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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Awwww...that's so sweet that turbo and mox go that far back. I would love to see some photos!!

Hi everyone....

Yay for turbomann!!

Great haircolour, treehugger!

Damn, I bought a colour and highlight kit the day I got sick, and I sure wish I had the energy to do my hair...I even cancelled my hair appointments, *sigh* God, I wonder how long I'm going to be like this. Anyway.

I have actually finished two novels since I've been sick. I haven't read two novels in two years. Except age has crept up on me and I need a LOT more light to read by these days.

February 18 is Chinese New Year. One of the rules for Chinese New Year is that if someone is sick, you are not allowed to mention it. So no one is allowed to mention my being sick on February 18! Hmm, I think I might try inflicting some Szechuan food on my beleaguered belly this weekend....

Well, I think that's all I have the energy to post right now, folks...

ETA: oh, I forgot to mention this....can we get some vibeage for George? Once I got sick, he was so stressed that he started self-mutilating! He's been chewing his skin and pulling his fur out in a few spots. We had a talk and I think he's ready to stop, but we could use the extra support of bustie vibes....
barabaa...moxette says.

yeah, i think the only college pic i have of me and turbo is from graduation. hmmm...drunk on rum? sounds like college, ya. suffice it to say, i have no memory of that event...

i didn';t really start taking photos till moxette was born, either.
Hi doodle!! ~*~*~*~*~georgie~*~*~*~*~

There are some animal rights activists down on the street. I heard a bunch of yelling, so I went and checked it out. I don't understand why they're standing outside of the US Bank building though. That's where I wait for the bus. Great, now I'm gonna have vivisection images burned into my brain. I already think about this stuff way too much. Last week, I watched a news story on fir-trimmed coats and how 99% of them are made out of dog fur and labelled as "racoon" because the breed of dog looks sorta like a racoon. Anyway, I still can't get the images of the Chinese fur trade out of my mind.
comcast sucks. I'm sitting on the icy floors in the second bedroom with the laptop plugged in directly, and I made some pudding in the time that it took for "new reply" to load. fuckers. And the phone has rung 5 times since turbomann left for MI, but it rings once, then loses power. Makes me worry. I may go over to the neighbor's house later if I need to check my voicemail.

((((((georgie and dearest doodle))))) Doodle, see if doodlemama or BFF can pick up some rescue remedy at the health food store - for you with the tv issue, and for georgie's stress. Our animals are so sensitive, they worry so much for us. 4 drops on each of georgie's ears, and rub it in. For you, drop it on your tongue. 'Tis wonderful stuff.

I'm totally going to dig through the college photos now...not sure I'll dig up much, but I had some butchy hair back then. tongue.gif

Okay I gotta walk turbodoggie, maybe this will have posted by the time I get back.
Ha! I had some pretty butch hair in my mid college years, too!! What can I say? It was hit or miss with Aveda Institute. I suppose it didn't help that I did my own trimming using a hand mirror and household scissors.

So it turns out that the animal rights folks were standing outside of the US Bank building because the corporation has some commission with Huntingdon Life Sciences, a large contract safety-testing company. I guess people have been protesting Huntingdon for a while now, but it was mainly a UK company until recent years. I sent them a nice email asking for a list of consumer-based companies that they have contracted with. I'm just curious.
hmmm...i'm gonna try and find the old albums myself. We've GOT to have something, right?
Is it weird that I sent a thank-you card to the nurses who took care of me in the surgical ward? Well, I don't care. They were wonderful. My respect for the work nurses do has shot through the roof.

turbo, I've not heard of that stuff...I'll see if I can sic BFF on it, b/c doodlemama can't drive my car (shift), and the health food store is kind of far away.

Mmmm....doodlemama made homemade mac and cheese for dinner! I do feel bad for her - she has never liked cooking, and she's had to do all of the cooking so far....
That's so sweet of your ma, doodle, and it's sweet of you to send the nurses a thank-you!!

Mox and turbo, what years did you attend school together?
Just a really quick driveby to say, turbo's right. Rescue Remedy is really good stuff. Highly recommended by ms. tree, too! smile.gif
Moxie and I met our first day moving into the dorms, our freshman year at MSU...been friends ever since. I only found one photo of moxie, one of my roomie....that's it. My entire college album is chock full of drunk Lutherans...go figure. I kind of miss that crowd a little...and I've no idea where I would find any of them. Oh well, I kept the people who are important to me. smile.gif

Doodle, of *course* your momma is cooking for you - even if she doesn't like doing it, she'll always be your momma, and will make you mac n cheese to help you heal! Definitely have BFF look for the Rescue Remedy - it will be in a dropper bottle - its a Bach Flower essence.

And it is not weird at all to send the nurses a thank you card - I'm sure they'll love it! My momma still stays in touch with some of the nurses who took care of her 10 years ago, when she was really sick. Nurses should be appreciated as much as possible.
IPB Image

Heeey! Who'da thought black greyhounds tasted so good! smile.gif

Hello all! I haven't caught up :/ but I just thought I'd chime in real quick with this pic of something I found at the organic store. I just had to get it to show smile.gif
ETA Horaaay for DoodleSurvivor and TurboMann! That's just awesome! *toasts to you guys and whoever else I've missed out on toasting to*
The dogs are great, and the beer's not bad either! We have the label from a sixer of turbodog posted on the fridge. Here's the *real* turbodog!!!

Squeeeee! What a cutie-dog! I am, for the most part, 'Wolf, but I feel as if I could hang with the Greyhounds. I occasionally get what I call the 'sprint-urge' and am known to sprint down the sidewalk for no particular reason other than feeling like being speedy or wanting to jump over stuff. My BIL seems to be some kinda canine, too. When we're together and in nature we sometimes end up charging all over and jumping off of stuff like a couple of dogs romping around.
I dunno, lore...the question is...are you LAZY enough to hang with the greyhounds?!
My concern is that greyhounds are not lazy enough to hang out with me.

Actually, it is really nice to have doodlemama here cooking and doing everything. I don't know how I would cope on my own. Well, I wouldn't. And the food doodlemama makes may be basic, but it's ironically MUCH healthier than the crap they serve in the hospital - every breakfast was cereal and a muffin, or cereal and pancakes (with fake syrup, ew), plus a half cup of milk and a half cup of protein, unless you count the milk! (I would raid the fridge at mid-morning to snatch up the milk containers people didn't use for their cereal.) Half the dinners came smothered in gravy (!), with rarely a green veggie in nine days in hospital, I saw exactly one salad come across my tray...and that was made with iceberg lettuce! And the only fruit was the stuff brought by visitors for patients.

*goes off to rummage in the fridge for more mac and cheese*
Hmmmm... Well, do greyhounds drink beer and toke? Maybe if I found greyhounds that did that. Or, maybe we could hang at an outdoor concert or something.

Cool about the DoodleMama food upgrade! What are your breakfasts like now? Any food restrictions, Doodle? What do you crave?

Think I'll start trying to catch up a bit.
Hee hee! Now I have a mental image of jenn and turbo sharing a joint on their late night "walkies." biggrin.gif

lorewolf, breakfasts are eggs and bread (old childhood favourite, goes back to doodlemama's grandma - softboiled eggs mashed up with torn up pieces of buttered brown bread) homemade fruit salad and a glass of milk. Yum! I wasn't given any restrictions, but I can't eat very much at one time, so it's very small meals for me, and anything junky or too rich makes me sick, so it's pretty healthy eating right now. I crave....milk! I don't know why. Probably bad, since calcium is one of the things that forms kidney stones. But I started craving it in the hospital...

See, this is what my life has been reduced to. Boring talk about food, and pee, and other inanities around which my life now revolves.

*slinks away into the night*
Hey peeps!! I'm all out of insults!!

Ugh, that hospital food sounds awful, doodle.

Awww...turbodoggie's such a cutie...
Mornin' all you......ahhhh, I got nothin'. Still trying to thaw, I think. I have been very spoiled by turbomann bringing me to work - waiting for the train this morning with -3 weather and -15 wind chill.....sooo cold. Thank cod for flannel lined jeans!

*snatches some of doodle's yummy brekkie* I love softboiled eggs with buttered toast...I miss eggs and toast...but they do not make my tummy very happy.

Lore, I dunno about the toking, but turbo LOVES beer, particularly stouts. You cannot put your glas down on the coffee table without that skinny beak slipping right into the glass. He's very dainty, though, and won't spill a drop, right on down to the bottom of the glass. tongue.gif

Oh, and not to disappoint, here's a few PICS from our college years!
Jenn, that pic of you with the beer in the tub is priceless! Love it! Hey, how did you get your pictures onto the comptuer? Scanner? I am so out of the loop with these things.

Doodle, you are sounding better. Yay! I hope you are on the mend. I think you will make the nurses' days when they get your card. That is really sweet.

The temp in Chicago is -3? Yikes! It's 15 here today, and that is way too cold for me. At least it's sunny & pretty out.

Hi poodle, lorewolf, treehugger & everyone else!

It's finally fucking Friday! I can't believe it! This week has felt so long.

Yep, kari, I just scanned them in. I've got all the hi-tech goodies here. smile.gif
G'mornin' ummm... fart-sniffers! (okay, I'm new at this...)

Wow! That's some talented tongue dexterity on TurboDogg's part! Does he get tipsy at all? I shall always think of that when I drink stouts. I had a wonderful romp in the woods after this year's first snowstorm when I brought some Chocolate Stout up with me. Somehow, that's an excellent beer to drink in the snow, just like Heffeweisen (sp?) with lime is great for hot hiking.

Tree, you ARE a cutie! I kept picturing you as a hippie, too, though you could still pull that one off if you wanted. You do look like a stage performer in those pics. Something about the non-bland camera smile smile.gif
Lore, I've never seen turbodoggie tipsy - he mostly gets at the beer when we're not looking - its not like we're encouraging the practice, though maybe the stouts are why he has such a shiny coat - I use stout shampoo on my head, maybe its helping the pooch too! tongue.gif
G'morning, you maggot infested cornfilled turds!

See, I totally can't drink stouts. Pilsner girl here.

I'm blushing at the stage actress comments! But, in a very, very pleased way. I've never felt...glamorous, or whatever. I totally can do the hippie "chic" look a pic of myself in overalls and a blue bandanna on my head. Let's not go there...hehe

I enjoyed the college pics....and none of you look the way I visualized, either! I think I visualized turbojenn looking more flower child-ish, maybe because of the new-agey stuff....and I visualized Moxie looking more like turbojenn actually looks.

But, everybody is sooooo cute!

And that's funny about turbo drinking the stouts! And he doesn't even tip them over!

I think I'm gonna go get myself a more comfortable chair to read books in. My butt goes numb in the one I have. smile.gif

Happy friday, peeps!

ETA: Crossposted with TJ! *waves hi*
what's up dirty ole cum receptacles?

greetings and salutations, BITCHES!

hehe, i'm sitting here watching heathers. i love the opening sequence. "heather, it's your turn!". "no heather, it's heather's turn".

oh, i LOVE the college pics! ah, that's great! you guys look so cute and so young! i love drunk turbos! hehe.

man, all the beer talk is making me want one!! i gorgot to tell karianne, but hoegaarten is my all-time favorite beer evah! i'm jealous!

so, i didn't come back last night because i felt like a big downer. my show from yesterday didn't buy. that's two majorly qualified people (i.e. had the income, the desire, the willingness and the need) that the girls in the office have simply let go!! seriously. if they actually walk into a dating service with their credit cards in their hand, they WANT it. to see them lose these sales just kills me. i'm working by straight commision here so i NEED them to sell. i have an above average show ratio, but it makes no difference unless the salespeople can turn them into $$. *sigh* i'm not as mad as i was yesterday. i know that i just have to work harder to make more appointments, but it's tough to stay motivated when the good ones get away.

eh, like i said, i'm not as mad as i was, so i'm gonna stop now before i get there again.

so, yeah, pretty pink thoughts, pretty pink thoughts

hope everyone is having a great friday. anything fun on tap for the weekend? i've got my rents and ILs coming over for dinner tomorrow. i'm gonna make a brisket i think, with some kind of taters (would dill AND rosemary be overkill in mashed taters? i love both herbs in them, but i don't think i've ever made it with both together...) and some veggie that i've yet to figure out. maybe i'll make some asparagus and make something else too.

mom is bringing her famous banana split cake, which is basically bananas, some sort of pudding-like something, pineapples, cherries and whipped cream. it probably has a cajillion calories in it, but it's so yummy. oh, i need to be careful with all these sweets!! i have no willpower at all lately.

ok, i should do something productive. mom and dad are coming early tomorrow to FINALLY help us paint. no, we've been saying for a month at least that we will "paint this weekend" and it hasn't happened yet. hoping my dad will also help mrfj do some demolition in the upstairs bathroom. i got inspired last night watching HGTV's over your head and i KNOW we can retile the bathroom. we just need a clean slate to start from.

i should straighten the house or something.
Dayum!! Those are some good insults!! "Cum-recepticles" always works!!


Turbodog drinks beer? That's so cute. I can just imagine him sitting at a bar with his dog-park friends, maybe doing some drinking games.

That picture of you by the tub is so funny, turbo!! It totally looks like you're sitting in it!!

BTW, what is this stout shampoo that you speak of? It sounds very interesting.

Okay, we're headed out to lunch since the boss lady is on the college "vision quest" with her gorgeous, gifted daughter. *gags*
morning you twisted twats!

yay for turbomann getting a job!!! the photos turbo, especially the beer and ice filled tub!

LMP, i agree with turbo. but since you have healthy hair and darker eyes(which tends to be better for bright fun colors) you can do whatever you want....although you'll have to keep up the maintenance which you may have to figure out your budget and whatnot. plus, finding a stylist who's willing to let you 'express' yourself. laugh.gif

treehugger...i love it....its very flattering on your skin tone too....

doodle~*~*~*~*~*~*healing vibes~*~*~*~*and some for george too.....poor thing has probably been worried about you.

Moxie ****anti-nausea vibes******

so last night we finally had our 'dinner'--skirt steak roulades, 3 cheese tortellini in vodka sauce and some steamed broccoli...and so far my tummy hasn't complained...yay! plus, we watched 'devil wears prada'--they did the movie quite different from the book...not that i'm complaining...the movie version was loads easier to stomach. the same thing happened with 'under the tuscan sun' too....strange how they have to twist the movie to make it 'happy and bright' at the end, no?

*****special vibes for all busties that need a bit of extra luck*****

3 day weekend is knocking at the door....what's going on? we might take a trip up to the wineries on sunday...dunno yet. and monday, if its not raining...i'll be in the garden with the tiller....flinging rocks everywhere....
Hi, peeps!

Turbo, I thought you were sitting in the tub o' beer, too. Is the Army guy Turbomann?

FJ, that sucks about that lady not buying. Is there any way you could do some sales, too? You seem to be good enough at getting them in, you could probably get them to buy, too. I think people prefer not to have to deal with more than one person selling to them, so it seems more personal.

Karianne, I think it's just as warm here as it is where you are, but we've got some crazy psycho wind chill. I can take the cold, just not when it's blowing at me at 20 mph.

Wow, Doodle, you'd think a hospital would be a bastian of health, and they would encourage healthier habits, but I guess when good-for-you food is more expensive than gravy and cereal, it must be tough. I wonder how much money they have in the system for stuff like food for the patients, being universal and all.

Poodle, you should make your boss a ribbon or something. She's just so generous to the little people.

Hi, Lore and everyone I missed!

Time to go eat the lemon tartlets I made. I ended up with 48 of them and enough curd left over for another couple dozen. I put spears of fresh strawberry on top and sprinkled with powdered sugar, but the sugar's all sunk in because I did it last night. Oh, well. They're still yummy and pretty and very English teatime.

No big plans for the weekend, just doing my taxes and going to the giant's neice's 2nd birfday party. Nice and low-key. Ahhh... The giant called in sick to work today because he was up all night with a sore throat. I hope he gets better today and doesn't get me sick again. After being sick for most of December, I'm over it.

oh man those photos are priceless, jenn! is that turbomann in the fatigues and the lucky-special hat???? WOW those are awesome to see! laugh.gif

ms gb, your dinner sounds delish--and so does what you're planning, miss fj! and i think dill and rosemary sounds tasty--it would be similar to just using a spice blend, no? i got some really good asparagus at the farmers market last week...i should do that again. and good tomatoes...okay, gettin up early tomorrow!

DOODLE, it's so good to see you around. i'm so sorry you're bored--that's the worst worst part of being sick. bleh! but how sweet of you to think to send a thankyou note to the nurses! they will love it. i bet people never do things like that for them. (((continued recuperation vibes))))

i love that there is a beer named turbodog, and that turbodog loves beer.

i rearranged my furniture last night. i'm very pleased with it.

Drunk Lutherans.
*snatches a few of diva's lemon tartlets*

Really, Diva, you should start doing some more freelancing with your pastries - anything from wedding/baby showers to weddings would be perfect jobs for you, with all of your skillz.

Yep, that's turbomann in the army uniform...when he came back from his year in the army, all lean and muscley and confident....I think that's what really made me *swoon.* I loved him before, but the hot army guy in uniform - now THAT really works for me. I should post a pic of him in his army glasses though - that's some funny stuff...

*drools over ms gb's dinner*

I've got a piece of slamon marinating in the fridge today in soy sauce, scallions, grated ginger, honey, garlic and a dash of sesame oil and splash of dry sherry...broiled up, it is absolutely divine. I'll probably do some broccoli with that. Turbomann won't touch salmon anymore, I ruined it for him when I first changed my diet, and salmon was one of the few proteins that didn't make me sick...we'd have it twice a week. blink.gif

FJ - I LOVE that blue wig --- totally hot on you, and just so much fun! I think you should wear it when you make calls - give you that little extra sparkle. I think we need to send the pink mafia in to shake up that office staff there, so you can make some $$!

Poodle, the shampoo is Cynthia Sylvia Stout, and its from LUSH...lemme know if you want me to send you a sample! It does indeed smell like stout, but it makes my hair so shiny!

We had our 2 hours all-org staff meeting this morning. *YAWN* But, then they start telling stories about our clients, and...cod, I can't stop myself from drinking the company kool-aid. damned idealistic NPO work.
What up.

FJ, that blows! That must be so frustrating to have to depend on others for your commission. Ugh. I will keep my fingers crossed for some sales!

I'd like a Hogaarden right about now. That's probably my favorite beer too. Except I do love Guiness, only on tap though. And if it's hot outside, I like a frosty Red Stripe.

I am really craving sushi for dinner. Must make myself eat at home though, in the interest of saving money. I've got stuff to make either old school style tacos or green bean & eggplant curry. I'm thinking I'll do the curry.

I thought Jenn was in the beer tub too at first. I started thinking how uncomfortable that would be, and that is when I looked closer & realized she wasn't in it.

Diva! Those lemon tartlets sound so good! I would love to be one of your coworkers, so I could get your treats all the time.

Ms gb-your dinner sounds delicious. Yum. Do you have stomach issues? What part of the meal were you worried about?

Weekend: Mr K & I have to go to Memphis tomorrow for a funeral. A relative of his passed away. I am not sure how she is related, she might be his second aunt. She was 97. We're coming back on Sunday. I am off work Monday, so I am really looking forward to the long weekend.

now, now...we all have had our funny appearance days, ms.turbo. Lest we not forget sideways hair. Or my ill-fated "dark blond" days. Some things we should just best leave behind.

I tried to find photos of our most recent vacay together...but only ones of moxieman sorta drunk molesting our other college friend are online. Hmmm...

anway. home for the rest of the day b/c moxette was sent home sick. ear infection. Poor kid. She probably caught the sinus cold i had last week and it plugged her little baby ears up. Sigh...
hehe, tj is drunk off company kool-aid!

yeah, i actually wore the PINK wig while on the phone last night, along with a very BUST-style lingerie outfit, complete with pink and purple leopard print!! i felt cute and got two sets out of it so maybe i'll do that more often.

diva, i can't sell because we are in north FL and the office is actually in south FL, about three hours away. my boss/friend tells me that she's working hard with them and i trust her, but still. plus, when she was selling ME on the job, she told me that 85-90% of the people that come in, buy. then i found out that number was actually overall with all their offices across the US, not this one in soFL. this one is very new and she just got it fully staffed about the same time that i started working with them. i am trying to trust her and give it time. by the time i'm fully up to par and have mulitple sets every day, i'm hoping they'll get their shit together...

pk, if you're out there, i meant to tell you, your idea of taking my cervix out for cocktails made me laugh my ass off. and it is a FABULOUS idea!

i haven't done anything today. i'm gonna go get in the tub and go to the grocery store to buy the stuff for tomorrow. i decided i would make some carrots with dill and potatoes with rosemary, then grill some asparagus. momma's also bringing some pumpernickel bread when she comes tomorrow. yummmy! dinner will be great!

mmm, those tartlets do sound good. lemon has been one of my favorite flavors since i got pregnant.

yay for long lunches while the boss is away!!!
~*~*~*~get well vibes for sickies~*~*~*~

I would loooove a sample of that shampoo, turbo!!

I had a mediocre grilled cheese sandwich for lunch but Peter's Grill, the place we ate, is so neato looking and has such a great atmosphere. It's super art deco and it has a huge formica lunch counter with fixed vinyl stools. The guys in the kitchen wear little white folded hats and the servers are all old ladies with poofy hair and names like "Dotty" and "Bea." Such a great place.
oooh, poodle, i love those kinds of places! we need a diner like that in our neighborhood. if i had the money, i would open one. i could cook all that short order type stuff for sure. i make a mean grilled cheese, yo.

my world is revolving around food right now. mrfj just im'd me that he has a going away party this afternoon for a work guy and told me where it was. all i could think was, "OH YES! they have awesome quesadillas there! mmm, jalepenos!". well, i guess that's better than not even being able to think of food without gagging...

You know, I remember the 2nd trimester very restrictions, no was a good time to be had by all. FJ, you can teach little jacket all about colors with your wigs! "Mama's hair looks like what??" smile.gif

So, i've cleaned the house and folded laundry while moxette is sleeping, and i'm looking for something to do...any ideas? hmmm...too bad moxieman couldn't come home early. This would be perfect baby is napping HBI time. Darn.

What are everyone's weekend plans? Diva is hanging with the giantfam, turbo's a solo lady...anyone else? I'm going bridesmaid dress shopping tomorrow, and sunday is totally up in the air.
Are you b-maiding for your brother, moxie? You're a brave woman!

I can't decide if I want to go see a bad movie tonight, or just go home...probably go home. Tomorrow, I've got friends/freelance clients coming over to start a small collaborative project, and then the pug owners are probably going to come over in the evening to drink a little vino and watch Devil Wears Prada...Sunday, I'm meeting up with the chicago busties for the first meeting of our book club - WOOT!! In between events, I am planning lots of lounging and baths...oh, and another visit from comcast, of course. boo.

FJ, I think my world always revolves around food!! tongue.gif I'm already looking forward to the bustie book club and going to my favorite cafe for brunch!
no, no...bmaiding for our friend who got engaged to the farmer. I was hoping to get out of it...but nope. wedding in I hope to NOT bm for the SIL has 3 sisters and 3 VERY close girlfriends. They should do that for her. I'll read or wrangle kids or something.
Oh good....thank cod she knows that I'm not interested in b-maiding - more than happy to do anything else...I still need to email her a congratulations - I'm bad at that stuff sometimes. smile.gif
Check yer messages, turbo. I can't wait to lather up!

So what "bad movie" would you see? I have some netflix arriving tomorrow: Ring 2 and Saw. I'm in a horror mood this week. Meryl Streep was awesome in The Devil Wears Prada. She sorta reminds me of my boss. One time I had to take her daughter's crappy necklace to the jewelry store to be repaired. The office meddler had to buy the new Harry Potter for our boss' daughter. Yep, we call her daughter "the princess" for obvious reasons.

Food is worth revolving one's life around!!

I plan on drinking beer tonight and snuggling with my kittens. Tomorrow, I'm going up to my sissie's house to hang out with the fam. That's pretty much all I have planned for the weekend.
Oh man, are you serious, poodle? That is bad boss behavior.

Moxie, your new avatar is too cute! She is already growing so fast!

Many of my days revolve around food as it is. I will be terrible about it when pregnant.

I got an email that the teacher of my new class that starts a week from tomorrow wants us to come to class with the first 3 chapters read. Shit! This class is gonna suck donkey balls, I already know it. At least it is my last one. YES! My LAST one!

I texted Mr K & told him that I hoped he did not have to work late tonight b/c I want to get in his pants. He's had to work til 11 everynight this week & I just can't stay up that late & get up for work. I am usually about 1/2 asleep when he comes in. No nooky.

FJ, I missed where PK said you should take your cervix out so you can have some drinks. That is hilarious!

Well, I am gonna sign off. I probably won't be back til Wednesday. We are off Monday for President's Day and I'm working at home on Tuesday. Sweet! You ladies have good weekends.
Hah! My life is starting to revolve around food, too, and I'm not even pregnant! biggrin.gif

I did some impromptu "decorating" today. I've got one of the living room chairs in my bedroom, so I changed out its "slipcover" to something different - something I could tolerate in a bedroom!

I know. Even in my condition, I can't help who I am. (Though I had to get doodlemama to lift the chair onto the bed so I could do the thing.)

I'm thinking of setting up some still lifes and doing some sketching. I guess that is a good sign. Just a little more thinking, and then I might actually do it.

ETA: oh yeah, this is a cute house tour on AT. It's kind of overdone for me to live with it, personally, but it still has such a sweet charm to it, doesn't it?
~*~*~*~HBI vibes for kari~*~*~*~

Great, the protesters are outside again--just as I was getting over my obsessive thoughts.

Yay! I forgot about having Monday off!!! Yayayayayay!!!

Alright, I'm outta here.

ETA- Hi doodle!! I think sketching is a great idea!!

I also wanted to say that moxette is so damn CUUUUUTE!!!
Oh, I'm jealous of ya'll that get monday off!! I'll be slaving away, for sure. I think I might take friday off though, to play with turbomann, while he still has time off. His new job doesn't start until March 5...kind of makes me want to take an impromptu vacay, but I don't really want to spend the money.

Doodle, that house is very cute, but like you, it is *too much* for me - I'm not into knick-knackery or fussiness. But of course, just looking at AT makes me itch to decorate. I'm kind of tempted to paint the cabinet frames in the kitchen the purple I have leftover....should I scare turbomann? Since we're going to rip it all out this year, what the hell, right? And who wouldn't love a purple and mint green kitchen. Just to review, my kitchen photos are HERE. Doodle, whaddya think?

Oh, and when I see "bad" movies, its usually froufy-tripey stuff like "Music & Lyrics" or "Because I Said So." I *heart* silly chick flicks.

I came home though...I was gonna go to the movies, but then decided its too effing cold out to be tromping around out there more than necessary.
Doodle, you should check out the blog of the woman that owns that house. I read it almost daily. She owns the CUTEST corgi on the planet!

Speaking of cute puppers, Turbo is adorable! Love the drunken Lutherans, too. biggrin.gif

Sorry to cut off the chitchat so soon, but I am FREAKING OUT!!!! I can't find my driver's license. I have no idea where it could be. In fact, I don't remember seeing it since I flew back into town two weeks ago. AAAAAHHHH!!!! I checked my purse, of course. And I checked all of the pockets on all of my coats. Now I'm trying tot hink where else it could be. Hmmmm. I'm going to rip apart my luggage & hope it materializes. Fingers crossed!
I'm home!! Weeee!!

~*~*~*~license-finding vibes for RV~*~*~*~ Scary!!

That corgi is cute as hell!!

The apartment is cute, too, although it's a little to pastel for my tastes. Still, apartment therapy is always inspiring. Now if I could only motivate myself to get off my new comfortable couch and do some painting.

Your kitchen is cute, turbo! I like the white. Did you take the doors off the cabinets? I like seeing my dishes. I have a couple really tall glass cabinets. They're not in the greatest of shape (about 50 layers of paint) but they're still pretty cool.

Darn, I wish I would've sent back my netflix discs earlier so that I had something for tonight. Ah well, there's probably a B movie somewhere on boob tube. cats still aren't getting along after last weekend's vet visit. Gus is still reluctant to walk on the "hot lava."
~*~*~*~*~drivers license finding vibes~*~*~*~*~

I know exactly how that feels, RV...I'm forever putting my license in odd places, as I often just leave home with debit card, transit card and license...and then forget it all in a back pocket or something.

I've got asian marinated salmon under the broiler, and a salad made - dinner is almost on the table!

Yep, I took the doors off the cabinets, and painted it all white....if you'd seen the original 1960s cheapy cabinets, you'd have done the exact same thing...the poodlepad is classy vintage, but my cabinet doors - just plain old tacky. Dark fakey wood, with ornate insets of beige gingham masonite. Blerg. White is much better.

Poor gus - he's a sensitive lad!
I found my license! It took a while, but I found it. No, it wasn't in my luggage. And it wasn't in the book I was reading on the plane. Ya know those little paper thingies that hold your paper plane tickets? It was in one of those thingies. What a relief! [wipes brow]

Jenn, I like white kitchens with dark countertops. That's what we have right now & I think it's perfect. Some colorful paint on the walls can be very nice, too, but I prefer the brightness of white cabinets. That's a long way of saying I like your kitchen. wink.gif

And I agree that Posie's/Alicia's house can be a little too cute for me, but it's fun to look at it. Plus, she just seems like a kickass lady, so I love reading her blog. And as a bonus, she regularly includes pics of her corgi! Yay! Of all the blogs I read, I probably like Dooce's house the very best. I recently figured out that Dooce lives in the neighborhood we were considering back when we thought we might move to Salt Lake City, so I shouldn't be surprised that I like her place.

~*~*~*~ continued vibes for Doodle ~*~*~*~ Have you gotten caught up on Ugly Betty yet? 'Cause you've missed a LOT!

Poods, did you find anything good to watch? I'm considering ordering something off of on-demand cable again. I'd secretly love to go out, but Sheffles is feeling sickly & I don't want to leave him alone. Blarg. I want Ethiopian food, dammit! Instead I'm stuck here, eating leftover Chinese, & staring at HGTV. Boo hiss.
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