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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Oh, Divala, you have to put "Plasticized Kidneys" in the band name thread! Sounds like a decent funeral if there is such a thing. My stepmom's was wretched. Most funerals I've been to have been wretched. I want to be cremated and I want a huge party. None of this crying crap and large photos of me wreathed in flowers. Blech.

I agree with Poodle...fat, sugar, and alcohol are more fun. I limit them, but damn I love 'em. I'd much rather be able to eat cheesecake and steak than yogurt and chicken. But I'm a good girl most of the time. I lost about 60 pounds and I've finally found an equilibrium where I can eat well most of the time and splurge sometimes without much regain.

Thanks for the advice on the relationship, folks. However, it's not making me feel any better. You are saying what I already know but don't want to face. btw, I don't want kids and probably not marriage. I just want to know that this relationship won't be in the same place in another year. We've been together a year and a few months. He says he'll never say never, but he's in a place right now that is good for him. It's just not necessarily going to be what I want. The problem is, I don't know what I want. Before I met him I was alone and fine. I never wanted marriage or kids and I was okay with that. Toss a guy I love very much into the mix, and now I have no idea what it is I want. I want him. Meh.

wha, what would a person do with a plasta-whatevered kidney? are you kidding? WHAT COULDN'T YOU DO WITH A THINGAMABOBERED KIDNEY?!? a paperweight, a hat. a shoe stretcher, fill it with baking soda and it will freshen your 'fridge. a hamster house, a beer cozy. a teething ring. a keychain charm. a hackysack. a loofa. the mind reels! there has to be 1001 uses for a whosiwhatsited kidney!

hello, poodle, my precious!
Aviatrix, you made me snort water out of my nose!!!!
Just think how the kidney thief brags to their friends. It's like the person who pushes over mail boxes. Oooooooohhhhhh badass!
Drive by.

(((((Moxie clan)))))

Okay. I have a fondness for medical displays & I agree with Aviatrix. Everybody needs a plastinated kidney. Perfect paper weight. I have all kinds of weird things that I've gotten from med supply catalogs. HB even got me a "new" visible woman model a while back. I've packed up about five boxes of oddities while trying to move. Packing up the life-sized, fully articulated skeleton has proven to be a bitch. I think I may have the movers wind him in cello wrap since I can't figure anything else out. Taking him apart & putting him back together is drama. Poor Mingo.

That being said, HB is a scientist & one of his current work projects is the creation of an artificial pancreas. He's tried to explain it, but it's beyond my ken.

I dunno if he still has it, but Crispin Glover used to have a Victorian eye doctor's display of diseased wax eyes. It was cool. He set it up too close to a window though & some of the eyes went all wonky. Which made it even cooler.
If *I* had a plasticized kidney, I could show all my friends what's wrong with me, instead of having to explain it in words. I mean, words - they are so much effort, y'know?

Hi everyone. Have only skimmed, but had to post and say HI!

Life is boring, yup. I've read six novels since Feb. 4 and just started a 7th.

((((((((((moxie and moxiefamily))))))))))
I love how we all think so much alike! When I heard about the stolen kidney, I immediately pictured some stoned college student with this thing sitting on his coffee table & bragging about it to anybody who came to the house. The problem, though, is that NONE of his buddies really believe him. Can't you see it?
"Hey man, what's that lumpy thing next to the ash tray?"
"It's a kidney, man! I stole it from that body show where they cut open all those bodies & let you see their organs & shit!"
"No way. There is no fucking way that's a real kidney."
"Yes it is! I swear it."
"Oh yeah? How'd you steal it?"
"It was just sitting on this table & I just took it when nobody was looking."
"That is such a lie. There is no way they'd just leave a kidney sitting around where anyone can take it."
"No, seriously!"
[massive sarcasm] "Yeaaaaaah. Riiiiiight. A pig's kidney maybe."
"No, dude! It's a real human kidney! I stole it! I swear!"
[more sarcasm] "Mmm hmmm ..." [massive eye-roll]

Re: the auditions. Aviatrix, I know the exact type of auditions you're talking about, but this isn't it. Here's the website for the group in case you're curious.
I have to tell ya'll....that this is the GREATEST thread to come home to after a crabby day at work, and just laugh my ass off at all the fun things you can do with a plasticized kidney!! I'd go paperweight, myself. tongue.gif

AP, if you ever visit chicago, I have got the *best* science supply shop to take you to...they have the weirdest stuff, its so fun to look around!

Okay, we're watching "The Break Up" tonight, and well...I'm not sure I'm going to make it through this one...painfully bad.

Kel, I wish you all the wisdom you need to really be still and quiet and take the time to sort out what you want most...

And maybe I am a little odd for enjoying my healthy lifestyle more than my days of bad eating...but I suppose mostly because eating badly brings me much pain....and honestly, I'm thankful for it, since it keeps me in line. Small blessings, I guess.
Well busties, I'm spent, it was busy at work, one of my coworkers has really outdone himself, and made no notes for the file, so I had to fix his bullshit mess, which took me an hour and a half. Something like this should only have taken 10 minutes, but it didn't...

I worked out, now I'm spent, I'm going to bed,

Still haven't heard from the crushie, but I'm sure I will, we have very tentative plans to get together tomorrow night for dinner, or something.

Night all!
I would put my plasticized kidney in strange places for people to find, like, I dunno, the cereal section of the grocery store. They'd pull down a box of Lucky Charms and down would tumble the ultimate "charm"...a kidney! Pink hearts, green clovers, blue diamonds, and plasticized kidneys!
Turbo, I'm 99% with you. I've a series of minor health issues that are all 100% controllable with good diet, exercise adn stress control. There are worse things in life. Like the poor plastic men who lost their kidneys!

Thanks all for the vibes. I want to call my cousin, but I don't have the foggiest idea of what to say. Loosing a teen child...turbo's cousin lost a baby, and I've seen old people pass. Both are sad, but in those cases, the people were sick and hurting. A healthy, vibrant teenager seems more tragic.

Ok, bebe is sleeping, and its time for mama's cocoa and rice bag.

*MWAH* everyone!
hehehehehe! i LOVE all of you!!

been working all day today and stopping long enough to read the thread, thankfully or i'd have lost track and had to read a couple pages! you guys make my day! smile.gif

but turbo, doesn't the break up have vince vaughn in it? that's reason enough to watch right there! oh, man. i'd let him put his big old bear paws all over me. hehehe.

ok, i've been cooped up in here for too long. i have to go kiss mrfj and see how he is doing since work.

bye for now!

and can i just say again that i love you all! and i love that we have so many new faces!!!

love love love!

Hi all!!

Dude, I would totally put a plasticized kidney on my coffee table (if I had a coffee table). It would also be fun to keep next to the bed as a conversation piece. I have a Magic 8 Ball on the windowsill above my bed, which is great for post-coital laughs. Having a plastic kidney next to my bed might freak guys out though.

I talked to the XRB tonight. It's been a while since I've seen him. I kinda (really) miss him. Hopefully we're gonna hang out this weekend.

AP, I've found the best way to pack an articulated skeleton is in one of those wardrobe boxes. Put a layer of that egg carton foam stuff inside it, and slide the skeleton in. Cover with another layer of egg carton foam, and fill the rest of box with clothes, blankets, packing peanuts, whatever, just pack it pretty tight. Tape the box closed, then stand it upright. I've also found it best to mark the box just "clothes".

It's also best if I don't explain how I know this......

Some of you folks lead VERRRRY interesting lives. *ahem*

Hello to RV, turbo, ((((moxie)))), moxette, sixie, AP, culture, poodle, FJ, mrFJ, FJette, kelkello, diva, karianne, aviatrix, treehugger, minx, and...oh lordessa, I'm sure I'm missing someone, but I'm using the excuse that I'm too sick to figure it out! (True.)


I ate my specially prepared doodlemama meal for lunch (it was there - I was too weary to figure something else out), so I had to make up dinner on the fly. Tonight it was a wrap made with lunch meat and a can of green beans! (At least the lunch meat was deli chicken.)

Georgie goes to the vet tomorrow afternoon. I hope they tell me it's nothing serious and he'll get over it soon enough. Equally serious, I hope he doesn't decide to hide under the bed the moment the taxi comes to pick us up.

poodle, I totally miss my Magic 8 Ball. I used to hold readings in my bedroom when I was a little kid.
now i know why i've always felt so at home here...and i swear ap-- we're practially psychic twins my 8 ball is on my big 'ol shrine to the tranny goddess above my bed. why does that sound strangely dirty? i'll have to take a pic of it some time.

DOOD: the perfect use for a whatever'd kidney. you could use it like that blue ice stuff so when you are sick (doodle, i am thinking of you) it can be your cold compress! Whooooo! *runs around the room screaming that hockey theme*

ooh! or hi-tech-- you could totally mod it out so it is a ipod. niiiice!

better yet, the perfect clutch handbag. how cute!
oh god, what i wouldn't give to have a plasticised kidney!!! one of my first roommates in boston got this ridiculous bulletin board from her doctor mom that was some promotional item from some med company.....that was shaped like a pancreas.....with a whole bunch of little pancreas-shaped thumbtacks. it was so fantastic!

(((moxfam))) im so sorry......thats so tough ***get through this vibes***

so, im sorry i wasnt around today but its been crazy. my boss was a fucking awful horrible cunt to me this morning--she was petty, personal, brought up the fact that i used to work in a coffeeshop intended as a personal jab, told me not to take that tone of voice with her (all i said was her name, intending to tell her i was giving my two weeks, but of course she wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise), and when i finally--very calmly and respectfully--told her i was leaving she said "well good, because i need someone who's here every day".

then i proceeded to create three prints from scratch, finalize 5 more that i had started last week, send off 9 to the screenprinters, and cad and finalize two for a production order while my coworker did not even finish ONE. suck it, boss lady, you're gonna be crying in two weeks.

anywya, i got offered the other apparel company job i really wanted. i have to negotiate salary with them but i'm thrilled smile.gif

sorry to make this an "all about me" post; ive been super busy lately and have a lot going on.


Wow, a plasticized kidney....I'd be torn what to do with it. Part of me would like to stick it in HR's mailbox for MESSING UP MY WORKERS COMP....

How big is this kidney anyway? Is it full size? Can we shrink it? If we could, I'm thinking cell phone or maybe jewelry. 'course I like weird jewelry. I made a necklace from a a pacemaker, once. Or I'm really liking the handbag idea.

I really have to google "size of human kidney"....

ETA: I googled it. I'm thinking handbag, or maybe it could be made into a fashionable hat?

Ugh, Mouse. I used to have a boss like that. Congrats on the new job though!

It's nice to see you here, Aviatrix! Have a seat on the lip-shaped for the stains though. wink.gif

So I went to the doc yesterday for the re-evaluation of my wrist. It wasn't seeming a lot better, but it had seemed like the pain had moved. So...the deQuervain's syndrome is better, but now I have tennis elbow! I mean, WTF?? Could I have had them BOTH? Cause I haven't been doing anything to get tennis elbow, since the wrist brace came on!

*i thought the elbow was kinda achey.

~*~*coping vibes for Moxie and family*~*~

CH, good luck with the crushie!

RoseV, you are freaking hilarious....*snork*

~*~*vibes for Doodle and Georgie*~*~

I'm spending my time reading NewAgey books, still. And nursing my arm.

Quite a bit of the snow melted away yesterday (we have been hovering right around 32F (0C), and all it takes is a bit of sun.

But they're predicting another storm coming on Wednesday, tomorrow. I better go stock up.

I'm SO ready for spring. Thanks for the crocus pic the other day, by the way, RV!

Have a good day, everybody!
Mouse...WOWZA on the biatch of a boss-lady! BUT...WHOOPPEEE on the new jobbby job! This is the one for the scrubs? Or another one?

OK, I just got an email (well, yesterday evening, but i just saw it) from a client who I'm positive has been sent to me to help me decide whether killing people is acceptable or not. First, she asks for extreemly detailed workplans, so that we don't hit unexpected snags in the work process. OK, fine by me...i'm anal about project planning anyway. NOW, after I submit the invoice for the god-damed great workplan that takes into accoutn all the shite lists and sites that were not used for what they said they were used for (cause it makes a HUGE difference if a site was a house or a factory!), she's got the gall to tell me I spent too much time doing the workplan. Um, lady, what you don't realize is that the same work would have been done during the actual assessment, and you still would have been charged for figuring out where your stupid bad lists were wrong.

Argh. Ok, rant over.

Why is it that shaved meats for sammies are generically called "lunchmeat?" Even the very good, very expensive organic, appleton farms stuff? LIke, I told moxieman that I was gonna make him a "lunchmeat" sandwhich for lunch, instead of a "turkey and ham sandwhich."

OK, good things tuesday:
1. Bebe slept straight through the night. I prob could'a even skipped the 5:30 AM feeding.
2. I'm well rested!
3. i'm making chicken picatta with spinach pasta for dinner
4. I am really, seriously needing a HBI tonight.

OK, off to deal with client w/o blowing up and screwing the project.
WOOOOOT!!!! Congrats mouse, on the new gig!!! Do tell us more about the position! That's great that you're getting a change, and will hopefully be working for a more reasonable boss, who understands that people take time off from work!

*waves to AP, six, GT* It is SO fun to see ya'll in here....I mean, really, *who* could resist the lure of the plasticized kidney?! tongue.gif

Mox, I'm with you on the annoying clients this week...I seem plagued with them. I'm currently hating my job managing our org's discussion forum - its filled with all the crabbiest people, who are just looking for someone to blame, and to paint me into a corner. gah.

I am so lame, that I really had a hard time getting to sleep last night because I didn't get a chance to make my pot of green chile chili last night, or do any prep for other meals this obsessive am I? Its just a pretty busy week, and I'd feel better if I had less to do in the evenings when I get home late.

BUT...I'm meeting with the folks at the Community Center this afternoon about teaching graphic design and web design to the kiddos at the drop-in center....I'm REALLY looking forward to it!

((((tree's wrist and elbow)))))
Yaaay for the new jobbage, Mouse! and rock on, for the new chance at a better work life.

Sorry to hear so many of you are having rough times at work. The Goatie and I, too :/ Well, I haven't had it all too bad, but my present job will likely be ending next week, and I'll have to get another one through the union office or following up leads. I hate looking for jobs.

***physical & emotional comfort vibes for Moxiefam, Doodle, TreeHugger, Mouse, that guy in Sixlecat's closet (perhaps a little late), and anyBUSTie else I'm missing*** Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

***Warm toes for all!!*** Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Good Things Tuesday:
- Survived some snow driving again
- GoatieGirl loves me
- Been in a cretivity flow, working on a drum idea and made a couple of portable hookahs (Cheezilators) to give to BIL and friend
- I might have a song for Vagina Tierra if my creativity flow keeps up

I want my PERFECT job, already! Just let me design toys, already! Well, I do design toys, but let it be legitimitized through employment.
Good Morning Good Morning! *waves to le busties*

Yay mouse on the gig!

Tree hurrah for the wrist!

I want a platicized kidney now, although someone was saying something about eye balls, that'd be kind of neat too. It's like wearing the skin of your enemies, well not really. although the Aztecs did that...okay CH, total tangent there.

I talked to crushie last night, we talked for two and a half hours, made plans for a date tonight! I'm very excited! I'll let you know how things go.

Le sigh, I hope that things are quiet today, I'm sick of work, actually I'm sick of being the emergency worker. At least tomorrow I'm off to a different office. Thank goodness!

Shit, I was going to bring Samosa's to work today, and they are still at home.
HOOOORAY for Mouse!!! How fantastic! Sooooo glad you get to leave that terrible woman behind. Onwards and upwards!

((((((continued love for Moxie & fam))))))

~*~*~*~*~* daily Doodle vibes ~*~*~*~*~*

Tree, that is so strange about your arm. Tennis elbow?!

~~~~~~ easy workday vibes for Jenn, Moxie, Mouse, CH, & EVERYbody! ~~~~~~

Last night on the news they aired a story about the job market in the game industry that was chock full of enormous lies. They gave the impression that a person who just earned an associates degree in game development could easily walk out there & get a job making $70,000 a year. Not true at ALL!!!! Ugh. I'm sure the reporter got all of his information from the school offering these 2 year degrees & certainly didn't double-check the so-called facts given to him by the technical college. Grrr.

Good things Tuesday
1. Last night I spoke with my husband about something unpleasant. And it was difficult at times, but we got through it and it all ended with us hugging eachother and saying "I love you" so it's all okay.
2. I'm going to meet my hubby for lunch today! Such a nice treat.
3. After that I think I'm going to visit Trader Joe's. Hope I find something inspirational!
*passes around slices of fresh key lime pie to all who want some...

Opened the fridge this morning and my bottle of key lime juice fell out. Opened the cupboard and right in front was sweetened condensed milk. I figured the gods were talking to me.

Why does the smell of lime juice make me want a mojito? I can't wait till summer.

Yeah, tennis elbow. But when I researched it, it's also caused by repeated motion, pretty much the same type of motion that causes deQuervain's. I'm waiting for a woman to call me back from income continuation/disability.

Rosev, it drives me nuts when they're misleading like that. How many people will sign up for the program and be sorely disappointed when they are finished? Geesh.

ETA: I need some vibes for Mojo, please. He wears Soft Paws, and I was going to replace one...picked up his foot and flexed it to extend his claw...and his claws are grown right into the pads of his foot. I had absolutely no idea, he hasn't acted in pain or anything. I feel awful. Anyway, we have an emergency vet visit at 2:00 PM CST.
hi y'all...just checking in before i read the archives....back in a minute....

*zooms off*
((((trehugger and mojo vibes))))

I need a drink, the workers here are fucking up SO BAD HERE!!!! I need some liquor, or a good hard fuck!

*scurries off to fix more mess* goes...

(((moxie family))))how heartachingly sad...

((((mojo's paws))))

congrats mouse on telling the boss what for and moving on and up!!!

the jackaroo is moving? sheesh..time is flying.


and helloooo everyone else!!!

good things tuesday: has a job interview today but now he's rethinking it.(its in pasadena and he's worried about commute and me) i spent the whole morning with resume help and talking him into going for it for 'networking' sakes.
-momma and poppa gb are leaving for san fran for a few days....nice!
-this is my first week i'm really gonna go 6 days...all the other ones i took a day off or there was a holiday. lets hope i make it thru!!!!
Hi, peeps!

Dare I say it, but I'm glad to be here today, and things are back to normal again. I just hope I don't have to go to another funeral for several years.

Good Things Tuesday:
1) the Girl Scout cookies I ordered FINALLY got delivered
2) boss is gone today
3) I've decided which school I want to go to this summer, so I can start the registration process today.
4) I found my grandma's gravesite for my mom so she doesn't have to bug my grandpa for it. She's burried at a military graveyard with thousands of markers.
5) going out for dinner tonight with the giant's family
6) I talked it over with my parents, and they've agreed to help with school. Dad just worries that I'm taking on too much too quickly, and that I didn't take it so seriously 10 years ago. But this time I have a purpose in mind other than just finishing with whatever program could get me done fastest
7) I got to see Sam's twinkling eyes and made him giggle the other day, and it still makes me feel happy

Mouse, good for you for moving on! Your boss sounds like a royal B. Is nobody allowed to ever take a day off for any reason? And it's not like anyone's never quit a job before, so she should try dealing with it like an adult. So, which job are you going to take?

Tree, I'd love some key lime pie. It's my favorite.

RV, I too hate how they blow up income figures like that to sell people on careers. I wish they'd be more honest about it. That's why I'll never ever take a commission-based or bonus-based job. You can't depend on that money, and if you could, then why doesn't the employer just pay that higher amount as a salary and not give out bonuses? I'm nothing but wary of people who try to sell careers dishonestly.

Time to go run errands. I need shampoo from Aveda and a big-ass smoothie, but only the all-fruit kind, and maybe a salad, but only if I feel like I've got the strength to avoid desserts at the salad place. I'm saving up my calories for dinner tonight.

Maybe if I start making a dessert every week, I'll get sick of buying them and eating them. And I've never been much for eating my own food. During truffle season, I eat maybe a whole dozen over a couple months, and I get sick of cakes after a couple slices. Yep, I'm going to start making weekly desserts so I can stay away from them and practice for when I do this for a living. I'm going to make desserts so I can lose weight. Weirdest. Logic. Ever.

hi guys!

thanks for the job vibes, they're paying off! i'm not sure which job i'm going to take--it's between the trendy tshirt company and the scrubs company right now. the tshirt co is closer and is the kind of place i'd prefer to work, but the scrubs company is offering me significantly more money and right now i just want to build up some savings. i sent an email to the tshirt co asking if we could negotiate salary, and i'm going to call them at lunch. i hate to sound like a money-grubbing douchebag, but it would be awesome to be able to start saving and to maybe get a car that's younger than i am tongue.gif and an oven, and a full size fridge, and more memory for my computer, and all the other things i've been complaining about hahaha

honestly i'm kind of suprised by the whole thing. if you'd told me two years ago that this was going to be my life, i'd never have believed you. i never thought i was a particularly ambitious person, but i guess i's suprising me. i mean, i've always wanted to have a creative job and do what i loved, but i always kind of figured that would be me working in a coffeeshop and drawing on the side. i feel a little like all of this has kind of fallen into my lap and i'm so so grateful for it i don't even know where to start. *wipes tear from eye*

anyway.....that's my good thing tuesday. oh, and a very efficient booty call last night as well, and i wasn't even the one doing the traveling!

i wish i had girl scout cookies! diva, i'm so glad you're going to be able to go back to school! especially when it's something you really want smile.gif good luck girl!

gb, good luck on your first full week! six days--ouch!

(((fjackaroo))) eee! so exciting!!!

count me in for key lime pie.....and mojitos....yum. i was reading about miracle fruit recently and i really want to try it and then eat a cool!

tennis elbow, tree??? aw man, you can't win! sad.gif (((tree's limbs))) wow....that was a totally unintentional beautiful pun! and ((mojo paw vibes))

((work vibes for all that need them))

hi culture, gtrix, lore, rosie, doodle ((continued healing)), moxie ((and fam)), minxie, poodley and everybody else.....
((((mojo paw vibes))))

(((daily dose of doodle vibes))))

((((moxie fam)))))

Mouse!! How incredibly cool that you are *sought* after for your skills! You are an amazing talent - now make that t-shirt company pay for it!! I will say that the non-financial perks of a good environment, nice staff and short commute are really worth weighing...that's a lot of what has kept me in this desk for 7 years (not that I recommend that either, heh.)

Diva, I wish that making desserts would help me lose weight! Though actually, now that I've been pretty much off the sugar for 4 months, I really don't have cravings any more, and the two cakes I made for turbomann's birfday, while most excellent, weren't calling to me in my sleep as they would have in the past. smile.gif

((((mr gb interview drives)))))

Diva, that's awesome that your 'rents are helping with school...and I'm with you on the difference in motivation now that you're older and clearer about your intentions for the schooling. I *could not* wait to be done in undergrad, and while I don't specifically regret my decisions, I sure wish it didn't say "Advertising" on my there was a decision made in haste. eeew.
mouse, you know what? I'm totally feeling you in the scrubs job. Ya know why? It's like somebody (can't remember who) posted, all the scrubs you see are SO. AWFUL. Seriously.....really cool hip scrubs would be a big hit and probably make a TON of people feel better about going to work! Not to mention, it'd probably brighten the day of the patients, too.

Not to try and influence ya or anything. Trendy t-shirts are really cool too and probably a job you could enjoy longer, with more creativity potential.

And I think it's wonderful you can do something you love that's creative, AND GET PAID FOR IT. It's terrific!

mmmmm, girl scout cookies.....

Well, we're off to the vet in a little while! Has this happened to anybody else? I mean, I never expected claws that are capped with soft plastic tips, to grow into the pads of the feet.

Maybe it looks worse than it is. I hope. He hasn't been limping or acting weird or anything. Like I said, I never would have known it if I hadn't tried to extend one of his claws...

ETA: Xposted with Jenn! *waves
tree - this happened to a friend's cat as well...she learned that you still gotta clip the nails, even if they're capped. Mostly, it led to my friend not going back to the caps, and taking her kitty to get clipped every month. They're gonna remove the caps and trim the nails back, probably causing some bleeding as the quicks will be exposed, and its not nice, and you'll feel bad, but Mojo will be just fine, just have sore paws for a bit.

((((be brave Mojo)))))
wow, so much going on in here!

mouse - i am so proud of you! you're so young and yet you're standing up for yourself and your needs because you know that you're SO worth it. good for you for giving your boss the finger by working your butt off even after giving your notice. good that you're getting away from her because she really sounds petty and well, just bitchy! ~$~$~$~$~more money and best job vibes for mouse~$~$~$~$~$

minx - i was wondering where you were, oh delicious one. i hope you come back around soon. we meeeece you!

((((((((((continued vibes for moxie family)))))))))))

tj - i meant to congratulate you last week i think it was about your weight loss... good foryou for being so good and staying off sugar for FOUR MONTHS!

diva - you're so sweet when you talk about sam. he sounds like such a special little guy! and i love your massive rationalization about dessert making = weight loss. hehehe. love that!

poodle - when do you think you might see xrb again?

msgb - six days of work in a row sucks! i've been working six and actually seven if i realy look at it. i have to call and confirm my saturday appointments, so that means getting up at a decent hour and calling them to make sure they're gonna show. and then i make a few hours of calls on sunday night to start booking for the following week. but i don't work much on friday though (at least not till this past friday) so it sort of makes up for it. i'd rather work a little bit every day than eight hours at a desk monday through friday.

((((tree's limbs)))) *high-five's mouse for the pun* and why thank you! i will take a piece of key lime pie! that's my favorite too! i order it everywhere that serves it, using the excuse that i was born in key west so i must try it! hehehe. whatever works, right?

roseviolet - glad you and your honey are strong enough to weather uncomfortable conversations and end them with hugs and love. good communication like that is so important, as i'm sure you already know!

culturehandy - YES, i think you need a good HBI. sorry your workmates are being pricks. let crushie take care of that for ya... tongue.gif

hi everyBUSTie else. i'm about to go outside and sit in the sun for a bit and then bathe the doggie. she is stinky again. work is still really slow. i did get one sale over the weekend, but she only put $100 down, so that's all i get paid on until she puts more money down. SUCKY! luckily, mrfj is getting paid well this month, so we'll be ok. i just wish they'd give me some newer leads to work with. i'm still calling such old leads and it's just annoying. but then, just when i least expect it, i reach someone i've been calling for a month and they tell me that i'm doing such a great job and they respect me for being so tenacious. it just sucks when i look at the books and see so many appointments set by the other people in the office fro leads that came in yesterday and the day before... while i'm calling some from last april! gar!

it'll come though. i know it wll. and i honestly LIKE the job, so that's a good thing, right!?!

wha? everybody's been hangin out in here all this time? hmph! now if only i hackysacked, then i'd toss the kidney in and we could all kick it.

hoo-ray for mouse! i am jealous, but excited for you.

tree, i thought mojo was waving funny. little did i know. poor thing. hope he gets better. :/

thought today would be a major train wreck. instead its just a subway wreck. (so far. ~conditions are subject to change~). sigh. just want to make it to 8 without too many scars.

((((((((((okers w/work trauma today))))))))))

*pops in with raspberry lemonade*

Hello Avi, FJ, Turbo, Treehugger, Mouse, Divala, Ms. gb! Everyone!

Things are slowing down here at work, thank goodness, this is my last day at this assignment then I move on to another office. Thank goodness, I need away from here. The clients are mean, and the staff, well I refuse to get into this again. I want to enjoy my last two hours of the day, as much as i can, then go home and get ready for le date!

I'm actually pretty nervous, I'm pretty smitten, and I like him, and this getting to know you thing, it's been a little while. We've been having lovely chats. I don't call him, he is persuing me, and I like it. I want to take things slow.

Still haven't heard anything from my job interview. It's funny, it's for the job I am doing right now, but I am casual. Sigh, I hope they decide soon!

It's been lovely warming up here, finally. Slushy, it's rather gross I have a green car, but it actually looks mud coloured right now.

how's everyone else's day going?
Hello all....this is a VERY quick post, have only scanned, not even skimmed!

Congrats mousie on the new job!!!! WOOT!!!!

~*~*~*~*~healthy paw vibes for mojocat~*~*~*~*~

I've never used those claw caps, but for some reason, my cats only scratch their own jungle gyms. I do trim their claws myself - it's actually quite easy to do once you get over the fear that you're going to do them harm!

(Everytime I read treehugger's cat's name, I start to hear some old blues guy singing in my head: "Got my mojo workin'....")

I can't stay...I am actually about to put makeup on for the first time in over a month....I still have to go to the store, as well as the vet, and I just can't bear to go out in public anymore looking like a ghost! tongue.gif (Vanity - that MUST be a sign of improving health, ja??? Maybe it's almost time to get a haircut, too....)

Ok, gotta fly!
yeah mascara!
Yay mascara indeed! And also foundation, blush, and lipstick! YAY!

Ok, jeans? My favourite jeans, the ones I bought because they fit my big voluptuous ass so beautifully? Are now baggy!!!! And about a size or two too big.

I'm not sure whether to be pleased or pissed off.

Right. Now I'm going to call a cab and try to coax George into his carrier....
can you ladies give me a kick in the pants? i *really* need to study for this midterm that i have tomorrow morning, and it's just not happening
((((study vibes for tyger))))
Yay for Mouse! Boo*hiss to her evil boss!

Yay for doodlebug's makeup and baggy jeans. Nothin' feels better than getting a new size.

Yay for Moxie's baby sleeping all night. The main reason I don't want kids...I hate to have my sleep interrupted.

Yay for all the okayers and the in depth plasticized kidney conversation. I love that this is considered a serious topic for conversation because, frankly, it IS.

Boo*hiss to the No Child Left Behind act. I'm starting to lose sleep over this damned test my kids have to take. I hate that *&^%$(@ test.
tyger: stop your slackin' and get to book crackin'!
~*~*~*~* healthy vibes for George & Mojo & all the kitties out there ~*~*~*~*

[boots Tyger in the butt] wink.gif

I got lost on my way home from the new Trader Joe's. Ended up driving around for 45 friggin' minutes before I found the highway. I think it's time to invest in a GPS system. Grrr.

I shall now soothe my pathetic soul with some stilton with apricots. Mmmmm ... delicious cheeeeeeese ...

[adds crackers & stilton w/ apricots on table alongside the key lime pie and raspberry lemonade]
Hello all! We're home!

Well, there's nothing wrong with George except psychosis. The vet says unless there is a chance he could have got fleas (almost nil - we don't have fleas in my town, and George hasn't been to Vancouver since last summer), then it's most likely stress. He does it because it releases endorphins (much like when a person is a cutter), so she gave him a shot that will temporarily interupt the rush he gets from doing it, hopefully long enough for him to give it up. If it doesn't work on the first go, we'll try again in a month. She said several times that he is a VERY healthy and happy cat, not a thing wrong with him other than being a little neurotic...but she also said hair-pulling is actually not uncommon in stressed-out cats, and the only risk of him not stopping is a skin infection from the biting part. So it's not terribly worrisome.

Weirdly, she gave him a depo provera shot! So he won't be able to get pregnant either, I guess. tongue.gif

He was nervous at the vet, but doesn't seem at all put out or pissed off now. He's even playing with the catnip mouse I bought him at the vet's! Carmella won't come near me, though, and won't touch the mouse I got for her. (The mousies are too cute - hand knitted in stripes of bright colours, proceeds to the local Humane Society.)

Going out that long and doing stuff just about killed me, I swear. I took cabs, but when I had the cab wait so I could drop George off at home and then go to the store, I almost decided to pay the cabbie and send him away....I could barely walk up my stairs, I was so weak!! But I did make it to the store and back. Only I almost barfed outside the store while waiting for my cab home, and I had to sit for awhile at the bottom of my stairs again before I could climb them. Gawd, I can't believe this. I feel pathetic. sad.gif

tyger!!! Get yer ass to work!!!!

*makes tyger a huge sandwich, for brain food*

treehugger, please report in on Mojo! I'm anxious to hear how he is....
*cracks leather whip in tyg's direction* Get to work, tyg!!!

YAYAYAY for Georgie - good health, and no unplanned pregnancies either!!

Rosie.....key lime pie AND stilton with apricots --- dayum, girl!!

I did just make some homeade peanut sauce to go with curry dusted chicken and pan roasted broccoli....I am stuffed. ooof. So good, though.

kel, I have to say that in a slow moment at work today, I found my thoughts wandering to what my co-workers would think if I had a plasticized kidney on my desk. smile.gif
Hi, all! Mojo thanks everybody for the vibes. He's still loopy from the anesthesia. He's sneezing a lot too...wonder what that's all about?

*mojo waves a little paw at aviatrix*

So....I'm $350.00 poorer, but my kitty's got healthy feet anyways. They were pretty badly grown in, poor guy. I have three days worth of painkillers for him.

He's acting weird. Really, really lovey and attention-whoring, hehe

Doodle, I'm glad there's nothing physically wrong with George. Did the vet talk to you about those pheromone plug-in thingies? I came pretty close to getting those when I had the other cat, Fujie (rip)...she was pretty highly stressed, poor girl.

Mmmm, Rosev, apricot stilton! I thought about trying that last time I went to trader joe's! Is it as tasty as it sounds?

Doodlebug, I would love it if my jeans were baggy. But, I like beer too much for that to happen.

*gives tyger a big huge boot in the butt*

Doodle, when I first got Mojo, I sat down with my guy who is a HUGE blues fan...and I mentioned that I was getting a (mostly) black cat...we sat and brainstormed names...and my guy came up with "Mojo" for a name. And he loves that song, BTW. "got my mojo working...but it don't work on you..."

Or something like that. So...anyway, Mojo's name was partially inspired by that song.

kelkello, OF COURSE, plasticized kidneys are Serious. Conversation. smile.gif

general *~*~vibes for all who are in need ~*~*

*~*antistress vibes for George*~*

~*~*strengthening vibes for Doodle*~*~

ETA: my kitty is SOOOO stoned right now.... (snicker)
Doodle, darling...DO NOT overdo it, love. Your poor body has been through such a ringer. When moxette was born, i felt like i could just go OUT and ABOUT 1 week after the c-section and paid for it dearly after. Glad georgie is going to be fine, though. My kitty sheds like a mutha when he gets extra nervous.

So, how was everyone else's tuesday? RV got lost, tyger is studying (right?!?), tree and doodle have healthier kitties, and we have new neighboors here in OKAYLAND. WHOO HOO!! Us? Moxieman came home early just for my fine hoo-ha. hehe. And my kid ate carrots, peas and chicken like a big kid. All around, a very good evening, in deed.
So sorry for the ailing kitties! Glad they are better. My dog has cost me over $600 this past year because she is apparently a 70 year old man...she has colitis. *sings..."the dog with colitis goes by...* The dog will put me in the poorhouse, but she loves me more than any human ever could. We are playing fetch right now...I type while she fetches her stuffed hamburger. I'm thinking she'd have a grand old time with a kidney wink.gif

Went to Barnes and Noble and had coffee with a friend...ate a reeses cup cookie that looked delightful and didn't translate well...just kind of blah. Tried to find a book but was uninspired. So maybe it wasn't the cookie...maybe I'm kind of blah. Anyone have a suggestion for a really good, funny book? I should ask on the reader's thread, but I'm feeling lazy.

RV, I want stilton and apricots. And a gps...I get lost all the time.

Good health and happiness vibes to all!
Kel, I have got the book for you - "The Areas of my Expertise," by John Hodgman (a very funny man, now better known as the PC in the Mac vs PC commercials)...its also even more hilarious on audiobook...I mean, he has a troubadour at his side throughout the reading! Really, its good stuff.

Ooof, I am tired now...I just whipped up a kick-ass pot of green chile chili - it had to be done, but I'm tuckered out, and after doing all the dishes, I've got no hot water left for a bath. Boo.

Awww, the kitties of okayland have been having a rough day --- two vet visits, and one surgery...((((okayland kitties)))) I'm so glad that both Mojo and Georgie are going to be alright.

Oh, and tree, turbodoggie is totally all lovey when he comes out of anasthesia too...which he never is. Loopy and sweet, that's my doggie.

And, it sounds like the moxies are having a very nice evening indeed. wink.gif
Hey Duderonomettes!

So, I have read *MOST* of the archives to get up to speed with you guys.

(((Moxie family))) ~*~*comfort and peace vibes~*~*~*

Poor Okayland kitties. You cats are meow-velous. ~*~*lots of pets for the kitties~*~*

Mouse, I'm so sorry that woman was such a douche. (Douches aren't good for you). Good for you for getting out of there (soon) and doing a kick-ass job until then. She will be sorry. I can't believe she talked to you like that. What a fucking dirty stinky asshole. I'm so pissed off. But you know, the best revenge is doing well. Or something like that.

Mouse, this probably wouldn't be as lucrative as the scrubs or t-shirts, but SOMEBODY needs to design some decent, cool chef pants. I don't want to look like I'm walking around in Zubaz. They have such ugly, loud prints. I wish for cute or cool looking, more subtle patterns or prints. Right now I wear solid black. Nicole Miller has contributed her designs to the world of chef pants, and they are so. freaking. ugly.

And I think somebody needs to do something about scrubs. If you took that job, mouse, you would be a hero.

Doodle, dood, Take it easy! I know you need to get some things done, but don't go overbeard. Holy crap - your story about going to the store scared the crap outta me. The holy crap. You need to rest and spend a great deal of time on the internet. And of course, giving your kitties some extra attention. I hope Georgie will relax as you heal and regain your health and strength.

Right now, I'm listening to Tito Puente and drinking a cerveza. Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde. I used to love this beer when I was about 25, and I saw it at the store and just *had* to get some.'s not so great.

The other night I watched the Oscars with a friend. We both fell asleep and woke up in the morning before I had to go to work.

I have been hanging out with people from work every so often, and I'm starting to think I don't have anything in common with them. When I hang out with the guys, they just talk about how much they drink, how fast, and how drunk they get. I told them flat out, "Guys - if you drink a lot really fast and something HIGH-larious happens, I wanna know. But if you are gonna brag about it, that's just boring." They didn't see things my way. They think getting drunk off your rocker is funny in and of itself.

I went out with the girls last night, and we played a game, which was fun. Then this woman described how she was redecorating her new house and I got really sleepy. I don't know why, but I just couldn't listen. I feel really bored and boring around them. I went home early.

I like my regular friends. They are always interesting, and if we don't want to say anything, we just sit there, comfortably.

I was trying to think of how I could plate a dessert to look like a plasticised kidney. Maybe the pecan custard could take the shape.

Oh shit - I almost forgot! I had a dream several weeks ago that I was in Florida, driving to FJ's place. I got lost and ended up in an apartment complex, but FJ was there. I was driving toward her when I got carjacked. The bastards stole my car, but I really wanted to visit with FJ, so I tried to ignore it. We just talked about what I should have done to prevent them from getting my car. Then the carjacking scene replayed. The second time, I told them they couldn't take my car, so they gave up. But this time, FJ wasn't around. What does this *MEAN*?

PS - I know EVERYONE has read him, but maybe you haven't yet, kelkello. David Sedaris? Are you familiar with him? I read "Naked" and almost pissed my pants laughing.
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