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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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wow.....I know doodle is our domestic arts goddess around here, but I am damned impressed by knowing all the fancy names for plants! I should get some plants for my office...

catsoup, I've got no words for ya, other than lots of love....I, too, am in a job that keeps me pretty thrifty, and am pretty intimidated by the for profit world. Sometimes I think it can't be all that different, and then I get intimidated by the ruthlessness I see at my friends' jobs.

poodle, I think you should go camp on someone's couch tomorrow for the rock honors things - just go check out the vh1 site, and I think you will understand that as the musicphile that you are, you *must* see this....even if they're all old men now and their sausages don't fill their pants as they once did. :-)
turboman and I are sitting here amusing us with the lovely new features on Comcast OnDemand - OnDemand Dating! Bwahahaha! You can view 2-4min horrible videos of people recruiting you to date them. You've got more than your fair share of dorky boys, uh, oh umming their way through and some just blurt out first thing that they want someone pretty, attractive, blah blah. Meanwhile the girls are like-ing their way through and mostly look dead in the eyes. Funny stuff I tell you!
Oh *squeal* I'm dyin' like poodle would die for Journey tickets. I don't know what I was thinking, but I invited my mama and my big bro to go to Blue Rodeo with me in Vancouver. Mama is a yes...waiting to hear back from bro. The two concerts are at Malkin Bowl in Vancouver's Stanley Park. It's a phenomenal space, under the stars, but small-ish. BUT being a newsletter-subscribed fan (oh yes I am), I get access to the pre-sale line, apparently, so that's good.


I know so much about plants, there used to be an ongoing joke about how we could fund the province's w/centres by running a grow-op. (ETA: I just realized I should probably add that I've never actually grown it.)
i've been reading but not feeling like posting
doodle knows her plants (wink wink)
poodle's got a turntable (i'm soooo jealous, by the way, but i know nothing about such things, so i havne't bought myself one)
it was hawt in chi-town
and the fjs frolicked gaily nekkid in a field of daisies!
sorry for people i missed! i didn't really miss you, you just slipped my mind because i was trying to remember.

i think i got shorted on tips today. my boss thinks i did, too. i really don't want to believe that the other waitress would have done it on purpose, though, but i know i made more than i had by the end of the day. i really hope it's just a misunderstanding, 'cause i like everyone i work with.

i had a job interview today at a grocery store to work in the bakery (same place z's girlfriend works, but completely unrelated jobbity job). it'd just be bagging up bread/slicing bread/filling bins with bread, but it's a union job with benefits (which sound much better than the ones i get at school) and 15-ish hours a week. so, i have my fingers crossed buy i'm not holding my breath.

right now i'm pirating the first 13 issues of the astonishing x-men, written by my personal god, joss whedon. i think my back to school present to me will be (when that fateful day finally arrives) a stack of comic books to read on the bus/between classes. yeesh, it's not even june and i'm already thinking of back to school. there must be something wrong with me!
I just downloaded and watched the That 70's Show finale. What a bummer. It was predictable, poorly written, and unconvincing. Man, they totally let that show go down the shitter. They should have ended the series a couple seasons ago, but noooooooo. They had to keep it going so they could squeeze every last drop of ratings out of it. Grrrr...I hate that.

Wow! I checked out the VH1 website and that show seems pretty cool. I would love to catch Queen. I just hope that KISS is smart enough to wear their makeup. :-)

I'm sorry about your work situation, catsoup. Job stress is so awful, and financial stress is even worse. Hang in there, chica. You're a smart girl, so I'm sure things will pan out for you.

Hi tyg! That sucks big wank about the tip shortage. I hope the bakery job works out. A union job with benefits at a bakery? Wow. That's awesome.

Doodle, I'm also very impressed by your knowledge of plants! I'm gonna have to write down some of the names you listed below.

Damn. I'm still depressed about That 70's Show. I really liked that show. :-(
oh, pood, i haven't watched any that 70s show episodes since eric left. he was enough of the show that it really should have ended when he left.

so, i'm downloading, like, every single buffy the vampire slayer/angel comic known to man. my downloader says it's going to take 'infinity' until it's done. whaaaaaa! i don't want to wait for infinity, dammit!

Am back in the office after 5 days away. It was sweet.

I have not read any archives, but I will. I want to see what's been up with you ladies. I wanted to say hi first. So, HI!
Hi karianne! Welcome back!

I watched the first episode of the last season of That 70's Show just to see how much of a wreck it would be without Eric. It was awful, awful, awfull. I was like, "Dudes, I'm not buyin' what you're sellin.'" I haven't watched any other episodes from the last season. The series finale was like the last gasp of air before the end.

Crap. My boss is moving me to a different job just as I was getting back to the one I was working on last week. Grrr....I better go meet with her.

What time is that show on VH1? Poodle, I can put it on the DVR and you can come over whenever you want to watch it. I'd like to see it, too.

Catsoup, I haven't got any good advice for you, just hugs. I do find that there are usually a lot of openings in customer service places, like phone banks. The work sucks and it paid dick when I did it, but it's a start. I've never had a real career job, though I would like one someday.

I can't have plants. I make them die.

*******fingers crossed for Tyger's bakery job******* Depending on other people to tip you out sucks. I had that problem a LOT where I used to bartend, but if I ever mentioned it, I was called rude and greedy.

Hi, Karianne! How was your girls' weekend out?

I feel like ass today. I had a hissy fit last night because nothing was going right with my jewelry, there's NOTHING on TV, the giant wouldn't quit touching me and coddling me (which I can't stand when I'm trying to concentrate), and I had a little breakdown about how everything that I've made sucks and nobody will want it. And now I wake up this morning not feeling any better about it and now I have a really sore neck and shoulders and my feet hurt from wearing sandals on our walk last night instead of sneakers. I wanna go home and pretend this day hasn't started yet.
(((Diva))) I hate nights like that. I don't even like to talk to people when I'm doing my own thing, so the coddling thing would really irritate me, too. Don't rip on your jewelry, diva. It's beeeyootiful. If I didn't wear stained shirts, 4-yr old New Balance tennis shoes, and a 70's pimp coat with the buttons falling off, then I would buy lots of stuff from you. Besides, it's something you enjoy doing, so don't let the stress of sales take away from your hobby.

I'm not sure what time the VH1 thing is on. I looked at the website last night and I'm pretty sure it starts at 8:00. I'll check again though.

My boss just offered me a 14% raise. I figured she'd try to lowball me, but I'm actually pretty happy with this. I've never been on salary before party because I'm afraid of the commitment. I also feel like it means that I have to be an adult and I don't want to move out of my 20-something quasi-adulthood phase.

Just today I was thinking about how I wish I was younger so that I could put stupid posters on the wall and wear black band t-shirts, my holey green cardigan, and scuffed up steel-toe boots everyday. I've been thinking about this growing-up thing a lot lately and I find myself mourning my lost childhood. My teen years were actually pretty boring and I was pissed off about everything at the time, but it was a lot of fun, too. I miss hanging out in my friend's basement while listening to the Bee Gees Tragedy album, drinking Colt 45 (in the paper bags of course), and playing with her dad's knife collection. We used to smoke cigarettes in the woods where her brother had created a fort for smoking weed. We did this just about every weekend for years. My friend was sort of my blonde counterpart, so when we'd do something bad, our parents would say something like, "The neighbors said they saw a two tall girls--one with black hair and one with blonde." D'oh!

Dammit. I should have never listened to Hole this morning.

Okay, now I have to do some work. Blah.
Heh....I was just remembering an art project I did back in my junior year. It was a mobile of dismembered Barbie parts dripping with blood (red paint). How cliche.
Poodle ROCKS!!! Congrats on your excellent raise!! Don't be scared of the salaried thing...its really no different. You just plod along doing your jobby job.

Ummm....I just got the heads up that the job that I have wanted for 3 years has opened up...gonna definitely talk to my mole in the org directly! Squee!

Squee! Turbo!! Big Bucks...big bucks...

Poodle- 12%!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!!

Diva- life sucks some days more than others- as Capricorn goddesses, we just seem more prone to noticing! (((diva)))

ok, back to work...plod, plod, plod...
Nice raise, poodley!

I think we are getting a 3% raise this year. I'll take what I can get.

Diva, are you feeling any better? I too get irritated like that. Usually if I don't get any alone time.

Fj, your nudie weekend sounds fun. I don't think I'd have the balls, so I admire you & the mister.

Jenn, that is awesome news! ~~~~vibes~~~~Good luck, girl. Is it at another organization?

My weekend with the gals was a lot of fun. The house we stayed in is super nice, nicer than any house I'll ever own for sure. Three stories, tons of space. My favorite part of it is out on the deck, you are up in the trees. It's in the Georgia mountains. We played lots of games, ate lots of food, and drank copious amounts of vino.

Hi moxie! How's the bebe?
hi kari! Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend with the girls! I wanna go sit on a deck and drink wine for 3 days with my galpals too! I can't think of a better way to pass a holiday weekend!

Yup, its another org, ok I'll give, its Planned Parenthood...they heavily promote from within, so I don't know if I'll actually get a crack at it until I talk to my friend that works down there...who I'll be calling very soon. I would love to get in and work there, its seriously my dream job, at the org I most support.
appendages crossed for turbo!

i got the job at the grocery store. wheee! i'll work both jobs this summer, and maybe keep one during the school year. i have to go tomorrow and fill out my 'hiring kit', which will apparently take an hour to an hour and a half. yick. but for 9$/hour and health and dental (which is why i'm thinking of keeping it while at school) i think i'll survive.

eeep, i have to leave for work, like, now, and my nailpolish isn't dry yet
Hey peeps! What's going on in here? I've been so busy that I havent had time to post much, let alone catch up from my crazy weekeend. This is how it went....

I went out partying with my little bro on Friday night. I got so drunk that I was still puking in the shower the next morning. Not good. Then I had the big party on Sunday, followed by a day in Saint Louis on Monday. It's been busy. But the real news is that....

I have a hottie coming in town to see me tomorrow. Ahhhh yes, my elementary school boyfriend is flying in from Texas. It might be good, or it might just be some crazy thing that I'm doing that I shouldn't be doing. But I dont care! It's happening. I sooo deserve a little man love from an old friend. And I'm gonna have me some.

I'm really nervous. This is totally last minute. Now I have to go home tonight and clean the hell out of my house.

Didnt get to read much else because my boss is around. But Poodle- YAY! for the raise. That rocks!

~~~Waving hi to everyone else!!~~~~~~~

If you don't hear from me before then, I'll check in on Monday for an official booty review.

Holy shit. I just got my monthly paycheck which factored in my raise, and I'm stunned. I only worked a little over 2 weeks and I still have a pretty fat check. Damn. This is a great start for a car purchase in the near future.

Congrats, tyg! That sounds like a great college job. Are you still gonna do the serving thing?

Your trip sounds like it was really pleasant, kari. The mountains thing sounds really neat. Gawd, I would love to have a deck surrounded by trees.

Hi everyone!
YAY poodle on the unexpectedly high paycheck! That rawks.

Hi yummy! Puking in the shower, oye. Glad you had fun with your bro though. Aaaand you have a hottie coming in town tomorrow? Fun! Get chu that lovin'.

Tyger, congrats on the job. You get health & dental insurance there? That is sweet.

Jenn, that is even more rad that I'd imagined. I would love to work for PP.
good day, ladies.

poodle, that is awesome! wow, they moved fast getting you that raise! wooohoooo!

turbo, ~~$$**~~$$**jobby vibes**$$~~**$$~~ i hope you get it! pp would be such a nice organization to work for.

welcome back karianne! i bet it was sooo hard coming to work today for you! and yes, your weekend sounds divine!

yummy, i think it's ok to get trashed like that every once in a while. you gotta do it sometimes. glad you had fun. and woooo! that's exciting about the elem boy! good luck on that!

diva, i hope you have a better night tonight.

everyone else, i love you all. but i've got a splitting headache and can't seem to concentrate today. i got up late, decidedt o call my assistant and have her cover for me this morning and planned to get in around 11am. i got within five miles of work, and the bridge i had to cross was closed because the police had chased and shot a murderer on the bridge!! yikes! it turns out that had i been on time for work, i'd have been right there at the bridge when it happened (5 minutes til 9). so, i had to turn around and drive all the way back home and go an alternate route (our town is disected by the st. john's river and there are only two bridges on my side of town, one south of my house and the other north of my house). i really should have just turned around at that point and went back to bed. i felt guilty sleeping in a bit, but it really felt nice.

so, you guys want to hear some financial woes? holy balls. you know i told you that we owe a buttload of money to the IRS. we've been paying 750 a month (yes, 750 A MONTH) to them for over a year now, trying to pay them off from when mrfj was working as an indie contractor. we thought we were rolling along fine, in god standing because WE PAY EVERY MONTH. well, sunday night, when we got home and checked the mail, i had a letter from the IRS saying they were levying our bank account. WTFBBQ? so, mrfj calls yesterday and they said not to worry, it was an automated thing - because we owe for two years of taxes (2004 and 2005) we automatically defaulted on our payment plan. again, WTF? also, if we were one day late = negated payment plan. but, they said, if we will agree to either pay it off (18K) or let them electronically take our $$ out each month (same $750) that we'll be back in the clear and not have to worry about them levying our account. they told mrfj we had until next friday to make the decision.

so yesterday afternoon, i stop at publix to get my ziti ingredients and a few other things. totalled about 105 smackers. NSF!! WTF!?!? tried getting it from savings. NSF. holy balls. the lady let me write her a check because i swore i was good for the money. got home, and the IRS has cleaned out our checking and savings accounts. called them to ask why they did it after they told us they wouldn't and of course got fed a line of bureaucracy.

so we called BFF, who happens to work for a home equity lender and asked if she could help us. she is trying to make it so that we can refi our house, consolidating one of our home loans with the 18K that we need to pay off the IRS. i hate to do it that way, but it will actually end up costing us less per month (only about $300 vs. 750) and at least we don't have to worry about paying interest and penalties and not being able to claim it on our taxes for next year. and we won't have to worry about this bullshit again.

you know what makes me the maddest? last night, seeing on the news about the marines that have apparently gone batshit crazy and are killing innocents in iraq. oh, i see, uncle sam. you needed my money for the fucking war. oh, yeah. ok. now you can fund some more killing of innocent people. fuckers.

so, there ya go.
Turbo's an anti-God heathen hussy! :-) (Just kidding, I'd love to work for Planned Parenthood. I hope it works out for you)

Yay for Poodle's raise! I won't be getting another one for oh, (checking my watch) about 4 years, 1 month, and 12 days. Are you gonna get a pimp car?

Wow, a deck in the trees? From your description, I'm thinking of a cross between a Frank Lloyd Wright home and Deliverance (the Georgia mountains reference). 5 days with girlfriends would be so much fun. Speaking of which, I really need to pin down when I'm going to fly out to CA to see my BFF.

Congrats on the job, Tyger. That's so cool that it's union and has benefits. Not many college jobs can boast that.

Yay! for Yummy's bootie call!

Hi, Moxie! Are you keeping up with wrasslin' at all?

I'm feeling better than I was this morning. Most of my aches and pains have faded away, though my feet still hurt like a bitch. Walking 2.5 miles in them will do that to you since they don't really hold your foot firmly. Then I walked around downtown over my lunch break, and now the balls of my feet are burning. I really hope I feel better once I get my sneakers on if I'm going to go around a lake after work. It's too gorgeous of a day not to. I'm still not feeling that confident about my stuff, but there's not a whole lot I can do about it, so I may as well just suck it up and move past it. Late May-June is a huge stressor time for me with Pride and all. It was hella worse when I was on the board and had a zillion people to answer to who were depending on me. At least now it's to benefit me and only me, so if all doesn't go perfectly, nobody else is getting screwed.

Does anyone know how to put a banner sign together on a computer? I don't think the giant has photoshop on his, and I wouldn't even know what to do with it if I had it here at work. I need to get something made in the next 3.5 weeks.

OMG, FJ. That SUCKS BALLS! What a fuckin' headache. I really really hope it works out soon. Ugh. I hate money. I think your plan about the house refinance sounds good. I know it sucks to do stuff like that, but sometimes you just have to. Geez. ((FJs))

well, the deck is not IN the trees, exactly. It is a pretty long drop from the deck to the ground, so when you are on the deck you are surrounded by trees. It is nice. Sooooo relaxing. I can't imagine having a place like that you could go to whenever you wanted to. Heaven.

I have no earthly idea how to put up a banner. Jenn's probably your woman for that one.

I've scanned really fast but -- am at work. Usually go to cafe. In a few months, my own laptop since they finally made them powerful enough for my graphics stuff and i can get the whole shebang for the same as a towerandscreen or less.

Big deadlines at work plus moving for the first time in ten effin years means I am very dead busy.

Sorry to be cranky friday.

I start taking a big defensive stance when I am beleagered by tiredness i believe. - oy I can't even spell.

congrats to poodle and don't be afraid of salary -- I used to be but for the past year I've been salary and they haven't taken advantage ... thank heaven. Makes you feel like a grown up, that they're not hanging over you watching your time.

man. There is a whole lot more I want to respond to but I am DAYID. I'll be back in a few...


I am going to a better place
Hi Busties!

((FJ)) Oh, that sucks. I am sending you lots of positive money vibes to get you through the situation. *~*~*$$$$$*~*~*

Diva, I hope your evening goes well! I have not seen much of your jewelry so far, but what I have seen I really liked - don't doubt your work!

Yay for all the positive job stuff for so many of the Okayers today. Congrats on Poodle's raise and Tyger's job! Good luck with PP Turbo!

Karianne, the house you went to this past weekend sounds like the place to be. I would love to be hanging out in a "treehouse" like environment right now.

So I stopped taking my new bc pills today because they have been making me so sick. I cried last night because my head hurt so bad and still woke up with a headache this morning. It was scary. I called my clinic today and ended up talking to a nurse about it and am waiting for my nurse practitioner to call me back so I can get a prescription for the brand I used a few years ago that didn't make me ill and can find out how soon I can start taking them. Argh, I am so mad at myself for letting her convince me to try this different kind when I was there for my checkup.
X-post - Hi Whammy!

That is about the most suck-ass piece of bullshit I have had to hear in a long time--and I know something about suck-ass bullshit in my dealings with the ex-Asshat. Sorry baby. I am glad that you have a BFF to help you out like that--she is fucking rad. Make sure you tell her I told you that. Rad chicks like that need mad props.

I will write more later, but I am literally INCENSED from reading FJ's rant. Grrrrrr...
((((((FJs))))) That totally sucks ass about the stupid farking IRS...seems like somewhere along the line there a person should have double checked your account to see the - oh shit - you're actually paying it down like a good citizen! I'm so glad you figured out a way to wrangle it, and in a way that will be easier for you.

We're getting slapped with a special assessment at our condo building, but its nowhere near as bad as the stupid IRS. Finances are the least fun part of being grown up. grrrr.

Well, I just emailed my contact at we'll see where that goes. Its an exciting prospect. I just gotta hope my applying will stay discreet over there - we have three staff that work directly with PP in community ed, so it could definitely get out.

minxy!!! How are ya doll?

and whammy! ((((((smooth housefold move ahead))))

diva, I definitely know how to make a banner, just lemme know what you need.

marileen.....gah, BC pillz can really suck sometimes. I hope you get back on the ones that don't make you reactive. Most pills make me miserable too, and its a painful trial and error.
Turbo, it's actually a physical vinyl banner I need, not one for a website or anything. But if you'd want to design one for me so I could have it printed at a local shop, I'd be happy to repay you with some of my goods. I'd be looking for something fairly simple, just my company name on a colorful background (the Bust leopard print would work nicely, actually) and maybe a graphic, like a mudflap girl or something equally kitschy. I figure if it's got too much color, it'll obscure the text and cost a lot more to print.

(((((((FJs)))))) Dude, that sucks. How can they tell you one thing and then do another and yet admit no fault whatsoever? I find that happening more and more lately. They were getting their money already, what's the use in screwing you guys over in the process for something you weren't arguing in the first place? We've been known to do the same kinds of things to deadbeat parents where I work, but it takes a LOT before we get to that point with it. Wow. You and Mr. FJ are being total grown-ups, and then the IRS feels like they have to babysit/punish you for no reason. Pbbt on them!

I got lucky with the pills I take. I don't even know what they're called offhand. My nipples were really tender for the first month, but beyond that I've been just peachy.

Hi, Marileen and Whammy!
Hello all! I am trying to read and catch up on the day's posts! Got about halfway.

Yay for poodle!!! I'm terribly envious and happy for you getting offered a big raise!

Yay for tyger getting a 2nd job that's NOT a waitressing job! You are so gonna appreciate that dental and health, hon!

turbo, good luck with that PP sounds like a great opportunity, and I know you haven't been real happy with where you're at...

((((FJs)))) I'm sorry the IRS sucks so hard.

yummy...that's so weird about your elementary school boyfriend. I'm just sitting here trying to decide whether or not to send a note to my high school boyfriend! Oi! Let me know how that works out for you!!! :-)

diva, I'm sorry you had a dis-spiriting evening last night. *massages diva's shoulders and neck*

Hi also marileen, moxie, karianne, minx, and big apologies to anyone I missed!!
(((FJ's))) Dude, like I said earlier, financial woes are the worst. They say money doesn't buy happiness, but I'm not so sure of that. I think it does up to a certain point. I know what you mean about your taxes going to the Bush administration's war agenda. It's total bullshit. I ended up getting a refund, but I wouldn't have minded paying more if I knew it went to schools or environmental issues. I don't quite understand how being an independent contractor costs so much in taxes. Could you explain a little?

(((marileen))) I'm sorry the BC is making you sick. It seems to be hit or miss with BC pills. I've always had luck with Orthocyclen in terms of some of the basic benefits--regular periods, less cramping and flow, etc. This is the first month that I've been off of the pill for a long time. I stopped taking it because my neurologist thinks that it may have compromised my seizure medication over time. Also, gallstones are common in women who are on birth control. Keep that in mind, ladies, if you ever have extreme abdominal pain for more than a day. My point is, that you can't rely on specialists to tell you this stuff. If you're taking another medication, you have to research the combination of treatments on your own. I wish I would have taken all of this stuff more seriously a few years ago.

PP...heh, we did a couple jobs for PP and we made for damn sure that the republican didn't work on them because he couldn't have looked at it from a market perspective. He would have hacked their land values down to shit (in UPTOWN, mind you! $$$). I complain about my boss a lot, but I'm just really grateful that she's a woman who gets it. That's part of the reason why it's hard to be mad at her. She's the reason why we get jobs from organizations like PP. It doesn't benefit me to brag, so I feel that it's okay to say that my boss is one of the top appraisers in the tri-state area. She tells me all the time that I could take over for her someday, and I always end up telling her that I value my sleep too much to do such a thing. :-) Part of the reason for my steep raise is that I work for a small, private business where fixed raises aren't as common. I would most likely make more money if I worked for a larger company, but they wouldn't be as likely to understand my ongoing health issues.

I've spent way too much time typing this, so I'll shut up now.
Dude, it is so priceless to have employment that understands you are not trying to strangle them when you get ill. Actually, I will give Mpls Public Schools props for that one...I have had to take time off for the most rediculous things...I have had to bring the minxlette into school with me (several times over the past two years) and they really don't bat an eye. I had a galpal a few years ago who had a really bad two-year bout with leukemia and they held her position, maintained her insurance, and offered her moral support every step of the way.

In this seeming dismal universe there are, at times, decent and loving human beings.

Speaking of the meaning of life--I was asking students today if they had any questions regarding Macbeth and one of them said: What is the meaning of life, Ms. M? I looked at her and said, "There isn't one." I think some of the class was shocked, but some really got into the mini-discussion. I said that I don't believe in God or anything, and I don't think that I need a REASON or MEANING of my being here. I AM here, and what counts is what you choose to do with the time you are given. That we can enjoy our friends, loved ones, dinners, helping others...and then I was interrupted by one of my flaming gay students who said:


I adore him.

I have not, however, been having copious amounts of the HBI lately. I would be a little sad about it, and perhaps DO something about it, but I am so fuckng busy that masturbation a few times a week seems to tide me over.

I only have to wash my hands afterward; there is no need to kiss it and tell it I love it, and wake up to its snoring later on. :-)

I have used (for the exception of about 2 years) over the last 12 years solely Loestrin (lo-estrin). It's great. I used to have really bad abdominal cramping with another that I was one right before I'd bleed, but no more of that. You have to be within a couple of hours to really be effective--taking the pill at a consistent time, I mean. I bleed for maybe one day and that's nearly laughable.

By the way, I suggest that you all buy menstrual cups. Right now. I love mine. I wish that I had always had them. Seriously. When minxlette starts bleeding, I will be administering cups and a big RED cake. Well, that and ibuprofen. :-)

Shit, I am totally babbling. But I still feel chatty. Maybe more later. Hey Poodle, didja get an IM account so that I can chat with you?
Awwww....poodle, your boss sounds like a really good person. I want to work for someone like that one boss is a good person, but really hard to work for, having come from corporate to NPO, she doesn't quite get the more relaxed culture. Ah well, soon, I will have moved on! ;)

SO, I need some BUSTie vibes tonight for my momma. I knew she wasn't right when I talked to her on Sunday, but she brushed me off...I could hear strain in her voice, and she said she was just tired. In the last 4 months, she's had shingles, 2 colds, poison ivy, and today she collapsed at school. The kids were scared, and she couldn't breathe, and they had to call an ambulance. She has pneumonia, and she'll be alright, but because of all of her other problems, they're going to keep her for a day or two. She's just pushed herself too far, and lost her immune system pretty that's the scoop. So send some spare vibes my mom's way if you get a chance. ((((((turbomama)))

And, turboman's dad just sent us a 10 page letter today, sharing his spiritual journey of the past year after losing my MIL....what a beautiful letter, that, well, just made me cry. And miss her even more. I feel honored that he's shared his healing journey with us, even if we weren't there to really be a part of it.
Minxy, I'm with you on the full on big bloody lovin of my Diva Cup...its in my crotch right now as a matter of fact....and I find that it really has almost totally cut out my cramps. And I don't have to buy 'pons or even use my luna pads anymore! And the really gross part of me really kind of likes seeing how much blood I lose in a cycle. ;)
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ healthy happy vibes for turbomama and turbo ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Thanks for all the vibes! This is when it really sucks to be far away from family...I just got off the phone with my Aunt who is swearing that my mom is not in good shape, Dad says she'll be fine, or well, better in a couple of days. Auntie is telling me to get in the car right now...which I cannot do. The truth always lies somewhere in between the two - dad being the optimist and auntie being the dramatic doomsayer. We have Spamalot tix tomorrow, and we are not wasting those, so I'll just have to talk to my momma tomorrow and see how she's doing. My awesome FIL is also going to drop by the hospital to check on her tomorrow and let me know how she's at least I have spies I can trust. ;)

G'night ya'll...keep those vibes comin'!
Sun of a beeyatch, turbo! I hope you mom feels decent, at least! I don't know anything about his. All I can do is give some poodle vibes~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~infinite vibes for the ma~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Minxoid, you sound like you're doing quite well. Are there any steamy slumber parties in sight, or should I fold up my nightie and sleep alone and naked for the rest of the season? *flips hair over shoulder*
Actually, Poodle, I was just thinking that one last slumber party in the Mansion is completely called for.

What's everyone doing this weekend?
Mornin' ya'll. I'm tired this morning...and not really feeling much like work, and the buzz of going to the theater tonight and having a long weekend has worn off in the face of mom in the hospital. I'm gonna call her later this morning and read for myself how she's doing, talk to my FIL later, and get his verdict before we make any decisions about our weekend. *sigh*

Ok, I have an ass load of work to get done here today, I'd best get to it.
(((turbomama)))- Your mama is one strong lady, msturbo. And you and turboman have been there for FIL, as much as he's let you, and as much as you two can handle. So there. And, if we see you this weekend, we'll send calming, loving vibes to mama. Well, I'm doing that anyways.

My poor bebe had a bout of exorcist-like vomit last night- we're increasing her oz/feed, and she took a TON in and puked it right back out. Poor kid. So, we're just going to go very slowly/incrementially on the food issue.

FJ-IRS sucks. Period. Automated systems blow. Period.

Minx-loestrin, eh? That's what my OB put me on after moxette, adn I hated it. But, I've never done well on the monophasic pills- now, i'm back to my beloved orthotri.

more moxette pics at

OK, much work. Invoice day...I love the first of the month for the day of numbers crunching it gives me! I love accouting work, but can only handle it in small doses.

Moxie, the bebe is so freaking cute. She is quite smiley isn't she? I hope her belly gets to feeling better, puking is no good. One of my friends has those baby socks that look like mary jane shoes, I love 'em.

((Turbomama)) Jenn, I hope your mom is ok. How frightening. Take care of yourself, too. Please keep us posted. How long of a trip is it from where you are to her?

I've been wanting to get a diva cup for years. I should just bite the bullet & do it.

Not much happening here today. Officemate is out, that's a bonus. Also, it's only my second day in the office this week & it's already Thursday. I like that!
Moxie, your baby is darling. I love her hair. I love babies with hair. Probably has something to do with my years of no hair (apparently I had no hair until I was 2).

Turbojenn, lots of vibes for your mama. And like Karianne said, take care of yourself too.

I have a stupid staff meeting this morning. These meetings can be downright painful sometimes. There's been some talk that we might actually talk about the unhappiness/dissatisfaction a group of us are feeling at work right now. I don't know if I think that's a good idea or not. I have a feeling I'll be keeping my big mouth shut.
haven't read too much but wanted to thank you all for the hugs and encouragement.

pink, the fact that he was an indie contractor didn't cost us more in taxes. it's that you don't have taxes taken out automatically when you're paid that way. you have to either pay in estimated taxes throughout the year (the SMART way) or you do like us and file on april 15th and get hit with the total bill at once. we should have paid estimated taxes that first year he was doing it, but we didn't and we've been paying "last year's taxes" for the past three and a half years. it's hard to catch up. and that's why we're in this dang predicament.
((((turbomama)))) yes, you should call her and talk to her yourself. that's the only way to know for sure how she is doing.

moxie, your little girl is flipping beautiful. squeeeeee! i just wanna pinch her cheeks!
Good morning babes!

Moxette is lookin' good these days!

I managed to find my old metalhead geek friends on MySpace. I haven't seen them since highschool. They still hang out with K, my former partner in crime, so we decided that I would make a surprise guest appearance the next time they hang out. I can't wait to see all of them again!

We definitely need to have some sort of gathering, minx. I'm not sure what's going on this weekend.

Crap, I'm tired.
Hi, everyone!

Did any of you run into a problem with the site not being up?

(((((((((health vibes for TurboMom)))))))))) And that's nice to hear your FIL is doing well.

Moxie, your little one is so adorable! I especially love the picture of her in the lavender onesie.

Good luck with your meeting, Catsoup. Staff meetings blow. I'm debating being conveniently "sick" on the day of our next one.

I ran into that same problem with the IRS a couple years ago when I had an independent contractor job. Fortunately, it was only part-time, so I didn't have to pay in on a full-time salary. Still, it sucks. And that is why you should never work for Medica. Feh.

I had a thought last night: since the weather is gorgeous right now and it won't be long before it gets too hot, would anyone like to plan a BBQ in the park for sometime soon? Like in the next couple of weekends?

hey ya'll - thanks for the vibes again!

I just talked to my mom, and she definitely sounds sleepy and worn out, but on the mend. Her voice actually sounded better, less strained than the last few times I spoke with her. You can tell she's getting better because she's already pissing and moaning about not being at school and all of the things she needs to finish for her kids by next week. They're probably going to keep her one more night, and she probably won't be finishing the school year, but that's ok.

And I just talked to my contact at PPCA, and she's definitely encouraging me to apply, though they've written the position down a step, so its a little below me. My friend really wants to get me down there, so we're both hoping they'll see my skill list, and be willing to bump the job back up. They do not have a designer working anywhere in the org, and believe me, it shows in their materials. Here's hoping for new opportunities!

I just ordered my Blue Rodeo tix! I don't know exactly where I'm sitting, but the tix reserved for dedicated fanatics like me are in the first nine rows, centre stage. Blue Rodeo, under the stars, close enough to get sweated on by the band. Life doesn't get any better than this! SQUEE!!!!

I will catch up on the posts a bit later....just had to share!
viva la busties!!!

damn, i miss one day and a whole bunch of crap!

somewhere in between class and home, i picked up a nasty bug that threw me for a loop so i missed class AND work yesterday...completely drained...but i was feeling a little more like myself last nite so i cut's hair and it turned out splendid....PLUS!!! to cheer me up, mom drove me over to get me a new pair of scizzors for class....squeeee!! they are sooo nice!!! so nice, that we are picking up a second pair for my sister for her half birthday. this year, we are celebrating mr. gb's and my sis's b-days on the half since december babys get screwed on the gift deal. she's gonna be stoked!!!(damn, i really sound like a surfer chick...)

(((fj's money woes)))
((diva's feet)))
((tyger's new job potential))
((turbojenn's new job potential)))
((poodle's raise))

hi doodle, marileen, minx, yummy, karianne, catsoup, moxie, and anyone else i may have brain's still a bit scrambled from my icky stomach...
I told the IRS to suck it and they said "ok" so that's it. Looks like it's all behind us now.
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