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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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((((((doodle healing kidneys and bod vibes))))))

Doodle, thank you so much for spending your precious energy to come here and keep us up. I've been SO worried, and very thankful to know that doodlemama and your BFF were keeping careful watch over you. I'm glad you're home, and that doodlemama is there, and that you have excellent docs keeping track of you. Rest up my dear, and we'll be here, continuing to send you healing vibes ((((((doodle))))))

Moxie - sucks about your stove, but HOORAY for NEW stoves!!! I'm eyeing one of my own when we do the kitchen remodel! Can you imagine what I would do with 4 burners?

We just had the most delicious dinner...brown rice, with sauteed garlicy shrimp and a roasted red pepper sauce. SO good...and lots of leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Well, our internet sucks, phone is out, and TV is crapping out, so it must be time to watch a movie.


I am SO glad that you're home doodle!!!!! Much love to you, my dear!

WE MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~STAY ON THE MEND~*~*~*~*~*~*~

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~DOODLE MAMA ROCKS~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

~*~*~*~*~HUZZAH FOR DOODLE BBF!!~*~*~*~*~

i didn't finish my beer braised beef, jenn. i got laaaaaaaaaaaaazy after talking to most of my family and plat on the phone. i needed to go out and buy the beer to finish it, and i just

so i ate mangoes. luscious ripe sweet juicy mangoes. the stores open at 10 am today (in about an hour) and i'll go get the beer early so that i can get that done first thing and then just heat it up tonight. the salad is still good to go, and the rolls can easily be turned into garlic bread.

it's all good!
DOODLE!!! Yay!!!

Sinuses packed with meat...can't think. I'll post more tomorrow.

At least I'll sleep better knowing doodle's okay (more or less- PCOS sucks, but it's manageable, if it turns out you have it.)

(((doodle))) I'm glad you're home, that you're doing better, that you posted... keep being better and maintain the positive thinking and we'll keep with the positive vibing (okayers and kvetchies vibing together and keeping the path of communication open through the adjoining secret passage).

tes, my love dom, thanks for the kvetch update (I am sporadically lurking).

(((((((doodle))))))) good to know you're home and have the energy to say hi to us - bad doodle, back to bed - and yay for doodlemama and bff. I hope you get well properly soon!

*waves to okayers and runs away*
Doodle darling! Oh, it is such a relief to see you in here. And oh my word, you've been through such an enormous ordeal .... and there's still more to come. Well, it is a good sign that you are home. I'm sure you are in excellent hands, with the love of DoodleMomma & the BFF by your side. I'm sending much love and light your way and all the healing vibes I can spare! Hope you find comfort in being back in your gorgeous home with your kitties. And remember that no matter what, we'll be here for you.
~!*~!*~*~!~!*~ never-ending vibes of health and healing for our Doodlebug ~!*~!*~!*~!*~!*~!*~

Hooray for the new stove, Moxie! Are the burners gas or electric?

Tes, all of your food sounds so amazing. Pardon me while I drool all over my keyboard!

Turbo, your dinner sounds amazing, too! Mmmmmm ... shriiiiiiiiimp ...

Last night's dinner party was another success! Our home is the official party hang-out now. smile.gif Since we were celebrating his birthday, the gang insisted that Sheff should pick the night's game. We ended up playing a board game that Sheff invented. It's called Empire and it is very very complicated - lots of little cards and flags and the occasional rolling of dice. It's one of those games in which you try to conquer lands & such. Much building of armies and charging of taxes and the occasional plague. The gang really enjoyed it and, now that they understand it better, are hoping to play it again sometime soon. Sadly, games like this are just a bit too complicated for me so I didn't play (only 6 people can play the game anyway), but I had a good time playing the happy hostess.

And Sheff was so sweet afterwards. He gave me a big hug and told me that I make this house feel like a real home & that he thinks I am the real reason why people have such a good time at our place. Isn't that the sweetest thing? I think the key is that we have a good mix of people who like games & like free food, but what do I know? wink.gif

Besides, I think that Tes is the true Hostess Queen. That woman is AMAZING!

Now I'm longing for a huge Bustie Food Gathering. Maybe Tes and I can host one when she is living state-side again. The idea of good food and bubbly and a house full of Busties sounds so amazing, doesn't it?
((((((continued healing vibes for doodle))))

Rosie - your party sounds like it was SO much fun!!! And how creative of Sheff to invent games - I love it!

My tummy is rumbling watching Nigella and Barefoot Contessa whip up gorgeous chocolate creations. Damn them for "chocolate week!" *shakes fist at food network and crumbling willpower*

I'm pretty tired today, not sure why. I slept in until 8:30am this morning...not sure why, and it threw off my morning a bit, but I've still gotten all the shopping done, and a pot of chicken tortilla soup already whipped up for dinner this evening.

We're taking off this afternoon for a greyhound playdate on the west side with 30 other greyhounds in an indoor facility - it should be really fun. We're taking our camera, so hopefully we'll get some good pics.

And a BUSTie gathering complete with food, games, and poodle as DJ sounds amazing!!
So many cute doggies in one place! The mind boggles!

Yes, Jenn, all the chocolate on FoodTV is driving me a little nuts. So much velvety goodness! The best part was when I saw that Nigella is a fan of Green & Blacks. As if I didn't love her enough already, now this! She is truly a woman after my own heart.

I'm really sleepy today, too. Sheff actually woke up before me, which NEVER happens. And now I think it's nap time.
The stove. ITs a nice Kenmore (Sears brand), which means it should never break. We've had great luck with everything we've ever bought at sears. So, its white, gas, 5 burners (middle one can be burner or griddle pan!) and regular oven. We almost did the convection oven, but somehow I couldn't justify the extra $200. Thank goodness for tax returns! It comes tuesday.

Ok, back to finishing the massive amount of cleaning we're doing while moxette is at moxieman's folk's place. They're feeding us tonight, too. I love parents. Especially ours. smile.gif

Doodle, thank you for the recap! I'm sending wishes for a speedy recovery your way.

Also, Jenn, I was at that Trader Joe's yesterday afternoon (about 2:30 or so), too. It was crrrazy! We hardly ever go on Saturdays and now I remember why.

sidecar - we were probably standing in the same line at TJs!! That's pretty much when we were there too! I'm hooked on their thai spicy keffir lime cashews...that's pretty much the whole excuse for the outing...I always stock up on fish too, but its too much a PITA for a weekly outing.

YAY for new stoves! When we re-do our kitchen that's at the top of the list! I'm definitely going convection, though - our current one has convection, and it definitely has its uses.

The doggie playdate was So much fun! So many silly greyhounds all in one space, and a little crazy from all the cold weather and lack of excercise! The first 15 minutes were pretty wild, but then after that, it was all just hounds standing around looking for skritchies - so typical. Turbo wasn't interested in any of the other doggies, as usual. He was just running from hand to hand for pets. Sweet boy.

i'm glad you have doodlemama taking care of you. i wish i lived nearby so i can bring you some soup and take care of you. hopefully the stint will work for you. you will be in my thoughts!!

*~*~*~*healing vibes for doodlebug*~*~*~*

sidecare and turbojenn~if it's the TJ's i think you went to, then i try to avoid that one like the plague. it is always crazy busy. even during the day.

DOODLE! oh, it's so wonderful to hear from you. i'm so glad you are duly being taken care of and i hope things move along quickly and without harm. ((((DOOODLE))))
Doooooooooooodle~!!! *Continued Healing Vibeage*
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *catches breath quick-like* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Wow! I'm starting to think that BUSTie Vibes could probably re-animate the dead and then employ them! Hmmmm... Mayyyyybe we could use our Vibes to re-animate ourselves an army of undead pastry chefs and advertisers that could put that evil Little Debby out of business forever! (With all her use of preservatives, bleached flours, corn syrups, and gamma radiation, she's probably working on an undead army of her own.)

On second thought, perhaps we should use our Vibes for good instead of evil. (No offense intended toward the Metal-of-heart.)

Mmm Mmmm! Pudding a-la Butt-Flush Queen! smile.gif

Gotta sleep, but more in the morning on the topics of camping and games.

Much fondness to you all! I really had a great time during the catch-up read. You peeps rock!
(((((((((((DOODLE))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so glad to hear from you, and that you are going to be OK. It gives me comfort to know that doodlemama and BFF are there to care for you. Take your time, and pop in when you have the strength. Thanks so much for the update, and we were so worried. If you ever have a chance to read the archives, you will feel very loved.

An Army of the Undead, powered by *~*~*vibes~*~*~*! I likes it! We don't *have* to do evil. We can do good. We could create a bunch of undeads, registered to vote!!!!!

I went out with a few people from my old job today. A Jamaican guy called me afterward (a guy I hang out with quite often - who was drunk), and asked me if I lived with my boyfriend. I replied that I did (even though I technically don't) and he said, "Well, I like you. Not only do I like you, but I am in love with you and I am never going to give up." I discouraged him the best I could, but understood his hammered-ness and drunken enthusiasm and told him I would see him sometime later, and that, no, I would not leave my boyfriend. This was all very cute, being said in the Jamaican patois accent.

I called me friend afterward and tried to describe the conversation, but ended up sounding like I was from Calcutta. I'm so bad with accents. I wish I could speak with world accents - don't know why. Most people around here think I am from a foreign country with my Minnesota accent. I just wish I was from a foreign country sometimes.

Yay for shrimp and future beer braised beef! And Yay for juice ripe mangoes!

Here's what I had at work today:

Ham and mushrooms, sauteed in lots of garlic and butter
Paprika honey squirted into the pan
A generous throw of fresh chopped cilantro
Balsamic reduction to finish it off.

Banana is using his contacts (through me) in the culinary field to get a part-time job. He might work for my friend at a country club either as a cook or a server. They are hiring at my resort for banquet servers. I hope he gets a job soon. I hate for both of us to be broke. So far, we have alternated penniless-ness. So, I guess I will talk to him tomorrow and see if he got any leads.

Good night Busties, and Happy Shitty-Ass Monday for those of you in the M-F world. Most of us, eh?

BRRRRR....Its a cold-as-witches'tit Monday here. But, Happy Monday, nonetheless. I actually went back to sleep after feeding moxette this morning, b/c i caught moxieman's sniffles. But, sudafed in the bod and a cuppa makes everything better.

The Jamacians in Montego Bay were a persistent bunch...I wonder if the commerce-drive to bug tourists refelcts in a determination in other aspects of life. Hmmmm...I cam imagine the accent, tho, PK.

Turbo, I think in our next house, in my dream kitchen, I'll have the convection oven. I just don't have the time or inclination to learn how to use it right now. Too busy learning about my kidlet and my jobby-job.

OH! Hey, speaking of jobby-jobs (((((turbomann vibes for real offer today))). Its today, right? Or this week, at least?

HI everyone! DOODLE-moxieman even asked after you...he realized in his lurking, he hadn't seen you in a bit. You are loved, wonderwoman.
MOrnin' moxie and lore and PK!!

We've got a nice 25 degree morning here, and 3 inches of freshly fallen powder - its SO pretty! And I'm glad I'm not driving anywhere today. Neither turbodoggie nor I wanted to get out of bed this morning, though...*sigh*....Monday.

PK, your dinner sounds delish! When I worked in restaurants, I always loved creating tasty little dishes for dinner from line leftovers. Yum.

I, too, love Carribbean patois...our 'hood has a alot of Afro-Carribbean folk, and Sunday mornings when I go to the grocery, all these gorgeous ladies are there waiting at the meat counter with me in their bright Sunday clothes and oragami-like hats, and I just love listening to them talking with each other...and then, I want to invite myself over to their house for dinner....curried goat....mmmmm.

Clearly, my breakfast was not satisfying this morning if I'm thinking this much about other people's food. heh.

Lore, I'm with you on taking over Lil' Debbie! ...So long as we can create some gluten-dairy free swiss cake rolls!

See...nothing but food in my brain! tongue.gif

Yep, moxie, we're waiting on the phone call for turbomann sometime this week...I'll be glad when all the waiting is over, but we're both feeling pretty confident on this one.

(((((((doodle swift healing vibes))))))
G'mornin' Turbo, Moxie, & PuppyKitty! smile.gif

Hmmm... an army of voting undead... Well, I'm sure the red states are doing it. I'm pretty sure a lot of vampires vote Republican. Why not a Re-Animated For Democracy movement? Re.A.F.D.) We could annoint them with patchouli to mask any decomposition smells, maybe have them knit themselves some hair bags and wear sunglasses to hide any hair funk and eye discoloration. We could re-animate some mechanics so that they, in turn, can re-animate a fleet of VW vans that random people have broken down in their yards, you know, to get them all to voting booths, maybe a few coffee shops and health food stores along the way to grab some left-wing bumper stickers.

Come to think of it, we might not be the first to implement this plan. wink.gif

Wow, guys! It was REALLY nice to read all your stories about camping and hometowns. It's sorta hard to complain about growing up in Honolulu, except for how hard it was to get off the island. O'ahu had soooo many great things to do outdoors and close by. (Well, EVERYTHING is close by on an island.) Also, there aren't any dangerous animals in the mountains. We didn't have to worry about stepping on a poisonous snake or attracting bears or even raccoons. We don't even have poison ivy or poison oak. Plenty mosquitoes, though. It was awesome being able to hike a couple of hours from our houes up into the hills and go camping. Sometimes, we'd worry about other people, though. We never had any problems, but sometimes a bunch of punks would get all drunk and give people trouble. One great camping destination when we were kids was a decent hike from our house to nearly the top of the mountain range, and then on the roof of a TV and radio broadcast boosing station. My brother named it the Radar Station. "Let's go camping on top of the Radar Station!" The equipment up there was really loud, and would make it hard to sleep, but there were these hot air vents that we would use to heat up our tents. We would belt a pair of jeans over the vent pipe and stick a pant-leg into our tent to fill the tent up with hot air. Toasty, but noisy. Come to think of it, we might have slept better just bundling up and sleeping away from all that noise. Good times, though.
Good Morning! Happy Monday!

DOODLE!!!! I am so happy that you are back. That sounds like a terrible, terrible experience. (((((DOOODDLLLLEEE))))) I wish you a speedy recovery.

Rose, sounds like sheff's party was a huge success! How was the shepherds pie?

Moxie, your new oven sounds sweet! What is it with everyone's ovens breaking lately? I hope I'm not next. Sorry to hear about your sniffles.

Pk, that food sounds delish! Yummo. ~~~~~job vibes for banana~~~~~~~

Hi Jenn, sidecar, lorewolf, stargazer, mouse, treehugger, tes, and everyone else!

I had a good weekend, though it was very busy. I took off Friday, went on a roadtrip with the fam to shop. Got back late that night. Saturday we did a 5K walk & went to a hockey game at night. Yesterday I went to see a friend's play, shopped for a suit, and went to a party Mr K's work was having. I feel like I need another weekend! Hopefully next weekend won't be as busy. I have that damn presentation tomorrow. I just want to get it over with.
lore, i was allergic as all get out to lantana in hawai'i. they grew EVERYWHERE on the sides of the hills, mountains, whatever you want to call them. i was constantly breaking out in a rash.

kari, i'm sure that your presentation will be faaaaaaaaaaaaaaahbulous!!! i'm also sure that you will be muito glad to have it OVER with!

pk, that dinner of yours sounds delish. what fun that they let you do that!

a POX on ovens that break. SO nice to have one that works again. glad you are loving your new one, moxie!!

jenn, the doggie play date sounds like a blast!!! turbo sounds like he had a good time, too. too funny that all he wanted was pettins and scritchins!!! i really think that i need to MEET a greyhound. they don't sound like "dogs" much at all!

just got home, am feeling sort of puny. may be that i ate something dicey or that it is just my moontime. not sure. but plan to eat a light salad for din din, maybe watch an old movie, and get to bed EARLY.

hmmm. where are divalla and poodley noodley this morning???? (now evening for me)

Yep, tes, I think you need to come on up to chicago and meet some greyhounds! smile.gif The playdate was hilarious, because after 15 minutes, ALL of the greyhounds were just standing around, looking for love, like no one in the world ever pet them. And, its awesome that you can have 30-40 hounds in one place, and not one of 'em makes a peep - no barking at all!

(((((tes feel better))))

I'm currently waiting for turbomann to come and take me out to lunch - we're seizing upon the opportunities to lunch together while we can!

~*~*~*~*awesome presentation vibes for kari~*~*~*~*~

I'm sure you'll be GREAT, kari, and relieved when its over, so it can stop living in your head - that's how I always feel after a big project is done. Is the suit you bought for tomorrow too, or for your practicum?

Indeed, a POX on all misbehaving appliances! We're gonna have to bust out and buy a dishwasher here very soon...I'm tired of washing by hand, and having my precious little counter space absorbed by drying racks!
doodle!!!!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~MASSIVE HEALING VIBES~**~*~**~~*~*~**~*

~*~*job vibes for mouse, turbomann, and banana!~*~* got home and it was bittersweet. we had a good start to the day but ended it with a huge argument to where it affected my dreams and i woke up depressed and crying at 4am...not good. jake came and consoled me and i went back to bed...and now i'm just mentally and physically exhausted.

sorry to be such a downer....

on an up note...

i love camping...even the time where we set up our own dad is big on camping(former scout leader) and would try new things with us as kids. although i prefer to splurge on a nice airbed in my tents....makes sleeping so much better.
hi good morning darlings!!

i'm so RELIEVED to hear from doodle (((doodle))

lore, you have cracking up here. hippies=undead voters! and using a pant leg for ventilation is freaking ingenius!!

((tes)) hope your stomach calms down. btw i peeked a little peek at your LJ and the photos are GAW-JUSS (and damn, those are some jumbo shrimp!) also, i want you to come cook for me. actually quite frankly i want all the okayers to come cook for me. how about we make our game/cocktail night also a potluck? i'll bring meringues and sauteed zucchini, since those are the only things i seem to be able to make consistently well. oh, and if someone makes a cake, i'll decorate it like crazy.

all these new appliances! i have a new oven somewhere in my future; right now i'm trying to save my pennies a little since i want to get out of this job so bad and might end up just winging it for a few weeks. we'll see.

speaking of jobs-- *****TURBOMANN******

i had a pretty good weekend. friday night i went out with friend c to this tiny divey bar in chinatown that we love that looks like it hasn't changed since the thirties. we took over the jukebox; people were giving us money to pick out songs for them. it was pretty fun. then saturday night my friends band played (for the first time ever) at a house party and they were actually great. they don't have a name yet, they are just "the girl band" even though their guitar player is a boy (they made him wear a wig and dress for the show though). sunday friend r and i had delicious brunch (oh, peach mango coconut milk smoothie, how i love you!). and i worked on an illustration all weekend too. it's in the art busties thread if y'all wanna see.

okay, i gotta get to work


ETA: x-post with gb (((gb))) i hope things go smoothly with mr gb

Hi everyone. Not much to report today. I'm crabby. That's all. I was complaining that working in an office is like being stuck in a zoo, and they looked at me like I'm crazy and said that I was too negative. Wha? Are they actually disagreeing with me and saying that they like office work? Why am I the crazy one? Anyway, they told be I should be "thankful," which I'm so tired of hearing. If I should be thankful for my pathetic life, then that doesn't say a whole lot for human life in general. I have it good? Well that's just fucking lame. Sorry...
((poodle)) I am sorry you are crabby today. I know what you mean, sometimes when you are crabby, you just want to be crabby & people's attempts at making you feel better just make you more irritated. Your zoo comment reminds me of that new Ellen Degeneres commercial with the animals. That one makes me laugh. I hope your day gets better, poodley.

((ms gb)) Sorry to hear about you & mr GB's fight. Ugh, and you woke up thinking about it? That sux. I hope everything is back to normal tonight.

How was your lunch, Jenn?

((tes)) sorry to hear about your belly. You might be sleeping now. I hope you wake up feeling better.

I'm feelin' kinda cruddy also. Have some annoying throat/cough thing. It's not too bad, just enough to be a bother.

Jenn, I bought the suit for my presentation. I really have been needing one for a while, I figured this was a good excuse to finally get one. Once tomorrow morning is over, I'll be much much happier!

Mouse, your weekend sounds like a lot of fun!
*raises hand to be crabby with poodle*

I made the wrong choice at lunch, kari. I went with the pad thai, and now I just want a nap. I was a little crabby in my meeting this afternoon - I'm just not interested in talking about writing newsletters this afternoon - *YAWN.* I hate writing newsletters.

BUT, I have spin class tonight, and its the annual Valentine's day spin class, and the instructor plays all kinds of silly lovey songs, and its pretty fun. You can bring your partner for free too....I couldn't talk turbomann into it at lunch. He said I'd just laugh at him. I might. wink.gif

Oh! And turbomann seems to have fixed the dishwasher! YAY! Its leaking about 2 thimblefuls of water now, but no more screeching and grinding, so that's good! And we can hold off on the new dishwasher a bit'll be coming soon, I'm sure - this is the third time we've had an issue with the machine in the last year...but I'm happy to postpone that expense a bit longer.

(((kari's throat)))

(((gb and boy)))

(((tes' tummy)))

Partner's spin class?! Ha! Weird. What about the partnerless people? I would find it distracting to have a bunch of couples around me while I exercise. Sorry, I've made a career out of single-person advocacy!! biggrin.gif

I'm feeling a little happier now that I had a sandwich. I also did some research and realized that it would be financially feasible for me to go to grad school at the U of MN. The thought makes me cringe a little, but I would really be able to pull off some kind of master's education if **get ready** I moved into my parents' basement. Yeah, I know, I know. I'm actually starting to warm up to the idea. They have the full cable package w/ highspeed internet, and a well-stocked likker cabinet. I would also save over $800/month. $800!!! The drawbacks would be:
1. Daily contact with parents who are especially annoying these days
2. Inability to have loud, kinky sex with strange boys
3. Longer commute time and higher driving expenses (I'd have to drive from St. Paul to MPLS, which bites after living really close to work for so long)

Anyway, it's very tempting. I'm on a month-to-month lease right now, so I could easily move out anytime. There's also that part of me that wants to have my own orange walls and that kinda stuff. Geesh, I can't make up my mind about anything when it comes to the "big" stuff. I'm non-committal or something.

The reason I bring up the grad school thing again is because I'm getting extremely frustrated that so many of the land trust-related job listings I see are looking for people with master's degrees and strong GIS skills (I didn't pay a lot of attention in my GIS classes). What is it about NPO's and master's degrees?
~*~*~*~*~ continued vibes for Doodlebug ~*~*~*~*~

Mouse, I love the potluck idea!

Hey Jenn, when will Mr. Turbo hear the final word on the job?
~$~$~$~ jobby vibes for Mr. T & Mouse & Banana & ever'body ~$~$~$~

~!~!~!~ spectacular presentation vibes for Karianne ~!~!~!~

((((MsGB)))) Sorry to hear about the fight. I hope you two manage to patch things up tonight.

Ditto what Karianne said, Poods. Maybe it's time for a change of venue. As for moving in with the parents ... well, I moved back in with my parents for a while after my last bad break-up (the Ex and I had been living together). Luckily, my parents and I had strange schedules, so we all managed to have some time when we had the house all to ourselves. If it hadn't been for that, we probably would have killed eachother. And hanging out with the 'rents can make you revert back into Annoying Angsty Teenager Mode, so it can be kinda dangerous. But if it gets you that degree and if your parents don't treat you like you're 5, then it might be worth it.

It's funny to hear that so many of you are feeling kinda crappy because I am, too. Some sort of sore throat/headache/sniffles thingy. And Sheff has to work late tonight which makes me kinda sad. Cooking for myself isn't very fun when I feel so blech. Perhaps I'll just have a can of soup.

But there are two words that make it aaaaaaaall better: dog show! The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show starts tonight! I watch it every year & seeing all those cute little puppers always puts a huge smile on my face.

ETA: Turn down the volume before clicking on that link for the dog show. A video starts as soon as the page opens.
Poodle, I doubt anyone will *actually* bring their partners to spin class tonight - there weren't any last year, but just in case, and to carry the theme out, the instructor always gets approval to bring a guest for that class for free, just for fun. I think I got turbomann to spin class once, and he did not enjoy it....its something you either love or hate - not a lot of lukewarm spinners out there.

And NPOs can always count on us idealists who have no problem getting advanced degrees for crappy pay, work-life balance, and general do-gooding. Its just how it is.

Poodle, seems like you have some space in your life to really think about whether grad school might be the next step...the month to month lease will give you the security you need to have a roof over your head while you sort things out. Would you go to school just in the evenings, or could you take part-time status at your job? And who knows - what if there's a third option out there with the perfect living sitch that allows you to save a little more money, and still be closer to work and the U....(((((doors opening with bundles of possibility for poodle)))) I'm always a believer in a third way that isn't immediately apparent. smile.gif

Rosie, I have to say that the suspense with turbomann's job is getting hard to bear - I just want to KNOW, dammit! I mean, nothing has changed, we still think its a nearly sure bet, its just waiting for HR to give turbomann a call sometime this week. I'm thinking tomorrow's the day. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.
Gah!! That sucks that you guys haven't heard back on Turboman's interview. I hate waiting for stuff like that.

The doggie show is pretty fun. I have a friend that watches it every year too. Heh..."Best in Show" always comes to mind, especially Parker Posey's yuppie character. Funny.

Urban planning jobs also require master's degrees for shit pay. Pretty much anything I want to do requires a master's degree/shit pay. I knew that when I was in school, but I conveniently ignored it after graduating with my B.S., because I needed a break. I'm glad I didn't keep going, because now I have a much better idea of the type of work I want to do.

Heehee...right now I'm listening to Last Christmas by Wham!

ETA- I am so frellin' sick of the Anna Nicole Smith coverage!! They keep showing the same five or so images in rotation, including the scene with her dead body on the cart. Enough already!!
ohman......LOVE best in show!

"macadamia nut.......pine nut......cashew nut.....peanut......"

pood, i think jenn's advice is very good. let the idea roll around for a while and maybe something even better will turn up. and good luck!! and also, i do agree with rose that living with parents can turn you back into ANGSTY TEENAGER MODE if not careful. i've done it for a few weeks at a time since leaving college, and it's never been easy. but i'm not sure what your relationship with your parents is like. some people can do it--i know a girl who's your age and who lives with her parents, and has a very successful clothing/art company and is very independent at the same time.

i've been working on this crazy intense print all day. it's been like a math problem. my brain is fried. this is what it looks like (the print AND my brain). aaah!
Oooooh...very chic, mouse!! I would imagine that it would hurt your brain after staring for a while though.

I'm still going to focus on the basics right now. I need to get in shape physically and mentally. I'm still gonna paint my apartment and enjoy the space without the XRB's presence. I would like to save a little money to go on a road trip to the pacific-northwest, too. The grad school thing is pretty much imminent though, if I want to work in land/natural resource conservation. It doesn't hurt to start thinking about school now and continuing the search for land trust-related jobs (which I do everyday).

I have too many ideas going on in my brain that I can't control them and I end up feeling exhausted and almost paralyzed. Oh well, at least my couch idea panned out!! laugh.gif I looooooooove my couch. The entertainment center is perfect, too. I have pictures!! They're not gonna be "finished-project" pictures, but they're not bad. Having a couch and entertainment center is a major improvement over having two uncomfortable chairs, a rickety coffee table, and piles of books and records on the floor.
I just got home, and turned Westminster on, and saw my favorite group - large working breeds! YAY! The akita won, but I was pulling for the newfoundland. And for once they're talking about the dogs in shelters and raising money for the Humane Society - SO needed. Pedigree is matching donations through tomorrow night.

Poodle, I just know that you'll find the right path to your perfect job, at the right time...and you know, creating the home you want, and creating the health that you want - those are two very important goals that will help you get the career you want! Anything that makes you happier, is a very good thing, right?!

This is the year of the home and career for me, too...I want to make my home feel more like one, and take the next step in my career. It'll come, I'm sure of it.

Oh, and I just got one of those automated political messages shilling for mayor daley....from my good friend down the street. I'm totally going to have to give her shit about it. I honestly can't believe she's out promoting that windbag....someone must've put her up to it.

Well, its time to go soak my tired muscles in a hot bubble bath. Only one couple showed up together for the "Love Spin"...but we did get to sing along to Sinatra! It was a pretty fun class.
Awww...shucks, turbo. I sure hope so. Your optimism always inspires me, because, well, I have so little of it!!

I miss having a doggie around. Last night, I was just thinking about how I want to visit my brother's dog Ely, to check her for ticks because she loved it the last time. I love searching for ticks on dogs for some reason. It's like treasure-hunting.

There was a Newfoundland dog show downtown last year and I went up to a couple of the doggies and we slobbered all over each other. My co-workers though I was insane. What can I say? I love a parade of big fluffy doggies!!! I used to love washing our golden and making her all fluffy and clean. I remember the days when I was a teen and worked part-time during the summers. I would spend my days laying in the sun with my shiney pooper. By that point, she had bad arthritis, so we couldn't do a lot of hardcore playing. My family has this thing with hunting dogs, and while there's love, the dogs are still dogs and they were purchased as hunting dogs. Once they're beyond prime retrieving age, they don't get the attention or activity that they deserve. My bro's dog doesn't get enough attention, but my sister's dog (from the same parents, different litter) gets a lot more attention because of my bro-in-law, who was an only child and grew up with dogs as his "siblings."

I can't wait to have enough space to have at least one adopted doggie. If I had a lot of space I would take in many more. Homeless pets have just as much (if not more) potential as newborn pets from breeders. All they need is a chance. It sounds sappy, but I really identify with unwanted pets, because they can go above and beyond if given a chance. They're outcasts and many people don't understand their language, and I empathize with that.

Hehehe...Gus is now walking on the "hot lava" (the floor) for the first time since his vet visit. Cats are so weird.
I was pulling for the Newfoundland, too. At least he got 3rd in his group. I'm watching the Toy Group now & so far I'm rooting for the Pug. That curly tail is to die for! A few minutes ago they announced that Kirby the Papillon who won Best In Show in 1999 passed away today. The year he won was the first time I watched all th coverage of Westminster, so I'm a bit sad about this. RIP Kirby.

I would loooooove to own a corgi! They're such happy dogs. But when the time comes, I know we'll get our pets from a rescue group. In fact, I've always had a weakness for animals with handicaps and older animals, so we'll probably end up with some 15 year old cat with three legs and diabetes.

Speaking of cats, poor Gus! Hope he's feeling right as rain soon. smile.gif

ETA: Well, the pug got 3rd in his group! Guess I'm good at picking the 3rd placers this year. biggrin.gif
booooooooooooooom diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

well, it is 6:45 am on 13 feb 2007. i have now been here in mozambique for ONE YEAR. as hard as that is to believe, even for me. i arrived here to live on 12 feb 2006. *shakes head in disbelief*

my thanks, realio trulio, for being a big part of my family and my support system here. i've always been able to count on the people here in okaylandia, and it has helped SO much.

ditto on what everyone is saying about NPOs!!! we all have the intelligence and the persistence to get through that graduate degree, but still don't mind crappy pay and long hours because we believe in -- often passionately -- what we DO for a living. the most rewarding part of our jobs isn't the money, it is the WORK. i know that sounds sappy, but it is soooooooooo true!

(meems the african attack cat is going whacka whacka over her new "toy". one of my round colored hair/ponytail rubber band thingees accidentally fell on the floor and she has gone apeshit crazy over it. it is round, it rolls when it is on end, she can pick it up in her mouth and carry it easily, and she plays with it BY HERSELF for hours. she lost the first one, so i keep giving her new ones (if she is playing by herself, she isn't biting me on the calf looking for attention). she keeps losing them, though. i suspect that they are all under the sofa, or the bed, quivering in fear.

~*~*~*~*~*feel better and safer, poor Gus!!!! the lava bed won't eat you! we promise!! ~*~*~*~*~*~

that valentines day spin class sounds fun, jenn! my jazzercise instructor (back in the states) used to do that! i actually got mr. hotbuns to go with me once - and that was fun, too! although, what we would have would be a bring your valentine class, where you could bring ANYONE and they could have a free you could bring a friend or a sister, or whatever. i miss my jazzercise class. i'm really desperately in need of both exercise and a car so that i can get to wherever i want to go -- including an exercise class!!

poodle, sometimes we just HAVE to accept it and BE CRABBY. that's the only way that we can get it out of our systems.

that said, nothing like a cute dog or cat to make you feel better! i'm sorry to be missing the westminster. i wonder what channel it might be shown on here. any ideas? (i have a lot of different channels -- discovery, nat'l geographic, the skynet channels, bla bla bla) rosie, was that the papillon who herded sheep???? that was the CRAZIEST thing! i loved watching that. sheep are so um, sheeplike!!

hi, ms GB!!!! i'm sure that things will be all right with mr. GB. sometimes we just need to be CRABBY!!! (right?)

mouse, that print would make me go all zooey, too! reminds me a lot of yellow submarine (peter max, i guess!)

oh, and thanks for looking at the pretty pictures! those shrimp are GIGANTIC, aren't they??? and those arent even the BIGGEST ones!!! sometimes i don't believe it myself, even when i am shoveling them into my mouth! (it would SO rock to have a pot luck/game night with all of you!!!!)

i'm going to try to post photos of some of the places that we work this week. i have them uploaded, i just have to find time to write a post and slap the pictures in. i keep telling people that if they want to know more about how i'm doing, all of my travel posts are "unlocked". it is really strange how many people just won't do that! "i want to get my news about you PERSONALLY." well, BAH ON THAT. i'd love to write to everyone PERSONALLY, but who has the time???

this part of my life is definitely career focussed, that is for sure. no nest feathering or partner nuturing here, nope, nope. sometimes that is great, and somtimes it is just plain lonely.

*deep sigh*

~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* today's the DAY, kari!!! knock em dead!!!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~**~*

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~today is ALSO the day that mr turbojenn will HEAR FROM HR!!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

where the FRELL is divalla???? i meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeece her!!!!! divalla was the VERY FIRST BUSTIE that i EVER spoke to!!!! go minnesoooooh-ta!!!!

okies, off to get more coffee, and get dressed. i got up REALLY early today because i (HOPE) left my cell phone at work and that is what i use as an alarm i didn't have that as backup this morning and had to rely on my internal clock, the sun coming up, and meems patting my cheek with her paw. those all did the trick, but i was OUT OF BED by 5:30 am. soooooooooooo tired.

thank all the gods that my tummy is better (thanks, dudes!!! bustie vibes COULD bring the undead back to life!) so that the idea of coffee doesn't make me want to vomit today. hope i can get through the day and home in time (and STAY AWAKE FOR!!!) veronica mars tonight! (we have last season here, and i missed the last 2 episodes! booo hisss!!)


WOW! Happy Mozambversary, Tesao! Yaaaaaaay! It seems like it's been half that time. I would never have guessed that you've been for a whole year. (and yaaay for soothed Tesaotummy!)

Yikes! How long have I been a BUSTer anyway? It's probably been around a decade, anyway.

*healing and emotional healing vibes to BUSTies who need or want* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

So, WHERE is this BUSTie party? I would sooooo be down for that! I'd bring some of my cookin', maybe even some home-made pizza, and... (Tesao might like this...) li hing mui-infused tequila. That's tequila with some Chinese plum preserved in licorice root and ginger marinating in it. It looks like a trucker spit into your tequila bottle, but it tastes salty-sour like a Margarita.

Oh, and I have attended a spin class with GoatieGirl once back in Japan. It was an odd experience for me, though pretty nice. I always thought stationary bikes were kinda odd, but using them to music and under guidance from a trainer made it more of an experience. It made me miss my childhood, though. You know... times when your bicycle was your freedom. Also, I played some cool biking games with my BFF, OtterMan.

Oh, and wheee! GoatieGirl and I just used a hundred bucks worth of Amazon gift certificates together tonight. It's a really interesting feeling. It's guiltless shopping. GoatieGirl bought some books and DVDs, and I bought me some goatskin for making drums, a NERF N-Force Maverick for fun and market research, and a used copy of the Tomb Raider movie soundtrack: one seriously fun and energetic album. Can you say "consumer whore"? I thought you could!
Well, I'll bring grilled oysters. Lorewolf, I'm not a big tequila fan (ask me what it's like to wake up in the shrubbery outside your door)...but I think I'd try a teensy sip of that.

Happy one year anniversary, Tesao, what a milestone! How long will you be there?

So thaaaat's what spin class is...thanks for enlightening me, lorewolf!

I'm glad your tummy feels better, Tesao.

Wow, craaaazy print, Mouse. I'd so buy a shirt in that print. I can see how it'd make your eyes and brain go woogy.

~*~*~job vibes for turbomann....will they CALL already??~*~*~

I need to go get a part for my dishwasher, I think. The bottom spin arm thing keeps falling off/tipping over during the cycle and just lays on the bottom. I think there USED to be a tab that held it on, and it broke off or wore off, or something. Hopefully I'm right.

I made a corned beef yesterday...mmm. I know it's early but I noticed the stores are already stocking up! *passes around Reuben sandwiches to all who want*

Wow, poods, one step at a time. It must be exciting to be planning for grad school. And enjoy making your home, truly yours.

~*~*vibes for ms gb*~*~ hope your day went better after you posted.

And of course ~*~*soothing, healing vibes for doodlebug*~*~
Happy anniversary tes!!! That's craaaaazy that you've been there for a year already! And I AM going to look you up on's the day! I need to see those giant prawns!

I'm taking a sick day today...I got a head bleeding migraine in the middle of the night - no doubt do to the storm assailing us here, so I'm just wiped out....I took the dog out this morning, and we've gotten several inches of snow overnight, and there's 30mph winds out there creating huge wasn't so fun, and really, I'd just rather stay home today and rest. For once, I don't have any deadlines hitting today, so I'm taking this opportunity for a day off. WOOT!

And YES - today is going to be the day that HR calls turbomann....I can just feel it. Of course, we'll just have to hope that the phone will work...our tv.internet.internet phone have been very wonky lately.

tree - turbomann took the spinner arm out of the bottom of our machine, found some coil that had gotten bent and wrapped around the base of the spinning arm, as well as finding several pieces of glass underneath the baffle below the spinner. I hope you can figure your issue out! ~*~*~*dishwasher vibes~*~*~*~

Lore, I'll take somma that special tequila! Tequila is definitely my drink of choice. Mmmm....

And now I want to make a corned beef! YUM. I cook it with spices in water for about 11 hours at 200 is soooo good. Might have to go to the romanian meat market this weekend to pick one up.
double post because comcast sucks. pffffft.
Make sure you hold your little black panther party over a weekend so fj can try to come.
Oh yeah, I meant to say that your design is really cool, Mouse! I love how different parts of it pop up depending on what color you're focusing on. Nice balance to it, too, and it sends your eye roaming around like a hockey puck. Good jeorrb!

*appliance-wellness vibes* Eeeeeeeeeee!

X-Post with Mr. FJ, howdy howdy!
Hey peeps!

Tes, I cannot believe you have been there a year! Time is really flying. Are you feeling better today? Did you find your cell phone? I hope so!

I just got done with my presentation, it went well, I think. Not too many difficult questions, so that aspect was a little easier than I anticipated. I am glad it's over. The rest of the week should be a breeze now.

Treehugger, I'll take one of those reubens! YUM! I did not used to like them, b/c of the kraut, but now I think they are delicious.

Mr K & I are going to go out to lunch, perhaps we need to go somewhere that has reubens. Hmmm.

((Jenn)) Ouch! Sorry to hear about your head. Good for you on staying home though. I hope you have a nice, restful day.
thanks for all the bustie love...i think it helped...that or's friends smacked him in the head and told him he was a dolt and needed to apologize....either way...he's apologized for being a schmuck and was very sweet about it(he even did the dishes and promised to vaccum---yay)... with parents can be difficult but i've found IMHO..that if you lay everything out there, schedules, cool things, not cool things..then it all works out. my mom trys to run errands for me when she can since her schedule is more flexible than mine right now.(which is totally sweet)

*~*~*~*jobby job vibes for all that need them*!~*~*~*~**

^#%#%#%#%#%%#super duper healing vibeage for doodle cuz she's worth it!%#^#%#%^#%#^

hi turbo, mouse, kari, tes, lore, treehugger and

and yesterday we officially started our STATE BOARD CLASSES!!!! the end of today, i'll have over 1000 hours invested...and has agreed to let me take the esthetician course after this course cuz i'll only be in it for a couple of months since i've already completed this course(the hours will carry over credit wise).woooo! and then i can work in day spas...nice relaxing environments.... rolleyes.gif
thanks for the print compliments! it hurt my brain.

i feel really out of it this morning. i didn't sleep that well and i slept through my alarm and woke up fifteen minutes before i had to be at work (and i have a half-hour drive) ugh. and next week they're starting making us clock in.....which pisses me off so bad. and i heard a rumour that we're not going to be allowed headphones so--no music or podcasts or anything! DEFINITELY time to leave.

tomorrow night is VD and i am going to a birthday party. it's very convenient.

tes, happy mozambversary (heh heh)! i can't believe it's been that long. how long are you going to stay?

i totally want a reuben, tree. they're my typical thing to order at a diner....yum.

((turbo's head)) at least you get the day to relax!

aww gb, i'm so glad he came to his senses! though i thought for a second you wrote "SKATE BOARD CLASSES!" and i was picturing you trying to learn how to skateboard hahahaha. good luck with them!

that teqiula does sound delicious lore. i love savory-sweet things.

hi kari, rosie, tessie, mr fj and anybody else!

i want a nap sad.gif and some food.
~*~*~*~*~ continued vibes for Doodle ~*~*~*~*~

Happy Mozambiversary, Tes! Does that mean that you're half-way through with your time there? For some reason I was thinking that you were staying for 2 years. Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Hope you're feeling better, too, Turbo.

I like that print, Mouse, but I see how it could bring on a headache! smile.gif

Congrats on getting through the presentation, Karianne!

Ms GB, I'm glad to hear that things are better with the Mr. Best of luck on the classes!

I'm feeling a bit crap again, so it's another day on the couch for me. I've been watching the bits of the dog show that I missed last night and again my favorite of the Terrier Group won 3rd place! I'm on a roll! wink.gif I've also been looking at websites for corgi breeders & rescue groups and I sooooooooo want one. Oh, if only we could have pets here. All the more reason to buy a house.
Well, fingers and toes crossed, I'm trying to run a load in my dishwasher now that it has a new volute. Hopefully I got it in right.

~*~*feel better vibes for rosev*~*~

oh, gawd Mouse. I haaaate days like that! And it's insulting to have to start clocking in, if you haven't had to in the past. I know I'd be burned.

LOL, I thought ms. gb said "skate board" classes, a day spa would be SUCH a peaceful place to work. At least it seems that way.

congrats karianne for a successful presentation!

I just pressure cook my corned beef, turbo. I rinse the slimy goo off it, rub the spice packet on it and pop it in the pressure cooker for 1 1/2 hours at 10#. Voila, tender as can be...soo tasty. People can't believe I can do a corned beef in under two hours.

I love my pressure cooker. Love it.

~*~*anti-headache vibes for jenn*~*~

~*~*healing vibes for doodle*~*~
Hi all!

Happy Mozambversary tes!! laugh.gif

I don't mind lower pay if it the work is closely related to something I'm passionate about. Still, master's degrees cost money and often involve loans. They have to be paid off somehow. (although, I've don't a great job being halfass about my student loans for a while now). Man, I would love to go somewhere besides MN and WI for school, but non-resident tuition is fucking insane.

Ah well, like I said, I have other small personal stuff to take care of right now and school would be a long way off. Fortunately, I don't care about having children and/or keeping up with The Joneses, so the education/career doors are wide open for me. I have a lot of time to think about the best path.

Black Panther Party party?! I'm there!! Funny, I was just thinking of the black panthers this morning because I was reading about Ben & Jerry's and they had some former black panther dude working for them. I guess people made a fuss over it. Anyway, I was surrounded by black guys on the bus this morning and I was thinking about the black panthers and how I would've probably been just as pissed off if I were in their shoes. Black men are still so feared and misunderstood these days. I often wonder what it would be like to walk around as a black man today.


I want to eat lunch, but I'm sick of everything around here. Hmmm...
happy tuesday!!

just coming in to catch up. i haven't been here much since friday.

***DOODLE!!!*** so great to hear that you're on the mend. so glad that doodlemama is there to be with you, and BFF too!

***karianne!!*** good job on your presentation! we're so proud of you!

i had a lot of things to say while reading and now i've sort of lost it all. i'm blaming it on pregnancy brain. that and i'm taking antibiotics right now for a UTI and it's got me tired. plus, it's rainy outside and just making me feel pluuuuuurby. i feel like i need to take a run around the block or do something to get my brain in positive motion again, but i have a bigger part of me that wants to just CHILL and do nothing but nap.

i need to be making more phone calls though. i started off the week really well with 5 sets yesterday, so i need to keep up my streak. anyone wanna make calls for me today?? please???

is it just me or does the mere mention of a black panther party make anyone else think of that scene in forrest gump?? biggrin.gif

Happy Mozambversary! Yay! I think I even spelled it right! Did I? Did I? How long is your tour, Tes? Tour. Like you're in the military. After this, I am going to look up your LJ page. Speaking of LJ, anyone heard from Miss Shuggah lately? I haven't! She used to live close to me and we would hang out, but then the wedding came and she was super busy, and I think she moved out of state. Anyone? I wonder if she's still on LJ.

I got new chef pants today! Yayay! Both pairs are solid black - BORING - but when I got the job, one of my co-workers said the Chef prefers solid black. So I ordered the pants from Chefwear, finally got them today, and since starting the job realized that we can wear whatever pants we want. I really wanted the black and pink houndstooth checked pants, but didn't get them because I thought I wouldn't be able to wear them. Oh well, maybe next time I have some money I'll order them.

~*~*vibes~*~* for those of you feeling crap and pluuuurby today.

Congratulations on your presentation, Karianne! I bet that's a load off. It must feel great. Especially since you were prepared for something much tougher and it turned out to be not that bad. Yayay! And, did you wear your new suit? Did you feel all official and confident and stand up straighter? That's how I imagine I would be if I ever wore a suit. In my cook uniform, I look all billowy and I hunch over a lot.

Last night at work, we got to try a new red wine. The sous chef asked if I wanted a glass and I said, "Hells yeah!" I thought it was going to be just a taste, but we each got a full glass. I forgot to find out what the wine even was, but it was goooood and too easy to sip quickly. I took a sip here and there in between desserts, and before I knew it, the wine was gone. Oh oh. Then a few minutes later, I started to feel all loopy. I couldn't believe that one glass of wine was making me feel buzzed. I got kind of nervous and avoided people so they wouldn't find out my secret (no more wine for PuppyKitty! She's a feather-weight!) But I did decide that from now on, if I'm offered wine at work, I'll request only a taste because clearly I can't handle a full glass.

I wish I made more money doing pastry. There's just no money in this field, even if I move up. I think you have to be a celebrity or something to make any dough (get it!) in this job. But I love it, and I remind myself that all my life I hated going to work everyday until I started baking. I used to wish I would get run over by a bus because I would rather have broken bones and a concussion than to arrive at my shitty job.

I'm all about people finding their passion and doing that for a living. Not everyone can do that, but also, you would be surprised that some people find excitement in the field of accounting. Or admin. Some people enjoy it, even though to most of us it seems boring and like a crappy way to make money.

Lore! Please pass me a shot of your tequila! Do you shoot it, or sip it? I work part-time at a tequila bar, and you would be surprised at the number of people who order an expensive anejo or reposado and want to shoot it!!! Yo, dude! That's served in a snifter - you're going to waste it! But no, they want to do shots, but they want it to be fiiiiine tequila for some reason. If you want to do shots, get Patron or Hornitos. Don't get the Asombroso Anejo! Sheeeit. BTW - for those not in the know, anejo is tequila aged in an oak barrel.

At the tequila bar, we do infused tequilas. One time, they did one using orange peel and vanilla beans steeped in Sauza Silver (our house tequila), so it was like a creamsicle! They also make berry tequilas. That's all I can think of. I want to become a master tequilologist. Do you think I can accomplish that goal? Everyone should have a dream, right?

Hey - Treehugger! Please pass me a reuben! Man, I love that sammich. Sooooo goooood. I get it almost everytime I go to my favorite diner. If I don't get that, I get the Paul Reuben, which is rye, turkey, swiss, and coleslaw. Very sloppy and delicious.

OK - I wonder how many cross-posts I have had. I hope everyone is having a great day! And I heard that it is supposed to warm up a little bit soon. Is this correct?
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