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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi PK!!

((FJ)) I hate having to make lots of phone calls. I have to do that for my job a lot and it drives me bonkers.

"I used to wish I would get run over by a bus because I would rather have broken bones and a concussion than to arrive at my shitty job." Hahaha!! I feel that way right now!!

"Tequilologist" That would be awesome. Tequila is just as complex and diverse as wine!! I like tequila because it's so distinct and it triggers memories and old feelings. Same with pot. I love the smell of marijuana wafting through the air because it often surprises my senses.

Mmmm...tequila. I would love a gigantic, freshly squeezed margarita right now.
I have a study guide for my part-time job that has tasting notes for all the tequilas we serve. It tells about the color, aroma, flavors, and finish. My boss told me to pick about five to focus on, and then just talk about them is a guest asks me for a recommendation. It doesn't really matter which ones we choose to sell because we have about 200 tequilas, and all of them are kind of expensive - some more than others.

For people who aren't tequila connoisseurs, it doesn't really matter to them which one they get, I guess. As long as they feel they are trying something "fine".

An old friend from my hometown just found me on MySpace. I sent her a message with my phone number and we chatted for about a half hour. It was really great. I love My Space. Most of the people I come across on there are people from my hometown that I have lost touch with. Sometimes I get creepy guys, but for the most part, it's great.

FJ - are you making phone calls now? When I have to talk to people, I usually have an energy drink and that helps me be more outgoing and friendly. I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine. Oh wait - you're pregnant. You shouldn't probably do the energy drink, but your idea about taking a run sounds just as good, if not better. Too bad the weather isn't cooperating and making you feel pluuurby (I love that!). I also find that my mood lifts up after I have a good laugh. Somebody tell FJ a joke! poodle? Would you like to do the honors? I just KNOW that you've got some knee-slappers up your sleeve.
Hi, peeps!

I've scanned the archives a little, but I know I missed a lot.

Doodle! Yay, you're kind of back and on the mend!

Jenn, that sucks about your uncle. My youngest brother (Sam's dad) used to be like that. He stole some old checkbooks from me and wrote out checks on a closed account all over the place, and it all came back at me and screwed up my credit. And that's nothing compared to what he did to my other brother and our parents. Oy. I think people do that to family members because they know they won't get turned in to the police cops for it and that they can talk their way out of it. It's really hard when it's family, and you'll know them the rest of your life.

I'm glad the presentation went well, Karianne.

Hi, Tes! Happy Mozambiversary! How much longer are you there for?

Poodle, what grad school are you thinking of? I'm seriously thinking of taking night classes to be a pastry chef. I'm not in the least bit interested in a Master's in my degree field, I'd rather start over in some other direction and learn to do something I love really really well. Unfortunately, money matters A LOT to me. I'd love to have a job I love, but not at the cost of not being able to have everything else I want in the other 16 hours of my day. I won't sacrifice for a job.

Tequila is yummy. I'm not into the golden ones, though, just the clear. I'm like that with pretty much all my liquor.

I'm finding some time to post today because I AM ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY DONE WITH ALL THE WORK I CAN POSSIBLY DO FOR THE NEXT 2 DAYS, so I should get some time to screw around free of punishment.

What a weekend we had! We went shopping and out for burgers on Friday night. I got REALLY mad at the giant on Saturday because he knew how much I wanted to go out shopping, and yet he slept until almost 4:00 after I tried to wake him up several times. I was so mad I was slamming doors and wouldn't even look at him or speak to him while we showered, and didn't speak to him the whole car ride there. I actually asked him "are you still coming?" even though it was very clear that I wanted him to just stay home. Well, he insisted on going with me. He followed 5 feet behind me while I stomped through stores, and I didn't even speak to him until we got out of one and I had to tell him that the gay boy who tried to squirt me with perfume is the same one who told me I have small eyes (I so totally don't, not that small eyes are a bad thing) and tried to smear me with bronzer "because it's Lindsay Lohan's favorite." I finally quit being mad by the time we went to buy a new duvet, then he took me out for really fancy dinner, then we stopped at Sex World. He's been bugging me about it for the last year, so I finally took him. On Sunday, we saw the Timberwolves/Celtics game with his cousin and his wife, and played a whole lot of Guitar Hero. We didn't even think to watch the Grammys. I'm ready for a day to myself, but I'll have to wait until Monday. Oh, well.

Well, it looks about time to go home. It's been nice not needing an excuse for screwing around this afternoon.

pk, you make me smile! i love it that you're spending more time here! yes, i'm calling people right now and an energy drink would be awesome right now. come to think of it, so would infused tequila. eh, guess i can wait. biggrin.gif

i really could go for a poodle joke.

i just called mrfj and told him to get me some chocolate frosted krispy kreme donuts and that i'm ordering pizza for dinner. and yes, i'm planning to eat them together! tongue.gif

thanks for the phone call hugs, poodle. i'm trying. but i feel like i'm really sucking tonight. i don't know what's wrong with me today.

krispy kremes! work your magic! hehe

Hi diva!!! Your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun despite your fight with the giant. You didn't buy the Lohan's favorite bronzer?? I'm surprised--you're always telling me about how you aspire to look like Blohan!! wink.gif

I think you should totally go to school to be a pastry chef. You cousin decorates wedding cakes at home as a side job. I don't know how she got into it, but she does some seriously badass stuff.

Well, when I was looking at grad schools a while ago, I was looking into land use planning programs, but the ones I was interested in (environmentally-focused) were all out of state, which would cost me mucho dinero. The U of MN's urban planning program doesn't really suit my interests. As I've been looking into land trust work for the past year, I've learned that I really need to develop my skills in geographic information science (GIS). The demand for GIS people is huge and, of course, that's what the non-profit conservation orgs are looking for. If I went back to school, it would be for geography with a emphasis on natural resources. It makes sense for me to apply to the U of MN, because their geog program is 3rd in the nation, and I would be able to afford the tuition as a resident. UW-Madison has a really interesting "Land Resources" program. I would consider that, too, but I wouldn't be able to keep my current job (and health insurance) and live with my parents, so it the financial burden would be greater. Thankfully, there's the MN-WI reciprocity deal so it wouldn't be totally unreasonable. I'm very much in love with the U of MN geog program though, because the professors are awesome. I miss those classes. Fortunately, I know some people and I can kiss ass if necessary.

Anyway...enough of that. It's just one of my options for the future. If I don't do something, then I'm gonna be stuck doing the same old crapola for a long time.

ETA- Ack! I can't come up with any funnies right now!! Sorry.
hi hi everyone! Our internet has been out all no bust on my day off - BOO!

PK, you MUST tell me the proportions for making this creamsicle tequila! I love me some tequila! I would probably really have a drinking problem if I worked at a tequila lounge!

Diva, I'm a firm believer in getting up and getting shit done without turbomann - he like sleep, and I like to get stuff done, so I do most of the shopping without him, and we both enjoy it more that way!

The weather here sucks today, which is as much a reason why I stayed home as tiredness was...snow's one thing, but combined with 30mph winds -- painful. Walking turbo this afternoon was a concerted effort to move against the wind...ugh.

FJ!!! You're such an appointment setting rockstar! I'm sure motivation is hard, but you are doing SO well so far, and getting more time to take care of you and the wee weiner - you've got the right job for this time in your life.

Okay, time to see what's happening elsewhere in the lounge before comcast sucks it up again!
oh wow! not only are okaylandia vibes awesome but they're incredibly timely!!!! two seconds after i posted, my set for today showed up!! she was awesome on the phone last week but then i couldnt reach her today at either number. i thought she was bailing! but she showed! she was 15 minutes late, but she's there!


jeebus, talk about sales-job-induced bipolar!
OK, here's the joke to cheer up all the sickies:

Because the restaurant is non-smoking, two little old ladies are standing outside puffing away on cigarettes. Suddenly, it starts to rain. Matilda looks at her friend Betty and says, "Let's get out of this rain!"

Betty replies, "I'm not going to waste my cigarette." Betty then reaches into he purse and pulls out a condom. She unrolls it and slips it over the end of her cigarette. "I've learned that this is a good way to keep the rain from soaking it."

"Genius!" Replies Matilda. "I'm going to stop at the drug store and pick some of those up on my way home!"

An hour later, Matilda is standing in front of the clerk at the drug store. The clerk is more than a little surprised when the sweet, little, 80-year-old grandmother asks him for a box of condoms.

"Uh, are you sure it is condoms you are looking for?" Asks the clerk.

"Oh, most certainly, young man," is Matilda's reply.

"Well, uh, what size do you want?"

Matilda hasn't expected this question. She thinks for a moment, then looks at the clerk and says, "Big enough to fit on a Camel."
OMG....I so have to tell that joke at lunch on Friday.....good one turbomann!!

Congrats on the set, FJ.

PK, that creamsicle tequila is making me dream of a drink....but I think I'd use vodka or everclear. Orange peel and a vanilla bean, eh? Yummm...

hehehehehe! nice one turbomann!

*~*~*~*$$~that job belongs to turbomann~$$*~*~*~*
Bwaaaaahahaha! A Camel! Yay for Turbomann! How was that, FJ? That, along with your sales-induced mania, should do the trick and you'll be setting mega appointments in no time!

I want pizza. I really want pizza.

Turbojenn - I don't know the proportions for the creamsicle tequila. I think you just take a bottle of sauza silver, put in a few vanilla beans and orange peels, and let it steep for a few weeks. I'm not sure if it was heated first, either. I don't really know how to infuse booze. I think to make limoncello, you have to heat it every day to less than 100 degree for a few minutes. Tequila - I don't know. I have a cookbook that has recipes for homemade aquavit (using vodka), so I can look in there and see if the mixture is heated a little bit first before you steep it. I know it steeps for about three weeks.

diva - I didn't know that you wanted to be a pastry chef! That's cool! I know you like to bake, though. What kind of goals do you have upon finishing culinary school? Do you want to work in a kitchen, or on your own? Is there a pastry school in the Cities? I went in Chicago and studied culinary instead of baking and pastry, and it was muy muy expensive. And after graduating, I don't make very much money. But if you struck out on your own and did weddings and catering, I bet you could have a much more lucrative career. I don't really know - it's just a guess. I like working in kitchens for now. Maybe someday I will open my own business.

I really want to open a Scandinavian breakfast place, or a Fair Trade coffee shop with fancy pastries. I think it would be fun and rewarding personally and professionally, but probably not make me rich. Although, I wonder how the people who own Ann Sather's is doing. I imagine that they make a lot of money. But they've been in Chicago for decades and have a name. Turbo - do you know anything about the Ann Sather people? Is it the Tunneys?
PK - I don't know anything about Ann Sather other than the fact that they have deadly delicious cinnamon rolls...*drools* I curse my co-workers when they bring those things into the office - they are irresistable.

I'll have to poke around the web for some infused tequila recipes - I'm sure there's recipes out there...its not really tequila season right now, when summer rolls around I may make a batch. I have made raspberry vodka, which was delicious, and all I did for that was chuck some raspberries in container with vodka, and let it sit on the counter for 3 days...after that, I kept the vodka in the freezer, so weird stuff wouldn't grow in there.

No word on turbomann's job yet, but who knows, since the phone was kaput all day again.
[snort!] Good one, TurboMann! And a good thing I swallowed my chai before I read the punch line!

Lindsey Lohan's favorite bronzer? Do they think that sales pitch is actually going to work?! Siiiiigh. I long for the Mean Girls version of Blohan. She actually looked cute and healthy and - dare I say - intelligent back then.

I have thought about going to culinary school, too, but just to improve my technique. I like to cook, but I don't want to enter the high-stress world of restaurant work. I just want to make food that makes me moan with ecstacy. Not a major request, right? wink.gif

PK, I have always loved the idea of a late night bakery. I've never understood why your average bakery opens at the crack of dawn and closes early in the evening because, in my mind, the perfect way to end a night out (especially if drinking is involved) is with some delicious, fresh baked goods. Just imagine how luscious it would be to have fresh, hot croissants just before bed. Mmmmmm ...
I have to admit, I didn't read turbomann's joke. unsure.gif I am a anti-joke pariah....married to a man who loves telling jokes. If anyone so much as starts a joke set-up, I just tune out. Don't know why, I just do.

Mmmm....late night pastries...I'm just craving sweets in here tonight! Yikes! Good thing the weather is bad, otherwise I might head out for some sweets!
Oh! Turbomann! That joke made me laugh out loud!

So, the new stove is gorgeous. It seems that the problem was actually the plug the stove was plugged into (it shorted), but we aren't sure if it was the old stove shorting the circuit, or vice versa, b/c the old one didn't work plugged into another outlet either. Regardless, I've got industrial extension cords duct-taped to my kitchen floor, and a beautiful new stove. We need an electrician.

So, i'm planning all sorts of good meals for dinners this week. Today was baked chicken, garlic smashed potatoes and orange-juice simmer-glaze carrots and cornbread. YUMMY. Tomorrow, porkchops, apples and baked potato. Thursday, roasted chicken breasts (just breasts...1 meal only!) and pasta with zucchinis bread. Friday, some sort of chicken and rice...i haven't gotten quite that far yet. Speaking of which, turbojenn...don't you have a good butter-something apples rec'p?
Well, mox, at least you have a gorgeous new stove to inspire you, right?

Hmmm...apples...mostly I make fried apples - just a little oil/butter in a non-stick skillet, cook for about 5 mins, add cinnamon, nutmeg, dash of pepper, dash of salt...the only other thing I can think of that I do with apples is your basic apple crisp. Oh, and I also make periodic batches of the fried apples diced really fine to put on my morning oatmeal - now *that* is delicious!

I'm sitting here watching westminster, trying to figure out how the modern cocker spaniel is considered a "sporting" dog...but yet greyhounds are not sporting. Very odd. Of course AKC greyhounds are freakish, inbred anemic looking things anyway. wink.gif
I made some kick-ass sauteed apples at work once. It was sliced apples, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a dash of Calvados. Now, I don't expect anyone to go out and buy a bottle of Calvados for one recipe, but wow! what a huge difference it made! I could never afford to make the stuff at home that we make at work. But, if you can find any other apple brandy, I'm sure that would be good, too. After we ran out of Calvados, we used apple rum and it wasn't as good. Too Jolly Rancher-ish.

I just made chili again. I'm on a chili kick, I tell ya!

Mox - your dinner planning is inspiring. I wish I could plan meals for the week, get groceries, then actually go through with the cooking part. Can I come over for park chop night??? I do love pork.

Ya know what, Jenn? I know it's not tequila season, but it is AQUAVIT season! Do you drink vodka? I have a cookbook called "Aquavit" that has lots of recipes for infused vodka. You could even go to Borders and look in the back of the book and steal some ideas. It's a really expensive book, describing food that I would never be able to afford to make at home.

Some guy at work told me the other day that foie gras is banned in Chicago. Is this true? Because I had foie gras at Tru a couple years ago. The guy told me it was banned because it was cruel to raise the (geese? ducks?) the way they were being raised to make their huge, plump livers taste to delicious. I didn't realize that the birds were being raise in an inhumane manner, otherwise I wouldn't have eaten foie gras at all. I have had it twice and it is sooooo goooood. But I won't ever order it again if this is true.

Mmmm. I'm eating my chili now. I think I just use chili as a way to eat more sour cream. Do you know how much sour cream means to me? I don't know either - but if I was without it, my life would be bleak.
Mmmmm....PK, those apples sound amazing! I guess I do add a bit of brown sugar to my apples too - I forgot about that. Calvados is so yummy to cook with...I used to have a bottle, but its gone now. sad.gif I'm drinking much of anything these and tequila are pretty much what I drink if I have and gin are fine by me too, but I guess I don't want much for icy drinks in the cold weather!

Yep, PK, fois gras is banned in chicago, thanks to my very own alderman, Joe Moore. JoMo is the underwriter of all vanity legislation in the city, I think. Here's the thing, though....YES, the ducks are force fed with a tube, but in all honesty, they are treated far better than your average factory chicken. I watched a show on the farms on the travel channel, and the ducks have room to run around, aren't caged, and they approach the farmers for food...its just how they're fed. I understand the concern about fois gras, but until we get better care regulations for all livestock, its not at the top of my taboo foods list. However, I'll never eat fois, just because I think eating liver is a little gross...I mean -- the liver is the filter for all food and toxins...I don't really want to eat that.
A sauce for Moxie's pork chops, finished with Calvados, would be sen-SAY-shunal. Mox - are you making a sauce for your chops?
I found out today that the executive sous chef at my new job has a crush on me. Ugh. I wonder how *that* will go. So far, he hasn't hit on me or anything, and maybe he never will considering he's in a position of authority. I hope not. I really don't need this right now.
Hi, just checking in. Still quite low energy, not myself at all, hardly left bed. A friend is bringing me some pot tomorrow so that I can stop throwing up and start keeping food down. doodlemama thinks it's quite funny and refers to my friend as my "dealer."

I realize I am going to be a long time healing, don't know how I will stand it. I wanted time to rest and relax at the end of the job, but I would have liked to be healthy enough to enjoy it. This just sucks. Living in my bedroom may be the death of me. I made doodlemama start clearing out excess stuff (decorative shit, dying plants, unneeded furniture) so I at least wouldn't feel so claustrophobic. Anyway, the stint comes out next Tuesday, and the D&C will happen on March 7 (I think), so it's definitely going to be awhile for me.

The board has paid out my severance and reprieved me from my leftover work obligations, and mom and I got the leftover files, office stuff, keys, etc. to the board chair today, so at least I am free of that forever. Also (really nice), the board gave me a $200 gift certificate to a day spa as my going away gift - I am going to need that when I start to feel better! I think they are having a lot of guilt over how sick I am....

Anyway, I miss you all, but it's hard to be at the computer for long, so it's just this post. Will hopefully be around more after the medicinal marijuana cures me a bit...
DOODLE! You just peek in when you feel up to it, and cuddle with those kitties the rest of the time. KNow we're all here whenever you feel well enough to join. ((((doodle's bod)))


PK, I was thinking of something as a cross between applesauce and fried apples for the "topping" for the chops. I've got stale cornbread that I made last weekend that will be crumbed and mixed with some sort of seasoning (i'm leaning toward a carribean bent myself) and then baked on the chops (not a fried chops fan). I just can't spell sautee (ok, i just did it there...go figure) or rec' i use internet-speak to cheat. If I don't plan out menus in advance, i get all flabbergasted at the end of a day and just end up with take-out. After spending too much $$ on a stove, I'd hate myself right now for doing that.

(((((((morning healing vibes for doodle))))) I'm sorry to hear that the road to recovery is going to be so long, but I'm more glad that you have doodlemama and friends to help care for you in this time, and that the space is available for you to take this time to focus on yourself, now that the centre is not your responsibility.

Well, its back to work for me this morning....bah-humbug. AND, to add insult to injury, I have my monthly 2.5 hour staff meeting today, which is quite torturous, and I don't have any of my reports done since I was at home yesterday sans internet for most of the day. Oh well, it will all get done.

I want some of moxie's pork chops and apples! SOunds like its going to be delicious! I think I'm making chipotle en adobo/garlic marinated pork tenderloin for dinner tonight, with my homeade charro beans and salad - nothing particularly fancy for valentine's day, but turbomann and I have never really done anything for VD...we're just not that into it.

If he finally hears from HR about the job...well, then we might have to reconsider celebration plans. wink.gif
Good Morning!

((Doodle)) Girl, that sounds rough. I am so happy that your mom is there with you. It makes me feel better to know you are not alone. I hope your "medicine" works wonders! That is a nice gift from the board...the perfect thing to get you feeling good when you are fully healed.

Moxie....your dinners are making me hungry! Man those sound good!

I bought some stuff for some good dinners this week, but I haven't had time to cook yet. I am meeting mom & sis out tonight for some Valentine's day pizza.

Turbomann, that joke is really funny. Thanks!

Pk, I hope that guy doesn't hit on you either. Ick. That is just not cool for a boss to do. Hopefully he will mind his manners. Pink & black houndstooth chef pants sound rad. Maybe after you are there a while you will get a feel for if those will be ok to wear. I think you'd look rockin' in them! I did feel confident in my suit yesterday. I think it was worth the moolah. I've been needing one for a while, I am sure I'll get a lot of use out of it.

Diva, man your Saturday with the giant sounds so frustrating! Ugh. I hate those days when you just get so pissed off.

Poodle, I think even if you are not planning on taking any immediate action regarding school, just thinking about it is productive. You gotta have time to warm up to the idea. When/if the right time comes along, you'll be ready to go.

Not too much going on here today, which is nice. Yesterday was so stressful, I am looking forward to an easy day today.

Hey babes!!

Valentines Day is lame. It's just another holiday fabricated by the greeting card and floral industries to sell their products. smile.gif

((((doodle)))) March 7? Damn. Why so long?

Mmmm...can I come over when you make garlic mashed potatoes, mox?

(((turbo))) That's so cruel that you have to sit in a meeting for 2.5 hours. Why do we humans force this upon ourselves? Nobody likes 2.5 hour meetings but, for some reason, we still have 'em anyway. Weird.

I'm craving bagels and cream cheese right now. Mmmmm...salt bagels with plain cream cheese and a couple slices of favorite.

Yeah, poodle, I tend to think any meeting longer than 45min is just getting into the wasting time realm, and not really being productive. This one annoys me because its through lunch hour, and we have to bring our lunch to the meeting...I object to lunch meetings in principle.

Mmm....I love salt bagels and cream cheese - YUM. Truly a divine combo.

Well, I should finish up my stats here, so I can bore my team to sleep here in an hour. smile.gif
Yum. A bagel with cream cheese & tomato would be on time. I am meeting a friend for lunch today, so I'm gonna get something good.

Jenn, I'm with you...lunch meetings are the absolute worst! I mean, what's the point? If it is not important enough to use office time, not employees' time, then there shouldn't be a meeting about it.

Where are all the okayers today?

Ugh. Lunch meetings. Fortunately, our office doesn't do that. We rarely have meetings to begin with, so I know that the next one (if it ever happens) is gonna be pretty damn long. We demanded that our boss bring bagels to future meetings.

MMmmmm...I just had a salt bagel and it was soooo satisfying. The lady at the bagel place told me to have a Happy Valentine's Day though, which just ain't cool. It's as much of a faux pas as saying Merry Christmas.

You love her, but she loves him
and he loves somebody else
You just can't win
And so it goes
til the day you die
This thing they call "love"
is gonna make you cry (I hate you)
I've had the blues
the reds and the pinks
One thing's for sure...
Yeah Yeah!!
Yeah Yeah!!

Boy, I'm crabby this week!
Oh, they used to make us come in two hours early or stay two hours late for meetings. And my old bosses were the most officious pricks. They could have sent out one email mass email, solicited queries, & then compiled them into another mass email. But nooooo. That means they couldn't whinge on for two hours & might have to actually work. The food was good, though.

Pinkpoodle, would you have preferred she said, "Happy Lupercalian Eve?"
Dude, that's awful, aural. They're aware that they're ruining everyone's days, right?

Heh heh...I love this.
Oh, yeah. They totally knew. They had been doing everything in their power to get us all to quit so they'd have to offer only bits of severance pay. I finally stopped going to the meetings all together. I was like, fire me. I'm gonna file for unemployment just so you have to deal with the hassle of the paper work.
*yawn* hola sleepy heads!!! oh wait..thats just me and mouse....y'all are already up and going.

bah humbug on valentines...its soooo overrated. i refuse to buy into the hype-no roses...if i'm getting flowers, they better be daisies....and there's no way i'm going out for dinner. i've got steaks in the fridge. yay.

mmmm tequila....sounds lovely. picked me up some 'mojito' flavored gum...its good!

*!!*!*!*!**!*!DOODLE HEALING VIBEAGE*!!*!*!*!*!* I'm glad your 'dealer' will be round to 'check' on ya. laugh.gif

currently i'm drawing my dream house....old style complete with secret passages. and last nite i had crazily detailed old house

Hi, peeps! Happy VD! *hee, I said VD*

Turbomann, I love that joke! Heard anything back from the new job yet?

Sorry about your meeting, TurboJenn. I disagree with lunch meetings on personal time, too, on principle. We just had a big-ish meeting today, but it was the productive one. Then my boss met with me and the other peeps on my team about drumming up ideas for work to throw at me, since I've got nada.

I love infused/flavored vodkas. I'd love to try Aquavit sometime, too. I just love liquor, but I'm not a huge drinker. I had the most wonderful glass of red wine on Saturday. It was from 14 Hands Winery, and it was so smooth I could gulp it and not make the sour face I usually do with big sips of red. Yummy.

PK, I haven't really thought it out much, but I've always been the type to be my own boss, so I'd probably want to either do pastry from home or own a coffee/dessert/drinks cafe, like Zeno in Minneapolis (which I believe stays open until at least midnight on weekends, since they're now a bar, too). I don't have a lot of interest in making regular food, just the frou-frou stuff that looks pretty.

Speaking of which, I need to come up with something fairly easy to make and that travels well for a little lunch thingy some ladies at work invited me to join in on on Friday. I was thinking of lemon tartlets, but I'm not sure. If I do powdered sugar on top instead of meringue, I could stack them with wax paper between the layers and they wouldn't get crushed. Or maybe a flourless chocolate torte with ganache frosting would be good.

Pork chops sound so good right now. It's been ages since I've had one. They're normally not something I'd crave, but every once in awhile I do.

Doodle, that's an awfully long time to wait to get fixed. Is it always like that in Canada? I'm glad your mom's around to help and that your friend got you some smoky medicine, and that your mom's cool with it. I'm not a fan of the pot, but if that's what works, so be it.

Hi, Karianne, Poodle, GB, Aural, FJ, and everyone I missed because you're on the next page!

I have to buy some VD hype today. It would make the giant feel bad if I didn't, and if a little Hallmark will make him happy, so be it. I'm going to run out on my lunch hour, but not until later because I want to hear Al Franken's last show while I drive around. We're cooking at home tonight, something with chicken. And we're having chocolate fondue with fruit and pound cake for dessert. There I go again, knowing what I want for dessert but no clue what to have for actual dinner.

I am dreading tonight. I'm tired, I have an eye infection, & I'm cranky. I got him to agree to a stay in eve, but who knows what he's got planned. It was our anniversary a couple days ago & he made nary a peep & he's usually all about that shit. Elaborate bastard.

I demand the severed head of Cupid on a pike. I'll keep it right next to Ann Coulter's so he doesn't get lonely.
who got VD???? biggrin.gif

miss gb, i've had that mojito gum, it's so good! and i wanna see your house drawings....that's so cool. i went through a period of time in college when every one of my dreams involved really old crumbly houses with secret passageways. it was pretty cool.

diva you should absolutely be a pastry chef. YUM.

im so sorry about the lunch meeting turbo--that sucks. i actually have it great today since my boss is in vegas for the big apparel tradeshows. woo!

pork chops sound deeeeelish, moxie...glad you're enjoying your new job, pk! i hope that dude doesn't hit on you.

and DOODLE, so good to hear from you whenever you can pop in. i hope things are going smoothly and you get what you need to heal. ((doodle)) we're all thinking about you.

oright, i should probably get at least SOME work done today. hi everybody!
No word on the job yet. I'm kinda just wandering around the condo, waiting. If I don't hear anything this afternoon, it will be time to call my recruiter and ask him if he knows anything.

Has anyone seen that VD commercial with the husband and wife in the kitchen?
Wife: Do you know what day it is?
Husband: Yes.
Wife: Did you get me chocolate?
Husband: No.
Wife: Did you get me flowers?
Husband: No.
Wife: Did you get me a card?
Husband: No. But I thought about it.
Announcer: Wouldn't it be nice if it really was the thought that counted?
Wife: Oh honey, I love you.

That is pretty much how Jenn and I are going to do it.
Whoops! That last post was totally me.
[drags body into thread]
I feel sick. And yet, pork chops still sound amazingly good right now. Yum.
~*~*~*~*~ continued vibes of all sorts for Doodlebug & Turbo & Mr. Turbo & Mouse & MsGB & Divala & Lore & AP & Poods & Karianne & ... hell, everybody ~*~*~*~*~

There's no big V-Day celebrations 'round here. I love the idea of expressing one's love on a certain day and wearing cute pink and red outfits and all that good stuff. I'm sure this comes from my parents because they always gave us kids cute little cards & chocolates & such; Valentine's Day was a day to celebrate all kinds of love, not just the romantic sort. But I also hate the pressure of forced romance. So I sent my dear Sheff an e-card, but that's as far as we'll go. No big celebrations for me, thanks. No dinner out, no hotel rooms, no rose petals. I'd rather cuddle on the couch with a good movie, thanks. Aren't the restaurants totally packed on V-Day, anyway?

Not that it matters, though. Sheff has to work late again & I'm sick. It's a good thing that we don't have to cancel some elaborate plans, yes? wink.gif Gotta look on the bright side.

TurboMann, I saw that ad & loved it! If I'm out shopping with Sheff, I like to stop in the card racks, find the cards I like, & just show them to him. It's fun & cute & saves money, too!

Anywho. Pardon me while I crawl back under my rock. Happy Hump Day!
turbomann...i read your commercial w/o reading down further, and i total was confused, like "What about the THOUGHT counts for VD? Is this some christian fundamentalist crap commercial?!?" Hehe...i should read bottom UP!

so, the porkchops are now pushed to tomorrow. My SIL is picking moxette up from school and has invited us for dinner, too. They;ll still be yummy, though.

We are not V-day celebraters at all. I think we might go see a movie on saturday...but if not, no biggie. I'm with rose...i put moxette in a jumper with hearts on it and drew little hearts with arrows and happy goofy faces on her lunchbox cause i think kids should enjoy the hokey parts of these holidays. And, i mailed my momma a card to extra say "i heart you momma". That's what it said.
Funny, turbomann!! So true!!

Pork chops = yuck. I haven't had one for almost 10 years now, and the only reason I ate that one was to be respectful to my boyfriend's parents (who I just met). I wasn't even a strict vegetarian at the time. I've just always hated eating slabs of meat. I felt like I was on Fear Factor while I was chewing the stuff. I'll never eat pork for a boy ever again.

~*~*~*~get well vibes for rose~*~*~*~

I'm majorly craving a margarita right now. Maybe I'll swing by the likky store tonight.
(((((rosie & doodle healing vibes))))

I'm sorry you've got a bad case of le blergs, rosie. No fun. I wish you comfort foods, hot tea, and many naps!

Well, my meeting ended a half hour early, thanks to a co-workers babysitting emergency! Woot! I was just soooo sleepy through the entire meeting, I just wanted to put my head down on the table.

Hi turbomann! For a minute there, I was thinking you posted a joke, under *my* username...thank cod it was my favorite commercial instead! I'm thinking about getting you cards and chocolate, I hope you like the thought! tongue.gif

Seriously, though, turbomann and I are the laziest holiday people all the way around - we don't generally give each other gifts for christmas/birthday/anniversary, claiming that the other is too hard to shop for, and we have our own money, so we stick to laziness...and I'm pretty much fine with it, so long as I don't get too much crap about how many LUSH products I have. wink.gif
No elaborate plans here. Mr K is working. I left him a card on the counter when I left this morning, I imagine he will bring me one home tonight. That is our usual V-day routine. I am going to eat pizza with my mom & sisters tonight.

((rose)) sorry you're sick, doll.

Oh man, diva...I totally vote for the flourless chocolate torte with ganache. *droooolll*

I had a big sandwhich for lunch. Now am really full and wishing I could take a nap. I have to proofread the most boring report ever. And it has tons of errors.

Diva, what's Aquavit?

I splurged last night & bought a 6 pack of Hoegaarden. I love that stuff.

Aural, sorry to hear about your eye infection. Hopefully your mister's got somethin' low key planned.

I want some of that Mojito gum. Where, pray tell, could I find some?

Screw the gum - just hand me a mojito! laugh.gif

I think I'm going to make turbomann a flourless chocolate torte for his b-day next week...its soooo good, and so easy, and it causes less fuss for my tummy than a regular cake because there's no wheat! ...And even though its pricey to make, its so worth it, and one of those can feed 15 people. I like to serve mine with raspberry puree, but I do drizzle a little melted chocolate on top to make it pretty.

((((AP's eye)))) Yuck...eye infections are terribly annoying - thankfully, they usually heal fast - I hope yours does!
pinkpoodle's a good idea. Maybe I'll order me some of that tonight. I've been really disappointed with Green Mill lately though. I used to love their deep dish pizza with goat cheese, but the last few times I've ordered it, the dough in the center wasn't cooked enough and the chunky tomato sauce on top was spilling over the edges, making the crust soggy.

I'd make my own pizza, but I'd have even more dishes to do. I'm in the midst of a dish crisis. What am I saying? I'm always in the midst of a dish crisis. Sometimes I wish the XRB was still around to wash the dishes.

Yay for babysitting emergencies!! laugh.gif

You're so funny, turbo!! I'm with you---If I crave the taste of mojito, then I'm going straight for the bar!!

ETA - I'm giving a little nod to VD-day by listening to some Barry White and Earth, Wind & Fire. Oh, and Marvin Gaye. You can't forget Mr. Gaye. biggrin.gif
Yeah - mojito gum does sound good. But I don't chew gum. Maybe if it was mojito gum, I would chew it for a couple minutes. I have a mojito scented candle. But I would rather have a Mojito anytime!

Aural - sorry you have an eye infection. That stinks.
RoseV - feel better, punkin. Rest up. But, by all means, continue to check in with *us*.

~*~*healing vibes for AP, RoseV, and DOODLEBUG~*~*~*

Wow, we have some ambitious bakers here in Okayland. Tell you what, I rarely bake at home. I don't know why. I think it's just that I would have to go to the store, get the ingreds, have the fun of making the sweet things, then I would avoid cleaning up after myself. I'm a mess-maker. Big time.

Oh - speaking of mojitos - I went to this latin-american restaurant/dance club in Chicago once and got a Pisco Sour, which is kind of like the national cocktail of Peru. Last week, Pisco Sour was the clue on the GeoQuiz on The World (NPR) and I totally nailed it! I felt like a freakin' genius! I think I actually bragged about it somewhere on the board.

Karianne - After you graduate, are you going to have to wear suits all the time? I'm curious about how someone builds up a work-appropriate wardrobe. In the past few years, I have worn uniforms, and before that, it was business casual most of the time. And I barely met business casual. I have no fashion sense, and I rarely shop for clothes. Anyway, I would freak out if I ever got a job where I had to dress NICE all the time. Isn't it expensive? Are you slowly collecting suits over time?

Diva - I think your ideas sound great. Have you considered that you don't need to go to culinary school to do that? I mean, you could and you would learn a lot, but it's so expensive. SO expensive. And you can teach yourself what you need to know, and also take classes here and there when you need/want to. I went to school because I was A) Clueless about cooking, but loved it cool.gif Didn't want to get a job and wanted to be in school forever. I never even considered working in the food industry.

Most of the people I work with in pastries have not gone to culinary school. They have, however, learned on the job, and have a great deal of experience. If you don't want to get a kitchen job, which I can totally understand, then maybe culinary school would be your best bet. But there are jobs where you can learn in a comfortable environment, for example, large hotels. I worked at that hotel for a year, and I felt like I had a daddy (pastry chef) and mommy (supervisor) sheltering me from the big bad cooks out in the big kitchen. We just relaxed and baked and they taught me everything along the way. It was great.

poodle - I didn't realize you were grossed out by slabs of meat! Are you vegetarian, or do you just not like eating meat? Sometimes I get grossed out eating something like a chicken leg, because of the bone and because one must tear the meat off with their teeth. Ick. And although I like crabmeat, I absolutely won't go to the restaurant and share a bucket of steamed crabs. You have to actually dismember the whole thing. It's creepy, and people look like frigging barbarians all around you, trying to get at that meat. So, I guess I can relate to that a bit.

Hey - what is Aquavit, exactly? Isn't it booze that's been put on a ship and carried across the equator and back, something weird like that? Because everytime I try to get Aquavit, it's usually infused vodka. Are they the same thing? And I have that cookbook that I mentioned that has aquavit recipes, but it's just infused vodka. I had real Aquavit once, and it was caraway flavored.
Sometimes I like feeling like a barbarian. It's kind of like feeling German Pride or something. GO HESSIANS!!!

Minxlette has been sick since Monday night. I took her to school today, but got a call three hours later telling me that she spiked a fever. Bummer. So, now I'm home with her until tomorrow. Cabin fever anyone? At least I'm getting my grading done and the newspaper laid out. I would like to formally say good-bye to my vacation time.

I cleaned my kitchen today, though. smile.gif

Dude, this menstrual cycle I'm having has been BRUTAL. I totally did le freakout on Minxman on Thursday, and last night got a massive headache and nausea. I felt so good this morning when I woke up that I nearly prayed in thanks. To what, who the fuck knows. wink.gif
Well, of course I'd like a mojito instead of mojito gum! I am thinking for those stressful days at work. They frown upon drinking on the job here. tongue.gif

PK, god no. That would be horrible to have to wear suits all the time. I think some people have to, those that work in banking & corporate jobs. At my job now we dress "business casual." In my next field, it should be about the same, perhaps slightly more casual even. I could not deal with wearing suits everyday. You are right, they are expensive!

Man, I really want a piece of flourless chocolate cack RIGHT NOW!! Wasn't I just saying how full I was from lunch?

This day is going by so f-ing slowly. I think it's b/c I took an earlier lunch than usual.

Thanks for the info, mouse!

just got home from another doc appointment. my cervix is still looking grat, just in case you were all wondering. looks like this little dude is gonna stay put for a while, so that's good. plus, my momma went with me so she got to see the little bug rolling around in my belly. she was amazed, as they didn't have anything like that when she was pregnant.

when i got home, i found out that the lady that showed up for her appointment last night didn't buy. grrr. she was such a laydown, i swear i don't understand how she didn't buy. i have to blame the salesperson at the office. she had the money, wanted the service. but she kept the salesperson for three hours (twice as long as usual) and i think the salesperson probably got tired and just let her go. it's really frustrating when that happens. i wonder how i would do on that side of the table... i guess that means i just have to do more setting so i can get more and more shows. damn, it's really demoralizing though.

sorry about the eye infection, ap. i get those a lot and they just plain fuckin' suck.

ms gb, it's funny, i've had several dreams in the past few months about old houses with secret passages. they're usually similar to the house i have now, but bigger and i'd have lived in it for a while but suddenly discover another room that i never knew existed. i wonder what those dreams mean?

i just ate two krispy kreme donuts. i feel huge.

turbomann, i like that commercial too. mrfj and i aren't big on valentine's day. i always tease him about the diamond commercials that always come on around this time of year..."so, how much do YOU love ME? if you LOVE me, you'll buy me a diamond!", but it's really all jokes. i mean, not that i would be against diamonds, but i sure as shit don't need him to give me one to prove that i'm his number one girl! so far, our v-day communication has been through IM, where i told him that i CHOO-CHOOSE him. tongue.gif

Heh...minx, I could totally see you walking around with steins full of Hefeweizen, while wearing a corset and a fluffy shirt with your knockers spilling out over the top.

I'm a veg-head, PK, and it's pretty easy for me because I don't like meat and I never have, especially when it's in slab form or attached to bones. My parents gave up on trying to force me to eat it around age 5. My dad got sick of me gagging while taking bites of steak, pork, etc.

I think I might sneak outta here early since the office meddler isn't here today.

ETA- Hi FJ!! Glad to hear that your cervix is lookin' good!!
I think I'm gonna duck out of here early, too. Al Franken announced his senate bid today, and it's going to air at the end of the local broadcast in about 30 minutes. I'd really like to hear it. Sure, I read that it already happened, but I like to hear things straight from the horse's mouth.

I always kind of wanted a job where I got to wear a suit, although I know that isn't really me. I feel out of place in downtown at lunchtime amid all the businesspeople and lawyers, standing there in my faded pants and knit shirt.

I want some mojito gum, too. Or a mojito. I have mojito perfume, though I rarely wear it.

I thought Aquavit was what PK said, Karianne. Sorry! Infused vodkas rule. Most vodkas rule.

That's a cute commercial idea. I have never seen it, though. Most of the TV we watch is what we tape on the DVR, so we pretty much never see commercials.

PK, I'd still like to take some classes so I felt like I had some real knowledge of what I'd like to do. This is all a pipe dream right now. I'd love to work at a bakery, but I couldn't survive the pay cut, and mornings kill me.

Hi, FJ. Glad the bean's doing well.

Okay, it's time for me to go and listen to the last little bit of Al Franken before he's gone off the radio.

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