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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Sheff is in our office. A few minutes ago I asked him what he was doing in there & he said he was arranging a surprise.
Me: "Can you tell me about it?"
Him: "No, not yet."
[10 seconds pass]
Me: "Can you tell me about it now?"
Him: "No!"
[5 seconds pass]
Him: "And I can't tell you about it now, either!" laugh.gif

White stilton & apricots is so lovely. It's more like a dessert than most cheeses. I especially like it on top of a digestive biscuit with a smear of butter. The butter adds extra rich flavor plus it helps hold the crumbly cheese on the cracker. Add the sweet oaty taste of the digestive & Yum! But we don't have any digestives in the house, so I just used some Ritz. Good enough for me!

Hooray for happy, healthy, non-pregnant kitties! wink.gif

Kel, I'm re-reading Good Omens. It's a very fun read. If you haven't read it before, you really should.

-f-f-f-f- no more funeral vibes for Divala -f-f-f-f- Divala, I hope you're feeling better today. On a lighter note, I can't believe you went out in the ice in Chanel heels. I don't think I've ever even seen a pair of Chanel heels before. I once tried on some Jimmy Choo's just to say I did, but there was no way I was paying that much for a pair of sandals.

I saw this really adorable video today about a two-legged greyhound and it made me think of you, Jenn, & sweet little Turbo!
For my fellow Szmanda/SecretFunTime devotees, New Years Resolutions #4 has been posted. He's gonna make time to work out. Shake it shake it shake it for me!
Oof. I crashed. Slept. Wow.

Hi AP, RV, PK, turbo, kel, moxie, and tree!

treehugger, I'm so glad to hear Mojo is going to be OK! Also that he is being all cuddly and sweet; that's cute. I've only had my current babies on anasthesia for being fixed, and I can't remember if they were cuddly, although I remember little kitten Georgie jumped out of the carrier and started playing immediately!

The vet and I didn't talk about long-term stress relief options, since we both agreed his source of stress was likely my near-death experience, and this is the first time George has done anything like this. He's actually a very laid back kitty most of the time...think Ferdinand the Bull - that's George in a nutshell. biggrin.gif

Anyway, thanks everyone for having both me and Georgie in your thoughts. Gosh, I've always been so grateful for having this thread, but now that I'm housebound, I sure do appreciate it more than ever!!!

Gonna eat a doodlemama meal now....macaroni cheese! MMM!
hay guys

((doodle)) take care of yourself lady!

rosie, i LOOOOVE that stilton and apricots. have you tried the stilton-and-other-things they have? i know one is blueberries, which sounds delish....and i thinkt here's another one but i forget. so gooooood though! i wanna try em all.

hi puppy! good to see you around!

i love john hodgman turbo! and david sedaris is the kind of person who would thoroughly appreciate a plasticized kidney. in fact. i wouldnt be surprised if he already has one!

kel, another suggestion in the same vein is david rakoff. he's another this american lifer, very dry gay man humour, self-deprecating and politically aware, but HILARIOUS. "don't get too comfortable" is brilliant.

soooooooo imma take the tshirt job. it's a far better commute, and it seems like a better place to work--much more creative. but don't worry--just because i'm not taking the job doesn't mean the scrubs company will cease to exist tongue.gif cute scrubs will still be made...just not by me!

i have a week off between jobs. i really want to take a trip, and i'm trying to decide where. either going to austin for sxsw with my friend r, which would mean a lot of drinking and partying and music and meeting new people. i can't afford a sxsw wristband (they're almost as much as my freaking rent!!) but friend r goes every year without a wrtistband and says that there are countless free shows and afterparties. plus, i've never been to austin and it might be really cool, and i know at least three other east coast friends who are going to be there too.

the other option is to go back to my beloved boston, where i would see my two best guy friends in the entire world and a slew of other great folks i haven't seen in a year, and possibly could take a trip to new york to see more cool peeps, and possibly my parents could drive up to new york and we oculd hang out there too.

i need to decide soon, so i can buy my flight! eeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Mornin' ya'll!!

Rosie, I have to tell you that the funniest thing about that greyhound is the fact that its fetching a ball!! tongue.gif Seriously, that is a very un-greyhound-like talent! Turbo *might* deign to chase a ball, but never ever bring it back! Once its stops moving - not interesting anymore. That is one cute little doggie though!

PK!!! I want a pecan custard kidney dessert! *bangs spoon on okayland brekkie table*

I'm sorry the people you're working with now are a little boring...but how's the job otherwise? Is Banana enjoying the doggie daycare job?

YAY mouse!! Congrats on taking the t-shirt job AND for getting a week of vacation in between! Yahooo!

Turbomann is in his last couple days here of unemployment - he starts the new gig on Monday! WOOT!

Oh, and I forgot to tell ya'll about my meeting with the youth center's computer clubhouse yesterday....what a cool place! Its a drop-in center, so the kids can come and go as they please, and its completely unstructured, creative play for the kids - no homework/schoolwork goals. They're learning photoshop, web design, video production, music production and recording/editing, and role playing game design. Pretty amazing stuff. The mentors like me are just there as a resource if someone asks for help, but mostly they teach themselves all this stuff, and I don't know half the programs they're using. One of the kids showed me a couple of the games he designed and they're really amazing. The place was a total zoo - about 30 kids, mostly boys hooting and hollering and running around - high energy. It should be fun.
good morning!

Doddle and tree, goood to hear the furry members of the family are doing well!

Doodle how are you feeling?

turbo, hurray for turboman's new job!

Mouse, I think I'd do the Boston NYC thing, but that's just me, sounds more fun. Good times abound with close friends.

So I went out with the crushie yesterday. I have to say we did chat and get to know each other, and the more I talk to him the more I am into him. Boy's got a fab body, soccer player, works out too! This is total motivation for me! We also totally didn't take our own coversation about taking things slow. Not at all. But we talked about that too.

I'm very nervous about where this could go, this is the first guy I'm pretty interested in since the ex last year, and we all know how well that turned out (ahem, criminal charges, which have since been resolved).

I'm also in a new work assignment, and this is much better for me, less stress, and I feel like I am making a difference and not just handing out whatever like a little monkey.

Everyone else's Wednesday?
YAY for good dates with crushie!!! He sounds *really* promising, culture! I look forward to hearing more about how this all unfolds!

I need some help, ya'll! My longest-friend ever, J who I've known since the 5th grade, sent me an email asking folks to vote for her mom to get an Ikea makeover in some radio contest...and there's some stiff competition in ugly rooms - her mom's room definitely isn't the ugliest, but it is the horrid game room left behind by her awful ex-husband, and she's always hated the room. Can ya'll help her out? Vote for Brenda P. of Lake Orion!! >

good morning!

Mouse! Congrats on the job! That's wonderful! I think Mr K is going to SXSW this year w/o a wrist band.

Jenn, I voted for Brenda. You are right, there is some stiff competition! That one of the bedroom with the jacked up floor is the worst, I think.

Hi poodle, pk, doodle, culture, aviatrix, rose, & aural! What up yo?

Not too much going on here today. It is a lovely day outside. The weather is beautiful. I plan on enjoying it at lunchtime. I "worked" from home yesterday. Read: I saw a movie with my sister. Reno 911 Miami. Pretty funny, much like the tv show. Then last night I watched The Notebook at home. OMG. So sad!

My sister is moving tomorrow. sad.gif I am very sad about it. Waaaaahhh!
Hi, peeps!

I'm glad Georgie is going to be okay, and that Mojo managed his surgery all right.

Wow, Doodle, that's a lot to manage on your own in one day. But you know, I see why you did it. Sometimes the boredom just gets to you so much you've got to do something.

Good for you, Mouse! You're right, you're not the only one out there who can design cool scrubs, and if you'll be happier at the t-shirt place in the long term, what's the point of messing with another job just to stick yourself back into the jobhunting game later? And what is SXSW? I'd choose Boston/NYC if it were my decision, especially if I hadn't seen my family for a year.

Thanks for the vibes, RB. But bad things come in 3's, so I'm expecting another funeral in the next couple months. Oh, and this isn't the first time I've tried to walk in designer heels on ice. I did it a couple years ago in my Pradas, and that wasn't so fun, either. The things we do for style... I've got a pair of Jimmy Choos, but don't wear them much because they're a little big (the website said they're sized small, not large) and I need to work on the heel case a bit so it isn't pointy from the stretchers. I could go on and on, suffice to say that I've got a thing for designer shoes, though I rarely pay more than half price. What are digestive biscuits?

TJ, I adore John Hodgeman! He's really great on The Daily Show, nice and dry. I need to start getting into audio books like you are. They should be good for when I'm walking when this snow finally melts and it's light out after 6:00. Your drop-in center sounds like a lot of fun, with lots of very talented kids. I can't even figure out how to use Excel.

Hi, PK! Sorry your work buddies are kind of boring. Boys can be like that.

Sorry about your sister moving, Karianne. Is she still going to be local?

Hi, everyone else!

We went out last night for the giant's mom's birfday. It was wretched getting down there, with rush hour traffic and having to stop to buy a gift. The place we ate was overpriced, but I had a lot of fun talking to the giant's neices. His older neice was really into hearing funny stories about Sam, so I told her a bunch. I can't wait until they can meet each other. They'll get along really well. I had this breaded chicken stuffed with cream cheese and champagne sauce over the top. For as great as that sounds on paper, it was a little underwhelming. I did get tempura asparagus out of the deal, but took most of the batter off. Why try to improve on already perfect asparagus?

My eyes are tired.
Hi diva!

Your dinner does sound good. I hate when things sound better on the menu than they actually are. Tempura asparagus? I'm with you, the breading is not necessary on asparagus. Just give me a little olive oil and some salt. Sometimes balsamic vinegar, sometimes lemon juice. The giant's family must be huge! You guys are always going to birthday celebrations. I am soooo jealous of your shoe collection!!
I hope you don't have to go to another funeral. That is sad. It is weird that you find out so much about people at their funerals, isn't it? Like, why don't we ever ask them about these things while they are living?

Wait a sec...I missed that there were problems with okayer's cats! What happened? From what diva said, it sounds like everyone is ok.

SXSW is a gigantic music festival in Austin. It is an "industry" thing, though over the years it's grown less so. You have to have a wristband to get into parties & shows. They are expensive. I have always wanted to go, but never have. Mr K usually goes & has a band b/c he's in the industry. If I were to go with him I wouldn't be able to get in anywhere.
Diva, if you start getting into audiobooks, I highly recommend getting an membership - you cn go month-to-month, no need for a contract, and for $15 you get one book a month, and for $22 you get two is well worth it, cheaper than iTunes, and they have a great selection. John Hodgman's book, Jon Stewarts book are my top two funny recommendations - both are kind of a repetoire feel with other folks doing bits here and there, which I like. Both had me crying from laughing so hard...good stuff.

I wish for Diva's shoe collection too! I love shoes, and buying clothes too, I just really don't like shopping fancy soaps and bath products -- I'm you're girl! I'm an online shopping addict, really...I love getting packages in the mail!

Aww...Kari, I'm sorry your sister is moving, that would definitely make me sad. Is she moving far away?

diva, i am fully in agreement about asparagus not needing any damn improvement. a little lemon--maybe some hollandaise sauce if you're feeling totally decadent, but certainly not batter. the outrage!!

(((no more funerals for diva and family)))

digestive biscuits are a kind of delicious wheaty cookie that the brits like to have with tea. they're the perfect bastard child of a cracker and a cookie. they're also some whopping ridiculous amount of calories each, but soooooo tasty. especially the chocolate-covered kind.

((recuperation vibes for doodle, and georgie, and mojo, and tree's limbs))

culture, good luck with the boy! sounds verrrry promising smile.gif exciting!

turbo, i'm really tempted to join audible. i enjoy listening to information much more than music while i'm working--while i've been at this job i've made my way through all the this american life archives, and am now obsessed with npr and scientific american's podcasts.

i like shopping too, but i never buy anything expensive. i'm much more likely to splurge on good food, travel, or art supplies/computer supplies. i have a crapload of cheap pretty shoes and clothes though--i pride myself on my ability to look like a million bucks for about $15, and i'm a seasoned thriftstore/goodwill hunter wink.gif

sxsw is short for "south by southwest" and like kari said, it's a big music festival. there are other things going on too--flatstock, the poster design convention, is going to be there this year, and there are always talks and films and whatnot, but mostly it's a lot of concerts. and like kari said, you do have to have the wristband to get into the advertised shows and forums, but according to friend r, who goes every year without a wristband, there are lots of parties and shows that you don't need wristbands to get into just because there's always stuff going on. the band that i'm working on a gig poster for is going to be playing there, actually, and i've never seen them live. ETA: hahahahha friend r just sent me this!

i saw my folks at christmas, and my mom came to visit in january--boston would be mainly a trip for friends, and ironically two of my boston/newyork friends are going to be at sxsw. it's such a tough decision though. everyone should pity me! haha

Oh man, mouse, that list makes ME want to go to Austin! No can do though. I have to take off a bunch of days to train for practicum, can't take off more.

I like shopping, but I don't like dropping money. So, see, there's my problem. I spent $97 at Target yesterday. But, I got slacks, two t-shirts, a cute summer top, and household stuff. There were a couple more clothing items I wanted. Exerted self-control & put 'em back.

Digestives are good! What's that one's big in England.....shit, I can't remember. Mr K brings packs of them back when he goes....Hobnobs! That's it! Yum!

Jenn, yes, sadly my sis is moving far away. Seattle.
Bummer, least she's moving somewhere that's fun to visit though, right?! I still need to find some time/$$ to go see my brother in CO...I have a feeling I'll fall in love with the scenery though, and not want to come home. tongue.gif

I've got a headache today, and its making me very sleepy. Its not my normal hormonal migraine though, just a plain old headache...less painful, but almost more annoying - I'm used to ignoring the pain in the left side of my head...must go find some tylenol, I think.

Mouse - join audible! You'll love it! I've listened to over 150 books now, and I really enjoy it - I listen to them more than music as well, but I can't work while listening...I just drift off into the book. And if you need recommendations - you know who to ask. smile.gif Lots of great Neil Gaiman stuff out there too...I adore the ones he reads himself, like Coraline...*swoons for Neil*
~*~*~*~*~ daily Doodle vibes ~*~*~*~*~
~~~~~~ soothing for all the fur babies out there ~~~~~~

Last night I dreamed that we had kittens but we were keeping them in the fish tank (complete with fish and water). I guess this is because we're allowed to have fish here so my mind was trying to find a way that we could have cats, too. Crazy!

Mouse, I vote that you go to Austin! Go go go!!!! Afterall, when will you ever have another opportunity to go to this festival?

Karianne, sorry to hear you'll be missing your sis. But now you have an excellent excuse to visit Seattle!

Here's the wikipedia article on digestive biscuits. They taste kinda like a graham cracker, but not. smile.gif

My love of shopping has certainly lessened in the last few years. It used to be a form of entertainment for me - something I'd do when there was nothing else to do. But I bought a lot of crap I really didn't need. Now I've started buying fewer, better items. I only own a few designer items, though. And I buy them at the Saks outlet store. That's where I tried on the Jimmy Choo sandals. They were half off, but they still cost $300!

I got the John Hodgeman book for FREE on iTunes! I have no idea why, but it was available for free a couple months ago. I haven't listened to it all yet. Gotta do that! For the fans out there, did you hear that a bunch of artists got together and created portraits of all of the hobos listed in John's book?

Jenn, I voted for Brenda. Hope it helps! By the by, did you know that Neil Gaiman lives near Minneapolis? I can't help but wonder why. Nothing against the whole M/SP area, but it is an unusual choice for an Englishman, no?

I need to run off and pay the rent & take care of some other chores, so I may not be back. Hope you all have a splendid day!
Oh, yes, I knew that Neil is a Minneapolitan...that's when I really fell in love with him - an Englishman in the very sensible midwestern countryside...I love it! I know he answered questions about why he lives there on his blog at somepoint, but can't remember when...but it does seem that he enjoys the country and snow, and knowing Neil lives there did make me want to move there more - I'd dream of running into him at DreamHaven books. heee! I could definitely dig living in Mpls, especially with all the okayers there!

Yep, I got the hodgman book for free too - right after Neil mentioned that it was downloadable for free! See how it all comes back to Neil Gaiman and butt flushes in here?? tongue.gif
Wouldn't it be funny if we could do a search for recurring topics in certain threads? In here, the things towards the top of the list would certainly be ...
- Neil Gaiman
- graphic design
- home-cooked food (of which shows on the Food Network is a subsection)
- fur babies
- plasticized kidneys

Okay, I REALLY gotta get some chores done now!

-home decorating
-communal living/subsistance farming

So le boy told me that he loves what he sees (told me this yesterday) it's super busy here, I'll catch up with ya later kats!

*goes back to work*
Hi all!! Argh. I hate falling behind.

~*~*~*~healthy pet vibes~*~*~*~ Now if only mine would get along!!

I googled "buttflush" once and got a bunch of BUST lounge results. smile.gif

Minneapolis isn't the "countryside!" laugh.gif Does he live in the greater metro area?

That SXSW festival sounds like lots of fun!! Too bad it costs so damn much.

I didn't get to do Good Things Tuesday, so I'm gonna do it today:
-Boss is gone until next week.
-I made an awesome playlist of random stuff.
-I had a couple Naked juice smoothies
-I've been going to bed early, so I feel well-rested.
-I filled out the membership form for the YWCA and tonight I'm gonna set up an appointment with a personal trainer (I'm really not looking forward to this, but it's still a good thing).
-I got paid!!!!!

Turbo, I got the LUSH stuff I ordered, and I liked the Karma soap, but the Sweet Cream conditioner just doesn't do it for me. It's not thick enough for my conditioning needs. You like it, right? I'll mail it to you with some other goodies.

ETA- Oh shit!! I forgot--congrats on your new job, mouse!! The t-shirt place sounds like the right choice for you right now.
happy HUMP day!!!

ok, so i had a big post written earlier and then my parents got here and i closed the computer to come back to it later, but my mom wanted to check her email and pushed the power button thinking it was powered down instead of just sleeping... so i lost it. i guess i didn't need to go in that much detail, but i've already typed it, so there.

YAY for kitty-poos feeling better!!!

YAY for mouse's new job (you'll have to tell us the name of the company soon so we can seek out your designs). oh, and i was gonna say that you should go to boston, but now that i've learned more about sxsw, i'm thinking that might be a cool choice too. yeah, i envy you for having that difficult decision... rolleyes.gif

poodle, that's great that you're going to set up the time with a personal trainer. i think having someone that's on your side and really focused on helping you will make you more motivated. it helped me when i was going to the physical therapist, although that's not exactly the same thing, but still.

mmm, asparagus with olive oil and sea salt/chunky ground pepper sounds GOOOOOOOD! and it's SO easy.

i had a really good chef's salad today with parmesan dressing. probably a little more fat than i needed, but man was it good! my parents and i met mrfj for lunch before going to my final cervix check. *much fanfare* she's still competent!! and this time, they checked the wee jacket's growth and he already weighs in at ONE pound ONE ounce!!! holy shite! the pregnancy book i'm reading said the average right now is about 11oz, so i'm hoping that doesn't mean i'll be squeezing out a super humongous baby! the radiologist said no, so i'm gonna trust her word on that. smile.gif

so now i don't have to go back and see those docs anymore and that's a relief. no worries anymore about preterm labor, at least not due to that. woohoo!

work is going ok. i just had a lady call ME to set an appointment. i talked to her the first time on v-day and i was beginning to think that she was ignoring my calls, but she set for saturday. so that makes at least one appointment set for each day the rest of the week. i need several more, but it's getting there. slowly...

diva, you are definitely on to something when you said what you did about never taking a commission only job. unless my appointment for this afternoon shows and buys, i get $12 this pay period. SUCKS! so please send some money-making vibes my way.

still, we're not dying or anything because we have our savings and mrfj is making more money this year than he was last year, so we're ok. but i need this to pick up soon. and i know it will. i'm really liking the job and feeling positive about the opportunities. one of the girls in the office that's working the same territory as i am made about $900 just yesterday, by having three appointments buy. she's been there for years and she's got the freshest leads, but i know my time will come in the next couple months. i can't wait!!!

Hi FJ!! 1 lb. already?!! Neato.
Hi FJ & Poodle!!!

Neil Gaiman definitely lives out in the country - its just in the vicinity roughly of Mpls....sorry if I made it sound like Mpls was the great prairie! tongue.gif

Poodle, I'm with you on the fact that personal training can be an uncomfortable experience for the first appointment....but for me, if I'm really trying to make some physical changes, its really worth the expense. I need someone to be accountable to...working out "for myself" isn't enough - I need someone to tally me up on paper, and kick my ass when I need it! That, and give me a safe regimen.

Give the American Cream a few more tries...I had the same experience as you at first, but it reacts differently if your hair is used to silicones...since I wanted to be rid of the 'cones, I sat it out for a couple of weeks, and now, American Cream is fine for my normally coarse hair....but if you're not specifically looking to give up the 'cones, it may not be enough.

~*~*~*~*~MASSIVE SALES VIBES FOR FJ~*~*~*~*~

You totally have my admiration for even trying this job, FJ...I know I would be demoralized in a minute...but then, talking on the phone is among my least favorite things to do.

I need to make a bunch of massage bars in the next couple nights for a friend who's going to buy them from me for a yoga workshop she's teaching...I really need to get more molds, its gonna take me awhile to make them 3 at a time. oof.

HOORAY for PERFECT CERVIXES AND BABIES!!!! FJ, that is GREAT news about FJette and your beautiful cervix!!!
thanks tj! oddly enough, talking on the phone is ne of my least favorite activities as well. mrfj was really concerned when i took this job that i wouldn't hack it because i hate being on the phone so much. i only really like talking to my mom and maybe a few friends. other than that, i'd rather not.

but this job MAKES me do it and i've found my confidence level has increased as a result - not just on the phone, but in social situations. i don't quite know how to explain it, but i definitely feel it.

and yes, i am on a super high right now over the pics of the baby! i'm so in love!!!!!!
It is so creepy looking outside right now....its really green and light outside, like in tornado weather, but its snowing out. Very strange. Must be the apocalypse or something.

FJ, that's awesome that you've found confidence in spending your days on the phone!

I suppose I should figure out dinner, here. I think its black beans, chorizo and chard here tonight...its fast, easy, and there's greens in it, so its healthy right?!
Hi everyone, quick post! I just got up at 3 PM, can you believe it? But I couldn't sleep last night after that big nap, so wound up not getting to bed till 4:30 AM...which means I slept almost 11 hours! I guess yesterday took more out of me than I thought.

I just realized, I don't think I'll be able to have my D&C next week, because of this cold....I don't think you're allowed to go under general anesthesia if you've had a cold or flu recently...? Well, I guess I'll phone the ObGyn tomorrow and try to figure it all out.

I need to eat something....
Okay, okayers...I think I'm all caught up. That's the problem with having a job that blocks out good internet sites...all day okayers are posting and I have to wait until evening!

!!!!moneymoneymoney!!!! vibes for FJ and the one pound wonder! My nephew weighed two pounds at BIRTH, so your little bean is doing great!

Mouse, good for you with the job! I'm a huge fan of cool t-shirts, and having seen what you can do, I think you'll make some of the best. You'll keep us posted on where to find them, I hope?

Doodle...I'm new to the okay thread, but it sounds like you should take it easy. I read your post last week about some horrible procedure done to you and now a D&C, and a cold to boot? I'd be whimpering in a corner somewhere.

RV...funny, I'm just finishing Good Omens right now!

To all who recommended David Sedaris...the problem with him is he doesn't put out books fast enough! I've read everything he's written and everything his sister has written. I have his boxset on CD (the live stuff is absolutely riotous!)

I did purchase the Areas of my Expertise on Amazon last night at Turbo's recommendation. That bastard stole my idea though! My bf and I wanted to do something similar...he beat us to it and apparently did it MUCH better. I also bought a book by Chris Elliot (yeah, the one you're thinking of). Can't remember the name, but it has "Thwacker" in the title. I saw it at Barnes and Noble once and the description and reviews sounded hilarious. Thought I'd give it a try.

My Wednesday has been good...getting a "new" student tomorrow. She used to go to our school and left for about 1.5 years. She has a reputation for being out of control and just a tad crazy. Can't wait for that.

Egads! Dark chocolate covered digestive biscuits are the shit!!

This post is going to be a little disjointed, so please bear with me. It's like running into a room of old friends and only having ten minutes to tell you EVERYTHING.

School and life has been kind of a personal purgatory. The ex-asshat has been on the rampage once again, and THIS time, he wants to employ the use of a parenting consultant...which will cost bucks that I don't want to spend as I JUST got out of the red. He was sending me up to three emails per day for nearly two months and I got sick of being called an "unconcerned parent" along with other unsavories. Piss on 'im. I've got a plan...and the court papers that state clearly that I am the sole physical custodian. I have the sneaking suspicion that this will carry on for years.

Also, this girl in my school had some tell-tale signs of abuse, and since I'm a mandatory reporter, I have to (obviously) report it. Well, long story short, one of the social workers started yelling at me down the hallway in front of staff and students after he thought that I wasn't taking the situation seriously. You've got to be fucking kidding me?! Asshole. I talked to the principal after school today and we're having a tete-a-tete. Several people in the school have come up to me subsequently telling me that he is this way with a lot of staff members. Fucking Good Ole Boys Club. I will take personal satisfaction dismembering it.

My pizza dough is proofing right Italian sausage with red peppers and mushrooms. Minxlette is going to help put it together. YUM!

Minxman is da SHIT. He is taking such good care of me. He's really good at it, come to find out. smile.gif I am beginning to think that he had some massive trust issues after his last divorce. We've had minor differences since this all went down, and it seems that everything is working out, for both of us. And for Minxlette. He's taken a big interest in her life and has been respectful in all ways as to what SHE needs, which really makes me love him to smithereens. Actually, I think that a lot of the discordance from the ex-asshat is stemming from him becoming such a large part of her life. I don't blame him for feeling that way, I just wish he'd get a fucking therapist. tongue.gif

Anyhoo...gotta run. I only had ten minutes to do this, and now it's pizza time.

Love to you all...more when I have time. Know that I have been thinking of each and every one of you.

*kisses* wub.gif
~*~*vibes for EVERYBODY*~*~

Sorry I'm going to have to make this post very, very short. I've read all the posts, though, and am *~*~vibing~*~*...

I had a cortisone shot in my elbow today. I think I'm in the minority of people where a cortisone shot makes it WORSE. It huuuuurts! My Entire. Freaking. Arm. hurts. All the way from my shoulder to my wrist.


Update on Mojo...he's doing fine today.

Again, sorry to not *~*~vibe~*~* individually, but, Ouch.
Minxy!!!! *runs up and gives minxy a big booby squishin' hug*

It is sooooo good to see you in here, doll! I'm sorry ex-asshat is up to his usual asshattery...I have NO doubt that whatever crawled up his ass this time, you've got the perfect boot to squash it. You know you've got this one covered, front and back. Asshat needs to get himself a life...preferably not yours.

(((((tree)))) Ouch!! I am so sorry to hear that your elbow is not getting better. Ice???
Ok, pardon my self-centred post, but I have a dilemna.

It's looking like I have to rebook my D&C, but if the wait is anything like it was for the current surgery date, it could be as long as a month away - maybe more, who knows? Meantime, I obviously still NEED doodlemama's help. I can't even shop for myself, or cook proper meals, or keep a clean house, or even do my own laundry. I'm weak and exhausted - having a shower or making a sandwich is an effort. BUT I can't have her here for a whole month or more, and I doubt she would want to be here that long. Yet, is it fair to ask her to keep making repeat bus trips up here, which I can't even afford to pay for because I'm unemployed now (she's paying for them)?? What to do????

I'd ask BFF for help with things, but she is still recovering from a car accident herself, and is so busy with kids and foster kids, and her own physiotherapy and stuff, that she never stops anymore.

I am so frustrated with being this helpless that I'm actually crying.
Oh, Doodle! I'm so sorry you are going through all of this! ((((((((doodlebug))))))) I wish I had answers for you. The only thing I know is that when I needed help, I had to finally give in to the fact and realize that the people who love me don't mind going out of their way for me because they know I would do it for them in a heartbeat. It must be so frustrating to feel helpless. Hopefully if you explain the situation to the doctor they can try to arrange for an quicker appointment. The okayers are vibing for you, always!
ohhh ((((doodle))))

You won't necessarily be this weak the whole month you're waiting for your D&C, are you? I mean, maybe doodlemama can stay till you've got more strength, then go home for a couple weeks and then come back?

Gah. I don't know what to say, I guess.

*ahem* Crisis averted. Thanks all for being there during my crazed moment.

The day surgery nurse just phoned me back in the middle of a crying fit, and was so good about it. In the last month or so, I have really discovered a love for nurses - they don't get nearly enough kudos...or money. Every single nurse I've talked with and/or who's cared for me so far has been fantastic.

Anyway, it looks like the surgery can go ahead next week, unless the cold turns into an infection. It's getting better, so I doubt it will. So, it's all a go-ahead for Wednesday at this point, and I won't know otherwise until I actually get to the hospital for surgery, so doodlemama is going to come up next Monday.

Doesn't change the fact that I'm really sick of being sick. It sucks absolutely to go from complete and happy independence to this. I think I might have to go test out that new fight club thread.

Thanks again, y'all.

treehugger - how is your arm now? Did they tell you this might be a side effect?
Doodle, my darling....I'm glad you're feeling a bit better about things. And I'm very glad that doodlemama is helping to care for you and that nurses are the wonderful healers that they are. You've spent the last 10 years at the Centre caring for other women, helping them through crises and helping them find the resources they need to move on. YOU have done that. And now, it is time for you to accept the help of others, to be vulnerable for this little while, and allow your body and spirit to take this respite to create new health. Its hard to be sick, when you're so used to being in control, but healing is the task you've been given right now....and you're doing it, and you're getting it done, and you'll be stronger very soon. (((((doodle)))))
so yesterday, i got fired. i was bummed cos i was saving up for some things ('lectrolysis, etc) that were long overdue. on reflection, i can see what a dysfunctional, backstabbing passive-agressive, schitzophrenic work place it really was, so as my ex, kitty would say, "fuck them freaks!" anytime one supervisor asks you if you want more hours, and another supervisor tells you you're doing a good job, smiles in your face while talking about the episode of heroes for 8 minutes, and fires you 2 hours later, they're the ones with the problem.

funny thing is, the job bs, that-- that, i've actually figured out, and am not as depressed as i thought i'd be, what has depressed me, however, is my hip is fucking up now from an old skateboard fall, naturally, my knee wants to get into the act. right now it's kinda hard to walk from one room to another. s'like my whole lower right side :/

on the upside i got a bunch of cardboard canvas coming which means paintings to work on so i've got more than enough to distract me, if i can stand when it arrives...

healthy painless vibes to all the other broken wing busties round these parts (including lil' mojo) (((((((((((dbug + tree+okers)))))))))))

rose i am still obsessed with the dealywhapper'd kidney, and i was reading your post in another thread about how much you wanted a fur baby, but they're not allowed where you live, so i think i've come up with the two-great-tastes-in-one-candy-bar solution for your ultimate pet--

a fur covered kidney!

we could even fix it up like a tickle me elmo too. look-- it's a pet! -- it's a paperweight! --it's a hackysack! what fur baby could compete with that?! and i'll even nab the kidney for you (as soon as i can walk.)
*MWAH* everyone! I woke up today thinking it was friday. What a shitter way to start the day.

But, then, then...I come here and see MINXY!!! HEY THERE, HOT STUFF! I love that you make pizza with the little one, and that minxman is turning out to be the real deal afterall. LIfe never stops throwing curveballs, and boy, you are a left-field hitter! Ok, bad cliches are done now. I wish I had the "accent grave" mark on my machine, so that cliche wouldn't come up misspelled.

GT, sorry to ehar about the job. But, like was with turbomann, perhaps this will be the opportunity to move towards a good situation. Moxieman got a headhunter call yesterday and is boosting the resume. He deserves a promotion and a raise, and he knows it. His boss knows it. His boss's boss is an alcoholic she-bitch who tells you one thing then does another. Then again, moxieman just learned that she blew the entire annual budget for free-lancers in FEB on a project the client hated. She does this alot. Yet, she's a Executive VP, and moxieman can't get a raise. I've gone from "honey, be patient, it will get better" to "why isn't your resume done yet?"

Ok, gotta get a couple hours of work done b/4 we go to the funeral. Motherfucker. I hate that I'm going to a funeral for a 17 year old kid who was in a random car accident. This is why you CALL when you're late. Cripes.
((((((GT get that perfect jobby job)))))) I'm sorry to hear that you've lost you job...I do tend to think that something better with a good fit must be out there for you. (((((GT's knee and hip))))

(((((moxiefam)))) Take care of each other today...I'll be thinking of your family.

Fur-covered kidneys - I love it!!!!

Okay, off to work now for me....I, too, thought it was friday this morning. Hmph. And I had forgotten that I have a meeting with another freelance client tonight. Double Hmph.
Wow!! The shit's been goin' down in here since I last posted!!

Doodle, I'm so glad that you were able to get an earlier surgery date and resolve the dilemma. Nurses rock.

~*~*~*~elbow healing vibes for treehugger~*~*~*~

Hi minx!!! Sorry 'bout the asshat. Dayum!! He never gives up on this shit!! I'm glad minxman is there to take care of you.

(((girltrouble))) Sucks, dude. I hope this opens some new doors careerwise.

Mox, I hate not being able to add accents, etc., too. It's mostly a pride thing. I'm glad people in the lounge don't use TM language for everything. YouTube is full of messy abbreviated shit and it drives me bonkers. Prince is the only person who should be allowed to use "4 U" outside of the text message world. I can't help but judge people who use "4 U" on the internet. I want to throw rotten fruit at them. Anyway...

Not much going on today. I got my Y card with my pretty picture and I'm gonna set up an appt. with a trainer today. After that, I'm ready to go!! I'm trying to think of this as a hobby rather than a task.

How are my bitches doin' this morning?

ETA- Turbo, what is wrong with silicones? I'll try the Sweet Cream conditioner again today.


There was an uber-large water main break along a major route here, what a hassle, good thing I don't have to take that way to work. But it's melting here, and there is snow, so the streets are craptastic.

Talked to crushie yesterday, and the more I talk to him, the more I like him, but thing is, I'm terrified of getting involved with someone. *sigh* doesn't help that we had sex on Tuesday. Oh well.

All is well for a Thursday, one more day left in the work week, then I have a wedding to go to. Quandry for ya all. Is it appropriate to give $50.00 for presentation, truth be told I have bills to pay and $100.00 just isn't in the cards.
Mornin'. It's a rainy day here. Bah.

Sounds like everyone else's mornings are going about like mine. Mine's not bad really, I just wish it were Friday!

(doodle) girl, that has got to be SO frustrating! I get stir crazy when I am sick for 3 days, I can't imagine how you must be feeling. Is there anyone else you can get to help you? It sucks that we are all so far away! You could probably have 24 hour care with rotating okayers. In any case, I am really glad that right now your D&C is scheduled for the near future.

Culture-$50 for a gift? I think that is a really nice gift. Are they good friends of yours or family? If not, I would say you could even go lower than $50. I have a backlog of wedding gifts to buy for people. Really need to just start purchasing them. I think we owe gifts to 4 couples.

Hi minx! Sounds like things are going well for you. Well, not counting the work situation. I am glad minxman is treating you so well, you deserve it!

Sorry about your job, girltrouble. It does sound like it was a rather toxic work environment. I hope your next gig turns out to be a great place.

(moxie) so sorry you have to go to that funeral today. Ugh. That is going to be a bad one, isn't it? So sad.
~~~~vibes for moxieman!~~~~~

~~vibes for FJ~~~~FJ, I am so happy to hear the little jacket is doing so great! Already a pound? Squeeeee!!

I am pretty good today, all in all. Officemate is working from home, so it is nice & quiet in here. My sis is moving today. sad.gif We had a good time hanging out last night at my mom's though. I plan on scheduling a trip to Seattle sometime this spring or early summer.
((((((((((Moxie & family)))))))))) You and yours will certainly be in my thoughts today.

GT, I must thank you. You just gave me my first, big laugh of the day! What a wonderful way to start the morning. Thank you! laugh.gif So sorry to hear about your job, though. How very strange that they complimented you just 2 hours before they fired you. Sounds bizarre ... and fishy.
~~~$$~~~$$~~~ soothing for GT's right side, plus a smattering of jobby vibes ~~~$$~~~$$~~~

I imagine that a fur-covered kidney would look a lot like a guinea pig. Of course, in this case it'll actually be a kidnea pig. biggrin.gif

~*~*~*~*~ daily Doodle vibes ~*~*~*~*~
Glad your nurse was able to calm you & sort everything out. Gotta love nurses!

~~~~~ soothing for Tree's elbow ~~~~~
How are you feeling today? Any better?

((((((((((Minx & the Minxlette))))))))))

Poodle, I totally agree with you on the "4 u" abreviated madness. There was a story on the news recently about how some kids are starting to use these abreviations in their school work! I understand that languages evolve, but that's just wrong.

Culture, as a former bride I can tell you that cash is ALWAYS appreciated! And in any amount, in my opinion. But things can get lost at the ceremony, so it might be better to write a check. Or mail it even.

I did not have a good night's sleep. Shortly before I drifted off to sleep last night, I woke up with a start because I bit my tongue hard. Ooooouch. I started sniffling & crying a tiny bit from the pain, which attracted Sheff's attention. He thought I was in some sort of emotional anguish, so I had to calm his fears and tell him that, no, I just bit the shit out of my tongue. And this just woke us both up. Seemed like it took us aaaaaaaages to get to sleep.

And I feel like a totally crap friend today. Last night while I was out with Sheff and a couple friends, a dear old friend in Dallas kept calling me. I missed the first call, ignored the 2nd one, but grew suspicious when she called a 3rd time, so I answered. The poor woman had been stuck in an elevator! And her phone would only allow her to call the last number dialed, which just happened to be me! So there I was, blissfully munching on pasta, while she was crying all alone in an elevator in downtown Dallas. Luckily, the door to the elevator opened & she got out during the last phone call, but I feel sooooooooo guilty now. I may have to send her a care package.
Oh, that reminded me, GT, that the days preceding turbomann getting fired - he had already figured it out, and asked his boss point-blank if she was going to fire/layoff....and she launched into a discussion with him about future projects, not even answering him, and then the 2 hours before they actually fired him, when he'd put it all together, they made him sit through a 2 hours staff meeting with everyone, talking like he was going to be there next week/month...then fired him immediately after. You definitely lose respect for people who can't "man-up" and admit what's going on, and take the easy way out. We feel a little karmic response, since its now been 4 months, and they have yet to find a replacement for turbomann since the job description is beyond ridiculous, and other members of his team have left as well.

Culture, I'm with Kari on the cash gifts - write a check/enclose cash, and make it simple, and painless for everyone. Cash is always a good gift for weddings! And you give what you can, I don't think there's any guilt in that...maybe include an invitation to dinner at your house to catch up after all the wedding dust settles.

Culture, just set those worries about crushie aside, and let it all unfold naturally...I think sometimes our expectations and labels get in the way of just enjoying yourself.

HI poodle!! Nothing is wrong with silicones, if they're workin' for ya. I just found that over time, I needed more and more product to wrangle my hair, because 'cones really build up on your hair shaft, and they were making my wavy hair into a kinky mess. So, after a few weeks of going 'cone hair was softer than it had ever been, shinier, and now I don't use a single styling product, except maybe a dab of American Cream in my hair as a leave in on really dry or humid days to tame the mane. Going 'cone free doesn't work for everyone - there's lots of debate about that on the LUSH forum, but it did the trick for my hair.

Rosie, sorry about your friend - how scary! I got stuck in our elevator briefly with 3 that was tricky! You had no way of knowing your friend was in trouble, and you were there for her when you did pick up.
Oops! I've been calling it Sweet Cream. AMERICAN CREAM. Yes, that's what I meant. I'm not so sure about the smell, but I can see what you're saying about the cleansing effect. I really like Aveda's Detoxifier because it cleans all product buildup and leaves hair looking super shiney. You're not supposed to use it regularly though. Plus, it smells heavenly.

"kidnea pig" Bwahahahahaha!!!

(((rose's tongue))) Ugh. I hate that.

The granola-lady is so fucking annoying about everything. I was talking about how continuing education for appraisal sucks and that I don't understand why we do that to ourselves. She says that she likes the classes and that there should be even more education requirements. LAME. She went on to discuss how important it is to keep up with the dynamic industry, but my opinion is that it's just a friggin' job and I want it to be as little of a pain in the ass as possible. So then she asks me why I'm doing this job. Um, well, I need to pay bills!! Duh!! I know very, very few people who like to go to work. I don't trust people who like their jobs--unless it involves puppies or kids or creativity or shit like that. Then I can understand. But appraisal? Who the fuck goes into real estate and income valuation because they feel passionate about it? Get a fucking life, lady. The office meddler and I rolled our eyes when the granola lady walked away.

Okay, I'm done ranting. Sorry.
BOOOM, baby! Yeaaah! It's snowing like mad here in Bellingham, now, and work has been cancelled. It's due to all melt this evening, though. (The sun sure has its work cut out for it.) I know a lot of you are sick of it, but snow always excites this Hawaii 'Wolf.

It's great that I finally get to catch up in here.
***Health and encouragement vibes for Doodle, TreeHugger, GirlTrouble, and others in need*** Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
- CultureHandy, I love your avatar because you look like a cross between two of my friends in it. It's a pretty representation of what it would look like if they both stepped into some kinda teleporter and accidentally merged into the same body to become someone double-cool to hang out with.
- Kari, sorry to hear that your sis is moving away, but I'm glad for you that your relationship with her is nice to the point of that being a bad thing. If my brother lived in Bellingham, I'd celebrate the day he moved away. I like him, but much better at a distance. He was always trying to schedule my life.
- GirlTrouble, I hope you find happy employment coming your way. Good riddance to lame jobbage. Also, I can picture the furry kidney having those water-filled googly eyes attached to it smile.gif. (Is there someplace I can order those things?)
- Minx, sorry to hear about the Ex sad.gif You're giving me the urge to start making my own pizza dough again. I've honestly tasted no better pizza than my own. Home-made rocks! Especially when you involve loved-ones in the creating. I'm glad to hear that you're showing Minxlette that pizzas don't have to be junk food from a big corporation, and people can make good stuff themselves.
- Rosiev, I wouldn't blame you for not answering the phone. It was just circumstance. I bet she'd love a care package, though. Maybe send her a cute jewelry box with a stuffed animal in it that can't wait to get out, and maybe a message saying, "Help! I'm trapped in a jewelry box!" This might work better if the box had a window.
- Poodle, I hope you have fun at the Y and maybe meet some new peeps that you can hang with. I should check out the local Y for what kinds of classes they offer.
- Turbo, your post to Doodle was really, really, really sweet! May your fairy god-kidney grant you a wish smile.gif
- FallJackets, Happy Pound-Day!!
- Mouse, congratulations on the T-shirt job! I'm kinda jealous. I ust bought five white tees with the intention of printing on some of them. One will likely have "H8)>" printed on it sideways to be a top-hat-wearing smiley with googly eyes and a goatee. I might make a "@>-,--'--" print for the GoatieGirl.
- Poodle, yeah, Strawberry Blonde kinda disappointed me as well. I've been happy with Drop Top, an IPA from the same brewer as CENSORED, and this oatmeal stout from Vermont. I'm totally stoked that I found an organics store that sells all its microbrews for 99 cents. Oh, and your dream reminded me to put my new NERF gun in my car. I like to shoot yellow lights as I drive.
- Tesao, *wave* what's been up?

Sorry if I've missed anyone.
bellingham? that must mean you are a fellow wa bustie! yay! i lost touch with some of the old school busties that used to be in this state. but hey! and thanks for the vibes.

the knee is better but the hip is still a bit of trouble.

rose~ glad to help with the laughs. i felt the same about your "kidnea pig" thingy. great name and i will see if i can go to the bodies exhibit/petstore and snap a pic of your soon to be bodypart baby.

kidnea pig! that's so perfect!
The snow is picking up here, have to shovel snow when I get home. How lovely. Oh well, the hound actually likes having snow shovelled on her. She likes to play that way. Goofball.

Thanks for the input on presentation, I was originally going to give $100.00, but like I said, no in the cards, good to know that $50.00 is a good amount.

As for crushie, I just don't want to screw up. The story goes; he stopped while we were having sex, saying that he didn't want me to lose respect for him, as he normally doesn't have sex so early, and he had a lot of respect for me, and wanted to get to know me first. I am amazed that he had the willpower to actually stop! Wow.

New thing, is he is taking me out and all his friends and stuff will be there, so...

The day is half over! YAAAAY!

Lore, that is pretty neat, would you believe that you aren't the first person who says that I remind them of someone? Maybe I am the Doppelgänger of many!

Something to kill time with. Work Safe. I am Havella, Goddess of Underworld!

awww you think that I'd be double cool to hang with? *blushes* Thanks!

Mins fuck the ex, want me to go and break his knee caps?

FJ yay for pound! any thoughts on names yet?

rose, biting your tongue, cheek, and lip, awful! In my experience, you just keep on biting it!

Culture, I get people saying that I'm EXACTLY like someone else they know, and it always freaks me out a little. Once, someone had a picture of the person, and I thought he was... wierd-looking. In your case, though, you remind me of two super fun, cool people who are pretty and have a lot of soul, yet are pretty different from each other in most other ways. The GoatieGirl and I went to the Boston Science Museum once and did this mirror trick thing where you can merge two people's faces together. We tried it out to see what our kids might look like. Apparently, they'll look a tad like Michael Jackson sad.gif

GirlTrouble, yeah I checked out the Seattle Busties thread a little a few years back, but I forgot who all lives in WA, and nobody at the time lived anywhere near Bellingham. Perhaps I'll be able to take a road trip up to hang with some BC BUSTies, though smile.gif Are you in the Seattle area? *always lookin' for Trouble* Bummer about the hip, but cool that you're a boarder smile.gif

Oh, and as Lorewolf, I am apparently Lothcar the God of Werewolfs, and as my real name, Slaymonok the God of Lust. Spooky how accurate. Just call me Lothcar Slaymonok, then. I demand offerings of nekkid sheep.
I am

Salrynn the goddess of Mutilation

Sweet. Lorewolf! That was a lot of catching up!

You all are getting snow today! Not us, we've got rain. And a possible tornado, or so I hear.

Jenn, damn, the way turbomann got laid off is fucking lame! What wimps.

Lorewolf..."apparently they'll look a tad like Michael Jackson." Bwahahaha! That's not good.

poodle-even office meddler doesn't like granola lady? wow. she must be bad!

I can't stop eating these salt & vinegar potato chips. Thankfully they are almost gone. Sadly, I just bought them on Sunday & it was the "family size" bag. Oops.
Love the evil goddess name thingy! I am: Tirachel the goddess of Tormented Souls. Fear me!!! tongue.gif

Yeah, turbomann's boss was totally lame. I'm SO glad he's outta there, and that from the outside, it looks like he and his new boss will get along just fine.

Awww....culture - you're meeting crushie's friends that speaks of a man who's really into you! Meeting the friends is cool, and a serious step forward! Squeeee!

I just had somma my left over chorizo/black beans/chard for was soooo good. My lips are still tingling a little bit from the chipotles I put in it.
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