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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Hi all!! Sorry I've been MIA!! I've been busy napping on my couch. I've been pretty productive at work, too, which is uncommon.

~*~*~*~interview/employment vibes for all who need 'em~*~*~*~

Tes, just go to flickr or photobucket and set up an account. It takes less than a minute. Then you just click "browse" and select the picture(s) on your computer that you want to post and then click "upload." You can copy the links and paste them if you like. Easy as pie.

I'm really in the mood to go camping and swimming. I wish it wasn't so cold out. It would be so nice to sit around a campfire whilst drinking beer and strumming away on the guitar.


Ugh. This day is neverending. I wish we could play virtual Apples to Apples.

~*~*~*interview vibes for mousie mouse~*~*~*

Moxie - that's so cute about yours and moxette's fabulous day together! I remember when Heikki was a baby and we would have days like that. He would just babble happily and explore. He was such a content baby. Even when he was teeny tiny, he would lay on a blankie on the floor next to his little stuffed lamb and touch it, cooing at it.

Speaking of Heikki as a baby: I have had at least three dreams in the past week that have included Heikki as a baby. I am wondering if the issues we are facing with Heikki as a Tweener are making me miss him as a baby. I like Heikki as a big boy, though. He's fun, funny, and smart. He definitely has a great personality. And I love his laugh at this age. Very hearty, no hint of self-conciousness. <--- I don't know how to spell that word, BTW.

poods, I would like to camping, too. There are plenty of places in Arizona where I could camp, but I don't have anyone to go with. I was out on a patrol with a friend one day when we came upon a really nice campground in the desert close to the border. I told her we should try it, and she said it would be too dangerous because of all the migrant traffic. Not that the migrants are going to hurt us, but that traffic includes coyotes, drug smugglers, bandits, and other not-so-nice people. Also, if we have food and water, there is no telling how desperate people might react to that. So I guess camping anywhere near the border is out of the question. But I would like to find a place near water, if that is possible in this neck of the woods.

The sous chef asked me if there was anything good about growing up in northern Minnesota yesterday. I told him that when I was growing up, I hated it and couldn't wait to leave, but now I feel very fortunate to have been able to grow up in the Great Outdoors. I told him how we went camping, hiking, cross-country skiing, swimming, fishing, etc. He was pretty impressed. He said he had been camping once in his life. I felt sorry for him, because he sounded sorry that he hadn't been out more. I could be wrong. Some people are just not outdoors people.

Anyway, you guys can drool over my desserts, while I drool over the idea of going camping and swimming in fresh, pristine water.
I looove northern MN. I don't know if I'd want to grow up there though. Ah well, growing up pretty much bites no matter where you are. I hated growing up in the outer 'burbs.

I had a lot of outdoor-experience as a kid too. It's definitely a good thing. I think it teaches kids to appreciate simplicity and the intricacies of nature. Camping makes me feel like a true human being. It's like living how we're supposed to be living and it feels good. Someday, I will live a very simple, free life. Who knows--maybe my house will even have wheels!!

I have this doomsayer/hermit part of my personality that wants to remain mobile and detached from the socioeconomic "machine." Basically, I want to be prepared when the world goes to hell (especially in urban areas).

R.I.P. Anna Nicole Smith. I bet she O.D.'ed on painkillers or something. I feel really bad for her new baby. That kid's gonna be messed up.
Mouse, I checked out that website for the Animation Show & was so happy to discover that it'll be showing here at the end of the month! I absolutely love this sort of thing, so oodles of thanks to you for the link!
~$~$~$~ interview and job vibes for Mouse ~$~$~$~

My family went camping tons when I was a kid - at least a couple times a month during the summer. Because of that, I think I'm a little camped-out! Plus, I am terribly scared of snakes! But I'm happy to sleep in a camper trailer. Just so long as I am not in a tent on the ground, I'm good.

PK, isn't it interesting how your perception can change? I used to be kinda embarassed to be from Oklahoma, but now I fully embrace it. Sure, it isn't the most gorgeous state, but that flat landscape makes for some spectacular sunsets. And the people are wonderful, too.

The top story on the local news tonight? Anna Nicle Smith's death. I mean, I know it's shocking and all, but the top story of the day?
mmmm, camping... I'm actually a backpacker at heart, well, I was until my back started bothering me! One of my favorite places to backpack was (and still is) Crosby park in northern MN. Just gorgeous. And it's so remote and rugged that you HAVE to backpack in....just no other way to get in and out of there.

I want to go on a solo backpacking trip there, this summer, I think. I just sort of like to go away where there are no other humans, and just write in my journal and enjoy nature. Last time I did that I almost fell in an underground cave!

Was hiking, and it was close to sunset...the grass was long and sort of bent over the trail...i took a step and all of a sudden i was dangling by my backpack! Lucky....

Scary part was, after I pulled myself out, and knew exactly where the hole was, I. STILL. COULDN'T. SEE. IT. I tied a lanyard across the trail at that point and left a BIG note.

I still harbor a deep-seated fantasy of hiking the appalacian trail. The stuff of dreams, for a reclusive naval-gazer such as I. smile.gif

ETA: Holy Crosspost, Polly! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!
(Cross-post with Kvetch)

IPB Image
I got the job!!

IPB Image
Holy Crap! Anna Nicole Smith is dead??? I know I shouldn't be shocked, but I thought she cleaned up her act!

Yeah - RoseV - I think it's funny, too, how your perception changes. I used to think being from northern MN was the shittiest thing that could have happened to me in my life. I cursed my ancestors for settling there. WHY TF would they pick such an isolated, cold, unpopulated, cold, cold wasteland? Meanwhile, I'm taking advantage of everything this "wasteland" had to offer and loving it. But cursing it for being BORING. Kids are such assholes, aren't they? And they can't help it. My son lives in Colorado. COLORADO!!! And he finds it boring. We used to live in Chicago. Guess what? Boring.

I think it's funny that I left my hometown for good when I was about 25, but I always say I'm from there. I think no matter how long I'm out of International Falls, I will always be FROM there. At my old job at the Marriott, we all had to wear nametags with our hometowns printed underneath our names. When I applied for the job, I was living in Chicago, so my nametag said I was from Chicago. I was so pised! I took it to HR and told them they put the wrong hometown - I am from International Falls, MN!!! And proud of it!

I sometimes wish I could live there, but it is so economically depressed - there is just no work to be had. People are either starving, waiting to get in at the paper mill, or working at the paper mill, not quite starving.

I wonder what it was like to grow up in OK. I imagine horses and goats and cowboys and wild west stuff. Did you live in the city or the country? I know a few people from Oklahoma who are all from OKC. They're really nice people with charming accents. I like the accent from that region. People could be cussing you out, and they sound so friendly doing it.

Hey - ROSE! Aren't you super busy today? What are you doing posting? GET TO WORK! Just kidding. Stay here!!!!!!!!!!

poodle - my step-sis grew up in South St. Paul, and loved it! Can you believe it? The only kid I know that truly appreciated her childhood while in the midst of it. She used to come visit I. Falls, and get very enthusiastic about fishing, swimming, riding snow-mobiles, etc. And she would brag that she could do all of that close to her AND go to plays, museums, etc. Lucky duck.
Hi hi everybustie!!!


I can't wait to hear all about your job next weekend when we get together at Heartland! (maybe I'll bring Apples to Apples, if I can find it!)

I totally appreciated where I grew up, and I can't really remember having the boredom problem when I was a kid (though definitely as a teenager, when there was nowhere "good" to go on a date)....we lived in the middle of a state park, and my parents let me pretty much head out into the park for hours at a time, so long as I had the dogs with me, and I'd hike for miles, or go sit by a lake and write poetry or in my journal. And we had a pool, so in the summer, I was in the water several hours a day. I was very lucky to have such freedom as a kid, I don't think you can do that sort of thing today.

But, I do *not* camp. Nuh. uh. Love the great outdoors, but I need a bed and a bathroom...which is why I loved the commune so much - immediate access to the mountains, and a bed to sleep in at night!

Poor Anna Nicole...I hope her spirit is finally at peace now, and that her child will know that her momma loved her, and have an uneventful childhood from here....
Congrats Polly!!

I appreciate my hometown and childhood nowadays. I grew up on the outside of the Twin Cities metro area in an "exurb" that wasn't totally sprawling at the time. The focal point of the city was the lake and I lived a block away from it, so I spent my summers swimming and riding my bike around. Our neighborhood was full of kids. I started to feel bored during the time in highschool when I didn't have a driver's license or car. My highschool was this really shitty cold-war era building with few windows and awful ventilation. It looked like a bomb shelter. That's one thing about my town that I resent--the lack of investment in education. Now that my hometown is a fullblown suburb and the residents are wealthier, all of the schools and public buildings have been rebuilt or restored. There are also enough books and desks for the students. What a concept.

Heh...there's actually a book titled Another Planet that was written about my highschool around the time when school shootings started to show up in the news. At that time, the kids were still at the shitty highchool. Fortunately, I graduated back in '97 and kids were allowed to be freaks without being interrogated. I own the book and I have it packed away somewhere. I haven't read it though. I should dig that up. I actually know some of the kids that are mentioned in the book.
That looks like an interesting book, poodle. I wonder if it is at the library.

I just talked to my bff from high school. Right after graduating, she moved to Washington state to live with her dad. She got a job at an Italian restaurant, became the manager, then managed some other restaurants. Then she got a job at a weight-loss center, became manager, became district manager, then became regional manager. She is pretty successful at anything she goes for, career-wise. Anyway, she quit the weight-loss company job, and has been searching for something she would enjoy.

She applied at a coffee shop corporate company to manage a coffee shop and found out that she is overqualified and would take a huge cut in pay, but she thinks she would really enjoy the job. She decided this week that she is going to move back to Minnesota - to the Cities - and take a job managing a coffee shop. She has had two phone interviews so far. I'm so excited for her to finally get out of Washington, where she has been so unhappy. Anyway, I wished her luck and told her I was totally behind her decision, and if she does it, she can join us an another Mpls Bustie!!! I told her I know some cool-ass ladies who live in the TC.

I had a Monster energy drink a little while ago, and I am so wired. I actually called a girl whom I haven't talked to in about a year. She used to work at the 24-hour diner I hang out at. One night, almost a year ago, we decided that we were going to become friends, and we exchanged phone numbers but never saw each other again. I still had her number, so I called her today and said, "Hey! I'm the girl from the diner that worked at the resort as a pastry cook!" She remembered me, and we are going to hang out tonight!!! Yayayay! She said she was planning on going downtown, and I was planning on going downtown tonight, so we decided to meet up. Cooooooolio!!

Tucson has a pretty good night life for a city this size. I like to hang out in the downtown area, where there are a lot of bars with live music and dancing. One place is an old hotel with a club inside that has 80's Night every Monday. They play stuff like The Cure, The Smiths, and Prince, and all your more hip 80's music. The DJ makes the songs danceable. There is also 4th Avenue, which isn't far from downtown, where it's also fun. However, many many U of A students like to hang out there, too, and they are obnoxious. One time, I was walking down the street with some friends and a girl I knew drove past and honked at me. I called out her name and waved. A bunch of Frat-looking boys screamed at me to shut the fuck up, fucking bitch. Isn't that nice?

Speaking of inappropriate U of A students: I just read in the paper that some U of A students had a party on MLK Day in honor of Black History Month. The thing was that you were supposed to dress up as your favorite black person. They had two people come dressed like lawyers, and two that dressed up like Steve Urkel. The rest came dressed as pimps, hos, and gang bangers. Isn't that fucking original. I thought the idea was weird in the first place - like, how the hell am I supposed to dress up as Alice Waters? Anyway, I thought it was pretty effed up, and those people should be fucking embarassed to death.

ETA: I cross-posted with polly earlier and didn't notice.

Congrats again, Polly!

PK, that's so cool about your friends - both the old one and the new one! Hope you have a blast tonight.

I grew up just outside of the suburbs, so I had the benefit of a good sized city nearby, but the benefit of the countryside. My parents' neighborhood is surrounded by ranch land, so it was perfectly normal to hear cows mooing along with birds singing outside. Plus, the ranchers would allow us to fish in their ponds, which was pretty cool. And there were some fields & woods nearby with a stream that ran through it, so we spent most of our time riding around there on our bikes. Good times. Honestly, it seemed like a pretty normal childhood to me. No chicks & ducks & geese scurrying around for us. wink.gif My first boyfriend had horses, though. His grandparents gave them a calf, too, so I have a tiny bit of experience bottle-feeding a cow. They LOVE to lick! Cute, but it's also pretty gross when a tongue that big is comin' at ya!

Sheff is taking a Happy Birthday Bath right now, complete with a book. Ain't he cute? While he is soaking, I'm going to finish up dinner & put candles in his cake, so I better go. Sweet dreams, dear Busties!
Dress up as your favorite black person???!!! Bwahahahaha!!!! That's awful!!! Oh my god. I don't even know how to react.

BUST always comes back to Minnesota. It's like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. I'm amazed that BUST doesn't ever acknowledge MN in their magazine. *hint, hint*

ETA- My BFF is also from my hometown. We still see each other on a regular basis. She's working as TV meteorologist in Souix City, IA. I'm so proud of her. There was another girl who I spent 99% of my time with, but I haven't seen her since highschool. I sorta know where she is though. She's married, works as a fitness instructor, and lives near our hometown. I really need to talk to her. If it weren't for her and her weirdo dad (who bought us likky and let us play with his knives), then I wouldn't be the person I am today. I remember her giving me The Best of The Doors LP on the bus when I was 14. That was the beginning of the end!! God, what I wouldn't give to have her dad buy us likker, play with his knives, listen to awful records, and write parody songs about our transexual chemical dependency counselor JUST ONE MORE TIME! That's what we did in highschool, other than hanging out at Perkins, Denny's, or the Lion's Tap. We also spent a lot of time up in the ghetto suburbs with our metalhead friends. And in Edina!! For some reason, we knew a bunch of Edina kids (cake-eaters) and we would hang out at the old Edina water tower, smoke stuff, and then run down the hill into "the slog" which was a foggy swamp. Anyway, those are my highscool memories. Again, sorry for the rambling.
Happy Birfday, Sheff! A birthday bath! That's the cutest.

My mom's friend, who worked for the state cleaning roadkill off the highways, found a dead doe and a little tiny fawn hanging around by its dead mother. She called my mom and asked if she could bring the fawn to her, since my mom loves animals and lived on the outskirts of town.

My mom put up some fence in the backyard, making a big pen for it, and went to the vet to ask how to care for it. It was a female deer that my mom named Missy. The vet told her to feed Missy sheep's milk out of a baby bottle, so my mom did it, and Missy grew up nice and healthy.

When Missy was old enough, my mom took down the fence and let her run around in the woods behind the backyard. Missy never went far, though. She was always around to get more milk. Soon after that, Missy started eating real deer food in the woods, but she would come to the house at 6 AM and 6PM (sharp!) for a bottle feeding. It was so funny. Did you know that deer bark? If my mom wasn't there to give her the bottle, Missy would bark outside the front door!!!

After a while, Missy stopped coming to the house. I am imagining her running around in the woods and finding a big handsome buck to settle down with.

I have some pictures of Heikki at 18 months old, feeding Missy her bottle. There is also a picture of him reaching his face out for a kiss, and Missy nuzzling his face with her nose. CUTECUTECUTE!!!

Ahhhh....northern Minnesota.

And Polly!! I'm so glad your extraordinary talent and personality (and our bustie vibes) got you the job! YAYAYAYAY! I'm so excited for you. We have a lot going on in the career department here in Okayland. We should hire out our vibes to the Department of Economic Security or whatever it's called. The job place run by the state. That's us. We can look over the potential employees qualifications, including life experience, sense of humor, and taste in glam rock, then if we find them worthy of vibeage, we charge them a fee of....let's see...they might have to make a funny video on YouTube or something for our amusement, then we'll send out *~*~*~*. It would be totally worth it. Okayers are, of course, exempt from the fee. Unless you have a funny video on YouTube to share anyway.

I just looked at and found a story about a woman in Thailand who got on the wrong bus and was lost for 25 years. Holy shit. I once got on the wrong bus and ended up in Evanston instead of Skokie, but that only made me about 1 1/2 hours late. Can you imagine being totally effing lost for a quarter of a century????
yay polly!!!!!! woohoooo! that's awesome! thank you for sharing your happy news with us! WOOHOO!

i'm sorry i missed out on the camping/outdoors convo earlier. i just LOVE camping. i love being in a tent, waking up someplace in the wilderness and hanging out by the campfire at night. i just told mrfj that we need to go soon, before it gets too hot to enjoy ourselves. we have several places that we like to go. one in particular is an island so you need to take a ferry to get to it. it's great in the early spring: pristine empty beaches, miles and miles of trails to hike, dolphin and sea turtle viewing and best of all: wild horses roaming around. it's crazy - you'll be walking through a trail in the woods and hear the thunder of hooves coming your way with plenty of time to duck behind a tree and watch them gallop past. or to get up early in the morning and see a wild horse walking along the ocean's edge. man. i think i'm gonna get us a reservation now while i'm thinking of it. the beaches are usually empty of people, especially early mornings and in the late afternoons after the day-trippers have come and gone. then there's maybe 100 people on the entire island, if that, depending on the time of year. it's def roughing it, as you have to bring all your garbage back to the ferry with you (at least what the raccoons don't steal). but it's an amazing place and we look forward to going each year.

i grew up going to sequoia nat'l park every other weekend when i was little and camping out there. my parents put the love of the outdoors in my blood for sure. and they now have a home with wheels, hehe, rambling around in their motorhome looking for their next adventure. i'm actually pretty excited that they're coming in this weekend! i haven't seen them in over a year, since we bought the house last year. yay!!! i get to see my momma and daddy!

i was looking through a lot of the child-rearing literature at borders the other day and found this book about how children are increasingly detatched from nature and apparently showed valid connections between childhood obesity, depression and even ADD with a lack of time spent in natural surroundings. i'm not sure about all that, haven't read the book yet, but i definitely believe that children should spend a greater number of their play hours outside with unstructured activities. i used to wander all over the woods with my sister and cousins and friends and make up all sorts of games, or just sit and ponder the trees. i really can't wait to take my little guy out camping.

ah, wow... i have rambled on! i just love camping and can't wait to do it! thanks for giving me wanderlust, guys! smile.gif

$$$$$*~*~*~~*~*interview vibeage for mouse and turbomann! knock 'em dead! ~*~*~*~*~*$$$$$$
Wild horses?!!!! That's so awesome FJ. Voyageur's Nat'l Park in northern MN is unbefuckinglievably gorgeous and there's nobody around for miles and miles. That was the last place I went camping and it was great except that the mosquitos were ravenous and there was a major downpour on the last day. Fortunately, we had military-strength DEET courtesy of my redneck bro-in-law to deal with the mosquitos (you know it works when it's cancerous). It was worth the DEET grease to wander around on the northern boundary of the U.S. Our campsite had a great view of Canada.

Damn. I remember trying to use the peehole as fast as possible though, because the mosquitos would bite your ass like crazy, no matter the amount of DEET.

I spent the majority of my childhood wandering around in nature. When I was a wee one, I spent time underneath the trees in our backyard. We also had baby ducks and baby squirrels (their moms were hit by cars), so I spent a lot of time hanging out in their pens. Heh...I used to take off my clothes and go swimming in the kiddy pool with the ducks. Our neighborhood was near the lake, but it was also on the edge of farm country, so we did a lot of wandering through the woods and corn fields. I can't imagine my childhood without nature. We had so much privacy, even if our parents or older kids were watching us from a distance.

Heh...the cover of that book makes me laugh, FJ, because a couple years ago, my nephie found a frog up at my uncle's house (in N MN, up on the Iron Range) and I spent a long time explaining what the frog ate and so on. It took me a while, but I convinced him that the frog was scared and would be happier if he could wander free. My oldest nephie is not interested in hunting at all. My younger nephie who, ironically, is the more "sensitive" kid, is really into hunting with his dad (my bro). I wasn't really aware of that until X-mas. It's so fun to watch these kids develop. I'm so glad that they have a safe place to explore nature. I bought them binoculars and walkie-talkies for X-mas because my brother told me that they're really interested in exploring the woods lately.
*****DOODLE UPDATE******

I just called doodle's BFF, but got one of her daughters on the phone, and got exactly this info: "doodle's doing good." Hee....I love teenager answers. I asked for more info, and got "she's still in the hospital, but doing good."

Well, I'm glad to know that our doodle is on the mend, however lacking in details the report might be!

I want to wander in all your childhood woodlands amazing, the histories of the busties!

PK - You are totally right - Busties are having great career successes lately, and I do hope to officially add turbomann to the list tomorrow!

But just to make a list, we've got:
  • PK's rockin' new pastry job
  • FJ's matchmaking from casa fj
  • Polly's hot new jobby job
  • Mousie's interview tomorrow
  • Turbomann's final interview tomorrow
Damn! We are an accomplished bunch, and I'm sure there's more I'm missing! And with that, I need to toddle off to bed now! G'night!
I just wanted to send a SUPER THANKS to turbojenn for telling us kvetchers about Doodlebug!!

*~*~*sending out get job vibes for turbomann*~*~*

let us know if he gets the job! tell him i'll buy him a beer at heartland to celebrate!

Poodle - you're so right about Voyageurs Nat'l Park! I grew up there. In the days when my dad was laid off from the paper mill, he was a park ranger (maintence man) there, and I got to go on educational canoe trips and hikes given by the Park Service. The mosquitios are ravenous. My mom likes the old joke about the Minnesota state bird being the Mosquito.

My granparents' cabin and land were sold to the Park for a pretty penny. They bought the land - not sure how many acres, but it was a good chunk - for only $10,000 back in the day. I used to go swimming and fishing there, learned how to drive a boat, and brought my teenage friends there in the summer to party. It was on this island not far from the mainland called Grindstone Island. Now it's National Park.

~*~*~*~*Vibeage for Turbomann and Mousie~*~*~*Please receive~*~*~*~*Over~*~*~*~*

Tonight, I met my friend, Widow, whom I hang out with a whole lot. I decided to give her a name on Bust because I hang out with her so much, and I have always called her "my friend from work", but I don't work there anymore. Widow's bf died a little over a year ago. I met her right after it happened. They were together for 7 years. It was weird seeing someone go through all the stages of grief so fast. I call her WIdow because she still is going through those stages, and we like to talk about her bf, whom I didn't get to meet but I feel like I know. I know it's weird to be known as someone whose spouse or partner died, but right now, she's a Widow.

Anyway, Widow and I met up with Pickle, my other friend Chiffon (who is a total free-spirit, but boinging around like a ping-pong ball - I used to live with her and and her husband Ali when I moved to Tucson), and the friend that I called up today to hang out with out of the blue. The woman we met up with that none of us knew turned out to be the coolest girl ever. She was so easy to talk to. She made friends with all of us right away. It turns out that she likes to read and is looking for new non-fiction to read, and I suggested Luis Alberto Urrea. He wrote creative non-fiction about people living in the garbage dumps in Tijuana ("Across the Wire" and "By the Lake of Sleeping Children"). about people making the journey on foot across the Mexican Border ("The Devil's Highway"), as well as a very beautiful novel about the legend of one of his ancestors ("The Hummingbird's Daughter"). I recommend this writer very highly. I met him at a lecture he was giving in Tucson a couple years ago (when I was living in Chicago but visiting here), and he is very kind and gracious and genuinely very personable. Right now, Urrea is a professor at UIC (Univ ILL @ Chicago).

So, if you get a chance, check out Luis Alberto Urrea. You won't regret it. His work is more empathetic than journalistic. I guess that is why it is classified as Creative Non-Fiction. The books about the Tijuana garbage dumps are like smaller vignettes of real people's lives, with some info thrown in on the impact of NAFTA and other US policy. Please check out his books. I started with "The Devil's Highway", which will knock your socks off, then went on to read the rest. Do it, man. I urge you.

And with that, I bid you good night. I gotta go to bed. Holy crap - it's ten till 4 here! Sheeeit! Good morning!
Good morning you frozen bitch-sicles!!!

Its Friday!!!! Hooray!

AND....turbomann has his interview at 2pm CST today, and we also need to think of mousie this morning at 9am PST, right??

I am SO glad its friday, and I sure hope that turbomann and I have something to celebrate by this evening. Not much on the books this weekend - just a greyhound playdate at an indoor dogcare place on sunday, so finally turbo will get some excercise in a safe place, and with other hounds! I'm really excited about it - its always so much fun to get a gaggle of greyhounds together!

(((((doodle continued healing vibes))))
Hi, peeps!

I've been lurking the past couple days, but haven't gotten around to posting.

(((((((((more get well vibes for Doodle)))))))))) At least we know she's getting better and not worse.

Happy birfday, Sheff!

Congrats on the job, Polly!

(((((((((((( interview vibes for Turbomann and Mouse )))))))))))))

RV, my gay boyfriend is from Tulsa, and I love his accent. His regular voice is just kind of soft, but the accent really comes out when he's drunk or tired. It's kind of cute. He loves his sweet tea!

Good luck with your presentation, Karianne! In front of a Senate committee - wow!

I've only ever been camping once in my life, and that was in college. We slept in a trailer, but I still hated it. I just can't deal with not having a flushing toilet and running water. We did have some fun out on the lake in a little paddleboat, but I got the worst sunburn of my life and I got eaten to death by mosquitos. At least I can say I've been camping once.

I guess I'm one of those sorts that doesn't really get into nature. I'm into it theorhetically, like I'm glad it's there and believe it should be preserved, but I don't spend much time out in it for enjoyment. Before my parents moved to Lindstrom, we'd always been in suburbs. Actually, when they built the house they're in, they had to clear out half an acre of woods to put the house on. It was really cool how it was so wooded. The church across the street used to have services where my parents live now, so there was a podium and a bunch of benches and stuff. The portion my parents live on has mostly been cleared out and a couple of their gigantic pine trees are gone (got knocked over in storms), but they've planted a lot of new stuff, which is growing really nicely. But at heart, I'm really urban. I absolutely despised living in that stupid little town in the middle of nowhere that was only an hour away from The Cities. The school district there sucks, too, because it's not too affluent of an area.

PK, I like that you're around more, and it's good to hear you love your job. That chocolate pie and apple pecan custard sound amazing.

I think I'm going to bake a chocolate souflee this weekend. I've been watching the Food Network Covered in Chocolate week, and Paula Deen's recipe sounds so easy. It'll make the house smell really nice and keep it warm, too. I'm going to have to get an oven thermometer, though, since our oven runs a little cold.

Hi, Turbo, Poodle, FJ, Mouse, GB, and everyone!

I can't sit still today. It's payday, I don't have to worry about rent for a couple weeks, and the giant is giving me a huge amount of money to pay me back for all the stuff he thinks he owes me for (there was no way of talking him out of it). And on top of that, I'll have run out of work in a couple hours and my boss isn't here to watch over me. I think I'm going to do a little shopping online for expensive shoes and purses, and a new case for my iPod. I know we're going to go out and do some fun stuff tomorrow since, for once, the giant has money to burn, and maybe tonight, and then we're probably going to see a Timberwolves game on Sunday. They're playing the Celtics and the giant got some free tickets. It should be fun. I'm just happy not to have to go on a football schedule for many months.

"bitch-sicles" Hahaha!!! I love it!!

I'm so glad to hear that doodle is "doing good!" (((((doodle))))) We should do something for her.

That sounds like a great book, PK. I've always preferred non-fiction stories that have a little creative twist to them.

Mmmmm...I bought bagels this morning, so everyone's chowing away. I put a little sign up reminding people to wash their hands "OR ELSE." I can't help it. I have a tendency to be obsessive about certain things like cleanliness. The hippie lady here doesn't wash her hands after using the bathroom, so I've heard. My boss is gross about washing her hands 'n' stuff, too. Yuck.

ETA - Hi diva!! When I think of you camping, I can't help but chuckle. The thought just doesn't make sense in my brain!

Yay for payday!!
Happy Friday, you blood-clot-encrusted maxi pads!!!

Turbo, thank you soooooo so much for the update on our dear Doodle. It concerns me that she is still in the hospital, though. Is she going to have to pay for any of this? What is the situations with the Canadian health care system, anyway?
~*~*~*~*~ never-ending vibes of health for Doodlicious ~*~*~*~*~

Divala, you will tell us about any shoes you purchase, yes? Please? And tell us about the souflee, too. I'm intrigued. [raises eyebrow alluringly] As for your friend from Tulsa, I wish I could hear his voice! I am told that I don't have a real Okie accent, but every once in a while it slips out a bit. Strangely enough, I have always had trouble finding sweet tea in Oklahoma, but it is EVERYwhere here in NC! In fact, if you order iced tea in a restaurant here, they will automatically assume that you mean sweet tea until you tell them otherwise. I discoverd this the hard way, of course!

Speaking of meteorologists and Minnesota (we were talking about those, right? wink.gif ), one of my old friends that I met when I was 9 is now a TV meteorologist in Minnesota. Her Xmas card this year featured her standing in front of the Mall of America with her husband and her little pomeranian dressed up in a Santa suit (the dog, not the people). It was the most surreal thing I'd ever seen.

FJ, that place looks wonderful! I love the idea of happening across a bunch of wild horses. Gorgeous.

PK, that story about the fawn is so sweet. I imagine that photo of Heikki with Missy is fantastic! We have a lot of deer around here and every once in a while I can see them lurking in the pines.

Have any of you ever read a magazine called The Sun? PuppyKitty and FallJackets made me think of it because it always has great non-fiction stories in it and the next issue is about nature and its role in our lives. Every issue revolves around one topic & there are tons of non-fiction articles, short stories, poems, and such all on the one topic. My favorite part is a section in the back where they print stories that have been sent in by readers. Truly fascinating & definitely one of my favorite things.

So I'm bleeding. Bleh. And I have a ton of shopping to do for our dinner party tomorrow night. Double bleh. So I'm going to sip some tea & start talking myself into getting dressed. I'm still trying to figure out what to make for dessert. I have a feeling that some of our guests may not want to eat some of Sheff's leftover birthday fruitcake!

ETA: Just wanted to add on some vibes for the job-seekers before I head out!
~$~$~$~$~ jobby job vibes for Mr. Turbo & Mouse! ~$~$~$~$~

my interview went really well! i think so, at least. much better than the museum one. and they seem like a great place to work--nice open space, super nice office chairs, modernist furniture, everybody brings their dogs to work, tons of art books all over the place....and they give their artists "homework" like "go research this artist, and come up with ideas" really sounds great. cross your fingers for me.

****turboman job vibes!! passin em on!****


i'm so glad to hear doodle is doing better. ((((doodle)))) i hope her cats and plants are being duly cared for; i'm sure they are.

rosie and diva, i looooooved oklahoma when the ex and i drove through it on our grand crosscountry road trip. i especially liked tulsa--it seems like such a great city. we picked up this little ceramic cowboy at a joplin, missouri truck stop and the ex was really into taking pictures of him in random places--we found a bride getting her pictures taken in the tulsa rose garden, and i don't know how he did it but he convinced her to let him get a picture of her holding walt (the cowboy). possibly the best pic of the whole road trip--bride in full bridal regalia, veil and dress and bouquet in one hand, holding a tiny ceramic cowboy in the other, surrounded by roses, laughing her head off. so great.

actually! hang on.....see it!

so okay i'm all bouncy this morning cos i think the interview went really well and i'm also caffeinated and antsy anxious cos i lied to my boss and told her i had car trouble (which isn't entirely untrue; i had to get a jump last night cos my car wouldn't start).

happy birthday sheff, how was the fruitcake rv?
i love camping.....for small amounts of time. i don't like being somewhere i can't shower at least every other day. the last time i went camping was in joshua tree in the desert and it was amazingly beautiful. i wanna go back.

go kari! good luck!

hi everyone else!
I wrote a whole long post earlier, and the internets ate it. gah!

Diva - your weekend sounds like the perfect antidote to last weekend's football madness! And I am *drooling* at the thought of chocolate souffle!

(((((turbomann jobby job vibes)))) He should be interviewing right NOW!

Rosie - how was the fruitcake?! I really would like to try a GOOD fruitcake at some point. Alton Brown does make me believe that good fruitcake is possible, if not probable in the commercial offerings available.

So any new shoes? The mere mention of foot covering makes me itch to go shopping...or maybe its just the thought of having two incomes again that makes me itch to spend money. wink.gif

I have the vague aura of the MRG migraine. Feh. Hopefully it sticks to just the aura of one until I can get home to take an excedrin migraine. I know I could drink some coffee and stop it in its tracks, but the coffee here is wretched, and I'm not a coffee fan to begin with.

Okay, back to work. I'm drawing sheep today, for a very cute event invite, and its making me happy. I like doing design stuff on friday, and push the programming aside. smile.gif

ETA: crosspost with mouse! YAYAYAYAYAYAY for good interviews!!! I hope you get it! I would LOVE to take turbodoggie to work!
Thanks everyone! **fingers and other parts crossed for mouse and turboman**

I drove through Oklahoma a few years ago, too. I drove to California with a friend, but we went the southern route since it was January and we didn't want to risk driving through the Rockies. Oklahoma was the first state where I really felt like I was in the west- desert-y land, big blue skies. We got off the highway at some point to get gas (I think it was in Tulsa, but I could be wrong) and everything was under construction, there were detours all over and we couldn't figure out how to get back on the highway. Eventually we did, but that was about the extent of our adventure in Oklahoma.

~*~*~*healthy vibes for doodle~*~*~*~
Turbomann just called, and he thinks the interview with the VP went well, and they said they'd give him news next week...ACK! I was really hoping he'd be signing on the dotted line today, but oh well, I'm sure he'll get the offer, its just the waiting that kind of maybe no celebrating tonight I guess. Still, we are one step closer to full employment!


And I have nothing to add on Oklahoma, except that turbodoggie raced there for awhile, before he moved up to's been to almost as many states as I have!
It's Friday night which means it's officially the WEEKEND! And Sheff brought home a bottle of rum! Party at Chez Violet-Steel, peeps!

Congrats, Mouse! That sounds wonderful!

And hooray for Mr. Turbo's interview!

Thanks for asking about the fruitcake. It turned out pretty well. Sheff really enjoyed it, but it was a little dry for my taste, so Sheff suggested I make a traditional rum sauce (hence his alcohol purchase). I'll work on that later. But first? Homemade mac & cheese! Yumnumnum.

Hee hee ... I come home from running errands and find that the thread is talking about my ol' home state. What a hoot!* I am from the Tulsa area which is in "Green Country". I'm guessing that this region of Oklahoma earned this name because, well, it's a lot greener than the rest of the state. Further west and south, the earth starts to turn red or even sandy. Also the Dust Bowl didn't affect the Tulsa area so much.

Mouse I absolutely LOVE that photo! Sadly, I don't recognize the gal in the pic, but I love the fact that she was willing to play along. I like to think that the people in Oklahoma are very friendly, but then again I tend to find friendly people wherever I go.

*= Yes, I do occasionally say "y'all" & "what a hoot" & other stereotypical okie sorts of things. And I'm not apologizing for it, either. But I'm still told that my accent is very middle-of-the-road. But Tes has talked to me on the phone. Maybe she has a different opinion!
I have a friend from OKC who lives in Chicago now. His parents still live in OK. One day, my friend was at his parents' place and his dad was outside. When his dad came back in, my friend asked, "What were you doing out there?" His dad replied, "Well, I got the mail, cleaned up my car, tied up the goat in the front yard, and then I did some stuff in the garage for a little while." My friend was like, "Wait a minute...goat?" He looks out in the front yard, and sure enough, there was a goat tied to a post. WTF? Turns out that the dad found a friendly goat wandering around in the yard, and thought it must be lost so he tied it to the post until he could figure out where it came from. I thought that was a cute story. Goats.

Last night, I had three drinks (Tom Collins) and got plastered. I couldn't believe it. I was off my rocker. I'm just glad Banana was there to take me home. And Banana quit his job today. He didn't like it, and said he would rather work part-time at Starbucks. Hee hee.
(((((Banana job vibes)))))

Hi ya'll! We splurged and went to our favorite thai restaurant, and after my first rice noodles in a couple months...I feel a little oogey. Just not used to it anymore...that, and I ate waaaaay too much. Oh was goooood.

And I just talked to turbomama, who was really upset. I tipped them off earlier in the week that my asshat uncle needed some watching - he asked my 'rents for $6K, and I told them that he owed my other uncle that I talk to all the time $12K, which my dad didn't know about. Today, my dad went to the bank to close one of gramma's bank accounts to move it to the bank in her new senior living community, and well....asshat uncle was a co-signer on the account and he emptied it. To the tune of $16K. Gramma still doesn't understand that he TOOK the money...she thinks the bank is lying. ugh. I don't know who he owes money to, but he's claiming to be 3 months behind on rent...I told my mom to change the locks on grandma's house tomorrow...cut the fucker off. He'll go there and start selling shit in a minute, I'm betting...or move in, and we don't want either. I'm guessing that he lost his job, with more integrity issues, and he knows if he's unemployed for more than 6 weeks, he goes back to jail. Why are people so stupid???? I mean, stealing from your elderly mother? Yikes, he has some serious life lessons to learn here.

And on that note, its time to start heating some bath water. I'll be back!
Jenn, my jaw is in my lap. Holy crap! I ... I just don't know what else to say. What a nightmare. My heart goes out to your whole family.

~$~$~$~ job vibes for Banana ~$~$~$~

I've never known anyone in Oklahoma who owned goats, but a family who lives down the way from us owns one. It's white & they don't even tie it up or keep it in a pen or anything, yet it always stays on their property. I often wonder if they installed one of those invisible electric fences just for that goat.

The Food Network is making me crave hot chocolate. Damn you, Paula Deen! [shakes fist]
Yeah, rose, it parents are really upset, but frankly, this just doesn't suprise me, its not the first round of BS with this uncle. But then again, we went through this 5 years ago with turbomann's family, who's uncle (and financial executor of his grandma's estate) stole everything she had, and she didn't understand it either. We've seen this play out already. At least my gramma still has her house to sell which will be enough money to keep her in her apartment for more years than she'll need. Its just disgusting to steal from family...and that's what hurts.

I had to turn away from paula, rosie!! My tummy is too full to even watch a show about chocolate right now! tongue.gif

Well, it is time to toddle off to the bath. I'm starting to listen to Jhumpa Lahiri's new book - I can't wait! I loved "the Namesake."
relatives who steal from each other while supposedly safeguarding the assets and executing wills the way that someone trusted them to so SUCK. this uncle of yours is a total asshat SHITHEAD, jenn!!! i hope that your grandmother listens!

my sister the pennwee was the executrice of my pere's will, and will also be my mamae's. she is controllling, but i trust her COMPLETELY to be fair. she feels guilty about taking an additional percentage to deal with the estate, but you know what??? she DESERVES IT. she should have taken more. it is a thankless, onerous task. one that i am grateful not to have to take on. she ROCKS for that.

it is already saturday afternoon here. i am busting, drinking wine, have banana bread in the oven and am making a list of things i need to buy to make beer braised beef for dindin tonight. i went out this morning and bought fresh rolls from the bakery across the street, and have a salad already made. mangoes for dessert. i should have someone over. i wish i knew more single people here. most of the people that i know are married, and most of them have children. meems the african attack cat doesn't really count as a child. heh.

i have spoken to rosiev. she does NOT sound oklahoman to me. whatever that sounds like. like i would know. hee. mr hotbuns has much more of a (southern) accent than rosie does. mr. steel, now! HE has an accent!!

((((((((((((hugs and vibes to everyone i am not mentioning, i know i am a bad okaylander but if i try to keep up with the archives i will never post, and i MISS you all!!!)

re all of the camping posts -- my parents used to take us camping ALL of the time. we slept in sleeping bags in tents, learned how to put them up, build pit latrines, dig trenches around our tents, cook over an open fire, skinny dip in whatever body of water happened to be near by (how my father managed to find this sort of thing to do in brasil i will NEVER figure out. he must have had some friends who told him about these places!)

when i was just out of undergrad, i used to camp a lot in order to paddle white water. sometimes in tents, sometimes in cabins. i have got to tell you all that my hair is totally revolting when i camp. pony tails have their advantages.

mr hotbuns likes to walk in wilderness areas, but not to camp in them. which is fine with me. i'm too frelling old to be sleeping on the ground these days!!! but i still love to get away from "civilization" and be with the wild things. you know, sort of what we did over christmas. near wild birds and fish and turtles and monkees, but in fabulous thatched villas.

so i guess i'm a hybrid of poodle and divalla. hee.

Mornin' tes!! Your dinner sounds *amazing!* As ever, I am jealous of your fresh fruits and veggies there! And you always make me want mangoes....maybe I'll get some at the market today, though I'm sure they aren't as good as yours, the hispanic market's mangoes are far superior to those sold in the major groceries.

I woke up wide awake at 6am this morning - weird. I think its because sunrise is getting earlier (YAY!), and I wake up as soon as it begins to get lighter. The lake is frozen again this morning, so its very quiet here, which is always a little weird. Maybe I'll take some piccies of all the ice sculptures on the beach this morning, since I'm up.

I've no idea what I'm going to cook this weekend...I need to craft a soup plan. Maybe green chile chili...hmmm.

Yeah, my uncle is an ASS. I don't think gramma will ever understand. She still doesn't understand why he went to jail 2 years ago, or why his wife divorced him....she's kind of self absorbed these days, caught up in the stories of her life, so other people's lives don't really sink in with her. I think my dad has to start paying her bills now, which will be hard for her, but she's been complaining about not being able to balance her check book on that account for months, yet she never questioned the disappearing thousands from that account. Oh well.

Well, I should toddle off and walk turbodoggie here soon. Brrrrrrrr!
((((turbofam))) asshat uncle is right. Hrumph.

I have a random question, that will also be posted in the birth control thread...this month (well, last month), i skipped the placebo week to not bleed on vaca. Now, starting 3rd week of 2nd month, and crampy and bleeding a bit this morning. If this is a normal side effect, OK...but I don't know if its normal. Diva...didn't you do this a couple months ago to mixed results?

OK, off to play with moxette. *MWAH*
Mornin' y'all!!

Damn, turbo, that's so sad about your uncle. I just don't get how people can do stuff like that, especially to the elderly. Awful.

~*~*~*~employment vibes for turboman~*~*~*~ I hope this is it!!

Hi tes!! Camping in brazil sounds uber interesting! I've never been much of a tent-camper, but I don't mind it. Our family has always had a remote cabin of some sort. When I was young, we owned an island with a duck shack on it (we shared it with our relatives). There was no running water or electricity. We pooped in an outhouse and bathed in the lake. It was a real pain in the ass to haul everything across the lake and carry buckets of water up the hill though. My family now owns a cabin on 40 acres in the same town. The scenery is breathtaking. Again, there's no running water, but this cabin is wired to a generator, so we have some electricity. We don't use it very often though. We still poop in the outhouse and bathe in the sauna using collected rainwater. I would have no problem living like that permanently.

Send your bustie vibes to Gus!! He's going to the new vet today!! It should be interesting.
Moxie, I'm on Seasonale, so I always (except for every 3rd month) skip the placebo pills. It took about a year before I stopped spotting (and having other PMS symptoms) a 2-3 weeks before I was supposed to. It's normal and every once in awhile it still happens to me; I just figure 3 months is a lot to ask of a uterus smile.gif ETA: The pills you're on, they're mono-phasic and not tri-phasic, right? Where they're the same dosage (usually indicated by color) all the way through the month? You can't skip the placebos on tri-phasic.

I've been camping once (not counting when my parents took me when I was an infant) and I like it in theory, but I can't do sleeping bag on the cold/hard ground, no running water, eating bugs for protein. I need a real bed and real toilets and running water. Ever since I saw a show on the Travel Channel about RV's, I've been dreaming of one of these (unfortunately, they don't seem to list the adorable retro one in the picture at the top in their product list- THAT'S the one I want!!) They are so cute and functional but minimalist all at the same time. I wouldn't want one of those $75,000 Winnebago's with the flat-screen TV, jacuzzi's and sections that expand. That's not camping.

~*~*~vet vibes for Gus~*~*~

((turbo & family)) That sucks about your uncle. It was sort of similar when my great-grandmother died. My grandma, who's an extremely honest and trustworthy person, was in charge of her estate and one of her nieces (prompted by niece's jealous mom, my grandma's sister) falsely accused my grandma of pilfering from the accounts and convinced my great-grandmother of it, and got her to put the niece in charge of it all. It created huge problems (the niece ended up stealing stuff and no one's forgiven her since- this was about 12 years ago.) My grandma has put my mom and one of my uncles in charge of her stuff, and at this point my grandma's not too out of it yet, but I'm sure as time goes on there will be issues with the other siblings (my mom's #7 of nine kids) because some of them are batshit crazy and would probably do just about anything to get whatever they can. There will probably be next-to-no $$ as my grandma is already living on a tight budget, surviving on my late grandfather's pension. But that won't stop some of them. Like I posted in Kvetch a few days ago about my mom's family, I love them, but I love them more 600 miles away!

~*~*~Good Saturday vibes to all~*~*~ I'm going on a Chicago hot dog food tour today with a bunch of people from a foodie website I frequent. I got 4 hours of sleep last night and I'm going to have to begrudgingly stop at Starfuck's if i want to function.
Polly, the hot dog tour sounds awesome!! Remind me again what that site is - I know I ventured out there a couple of times, and remember that mostly, it made me droolingly hungry. smile.gif But now I don't remember the name of the site.

And I LOVE that little teardrop camper - I could totally rock one of those too - its absolutely perfect! I've got no problems going to a camp site with car campers and working bathrooms, so long as I'm not sleeping on the ground....I'm light sleeper, and even sleeping in someone else's bed is hard for me.

mox - I'm with polly - the spotting and cramping are normal - everytime I've skipped the placebos, it happens to me too, but so long as its not while I'm on vacay, its worth it to me. smile.gif

I decided it was too cold to venture out to the groceries early this I've been drinking tea, did an herbal facial steam, and now I've got a clay mask on my face, and coconut oil on my head...I love mornings like this.

And I think I'm a little obsessed with the Blue October "Falling into the Ocean" video...first of all, it sounds like Peter Gabriel wub.gif but there's just something so damned sexy about a man in heavy eye makeup and vaguely sea-faring attire. heh. Might have to download that one....

And, yeah, polly...WORD on living a safe distance from family...though when turbomama is upset, I wish I could be there for her. Instead, she waits for my dad to fall asleep in his chair, and she calls me. so cute.
what happens if its a triphasic? that's what i'm on...ortho tri, lo. It seems to have abated, but should i be concerned enough to call the dr and ask?

Hm, i adore my family, even the batshit crazy ones. We live pretty close to both sets of parents (20 min), and its been just a joy having moxette close to her grandparents. And, honestly, I like my parents and moxieman's folks...the only member of either of our families i really dislike is my aunt M, and she lives about 1.5 hours away. She's a good person, I just don't like her personality quirks.
Nah, I wouldn't call the screwed with your cycle, and your body is just trying to get back on track...nothing to worry about that I know of. What exactly would a doc do about it anyway - wear a maxi? wink.gif

Hi all!! We're back from the vet!! These guys are soooo much better. Gus got a full exam and received treatment for ear mites. Of course the ear thing was the most traumatizing because he won't let me come anywhere near his ears. Anyway, he survived and he's unwinding in the bedroom.
hell if i know...i went in this week for my physical, and the nurse raised a serious eyebrow when i said "5 weeks...but i'm not pregnant" i guess that's what's got me paranoid now. Although, just how EXTRA bcp could make me knocked up, crampy and bleedy is beyond my intellect.

Hey, speaking of knocked up...i could use some vibes. My local BFF's sister is 30 weeks pregnant with triplets, and has gone into pre-term labor. She's on the anti-labor meds, but some serious DON'T COME NOW babies vibes would be very much appreciated.
~*~*~*~BFF preggers vibes~*~*~*~*~ Triplets--Wow!!

~*~*~*~vibes for mox~*~*~*~
YAY for healthy kitties and new vets!!!

((((((stay preggers vibes for mox's friend's sis)))))

Okay, time to grab some lunch, and venture out for some erranding.
~*~*~*~ Moxie's BFF's sister ~*~*~*~
Stay in there, babies! It'll be worth it!

Glad you like the new vet, Poods!
~~~~~ recovery vibes for Gus ~~~~~

~*~*~*~*~ another day, another batch of vibes for Doodlebug ~*~*~*~*~

Bleeding. Crampy. Bleh. It's 2pm & I haven't gotten dressed yet. I've scrubbed a lot of pots & pans and helped Sheff shave his head, so that's something. Still. Bleh.
>>.00.<< smooth ear vibes for gus!

it will be okay, kitty fur baby!

~*~*~*~*~*~*~ moxie and rosie full fast recovery vibeage!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

moxie's BFF's sister: ***********gently three babes, stay thee insideth!!! **********

<3<3<3<3<3 get better SOOON and come baaaaaaaaaaack, doodling!!! we MISS you!!! <3<3<3<3<3

it isn't even 10 pm yet and i am EXHAUSTED. HOWEVER!!! it is saturday, so i can go to sleep whenever i want to!!!!

there are even MORE people posting in here now. which is really, really GREAT!!! that i do not know their names is pretty lame.

may watch tv. that ALWAYS puts me to sleep!!

hi hi tes - so how was the beer braised beef???

We just ventured out into the madness that is Trader Joes...ugh. We went to the one in the city, instead of the northern burbs, but I forgot about the stupid parking issue at the one in the city, so it was a little frustrating. But we got the staples we needed, and some good chocolate, so its all good. I think I'm going to go make some pudding parfaits now....I'm on a pudding kick lately.

And we just got an Inconvenient Truth and Idlewild in the mail to watch this weekend....I think Idlewild will be this evening.

And I've decided to make chicken tortilla soup tomorrow. And tonight, some garlicky shrimp with brown rice with a spicy roasted red pepper & basil sauce. And pudding. Lots of pudding. biggrin.gif
Barak...sigh...i'm watching his announcement speech right now. I adore him. Sigh...

So, in moxieworld, our stove broke today. Its been dying a slow death for months, and today, the electric ignighter switch went kaput. SO, new stove time for the moxies. FJ's...i feel the pain, my friends. On the plus side...i'm very much looking forward to a shiny new machine. With 5 burners and perhaps a convection oven. OH! the zuchinni bread i'd make! And cookies, and honey nut bread, and roast turkey-lurkeys...

OK, back to Obama.
Hello everyone....I am posting without reading just to let you know how I am doing. Thank you for all the PMs and well wishes. I have just been released from the hospital this morning, and this is my first time online.

I have essentially been in bed for three weeks. The first week, I couldn't even keep water down, and I gave up on the percocet. I finally called BFF on the Friday (Jan 26) to pick me up some gravol and supplies....I almost phoned for the ambulance on Saturday night but didn't believe it was serious enough (who ever thinks it's serious enough?). By Sunday, Mom was in on the illness and wanted to come up - I said no at first, but after a couple more hours of suffering, I changed my mind, so she came up on the bus on Monday.

With Mom's help and some actualy nutrition, I was able to reach a state of consciousness that I was ready to go back to the ER. I spent 9 hours there, and was hooked up with a kidney specialist who said I had not only a kidney stone, but a kidney infection that was surrounding the stone and preventing it from moving. He said it was life threatening, that I had to be checked in, and that I might have to have surgery at any time - I was really scared. He put me on this really super-antibiotic through the drip, and I had a reaction to it (violent shaking, chills, shortness of breath, etc.) AND a panic attack at the same time - they had to give me ativan. I also had a huge fever in the ER but because I was npo (pre-surgery), I wasn't allowed anything to drink.

Eventually, I got a bed, but was kept on no food/water orders for three days. I got the antibiotic again and had another reaction, and said I wasn't going to take it again, but the Dr. said if I didn't take it, I would die. So. That was like a cold smack in the face, and I finally realized how serious it was. He also said the reaction was my infection reacting to the anti-biotic. Anyway, I finally got to eat and drink last Saturday night.

On Wednesday this past week, I was taken to surgery to have a stint put in - this is to drain the infection from the kidney through my bladder. **GROSSNESS ALERT** The doctor said when the stint pierced the infection, pus poured and poured out of my urethra. He seemed really pleased about that. *END GROSSNESS ALERT** I will have the stint out in two weeks. The doctor feels everything is going well so far, and is hopeful the stone will pass through the stint, but it might not, so we'll have to revisit that. I may have to go to Vancouver to have it dealt with, we don't know yet.

I also had to have a pre-surgery blood transfusion, because my hemoglobin count dropped really low, which is a very unusual thing to happen to someone my age. My kidney specialist hooked me up with an Ob/Gyn regarding the hemoglobin issue, because they're going to look at my periods first. I will be having a D&C when I have the stint out, b/c they want to check me for uterine cancer. I am trying not to think about that. The Ob/Gyn also thinks PCOS may be a possibility.

I am really weak and tired, and sometimes shaky, sometimes lightheaded, sometimes nauseous, and I'm still having pain, but I can keep most of the worst to a minimum. It's going to be a slow recovery, and of course, still more procedures. For now, I am home, with doodlemama here to look after me, and I am on antibiotics and progesterone (for the blood issues), and painkillers as I need them.

Anyway, that's where I'm at. I still haven't gotten my separation papers from work but I will get mom to phone the bookkeeper on Monday. I can't apply for unemployment without the paperwork, and I'm already going to be 2 weeks behind on that. I don't know what I'd have done without doodlemama and BFF, they got my last cheque organized and in the bank, dealt with my board chair and my landlords and the bills and all kinds of stuff to keep my life from falling apart. doodlemama has also been spending all kinds of money on taxis and supplies and has even offered her line of credit to help with my rent and expenses, if my unemployment is delayed or isn't going to cover me.

Anyway, this is about all I can take of being upright and online. Thank you all again for your thoughts and words.

Oh, and this one is for treehugger - your parcel arrived while I was sick, but doodlemama picked it up. Thank you so much for the djembe, and the bells for the kitties sound beautiful! doodlemama hung them from a coat peg on the back of the door.


OK, i'll read now.


OH, Doodlebug. You sweet, strong-willed, warrior woman. You will be fine. Long roads are long for a reason, and you can walk miles. *Mwah* again.
OMG (((((((doodle))))))) I was really, really worried! I'm so glad you're on the mend. You got an awful lot of ~~vibes~~ from all of us!!

Nice to see you back.

I'm glad you got the parcel...and that you like the stuff!

Keep on keepin' on, chica.
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