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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Yee! Still not done catching up. *crawls under Okay-Land Couch*

Something I'd really like to do sometime is design playgrounds and playground equipment out of natural or discarded materials, and help run a program that gets members of local communities involved in designing and constructing the playground. I'm hoping to get neighborhoods to have a sense of community and a sense of control over their own environment. Unless you're into construction, there's so few opportunites to point at something outside your house that others commonly use and say, "I remember building that!"

Also, the pre-fab playgrounds I see nowadays often look so un-interesting or else like they got transplanted from a McDonald's.

*Super Doodle-Kidney Vibes* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Good Morning!

It is a bit warmer here too now. I believe it was 29 when I left this morning. Much better than a few days ago, though I think they said it's going to go back down. Boo.

I realllly hope turbomann gets the confirmation on the job!

Heat bills...oye. Ours was high this month & will be higher next month.

My lunch plans fell through. Good thing I grabbed a can of soup on my way out the door, just in case. I wish I had known ahead of time though, b/c I've got some really good food at home I could have brought. Oh well.

Moxie-Color me impressed on your weight loss during vaca. That is a near impossible feat! That's wonderful that moxette slept all night! smile.gif

Not much doin' here today. A pretty usual day. Got some work that must get done.
Hi, peeps!

Lore, have you considered getting involved in your city planning board? My dad is on the planning commission and parks board in the little town where my parents live, and he gets to help plan and build all kinds of stuff, he's helped with at least 2 play areas in parks. Granted, they're the pre-fab kind, but it's a start. It might be worth looking into.

I think our high today is supposed to be something like 7 or 8 degrees. At least it's above 0. I try not to complain, though, because this is how it's supposed to be, and it's not like this isn't my 31st winter in Minnesota. Complaining about the weather gets old after awhile. What I will complain about is how dry my skin is. I'm constantly scratching, slathering with lotion, and I've got a patch of scales on my leg that ain't pretty. And the scab inside my nose from nosebleeds because it's so dry (yes, I use a humidifier) isn't so much fun, either. It's hard to not pick at it.

As soon as the weather allows it again, I'm going to start walking around a lake daily. When I first started at my old gym, I took off 10 pounds in a couple months with exercise alone (one hour, 4 days/week), and it would be great to do it again. I just want my clothes to fit like they used to. The pants I wore yesterday used to be able to come off just by yanking on them, I didn't need to undo any zippers. Now they're snug and I have to undo the zippers on the pockets because my gut needs the room. Ideally, I'd like to lose about 70 pounds, but I'd be happy with a couple dress sizes, too. I need to get the giant back into lifting weights so he can help motivate me. He's a skinny guy, but he wants to put on some muscle. I love him the way he is, but whatever.

Treehugger, Guitar Hero is for PS2. I don't know if there's a computer equivalent. We didn't play last night because I wasn't in the mood. It makes your eyes watery after awhile because if you blink, you're going to miss notes and throw yourself off rhythm. And I'm trying to train my arms and fingers not to cramp up if I play more than 2 songs in a row.

Moxie, I heard about that proposal last night on the radio. It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it makes a great point. I just wish that point weren't completely lost on all those right-wing whackadoos. And congrats on the weight loss!

Karianne, I hate when people ditch, too. I try to keep frozen dinners in the fridge at work, even though they're never my first choice. My policy is that if someone cancels on me without a damn good reason same-day, then they have to pay when we do go out. It's the tax they have to pay. : )

Hi, FJ, Turbo, Stargazer, Poodle, and everyone I cross-posted with!

I can't believe today is only Wednesday. I can't wait for Friday because I've got about $4 to my name right now and I needs ta get paiddd! We finally watched "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" last night, and it was goooood. I don't know why I waited so long to watch it.


first order of business: DOODLE ~*~*~*~*~ have we any updates? i'm thinking about her constantly. and as the quakers say, holding her in the light. (((doodlebug)))

mox, that article is hilarious! it makes a great point. and damn, losing weight on a cruise? what cruise is this? i wanna go! haha

lorewolf, your playground idea sounds really cool. look into it!

diva, i forgot to tell you, the secret song in guitar hero is by artillery and it's called "breaking wheel". it's very metalllll. heheh. also freezepop, but they are friends of friends. they're a great band though--really clever lyrics and blippy electro-pop.

((kari)) flaky people suck......too bad you didn't have a nice flaky croissant to go along with your soup

turbie turb, what's the sb diet actually entail? my curiosity is piqued

tree, how's your wrist doing?

hello to minxie, miss gb, stargazer, rose, fj familia, and anybody else who's lurking or crossposting with me!

i'm in the process of setting up an interview right now. it's another apparel company, but this one is a little trendier/couture, so i'd imagine my paycheck would be nicer and i could be a little more creative, plus it's like five minutes from my house, so it would give me an extra hour of brain time every day. i don't want to get stuck in apparel, but at least it's a step up. we'll see!
Oooh, I loved Crouching, Tiger, Diva!! It was so beautifully made, and I love fantastical movies when they're done well, which is not that often...I could definitely watch that one again.

Yep, Diva, I'm with you on the itchy flaky skin and nosebleeds - it is So dry at work, its terrible. I'm actually stalking craigslist for another humidifier to put in my office...I'm not sure I can take two more months of this.

Mouse - the new job possibility sounds FAB!!! ~*~*~*~*jobby job vibes~*~*~*~*~

Forgive the continued diet diatribe, ya'll...Mouse, SB is pretty simple - first two weeks absolutely no starchy carbs of any variety, no sugar at all, no fruit...lean proteins, eggs, lots of veggies encouraged. After 2 weeks, you can phase in some fruits - low glycemic index ones (berries, apples, mangoes, citrus), still no refined sugar for the most part, and you can phase in whole grains - the more whole, the better....and then you just pretty much eat sensibly - no counting anything, but eating sensible portions. Its been pretty easy, really. I think its good that its wintertime too, so I've been making a ton of soups, which are easy to grab for lunch. Oh, and they encourage snacks - protein encouraged - whether its a small portion of nuts or string cheese, veggies and hummus...the point is not to be hungry and keep your blood sugar stable so you don't reach for the sugar and carbs. Its great for people who are at risk for heart trouble or diabetes as turbomann is with his family history.

((((doodle))))) I don't have any updates yet, but I'm sure her BFF would have popped in, if something really serious were unfolding...she's got my number too, if she needs to reach me.
Good luck on the job, Mouse! That sounds really cool. I guess you decided not to take that other temporary job? I missed the update.

Yeah, I can't blame the lunch partner for canceling, she went home sick. Now, if I hadn't brought that soup, I'd be irked! It's happened too many times though, now I've wised up!

A high of 8 degrees! EEK! Ditto on the skin problems though. Dry Dry Dry. My face looks like a molting snake. Attractive, I know.

Also ditto on needing to get paid! Unfortunately I don't get paid til a week from tomorrow. Doh!
Turbo, that's great about the job!!! Woo hoo! Can't wait to hear what happens on Friday.
Thanks for the info about the SB Diet! I'd really like to lose 15 to 20 lbs by the end of June. That's when my family is going to Florida for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. I think I'll be able to tolerate the heat better without the excess weight. But those first two weeks sound rough! Left t my own devices, I eat a lot of breads & fruits (including citus). The idea of giving those up for two whole weeks sounds sooooo hard! But if I'm doing it with Sheff, I bet I could struggle through.

Glad you got to see Crouching Tiger Divala. Such a gorgeous film.

Mouse, that job sounds exciting! Fingers crossed!

Lorewolf, color me intrigued by your idea. Is anybody else out there doing something similar? I'd like to see some pics of what is possible.

How exactly do you play Guitar Hero? Do you have to buy a special guitar-shaped handset? Do you just push buttons or what? I think they have Guitar Hero at Sheff's work (Did I mention that he is a video game programmer? They have aaaaaaaall kinds of games in their break rooms). If something like that comes out for the Wii I might try it. I just LOVE the Wii!

That's an interesting strategy they're using in Olympia. It certainly helps eliminate one of the excuses the anti-gays have been using. But will it really work?

~*~*~*~*~ continued healing for Doodle ~*~*~*~*~

For his birthday, Sheff has decided to have people over this weekend. Yet another dinner party/game night! But what should I make?!? Sheff is thinking about asking people over in the afternoon for card games, taking a dinner break, and then playing more games. So dinner needs to be something I can prepare ahead of time & then just pop in the oven. Eep. Guess I better hit the books & come up with something!
turbo, that sounds really similar to what i already eat--though i do eat a lot of rice and i love my pita bread.

thanks for the job vibes! kari, i didn't actually get an interview for the temp job, it was more of a "do i even want to pursue this" thing. there's still a chance that they could get back to me, but i'm not sure. mostly i just want to leave where i am now; i'm not learning anything or being challenged and i hate feeling bored.

rose, guitar hero comes with a guitar controller--it's got buttons on the neck instead of strings, and you have to press them in time while pressing the "strumming" button. it's really fun, even if you don't have any musical talent.

OK, well, I didn't loose the weight on the cruise- I lost it before. I just didn't put any ON while on the cruise. Its like what turbo said- portion control. PLus, we did alot of walking and dancing, so the exercise helped. But Thanks for all the props!

OK, i've got to get some work done so i can rest a bit before picking the wee one up.
Hey moxie, not gaining weight on vaca is just as good as losing some at home, IMO.

Mouse, oh, I see Re: the other opportunity. Well, this new one sounds really cool. I know what you mean, being bored at work really sucks.

Hi rose! Hmmm...something that can be prepared ahead for dinner. I will try to think about if I have any good recipes like that. What sort of games do you guys play? I want to have a game night soon.
Moxie, the fact that you didn't gain weight on a cruise is amazing in and of itself!

Karianne, we are big fans of card games - poker more than anything. We don't play for money though. Instead, we just think of the chips as a way of keeping score. Plus, people are more adventurous and have more fun when they aren't putting real money on the line! We play a bit of Texas Hold 'Em, but there are some other card games that Sheff has invented that we play more than anything else. He invented one game just for me (called Brighton Hold 'Em for the months that we lived there). Our friends REALLY really like it. This is one of the bonuses of marrying a man who has been dreaming up games since he was a little kid. smile.gif

I'm also a big fan of trivia games, but those don't go over so well because so much of the trivia is Ameri-centric so Sheff is put at a disadvantage. The word games I really enjoy are Beyond Balderdash and Apples to Apples
Rosie, what about a good hearty pot of soup, served with a salad or some easy appetizers like a cheese/nut course? I just made the BEST giant pot of 16 bean soup this weekend, and I'd say its pretty generally appealing...let me know if you want me to post the recipe...or green chile chile with chicken - that's another goodie - I posted the recipe for that one in barefoot awhile back.

Yeah, moxie, I'd say not gaining weight while living on a floating food tray for a week is pretty damned good!! biggrin.gif

Awww... I wanna go play cards with rosie and sheff!
Rose, I don't know if you and Sheff are into drawing games, but this is one of my favorite games, and really, drawing skills are not that important for it.
not a lot of time to post, as i should really be on the phone right now but had to take a snack break...

rose, i LOVE apples to apples. LOVE IT! i wish we could come to your game nights!

hi everyBUSTie else.

i'm done with the archives and done with my snack, so i guess i hafta get back on the phone. booooo! dry.gif
oh my god, apples to apples is so awesome. it's even better if you end up getting drunk and deciding to play "war" with the noun cards instead.

"DUDE! the sun TOTALLY beats helen keller!"

"no way! the sun can't READ!"

hahahahah! mouse! that is CLASSIC! we're usually drunk when we play, but we've never gone that way with it! that's great!
Okay, I totally need to get Apples to Apples looks like SO much fun - especially Mouse's drunk Apples reco....turbomann's birfday here we come! Would I find such a thing at Target, or should I order online?
[wipes away tears of laughter] Oh my god, Mouse, that is BRILLIANT!!!! Love it! Maybe that's how we'll polish off the night. laugh.gif

Turbo, I'm not sure where you can buy it. We've played it with friends who used to own a gaming store. It is SOOOO worth finding!

Polly, I've never seen that game before, but it looks fantastic! Guess we gotta hunt it down, too. smile.gif

A Bustie games night sounds truly wonderful. I imagine I'd be sore for days from all the laughter!

As for dinner ... well, Sheff has requested Shepherd's Pie. It's his birthday celebration afterall & I know he loves to help me make it, so I guess that's what we'll do. Maybe we can put the whole thing together in the morning and then pop it in the oven for an hour or so. But I also feel like I should have snacks around for before dinner. Ugh. I worry too much about this sort of thing!

Sheff's actual birthday is tomorrow & I still need to do a bit of shopping for him, so I better run. Have a fabulous rest of the day, gang!
yeah, you can buy it at target, turbo. smile.gif
I think I've seen it at Target, turbo. I've never played it, but have heard nothing but good things about it.

ETA: i just checked Target's website and it says they're also sold in stores- good luck! When's turboman's birthday? He turns 30, too, this year? So does Le Boy, in April. I'm planning on having a surprise party, as long as I have a job by then.
Polly, you *will* have a job by April...just know that the perfect job is coming to you in perfect time!!

Awesome - I have a target gift card, now I know what I'm going to get...Apples, and a bra - how exciting...or at least half of it is exciting! I see that a store at the fancy pants mall has it too, so that'll be my back-up. Turbomann's birfday is on the 21st...still no idea what I'm doing about that.
I hope so, turbo. This place I interviewed twice with a couple weeks ago FINALLY called me back a few minutes ago (after they said they'd make a decision in 2-3 days rolleyes.gif ) and said they're having a meeting today or first thing tomorrow morning to make a decision. From what my friend who works there said, they're really slow to make decisions and it's further complicated because they don't know what they're going to do with the person who currently holds the job. Apparently, she's completely clueless and the supervisor's ready to throttle her. It pays several thousand more than where I was, but it's a significantly longer commute. Fortunately, driving doesn't bother me much and the salary increase more than covers the extra gas and I'll just be happy to make more than unemployment benefits.
OMG. Love Apples to Apples. We played that at the last condo get-together, a great time was had, that's for sure!

I have a serious mess going here....trying to tuck in all the stereo wires, has devolved into me pulling out cabinets, trying to find extension cords, adapters......

and the house looks like ASS.

gak. how do people who stay home all the time, keep their places clean?

Seriously, i need some discipline. I guess.

~~continued healing vibes for doodle~~ I was just wondering about an update...thanks Jenn.

But, now I want to go to the bustie game nights! Hee.
I can tell you that having turbomann home hasn't really made our space any cleaner....not dirtier either, but now that he'll be going back to work soon, I keep thinking of all the things he could have been doing around the house...but then, he wouldn't have been as focused on his job search, so I suppose it all works out.

polly - be sure to keep us posted on your job prospects (((((polly jobby job vibes)))))

I've got my last Sacred Contracts class tonight - should be fun!! And my friend is coming over in a bit to have dinner before we go...I need to figure out some kind of salad to go with...I'm out of pretty much every kind of vinegar, so it'll have to be some kind of lemon/oil/mustard thing. I went to grab my sherry vineagar the other night, and turned to jelly. Never seen that before. blink.gif
we had a party for moxieman's 30th, and a nice dinner out with the BFF's for mine. We all decided mine was better. So, maybe a nice dinner out (at a fancy "we shoulnd't afford this") with people he and you both truly enjoy would be a nice way to spend the day. That, and a video game. smile.gif
Well, hopefully turbomann's going to spend his actual birfday *working* -- now, that will be a gift in itself!! I think we may end up inviting everyone to our local pub that has magic hangover-free sangria and the best burgers...I'd love to do something really special, but it just won't be in the budget right now, and I'm more of the fancy-pants than turbomann - just having a burger and fries in our dieting days will be treat enough for him, I think! smile.gif
well, then, that's exactly what you should do! I can't believe we're 30. Not 18, eh? Hum.
Yeah, there's a certain level of disbelief that we're 30, but I also feel proud of it - *damn* - we have survived our 20s, some of which were particularly rough. Don't mind leaving those behind at all. 30 is a good place I think, and I look forward to more birfdays, and the wisdom gained with every year. smile.gif

And with that...I am off to the bathtub, so I can thaw after walking home from class. G'night my loves!
(((Doodle))) Continued warm and medicating thoughts, my Love.

Turbo, Moxie...I am here to tell you, THE DIRTY THIRTIES ROCK!!!

My Mysore Ashtanga'd ass is now going to bed. Night all!
Hi guys!

Ooooh! I love Apples to Apples! We played it on Thanksgiving. "What card do you think most closely resembles 'Fragrant'?" "The Challenger Disaster? WTF? Who put that in here?" Or, there was also someone who thought Helen Keller was "Hilarious".

I just finished my THIRD night at my new job, and I love it! The place is more like a friendly, jolly pirate ship than a fine dining restaurant. I am learning so much about desserts, and I am also getting a good kick in the pants to improve my organizational skills. I have to be very organized for this job. If I am not, I totally fuck myself, so, really, I'm terrified not to examine every last detail.

Let me tell you about a few a our desserts:

Chocolate Silk Cake with Cashew Caramel Sauce
Peanut Butter Mousse with Caramelized Bananas, Chocolate Sauce, and Banana Cream Sauce (I think Elvis would have liked that one, right?)
Creme Brulee with Biscotti and Berries
Pecan Custard with Caramel, a Meringue Cookie, and a Baked Apple base
Baked Alaska

and................Chocolate Guinness Cake with Jameson's Icing and Bailey's Creme Anglaise!!!!!!!!!

That whisky icing will knock your pants off. No kidding. The Creme Anglaise is pretty boozey, too. I haven't tasted the cake yet, though.

The Assistant Pastry Chef wanted to call that one the "Irish Car Bomb" (after the drink) and couldn't understand why people might find that offensive. I said, "Well, it IS a terrorist act..."

So anyway, work is going well.

I hope we will hear from Doodlebug soon. ((((((((poor poor doodle)))))))

Moxie, Turbo, I am 32 and I feel like I am 22. You have heard, I'm sure, that 30 is the new 21. I hate it when people my age or 2-3 years older say things like, "I'm too old for this" or "I'm getting too old." Phooey! And knock it off, 'cause I'm right behind ya!!!

Think I'm going to make myself a bowl of Chef Boy-R-Dee ravioli and toddle off to bed. G'night!
Okay 3:30 AM I get to read about all these yummy desserts? I shall be obsessed with food all day! Salt-water taffy, look out cause you're a GONER today, hehe

Put me down for a double helping of the chocolate silk cake, please. MRG's knocking at my door. And i need a facial, I'm breaking out REALLY badly this time. I even have zits on my neck!

Anyway, congrats on the job, PK, I'm glad you're enjoying it and learning so much! And, I think any restaurant that has desserts prepared on a plate, not just a cold piece of pie in a revolving case, is a "fine dining establishment."

Minxy, I'm almost out of the "dirty thirties" there a catchy rhyme for the forties? Can't think of one just yet....hmmm. I'm turning 39 in a mere few days. Eeek. One more year.

I suspect I will be starting to get bottles of geritol, black roses, and canes for my birthday soon, hehe

I really want to hear from doodlebug, too. Although I'm not quite as worried, now that there's been some contact.

~*~*healing vibes for doodlebug*~*~

(hehe, with this brace i almost typed "doodlebutt"....sorry chica!)
moxiegirl! I don't ever want to be 21 again! I just have moments where I realize some of the lengths of relationships I have with my most precious friends, turbo included, and am kind of in awe that we made it as far as we did. Minxy, if my 30's are gonna be dirrrrtttyyyy, moxieman's gonna need to take up endurance running or something!

So, we had the best.afternoon.ever. with moxette last night. Mostly, I had the best with her ever, b/c moxieman got home from work late. She played, was curious, investigative, funny, chatty, not terribly clingy, a generally very pleaseant person to be around. And, the blessed child slept through the night! WHOOOO!!!!

Now, i work. Smell's y'all later!
*wipes drool from keyboard after reading of PK's desserts*

What a way to start the I want peanut butter mousse with caramelized bananas and all that yumminess!! Sounds like the new job is pretty amazing! And I'm with tree - any restaurant that makes an effort with desserts is fine dining!

Not much to report here this morning...its Thursday, but I wish it were friday. *sigh*

Hi moxie!! Glad you had an awesome afternoon with moxette!
*comfort & healage vibes for Doodle* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Happy Boipday, Sheff! smile.gif

Wow! You all sound so fun to hang out with IRL! You're into games, computer games, making stuff, cooking and eating stuff, funky drinkage, and fun music smile.gif We all have our boring times and bad moods, but I've met so many people out there who don't do fun stuff between those times. I can kinda see how people could at least temporarily get like that, though. When your schedule is insane, WHEN exactly do you hike the Appalacian or just go camping? We haven't even gone skiing yet this year because there's always stuff to deal with, and GoatieGirl's work is so demanding that she has to plan, write, and correct on weekends.

That's one of the great things about local friends to hang out with. They actually insert some priority into relaxing and enjoying, or even motivating to adventure or create.

Glad I have me some BUSTies, though smile.gif With my schedule, some of the most fun I have on weekdays happens between 5:00 and 6:30 AM.

As for playgrounds, my friends and I used to draw our dream-playgrounds as little kids, and we used to get the most out of the ones we had around us. I used to think that I wanted to be an architect because I loved climbing around on buildings so much. A bunch of years ago, My BFF and I stumbled upon some amazing playgrounds in Hawaii which were made of wood, tires, and the like. Whoever designed them was awesome and inspiring. There were whole ships, spider webs, obsticle course races, play houses, and even music gazebos with drums and piano innards to strum like a giant harp. It really inspired me.
Good Morning!

I like Apples to Apples a lot, though I have only played it once. There was one person in our group who hated it, I think she didn't like that there was no "right" answer. ? That is a lot more fun, if you ask me.

OMG PK! Those mouth is totally watering just reading about them! I am really glad you are liking your job so far, it sounds like a really good work environment.

Shepherds pie sounds like a good choice, rosev. I wish my mister liked it. How can you not like shepherd's pie?? What's not to like?

Jenn, I want some of that magic hangover-free sangria!

Man, I have so much work to do today. School work for tonight & work-work. I took off tomorrow, so I have to get it all done today. I found out yesterday I have to present my study to one of the state senate committees on Tuesday. *gulp* Very nervous.
Morning, gang! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes for Sheff! He may not hang around here much anymore, but he certainly appreciates it when he is remembered.

~~~~~~ continued healing for Dodlebug ~~~~~~~

PK, those desserts sound sooooo amazing! The various chocolate things sound absolutly addictive,but I am especially intrigued by the pecan custard with the baked apples. Sounds like the perfect thing to eat on a cold night.

I may only be 31, but already I think my 30s are better than I thought they would be. I would never say my 20s were terrible (it's hard to beat the torture of middle school!), but now that I'm in my 30s, I'm starting to feel a little more centered. I'm still experimenting a bit with who I am and what I want, but I think I grow more accepting and easy-going with every passing year. It's a nice thing.

~!~!~!~prductivity vibes for Karianne ~!~!~!~
Karianne, I'm guessing that this friend of yours is a bit competitive, yes? I think Apples to Apples is one of those games that is fun no matter who "wins". It's about the fun of the journey, not the destination. The same thing holds true for Beyond Balderdash! Whenever I've played that with my friends, we never kept score. We just enjoyed the wacky creativity of our friends.

Lorewolf, you need to go skiing! Just so I can live vicariously through you. I've never been skiing before, but I would looooove to try it. I think I just need to find someone who wants to go with me. That's a hard thing to find in my world. By the by, that playground sounds fantastic!

I have a lot to do today (like buying birthday candles) so I better run. Have a great rest-of-the morning!

rose, I tried to PM you but received an error (either that PM function is disabled or your inbox is full). Anyway, we're fond of card games (and board games) too (must buy apples to apples) and usually alternate between texas hold 'em and Grass. Have you ever played Grass? It is so much fun and I'm sure Sheff would love it. Probably too late to pick it up today as that extra gift but maybe one to store up for the future? It also comes in a cool hemp bag!


My family is so up on playing games and my aunt just introduced us to Apples to Apples. I kicked ass!! Such a blast!! There's one card that reads "Feminist" so they always try to peg me with things like "hairy" or "angry" or something like that. All in good fun!

Then that one led us into Balderdash which is a kick the more people you have playing. We had about 8 of us all with crazy senses of actually ended up being really difficult to guess the right answer!!

Never played Grass, though I'd love to pick it up and try it.

Oh and Shepherds Pie - how can someone NOT like it??
hi peeps!

PK, your job sounds fantastic....which reminds me that i've got a big wedge of guinness chocolate cake in my fridge right only has cream cheese frosting on it though...i'd take the jamesons!!!

*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~**~DOODLE VIBES~**~*~*~*~**~**~*~*

happy birthday to the Sheff!

that apples to apples game sounds cool...may have to check that out.

I'm wiped....really. i woke up sneezing and the crazy dreams are persisting. gah.

hi mouse, turbo, diva, kari, rose, tree, lore, poodle, fj, moxie, minx, pk and bunny!!!
hi bunny and femmespeak - good to see you in here!!!

I really *must* find this apples to apples game this weekend...I think it is a top priority. I'm thinkin' for turbomann's birfday I'll pick up some of these fun games and take them to the pub party for some good drunk gaming! Wheee! Grass sounds hilarious too...

And *happy birthday* to Sheff!!! Sounds like you have a perfect day lined up for him, rosie...shepherd's pie is sounding so good to me on this cold ass day!

Kari, that's awesome that you're going to present to a state senate committee!! Our doodle would be so proud!

Speaking of, (((((doodle)))))...I forgot to give her BFF a call last night...I'll try and remember tonight. Do you need to do anything special to dial Canada? I'm a idiot about these things.
oh man......i wish we all lived around the corner, or had rocketpacks or something--a bustie drunk gaming night sounds like the funnest thing. i looooove balderdash too; or it's low-tech board-free variation with just a dictionary smile.gif grass sounds fun, bunny--i love that it comes with a surgeon general's warning. hee!

pk, your job sounds AWESOME! it's so great that it's going well.....and that you have all those desserts.....*homer drool*

lore, that's so cool that you and your friends designed playgrounds as kids! i used to love those huge wooden ones that look like castles or pirate ships. did you save your drawings?

sooo, i have an interview with this new place tomorrow. i could use some bustie vibeage at around 9am pacific time if you please! i don't wanna get stuck in apparel, but this would be significantly better than where i am now, plus since they're a bigger and more visible brand, i might be able to move from apparel to their marketing division eventually, which would be something i'd love to learn to do. apparently i'm still in the running for the natural history museum job, but they're taking their sweet time to decide (it's been a MONTH!) so i'm not losing any sleep over that one.

i went to see "the animation show" last night with the ex; some of the stuff was fantastic. most all of it was really great actually. very inspiring. he has come down with a bad cold though. he doesn't know about the bust boards but i'm sure he could use some vibes, poor dude.

anyway, happy thursday y'all
Another quick game recommendation: "battle of the sexes". They ask the men typically "womanish" questions, like about tampons and stuff, and ask the women typically "male" questions, like about tools and stuff. I've never played it but I've heard it's a lot of fun. My neighbor, who introduced me to Apples, was raving about it. Soooo sexist, but funny, too.

~*~*job interview vibes for mouse*~*~

Sorry, turbo, I dunno how to dial canada. Thanks for doing it for us though!

~*~*feel better vibes for ms. gb*~*~

You know, I don't think I've ever had Shepherds Pie. Is it like a cornish pasty?

Bunny, grass sounds funny! I don't think I've ever seen it.

Rosev, have a great birthday celebration tonight!

Doooooodle, where are yoooouuu????

~~*get better vibes for doodlebug*~~

Yes, mouse, I know a bustie Apples to Apples showdown would be hilarious...especially with some of that sangria. Jetpacks, indeed!

~*~*state senate vibes for karianne*~*~ Wow!

Lore, I love playgrounds! It's so cool that you're into them. smile.gif

Yay, moxie for having a great afternoon with the bebe!

Okay....must. step. away. from. the. computer. Gots cleaning to do.
Oooh, I've played battle of the sexes - its pretty fun!! I played a new one a few weeks ago at our friends house called "Dirty Minds" - its a team game, and you read clues describing something, and have to come up with what it is...but the clues are written *very* suggestively - its hilarious! There's not a ton of clues in the game, so you'd run out on it quickly, but it was fun.

(((((mouse interview vibes))))) You're gonna do great, mouse!!!
yoiks!!! the archives are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too daunting!

~*~*~*~*~*continued get well vibes for doodle, my darling!!!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*

@@ booby squishing hugs are yours!! @@

confession: i lurk in here more often than i's really weird, i feel bad about posting without being able to catch up with everyone and if i don't do that i'm afraid that i will forget someone, or worse: that someone will think that i am ignoring them on purpose.....

i've never even heard of apples to apples! but it sounds JUST like the sort of thing that i would adore. and playing it slightly tipsy sounds even better. maybe with apple cider? just a teeeeeeeeeeeeny bit of a kick to it???

mouse: that job sounds fab! let's see.....
*counts on her fingers*
9 am pacific -- that is 7 pm here. or 19:00. i can do that!

it sucks that most of you are posting in here when i am asleep or at work or whatever. i miss all of you SO much!!! i mean, i KNEW when i got a job, and even more when i decided to move to africa, that i have okaylandia withdrawal, but......i never really knew what that would mean. i just can't keep UP!!!

*weeps into her wine*

pk, that guiness cake with the jameson's icing sounds incredible! i'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your new job and that it is challenging you! i'm sure that you will be great at it. sisu!!!

i actually loved my early twenties, HATED my late twenties, thirties were wonderful. i got married to mr. hotbuns in my mid-to-late thirties. best time of my life. my career was awesome, i was in amazing physical shape, my love life was the best it had ever been.....everything just fell together then. thirties rock.

divalla: i have been trying to figure out how to work one of those picture hosting sites. mr. hotbuns set one up, so that i could send him photos from our trips to madeira and vamizi island, as well as the photos that he took of the views of maputo from all of the windows in my flat. whilst i am failing miserably at that, though, you could pop over to my live user name is (you guessed it!) tesao, and all of the travel posts with pics are public, so you can see them. i know that it sucks to make you go over there, but.....that's all i've got at the moment. maybe i can figure out the photo hosting site over the weekend, when mr hb and i can skype.

moxie, sounds like moxette is coming into her own!! yayayayaay!!!! and YAY YOU for losing weight on a cruise. HOW is that possible???? you rock, woman!

dren. i know that i am leaving a bazillion people out. here is a shout out to them: poodle, minxy, jenn, the fjs, femmespeak, bunny be mine, rosiev, parabens e feliz anniversario to sheff, ms gb, kari, lore and everyone else that i just know i've not mentioned -- big hugs to every bustie!!!


Turbojenn, I think you just dial a '1' before the area code, just as if you were dialling within the domestic US. I don't think the international dialling code (011) applies when dialling Canada from the states.

Please pass on my get well wishes along with everyone else's, if you get a chance?

**advance interview vibes for mouse** ... although the museum job sounds awesome too.

Treehugger, shepherd's pie is basically ground beef topped with mashed potato and baked in the oven so the potato gets a crispy crust. It's perfect winter food.


ETA: X-post with Tes! And by the way, I loved my late 20s but am probably more content and more confident now I'm in my 30s. If anyone's asking, that is. smile.gif

*definitively relurking*
OH and of COURSE:

Turbo...nothing special to call Canada.

Ok...all caught up with archives! Chili on the stove, cornbread in the in good shape. I'm just banging through my day! WHOOT.

Syb, come baaaaaack! No need to lurk, just jump on in!!

And tessss, my darling, don't feel the need to catch up if you don't have time, we'd much rather you just jump in more often....that's fine over here in okayland!! I think I may have to go check out your LJ...I've long resisted the siren call of that community...I don't really need anywhere else to waste time online, but for you tes...I'll wander over and take a looksee!

Thanks for the tips on calling canada syb and moxie!! I wanna be home cooking chili too! *whine*
The Travel Channel is torturing me. They're showing a marathon of Passport To Europe today. How am I supposed to get anything done?!?! Ugh! Samantha Brown is such an evil temptress! I want to go to Finland! And Sweden! And Iceland! And and and!!!!

Moxie, that chili and cornbread sounds soooo good!

Shepherd's Pie in our house is minced beef, peas, carrots, and onion in brown gravy with a lovely thick layer of mashed potatoes. I put globs of butter over the top and, just before serving, I crank up the broiler so that the top of the potatoes is brown and crisp. Soooooo good and just perfect on a winter's day. I won't be making it today, though. We're saving that for Saturday when the gang comes over! Tonight we're going to go wherever Sheff wants to go ... even if that's just to Sonic for tater tots. And then we'll come home for fruitcake. Yes, fruitcake. We'll finally find out if my labors from a month ago have turned into something edible.

~*~*~* continued love and vibes for our Doodlebug ~*~*~* I hope she can get home soon. Her fur babies must miss her terribly!

Tes, I forgot to mention this in Kvetch, but UNC won! On behalf of my grandfather, I should probably be upset by the result, but [shrug]. wink.gif

I really really need to get going again!
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, tater tots....

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, shepherd's pie...

*homer drool*

hey okayers. just a drive by. i need to make some calls but needed a mind break for a second or two. i'll be back!!!!

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