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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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*Waves hi to all*

KelMan is in a total funk today. Going to make him linguini and clam sauce in an effort to cheer him up.

Hope everyone's weekend is groovy. I'm envious of TJ's mass transit. Stupid podunk town I live in!

*Waves bye*

Ooh, yay for that Culture! Sounds mondo-promising!
Hi all!! I'm back from my exhausting shopping extravaganza. I guess I celebrated Homer Day considering that I spent waaaay more money on myself than I should have. Well, I bought clothes, so I guess that doesn't really count. I began a quest for shoes, but the mall was packed with teenyboppers at that point so I got the hell outta there. There's some Seventeen Magazine fashion show going on this evening.


"relationship thingy" Heh...romance in the 21st century...

Sorry you didn't sleep well last night, roseviolet. I hate nights like that.

Hi FJ and turbo!!

So my cats are co-existing again. Weirdos.
aloha, mes bitches!
((((doodle)))) and tons of illness-kicking vibes, too!
hi everyone else!
and boo on late background checks! turbo, is his name really common? i know that holds up criminal record checks.

me and the boything stayed up forever last night talking (and, ummm, shall we say doing other things? heh) and i asked what made him like me to begin with, and he told me that at our friend's going away party at the end of the summer when we were all sitting around on her porch he noticed that the way i acted in a big group reminded me of him, and then there were lights shining on me and he just felt like i would be able to understand him. it was so sweet. and then he almost rolled off his bed (it's a twin) and he said that once he had money he was going to buy a real bed (by which i think he meant larger and not squeaky), and that he wanted me to come with him to pick it out. a month ago that would have freaked me out, but i'm finally getting to the point where i'm entirely comfortable with being in a relationship, and it's really nice.

tonight is a night of terminator movies (with a break for me as i have to babysit, which will lead to having gas money for the week, as well as getting my homework done since i get to spend 3 hours in a house with a sleeping baby), and then back to the boythings house for quality make-outery. mmmm, make-outery
Good evening everyone! Hello tree, poods, turbo, minx, FJ, rose, culture, kel, and tyger! (Gosh, so many relative newcomers to this thread - it's really cool!) Thanks for all the vibes 'n' hugs 'n' shit. biggrin.gif

Damn, I wish I could participate in Homer Day!

Stayed up super late last night, finishing novel number seven. So consequently I slept late. At least I am getting tons of sleep! That's got to be a good thing.

So here's a game for all you cat's George and Carmella's favourite rainy day game. I gather up ALL the toy mousies in the apartment. Then I open up an old newspaper, and lay it sheet by sheet (layered) on the floor, with a mouse in between every other layer. Then I urge the cats to "get the mouse!" And they have a blast (especially George) pawing through the paper and going underneath the layers. And when they find all the mice, I stack it all up again and again, until they get bored.
Doodle, my cat, Sylvie, would love that game, if only for the paper. She doesn't follow commands ("Get the mouse") of any kind, but if there's paper to be sat upon or destroyed, she is all for it.

A word on newcomers, since I am one and we have been noticed: I felt weird the first time I posted here because I knew it was a very established thread with lots of posts everyday. Lots of friends have invested time to create relationships here. Frankly, I worried that it would be like being the new kid in school that no one would let sit at their lunch table. But that was silly of me! I was invited to sit at the popular table as soon as I got here, and people even shared their tater tots! Thanks, okayers! Even though it must be tough to keep track of us all, you welcome us new okayers with open arms.

With that said, I wonder if anyone is interested in a sort of meet and greet introduction thing for the newbies and established okayers alike. Here, I'll start: I live in a podunk town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I am always cold, especially my hands and feet, no matter how many pairs of socks I wear. I can hang a spoon on my nose and read backwards. I'm hoping to earn a useless talent trophy sometime soon. I'm an 8th grade English teacher, but I don't wear novelty socks or apple motifs or anything like that. I don't smack kids with rulers, just wet spaghetti noodles. I don't really like pina colodas, but getting caught in the rain is okay. I like elephant jokes and am easily distracted by shiny things and puppies. I like bananas and watermelon, but I don't like things flavored like banana and watermelon. I have a great boyfriend (Kelman) who probably wouldn't survive, I dunno, a flu pandemic or terrorist attack but would know exactly what to do in case of a zombie apocolypse. I go to Barnes and Noble so regularly that I think it makes the coffee people flinch and shudder when I walk in. I have a really cool dog named Soji (who I think plays in a bluegrass band in her free time as there is a suspicious washboard in my closet) and a psycho kitty named Sylvie, Destroyer of Paper and Furniture.

Okay, okayers, that's enough about me. Hope you all had weekends worth mentioning!
Awww, kel, we're so glad you've joined the okayland village, and found yourself a comfy seat on the okayland sofa! We love new folks to join us here!

I am glad the sun has re-joined the early morning hours of the day, and its nice to wake up to the sunshine, but I would have been just as happy to sleep past 6am this morning...oh well. I like the quiet of the morning anyhow.

We're having so much fun with our good friends this weekend! They try to get us to move back to MI, and we try to get them to move back to chicago...neither of which is likely to happen...but it would be great to live close to each other again. They love food, and cooking and talking about food as much as we do, and I swear I woke up still full from yesterday. We went to two fancy chocolate shops, the Spice House, lunch at my favorite eclectic cafe, walked around the university campus, then out to dinner to our favorite rustic Italian place...though not the one J drove all the way into town to go to, that was "our" restaurant when he lived here. We called his fave restaurant on Wednesday night because we knew they were closing soon, and asked if they would be open on Saturday, and the manager gave some vague answer like "as far as I know we'll be open." No answer on the phone friday night...we drove by yesterday, and its GONE. They're tearing it down to put up more frelling ugly condos. booooo!

kel...okay, a brief bio, not a bad idea. I love to spend weekends locked in the kitchen concocting great meals for turbomann or friends, reading cookbooks, and exploring the sensual world of food. When not in the kitchen, I can be found in the bathtub, with bubbles up to my neck, reading or listening to audiobooks. Occasionally, I have to go to work, where I spend my days maintaining websites and designing marketing materials for a non-profit org. I'm also a nutrition nerd, and the resident butt flush queen, and demand that in my domain, everyone be required to get monthly massages and quarterly butt flushes! tongue.gif

Doodle, your kitties are so cute! I'd love to see your kitties plowing through that pile of paper to get their prize! Speaking of which, turbodoggie is glaring at me, so I'd best get to walking him soon.
Mornin' all!!

I love your bio, kel!! Heh...Soji the bluegrass dog...I'm lovin' the visual!!

Okay, here's a quick bio for moi: I live in Minneapolis and work an unfulfilling job as a real estate appraiser. I'm a huge rock music enthusiast, especially when it comes to the classic stuff. You might say that I'm stuck in the wrong decade, musicwise. I pride myself on my lyrical expertise. I'm also very skilled with air instruments--particularly air drums. I have 2 kitties that I absolutely adore and they're damn lucky to have a mom that puts up with all of their shit.

Your weekend sounds like it was so much fun, turbo!! I didn't end up going out with the XRB and his friend last night because he called me at 11:30 and it sounded like there were about 8 other guys hanging out and going from bar to bar. I was hoping for something more laid back and I was already tired (my normal bedtime is 10:30), so I decided to stay home. Oh well, I still had a majorly productive day yesterday, so it's all good.

What's with cats and newspaper? Oscar likes it when I cover him with sheets of newspaper.

ETA- I was thinking that it might be fun to have a "There outta be a law..." thread. For example, there outta be a law that bands with the word "Death" in their name must play music that is 120 decibels or louder. Under this law, Death Cab for Cutie (an awesome name) wouldn't qualify and they would be required to take a name like "Poopybutt for Cutie" instead.
I would like to add that Poodle has this thing for Robert Plants package circa 1971...and I share that affectation. smile.gif

Minxlette is cleaning her room before we make the almond poppyseed cake, and Minxman is snoozing a bit more because he has to work today. I spent most of yesterday either napping, making the coq au vin, or cleaning my room (I figured a little tit for tat and Minxlette would be more motivated). I have shitloads of grading to do (vastly overdue) and lesson planning. The idiots at my school rescheduled the conferences for Monday, so I have Minxlette and have NO IDEA how that's going to work out. Perhaps I can get BFF to watch her for a few hours. Feh. I hate emergency planning. bio: I am a single momma to one, and teach English in the inner city. I want to dye most of my hair pink and cut it really short to relive my riot grrrl days, but mostly I just really like pink and my 30's are treating me quite well these days. I am terrible at planning ahead for things, and that is my 2007 resolution. I love smoking and drinking coffee, but am also planning on quitting smoking this summer with Minxman. We are both highly adept at being neurotic, whilst cute and charming which can normally deflect the gist of our neuorsis. I love my daughter, love cooking, have a kick-ass sexual and personal relationship with my partner which defies all odds, have BUSTed for seven years, and my vacuum cleaner isn't working. My real goal is to be caught up in grading by May. smile.gif

Now I need to go wake up Minxman with weak-ish coffee. MORNING ALL!!
welcome, kel!!!

*scootches over on okayland sofa to make room, flips duvet back in place over everyone once kel gets comfy*

i have had a very relaxing weekend. went to the local saturday craft fair with one of our visitors from new york yesterday morning. at 18:00, went to see "volver" -- GREAT movie! why is penelope cruz SO MUCH BETTER in spanish movies??? okay, ANYONE would be better in an Almodovar movie, he rocks... but seriously, her work is so much better in spanish.

stayed up late playing with mimi the african attack cat, and wound up sleeping late today. just got back from late afternoon pilates class.

i have boeuf bourgogne in the oven, bubbling away and smelling like onions and garlic and red wine.....this is totally ridiculous, given the weather, but..... what can i say? maybe all of you are rubbing off on me. really good goo makes the flat smell homey and lived in, and i like that.

short bio, hmmm? i'll try. i'm older than dirt. instead of having a mid life crisis when i turned 1/2 century old last year, i moved to africa. i have a background in public health, and am working for an NGO (non-governmental organization) that is rebuilding hiv/aids clinics and providing and training local people to provide anti-retroviral therapy for people living with hiv/aids. i am high level mgmt, and i work too much. i have a lot less time to bust since i moved here. i miss everyone!

i love cooking, travel, reading, words, etymologies, gardening, birds, languages and linguistics, and sex. i have a terrible, dry, pun-oriented sense of humor. i am the daughter of a french canadian father, i was born in the usa, and i grew up in various places, including the phillipine islands and brasil. i speak 4 1/2 languages, most of them well. or at least well enough to make the aforementioned bad jokes in.

i read a LOT. i love new things and experiences that make me think. i act a lot younger than my age. i'm married to a fabulous man named mr. hotbuns who would give me the moon if he could. unfortunately, he is living in the states. i am very people oriented and i get lonely here a lot. i'm grateful that i share my flat with mimi the african attack cat.

i think that's probably more than anyone ever wanted to know.

i also talk too much. ohmy.gif

Happy Sunday!!


So, how's everyone doing today? The weekend went well I hope! I hope all are in good spirits. My friends wedding waslovely, the ceremony was small, and she was a beautiful bride. She wore a blue Renaissance style dress, and was positively radiant.

Reception was also small, but they deserve each other so much, such great people.

Update on the man. We had ourselves a conversation on Friday about us, and he asked me how I felt about in a relationship, I told that I would like to try it, however he would need to be patient with me because of the jerky ex and that sort of treatment. I told him that there maybe times I'd hold back because I don't want to get fucked over and because I was scared. I didn't want to get into it all, but we did that yesterday instead. So here we are now. I'm still scared shitless though. What made me feel better was the fact that he told me he was married, but his ex cheated on him, so he had the marriage annulled, so he is just as cautious about things.

I went over to his house yesterday after the wedding reception, and he wanted me to stay, and I really did too, but I told him that if I stayed I would fall for him faster than I already was, and we both agreed that things should move slowly. Brings up that whole being cautious and scared thing. At least he is understanding about everything. I'm just waiting to to see if I've scared him off yet. But, it appears that I have not.

I love the idea of the idea of bios, even for those of us established around here.

Okay here goes;

I live in Canada, I enjoy cooking, reading, music, BUST, the ever important sex! I work for a government agency as a social worker, although I don't intend on staying there forever, my degree is not in social work. I have a degree in Anthropology with a specialization in medical antro, I intend on doing my Masters degree.

I also enjoy gardening, flowers, goiong out, trying new things. I'm involved with a man, just begun, who is fabulous, and treats me like a queen!

I live with my mom, anda border collie named Emily who is absolutely off the wall. She enjoys chasing her tail, digging in the snow, working, and downright goofiness.

My house smells like pasta sauce, nothing inthe oven, just leftover smells from mom getting tomorrow's dinner ready.

I'm going to go shopping today.
Happy Sunday, everyone! How is everybody?

~*~*~*~* daily Doodlicious vibes ~*~*~*~*

Tes! So good to see you in here, darling. You left something off of your biography: you are a fabulous host & a sweet, loving, hilarious friend. smile.gif
(((((((((Tes & her mamae))))))))

Wow, CH! Looks like things are progressing nicely with the boy. Do you think he deserves a nickname yet?

Minx, how was the coq au vin? Hope it was as delicious as it sounds.

Turbo, sounds like you're having a really wonderful weekend. So glad to hear you're having such a good time with your friends.

Poods, I love that thread idea. And your law of "death" bands sounds good, too. But instead of "Death Cab for Cutie", I'm thinking "Manure Truck for Cutie" would work.

It's a busy day in the Violet-Steel house because we're having friends over for dinner tonight. I'm keeping it super simple, but every item is one of my favorite things to eat, so it'll be fabulous: a simple sauage & pasta dish, cheddar bread, and for dessert I'm making Nigella's lemon gem cookies. Loooove those things!

And my husband proved his fabulosity once again. Remember when I got terribly lost this past week? Well, that won't happen again. Sweet Sheffles bought me a GPS system!!! He was going to save it for me for my birthday, but that's almost 2 months away & it's obvious that we could use it now. Isn't that sweet? I nearly wept with joy when I opened the box.

Mkay. My bio.

I've been on Bust for 6 years now. I've been a regular in Kvetch for aaaaaages, but started hanging out more in here because more people are active in this thread during the day & I get lonely. happy.gif I met my husband here on Bust, so this place has a very special place in my heart. I usually refer to my hubby by his screen name (Sheffield_Steel). He lurks occasionally, but his job doesn't allow him to post nearly as often as he used to, so you may not see him as much as, say, Mr. FJ.

Now on to the IRL stuff. I'm 31 & originally from Oklahoma, but I'm the only member of my family to be born there. My husband is from England & has the cute accent to prove it. Almost a year ago we moved to North Carolina because Sheff got a job here (he is a video game programmer). Although I'm taking a break now, I have been involved in theatre for aaaaaaages. I have a Bachelors that covers theatre & business and I even went to U of Cambridge to study Shakespeare one summer just for the fun of it. I was originally going to become a theatre professor, but now that seems so irresponsible that my conscience feels conflicted. I love stories & theatre, but if I start talking about why, I won't shut up so I'll spare you! I also love bad puns, corgis, NPR, and baked goods. I do not like most condiments or chest pockets on women's blouses. A friend said that I am either moving at 100 miles an hour or standing totally still. He's absolutely right. Life may be quiet for me now (I'm a homemaker at the moment), but I am fully capeable of loading my plate with a thousand things and handling it well. I am an excellent juggler metaphorically-speaking. When it comes to literal juggling, however, I'm quite crap.

And now I must bake! Ta-ta for now!
wow rose that is so cool that you met the mr here!

As for the man, I think that I'll just refer to him as the man for now.

I think I'm going to rest now, I'm just beat today.
Hi rosie and culture!

I'm loving reading all of the bios here - I'm learning lots even about okayers I've known for years! Great idea kel!!

Our friends just left. Boooooo! Its one of those rare times, where I don't want to see guests leave! But we watched Chocolat together this morning (and I was thinking of you, poods, as I was drooling over JD)...Actually, I might take a bath, and pop it in my laptop, and watch it again. I really just need to buy that is so good.

And I made a giant pork shoulder braised in tomatoes, chiles, garlic and onions for pork tinga tacos for lunch for the whole gang, with my homeade charro beans and a salad. So, once again, my tummy is overstuffed, but full of food-love. And I've got a ton of leftovers for dinner tomorrow - score!

Culture - that is So exciting about you and the man! Sounds like its going very well, and I'm so excited for you! The freak-out feeling may come and go - just remember to enjoy yourself, and I'm sure those feelings will pass more quickly!
Wow, these bios are great! I forgot to mention on mine that I'm 32, gonna be 33 in June. Aging doesn't bother me too much, but I still don't like the little lines I'm getting around my eyes. Grrr. Why can't I be one of those women who just wrinkles gracefully?

Turbo...quarterly butt flushes? Sounds scary yet oddly interesting. I, too, love to cook, but I don't think I'm at your level yet.

Poodle...I like the "There Oughta Be Law" idea. There oughta be a law that if you drive slow in the fast lane and aren't turning within 1/2 mile, the person you are blocking should be able to launch missiles (mounted on the front of their car...another law needs to be passed for that) at you.

Minx...I myself am looking at a pile of papers to grade and suddenly finding things I "just have" to do, like empty my recycling bin and make gazpacho.

Tesao...You sound like you have lived one helluva fascinating life. Living in Africa? 4.5 languages? (what's the .5 one, hmmm?) Setting up HIV clinics and cooking boeuf bourgogne? Yeah, my life isn't that interesting...yet. house smells like a garlic bomb went off in it from making said gazpacho.

RV...met your husband on BUST? And he's got an English accent? *swoons with jealousy...but the good kind where you are actually happy for the person*

Now I gotta go try to grade those damned papers. I'm having a bit of ennui right now. Feeling sort of lonely. Sundays do that to me.

Holy crap, I killed the thread.
Hello everyone! Wow, I love reading everyone's bios!

Hmm, my own short bio....lessee....I've been on BUST since 2002. I am a ripe old thirty-eight and live in the interior of British Columbia - on the Thompson River, to be more precise. My hair is my biggest vanity. I leave the water running when I brush my teeth, and I don't recycle my newspapers. Blue Rodeo is (are?) the one true love of my life. I share my home with two adorable kitties: Georgie, whom I liberated from the balcony of a neglectful neighbour, and Carmella, who was procured from the SPCA to be a playmate/sister/muse for George.

Up until about a month ago, I was running myself ragged operating the local non-profit women's centre (where I worked for eleven years), but the board heard my pleas to close our doors (almost three years after our government funding was cut), so now I am very happily unemployed. (Or, I WOULD be happy if I wasn't also so goddamned sick.) I also co-founded a provincial coalition of similar centres, which raised holy hell and once got me arrested at the B.C. Legislature.

I hope to find some kind of flexible work that is not too taxing but pays the bills, so that I can stay firmly esconced here on the river: decorating my apartment, raising my indoor jungle, making art, singing, and playing the guitar. I am currently searching for a long wooden refectory table to use as a desk and creative centre, but I am unwilling to pay more than $300 for it. I also hope elves will come and clean out my spare bedroom some night when I'm sleeping deeply. When I win the lottery and/or make my millions selling my "big idea" (not telling!), it's my intent to buy my building, double my square footage by taking over the apartment behind me and knocking out some walls, and (with BFF's help) turn the rest of the place into a world-renowned artists' retreat (and cat rescue).

Well, that wasn't very short. And it took so long to write that I forgot what else I was going to say!! tongue.gif
yay bios are awesome!
but...*slowly goes into a hypnotic trance reading kel's post*



*passes out from all the cool tomato soupy excitement*

um, now i want to start posting in here too. is it ok, okayers??

oh, and i love the bios!! but, i wonder if it is just because i'm nosey and love reading about everyone!! laugh.gif

Me: 31 yrs old, but i feel like i'm 16. i worry if i act more 16 than i am. i just finally got over the guilt of buying liquor at my age. i still get carded at bars and restaurants. i think i've been on bust for about 3 years, maybe. i met the chicago busties about 2 or maybe 3 years ago. i'm almost done with my doctorate degree in clinical psychology. i've been in school since the age of 4. it is crazy when you think about it. i have major guilt about not being able to recycle. i've gotten into organic food (it's turbojenn's fault!!). i think i'm enjoying using my body as an experiment the older i get. yoga, vitamins, holistic treatments, i love 'em. my research deals with spirituality and recovery. i'll be moving to the boston area at the end of the summer for my internship. i've lived in the chicago area most of my life. it is a great city. everyone should come here and meet us local busties!! i want to get a pug. i LOVE music and dancing. i dance anywhere i like it. and if you're lucky, i'm willing to dance for money or free beer. but, free beer will be nice. especially a good belguim beer.


i went to this place called karyn's yesterday. i was thinking of you, turbojenn. my sista in weird organic, vegan eating. their food is amazing. so awesome. omg, and their desserts. orgasmic.

oh, and i think i've eaten my weight in cheesecade this past week. i've been emotionally eating with the death of my friend/roomie.

culture, i have a good feeling about this guy. i think it is so awesome that you both have been open about your feelings.

doodle, can i come live with you?? your place sounds awesome.

rose, homer day?? i started thinking about homer simpson.

*wakes up from her gazpacho rush*
i forgot my bio!

mid to late 30's, seattle (aka the wetlands), "newly unemployed" i've been a bustie off and on forever, job wise, i've never done one thing for too long-- i'm too curious/restless. i've gone from working in movie theaters to film festivals to films in different positions. i've been a club dj and have way too many records, mostly soul, lounge/ golden throats/ incredebly strange music type music. i am starting on an art career, which is ironic, since i swore i'd rather be dead than be an artist when i was in highschool. went to university for acting/theatre studies, but hate school. radical lefty, and follow politics constantly. i am obessed with slang, subcultures/ subcultural histories, film theory and gender theory. the only thing i anymore are gender/film theory books. love waving at people and pets, and can show you about a cool dozen different waves from kid's waves to beauty pagent waves. my favorite sport is sumo wrestling, which i adore, and lastly, or there abouts, i am, of course a non-op transexual. which is always a suprizing/bewildering/beautiful/scary experience to say the least. i'm an avid skateboarder (longboards). and my dream jobs: to direct, of course; film programmer, film translator, film buyer or radio dj.

hi stargazer!

yay! doodle! i didn't think there was any more busties up in this area anymore. u, me + wolfie!

tes, i am so jealous of the 4.5 languages. i'm (very) slowly learning cantonese, and i've always wanted to learn portuguise, which i'm pretty sure you speak...

rose-- i remember political debates on here with sheff. big brains on that guy. i saw a pic you posted in the say cheeze thread of the two of you and i got the biggest silly ol' grin on my face. such a sweet story...

and all the busties that mention their pets or have them as avitars, i have got the absolute WORST case of PET ENVY on record. and when i say that i wave at your avitars, i'm not joking.
morning all! I LOVE these bios! We had a bit of a rough weekend here in moxieland, but we're making it. Poor kiddo's teeth are the culprit. She knawed on her toothbrush for 45 minutes yesterday morning! I think we got a piccie...

Anyway, swampped at work this week, so probably won't be able to BUSt much. Quickie on the biofront (hey, doesn't that sound like a band name?!?): 30 yrs old, have the most wonderfulest husband ever (even if he just lurks!), and turbo is my bff from college. I have 1 very precocious daughter, and 2 kitties. I work for my family business and hope to own it someday. I have a degree in Political Theory, and am in luv with Barak Obama. Um....i love Jersey rock and showtunes. I wish turbo would move back to MI, except that I know she'd be miserable, so I don't really wish it. And (i kid you not), I had a dream last night about turbo taking her fairy goddaughter to get a 1 year old butt flush!

Mornin' babes!!

Great bios!! I love that rose met her hubby through the BUST lounge. Heh...Sheffield Steel sounds like a porn name.

"Manure Truck for Cutie" Heheheh...or howabout "Short Bus for Cutie"

Not much going on today. I smell really yummy because I caved and bought Aveda shit yesterday.

Oooh...I need to watch Chocolat again!! Johnny Depp....yummmm...I think Juliette Binoche is absolutely gorgeous too.

ETA- Hahahaha!! That buttflush dream is so funny, mox!! I can totally picture it. I had a dream last night that my highschool arch nemesis stole all of my crayola markers--not nearly as interesting ('cept for the part when I kicked his ass).
Oh no!!! I would never make my fairy goddaughter get a butt-flush!! blink.gif What a funny dream, mox!! Poor moxette...I hope her toof troubles are over soon, though I'm sure she was comforted by extra momma cuddles this weekend!

Poodle, I think I just have to go buy Chocolat...I just adore it, and never get sick of watching it - I mean, a fairy tale with chocolate, JD AND Juliette Binoche...its a damn fine movie. Even the boys watched it with us yesterday, and enjoyed it!

I know I'm a hopelessnew-age chill grooves gal when it comes to music, but I kinda like Short Bus for Cutie! It good music to put on at work, as it requires very little of my attention.

GT - I'm sure turbo's wavin' at you too!! Maybe a pet is up next as a new addition to your family...who knows!

Star!!! Welcome, my dear! Can you believe that I still haven't been to Karyn's? I went to an intro lecture for her whole foods healing class one time, and I have to say, I found her raw foods enthusiasm a little too much for me. I've done a lot of weird food experimentation, but I have to say that the month where I went all raw was the most unpleasant of my whole healing journey...its just not for me, and its waaaaay too much work. But I've heard nothing but raves about her restaurant!

And congrats about Boston!!!! We'll be sad to see you leave us, but I know this is the one you wanted most, so HOORAY!!! (and we know you'll be back!) And I'm so sad to hear about your roomie...I know you too were gentle with yourself, and know I'm thinkin' about you. ((((((star, roomie, and roomie's family)))
Hi turbo, pinkpoodle, moxie, gt, stargazer, doodle, and kel.

Now that I am actually awake and functioning! I fell asleep at 4 yesterday afternoon and slept on and off to 11, mostly on, then woke up lovely and refreshed this morning at 6.

It's bloody freezing this morning! It was so nice this weekend, and it supposed to be nice all week, but nooooooooooooooooo this morning I woke up at it was -30 celsius with the windchill. Brrrrr.

Thanks for all the well wishes with the man! I'm feeling really good about this.

GT I know Emily would love you! She's a little nutty. *big sloppy licks from Emily*

The bios are awesome! I'm really enjoying learning more about the BUSTies I interact with everyday.

More about me, not to be self centred...I also love the Harry Potter reader, and the magazine Mental_Floss, I am all about uselss knowledge and trivia.

I picked up the new book in the series I am ready, and so far very good, of course I am reading 4 or 5 diffrent books right now.

I had a dream that I was writing a math exam, and I knew I was going to fail it. In fact, there was an F already on the exam whe I got it! The prof in it was a prof I had in university, but I ended dropping his class!

Not nearly as funny as the buttflush thing though!

How's everyone this Monday morning?
Well, still no internet at the treehugger abode. Back to Atlanta Bread Co. Today's a toasted bagel with raspberry cream cheese.

BIOS! Yay! Okay, here's mine:

I'm 39 years old and probably going through an early midlife crisis. I work as a steamfitter, but mainly specialize in ultracold refrigeration service. I work for UW-Madison which has one of the world's largest central heating stations...and quite a bit of my work centers around that. On a given day, I may do anything, from fixing a 100 year old steam radiator, to tweaking a "smart" building ventilation system, calibrating air intake and exhaust dampers, to repairing a brain tissue slicer(the refrigeration aspect of it, anyway), and...pretty much anything you can think of.

I prefer working on electropneumatic controls systems (smart building stuff), to refrigeration work and I'd like to get back into that. But, working for a never seems to have control over that stuff.

I'm a new-agey spirituality princess, and am hoping to attain spiritual enlightenment while I'm here. I take great pride in flabbergasting my "real life" friends.

I like beer Way. Too. Much. I've been lurking at Bust for a couple years but only just signed up in 2005. Then I was eaten by a dingo and re-signed up in March 2006.

So I was desperate at having NO internet access so I signed up to be able to access the 'net on my cell phone. At least I can check email and weather and news. No Busting though. I wonder how I can get my phone to connect here???..... wink.gif

I wish they'd hurry up and get a coffeeshop in my building.....

Moxie, what a funny dream!

I'm really enjoying reading the bios.

Brain tissue slicer? Cool.

Turbo, I'm also chill grooves gal depending on my mood. I just realized that I'm a total hypocrite, because I'm a huge Grateful Dead fan. Crap. Okay, I need to rewrite this law. *scratches head*

ETA- Okay, maybe we could have some "grandfather" clause that allows bands formed prior to 1980 to retain death-related band names regardless of their decibel level.
What up! Great idea on the bios! I love it. Even though we all hang out everyday, there is still tons I don't know about people.

Welcome stargazer! You're doing your PhD in clinical psyc? How is it? What do you plan on doing afterwards? I ask b/c I am considering doing the same thing. I'm currently finishing up a MA of counseling, but am toying with the idea of transitioning to clinical psyc. I am thinking of working for a year or so then applying to programs.

Sounds like everyone had some good weekends. Mine was good also. Pretty easy. Stayed in Friday night, had class Saturday (a new one, it bit), hung with mr K last night.

This week has not started well. I had been at work 15 minutes when Mr K called & said he'd locked himself out of the house. Doh! I had to go all the way back home to let him in. I work downtown, so that is more of a pain than it sounds like.

I'll do a quick bio.
I've been on Bust for, hmmm, maybe 4 years? Can that be right? I guess so. It sure doesn't seem like that long! I live in Nashville, TN with my husband of a year and a half and my cattle dog mix, Yuki. Like I said, I'm finishing up a Masters in counseling. I've been going to school on Saturdays for about two years now and it is just about to push me over the edge. I have this final class & then two semesters of internship left. Hoping to make a career change when I'm done with that, I currently work for the state doing government research. It's ok, but I don't want to do it for the 30+ remaning years of my work life. On my down time I like to peruse cookbooks for recipes & put together menus (50% or so of which I actually get around to making), play poker, do crosswords puzzles, run my dog outside, look at home decorating books & dream of everything I want to do to my house, eat Mexican food, and work in the yard when the weather is good. My ideal day would be to: get up early, do some sort of outdoor exercise, bake some bread, get a pedicure, see a movie, have a nice dinner out with friends, and be at home in bed by 11:00.
Ah, but poodle, don't you think *GRATEFUL* cancels out the *Dead* in the band name...I mean, they're "grateful" to be dead and all....same might apple to Death Cab for Cutie...death canceled by cutie...hmmm.

Tree - I'm so sorry you're stuck with no internet - its a serious hardship with my Bust habit! smile.gif

Brrrr, culture!!! That's crazy cold - I like cold weather well enough, but not THAT cold...when it starts to freeze your nosehairs, its a little much for me.

Ack!! I just went to call the new salon my dear stylist of the purple/orange 'do just moved to, and I can't afford it!! *whine* I love my stylist, and she's done my hair for 5 years, but even my hair vanity can't swallow an $85 cut plus $45 to blow dry, plus tip...I just can't. And I am desperately in need of a cut, and I refuse to go back to the old salon, as they were So unprofessional in back-stabbing her, and nearly forcing her out. Gah. I am so sad. sad.gif
(((turbo))) I hear ya on the hair woes. I refuse to use box dyes, but that ends up costing me a lot ($60) because I still like having my hair a chocolatey brown color and I don't want to display my grey hairs just yet. I should probably get a haircut soon, too. That's another 50 or so dollars. Grrr...

I'm okay with your Grateful Dead justification, but I refuse to change my mind on the Death Cab for Cutie name! biggrin.gif "Death Cab for Cutie" is misleading. You're expecting to hear something like White Zombie, so it's a major shocker. See "Death Cab for Cutie" sort of implies that a cutie is headed for death, which is pretty hardcore. Grateful Dead is more "earthy." I think it has to do with "Death" vs. "Dead." Death is a more striking word--a little scarier sounding than Dead. Okay, I'll shut up now.

Gah, I'm very frustrated that I'm not able to set up an exercise program with a personal trainer yet. I'm meeting with a woman tomorrow afternoon to discuss my fitness goals. Maybe I'll go back after work and use a treadmill. That's simple enough for right now.

ETA- Damn. Now I'm listening to the Dead. I've been listening to them way too much over the last couple weeks. What am I saying? There's no such thing as too much Dead (as long as you don't start dancing around like a hippie).
turbojenn, that sucks. i hate switching stylists. especially once you find someone you REALLY like and does a great job of cutting your hair. we shall have to go to karyn's sometime. it is worth it for the dessert alone. thanks for the condolences too!

moxie, don't be surprised if baby mocie gets into healthy, organic stuff too becasue of godmama. sorry to hear the little one is teething. it seems like such a painful process. poor thing.

karianne, i love what i do very much! i am so happy to be done. almost done i should say. i got an internship with a VA medical center. now, i didn't set out to work for them, but found out i was a good fit for this institution. the good thing is that i will be able to work in any VA in the country as a result of this experience. if i wanted to. plus, i will get awesome benefits and long time job placement. most people end up staying at the VA most of their, if not all, of their careers. i think that is pretty cool. i enjoy working with addiction issues. feel free to PM if you have any more questions.

gt, i have pet envy too! turbo is a great dog! of course, i get jealous of lovemypugs 'cause of the pugs. i don't know why i love those dogs. something about those wide set eyes. bratty little walk. you know how they say you should get a dog that matches your personality. well, i heard pugs described as being socialable, but lazy. um, that's me!

"dead" bands?? Dead Cab Dance?? Dead Kennedys?? And You Will KNow Us By the Trail of the Dead?? huh.gif

Yes, stargazer, but the Dead Kennedys are loud and fast. I guess my law pretty much revolves around my Death Cab for Cutie peeve. laugh.gif I know diva's got my back on this.
Thanks, stargazer! I just might be PM-ing you, if you really don't mind.

I know, Death Cab's name is so misleading. A few years back I wasn't really familar with them, and Mr K took me to see them play with that band Dismemberment Plan. I didn't know what to expect, I thought both of them were going to be some sort of death metal. Quite the opposite.

Jenn, I feel your pain too. My gal moved about a year ago to a place where she was charging $100 for a cut. Uh, no. I went to a new stylist at the salon she left, she's wonderful. And cheaper! But, if the salon backstabbed your girl, I don't blame you. I wouldn't go back there either!

I am about to lose my shit. I have edited this same report about 10 times now, countless others have proofread it, and it still keeps coming back. It's a boomerang. My boss now wants me to check all the punctuation against the Chicago Manual of Style. I wouldn't have minded doing it before (maybe!), but now I just want to turn it in and be DONE.
Hello all, quick post, think I'm gonna head back to bed in a minute....

turbo, you definitely have my sympathies on losing your fave hair stylist! I don't know what I'd would be a crisis!

stargazer, since you want to live here, you should know that the Thompson River was named after Canadian explorer David Thompson....who, according to wikipedia, was known to Aboriginal people as "The Stargazer." Coincidence? Fate? Hmm.

And this one's for GT (and anyone else with pet envy).

*waves over the border at GT*

Hey, I also just found this pic of Baby George, taken the night of his "rescue" in 2004! (And obviously, before I painted the living room. He was 3.5 months old then.)

Last night, I dreamt I was Rosalind, from the novel The Chrysalids.

Ok, fuck it. I'm going back to bed anyway.
hey everyBUSTie! loving loving loving the bios!!! i'll do mine in a bit, but i'm about to go spoil myself with a BATH BOMB from the LUSH fairy godmother!!!!!!!!!

TJ!!! you're the sweetest ever! gosh, how awesome! and the foot-powder too! yay! can't wait to try it.

and grover is having fun sniffing the box, perhaps smelling turbodoggie!!!!

ok, i'll be back in a while, but i'm just soooo excited to take a bath with this yummy smelling stuff, i can't wait!!!

thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

Aww, shucks, FJ...if only I'd gotten my lazy arse to the the post office 5 months ago when I bought the stink-be-gone foot powder! And that's a bubble bar, I dropped in there - I'd recomend using half of it, and crumbling it under the running water, then fluff the water to make lots of bubbles. I hope you enjoy the new-agey cds...who knows, maybe they'll help your sales!

Yeah, I'm really bummed about my stylist, but it was bound to happen - she's an amazing talent, and deserves riches for what she's done for my hair. This town is dripping with chic-chic salons, so I'm sure I'll find someone, it just won't be Gia. *sniff*

Star - I can't wait to hear all about your job in Boston...I'm sure you'll gain a lot of good experience - and WOOT! for the great benefits!

Awwww...those pictures are so cute, doodle. That one of George reminds me of Oscar's kittenhood. He was about the same size when he moved in--maybe a wee bit smaller. He used to crawl up on my shoulder and sleep underneath my hair. My cats are getting along, by the way. They still scowl at each other like siblings, but that's about it. Oscar tried to kiss Gus' head this morning, but Gus game him a "warning" paw swat. boss is back from her ski trip. Boooo....
Hi, peeps!

I had to catch up with archives, which took a bit.

(((((((( vibes to all who need 'em ))))))))))

Aw, Moxette's teething!

The send-off party for my friend last Friday went really well. I was about to kill someone when I got into work, after the wretched drive in, sidewalks not being shoveled, shoefulls of snow, and having to lug 3 very full Target bags into the building because nobody offered to help me. It was much better when I discovered I could have the cake delivered for really cheap, though. That made my day. I decorated one of the conference rooms really cute (it's amazing what a few tablecloths, a packet of balloons, and a roll of festive wrapping paper can do). Not a whole lot of people came, but more than half the office was gone because of the snow. But I really miss my friend. It's lonely and quiet around here. He called awhile ago to check and make sure we missed him. Egotistical bastard. : )

We had a pretty chill weekend, which I'm eternally grateful for. I went out for happy hour drinks after work, then on Saturday, we went grocery shopping and to my landlord's gallery show. His stuff is okay, but not really accessible for regular folk. And yesterday I practiced my baking. I made pots de creme (but had to alter the recipe because I don't keep whole milk in the house and all I had around was milk chocolate) which we're going to try tonight, and some wafery cookies that you roll up so they cool in a tube shape, which I only made because I refused to throw away 4 perfectly good egg whites. If I have to separate more than one egg, I'm damn well going to made damn good use of it.

I've totally got Poodle's back where Death Cab for Cutie is concerned. The name leads you to belive they're going to kick some kind of ass, but they're basically the musical equivalent of the modern wimpster. If you're going to put a really cool brutal visual in people's heads with your band name, you've gotta live up to it. Can you imagine if Cannibal Corpse was a wimpster band? As I Lay Dying? Morbid Angel? They all live up to their names. I guess in general, I'm just not impressed with any new bands from the last 5 years or so, and alternative music has had it's balls chopped off.

Sangria sounds so good right now. I even have a bunch of fresh fruit for it. Maybe I'll make a pitcher tonight.

My bio: I'm 31 years old, live in Minneapolis, but grew up north of there in a town that refers to itself as America's Little Sweden, it even has blue and yellow fire hydrants in honor of it's Swedish heritage. I hate that place. I'm the oldest of 3 kids, no kids of my own, but I have a little nephew I adore and talk about constantly, Sam. He's 4 years old. I work for the county's child support department, and have for almost 7 years, and I've hated every day of it. I'm going back to school so I can open my own dessert restaurant/bad within a couple years. I'm plotting my escape from my job the way a guy in prison would dig a hole through the wall for years until he could finally bust out. I have no pets, but a live-in boyfriend who loves pugs to death (I think they're more annoying than anything). I own a teeny tiny microscopic craft business where I sell jewelry, decoupaged handbags, and other crap I make at craft fairs. I love TV, professional wrestling, metal, reading when I can, doing stuff alone, making stuff, baking, correcting people's grammar, liberal politics, and acting curmudgeonly. And right now I'm trying to be healthy, but I hate it because I'm hungry all the damn time because those damn Healthy Choice dinners don't give you enough damn food (I literally ate my dinner 30 minutes ago and I'm hungry again). And I like to complain and say 'damn' all the time, but I'm really not a negative person. Oh, and I have really weird but strangely accurate ways of describing things.

TJ, good luck on finding a new stylist. I still wish I could find my old one, but I think I've finally found one that won't hack up my hair like the one between my old one and the one I go to now. I've found that word-of-mouth is a really good way to find someone. Even ask a stranger with nice hair where she goes. Women love to talk about their hair.

Did your lady yesterday show, FJ?

hello darlings! wow, i've missed soo much. okay....*takes deep breath*.....

kel is friends with ex's ex's, culture's got a new boy??? congrats!! doodle's kitties are lords of the house and smart to top it off (and continued healing vibes for thee), poodle's kitties are getting along again, turbo got drunk and fell asleep on the train, yet still had the composure to make granola the next morning?! (and she's using appropriate!) AND is gonna bust those girlies butts and make them top-notch designers...i always think girls have better color sense anyway wink.gif poodly is dealing with an evil cock-block, rosie is sleeping with carl sagan (!!! btw, your flailing "i'm so boooored!!" post cracked me up! i can just picture it!)
TWO tessie sightings!!! (like a nessie sighting? tes is a cryptozoological miracle! and i hope you get some decent sleep soon) gtrix left her crappy job! yay! poodle's family displays head-shaving solidarity--how awesome! minxie is SLEDDING! (jealous!!), poodle's got a vendetta against death cab for cutie (short bus for cutie!!! omg, i'm laughing so hard--but what you forget, of course, is that the death cab-types are just dripping (like a danish) with irony, so of course it's an appropriate name tongue.gif ), rosie and sheff are a bustie lovestory (i had no idea! wow!), stargazer has joined us (hi! and congrats on boston--it's one of my favorite cities ever <3 <3), gtrix remains one of the busties i most admire (and i got the pet envy too), tree's repairing BRAIN TISSUE SLICERS (WOW), kari's working on her last class (woot!), tyger's comfy with her boything, diva's an awesome decorator......whew! i think that's everything.

((sheff's toof, fj's paycheck, new job for gtrix, kelman, doodle's bod and bits, moxette's teef, star & roomie's fam, kari's report finishing))

bios, eh? okay, how about i make this post even longer? tongue.gif

i'm 23 (for four more days), i live by myself in a tiny apartment that i love in LA and i work as a graphic artist/textile designer, which means i design screens and fabric prints. i'm finishing up my last week at one company; i start at a new (nicer, closer, more couture, and more creative) company on the 19th. i'm really excited about it. i also freelance for two other apparel companies (one which makes "fashion forward" scrubs...), do some illustration, and occasionally find other freelance design gigs. i grew up in the wilds of pennsylvania and went to school in massachusetts--two years in western mass, two years in boston, for liberal arts and fine art respectively. i lived in paris for a summer a couple years ago. i used to be a cake decorator, but i'm not very good at the baking. yet. i like to cook but i'm still learning a lot and mostly make it up as i go along. i love music of many different varieties, art and design, i have a vested amateur interest in science, i love to read, and love going to shows and dancing with my friends. i'm an only child and i get along really well with my awesome parents as long as we aren't living together. my best friend here is my ex-boyfriend who i have been having benefits with since we broke up, uh, two years ago. shut up. i have been on bust for a little over two years, and an okayer for a little under one.

one more thing, for TES: when i was little my family watched this series called the flame trees of thika, about a british family who moves to africa to start a coffee farm. now, they're kind of colonialist and they're in kenya and it takes place about a hundred years ago, but hayley mills plays the mother and from the picture you used to have in your bio on the old lounge, you look vaguely like her and now all i can picture when i think of you in africa is hayley mills planting coffee and saying, very britishly, "oh hereward, shall we go to the races in nairobi?"

anyway....sorry! hehe
Hi, Mouse! Count me in on loving your new avitar! How recent is that picture?

Poodle, I totally forgot about your aunt and how awesome that is that her sister and son? nephew? shaved their heads, too. I love solidarity like that.

Tree, any word on getting to take some more time off for your arm?

(((((((( no more edits for Karianne's report ))))))))

I'm considering another LUSH order. I finally unwrapped my last bar of soap, so it's time for some new ones. I love fancy bar soaps.

I have to fight with my taxes tonight, too. Blech. But I got all my numbers figured out for the giant yesterday, so he should be able to put it all together for me. I get to claim 404 miles! As far as the government is concerned, I lost somewhere around $500, though in actuality, it's closer to $200 when you include my illegal truffles that I don't/can't claim.

I just really hope the giant has all the dishes done when I get home so he can start on my damn taxes. They're starting to smell and it's his turn to wash them.

Hi mouse, FJ, and diva!!

"Illegal truffles" Ha!!

Since we were talking about pet envy, I thought I'd change my avatar. Wook at those wittle white paws. poopy stinky winky butt. smile.gif

ETA- God, I'm such a freak. I modified the lyrics to Man Smart, Woman Smarter (performed by Belafonte, The Dead, etc.) and I've been singing it to my cats for the last couple days. Here's how it goes:

Let us put cats and humans together
And see which one is smarter
Some say humans, but I don't know
Kitties run the humans like a puppet show
It ain't me
It's the people, they say
Humans are leading the kitties astray
But I say
It's the kitties today
Smarter than the humans in every way!
doodle, that's so awesome!! maybe i should move there!! and i love the cats btw. especially the black cats. i've only had black cats. in fact, when i do get a pug, i'm gonna get a black one. you know what they say, once you go black...

i don't know what they say once you go mexican. since i'm mexican, i've been tryin to think of a comment for those who love the latinos. we are quite the spicey bunch.

poodle, oh. i had a blond moment. i missed your reference to the whole death cab thing. makes sense now. blink.gif

diva, i agree with you take on music. and i love that the mr. loves pugs as much as me!

FJ, tells us how the Lush bomb works for you! TJ is so awesome to send you the stuff. I'm gonna try my bath bomb tonight. my folks have this awesome clawfoot tub that i'm gonna soak in.

i wish my parents' little dog was not so psychotic or else i would get a dog sooner.
Awww, poodle, your kitty is SO cute! But, then, I do have a weakness for critters with little white socks! tongue.gif Turbo merely has a couple of white splotches on his toes, but I do love a tuxedo kitty or greyhound!

And poodle, that song ROCKS!

Diva, I have to say that as much of a LUSH whore as I am, I am not a big fan of their soaps...I find them really drying for the most part, since most of them are just glycerin melt & pour bases. But I *adore* Villainess Soaps -- really high quality, WAY better prices than Lush, and she uses all sorts of good oils and smellies in them. I am in looove, with the Dulces en Fuego soap, I think I always have some of that around - its yummy dark chocolate, with a hint of coconut, and exfoliating coconut pieces in the bar. My other favorite is The Soap Fairy - also really nice stuff...I'm currently in love with their Desert Rose and Patchouli soaps. I am such a body products whore. unsure.gif

Oh, I did finally finish the federal taxes last night - we're getting a nice little chunk back, which we're going to apply to the "paying down the second mortgage" issue so that we can hopefully get rid of it by summer, and start on our new kitchen - wahoooo!

Mouse, I cannot *wait* to hear about your fabulous new job! I need you to inspire me to get my ass outta this chair....I think the longer I stay, the more scared I am to leave. What vacay plan did you decide on?
cuuuuuute kittay!!! and i love your song parodies.......poodle you crack me up

jenn, i'm going to south by! i found a really cheap ticket (of course i have to get up at the asscrack of dawn, but worth it) and a couple of my east coast friends will be there too--it's going to be one big long celebration of my birthday biggrin.gif

and shucks, thanks for all the avatar compliments! my skin isn't really that great, it's mostly clever photoshopping. hehe. the photo is from a week or so ago. that's what half my face looks like, folks!

star, i dunno what you could use as a slogan, but i'd like to remind you that "mexican" rhymes with "sex again".
oh, that's a good one mouse! sex again? hhmm. "once you go mexican, you want sex again." could work?? i'll have to test it out.
BWAHahahahahaha!! once you go mexican... that's priceless, mouse! stargazer, you def have to use that and report back with the results. smile.gif

wow, i loved the bubble bar! i didn't read your rec to only use half of it, though, so i think part of it was wasted. but boy did it make my skin soft and make a ton of bubbles!!! i loved it!!!!! thanks again! smile.gif

and don't worry about the time it took to get here! i wasn't expecting it at all, so when the mailman rang the doorbell, it was such a suprise. funnily enough, i was looking at a couple of sites trying to hold back from ordering something myself. i do SO love to get stuff in the mail!!!

i still haven't done my bio. i was kind of lazy today and now i'm working again, so i don't have much time until after 9pm.

i'll be back! i was just lurking and had to say something about the once you go mexican, you just want sex again!!! heheheheheh.

oh, and diva, my lady did NOT show up on saturday. BOOOOOO! HISSSSSSSSSSS! oh well. i just have to keep going.

*starts dialing*
ugh, the ex has just notified me that he has gotten veneers. the dude is a bit of a metrosexual to begin with (the macho kind....which is even weirder) and i'm really not looking forward to seeing him looking like hilary duff. ugh ugh ugh. i feel like being really mean about it.
bwahahaaaa! mousie, you crack me up! mexican sex again! I love it!!!

Glad you liked the bath, FJ! Tossing the whole thing in IS a decadent experience, and lovely way to have your first LUSH bath!

And YAY for mouse going to SxSW!!! I am jealous! Sounds like the perfect getaway to prime your creative juices before the new job!
Okay, Illegal Truffles belongs in the band name thread!

Poodle, your Death Cab for Cutie vendetta is hilarious. And what about the Dead Milkmen? Another death related band, but oh so silly. Not sure they fit their moniker.

Divala, I have a four year nephew named Sam as well. I adore him and his older sister Katie. I'm a proud aunt to two nieces, one nephew, and one honorary nephew. Between them and my boyfriend's kids, I don't think I'll ever need to have my own. Which is just as well because just the word episiotomy skeevs me out.

Someone seemed excited about my gazpacho earlier....sorry I can't remember who. It was delcious and you are welcome to have some. I posted the recipe once on barefoot, but I'd gladly repost it to anyone who wants it.

Now I'm getting ready to make a roasted garlic spread. I have five heads of garlic cooling off in the kitchen as I type. Kelman taught me how to make a glorious spread with hardly any fat to use in lieu of butter, my love and my nemesis.

I love reading these bios! I'm nosy by nature, so this is wonderful for me!

My back is achy and I need a nap. *sigh* Other than that, life is good.
Poodle's adorable cat has taken my breath away. I LOOOOOOVE tuxedo cats! That plus the Mexican sex, the metrosexual with the veneers, and the roasted garlic spread has left me absolutely speechless. Until I regain my composure, enjoy this pic of some flowers in my front garden. biggrin.gif

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RV, I love your flowers. Everyone has pics of their's one of my puppy dog (who is not really a puppy). Her name is Soji, and as I stated in my bio, I think she moonlights in a bluegrass band when she isn't sleeping, drooling, and dreaming of pork chops.

IPB Image

ETA: Whoa, she turned out to be way bigger than I had anticipated. Sorry. *dodges dial-up modems*
And the image is only showing up sometimes...very dodgy, indeed.
Awwwwwww....what a sweet doggie!! Cuteness. I love her bio!!

Mexican/sex again!! Hahahahahahaha!!

I swear, turbo, you are the most generous person ever!! I just received the Stout shampoo. Thank you so much!!

Pretty flower pics, roseviolet!!
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