream) for the next month. i'm really proud of him; he's been wanting to get his foot in the door in nyc forever. he'll be gone for both my and his birthdays so we have a celebratory (birthday and job, for both of us) dinner out planned when he gets back since it was so short notice (literally he found out yesterday).

then i stayed up till like 4 am finishing some freelance, next week when i have nothing to do except drink beer in the sun and listen to music, i am going to be sooooooooooooo happy.

have to go shopping for party tonight. i'm going to get a pinata.

diva, i'm so glad you're feeling better about things--and a date is a great idea! the giant sounds like a sweetie.

eeeeee moxette is soooooo cute!!! seriously moxiegirl, i'm having severe bebe envy over here....not all babies amp up my biological clock, but she sure does tongue.gif i love that age of kids, too...enough past infant to be interesting, but still wholly dependent on and fascinated by you.

ch, your man sounds like a good one, but i agree--there's a point when Respectful Gentleman becomes annoying. You can still respect someone and fuck the shit outta them....tell him if he respects you, he should respect your wishes to get laid! laugh.gif

fj, so cool that you can feel jackaroo moving around! and i know that whatever you decide, you'll choose what's best for grover and your family, and whatever happens grover will be in a place where she is loved and cared for. ((fj))

((tj)) uck. hope you get better soon!

poodles, i love your new avatar. who's the pupper?

hey kari, your haircut sounds really cute. diagonal bangs? awesome!

((star)) i dunno about genesis.....that's another one of my media holes. oh well.

hi ella! welcome!
I don't usually post during the day, but I am so GEEKING OUT over Moxette telling her bunny rabbit that you are her MOMMA!!! That is some of the most seriously cute shit I have heard in ages. And Jackette doing sommersaults? Sa-WEEEEET!! The acrobatics got to be a little much for me because I get overstimulated, but it really is a cool thing to feel the parasite swimming around and being....swimmy. smile.gif
I've been having a hell of a time accessing Bust today. I wrote out a HUGE post in Kvetch, but it got eaten. sad.gif

~*~*~*~*~* never-ending Doodle vibes ~*~*~*~*~*

((((Stargazer)))) It's good to hear you sounding better today. Take care of yourself, alright?

It's Mouse's birthday? Or it's almost Mouse's birthday? I'm so confused!

CH, sometimes the anticipation is the best part. And sometimes it sucks, of course. Here's hoping you get some HBI this weekend!

((((TurboJenn)))) Poor thing! I hope the cranberry capsules work. I can totally understand why you'd want to avoid the antibiotics as much as possible. UTI + yeast infection = HELL. By the by, how are things with TurboMan?

((((Poodle)))) Did you tell us about the adorable puppers in your icon? Soooooo damn cute!

Hooray for taking time for yourself, FJ! And hooray for more moolah!

The Moxette is so friggin' adorable. Reminds me of back when MiniPixie had just turned one. It waqs so cute the way she tried to say my name. [happy sigh]

But I still want a puppy more than a baby right now. wink.gif

So glad to hear that you're feeling better today, Diva. I agree that a date or two could really help. They force you to look at one another & talk & laugh & remember why you love eachother. I think Sheff & I could use a nice date. Maybe once his Project From Hell is finally over.

Which reminds me .... Sheff has been put in a very uncomfortable position at work. It's a bit of a long story, but he gave me permission to talk to the Busties about it. But since The Lounge is giving me trouble, I'm going to see if this posts okay first.
Mox, that story warmed my normally ice-cold ovaries. Soooo cute!

Turbo- ick, UTI's. The worst I've had was urethritis, and that was bad enough.~*~*continued go-away vibes~*~*~

Mouse- second-to-last day of work is a great feeling, especially when it's some place you really want to get out of! I'm throwing Le Boy a surprise 30th b-day party next month and I'm seriously considering getting a pinata. Maybe I'll get two- one for the adults and one for the kids. Otherwise, that could be bedlam.

FJ, I understand the spot you're in with Grover. It's really hard, especially since I'm one of those people who just doesn't break up with animals. Our friends, who we got our dog from, are OK with doing it (they gave away two of their cats who developed peeing-in-the-house issues and a dog who got a little psychotic, but she went back to her breeder.) We just happened to want a dog about the time they were ready to send him away, so it ended up okay. But now he's having peeing issues and I wish this snow would go away soon so I can tell if it's the weather or just the dog being obnoxious. But I'm glad you've reached at least a temporary decision.

(((hugs to all the okayers)))
Hi all, this is quick. Welcome Ella!

turbo, I'm sorry about your UTI, but I'm glad not to be the only one with a "cooch of wonders" right now!

So, I had to get out of bed to call the unemployment office back - they say I have to live on my severance till April 15...I already knew I'd have to live on it, but it's nice to have a date. (But it means no new car for me, boo!) Luckily, there is enough $ till that date, but it means my medical certificates don't mean much (except to excuse me from looking for work). The bad news is, because I only worked three days during my last week of work, my benefits, when they do kick in are going to SUCK. I'm not sure what I will do...I might have to cancel my car insurance or something, and even then, it will be extra-tight. Will prolly have to ask doodlemama for help. BAH!

I am STIFF as a board today and in aching pain ALL OVER, from my jaw to my calves. It was painful trying to get out of bed. I imagine this is caused by the anesthesia. (I guess it didn't happen that way during my last surgery because I was in the hospital being fed a constant drip of morphine!) It feels like the day after doing some really X-treme exercising for the first time, too long and too hard, only magnified. Anyway, I'm going to go subject myself to the heating pad - I wish they made body-sized heating pads, not just those tiny rectangle ones!

Boo! Hiss!
((((polly, mouse, rv, minx, poodle, turbo, FJ, Diva, kari, everyone))))

You are all right about le man. The anticipation is a good thing, he's a total keeper. But I know what he can do, and when he's had a few, he sends me the loveliest text messages! For example; Oh sweetheart, I am looking forwrd to being your teacher...Remember I am older and wiser and; I love it when you are submissive...Where do I sign up?? you have NO idea what I am capable of!!!

So we tease each other, and last night was really great, just laid down together and chilled out.

My goodness.

Yay mouse on the goodness of work!!!!! Mmmm margaritas!

I was reading your post on how he should respect me to get laid! Made me laugh out loud at work. Like really loud! I'm not driving on Saturday, so
CH + Drinkies + le man and his drinks = oh so bad behaviour. He is worth waiting for. In fact, I've been working out a lot lately and want to start taking supplements, so I decided to stop smoking weed. He doesn't smoke at all, isn't into it, so he was the final push I needed.

My day was super busy this morning, but now I'm mostly caught up, I don't want to leave nothing for the worker I am covering. The joys of doing the job I do!

Hope everyone is doing well.

Later kats.
doodle! hi doodle! (((doodle)))

sucks so much about your situation sad.gif sad.gif but i'm sure you'll get through it, you're the provisional mayor! i think that might make you infallible tongue.gif

anyway, do be glad you're not in the US for this ordeal. sure, you might have to pay the same in taxes that we pay for insurance, but even after paying for insurance for something like this there'd still be insanely high deductibles and they'd find a way to tack on extra costs too....or only give you a certain amount of days in hospital. ((doodle))

polly, my birthday is tomorrow! and thank you for not being creeped out about my knowing your sister's boyfriend laugh.gif
Hi mouse, minxy, roseviolet, and polly!!

My avatar is our old family dog, Fergie. R.I.P. One of my all time "happy thoughts" is laying with her in the grass on a sunny day. I miss having doggies around (except for the smell). Dude, I totally want to play with a puppy right now!! Everytime I see puppies walking with their owners, I can't resist squeezing them and talking to them in a dorky voice.

Mouse, it sounds like you had an awesome evening!! "Goodbye booty call" Hahaha!!

"warmed my normally ice-cold ovaries" Ha!! I'm the same way. Moxette is so damn cute. I love that fuzzy head of hair and mischievous smile.


ETA- Oops!! (X-post) Hi doodle and culture!!
Oh ya...Happy International Women's Day!

(Farking radio station just called me for IWD, dudes, there's no more women's centre, I don't do this work anymore. Gah!)
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