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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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Yeah, poodle - 2 burners is really a drag - you can't even get two decent sized pots on there because of the raised lip around the burner cartridges...dinner parties have to be strategically planned - which is why I do alot of roasted veggies for sides and stuff, so I can free up the burners. I'll get my stove this year, I'm certain. wink.gif

I hear you on the masters degrees, poodle - NPOs can be weird like that. I'm one if the few without a masters degree in our org.

yuefie - come baaaaack and play with ussssss!!!
*snuggles up to turbo* I'm right here, darlin' wink.gif
Awww...I'm so glad you came back!! *curls up next to yuefie on the okayland sofa*
Screw that. I'm not gonna get my master's degree. I thought about it before, but I'm very fearful of getting locked into a career and debt because that's just not my thing. I refuse to borrow anymore money. Really, I just want to get the fuck outta this town and live in peace somewhere in the middle of nowhere. I'm constantly keeping my eyes peeled for new jobs throughout MN and western WI. I would love to get a job somewhere outside of the metro area.

I'm a freebird, and this bird you cannot change. biggrin.gif
*wiggles in between yuefie and turbo*

i'm not feeling this phone thing today. blah! i'm tired and cranky. i'm emotional too. i'm way too easy today. if someone asks me to call them back, i practically thank them. i'm just not making anyone excited when i'm in this kind of mood. i really understand now that i have to be ON to be successful in this work. if i'm not, i suck ass!!!

*snorgles yuefie* hi! you're cute!!
Hee, I am surrounded by hotties in here! And the okayland sofa is sooo comfy. Thanks for inviting me back, turbo smile.gif

You're no slouch yerself, FJ. And what's that you got, a bean simmering in the oven? Awww, ity bity FJ-bean. *snorgles back*

I must admit to frequently lurking in here and laughing out loud. You are a bawdy group, and I just loves me some bawdy womens (and mens!) wink.gif

~~~~~continued mega strength healing vibes for doodle~~~~

and hugs for all the ((((okayers))))

and super secret johnny love for (((poodle)))


Hi, Okayers. I lurk here frequently. ::snuggles up between Turbo, FJ, and Yuefie, if snuggling between three others is possible::

I just went back and read 50ish messages so I could see how Doodle is doing. You guys are something special -- I read about Plat talking to Doodle's mom, and then the other conversations. That is INCREDIBLE.

GET BETTER, DOODLE! We miss you here. I really hope you and your kidneys on the mend soon. Sniff!

Well, this sort of has to do with making friends: I've recently been in touch with a couple of old friends -- one so old, in fact, that we go back to second grade together! Even though we haven't talked in several years, hanging out with her seems far more intimate than hanging out with college friends (and it's not like I just graduated from college as recently as a few years ago, either). I mean, I was at this girl's house how many years ago when her mom was yelling at her to stop eating Doritos before she turns orange and to stop watching television and go outside to get some fresh air, you know? There's something special about really old friends where you know their families fairly well. I can only think of a handful of friends I've made as an adult where I know anyone in their family, and the friendships are definitely different -- not better or worse, just different.
Yuefie AND Raisin?!!! *fans self* My goodness, we are in fine company tonight!

*grabs a corner of the okayland giant, fluffy feather duvet and snuggles in with raisin, yuefie and fj*

I love it when we lure more busties into the thread - 'tis so much fun fun!!!

First of all (((((super-kidney healing vibes for doodle)))))...I hope today, she is doing better...I'll let you know if I hear from doodle's BFF again.

Poodle, I have to tell you how much I adore the sound of the words "earth berm" just has a nice round sound to it...feels nice. I think I'm definitely either an urbanite or rural person...suburbs are not for me, at least not right now. For now, I'll visit you on vacay at your lovely earth berm home. smile.gif

Spin class kicked my ass tonight. And now, I can't get warm after waiting outside for turbomann to pick me up. But I did make some delicious tostadas for dinner with homeade fried beans, chorizo, scrambled eggs, onion, and slices of roasted poblano and red peppers....SO delicious!

Yeah, raisin, sometimes I do miss having more of a connection to my friends' families...the only time I really meet them is at their weddings, and there's something special about having a wider connection to your friends. We have two friends (siblings) here in chicago, whose parents have pretty much adopted the whole group of people we hang out with, and I just love it. Their parents even invite us to visit them at their winter home in Florida, and join us up here for holidays - its pretty cool.

Okay, time for me to run off to a bath so I can warm up!!
Ha, I was just looking up earth berm houses yesterday, after I had to blow dry the ice off my balcony doors because it's so freaking cold. I never heard the term "earth berm" though- I just looked up "underground house" would be so nice to not have to deal with these extreme temperature issues in the house. I know there's lots of issues that come with those houses, but I would love to live in one of them.

What, the okay duvet (oo, it rhymes!) isn't warm enough for you, turbo? laugh.gif Enjoy your bath!

Today is the first day of Le Boy's Biggest Loser-type diet. He, his brother and his brother's friends all put $50 and whoever loses the most weight (percentage-wise) at the end of 20 weeks wins. I'm not really participating in the competition, but I'm going to make healthier meals for both of us, so I'll still reap the benefits. Le Boy's going to have a hard time. He has major portion control issues. So do I, but I've done WW, so at least I know what I'm in for. This is the second cycle his brother & friends have done- his brother won last time and lost about 70 pounds and has kept it off.
C'mon and snuggle with us polly, there is plenty of room on the okayland sofa and under this giant duvet. Now just lemme scoot my enormous derrier over so we can all fit wink.gif

ok, yuefie, my fat ass next to yours....hey, is that your hand?!?! laugh.gif
Indeed it was! I can never resist goosing a booty in close proximity. Ask anyone who knows me, I am a habitual gooser!
"Those aren't two pillows!"

CLICK HERE because I can't post the accompanying picture here.
*perks up* Did someone say goosing?! *waggles freshly warmed buns in yuefie and polly's direction*

Polly - am I supposed to do something about the ice sheathed sliding glass door in our house? For reals? You can't even see out of ours, and there's icicles on the frame...oy.

polly - have you or le boy looked at the South Beach book? I know, its totally faddish and all, but really, the weight is melting off over here, and after we managed the first couple of weeks, we're not feeling deprived at all...there's enough focus on snacks, and proteins to keep turbomann happy, and for me, I can have all the veggies I want...but as you say, I think the portion thing is really the magic that's making the biggest difference...I'm a health nerd, so I don't mind being the food police for awhile. smile.gif

raisin, I can't see the pretty picture!!

*runs off to freezer for sugar free fudgicle...*
*pinches turbos hotcross buns* tongue.gif

I can't see the pic either, raisin. what is it?!

I just have to brag that I made a most summery dish of fresh pesto tossed with (whole grain, but doesn't taste like crap) angel hair pasta, grape tomatoes and those grape tomato sized balls of fresh mozzarella. Oh yeah baybeh, yum. Off to do the accompanying dishes now though...

Little to the left, there, yuefie!

turbo, my mom said I should because when it melts into little puddles, either in the track, in your carpeting or whatever, it will form mold. She works with the elderly and one time she had a client who was blind. He had a humidifier set to 85% humidity and he couldn't see that there was about an inch-thick layer of nasty black mold growing in between his patio doors. She said it was really nasty to clean up and really unhealthy for this poor guy to be breathing in (especially since he couldn't see it.)

Basically, I laid towels down on the floor and used the hair dryer to melt the ice around the frame. There was so much I couldn't open the door. I got it all melted and then made sure it was fairly dry. Some of it re-formed, but not a huge amount.

Right now we're just focusing on eating healthier, not necessarily a specific diet. I don't think either of us could follow a really regimented plan, at least not yet. Baby steps for right now.

I just want to send the love to doodle ... I knew about her stones but i didn't know it progressed beyond that. Get better soon!

And congrats to turboman...

Good luck on the health kick, polly. I dropped thrity ellbees a while back and I have to say that it gives me great pleasure now that every time I sit in an airplane seat I have to adjust the belt tighter than the person who sat in it before me.
I skimmed through the South Beach diet book and it sounded uber healthy. It's pretty much the ideal diet for healthy living. My only problem with it is that it's not very vegetarian-friendly. I'd rather make up for the carbs or whatever by exercising.

Okay, that's it. We're gonna start a Bust intentional community and I'll control the bicycle-powered karaoke system and turbo will give gravity-flow rainwater butt flushes.

I actually did an internship for the MN Office of Environmental Assistance "Green Building Team" before I went into appraisal. I know all sorts of crap about environmental design. I can tell you all about photovoltaics, VOC's, geothermal systems, water collection, passive solar design, earth-berm and cordwood construction, blah, blah, blah. It's my TRUE passion. I started out my undergrad in architecture and took many design/construction classes. I still have a passion for architecture and design, but I don't want to be an architect. I don't want to design office buildings, which is what I'd have to do. The "Prairie School" days are long gone. I went into urban studies because I was concerned about urban growth management (sprawl).

I could totally combine all of my skillz (esp. appraisal) by working for a land trust organization, but the jobs rarely open and they're competitive positions. My IDEAL SCENARIO OF ALL TIME, would be to have some sort of outstate MN or WI land trust position and be able to own a big chunk of land that I could construct my humble earth-berm, passive (and active!) solar home on as a model for green living. I'd also slap a perpetual conservation easement on the majority of my land so that nobody could fuck with it. Anyway, if I have any vision of the future, that's it. It's far out though, and it would be hard to do alone. If only I could find a very special person with a weiner who was into the same thing and appreciated old school rock.

I've been doing a lot of vacant land appraisal this month and it's very hard for me to value this stuff on its monetary value because I just don't look at it that way. It's really hard for me to say "Well, your land is worth $$$$$$$ because it can be subdivided into hundreds of lovely 1/3rd-acre lots." That's the nature of my job though, and I can't do a whole lot about it in my current position. I need to work for the "other side," which is the NPO's or the government. The advantage I have is that, working in the private sector, I know how the "enemy" operates.

Anyway, that's my essay about me and my life ambitions. Sorry for the rambling.
Poodle, I love your passion for conservation and architecture and materials!! Ramble on about it all you like!! On the okayland intentional community, you and moxie can join up together to create the premier busty land granting and environmental cleanup org in all the land!

Yeah, polly, I figured mold would be the concern...I line the floors over there with towels just to keep the draft down, so mostly that soak up the water when it eventually melts. We're hoping to get a new door this summer, so I'm not going to get to wrapped up about it right now.

Yeah, poodle, south beach isn't that well set up for vegetarians, but the basic idea of whole, fresh foods and whole grains is pretty common sense and basic, so like you said, you can create your own program to meet your own needs.

hi hi mr fj!! You takin' good care of that adorably knocked up wife of yours?

and hi hi hi to sidecar!! Lovely to see you in here, my dear, and thanks for the love for turbomann...I'm still just so happy for him....and I'm next!! My new job is going to unfold in perfect time for me!

Okay, bedtime for meeee! nighty-night!
poodle- how's this...we set up an anti-sprawl corporation dedicated to both the residential (poodleville) and commercial-urban (moxieland) sides of the coin. I'm hoping, working hard to move our environmental engineering business into sustainable commercial development. There's only so much crap underground to be dug up...and I'd like to convince my clients that "Since you've taken everything out of XYZ old-ass-beautiful building and intend to start from ground zero...why not look at sustainable technologies..." kind of thing. Going to my first sustainable business initiative conference in April, and I am SOOO geeked about it.

Did y'all know Al Gore has been nominated for a nobel peace prize? Yep. As much as I adore Obama, Al's message for a NATIONAL PROGRAM akin to the New Deal is equally inspiring...and potentially very lurcrative. I'm a progressive, but I like having $$ too...

Moxette SLEPT ALL NIGHT. Well, moxieman had to wake her at 11 for meds, but she zonked right back out. WHOOOPPEEE!! I also had the weirdest, Tylenol-PM induced dream.

Moxieman and I lived in some sort of occupation-like commune apartment, where we were the leaders of the Resistance. But not just us, the Resistance included the lead characters from Battlestar Galactica and Sex and the City. And the Occupation force leader was Warren Jeffs.

Yes, I know. I know.
*walks into Okayland and sees a bunch of feet sticking out from the duvet

*reads moxie's dream

okay, guys....where'd ya hide the shrooms?


Yeah, SBD is a bit challenging for veggies, especially in the first couple weeks. It's do-able though! portabella mushrooms make great "veggie burgers", you can also eat tofu, beans, and Quorn products during the first two weeks. Not the breaded Quorn products, though.

After that, it's just switching from refined grains to whole grains.

Now, i do think it'd be really, REALLY hard for vegans.

Oh, and jenn, I discovered agave nectar when I was on the opposed to artificial sweetners, it tastes almost exactly like honey, the darker stuff does. It doesn't mess with your blood sugars and is touted as being an ideal sweetner for diabetics. Which is entirely SBD friendly. I used to take some natural PB, and add cocoa powder, and agave nectar. A beach-friendly Nutella substitute!

Congrats on moxette sleeping through the night!!

I always wanted a straw bale house, myself.

Poodle, too bad my brother's already married....he's way into all that! He and his wife live pretty much off the grid...not totally, I think they have an electric bill of like $10.00 per month.

Turbo, congrats, again, on turbomann's job!

~~*get well fast vibes for doodlebug*~~

ETA: Squeeeeee! It's gonna get all the way up to SIX ABOVE ZERO today!!!! Cold wave is over! (blech)
*crawls back under okayland duvet*

BRRRRR.....really, I need to bring a blankie into the office to help keep my legs and feet warm in here. But tomorrow, its supposed to get up to 14 degrees - wheeee!!! Heat wave!

I'm also trying to figure out if I'm hard-core enough to hop back on my bike for commuting next week when turbomann will likely be returning to work....I suppose it depends on the ice/snow sitch more than anything.

And I just remembered that I need to figure out some sort of 30th birthday plan for turbomann in a couple of weeks here...hmmmm.

Tree - I hadn't heard of the magical agave properties - I have some on hand too, as I've been using alternates to sugar for years, but I'd just been staying away from honey/maple/agave the last couple of weeks. Yipee!

I'd love a $10.00 electric bill...I nearly choked on mine last night, as they raised electric rates 38% this year, and the first bill with the increase came yesterday - $165!!! Eeeep. Normal for this time of year for us is about $90-100....our heat is electric too, so there's no gas bill, but YIKES that's a hike!

Hooray for moxette's sleeping skillz!!! And for Al Gore!!

Honestly, the way the dem candidate field is shaping up, I'd be very happy with Al, Obama, Hillary or John...any one of them are fine by me....even if maybe my biggest dream is a Edwards/Gore ticket. *sigh*
treehugger: It'll get to 60 down here today. *snicker*

jenn: FJ is cute. She gives me homework to do. Last night was the first section of Dr. Spock's book.

"I want you to read the first 15 pages about expectations and let's discuss later in bed."

"Okay, baby."

We had a 10-minute roundtable discussion afterwards. We got to talking about what is to come and she cried a little. She's scared that something will turn out wrong. I told her it would be okay, that I wasn't worried and that things would be fine. Then I made her scratch my back.
turbojenn fj, you're such a good husband, and you guys are going to be great parents! I love that fj is giving you homework!!!
heee...Mr fj, I'll be thinking of you come june/july/august.... wink.gif

totally said in a teasingly non-snarkey way. Even if I'm insanely jealous. I'm over it. hehe

but, yeah, I agree, you'll make great parents!

jenn, the long range forecast for my (and I'm assuming turbomann's) birthday, is a high of 29! Whee, almost above freezing! smile.gif
morning everyone

****constant strong doodle healthy vibes*****

i love all this talk about sustainable engineering and sometimes i'm just at a loss for words for how cool you guys are. damn. smile.gif

i think what would make me most happy, in dream-politics land, would be an obama/gore ticket. i just don't like hilary, she's too moderate and seems to me like she doesn't really have a passionate stance on anything. edwards i don't know too much about but the fact that he was a medical malpractice lawyer really skeeves me out. one of my family's closest friends (a family where both parents were doctors) had to move out of state from where they had lived for the past 20+ years--and they DID NOT want to leave at all--because the malpractice insurance was just too high because of stupid cases of people suing hospitals for way fucking more than was necessary. i do agree that sometimes there has to be a lawsuit, if there was really an oversight, but i really think that the best course of action is to try really damn hard not to sue anybody. of course, this is america, so i'm in the tiny tiny minority. mellow.gif i know gore's still not planning on running, but it seems like he and obama both really, really believe in what they stand for, and i don't get that same feeling from clinton or edwards. meh.

I'm listening to my iPod right now, and I've just realized something: Sammy Davis, Jr. sounds just like Nathan Lane. Kinda funny, huh? I guess show tunes bring out the gay in everyone.

If anyone were to knock me up, you bet there'd be lots of homework involved and no getting out of it for any reason. I'm going to be such a bitch if someone knocks me up. I'm going to OWN that man.

I've thought about doing South Beach, but I really don't think I can handle it. Uberhealthy stuff like that is SO not my style. I see it kind of like washing your hair. You don't want it so clean it actually squeaks because it robs your hair of moisture and it gets all staticy if anything touches it. I need a little conditioner in my diet to smooth out the rough edges. And I also quite enjoy feeling full, like I've eaten a meal. I think that's why WW didn't work so well for me. I didn't feel like I was allowed to ever eat enough to feel satisfied. I firmly believe that a life without dessert is a life not worth living.

Jenn, you're lucky to have electric heat. Our gas bill is usually around $140/month this time of year. Then again, we live in a 1300 square foot 100+ year old house, so I guess the huge bill is just part of the charm. Most of my tax return is going to pay off 6+ months of gas.

Poodle, I love when you geek out about conservation. I think we could all do with a little more green geekdom. And you have to come over soon to play Guitar Hero. I don't know if it'd let you do a windmill, but it's still fun. It's the perfect game for air guitar enthusiasts.

My gay boyfriend and I went to The Sample Room last night for his birfday. I've heard really good things, but I doubt I'll go back. The food was great, but the service was beyond lousy, and you've got to have serious cash on you if you intend to drink. Well, it was something new I wanted to try, so I did.

Is anyone else getting lots of snow today? We are. It screwed up my commute, but the way I figure it, if it's going to this cold, the least we could get is a little pretty white fluff out of the deal.

That's so great about Gore getting nominated. That man is just so incredibly amazing. My dream ticket would be Clinton/Obama. I've got my problems with Hillary, though, and they're with her stance on the war. She needs to get off the damn fence and take a real stand. Nonbinding resolutions with milquetoast language won't do shit when President "I'm the Decider" has said pretty blatantly that he's going to ignore it. It's impossible to gauge where she stands on this. She wants to end the war as president, but she's not unsupportive of it for the most part. Other than that, I really like her. But I love how Obama came right out last week in clear support of universal health care. Ideally, I'd love to see Kucinich as president, but that's never going to happen. I doubt Edwards will get the nomination, but I love his work with actually acknowledging people who live in poverty. They get so ignored, and it really isn't fair. That, and I have a picture with his wife, and I'd love to say I have a photo with me and the First Lady. Maybe Edwards would be better has the HUD Secretary. I love to see such passion for those who have far less than most of us.

Hi, Mouse, Treehugger, Mr. FJ, Moxie, Polly, and all the delurking lurkers!

((((((((((((( more Doodle vibes ))))))))))))))
hi peeps...

turbomann got a job? how did i miss that one? blink.gif

(((((just picked fresh-doodle get well vibes))))

so i took yesterday off after work....i relaxed, did laundry, laughed at the kittys and read some book that i've been putting off reading....i ended up having weird dreams and woke up with a scratchy is emailing me cuz the phones are on the fritz--he's now wishing he had a knee brace. tongue.gif and apparently its getting in the single digits up there...brr! yesterday i had to turn on the a/c in my car...this is a bad sign....if you have to use the a/c in february, its gonna be a scorcher in the summer!!!

hi raisin and yuefie!!!!

i have a week off in april.....i'm going to start planning my vacation now!!!

poodle, i love those earthberm houses...i also like the one with the strawbales of hay in the walls with mud on the sides...i have a house plan for one of those that on the exterior looks like an old tudor house complete with crazy it. i hope to build it one day on a 2 acre lot with a bunch of rescued dogs and a huge garden.....(starts dreaming)

LOL....not to get in a "my gas bill is higher than YOUR gas bill thing..." but this is to make everybody feel better.

When i was renovating the old shack (in wisconsin) it had really, really bad windows, no insulation, and two inefficient furnaces...and my gas bill was about $600-$700 per MONTH. During december, january, and february.

This was back from winter seasons 2001-2005.

i'm so glad i don't live there anymore.
Hey, everyone. A co-worker got me stoned over lunch. That is all.

Have a nice day.

OMG, that's good!

Have a nice day, yourself, Mr. FJ.
*raises hand for snow* The snow here this morning is so pretty, just floating down dreamily...its really slowing traffic down though, by the looks of the street outside my window. I'd still like it to be about 20 degrees out, though...its still pretty frosty out there today.

Yeah, Diva, those old homes sure do suck the heat - our space is only 900sqft, and pretty well insulated, so the bill was a little shocking, to say the least. I don't mind that ComEd needed to raise the rates, as their prices had been frozen for 10 years, but 38% at once, in the dead of winter....not too smart, and certainly not appreciated by consumers.

As for South Beach, I assure you that I have never been hungry, if anything, I've been eating more because of all the snacks they encourage...and dessert is part of the plan, sugar's really the problem, so my love affair with chocolate has been reduced a bit, but I bought a bar of G&B's dark chocolate on Sunday, and we've been nibbling on it all week...but we've been eating sugar free pudding, jello and popsicles, fudgicles...there's been more dessert in our house than ever - kind of funny! What I like most is that there's no counting of anything involved - WW would make me crazy - I can't fetishize my food with all that counting stuff. At the root of it, south beach is just about cutting out the crap in your diet, and splurging at a restaurant on something really decadent is just fine too.

Oooh, Edwards as HUD secretary...that would really be *perfect* for him - he could actually get something done on housing issues....and, I'm sure he'd hire our poodle and moxie to work on conservation in housing issues. smile.gif

I'm just thrilled overall, that the democratic field of candidates is so full of amazing candidates...I'll take any of them, in any combination...I'd like to see Russ Feingold take a run too, but I think there's too many stars in this run for him to be able to get anywhere.

ETA: mr fj - you funny! And....lucky you!!!
No snow here, but I hear that it is absolutely miserable in the northern bits of the US. The local news station said that the high in Minneapolis yesterday was -2F! Makes me wonder what things are like in Doodle's neck of the woods. There was certainly a lot of snow on those mountains when I was in Vancouver last week.
~*~*~*~*~ continued healing vibes for darling Doodlebug, the Mayor of OkayLand ~*~*~*~*~

Divala, your comment on show tunes gave me the best laugh I've had all day!

Treehugger, I'm still trying to scrape my chin off the floor after reading about your old heating bill. That's insaaaaaaane!

I love the geeky energy conservation talk. When I was a kid, our house was the only one in the neighborhood with solar panels on the roof. smile.gif

You seem to be enjoying the South Beach Diet, TurboJenn. I feel the same way about the points with WW; all that counting would make me stragely obsessive & I'd actually enjoy my food less. But I'm reluctant to look into the South Beach Diet ... and in all honesty, I think it's because of the name! When I hear "South Beach", I think of humidity & sunstroke & painful, burned flesh. Meh. As you can tell, I'm not exactly a fan of tropical locations. Blame my pasty white flesh!
Yeah, rosev, it's chilly here. My weather thingy on my desktop is telling me it is -3 right now.

Actually, when i looked it up, it was WARMER at doodle's, than here....heh.

And I have to sing the praises of South Beach, as well. If it weren't for the "no beer" thing, I'd still be on it! I lost 30 pounds, in, I'd guess, 4-5 months...and never ONCE did I feel hungry. It's a really, good, sensible eating plan that's much like a typical Mediterranean diet, once you get past the first two week period.
Believe, me, rosie, I turned my nose up at SB for years, because of its utter fadd-iness, but turbomann's doc told him to do it, as its really for people with his medical-risks and body shape...and I am not about to argue with the first inkling of interest turbomann has had in taking care of himself!! I don't think its the ideal diet for me, personally, its a litte heavy on meats, but its enough of a compromise for both of us to really work, and turbomann is slimming down nicely, and I hope that means good things for his blood pressure and blood chemistry...the no beer thing really is hurting him, though....I think that one's going out the window about now, but he only really drinks 2-3 beers a week, so I think that's more than reasonable.

Tree - OMG - I didn't see your gas bill post before - I'm sure you're thrilled not to live there anymore!! Yeesh!

(((((doodle kidney healing vibes))))) I hope all is going well with our fair doodle.
Blah....I've been trapped in my boss' office all day. She's been fiddling with the same comparable sale for several hours now.

Today's -2 temp feels pretty nice compared to last weekend. I thought my face was gonna turn purple and fall off on Sunday.

Hmm...Sammy Davis Jr. and Nathan Lane sound a lot alike. I guess I never thought about that.

That would be so could if you could do reverse-windmill strumming on Guitar Hero. I picked up my guitar last night and played some Gram Parsons/Flying Burrito Brothers stuff. I need to toughen up my fingertips so I can rock out hardcore.

Hi poodle! Its 6 degrees here now....oh, yeah, its a heat wave! But you are so right - feels *much* better than on Sunday!

What is it with bosses today? Mine was a total PITA, bugging me every 15 minutes with a new idea for shit for me to do....argh.
Holy crap, Treehugger, that gas bill is more than my rent has been for most of my adult life! No wonder you moved, nobody can afford that.

My thing with dessert is that it has to be real stuff. I'd rather have a few bites of the real thing than something sugar-free or fat-free or carib instead of real chocolate. I tried doing the Skinny Cow thing, but it just wasn't going to happen. What were really bad were everything WW marketed for dessert (fake chemical "ice cream") and chemical-filled cakes. Blech. I'd honestly cut out the bulk of my meal if it meant I could have a real dessert and maybe a gigantic splurge of a dinner roll. I'd definitely rather be a little overweight and enjoy real food than be whatever my proper weight is and not get to have any fun. Food is probably my greatest enjoyment in life. I should just become a pastry chef so I can justify it.

I've only caught a couple glimpses of my boss today, and I was even on the phone so he couldn't try to talk to me. Working... but not accessible. I love it.

Well, methinks it's finally time for me to go. I hope the roads are plowed and I don't end up in a ditch.

Yeah, food is definitely in the top 5 when it comes to the pleasures of life. I would add music, laughter, sex (or even just kissing), and sleep to that list. I'm compelled to say love but, as neil young said, only love can break your heart. Love isn't always a good thing.

Oooh, alcohol is a good thing, too. That falls into the food category, I guess.

I absolutely haaaaaaaate fake sugar and splenda, etc. Ugh. The only fake sugar item I don't mind is Diet Coke. Fake sugar makes poodle very angry.

I'm still at work. I'm feeling crabby because I'm hungry. Grrrr....

Yeah, food is definitely the best part about being alive.
Yeah, I'm with you guys on food being just about my favorite pleasure in life...I'm always looking forward to the next meal, snack, and plotting special dinners. I'm a little ashamed that SB brought the first fake sweeteners into my house ever. I'm not proud of it...and we'll probably cut that out in the next couple of weeks...its not good for you, and I know it....but damn - sugar free fudgicles are goooooo.

I gotta go do my homework now for my Sacred Contracts class tomorrow...its a lot like Myers-Briggs for your spirit. I've got two more personality archetypes to select for my primary list, and I can't decide! Guess I should just do my meditation and hope that helps me choose....
Hey all! Sounds like everyone had a good day! To catch up and add to conversation:

Ideal ticket: Gore/Obama...followed very closely by Obama/anyone else
Edwards would make the best HUD secretary ever...but only if he were really supported by someone like Gore or Obama that GOT it.


FJ's- 2 baby books I'd very, very highly reccomend (and I didn't read Dr. Spock...but I'd like to)...Dr. Brazelton's "Touchpoints" and "Baby 411" The first is just a spectacular infant/child development guide (something similar to Dr. Spock, I'd venture) and the 2nd is a super-simple, easy going, day-to-day infant care text.

Food- I officially weighed in at only 1 lbs above my "goal weight" today at my physical. WHOOO HOOO! This is after a week of cruise food, mind you. I think once we are eating more normally and less conviently, I'd like to try to get much more back to whole everything. I do like the mac, though.
Congrats on almost reaching your goal weight, mox!! I'm jealous. I'm going to weigh myself when I go over to my parents house (my scale is unreliable) and then I'm gonna follow the Bob Green "Best Life" plan. I want to join the YWCA because it's right down the street from my work and there's another one near my 'hood. I really don't want to exercise, but I have to. The first part of the Best Life thing is to get physically active and mentally prepare. After about a month, then you really start to get into the diet aspect. Grrr...I don't want to do this, but I have to.

I screwed up my back today. I think some time on my new couch will take care of that!
holy crap moxie! my hat is off to you! losing weight while on a cruise? man, there is no way i could do that! i usually eat one of everything at dinner time and then we make more than one stop at the pizza cafe before turning in after karaoke each night. man, i love cruises. we'll definitely be taking your advice next summer (well, spring/summer 2008 i guess) and leave the little jackaroo at home while we go take care of ourselves. man, that seems SO. FAR. AWAY! oh, and thanks for the book tips. i've been reading a bunch of week by week things about pregnancy but have only bought two actual baby books, spock and one called baby bargains that's all about products for the little one. they're like a consumer reports but only for baby gear, and they even use consumer reports' info in a lot of their reviews. i'm still completely at a loss at what i'm doing when we go to babies r us, but i'll be taking that into the hip momma thread in the next couple weeks... we have a little time!

ooh, poodle, good for you for having your couch! sorry about your back though. but yay for couches! is it nice and comfortable like it looked? any farts? hehe

i'm not big on dieting and i LOVE food. i am fortunate enough i guess that i stay pretty close to my ideal weight most of the time. in fact, before i got knocked up, i was just at the bottom of the ideal scale. um, not so much anymore, hehe. i'm not sure what i've gained, but it's been coming on in the past couple weeks. i was laying on my side last night and put my arm up to rub my head or something and saw a layer of fat that i've never seen before. i guess that's normal though, just wasn't expecting it to be in my arms! i'm not a fan of diets or really that much of an exerciser, so i know it's going to be a lifestyle change for me once the baby is here and it's time to take the weight off. i'm hoping that i can bf and that will help me.

oh, geesh, there i go again all baby and preggo talk. i'm a bit consumed latelY!!

*~*~*~*~~* happy meet and greet vibes for turbomann tomorrow! knock the VP's socks off!*~~*~*~*~*~

more (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((doodlehugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
))))))))))) if we can get an update, it would be much appreciated... plat?

ok, i need to go get some food. i'm done with my calling for the night. i set two more appts today, so now i'm averaging two per day. i need to get that total up more, but i think i'm making reasonable progress for sure. i'm happy with where i'm at and i think my boss is too. i've had a little trouble getting respnse from her lately. i might write about it in the letters thread though. later. must eat chicken now....

Moxieeeeee! You are a rock star, sister!!! WOOT!! For goal weight! ...and after vacay too!

I'm hovering around mine at the moment, clothes are a bit more snug at the moment with MRG in town, but I'm pretty satisfied at the moment...its the maintenance that always kicks my ass though. Dropping weight keeps me motivated, but once it comes to maintaining...that's when I tend to get sloppy. Hopefully I'll take better care of myself this time around.

FJ!!!! Here's what I read: "i'm hoping that i can {get a} bf and that will help me." bwahaha! I was reading that as in, "after the baby comes, I'll get a boyfriend and that will help me lose weight. heeee!

Go poodle!! Keep us posted on your athletic feats - we can help keep each other in line here...cod knows its hard enough to get to the gym when its this cold out, we can cheer each other on. I'm a big fan of the reward of the steam room or sauna post-workout.

hi everyone! first poster, longtime reader. biggrin.gif

um, i just wanted to say that doodlebug has been in my thoughts. i hope she is fine.

also, turbojenn, did turbomann get a new job? i've been hoping things would come through for him. but, no beer!! say it ain't so. i guess it is the yin yan of the world. he gets a job, but loses the beer.

oh, and you know i feel your pain turbojenn about the sweets. hang in there!


**goes back to lurking**
FJ- Baby 411 is by the same writing team that did Baby Bargains. If you like that one, you'll like Baby 411.

And, technically, I lost the weight before the cruise...i put on 5 on the ship. I'm the dummy who schedules a physical 2 days after returning from sugar-ville. smile.gif
OK, in a brilliant "HA!" moment, this:,...1586322,00.html

happy hump day all.
Wow, congrats on the weight loss! Awesome!

Moxie, that article is just TOO funny. hehe

So...I'm clueless about gaming...guitar hero is computer based? or is it playstation or something?

anyway, sounds like fun. although i know i would SUCK at it...heh.

meh. i'm boring today.

~~feel better vibes for doodlebug~~
Good morning, ya'll!! The sun is shining this morning, there's fresh snow on the ground - its so pretty out here this morning! Still -2 degrees, but I'll take it if there's sunshine!

Stargazer - we are 99% sure that turbomann got the job! The recruiter assures him its a done deal, and even told him the offer, but he has one more interview left - more of a meet n' greet with the VP of Operations, and then he'll meet with HR. That meeting was supposed to be today, but just got pushed off until Friday, which is okay. He's the only person they've interviewed for the position too, and they're not interviewing anyone else, as the hiring manager is out of the office for the next two weeks, and told turbomann that he wants the hiring done by the time he returns from his vacay!!

(((((doodle healing vibes)))) I haven't heard anything more from doodle's BFF - I'll try and remember to give her a call this evening, if we don't hear anything sooner.

Moxie - that article is hi-larious! Leave it to Olmpia, WA to lean way out on the left edge! ...Sure makes a point, though!
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