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Full Version: Okay...where's the "Okay...well, what about THIS?" thread?
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I just hopped out of my bubble bath, and now poodle's off to the tub! I finally had to get out when my pruney fingers were starting to hurt a bit...I'm in the last half hour of my audiobook and I didn't want to get out!

The news just keeps getting better on turbomann...the recruiter called earlier this evening, and basically said that the job is 99% his...all he's got left is a formality interview with the VP, which is just a meet n' greet, and then meeting with HR for the offer, which the recruiter has already told turbomann about, and its a wee bit more than he was making before, so all in all - its pretty great!!! WOoo-HOoooo!

Is your BFF staying with you this weekend, poodle? Very cool that she was able to snag a weekend off to come for a visit!

'Tis nearly bedtime here for me, and I'm looking forward to snuggling into my jersey sheets and piles of poodle, I love sleeping when its cold!
SQUEEEEE! That's wonderful news, Turbo! Congrats!

Poodle, have fun with your BFF.

Hey, everybody, stay warm today!

*goes to re-warm the coffee...

~~*vibes to all who need them*~~
Thanks, tree!! We're pretty thrilled with the news! is so COLD out there today - the wind is wicked, and its whipping snow around in swirls. And the lake has a thin layer of ice, which is indeed rare! I've gotta run out to the grocery this morning, and I'm not looking forward to it. But chicken stock *must* be made, so I will brave the cold!
Doodle, come hooooome! unsure.gif

Sorry, but I have to catch up on thread-reading.

The GoatieGirl and I are happy & snuggly. It was just a tense day for her, and yes, I made some really tasty spaghetti.

*general goodness BUSTer-vibes for all* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

FUCK IT'S COLD HERE. I was running to my car and shouting in the Target parking lot because my face felt like dry ice. Dayum. It's so cold that I can't come up with any "colder thans" to describe it!!

Yayayayay for turboman!!

Hi lorewolf!!

Where the frell is doodle?

Okay, it's time for me to thaw out.
It's so cold here that when i parked my car outside for a couple hours, my tires froze out of round....they were clunky when i first started out! laugh.gif

okay, winter can STOP now.......UNCLE!!!
Wooo hooo about TurboMann jobbage! That's awesome! Take THAT, no-jobbiness!

*feels for anybody who is without job who wants some, 'cause it's a sucky feeling*

Shikes! I feel like I spent some big money today, even though I didn't so much. I started off 3 pairs of pants at Goodwill for $11 total in order to replace scummy work clothes. Then, I raided the Oriental food stores for some great supplies. I'll be cooking Tom Yum soup tonight, and I have more gyoza makings. Ooh, and I've found a new source for Chinese hot mustard smile.gif Great for killing off those pesky nose-hairs. Then, I bought Turbo Tax, which Office Max bundles with a free-ish jump drive. Theeen, I did some of the regular grocery shopping. Fun stuff for me, but my meiserly nature is throwing cognitive dissonance at me. *sigh* What I REALLY want to be doing is padded-swordfighting with a bunch of friends or something... Guess I'm feeling nostalgic and a tad lonely in this town. I really should reach out to some peeps, like this friend of my BIL's who lives nearby and I just met last weekend. GoatieGirl wants more friends here too. I guess we could use some 'guts-to-make-friends' BUSTie vibes.

How are you all doing with your local friends scene? (if you don't mind me asking)

*Heat-vibes (infra-red?) for Tree & Poodle* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Lub for the rest of ya! smile.gif

~*~*friend makin' vibes for lore and goatie~*~*~*

Lorewolf, I just moved to a new town a little over a year ago, and at first I just threw myself into my job. I had one friend here, and I didn't want to make her entertain me all the time, so I just tried to work a lot. Then I made friends with a couple of the women at work, but since we worked graveyards together, we couldn't hang out much.

I made friends in a weird way. After finishing a graveyard shift, around 4:00 AM, I would go to this 24-hour diner and sit, reading and drinking coffee, still in my cook's uniform. Crazy people would hassle me every night, but I kept going because I didn't want to go to sleep yet. After a while, I became a familiar face there, and the employees started chasing the crazies away from me. I struck up conversations with some of them, and we got to be pretty friendly. I started going there on my nights off because I didn't know anyone, and I had no place to go. Soon, I got invited to parties with the employees, and I met some of the "normal" regulars at the place. My world pretty much revolved around this diner. Pretty funny, huh?

Also, I have another friend that I call Pickle. She picked up and moved here in August from Ohio. She knew one person, which happened to be the one person I knew when I moved here. She was going to stay at this person's house until she got an apartment, and since the friend was out of the country this summer, I had to meet her at the house to give her the key. I was nervous, as I am when I meet new people, but I did my best to be welcoming and to orient her to the neighborhood. I gave her my number, and told her to call me if she wanted me to show her around sometime.

This girl, Pickle, is really shy and quiet, so I didn't expect to hear from her. Well, she called a few days later asking if it's normal for a cat to puke (she was taking care of our friend's cats). I said yes, it's normal, then she said, " you want to get breakfast with me tomorrow?" It was cute. We have been good friends ever since.

Pickle has made a lot of friends since she was been here. She is a big fan of the Cincinatti Bengals, and she looked up some local places online where she can watch the games with Bengals fans. She started going to those places alone, and got to be friends with some other football fans.

So, those are a few ideas for getting to know people in a new town. I feel like it's hard for adults to make friends, especially when you find yourself in a new place. I get so excited when I meet a new friend. I met a Finnish lady a couple weeks ago, and I called her the other night and I am on pins and needles waiting to see if she calls me back. She seemed really nice.

Tonight, I am supposed to go to a party being thrown by the Jamaican people working at the resort (my OLD job!). My friend and I want to go together, but neither one of us has directions to get there, and we don't have any phone numbers for people who would know. sad.gif I really want to go. The Jamaicans throw some really crazy FUN parties, with DJs playing reggae music, Jamaican rum, Jerk chicken, the whole nine yards.

Tomorrow, I am supposed to watch the Stupid Bowl with Banana and Pickle. Then Pickle and I are going to go to Banana's concert. He's playing a concert of some kind of early Sephardic (I think that's the word for the Spanish Jews during some time period - maybe the 1600's?) music during the Moorish invasion. It seems like a very complicated explanation, and I don't quite get what the origins of the music are. But it sounds pretty cool.

BTW, Banana's toofs are fine. He was just getting a filling and a cleaning. He likes his dentist in Mexico. He said it's a lot less expensive than going in the US (he doesn't have insurance), and he is able to haggle with the dentist for a better price. Wow. I didn't realize one is even able to bargain for medical services. Weird.
HI PK and Lore!!!

We just got in from a fabulous dinner party at our greyhound neighbors' house - I am stuffed! And a little woozy and sleepy from all the wine. First, we were just going to watch their hounds, as they were having folks over for dinner that have a baby, and one of their hounds is terribly afraid of children, but then they just invited us to join them, and leave all three hounds at our house for a little party of their own. Super fun, good folks, yummy food and wine - can't get much better!

AND...its 11pm, so finally the intarwebz is working....stupid Comcast - we've had practically no internet/tv/voip phone for days. Monday they're coming out to look at it again, for the 27th just goes on and on, with no real solution. Ah well. A weekend mostly away from the computer is okay by me too.

PK - sounds like you found a great way to meet folks in AZ, and have found some good ones! I hope you find a way to the Jamaican party - sounds like a blast!

Lore, there's got to be some seriously good folk to hang out in with in Bellingham -- go trolling in the coffee shops and connect yourself to some of the local happenings....though I hear you, on the getting guts to get out there. I'm a terrible hermit, myself, and mostly have made friends through work as well.
Awww shucks. Looks like we aren't going to the Jamaican party. My friend couldn't get a hold of anyone with the address, and I don't know anyone else who is going. So, Banana and I are going to go our together somwhere. Pickle gets off work in 45 minutes, so maybe she will feel up to going out with us. But she might be tired, so that's OK, too.

Hey, guys! I have been having so much trouble with Heikki and these contact lenses he wanted to get. He was scared to put his finger in his eye, so he gave up on the idea and decided he didn't want contacts after all. I strongarmed him into going through with his eye doctor appointment today and giving it a good, hard try. Well, he did it! He got the contacts in himself, and he wore them all day! He called me today, all excited and proud of the fact that he did it, and he said, "Guess what? I'M WEARING SUNGLASSES!" He must feel so cool now, shedding his Harry Potter glasses and wearing cool-dude sunglasses. My little duder.

Today is a good day.

And yay for Turbojenn's fun night at the greyhound neighbor's place! Wine and friends are always fun. I wish I could have been at the greyhound party. I loves doggies.

Remember the Bustie BBQ a couple summers ago, when Turbodog loved the cheesy jalapeno bread? I still get a kick out of that when I think about it. Didn't he counter-surf for the rest of the loaf the next day or something like that? That dawg knows good, wholesome grains when he sees them. He probably sensed the love I put into the bread when I made it. wink.gif
hey busties

i'm feeling kind of down tonight. i've been all crampy and grooooossss and bleedy too which doesn't help things, and i'm stuck on this illustration project. I'm doing a poster for this really great band that I love, but I'm having trouble coming up with the right imagery and so I'm just procrastinating and bumming myself out. and i haven't seen my ladyfriends for any significant amount of time in a while and now there's a new girl from my friend's work who they hang out with more and i don't think she likes me and i don't really like her. and the ex is going to some bbq with his dudes and then a party after and i'm pissed he didn't invite me and i feel like he's cooling off a little because we've hooked up too much recently which probably is smart but isn't fun. and i'm at home on the internet feeling lame and bleeding.

/rant. sorry.

i'm worried about doodle!! oh and fj, watch your mailbox this week mmmkay?

yay for heikki finally getting contacts! hope you find something fun to do tonight pk

**friend vibes for lore**

**warmth for everyone who is cold**

hope y'all are having good weekends.

it's the cold and the bleeding. everything is going to look better soon. promise.

re: doodle. i'm not sure how long it's been since she's been around, because i'm not here all that often lately and when i am here lately, i've been attacked so that has been keeping me occupied. however, i sent her an email, and if i don't hear from her by today i'll call her. i'm hoping that she found the drummer boy and is holed up with him somewhere.

fj, congrats on the sale!!!

~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~ jobby job vibes for those that need them ~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~$~

yay for heikki's contacts! (i've always wondered why harry doesn't wear them, or you would think that there would be a spell for making your eyes 20/20, if you can regrow your bones......)

~*~*~*~*~*~*~* wood smoke fire warmth for everyone who is cold *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~ human friend warmth for lore and goatie ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

~*~*~*~*~*~* get through the weekend with the giant's family, divalla ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

love love love loved all of the "it's so cold that" definitions!! and more love for the kicking back with my fur homies!

hugs all around!
(((((tesao))))) i'm sorry you've been getting attacked. really sucky. sad.gif

((((mouse)))))feel better and artistic ~*vibes*~

I think it's been at least a week, if not longer, since doodle's been here. and the last time she posted she was really sick and it was like 1:00 AM her time. i really appreciate you offering to call, tesao.

yay for heikki's contacts!

PK, i really enjoyed reading your story of making the friends at the diner. it almost seems like it could be a tv show or something.

~*~friendly vibes for lorewolf and goatiegirl~*~

pretty much all of my friends do the same work i do....and i either met them at work, or at union meetings, or during my apprenticeship training. and got to know their spouses/girlfriends, at functions.

it is twelve below zero. fahrenheit. yuck.

thanks, treehugger, that is really sweet of you. i'm coping fine; it is just really annoying. i come to the lounge to have fun, not to be called bogus names by armchair psychologists who just got their PsyD yesterday from an ad in a comic book.

i remember doodle being sick; didn't she go to see someone about it? i may call as soon as it is a reasonable hour on the left coast. if i'm calculating right, it is almost midnight there. my rule of thumb is not after 10 pm unless you know the person is up or doesn't mind if you wake them, and not before 10 am on sundays, same caveats above apply.

mr. hotbuns and i have usually met our friends either through work or the other activities that we do. he meets people playing sports and at the club; i met people through jazzercise, cooking classes, political rallies & activities; we met people at wine tastings and the american institute of wine and food functions, through the finnish american club, toastmasters, bla bla bla.

in the last several years, we have met a lot of my niece elle's friends, and they have become our friends, too. strange but true (that people a generation younger than we are hang with us. but then, we hang with people who are both a generation older AND a generation younger than we are.)

i can identify, though. it hasn't been easy making friends here. all of the ex-pats know each other. it is very difficult if not impossible to get to know people outside of that circle, and shop talk is bound to erupt, which is something i really can't do. then there is this political thing that most posts have time limitations, of usually 2 to 3 years, and a lot of the people that i first met when i came here have already left or are getting ready to leave.
Hi guys!

Yeah - it is hard to make friends when you're a grown-up. Tesao, it sounds like you're an active person and able to make friends easily or be around like-minded people who are receptive to you. I'm just lucky I have the diner, where the people are weird, but, hey, I'm weird, and they appreciate that.

Banana and I went out tonight to a salsa club. He didn't have any drinks, but I had a couple. I ordered first a margarita made with Corazon Silver tequila and a Grand Marnier float. Then I said I wanted to try an anejo tequila (which is the aged tequila) to sip out of a snifter. I asked the bartender if I should try El Tesoro, and he said, "No way!" I asked if he had Asombroso, and he said he was out. He told me to try Corolejos (not sure if I am spelling it correctly), so I took his suggestion. It was $11!!! It's like getting an $11 shot that you have to sip. It was good though. It was a little oaky, with some vanilla flavor. I wonder if I know what I am talking about. I suck at describing flavors. That is especially bad given my line of work.

I work part-time at a tequila bar, and I never get to try the merchandise. They had many different tequilas at this salsa bar, so I thought I would test some out. Now maybe when I work, I can use some descriptive words for the guests when they ask which of the 250 tequilas they should try.

Banana and I had a nice talk tonight. It was very serious, and he got a little uncomfortable at first, but I convinced him that no one would be listening to us and we could discuss personal matters. Do you know that I didn't even know his stance on abortion before this talk? Although he is pro-choice, which makes me happy, his opinion on human life is low. That makes me sad. I think we need to talk more about stuff like this so we can get to know one another better and to maybe influence each other for the best. Maybe I'm being too optomistic.

Tesao, I hope you call Doodlebug soon. We're all very worried.

Treehugger - I'm glad you enjoyed my experience in the diner. I think it's strange, funny, and interesting. Mr. PK thinks I should compile a book of my experiences at the diner, as I have had so many of them to fill one up. Some of them are HI-larious, some stranger than strange, and some even freakin' scary.

If you guys want, I can tell you the story of my very first visit there. It's very weird and trippy and funny. Mr. PK says it reminds him of a David Mamet play. I can't post it right now because I'm tired and having trouble typing, but if you want me to tell it, remind me later.

OK, good night Busties and Busters. See you tomorrow.
HI, I'm Home!!! will pop in to catch up later, but wanted to say HI!!!
Mornin' ya'll!! I'm procrastinating on taking turbodoggie outside. FAHK, its cold out there! The lake is frozen solid out there, yet there's steam rising from the lake farther out - weird. I hope turbodoggie has his bladder set to speed pee!!

Tes, do let us know how doodle's doing if you're able to get ahold of her...I'm getting increasingly worried. I hope doodlemama or her BFF are taking good care of her.

PK, I'm sure you and Banana can influence each other in positive ways -- Turbomann wasn't too liberal when I found him, but over the years, he's really opened up, and I love having serious conversations with him - I tend to radicalism, and he tends to a sensible, practical center, so it definitely balances.

TES!!!! Good to see you here in the safe harbors of okayland!! I wish we could have a breath or two of your tropical heat over here...if you could send some mangos and prawns, that would be cool too!

Okay, I guess I really have to take turbodoggie out, he's prancing around...and then I must get to the grocery so I can whip up a giant pot of 16-bean soup!
It's -13 and I'm having those dudes move my couch today. I'm soooo glad I hired people. I gotta take off, but I'll be back to chat later on this afternoon. Ciao!!
Hi okay'ers:

This is Plat, Tes' BFF. Some of you may know me from kvetch, which is normally the only place I have time to post/read!

I have news about Doodlebug. Tes gave me her phone number and I just called and spoke to Doodle's mom. Doodle is in the hospital. She had kidney stones that got infected, and now her kidneys are infected. It's pretty serious. She is on morphine and a round of antibiotics. Supposedly, someone else is supposed to post here to update as well, but the more the better, I suppose. Doodle went to the ER on Thursday and has been in the hospital since. Her Mom is bringing her laptop to the hospital today so hopefully, you will see a post from her.

Please send major vibage to Doodle, her mom, and family. As a medical person, I can tell you that a kidney infection is nothing to mess around with.

Best to all of you in okay-land,
Thank you for the update, Plat. I was worried about that possibility. I had a friend who got a kidney infection from stones.

Will send major *~*~doodlevibes~*~*.

But at least she's not "deadinaditch"...which always springs to my mind. May she feel better soon!
Thank you so so much for the update, Plat. I've been worried sick about her.
~~~~~~~~ big bold waves of healing and soothing for our dear Doodlebug ~~~~~~~~
((((((((swift healing and anti-infection vibes, soothing and rest for doodle)))))

Plat, thank you SO much for giving us an update here, I really appreciate it. Poor doodle...I hope they're able to get a handle on things, and get our dear friend back on the road to recovery soon.
~*~*~industrial-strength vibes for doodle~*~*~*

Thanks so much for the update, plat , and thanks so much, tes, for facilitating it.

And, tes, don't let the haters get you down.
*healthy-vibes for the DoodleKidneys* Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I was pretty sure it was something like this going on. Poor, Doodle! sad.gif I hope Morphineland is treating her well. I hope she springs back fast, too!

Thanks so much for finding that out for us, Plat & Tess! That was very, very nice of you. Please let her know that we're all sensing OkayVibes, so she'll be Okay.

Cute about the diner stories, PuppyKitty! I bet they would compile nicely as a book. Also, finding friends in the adult world is a common enough life theme, so you know people would relate smile.gif

We're now going to a Super Bowl party, but not to watch the game. There are a bunch of Chileans going to the party from somewhere near Patagonia, (and you KNOW how into the Super Bowl they must be!) and GoatieGirl is fluent in Spanish and wanting to make Spanissh-speaking friends, even if they're just temporary exchange students. Yaaay for not-so-Super-Bowl parties with Super Bowl snacks & beer! Hopefully, I'll hit it off with some peeps there, too.

Wishing warmth to those in need, and your speedy little dog, too!

ETA Crosspost, and YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME HERE, TES! Any attackers will be squashed by Okayers galore.
(((((doodle))))) get well fast, sistas!

I just finished catching up on everything since the last few days. What a whirlwind of activity! Turbomann gets (just about!) a job, PK gets good meds, FJ is growing a weiner, lore is watching a gameless superbowl, and all sorts of other stuff!

Our trip was fan-fucking-tastic! It was just what we needed, individually and as a couple. FJ, remember this 1 year hence...leave little weiner with grandma, and go for a real anti0-baby vacay with the Mr! The cruise was just relaxing as all get out, and we throughly enjoyed the food, drink and HBIs.

While we ewre gone, tho, moxette's cold turned into bronchitis. Poor kiddo. On antibiotics, a corto-steroid and albuteriol for 10 days. sad.gif Her coughs are wet and productive, though. That's good. I felt HORRIBLE about her getting sick while I was away, but my mom told me (and she's right) that a headcold can get better or worse in a heartbeat...its a 50-50 shot. This one worse. The last one, not even a feverish day.

OK, gotta go cuddle miss whiny pants. I love her.
((((((doodle)))))))) you're my supercool feminist older sister that i never got, which makes you awesome enough to kick your kidney infection to the curb, okay missy?

boything's roomate asked out my friend last night (or maybe. he says he did and she says he didn't, so i am going to make sure they clear that up in the next day or so). they are very very cute together. it was funny, i spent all yesterday afternoon distracting her from the possibility of being asked out, but he was at work and had no-one to distract him, and was therefore very, very nervous. not that i had any sympathy. he could have asked her out last week and avoided this week of confusion/being annoyed/otherthinking things.

(((get better moxette))) an yay! for a fun vacation.

i bought a dress for the school formal friday (my boobahs grew, and now ooze out the top of my prom dress). it's pale green, boned at the top, with a long skirt and a bit of a crinoline. i also bought two la perela bras, as they were 70% off, and i would have been crazy to leave them. and, last but not least, brazilian wooden platform heels with hearts carved out through the heels.

now i have to go chez the boything to do homework with his roomate, from herein referred to as boy-will, and his my friend he is dating can be will (though their names don't actually have origin in each other). okay, i promise i shall come back tomorrow and regale you in tales of how fun Barenaked Ladies are from the fifth(!) row
(((((DOODLE EXTRA STRENGTH HEALING VIBES)))))) (I think they work extra well in all caps, don'tcha think?)

I did just get a message from Doodle's BFF - not anymore new information than Plat kindly shared with us this morning, other than to say that this is very serious, and the stone can't pass until the infection goes away, so she's on heavy antibiotics to attack that, with morphine to help with the pain. I'll keep ya'll up-to-date as I hear. Times like these make the physical distance of okayland friends very hard. (((((Dooodle kidneys be well)))))

Moxie!!! I'm glad to hear that the vacation was excellent - I do hope to see piccies soon, and I can't wait to hear all about it next time we see you! Poor moxette!!! Winter's hard on the wee ones, but I'm glad to know she's improving under the good care of your family.

Well, I've got some cheesy movies to watch, while we dodge the Stupid Bowl - Failure to Launch for me, and Accepted for turbomann - whee!

Hi TYG!! I'm jealous of your BNL show, btw!!! I still haven't picked up the new album - I need to do that. And have fun at the dance - we shall expect a full report, and maybe even a few piccies!!!
~*~*vibes for doodlebug*~*~ you go, sistah!

Yup, it works better, bigger.

I have to request some calming vibes for Mojo the cat. The sprinkler line above the swimming pool in my building burst tonight (guess it's been cold out, geez)

Anyway, all the fire alarms were going off and we had to go stand outside and fire engines and screaming, and cold....poor boy is really, REALLY traumatized.

Although i gave him some catnip when we got back in. he ran and hid under the bed. poor guy.

moxie, i'm so glad you had a good vacay!

get well soon ~~vibes~~ for moxette

tyger, killer seats! SCORE!

lorewolf, have fun at the party!

Its a cold-as-whatever morning here in Detroit. We realized on Saturday, that in the span of 3 hours, our tempreture setting dropped over 70 degrees.

Anyway, happy monday everyone!

DOODLE- GET WELL. PERIOD. We love turbo, but she's busy enough organizing our health, mental well being and all other things of import to take on mayoral duties too! There...appealing to your sense of duty. You well yet? ((((doodle))))
~*~*~*~super healing vibes for doodle~*~*~*~*~

belated congrats to the falljackets and their bebe boy!
G'morning, Moxie, Minx & Bunny!

Did I congratulate FJ on the Weiner? Congrats-o! smile.gif
Good morning ladies!!!!

Welcome home moxie!!! Glad the vacay was completely fabulous!!

(((((doodle kidney vibes)))) I talked to doodle's BFF last night...who is as sweet, kind and protective as you would expect doodle's BFF to be. smile.gif She and doodlemama are there at the hospital with her, and she is in the care of the best kidney specialist in western canada, so that's good. Not much new news - the kidney infection is still very worrisome, but they've got her on high dosage antibiotics, and hopefully there will be some progress today. I'll keep you all posted.

*raises hand for feeling the BLAHs*

I want to take moxie's vacation this week! When the alarm went off this morning, I couldn't figure out what was going on at all...I don't want to be at work! *whines*

But, now that we're pretty sure turbomann's got a job, he can take this week to play, and get some stuff done around the house - this morning its waiting for the monthly visit from the cable repairman, and *hopefully* ordering a new dishwasher, since ours broke a few weeks back. WOOT!
Gah! I don't want to go to work, either! THis week, I'll have little rest when I come home, too, because we agreed to house-sit for my aunt-in-law, and GoatieGirl has three in-class parties to throw, which I'll be making some snacks for. One of her students even actually invited HERSELF to our house for dinner tomorrow night. Oddly enough, she's a quiet one. It defies explanation. How does one of the mousier members of a Japanese exchange program invite herself not only to our house for dinner, but apparently at least two other teachers' houses as well? Logic abhores such things. She popped up at the Stupid Bowl party last night, too, like some kind of Waldo. It wasn't easy to get many words out of her. She's probably nice enough in a smaller group, though.

There wasn't anybody that either of us bonded with at the party last night. I gave the host couple a bunch of tips for their upcoming trip to O'ahu, and they kinda invited us to swim in the lake that their house overlooks this summer, which is very nice, but neither of us felt we had met anyone we had chemistry with.

Also, there was only one Chilean girl last night, and she wasn't easy to get any words out of either, in Spanish or English.

I don't mean to sound so ungrateful for being invited to a Super Bowl party, but if I could turn time back, I'd probably opt to just curl up in bed with GoatieGirl for some of those hours instead.
no time to really catch up but came in to see if we had any word from doodle. thanks so much, plat for giving us the update.


get better girl! we neeeed you!

be back later...
((doodles)) That sounds absolutely miserable. Please get better soon. Plat, thank you so much for updating. As you can see, we've all been very concerned.

What's up with you peeps today?

Moxie! I am so glad you guys had such a wonderful vacation. Do you feel refreshed?

Poodle, did you get your couch? Or maybe you said you were getting it today, I am not sure when that post was from. In any case, enjoy!

Minx, I've got the winter doldrums, for sure. I am feeling slightly better today, perhaps b/c it's really sunny out. But still freezing.

Tree, your job sounds tough! That is really impressive, that you know how to work with all that equipment! How's your wrist feeling?

Hi lore, pk, TYGER!, Tes, Jenn, Bunny & everyone else!

I had a decent weekend. Actually, it was pretty good I guess. I went to dinner with my sister on Friday night. Saturday Mr K & I just took it easy. We played poker that night. I lost all of my money. I was so f-ing pissed. I played well, but this one dude was getting all the cards. It was so annoying. I lost about $30 in all. We stayed up really late too. I shoulda just quit playing after I lost the twenty bucks. Bah. Yesterday I went to a movie with a friend, made a pizza & also chicken curry & watched tv. Mr K thankfully went to someone else's house to watch the Stupid Bowl, so I didn't have to watch it.

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooom diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiia!!!!

(((((((((((doooooodle, dahlink!!!)))))))))))))

i would normally fling myself at you and roll around the floor with you, but i suspect that might be bad. so i will content myself with giving you butterfly kisses and brushing your hair.

MUITO thank you, platysma, my querida BFF!!! it is exactly for things like this that i love you so much!!! i would have called myself, mind, if that had been the only option, but it would have cost a teeeeeny bit more.

meus parabens for the jackets!!!!

~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~i hereby dub your bebe magnus opus as his in utero name~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


poor little kitty. feel less stressed, okies????

i am on my laptop in the lobby at a hot spot in the province of sofala, north of maputo, in the middle of the country. it has been interesting. once you get outside of maputo, everything is very very very developing country; war makes me mad. mad at portugal, mad at south africa, mad at shrub, mad at anyone and everyone who ever felt so power mad that they felt that they had to blow up people.

hmmm. it occurs to me that i am being a downer. i will change topics.

tyger, i think that new dress sounds a MA azing! photos, please?

lore wolf, that is so ODD about that japanese girl. where's waldo!!! hee. more like where's michiko!! i'm really sorry about the super bowl thing not bearing more fruit in the friend category. it takes soooooooooo long to get a good, close network of friends (like plat!) just keep going at it, it will happen!

TESAO!!! Mmm...besitos para ti!
Hi, peeps!

((((((((((((((((Doodle))))))))))))))) I'm glad you're getting good medical care and you're surrounded by people who love you.

Thank you, Tes and Plat, for getting an update.

WOOT! for Turbomann 99% getting a job!

((((((get better, Moxette)))))))

Didja get your couch yet, Poodle?

Lore, making friends as an adult is kind of tricky. I just think it's funny that so many of us will admit to wanting to find more friends, and yet it's still so hard to do even though there seems to be a ripe field for it. I will have to admit, though, that my closest friends came from college and Bustie locals, and I found the giant on Match. I've made friends through work, but those types normally only stay friends for as long as we're working together, not much after. Oh, and I was really involved in the gay Pride festival planning, so I've made friends through that. I mostly joined because I was new in town, living by myself, and wanted to meet people, and the gays have always been good to me.

Karianne, sorry you lost all that money in poker. Was it still fun?

Hi, Tes! Can you post picturees for us of Maputo, in the city and outside it?

Hi, PK, Minx, FJ, Treehugger, and everyone else I missed!

What I thought was going to be a yucky Friday night actually turned out pretty damn awesome. A few minutes after I got home from work, my dad called because my brother was in the neighborhood at my dad's store with Sam and wanted to come visit, so I got to see Sam for about 30 minutes before we went to the giant's mom's. I gave him a small tape measure I got for free somewhere to play with. He loves how it sucks back in when you push the button. I got lots of hugs and we had some nice little conversations. He loved the giant's Lego Star Wars models in the dining room, too. It was so sweet of them to visit, and of my brother to think to do it. The giant's mom got really good takeout and DQ ice cream cake, and his neices were fun to play with. But the really cool thing was the Guitar Hero game they got for PS2. My Maud, that is the funnest game ever.

The giant and I spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening going all around the greater metro area looking for this game. If you've never played it, you should. The music is really cool, and it's not hard to pick up how to do it. The giant had never seen it before Friday, and yet when he picked it up for the first time, he did better at it than anyone. His hand/eye coordination is amazing, he's just a really graceful person. We spent all day yesterday playing it, except when he was watching the Stupid Bowl (yay, Colts!).

All in all, it turned out to be a really nice weekend, even if it was freezing. It should warm up a little bit this week, though, up to 20 by the end of the week. I had to jump his car yesterday, and mine didn't start very well today. I hope we don't see it that cold again for awhile, even though we should be happy about it because that's how it's supposed to be in MN.

My boss is gone today or working from home, so it's really hard to motivate. And I can't quit picking my nose because I have a scab or something in there from my series of nosebleeds last weekend. It's really dry and painful up in there whenever I move my nose around.

hi again.

i've had time to read all the archives now. thanks for all the updates on doodle. i'm so concerned for her. it's amazing how this online relationship is so strong with all of you. i was sitting here reading and started crying for doodle. i really hope you're ok, doodle-bug!!! we love you so much!

i hadn't been here since friday afternoon. we had a great weekend. went to the art walk on friday night and saw a few old friends and then went to one of our favorite places for dinner. i had been craving their house salad dressing, which is really hard to explain but so far i've narrowed the recipe to tahini, garlic and vinegar. i just need a few more tastes to get the rest, hehe. so that was fun. we were back home by 10pm easily. it was actually very nice outside, somewhere around 60. but then we woke up saturday morning and the high was only 48.

now i know that must sound really warm to you guys in comparison, but again, i live in FL!!! it's going to be below freezing for the next few days (lows). i'm really ready for summer, although most of my friends with children keep reminding me that i'm going to be hating life around may/june when i'm hugely pregnant!!!

so, on friday, i woke up and we had no electricity. i made the call to the elec company to make sure it wasn't an oversight on my part and they said no, it was the entire neighborhood. PHEW! but then, once the electricity came back on, our old-ass roper stove started making this crazy noise. i first thought it was coming from outside, like a hydraulic lift on one of the light pole trucks or something. but then it kept going. and i came downstairs and realized it was coming from the oven! it wasn't heating or anything, but seemed to be coming from the clock area. it was so wierd. i tried the fonzi method and it would stop for a few minutes and then start back up. so when mrfj got home, he tried to take the front of the stove off to get to the clock, but all the screws were stripped. so, YAY, we decided to bite the bullet and just go buy a new one! so i have a brand new stainless steel lovely range now!!!! i am celebrating by baking a chicken tonight. hehe

we need all new appliances and a ton of other cosmetic improvements in the kitchen, so we'll probably just replace them as needed. it's hard to go plunk down $700 at a time, but i'm glad we did that instead of putting it on credit.

tes, i'm gonna repeat what others have said: ignore the attacker. it's bullshit and obviously coming from personal grievances. poop on that. we love you and KNOW you.

i'm right there with you guys on the making new friends front. we've been burned several times in the past few months. every time we think we've made some good friends or are at least moving in that direction, the other people sort of become indifferent to us. it's really made us question ourselves. we're very caring people and we always expect people to be the same. if we call you to invite you out or just to check to see how you're doing, we sort of expect a callback! lately, we've felt like we're getting the cold shoulder. and it sucks. we have a lot of acquaintances, but not many real true friends.

i don't want to be working today either. it's just a crappy monday. i need to make a LOT of calls today, but i'm just not in a calling mood. i learned last week that my mood makes all the difference. so i've got to figure a way to get myself on a high!!!!

this hot new stove is really a good start though... hehe!!!
i really need to check in more often....i'm way behind on everything...

(((((doodle get well vibes with extra hugs)))))

((anti cramp vibes for all that need 'em))))

my weekend was as i expected...but nice. i bailed on the cocktail party after an hour and went out to dinner with my friend A. then i crashed at my friend N's house and stayed and helped prep for the Game party later...which was great! i saw a few of my friends that i rarely see with my crazy schedule.

and tonite i'm thinking about playing hookey and staying home.. i gots cleaning to do that won't wait.

and i think my cats are mad at me for ditching them...hey..even kitty mommas need some time off....

back in a bit. smile.gif

(((((((((((DOODLE))))))))))) MAJOR doodle vibes, get better soon!!! we're all thinking of you!! thanks so much, plat, tes and turbo, for getting us word. ~*~*~*~

hello everyone! it's monday.......bleh.

diva, guitar hero is sooooo fun!! the company that made it (harmonix) is where a bunch of my old neighbors from boston work and one of the secret songs you can get to to play is my friend's band. they made another great game called amplitude which is kind of the same idea as guitar hero, but instead of a guitar you just use the controller, and you're kind of a spaceship that has to blast out certain notes in time to the music. they're all electronic music nerds from oberlin smile.gif i'm in awe, though. guitar hero is so awesome.

((tes)) i'm so sorry you're getting attacked....i haven't seen the wreckage, but regardless, it sucks so much when bust becomes that kind of place.

warmth for all the cold busties! my mom called me last night and said it was 15 degrees in PA. *brrr* here, we're having a tiny heat wave. it was 80 this weekend, and i went hiking with the ex in runyan canyon. it kicked our asses but it was really fun, and there were so many nice dogs along the way. we also saw someone skywriting--it was THREE PLANES actually writing out a very mechanical-looking text, like computer writing not the normal puffy skywriting....and it said: "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TRINA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH XOXO" which we thought was hilarious. DEAR TRINA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I FORGOT YOUR BIRTHDAY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I JUST SPENT A CRAPLOAD OF MONEY ON THIS!!!!

then didn't really watch the stupidbowl, but enjoyed the commercials.

then last night, i went to see my friend from nyc's band play at the venue around the corner from my house. they were soooo good!! they play really great sort of garage/surf rock that sounds kind of like messier, crunchier mersey-era stuff, but american, and now. hahaha. i don't know if that makes any sense, but they're awesome. or maybe like if frankie and the dreamers were more punk rock. the guy i know in the band is a really shy boy but it was good to see him and he danced with me and my friend c all night afterward. which was also really fun, cos c and i love to dance and haven't been in ages. i'm a little hungover this morning, but it was worth it. my saturday was sooooo blah, but sunday was so much better.

tyger, i hope you're having fun! i'm not a huge BNL fan but i've seen them play a few times and they always put on a really really fun show.

hi minxie, bunny, lore, poodley, tree (how's your freezer??) and everybody else!

OH and PK, i totally wanna hear your first diner story! tell!

ETA: cross posted with FJ and GB--hiii!

just wanted to add my well-wishes and healthy vibes for (((doodle))). who i think i remember is not a huge fan of virtual hugs, but she's gettin' em from me anyway, so nyah. wink.gif
and much love to turbo, plat and tesao for the updates.

and generic hugs for all of (((youze))).

I really want Poodle to come over and try out Guitar Hero. I think she'll be even more into it than the giant and I are! There's Heart, Danzig, Primus, Stones, Reverend Horton Heat, all kinds of good shit. We're going to get the original one because that set list is even better. But tonight it's going to be Murderface vs. Killer Toki (the giant's Murderface, I'm Killer Toki - both names from Metalocalypse, who also have a secret song in there somewhere).

Which song is your friend's? We haven't unlocked a whole lot yet, maybe 4 sets so far on "easy."

There were some pretty good commercials yesterday, but I misse the KFed one. Oh, well.

Hooray for the new range, FJ! It sucks that you had to plunk down for it without really planning, but new shiny appliances are so cool.

GB, definitely take a hookey day for yourself. Between work and class and all the things you do, you probably need a day to just chill out.

Are people who live in California just busy all the time with socializing? It seems like everyone I've met who lives in CA always have the coolest plans to do stuff all the time. I guess the weather's probably right for it, unlike here where we're lucky if we can even get our cars started.

Time for some lunch. I planned to be really good and just eat my Healthy Choice dinner, but I know I'm going to be starving by 2:30, so I'm going to go to Starfucks, too and see what I can find. Last time I brought Healthy Choice, I had to buy a Snickers and Mt Dew less than an hour after I ate it.
diva, i think poodle and guitarhero are of the same must introduce them....hehe and friends are completely intoxicated with it...i am waiting for the day when i come home to playing his heart out, jamming obliviously. laugh.gif

as for the hookey...i need it. after spending my day off(which i use to recooperate and rest and do crap) with my friends, drinking and eating foods that have now decidedly to manifest their dissagreement with my stomach....i feel like i need to take the time or i'll be lost in my mess of my apartment. and the kitties don't do laundry. they just sleep in it but only when its warm. laugh.gif

california is either isolation or socializing...a bit extreme i know..but you can find both quite easily. and while we don't have snow or ice making our tires a bit one sided...we do have traffic which makes going anywhere take at least an hour. even if its 20 mins away.

i think i need to order chinese tonite....or make some.
Hi Hi Hi!!

Yes, guitar hero sounds right up my alley!! That's funny, I was just thinking about how I have to get a guitar stand so I'll feel more inclined to play my guitar. I forget it's there when it's in a case in the corner.

Yay!! I have a couch!! It's reeeeally nice and comfy, too. I spent the majority of the yesterday vegetating on my couch.

(((((((((((((((((((((doodle))))))))))))))))) Damn, that must be awful. I'm so glad she's being taken care of though. She's lucky to have such a sweet mama there for her.

Nuthin' much to report today. My boss is back but I haven't talked to her yet. I've been busy fantasizing about the earth-berm passive-solar house that I'm gonna build someday.
Some friends of ours have Guitar Hero. It seems fun, but I am sooooo bad at it. Let me put it this way, out of about 8 attempts, I have never been able to play through a full song. It always gives me "song failed." I am frustrated wtih it.

Ms GB, I say skip tonight too! Everyone needs a day off!

Mouse, I am so jealous of the weather you are having! It's been cold here. I think the high all week is like 32 degrees. Ugh. Though I bet some of the busties in the northern states are jealous of that.

FJ, your new range sounds sweet!! And congrats for paying cash for it. You are right, it hurts, but then you're done with no additional debt. Our stove & fridge are both old. They could bite it any time. Though I am not wanting that to happen b/c of the $$$, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be a wee bit excited b/c then we'd get new appliances. If they last another year or so at least, that would be wonderful.

Friend relationships get weird as you age, I have noticed. You have your old friends, but then the new ones seem to come and go.
hi hi!!!

When I finally drag my fanny out to Mpls, I shall be expecting a Guitar Hero concert by Diva, Poodle and the Giant!!! laugh.gif

FJ....nice on the new stove!! I've decided that when we remodel our kitchen, I'm getting a new stove too - I love the one we have - a fancy Jenn-Air, but it only has 2 burners because it has that ridiculous grill on the other side that is a PITA to use, and another cartridge with 2 burners is $400 - for that, I may as well get a shiny new stove, right? We will be getting a new dishwasher sooner than that, though.

Poodle, I can't wait to see piccies of your re-vamped pad!!! Maybe you'll inspire me to get some things done in our house too!

((((Doodle)))) I hope that infection is being blasted away by the antibiotics today!!

I'm not looking forward to spin class tonight, and its taking all my will power to force myself to go. First, there's the 3/4 mile walk to the gym -- BRRR! And, the workout tonight is "race day" which is my least favorite, and I'm a "captain" in the class, being one of the regular monday spinners, so I have to lead my half of the studio in the race portions of the class. I don't like races...I much prefer climbing workouts. Ah well, it will be good for me, and then I won't feel guilty making chorizo tostadas for dinner, with homeade fried beans. Mmmmm....

~~~~~~~~super duper uber strength healing vibes for doodlebug~~~~~~~~~

and mucho lovin's for all the ((((okayers)))). you're a fabulous bunch!

With all the cooking you do, turbo, you definitely need more than 2 burners!! I kinda like my stove. It's little, but not too little. Same goes for my frige.

The XRB liked the orange paint color I picked out for my living room, but he thought that I shouldn't do it on all 4 walls. I can't really think of how it would look with only 2 orange walls though. It's a square room, so the 2 walls thing would be strange.

I'm gonna have to take it easy on the decorating stuff for a little while 'cause I spent a lot of money on the couch and entertainment center. Oh well, it gives me a little time to come up with some ideas.

Grrr...I was looking for land trust/environmental/planning jobs and it seems like everyone has such high standards/expectations for their positions. Christ, you practically have to earn a master's degree just to work as a receptionist for these organizations. Fuckers. I'm still mad at the MN Land Trust.
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