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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Yay for Al Franken!!

It would suck to have to wear suits everyday. I wear my black pants and knit shirts like they're a uniform. It always amazes me to see people (usually girls) put so much effort into their outfits and hair each day. Screw that.

While I was waiting for the bus, there were a bunch of men in suits standing in line to buy roses for their ladies. Funny. Nothing says "I love you" like flowers picked by the bloody hands of underpaid Colombians. I wouldn't mind if a boy bought me some daisies. Gerbera daisies are so pretty. For mother's day a couple years ago, I picked a bunch of dandelions for my mom and we both laughed so hard because when I arrived, she was weeding dandelions from the back yard! laugh.gif She put mine in a vase, of course.

My favorite flower is orange hawkweed, also known as the devil's paintbrush. They're all over the place in northern MN. In the summer, the field in front of our cabin is filled with orange hawkweed, purple clover, daisies, and buttercups. It's breathtakingly beautiful.

IPB Image
While Aquavit is made out of taters, it is not strictly the same thing as vodka. And yes, the dominant flavour is caraway seeds. I dated a Norwegian fellow once & they had that a bunch of other weird shit at the holidays.
Hi everyone.

I cannot believe it is February 14. Over three weeks have disappeared from me, but now my entire life is at a standstill. Ugh. I've still got to apply for my unemployment benefits - haven't been able to do anything about that yet. I guess I'll try and apply under medical reasons, which will give me more weeks.

poodle, I think it's so far away because the kidney infection is going to take so long to clear, and the kidney stone still has to come out somehow. Plus, this being my first near-death experience, I asked not to have to go under anasthesia so many times, so close together.

I just asked mom if we could have the TV off this evening....I never watch the thing, and now it's always on...

I'm. Going. To. Lose. My. Mind.
(((((((((doodle))))))))) That sucks so bad. So what exactly are they going to do once the inflammation has gone down and the stone has passed? I know this is a weird question, but how do you pee? I don't know anything about kidney stones, really. All I know is that my gallstones were super painful, and the gall bladder's not even a necessary organ. What painkiller do they have you taking now? I'm glad your mama's there to help out.

ETA- So, aural, what exactly does one mix with Aquavit? Do they just drink it straight?
(((((((doodle)))))))) baby i can't even imagine what you're going through. i have a UTI right now and it sucks so bad i can't stand it. i'm so sorry you're having to deal with this roughness! but so glad doodlemamma is taking care of you. try try try to keep your patience with her. we're just so glad you're ok!!!!!!!!!

poodle, i love the flower picture! that reminds me of a field in the mountains in ca that my dad took us to one time, just FILLED with beautiful yellow and orange flowers.

hi diva! hi minx! hi karianne! hi aural! and everybustie else!
Hi poodle...

I pee normally (though I had a catheter in hospital, which is just...bizarre). The stint goes from my right kidney to my bladder, through whatever fleshly tube connects them. I can "feel" both ends of the stint right after I pee - it's not really painful, more a pressure, but the feeling doesn't last. I've still got percocet but I'm not really taking it...I'm trying to avoid taking too many painkillers until I feel the stone, but I don't think it's moving. I don't know how it will come out at this point! Have to see what the specialist says when I have the stint out next week.

The marijuana is helping with the nausea and appetite now, anyway. doodlemama made shepherd's pie!

I think I've hit the bored phase. Maybe I should adopt a greyhound so I have an excuse to take walks.

ETA: hi FJ!
yay for maryjane! she's always been a friend of mine!! tongue.gif she's the cure for what ails ya!

and ya, catheters are just fucking wierd!
hi hi doodle and poodle and FJ!!

Can I tell you, my dear doodle, what a RELIEF it is to see you on this board again! I meeced you SO much! And adopting a greyhound is always a good idea, but maybe not so much when you're laid up. Maybe you can just take yourself for a walk by the river, and breathe the brisk air, and just pretend you have a shivering greyhound at your side waving his pawsies in the air because his feet hurt! tongue.gif

I'd just like to take this opportunity to say that I have the Best Husband Ever...I am sitting here sipping red wine and eating Green & Black's Dark Chocolate with Ginger. MMmmmmm. So good together.

Poodle, I am very glad to see Pam Greer back, I think that's my favorite avvie of yours!

((((minxlette))) I hope your sweet girl feels better!

Oh, and Poodle, I love the Devil's Paintbrushes! In the wilderness where I grew up on one of the trails, there was a whole hillside of them, mixed with blue belles, and I would just sit there and journal....I wish I had pictures of it now. Oh, except that in our very un-PC youth, they were called "Indian Paintbrushes."

*throws confetti and dances around the thread*

And Congrats to FJ on that gorgeous cervix of yours!!!

*streaks through the thread overjoyed for the Turbos good freakin' news*
ROCK ON TURBOMANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phew!! What a relief. I hate how places keep you waiting for so long. You know that they probably made the decision many days ago, too.


Yeah, I've heard them called "indian paintbrushes" before. We never really called them anything 'cept for "that orange wildflower." PK might know the common MN name since she grew up in Int'l Falls. Half of the reason why I love that flower is because of childhood memories. When I see it, it gives me a sense of place and that's why it's my favorite flower, even if it is a "weed." I love dandelions, too. I don't understand why people try to get rid of them!! Someday, I envision myself with a yard full of wildflowers. When I worked for the MN Office of Environmental Assistance, we ran a tour of "sustainable landscaping" and many of the sites belonged to employees who had planted MN wildflowers and natural grasses in their yards. One woman said that the people in her neighborhood were really freaked out at first, but now their neighbors love it and are trying out the same thing. A lot of suburban neighborhood associations frown upon that stuff. These people definitely broke the rules.

ETA- Geesh, cats are so weird. It takes them so long to adapt after the "order" has been thrown off. My cats are eating together again, but Gus is still a fraidy-cat and won't leave his "safety" spots. Dogs seem to settle that stuff really quickly. I guess it's because they have more of a social instinct. Right now, all I can do is force Gus to leave his comfort zone and try to expose each cat to the other's scents by petting them a lot. Still, I need to make sure that Gus uses the potty instead of the stack of bills under my desk, which means carrying him across the "hot lava" to the litter box. Grrr...he peed on my student loan info last weekend because he was too scared to go all the way to the litter box.
*blushes at minxy's supple ass racing through the thread*

Awwww, shucks, minxy...thanks so much! I'm just so happy for turbomann - its been quite a ride, but really, it has been 100% good for turbomann to get out of that toxic old job!

ETA: Thanks poodle! Our phone has been ringing off the hook tonight with congrats for turbomann! And I'm with you, I always got pissed when my dad made me mow down the gorgeous yard full of dandelions...'course mowing made me pissed anyway, 'cause I was so allergic, but we all were, so it was drawing straws for who got hives that day. tongue.gif


*strips down and forms a conga line behind minx*

what? you never seen a pregnant lady doing the conga before??

great news! i'm so happy for you guys and i hope it's exactly what you wished for. now tj, this will free you up in the next few months to get yourself into something new.

Haha!! I would totally pay, like, $5 to see a bunch of pregnant women doing the conga!!

Yay for turbomann!!! Now THAT is a great VD-day gift!!

ETA- I'm glad you like the Pam Grier avatar revival, turbo! I was getting sick of the Golden Girls. While I love Bea Arthur, I definitely feel Foxy Brown. It's just way more "poodle." Actually, I spent a lot of time doctoring that Pam Grier pic so that it would be pop-poodletastic!!
just wanted to wish the okayers a HAPPY V-DAY!!

((((((((doodlebug))))))))) many hugs and kisses for you!!

(((((((turbojenn & turboman)))))))) oh yeah!! **does happy dance** i do hope you can come out on sunday so we can celebrate with the mister proper!

Thanks stargazer! I'll be there on Sunday - I'm really looking forward to it! I really need to think of some suggestions for the book club! Turbomann will be absent, though - he's going to MI tomorrow for a long weekend and some serious geek fun with his online gamer folk. Which means, I have a weekend all to myself - yipee!

Okay, time for bed for me....its been a great V-day! *keeces to all okayers*


!!!!!turboman JOB!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fall Jackets beautiful cervix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dooooooodle's baaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Awww, tes - thanks for the love!! Your post made me smile!

Fucking comcast bastards - the tv/.internet/phone are out of service once I had to make my daily call to them this morning - you'd think that if a person has scheduled 4 appointments in a 10 day time-frame that they would actually fix something, but no. And turbomann was supposed to go to MI this afternoon for a long weekend with his family, and I had to ask him to postpone until tomorrow afternoon. I feel bad, but I'm not goint to take time off work for comcast, when he's not working AND I'm not going to be left home with no phone for 4 days. dry.gif I don't think I should have to buckle and get a cell phone because comcast can't do their job. I wish I could have RCN back, but the condo has a contract with comcast, so we're stuck.

Sorry, I'm a bit crabby this morning...I'm sure I'll be fine in a little while, but this shit just pisses me off.
CONGRATS TURBOMANN!!! WOO HOO! I am so happy for you guys, I know it is a big load off to have turbomann employed again. Good luck, Mr Jenn! I bet you will do great at your new gig.

How is it only Thursday? How??? It does not seem possible. Le Blerg.

((DOODLE)) Girl. That sounds so very uncomfortable. I hate that you are so sick. I want you to get better. I will reiterate what Jenn said, it is so good to have you back in the lounge. smile.gif That makes me happy.

When I got home last night, Mr K had left me a box of Hershey's special dark chocolate truffles, and the sweetest card ever. *long sigh*

Well, I really have nothing else to report. It is a regular ol' day here. Which is fine, but makes for a boring post!
Hi hi kari!

Okay, I'm done being crabby now...I just finished off my dark chocolate with ginger....chocolate makes everything better! And turbomann got the internet to work, so he's going to go off to MI anyhow, and I'll still have comcast come out on Saturday, so at least I don't have to take time off work.

I am SO happy for turbomann too...and he's really excited about this job, which is even cooler - everyone he's talked to at this company loves working there, and several of the other packaging engineers have also come from big pharma companies, so I'm sure they'll help him get accustomed to life in a smaller org. Its going to be good. And now, I can finally start thinking about what I want to do next!!! Which is pretty exciting too.

Kari - I'm with you - how can it only be thursday??
comcast fucking sucks. last week, there was a "server maintenance day" with no warning, of course. So, when i used my cell phone to call (cause we have vonage, like the turbos), i got a prompt, after I had selected "cannot connect to the internet" that "all lines are experiencing higher than normal call volumes. Please connect to" BASTARDS.

so, moxieman's stomach bug has bitten me. blech. i ate cherrios, and puked. Sigh...maybe some vernors? back to the couch i go.
Hi, peeps!

Okay, I am having a midlife crisis. it's official. My hair is now the color of the leopard's spots, on this page. At least in the sun. I loooove it. I'm not sure how well it'll go over when I get back to work.

Wow, jenn, how frustrating about comcast. Poo on them. But *~*~*CONGRATS mr. turbo*~*~*~*

Gah, moxie ~*~*tummy healing vibes*~*~

karianne, YUM....dark chocolate...and it's in the form of truffles?? Ultra-YUM...

Poodle, I love your new avatar! HotHotHot!

Tesao, it's always lovely to read your posts. smile.gif

Doodlebug, I'm glad the maryjane seems to be helping! *~*~*healing vibes for doodlebug*~*~*

I looove wildflowers. I had a wildflower garden, at the shack. I'm gonna upload some pics, so I can post one!

Have a great day, everybody!!!
(((((moxie)))) Ugh - stomach bugs and puking is among the worse minor illnesses you can get. Do you have any fresh ginger in the house? If so, grate some up, brew it in hot water for 10min, strain, add honey and re-heat...that's my best bet when my stomach is not being cooperative.

I think I'm going to miss the cabana boy services just a wee bit when turbomann returns to employment...he's running to the grocery this morning for me, so I'll have food to eat this weekend, and he's getting an old cell phone we have on hand set up with a pay-as-you go plan and new phone number, just in case comcast continues to suck. And he's getting dog food. He's a good one, my turbomann.
(( moxie)) oh no! Stomach bug? Ick. So sorry. That is miserable.

Hi treehugger! You are always so positive, it is so nice to read your posts. You dyed your hair pink? That's rad! I want a pic!

Jenn, that IS exciting that now you can think about your future plans!!
Hi everyone!!

I was soooo late to work this morning. Fortunately, my boss is traveling with her daughter to look at colleges in the northeast. Heaven forbid her child go to a school in the backwards midwest, like all of her simple-minded employees.

You're so cute, tes.

(((mox))) That sucks. ~*~*~*~get better vibes~*~*~*~

Comcast = evil, evil, evil.

I wanna see your hair, treehugger!!
Hi, peeps!

I'm sitting here, trying to make what would normally be 90 minutes worth of work stretch out until the afternoon. But that means I get to take my time and screw around a little, so I'm all for it.

Hi, Tes!

WOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT for Turbomann!!!!

Comcast can bite my left ball (boob). I hate them on so many levels. Gay boyfriend's boyfriend is one of their higher-up techie sorts, and he's a big cheerleader for the company. Blech. I liked my DirecTV, except when there was a storm and it didn't get reception. I wonder if I could convince the landlords to switch over, but then the giant would have to find some other internet company to go through. I hate how they all get wrapped up together and you can't get away without it being a huge PITA.

((((((((get better Moxie))))))))

I wanna see your hair, too, Treehugger. You got spots in your hair? For all the wacky dye jobs I gave myself, I never had the guts to go leopard print.

Hi, Doodle! It's good that you're home again, and at least you might be able to milk more unemployment out of the deal.

Hi, Karianne! That's so sweet of Mr. K.

Hi, FJ, Aural, Stargazer, Poodle-oodle, and everyone else!

I'm glad today is a new day. Last night, I created a disaster in the kitchen. I should know better than to think I can cook anything involving hot oil or bacon grease. I was trying (that being the operative word) to make homemade chicken kievs. It didn't work out so well. I overpounded the chicken and it ripped in some parts, so the butter leaked out. Then I battered them up and was about to fry them. I had thought oil for frying was supposed to be really hot.... um, no. After about 20 seconds of putting one in the hot oil, the bottom was BLACK and the house was filled with smoke. Our eyes were watery and red the rest of the night, which was pretty miserable. We ended up just baking them, and the butter leaked out of both of them, so we ended up with herby baked/breaded chicken that tasted like my grandpa's dill patch. It wasn't bad, per se, but it wasn't nearly what I wanted. At least the chocolate fondue turned out perfectly (because it was pre-made and we only had to pop it in the microwave for a minute. We dipped strawberries, fresh pineapple, starfruit, bananas, and pound cake in it. There are still plenty of leftovers I'm looking forward to, too. The giant got me a dozen long stemmed red roses with no filler (I hate filler). I got him novelty underwear and a bear. It would have been a lovely evening, if not for the smoke.

I got up on time this morning, strangely enough, but still ended up getting to work later than I have in probably a month. Nothing went my way this morning, and I got in a little fender bender on the way in, which was totally my fault. Nothing was damaged and nobody was hurt, thank goodness. I'm sometimes too agressive on the road for my own good.

But now I'm safely at work drinking my favorite juice (Purity Organic Passionfruit Punch) and my Metromint water. I'm so addicted to this stuff.

Now I have to call the gas company and ask them to please not shut off my heat. I just paid them a fairly big chunk the other day, so that should stave them off for a little bit.

(((((((((((moxie))))))))))) poor girl! i hope you feel better. stomach bugs SUCK! boooo! and i meant to ask you, did you get your cycle all figured out? nothng worse than cramps AND a stomach bug. is the bebe ok? hope she doesn't get it too!

~*~*~*~get better~*~*~*~

try turbo's ginger brew - that's what worked for me when i was down with my morning sickness. and it even helped with my sinus infection/cough a couple weeks ago. ginger is the BOMB!

i wanna see treehuggers hair too!!! mrfj ordered me two wigs the other day. i got them in the mail and snapped a couple pics of myself. i have one bright pink and one electric blue. he thinks i look sexy with pink hair. hehe.

i agree. comcast BLOWS! i use voip for my work and i am having issues with my lne cutting in and out. sometimes i only hear every third or fourth word when someone is talking to me, which doesn't help my cause. i can only imagine that it's happening on the other end too.

grover is being weird this morning. she keeps walking over to the door like she wants to go out, but then she'll just walk out, bark and turn around and come back in. i have NO idea what to make of that. silly doggy.

hi poodle!! glad your boss wasn't around to catch you being late! smile.gif

OH! can i get some of the magical prosperity vibes? my appt. just showed up to the office a couple minutes ago... could this be my second sale??? pleeeaaasssseeeeee!?

treehugger, my hair isn't spotted. It's the plumm-y color IN the leopard print on this page. Gotta take a pic, for sure. Me likey. I went from sort of a medium brown. Which I liked too, but I guess I've just gotta stir the pot every now and then.

Divala, I've thought about trying to make chicken kiev before. I'm rethinking that, now. I'll probably just buy em frozen, should the urge strike me.

I hope your day goes better, Divala!

*waves Hi to doodlebug, *~*feel better, chica*~*

Poodle, GAH, on people that are elitist like that.

*~*more tummy vibes for moxie*~*

ETA: Crosspost with FJ! Hiya! *~*~*prosperity vibes*~*~*
Thanks for reminding me, FJ... Moxie, I did skip my placebos for my cycle last July, and I regret it. Sure, I didn't have my period on our trip, but had a tiny bit of spotting, which was the whole point, but I think my cycle has just started to get normal again. There were several months when my period was 4-5 days later than it should have been, and I freaked out quite a bit. Nothing's worse than a pregnancy scare when it's the absolute last thing in the world you would want. So anyway, yeah, it works, but it'll screw with you for awhile after.

(((((((((( FJ's appointment lady BUY)))))))))
Me too! Me too! I wanna see some piccies of tree's hair! And of course I am totally jealous of your bright hair - I really miss my purple and orange chunks, but I'm trying this natural haircolor thing out for the first time in 15 years, and its not so bad. I even kind of like the grays, its like natural highlights, right?

((((FJ SALE)))))

Diva, I was *just* watching America's Test Kitchen last week, and they did Chicken Kiev - check their website for the recipe - their recipes always turn out beautifully!

FJ, you definitely need to get comcast out there to look at your lines if your phone is cutting out - ours does that too, and its a bandwidth issue for sure. It makes my mom crazy when she calls me, 'cause its so random and she doesn't hear all that well anyway.

Well, its lunchtime - yippee for yummy leftovers from last night!
I just wanted to second that America's Test Kitchen's recipes always turn out fantastic. Much more reliable then Food Networks. Sometimes their recipes are a hit or miss.
~*~*~*~*~prosperity vibes for FJ~*~*~*~*~

Chicken Kiev seems like it would be very difficult to make. My dad's good at it.

I don't really mind my Comcast service, I just hate how huge their company is and how it seems to be taking over.
I am having a quandary the picture where my face doesn't totally look like ass, or post the picture that shows the color the best????

I know! I'll post em both!

Here's the better picture of me, personally, but the color doesn't quite show up as well...

IPB Image

I'm gonna edit and show the really BRIGHT picture...if my internet lets me.

Here it is:

IPB Image

Gah. I don't photograph well. I need a haircut, too. It's been about seven months I think.
oh! i love that color, tree! that's the base color for mine right now, but mine has coppery highlights in it. i really like it and get a lot of compliments on it!

mmm, chicken kiev! i almost broke down and bought some of that the last time i was grocery shopping. it's not the most nutritious thing i could be eating, but man is it goooood!

of course, then again, neither was the donut and hot cocoa i had for brekkie. i need to find something for lunch.

hi lovemypugs! smile.gif i love it when lurkers speak up! yay!
hi hi LMP! Come back and plaaaaay with usssss! Yep, I love America's Test Kitchen, as well as Cook's Illustrated Mag - I just wish it came out more than 6x a year! I get Cuisine at Home too, to tide myself over!

Tree - your hair is simply gorgeous!!! It really looks beautiful with your skin tone...I love how nice and rich it is!

I just got my tea shipment delivered from Adagio Teas with a new teapot!! I love their teaware, and I have their Ingenuitea, which is the best little gizmo ever for brewing loose tea with no mess - you just stick the pot over a mug and set it down, and it filters and drains the tea into your mug! BUT, it makes about 1.5 mugfuls, which is just a bit shy of what I'd like, so I ordered a cute little teapot that brews 3 cups, with a basket inside for the leaves - perfect size for 2 people! And, I ordered on Tuesday, and it was delivered today! Wheee! More peppermint/licorice root tea for meee!

~*~*~*~*~ vibes of all sorts for Doodle ~*~*~*~*~ So good to see you in here again, Doods. Hope MaryJane is doing a good job for you.

CONGRATS, Mr. T!!!! That's marvelous!

Great color, Tree!

FJ, that's so sweet that you got to see your little bean on V-Day. Love the wig, by the by.
~$~$~$~$~ get-that-sale vibes for FJ ~$~$~$~$~

I was thinking about Mr. FJ last night because a friend of mine was telling me about some of the perks that he gets on business trips. Heh heh wink.gif

Sorry to hear about your problems in the kitchen, Divala. What a pain! Maybe the fates meant for you to just have chocolate fondue. Yum!

I love America's Test Kitchens (AKA Cooks' Illustrated). Everything I've made from them has turned out very nicely.

I hate feeling sick, though. Another day and my tummy is still upset. But no puking for me, so I can still send some ~*~*~*~ get better vibes for Moxie ~*~*~*~

Hey Minx, how's the little Minxlette feeling today?

Valentine's night turned out pretty nicely in the Violet-Steel household. I was resigned to spend the night alone, so I ordered Little Miss Sunshine from on-demand cable (No, not Comcast). I thought it was a good anti-Valentine-y choice since I was on my own. But half-way through the film, Sheff came home! Three hours earlier than I had expected! He said that the big bosses kicked everybody out because of the holiday. He took a bath while I finished the movie, & then we had some lovely, uh, cuddle time. Then watched the world series of poker (heh heh ... poker). And then went back to, uh, cuddling some more. biggrin.gif

Funny story: Our friend Jenny stopped by the drug store on her way home last night & she said the place was CRAWLING with men, buying every pink and red thing they could get their hands on!
ooh wow tree! new hair! pssht--not photograph well? then what are these photos of a pretty lady doing in your post?? *elbows you*

and fj has neon!

HOLY MOLY TURBOMANN GOT THE JOB!!!!!!! YAYAYAAY!! awesome! congratulations!!!

oh and moxie, i second (third?) ginger tea for what ails you.

diva, what a kiev disaster! i'm glad you could make something palatable out of them and that the fondue was great, though. sounds like you had a lovely VD anyway tongue.gif

minxie!! *smacks minxie's nekkid ass as she passes*

hi tessie--you're colorful today!

i went rollerskating last night. it was really fun. the ex came too--i had no clue he could skate! i figured he would be too cool for it and just sit on the sidelines like a Cool Dude but he was whizzing all around and doing jumps and being awesome. apparently he used to rollerblade and play street hockey. the things you don't know about people!
thanks for all the vibes, ladies. I dispise ginger, so no go on that for moi. I stuck with a bannana, saltines and applejuice. It was like being freshly pregnant again. Shite- i hope that's not it. diva's got me scared now.

At any rate, my belly is feeling much better, and i napped for 2 hours early afternoon, so i'm overall doing much better. Gonna dry my hair and pick the wee one up early.

Minxy- they DO stop getting every bug known to make a nose run like niagra falls, right? I'm back to a bit of the "she's sick b/c i'm selfish enough to work" feeling.

Oh, Moxie, don't be scared. That just screws with your system even more.

I like your hair, Tree. And both those photos look great, too.

Wow, rollerskating. I used to do a little of that when I was little, when roller rinks were a tiny bit less of a novelty. Now I'm scared of putting wheels directly under my feet. I know SO many people who've been seriously injured from their roller blades.

I'm going to check out that America's Test Kitchen. I don't think I've ever heard of it before, since the only places I ever go to for recipes online are Food Network and Epicurious. But now I want to go out and buy a couple frozen kievs. Those always turn out well and don't dirty up 8 dishes in the process.

Speaking of which, I think I'm going to make something fruity for my little luncheon tomorrow. I'm sick to death of chocolate, and I make a mean lemon curd. Maybe I'll do mini lemon tartlets with fresh berries on top with a generous helping of powdered sugar.

RV, I was one of those (minus the penis) going through the stores looking for red stuff that wasn't flowers. That's how I ended up with bad novelty boxers and a bear holding a red box that I dumped some kisses in.

I think I'm going to try to eat a heap of vegetables tonight. My innards aren't feeling quite right, and it's usually because of a lack of veggies, and potatoes don't count.

I'm airing my purse out right now. I let the giant use my Zicam yesterday because he felt a cold coming on, and it ended up back in my purse with the top partially unscrewed, so I got Zicam all over a bunch of papers and other things, including my iPod (it got in the case). Yuck. At least the iPod seems unharmed. So I had to spray a bunch of prickly pear perfume around my cube so it wouldn't smell like medicine. I'm surprised I haven't been disciplined for that yet since my office has this weird "no perfume or sporeous plants" rule, though it's perfectly fine to stink up the area with your lunch.
Tree, you are a babe! I love your hair, that is a really nice color. Thanks for the pics!

So, by my count, we have two ladies w/ upset stomachs in here today (and poor doodle) and two ladies with bright hair (I know yours is a wig, FJ!). I hope the bellies get to feeling better.

Ok, I am officially over this day. Ready to go home. I was so tired, I decided to go to the gym at lunch. It was either that or fall asleep at my desk. I walked & rode the bike & I still feel tired. So on my way back I picked up a Diet Coke & a Twix. Exercise didn't work, maybe junk food will!

Mouse, I love rollerskating. It is lots of fun & surprisingly hard. Last time I went I was sweating like a pig. Good exercise.
~*~*anti-stomach bug vibes for the Moxie household~*~*

I hate the flu, and puking is the absolute worst! But yeah - ginger helps with nausea. You could sip the ginger water stuff, or you could try to nibble on some candied ginger, too, if you think you can hold it down. Candied ginger always helped Heikki when he was car sick.

Treehugger - your hair looks FABulous, and might I compliment you on your cute lips? I am always surprised to see what people look like IRL, because I always have an image of you all. I think I know what most of you look like IRL, though, now. I've seen pics and have met a couple of you. Anyway, I thought of treehugger as a hippie girl in overalls and a baseball cap (because you work on mechanical stuff!), but IRL, I see someone who resembles a stage actress. You look...dramatic. : )

I wonder who I haven't seen IRL yet. Well, there's still Karianne, whom I *still* think of as Laura Ingalls. And I haven't seen a pic of Doodlebug either.

Speaking of RL, I once had several TC Busties drunk-n-dial me at WhiskyBake, and it was hilarious! I hope you guys still have my number. I would love to be drunk-n-dialed again, or you can call me anytime. I think I gave my digits to Minx.

Last night, work was HELL-ACIOUS! Valentine's Day - everybody wants dessert. I thought it would be easier because we had a special menu with only four desserts, and one of them was a dessert for two. Well, people ordered the dessert for two (a heart shaped cake with white chocolate and strawberry mousse) for only one person, so they ordered an additional dessert as well. I was pre-plating five desserts at a time, keeping them on hand so I just had to run them out to the servers, which was smart (though it wasn't my idea - the asst. pastry chef told me to do it).

The most popular desserts were the Triple Chocolate Mousse (easy to plate), and the Chambourd Panna Cotta (a total PITA!!!). The Panna Cotta would stick to the paper it was sitting on. It did not want to get on the plate in one piece. Too bad, because it was a beautiful rosy-white pyramid flecked with vanilla bean seeds. Aren't those little dots the seeds?

I couldn't wait to get out of there last night. I came home and read the archives, and was so happy to see Doodle posting again, when she has the strength. Welcome back, DoodleBug, and I am sending you extra ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*vibes~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* for your recovery. Oh, BTW - is there anything I can do so I don't get a kidney stone? Or does it just happen to some people? Your experience scares the crap out of me.

~*~*~*sales for FJ's appts~*~*~*~*more appointments~*~*~*~*~*

FJ - I'm glad to hear that your cervix is doing its job - you and your cervix make quite a good team, I think. COOPERATION (isn't there a Sesame Street song???). After the little dude emerges, you should take your cervix out of dinner and cocktails.

LoveMyPugs! Come back! I love pugs, too!

Poodle - I feel hostility toward people who send their kids to the NE for some elitist college. You can get plenty of elitist colleges in the Midwest. But, NO, their kids are too SPECIAL and IMPORTANT - they must get a designer brand name degree. Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology by Armani. More like Laura Ashley probably.

I knew this girl who was a student of Mr. PK's. She grew up with every privilege, then went on to go to Smith College. She talked about how they had a cleaning and cooking staff for their "dorms" which was a big house. Fuck her. She can take her teen-angst homemade folk music and shove it up her ass, which is probably wiped for her by her "STAFF".

Sorry. I feel hostile toward people who grow up like than and don't even realize how lucky they are. They think they are entitled to all of their perks and privileges.

OK - now you know that I am bitter and envious of other people. *hangs head in shame*
pk, entitlement is never pretty. i went to a fancy northeast college (well, not that fancy, but certainly priveleged) but i like to think that by being grateful and appreciative of that opportunity i kind of bypass being an asshole. i hope so at least.

i love seeing what people look like, but i also love imagining what they look like. i confess i've done some peeking around on the bustie myspace group (i have my own myspace but i don't particularly want to put myself out there like that, but i'm happy to add you guys if you want) so i know what a few of you look like (and you're all hell of cute btw) but i still don't know everyone. i have a very distinct idea of what doodle looks like; i'm really curious how close i am smile.gif
Since you all begged me to come back and we are on the topic of hair color. LOL I'm going to post this in here as well as How do You wear your hair. I know I haven't been in this thread often so let me introduce myself. I'm LoveMyPugs or just Pugs. I have dark brown shoulder length hair. Dark eyes and medium fair skin. I don't wear makeup and I'm definitely not trendy (not that trendy is bad or anything). Once a stylist told me that I really shouldn't go with a funky colored hair if I don't wear makeup. Is this true? These are not pictures of me just pictures of the hair color I'm thinking about. I'd really like to do something crazy like bright red or purple or this purple. I'm not working right now so I think if I was going to do it now would be the best time. But the thing that scares me is for example this chick needs makeup to pull this hairstyle off right? I'm really leaning towards the red like treehuger (who looks fabulous and I'm so jealous to the core). Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, my hair is VERY HEALTHY. Is this going to damage it beyond belief? What if I have a professional do it? Some many questions here...
Haha!! That made me laugh, PK!! I wish someone would give me lots of money so that I could go to a school outside of MN or WI. Geesh, school costs so much everywhere. I'm glad I took care of my bachelor's before the U of MN's tuition/fees went through the roof. I still have many student loans that will take me a while to pay off, but they're pretty low in comparison to what kids are paying today. I don't understand how public institutions expect people to easily fork out that much money on a bachelor's degree. Nowadays, the U of MN is more like a corporation and real estate business than an institution of higher learning.

Ah yes...WhiskeyBake...good times...

Cute hair, treehugger!! I was thinking the same thing as PK about your cute lips!!

I wanna go rollerskating!! I can just imagine skating around with all of the sparly disco lights and "Open Arms" playing over the speakers.

ETA- Oops!! X-post!! Hi Pugs!!
My first roommate in college (state school) thought there were people around to do her laundry for her. Yes, there are people who clean the bathrooms and common areas, and there are cooks who make your food in the cafeteria, but nobody comes to do your laundry. I think I laughed out loud at her. She'd never had a job before, and was incredibly sheltered. We didn't stay friends for long.

I wish I could have gone to a school out east, but there's no way I could have afforded it without signing over my firstborn child. I wanted to go to a New York school just to be in New York. Maybe I would have taken my education more seriously and not ended up in a job I don't like that has nothing to do with what I really want to do in life.

I like imagining what people look like. Anyone remember Jochen? She'll always be a really petite Asian girl with severe hair and a biker jacket to me.

*imagines diva selling babies to finance out-of-state tuition* Ha!!

She seriously thought people would do her laundry? That's effed up. I woulda laughed out loud, too!

For those of you who don't know what I look like IRL, this "rendering" might help:

IPB Image

Hahaha!! I kill me!!
omigod poodle, you're GORGEOUS

BWAhahaha! PK, you crack my shit up....Cervix cooperation and good team - I love it!!

I was thinking of you slaving away in the kitchen last night, PK, thinking it was the penultimate dessert night, and that you were probably slammed for 4 hours straight! But, I am so glad to hear that you handled it all smoothly, and got a system down.

LMP - You do not need to be a makeup maven to carry off some funky hair - I'll try and dig up my piccies later when I get home and post them in the Hair thread. I had a purple chunk on one side, orange on the other, and a fringe of purple 'round back, and it was my favorite hair ever. I can't say that my boss was pleased, but tough shit. You can't fire me for hair. tongue.gif However, it is extremely damaging to your hair - you have to bleach it first, then dye pretty much takes all of the moisture out of your hair, and after a couple weeks, there was definitely a different texture to the chunky portions. You also have to be willing to just let it grow out, and rock out with your brown roots, like the rocker you know you are. wink.gif You can't go re-bleaching, and while you can add more of the funky color to tone it all, it won't really change your roots so much. After about 6 months of the funky colors, I wanted my healthy hair back, so I hennaed over it all, which is very restorative for the hair, and I got fun copper chunks there for awhile. I don't regret it one bit.

Poodle, your self-portrait is divine!

I met moxie on my first day at college in my dorm...good times. *sigh* Not a ton of totally entitled people at Michigan State...I'm sure they were there, but just not folk I would choose to hang around. I don't really understand paying an assload of money for a bachelors, though. I have Northwestern students work for me as work study, and there's something I just fail to understand about paying $41K a year for're still going to get a lowpaying job like anyone else after graduation, I don't think pedigree matters all that much - its about personal motivation.
oh....gawrsh...toes ground.

Thanks for the compliments on the pics. smile.gif

At the UW, there's special private dorms that do, indeedy, have laundry service. Most of the dorms are just regular ol' dorms though.

Pugs, if you're interested, mine's a temporary one...that should wash out in 8 to 10 shampoos. It's a good way to test a color, without damaging your hair and without the committment of a permanent color.

After seeing the kudos, and also once I get back to work and find out how people react to a plum-haired refrigeration specialist, I may make this my permanent color.

But, I digress. I have, normally, kind of a medium brown hair...and I used "color pulse" by l'oreal...the color is called "chilled plum".

FJ, you totally ROCK that wig! I have a bright blue one, too, but, now that my hair's longer I feel like my head looks like a bowling ball in it. It's sort of a chin length bob...which accentuates my round cheeks too much, I think. But you totally look HOT in that!

Hmmm..whiskeybake DOES sound like it was a good time! I missed itttt... (sob)

(okay, was that a place of employment, or a BUSTie party?)

oooooh, rollerskating! (flashes back to a time more than twenty years ago, prolly thirty years the roller rink...YMCA was the new big hit of the day)...

ETA: Wow, holy crosspost! Poodle, you're gawgeus!!
one thing i would LOVE to see is college-era photos of moxie and turbo.......*hint hint*
You know, I'm not sure there *are* college photos of moxie and I together, but I'll look...I'm the worst photo documentor ever, which is why I have about 6 wedding photos and 9 honeymoon photos. tongue.gif I know that I DO have photos of the moxie's first christmas together, at a rum sodden party, I do believe. heh.

I think pink wigs are something that just about anyone looks HOT in...not sure why...but somehow it works. Blue is definitely good too.
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