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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Lore, are we talking pre-creepiness Wacko Jacko, or the scary man he is now?

The God Of Lust, I am jealous!
Hi kari!!

Granola lady isolates herself and has zero sense of humor. She's got an organic tree branch stuck up her butt.
hehe, kidnea pig! laugh.gif

i needed a laugh or two. i still need a laugh or two actually. i'm fighting off a case of the pluuuuuurbies today. we have a front coming though today and it's affecting the rods in my back pretty badly. i didn't sleep well last night because i just couldn't get comfortable. it's still ugly and rainy outside and i took a tylenol (whoohoo) but can't get the pain to go away, so it's making me feel sort of depressed and unmotivated.

and i know i totally sound like a bipolar broken record, but work is making me crazy today. while i know there is a method to the madness, i am so tired of calling old leads. i feel like my talents are going to waste. i made over 130 calls yesterday and reached maybe 15 people, most of which were from old leads and have moved on either dating someone or even married!! while i love hearing that these people have found happiness, i'm mad that i'm having to call these months-(and even a couple over a year)-old leads twenty and thirty times, when there are newer leads to be had. and then i see on the calendar that one of the more experienced people is breaking a major rule by setting outside of a three-day timeframe and it's making me really angry, which makes me feel bratty. it doesn't matter what they do and i just need to pick up the phone and keep making calls. but i'm not into it today. i started feeling this way yesterday but forced myself to keep going. maybe i'll feel better later and make some good progress in my evening shift. when i told my friend/boss that i am feeling this way, she said i just have to keep going and once my show factor increases, i'll get newer stuff. but it's sooo hard getting people to set and show with these old ones. argh! i'm sure i'll fel better later.

/work rant

girltrouble, i'm sorry about your job, but it does sound like it's going to be the best thing for you. what line of work are you in? ~$~$~$~$~$~$~better job, leave those assholes behind vibes~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~

MIIIIIIIIIINX~ so happy to see you in here!!! sorry the ex is being stupid, but we already knew he was an asshat, so asshattery is his specialty. nothing you can't handle of course! and i'm so glad to hear that minxman is NOT the weasel we once believed. good to hear the minxlette is doing well too!

karianne, sorry about your sister leaving town. i'm glad you got to spend time with her last night.

doodle, i know how you feel, but try tree is right: you won't feel like this for long. even after my month-long stay at the hospital and the three months in the back brace at home afterward, i was feeling much better after a week or two home from the hospital. for the next week or so, CALL BFF and ask for help. it's not going to last too long. even though you'll feel like you can get out and do a lot of stuff, try not to do too much just yet by yourself. good thing that they should still be able to do the D&C on schedule. then you'll be able to put all this behind you and feel better!

oooh, culture! sounds like crushie is crushin' on YOU right back! i think turbo gave you the best advice: just have fun and go with the flow. smile.gif oh, and yeah, i was happy with any amount of cash i could get when we got married. $50 was considered a nice gift.

hi rv!!!!! yeah, don't feel like a bad friend in the least!! you had no idea that she was in that much need and you really only ignored one call. i don't think there is anyone that doesn't ignore a call from a friend here and there.

i should get motivated and do something like go to the grocery store. we need some staple items. maybe i'll make a blueberry, raspberry, mango, pineapple smoothie before i go. if i don't do something soon, this fruit is gonna go bad.
Hi, peeps!

About a zillion people have been past my desk today because I'm organizing the farewell party for my friend who's quitting tomorrow. But for all the people that have been past, I still don't have enough money contributed yet for our shindig tomorrow. It probably doesn't help that I paid about $50 for decorations and paper products and soda alone yesterday. Hey, you put me in charge of decorating and purchasing, and this is what happens. I like things to look nice and for there to be enough of everything for everyone. But if I can scrape up $20 from everyone over the next 23 hours, I'll be good to go.

Poodle, I don't understand people like Granola Lady, either. It's one thing if you've been at your job for a million years and are invested in it, but unless you're one of those people, cheerleaders freak me out. It's just a job. We should only care as much as we're paid to. In my case, I care far less. And good for you for getting a personal training session. They really do help. At my old gym, they gave you a free hour, just so you could learn how to use the equipment without hurting yourself and get the kind of workout you need. I'm going to look a little more into joining my local boxing gym. A girl needs to learn how to throw a good punch.

Karianne, she's moving to Seattle? At least it's a nice place to visit, or so I hear. Is this your sister with the daughter?

$50 is great for a wedding. Who doesn't love cash in any amount? We only gave the giant's cousin $25, but that's about all we could afford after paying for the trip down there. And it's not like they spent a lot on the wedding, anyway. Sorry, I'm still bitter about that trip.

I guess we've got near-blizzard conditions out there now. I don't even want to look. I'm just happy my car is tucked inside a ramp and I won't have to scrape my windows after work. I am not, however, looking forward to the plows blocking us in later on. I don't want to shovel 3 feet of snow just to get to my car door, and then all around it so I can get on my merry way in the morning. With any luck, the landlords will let both of us park in back, so it won't be an issue.

(((((((((GT))))))))))) It doesn't sound like such a bad thing that you won't have to go work for your boss anymore. Any shot at getting unemployment?

(((((((((((Doodle))))))))) I'm glad you don't have to wait forever for your procedure once you get well, or at least free from your cold. When's your mom due back?

RV, that sucks about your friend, but don't let yourself feel guilty about it. How were you supposed to know?

Hi, Turbo!

Yay for FJette being 1 pound! Awwwww.... $$$$$$$$$ vibes for FJ $$$$$$$$$


I'm gonna scrape up some lunch now. Looks like it'll be frozen diet pizza with plastic cheese. Blech. And maybe a luscious Slim Fast to wash it down. Blech again. I don't want to walk outside and I hate using the skyways to get around, so I'm going to just stay put.

Hmmm...I am Chariss, the Goddess of Lust. If I am the Goddess of Lust, and Lorewolf is the God of Lust, then we must be....related. Teehee.

I actually woke up early today and got read for my doctor's appointment two hours ahead of time. Yay for me! I have been having so much trouble getting out of bed since I started this new job and don't have to work until 3:00 PM. I work right after my doc's appt.

So, Lore - you shoot at yellow lights? Wha??? Oh - and I think you were talking to me instead of Poodle about the Strawberry Blonde beer. Yeah. It wasn't as good as I remembered. I'm in a beer funk right now. I can never decide what to get, what to try, nothing looks good. I've been drinking Miller Lite at bars because it's cheap and I don't care. What's wrong with me? I used to be a beer snob! I knew my beers! Now I feel like there are so many I haven't heard of, it is impossible to decide. However, when I go to my favorite 24-hour diner, I still love to get a Belhaven. That's my favorite beer of the past several years.

girltrouble - I'm sorry to hear about your job. That sucks. Were you expecting it at all? Have you made any plans for what to do next? ~*~*~*hip and knee ~ feel better~*~*~*~*

I can't believe Office Meddler doesn't even like Granola Lady. That's funny to me for some reason.

Culture - I'm so happy that things are going well with Crushie! Sounds like soon he will be more than Crushie, right?

I love to make homemade pizza, too! We had some on Oscar night. It had garlic and spinach and fresh mozzarella on it. 'Twas goooood.

kari- $50 is totally, absolutely, completely appropriate for a wedding gift.

Thanks everyone for the warm wishes. The service was rough, but the priest was such a ZZZZZZZ snore. I swear, a couple times when the cue was "quiet meditation" or whatever it is the Catholics do between standing, he looked like he was sleeping. Now, I understand, not every priest is blessed with superior presenting skills...but feh. I suppose I tend to measure catholic funerals in particularly harsh light, as the last one I attended was for turbomann's mama, and it was a spectacular service, full of life and love and vigor. Then, we all trekked to the gravesite, in the COLD, DRIVING rain. Then, all back to the church for lunch. As always, and I agree mightly with turbo on this, it was good to spend time with my family. It sucks might ass to see my 11 and 9 year old cousins loose their big sister. Step-sister, ok...but their parents have been together for 6 years, and both girls dropped the "step" part long ago.

Anyway, warming self now with some hot tea and busting. FJ get thee a rice bag for the microwave. So long as you don't plop it right on jackaroo, it should be fine.

eta...i am Enrya the goddess of Fear. Mortals...beware!
Fj, sorry you're feelin' crummy. I am sure work will pick up soon! Keep at it, girl. That stinks about your back rods hurting. Ouch. Can I get one of those smoothies? That sounds gooooood.

Diva, I bet you are organizing a really nice party. I hope people pony up and give you some dough! Cheap asses! Oh, no, it's the other sister that's moving. Not the one with the daughter.

Poodle, you make me organic tree branch! I am finding that really funny for some reason.

Hi PK! Good for you on getting up early today! I've been having a hard time getting up lately too. Just want to sleeeeep.

Culture, that's a good point about MJ. If it's pre-freaky, then that's not so bad at all. Post-freaky and I pity that child. I meant to say earlier, glad things are going well so far with your crush! That's so much fun!

Can this afternoon go ahead & wrap itself up?
~*~*~*~anti-pain vibes for FJ's rods~*~*~*~ (Am I the only one who giggles a little while reading "rods?")

Ha! Diva, that is so true about you goin' all out for a gathering. You should be a wedding planner or just do parties, in general. You have way too many crafty/foody talents to be sitting in front of a computer. You're great when it comes to the details. I'm really glad to see that you're starting to pursue a career path that will allow you to use these strong talents.

(((mox fam)))

That's funny about the priest. The republican's father's funeral seemed neverending and that's coming from a former catholic girl!! I thought it would never end!! I guess I've never thought of Catholic masses being long. It always weirds me out how short non-Catholic services are. There used to be a lot more standing and kneeling in the Catholic church 20+ years ago. Now people only kneel once or twice during mass. I think the church realized that the "choreography" alienated non-Catholic guests. Now if they would only eliminate all of the mumbling. Still, I can't imagine church being any other way.

This day is neverending!!! Grrr... just know that I'm gonna have to shovel around my car again tonight. Booo...

ETA- Kari, I'm glad you liked my accurate and concise description of granola lady. smile.gif
thanks for the vibes... i think they're helping. i feel better after a bath and after listening to dave matthews band for a while. now i'm all slathered in cocoa butter, wearing a white bra-tank and white cotton boyshorts (hey, it IS undie thursday, right????). i feel mighty cute and might have mrfj snap some preggo pics of me later.

and, the roller coaster of work goes on... my appointment for today showed up. now, if only she'll buy and spend more than $100, i'll make more than $12 next paycheck!!!!! hehehehe. shit, at this point, i'm just happy to see a show at all.

so again, thanks so much for the vibes!!!! and keep em comin'! smile.gif

oh, and poodle, no you're not the only one that laughs at "rods". i laugh at it all the time myself. it doessound sorta funny in a middle-school sorta way. hehe.

(((moxie))) i'm sorry again about the funeral. i can't even imagine having to attend one for someone so young. i hope your cousin will be ok soon.

HI PK!!!! HI DIVA!!!!

oh, and puppykitty, you totally made me crave spinach, mushroom and garlic pizza. i'll be buying those ingredients tomorrow at the grocery store. i haven't made a homemade pizza since i left home and it's high time indeed!!!
Hells yeah, I'm Gweall the Goddess of sexual pleasure. That rocks.

I gotta run, but good vibes for all....
dang. i'm mathrynn the goddess of slaughter.


Oh yum, homemade pizza! I want to make one now too!
Yeah, Minxman is going to come over here after work for some post-moneymaking nookie and has requested a HOMEMADE PIZZA. Wish I woulda known this when I stopped at the co-op for a FROZEN PIZZA and some mango. Yeeeesh.

It's fun to see the new influx of folk in here. It warms the cockles of my heart. And stuff.

Oh yeah, and HERE'S a shocker: I'm Havella, the Goddess of Sexual Pleasure. Go fucking figure. smile.gif
Hi ya'll!! I just got back from work, and then a meeting with a freelance client...which was actually really fun, so I'm glad I went. Not much money in this one either, but its helping a friend get up on her feet, and I'm totally fine with helping out.

Minxy and Kel....dayum!! Great Goddess names!!

BTW, poodle, I always thought the Catholics stopped using the kneelers because their congregations are aging, and its hard for the older folks to kneel-sit-stand-kneel-kneel their way through the service. Shows you what I know.

I need to pick the house up a little tonight, good friends are coming in to stay with us this weekend...even though they're the type that don't care if my house is clean, I do.

(((((MASSIVE sales vibes for FJ)))))
woot! my lady bought! so, i've got a bigger paycheck coming next time already and it's just the first day of the pay period! thank so much for the massive sales vibes, you lovely gods and goddesses!

but, i am taking the rest of the day off (the next 50 minutes). i've got spaghetti on the stove and i am starving.

oh, tj, i forgot to tell you how cool that drop in center sounded last night! so cool! i hope you enjoy your time there!

oh, fj, out! hehe
Two goddesses of sexual pleasure, right here on the Okay thread! We should start a business, Minx. Oldest profession and all...

Is it weird that tomorrow I will be celebrating my boyfriend's ex-wife's birthday? This time last year if you told me that I would have punched you in the face and called you a liar. Okay, probably no punching, but the liar thing yeah. He has a good relationship with her for the sake of the kids. The kids want to give her a party, and I'm invited. I'm actually on good terms with her. She teaches, too, and in the summer we even hang out sometimes. It's strange to people, but it's actually a lot easier than hating her guts.

Yay for FJ and her sale! I'm new on the thread...what are you sellin'?

Catholics don't actually kneel nearly as much as everyone thinks. I grew up Catholic and went to church everyday but Saturday. I'm still recovering. But we really only have about two official kneeling times. It just seems like a lot because most other faiths rarely kneel. I don't practice Catholicism anymore (or any
-ism, to quote Ferris Beuller), but I'm still strangely attracted to the mysterious aspect of the faith and definitely to the imagery, especially Mary. Most Catholics never really seem to completely shake it.

Poodle, I can't hear "rods" without gigging either ("She said...rods! Heh Heh"). The same with "balls" and "nuts" because really, I have the maturity of the 8th graders I teach.

*genuflects to the 8th grade teacher*

Damn girl, but that's some rough age to educate. I really didn't like it...although, I must confess, it was in the roughest junior high school in the cities with the highest transience rate that was closing down the following year. I don't know if that's very indicative. smile.gif

What's yer discipline?

WHOOT for the overly-marvelous and competent cervix that is FJ's!!! You're a money-making hunnie with a one-pound bunnie [in the oven]!!!

!!! just for good measure!!!
Hey all, just finished a quick skim....thanks everyone for your concern, you guys ARE very sweet, and I'm sure if you all lived nearby I WOULDN'T ever have to worry about being cared for again (whomever suggested that!).

For those who asked, doodlemama will be arriving Monday afternoon.

Between yesterday and today, that effing hospital phoned me four times with four different numbers to call back - three of which were for the EXACT SAME THING. (To tell me how to prepare and when to show up for surgery - the other one was to book a CT scan for my kidney.)

Well, at least they are thorough, I guess.

My BUST name translates to: Morka the Goddess of Slaughter.

My REAL name translates to....dear lordessa, I can't believe this: Nildiss the Goddess of Diseases.
doodle- i spit coffee! I shouldn't have, i know, but that was just toooooo much!

Sigh- after many nights of very peaceful slumber, moxette was up EVERY HOUR last night. I only had to get up once, but sheesh, she was loud. Mostly fussy chit-chat with her bunny, though. Either she's just about to walk and the subconcious knowledge is getting to her OR her teeth are starting to push through. I suspect the prior, b/c she was uber-cuddles after the 5am bottle. Momma cuddles=something's bugging her. I find is strange and fascinating that a year about, i was sitting HERE, yes, right HERE, bitching about my full belly and kicks and wanting her OUT. Now, at 11 mos old, she's just a delightful little person, and I'm glad to have her OUT.

Ok, should that all have gone in the mama therad? sorry.

Off to write reports.

And......(drumroll)....its FRIDAY, you cum-courting hoe-bags!
Mornin' skankerellas!!

Awww...moxette is so damn cute.

I'm so glad I cleaned the snow off my car yesterday evening. Dayum. It's crazy out there. I'll probably have to shovel around my car today so that I can move it for the snow emergency.

Oscar's stretched out on top of the radiator right now. It looks terribly uncomfortable, but he seems to be loving it. Cuteness.

I don't really have anything interesting to share this morning. How's everyone?

MOrnin' ya'lll....I got nothin' on the insult front...just sleepy this morning.

Awww....the wee moxette is so cute! Bummer about sleep last night though...and truly, it is crazy to think that moxette is nearly a year old already!

Today is turbomann's last day at home - yippee! Though, of course, its a little bittersweet - excited about the next job, but the end of a relaxing vacation at home.

And those kitties, they know where the good napping is...cuddling up on a warm spot for a nap sounds really good right now. I really should have taken today off to hang with turbomann and take him clothes shopping. Oh well...I'm here now, I guess.
Good Morning you cream filled cooches!


Poodle, you have a lot of snow up there?

Congrats on the sale, fJ! that is RAD!

Doodle, I cannot believe your goddess name. Seriously. Man that is too much.

I don't have anything interesting to report today either. Had a nice, relaxing night at home. Made couscous w/ vegetables & topped it with peanut sauce. Watched tv. Still got in bed a little too late though.

Oye, I have to start a new Saturday class tomorrow. noooooo! I've been off the Saturdays since December & it's been so nice.

Kel, I totally understand about bf's ex. I think it requires much more energy to be mean and hateful. It's bad for the psyche too.

Hey how's my bitches doing on this lovely friday?!?!

Hurray for Friday and payday! Hopefully it won't be chaos today, but who knows!

So things between me a crushie are going super great. I talked to him last night, and I think that I can call him pseudo man thing, because I told him that there was a guy at a wedding I am going to tomorrow, and I didn't know where crushie and I stood.

So, I told him, hey there's this guy and he's going to try something, what do you think? I didn't want to right out and ask him where we stood. He said, well why don't you tell him there is already someone around. So yaaaaaaaaaay, I suppose you could say that crushie has now moved to a sort manthing. I'm very happy!

What else, he told me that he had ben married, so he's in no rush for that again, she cheated on him, he had the marriage annulled, he didn't want me to judge a book by it's cover. I told him no worries, as I had that whole 6 year live-in control issues, ended up in disaster thing. Told him if he had jealousy issues, that's it. I will walk.

So that's where that stands. He's taking me out next weekend, where a ton of his friends will be, hmmm.

You all have such cool goddess names, mind you, I'm the ruler of the underworld, so it can't be all bad.

(((mox))) sleepy vibes for tonight for you, nothing worse than being up on the hour every hour.

That's all.

ETA: Thanks for the input on presentation for the wedding, all!
Happy Friday, my queef whistles! How's it goin'?

I am Senith the Goddess of Seduction. [raises eyebrow ... seductively]

~*~*~*~*~ daily Doodle vibes! ~*~*~*~*~

~$$$~$$$~ make-that-sale vibes for FJ! ~$$$~$$$~

Kel, I have a very similar attitude to you about exes. Oddly enough, I've always been rather fond of my boyfriends' ex-girlfriends. I always felt that my guys had very good taste in women. I mean, they chose to date me, afterall! tongue.gif My ex-boyfriend and I get along really well now, too. It took a couple years to get here, but I really like that we can chat on the phone about books & such.

zzzzz sleepy vibes for the Moxette zzzzz
Here's hoping you get some good sleep this weekend - all of you!

Last night Sheff lost a crown on one of his teeth. And what do you know, most dental offices around here are CLOSED on Friday. And the only two I found that are on our insurance and open today are also TOTALLY booked. Even their emergency appointments have been taken. It looks like no one will be able to see him until Tuesday. Can you imagine? Poor thing!

And now my teeth ache in sympathy. Bleh.
i'm up! i'm up! *shakes dreams from fuzzy head*

yikes, we woke up late this morning. last night, while taking sexy preggo pics of me, mrfj moved the alarm clock and he must have hit the volume switch or something because that bugger did NOT make a PEEP this morning. and since it's raining here (STILL), the sunlight wasn't streaming through the window. it was actually missus abigail boots that woke me up with a slight paw to the face and a cackly, "mrowr". she's so cute. she's been snuggling with me a lot lately.

aww, poor little moxette! but i can't believe she's already nearly a year old either. wow!!! and just SO adorable! momma cuddles are always the cure for what ails.

yay for turbomann starting his job next week!

hehe, poodle, your kitty sounds so cute! mine always find the most unlikely places to stretch out, looking quite uncomfortable but so cute!

kel, i sell love! hehe, well not exactly, but i am an appointment setter for a dating service, so i'm always calling single people that have expressed interest in our service and trying to get them to come in to sign up for our service. it can be a really hard sell at times since some people don't realize that it's an actual service and not online dating that they've asked about. and other people just plain get scared and defensive, so i have to try to let them know that this is not a desperation sort of thing, but that we're here to help them. i've only been working at it for about a month and a half and it's commission only, so it's been a slow row, but i'm getting there. my paycheck for last pay period was $12, i shit you not. but after last night's sale, i'm already going to earn about $180, and i have until the 15th to keep adding to it. i know what some of the other setters are making and some are getting over $1000 on a single day! so i know i'll be ok in the next couple months. i just have to keep at it.

oh, and kel, i think that's great that you're able to be friends with your bf's ex. you're right! it's just too much work to hate. well, unless she was a raving mad asshat.

hehe, doodle, i'm sorry, but i laughed too... don't worry. i'm sure it just means that you wield power over those diseases!!!

ok, i should work the phones a bit to make up for yesterday. friday isn't a great day to reach people, but who knows. maybe i'll get lucky. smile.gif
*falls out of bed*

hey e'rybody...uh...why are you all in my room?

i have this tradition when i quit/lose a job, that the day after is my day. i have liberty to do whatever i want. sneak into movies all day, get loaded and go keroke at one of the kazillion bars in my hood, or just sleep all day. i chose the latter, sleeping most of the day, but i did call the ex-job and talk to the personel mngr. i told him that it felt like he stabbed me in the back.

oh so satisfying, but i found out some info about why i was fired-- my sup didn't think i listened to her instructions. but here's the thing-- she gave me none!

*does a very weird joe peshi impression*
oh! you friggin'!
oooo! you mutt, ya!


well today is kinda my actual fun day. i am hanging with this artist guy who is crushed out on me and going to get art supplies, so i can get to painting. last time we hung out we ended up making out in my hallway. hmmm. not sure how i feel about that, but making out is fun. later i'm gonna talk to a woman who runs an art gallery about coming over to see my work. *crosses her fingers*

doodle-- just be glad that they call you at all. my doctor refuses to return my call, and i saw him on a fluke when some friends and i went for dim sum and he hid from me---WTF?! he's an ass anyways. he hasn't the slightest idea about hormones for trannys, and that's his specialty. ugh.

kel, i think it's great you get along with her. that should be the rule rather than the exception. too much of that baby mama drama just gets to be stupid and spite for spite's sake, which is never good for anybody.

congrats culture! that's soooo freakin' kick ayis! he sounds like a goo 'un!

ooch! i think it's time for a complete breakfast with my roomate, crunchberries! later, chicas!
hiya guys
life is crazy!

i hope everyone is having fun, doing good and learning things <3
hi mouse! bye mouse! by the way, i love your new avatar. you are so fresh looking. you look like you should be in a noxema or sea breeze commercial!!!! beauti-mous!!!

i'm lazy today, mostly because of the rain. and i had a nightmare last night that woke me up in a flood of tears. in my dream, mrfj and i were arguing over socks and a hotwheels car in the middle of target and it got really ugly. we have never fought like that and he was being so nasty to me. and then we were in a truck and i looked at him and it wasn't mrfj at all! it was the asshat!! he was fighting me and that's when i woke up, just sobbing. i don't know why i keep dreaming about him. the fucker is dead. he can't hurt me anymore and cod knows mrfj is nothing like him and never would/will be. it's just so real sometimes. i dream of him STILL at least once a month. i know that i spent so many of my formative years with him, but why does he still torment me?

i felt really bad after i woke up and wondered if jackaroo had felt my fear.

anyway, i've gotta get up and get moving. i put on some zeppelin and now i'm both horny and lazy, but getting some motivation. we're doing the art walk tonight, even though it's supposed to rain. i need to get out of this house though. and yummmmmy mexican at the fave restaurant awaits us for dinner. mmmmmm, guacamole! hey, it's good for the baby's brain, lemme alone!
FJ, I'm sorry about the nightmares....that sucks. *chases bad dreams away with magic broom*

This is one of those days at work that just refuses to end. Not a whole lot going on here right now, with a giant backlog of projects that will hit me on Monday....but no one is here today to help get any of the new projects rolling. Oh well, its quiet, and that's nice too.

We've a busy FUN weekend ahead, though - I hope I'm up to it. Dinner with BFF and her BF tonight at our favorite tapas place (and probably too much sangria), Around 11pm our good friends from MI who used to live here in Chicago are arriving to spend the weekend with us. We warned them of impending drunkness, and are leaving keys for them, should they need to let themselves in if we're not home. Tomorrow, we'll probably go into the city with them a bit, and then dinner at "our" favorite bistro - a little place we used to go with them at least twice a month, that is now closing because...they're going to tear down the beautiful historical block and put up condos.

Oh, and FJ, I don't think you need any excuse at all for guac!! Its full of omega 3s...its good for all of us!

GT - you definitely deserve a good few days of play before you get serious about the job search! You just need it to let that nasty old job go!
[waves at Mouse as she dashes about]

GT, did you really have crunchberries for breakfast? I used to LOVE those, but I can't eat them anymore. Rips my mouth to pieces!

((((FJ)))) Dear thing. So sorry to hear about the nightmares. At least you have a fun night to look forward to. An art walk & Mexican food sounds fabulous.

Jenn, sounds like a wonderful weekend! I wish our old friends could visit. I miss them so much. Thank goodness for phone calls and mail! Today I've enjoyed two phone calls & one letter from my old girlfriends, but it'd be so nice if we could hang out in person.

I was going to go out, but I found Sense & Sensibility playing on cable & suddenly I can't leave the couch. At least I can get more laundry done while I'm here.

I was hoping to endulge is Sweets Friday and make some brownies or a cake for Sheff & his co-workers, but I don't quite know what to do since Sheff is having dental problems. I didn't feel like making something that he couldn't enjoy. I'm thinking I might whip up some butterscotch pudding instead.
Good afternoon, you stolen, fur-covered, plasticized kidneys!!

I dunno, it was the best insult I could come up with.

GT, I hope you're going to file a wrongful dismissal complaint with your local labour standards body. (I don't know how it works in the U.S., but in Canada, if you are fired for cause, you don't qualify for unemployment.)

~*~*~*~*~painlessness vibes for the shefftooth~*~*~*~*~

(And if that doesn't work, ibuprofen rocks.)

Oh, turbo....last night BFF was over, and I was telling her what you said about greyhounds being a lot like cats...she was really intrigued! To the point where I think she might seriously consider making her next dog a greyhound. (Current dog is an aging Husky X Dalmation, whose energy was fine when the kids were young, but now that they are nearly college age, any young dog with that much energy would be completely miserable.) If you have any stuff you can PM me about how cool greyhounds are, maybe I can convince her....

Hello also FJ, mouse, RV, moxie, culture, karianne, poodle...hey, where's diva today??
Oh treehugger, if you're out there...I meant to tell you. I hung that string of bells you sent in front of the balcony door, because I wanted to hear them in the breeze when the door was open. BUT now George has started ringing them when he wants to go out!! Like I'm his servant or something. I realize you sent them for the kitties, but I think I might have to move them back to the front door. Heh.
Okay, apparently Friday is insult day. I'll bite. Howdy all you tarted-up strumptets!

Busy Fridays for everyone, it seems.

Minx, I teach 8th grade English. This is my 11th year. It's interesting because I hatedhatedhated middle school and had some of my worst experiences ever when there. I was a pariah, really. I was talking with my friend about it when she was getting annoyed by what appeared to be a whole soccer team of 8th graders cavorting around the bookstore the other night. I told her, "They don't bother me...they are my demographic. Who would have thought that someone who had such a miserable time in 8th grade would eventually be able to relate to them on a level she never thought possible? And get them to learn, too?" It's amazing, but I love my job. I hate federally mandated testing, but I love my job and I love my kids.

FJ...selling love. Hehe. What a tough gig! It's amazing some folks make $1000 in a day doing that! That will be you in no time!

RV...Sense and Sensibility is quite possibly one of my all-time favorite movies! Followed closely by the BBC Pride and Prejudice. I have a weird Jane Austen thing.

Hi Mouse! I agree about the fresh faced thing...I would kill for skin like that. I look positively cadavorous.

Did someone say guacamole? Egad Yum! I make really fucking good guac. I want some now. Dunno if the store has any good avocadoes now...

Oh well, off to the boyfriend's ex-wife's birthday party! Wish me luck!
Doodle, what more does your BFF need, than an autographed photo of turbodoggie? tongue.gif Sure, I can look up some greyhound info for you, there's loads of info out there on the net, but seriously, if you're interested in a quiet, laaaaaazy dog, the greyhound is a good choice. Plus, you get to dress them up in silly winter clothes (and my favorite proprieters are all in Canada, too!).

Kel, I am amazed at folks who love to teach junior high aged kids too...I mean isn't the point of junior high that it is miserable and awkward for most of us? My mom teaches 7-8th grade special ed too...she also loves it, and they're her favorite age kids. I think all teachers are brave.

I think I'm going to get more than my share of that age group with mentoring in the computer clubhouse. My goal is to get some of the girls interested in design...when I was there this week, ALL the boys were squatting on the computers, and ALL the girls were at the "homework table" looking glum. I asked if it was always like this, and the guy who runs the center pretty much said, yeah. SO, I'll observe for a little while, get to know some of the girls, then see what I can do to create a good space for the girls too....if the boisterous boys don't drive me crazy first. smile.gif

We just learned all about unemployment in the US. heh. You qualify for unemployment here if you were fired, so long as it wasn't for "malfeasance"...the definition on that seems fairly flexible, but suffice it to say, that if you embezzled, the gov't won't be paying you.

Okay, time to run home, and get this evening started!
Hi all!!

There are some good insults in here today!!

Awww...that's so sweet of Ms. Abigail Boots to snuggle with you this morning, FJ. I love snuggling with my cats a little before I get out of bed, as long as they don't wake me up too early. Gus woke me up a half-hour early today by sitting on my head.

Led Zeppelin makes me horny, too.

The turbos always have the most eventful weekends!! It sounds like you guys have a fun, minimal-stress weekend ahead of you! Perfect for mr. turbo's last weekend of unemployment.

Mouse is so cute. I wanna see more pictures of you, mouse!!

Kari, what's your new class about?

Have fun at the b-day party, kel!!

Hi rose, doodle, culturehandy, and girltrouble!!

I think I'm gonna leave early. There's no meddler today and the boss is gone. I really want to shovel the snow off my car before it gets dark. I don't really have anything planned for tonight--just Scarface and a little red wine. Tomorrow, the XRB's friend is moving here from WI to start a new job. He's gonna be staying with the XRB for a while. Anyway, this kid is the cock-block. We're all gonna hang out tomorrow night. I'm contemplating asking XRB if he wants to stop by tonight, but I don't know if I'm really up for that. Grrr...stupid cock-block.

I tried to set up an appt. with a personal trainer for this weekend, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen. I might take the tour tomorrow instead.
Poooooop...I'm da thread killa...
[flails into thread]
I'm sooooo booooooored!!!!! Sheff and I have decided to stay in and there is nooooothing good on television! And our internet connection is dodgey tonight, so I don't even know if this will post.
[flails some more]

Oh well. I'm going to crawl into bed with Carl Sagan and a warm drink. Well, not actually Carl Sagan. That would be gross. But one of his books. I wonder if I'll nod off before 10pm. Hmmmm. Nighty night, all!
Hey ya'll! We're back from dinner with my BFF...I ate waaaay too much, and drank a wee bit too much sangria. I was out like a light on the train on the way home....thank cod for public transit, and living at the end of the train line, we can both just nod off until the train stops and they kick us off!

Annnnnd, we got home to a bit of bad news. The company turbomann is going to work for didn't get his background check back in time, so he's not starting on monday. shit. They pushed him back another two weeks to March 19. Fucking sucks. Oh and they call and leave the message at 4pm on Friday, so there's really no way to call back and talk with HR about this. Can't the background check place just do their job on time, PLEASE?

Oh well, he still has the job, its just the waiting game. again.

And now....its time to go to bed. Our friends from MI still aren't here, but I can't stay up until midnight.

Poodle, our weekends are rarely this exciting....especially in the last several months of unemployment. smile.gif I tend toward the reclusive, left to my own devices. heh.

Doodle...are you gradually starting to feel a bit better....the energy in your posts seems a bit stronger, I hope I'm not imagining it!

Rosie, I hope you've found something to amuse you this evening - weiner or otherwise. heee.

G'night lovelies!


i haven't even been lurking this week; we have had big potatoes from the home office in the USA here all week. i meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece you!!!

sounds like everything is going all right for most of you, except for Sheff's crown loss (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) and the asshats at turboman's new job who didn't do THEIR jobs(tthhhhhbbbttthhhh!! raspberries galore)

doodle, so good to see you back and recovering!!! yay! for silly kitties coming up with new and different ways to annoyentertain us!

divalla, hope the cheapos made enough contributions to cover your cost outlay. ass hats do VEX me!!!!

is way to early to be up. am still exhausted. between the sun and meems the african attack cat, there was NO AWAY i was going to be allowed to sleep past 5:30 AM this morning!


my goddess names:

Esenthia the goddess of the Darkness

Ylva the Goddess of Black Magic

bom fim de semana, todas!!!

Hi all....taking a break from my regularly scheduled novel-reading to see what's up! And to eat some more of doodlemama's delicious stew, of course. *licks lips*

Hi kel, rose, poodley-noodley, and turbo!

turbo's drunk! More drunk turbos! Falling asleep on mass transit, no less! WHEEE! That's too bad they fucked up turbomann's starting date, could pretend that you all went out of town this afternoon, and then have him show up for work Monday, going, "Huh? What message? You left a message at 4:00 on a Friday? Are you kidding me???"

Or not. biggrin.gif

I guess I am slowly feeling better, but it really is happening at a glacial pace. I mean, I'm not in bed 20 hours a day anymore, so that's a plus. I'm not sick-sick, but more weak and exhausted - a dragging-my-ass kind of thing. It was shocking on Tuesday to discover I'm (still) like an old lady on my own stairs, when I was regularly jogging up those same stairs less than six weeks ago, and not giving such things a second thought. GRRRR. So I don't go out, except to see doctors and nurses and CT technicians and the like. And I don't do anything at home - even the dishes go for two or three days without doodlemama here, and I used to keep an empty sink at all times. And I still feel pretty disconnected from the girly bits - everytime I try and conjure up a Jake Gyllenhaal fantasy, I fall asleep! It all changed my life so fast (quite literally overnight), that I guess I still feel a bit stunned.

I just wish I knew how to fight back against this kind of illness. With a cold or a flu - or even a toothache - you know how long it will be, you know how bad it will be, and you know what kinds of things to do to ease the symptoms. With this whole kidney thing, and the hemoglobin thing on top of that, I have no idea. (But I'm going to have a huge list of questions for my two surgeons next week.) Hell, nobody even knows what the hemoglobin issue IS - it might not even be gynocelogical; the ObGyn and his D&C are just the first line of testing. At least I know what's wrong with my kidney. And I mean, I know I AM fighting back - obviously I made that decision in the hospital when I said, "No fucking way am I going to die." But other than doesn't quite feel like living, either...more like suspended animation.

Anyway. Apologies for the extended late-night navel-gazing in the thread. Less navel-gazing, more novel-reading!

Here comes George for his hourly head scratch.

ETA: SHRIEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CROSS-POST WITH TESAO!

*pounces on tesao, sending George scurrying for the safety of the space beneath the sofa*

Just gonna make a post and then check archives.

GAH. My neighbor's internet connection's been down for three days! I finally gave up and went to a trendy coffee shop to use the wireless.

A raspberry Danish shouldn't DRIP, should it? Oh, well, at least the coffee's hot.

hehe on the bell ringing to go outside...Georgie's a smart boy!'s WARM ENOUGH to leave the door open???? And for the cat to want to go outside???

Color me green for jealous. It's still HORRID here, weather-wise.

Okay, seriously, I have to scroll back and see this Goddess thing! Back soon....

ETA: Morka, the goddess of tormented souls. Hmmm.....
Mornin' babes!!

Nice to see you tes!!

(((doodle))) Sucks, dude. All you can do is take it easy on yourself. I hope you get some good news soon!!

Not much goin' on today. I'm gonna tackle my much neglected kitchen. I also want to buy some workout clothes.

Hi turbo, rose, and treehugger!!
Mornin, everybustie. *gulps large glass of water*

The sangria was not kind to me this morning....only 2 glasses, but sheesh, I woke at 6am with a fierce headache! That sangria is clearly inferior to the magical sangria at our favorite little pub down the street, which never leaves me hurtin.'

I did make some yummy granola this morning though, and the house smells awesome. I realized that there was really no "normal" breakfast food in the house for our guests to eat. And I haven't made granola in ages.

Doodle, I'm sorry that your healing is going slowly...its hard to be so limited by your body, when you're used to doing anything you please. I hope that the D&C this week can help the docs figure out what's going on, and how to help you. (((((doodle))))

And what a smart kitty georgie is!! And very nice of him to train you so well! tongue.gif Turbomann's dad has trained his puppy to press a doggie doorbell with his paw when he wants to come back in the house...our pets are so intelligent!

Tree, how's your elbow doing?

Poodle, I'm with you on the workout clothes...I *really* need to get some new gear...I've had to retire a couple pair of my favorite cycling shorts, as they were beoming rather, ummm, crotchless. blink.gif But I always find that some workout gear that makes me feel good makes me a little less self-conscious at the gym.
Oooh...crotchless cycling!! You're so naughty turbo!! I'm imagining after-hours "personal training" sessions...heh

Yeah, there's something about wine/wine-related beverages that makes the morning after a little more unpleasant compared to other drinks.

My aunts are so cool. One of my aunts just had a mastectomy and is now undergoing chemotherapy. About a week ago, her hair started falling out, so she called up my other aunt and asked her to shave her head for her. Anyway, my other aunt shaved her head too!! Afterwards, they went out to a bar and then they went to visit my grandfather at the nursing home. Ha!! My aunt's son also shaved his head. Too funny.
I feel all gorked out and wonky. Yeesh.

Today I will be making a coq et vin for me and Minxman. FUN! I love multi-step cooking. Plus, I need to fuck around with some wedding cake recipes. I volunteered to make my brother's wedding cake and have semi-decided to make an almond/poppyseed cake (kind of a nod to our Bohemian heritage)--gotta try it out. Hell, maybe I'll go over to Minxman's house and use his kitchen for this while Ani plays in the snow. HELL, maybe I'll confiscate BFF's son and take him with us!! Minxman lives pretty close to Como Park and I'm betting they have some killer snow hills. Hmmm...

WHOOT! Now the ideas are flowing.

WHOOT! For good granola!

WHOOT! For Tessie sightings!

WHOOT! For magical workout clothing with crotches!

(whoot!--the quieter, healing version) For Doodle's bod!

ETA: WHOOT! For cross-posting with sexay Hometown Bitches!!!
Hi minx!! Today is a perfect day for sledding followed by yummy food!! Town & Country Golf Course also has some bitchin' snow hills. Damn, now I wanna go tubing.
hi everyBUSTie!!

just reading the archives while deciding what to do for breakfast. i think i'll cook something here. maybe just an old fashioned mama-style breakfast of pancakes and sausage. mmmm.

i had three appointments set for today and so far, two have cancelled. booooooo. i have to call them to confirm the day of and while they both said they wanted to reschedule, i really wanted them to come in TODAY! oh well, i still have one more that didn't answer her phone and her appt. is in about a half hour. i'm really hoping she was just on her way.

it sucks having to get up and make calls on a saturday morning, but at least it was only to the three people i've talked to before. i'm not good at overcoming objections in the morning.

hehe, tj fell asleep on mass transit. nice. sorry about the headache though.

hi doodle, hi minx, hi tree, hi rose!hope you're all doing well this morning!!!!!!!

ok, breakfast time!!
((((Doodle)))) The road back from death's door is a tough one, but you're making it. And I'm sooooo glad you are. ~*~*~*~*~ continued healing vibes for dear Doodle ~*~*~*~*~

Minx, you should definitely have the kids go sledding together!It's one of those truly great things that kids should never pass up. And your dinner sounds fabulous. Minxman is one lucky guy.

Poods, that's so sweet about your family shaving their heads together.

Jenn, you are an inspiration. Even with a hangover, you got up & made granola. I'm lucky if I can make myself a glass of water when I have a hangover! As for Mr. T's job delay, that is soooo strange. I wonder what's holding them up?

~$~$~$~ money vibes for FJ ~$~$~$~

Mmmmm ... danish. Tree, I think that it may be okay if a danish drips, but it kinda depends on what is dripping and the consistency of that substance. But the real point is that it's a danish. Mmmm ... daaaanish.

I ended up having a lot of trouble getting to sleep last night. At one point I got up & just listened to stories on the NPR website for 90 minutes. I think I finally fell asleep at 4am. Bleh.

But! It's March 3rd! And in my world, that means it's Homer Day!!! Homer Day is a holiday my friends & I celebrate. It's the one day a year when you have to go out and buy a present for yourself. It doesn't have to be big. Just as long as it's for you! As for why it's called Homer Day ... well, that's a long story.
Awww....Rosie, Homer Day sounds like so much fun!!

I've been working on my taxes for the last 2 hours, and turbotax is pissing me off...because I had a 1099 form for some contracted design work, I've got to file all this extra shit. *notes to self to only do freelance in cash*

Mmmmm....coq au vin sounds sooooo delish, Minxy! Have fun making that!

Boooo for phone call making this morning, FJ!!

Well, our friends finally rolled out of bed here, I guess I should be a good hostess now....
*waves hi to everyone*

Just a quick update, my and crushie are trying the relationship thingy. I have to head to a wedding, I'll give you all updates later!

Happy Saturday!

*whisks away*
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