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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hey laaadies!!!

I'll definitely check that out, turbo! I can't say that I'm a huge Pink fan, but I think she has some good songs and does her own thing without taking herself too seriously.
alohohoha, ladies!
doodle, i'm very glad you're relaxy-girl this weekend. otherwise, you know i'd have to come and spank you.

tonight is x-men with the boy and z, and maybe other people, too. i love the x-men movies. actually, a girl i met at school had a friend who was in it, and said friend ended up going out with the actor who plays angel for a while. that's my interesting story of the day.

today at work two tough-looking bikers came in, and one of them had brought their dad out to lunch. they were my favourite table, and they were so sweet.

i'm totally in love with my full series box set of sex and the city. now i'm just waiting for the whole series set of queer as folk to come out. if it's ever going to come out, that is.

i bought cute shirts today, and hairdye closer to my natural colour. all on my credit card, though, so i can pretend i didn't spend any money until the end of next month. good old credit cards, delaying the inevitable
Ah yes...the joy of credit cards. I'm not feeling so joyful about them these days. I'm still trying to pay for a Taco Bell burrito I bought a couple years ago. ;)

Speaking of buying shit, the Sony stereo system I was bidding on in ebay totally skyrocketed in price mostly because of a couple of complete idiots. Soooo not worth it. Now I'm bidding on a vintage Marantz turntable that a guy in Coon Rapids is selling. Apparently he also has a receiver that he hasn't put up for auction yet. Since Coon Rapids isn't too far from Minneapolis, I can test everything before I take it home and kick his ass if it doesn't meet my expectations. I can also avoid the cost of shipping. Marantz equipement is some audiophile-level stuff, so I'm a bit nervous, but at least I can buy stuff in components and if anything isn't working quite right, the cost of servicing would be well worth it because of its collectible value. I don't want to buy a piece of shit turntable that will only end up being replaced after a year. At least I can sell this stuff if it becomes too much of a hassle to care for. Squuuueeeeeee!!!! I can't wait to listen to my Crosby, Stills and Nash records again!!! *reminisces about the intimate sound quality of Suite Judy Blue Eyes on vinyl* Sigh....another good thing about the 70's: the peak of quality home audio systems. After 1980 or so, cheap black plastic came along and ruined everything. Everything is so disposable in our culture today. It's sad that it's cheaper to leave a TV on the curbside and buy a new one than to have it repaired. There's just so much plastic crap out there nowadays.

Okay, I've returned from nerdville now. Where is everyone? I'm stuck here in my greenhouse, er, apartment. I feel like crap because I slept until 1:30 or so. Blech!
Oh, but poodle, now we have the glorious white plastic stereo equiptment for our enjoyment!! Ah, mac. We actually totally ditched our big stereo in exchange for a couple of decent enough speakers that we can plug out 'pods into to play and charge.

Have you checked Craig's List or Freecycle for your stereo never know what you're going to find out there.

We went and saw Davinci today - very good film. I think Tom Hanks is one of the most genuine actors - he's always in touch with his emotions, and it was nice to see him in something not so heavy....I mean, destruction of the catholic church..pfffft, whatever. fluff.

I chatted with my BGP at 8pm tonight...she was making fun of me because I was already in my PJs....she's probably getting ready to go out to the goth club about now, and I'm ready for bed. I'd rather get up at 5:30am, than be out til 3am. ;) But I invited her and her BF over for dinner tomorrow, so I gotta figure that shit out tomorrow morning.
Totally. I gotta get me some decent pod speakers. My old plastic Aiwa piece of crap stereo that I bought about 5 years ago now sits in the corner of my bedroom, unplugged and covered in dust. It makes a good stand for my fan though.

I checked out TC freestuff just in case there was a diamond in the rough on there, but no such luck. Maybe 10 years ago, you could've easily come across a nice vintage stereo at a thiftstore or garage sale, but it's rare nowadays. Most of the used stereos/turntables I've encountered at thriftstores are broken or just plain crap. I've been keeping my eye open for a decent turntable for about a year now, and it just ain't happening. Oh, and I'm not looking for just any record player. I want the system to be an integral part of the "listening experience."

Tom Hanks seems like a genuinely nice guy. I don't really have an opinion about him as an actor. Actually, I think Forrest Gump really showcased his acting ability. I'm not sure if I'm interested in seeing the Davinci Code. I suppose I'll rent it went it comes out on DVD just so I have an idea of what people are talking about.

Heh...I know what you mean about the pajama-thing, turbo. I'm actually wearing jeans tonight, which is unusual for me. I'm almost always in pajama bottoms by 6:00, unless I have a really good reason to leave the house. I'm too cheap and old and unamused and lazy to go out to bars/shows anymore. The downside of that is that I've ended up in a downward spiral of nerdiness. There's so much useless information to be found on the internet! And so many things to buy and download! I have that nice computer screen glow to my skin now. :-)
*crawls into thread dripping sweat all over the place*

Oh my's so frellin' hot in here. I had to do a 2AM window AC unit installation because I couldn't stand it anymore. It's finally starting to feel decent in here. I think I need to move further north or something. I don't get why people like this weather. I prefer feeling "cozy," which usually involves lower temperatures. Heh...right now my cats are chillin' in front of the AC and listening to some Allman Brothers jammin'. Nuthin' like 8 minute guitar jam sessions to make the summer less sucky.

Okay, time for me to get nekkid and wash off all the icky hot germs. 'Night!
Good morning Sunday people! How is everyone?
The weather in Chicago is going to be hot today. My office does not turn the air conditoner on on Sundays so my volunteer and I are trying to conserve yesterdays cool air by keeping the windows closed. I hope it works. I am not much of a fan of AC. I really prefere fans.
Anyway, yesterday I went to Michele's craft store and bought a ton of embroidery thread and some fabric to work with. This is very exciting for me. My crafty friend and I also picked up Makeit & Bakeit suncatchers kits. I cannot remember the last time I bought one of thoes.
Afterwards we saw X-Men III: The Last Stand. Oh wow, I don't know why is has gotten such mixed reviews. It was great. I had so much fun. There was actually a moment where I screamed b/c I was so surprised at what happened.
*sweats all over thread*

Oh my cod, it is so frelling hot here, and I've got the lake as my front yard, so I get a good 5 degree cooling effect from that...turbo and I went for our walk at 7am and I had booby sweat...ick. But turbs made a beeline f or the water, and we were both soaked and happy in the water in seconds...the water's still only probably 45 degrees, but damn, it felt fine to me.

I'm in the middle of cleaning the house, as my BGP and her BF are coming over for dinner, and the house could definitely use some attention, and I'm creating a lovely wind tunnel effect from the one working ac unit in the bedroom, fan in the door to draw the cool air out, fan at the end of the hallway, and ceiling fan running in the kitchen...its working pretty well.

I think I'll be seeing X3 tomorrow to escape the heat....I can't imagine not liking it...I think the films are fun - I'm not expecting a weighty film. And the cast is so great.

I'm sorry you're stuck at work today, and no AC....I hope it stays cool enough for you.

I think I'll be headed to the grocery at noon for a bottle of tequila and some tonic water for gin....its going to be a cocktails by the lake kind of day, I think...
Hi turbo! Hi kitten!

Ahhh...the AC feels so nice. I went over to my parents for dinner, and when I came back, the cool air felt extra good because I wasn't expecting it.

I haven't seen any of the X-men movies. I'm not really sure why. I'm not much of an action-movie fan.

We've been hiding in our air-conditioned apartment all day (and most of yesterday too). It's kind of nice being lazy together. We're both in silly moods which helps. I'm tryign to gather the motivation to do laundry and go through the gigantic pile of clothes in the bedroom. Soon I hope.

I'm so glad we have tomorrow off. I don't wanna go back to work.
Hey all.

Good lord, I've been enduring heat for the past three weeks now. Every day when I drive to work I am sweating buckets, same with walking outside for longer than ten minutes. Thank goodness for A/C, or else I would die. Why did I think moving to the desert was a good idea in the first place? My ancestors were Vikings and Finns, fer chrissakes, people made for cold weather. I ended up going to the mall on Saturday because I wanted to walk around in coolness, and 100 degrees is not cool.

I saw the Davinci Code this weekend too, turbo. It was pretty good. I don't get why people are so bent out of shape over it, it's just a movie and most of it seemed a little far-fetched to me. Tom Hanks was really good in it, I like it when you believe the actor is the character, not when it's the actor who's playing the playing the character (if that makes any sense). The people at my workplace were organizing an outing to see Xmen 3, but I haven't seen any of the others, so I didn't go. I'm afraid the only thing I'd get out of it is drooling over Hugh Jackman.

I have to work today, after three lovely days off doing very little. Had to dogsit, and the dogs behaved themselves for the most part. Went to a party of Friday and managed to find some people to talk to, had a good time. Other than that, pretty quiet. I don't want to go to work.
Hey babes!

Hi lilac! Somebody would have to offer me hundreds of millions of dollars to move to the desert. I'm in Minneapolis and I'm already pissed off at the weather. Damn. What really cracks me up is PuppyKitty's gradual migration from Int'l Falls, the northernmost tip of Minnesota, down to the hottest part of the country. Damn. She's crrraaaaazzzzy. I wish I was in Int'l Falls right now cause I could use a brisk swim in a clean lake. I'd go to the Cedar Lake beach a couple miles away, but then I'd have to put up with the loud drum circles and dodge all the hackey sacks flying through the air. I'm just not in the mood for that today. I'm also afraid that my legs will spontaneously combust if I expose them to the sun. They haven't seen daylight since last August.

Mmmm....I just had some ginger icecream. It was soooo good. Every once in a while, you get a chunk of ginger and it burns a little. My mouth is left feeling cool, yet a little numb from the mildly hot ginger.

I cleaned the frige this afternoon and got rid of all the scary stuff. It was like a highschool science project in there. The fun part was that I walked to the co-op and bought a lot of fresh, healthy foods. Now my frige looks pretty inside.

Where has everyone been for the last couple days? Did everyone melt or something? I'm melting! meeeeellllttting!!!

I won the Marantz 6100 turntable on ebay and I might buy the guy's Marantz 2300 receiver, too. He hasn't put it up for auction yet just in case I want it. After that, all I need are some speakers and a few cables. I'm so excited to hear stuff on records again. I just love flipping over the record, watching the needle ride the grooves, hearing the crackle between songs, etc. The even better part is that I'll get to do all that on a beautiful, finely made system of historic significance. I think the record player and receiver deserve names like Poodlepod. Hmmm...

Alright, time for me to slice up some fresh veggies...mmmmm....
Hey poodle! Good for you on the sweet turntable!!

Its finally cooling off here, but only because a big thunderstorm is rolling in, which is making turbodog freak the hell out. poor baby.

We had my BGP and her BF over for dinner last night, and I promised them the cooling effects of dinner al fresco on the lake, and was 90 degrees, and it was sweltering. They were good sports about it, though.

I'm just making up some spelt pizza crust for dinner for a sausage, mushroom and onion pizza. Its gonna be YUM.
So I just got off the phone with my mom, and am wondering to myself why I just jumped into the crazy pot with her....I didn't even see it coming, and then BAM! Crazy crazy uber christian mommy came out...she asked me if I thought the DaVinci Code was "real"...I said it was a novel, but there are historical elements which have a high probability of being true. Thought I dodged that one nicely. Then she asks "But do you think Jesus was married?" I say yes, that there is an emerging body of work from that time period that says that Jesus was married, but that really it doesn't change anything about the importance of his work in the world. WHOA....she went bat shit crazy on me on that parents have devolved into people who only believe what they are told by people they trust...the president (gak!), their church....its sad really. And then they get upset that their children actually turned out to be the free-thinkers they told us to be....thank cod I live 350 miles away.

In other news, my mom's immune system seems to be shot, which is never a good sign...she's been battling poison ivy for 3 weeks, and its not getting better. She'll be headed back to her oncologists next week. I'll keep you posted on that front.
I'm afraid of sausage, but that pizza sounds pretty tasty, turbo.

I think it's supposed to rain here, but I don't know how much of a cooling effect that will have. It will for sure make things more humid though. I always feel bad for pets during storms, but I have to admit that it is pretty cute. Our old dog was trained to stay off the carpet, but on stormy nights, I'd wake up to her laying beside my bed. She got so scared that it was worth it disobey just to be with a human.

I always hate the day before I have to go back to work. Tonight I feel like I'm just waiting to go to work tomorrow. Right now I'm feeling really irritated with my boss' handling of the company. It's especially chaotic right now. Ugh. I don't even want to think about it.

I'm really excited about the turntable partly because I feel like I need to do something more stimulating than laying on the couch and watching TV all the time. The TV seems to muddy up my thoughts of how things should be in my life. Since I can't drive right now, I find myself watching way, way too much TV. The positive thing about the non-driving thing is that I have a lot of time to learn more about music and other stuff. The turntable/receiver/vinyl thing should give me something to play with other than the TV remote.

(((turbo and turbo's ma))) I'm sorry your mom's not healing faster. I hope she's okay. As far as the argument, it always amazes me how "fixed" people's thoughts and behavior become as they get older. My parent's don't seem to want to learn new things or see different places. They've been thinking more or less the same thoughts for their entire adulthood, so to hear someone suggest something they've never even thought of before challenges the way they've chosen to "operate" in their lives. That's not a bad thing, but I think it's a little harder for older humans to deal with, especially when it comes to religious beliefs. It seems like humans of all ages like to make up their minds and then go about their lives on autopilot. It's easier than squeezing your brain to understand new/different concepts.
Hey sweet girlies! How is everyone! I hope you Yanks had a good holiday....

poodle is afraid of sausage. Hee! I'm a little afraid of sausage, too, after that placenta pizza recipe was posted.... *shivers violently*

turbo, I'm sorry your mom is whacked about religion. That totally sucks. My stepmom came from a really religious family, and she definitely suffered as a child because of the point where she was the first person I met who considered religious fanaticism a form of addiction and abuse. (((((turbo)))))

Hi also lilac, 'soup, kitten, lurv, diva, karianne, the FJs, moxie, tyger, minx, marileen, whammy, pixie, yummy, miz goof...and sorry to anyone I missed!

It's gonna take me awhile to catch up on everyone's lives....but I swear, I really enjoyed having a week to do nothing but vegetate, drink red wine, and create!
Hey all, it's rather quiet in here.

Pink, that's awesome about the turntable, I'm sure you're going to have fun with it.

I pretty much did the same thing as puppy, only I didn't move from Int'l Falls, I moved from Duluth, with a brief stint at my parents, who live near Brainerd, and I ended up near Phoenix. I wanted something completely different, and now I think my next move is going to be Portland or Seattle, I want to see some rain, dammit. It's funny, I run into people here who are amazed that people want to live in Minnesota with its winters, while everyone I know up in Minnesota are amazed anyone would want to live here where it's so hot. It seems like people cope with the both extremes the same way: by staying inside and griping about it.

(((Turbo))) I hope your mom feels better. It sucks about the arguement, people can be so closed-minded.

Tonight I tried a vegetarian dish that used fake chicken and while the sauce and veggies were good, the fake chicken was rather gross. It would have been better without it. Other than that, the only other excitement has been one of my coworkers agreeing to burn a season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 for me. I loved that show.

Anyway, I've got to go and be productive, I'll see you all later.
Good morning busties!

we also had a HOT, but absolulty lovely weekend. Saw our BF's and other great friends saturday night for surburban-grill-athon, since it was 100% too hot to cook indoors, and all the babies (3 of them!) were just tickled to be outside. I also had a new newphew born this older cousin-brother's new boy...he's just ADORABLE! I love that moxette has cousins just her age- I always loved that growing up. We also installed all our AC units yesterday. Poor moxette slept totally nakey sunday night. we just layered up the crib with burb clothes.

So, good things tuesday:

1. Its a 4 day week, YO!
2. New nephew and SIL perfectly healthy!
3. Yummy salad for dinner tonight
4. Busties in general!
Thanks for all the love, ya'll. My momma called me back about an hour after she nearly hung up on me the first time to apologize in her own way of pretending nothing had happened, and telling me how glad she is that I have my own thoughts on things...sometimes I just get so tired of talking to them and "playing lets pretend" about who I am and what I think.

Yeah, the heat is pretty intense here all of a sudden, and I have got to kick turboman in the ass to get him to figure out what kind of AC unit we need and talk to the drunk janitor about the voltage allowance in the building, and then order the damned thing from his buddy who gets a big discount. Sometimes living with a pisces is very trying for my cancerian soul. ;)

Ok good things Tuesday!
1. 3 day work week for me - we're taking friday off!
2. I'm taking turboman to see Spamalot on Thursday night
3. they *finally* turned the AC on here at work!
4. Grilled portobellas for dinner with fresh asparagus and salad, all from the farmers market.

Ok. work calls.....
Hi, peeps!

I'm wearing an army green gauzy shirt that shows off my boobies like a Swiss milkmaid. :-) Hey, it's a hot day out and I wanted to wear something sheer and cool, and if you don't like my boobies, then don't look at 'em.

*********coolness vibes for all hot Busties*********** I didn't really go out in the heat over the weekend at all. We went out on Friday and Saturday shopping, but on Sunday, I did my errands and was home before 12:30 and we didn't leave the house at all yesterday. Thank Maud for central air. I think it's so cool that my house is 103 years old, and yet it has central air.

I just don't understand people who like to be hot. There's this guy at work who goes on about how great the heat is down south, and hooray for 90+ degree days. We all look at him like he's crazy. He says that humans aren't supposed to live in cold climates, which makes me wonder how Scandinavians have done so well with it for so long. Pbbbt on him!

My mom has similar opinions as yours, Poodle and Turbo. She won't see The DaVinci Code because she was raised uber-Catholic. She went to Catholic school until college and was taught by nuns who hit you with rulers. She can even sing the mass in Latin. I just think it's so funny how my liberal family is about religion. I'm the weird one who decided to believe in nothing. Mom and Dad still think I'm a Catholic and I'll come around some day, and totally ignore my beliefs in the meantime. If that's what it takes to not have a family fight on holidays, I'll do it.

Yay for Poodle's turntable! And Moxette's cousin! And whore shoes!

Good Things Tuesday:
1) short workweek
2) I got a lot of jewelry made
3) central air
4) my watch is fixed
5) all my spring/summer clothes are out and have been laundered so they'll smell fresh

This was such a nice relaxy weekend. The giant and I ran some errands on Friday (including finding my favorite plum wine at World Market), I hung out with my brother on Saturday and he bought me lunch at Don Pablo's, the giant and I went to IKEA and I finally have a decent bedside table with a drawer. I got a lot of time to myself on Sunday, during which I shopped for summer shirts and got my watch fixed, then came home and did a good chunk of cleaning and made several pieces of jewelry. Yesterday we did big fat nothing, and it was great. I'm feeling a little better about how I'm coming with my jewelry stock. I'm running out of room in my display cases, which is a very good thing.
So have the falljackets reported on thier weekend at the nudiplace? I am interested in hearing about that...sounds interesting!
((waves to all the busties))
So have the falljackets reported on thier weekend at the nudiplace? I am interested in hearing about that...sounds interesting!
((waves to all the busties))
Happy Tuesday Busties!

Poodle – good luck with the turntable! We use Marantz recording equipment at work and that stuff wears like iron if you take good care of it. Even if it requires some repair work, it is probably worth it because it will last you for a while.

Moxie, that is so nice that your baby has other little baby relatives she’ll get to grow up playing with!

I had a pretty good weekend despite physically feeling rotten. I don’t know if it is the heat, allergies, starting the pill last week or a combination of all of it, but I have been feeling really awful lately and hope it gets better soon, especially since we’re going out of town this upcoming weekend for my friend’s wedding reception and I really want to be able to enjoy it.

I saw Bodyworlds at the Science Museum on Saturday and it was interesting but disturbing – my friend and I both thought there should have been more explanatory and/or reference material available for people to look at to answer questions, especially as it was supposed to be educational. And the fact that it was real people yet so anonymously just bothered me – the European guy that created it all seems like a fishy character and I get a sense there is more bad stuff to the story behind the exhibition than we’ll ever know. The human body really is amazing though.

Sunday I went to see an art exhibit at the MN Museum of American Art with my art group (Divalla, you should go see it – it is free and right by where you work so you could go see it at lunchtime one day) and it had some awesome stuff that I loved, so that made me all happy and inspired to create art. And JT put in the air conditioners that day so we didn’t have to suffer the heat in the house any longer and were able to sleep. Yesterday we drove to Faribault to look at “our” house. The grass is all overgrown and nature has kind of taken over. We peeked in windows and talked about whether we still want to move there. JT has officially accepted a job in Eden Prairie through his company (bigger place, more responsibility and a lot more money so he really felt he had to take it), so it now it has become a situation where we will be kind of stupid to move (as we’ll both be commuting a long way) but we still love that house and really want to do it anyway, so we have some big decisions to make.

We had lunch at a restaurant in town there and then visited IKEA on the way home and last night went to see X-Men. I liked it, but did not enjoy the many tiny kids at the show – you don’t take a bunch of 5 and 7 year olds to a violent PG-13 movie! What is wrong with parents? I had to be crabby old lady and tell the little boy sitting next to me (who was thrashing like a fish and gabbling to his brother at the start of the show) in serious tone, “YOU HAVE TO BE QUIET.” I hate having to do that.

Today I'm back at work and don't want to be...
hey busties!!!!

can you smell that...that campfire/piney smell?? yup that's me....LOL...we froze our asses off, drank an entire keg of guinness and i caught 6 it was a good time. ;)

the phones are having 'issues' i don't have to answer them...Yay!

good things tuesday:
internet access
clean body(yes!)
flushable toilets(yay!)
warm weather...wooot!
marileen - you hit it on the head sista - chatty, wiggling kids is exactly why we decided not to see X3 yesterday -- I'd rather catch an evening showing during the week for any movie that will likely have a younger audience. That, and we had just had lunch at one of our favorite cafes and were disturbed by two screeeeching toddlers made worse by the 2 story tin ceilings. oy.

Hmmm...they did have some interpretive material when we saw Bodyworlds here, that definitely helped...not that I can remember any of it now, but I remember carrying a program around with me. I found the pregnant woman to be the most fascinating/disturbing/sad.

Diva - do you have a site for your jewelry yet? If not, when I come to mpls sometime this year, I'm gonna have to see your wares!

msgoof - sounds like your camping trip was a success, even if you did have to keep yourselves warm with Guiness!
hi turbo and marileen and diva!!!

i hear ya on the kids in non appropriate age movies...drives me nuts...for several reasons...but i won't go into that rant now...
Whilst camping, our two with kids and one with dogs were friendly...but the one with dogs was the most annoying...we never heard a peep out of the kids...the dogs, however, were going nuts....'tequila and zeus'...LOL....

i wanna see diva's jewelry...picts?

i so need to take a run to day....

today since mr. gb took the day off to recover from allergies afflicted from our camping trip..(LOL)..i gave him a list of stuff to do/get. he wants to get an air purifier for our place...any suggestions??
Nope, no site for my jewelry yet. And I bought a digital camera and everything so I could do that. Oh, well. I really need to get on that. I looked at a site earlier today featuring a lot of stuff I could make pretty easily, and only charge about 10% of what this site was asking.

Wow, now I don't know if I want to see Bodyworlds. Do they use the people's faces? It looks like they might in the billboards I've seen. I don't want to know anything about the guy who conceptualized it - I'd rather view it as hard science than some whacko's experiment a la CSI/serial killer. Sorry, I watch way too much CSI.

I learned from seeing the new Harry Potter on opening weekend that you really shouldn't do that with movies geared at kids. Oh, was that annoying. I wonder if it gets any better with the later showings at night. Kids still have bedtimes, right?

MsGoof, I hear good things about the air purifier at Sharper Image. My gay boyfriend swears by it. I think it picks up pet hair that may be floating in the air and gets rid of bad smells, too. I've never once smelled his dog in his apartment.

Okay, I'm going to brave the heat and get some lunch.
Good morning, my loverly Okayers in Okayland! I haven't read yet today, but I will try. I wanted to post, anyhow! First day at the office after being on holiday - who knows what craziness may descend before I can even skim?

Good Things:
1) Last night was the first night in a long time I didn't have anxiety cramps about coming back to work after a holiday or extended weekend.
2) I can hear the women's centre's landlord in his space next door, whistling more cheerfully than I've ever heard him.
3) I just discovered they sell bakery bread cheaply at the convenience store next to the bistro.
4) I look cute in my coral top and blue hoodie.
5) I think I am about to become a meddling matchmaker between a cook and a barista at the bistro.
msgoof - I personally like the honeywell room air purifiers. If you have allergies, you simply *must* go for a model that is one size larger than the room you are going to put it in, that way you get the most benefit from it.

The ones from sharper image did nothing for me when I was really suffering from allergies, and so I moved up to the honeywells. I don't need them really anymore since changing my diet, but I run them anyway, just for white noise so I don't have to listen to whatever is going on outside my apt.

hi doodle!! Welcome back!

Bodyworlds does indeed show the faces....that wasn't really creepy to me so much as the idea that people would donate their carcasses for this....very educational though...I would still recommend it, if only to marvel at the amazing machines that we all are.
Hi Turbo! I thought the pregnant woman was very sad, too. I did like seeing what the female reproductive system looks like in 3-D instead of just a 2-D picture in a book. There were didactics by the exhibits but we thought there should have been even more info there to explain things - we had lots of questions that they didn't provide answers for, and reference guides within the exhibit that you could flip through placed here and there would have helped (since the goal of the exhibit is education rather than exploitation). We didn't use the audio guides because we really hate using them, so maybe there was some information provided in them that we didn't get.

Diva, you could visit the Science Museum store and flip through the exhibit book (which has a lot of pictures in it) to see if you’d want to actually visit the show – they include images of many things in the exhibit and you could get a sense of whether you’d want to book tickets in advance or not. And it is great that you are doing so well on your jewelry production. You should be ready to sell lots and lots by the festival!

MsGoof – you want to be careful when getting an air purifier to make sure it doesn’t generate a lot of ozone, which is very, very bad for you. is a site you can visit – type in air purifier in the search box and it will link you to EPA recommendations and other good info.

JT’s mom lives in a very polluted town and she was running an air purifier that gave off ozone really bad a couple of years ago, so she ended up getting rid of it and that's how I learned about the ozone thing. But they have new purifiers now that supposedly aren’t so bad with the ozone, so you will want to really research it before you go buy one so you don't replace allergy pollutants with something worse.
Hey laaaaaadiiieeees!!!

This day has gone by fast for me because I met with my boss for most of the morning. I have some direction now, so that's good.

"Swiss milkmaid" Hahahaha!!! I can see you in the full outfit for some reason. You need one of those little white hats with the pointy things on the side.

Scandinavians have not only done well with the cold--they're actually the healthiest people in the world! I think cold air gets your blood flowing. That's sort of the idea behind taking a sauna, having someone slap your ass with pine branches, and then jumping in the snow. Cold air is also cleaner. Then there's that thing about Scandinavian countries actually providing affordable public health services for their citizens.

I absolutely despise this weather and I want to scream at people who enjoy it. I prefer to have things cooler so that I can cuddle up with my fleece blanket and feel cozy and, more importantly, DRY.

Good things about today:
1) Our office is nice and cold
2) My frige is clean and filled with fresh, healthy foodstuffs
3) I don't feel as depressed as I was feeling last night
4) I forgot that it was already Tuesday because of the holiday

Wow! So many babies in the mox family! That sounds like a lot of fun.

About the religious thing, I should clarify that my mom is very open-minded about religious beliefs or lackthereof, because she's worked with students and families from every corner of the globe. What bugs the shit outta me is that she's not willing to learn how to use Mapquest, take unfamiliar roads, etc. She freaks out if I suggest such a thing. I told her that she just needs to go to the mapquest website, type in an address and hit enter, but she can't handle following my directions or use her own logic to figure it out and she refuses to try. It seems like the older people are, the less they're willing to learn about new things.

we made it back safely from the nudie resort! it was a LOT of fun and we will definitely go back. friday night, we got down to st. pete late on friday night. ms. M's baby was already down for the night, so i just got to peek in on him. we hung out for a few hours, but decided to crash. our friends came with us to the nudie place and brought the baby! ms. M was so excited to be able to take him, mostly because she is breastfeeding and has found that the most difficult thing about going out with the baby is finding a place to "whip it out". so, not that kind of problem at the nudie place. it was pretty awesome and completely natural looking for her to feed him there under a shade tree. there were a few other kids running around, completely oblivious to the fact that most people would find nakedness "strange". it was really refreshing actually - i felt no sexual wierdness from anyone, well except from a few leering old men, but i wasn't uncomfortable about it. there were all kinds of people there. OH! and there was a transexual there too! i didn't see him naked, though apparently he walked right past me. i guess i was a little too unobservant. hehe. anyway, we played pool volleyball, laid in the sun and shade and drank beer. then the boys played naked horseshoes, which was HIGH-larious to watch. we kept making jokes about ringers and hitting the stick, etc.

we're definitely going to go back one day before the summer ends, and possibly get a room there. we didn't make it to the nightclub, but our friends went (not the ones with the baby, but other ones that we met there). they said it was pretty cool. most people wore clothes of some sort to that. i just wasn't up to it after being so active during the day.

it sort of sucks that i've finally come to the realization that i'm not as capable as i once was. playing all day and all night would have been nothing to me a few years ago. but i'm learning that i have to pace myself. if i am to active, i need a good couple hours or more to relax before moving on to more fun. ah well. me and mrfj had some action in the room. i can't imagine going to the club would have been any better than that!!

poodle, it's funny you were talking about crosby stills nash and young records. they're going to be touring in west palm beach in august and our buds are going and asked if we want to go with them. i would love ot, but it would require a couple days off work or driving till all hours of the night to get there. but it might very well be worth it. there aren't very many people out there that i'd like to see.

i'd be really interested in seeing bodyworld. i should check into that and see if it's coming anywhere close to me.

i want to go home and make pizza. mrfj is of the opinion that pizza is to be purchased and not made at home and i am going to prove him wrong! hehe. my grocery store sells fresh pizza dough in their bakery and i think i might go grab some and see what i can do. or maybe i'll just make lasagna or ziti tonight and try pizza over the weekend. hmmmm. either way, it'll require a stop at the store on the way home.

the weather here is always hot and humid. but i guess since i've been raised in it, i love it. i am one of the wierdos that would rather be hot than cold. cold makes my bones hurt and that's not cool.
poodle - my mom won't drive over bridges or even highway overpasses....which makes getting anywhere pretty interesting. I never noticed this fact until I got my license and my bf and I were driving to the mall, and he didn't understand the route I took...he showed me a shortcut that cut 20min from the drive! She'd have no idea about mapquest either.

FJ!! your weekend sounds like a total blast!! I love that the beach was comfortable for all ages including wee ones. And I'll never understand the public aversion to women breastfeeding. Don't look if it makes you uncomfortable. duh.

mrfj needs some schooling on the loveliness of homeade pizza - its best when you heat the pizza stone in your oven first, and then put your rolled out dough on it when its already hot, so you get a nice crisp crust. I had leftovers for lunch today and it was soooo good. I need to get another stone so I can have pizza parties again!

I'm glad there are people who like hot, humid weather. You won't catch me living in the south! I'll take the winters, yo.

Blue Rodeo just added TWO Vancouver dates to their tour, at the end of August!

Oh, I am so going. I LOVE Blue Rodeo! (Like I haven't already made that abundantly clear...)

Hi turbo, marileen, FJ, and poods!

I like to think all my plants make a really good indoor air purifier. Maybe I'm kidding myself. :-)

FJ, I'm glad you had a great time!

turbo, how is turbopup??

poodle, did you fix the iPood? :-)
thanks for the info. on the air purifiers..i had heard the report on how some are producing i wanted to make sure what i got wasn't a bad one. y'know? i am also getting more plants...the one in the bathroom looks lonely...hehehe.

hi doodle, fj,, turbo, marileen, and poodle!!! ok time for me to jet to class...later!
don't plants *clean* the air for us doodle? I think I remember that from 9th grade science....

turbopup is doing just fine, thanks for asking...yesterday he was a shaky mess with the storms, and its rumbling out again this afternoon, but I just try to ignore him - no need to reinforce his fears with coddling him.
Hi FJ! Hi Doodle!

Your nudie experience sounds like it was a lot of fun, FJ! I would imagine that it would be kinda neat to be able to breastfeed without feeling like you have to hide it from the people around you. I still don't think I could do the nudist thing. My body is so pale and chunky that it would probably blind all the other guests. Oh, and you're probably right about cold weather being harder on the bones.

iPood (a.k.a. Poodlepod) is chugging along just fine. I'm taking it pretty easy on her though. I don't know what happened. I guess she needed a break.

Yay for concerts! There are no decent concerts coming to our town in the foreseeable future. I miss going out to see different bands 'n' stuff. It seems like bands fly over the Twin Cities these days. (well, except Busta Rhymes and Kid Rock. Woohoo.)

Mmmmm....homemade pizza....

The resident boy has been a lot more pleasant to be around now that the semester is over. I think I convinced him to stop pushing himself so hard because he plans on taking a little more time for himself this summer. Things have been cool between us ever since he returned. We talk about going places together and we have fun bantering, like it was when he first came here.

Geesh, it's already 4:04 here. *whips out air guitar and starts rocking out to Back in Black*

Heh...every so often, one of my co-workers will walk by my office while I'm playing the air drums or air guitar. They look at me like I'm nuts, but I just can't fathom listening to, say, AC/DC without rocking out. Besides, they ain't seen nuthin' when it comes to my rock antics. At least I'm not doing the move where I spin around on the floor. :-)
Hi msgoof!

Hi everyone!

ETA- Heh...the new lady walked by just as I was ending my guitar solo!
I’m glad you had fun at the resort FJ! I would probably be very uncomfortable with the nudity thing, but that is because I am a very uptight Scandinavian with body image issues. It is probably healthier to be more open about that stuff.

Hi Doodle! I’m glad you’re having a good day. And you have just the right amount of plants – no such thing as too many! Do you know if there are any plants that will live in a windowless office? I’d love to have a plant at work but have no window to keep it near (not even on weekends).

Aren’t moms funny about sticking to their ways, even if they don’t make sense? My mom refused to use the dishwasher after they moved into their current house for almost 2 years. Then after I finally convinced her to use it, she’d only use it after already scraping any food into the trash and then fully washing the dishes by hand and then the dishwasher was used strictly to get them “really clean.” They replaced the dishwasher with a new one last year that you could probably put a whole thanksgiving dinner in and everything would come out clean, but she still washes everything first (which is really stupid for her because it messes with the eczema on her hands and she usually won’t wear gloves either). When I asked why she still handwashes the dishes first, she blamed their water/sewage system (they live in the country) and said she doesn’t want to cause problems with it. I pointed out to her that it will all go to the same place anyway, down the drain. So what is the difference? She got kind of mad at me then! Later she sort of acknowledged I was right but has still refused to change. She said she may have her “notions” that don’t make sense but that I have them, too. I asked her which ones and she couldn’t come up with any examples. Mom is crazy but I love her!

Homemade pizza sounds really good right now.
poodle - are you excited about the Hall of Rock thing on VH1 tomorrow night? I saw the promos, and I immediately thought of you!

marileen - if your folks have a septic tank, then they really shouldn't be putting alot of food through their uncle runs a septic company, and that was always his explicit instructions to my 'rents....I'm not sure what happens when you do put food in the system, though.

I think I should probably go take turbo for a walk here before it storms again....
My mom should join up with your moms. She absolutely refuses to learn anything new. Sam can run the DVD player, but I don't think my mom could if her life depended on it. A few weeks ago, she sent a fax for the first time in her life after lots of coaxing and several wrong tries with my dad. She won't listen to the incredibly simple directions to get to my house, yet goes on massive road trips with my dad all the time. It's funny as hell. And don't you dare ask her to try any new foods! It's like she got done with school and decided that her brain was closed. And she's no dummy, she just refuses to learn. But then you have their new state-of-the-art kitchen, and she can use any gadget in there, even though my dad is considered more the chef of the family. She's a master with the convection oven.

Wow, an entire weekend of nakedness. Oy! That takes some cojones. I'm like Marileen, mainly Scandanavian and Polish with a whole lotta body issues. My pale skin would probably blind everyone, too.

I can manage to listen to my iPod at work without doing air guitar, but once I'm in my car with the radio on, all bets are off. I'm that goofy weirdo screaming at the top of her lungs beating on the steering wheel. Avenged Sevenfold is a great band to do that to, especially with the intricate drumming.

Poodle, Journey is coming this summer, and last I looked, the cheap seats are around $34 or so, plus fees. I'd be willing to go if you want to.

Just an hour and a half left. It's kind of depressing being here for well over an hour after almost everyone else has left. But hey, I'm the one getting extra moolah on my check, and they could, too, if they wanted. But noooooo, they're out basking in the sun. Feh.
Ha! That's funny about your mom, marileen! I love your comment about drainage system.

As far as shady plants go, I have a couple of those viney houseplants (pretty common) and they seem to love my shady apartment. There's not enough light for anything else really, I have to get rid of some plants. I always feel bad throwing plants away, so I've been avoiding it (well, that, and I'm also really lazy).
Diva - my mom and dad won't try new foods either. I tried to get my dad to eat a potsticker at a Chinese restaurant one time (they were really good) and he absolutely wouldn't do it.

Turbo - my mom totally scrapes the dishes before they ever even get to the sink, so food drainage issues are so not a problem for their septic tank - the only problem is her neurosis about it!

Poodle - you should set the plants outside near the garbage but not in it with a sign that says "Free" and I bet your neigbors will grab them! I remember people were always dumpster diving behind my building when I lived in an apartment.

Now I have Journey in my head.

Don't stop beliiieeevinnn'...
Oh marileen, I'm so glad you asked! Do you have fluorescent light in your office? There are a lot of plants that will thrive in fluorescent light! Some of the easiest to start with are: golden pothos (it's kind of a vine), aglaonema (Chinese evergreen, my favourite plant in the universe), sansevieria (which has the unfortunate common name of mother-in-law's tongue), aspidistra (cast iron plant), philodendron, and most of the indoor dracaenas (corn plant, Madagascar dragon tree, etc.) Let me know if you plant-ify your office!

poods, if you lived nearer by, I could totally help you save your plants. *weeps a little for their upcoming deaths*

turbo, I seriously don't remember anything really from the 9th grade, except the crushes I had on my science teacher (male) and my choir teacher (female). That's sweet about turbo being afraid of the thunder. My cats are not too keen on it either, but they prefer it to some deeper threat, like, oh, the vacuum cleaner. *rolls eyes*

diva, I am also the one seat-dancing in the car to the rockin'-ass tunes! :-) Heh. I spend more time pre-selecting my CDs for a journey than I do my clothes!!

Hi miz goof!

My dad was hopeless at gadgety stuff. "Too old to learn new tricks," he's say. Well, to be fair, he would have been eighty tomorrow. My mom is not too bad with modern stuff, but has no interest in any of the kitchen-type gadets. Mainly 'cause she has no interest in cooking or preparing food at all! Go mom...

Anyway! Hit post now!
*doodlebug now has the Blue Rodeo cranked up*

Your mom is such a cutie, diva. She was so happy that there was lots of red meat on the menu for your birthday dinner this year.

I wouldn't torture myself by paying $34 to see a Steve Perry impersonator from the nosebleed seats. ;) At least Cheap Trick was somewhat tongue-in-cheek and had all of its original members. I wanna see AC/DC. The only thing I worry about is that Brian Johnson's voice will be completely shot after years of screeching. I'd pay a month's rent to see Tom Waits play in a decent venue with some decent seats. Other than that, I can't think of any bands that I would love to see. All of the musicians I like are old geezers now. It just wouldn't be the same to see them play these days. I'd love to see Led Zeppelin, but I think it would be kinda creepy to see a shriveled up RP singing "I wanna give you every inch of my love." Besides, can you imagine how friggin' expensive the tickets would be? They won't reunite anyway because RP's a bitter turd. I hate when musicians get all bitter about their careers and former band relationships. Not too long ago, RP referred to Led Zeppelin as a "boy band." Blasphemous.

D'oh! I don't have VH1 anymore, turbo!!! :-( I'm seriously considering getting the basic package again.
Thanks Doodle! I do have fluorescent light here, so that is awesome that there are that many plants that could live here! I'm going to write down those names and go buy a little one to see how it does. My office is so sterile and grey and it really needs something living to brighten things up.

I don't have any plants. We don't get enough sunlight in our apartment to keep any plans alive. That's my excuse for having none and I'm sticking to it.

I think I need to get a new job. I'm pretty broke and will continue to be if I stay at my current non-profit job. Plus it's just kind of crappy there right now. The trouble is, I have no idea how to look for a job in the profit world. I just need something that will pay more than $29K (that's about what I make now) for a year so I can pay my bills and save some for school (hoping to go back Fall 07). Any ideas how to look for a job? I'm not picky about what it is other than me making more than I make now. :-)

Your naked weekend sounds interesting, FJ. I don't know if I could do it. In my brain I think I could but to actually do it seems a little too outside my comfort zone.
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