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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Ugh, I'm totally the type that misplaces licenses and so on. I've gotten better about it by double-checking (sometimes triple-checking) my wallet, but I still misplace important stuff every so often. The funny thing is that I always know where iPood is. I'm militant about iPood.

Turbo, I'm so impressed by your cooking. Geesh, everyone in this thread makes the most amazing meals!! There was a time when the XRB and I ate good food together since our schedules were in sync, but eating by yourself seems to take a lot more planning. I have high ambitions, but it's hard to eat everything before it goes to waste. I still haven't mastered that. That's why I live off of yogurt and Kashi granola bars. For dinner, I eat whatever's around (usually involves noodles). It's not good. It's not BAD, because I'm not the type to buy lots of preservative-heavy foods, but still...

Part of what sold me on my apartment was this set of two chest-level china cabinets that separate my teeny kitchen from my teeny dinette. Since I'm a vintage dish collector (not a good hobby for renters) I am able to at least see glimpses of my precious wares. Also, the china cabinet on the right serves as Gus' safety spot.

Yes, Gus needs to stop being such a "pussy" (hahaha!! Sorry) and leave his safety spot. He would be content for me to carry him around forever, so I have to force him to interact. He could totally kick Oscar's ass if he wanted to (and he has) but he's still in "post-vet" mode. Cats take a while to adapt to their routine. Weirdos.

ETA - Oops! X-post!! I still cross-post in the new lounge. Thank goddess you found your license!! Phew!!

No, I haven't bothered to even check out the movies on TV yet. It's probably Men in Black or some movie involving Martin Lawrence. I don't have the full cable deal, so there's never a whole lot on. I get about 14 channels, most of which are crap. I signed up for it because I don't get reception otherwise. It's about $15. I get TBS and CNN though. That ain't bad. I reeeeally miss The Daily Show. That's about it. I sorta miss Court TV, too. It was like ripping off a band-aid to downgrade my cable, but I'm glad I did it.
Sheffles - that's too cute, rosie!! I'm gonna do the What not to Wear tonight - its been awhile since I've tuned in...then, bathtime, and I may try and stay up to catch the premiere of Real Time with Bill Maher...we'll see how long I can tune in before its too stressful, and I have to tune out.

I did just make some lovely lotion bars earlier too - vanilla and lavendar tonight, with a touch of egyptian musk for sweetness. I hope they're nice...can't quite tell when the oils are still hot. I used virgin coconut oil, vanilla shea butter and a bit of beeswax.

YAY for found licenses!! That is a relief for a friday night!

Corgis are just such funny little dogs - they just make me smile. The pastor of the spiritual center I went to for awhile had a corgi, and he was always happily wandering around the center, I think he was as much a spiritual leader as the Rev. was! tongue.gif
Oooh...usually I'm anti-vanilla (it gives me a headache) but I LOVE the smell of vanilla with lavendar. It's an excellent combo. Is this another LUSH product that I'm missing out on? Please, turbo, don't make me a LUSH addict. It took me long enough to recover from the Bpal obsession. BTW, I still love Bpal, but I'm overwhelmed with imps right now. I think I just need to find a newbie to send them to. I would love to buy a 5 oz. bottle of Black Forest. Damn. Now I'm gonna have to visit the Bpal site. *smacks forehead*
turbo, do you still have the cupboard doors for the kitchen? What if you painted them purple and re-hung them? That would definitely make your kitchen look clean and colourful all at once.

I don't think I've ever misplaced my license, but I have this really cool wallet that I actually bought from the FlyLady's website. It's the best wallet I ever had - slips into my front jeans pocket (or into the pocket of a jacket), holds my license in the clear pocket and five other cards in the others, plus all my paper money and change. (I got tired of carrying around a dozen or more store cards that I rarely used.) I rarely carry a purse in daily life - I just carry the wallet in one pocket and lipstick and keys in the other.

/sales pitch

Ooh, oven-warmed leftover mac and cheese for dinner!
Nope, poodle, not a LUSH product - but it is my own attempt at making my favorite LUSH massage bar, the Sleepyhead....I just popped mine out of their molds, and I think they turned out really well...after I take my bath, and rub some on, I'll let you know. Being a lazy sod, I prefer lotion/massage bars in the wintertime, so I can apply the bars in the shower in the mornings, because I have no heat in my bathroom, and its soooo cold in there, I just want to get out ASAP!

I have totally tamed my bpal imp collections by unloading them on unsuspecting bpal newbies over in sniffieland. mwuahahaha!

Doodle, that mac n' cheese sounds sooooo good! I used to have a wallet very much like that, I need to get another, as it was really quite perfect!

I do have the kitchen cupboards still, but since we'll be gutting the kitchen I doubt I'll go the distance in doing all that work. The painting itch has passed for now, replaced by the urge to run away back to the commune, after looking through all my photos. *sigh*
That's it, turbo, we're starting our own bustie intentional community. That'll give BUST something to write about other than Gwen Stefani. I suggest southern Wisconsin, or Mt. Whore (ask Minx).
Just got back from the drug store. Sheff needed throat lozenges, poor thing. The weird thing, though, is that I could not find the condoms! At a drug store! I found the place where they had the lube, pregnancy tests, all that jazz, but no condoms! Sheff said that they probably keep them behind the counter, but there wasn't a sign that said so. Bizarre. Oh well. He's too sick tonight to administer an HBI anyway. wink.gif

What's sad about misplacing my license is that it reveals how very little I have needed it in the last two weeks. Since I got back from Seattle, I think I've gone shopping twice. And that was just at the local grocery store where they all know me. Today was different, however. Today I was shopping all over the place! And I found Green & Blacks on sale!!!! WOOT!

I've been watching When Harry Met Sally, but I might flip over & watch a wee bit o' What Not To Wear. Especially since Clinton nearly peed his pants laughing a minute ago!

Jenn, I'm intrigued by your lotion bars. I've never used one before. Lavendar tends to make me sneezy, though. I wonder if the vanilla would take the edge off.

Poods, what kind of dishes do you like to collect? Depression glass? English china?

Mt. Whore? Is that near the Grand Titons?
Well, if you're talking about minx's Grand Tetons, then YES!! Heh...

"administer an HBI" Hahaha!! It is now a routine medical procedure. laugh.gif


RV, I collect Pyrex and Fire King, along with some 50's stuff like "Blue Heaven." I also have many sets of West Bend canisters. Oooh!! And novelty S&P shakers!! My main obession is Pyrex though. I have a lot of 50's stuff already (impossible to find in thrift stores), so I'm working on what's left of the 60's and 70's. Still, there's so much Pyrex out there. The good condition/intact stuff is scarce though and I'm not the only one in the Twin Cities hunting for this stuff. Thrift stores are almost pointless now. I need to start following estate sales.

PS- I'm not talking about the clear glass Pyrex stuff that's all over the place. I'm talking about the design themes. Right now, I'm lusting after Forest Fancies, which is the 70's Mushroom theme. biggrin.gif Oh, and of course, there's a website for pyrex lovers!!

ETA- Oooh!! I own these!! Apparently someone's willing to pay up to $45 for them!! Good to know. I got mine for about $8.
ACK!! Poodle, I wish I had remembered that you were a pyrex collector...I just gave away three oval casseroles with lids circa early 70s with some rust leaf patterns on them, and one of them was kind of pinkish in color...and I just donated them to the AIDS free clinic resale shop. I wish I would have sent them to you now!

Rosie, the lotion bars are uber simple to make...if you can boil water, you've got it covered. For 2, 2.5oz bars, I melt a half ounce of beeswax pellets in a double boiler (glass bowl on top only)....then add 1oz of shea butter (you can also use mango or cocoa butter), then when that's melted, add 1oz of oil - sweet almond, coconut or grapeseed. When all are combined and liquid, remove from heat, let it sit for a minute or two...then add 1/2 teaspoon of your favorite essential oil or fragrance oil blend. You by no means need to use lavendar - I just love it, is all. smile.gif

Poodle, I am totally ready for the BUSTie intentional community - I'll leave the community planning to you, so that we move forward sustainably. smile.gif I'll feed ya'll, so no one goes hungry while we're getting set up.

rosie - no condoms??? But G&B's on sale....seems like an okay trade to me. wink.gif
Poodle, is there a relationship between Pyrex and Corelle, or do people just tend to collect both? I have about 8-10 place settings of the Crazy Daisy/Spring Blossom Corelle dishes. When I was preparing to move out, I was looking on eBay for vintage Corelle and fell in love with the pattern. I would have painted my kitchen to match (light green with stenciled white daisies around the top) but we ended up moving into a place that had faux granite laminate countertops in shades of brown, so that wouldn't have looked good.

Hey turbo, do you still have any of those manly bpal imps that you suggested to me (I'm assuming you had them at some point.) If so, would you mind bringing them on Sunday? I'm still searching for a fragrance for Le Boy, but haven't made a bpal order yet.
Thanks for the reminder, polly! I'll go dig through the imps this morning, and see what I've got!
Mornin' skanks!!

Polly, Corelle and Pyrex are both Corningware, but they're made out of different glass. Pyrex is thicker and kind of opaque. Corelle is usually thinner and glossier.

Damn you all. Now I'm gonna have to play on the Bpal site.

Not much to report this morning. I'm going to my sista's much later than I thought, so I get to play around a little beforehand. I'm thinking I might do a little grocery shopping.
Mornin' poodle!! Yeah, you just go ahead and blame us for reminding you about bpal. wink.gif heh.

I should be getting my decant set of imps of the whole Snake Pit (Snake oil series) in the next few days - Yipee!

I'm just cleaning up the house a bit this morning...I have a couple friends coming over this afternoon to chat about some small freelance projects. Thankfully, they're small, and should be easy and fun.

I think I really need to stop taking freelance gigs though - overall, I don't really enjoy them, and now one of my other friends from work was talking to me yesterday and kind of assuming that I would build her a website... I'm going to have to lay the law down on that one, because web stuff is the least fun thing I can think of working on in my spare time. I don't care that I'm good at it, its just not fun....and its terribly time consuming, which is the really offensive part. Oh, and this one doesn't want to pay me - just give me a percentage of her sales from the site. Uh, NO....I think working for friends, in general, gets to be really challenging sometimes. I need to be focusing my time on finding a new job. I just need to commit to that.

Okay, well, back to round #2 of floor washing....frelling things never stay clean in the winter. I need to go grocery shopping too, but I think I'll wait until my friends are leaving so that at least I get a ride one way. Gotta make the chicken stock, yo!
euphrates is back for another boring encore.

he's a basic run-of-the-mill, generic anti-choice xtian who likes to post graphic fake photos.

rose violet was kind enough to post a little how-to on changing your ignore settings it goes something like this:

The Ignore Feature is a lovely little tool. When you put a member on ignore, you never ever have to look at another one of their posts. No words, no pictures, no nothing. It's a beautiful thing! There are two ways to impliment the Ignore feature. You'll have to be logged in to use either method

Method #1: This will allow you to put a person on Ignore without ever having to find one of the person's posts! Yay!
1. Click on My Controls (it's up there on the right).
2. On the new screen, scroll down until you see the "Options" section on the left side of the screen. Find the link that says Manage Ignored Users. Click on that.
3. On the new screen, scroll down until you see the section called "Add new users to your list". In one of the boxes, type in the name of the member you would like to ignore (example: Euphrates).
4. Click on the Update Ignored Users button.
That's it! You never need be bothered by that individual again.

Method #2: In order to use this method, you have to find a post made by the offending member. However, there's no typing involved, so some people find it easier.
We'll use Euphrates' post below as an easy example.
1. See on the left there were it says the name "Euphrates"? Click on that.
2. The screen will then display the profile for Euphrates. Just to the right of Euphrates' name on the profile, you'll see the words "Profile Options". Click on that.
3. A little drop-down menu will appear. In that menu, click on "Ignore User".
4. The screen you see next will display everyone you have placed on your Ignore list. Euphrates should now be listed under "Add new members to your ignore list". Towards the botom of the page, you'll see a lovely button that says "Update Ignored Users". Click on that.
And that's it! The pesky poster is ignored! Hooray!

My the board is busy this morning! fucktard. Ignore is soooo beautiful, though!

I have cleaned the whole house now, and even did the filing, which I hate doing, but its so pleasing to see that clean space on the counter where there was once a towering pile o' crap. Just waiting for my friends to pop over, as well as the comcast repair person, who I'm sure, is getting tired of seeing us. The feeling is mutual.

I think I'm going to make a corned beef for tomorrow night...It'll be a nice surprise to start turbomann's birfday week. And I'm going to make up a batch of saurkraut, 'cause it'll be good with the beef.
I'm so bored of seeing those same, old, faked photos again, that even the ignore feature isn't necessary for me, but yes, I agree that ignore is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I was feeling sick this morning - barfy. Ugh. I think I lost most of my antibiotic, too....which I think actually might be what makes me so nauseous in the first place - that huge horse pill of an antibiotic. It's just after 12 now and I'm starting to calm down. Damn, this kidney infection sucks eggs.

doodlemama has gone to the grocery store; later I'll have to send her to the drugstore to pick up my diflucan refill. Damn yeasties are back, now, too. And I've no intention of slapping yogurt on my cooch when I've already got problems with the peeing equipment. (Man, I've really got it all going on, haven't I?? tongue.gif)

Damn it, it's Chinese New Year's Eve. I am determined that we are ordering Szechuan food tonight. Gung Hay Fat Choy!

*sneaks out onto balcony to puff on the anti-nausea pipe*
fly by because i'm feeling lazy but wanting to let all of you feel the love.................

ass hats do VEX me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


administer an HBI. heeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

rosie, pm me with your email addy; i finally have some photos i can email!!!

diva, i know this was a loooooooooooooong time ago, but: those lemon tartlets sounded omyg gooooood!

i lurve lemon.

((((((jenn)))))) just remember who got YOU addicted, doll.
mmmmmmm. snake oil. no snake pit here. sad.gif only snake oil and snake charmer.......


Hahaha!!! It's so true, tes!! My bpal addiction is all your fault! But I've no regrets, I'm one good smellin' gal! *mwah*

(((((doodle))))) I'm sorry the yeasties are back - yuck! Are you taking acidophilus-bifudus to help your good flora grow back? (((((yeasties go away!!)))))

I just had the MOST fun chatting with my friends about some little freelance stuff - they're both yoga instructors and are very much in the same spiritual space that I am, so it was very fun!

I was just going to walk to the grocery store, but then I remembered that comcast still hasn't shown up. fuckers. Their window was 1-4pm, and it is 4:12. Gah.
how is it we do the ignore again?

Go to My Controls, and Click on "Manage Ignored Users" - put in the offender's name.

But, first....I think we could all use a shot of this:

IPB Image
What an asshat...

I just sent him a list of my favorite and most offensive jokes ever!

What is with people like that??

These people are worse than the taliban or any "terrorrist" group.

We need a group of black death metal groups to go to the churches and protest in front of their churches and coffee groups...

I was ashamed when I heard about the freaks going out and protesting funerals, then I heard a great story about a funeral in Superior, WI where the religious groups were planning a trip to protest when they were stopped at the border by law enforcement and the local biker gangs. LOL


Praise the sith lord and pass the ammunition!!

Heya BUSTies all! Just a quick plea out to any of you that understands Voltage and Amperage. The GoatieGirl is being faced with the task of explaining the two terms to a classroom of imigrants that are learning welding. Basically, she is teaching them as concepts and vocabulary words, and I've been trying to help her illustrate those words. What I came up with was a 2 Liter bottle with a hole in the cap and water in it that she can pour into a measuring cup. When she squeezes the bottle, it increases the pressure, much like increasing the voltage. The amount of water coming out is like amperage. So, is it right that voltage is like the pounds/square inch of pressure, and the amperage is the mililiters of water pear second? I hope that's right. Are there any other better illustrations for the concept? Neither of us are really all that savvy with electricity.

I'm sure there are BUSTies who know this stuff, though. BUSTies, as a whole, know everything! cool.gif
Yikes! They even know how to deal with trolls! This is the first time i've used the IGNORE feature, but since asshtat's modus opperendi is to spam picture files, the ignore filter helps with page loading times.
Thanks, GirlTrouble! wink.gif

turbo, that pic is the best ever! biggrin.gif

(((((doodle))))) hope you feel better!
Bwah Hah! biggrin.gif That's awesome!

Oh, and we got the electricity thing figured out and now understand arc welding. I even have a mental picture of Chewbacca doing it.

Thanks anyway! I'll catch up again soon.
Oh my god! Check out the painting on this page, behind the chair! I immediately thought of poodle....poodle, that would be so easy to copy for your own wall!

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!
Good Sunday Morning!!!!

Lore, I'm glad you got that elecrtical issue worked out - I'm certainly no help, but I'm sure treehugger could've schooled you on that one.

Doodle, that painting is so awesome! Its so bright and happy looking!

I seem to have woken up with a very sore back. Ugh. Turbo nearly pulled me over last night, and I think this is the repayment. Maybe I can get turbomann to give me a back rub when he gets home tonight.

Well, I've got to get the dog out there, so I can trudge off to the grocery, and get some soup going.

Oh, and the comcast asshole stood me up yesterday...I sat home all afternoon/evening waiting, and nothing. I called and they said they cancelled my appointment because they sent line workers out to our would have been nice if they told ME that. fuckers. Oh well.
Jenn, it's time for Nigella! Yay!
Dammit! I missed Nigella! I was too busy finishing up bean soup, and watching Mad Hot Ballroom on DVD - a very sweet film, BTW.

But now, I'm off to meet tart, polly, stargazer and tartlet for our first book club. YAY!
And, GAH! I missed the electricity lecture! Yes, lore, you got it. Electricity is basically the flow of electrons.

AMPs is the unit of measurement that deals with the number of electrons that go past a given point in one second.

And, for electrons to flow there must be more of them on one side than the other...either an excess of electrons on one end or a deficiency on the other end. Volts are the, sort of, "pressure difference" which makes the flow happen.

I generally explain it like a garden hose, but you have a better analogy, I think.

The weird thing is you can have high amps and low volts...or high volts and low amps...the relationship between the two isn't like what you visualize using a water analogy. But that might be getting beyond what is needed for that class.

/boring lecture

*~*~sore back vibes for jenn~*~*...I read your post several times before I realized you were saying, "turbo" as opposed to "turboMANN"...I was thinking there was some pretty vigorous celebrating going on!!! hehe

and, GAH on comcast! What a bunch of inconsiderate jerks! What if you had taken the DAY OFF to wait for them??? Double GAH!

Yup, christian fundies have no place in my life. I'm gonna start PMing him with Wiccan literature.....hehe..if i thought it'd work, anyway.

*~*waves at Tesao*~*

*~*waves at doodlebug*~* yup I remember about the new year thingie.

I am seriously, really, really liking being a redhead. I feel self confident and sexay! Especially when i let my hair go's naturally curly. I had straightened it for the pics I posted. OMG I feel freaking HOT.... wink.gif I think I will make this permanent.

ETA: I have GOT to stop being so anal about electricity...this is the LAST time I'm editing to add electrical comments, I promise!

*well, maybe.

ETA: Okay, I lied. Serously, I'm going now.
Happy Sunday's a cool but sunny day here. Not that it matters since I am still pretty much housebound, though it does make the apartment nice and bright.

doodlemama and I are engaged in a Gung Hay Fat Choy project today. I am attempting to improve my money chi, according to the principles of feng shui, by painting my bathroom door and hanging a mirror on it. doodlemama is in charge of painting the door, and pathetic, sickly doodlebug is in charge of painting the mirror frame. (Apparently, because my bathroom door faces the front door, that means all my money chi comes in the door and gets flushed down the toilet. This is remedied in feng shui by painting the door, keeping it closed, and hanging a mirror on it, facing the front door. Which is actually something I wanted to do anyway, 'cause I hate that the bathroom is the first thing people see down the hallway!)

We ordered from the local Szechuan place last night. It was too yummy, but there is way too much, with my poor appetite and doodlemama's birdlike eating habits. Will have to freeze some and hope it survives!

And I think I'm going to go have some leftovers now....

turbo, did you get your massage? (Oh, and yes, I got doodlemama to pick up some acidophilus yesterday.)
Hi tree!!

Thanks for the back vibes...its doing a little better now - I've been doing a lot of stretches and child's pose....I'll be headed to the bath soon. Makes me very sad that my massage therapist who was supposed to be in town this week cancelled....I really need to find a new local cranial sacral/massage therapist.

I *knew* you would have the perfect explanation of electricity tree - you ROCK!

Yeah, comcast bites...but there have been line trucks in the street all day, and everything is working properly for the first time in weeks. WOOT!

I did not make it to the grocery this morning...I decided carrying groceries 7 blocks was not in my best interest. Somehow I managed to scrape up enough ingredients for a big pot of soup, so at least I've got something for dinner and lunch tomorrow. smile.gif

ETA: *waves furiously at doodle* Hi hi, my dear!! When you mentioned Gung hay Fat Choy yesterday, I thought it meant that you were ordering chinese for dinner! tongue.gif Silly me....sounds like a very excellent project to me!
cross-posted with treehugger! Hi!

Hi turbo! ETA: Gung Hay Fat Choy is kind of a big celebration in BC, because there's a huge Chinese-Canadian population here, especially in Vancouver. We did order Chinese food (Szechuan) of course! And it's terribly yummy.
Hey Doodle, did you get that Szmanda I sent to you? I'll never see him the same way again now that I've seen his ass explode before he turns into an eagle & flies away.
Happy Chinese New Year, gang!

Doodle, what color did you paint the door? Does the color matter?
~*~*~*~ continued healing vibes for Doods ~*~*~*~

Jenn, I hope you had fun with the Busties! Nigella made some tasty stuff (I think the title of the show was "Comfort Food"). There was a simple pasta & chicken dish that looked marvelous.

Tree, you are brilliant. And so are you, Lore. smile.gif

Our household is sick with a cold. Sheff started feeling sickly on Friday night & I've come down with it, too. Good thing he has tomorrow off because he's still coughing up a storm, poor thing.
Hi AP - I didn't see that particular one there, but I did look at three other videos of ES's New Year's resolutions. Hah! He's so adorkable. (Pan pipes, *snort*)

Hi RV - thanks for the vibes! Technically, you are supposed to paint the door red, but that wouldn't really work in here, so we're going with green. *ahem* Feng shui-ing 2.5 ways out of 3 has still got to do something positive for my money chi! It's not like I have a desire for great wealth or anything...


Well, I'd better go struggle with the mirror frame some more...
What, now doodle and AP, aren't you going to share your Szmanda with the whole class?!

((((((doodle, RV and Sheff healingtastic vibes))))))

Doodle, green and purple being your favorite could a green door *not* bring good thing for you?!

After watching Mad Hot Ballroom this morning, I was in the mood for some more dancing this afternoon, so I watched the American Ballroom Classic on PBS...OMFG, was it awesome!! Admittedly, I love dance competitions of all sorts, but it was pretty cool - for the freestyle, there was a couple dancing to KT Tunstall, one to Nirvana (Teen Spirit of course), and another to was really fun to watch, even if those people are another species all together. tongue.gif
I'm awful greedy with the Szmanda, & really there's only enough of him for me n' Doodle... but I'll let you look. Just keep your hands to yourself! Three New Years Resolutions:

Doodle, he does the introduction to the show. Scroll to the bottom where it just says SecretFun Time. He calls himself "the super sexy star tv's original CSI".
"Guitargasm". Tee hee! Thanks for sharing, AP. biggrin.gif
It's true, that skinny Szmanda is not very much to go around. The strain of AP and I alone might kill him.

I can't watch the vid right now 'cause doodlemama is napping on the sofa.

Ah, the frustrating tension between being a space-loving loner and being too sick to be left alone. *sigh* (Luckily doodlemama and I are both kind of space-loving loners, so we are managing to work it out, so far.)

turbo, did you ever get that massage out of turbomann?

~*~*~*~*~feel better vibes for the roseviolet-sheffields~*~*~*~*~
*whines* The Szmanda isn't playing nice with my Mac. *pouts*

Ah, well, I'm more for the men of Grey's Anatomy...common, I know, but I am weak in the face of the beautiful squinky eyes of McDreamy. *swoons*

Nope, Doodle, no massage from turbomann yet....hell, he's not even home from his weekend in MI yet! I'm going to go soak my sore back in a nice bath here very soon.

Doodle, do you have earphones you could plug in, so as to bask in the szmanda whilst doodlemama naps?
Yeah, the guy's gotta be a buck fifty tops. I could tear that up easy. Right now I am watching the episode where he & Sara get cleaned by the hazmat crew. I swear, he has a tiny bit of man boobage. God bless you, Spike TV.

I am the only heterosexual woman in America that cares not a whit for the men of Grey's.
turbo, I do have headphones, but not a clue where they are! Damn.

Ha ha, AP, I used to have that one downloaded, and I watched that dang shower scene a number of times! biggrin.gif (ETA: AP, I've never even seen Grey's Anatomy, and I have no idea who those guys are.)

In truth, I was actually starting to get scared that everything down there had stopped working completely since all this. (Especially after having my entire cooch exposed for god knows WHAT on the surgeon's table...and still at least two more episodes of that weirdness to come.) But I had a sleepgasm early this morning, so that gives me hope.
Well, AP, I suppose I drool over Sandra Oh almost as much as McDreamy....I've loved her since I first saw her in Double Happiness when I was in college. She's amazing. And she has great hair. smile.gif

YAY for sleepgasms!! Your body and dreaming self must be healing!!
ooh, yay for sleepgasms! i am happy to say that they've been quite common for me during the last month or so, which makes up for the nausea in the first few months for sure!

good to hear that your lady parts are working well, doodle!!!!

oh, and ap, i'm with you. i just don't see the allure of mcdreamy or any of the other dudes on the show. but then again, i've only watched one epi when my sil was over one evening around thanksgiving. maybe that has something to do with it.

we've been painting the upstairs bedroom, now nursery, this weekend. and mrfj and my dad attacked the horrid upstairs bathroom as well. i absolutely squeed with delight when i came home to find the teal (YES, TEAL!!) double sink console sitting out by the street. of course, i have a concrete floor now and nothing but a working toilet in that bathroom for at least the next few weeks. but getting started makes such a difference. we have a pretty clean slate to work from. we just have to pull off the wallpaper and some more tile off the floor and then get started. yay! i love home improvement projects! and yes, i have before pics. i cannot wait to show you guys the frighteningly ugly paint that used to be in the nursery.

~*~*~*~*~healing vibes for roseviolet and sheffles~*~*~*~*~*~

eta: hi turbo!!!! smile.gif hope your back is better!
I agree sleepgasms are a good thing, and knowing the girlie bits are working is even better.

FJ, I was thinking about you this morning, when my mom jokingly asked if I was pregnant! (Because I'm always sick in the morning and fine by afternoon.) Well, we all know that unless a special star is suddenly shining over BC, doodlebug is most definitely not pregnant.

Yay for dumping ugly teal sinks on the curb!

Ooh, and Sandra Oh is Canadian! turbo, if you can find it, there is an excellent Canadian film called the Diary of Evelyn Lau, which I think was Sandra Oh's first film. It's a true story of a teen runaway turned writer (Evelyn Lau) in Vancouver.

Oh help me. doodlemama is watching the Grease tryouts, whatever the hell it's called. American Idol, but for Grease. And that blonde chick is flat, flat, flat, and annoying the fuck out of me.
Good evening okaying BUSTies!

Aural, I'm a het male and I've had a crush on McDreamy since Coupe de Ville. I just ordered season 1 for the school library so shenomad can drool with me. Sandra Oh-oh-oh-OOOOHHHHHHHHH! Did anyone else see "Long Life, Happiness, and Prosperity?" Proof that she's the world's greatest living actress. "Midnight at the Blue Iguana" just back that up.

I'd have a sleepgasm but I don't want to explain the bedding to my MIL.

I can't wait to start having guitargasms: I've decided I'm finally going to learn to play. It's my third attempt, but this time I'm not 10 years old.

Does anyone remember Tim Kazurinski's great "orgasm sketch" from SNL:
- Does Lou Grant have Mary Tyler Mooregasms?

~~~Huge healing vibes to the ailing BUSTicas~~~
*de-lurks to say:

call me mainstream and easily pleased but all of the grey's anatomy men appeal to me in some way, there's every flavour of man candy there. the women too are all very attractive but it's Callie Torres who I have a huge crush on (she's the one who isn't a skelf). I'm currently conducting a GA marathon and crushing heavily.

eta: HAPPY BIRTHDAY treehugger!!! have a lovely day.

Oh, its easy-peasy to see the man-candy. I've dug McDreamy since Jrhigh, though...always a favorite.

Bunny, lurk no longer, girlie!

Happy Monday everyone!
Okay, here's a little Monday morning eye candy for the okayers... wub.gif

IPB Image

Thanks for the birthday wishes, bunny! smile.gif
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