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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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/jumps on the bed and starts lip synching to "peaceful easy feeling"....

So, it's definitely a blizzard here. I just looked outside.

Mmmm...mac and cheese made from little bits and pieces of leftover cheese...why is a recipe better when you have to substitute?? My mixture is maybe 1/3 emmentaler, 1/4 sharp cheddar, 1/8 parmesan, and topped off the rest with shredded "taco style" cheese with seasonings. Yummm....that and I didn't have butter so I used butter flavored crisco...yeah, I know, but it turned out right tasty.

And so bad for me, too!

We are supposed to get twelve or so more inches, on top of the eight we got overnight, and the two or so we got today. Heap Big Snow.

Mouse, ~*~good job~*~ vibes

Doodle and george *~*feel better vibes*~*

Jenn, thanks for the cack! I didn't make it out in time, to go get the raspberry.

Well, everybody, stay warm and dry! smile.gif

Well busties, have a good Saturday night, I'm off to get ready to go to the bar.

I'll have a shot of Tequila for y'all, well not one each, one collective shot. Here's hoping the boy toy comes along tonight too!

Stay safe, and if it's cold, stay warm!
Mornin' babes!!

Ugh, I woke up super early for some reason.

(((doodle, rose, and kelkello)))

Yay for good interviews mouse!! Don't let your boss make you feel guilty. What, does she expect you to stay there forever?!

Turbo, that raspberry sauce sounds sooooooo tasty!!

Speaking of tastiness, diva and I had a great time at the food and wine show, yesterday!! There wasn't anything that really intrigued me, 'cept for this red wine with a tinge of blackberry taste. I have to dig up the brochure so I can look for it in the likky store. I discovered a couple interesting beers, but nothing that I would go out of my way to buy. I like to stick to the local stuff. Nothing beats Summit and Schell!!

Anyway, we were very efficient and it only took us a couple hours to do the whole thing, so we went back to diva's and I got to try out Guitar Hero. So much fun!! Of couse, I sucked because I've never played it before, but I didn't do too shabby for my first time. It was so hilarious to watch the giant play Freebird!! He's way too good at it!!

Doodle, don't apologize for your music!! The Eagles may not be "cool" but they were the first band (and really the only) to seamlessly fuse rock and outlaw country, and they definitely deserve props for that. Nobody's really been able to match that since. The have an excellent catalogue of songs. If anyone says otherwise, well, then they need to clean out their ears and listen without bias. I haven't heard anyone come up with a decent explanation for why they don't like The Eagles. I like the songs New Kid in Town and Take it to the Limit.

I understand that people have different musical tastes, but I'll never let anyone get away with dissing a classic band and not giving 'em some props. Just remember, modern music (yes, even today's indie rock and electonic stuff) wouldn't even exist if it weren't for slave spirituals. It all goes back to Africa. It sucks that American music has its roots in slavery, but that's just the way it is, I guess.

/musical lecture. Sorry.
Well, I do believe we got a little snow last night.

IPB Image

More to be coming in an hour or so. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere...hehe. It's funny/mean of me to be sitting in my window laughing at the goings-on outside, isn't it?

I'm going to hell.

What's everybody got planned for today?

I do have supplies to make the choco cack...but not the sauce. Or the whipped cream. I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it just to make the cake...Jenn, what do you think?

Jeez, what. am. I. saying? It's always worth it to make something THAT decadent sounding!

I'm just gonna curl up with a good book today and eat comfort food.

*~*~vibes to all who need them~*~*
Tree, it is still totally worth it to make the cack!! You could even warm up a tablespoon or two of good jam for a sauce, if you like. And its just as good without the whipped cream. I'll post the full recipe here in a bit - I didn't get to it last night, as the 45mph winds last night fucked up the internet and tv, once again.

We didn't get tree's snow last night, just a NASTY ice storm. I should've put on ice skates to go walk the dog this morning. At least this time turbodoggie was slipping as much as I was, so he didn't even try to chase the squirrels this morning.

We have to go out to the airport this afternoon to pick up our friend coming in from the UK...I just hope they let her flight land on time. At least my FIL and SIL are staying home...we told them not to drive out here in this weather.

Poodle, have you ever thought about writing music reviews for a local paper? You have such a gift for breaking down music and describing it...I think you'd be really good. Hell, write a few decent reviews for BUST, cod knows they could use help in that department.

Okay, I gotta go skin the red peppers and jalepenos I just roasted for a spicy red pepper-garlic-basil pesto that is amazing on veggies, shrimp, risotto, eggs....whatever you like. I freeze it in little cubes so I can grab one anytime I need one.
Good morning!

Tree, that's a lot of snow!

Recap of last night. It was slowing here, not a lot, but then it got warm, and after the bar, I drove two of my friends home, slightly lost control of the car, and did a complete 180 on the road, it was rather amusing. It's a good thing that it was 3 in the morning, and there was no one on the road!

Le boy du jour had to work, and didn't end up coming out, on the other hand, I met someone, who was a lovely kisser, talked to him once I got home. I kind of smitten.

Hungover today, fell asleep at 4:30 and was up at 8:30. Ugh.

I agree tree, that curling up with a good book is a fantastic idea, and there is a mythbusters marathon on tv today too! What a good Sunday it is going to be! YAY.

The only downside last night, had a bad shot of tequila, oh it was awful! My breasts on the other hand seemed to be a big hit. *shrugs shoulders* oh well. It was all fun last night.
Culture - you crack me up "my boobs were a big hit!" heeee! Boobs are a grand attraction indeed...turbomann was certainly appreciating mine last night as well!

I just posted the full cack recipe over in barefoot.

*hands culture a tall glass of water and advil*

Okay, babies, I gotta run and shower - I'm rapidly running out of morning before I have to go to the airport!
Sunday morning greetings to y'all! I slept in until 10 today which is rare for me, so I guess my body is still slowly recovering from that bug. But now I'm lounging on the love seat with "Car Talk" playing in the background & a cup of tea by my side. I tell ya, one of the great benefits of marrying an Englishman is that a nice cup of tea is never far away.

HOORAY for Mouse!!! So glad to hear that things went well with the interviews. As the daughter of a nurse, I can tell you that they are always looking for scrubs that don't look like wallpaper. So many of the patterns for scrubs are just dreadful. Maybe you should take the job just for a bit & create something for the cool nurses out there who don't want to be covered in teddy bears or cabbage roses.

Wow, Tree, that's a lot of snow! When I first saw that pic, my chin fell into my lap. Have you measured it yet? Soooo glad you don't have to go out in it.

... unlike TurboJenn. Here's hoping that the roads are treated before you head out to the airport. I'll think of you while watching Nigella!

CH, that's so scary! Glad you made it home okay. Long live the luscious rack!

Poods, your day yesterday sounds soooooo fun! Me thinks I need to try out this Guitar Hero game.

~~~~~ more healing for Doodle ~~~~~ I absolutely loved your post in the Corn Cob thread. I even read it aloud to Sheff. And he has a little advice for you, too, although it may sound a little ... strange. Long story short, when you feel the urge to sneeze, put something that vibrates against the bony part of your nose. Sheff learned this trick while shaving his head with his clippers. Certainly you have something around the house that vibrates, right? cool.gif

Last night Sheff & I stayed home & watched The Illusionist. Frankly, I was disappointed. It was okay, but not worth the raves I've been hearing. Tonight I think we'll stay in because I'd really like to watch the Oscars. I'm sure BestGalPal will be watching it, too, so maybe she & I can call eachother repeatedly through the show with our predictions. It's the best we can do now that we're seperated by thousands of miles! I only wish I'd seen Dreamgirls already. I'm not sure what we'll do for dinner. I'm thinking it'll be a good night for some Indian.
Tree, I'm jealous of the snow. All we are getting today is a slushy mess that if I'm lucky will give me a two hour delay to school tomorrow. We haven't had one snow day this year! Mother nature hates us.

Mouse, congrats on the job options. My mom is a nurse and her scrubs are heinous. I've seen your artwork (the most awesome cover art ever!) could work miracles for the industry.

Jenn, just move in and cook for me, will ya? You keep talking about all this great food. I can cook, but you sound like you can COOK.

I didn't see the Illusionist, RV, but I did see The Prestige which was wonderful. Christian Bale...mmmmmmmm. I could sop him up with a biscuit. Yeah, I said it.

I'm having issues with my boyfriend who I will call Not-Mr. Kelkello since we aren't married. It's a long story and it's making me so very sad. What do you do when you love someone and he loves you but where your relationship is right now is where it is probably always going to be? Does that even make sense? I'm very sad right now.

Good vibes all around to everyone who needs them and to everyone who might need them soon.
Good morning y'alls, or rather, good afternoon. I slept till noon! Huzzah! 'Course, I didn't get to sleep till 3:30 AM.

rose, that's funny. I will try Shef's tip, but hopefully the sneezes will be gone before doodlemama gets back, 'cause I don't want to get caught holding this up to my face.

Interesting analysis on the Eagles' sound, poodle! Maybe that's why I fell so hard for Blue Rodeo in later years....? (Though with BR, I'd say it's more "happily discordant" than "seamless!")

Someone - the landlady I presume - is washing the outside of my door......??? I can hear it, but I'm still in my underpants, eating my rice krispies, so I ain't gonna check it out!, I guess the current landlords really do like to keep a clean building. YAY!

treehugger! Holy snow, batman! How ironic is it that I'm up here in Canada and there's almost no snow on the ground where I live?

Aw....the cats are both sitting at the door listening to the noise...they think it's their nana! Every time someone is in the hallway, they go wait by the door - it seems they are waiting for doodlemama (nana) to come back. AWWWWW. Poor little buggers.

culture, I don't think I've ever really known a GOOD shot of tequila. I've always, always, always paid for the tequila I drank. So you are in good company. (I've actually put tequila on my personal banned substance list.)

turbo, is your UK friend staying with you? For how long?

Well, I think I'm going to attempt taking a cab to the drug store today - I need more cold meds, and more magazines or something to stop me going mad from boredom. But I think I'd better shower first, so as not to frighten other people....

ETA: cross-posted with kelkello! Hi!
Doodle, there is so much snow here in Winnipeg! You can have some!

I've had good tequila, but this shot, was bad, I mean even for this bar, the bartender always gives me good stuff, but this shot was shit. Ick. Normally I like tequila, but this was bad bad bad. So I had a bottlecap for the BUSTies!

Le sigh, I'm over my hangover now, slept more!

Yes horray for boobage!!!!!! I had a lot of fun last night!

Now I want to read some mags! I'm in the midst of reading a book called The Assassini it's a catholic church coverup type story. But this was published before everone went on a Dan Brown binge. It's very good so far. My guily pleasure author, JD Robb (yes Nora Robers) who writes a mystery series has a new book out, I want to read it but going to have to wait. I suppose I'll hit up a book store tomorrow. Maybe.

Anything new with anyone?
Oh fuck it. I don't have the energy to go to the drugstore. I don't even have the energy to shower, actually. I'll just take Reactine and chew on Fisherman's Friend lozenges, which aren't so bad after you get used to them. (Back when I was a smoker, I was dependent on them.)

Hi culture! I don't want yer snow, thanks! tongue.gif I only lasted five years in Alberta for many reasons, not the least of which were the politicians and the weather! I think Winterpeg would kill me.

There is nothing ever new in my life these days, culture. So sorry. *sigh*

Just took this pic from inside my patio door; you can see a very, very thin layer of ice on my side of the river (everything else is reflected sun), and a bit of snow up in the hills, but that's about it for the wintery stuff - sorry it's kind of dark but the sun was RIGHT above the top edge of the shot:

IPB Image

ETA: treehugger, I'm starting to assemble the books I was going to send you (before I got sick); I'll get doodlemama to mail them for me when she comes back!
Doodle, up until last Friday, we had been having highs like in the forties so there was no wintery stuff here either!

Thought I'd share a new pic...IPB Image

Mojo wasn't being entirely cooperative. I missed the opportunity for a priceless picture when he went up to the pictured patio door and started crying and pawing at the door, like "please let me out"...and I'm, RIGHT, kitty....and went up in the loft to get the camera. By the time I got back he had lost interest.

I had to give him catnip to get him to stay put in front of the door for the pic, though. Thought it'd be good for a height comparison. You're seeing my kitty in druggie bliss, here.

YAY for new books! smile.gif

~*~*feel better vibes for all who need them*~*~
Hee hee! treehugger, that's an adorable pic of Stoned Mojo! biggrin.gif But WOW is that a lot of snow!!! Sometimes I like to throw George out on the balcony when it snows, but it's usually only two or three inches at a time. (Up in the hills and mountains is a WHOLE other story.) If you threw Mojo out in the snow (presuming you could get the balcony door open), he'd sink and disappear! (And probably never forgive you.)

How cute is it that doodlemama - who hates cooking - put eight dinners in the freezer for me? Yep, she made a big beef stew and another big mac and cheese bake, both on Friday night before she left. Tonight I think I will have beef stew!

Also, doodlemama bought enough food at the grocery store on Friday to sustain me through a month-long seige.

Today I am hanging out in a camisole and a sarong....with a big fuzzy homemade (by BFF) purple scarf wrapped around my throat. Yeah, I'm weird.
A little snow fun for everyone's Sunday.
Doodle, I'm just sitting here minding my own business, munching tomatoes and cucumbers with Asian sesame dressing, and the next thing I know, I'm snorking on said food, laughing hysterically at the Calvin and Hobbes you posted. I needed a good laugh! Thanks! Enjoy your stew!
Kel, I would be most happy to cook for you! And as I have had 4 people ask about the progress on my cookbook, I think the universe is telling me to get on that. Our friend from Europe just brought us (me) the most wonderful pressie - the new Jamie Oliver Cookbook - JamieCooks - it looks gorgeous, and I can't wait to dig in and read it! (oh, and there's a pot of chicken stock simmering on the stove right now, for those following along at home)

Doodle, your mama is indeed very cute and wonderful to leave you such tasty things and a well stocked fridge to boot!

Our friend is just staying with us tonight - she's an International Relations Professor in the UK (so she's fascinating to chat with), and is here for a weeklong conference. Its always wonderful to see her...and she has the cutest accent ever, having grown up in Germany, studied and completed her PhD in Wales, and now teaches in England - her speech is a beautiful meld of all the places she's lived.

I luuuurve Calvin and Hobbes - they're always sure to make me smile.

Well, back to the boring Oscars here...I am loving Ellen as host, though!
James Taylor is singing on the Oscars right now. And I am in agony. Uuuuugggggghhh.

Doodle, that was so sweet of your dear momma to cook those leftovers for you!

I love all the piccies that people are posting. smile.gif

Jenn, which university? My father-in-law's best friend works at Cambridge (although she is semi-retired now).
The James Taylor thing is agony, indeed, RV. I'm trying to pinpoint the moment he truly began to suck. Back in the day he had a tune or two that didn't make me want to stick my head in a toilet.

The Oscars are not making me especially happy right now, though I am thrilled Alan Arkin won for Little Miss Sunshine. Which made me wonder where I put my copy of that movie. I think I must have loaned it to someone.

Jenn, Jamie Oliver is sex on a stick. Yum for him and his food.

Mmmmm ... Jaimie Oliver. Did you get to see his series on Italy? I loved the bit with the monks & The Cure. smile.gif

And I gotta say ... Helen Mirren is looking goooorgeous!

Kel, what is making you unhappy about the Oscars?
Well, it's 10 p.m. here and they've only given out one major award. I hate how they make us play a waiting game. I should be used to it by now, but I gotta go to bed and wake up at 5:30 and I never once manage to make it through the whole broadcast. Yeah, I need some cheese to go with my whine! smile.gif
I understand, Kel. This is my first time to watch The Oscars in the Eastern time zone. I think this will be on until at least midnight. For heavens sake, they haven't even given out the Best Supporting Actress Award yet and it's 10:30!
can i just come in here to wave at mojo?!
Whew, just woke up from a nap.... the beautiful silence of my apartment. The TV is OFF, and doodlemama is no doubt happily esconced right now in her OWN home, watching her beloved Oscars. (I actually got her to go yesterday instead of tomorrow like she originally planned, by suggesting that she would enjoy the Oscars more on her flat TV than my ancient aerial one! Who's the devil? Heh.)

Wow turbo, that's cool that your friend has been all over the world like that! What is the conference about - is it an academic one or a "political" one?

kelkello, you're welcome! C&H has that effect on me, too.

Hi also, RV and GT!

Well, I think I might go heat up my stew now....
You can come on in here anytime GT!!

Yeah, the oscars can really get to be a drag, and yet I feel like its mandatory viewing. I'm gonna have to cash in and go to bed here soon though...I'm up with kel at 5:30, afterall.

RV - I missed jaime's series on Italy....booo! But, yes, to the sex on a stick. The photos in this book are truly stunning...and if the recipes are as good -- and simple -- as those in the Naked Chef book, I'll be in very nice shape.

Our friend is a prof at the University of Manchester....though since its 4:30am where she lives, she's all tucked into bed now.

ETA: Not sure what the theme of the conference here is - its the annual global gathering of international relations professors, so I imagine its a combo of political and academic. She's giving two papers, yet couldn't tell us what the overall theme for the conference is. But it sounds like a week of extreme geeking out, a little work, and a lot of socializing. Cool.

Okay, to bed I go.
Morning, everyone. *YAWN* I stayed up too late last night, watching the boring Oscars, only to fall asleep on the couch anyhow. Oh well.

Monday morning. Hmph. I'd rather be home hanging out with turbomann and our friend. Hopefully she'll be able to hang out long enough to have lunch with us today, before turbomann takes her downtown to her hotel.

AND, this is turbomann's last week of unemployment!! WOOOT!!! ...Of course, part of me will very much miss the Houseboy Services Package that I've fully taken advantage of these last months - its been a nice respite for me on some of the more unpleasant chores. Ah well, I would much rather have a stable household income!
OK Jenn, here's the shouldn't feel compelled to take everything back on just b/c turbomann's back at work. Use the opportunity to create more balance throughout, right? Especially since you're going to be spending considerable time and energy looking for your own new work situation.

Monday, blergh is right. We missed the "big storm" aside from a bit of freezing rain yesterday, but its still very grey and blah outside. We had a meeting with moxette's teacher at daycare today to discuss the rotating staff problem, and I feel SO much better. Its hard for me to express a problem w/o feeling like the "crabby helicopter" mom. I made a point of telling the lead teachers how much we think moxette has thrived under their care and how happy we are with the general situation.

We had just about the best weekend of family time, too. I miss my bebe and she's only been at school 45 minutes. She's almost walking, gasp! And, we learned how to give "real" kisses this weekend, and she does it w/o prompting! hehe.

Ok, really work. Gotta work. No bustie...really...
This morning, on the way to the office, I decided that I'm going to write a novel. I will call it The Old Finitches. I'm not sure what it will be about but I like the title.

There's a part of a new Bob Dylan song that goes:

Gonna raise me an army,
some tough sons of bitches
I'll recruit my army from the orphanages

I heard "orphanages" as "old finitches". I didn't know what old finitches were but it sounded cool and thought it would make an awesome title for a Great American Novel. When I learned that it was actually "orphanages" I was undeterred.
ooohhh...mrfj, that sounds awesome. your title being some metaphore for the loneliness and community and home and all of that...ohhh....

ok, marketing. right.
I hear ya, mox...certainly there will be more balance in the chores...its just that I'll have to go back to walking the dog in the evening everyday, which is the main thing added back to the schedule. For the last many months, turbomann has done all of the evening and bedtime dog walking. Its a small thing, but it takes an hour out of my evening when I do it...just because its social time for me too. That and the chauffer service...I'm just hoping that I'll be able to start biking to work again next week, as at the exact moment that I need to find my own way to work again, they're re-constructing our train station and telling riders to double their commute time, as our station is the convergence of 3 train lines, and will go from runing on 6 tracks to 2. Gah.

Mr. FJ, I look forward to your great american novel! Maybe we can bundle it with my cookbook...that one day I'm going to get my act together and do something about. biggrin.gif

And YAY for Moxette's daycare! I'm glad you got that all worked out!
Good Morning!

Wow, lots of you have had snow! Brrrr! Temps here are mild. Upper 30's, low 40s. It is overcast though. Bah.

I know, the Oscars last night were so long and boring! What is up with them giving all the big awards at the end? That is lame-o. I noticed they made some changes to the show this year. Don't they always do best supporting actor 1st? Not last night. Plus, they didn't do the musical performances. I was generally happy with all the winners. Though I didn't want Alan Arkin to win, I was rooting for Jackie Earle Haley.

((kelkello)) I am sorry to hear about your relationship right now. Is it stagnant? That's a tough one. Sometimes even if two people love each other, it's still not enough. sad.gif

Doodle, yay for having your apt back! I know that is nice. It is hard having company, even if it is your ma.

happy monday everyBUSTie!

nope, it didn't work. i was hoping i could psych myself into being happy it was monday. nope.

i'm glad it appears that everyone had a pretty good weekend, nasty weather aside. we were supposed to get some really heavy rains and winds last night but it never came. sort of dissipated before it got to us. i'm not really complaining but we did need a little bit of rain and even some strong winds to get all the rest of the dead leaves out of the trees. we did yardwork and raked about seven bags of leaves up fromt he front yard already, but i didn't clear out my flowerbeds because there are so many dead leaves still up in the trees. i did prune all the flowers though, so i am expecting some new blooms very soon!!!

hey, roseviolet, we were sonic twins on saturday! we went there too. AND, i had cherry limeade... my FAVORITE! and a bacon toaster with cheese -- yummmm. and so not good for me.

OH! and last night, mrfj's dad brought over the cradle that he built for the jackaroo! it's SO precious and it made us both so nervous at the same time, hehe. and then later after dinner, mrfj was able to feel a little movement in my belly. it was pretty awesome, like they made their first contact with each other.

i can't wait to read the novel, mrfj!! wink.gif

i gotta make some calls. be back soon!!
Can I have some family vibes, please? OUr family just had some terrible news.

My cousin's 17 year old step-daughter, whom he has raised since she was 11 or 12, just died in a car accident. Icey roads, accident, etc. Its horrific and so terribly remiscient of what happened to his own sister who died the same way at 16. Gah. I have to call him now. This sucks.
~^~^~*~<3~(((((((((((moxie family)))))))))))~<3~*~^~^~

oh, moxie, i'm terribly sorry to hear about this! i hope your cousin and his family will be able to recover from this. how horribly tragic. i'm so sorry. ((((moxie)))))
Good Morning!

So, I talked to the man I'm crushing on. He called me last night and we talked for two and a half hours. He's got a very sexy voice, I could listen to him for hours. I'm totally smitten!

Work here is busy, some little basket case is defying my no, this is what I hate this position right now.

It's lovely and warming up here, finally, a little snowy.

The Latino boy du jour, he's dying for it, but I don't think I'm going to give, really into the new man.

How's everyone on this Monday?
Moxie, I am so sorry. ((fam)) That is terrible and tragic. Sigh....and his sister died in a car accident in the past? How terrible.

Hi FJ! Sounds like things with the bebe are moving right along! This is so exciting!! I am glad Mr FJ made contact, I bet he was thrilled. That is so sweet that mr FJs dad built a cradle!

Hi culture! That is muy exciting that you and dude talked for so long! Ooh-la-la!
((((((((((moxie + fam))))))))) that is awful. sad.gif

culture-- luky duky! a guy who's been chasing me hard, apparently gave up on me. we were supposed to hang out sat and i haven't heard from him since fri. *shrugs* prolly my own fault. i've kept him at arms length. he's cute n all, i think i just prefer women. *sigh* who knows...

harumph! there's no Mojo in here right now so i will wave at the turbo-pooch! hey doggie!
Ah, mox, that is so sad. (((((((Cousin and fam)))))))) There have been fatalities lately. It takes a lot of winter driving experience to handle the roads in this type of weather. Even still, you never know what other people on the road will do. I don't even bother driving in this weather. I stayed home on Saturday night and all day yesterday. I had to shovel my car out of what was basically a drift, so that I could move it for today's plowing. It took forever, but it was good exercise.

Doodle, that's the view from your apartment? Damn. People would pay a premium for that down here. Most views are either streets or alleys or both. I have an excellent view of the alley, surface parking, and a couple shitty-ass apartment buildings. I used to have views of an open lot with lots of trees and bunnies on the south side, but then some assclown had to come along and put up a cheap, sterile-looking 4-plex. No more bunnies for my cats to watch. sad.gif
Oh fuck do I ever feel like a douche bag for going off about me!

(((((moxie and family)))))
(((Moxie Family)))

I've been lurking, but that's about it...I hope you all are doing okay. Good to see Doodle back and functioning, Jacket Jr. revving up the quickening, and a new influx of fresh meat. Mmmm...MEAT!
(((((moxie family)))) Oh, moxie, I am so SAD to hear that....such a tragic end for one so young, and with other car accident deaths in the past. I wish I could give you a (((((REAL HUG))))) right now. I'll send my vibes out to your fam all week. Let us know if there's any support we can lend.

FJ - turbomann and I went to the Body Worlds exhibit over the weekend, and they had a fetal development exhibit, and I guessed at which one might be the size of jackaroo, and wowza - that little guy is growing fast now!

Mmmmm....culture, do keep us up to date on the crush progress!

*waves at aviatrix*
((((((((Moxie's family)))))))))) I am so so sorry that your cousin is going through this tragedy. Much love and support to ALL of you.

~*~*~*~*~ daily Doodle vibes ~*~*~*~*~

Jenn, Body Worlds is also showing in Seattle & I hear that somebody stole a kidney from one of the exhibits! I have no idea how that might be possible, though, since I didn't have the nerve to go myself. I was kinda intrigued because there's an odd family connection to the first exhibit that appeared in the UK, but it still just ... ugh. I can't stomach it.

Sheff wants to start playing this role playing game called (I think) RuneQuest. And I feel terrible about this, but I had to tell him that I am not AT ALL interested in playing. For me, a game is something you can play for an hour or so & then walk away. It shouldn't go on and on for MONTHS. But he still wants to play it with some friends from work. So we decided that one night a week he can get together with the guys & get his geek on. Meanwhile, I'll just have to do whatever the hell I want on those nights. I just gotta figure out what! I still barely know anybody around here. I thought about attending some of the events posted on Have any of you done something like this before?

Also, I found out that a professional theatre organization is holding interviews for all of the repertory groups in the state. They are very picky about who can audition, but I just happen to meet all of the criteria (I've done repertory work before). BUT! They are charging to audition! I'd have to pay $45 & of course there's no guarantee that I'd get cast in anything. This pisses me off to no end. Can you imagine having to PAY to have a job interview? Ridiculous. Doesn't sound legal, either, but the local MFA program is sponsoring this thing, so I guess it isn't a scam. Still, I don't think I'll be going. Grrrrrr. mad.gif
Here's Mojo!

OMG, ((((moxie and family)))) here's some *~*~coping vibes~*~* for you all.
Yeah, that does sound stupid that you have to pay to interview. It's just cheap. Why don't they cover their human resource costs? Instead they're offsetting it by taking money from people on the outside who may not even benefit from the process. Lame.

My boss bitched at me earlier today because I had a typo in my spreadsheet and I didn't know that a refinery company had changed its name. Apparently, I'm supposed to know everything and never make mistakes.

I want a Rusty Nail and a cigarette right now. Nope. I promised myself that I would behave so that I'll be ready for my first day at the YWCA this coming weekend. I'll still be way out of shape when I start, but at least my system will be clean and I'll feel well-rested. Funtime is over. sad.gif Boooo...I don't want to do healthy stuff. Sucky.
Poodle, darling, I assure you that a healthy lifestyle can be fun!! It may take awhile for you to fully acclimate to a healthier lifestyle, and have it become second nature, but once you get a good baseline on your wellness, and have some good energy stores going, then you can fold back in some red wine, some chocolate, and still have the things you enjoy...but of course the ciggies will never be good for you...but after you cleanse your bod, maybe they'll be less appealing.

**butt flush tangent** A friend of mine who'd been a 1-3 ciggie a day smoker for 15 years quit them cold turkey, never looked back, never had cravings after she did a 10 day cleanse with 2 colonics with my colon therapist. True story. tongue.gif

Rosie, that does seem crappy to have to pay a fee, and yet, I can see that they do it as a deterrant for people who may not be all that serious, as well as to cover costs...even a professional theater org doesn't have buckets of cash laying around. Still sucks.

Turbomann plays and online role-playing type game, and if Sheff is good with the in-person games - go for it - its far less a time committment than the black-hole of online gaming, that turbomann plugs into every night. Of course, I don't really mind that much - since he's on the couch with me, just with his laptop, me with mine, and I get to watch whatever I want on the TV. It all works out.

I'm looking forward to starting my own volunteer gig - maybe it'll give me a push toward my new job.

Rosie - I could see how you could steal a kidney from the Body Worlds exhibit - they had a little old docent standing in one corner with some misc. body organs on a table talking about the process of plasticizing and how to apply to donate your body, and you could pick up and touch some of the specimens...I don't think it would be difficult at all to swipe one of those.
(((((((Moxie and family))))))) I'm so sorry! That is horrible. I'll keep you and yours in my thoughts. movement? Super cool! I can't even begin to imagine what that feels like.

Karianne...the relationship is...well, we are in different places. Long story, but he's been married, she cheated, left him for another guy, left him with four daughters, ages 5-15. He's managed to maintain a friendship with her despite what she did for the sake of the kids. I've never been married, never had kids. Don't particularly want kids or marriage, but want, eventually, a partner in crime, someone to come home to. He wants freedom and no serious obligation. He loves me and will always be faithful. But I pretty much have a long distance relationship even though we live in the same town. I see him on weekends. He does his thing and I do mine during the week. Sometimes it's enough. Sometimes it's not. Right now, I don't know. I can't imagine my life without this man, but I know that this is all I'll get for a very long time if I stay.
*sigh* This probably belongs in the relationships thread. Sorry.

RV...making people pay to audition seems a bit skeevy. No way would I go, but I'm cheap like that.

I'm craving potatoes....must make dinner soon.
kelkello, that is rough. It sounds like this is a situation that will work itself out in time. I mean, you will figure out what to do with the passing of time. Things will either get better, worse, or stay the same. I know that is a hard decision to make. Sounds like he has a lot going on and I think any relationship would be tough w/ that schedule. ~vibes!~

minx! I was just wondering where you'd been, you sexy bitch. How's life?

poodle, I didn't know you were going to go to the YW. That's great! I'm with Jenn, with some adjustment, healthy lifestyle ain't so bad.

rose~ yeah, someone round these parts stole a kidney from the bodies exhibit-- and they didn't even leave the donor in a bathtub of ice! how rude! sorry, i think its funny. they caught the guy, and threw him in the brig. the judge is trying to figure out how much the kidney is worth so they know what to charge him with. from what i understand he was just some slacker who thought i'd be fun to put it in his pocket... not so fun anymore.

as for paying for auditions, if you were going to some of the fancier university theatre programs (they have a name and they kinda go on an audition tour) you have to pay to audition. i grumbled at the time but it got me into a school (carnegie-mellon) i never would have gotten into otherwise. not exactly the same, but it could be worth it....
That's a hard one, kel. I don't have any good advice. Usually, a situation like that doesn't end up with good results and it's more difficult and painful to resolve with time.

I don't care what anybody says, turbo. Drinking, smoking, sitting around, and eating fatty foods is waaaaaay more fun that living a healthy lifestyle!! You may not feel so well afterwards and the long term effects usually aren't good, but still. I think I can handle the "maintenance" part of a healthy lifestyle, but I've gotta make it through the weight-loss part first, which means no whiskey-sour drunkfests or Jimmy John's subs for a very long time. Boooo...

I generally prefer healthy foods to processed stuff, but I still have a weakness for mochas, cookies, and subs while I'm at work. I also tend to binge eat at home, too. It's never really "bad" stuff, though--just too much. And of course, I loves me some beer and wine.

ETA- Hi kari and aviatrix!!
Hi, peeps!

I'm finally back at work, or at least have been for a few hours. We had my uncle's funeral today. I hadn't known that he fought in WWII and was a professional boxer, and coached his kid to nationals. You can learn quite a bit about a person at their funeral. There were people there from all over, such interesting looking people. He had family in Hawaii. It was short and sweet and not too gody. Then we had the burial at Fort Snelling with the gun salute and everything. All in all, not too bad. I like that it wasn't all flowery and junk like my grandma's was, all every word loaded with meaning and desperate to make you cry, just simple and to the point. I'm still wearing my suit and my Chanel shoes. It was my first time wearing them, and I realized what a huge mistake it was to try to walk in snow and ice with them. Miraculously, I didn't fall on my ass.

We had a really decent weekend. I made 6 ring tops on Friday, had a blast with Poodle on Saturday (I told you the giant is crazy on the Guitar Hero), and we stayed home on Sunday, except when I went to my uncle's wake, where I got to see Sam and play with him a little. I even made a new bracelet, which is really colorful and looks like candy. We got a crazy amount of snow here, and there's more coming tomorrow and later in the week. Hurrah.

(((((((((((MoxieFam)))))))))) That's just horrible.

I didn't think the Oscars last night were so awful. Even the interpretive dance wasn't bad, it was short and sweet and to the point. I was SO happy to see Al Gore and Martin Scorsese win. I was worried that he'd be the Susan Lucci of the Oscars.

Kel, I don't know what to tell you. I've been with my guy for a little over a year and a half, and it's boring sometimes, but at least we know it's going somewhere. You shouldn't give up on what you want if this guy isn't the kind to give it to you. If you want marriage and children, nobody should keep you from it. If it were me, I'd look into seeing other people, since, IMHO, there's no point investing in something you're most likely not going to see a return from.

I'm with Poodle on it being more fun to eat what you want, drink, even smoke. When I was doing my best on WW, it was miserable. Except for the weight I've gained, I'm much happier just doing as I please. I am afraid of getting adult onset diabetes, however. I don't want to inherit my dad's health problems. I wish I could pay someone to excercise for me so I can lose the weight and not have to do a damn thing. I just really wish that these health gurus would at least acknowledge that excercise does indeed suck. It's so refreshing that Oprah will just come out and say it. She loves the benefits of it, but hates every minute of doing it. That's how I am. The work brings me no joy whatsoever, but I do like the benefits. All I know is that I want to lose 10-15 pounds to fit into my clothes again.

What the hell would someone do with a plasticized kidney?

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