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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Ha ha! turbo, I am totally going to buy a tiara for my vulva! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Cheese and rise, Doodle! What an ... experience! What's the deal with the shoes? At any rate, I'm glad you are home now & that everything went well & that you continue to heal & improve.
~*~*~*~* oodles 'o Doodle vibes ~*~*~*~*

Jenn, that dinner sounds sooooo damn good. And all of that chocolate, too! Looks like Mr. T's 30th b-day is going to be a great one.

Divala, a dessert bar sounds WONDERFUL! My favorite place back in T-town is a very classy little restaurant that just serves dessert. It stays open late on the weekend so that people can stop by after the theatre. Marvelous. Congrats to your brother on the new job. I hope everything works out for him.

I am soooooo bored. I need to get out of the house, but I'd feel guilty if I left Sheff alone. Maybe tomorrow.

So, how exactly would one attach a tiara to one's vulva?

Hi RV!

The shoes...I wore them with my gown and robe b/c I had to walk from prep to the cysto-surgical area (and back), and I've been warned many times not to walk in bare feet on those hospital floors. (To paraphrase several nurses I met back on the surgical ward, if you've ever seen what happens to a catheter when it accidentally comes loose from a patient or a bag, you'd never, ever, EVER put your naked feet - or even your be-socked feet - on a hospital floor again.) But when I got there and was about to get up on the table, I asked where to put them, and the nurses said just leave them on. Very weird.

We should have a bust-wide contest to design a working vulva tiara.
I don't post much on this thread because the conversation moves fast and the lounge is banned from my work computer by a firewall, but I just had to say that "Vulva Tiara" would make a great band name.
kel - I think you are absolutely right - Vulva Tiara is a brilliant name for a band!!

And come on back and post in here anytime!!! *warms a spot on the okayland couch for kel*

Hospital floors....eeeeew. *shudders* very smart doodle...I shall pass that bit o' wisdom on to my momma!

Yeah, rosie...I don't think this is going to be a banner week for the diet. heh. I can't wait to make the cakes on thursday...they are going to be goooo.
Turbo, thanks! I just posted an idea in the community forum for a new thread..."That Would Make A Kick-Ass Band Name." My friend and I are constantly saying that. I'll wait and see what other busties think of the idea.
Hi, Kel! That would be a fabulous band name! laugh.gif

I am designing a vuvla tiara in my head, but I don't quite know how to translate it. And I'm still trying to figure out how to attach it because I don't really want it to just be a bedazzled pair of panties, ya know?

Doodle, that's a very good point about the hospital floors. [shudder]

I just read a story on the NPR website about a tradition called Sweet Friday. This woman who worked in the Republic of Georgia says that every Friday afternoon everyone stops for 30 minutes & eats cake. I think this is a fabulous idea! Maybe this week I'll whip up a bundt cake & take it to Sheff's office.

Sheff thinks that tomorrow he would like to try leaving the house for a bit. Maybe just a trip to the bookstore or something to test his strength. Hooray!
The world would be a better place if everyone stopped and ate cake once a week (or once a day would be my particular preference, but I just love cake).
Dayum, I spent about an hour typing something for this thread, but y'all have moved way beyond my crap and I can't even remember what I was going to say because I bought some beer. Fortunately, I copied some of it, so it went somethin' like this:

I think Vulva Tiara is a great name for a band!! You're alienating a bunch of potential listeners (men) with the name though. Remember, men are, for the most part, intimidated by vulvas. laugh.gif I think a band name thread would be fun though.

I think a "prophecies" thread would be fun too. For example, in the year 2025, turbo will be THE leader of the colonic movement. Her teachings will revolutionize treatment for chrone's and colitis. Turbo will be the "Oprah" of colons.

Oh god, doodle, it's so nice to hear from you, period. Nobody cares if you skim!! That sucks shit that you've still got the kidney stone though. ~*~*~*~stone-passing vibes~*~*~*~ It sounds like everything is working out okay though. Thank goddess. You guys don't have to remove your shoes during pelvic exams normally? Every place I've been to has you remove everything, including shoes. Planned Parenthood has you remove your shoes. You're talking about a surgery room though? I've always had multiple socks on during surgery room times though.

Happy birfday to turbomann!!

Turbo, your corned beef meal makes me salivate just a little. I have a wee bit of weakness when if comes to corned beef for some reason. I think a lot of it has to do with memories. My dad always
makes corned beef when we're up at the cabin and it's so unbefuckinglievably good with hashbrowns, fried eggs, and toast. We usually only eat it during breakfast though. It's definitely a weakness of mine. It doesn't have the fleshy, bloody, fatty feel that steak has. It's a little dryer and has a lot of pepper flavor. The way my dad serves it, it's usually not the "focus" and that's part of why it appeals to me. I can opt against it if I want without offending him (keep in mind that my dad is a former chef and specialized in meat when he was younger--kinda like taloo). We never do corned beef for anything outside of breakfast and it always involves hash.

Anyway, that's all I can remember right now. I think I should call "the boy" right now. Whoa, I gotta tell y'all about the new cock-block though...that's a totally different story. Dayum.
Vulva Tiara is officially the riot grrrl band for Okayland. Doodle can be our guitar mistress of the dark, poodle is in charge of picking songs for our hella-sweet-ass rock for BITCHES cover band (cause, really, can any of us write music?), MInxy can be our lead singer...that leaves bass and drums. Anyone, anyone?

I have always harbored a secret fantasy to be a groupie for hair bands ( comment)...and you all are hot, i volunteer for groupie duty!

*Mwah* OK, off to start hump day right...with boring research into federal grants and reviewing age-old sanborn maps., no that doesn't sound quite right...gonna have to wake the man of the house up, me thinks!
speaking of being a thread killa...where IS everybody?

Morning ya'll!!! Its turbomann's birfday!!!! He gets 30 spankies today, and maybe a few extra, just for good measure. wink.gif

The celebration is rightly going over several days, as today we're having lunch, and then that unbelievable corned beef that is perfuming the whole house with its pickley goodness, and probably a nice HBI in there somewhere. heh.

Tomorrow, I have to bake those cakes, and Friday, I'm *hoping* to take the day off work so we can go see Body Worlds 2 at the Science & Industry museum. In the evening, we're having dinner with all our friends, then cake at our place. Sunday, turbomann's dad is coming into town, as well as his exchange student sister from Germany, who's a professor in England...she's in town for a conference, and we're so glad she's squeezing in some time to see us.

I could be the Oprah of colons...I can definitely see that. tongue.gif

And if you need any trombone players in Vulva Tiara, you just let me know, and I'll brush up my skillz...they'd need some serious brushing I'd imagine.

Cake on fridays sounds delightful, and ever so sensible!!

Poodle, do tell us of the new cock-block...I'm ever so curious.
Good Morning!

I have been out of the office since Friday, I've missed you guys! But I did not miss the office.

FJ! I love your pics! You are a real doll with that preggo belly! I am so happy that your tests all came back negative. Can't wait for that healthy baby FJ to arrive!

Doodle, that is really funny that you had your feet in stirrups with shoes on! I am glad the removal went well and I hope you just continue to make good progress. That would be so rad if the stone passed w/o any pain. Is your ma still there?

Happy birthday, Turbomann! Big 3-0 eh? Join us......

Mouse, your avatar is too cute. I love the coloring in it. You say that was a few years ago? I bet you are still lookin' good.

Sweet Fridays sound like the best idea I have heard in a loooong time. I think I will try to institute that at my office.

Happy Birthday to Turbomann!

I could sing backup in Vulva Tiara...I never learned to read any music and so never learned an instrument. But since I named the band, I wanna sing backup. The other backup singers and I could learn some smooth Pips-like moves (although they might be slightly more frenetic given the riot grrl status of the band).

I think I will start the band name thread in Media Whores...everyone with a good band name idea should scamper over there and give a name or two!

Good days to everyone!
hmmm, i'm also curious of the cock-block!!!!

happppy birthday to turbomann!!!! and what a wonderful days-long extravaganza it sounds like it will be! that's really cool!

*gives turbomann 5 swats to start the day*

doodle, i'm so glad you're ok. and thanks for the lovely visual of you in the operating room. i'm sort of cringing remembering walking around in my hospital room in socked feet a few years back.

which reminds me, mrfj and i just celebrated the fourth anniversary of not being taken out by a drunk driver on the 17th. i should'a remembered that for good things yesterday!

ok, off to the phones for me. i've gotta make a good 40-50 calls this morning before my 'rents come over. my momma is gonna take me shopping (i finally need some big girl bras! it's a momentous occassion!) and my dad is gonna hang two ceiling fans. nursery pics coming very soon!!!!! (i am looking more forward to showing you the before pics than anything so you guys can all understand that horror that was this room!)

BWAH! vulva tiaras! I LOVE IT!

i miss the minxalicious one.
Hi, peeps!

I wanna be the bass player!

Happy birfday, Turbomann!

I don't think I've ever had corned beef in anything but a sandwich. I'd like to try, though.

FJ, I can't wait to see pics of your old bathroom. I love before/after stuff.

Sweet Friday sounds like an excellent idea. I think with my business, I want to have a fancy high tea once a week, complete with a tower of dainty munchies. Very much a Ladies Who Lunch thing for the younger crowd.

Shoes in stirrups, huh? Odd. You'd think they wouldn't want what's on the bottom of your shoe up in midair where all their equipment is. I hope your stone passes smoothly and uneventfully, Doodle.

Turbo, they just had Body Worlds in St. Paul, up until a couple months ago. I couldn't bring myself to visit it, even though it was widely popular. And I go into the Science Museum every day because I park my car in their ramp.

Poodle, what's with the cock block?

RV, you're adorable. Maybe it's your avitar and the pink/purple text, but you're adorable. I hope Sheff feels better soon, too.

Hi, Karianne, Moxie, Kelkello, and everyone else!

I feel like a zombie today. I couldn't sleep for the second night in a row, even with sleeping pills. My shoulder hurt and I was too caught up in thinking about school and what I want my business to be like, and how much of the work there I'd actually have to do myself. But the first step is to go to school. I'll make my decision at the end of next week when one of my choices has their summer schedule posted, so I'll be starting absolutely no later than June 4.

I'm thinking the fight with the bathtub is on again. sad.gif It didn't drain like it should have when I showered this morning. It wasn't bad like it was last weekend, and it eventually drained, I just don't want to go back to where it was on Sunday.

And I do too use my iPod. I hook it up to speakers at work. I'm just not into wearing headphones all the time because I don't like to be tethered to anything. It reminds me too much of my telemarketing days. I don't mind it when I'm walking (and by the way, I'm probably the only person on earth that's happy about Daylight Savings coming earlier so I can start walking again after work and be done before it's dark), but just sitting, I'd rather not. My ears get irritated easily when I stick things in them. But I do, however, need to learn how to put new songs on it so I don't have to depend on the benevolence of the giant to do it for me.
hey diva, i meant to tell you that i'm proud of yu for deciding to go back to school! that's great! and the idea of opening your own dessert bar is a fantastic thing!!! you will be GREAT at that. i love it when people are able to take something that they love and are passionate about and turn it into a successful career!

you could even have dessert-y cocktails after hours. there is a place like that in st. augustine that's uber-pricey but really sweet. we've only been there one time (actually for dinner because they do that too in the early evening) but i'd love to go back there this summer and just have something decadent.

Hey, yous! Do you have a drummer yet? I can do the big hair...especially now that it's purple/red!!

(looks around for some Aquanet)

FJ, you gots a cute bump! I guess it's three bumps now hmmm? wink.gif

I'd dig a dessert bar, diva. Wow, lots of Ds there.....

gets out the pizza paddle for Turbomann's butt.....happy birthday!

Doodle, shoes in stirrups is sorta squicking me out, myself. *~*feel better vibes*~*

~*~vibes for all who need them~*~
You're in for drummer, tree!! And Diva's got bass! I'll join Kel in the back-up group!

I am totally craving desserts now, after all of this talk!

I think any sort of surgical stirrups just squick me out. I don't think there's really any pleasant reason to be hiked up like that.

I'm tired today too, Diva...the dog spontaneously decided to start sleeping in the bedroom again a couple of nights ago (probably because its not so frigging cold in there anymore), and I keep waking up to his incessant ball-licking. Dude needs to learn some manners. I slept on my arm wrong too, so its all achey. That's it Diva -- we need massages!

I'm with you on the ipod & headphones thing too...I don't use headphones all that much either - speakers in my office, and at home I have a little docking station with speakers that I use, and can transport to the bathroom for bathtime listening. And I'm really not a fan of ear buds, but I do use them when working out, as I don't want to get my nice cushy sennheisers all grody with sweat.

Go FJ!!! Make those sales!!

((((doodle - continued recovery & vulva vibes)))))

I slept horribly last night also. I got in bed around 11:30, read for about 15 mins, got really tired. I turned the light out only to lie there, and have to turn it back on about 12:30 b/c I was still awake. FINALLY drifted off around 1. The Mr K came in, I must have heard him and woke up, got up to pee and he was in the hallway and scared the shit out of me. Ugh, it was not a good night.

((Diva shoulder)) I am sorry to hear about that. I too meant to say CONGRATS on your decision about school! That's wonderful. Very proactive!

Jenn, waking up to ball licking does not sound like fun! I am glad our dog doesn't lick herself very much. When she does, I give her a stern look and she kind of stops. She knows I don't like it.

Wowzers, FJ, who is that in your avatar now?

Diva, I can't wait for Daylight Savings Time! It has started to stay light a little longer here lately, and that is so nice. I can walk the dog in twilight, rather than darkness. She'll be happy then too, b/c she will get longer walks.

FJ, nursery! Squeeee!
I've been sleeping all day today. Home sick. I went and taught yesterday and I felt like death when I got home, so I stayed home today.

What bubble do I live in that I don't know Daylight Savings is coming early? Probably 'cause I have no cable and therefore never watch TV (except Grey's Anatomy). How early? This is acutally making me perk up a bit...I'd like to walk after work too before it gets dark!

I noticed your hot avatar, FJ. I tried to change mine to a photo, but no matter how tiny I made the pixel size, it kept saying it was too big. Anyone know how to do this effectively?

oh my god, best band ever. ooh ooh! i can play the ukelele AND whistle, and every good band needs some hand claps!

i also think that "tiara" would be a totally cute euphemism for lady bits.


fj, i think your avatar is NSFW tongue.gif

kari & jenn ((hope you sleep better tonight))

diva, good for you for deciding to go back to school! running your own little delicious food business would be so much fun.

tree, what sort of exciting electrical appliances are you working on nowadays? tongue.gif

hi moxie, poodle & kellkello--good to see you in here! stick around smile.gif

ETA: kk, are you using photoshop to make your avatars? if so, use the "save for web" option and it significantly reduces the file size. sometimes you have to do it a couple times to get it down enough (like, save for web, reopen, save for web again)
oh my goodness, a dessert restaurant? *dies with feet in air and goes to foodie heaven*

selling dessert cocktails is also a fabulous idea, my favourite is a Black Forest Gateau Martini:
Raspberry purée and crème de mure shaken with hot chocolate, laced with Chambord. mmmmm...
Wow, ball-licking and midnight scares! Makes my night sound perfect. It's really easy to sneak up on me, and so many people do it at work accidentally, but it gets me every time.

I'm pretty nervous about getting more schooling. I hope I choose the right place and I can get the right classes right away and that they'll be enough. But you know what? How many schmucks are there out there running their own places and doing fine? And why can't I do the same? So that keeps me confident.

I'm definitely doing dessert drinks, since they're my personal favorite. Besides desserts, the food is going to be really limited, though. I don't want to have to deal with a huge commercial kitchen, and I have no interest in preparing actual meals. Sandwiches, soups, and salads, sure, but no rack of lamb or anything.

FJ, while that picture is very pretty, I know I'd get in heaps of trouble if anyone passed me at work and saw it. I don't have the luxury of a door to close.

Kelkello, it's coming up sometime next month, I think around the 22nd or so. I can't wait. I'm itching to get out walking after work, which wouldn't be until about 6:00 CST, and I need at least an hour.

Turbo, I don't care for earbuds, either. I got the kind that hook around your ears and the speakers slide into your ear sideways. Not perfect, but it works. I used to use the headphones from my little radio thingy I used while I was at the gym, but my hair creases if I keep it on too long.

I'm really starting to get ticked off. I was supposed to have a lunch date with my friend from work, but he hasn't come into work yet today. And next week is his last week. I. AM. PISSED. The only reason I even came in today was because I had a lunch date, and now the asshole doesn't even bother to show up or call, and you know he's going to just laugh and shrug it off and I should somehow feel sympathy for him because of whatever else he had going on. Screw that. I'm going to Chipotle.

I will be the third back-up singer! It'll look more balanced that way. And whenever you need a flute solo, let me know. happy.gif
I have always had a thing for bass players (Mmmm ... Murray Foster ...) so I'll end up developing a crush on Divala & we will exchange meaningful glances during performances. It'll be fab.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. TURBO!!!!! Welcome to the 30's. I think you'll like 'em.

I slept in today! I never do that. Then I stayed in bed because of (1)The Crapulence that has infected this house and (2) I started reading Good Omens again & I got sucked in. But now I have bathed as has Mr. Steel, so I'll be dragging him to a bookstore and the pharmacy shortly. I think he's feeling better, but he's still having terrible sneezing fits (4 in a row is not uncommon) so it isn't really safe for him to drive. I wonder if I'll have to drive him in to work tomorrow! Wacky!

I'm sorry, Jenn, but the idea of you waking up to Turbo's ball licking made me giggle. You'll forgive me, won't you?

Diva, I think I've seen your ipod case on-line before. Is this it?

Confession: I don't own an iPod. And I don't feel much of a desire to own one.

My laptop is a whole other story. It has practically be grafted onto my body.

Going out now. Be back later!!
Ooh! RV I'm reading Good Omens for the first time, and it's so hilarious! I'm recommending it to everyone I know.

The Midnight Ball Lickers could be the opening act for Vulva Tiara *cavorts off to the new band name thread*
Kel - you are cracking me up!! Another great band name! Yes, it is indeed disconcerting to wake up in the middle of the night to that sound...and greyhounds being rather feline in their obstinance, if you tell him know, he just goes at it with even more fervor! Ah well, in another few days, I'll be used to it again, and it won't wake me up.

Mmmm....Good Omens is one of my favorite books, I am desperately waiting for the audiobook to come out - Neil recorded it last year, but its only out in the UK right now, I think. I think I might re-read American Gods next though...I read that one about once a year....Good Omens is the perfect book to read when you're home sick, though!

Okay, back to work. hmph.
Neil Gaiman did a children's book called The Day I Traded My Dad for Two Goldfish (or something along those lines). It's fantastic, and is the only other thing I've read by him until Omens. I've discovered, of course, that I must read more. Terry Pratchett too. It cracks me up how in Omens all the tapes in Crawley's car turn into the Best of Queen after a week or so.
Mouse, I wanted to say, your avatar is wayyyy adorable! I'm not actually working on any stuff lately...been off work with wrist issues for the past, almost a month!

It still isn't feeling real great...wonder if I can extend it another month???...

hehe, FJ, glad I'm not at work seeing that. Verrry hot!

And I love the band name "midnight ball lickers".

I like the ipod for bus rides. Also it's saved me when I've missed an episode of Greys Anatomy. Just cannot miss that show.

What's really amazing/awesome/cool about Ipods and being hearing impaired enough to wear hearing aids, is there's a necklace like thing, it plugs into the ipod and transmits the sound WIRELESSLY into the hearing aids! No wires hanging from the ears! Although the downfall of that is it's not stereo. But I like the no wires thing. Plus nobody sitting near me can hear it.

So, ipod wearers, if you want to get rid of those dangling wires....CRANK IT UP! (just kidding)

Bunny, I want one of those martinis!
Treehugger, I didn't realize you've been off work this whole time. Poor widdle wrist! Hope it starts feeling better soon.
~~~~~~ soothing for Tree & for Doodle, wherever she is ~~~~~~

I have read sooooooooo much Gaiman over the years. I've read the entire Sandman series (I dressed up as Death for Halloween one year but only because I didn't have time to do a Delirium costume), most of his other comic/graphic novels, most of his adult novels, and all of the kids stuff (Gotta love The Day I Swapped My Dad for 2 Goldfish! I even read Neil's blog. Oddly enough, I have not read Stardust. Need to do that before the movie comes out. But I'm reallyreallyreally looking forward to the Coraline movie! It's gonna kick ass!

I have also gotten into Pratchett over the past 5 years. Mostly the night watch books, but I'm branching out a bit into other areas of the Discworld. The old cover art they used really discouraged me from reading him for ages, but I'm glad that Sheff convinced me to give 'em a try. Great stuff.

About 5 years ago I heard a rumor that Terry Gilliam was going to direct the film version of Good Omens. I wonder what happened to that.

Sorry. Suddenly I've turned this into the book thread! laugh.gif

Me so tired. Nap now.
Rosie - we are book sisters!!! Neil is my absolute favorite, and his blog is the first thing I check when I get home from work everyday, and I adore everything the man writes...just finished Fragile Things, which was Okay, but I'd read a lot of the stories elsewhere...I also listen to every audiobook of his stuff I can get my hands on - he's a wonderful reader...I feel like he's my friend.

I've read a few Discworld as well, I enjoy them, but not as much as Neil. Up there in my penultimate author's category are also Charles DeLint (he may carry my #1 author award) and Jonathan Carroll...and its probably no surprise that they're all friends. I adore good mythic fiction. /end fantasy fiction fangirl rambling

Oh, and rosie, do NOT pick up any of those discworld novels on audio...Zzzzzzz....the reader just puts me to sleep. Can't drive to MI with that on at all.
heeeey youuuu guuuuuys!

just a quick post before i get started calling this afternoon. just got home from shopping with mom and had such a nice time. plus, i got 6, count em, SIX new bras plus several pairs of undies for sixty bucks! some bras were as low as $5! and i'm proud that i'm in the biggest bra i've ever worn, a 36B! woot!!!

ok, i'll switch the avatar. i was just so impressed with it that i had to show it to you guys... it's actually MOI!! it's a painting that SIL did of me from a modeling pic that i had. mrfj always wanted it on our wall as a blown up pic, but i asked her to paint it for me so she did. and let me just say that she made my tits look awesome!! i mean, i love my boobs, but they're spectacular in that painting!!!

anyway, it is now proudly hanging on my wall above my bed...

awright, i've read the archives, but will have to come back to chat a bit about them later, as i must make some calls.

WOOOOT on the new brars, FJ! I need to shop where you're going...I'm down to pretty much one bra right now, and mostly wearing the zillion camisoles I have. The girls are in flux with the weight loss, and my bras are all baggy in the cups...not cool.

FJ, I missed your new avvie - my browser never changed it - can you post a linkie to the pretty piccie? I wanna see FJ's awesome boobs!

I've got the laptop in the kitchen here while I make 'kraut. I've got a pound of mushrooms sauteeing in butter over there....smells awesome. Bacon's up next. What was that you were saying, rosie, about the laptop being grafted to you? tongue.gif
Being a woman of larger boobs, I can never find cheap bras because the boobs end up hanging out with my bellybutton, and frankly, they don't get along that well. *sigh* I'm so jealous of FJ's find...of of her delightful avatar/painting. My boobs couldn't look that good EVER.

Oh well, off to check the lasagna...mushroom polenta smells of heaven and garlic.

ETA...not "of of her avatar"...I meant "and of..." der...
Oh Jenn, how I wish I could be at your place now, smelling your delicious food. I'm afraid that the shopping trip has left me & Sheffles feeling rather exhausted, so I don't know what we'll do for dinner. Probably just a can of soup & toast.

FJ, where did you get the bras? Bargain deals like that must be shared! As for the painting ... yowza!

Kel, my boobage is a bit larger, too (34D crossing over into DD territory). I haven't gone bra shopping since I moved, so I don't even know where to go if I want to buy something that doesn't frighten me. You know what I mean. There are some damn scary lookin' bras out there!

How was the weather for everybody today? It was soooooo warm here. I think it got up to 70! And some of the crocuses in our front yard bloomed! Remind me tomorrow & I'll take a pic.
RV, I buy mine at Lane Bryant. I'm still just big enough to wear their clothes/bras. I've lost a ton of weight, but I don't know what I'll do if I have to start buying bras elsewhere. They make a nice, simple cotton underwire bra that is neither scary, nor uncomfortable. And it comes in lots of pretty colors and prints. If I get below a 36 D, I'll have to start shopping someplace else. However, doesn't look like that's going to happen soon, so I should be safe.

It was almost 60 degrees here, and after highs in the low 20's last week, it was almost welcome. Scary in a global warming way, but welcome in the "my skin is so tight it's falling off" way. I actually felt good enough this afternoon to take a walk outside, thinking the fresh air would stave of the cold/flu thing. It couldn't hurt.

Did I hear Turbo say bacon? Bacon....mmmm....
Hello OKAYers!

I can almost play two chords on guitar (just started last week), can I be in Vulvar Language?

I use my iRiver for everything: these days, I'm listening to lectures on monkeywrenching and creative vandalism, Neuromancer by William Gibson (AWEsome), a pretty badly-performed herotica story "the Job Interview," a live Black Crowes show, and all the usual pop junk: Matthew Sweet, George Harrison, les Negresses Vertes, Sheryl Crow. I'm so hooked on guitar though, that I'm flipping past anyhting I don't think I can learn in the near future! I also love my inner-ear phones: I've worn that kind exclusively since my first Aiwa casette player, so I have small ears with GIANT holes.

I missed fj's sexy avatar! Mwah!

I might bust my Vagina Monologues cherry next week! (Unless it's in Korean, then I'm buying tix for shenomad and her sister.)

~*~* ~*~healing vibes to doodle & treehugger~*~*~*~

^^Woot and Kudos for back-to-school-BUSTies^^

((hugs to the rest of you!))
Pop that cherry, Tommy!!! Pop it!

I was in a production of The Vagina Monologues waaaaaay back in 2001. Loved it! The play was really new back then & the theater was absolutely packed. If the fire marshal had stopped by we would have been in so much trouble! Anywho, I can't even recall all of the pieces I read, but I did an especially good version of "Reclaiming Cunt". I saw Eve Ensler herself read that piece & I still thought, "Nah ... Mine's better". wink.gif
rose, have you defected from kvetch? wink.gif

I saw The Vagina Monlogues in 2001 too and, memorably, was almost hit by a car that was forced off road by huge lorry whilst I waited for bus to go to the theatre. V scary it was too, although I managed to laugh lots at play.

Mentioning the dessert cocktail made me persuade the boy to take me to the retro restaurant that serves it for my birthday in a few weeks.
Bunny, darling, it is our most sincere wish here in okayland, to make our fair thread a welcoming space for all kvetchies who wish a warm spot to linger from time to time...just come on in and flop down on the couch! smile.gif

I am completely stuffed. Dinner was sooooooo good. Best corned beef I've ever pickley and garlicky...yum. And the kraut was divine! And yes, Kel, I said BACON!! First you saute a pound of mushrooms in butter. Set them aside, then fry up 6 slices of bacon, cut into small pieces. Set the bacon aside, then saute two minced onions in the bacon grease. Now, add 2lbs of rinsed kraut and 1Tb caraway seeds...cook slowly for 15 minutes, adding a dribble of water here or there to keep it moist. Then add the bacon & mushrooms in, mix, and serve. SO GOOD. Thankfully kraut freezes really well, so I've got enough left over to last a couple months, since turbomann won't eat it.

The feminist group I was a part of in college put on the Monologues in 1999, and it was such an amazing experience to be a part of...I think most of the rehearsals we spent talking about our sexuality than actually rehearsing...I just did promotions, as I am not a lover of being up front, but it was awesome. I saw it done professionally in Chicago in 2001, and it was equally amazing, and there was so much discussion in the audience afterward, it was really fun.

Pop that cherry, tommy!!!! And is VERY good to see you in here again!!

I can't go with the inner ear-phones...the sound IS superior, but I gotta walk through my transitional 'hood on my way home from the train, and I can't be so isolated. Oh, and I've listened to that "Job Interview" baaad. I'm currently listening to the Best of 2003 Erotica in the bath from time to time...the stories are always a mixed bag.

Oh, and I signed up to start volunteering with the neighboorhood youth center today! They just got a computer lab, and I saw that they needed someone to help teach kids web design/graphics etc...should be fun!! The kids are age 10-18, and its just a drop in center, so you never know who's going to show up. I'm really excited!
I am now craving bacon-laced sauerkraut. Turbo, the youth center sounds supercool. Those are good ages, too. I teach 8th graders, and I swear they keep me young and on my toes.

I've never seen the Vagina Monologues (since I live in a tiny podunk town of little consequence or culture). I should just read it, but I'd so much rather see it performed...more powerful. Reclaiming cunt...that's a word I want to take back. I have a high esteem for the word. I wanna take back Pluto, too. I don't care if scientists say it's a comet now. It lives in my heart as a planet. I need sleep.
kelello, you can download audio performances of the monologues that would be more....performed than just reading it. Maybe at creativecommons? I'll try and find it and give you a heads-up.

tj, you frigging rock for volunteering your time! especially for kids, who really need mentoring in this crazy world.
Awwww, shucks, tommy...I'm just trying to give back a little of what I got. I wouldn't be the bleeding heart graphics lackey I am today if the publications teacher hadn't truly taken me in and kept me safely tucked under her wing for 2 years, whilst I sucked all the knowledge I could from her. smile.gif And to help the kids living in my neighborhood...that is even cooler. I'm guessing I'll get more out of it than the kids will, in an immediate sense.

*pushes a bowl of fresh kraut toward kel*

*steals a big ole bite of kraut from kel's bowl and then looks around for the corned beef*

turbo, that dinner sounds divine. i came *theees* close to buying a corned beef roast the other day but didn't do it. i was mking dinner for the rents and ils, and wasn't sure if they'd all like it.

oh, and GREAT for you volunteering. that is so wonderful! and those ages are pretty good and plus they'll hopefully be there because they WANT to be there, so you'll have their attention.

ok, the bras were actually at dillards. my mom has a card there and it had a balance of zero so she wanted to go shopping a bit. but we wound up getting such great deals that we didn't have to use the card. and just so you know, they had TONS of beautiful bras in large sizes (i saw a lot of 36-38D and DDs). everything was between 50% and 75% off original price.

we also took a stroll through the baby department and found the sweetest olive green parka with a bright orange fleece lining. it won't fit him until winter '08, but it's going to be so awesome. it was $35 marked to $8, so it just wasn't something i could pass up. and another three-piece outfit for $9 that has a brown little cord jacket, little cargo khakis and a striped button up shirt - which basically all looked like something that mrfj would wear, only much much smaller.

oh and here is a link to the painting as well as the picture that she painted from... beware, you can see my tatas!!
Hi everyone...just finished sort of reading (part-reading/part-skimming, to be perfectly honest). Feeling kind of "blech" today; I seem to have a cold. Mainly a scratchy throat and itchy eyes. JEEBUS, will this never end?

Georgie is going to the vet next week. It seems he is still pulling out his fur and chewing on himself. I did talk with the vet and she said it sounded like it was stress-related behaviour, but I still want to be sure it's not something more serious.

doodlemama is going to go home on Saturday, for a week, and then come back the following weekend, before my D&C. She wants to catch up on her bills, do her taxes, clean out her fridge (which is undoubtedly very scary by now), see her own doctors, etc. She is going to do a big grocery shop before she goes, just in case I still can't manage it on my own by next week.

I am looking forward to having some space!! (No doubt, so is she.)
*fans self after looking at the smoldering FJ*

Good thing I'm sitting down, FJ....yowsa....that is one sexy sexy pic and painting! And the painting is truly gorgeous....I always amazed at portraits...that someone can capture so much of a person's essence on canvas. Divine, my dear. You give me inspiration to get my own tata paintings up on the walls...they're still not framed, and sitting in an envelope on my dresser.

Doodle, that's great that you're going to get some time to yourself here soon...AND its great that doodlemama is coming back for the D&C....that's one good momma you got there. Poor Georgie! He's so concerned for you...I hope he can settle a bit when doodlemama goes home and you get a little peace and quiet.

Well, its time for beddy-bye for me now...catch ya'll in the morning!
Hi turbo! 'Nite turbo!, I missed that link when I was skimming, but holy WOWZA! I think you even just made my girlie bits perk up a little bit! wink.gif

I am making chicken soup. Putting it together was more work than I thought...I almost couldn't stay standing that long. Yikes.
Hihi guys!

I've been lurking, but haven't felt like posting.

Doodle - it's so good to have you back, and I'm glad your stint removal went OK. That was weird about the shoes, though. Continued ~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*~*for Doodle.

FJ - you so seXXXy! I think it is a beautiful portrait.

TurboJenn - Midnight Ball Licker!!! That's so funny, but I know it's annoying. I used to have a dog that would lick his balls at night, and it's so effing loud! Luna licks her butt sometimes, but not often and not loudly. She's a considerate doggie.

Diva - that's awesome that you have committed to educating yourself in order to go into your own business! Exciting! And a little sweets cafe would be so so sweet. There was a place in Chicago called Sugar that sold desserts and cocktails until late. although I never went there, I heard that it was one of THE places to be seen. I wonder if that place is still around and how they do financially.

Well, it looks like Vulva Tiara is on its way to becoming the hottest band the freeeekin' world! Yeah, dude! Too bad I don't play an instrument. I took stand-up bass lessons in college, and I played the alto clarinet in high school. Hmmm. Whose garage are we going to practice in? Wait...are we going to practice? And in regards to our name alienating an entire gender: we *are* going to have the Midnight Ball Lickers to open up for us, right? And those guys might just stay and see what VT is all about. Then they'll see how fukkin hard we rock, and they'll melt with respect for Vulvas. We're actually creating harmony and unity. Yay for us!

And Yay for corned beef and sauerkraut! And yay for flourless chocolate cack! And yay for splendiferous birfdays! Happy 30th, TurboMann! 30 whacks with a wet noodle!

I'm so hungry right now. I just ate a bowl of cereal, but it's not the same as a pizza or some corned beef with sauerkraut.

I hope Sheff will feel better soon. Poor Sheff. (((Sheff)))

I went out with some guys from work for a beer and some oysters and mussels. It was fun. The mussels were fantastic. And I was on a roll with my joking around, so the guys are a little more warmed up to me now, I think.

Did I tell you that Banana got a job last week at a doggie day care? He watches the dogs while they play with each other, then he has to break up the play fights and the humping frenzies. He also has to clean up the poop and pee. Ick.

OK - Hope you guys have a wonderful Thursday morning. Smell ya later!
Hi everyone!

fj, I think my monitor just melted from your sultry hotchness! (spectacular tatas!--not that you need any man to tell you that).

The yellow dust is upon us here again on the west side of Korea. Tonnes and tonnes of metallic sand from the Gobi desert blow in every spring. It forces people indoors, everyone wears masks, some even sport goggles (I'm thinking about it). Cars and windows are caked, and people openly pray for rain. The dustcloud brings about cold and cough symptoms, and the long-range health ramifications have not yet been examined. Some conjecture that with global warming, this part of the country will, within 10 years, be uninhabitable two months/year. It makes me ill, and I don't even live in Seoul, where the whole thing gets mixed in with the regular soup of air pollution to poison the locals.

Itty-bitty good news: I saw a streetside banner today that said: "Let's work to create a tobacco-free society."
Revolutionary in a country where 60% of the men smoke, everywhere they please (including hospitals).
Mornin' ya'll!!

Tommy...that dust/sandstorm season sounds awful...I don't think I'd do well in that kind of environment. It makes me sad that our environment is changing so fast, and governments refuse to impose the kinds of changes necessary to curb the effects...and I don't buy the economic fears at all. I can only think that being conscientious about the environment will be very profitable in the long run - creating more jobs, encouraging innovation, and thinking about how we choose to spend our consumer dollars. My love of urban living is definitely environmental in part...I can walk, ride my bike or take public transit to a lot of things, and its important to me to live in a small space, in a building with other families - I like having a smaller footprint on the earth. That, and I'd much rather pay someone else to deal with all the major upkeep on the building. smile.gif

Not much new here...I think I need to not drink wine on school nights. I do it rarely, but -- sheesh! I get the craziest dreams, and just don't get as much good rest. But we had a lovely evening last night for turbomann's birthday...and the celebration will continue tomorrow, as I took the day off work. WOOT!!
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