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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Mornin' peeps!!

"I am the only heterosexual woman in America that cares not a whit for the men of Grey's." Nope, aural, I'm not into the Grey's guys (or the show), either. Still, McDreamy is quite handsome and I could see how many would crush on him.

Nice to see you 'round here, tommy!

Ugh. I'm going into work at some point today because I put stuff off on Friday, assuming that our office would be open today.
Happy Birthday Tree!!!!! So what are you doing to celebrate this glorious occasion?

Bummer that you have to go in today, poodle! I wish we had the day off today...waking up this morning was quite depressing, being monday and all, and turbomann didn't get home last night until after I was asleep, so we haven't had a chance to catch up yet. He's gonna take me out to lunch today, though...that'll be nice.

Not much else happening here...I'm definitely taking friday off so turbomann and I can go see Body Worlds at the museum to celebrate his birfday, then we have a celebration in the evening with all of our friends. And there will be flourless chocolate cake involved. Yum. I'm gonna go out and buy the chocolate today. A whole pound, for one wee little cake. Delicious.
Happy birthday, Tree!!!!!

Going out to lunch sounds soooooo nice, Jenn. And that cake sounds even better.

Still sickly. Sheff actually feels worse & thinks he'll miss work tomorrow. I've been out of bed for about an hour & a half, but I think I'm gonna go back. Bleh.
(((((rosie & sheff)))) I'm sorry your both sick...on one hand its kind of nice to snuggle in and nap together all day, but with both of you sick there's no one to take care of you, which is no fun at all!

I'm still trying to decide on the cake thing...I now realize that we will have 15-20 people at our house for dessert, and the cake really only server I make another cake, or do something different? Barefoot Contessa had some pretty deadly looking triple chocolate brownies on her show last week that made a full 13x18 sheet pan...that might be the way to go, after all. I just worry about the center of the pan not cooking all the way through when its that big. Either way, its going to involve 2 + pounds of good quality chocolate, which gets a little expensive. I'm going to see what I can get in bulk chunks at Cost Plus this afternoon, and make my decision from there, I think.
good morning all

jenn, i'm jealous you get to see body worlds! i've been obsessed with professor von hoggins for ages but i've yet to see his work in person.

**healing vibes for sheff, rosie and doodle**

doodle, it's good to hear you're working on projects! i gotta say, though, i'm fed up with feng shui. the majority of my company is chinese and we just moved into a new building and everything was verry religiously feng shui-ed out, which results in the most inconvenient furniture placement ever and having to go all the way around the building instead of just down some stairs since the door to the stairs is locked with a note on it that reads "do not open--bad luck!!" *huff!* but! gung hay fat choy anyway. the new year here means that now we have all new policies--like clocking in, and a bell system like i'm in effing middle school. i can't wait to get out of here.

so, i don't mean to be a huge downer, but my dog died this morning. she had a good long life and she was ready to go, but i'm still really sad about it. i loved her so much. sad.gif
((((((((((mouse and pupper)))))))))))) i'm sorry to hear about your dog. at least she had lived a full life and went without a lot of pain.

not a lot going on here today. typical monday, which means i'm not working as hard as i should be today and i'm sort of beating myself up for it.


feel better, roseviolet and sheff!!!!!!!

(((mouse and mousepup)))

so, i have officially fully recovered from my birthday (which was yesterday) It started saturday night with a drag show which had a dance afterwards, and at 2-ish it was getting really dead so a few of the guys we met that night were going to hit the club me and my friends usually go to and invited us along, so we went and danced until last call. in the morning i woke up to books and dvds, and then i went out to dinner with a bajillion people and got, among other things, an inflatable cow and a picture frame with pictures of my cleavage, cougarlion's cleavage, and us trying to lick each other's faces, and then we went back to boything's apartment for cake (which had a picture of pene-san, the happy japanese penis. pene-san said happy birthday, tyger, and won't you have sex with me?) and then i came home and slept in and now i am here.

and now i'm going to read some archives and catch up a bit
Hi tyg!! Your birfday sounds awesome!! Love the cake! I don't think turbomann's birfday this week will be nearly as exciting as your celebration - for one thing, I'm waaay too lame to stay up that late anymore! tongue.gif

((((((mouse family & pupper)))) *Run free good doggie* Its so hard to lose pets - they're such perfect companions, but it is a blessing when they've lived a long life, and its time for a graceful exit.

Hi hi FJ!! I just love your avvie, its a perfect "Hi, I'll be your saucy match maker this afternoon" photo! I think its hard to be motivated on any even more so, as every single parent in the building is out because the schools are closed...oh, except for my boss, who *never* takes a day off. boo.

((((doodle)))) i hope you and your mom can manage to stay off each other's nerves. and get better soon!

fj does indeed look like a saucy matchmaker!

my desktop is sick! wah! it just won't turn on (i haven't tried to boot it up in months, but come on, it just died while sitting there doing nothing!) boything thinks it's the power supply. i'm going to try unplugging everything and vacuuming it and plugging everything back in first, though. computery vibes would be appreciated.

so, last night when i was out, a girl i hadn't invited called one of us while we were out, so it was all awkward and i told her to stop by, and her reaction to me was 'oh my god, i've never seen you dressed sexy before! i need to take a picture!', which amused me, because yes, when i'm at school/lazing around my friend's apartments i'm not going to be wearing a mini-skirt and knee-high lace up boots, and those are the only times i see her

it is cold and winding and snowing out. I think this means it's time for me to bundle up to a ridiculous degree and wander around until i get frozen, then come home and have a bath
Oh, I'm sorry mouse. I hope your doggie is relaxing in dog heaven where there's ample wildlife to chase around and many other dog friends to play with.

Happy birfday tree and tyg!

So I went into work for an 1.5 hours and mostly finished what had to be taken care of. This day is too beautiful to be sitting in an office. I have all my windows open and the sun is shining. My cats love it. I wish I was in love on days like this, because it would be so fun to walk around with a special somebody. Even a doggie would be fun on a day like this. Cats don't really like to go on walks or step in slush.

I think I might take a little nap.
Poodle, your nap with the windows open and the lounging kitties sounds so excellent right now!

Its still cold and gray here, but its supposed to be 40 by this weekend...though very rainy. I'll take the warmer temps though, if it will wash away some of the salt that is hurting poor turbodoggie's feet.

But, I get to leave in half an hour to go look for giant chunks of chocolate in bulk for the cake, and pop into the book store before my spin class. Yipee!

~*~*~*~*computer fix-it vibes for tyg~*~*~*~*~

(((((daily doodle vibes)))))
i'm sitting here waiting for moxieman to get home b/c i can't wait for our dinner. its SO old school...grilled ham and cheese, with tomato soup and french fries. I know, not gourmet, but its cold and rainy and snowy, and this is comfort food, y'a know?

grooowwwllll....goes da tummy.
Hello everyone!

Happy Birthday treehugger! And happy belated birthday, tyger! (And I think tesao, too??)

(((((mouse and mousedoggie)))))

I snapped at doodlemama this morning. She came into my room to nag me to take my antibiotic. There was something relentless about the nagging, and she wouldn't leave, plus it followed an earlier (completely incorrect) antibiotic-related lecture this morning. So I finally snapped, "I am not NOT going to take my pill, I am thirty-eight years old!" And then she finally left. Ugh. But then she napped in the living room, and I read a book in my room, and we're over it, I guess.

Forgive me for confessing my pettiness here. I have no one else to tell these days!

Tomorrow I have to be at the hospital at 8 AM. I am to meet with my kidney specialist and to have the stent out. This time it will be done under a local anasthesia, which has me kind of nervous, as I really DON'T want to be awake, especially with a bunch of people prodding around between my legs. Ugh.
((((((Mouse)))))) So sorry to hear about your dog. I hope you find some comfort in your years of memories.

Doodle, you've been at home for a week now, yes? If I were in your place, I would have snapped at my mother much sooner (I get cranky when I'm sick). You get to keep your sainthood. wink.gif I've never done the local anasthesia thing, so I can offer no advice. But I have vibes!
~*~*~*~ oodles of DoodleVibes ~*~*~*~

Tree, what are you doing tonight to celebrate?

Happy belated b-day, Tyger!

Moxie, it doesn't have to be gourmet. Still sounds like a fabulous dinner.

Glad you got to enjoy such beautiful weather, Poods.

I took Sheff to the doctor today. He does not have strep throat, thank goodness. He got a work release so he doesn't have to go back until Wednesday or Thursday (can't remember). His coughing has settled down. Now he's just sneezing & being pathetic & rather cute. If we didn't feel so bleh, I'd jump him. Maybe tomorrow. wink.gif
oodles of doodlevibes indeed! i'll be thinking of you while i'm at work being bored slicing bread.

i walked half an hour to my fave coffee spot/bookstore just to buy coffee and walk home, and then spent the afternoon lazing about in pajamas drinking tea watching my tegan and sara cd. and oogling them. man, sometimes i just wish i had a girl to smooch instead of a boy. i want boobies sometimes, damnit.

aw, mox, now you have me craving a grilled ham sandwich. sadly, i lack bread, ham, and motivation to cook anything today, let alone go shopping so that i can cook
LOL...I am soooo boring. I didn't do much of anything for the b'day. Went to a free-birthday-drink bar for three beers and a chipotle burger (AWESOME, by the way) and came home, took a nap and then watched a videotape of greys anatomy and desperate housewives. I'm officially old.

The worst part was realizing that I am halfway to 78 years old.

I may be going out soon though. We'll see.

happy b-day treehugger. if it makes you feel better, i didn't do much on my last birthday, either, and it was my 25th! you'd think i'd be out partying, but no. just some good ethiopian food and went straight back home.
okay, my plans fell through and I'm not going I'm gonna stay in with maryjane. Geesh, I can't believe I'm so close to 40......

But maryjane doesn't care. hehe...

Look for me later in the inebriated thread. Maybe. If I can still function.

*wonders if she should pop in those mini tacos, when she's sober...just cause she KNOWS how she gets.....

ETA: ((((mouse)))) I didn't mean to be so self absorbed....sorry about your puppers. I SO know how it feels. Again, ~*~*feel better vibes for Mouse*~*~
Hi doodle! Yeah, I probably would have snapped at my mom long ago in that type of situation.

(((get better vibes for sheff)))

It's really friggin' cold in here now. I prolly shouldn't have left the windows open while I went to work. Still, the maintenance people need to turn up the heat. It may have been warm during the day, but it's back to being chilly now. Buuuurrrrrrr!!!
tree and doodle, please toke an extra for me. i'd love some pot right now. even though i've read pretty extensively and found that occasional pot smoking in pregnancy (like a few times a month) doesn't show to cause any problems, i think i'll live vicariously through you two and mrfj. smoke up!

yeah, doodle, don't worry about snapping at doodlemama. i'm sure she understands that you're a LITTLE stressed out right now. wink.gif rolleyes.gif

poodle, you make me feel like such a fucking lame-ass: you had the windows open today and i'm sure it didn't get above 40, if that. i was bitching all day because it was in the high 50s here. but i am not made for cold weather. i was born in key west for maude's sake. all i could do today was long for summer to get here so i can walk around in tank tops and let the sun warm me.

mrfj is watching dazed and confused right now. i love that movie.

i wa not feeling like the saucy match-maker today. i have to get used to the ebbs and flows of sales. sometimes i just don't have a bit of motivation. i didn't get any sets today and made over 80 calls. but i should have made 150 calls, i just wasted too much time during the day thinking that i'd be able to pull it all out at night. i can't do that. i can't depend on something good to happen just yet.

ironically, while feeling completely unmotivated, i'm working on a motivational/inspriational presentation that i have to deliver during tomorrow's conference call. everyone is taking turns handling each call and giving the rest of the team pointers on staying motivated and shit. some of the people have been really fucking spiritual and even religious, which sucks ass. one of the girls even said that she gets pumped up for her calls by listening to xtian music on the way in to work. yeah, i listen to the beastie boys sometimes. same thing, right???? anyway, i did read a corporate training book a few weeks ago that did help me a little bit so i'm gonna use it as part of my presentation. it's called "who moved my cheese" and it's a sort of cliched but helpful story about moving forward when things don't work out the way you planned them or the way you thought they would. i think it'll help both with keeping motivated as well as giving us some new comebacks for the clients. eh.

i feel so hypocritical writing this thing while feeling completely drained of motivation myself. gar!
eta: and since i'm in a procrastination mood: preggo pics!
Awwww.....FJ, you are such a beautiful knocked up lady!!! You made my night by sharing those pics with us!! I can't wait to hear stories about the wee weiner!

Heeee....tree's having a sweet little party at home -- YAY!

Yeah. I'd do 'er.
Seriously, FJ, you manage to look friggin' adorable and amazingly hot all at the same time. Love the pics! As for motivation, I think it's perfectly normal for you to be feeling uninspired lately. You're pregnant, fercrissakes! Baking that wee bun takes a lot of energy, as you well know. Hmmm. Maybe your presentation should be all about the merits of safe sex? Just a thought. tongue.gif

Tree, I spent my 30th birthday crocheting an afghan while watching a Formula One car race with a few friends. Seriously. Didn't even go out to eat. And ya know what? It wasn't lame because it's all that I wanted. And that's all that matters, chica. Hope you and Mary Jane have a lovely night.

Confession: I don't like drugs. Of any kind. I've never found one that I enjoyed. Granted, I haven't given many a test drive, but still. I'm weird like that. I've let many a bottle of Lortab rot on the shelf because I never understood the appeal. Maybe chocolate is my drug. Or sausage and biscuits. Damn, those are tasty.

I go bed now. Night night!

mmmm, sausage and biscuits... (homer drool implied)

thanks guys. i can't help it. i feel pretty darned cute pregnant. smile.gif and happy.

rv, i tell myself that sometimes, but then i also fear that it's a cop-out. plenty of women have worked while pregnant and maintained their successful careers. but then again, i DID switch careers in the middle of pregnancy, taking a job that requires a lot of self-discipline, so i can cut myself a little slack. and i've only been working this job one month as of saturday. i guess i'm not doing too bad. i just have to push myself to remember that this is a real job, even if i'm not in a real office wearing real clothes. hehe

(((((((doodle))))))) so glad you are okay! still sending lots of quick healing viage your way babe.

((((((Okayers)))))) smile.gif


thanks for all the dog sympathy vibes, guys. she had a good long life....she was a great dog. *rip lilly*

fj, you are so goddamn fucking pretty. mrfj, you are a lucky man.

happy birthday tree and tyger! this weekend was a crazy weekend for birthdays--in addition to you two, i know four others! they always seem to come in lumps. mine is actually coming up in a few weeks....actually *calculates* two and a half.....holy crap! and i know a bunch of people with birthdays around mine, too...

.....maybe i just know a lot of people...heh

so, i got another job interview offer (all these interviews but nobody comes through....what am i doing wrong? meh...) for a job i would probably hate but that would make a ton of money. i would be designing textiles for a company that makes--wait for it--designer scrubs. i know, hurl. and it would be a horrible commute. but! it supposedly pays a considerable amount, and if i did that for just a few months and was frugal, i'd be able to save up enough to take month or so off and not feel it. which would be amazing, to just travel and work on art for a little bit, sort things out.....i dunno. the dilemma is figuring out how to tell my boss i need the time off to go to an interview.....

okay. it's totally bedtime. i'll catch up with you all tomorrow.
Mouse, I'm so sorry about the pupper. I am beginning to fear lives' end for my kitties, and they're just middle aged. sad.gif

As for the interview, make Ferris style and fake sick. Its called a mental health day, right ladies?

OK, off to plait the hair (baby sleeping...can't blowdry), and head to the land of no internet.

But, before I go, the early morning edition of Good Things Tuesday:

1. FJ's pregnant belly...awesome
2. Good cup o' Joe before heading outside
3. Its supposed to hit like 35 deg F today! A friggin heat wave. That's more than TRIPLE the daytime highs from last week.
4. Apple cinnamon oatmeal for brekkie.
Mornin' everybustie! Its a heatwave here too, this morning - 30 degrees already! though the sidewalks were friggin' dangerous this morning whilst dog walking - black ice everywhere, and in the dark at 5:30am...there was a lot of waddling. Its a little sad seeing the snow go, though...I definitely prefer snow to the blah grayness, and soggy mushy ground.

Mouse, I'm with moxie - tell your boss you have a doctor's appt, dentist, sick, cable repair, whatever....there's plenty of excuses to be had, and she doesn't have to be happy about it, but you should definitely go on the interview, and knock it out of the park. And who knows, maybe you could design some really hip scrubs, that *everyone* will want!

Not much exciting going on here, schmerk.
happy tuesday, okayers!!!

i'm trying something new today and getting up earlier than i have been. been up for a good 45 minutes, but i've still got a lot of cobwebs in my head. i think i might have to resort to a cup of coffee this morning.

mouse, i third it, so it must be so: have a "doctor's appointment" and just do it. sure they might be mad at you but you don't wanna work with them anymore anyway, so you just have to do it. sounds like it could be a good opportunity to save some cash. your plan to take a month off and travel and do art sounds great. smile.gif

hope everyone is having a good day so far... i've gotta go get some coffee and let the dogger out. it's weird, i had dreams about her last night that she made me SO mad (eating paper and plastic strips of some sort that i thought would kill her and doing other strange things) and so i woke up mad at her. i'm having to make myself pet her and scritch her so she doesn't know...

oh. and moxie i feel ya. i worry about my kitties for sure. mister boots is already 14. yikes!
Thankey and Happy Boifday, TreeHugger! biggrin.gif We asked someone about how people might use Volt and Amp in conversation, and he considered it... then said that people pretty much don't. My thought was, nerds do, 'cause \m/, NERDS ROCK!! ,\m/

Tommy, I recall Lincoln having four-scoregasms smile.gif

Roseiv, Awww! *blushes* Thanks! I love your quote thingie below your avatar, and always want to huff and puff and blow on your avatar. Please start feeling better soon, you two!

Awww! Sorry about your dog, Mouse! sad.gif I'm glad you sound fairly at-peace about it.

Zoop! Fondness for all, and I gotta go too soon again :/ Still haven't caught up. but close.
hi fj, lore and moxie!!

You are so right, lore - nerds do ROCK! Turbomann just got back from a particularly nerdy weekend - a World of Warcraft weekend "guild party" for the group he's a part of in the game...they had 15 people all playing at once in this guy's basement...funny. I am very glad that I stayed home, though. smile.gif

~*~*~*~*sales vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*

Okay, I think I'm warmed up enough for good things tuesday:
1. Turbomann got a job - WOOT!
2. Turbomann's turning 30 tomorrow! (which means corned beef and 'kraut for dinner)
3. I have 60oz of chocolate at home to make flourless chocolate cakes with. YUM.
4. Weighed myself at the gym last night, and I am 2lbs away from my goal! WOOT! WOOT!
5. Good dinner tonight - chipotle-garclic rubbed chicken, beans and rice and broccoli!
This morning I woke up from a dream and all I can remember was that there was this really big roast beef sandwich (submarine style, but with really good bread) & somebody was cutting slices of the sadwich & giving it to all the Okayers. FJ was ahead of me in line. Sooooo bizarre.

The problem with Mouse calling in a sick day is that the company's new policy probably requires her to bring back a doctor's note when she returns to work. So Mousey, I suggest that you schedule a doc's appointment for a few hours after your interview. Just get your pap smear done or something. The doctor's note isn't supposed to say why you were in his/her office, anyway. wink.gif

Thanks, Lore! [blush] The whole "pacifism" thing is something my ex & I used to say. I'm not sure if we made it up or overheard it somewhere. I keep meaning to make a t-shirt with that line on it. Granted, I also want a t-shirt that says "I like my oatmeal lumpy" & see how many people recognize the line from "The Humpty Dance".

Good things Tuesday
1. I'm feeling much better! Sheffles still feels rather crap, but his sense of humor is alive & well, so there's hope.
2. Mouse's mouth. Just look at that pic, people. Don't you just want to smoosh those delicious lips? Yum!
3. On the foodie community I frequent, I found one other person who still makes red velvet cake the old fashioned Southern way (without cream cheese icing). This makes me very happy indeed.
4. The LoungeLady cleaned things up 'round here! Yay!

ETA: Turbo, what brand of chocolate did you get? And may I ask how much it set you back?
hahaha, rv, i love that line. i sent it to my SIL via text message one day. she said she got it a few hours later but thought i'd gotten off my rocker for a little while... hehe

glad to hear that sheff is feeling better!

oh, and mouse, i LOVE that avatar. you look great with a buzzcut. and yes, your lips look amazing!
rosie, you are so very wise - great advice for mouse!

I ended up getting just 2 30oz bags of the Ghiradelli 60% cocoa bittersweet chocolate chips...they didn't have the big blocks anymore, and when I started looking at the chocolate in regular bars, it was going to cost me about $45 in chocolate - that's just not in the budget right now. I figure the Ghiradelli will still make some damned good cakes.
hi peeps!

fj looks awesome...honest...i've never seen a lovelier preggo lady... smile.gif

*~*~*~*~*MOUSE....i just like to think that my dear Fred is giving Lilly a tour of all the good napping spots...^~^~^~~^~^

******doodle healing vibes*****
~~~~~sheff and rv get well vibes~~~~

happy birthday to treehugger and tyger!!!

i think i need another day or two to extend the weekend. or to just get re-oriented. i had class saturday and then we had lunch and chilled. sunday we drove 2 hours to solvang, bought a case of wine, and drove back. hahaha. all that for wine. smile.gif i did some 'experimental' cooking that night and tried to make a beef skirt steak into a roulade with mushrooms...i could've cooked it longer i guess...but the sauce i made was awesome...i could have eaten just that with the loaf of french bread. mmmm. and yesterday we got 'set up' on a blind couple date?---we had never met them before and my parents(church going folk) wanted us to 'meet people with the same interests' the guy was a geek who owned his own company and the wife is going to school to be a nurse...and they have a great dane! we actually got along amiably and we might have dinner in the future but i just don't know. we'll see. huh.gif

time to do some chapter questions...bleh.
good morning folks

so okay, i like rosev's idea the best, since i'm REALLY REALLY BAD at lying. and i need to go to the dentist anyways. but i emailed the last interviewers i had and am waiting to hear back from them--hopefully soon!--because if i'm offered that job, i don't even need to worry about another interview.


wub.gif thanks for the avatar compliments.... *blush* it's from a few years ago, when i was still young, fresh, and pretty tongue.gif

yum, ghirardelli chocolate chips......jenn, i wanna visit your house for desert! but i'm trying hard not to eat sugar this week.... sad. oh and i peeked at your pics in the hair thread, and damn! that looks so awesome--i love the piecey-ness of the dyed parts, so well done! i had bright pink/red hair a couple times, but i always did it allover--i love the idea of just doing pieces. hmm..... now i'm tempted..... haha!

hehe...pacifism kicks of the quaker schools near me had a great sports cheer that went "fight! fight! in the light! kill, quakers, kill!" pretty hilarious and very tongue in cheek.

rose, that's the best dream i've ever heard. hahahah!

good things tuesday:
--lots of new job possibilities
--shrimp salad for lunch
--netflix sent me hiyao miyazaki's "castle in the sky" yesterday and it was soooooooooooo great and beautiful (highly recommended if you like animated movies)
Hi, peeps!

FJ, your bump is so cute!


(((((((Doodle Dr.'s appt)))))))

Mouse, I love the short hair! You're one of the few who can pull it off. And textile design for scrubs? Well, at least it pays a lot.

Poodle has the most awesome Pyrex collection. And just cool stuff in general.

Happy birfday to Treehugger, Shef, Turbomann, and anyone else I missed! SO many people have their birfday right around now. My mom's was last week, and all she wanted was to watch Grey's Anatomy in peace, without being bothered by her grandson. I can't believe she'd give up Sam for an hour to watch TV.

I wanna come to the Turbo's for cake, too! Oh, and Comcast has cancelled our appointments without telling us, too. It's like they don't even think to give their customers the common courtesy of not standing them up. How hard would it be to make one little call? I freaking hate Comcast. I wanna go back to DirecTV.

GB, it's always worth the drive for a good case of wine. I've flown out to CA several times with the main goal of bringing back the good stuff and soaking up the scenery.

Hi, Lore, Moxie, RV, and everyone else!

I had yesterday off 'cause I'm a government employee. I love how we get the minor holidays - that's one thing I'll miss when I eventually leave this place. I had planned on staying home, adding up my inventory values and other tax stuff, catching up on TV, and doing dishes. That didn't happen, but it's okay because my gay boyfriend called because he had the day off without plans, and we don't see each other much lately, so we spent the afternoon walking around the MOA and then he popped my Costco cherry. I'm strongly considering getting a membership. But we ran into a little snag because their cash machine was out of cash, so he had to leave me with the cart for awhile while he took my ATM card to get cash (they only take cash or AmEx). So I lounged on their lounging chair and read Oprah magazine. It was kind of fun.

I sure hope that mojito gum someone mentioned last week is good. I invested $7 in a box/lifetime supply of it. I think my ear infection is coming back because I heard that same echo in my inner ear I did last time this happened. Dad told me to take some good Sudafed (the kind behind the counter you need ID for), so I did, and I'm not hearing it anymore. But I still wanted to take Friday off and could have used a dr's appt as an excuse. Oh, well.

We had a pretty decent weekend. We went out for dinner with my brother on Friday, down to the giant's mom's for his neice's 2nd birfday party where we played way too much Guitar Hero, and just kind of hung out on Sunday fighting our bathtub. It wasn't draining and plunging it pulled up all sorts of weird crap. I think some of it was corrosion from the pipes. The house is 103 years old, so the pipes have got to be old, too. Landlord fixed it yesterday, though, so we can take normal showers again. Phew!

Good Things Tuesday:
1) the weather is gorgeous, as it was yesterday. Makes me wish I could take off early and go for a walk.
2) I got my new iPod case in the mail. I'll post a pic later on today. It is the cutest thing!
3) Sam's dad got a new/better job, so now he's making almost twice as much as he used to. The only problem is that he may now make too much to live in the sober house where he does, and living by himself probably wouldn't be the best thing for him right now.
4) Sam's mom is going to try treatment again. Let's hope she makes it through this time and that it sticks.
5) a working tub!

Sad Thing:
My best friend at work is going to be gone in 2 weeks. I know he's going to be going back to doing what he loves, but I'll still be lonely.

Okay, time for lunch. I brought a frozen dinner, but I think I'm going to get some coffee, too. It's too nice to stay inside all day, and I can get stir crazy really easily. I'm going to look on Monster, too, for new jobs. I need to get outta here. Now that I know my job is really going to suck for the next year, if not longer, I need to look at getting a new job. I've gotten really bored where I am and I don't feel challenged anymore. A new job is exactly what I need. I don't know how many times I've said it before, but I'm at least going to update my resume.
hi divala!!

i totally forgot...good things..

-yummy leftovers for dinner-thus saving me cashola!
-payday is tomorrow or so....yay
-shorter week since we had a holiday yesterday
-no cramps yet since i know MRG is coming tonite!
good afternoon okayers!

hi diva, hi msgb! hi mouse!!!

((((doodle doc appointment vibes))))

ok, good things tuesday:

~ got up early(well, earlier) and i'm feeling good today
~ did my presentation and everyone said i did a good job and was helpful to them
~ learned a little about some other girls' experiences with the job and i'm way on target so i'm feeling good about that too

~ got my blood test results from last week and got all negatives (YAY) so there is minimal risk for birth defects
~ it's 70 degrees today and i'm feeling more like a floridian!!!
~ the kitties are happliy enjoying the sunshine
~ i think we are DONE using the heat for the year. *knocks on wood*
I'm waiting on my MRG any day now, too. Which reminds me, I have to get a refill on my pills.

So, I spent a bunch of time looking for jobs and found nothing I'd want to do that pays what I need it to (I'm willing to take a small pay cut, but not go back down to what I was making 6 1/2 years ago) that's in my skill set, so I've decided that I'm going back to school part time this summer for business management classes. I think what it boils down to is that I really don't want to work for anyone and I want to do something totally unique to my interests, so I'm going to seriously look into running my own business. In the long term, it's all I really see myself doing anyway. Summer classes start in May or June, depending on which school I go to, and since I'm not looking to take a full degree program, I should be able to get the learning I need in around a year or so. I'm thinking of something like a drinks/dessert bar with simple food (sandwiches and such). I don't think I could handle a full restaurant, anyway. I'd like a retail space, too, so I'd have to mix that in somehow.

Anyway, I've been thinking of taking classes for a very long time, but I always seem to miss the registration periods and then forget about it, but this time I'm going to commit. Now I just need to find someone to hold me to it, and save up some money, though I'm sure my parents would help me out.

Hey, did you all see that Britney shaved her head? I think she was going for that pretty Sinead O'Connor look from the early 90's in the "Nothing Compares 2 U" video, but she missed the mark. But if you're going to shave your head, at least own it and be proud of it (or at least fake like you are) instead of covering it with bad wigs. That does nobody any favors.

Hahahaha!!! Me? Lucky? If you think just because my wife is ridiculously hot, smart, funny, honest, tender, an amazing kisser, roots for the Gators, and is a libertine bisexual who allows me to have sex with other women then you don't understand the holocaust that is my life.
Hey babes!!

Mouse does look hot in that picture!! And FJ's sex-trophy is sooo cute!! wink.gif

Diva, I could totally see you running your own business, especially if it involved chocolate!!

I'm glad Sam's parents are doing okay. That sucks that your bro makes to much to stay in the house though. Where would his new job be?

BTW, I sent you and email about the F&W show. I'm a dumbass.

Hi mouse, FJ, gb, roseviolet, and turbo!!

Good things Tuesday:
1. Weather's still nice
2. Boss bought me coffee because I was crabby
3. I rubbed Palmer's cocoa butter all over my legs and now they're thoroughly moisturized and I smell like chocolate.
4. Hippie lady brought in Girl Scout cookies, so I had a couple tagalongs.
5. My cats are so friggin' cute and squishy.
6. I thought I was gonna be broke by now, but I'm not for some reason (that makes me sorta nervous, actually)

ETA- Awww...that's sweet Mr. FJ
I hope we hear something from Doodle soon.
~*~*~*~*~ daily Doodle vibes ~*~*~*~*~

Divala, when I read that you spent Sunday fighting with your bathtub, I suddenly imagined the final scene of The Karate Kid with the tub in that wacky crane pose. Glad to hear you won the fight!

MsGB, my in-laws regularly go over the Channel to France for cigarettes & wine, so you don't sound at all crazy to me. Good for you for going on that blind-date-esque thing! Very brave of you.

FJ, when I broke up with my ex, my mother gave me "Who Moved My Cheese". The lessons in that little book apply to all sorts of situations. Hooray for your presentation going well!

Sheff got up, got dressed, & came downstairs for awhile. I began to hope that we might even leave the house today. But then he started feeling worse, so he's back in bed. He doesn't want to eat anything, either. Poor love. I wish there was something more I could do for him.
I found a picture of the iPod case I ordered. This is only the front view, but in back, it has a squigly tail with a point on the tip, just like a devil.

Poodle, my brother's going to be working at a factory in the suburbs. Actually, I think yesterday was his first day, so he is working there now. I have no idea what kind of work, but he's got a lot of limitations since his accident (paralysis you wouldn't know about unless you know what happened to him), so nothing too heavy. Maybe he can find another sober house that doesn't have an income cap. I'll bet he's thanking Mom and Dad for making him graduate high school and hold his crappy old job for 3 years. If not for those couple of things, he wouldn't have a chance. He's making more than I did when I started my job - good on him.

I wanna know when my Girl Scout cookies are going to be here. Several people I know have already got theirs. I ordered mine from a lady at work, so they should be here any day now. Mmmm... made from real Girl Scouts.
Mmmm...Girl Scouts....

That's a cute case, diva. Now all you gotta do is LISTEN TO THE DAMN THING. C'mon girl!! I've got almost 2,400 songs on ipood!! Granted, I'm slightly obsessed, but still...


It's time to go home now! I don't know what I'm gonna eat. Hmmm...I've been eating really shitty lately. I need to go grocery shopping.
Where'd evwybody go? I'm da thread killah. sad.gif
i'm here. was workin' the phones smile.gif.

i'm finally off. only two sets today, but i think out of 106 phone calls i made today, i left 90 messages! i was working very old leads today. i hope it's not like that again tomorrow. granted, i set two ladies that had sent in their info way back in august of last year, but i want some fresh meat!!!!

mmm, girl scouts are so tasty! i had some samoas earlier. i need to find something to eat now because i'm starving. hmmm, i have an amy's organic enchilada in there someplace. i'm gonna go see if i can dig it out.

be back in a little while...

sure hope we hear from doodle soon!


Hi poodle! I'm here...just trying to get inspired for my freelance project, and its not happening so much. Ah, well...

Diva, are you neglecting your 'pod? Maybe the new schmancy case will help you give your 'pod a little love!

I just put the corned beef in the oven for turbomann's birfday dinner tomorrow...16 hours at 250 degrees, then it sits in the oven for another three hours with no heat...its gonna be good. I'll make the 'kraut tomorrow, I think..I don't much feel like it tonight.

mr fj - you crack me up so!! You need to stop on by here more often!

Diva, that's great that your bro got a new job, I hope it works out for him, and that he'll be able to find a good place to live once he's settled into his new routine.

And that's *awesome* that you're gonna go back to school so that you can truly launch your dream business in Mpls - I can totally envision you in this cute cafe serving up your delicious treats, with a little corner to sell your artwork.

And YAY for FJ's presentation success, and even more YAYAYAY for feeling good about your progress in the job so far!

Okay, back to the photoshop mines for me. tongue.gif
Hi everyone....I've only just skimmed, sorry! I felt "weird" after surgery this morning, so I retired to my room until, well, now. And right now I'm watching the provincial budget (announced today) on the news, and trying not to upset my bodily equilibrium by freaking out.

The stent removal was really weird. I wore nothing but a gown hiked up to my waist plus my SHOES, with my feet way up in the air in stirrups (including my SHOES...naked from the waist to the shoes, basically!). They swabbed my girl bits and legs with that orange crap (iodine?) and then shot my urethra full of tons of cold, cold gel to numb it. Then the doc came in and poked up there with some weird instrument that hurt a bit when it went in, and pulled out the stent. He asked if I wanted to see it - it looked like an eight inch piece of IV tubing with pig tail curls on each end. Then I had to wash myself and see myself out.

I feel completely disconnected from my own girl bits these days.

Anyway, I've still got the kidney stone, but my surgeon thinks the stent will have enlarged the passageways and will allow the stone to pass without pain. (From his lips to goddess's ears.) He doesn't think it's abnormal that I'm still weak and nauseous, but he says if I get a fever again, I have to go back to the ER pronto. Other than that, I have to see him again in 2 weeks and have an X-ray too, and then my D&C (different surgeon) is the day after.

I'm going to have dinner now...back in a bit!
Doodle!!! I'm so glad the stent procedure went well...I can imagine that you do probably feel a little disconnected from your lady bits right now....I think after the D&C, you should have a vagina appreciation month, buy it a tiara, and pamper pamper pamper! But seriously, I wish for you a time of healing and integration once the stone leaves and the next surgery is over.

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