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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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good morning! yay for thursdays!!

turbo, good for you for getting the day off tomorrow! i am jealous of you getting to see the exhibit! i doubt it'll ever come here. maybe it'll come as close as orlando but who knows. i'd love to see it, even though i've heard it can be a little alarming to say the least.

tommy, i had no idea about the sandstorms either! wow! that must be really hard! yes, get yourself some goggles. hell, get a gasmask! by the way, i haven't seen the vagina monologues. i live near the town that caused a stir a couple weeks ago by renaming it "the hoohaa monologues" and should have gone as a show of support to it, but had other things going on with my parents in town. i hope you get to go.

kel, your comment about reclaiming pluto nearly made me do a spit-take last night.

hi doodle! that will be nice to have a little alone time whie your mom tends to her own stuff. i am wondering what it's going to be like for me when i have this little jackaroo. my parents will be coming back in town the day he's born (if not sooner) and mrfj's parents live 20miles away, so i know they'll be here too. i have a feeling they'll all be here helping. honestly, with a new baby it will probably be a welcome relief and the only way i'll have any time to myself! but i can certainly understand your need for respite!! i hope you're feeling better really soon!! ~^~^~^~^~feel better vibes~^~^~^~^~^~ oh, and how is your kitty?

it's a lovely day here today, supposed to get up to the upper 70s. i need to make a buttload of phone calls now so i can get out and enjoy it for a few hours this afternoon.

Hey gang. My stomach is a mess today. Everything else is finally better (Sheff went back to work this morning), but my tummy is sooooooo unhappy. Going back to bed now.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~happy tummy vibes all around~*~*~*~*~*~*~

FJ! That pic brightened my day. If I had a picture of myself like that, I believe I would blow it up and frame it.

((rose v)) sorry about your stomach. *hands over a steaming mug of peppermint tea*

Hi Pk! Banana's new job sounds fun. Except the cleaning up doo doo part.

Jenn, glad you and turbomann had a fun night! That's great that you took off tomorrow too.

How is it that this is a short week for me and it feels so long?? I am super grumpy today.

I slept worse last night that I did the previous night. First, I had to work on work stuff til 10PM. Then I tried to go to bed, but couldn't fall asleep. Finally was about to doze off around 12 when there were tons of cop cars with sirens blaring driving around our block. Then we hear a helicopter overhead, look out the window and see this chopper with it's flood lights on circling our neighborhood. We did not know what the hell had happened, but that went on for a good hour or so. I watched the news this morning. Apparently on this big street near us the cops tried to stop a van who's plates indicated it had been stolen. The van led the police on a car chase, then the people inside stop the van, and decide to run on foot. Right into our neighborhood! The news said they caught 2 of the 3 people. It was very disruptive. I couldn't fall asleep for a while after that. Finally did around 1:45. Bah.

Ok. Enough complaining.

It is a beatiful day here! Very sunny and in the 70's. I plan to sit outside at lunch, I can't wait! I brought a PB&J, but am trying to decide if I should treat myself & go out somewhere.

Hi, peeps.

Doodle, it's probably a good thing you and your mom are going to get some space for a bit. And it's good to know when you need it, very adult.

I'm jealous of your day off tomorrow, Turbo. I'm glad the corned beef turned out well. I really do need to try some non-deli case corned beef sometime.

Wow, Karianne, that's a lot of action in your 'hood! That happened once where my family used to live. But still, a chopper and everything! What did these 3 people do that they were being chased down, besides steal a van?

(((((((RV tummy))))))) I'm glad Sheff's up and back to work, though.

I doubt I'll ever find an over the shoulder boulder holder for under $50. I just can't do those cheap ones with all sorts of elastic and spandex and whatnot. I need extremely firm support for my girls, and I refuse to let them rest on my stomach.

Geez, Tommy, those sandstorms sound fierce. Much worse than snow, since it eventually melts and doesn't hurt so much when it blows at your face. How come I've never heard about them before?

I finally got some good sleep last night, but had the weirdest dream about marrying my BFF in Alabama and running into both our families down there, who had no reason to be there. Sam was in it, too, but he was an asshole. Strangest dream ever. But I'm still happy I got a good night's sleep.

I just called my mom, and they're cool with helping me out with school, as long as I pay some of it myself, which I fully intend to do. Even if they could put in half, I'd be able to manage. Mom also said that my uncle died. He was 87 years old and cancer killed him. He's not the uncle I mentioned before with cancer, but a different one. He was about 30 years older than my aunt. He's been out of it for such a long time, it's for the best. I think he had Alzheimer's pretty bad and had to be under constant supervision, or he would literally leave the house and not be able to find his way home. I feel really bad for my aunt, losing her mother and husband in roughly 2 months time.
(((((diva's aunt)))))its sad when multiple family members pass away within months of each other.

(((((RV's stomach))))))
(((((doodle healing vibes))))a little goes along way

~*~*~*happy baby vibes for fj~*~*~*

'midnight ball lickers'??? i so almost spewed on my computer when i read that. laugh.gif

so my dad has been asking my mom how he can 'help' me with my class work...this is my first huge effort at school since....well.....High he's thrilled to bits. so mom calls me at work and tells me and i'm can he help? cash? stock? huge tracts of land?( laugh.gif ) but really what i could use is a reliable car. i love my little plastic saturn but its getting worn i threw that out there...who knows what will happen. my new motto for the year is 'anything can happen' so i'm going for it. i'm not expecting anything to happen. but there's a hope that something will work out in my favor. (crosses fingers)

(((((((sleeping vibes for all busties that need them))))))cod knows i need them. and a massage.... dry.gif
ms gb, that would be sweet if you got a car! I'll cross my fingers for you!!

(diva fam)) that is a lot of loss. I hope your family is ok.

I don't know what the people did that stole the van. I hope nothing too bad! We've only lived in the neighborhood about 6 mos, but I am pretty certain that this sort of thing is rare there. The neighbors that have been there a long time say things are pretty quiet. I hope so!

Well, I thought about going home, but my headache has actually started to feel a little better. I think I can stick the day out.

did I scare everyone off with my cop chase story?

I decided to treat myself to a burger for lunch. It is goo-ood.
HI hi kari!!

Now, kari, are you *sure* you don't want to move to chicago and do your practicum here? We just lost two counselors this week, and have the highest client load we've ever had. The staff is stressed, to say the least. yikes.

I'm just busting my ass here to try and get out of the office today, without leaving too many dangling threads tomorrow while I'm off, and its not really a great time for a day off, but then it never is for me. Messes just seem to be piling up on my desk this week.

Okay, back to the trenches!

Hi everyone!!

I stayed home from work and slept a lot because I had awful MRG cramps.

(((diva fam))) I hope they're at peace.

((((doodle and georgie)))) I'm glad you'll have some space soon. I'm sure it well help george to have everything back to a semi-normal state in your apartment. Cats are so sensitive about that stuff.

~*~*~*~feel better vibes for all busties who need 'em~*~*~*~

Kari, that is so weird about the cop chase!! Very interesting. Ugh, and annoying. I remember some fuckwad woke me up super early because he was yelling and pounding on cars. Then he punched some woman and the cops came and then the guy died right there in the street. Anyway, yeah, it was weird to wake up to that. Seeing lots of cop cars and a helicopter would be really freaky!!

Diva, the thought of you marrying your BFF in Alabama totally made me spit chips all over my keyboard.

BTW, that's sooo awesome that your parents are willing to pay half of your school!! Holy shit. Where would you go to school and what kind of classes would you take?

GB, how cool of your dad to want to help out!! Yeah, a reliable car is probably the best thing.

I had other stuff to say, but I can't remember.
hullo all
((comfort for poodle and rosie's respective stomachs))

((doodle daily))

kari, that's crazy about the police chase! glad you're okay.

turbo, how cool to teach graphics to kids! i bet that'll be fun.

hi fj, pk, gb, tree, tommy, diva and everybody else--i don't have much to share today. i have two interviews tomorrow though, cross your fingers?
Howdy all. Feeling better, went to school, feeling worse. Feeling worse because my kids were rotten today. Feeling better still, healthwise.

Turbo, much thanks for the cyber-kraut (another possible band name? Augustus Gloomp and the Cyber-Krauts)

Kari...sounds like you live in the neighborhood where I teach.

Hey, one of my students offered to teach me how to make meth. Never know when I might need a second career and all.

FJ: Mr. FJ=one lucky bastard'll never believe this, but the local university here is putting on The Vagina Monologues this week! Just found out today. How I gotta rearrange some stuff to try to go see it.

Well, off to grade papers. Blech.
Kel - you are creating the best band names in here! Now how am I going to choose which band I want to join?

~*~*~*~*~*job interview vibes for mouse~*~*~*~*~*

Mouse, you are so talented - you are going to land yourself a great job, with better pay any day now!!

I definitely had one of those days that really affirms that I need to get my ass in gear and get out of this has been chaos all week....and at the same time, I worry for the org.

I've got one flourless chocolate cake in the oven, and the house smells divine....mmmmm. Its my very favorite cake....well, okay, its not really like cake, more like really rich, intense fudge. I have to make another one later too...rough, eh?

Diva, that is awesome that your parents are willing to help out with your school! And ms gb has hopes of a new car, and mousie's interviews....its a very prosperous vibe in here!

(((((poodle))) You tell that MRG to be nice to you, poodle! No fair with the mean cramps!

Well, I've got to get cranking on my freelance stuff if I want to watch Ugly Betty and Grey's tonight.
Jenn, Ugly Betty isn't on tonight. They're showing 2 hours of Grey's Anatomy instead.

Speaking of anatomy, mine is still wonky. Soooooo weeeeeeak. But I'm starting to feel hungry! A very good sign. And luckily for me, Sheff feels fine & will take good care of me when he gets home in about 30 minutes. Yay. smile.gif

~$~$~$~ jobby interview vibes for our Mouse ~$~$~$~

~~~~~~ soothing for Doods & Poods & anybody else who needs it ~~~~~~

Sheff has invited The Gang over again this weekend. He has promised to help me prepare the house. He better be prepared to do a good bunch of the cooking, too, if I don't improve. unsure.gif
rose, is the Grey's a 2 hour show, or 2 seperate shows? *runs off to TV an hour early*
(((((good tummy/healing vibes for all who need 'em))))

Rosie, you are ambitious having people over this weekend, when you've been sick all week!! We're having a gang of folk over tomorrow too, but thank cod I cleaned last weekend when turbomann was gone, because I haven't had time to do anything this week.

I can't wait to watch the new Grey's here in a little bit...I'm so curious about where they're going next....mox - they're showing last week's epi right now.
Hi peeps!!

Your choco cack sounds fab, turbo!! Save some for me!!

I'm sorry you're stressed out with work right now, turbo. It never hurts to think about new jobs/careers. You've got the right stuff, so I'm sure you'd have no trouble finding something new.

Oscar's totally doing the "kitten freak out" thing right now--running laps around the apartment and attacking inanimate objects. I suppose we should do a little playing.
Poodle, I shall definitely save slices of the cack for all okayers who want some!

Awwww....I wish I could see your kitties going crazy! Turbo's just not that interesting in the play department. He has been rearranging the comforters in his bed for the last 5 minutes - he needs them to be *just so.*

Yeah, poodle, it does help to think about new jobs when work sucks...every day like this is just affirming of the fact that it is time to leave. And then, I also feel sad about the possibility of leaving my job - I grew up there, the staff are as much my family as they are co-workers...that part will be hard. But at the same time, its really time for something new. I think volunteering will help give me a boost in that direction.
Awwww...turbodoggie sounds so cute. You don't want to be around my cats right now. They're still fighting. Oscar gets to do a lot of running around because he's the "boss" (in his own mind), but Gus sticks to his safety spots. I took Gus into the bedroom to play with the laser pointer for a while though. I wish he would just be brave and hang out in the open. I'm really sick of carrying him across the hot lava. They'll get over it. They always do. It takes a long time for my cats to restore "order" after trips to the vet, etc. I'm slowly trying to force them to coexist in the same common space. At the same time, I don't fully understand what's going on in their brains so I don't want to interfere with the process too much.

BTW, I got your message, turbo. That's totally cool with me!! Funny. I caved and ordered LUSH's American Cream conditioner and a bar of the Karma soap. I'm a LUSH virgin, so this should be interesting.

So where's minx?
I find watching turbo to be fascinating, though cats are ever so mysterious, since I don't have my own to watch...but animals are so visual, I love watching them figure out new stuff, and changes in the environment. Turbo really wasn't down with the new curtains at all when they went up, it took him a few days to walk around to that side of the room again. Its so funny though, that - what, a week later?...there's still lava problems. Funny furbabies.

Mmmm....American Cream. I have forsaken all hair product with silicones in them about a year ago, and my hair has never been healthier or shinier...LUSH's haircare is probably my favorite of all their products. A little dab of American cream is great as a leave in conditioner to tame flyaways too...and then you smell the wonderful vanilla smell when you shake those gorgeous tresses of yours!

Okay, its time for bed for me...gotta get up early tomorrow to finish my freelance stuff, my brain is melted at this point. g'night!
Aw, karianne sent me a snail mail card!! Thank you so much sweetie, that was such a wonderful surprise, and I love that the kitty on the front looks just like poodle's Oscar!!! biggrin.gif

Hi everyone, this is a quick post. I've been hiding in my room most of the day as doodlemama singlemindedly defrosted the freezer. It's one of those inside-the-fridge-door ones, and it was frozen solid, for years. (I have a small deep freeze, so I gave up on the fridge freezer.) She was determined, and seemed annoyed to be distracted from it, so I just stayed in my room, and didn't come out till 8 PM! I just napped and read...I have this cold now anyway, so, it was probably good for me.

I have finished four novels, and am halfway through a fifth, since I got sick. Of course, they are all old favourites that I've read before, but still. I haven't done this much reading in YEARS.
Doodle, I think its awesome that you're making headway on reading novels. I just started doing the same after a LONG abscence filled by the boob-tube. I've read three non-fiction books, made it about 1/2 through "The Kite Runner" (if you've read it, you;ll know why my weak tummy couldn't finish it), and am now about 50 pages into "Wicked."

So, I got the results from my physical back yesterday, and turns out I'm anemic. This makes SO much sense. Been lethargic and exhausted by 8pm for months now. We thought it would get better b/c the bebe is sleeping through the night, but it just hasn't. I'm going to see the dr. next week to discuss treatment options. I'm all about diet improvement, so I'm planning to start there.

Poods- POOR KITTIES! Our Simon hides under the bed for days after a trip to the vet. Oliver hyperventilates. Eventually, Gus will come around.

Speaking of kitties, how Georgie?

OK, my report is done printing, so I should go work. But not before I tell you all:

Woo hoo! It's FRIDAY!

I feel soooo much better than I did yesterday or the day before. No headache whatsoever and I finally got a good night's sleep. smile.gif

Doodles, I am glad you got my card. I know, I thought the same thing about the cat! You are sounding more and more peppy, and I am glad about that. Good work on the freezer by your ma!

moxie, I am glad your dr figured out what's wrong. Anemia feels like shit. I hope you start feeling more energetic real soon.

Rosev, I agree, that is ambitous to have peeps over when you've been feeling so cruddy all week. Sometimes you just need to have some fun though.

I had a nice evening last night. I took my final exam, which only took me about 45 minutes. Then I shopped for a while. Found a new dress & a pair of gym shorts. Mr K got off work early so we went out for a drink. It was relaxing.
kari - your thursday evening sounds wonderful!! Dresses and gym shorts, and a drinkipoo with your man -- very nice!

WOOT!!! for Friday!! And I have the day off, but I got up at normal time to bake another cack for tonight. And I woke up with my lymph nodes choking me, so that's not good. I've got a cup of grated ginger brewing right now...we've got a fun day planned, and I don't want to be run down.

Doodle and moxie - I'm with you on recommitting myself to reading...I love to read, and I swear between the internet and tv - it just gobbles up all of my time, and I don't want to continue. I've been going to bed a lot earlier lately, so I can get a nice 45minutes of reading in each night.

Ok, well, I've got freelance stuff to do, and cleaning to do before we head off to the museum.
Ohhhhh, doodle! An open admission of appliance abuse! *looks around for the riding crop*

Bad girl, you.

*~*stay healthy vibes for jenn*~*

karianne, sounds like a nice evening indeed!

*~*iron absorption vibes for moxie*~*'ll absorb MUCH more iron from spinach if it's dressed with an acid such as lemon juice or vinegar. Oh, and a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses is like a total iron cocktail!

Jenn, silicone hairproducts are bad? And where do I find this LUSH stuff? Do I have to go online or would a place like community pharmacy carry it?

Poodle, I thought of you yesterday when I drove past a store called: "the pink poodle". I'll have to take a pic of it. Not sure what they sell.

*~*~feel better vibes for rosev~*~*

Jenn, please DON'T tell me what happened on Greys...I taped it and haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I'm staunchly avoiding the GA thread too!

FJ, you one hot babe. smile.gif

Mouse, so are you. smile.gif

Happy Friday, peeps!
Happy Friday, Okayland!

~*~*~*~*~ daily Doodle vibes ~*~*~*~*~ Hope that George is feeling better. Poor thing.

Hooray for Karianne getting a good night's sleep! Makes such a difference.

Poods, are you feeling better today?

~~~~~~~ soothing for Jenn & anyone else who needs it ~~~~~~~

Moxie, I have a tendency towards anemia, too, but other than eating spinach & taking prenatal vitamins, I don't know how to fix it. Could you share some of the doc's dietary suggestions?

Tree doesn't know about Lush!!! Oh my goodness!!!! Somebody get 'er a bath bomb STAT!

Last night I finally watched a full episode of Grey's Anatomy (I've only seen bits & pieces before). It seems as though all of my friends have been talking about this one approaching episode & I didn't want to be totally left out in the cold! But I will keep all comments in the GA thread. smile.gif

I'm feeling a bit better today. My internet connection is pretty crap, though, so I probably won't be posting much.

As for having people over this Saturday ... I told Sheff that he should go back to work Thursday, see how it felt to work for a full day, & if he felt up to it, then we could have people over Saturday night. And he felt so great yesterday, that he sent out invites to the gang at lunchtime (just a few hours before he learned that I was feeling much worse). But I honestly feel it will be okay. It won't take long at all to tidy up the place for company. Also, I have s super simple menu planned (salad, pasta with sausage, and cheesy bread). I think I'll make dessert - "Man-Catcher Brownies" - later today because they're supposed to taste better after a day, anyway.
Tree, I have to warn you that LUSH has a siren call that I find hard to avoid...I don't think there's a shop up in Madison yet, but we have three chicago stores. This is the website....enter at your visa's peril!

Silicones aren't BAD for your hair per se, but they do build up on your hair shaft, and over time, my hair just got more and more unruly, requiring more and more product. After a couple months of banning the 'cones from my head, and using lush shampoo and conditioners, my hair calmed down, was healthier and shinier than ever. I'm particularly fond of their solid shampoos like trichomania and NEW! and of course, the American Cream conditioner. /end ennabling

My throat feels very much better, and the swelling has gone down - thanks for all the vibes!

*zips lip on GA* -- I think I'll re-watch this epi was gooooood.

Okay, I gotta dash - we're off to the museum! Wheeeee!

Man-catcher brownies, eh? Sounds delish!!!
Hi, peeps!

I stayed home from work today, but didn't say that I'm sick. I used the "my uncle just died" excuse a little more, even though we weren't close. I should probably look around for the obituary. And I'm using vacation time, so it's not like I'm lying. But I do have my MRG, and I'm expecting some pretty nasty cramps any minute now.

Why are cats so weird after trips to the vet? What does the vet do to them? I don't understand.

Karianne, that sounds like such a nice evening. And you only have one class left, right? I wish I could go for drinks with the giant, but he doesn't drink. Oh, well. That's what I've got other friends for.

I'm a big proponent of body lotion as hair conditioner in a pinch. I have Williams-Sonoma grapefruit lotion at my desk and use it all the time to tame my static.

I have to admit my feeling for LUSH have changed. I bought a bunch of stuff at their store in San Fran, and was very pleased with all of it. I got some kind of citrus bar soap I loved and would definitely buy again. And their bubble bars are great.

Doodle, that is quite the undertaking by your mom. I'd love if someone would defrost my freezer. Actually, the one I have now is good, but the past couple before that were pretty bad.

Moxie, how are you liking Wicked? It's one of my Top Five Favorite Books Of All Time. I'm reading the sequel right now, Son Of A Witch, but am having problems getting into it. I've been working on it for about a year now. I've got iron deficiency, too. I suppose I should start doing something about that.

Hi, Turbo, Poodle, Tree, RV, and everyone else!

Today's going to be a stay-at-home-alone-and-enjoy-myself-day. I haven't had one of those for awhile. Monday didn't count because I had to deal with the bathtub and I was out with gay boyfriend. That's fun and all, but I really look forward to my alone time. I'm going to catch up on TV I taped, read a little, make banana bread, and maybe try making a few flower rings. I need to get going on stuff so there isnt' a giant craft-making freakout during the month of June again.

Anyone got any good weekend plans? Poodle and I are going to the Food and Wine Experience tomorrow. And after that, I swear I'm going on the straight and narrow. I've gained 7 pounds in the last month, and they need to go. I'm considering doing Bob Greene's plan, even though the sight of him makes me cringe. I hate the whole "fitness guy with a flat top" kind of thing, but he does have some good points.


Rose, I know, sometimes after being sick, you just can't wait to be social again. I get cabin fever after being cooped up and isolated for so long. Your menu sounds good! Can I get one of those brownies? Please?

Hi treehugger! How's your wrist? Is it feeling well enough to give Doodle some spanks for her appliance abuse?

Diva, I hope you enjoy your day off! I love those days. Hope your MRG doesn't ruin it for you. Dope up. You and poodles are going to the food and wine thing? Color me jealous! That sounds like a lot of fun.
Yep, one more class for me! That's it! Sweet.

((jenn lymph nodes)) hope they feel better. What kind of cack are you baking?

I have a busy weekend. Today I am picking up a friend from the dr, she's having an endoscopy. Once I take her home and get her all settled, I'm meeting my sister and maybe my mom for dinner at my favorite restaurant. Can't wait! Tomorrow morning, mr K and I have to get up early to drag all of these branches out to the curb. We did not plan ahead very well, and the truck is coming tomorrow to get 'em. After that I might hit the flea market w/ Yuki. After that I am meeting two other friends for dinner & drinks. Sunday....pretty open, thank goodness! Def planning on watching the Oscars though.
Well, I started to feel even worse, so I canceled the plans for tomorrow night. Sheff says it's no problem. He's such a sweetie.

And I was going to say more, but I suddenly feel soooooo wiped out.
Hi everyone, quick post! doodlemama is at the grocery store, stocking me up before she heads back to the coast for a week.

You wouldn't really spank someone as sick as me, would you??? Anyway, the fridge is ancient - I've been here 10 years, and it wasn't anywhere close to new then - and I really need to ask the landlords for a new one. It freezes up with about 5 inches of frost all around within a month or two....I can't even be bothered to keep it de-frosted. doodlemama says there is a small hole in the freezer, which is probably causing the problem. Hey treehugger, can we duct tape over this hole to save the freezer, or is it hopeless?

Georgie is okay...he seems very healthy and normal except for the self-mutilation. I am mainly worried because most of the biting and hair-pulling is near his bum, which leads me to think it's not just stress, but something more in the area of worms or an intestinal illness. So he will see the vet on Tuesday whether he likes it or not! I hope they don't make him wear one of those cone-collar thingies. He won't like that AT ALL!

When I was a kid, I had a pet budgie who started pulling his feathers out. He had to wear a little collar made of cardboard and medical tape, but it was so heavy compared to him, he kept falling off his perch! Poor little bugger.
Doodle, here's what I'm seeing - Georgie with some nice little fleece chaps to cover his legs and bum, but not get in the way of takin' care of bizness....maybe with some macho silver studs? biggrin.gif

I'm back from the museum....Uh, I don't think I'm really the right person to go see Body Worlds...I'm sure if you were interested in anatomy, it would be endlessly fascinating, but mostly, it made my stomach hurt. Interesting - yes, but after about 20 minutes, I was totally ready to go. The omnimax movie they showed before the exhibit was awesome, though - so I think it was worth it, all in all. Its amazing how much the bodies shrink when the plasticize them...the full figures with cutaways kind of grossed me out. Doodle, I did think of you when we were looking at the kidney case. smile.gif

(((((Rosie & Doodle)))) I'm glad you cancelled your saturday plans, rosie!

Oh, and I baked 2 flourless chocolate cakes for turbomann's big birfday celebration this evening. And they turned out absolutely perrrrrfect - I can't wait to dig into them! Next I have to make some raaspberry sauce to serve underneath the cake, and I'll serve it with Kahlua whipped cream too.

Diva - good for you for taking a day for yourself!! I love those quiet days at home alone....when turbomann goes back to work, I'm definitely scheduling myself for one of those.
Doodlebug, I'd only spank you if you'd "enjoy" it...although that'd sorta invalidate the whole "punishment" thingy, wouldn't it? Hmm...

Your mama is correct, if I'm reading your post correctly. Ice is formed by humidity which is formed by warm air! So...along with making sure there's no holes in the compartments, make sure you don't stand in front of the fridge with it open for hours while you decide there's nothing in there. Every time the fridge door opens, all the cold air falls out and warm air replaces it. Also, check the door gasket to make sure it's sealing properly. smile.gif

/refrigerator lecture

*sheepishly...yeah, the duct tape will definitely help, if it seals an actual hole into the compartment. Silicone caulk would probably work better and last a bit longer, I think duct tape gets kind of brittle when it gets cold. smile.gif

turbojenn, I seriously WANT some flourless choco cake with raspberry sauce....YUM......and you make matters worse by saying the magic words, "kahluha whipped cream"??? Be still my heart.

Damn.... feel better ~*~vibes~*~ for rosev

kari, the wrist is still achey...but I've learned to do lots of things left handed...and I can certainly wield the riding crop left handed. wink.gif

I started reading Wicked but I fizzled out in the middle...I'm more of a weird New Agey nonfiction reader I guess.

*~*vibes for george and doodlebug*~*

*~*vibes for all who need them*~*

Okay, I'm toddling off to watch my tape of Greys! Yay!
Tree...its only 2.5 hours down here to our place from Madison, if you hop in the car now, you should be just in time! Seriously, though....this cake is as deadly easy as it gets. Melt 1lb bittersweet chocolate with 10Tb butter in a double boiler. Meanwhile whip 5 egg whites with 1/4tsp cream of tartar to soft peaks, toss in 1Tb sugar whip to stiff peaks, but not dry peaks. When the choco is melted and smooth, remove from heat. Whisk in 5 egg yolks. Slowly fold in the egg whites, mix gently....chuck it in a 9" spring form pan, put that in a large casserole in a 325 degree oven, pour boiling water into the casserole pan to halfway up the cake pan. Bake for 30min - itll have a thin crust on top, but still be pretty giggly in the middle. Cool thoroughly. That's it babe....takes about 15min to whip one of those babies up...Not too much sugar in it, and nary a carb in sight - its diet food, right???

Okay, I gotta go put on some sexy kinda booby shirt and get ready for dinner!
Ya know, if it weren't already starting to snow, I'd seriously think about driving to Chi-town for some of that cake! sounds absolutely decadent.

I've only had it a couple times and frankly, never thought about trying to make it....but you make it sound...well, not EASY but not impossible, either!

(yeah, I know you said "deadly easy" but to me, if you have to separate eggs, it's automatically "not easy"....hehe)

But, it sounds like an orgasm on a plate. name: raspberry orgasm?

I watched greys!!!! So good. But it seemed slightly anticlimatic. I dunno why.

So...we're supposed to get a really BIG blizzard here during the weekend. I must stock up. Maybe I'll buy some bittersweet choco, some butter, and some eggs.....

Mayhaps. smile.gif
I have to say I am gald this horrible work week is over.

Tree, we are also supposed to get some sort of gimungo snow storm here, but so far nothing.

Oh turbo a sexy booby shirt for a sexy dinner *pouts* I want to go out for a sexy dinner. Actually, I'd much rather just skip the dinner and have sex.
*shakes sexy boobies in sexy booby shirt in culture's direction*

Dinner was awesome...went to our favorite irish pub, 14 of our friends came out to celebrate turbomann, which was SO nice. I huddled in the corner with our pug friends and laughed all night...good times. Then....the CACK....OMG....Tree, you *must* make this. If you have an electric hand mixer with which to whip the egg whites - then you are all set. It was ****divine**** - like eating a truffle. And combined with the raspberry sauce and kahlua whipped cream....I'm not sad at all that we didn't have to cut into the second cake tonight. smile.gif

I'm not believing the winter storm warnings here at all...Chicago always seems to escape the worst weather - all of that lake effect nonsense just skips on over us here. We'll just get something nasty like icy sleet or something.
Hello sunshiney chickadees!!

I got your package, turbo!! You're so generous and sweet!! Thank you!!

It sounds like your evening was a blast. I'm jealous. Mmmmm...cack

I came home from work and immediately passed out on my uber comfortable couch. I'm gonna go back to bed pretty soon so that I'll be well-rested for tomorrow's food and wine extravaganza with the lovely divalla.

I love treehugger's appliance expertise. smile.gif

((((George)))) I like the "cat chaps" idea.

Ugh. Okay, I'm ready for bed now.

'Night all!!
I am jealous of the cack! I wanted something sweet and delicious last night and ended up with a twix and my boyfriend. That'll do, but the cake sounds divine.

I have a face full of snot (sorry for the visual) right now that no medicine seems to be helping. This cold went from bad to worse to bad to worse again. I think I've forgotten what it feels like to breathe normally. I'm at that stage of illness where you can't remember what it felt like to be healthy.

Tree, raspberry orgasm is a great band should add it to our evergrowing list of band names on the band name thread, too! Some folks have found band name generators and are going to town with those with some hilarious results!
Hmmm...still waiting on the raspberry sauce recipe and the kahluha whipped cream sounds like just the thing for being snowed in.

I dunno, we got the first wave here in Madison, overnight. I think there' s about seven inches out on my balcony this morning. And this isn't even supposed to be the BIG one.

I'm starting to get into the idea of making things with poly clay. I may have to go over to the crafting thread....another way to spend lots of $$that could probably go elsewhere...

Poodle, have fun with Divala today!

I think cat chaps sounds really cute. But I'm sorta visualing it as biker kitty, which requires a little leather cap....hehe

Rosev, hope you are ~*~*feeling better*~*~ today.

*~*~vibes for george and doodle~*~*

kari, busy weekend, indeed! Have fun at the flea market...I love those things.

~*~*anti-cramps vibes for Divala*~*~

Have a great Saturday! smile.gif

ETA: Xpost with Kelkello! *~*~snot face vibes~*~* hope you feel better soon!
Mornin' tree!

The raspberry sauce - 3 cups of frozen raspberries, thawed. Make a simple syrup with 1/4 c sugar & 3T water and warm until the sugar is dissolved. Chuck the raspberries in a blender with the simple syrup, and puree untill smooth. Strain through a fine sieve. Voila! That's it!

The Whipped cream - 1 pint heavy whipping cream, 1T sugar, 3T kahlua - start whipping the cream on high speed, after about a minute, when the cream starts to thicken, add the sugar. When the cream starts to get well whipped and lighter, add the kahlua....whip to desired consistency. That's it! I

I'll post the full details of the chocolate cake recipe over in barefoot, for those who are interested.

We don't have any snow yet here today - our winter storm warning isn't going into effect until 4pm today. I'm hoping it really doesn't hit here, as our friend is flying in from England tomorrow, and turbomann's dad and sister are driving in from MI tomorrow.

I just heard this week that Whole Foods bought Wild Oats...that makes me very sad. I shop at both stores, but more often at Wild Oats - I hope they don't close the Wild Oats here, as it is less than a mile from the Whole Foods.
Did anyone else ever notice that when you have a cold, the cold will pick one symptom per day to emphasize to the point of absolute frustration? Today is my sneezing/nose-blowing day. I can barely stop sneezing, and I can blow my snot-filled nose every ten minutes but it fills right back up again. Ugh. And this is me on Benylin!

Sorry for being so graphic.

*snork, snork*

Hi everyone. doodlemama has hopped it back to Vancouver this morning, so I am all alone at last....with a number of pre-cooked doodlemama meals in the freezer, of course! (Too bad I can barely taste anything.)

I have a dumb question: why do so many medicinal products come with acetaminophen (aka Tylenol) attached to them? Like, everything from cough syrup to prescription painkillers to muscle relaxants. Why do they have to add it to EVERYTHING, so that you can't buy ANYTHING without it, and therefore you can't control your own acetaminophen intake? WHY? So frustrating. I don't want a murdered liver on top of everything else!!!!


Ah shit, I'm going back to bed.
~~~~~ continued vibes for Doodle, her kidney, her liver, and her snot-clogged sinuses ~~~~~
Hooray for finally being alone! Maybe you and George can enjoy some quality time now.

~~~~~ vibes for Kel & her face full o' snot, too ~~~~~
~~~~~ soothing for Divala & her girly bits ~~~~~

I'm feeling better today! Yay!!! Well, for the most part, at least. This morning immediately after some HBI, I had some TERRIBLE pains in my crotch region. No clue why. The pain just started spontaneously. I soooo hope this doesn't mean that my endometriosis is getting worse. Ugh.
But anyway!
My stomach is hunky dory, so we found the closest Sonic, where we enjoyed tater tots & fountain beverages. Mmmm ... cherry limeade.

Of course, now I'm craving the cack. Holy crap, Jenn, that sounds soooooo amazing. I almost feel like making the Kahluah whipped cream and just eating it all on its own! Yumnumnum.

Sorry to hear that some of you are dealing with snow again. It's very sunny today and feels so nice out (currently 55F). Some of the bulbs in the front yard have bloomed, so it really feels like spring is just around the corner!

IPB Image
Wow everone has such yummy food. I had cheese crackers and an orgasm last night! Brought on by the oby du jour, over the phone


rose, that's a perrrrrrty flower. I won't see flowers here for, hmmm, let's see, two three months.

How is everyone else this saturday?

*cough, hack, sputter, SNURRRRRRRRRRRFFF*


I'm envious of you wimmen and yer orgasms. I don't even know what's going on with my bits these days. *sigh*
(((((doodle)))) Sorry the cold just keeps on taking turns with your parts. Ugh.

Okay, I NEED the candidates for ward alderman to STOP calling us!! For the last several days, we've received multiple recorded phone calls a day from candidates, and today, its driving me bonkers!! We've been averaging 2-3 calls per hour all day. And I'm not going to vote for any of them! Especially the current alderman who somehow managed to raise 500K for this election -- which is re-dick-ulous....its for ward alderman, not mayor, and I can guarantee you that all that cash didn't come from the community. But the idiots who don't know anything but the signs landlords stick in the ground will keep voting for the asshole. Gah. I am ready for Tuesday's election to be over!

Rosie..having this much cack in the house is truly dangerous...I think its taunting me from the fridge. smile.gif

*hands out slices of cake with whipped cream and raspberry coulis to doodle, rosie and culture*

And rosie's got crocuses!! I am so jealous! I can't wait until spring arrives here, I get so excited when I see all the tulips and hyacinths coming up.

We're just chillin' at home today, not doing much of anything. I went to the market, and discovered that it was packed, and the line for the butcher was about 15 people long...I went back home. No chicken stock for me today. I'm about to run a bath, and then get me some HBI. Mmmmm.
((((doodle)))) Hope you feel better sooooooooooooooooon!

I have a bottle of wine next to my tv, and I want to drink it, but I'm going out tonight. I have some spaghetti cooking, alas, I want some Indian right now. mmmm samosas!
hay guys

((doodle and rosie and kelkello health vibes))

hey kel, i'm listening to your mix right now!

jenn, that cack sounds amaaaazing. YUM.

so, i was m.i.a. yesterday cos of my two interviews and my crippling guilt and fear at taking the day off from work and what my boss' reaction will be on monday and whether or not i'll be able to get a word in edgewise between her yelling and guilt-tripping to tell her i'm leaving. ugh. let me tell you, i am NOT looking forward to that.

however, both interviews went really well. i'm now signed on with a staffing agency and i've already gotten seven emails from them about postings. i have to take a proficiency test though before i can officially respond to postings, but hopefully i'll pass it. i know i'll pass with flying colors in illustrator and photoshop, but my quark skills are a little rusty and i kind of have to teach myself indesign before i take it....heh.

the other one, the medical scrubs one, looks like it would be another kind of boring job, and the commute is awful. but she wants to pay me more money than i ever thought i could even ask for, so i have to think long and hard about this one. it would be great to do just for a couple months to accrue some savings, but if i feel guilty leaving my company now, i'd feel even guiltier leaving her (it's a TINY company. i have no idea how they have such a big budget). i'm doing two freelance projects for her for a test drive, so we'll see how that goes.....the other perk is that she sets everybody up on laptops instead of desktops and a lot of her employees work from home most of the week, which would be awesome considering the commute.

i don't know, we'll see how it goes! but i have options, and i'm really really happy about that.
Hi mouse, turbo, culture, rose, and everyone else!

I am trying to scare my cold into oblivion, via loud doses of the Eagles and Tom Petty.

Which I can do now that the doodlemama is gone and I've shoved the TV back in the corner.

(I apologize for my old white boy tastes in bands, but huge chunks of my musical education were provided by my older brother.)
Culture - that is dirty pool to come in here and mention samosas! tongue.gif Now I want some too!! But the ice storm is starting outside, so I'm not so interested in going out at the moment.

Mousie!!! You have oooodles of options! That's so awesome!!! Just remember that you can't control how your boss reacts to your news, and you're going to be interviewing and moving on and there's nothing she can do about it!

Doodle, I'm glad you're scaring that cold away with a little rockin' out!

I need to figure something out for dinner here....
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