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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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*licks her chops*
yes please, kel, repost the recipe.

ok, between the kittys w/sox and the doggy pix i am soooooo welling up.

Mouse! i didn't know you were in LA. a friend of mine lives there-- she's a freaking kick in the head. if you like robots liquor n guitars, you guys should hang out. she's one of the funniest people i've ever met...

oh, and keep doing those recaps-- they're fun n funny...

can we have a bunch of photo/ pet bios too?

kel,i'd really love to hear about soji's life on the mean streets learning the chops of bluegrass.

sigh. back to working on my resume. :/
Dudes...I am so farking tired. We had conferences tonight, and I had nowhere for Minxlette to go so she came with me. I was fairly trepid, but DAYUM!! She was the BEST CHILD EVAH!!! I was enraptured. And quite proud. smile.gif It made me feel okay about the (gulp) voluminous amount of money that I spent at Target getting her things with which to entertain herself.

Anyhoo...I am so farking tired. blink.gif The newspaper that I worked so hard on finally came out today, as well. It was funny as hell because they showed up during the last 25 minutes of school. I had to get my entire last hour class to help me canvass the building and hand them out. I was so proud of them! We are going to have a little release party on Wednesday to celebrate and strategize the next edition. I'll hand out the FTP site to anyone interested in seeing it.

I am getting my hair cut off on Friday, and it's beginning to freak me out. I want an outrageous color, but I am actually concerned about getting some kind of fucked-up reprimand. Maybe I'll just make her bleach out huge sections of hair until spring and THEN go hot pink. We'll see how saucy I'm feeling...anyone wanna weigh in on this? I'm wondering if the coup of the newspaper might offset the shock of an English teacher with hot pink hair. Hmmm...
Well shite minxy, i don't know who else would have the ability to have hot pink hair BESIDES the hott english teacher!

At the ofc, taking a momentary break from writing the proposal to end all proposals. Figuring out a way to emphasize our firm's minute size (compared to our likely competitors) is our greatest asset...small packages. Without using cliches or boring engineering talk. Hmmm...

Anyway, back to grinding away.

Kel, your doggie is soooooo cute! Very noble, too!

Minxy, what about going with a deeper hot pink, more toward a berry/burgundy? It might look a little more "grown-up" if your anticipating shit-catching at work, and the color will last a good deal longer than hot washes out really fast on hair that's originally dark in color....the burgundy will wash out to a hot pink, but by the time it does that, everyone at work will be used to your sassy hair!

Congrats on the newspaper! And of course, I;d love to see it!

Poodle, glad you got the shampoo!

Okay, off to work. feh.
Mornin' peeps!!

Yay for minxlette!!

One of my mom's co-workers (ELL teacher) had pink hair for a long time and they're in a suburban district. It wasn't really hot pink though. It was a softer, magenta color.

I like your avatar, girl trouble.

Pet bios...don't even get me started!!
((((everyone)))) sorry too tired to list right now.

Ahhhh tuesday. I hate Tuesday's. I think yay, it's not Monday anymore, but then I remember that it's only Tuesday, which means that it's still just the beginning of the week. Crud.

What pertty flowers Rose. I'm jealous! I looooove purple. It's my fave colour!

Kel, what an adorable puppers! Awwwww. I felt really bad aboutleaving the puppers at home today. She's been rather good today. We will see what happens when I get home though.

Talked to the man, albeit briefly last night, supposed to see him tonight. I really hope. Some guy from the past sent me a text message last night, and he wanted to hook up. I told the man about it, as I feel it is important to be upfront about this. Now I am wondering if I made a mistake. *sigh* I guess I'll talk to him tonight about it. Better to be honest then lie. I have no intentiuons of doing anything with this guy, as I am really into the man. I told him to go away, eloquently of course.

How is everyone else this Tuesday?
Mornin' all! Good to see some beautmous Okayers around here.

Congrats on the paper, Minx! And hooray for the fabulously well-behaved Minxette! I know nothing about hair color, so I have zero advice to offer. Are the students at the school allowed to have brightly colored hair? We weren't even allowed to wear sleeveless shirts when I was in school!

Kel, your puppers is ADORABLE! LoveLoveLove her. I feel this urge to scratch her neck & say "Who's a good girl?!" over and over again.

I really reeeeeeeeally want a pet. So so badly. Yesterday I went out looking at houses that are for sale & then came home & did more house-hunting on-line. And later that night while talking to Sheff I realized that the real reason why I'm eager to get a house soon is because I desperately want to have a furry pet!!! And if we have our own house, we can have a dog or cat! Right? It just makes sense!
Someday I'll own a corgi. And I'll take her on walks. And people will come to know me as that-lady-with-the-really-great-dog.

But before then, Sheff has a dental appointment in an hour, so I'm going to dash.
"We weren't even allowed to wear sleeveless shirts when I was in school" Whoa, was this a private school you're talkin' about?

Good things Tuesday:
1. Meeting with personal trainer at 12:45
2. Used turbo's beer shampoo and LOVED IT!! (thanks again, turbo)
3. Gus was bullying Oscar this morning for a change.
4. Finally done with pain in the ass land valuation analysis
5. I have lots of healthy food in my frige and at work and it makes me feel good.

Hi, peeps!

Tuesdays just drag for me, too. It's the suckiest day of the week, and this week, I don't have any time off. It seems like for the last several months, I've had time off every week, either because of a funeral, holidays, or hookey days.

I want to try making gazpacho. The giant got me an immersion blender for Xmas, and I want to try it out.

Congrats on getting the paper out, Minx! On the hair, I think you and I have close to the same natural color, right? Medium brown-ish? I used to dye pink streaks in my hair all the time without incident, except for my shitty fast food job the summer after freshman year of college (they kept telling me to wash my hair, like it was dirty or something). Anywhoo, I found that darker fuscias worked really well, and they faded nicely on brown hair. After awhile, I started bleaching my hair to get brighter colors, and I regret it so much. It wreaks havoc on your hair, and even if I dyed my whole head a normal color, the bleached parts never took the color as well. Then there's the issue of roots. Go get yourself a nice jar of manic panic (I find the gel in the tubs works better than the liquidy stuff), do a couple streaks in the back, and see what you think after a couple weeks.

RV, I want a house, too, mostly so I can remodel the kitchen, and I know the giant wants to have dogs again. I told him no pets until we own our own house and don't ever have to move again. I wouldn't want to put pets through that. BTW, I love your flowers!

Hi, Poodle, Turbo (thanks for those links from yesterday), Moxie, GT, and everyone else!

We didn't do much last night. I caught up on my Daily Shows and the giant started the dishes, then he finally did my taxes, which will be popped in the mail today. Hopefully I'll at least get one of them back by the end of the month. We ate some of the pots de creme I made, and now I realize why they tell you to use bittersweet chocolate and skim off the foam after you mix everything together. They were far too sweet/rich, and there were hard little pieces of fat throughout mine from the cream. Maybe they'd be better frozen and eaten like ice cream, or piped into sandwich cookies, I dunno.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) taxes in the mail
2) sending in my application for school today, even though it's not a matter of being accepted, just getting the go-ahead to register
3) not much else, it's just a day

Oh tax time! I need to do my taxes! Doing my taxes makes me happy, as being fresh out of university means I won't have to owe money! I'll enjoy it while I can.

I still want chocolate. In fact, I want a chocolate shake! Mmmmm.

It is almost lunch, this makes me happy. Because then the day is half done! Hurray! Then I can go home, work out (possibly) then go see the man (if his schedule permits! Yaaaaaay!)

That's pretty much it. Quiet day at work today. So, I'll be lounging around here in between talking to clients.

(((divala))) yay for school!
Ugh. Taxes. Don't remind me.

I've been updating my timesheet for the last hour and now I have a headache. I've been really bad about keeping track of my hours.

So, as part of my personal health project, I'm trying to think of ways to "reward" myself other than fattening foods, likky, smokey treats, and/or long evening naps. So far I've been steaming yummy-smelling oils, using facial masks, moisturizing like crazy, and making my feet look pretty. I'm trying to come up with other daily rewards that don't harm my health. Any ideas? I know you have ideas, turbo!! There are always baths, but I don't want to dry my skin and hair out, so that can only be a weekly thing.
I'm with you, culture - hurrah! for the day being half over....unfortunately, meetings stole two hours from me this morning, so I'm a wee bit behind here. Oh well.

Diva, your idea for re-conceptualizing your pots de creme is *exactly* why you need your own cafe! Me, I'd just eat them, wishing they were just a *little* bit different. I'm kind of lost when it comes to dessert - I need recipes. Oh, and for any sugar-free instant pudding NOT add anything "extra" to the mix..I added a drop of vanilla and a dash of chocolate extract to the pudding parfaits I made the other night, and they're all broken and weepy. ick. Still tastes fine, but not exactly a pudding.

Rosie, I want you to have your corgi - you'd be such a good dog mom, and corgis are such silly little dogs!

Oh, and for the funky dyed sections on the hair, stick to an underneath layer, and have shorter layers cut on top, and that avoids the root problem for quite awhile, 'cause you can't see them! And by the time you can see them, you just rock it like you mean it, and all of a sudden, long roots are hip. tongue.gif

Good things Tuesday:
1. Federal taxes are Done!!!
2. I just paid off my Bally's contract, so now I'm free of those bastards! (I've been paying for 2 gyms for a year, because the Bally's near us got so poorly cared for unsure.gif)
3. The day is more than half over!!

ETA: Poods, you know I've got you on the pampering!! After X number of workouts, you get a massage (check around for massage schools with cheapo deals). Do clay facial masks- they're not drying...I like a simple cider vinegar and bentonite clay mask, or rhassoul clay...check out Mountain Rose Herbs - they're a top favorite for totally natural products. I also love their facial steam product. Hmm, what else - get some herbal tea that you love for a treat - I like peppermint leaves mixed with a dash of licroice root for sweetness (its just like Aveda's tea, only better because its fresh - Culinary Teas). Soak your feet in hot water with epsom salts, and a little bit of bubble bath, then massage your feet, and slather on some lotion. Oh, I also like to use leftover tea leaves for a facial steam after I've used them - love the recycling! And the top of my list is baths, and using the sauna at the gym....the sauna is the whole motivation to GET me to the gym! tongue.gif
Ah yes, TEA. I like tea with a little licorice to it. It's not as good as beer, but it's still really pleasant. I also love watching my cats freak out when the teapot starts to whistle.

I use Queen Helene Mint Julep face mask and it's ooooh so good. It works. It's a little drying for this time of year, so I should probably look for some kind of mud mask.

When I worked out pretty much everyday in my later highschool years, I was totally motivated by the steam room, followed by a quick dip in the pool. God, that felt so good.

SOOOO, I just returned from my meeting with the personal trainer, and we set up the basics of my program. I'm gonna be doing 30 minutes of cardio 2 times a week and 30 minutes of strength training 2 times a week (or combined into hour long sessions). She showed me all the cardio equipment and I tried out the stairmaster. I've always been intimidated by stairmasters. Anyway, the girl was super cool and she told me that a couple years ago, she weighed 40 lbs. more than her current weight. That's inspiring. I'm gonna meet with her one more time to set up the strength training specifics. Yay!! I'm excited to have the energy and ability to do fun things without being pooped out after 5 minutes. The possibilities are endless!!
Good for you, Poodle! That's wonderful!

Turbo, I love your idea of rewarding X number of work-out sessions with pampering spa treatments! Think I'll have to adopt that for myself. smile.gif I really need to lose some weight. I'm going to be in Florida during the last week of June & I know this extra weight is going to make me feel soooo much hotter. If I could lose 20 pounds in the next 3 months, I'd be thrilled, but I'm not quite sure how to manage it.

Diva, if we get a house, I wouldn't mind a tiny bit of renovations, but I wouldn't want to do too much more than paint & replace some flooring at first. I've never tackled renovations before & I'm soooo scared of getting it wrong! I absolutely hate tile countertops, though, so if the house for us has that, it will be the first thing to go. And I really want a gas stove top. Right now we have one of those smooth top electric stoves which look nice, but the heat is hard to control. I really miss cooking with gas.

As for the dress code stuff ... Nope, I didn't go to a private school. I guess the dress code was just more strict at the schools in Oklahoma. No sleeveless shirts worn on their own. For many years shorts weren't allowed, either, which was especially crazy when school started in August. Luckily, they changed that, but she shorts still had to be long (only a couple inches above the knee).

Ugh. Taxes. Bleh.

Good Things Tuesday:
1. Sheff is getting his crown fixed! Hooray!
2. It's sunny and pretty out.
3. All my limbs work.
4. Scooter Libby was found guilty! Schadenfreud, anyone?

Life is pretty dull for me right now, so I can't think of anything more than that!
Only two more hours!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness.

I have a feeling that something is going to happen, and I just can't shake it. I am finding it very annoying. I'm so scared about where things are going with le man. Fuckity fuck fuck. What the hell is going on here. I feel like a fucking basketcase! I'm so afraid I'm going to fuck things up. I'm feeling a little uneasy that I told him I had a blast from the past with some guy I fucked. I know he trusts me, but I'm so used to be questioned endlessly and needlessly by the ex. I don't want to punish him for how my ex was, but I fear that I am. sad.gif

Yay pinkpoodle for the workout routine! You will become addicted! I swear it.
(((culture))) Ugh, I hate that feeling. I have that feeling with every guy these days.

I think I might swing by the co-op tonight and get myself some tea goods and maybe try to find some other pampering aids.

Wow, the t-shirt/shorts ban sounds so Catholic!! At my Catholic grade school, girls had to wear skirts for the longest time until parents (and kids) complained that girls were freezing their asses off at the bus-stop, and even in school (cold building). In the early nineties, we were allowed to wear shorts, which was a pretty big deal.

Okay, so maybe I'll go back to the Y tonight and use the treadmill. All I have to do is change in my office and walk a few blocks. Easy enough. I know it's stupid, but I can't help but feel a little nervous.
I don't normally post in here but I saw the word tea and just wanted to share with you all my love of Zhena's Gypsy Tea.

I've had the:

Breakfast Bliss (loose)
Sense of Peace (bag)
Ambrosia White Plum (bag)

My local tea shop sells it so I don't buy online and therefore can't say anything about the website personally but the tea is fantastic.
LMP - Those teas look delish!! I've got so much tea at my house, though...I need to just look away.

Yeah, we were no sleeveless shirts, no tanktops, and shorts had to be a certain length all the way through high school. It wasn't so bad...and judging from what I see my mom's junior high kids wearing these might not be so bad to have a few rules...gah, I must be getting old to say stuff like that, eh? But its true...really. 8th graders in heels and revealing clothing and boys with their draws hangin' round their knees....yikes.

GO POODLE! GO POODLE! Keep us posted on the gym and fitness thing...I know I can use a little inspiration too!

Okay, I just caved and made an appointment with my (now expensive) stylist...but it isn't as bad as their website says - her cut & style is $80 -- and I get a $25 discount for my first time there...I'll give it a go once, and then evaluate whether I like the salon, and want to save my pennies for my hair. *whew*

((((soothing vibes for culture)))) darling, *breathe* will not fuck this up with the man...relax, enjoy, trust, and let him see who you really are, and enjoy the playtime! Its time to pack up that old baggage, and just let it go...put it on a bus and wave goodbye (I like to envision these things). You've got a fresh romantic opportunity with a level headed, reasonable man who likes you, and will be there for you. Just let those nagging thoughts quiet and drift away. *breathe*
((((turbo))))) thank you so much. Reading your post gave me a breath of fresh air. I am packing the baggage and there it goes!

(((good hair vibes for turbo)))


Woohoo! Only a little bit longer until this work day is done! biggrin.gif
That Mountain Rose site looks very dangerous. *clutches wallet*
tuesday's (almost) gone with the wind! i hate mondays more than tuesdays, but it's still not a great day.

i've been lurking, but haven't had a whole lot to say lately. odd, i know!!!

poodle, oh wow, i'm so proud of you! you sound like you're really taking that book you were reading to heart and changing lifestyle, not just trying to lose weight. and it's so good that you liked the personal trainer. you should definitely ride the high you're feeling and go ahead and do a workout tonight. i don't think it sounds strange that you're a little nervous. of course, i'm nervous every time i try anything new. smile.gif

and i reallly like turbo's reward plan!!! turbo, you're just so special and so sweet. you're good to yourself and you're good to people you know. i'm so glad to be one of them. *wipes tear* i'm really serious. smile.gif

rv, i love the pics you posted last night! what pretty purple flowers! and i love the yellow ones you posted in the kvetchie thread too!

and i love the pic of kelkello's pupper!!!!! smile.gif

culture, i'm sure everything is good with your guy. i think it's good that you are being honest with him!

hi, lovemypugs! nice to see you in here again. oh, man, white plum ambrosia just sounds so wonderful.

hm, i want chocolate too!!!

oh, and we weren't allowed to wear tank tops for a few years in middle/high school. then, we could wear them as long as we wore two of them on top of each other, which i found to be super retarded. the following year, they put the full ban on them again. maybe it has something to do with being in the south?
I just turned on Take Home Chef & there's a lady on the show who says she's a "colon hydrotherapist" or some such. And I instantly thought, "Oh my god! She's a butt flusher!!!" Which made me think of our darling TurboJenn. biggrin.gif

$80 for a haircut? Yikes. I guess I'm a cheapskate. I think the most I've ever paid for a wash, cut, & style was $55 (not including tip).

Culture, I know it's scary at first. If you truly feel comfortable being this open and honest with him, that's good. Just take it one step at a time, dear.

So what are you fine people doing for dinner tonight? Sheff has to stay late at work again (there's a big deadline approaching on this game) so I think I'm just going to have a nice salad & the last slice of cheddar bread. I may do a wee bit of cooking, though. I've got a lot of lemons sitting around the house, so I'm thinking about making lemon curd tonight.

Where's Doodle? When is she having the D&C?
~*~*~*~*~ oodles of vibes for Doodle ~*~*~*~*~
Hi FJ!!

You're so right about turbo. I'm having so much fun playing with all of the goodies she sent me!!

"She's a butt flusher!!!" Hahahahaha!!

Everyone in here eats such yummy sounding stuff 'cept for me. I'm lazy and not exactly talented in the cooking department. Well, actually, I like baking a lot because it's slow and the directions are usually pretty specific. No improvisation or eyeballing. I think I would cook more if I had someone else around. It's hard to eat everything before it goes bad. I think tonight I'm just gonna do a bean burrito with lots of veggies and salsa. I could live off of veggie burritos. They're so easy and fast and good for you.

GAH!!! This day is neverending!! I'm anxious to go to the Y, eat dinner, and then buy some goodies at the coop.
Doesn't "She's a butt flusher" sound like a hit single for our original band Vulva Tiara?

((Culture)) When I got into my current relationship, I spent the first, oh, I dunno, three months in a constant state of worry about whether or not something bad was going to happen. I actually went into therapy so I wouldn't sabotage it (I went for other reasons, too, of course...I'm nuts).

Yeah, where is Doodle? *worry*

Minx, ignore the possible reprimand. It's your head and unless you can find a clause in your contract about hair color, they can't do squat to you.

My public high school didn't allow tank tops or shorts either. I don't think they allow them even now. I think it's gotten even more strict...all shirt must have collars and nothing printed on shirts. Nazi bastards.

Poodle, good luck with the workout thing. My bf got that stupid Fergie song stuck in his head (he never listens to the radio, but the one time he did, Fergalicious was on. Dammit) and now whenever he goes to work out he says, "I'm going to go work on my fitness!"

Soji, the bluegrass dog, has many tales of her days on the road, playing county fairs and whatnot. There was the time Norman, the feline upright bass player called in sick and Soji, usually on washboard, stepped in and strummed the bass like a pro. It caused tension in the band when Norman returned and found Soji, having learned his whole repetoire, had taken his place. Norman played washboard and spoons for one gig, but, being a cat and not being used to being relegated to a lesser state, he stalked off, tail high in the air and formed his own band, this time a polka outfit called the Polka Cats. It was a tough time and Soji still bears the emotional scars.
Poodle, living by yourself can hamper the cooking inspiration, but you could still do stuff like make soups, and stash them in the freezer, so when the fridge is empty you still have something for dinner. Or make pestos and sauces and freeze them in ice cube trays or small tupperware, and then pop them out whenever you need them for a fast stir fry with maximum yumminess. If you need ideas, just holler!

Aww, shucks FJ....*blushes* Ya'll are too kind.

(((((doodle)))) I think the D&C is tomorrow, and doodlemama returned yesterday? I could be wrong on that, but that's what's sticking in my head.

And Rosie, I just turned on take home chef too, but the butt flusher epi was already over. Booo!

Yup, an $80 cut..but it'll only be $60 with my coupon...which is less than I was paying at the old salon. When I started seeing my stylist, she was $30 for a cut, but well...she's amazing, and of course her rate kept climbing, and I'm not sure I'm ready to let her go, just yet. If I stick to my three month haircut plan, I should be able to swing this a few times a year. My hair vanity is greater than I thought. unsure.gif

Yay culture!!! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better! *waves to the baggage rumbling off in the distance on the bus*

ETA: Kel, I am SO glad you've joined us here in okayland, you are cracking me up! The band names and set lists are priceless, and Soji the bluegrass dog - awesome!! tell us more stories!! pleeeeeaaase?!!
"Norman, the feline upright bass player" Hahaha!! I love your Soji stories, kel!!

Yeah, I really could do more food preparation. I have a tendency to let things go in my kitchen, which makes cooking not as fun. When I have a clean kitchen, like now, I want to spend more time playing around in it. I have to make a habit out of keeping it clean so that I don't revert unhealthy convenience foods for lunch and dinner.
turbo, you are right on about doodle. And FJ is right on about you! OH! A new LUSH store opened in the fancy-pants mall near our house...wanna go next time you're home? I could use a tour from an expert!

So, speaking of food, (and X-posted from the hipmama thread) The daycare just sent home new regulations (handed down from the state lisc. board) about "food sent by parents." The short and long of it is we can't send anything that needs to be leftovers, 1/2 can spaghettios, etc. Jury is still out if flash-frozen foods are on the no-no list too. I get the reason...reheating to 165F is "food safety" and a daycare room doesn't have that capability. Fine. I'm not so much wanting to fight the man (OK, well I am, but don't feel up to it), as figure out what to send for lunches that is safe and age appropriate for a 11-13 month old. Stringcheese and strawberries every day ain't good, right? And babyfood is very close to being totally rejected.

I can send home-made foods (or pre-purchased) that is not to be re-heated...hummus, though, is about all i've come up with. Maybe cream-cheese roll-ups? I know we're all "healthy" foodies (chips disagreement aside) here...any ideas?
poodle, i'm having trouble in the food department lately because of my job. my afternoon hours are 6-9pm, and mrfj doesn't get home until sometime between 6 and 7 depending on his day. one of my favorite parts of the day is cooking dinner and having it together but we haven't been able to do that. i think i'm going to have to start cooking on the weekends and storing a lot of it like turbo suggested, or cooking it and just having to eat in shifts. but i'm never ready to eat dinner before about 7pm, so i have been eating a late lunch and then a snack around 6 or so, then eating dinner at 9, which means i'm up later... it's just not working right just yet. maybe once my setting and showing stats get better, i'll be able to work only from 7-9p.

and once jack gets here, that schedule could be thrown for a loop anyway. then, they'll have to give me some west coast offices to call for so i can call until midnight here.

btw, i got three sets yesterday, one for every day this week through thursday. fingers crossed for my guy to show up tonight!!

my last haircut cost me $130 before the tip, but that also included some color. i went to the local aveda salon. i did love it, and i justify it because i only go and get my hair done when it absolutely needs it, maybe three or four times a year. otherwise, i trim on it myself in between.

ok it's time to work... must get to dialing!!!!!

((((((pre-D&C vibes for doodle)))))))

eta: hi moxie!!!! i'll have to put some thought into that...
I'm also a big fan of making a big pot of brown rice on sunday, for use all week - you can also freeze it in portioned bags too, if you want. We're having the chorizo-black beans-spinach pot again tonight - I made it last week, but turbomann specially requested it, and its super easy, so I'll give...and it makes lots of leftovers. And I have some leftover pork loin that I'm going to dice and toss in there too.

Moxie, you know me too well! Of *course* the LUSH shop at Somerset was on my list for my next trip home - hell, everything I buy in MI feels like its on sale, since there's only 6% sales tax, and we have 9% here!

Hmm...daycare foods - that's rough, mox. You've got your sliced fruits and veggies, you could even do some room temp refried beans from a can, with a little cheese on top, even dip veg in that. Gosh..cold/room temp foods are hard to think of, as far as variety goes. feh on stupid laws!
Dude, I still worry that I'm going to fuck it up with the giant, and we've been together over a year and a half, living together for over a year. Do I love him? Yes, of course. But do I know that he's the one I'm supposed to be with forever and ever after? Hell, no. The thing that keeps me sane is that if I were single again, I'd never find anyone as good as him and I'd kick myself for it. It makes me cry sometimes because I just don't know. My advice is to take it very slowly.

Poodle, when it gets nice out, do you want to go walking with me a couple times a week? I'm trying to get into diet/fitness now, too (I'm so pissed that my clothes aren't fitting me right anymore and I refuse to buy a bigger size), and it helps to have a buddy to keep you honest. For rewards, I find that shoes and handbags make for good milestone markers. smile.gif But that's just me.

Kelkello, I love your story about your dog's band. Creative!

(((((((((Doodle vibes)))))))))

((((((((( FJ appointment show vibes ))))))))))

I used to have big problems with cooking for myself when I lived alone. It was always takeout or something really simple. Since I've lived with my brother, and now the giant, I eat at home more than I go out. But yeah, cooking for one does suck.

RV, I'd hate tile counters, too. There's just something about my knives touching grout that I don't like. My dream kitchen would have a gas stove, 2 ovens with convection option, granite counters, and an oversize fridge/freezer. It'll all be done in black and stainless steel. Or else I could just take my parents' new kitchen, minus the hard tile floor with the bad grout work that hurts your bare feet. It's gaw-jus. Their faucet is a tulip, fer chrissakes. The part where the water comes out is shaped like the petal part, and the lever is a giant leaf.

The most I've eve spent on a haircut is $50 including tip. Damn, I wish I could find my old stylist.

Dinner tonight is going to be turkey sandwiches and fruit salad, and more pot de creme so I can get rid of them and move on to the next thing, which will be a chocolate souflee. And I'm dipping the cookies I made on Sunday in chocolate, and using the rest of the chocolate to make cute little haystack bars for the giant, since he loves them so.

Holy crap, it's time to go. Bye!

(((busties)))) thanks so much for the support! I really needed it!

I think I am going to have to jump on the lush bandwagon, still haven't ordered anything from lush. *spanks self*

I am so happy the work day is finally done!

With that said, I have no idea what to do for dinner. Mmmmm, I have no clue. I;m in a cereal type mood, I don't feel like cooking at all. Bleh.

FJ, I saw you lurking all day, and I was wondering when you were going to post!

Supposed to be seeing the man tonight. I'll let you all know how it goes.


right, bio time...(i've been lurking like mad instead of studying, but also have not been retaining much. hugs and vibes to all!)

i live at home with my mom and brother and go to the university in town. in the winter the night lasts for an eternity and the sun is blinding for the little while it's around. i'm majoring in mathematics with no focus so far, and right now i'm wearing wool socks and stretchy mittens because i have poor circulation and typing makes my hands colder than the cold water that comes out of my taps.

i have no pets, unless you count my boyfriend (referred to here as the boything, who is not to be confused with 'the boy', who is my best friend, or 'alternate non-romantic significant other' as one of my friends put it). I drink too much coffee and watch too many movies and don't read nearly as much as i'd like to or used to, and microsoft word auto-correct has made me incredibly lazy about capitalization during typing. i have two vibrators who are names percival one and percival two, and they're samed as such because they are both purple, and purple makes me think of the name percival for no real reason in particular.
dang! it got quiet in here!

off the phones for the night. and YAY! my guy did show! but BOO! he bought a $2600 contract and only put down a DOLLAR!! hahahaha. yeah, so i get 12 cents from that sale this pay period!! hahaha. seriously, it made me laugh heartily when i saw it. i mean, i'm taking it as a victory anyway because he at least showed. what happens after that isn't my responsibility. i mean, i NEED to make more money for sure, but he'll keep paying the contract and i'll get the residuals from it. i feel good that i was at least able to make him feel passionate enough to go into the office to check it out.

hoping culture is having a wonderful evening with le man. rolleyes.gif

diva, you amaze me with all your dessert creations. wow!

tile counters suck, but laminate butcher block sucks even MORE! that's what we have right now. it's all chopped up from the previous owners and looks terrible! it wouldn't be so bad f it were actual butcher's block, but it's just gross as it is. i want granite, but i don't know if we'll do that or some slightly (read much) less expensive material. actually, i heard about a new material that looks and holds up much like granite, but it's a synthetic material made from recycled plastics . it's supposed to be much less expensive. we'll check into that later.

mrfj is going to take a tile-laying course at home depot sometime in the next few weekends so he can get started tiling our bathroom upstairs, which is the current task at hand. we found some really super cool blue-green glass tiles and some great trim pieces that would be beautiful. but first, he wants to really know how to lay them. hehe... why does that make me laugh like an eighth grader?? huh huh. i said lay.

Hi all....first time online today, have only skimmed....

(poodle, I love that pic of that the red vintage chair he's stretched out on?)

Well, I had my CT scan and met with my specialist today. I got to see my organs in cross section!! Bizarre and fascinating. My kidney is still inflamed, and is bigger than the other one, with air pockets and swollen fat and other weirdness, and he said it will take awhile to go down to normal. The stone has not budged (GRRRR!), but he says "it's in a safe place" right now, so it won't cause me any harm. Looks like I may have to travel to Vancouver after all, for that shockwave treatment, and if so, there'll be more antibiotics. Have to have some blood work done, too, and will meet with him again in a couple of weeks. He also said it's normal to take many weeks to recover from something like this. *sigh* He also said a huge part of the reason I'm still so weak and tired is the hemoglobin issue.

Tomorrow is the D&C. I can't have anything to eat after midnight, but the surgery itself won't be till 1:30 in the afternoon! Boo hoo! I consoled myself by buying a big fat Calvin and Hobbes book. OH, and I finally got ahold of the Feb/March BUST, too!

Anyway, doodlemama is here, and I actually managed to do the shopping with if this D&C doesn't take too much out of me, maybe I'll be able to manage on my own pretty soon.

Ok, I'm going to go and try to read properly now!
FJ: what kind of weirdo puts down a dollar? Hopefully he's locked into that contract! Good luck with the laying of the tile. hehehe

Tyger: two vibrators named Percival? Perfect!

Culture: The cereal summer it was so hot and I so didn't want to cook I lived on Lucky Charms. I actually lost weight.

I once spent $60 on my hair plus abuot $30 for products. It's how I ended up a redhead. The guy talked me into it and then I didn't realize how much upkeep it is to have fake red hair. I use a boxed dye now with just as good results, believe it or not. But if I ever want my real color back, I will have to pay a fortune in color correction.

Turbo, this one's for you: Soji regaled me this evening with another tale from her early days touring in her bluegrass band, Banjos of the Damned. They were on a European tour, stopping at local folk festivals in hopes of enticing the locals into hiring them for their international and inter-species flair. They played for cheap eats and ale. This particular stop was in Budapest, Hungary. Earl, the flamingo and banjo player in the band was feeling especially happy about the gig at the Bi-Annual Budapest Folk Jam and Goulash Cookoff since he always had a yen for a nice hot bowl of goulash. The band often deemed him The Earl of Goulash. They always had a good chuckle over that one. Anyhoo, just as the band began playing their new tune penned by Earl entitled, "God Gave Me Wings But He Won't Let Me Fly" a huge vat of goulash went whizzing up onto the stage and splattering Dante, the resident lemur and hammered dulcimer player. Dante's eye's were as big as dinner plates when this occurred, but no one could tell if he was surprised because he was, of course, a lemur. It turns out that final two competitors in the goulash cookoff, brothers Laslo and Dezso Jones (Their mother married an American merchant he ended up in landlocked Hungary is a completely different story and now is not the time, frankly) had come to blows over the last tablespoon of paprika. The band spent the better part of the afternoon dislodging dried goulash nuggets from their instruments. Then and there they decided to hightail it back to the states as soon as Earl retrieved his passport from the band of roving gypsies who robbed him of it that very morning. Following this, the band briefly considered changing their name to "The Goulash Nuggets," but it came down to a 3-2 split, and they continued on as Banjoes of the Damned.
Ooo! Bios! Fun!

I was born in Gainesville, Florida while the Beatles were recording Abbey Road and until a fairly recent apostasy I prayed twice daily facing my hometown. I decided early on I wanted to be Batman when I grew up. Or Aquaman. I was raised in suburban Jacksonville and my childhood was spent waiting for the next Star Wars movie in a haze of pop rocks, slurpees, and little league while sucking on watermelon sticks and searching for discarded pornography in the bushes around my cinderblock neighborhood. After my dad took me to see Jaws in the first grade I read the novel and decided I wanted to be an ichthyologist when I grew up. Eventually I grew pubes, completely lost interest in school in a passive-aggressive rebellion against my mother's displays of withdrawn affection when disappointed in me (not nearly as dramatic as that sounds), became an Eagle Scout and discovered Bob Dylan. I narrowly graduated from high school, spent my time half-heartedly in community college working odd jobs and getting stoned with my friends, finding profundity in the lyrics of Eric B and Rakim. Facing adulthood I finally decided I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. Taught myself acoustic guitar, unfortunately never taught myself to sing. A moment of clarity led to a return to Gainesville in the early 90s and walked away with a journalism degree from UF despite an acute lack of academic discipline. My summers there were spent searching for mushrooms and conquering Super Mario. I graduated, utterly naive and quickly disillusioned, found a beautiful girl I did not get along with and married her. I divorced her five years later and found my best friend, my co-conspirator, the person I would have spent the rest of my life in remorse over if we hadn't hooked up. Now that I've grown up I'm in advertising. I didn't see that coming. Very happy to be who I am now; married to a cool hottie, snuggled in our modest little home, gainfully employed with baby boy on the way. I read a lot now - mostly literature, philosophy and obligatory business fad du jour - and I've settled into a bifurcated life of tamed domesticity punctuated by episodes of abject hedonism. Things could have turned out a lot worse.
"Banjos of the Damned." Are there any other kind? laugh.gif

Tyger, I love that you named your vibrators Percival! My old vibrator had a name, but not my latest one. Hmmm.

Hope you're having fun, CH!

~*~*~*~*~* Doodlicious vibes ~*~*~*~*~*
Doodle darling, please tell me that the Canadian health care system is paying for all of this. Puh-leeeeez. I know nothing about how health care works up there & I've been secretly worried about this since January. As for seeing the pics of your kidney, I can definitely understand the fascination! When the docs told me about the cyst in my brain, I was secretly upset that they didn't show me the images from the MRI. Maybe next time.

And yes, I have a cyst in my brain. It's called an arachnoid cyst. It's about the size of a shooter marble (the big ones) & located somewhere behind my left ear. Luckily, it has given me very little trouble. Mainly, it just sounds really wicked!!! My friends refer to it either as my brain cloud or (more frequently) my brain spider.


Mr, FJ, I love Aquaman. Really. One of my best friends gave me an Aquaman birthday card because he knew of my love for the Waterlogged One. That dude deserves soooooo much more respect than he gets. My hat is off to you. And your magnificent laying abilities.
Heh heh ... "lay". tongue.gif

FJ, that's so funny about the guy who put $1 down! Did you know your customers could do that? Hmmm ... maybe he's just a very savy businessman. I'm sure when he gets a good result, he'll be willing to put down some more cash.

I hate tile countertops because it's impossible to roll dough on it (and my family makes pie dough from scratch, so this is very important). It drives me nuts when home makeover shows put tile on the kitchen countertops. Makes me want to scream at my television! "It's gonna cost me thousands of dollars to fix that, you assholes!" As for chopping, I use kitchen sheers or a cutting board for that, so laminate is not a problem in my world. Call me crazy, but I'd far rather have laminate than tile on my counters. As for flooring, tile belongs in bathrooms only. It's just so cold that I prefer to place it only where I have to! Otherwise, I'm a big fan of hardwood floors & area rugs.

Speaking of housing, I wrote to the owner of this house where we live (She actually lives a few states away. Long story). I sent her some of the pictures I took of her flowering bulbs. I also asked if she'd like to extend our rental agreement. The good news is that she was secretly hoping that we'd stay because she really likes us! Yay! So there's no need to buy a house right away. This will give us time to save more money towards a down payment & allow the market to settle (hopefully). The bad news? I gotta wait longer to get a dog. Those Pedigree commericals will just keep torturing me for another year.

Oh well. At least I have my brain spider to keep me company! wink.gif
Kel, I do so wish that turbo would regale me with his tales of life on the road and at the track. He is a very stoic and noble creature, and prefers to play his cards close to his chest, only on the rarest of occasions giving the slightest hint that, yes, he *was* a professional athlete. These days, he's into subterfuge, and playing it cool, knowing that he has been enlightened to the beauty of a good fluffy bed to sleep in.

And now, I want to make goulash!! Another great story - you're very lucky to share you life with such a well-traveled companion!

Mr FJ, I love your bio!! BTW, I was on my way to a journalism degree and took a left turn and ending up with an Advertising degree....which I'm not using...can we trade degrees? And you and FJ are just soooo adorable. I relinquish the title of cutest okayland couple to you guys.

Hey, have you read the "getting things done" book? I think I might need it - I have a serious multi-tsking distraction problem at work these days. I need to structure my days better. Between emails and managing a forum for work, half my day drains away without any real project work. feh.

ETA: crosspost with rosie!!! *whispers sweet nothings to rosie's brain spider* I'm with you on the tile countertops, rosie -- eeeeevil! We have the classic 1960s white laminate with black and gold sparkles...very retro, but not in a good way. We'll be getting some engineered recycled stone of some sort, when I get my new kitchen this year. smile.gif
hello all!

just have a little time to post here. skimmed through the thread.

tea sounds awesome.

it sounds like turbojenn is turning more people onto mountain rose. TJ, i swear you should've worked in PR 'cause you do a great job of promoting things!! smile.gif

i'm kinda tired. i did fulfill my craving for hot wings at a greasy diner joint. they were surprisingly awesome.

i dread tomorrow. the burial for my roommate/friend is tomorrow. my neck is very tense. i should schedule myself for a massage.

i will check in later.

It's Wednesday! The week is half over! Hurray!

So, I didn't end up seeing le man last night. Probably for the best, because I was in a super bad mood yesterday, for no good reason either. Just was in a fucking bad mood. So I talked to him, vented, and we made plans for tonight instead. We had a good laugh about it. He wants good CH to be out, I've been provoking him sexually lately. smile.gif What can I say? I want him, but we don't know each other super well. Fuck it's one of these waiting games. And my goodness respect! Hee.

Mr FJ what a fab bio, your aquaman story reminds of the episode of The Simpsons where the French send "le bomb neutron" to Springfield, and Comic Book Store Guy is walking down the street Aquaman Comic! That's all about that.

~~~~~~healthy vibes for doodle~~~~~


I have a staff meeting this morning and no messages from yesterday, it's like the phone hasn't rung at all in the past 18 hours. How strange.
good wednesday all! I'm hoping for a mid morning visit from moxieman, to um, celebrate HUMP day. Heh. I love 8th grade boy humor. smile.gif

So, since the week is 1/2 over, has anybody gotten weekend plans in order? We will probably be consumed with getting ready for moxette's birthday...gah, I can't believe its only 2 weeks away! I'm really looking forward to year 2, i must say. This morning, I went in to get her up for school, and she looked up and said "Mama." SO much better than gooey baby newborn.

OK, so good jobby vibes this way, please? moxieman is interviewing at a rival agency today (headhunter called...oportunity knocks, right?). He's really interested in trying out some new interview ideas, and I'm hoping he gets a good enough feedback to want to come home and be a good morning break for moi.

Sigh...back to the writing board.
Mornin' ya'll!!!

Yes, Hooray for Wednesday!! And boooo! for staff meetings. I have one this afternoon too, which means, I need to get my ass in gear and do all the stats. I hate stats. Unfortunately, my boss looooves them.

((((((doodle safe D&C vibes and recovery))))))

(((((stargazer & roomie's family)))) Take care of yourself today, my dear, and *definitely* book yourself for that massage!

Tonight's my first "real" night with volunteering at the computer clubhouse...we'll see how it goes. Teenager energy, particularly, teenage boy energy is bewildering and intimidating. The guy who runs the place assures me that it will take at least three weeks for any of the boys to trust me enough to speak to me, so I'll probably just wander around and have them show off their projects to me.

*waves to culture*
Hi peeps!!

Nice to see you 'round here, tyg and mr. FJ!!

"Banjoes of the Damned" Ha! I love it!!


~*~*~*~interview vibes for moxieman~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~first night survival vibes for turbo~*~*~*~

I had a great workout just walking on the treadmill last night. I know it's not majorly intense for a lot of people, but it's a lot for someone who's about 80 lbs. overweight. My glutes are a little sore, so that's good, right? I'm sitting on a heating pad right now.

I'd love to walk with you in the spring, diva. It doesn't make much sense to do all of my walking at the Y. I'd love to do more outdoor walking right now, but I thought I was gonna slip on the ice and break my tailbone while walking to the coop last night. I wish people would shovel and salt their damn sidewalks.
poodle- i'm not overweight, but i'm severly out of fitness shape. No time for gym...anyway, i've recently taken to climbing the stairs in our office building once a day, each day I'm there. We're on the 17th far, I can do about 9 floors w/o passing out. Any working out is a great achievement!
Hi, peeps.

I had a breakdown at the giant last night. I'm so mad at myself. I've gained 30 pounds since we met (emphasized by when I tried on some shirts I ordered and none of them fit), I can't finish anything or even clean up after myself, and I'm still so unsure about everything with the giant. I think he thinks that I think about stuff too much, but I think he doesn't think enough. So there we are. My eyes are all puffy from crying last night. This isn't supposed to be happening after a year and 8 months.

I named my parents' old car Percival. It was a blue LeSabre, and it looked all prim and proper and reminded me a little bit of Nelly's husband on Little House on the Prairie. His name was Percival, right?

(((((((((((Stargazer and friends)))))))))))))

No weekend plans yet. I'd like to go up to my parents' house alone and play with Sam. That always cheers me up. And if it's going to be nice out, maybe we can go to the park or build a snowperson.

Good luck on the bathroom, FJs. Blue-green glass tile sounds really pretty.

Good luck with the volunteering, Turbo. How do you think you're going to make it so the girls can be on the computers, too?

Hi, Kelkello, CH, RV, Moxie, Doodle, and all!

Today is just gonna be another day. I brought healthy stuff to eat, though, a ton of fresh fruits and veggies (well, more fruits than anything). Let's see if I don't end up starving by 3:00 like I have been since I've been trying to be better about not eating crap. I've even been drinking water - I'm up to 4 glasses a day. I know it's not much, but it's a ton for me.
Good Morning!

((doodle)) I hope everything goes well today. Take care, sweetie. I am glad doodlemama is there with you.

((stargazer)) I am so sorry about your friend. I didn't see your post about it, that is very sad. sad.gif

((diva)) That is no good that you and the giant had a fight last night. It is horrible to have to go to work following a night like that. Did you guys resolve things?

Kel, you are too funny! I love your dog. So pretty. He reminds me a little bit of my dog, Yuki. Speaking of Yuki...something funny happened Monday night. Yuki has a paint roller that she plays with. We had just gotten her a brand new one on Sunday. It was in the backyard. Monday night Yuki starts barking like a maniac. I get up and look out the window just in time to see two neighborhood dogs running through our backyard, one of them has the paintroller in his mouth. They stole it! It made me laugh really hard. I had no idea paintrollers were hot commodities in the canine world.

Good bio, Mr FJ!

Poodle, I am proud of you for your healthy makeover!

Not much going on here today. Fairly regular day. Leaving work early for a dr. appt. Then am getting a haircut. My cuts are $55 + tip. Good thing I won a poker game on Monday night. It was me and about 9 dudes. I took all of their money. I won $80. Sweet.
(((diva))) If you want to talk about it, give me a call tonight. I guess I'm not totally understanding the issue. Is it a bunch of things? Don't deprive yourself too much or you'll feel even crappier. That's great that you're drinking water and you have some healthy snacks.

One good thing I do is drink a lot of water throughout the day. I just need to have it with me most of the time. I have one of those big hard plastic bottles that people use for hiking/camping (like Nalgene). I like it because it has a soft fabric strap that makes it easy to carry around. I pee a lot throughout the day! smile.gif

Thanks for the health kudos, everyone!! I just hope I can stick to it. I really have no choice at this point or else I'm gonna feel super miserable. I already have more energy, feel happier, more alert, and sleep better after less than a week of eating healthy, avoiding alcohol, and getting more activity.

Geesh, I forgot!! Moxette is gonna be 2!! Wow, it seems like just yesterday that you were preggers!!

Hi kari!! That's so funny about Yuki!! I would imagine that paint rollers (I'm assuming just the soft part, right?) would be a lot of fun for doggies. Nice and light. Congrats on your poker winnings, btw!!

Kari, I have to disagree...I think its good that diva and the giant had a fight. Fighting is how we can get out things we hold inside sometimes, and how we work towards resolutions of things that are hard to talk about. DIva, this SO does happen at a year and eight months. The trick is to see it as a good thing, something productive that can open doors for you both. Now, get thee some cucumber from your salad for your eyes!

poods...she's gonna be 1. Entering the 2nd year, I guess I meant.
We didn't have a fight so much as I had a meltdown at him, and he just took it, like usual. We very rarely ever fight (maybe once?), but I wouldn't mind it if we did. I guess I just get wary of being comfortable and bored much of the time and wonder if that's how it's really supposed to be and if I can tolerate a life of it. I don't understand how married people do it, especially my grandparents for 65 years. I just feel like our getting together was a fluke, and we were too lazy to look for anyone else. I'm all about the comparison shopping, and I don't feel like I ever got the chance. But then again, I know that if I did, I'd just come back to what I've got now because it beats being single. I just think too damn much about stuff.

Yuki likes paint rollers? Funny! And poor thing, getting her toy stolen by rogue neighborhood dogs. It's kind of funny, though. And congrats on winning your poker game. I could do with some extra cash right about now since I'm tapped out until Friday.

Poodle, yeah, that's good that your glutes are sore. I actually like that part of exercising, but not the shin/ankle pain I get from walking long distances, but that fades after a couple weeks. I need to start up on my free weights again. And yeah, I hate that people don't shovel as well as they should. After the last storm, our landlords didn't bother to shovel the front steps or the cobblestone path to the sidewalk, and now it's a glacier to slip on. I'm going to salt it tomorrow so the warmer weather will help it along and I can break it up by the weekend. We get a lot of packages delivered (a friend of the giant's lives in Canada and sends it to him to forward later since a lot of stores don't ship out of the US), and I worry that a poor UPS guy is going to crack his skull open on the ice.

Wow, Moxette's going to be 1! Yay! What other words does she say? And I agree, where Moxette is now is way better than newborn. I think 2-3 has been my favorite so far with Sam, but he's developing an attitude, and it isn't good.

(((((((((vibes for Moxiemann's interview)))))))) Is he seriously looking at leaving, or just brushing up on interview skils?


*waves at turbo* ((((vibes for turbo))))

(((divala))) all will be fine. I know how you feel about the weight gain. When I was in high school I was the whole athlete thing, went into university, dropped to a size 2/4, then I gained all the weight back and then some. I was so frustrated and so unhappy with myself. I was uncomfortable in my own skin.

then I broke up with the ex from hell, so that really helped. Then I got motivated to work out, and while everyone drags their ass at first, once you get into the workout routine, you become addicted. I have to do somthing or else I get a little aggressive and bitchy! smile.gif and now I have my muscle definition back. Not like the glory days, yet!

Yay poodle! (((bumhealing vibes))) I could kiss it better! Hee.

(((kari))) that rocks! it's like a freebie haircut! Sweetness.

(((moxie))) at least you are doing something right! I work out regularly and If I have to go up more than 5 floors, I get my ass on thine elevator!

Fighting is healthy, as long as it is not from a blinding rage, that say, gets you arrested, por example! It still sucks though.

Last night le man said as I was in a cranky mood, probably not a good idea for me to come over, and I appreciate that, becase I didn't want to take it out on him. But then he called me later, and all was well!

Work is quiet today. One phone call, I still don't know where I am going to be next week, here is hoping that I don't have to go back to where I came from. Which in all reality is HELL! I don't mean fun hell where all the debauchery and drinking goes on. I mean listening to Jimmy Swagart, BUST lounge free type hell. (which reminds me of yet another episode of The Simpsons!)
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